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Published by ECMA, 2018-04-11 03:59:38

ECMA Annual Review 2017 - FINAL

ECMA Annual Review 2017 - FINAL




Table of Contents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 ECMA Congress 2017 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

Dear Reader . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Statistics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

ECMA Activities 2017 – overview per quarter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Pro Carton News. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

Goodbye Mr. President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Update Public Affairs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25

Update Committees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 News from the industry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27

Update Forums . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 ECMA Member list . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32

ECMA Business Seminar 2017 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Organisation chart + committee members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34



We are proud of the progress made over recent years. ECMA ECMA is involved in many projects covering all angles of our
has proved its ability to evolve and we’re confident the industry. In this Annual Review you will find detail as to which
Association is considered more relevant than ever for both bases are covered. Safety and security are as always of the
members and stakeholders alike, representing folding carton utmost importance, as well as environmental sustainability
converters and industry suppliers. and a strong contribution to the development of a circular
economy. Cartons provide huge value for money at the point
This Annual Review will show the broad contribution we of sale, in consumption as well as many logistical benefits.
have made to the industry with an overview of the activities Finally, and perhaps most importantly, cartons are invaluable
and achievements of our Association. It is important to when it comes to the protection and waste reduction of
stress that everything we have achieved – the contribution primary goods. We can be very proud of the environmental
we have made to the many committees and influencing of performance of folding cartons, which surpasses various
industry stakeholders – could only be realised with the strong other packaging materials.
participation and cooperation of the volunteers from our
member companies. Together with ECMA staff, everyone has In 2017, we organised our 50th Edition (!) of the ECMA Congress
performed as a solid team to provide relevant content and in Salzburg, Austria. This congress in the hometown of our
maintain and broaden our role as an industry platform. former president, Andreas, demonstrated the significance
of cartons. Our congress theme ‘When Cartons matter…’
Moving forward, our industry is facing significant challenges showcased the many elements of efficient carton solutions
through economic development, political change and that can make a difference at the point of sale!
increasing globalisation. Today, ECMA’s crucial role is to
provide guidance in exploring these dynamic horizons. It is Following the tradition of our successful and well-attended
of the utmost importance to be flexible and swiftly adaptable congresses, may I please direct your attention to the 2018
to future needs and demands. Standing in solidarity as edition of the ECMA Congress, which will take place in
an industry association we can achieve much more than Riga, Latvia. The working programme will be excellent and
individual countries or companies ever could on their own. is complemented by a social programme and networking
Working together with our partners, alongside the entire opportunities. In addition, we will present our updated
supply chain, is crucial for our success. The scale of our association strategies, helping our members lead their
activities, made possible by a two-way flow of information customers and final consumers in making folding cartons THE
between regional and local members and our organisation, packaging material of choice.
is key to ECMA sharing its detailed expertise, knowledge and
ideas and being considered the center of expertise for the As your new president, I am very pleased to look back on
folding carton industry. another successful year for ECMA and I warmly thank Andreas
Blaschke for his outstanding role in building a strong
Association, which is fit for further progress. I would also
like to sincerely thank everyone who has contributed to the
success of ‘our ECMA’ in 2017!

Jean-Francois Roche
ECMA President


overview per quarter



First Quarter Third Quarter
• ECMA Technical Committee meeting in Brussels (BE) • ECMA Executive Committee meeting in Salzburg (AT)

on 11 January on 20 September
• Executive Committee meeting in Amsterdam (NL) • ECMA Marketing and Communications Committee

on 1 February meeting in Salzburg (AT) on 20 September
• ECMA Marketing and Communications Committee • ECMA Tobacco Forum meeting in in Salzburg (AT)

meeting in Amsterdam (NL) on 1 February on 20 September
• ECMA Pharma Forum meeting in Amsterdam (NL) • ECMA Annual Congress 2016 in in Salzburg (AT)

on 30 March from 20 until 23 September

Second Quarter Fourth Quarter
• ECMA Executive Committee meeting in Amsterdam (NL) • ECMA Pharma Forum meeting in Amsterdam (NL)

on 5 April on 3 November
• ECMA Business Seminar ‘To Strengthen the Folding Carton • ECMA Executive Committee meeting in Amsterdam (NL)

Industry’ in Amsterdam (NL) on 5 April on 8 November
• ECMA Marketing and Communications Committee • ECMA Annual General Assembly in Amsterdam (NL)

in Amsterdam (NL) on 5 April on 8 November
• ECMA Technical Committee meeting in Amsterdam (NL) • ECMA Marketing and Communications Committee

on 19 April meeting in Amsterdam (NL) on 8 November
• ECMA SME Forum meeting hosted by Eson Pac • ECMA Association Development Committee

in Copenhagen (DK) from 19 until 21 April meeting in Amsterdam (NL) on 21 November
• Pro Carton and ECMA Association Development Committee • ECMA Technical Committee meeting in Amsterdam (NL)

brainstorm session in Berlin (DE) on 16 May on 22 November 2017
• ECMA Association Development Committee meeting

in Berlin (DE) on 17 May
• ECMA Pharma Forum meeting in Amsterdam (NL)

on 20 June
• Pro Carton and ECMA Marketing and Communications

Committee brainstorm session in Vienna (AT) on 27 June
• ECMA Marketing and Communications Committee meeting

in Vienna (AT) on 28 June
• ECMA Executive Committee meeting in Vienna (AT)

on 28 June


Farewell Dr. Andreas Blaschke as ECMA President at the ECMA Annual Congress 2017 in Salzburg, Austria


