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1 Preperation for
an Emergency

Preparation for an emergency

Before an attack or any emergency, prepare
yourself, family, and community.
Coordination and Preparation is Essential

1 Ensure that every High
member of your Risk
family has access
warning information A
and knows what to
do when they hear a B

2 React every time
you hear a siren
or warning. Take
warnings seriously,
even if they are

Risk scale in C
becoming a
victim D

High Risk Low Risk Low
A - Standing in an open
space or in the street 3

B - Lying down in an
open space or in the

C - Lying down behind
lower grounds or
behind a closed door

D - Lying down in an
underground shelter
in your house or
a shelter with no


3 Practice drills with 6 Talk to the teachers 8 See the cards at the
your family to at your child’s end of the guide. Fill
determine each school about their out the information,
person’s role in an emergency plans. cut out the card,
emergency. Release students from and ensure everyone
school at staggered in your household
4 Choose a meeting times. carries it around.
location that
everyone knows and 7 Keep several forms of 8
is comfortable with. contact information
in multiple places in
5 Practice disaster drills case your phone is
in the community so not working or you
that everyone does lose it. All of your
not run to one shelter children should have
at the same time. this information
This could also create in case you get
a gathering of people separated.
that may be attacked.



Preparation for an emergency 9

9 If you live in an
apartment building,
coordinate with your
neighbors before
an incident occurs.
In a conventional
strike, it is advised
to go to lower floors
or to a basement or
shelter. In the event
of a chemical attack,
it is advised to find
higher ground if
you cannot escape
the contaminated
area completely.
This requires
cooperation, and
planning with your

10 Put your glasses 13 Identify safe places
in an eyeglass case along your daily
next to you when route such as
you sleep, this basements so that
can prevent them you can run to the
from breaking and nearest one if there
throwing you into a is an emergency.

11 Keep a flash light 13
nearby when you
sleep. 5

12 Plan your
movements so that
you are not exposed
for too long.

14 Prepare an An emergency bag should include
emergency bag!
Plenty of water
Pack an emergency High-energy food (like nuts and or dates)
bag in case you have Communication equipment such as a portable
to evacuate or move radio (solar, wind-up, or with extra batteries),
to a shelter or safe walkie talkie, satellite phone, and mobile phone if
place. Keep this bag you have one
near an exit or near First aid supplies and prescription medications
your person so that Flashlight (solar, wind-up, or with extra batteries)
you can reach it in Pocket knife
an emergency. Matches and/or a lighter
Extra clothing (a jacket, a change of under
clothing and socks, sturdy shoes)
Emergency blanket
Necessary personal toiletries
Assistive devices
Emergency contact information (phone numbers
and email address in case your phone is lost,
broken, or you cannot charge it)
Copies of vital records and documents



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