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Hawks Rise Elementary Lots of
2016-2017 Laughs
4th grade

With Love from
Mrs. Friedman, Mrs. German, Mrs. Sasha,
Mrs. LeMon, Ms. Spinazzola, and Mrs. Bledsoe

with Henry

Why is it so Did you hear
hard to be a about the
tarantula that
likes to Google


You have to be He spent a lot of time
“Koala-fied” on the web!

for the job! Smart little bugger, that one.

Did you hear What did the
about the lion grizzly say after
who got a bad she caught the
mane cut at the
salon? bus at the last
. minute?

It was a big I “bear-ly” made it!
CATastrophe! Oh, you
are growing to be fine! You know, cause she is a

Why did the What did the
skunk cry at llama from the
llama moving
a sweet company say to
movie? his customer?

Because he was Alpaca the van for you!
Careful though,
that guy will fleece you!

What did the Did you hear
dolphin say after about the pig

the accident? that told
tedious, long


I didn’t do it on He was quite the boar!
Oh gee, there he goes again.
I totally gotta flip out Wrap it up, Oinker!
after that one!

How to bovines What is a
do math? comedian’s
favorite animal
to tell jokes to?

With a “Cow” culator! Ducks!

They quack up at anything!
Ok, ok, thank you, ducks.
That’s enough. See, I told

Why do Hey, do you
underwater think frogs are
creatures read a good at surfing?
lot of historical

They are very Toad-ally!

Did you see the What’s a deer’s
Broadway show favorite dance?
cast with frogs?

The reviewers say that it is The doe-si-doe!
“ribbit”ing. Grab your partner by the

hand, I mean hoof!

What do you call What do you call
an alligator a panda with no

wearing a vest? teeth?

And investi-gator! A gummy bear!
Ooh, a snappy dresser! I told him to floss!

Why don’t Polar What kind of
bears get animal says one
married? thing and does


Because they all have A “hippo”crite!
cold feet! Oh, yeah, he says that now.

Oh, when it’s right,

you will know.

What does a What do you do
tunneling rodent if an elephant
decide to do 4th swallows you?
down at a football


“Gopher” it! Run around in circles
Oh, and he’s got a good touch until you are all
pooped out!
down dance!
Oh my!

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