Andreas Blaschke is a Member of the Board of the Mayr-Melnhof Group and responsible for Mayr-Melnhof Packaging. Annex
to his demanding daily duties at MMP Dr. Blaschke was really engaged and reserved as much as possible of his precious time
for ECMA. He is the only President to have served a six-year period in ECMA’s history and ECMA can only be very grateful for
this big commitment.
Dr. Blaschke had already said farewell to the ECMA members during the ECMA Annual Congress in his hometown of Salzburg
last year September. On behalf of the members of ECMA he was thanked by his successor as President Jean-François Roche for
his leadership and dedication to ECMA, having turned the association into a well-managed and future-proof organisation. As
sign of the good leadership and setting the right course for ECMA Dr. Blaschke received an old ships’ compass, a gift that also
connects with his sea sailing hobby.
The ECMA Executive Committee and Secretariat would like to take this opportunity to kindly thank Dr. Blaschke for the years
of outstanding cooperation.



Technical Committee All this means 2017 was for the involved associations and the
technical company experts again a year to stay well awake
IN VIEW OF THE PROGRESS MADE IN DIFFERENT FOOD and to continue ECMA’s involvement in the critical platforms
BE FINALISED. the course of the development of the compliance guidance
document a platform where also the converter’s concerns can
As it stands at the date of edition of this Annual Review, be addressed. The work in the ad hoc paper and board working
we should in 2018 indeed come to the publication of a group at the Council of Europe is also progressing, with here
Compliance Guidance Document on the safety of Paper and still the ongoing discussion regarding the composition of the
Board materials and articles by CEPI/CITPA, the Council of list with assessed substances for use in paper and board and
Europe should adopt a final draft for consultation of the new the way to assess functional barriers.
General Food Contact Materials Resolution and the Technical
Guide for paper and board, the Commission will have to come Since many years the Packaging Ink Joint Industry Taskforce is
with a credible way forward for the EU initiative on printed the leading industry platform for developing statements on
food contact materials and Germany will most probably notify packaging inks. A common industry position was developed
a national measure on mineral oils. regarding the announced EU Measure on printed food contact
materials, well taking in account the ECMA priorities. In
all those platforms and also in contacts with other sector
associations, institutes and NGOs, ECMA tries to contribute to
an appropriate balance between responsibility and feasibility.

‘Food safety is an industry issue. It is about our and our For the mineral oils it is surprising how even in 2017 after
customers reputation. Our customers expect us to give clarity now 7 years of discussion, certain facts are only now further
and solutions ... Stay awake !” confirmed. In several presentations at food safety conferences
Jack Pieterson Chairman ECMA Technical Committee - Smurfit it was stated from the industry and from the public authorities’
Kappa - ECMA Congress 2017, Salzburg side, the main concern is with the polycyclic aromatic
hydrocarbons, the MOAH fraction with 3-7 rings. Unclear if the
BfR will accept this, in its final draft of the German mineral oil
regulation or will maintain the overall MOAH limit of 0,5 mg
migration into 1 kg of food as included in the last draft from
March 2017.

Besides the coming German regulation, Switzerland issued
in April 2017 an update of its ordinance on materials and
articles intended to come into contact with food, which is
stricter as before regarding the use of recycled substrates
for food contact applications. In France (ANSES) and Belgium
(FAVV/AFSCA) the food safety authorities came with scientific
opinions on mineral oils.

Aside this externally driven agenda also the internal own in
depth work went on in the ECMA Technical Committee, with
the release of a new simplified version of the ‘Food Contact
Status Declaration’ in September and the ordering of a
benchmark study to compare the ECMA GMP with the public
GFSI certification schemes: FSSC 22000, BRC Pack 5, SQF and



The outcome of this Of course many more topics have been on the agendas of the
benchmarking will be very 4 Technical Committee meetings held in 2017.
useful for the next review
of the ECMA GMP. Peter Behnisch (BioDetection Systems) presented at the April
meeting in Amsterdam the role of bioassay testing in modern
EuropEan Carton MakErs assoCiation This benchmarking is done safety assessment and which tests are the most appropriate
Good Manufacturing Practice Guide for cartons. This type of testing was presented as the most
cost effective way to demonstrate the ‘absence’ of genotoxic
in the two directions, ‘What and endocrine active substances.

is the ECMA GMP offering Information was shared, from the attended food safety
conferences and seminars (Fresenius, FEICA, MOCRINIS II), on
on top of the public food the developments in the barrier on board project at the Swiss
Packaging Institute (SVI), the ongoing FoodWatch campaign
safety standards?’ and and how supply chains are responding and on a most
promising project on a more harmonised communication in
‘What is the value of having the paper and board supply chain with Decernis.

a public standard as a In a transparent way the main outcome of what is discussed
in the Technical Committee is shared in the ECMA food contact
prerequisite for declaring e-mail network.

Cover.indd 1 9/5/11 8:08:19 PM GMP compliance?’ will The Technical Committee is chaired by Jack Pieterson (Smurfit
lead to a further improved Kappa) and supported by Jan Cardon (ECMA).
ECMA GMP Review announced for 2018
Experts from companies and national associations involved in
positioning of the ECMA the Technical Committee work in 2017:
Pere Marcé Franquesa (Envase Grafico Industrial/Aspack), Pieter
GMP and also broaden the use of the publication amongst all Geers (Graphic Packaging), Barbara Herbst (Multi Packaging
Solutions), Carmine Iuvone (Seda Group), Achim Lerschen
categories of ECMA members. (Multi Packaging Solutions), Robert Mayr (A&R Carton), Paolo
Minichini (Seda Group), Dieter Moessner (Edelmann), Elaine
A further highlight this year was the visit of the JRC Research Murray (Multi Packaging Solutions), Christian Schiffers (FFI),
Centre. A Technical Committee meeting at Ispra (Milan) Heinz Traussnig (Mayr Melnhof Packaging), Tangui Van der Elst
formed an excellent opportunity to discuss with the JRC staff, (WestRock), Hans van Schaik (ECMA), Wilfried Wijnants (Van
the mineral oil monitoring program by the EU Member States Genechten Packaging)
(2017-2018) and the outcome of the JRC Baseline Study ‘Non
harmonised food contact materials in the EU : regulatory and
market situation.’ ECMA insisted at that occasion once more
on the need for harmonised EU legislation instead of the
often contradicting national measures.

ECMA Technical Committee meeting in Ispra with Eddo Hoekstra (JRC Scientific
Officer Food & Feed, Compliance Unit Directorate Health, Consumers and
Reference Materials) on 22 November 2017. Attendance was regretfully
hampered due to air traffic control problems.


Marketing and Communications Committee in Europe. There is also a linking pin via the ADC from the
carton converters (ECMA and national association) towards
THE MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE Pro Carton, the association on the carton board producing
MCC IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ECMA CONGRESS side. This is also of importance to generate entries for the
WORKING PROGRAMME, ECMA SEMINAR, INDUSTRY European Carton Excellence Award all together. As well as the

The ECMA Congress working programme was minutely prepared Probably all industry issues are happening on a pan-
by the MCC and had a great line-up of keynote speakers during European scale and transcend national boundaries. Not only
the event in Salzburg in September 2017. The congress theme because many client companies operate on a multinational
was: ‘When Cartons Matter’. It was a great event at a beautiful scale, but also because harmonisation and a level playing
location, which offered a strong working programme and field is an issue and last but not least the growing role of ‘EU
excellent networking opportunities. The congress was rated legislation’. This however does not mean that all things are
by the participants as one of the best ECMA Congresses ever. only happening in Brussels, or on a centralised scale. There
are also many important actions noticeable that derive from
The ECMA Business Seminar was organised on 5 April 2017 at the various European countries itself and that have impact
Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, and was titled ‘To Strengthen on and lead to interaction with the EU, or to ‘just’ a group
the Folding Carton Industry’. The seminar focused on the of other national states. The collaboration on folding carton
industry’s main competitor flexible packaging, food safety and issues and interests is the key issue, for both the national
reputation management. associations and ECMA. Sharing information, intelligence and
best practices and working as a team is what counts in the
For 2018 the MCC will focus on expanding the networking ADC.
opportunities within ECMA in close collaboration with the
The ADC meets around three to four times a year. Not in every
Supplier Forum, and the country there is a national association focussing on folding
congress working programme. cartons specifically. More in particular the ADC is now looking
for expanding the footprint in Central and Eastern Europe
The Marketing and Communi– and playing a role in setting up folding carton bases locally
cations Committee was chaired that can provide knowledge in various fields and explain the
by Jean-François Roche (GPI) advantages that cartons can deliver to various customers.
and supported by Rogier There is an important message to convey and we need all
Krabbendam (ECMA). Andreas hands on deck in the carton industry both on a European and
Helbig (SEDA) officially took on a national scale to maximise our potential.
over from Jean-François Roche
as chair of the MCC at the ECMA Participating in the Association Development Committee (ADC):
Annual General Assembly on 8
Andreas Helbig November 2017.

Association Development Committee

THE PURPOSE OF THE ASSOCIATION DEVELOPMENT The liaison from the ADC’s to the Executive Committee is
COMMITTEE ADC IS TO WORK AS A TEAM BETWEEN Christian Schiffers (FFI). Martin Widermann of the Austrian
ECMA AND THE VARIOUS NATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS carton association PROPAK was elected to chair the ADC
THROUGHOUT EUROPE. THE GOAL IS SIMPLE AND meetings, supported by ECMA Managing Director Hans van

Within ECMA the ADC is the place where the directors of
the various national associations involved in folding carton
come together and share experiences and knowledge. It
is a collaborative platform between ECMA on a European
level and the carton associations from a range of countries




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Pharma Forum New members are most welcome to join the Pharma Forum to
create a bigger network across Europe of dedicated pharma
The Pharma Forum organised three meetings in 2017. In March companies.
the forum first came together to have a strategic meeting
about the future of the pharmaceutical packaging industry The Pharma Forum is being chaired by Roel van Eerd
and the role and objectives of the forum. An external strategic (Van Eerd) and supported by Rogier Krabbendam (ECMA).
consultant was invited to help the forum to develop a clear
agenda and roadmap for the future.

A follow-up meeting was organised in June to discuss the
outcome of the strategy meeting and kick-off the new strategy.
In November 2017 a third meeting took place to discuss the
creation of an industry standard for the pharmaceutical
folding cartons / packaging industry. There would be a focus
on 4 topics: Quality, Technical, Supply Chain and Commercial.
The forum will keep on working on these industry standards
based on the industry roadmap towards 2020.

SME Forum

The SME Forum was established in 2006 to establish a
cross border European platform for owners and managers
of independent, family owned medium sized carton
manufacturers with a European focus, to network, benchmark,
identify best practices and exchange management experience
on issues like lean manufacturing, succession, young executive
development, company valuation etc. The SME Forum is all
about sharing best practices. Each year the forum performs
a benchmark, exchanging and comparing the SME Forum
member’s KPI’s. Meetings of the SME Forum are organised in
springtime at member company sites.

Eson Pac hosted the 2017 SME Forum meeting in Copenhagen areas where they might be able to improve. Especially the
(Denmark). Part of the meeting was a visit to the Eson Pac site discussion about the benchmark results and the presentation
in Tåstrup and a wonderful dinner at the restaurant Gröften of best practices by the best in class companies are extremely
located in the Tivoli Gardens amusement park in central valuable.
Copenhagen. Eson Pac organised a very nice social programme
and offered the group a hospitable welcome. The forum also Companies interested in joining the SME Forum can contact
welcomed two new members: Posson Packaging (France) and the chair of the forum Robert Davison (Alexir Packaging) or
Castle Colour Packaging (UK). Rogier Krabbendam (ECMA).

The meeting started with the company tour followed by a
general assessment of market trends and developments, after
which the results of the SME benchmark were presented and
discussed. This benchmark includes detailed information
on the production related Key Performance Indicators. By
participating in the SME benchmark the members are shown
how their company measures up to others in the industry.
The benchmark is being used by the SME members to identify


Suppliers Forum Young Leaders Forum

The Suppliers Forum is the think-tank for supplier members In 2017 the Young Leader Forum initiated the study tour to
to provide ECMA with ideas, share industry related topics and Finland, which was to be organised early 2018. The forum is
developments and to optimize networking opportunities. constantly looking for opportunities to create new activities
and projects within ECMA, and for ways to learn from each
The members of the Supplier Forum are regularly invited other’s experiences.
to join the MCC meetings, and are actively involved in the
preparations for the annual congress. For the 2017 congress ECMA wants to involve the next generation with its activities
the Supplier Forum developed the new plenary Supply Chain and objectives, and prepare them to take over from the
Collaboration session. current leadership. Young managers from (family owned) SME
converters from both direct and indirect members are the
The Supplier Forum is chaired by Jan de Roeck (Esko) and main target group and are invited to join the forum.
supported by Rogier Krabbendam (ECMA).
The Young Leaders Forum is supported by Rogier Krabbendam

Tobacco Forum The public debate is between policy makers and stakeholders
in finding the right balance between public health, economics
The ECMA Tobacco Forum is existing over 17 years and and production related issues and last but not least anti-
is the platform for specialists in the tobacco packaging counterfeiting. The input from ECMA is based on the fact that
industry. This specialised packaging Forum of ECMA member professionally well-designed and -produced sophisticated
companies takes care of packaging related issues for this complex packaging for tobacco products is the best line of
specific market segment. Since already many years the defence against illegal trade and undesirable products.
Forum is very much involved in the process introduced by
the European Commission to revise the Tobacco Products During the year 2017 the Forum in various instances has
Directive (TPD2) and to introduce so called ‘standardized represented the packaging industry and continued its contacts
packaging’ or the even further going ‘plain packaging’. For with decision makers, politicians and other stakeholders, all
the EU bodies in Brussels the expertise of the ECMA Tobacco based on the packaging expertise and contacts within the
Forum representing the packaging industry in this respect is Tobacco Forum. The Tobacco Forum is professionally assisted
well recognised. The Tobacco Forum is all about packaging in its actions by a Brussels based public affairs consultant,
expertise and has nothing to do with tobacco as such. The but actions are not limited to Brussels and are noticeable also
Tobacco Forum unites and represents the vast expertise of in the various European Member States.
the industry covering the European scale and beyond, when it
comes to this specific type of packaging. The Tobacco Forum is chaired by Jerzy Czubak (Amcor Tobacco
Packaging) and supported by Hans van Schaik and Barbara



To Strengthen The Folding Carton Industry

On 5 April 2017 ECMA organised its Annual Business Seminar
in Amsterdam.

During this year’s Business Seminar ECMA focused on the
positioning of the industry and its market share. Is our
industry only competing with other packaging materials on
price, or are other issues also important? And are consumers
really worried about mineral oils and plastics polluting
the oceans, and how does this affect the behaviour of our
customers? There is a preference for sustainable packaging
materials made from renewable resources, but what is the
value? How can we turn the tide, regain market share and
strengthen the position of our industry?

From Challenge to Opportunity How to ensure food safety and gain a competitive edge?
How can we manage our own food safety challenges and Aldin Hilbrands from FSSC 22000 presented his view on how to
turn them into commercial opportunities? And what can we ensure consumer trust in the safe supply of food and drinks
learn from our main competitors from the plastics industry? and how to meet market expectations. In his view certification
The aim of the ECMA Business Seminar was to help our offers packaging suppliers market access. Because company
members to understand the bigger picture and the trends and brand reputation is key to customers, they will not
and developments influencing our industry. How we are going tolerate any risks. The FSSC 22000 Food Safety System
to deal with the challenges and issues around food safety, Certification provides a framework for effectively managing
sustainability and influence the consumer attitude towards your organization’s food safety responsibilities. FSSC 22000 is
cartonboard packaging, will be crucial for a healthy future of fully recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and
our industry. is based on existing ISO Standards.

Know your competitor The Carton Identity
Jennifer Buhaenko from Pro Carton presented the status of Organizations around the globe are increasingly focused on
plastic recycling in Europe, and the Plastic Industry’s strategy identifying their primary stakeholders, what they think, say
as laid down in the EU Roadmap ‘Strategy on Plastics in a and do, as well as how best to engage with them. During the
Circular Economy’ and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s ECMA Business Seminar attendees were explained by Frank
initiative the ‘New Plastics Economy’ initiative, which launched Peters from Virtus Communications how to understand, build
its latest report in January 2017 at the World Economic Forum and manage their corporate reputation in a way that it will
in Davos. What can we learn from our competitors, and what leverage their strengths, mitigate risk and create a competitive
are our own strong arguments and advantages over plastics? advantage. Also the role of ECMA as the voice of the industry
was discussed and how future industry incidents could be

The presentations where shared afterwards with the ECMA
Business Seminar attendees and can also be found on the
members only part of the ECMA website.


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WHY CARTONS MATTER Designing desire
The importance of (packaging) design was explained by 1HQ
This year the ECMA Annual Congress took place on 21 and 22 and Kiska, two completely different brand design agencies.
September 2017 in Salzburg, Austria. The congress theme was: Brand differentiation is very important, and this is where
‘When Cartons Matter’. packaging plays an important role. How to stand out in the
crowd by focussing on brand purpose and a deeper connection
with the consumer, to develop your own desirable brand.

Wilfried Haslauer Karin Kneissl Andrea Boltho

Welcome to Salzburg and geopolitical / economic outlook Andrew Collins Julian Herget
The congress participants where welcomed by Wilfried
Haslauer, the governor of the Austrian state of Salzburg, Food for thought
and also with a very interesting presentation from Karin On both days we had an inspirational speaker to close the
Kneissl (since 18/12/2017 Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs) day: Sean Pillot de Chenecey elaborated the key trend drivers
on demography and geopolitics, explaining why migration such as the changing face of consumers, new patterns of
remains on the agenda. The economic outlook was presented personal consumption and technological advancements,
by Andrea Boltho. The European economy looks good at while Rasmus Ankersen evoked the minds of the congress
present, but will it last? For the second time ECMA presented participants to remain hungry in paradise. Because if it’s not
the ECMA 360° Industry Update to see what had happened in broken yet, consider breaking it yourself!
the folding carton industry since the last ECMA Congress in
September 2016 and what is expected to happen in the near

Cartons sell brands Sean Pillot de Chenecey Rasmus Ankersen
The folding carton industry is very much convinced of the
importance of cartons and the essential roles it takes care of
(logistics, safety, efficiency, communication, design, sustaina–
bility). But we also need to make ourselves better heard and
recognized by our customers and the consumer. During the
congress Danone, Ferrero and Mondelēz presented their view
on packaging and the role of cartons within their company
(branding) strategy. To develop the carton of the future, it’s
all about creating winning strategic partnerships and added
value packaging (packaging with benefits) for customers and
consumers. Although the brand owners’ strategies are very
different, from global to local and from healthy to snacking,
the importance of sustainable packaging solutions is widely
accepted, and the need for renewable sources and materials
is still increasing. Brand owners are all looking for long-term
relationships with their suppliers.



The ECMA Annual Congress will take place on 20 and 21 September
in Riga, Latvia. The congress will focus on environmental issues
and our industry’s sustainability message. Within the next few
years a fundamental paradigm shift will occur in how the public
look on the role of packaging and packaging materials. With the
current debate around plastics there’s obviously momentum for
cartons! The congress will also investigate the opportunities new
technology and innovations could offer to our industry.

Being the biggest metropolis in the Baltics, Riga perfectly blends
timeless tradition and cutting edge cool. In its 800 years of
turbulent history, everyone from German knights to Swedish kings and Soviet commissars have left their footprints, and
today Latvia’s capital is an exciting European metropolis at the crossroads of eastern and northern Europe.

Riga’s astonishing skyline tells the story, as the timeless Gothic spires in the Old Town mingle with the fantastic facades
of one of the world’s richest collections of Art Nouveau on the grand boulevards. Riga is a UNESCO World Heritage site of
cobblestones and breath-taking river views, as well as Europe’s Wifi capital with almost 1,000 spots to get online for free!

The ECMA Marketing & Communications Committee is working on the programme and as soon as more information is
available all members will be informed. Please mark your calendar for the third week of September and we look forward
to meeting you in Riga!

Oh, What a Wonderful Orchestra is Our Economy! with BillerudKorsnäs the successful board mill. The audience
Is it an absurd idea, that an orchestra could have something enjoyed some excellent cuisine and first rate entertainment
to do with economy? Johnny Bertl let the audience experience from Austrian superstar Sandra Pires, singing numbers from
the parallels between how to lead a company and an The Sound of Music, whilst the amazing Janoska quartet
orchestra during a ‘show lecture and concert’. With an entire provided a modern slant on some well-known classical music
orchestra hopping on and off on stage Johnny Bertl conducted
his orchestra and made this part of the congress one of the
most interactive and intriguing sessions in many years. He
showed the room that the best conductors (and leaders) are
the best listeners, creating focus so that the players and the
conductor can become something bigger than all of them, and
at the same time feel fully realised as individuals. It was a very
intense and mind-blowing experience.

pieces. The Young Designers Awards went to entrants from
Turkey, Sweden and Austria.

European Carton Excellence Award Gala Cartons matter
Over 200 people were present in the majestic surroundings With this year’s congress we have taken an important step to
of the Residenz in Salzburg to celebrate the winners of the convince the outside world of why cartons matter. Because
European Carton Excellence and Young Designers Awards. cartons matter to all of us!
The Carton of the Year went to Italian converter Lucaprint



ECMA 360°Industry Update increasing demand for barrier boards, there are lots of things
For the second time ECMA presented a 360 degrees update on going on in cartonboard and folding cartons. The impact of
our industry during the ECMA Annual Congress in Salzburg. It marketing and design & innovation is also becoming more
was compiled from a wide variety of sources, and contained important.
both industry statistics and industry related trends.
Growth perspectives for the next years are positive, but
The industry is clearly consolidating, which is expected to market conditions are challenging with continuous price
continue in 2017. Private equity investors are frequently pressure and overcapacity.
involved, mainly because the packaging industry is
considered as a stable and healthy investment. There is also The full presentation can be found on the members only
a trend where companies streamline production and create part of the ECMA website.
super-sites, while customers are centralizing their sourcing
as well. The presentation of the 360° industry update will be
repeated at the ECMA Congress in Riga, Latvia in September.
With a wider adoption of digital printing and cold foil in the
market, short delivery time and smaller order sizes, and an

– BY COUNTRY (2016 – 2021)

Spain France
9% • Incremental growth of
Germany Italy 367 tonnes
10% 9%

U.K. Netherlands

•Nordic Region 53% (164 tonnes) of
3% forecast growth
Belgium comes from non-

Austria Eurozone countries

Turkey • 39% of growth coming
39% from one country

= Turkey


ECMA European Carton Prospects Report (latest update 2017) ECMA Quarterly Market Flash
The ECP Report was produced The Market Flash covers the state
by ECMA in cooperation with of the business in the current
NOA. It contains market statistics quarter and the outlook for the
& trends, provides a company next quarter. Both direct and
performance benchmark, and indirect converter members
a dashboard for business are allowed to participate. The
confidence. The range of data updated version has been
stretches from 2006 until 2019. developed in cooperation with
NOA, and now also includes
The ECP Report is being updated trends and case studies.
annually and was last updated in Normally between 70 and 80
2017. The ECP Report is a simple companies from all over Europe
must have for all folding carton participate. The report is available to the participants only.
businesses in Europe.
The next edition of the ECP Report is expected in 2018. The recently updated version includes additional information:
- European Composite Index
- Country Composite Forecasts
- Business Confidence PMI
- Carton Output Forecasts
- Case Studies, and
- Industrial Market Data



2017 : THE WINNERS unpacking is unforgettable
for both the buyer and the
THE WINNERS ON 21 SEPTEMBER AT THE AWARD GALA the retail trade to show the
OF THE ECMA CONGRESS IN THE ELEGANT RESIDENZ product off to maximum advantage.
OF SENIOR PERSONNEL FROM ACROSS THE INDUSTRY. The chairman of the jury, Satkar Gidda (SiebertHead),
commented: ‘I can honestly say that every year the entries
Carton of the Year went to ‘Geometrie Cividât’ from Lucaprint just keep getting better and better. Very well thought through
with board supplied by BillerudKorsnas. Cividât is a premium designs with the consumer clearly front of mind – as it should
gin from Cividale in Northern Italy that demanded packaging be. The whole industry is constantly aiming to improve what
which would complement its unique style and aromatic notes. has gone before and advancing step by step.’

The carton stands out through its apparent simplicity and The new Public Award made the reach of the Excellence Awards
understatement. Interest and curiosity are created by the even wider. The eventual winner was ‘Ventofor-Combi Pack’
diagonal cut which divides the symmetry and the strict produced by Lithosan from Turkey with the board coming from
geometry of the pack. The spherical bottle is secured perfectly Metsä Board.
inside and conveys a natural impression of balance. The




Official name of entry: Geometrie Cividât Carton Producer: Lucaprint Cartonboard Manufacturer: BillerudKorsnäs
Jury Comments: There is no doubt that this is a visually appealing pack when closed but the real ‘wow’ effect is on opening.
The geometry of the pack and the presentation of the bottle inside is quite spectacular. Of course the bottle shape does help this
but the overall presentation has been carefully considered and all elements work well together. Placing such a pack on display at
a retailer would really generate consumer interest.


Official name of entry: HAL Allergy Venomenhal, carton + interior Official name of entry: Cupholder
Carton Producer: Intergrafipak Carton Producer: Siemer Verpackung
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Iggesund Cartonboard Manufacturer: WestRock
Jury Comments: Considerable reduction in packaging is what Jury Comments: A simple, very simple solution to a regular
makes this pack the winner in this section. The new design does problem which also has commercial, advertising value. I’m sure
away with hand packing plus a dedicated transportation pack is we have all been to venues, be it concerts or sports events etc.
now not needed. Yet the valuable vials are still well contained and and needed a place to put our drink so that it doesn’t get spilt
protected. or knocked over. Well, here’s the solution! A carton board drinks
holder that hooks on to the seat in front of you or to a fence or
railing – in fact anywhere. Add to that, you have a vehicle to sell
advertising space as well – smart thinking!




Official name of entry: Beauty Box Official name of entry: JDE Z1 packaging
Carton Producer: rlc | packaging group Carton Producer: STI Group
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Iggesund Cartonboard Manufacturer: Metsä Board

Jury Comments: Jury Comments:
Beautiful, simple and secure. This attractive box does everything Packaging for L’Or coffee capsules sees structure and graphics
needed to hold, protect and display the precious glass ampoules. combining well to create an inviting pack featuring UV varnish, colour
The liquid containing vials are held in place in the base AND the roof coded bands and viewing window to aid consumer selection in-store
of the carton. The ampoules are placed in such a way that when the and in-home.
carton is closed, both ends of the ampoules are held within base and
roof apertures. When opened, they display beautifully. The soft touch A beautiful pack design to tantalise the coffee drinker.
varnish just adds that ‘little extra’.


Official name of entry: LIQ gift set Official name of entry: Ventofor-Combi Pack
Carton Producer: VG Kvadra Pak JSC Carton Producer: Lithosan Basim Yayim Ambalaj Sanayi ve Tic.
Cartonboard Manufacturer: BillerudKorsnäs Cartonboard Manufacturer: Metsä Board

Jury Comments: Jury Comments:
Liquorice has a ‘you either love it or hate it’ image yet you can’t The key to this particular pack and the most appealing aspect was
help but love the package created for LIQ liquorice confectionery. In the consumer benefit. As with all packaging in this category, care of
the primary box are 4 secondary boxes, each containing a different the consumer through clarity of communication is key. The design
product but it’s the way these secondary boxes are perfectly fitting structure clearly separates the 2 different medications and yet also
into the primary box. The double layer of material, soft touch and UV accommodates 3 products of different structures. Plastic separators
varnish just adds to the in hand feel of what looks like a dark and from the previous packaging have also been eliminated.
mysterious product offering.




Official name of entry: Eco-Fontaine Jolival Official name of entry: Yamasa Star Pack
Carton Producer: VG Angoulème Carton Producer: PAWI Verpackungen
Cartonboard Manufacturer: BillerudKorsnäs Cartonboard Manufacturer: Stora Enso

Jury Comments: Jury Comments:
Whilst the jury had seen bag in box wines, this was a real surprise to Very clever, attractive and eye catching. Carton board packaging for
see water being carried and displayed in such a way. Carrying a heavy cigars without the need for metal tubes. Each cigar is housed in
product yet standing comfortably and steady for safe dispensing of its own distinctly shaped pack which when clustered together and
water into the provided cups which are hanging from one part of the bound by the wrap, forms a ‘star’ shape. We should all remember
main pack. Perfect for office or functions. The combination of the that Davidoff is a premium brand and clearly they believe that their
colours and graphics used also helped the overall presentation. Add brand values can be reflected and presented by carton board.It’s all
to that, that it is eco-friendly and can be re-used or just recycled. Ideal! in the structural packaging and presentation.

AWARD 2018
Official name of entry: Babor packaging for ampoules
Carton Producer: Edelmann Enter your most innovative and distinctive
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Stora Enso Paper Plant Imatra packs by 17 May 2018! For this year’s
competition the categories have been
revised to better reflect the market split and to recognise structural
creativity as much as the packs´ aesthetic qualities:
• Dry Foods & Beverages (incl. tea, coffee, soft drinks, beer and wine)
• Frozen & Chilled Foods
• Fast/Convenience Foods (including paper cups)
• Confectionery
• Luxury Goods (e.g. spirits & sparkling wine, beauty care, gifting)
• Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
• Non-Food
• Save the Planet: packs that have made a significant

contribution to helping the environment
• Innovative Material: newly developed cartonboard

or paper-based substrate

Jury Comments: Plus the two overall awards: Carton of the Year and the Public
Weirdly enough, this is the third winner that features ampoules/vials Award, which following last year’s success has now become a
as its product delivery. However, the product content is about luxury regular addition to the competition.
and skin care, about self-indulgence. The pack surface has a soft
touch finish which in turn tends to indicate the smoothness of skin We look forward to large numbers of new ideas!
that can be achieved by using this product. The colours also suggest
premiumness. When you open the pack the ampoules rise within the More information on the European Carton Excellence Award 2018
packaging for ease of access. can be found on and




The Pro Carton Young Designers Award is becoming an integral
part of the college curriculum with 46 design schools from 16
countries participating in the award scheme this year, more
than twice as many as in the previous year.

Pro Carton invited all the finalists, together with their lecturers,
to the ECMA Congress Gala dinner and Awards celebration held
in Salzburg which certainly added a little youthful glamour to
the event!

went to Marie Falk, Lisa Dahlström and Henrik Bergqvist from
Sweden for their Alomia Nature’s Elixir – organic hair care
pack, which tackled many of the problems presented by
plastic packaging.

The designers commented that: ‘The idea was to challenge
today’s packaging and to minimise the use of plastic,
unnecessary outer packaging and wastage of product.’

The Jury’s comment: an innovative idea, professionally executed,
that will stand out on the shelf because of its impressive
presentation of the product – with great branding potential.
The concept is highly sustainable and shows a lot of in-
depth work, a complete piece of work, totally, even holistically
thought through.

went to Semih Arslan, from Turkey, for his Dip & Eat Box. It’s
a takeaway container for French fries or other snacks with an
integral sauce compartment. The two containers sit in a single
pack, which is delivered to store flat but can be erected with a
gentle squeeze. Simple and very practical.

The Jury’s comment: ideal for festivals, this carton meets a
need. It is very simple to execute. The jury loved it because
of its pure cartonboard engineering – a professional solution
that we’d not seen before.

The jury had a very hard job in selecting the winners, and The jury was made up of the same personnel as for the
indeed the finalists, as the quality of entries was so high. But Excellence Awards but with Tom Garsed, from sponsors GPI,
the two winners are quite outstanding, and very different. replacing the lecturer Susanne Lippitsch who was excluded as
some of her students had entered. Satkar Gidda (SiebertHead),
‘It was noticeable, that the entries gave even more attention Janet Shipton (Packknack and ex Design Director at MPS/
to the marketing aspects than in previous years’ stated the Chesapeake), Lotte Krekels (Carrefour), Wilfried Duivenvoorden
chairman of the jury, Satkar Gidda. ‘The participants had a (Unilever) and Peter Klein Sprokkelhorst (technical consultant
strong focus on detail, particularly in terms of structural to the jury) made up the distinguished judging panel.
design. They had carried out extensive research into existing
solutions and their designs made perfect use of the strengths
of cartonboard as a material. And almost without exception,
all entries paid tribute to the concept of sustainability.’



The public voted Anna Kaufmann’s La Papp as their favourite.

Anna said: ‘My aim was to reduce plastic materials in products
and let them benefit from the flexibility of carton. Since
they normally look all the same, I came up with the idea of
redesigning lamella window blinds. It was possible to make
a variety of individual designs with the help of printing
machines and laser cutters, so that every window was given
its final touch.’

Feedback from the teaching profession was also most The competition offers the winners something you simply
enthusiastic. Timur Sebnem Ogut from the Istanbul Technical cannot put a value on. Practical experience in the design
University commented: ‘This award is important for us, because department of a leading carton converter, a visit to a world
the themes of the award enabled us to expand our students’ class board mill as well as exposure to the captains of the
horizons. It was a challenge for junior design students and carton industry.
fits perfectly to our educational objectives. The success will
inspire other students as well, both in terms of developing Tony Hitchin, General Manager of Pro Carton, was deeply
their designs and also by the way they present their work in impressed by the professionalism of the entries. ‘I was not
only few words and images.’ expecting to see such a vast number of brilliant ideas and so
well executed. Carton converters will do well to get in touch
Gudi Schwienbacher from the Higher Graphic Teaching with these design schools to sign up some of these young
and Research Institute in Vienna concurred: ‘We think designers to make sure they are not lost to another part of
that international competitions such as this are the best the packaging industry.’
challenge for our students for reaching their utmost creative
performance in this early stage of their creative lives.’


From the layout to the finished folding carton –
count on maximum efficiency and standardization.
With intelligently networked production and auto-
mated quality assurance. Zero Defect Packaging is
our answer to increasing complexity in industrial
packaging printing. Simply Smart.

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

23Kurfuerstenanlage 52–60, 69115 Heidelberg, Germany

Phone +49 6221 92-00,

PRO CARTON ANNUAL REPORT 2017 Pro Carton’s marketing activity started the year with a minor
but important change. We added the strapline ‘Packaging
When I started the role as General for a Better World’ to our logo which neatly sums up our
Manager of Pro Carton twelve months ago proposition.
I had no idea that 2017 would be quite
as eventful and positive for the carton Our media activity has intensified, particularly after the
industry as it was. appointment of a PR agency in the latter part of the year,
gaining extensive coverage in influential publications and
Pro Carton had initiated its bold, and somewhat controversial, across a wide variety of social media platforms. Our ‘followers’
‘Cartons don’t create plastic waste’ public relations campaign on Facebook have risen 20 fold, admittedly from a relatively
in Germany a couple of years ago which was beginning to small base, whilst our website now gets over 100.000 visits
grab the attention of brand owners and retailers alike. Due per annum. All our new infographics, articles and reports that
to more than 20 years’ experience of the Green Dot recycling we published during the year can be found on the website.
scheme, the German public are more knowledgeable about The Pro Carton team spoke at a number of important industry
environmental issues than those in many European countries. conferences including events in Italy, Germany, Austria, the
Part of Pro Carton’s role was therefore to try and spread that UK, Spain and the Netherlands spreading a consistent and
message across the rest of Europe with a vision to wrestle powerful story.
back market share from plastic. And, indeed, I believe that
we are making good progress in sharing the ‘Grow the Future The celebration of the two Award schemes in Salzburg in
not the Waste’ message far and wide through our various September was one of the highlights of the social calendar.
marketing activities. The standard of the entertainment was even outshone by
the quality and enthusiasm of the winners of the awards. The
But it’s always helpful when well- industry should be proud that it generates so much innovation
known figure–heads join in the debate. and creativity year in year out.
And that’s what started to happen in
2017. Sir David Attenborough presented The main Award scheme was rebranded this year to more aptly
his excellent series about our seas describe what it is – the European Carton Excellence Award –
- Blue Planet II and showed many a move from its previous incarnation as the Pro Carton ECMA
disturbing images of birds and fish Award. The new name was welcomed by all – our industry,
harmed by plastic waste. The Series the entrants, our supply chain partners and importantly, the
was commissioned by the BBC but media. The new name clearly communicating the message.
has now been sold to over 30 countries worldwide so if you For the first time we ran a public vote for the professional
haven’t seen it make sure you catch it or buy the box set of awards as well as the student awards which proved to be
DVDs. Similarly, we had the likes of the fashion designer Stella extremely popular.
McCartney shunning non-recycled man-made fibres and
launching her sustainable high-end clothing collection as well There were many contenders for Carton of the Year but the
as the NGOs including Zero Waste Europe, The Plastic Planet, judges decided it should go to Lucaprint (Italy) for their
The Rethink Plastic Alliance and Greenpeace all substantial striking pack for Geometrie Cividât gin, produced on board
media coverage. Nobody had ever heard of the Henderson from BillerudKorsnas (see all the winners on page 18).
Island, an uninhabited island in the South Pacific, until it was
reported that 38 million pieces of plastic waste (weighing 17.8 The Pro Carton Young Designers Award broke all records.
tonnes) had been washed up on its shores. Nearly 200 entries from 46 universities and design schools,
coming from 16 countries, was the highest ever by some
Governments and the EU Commission talked about potential distance – and so was the quality of the entries - and it was
tax on plastics, and these may yet still come, and the EU a pleasure to have the finalists and their tutors as our guests
published their long awaited Strategy for Plastics in a Circular at the Award Gala. The winning entries came from students in
Economy early in 2018. Plastic was certainly in the news, but Sweden, Austria and Turkey. It’s good to see so many young
we needed to highlight that there are some viable alternatives, people with such enthusiasm for working with cartonboard
such as cartonboard, already available. and I hope many of them take up careers in our industry.

Perhaps it is worth clarifying my view on plastic as I do So overall, an exciting and eventful year but one that I believe
genuinely believe it is a fantastic material and an essential puts cartons and cartonboard in a very good place going
part of life (and packaging) in today’s society. But its key forward.
advantage of being durable is its biggest weakness too from
an environmental standpoint. So, quite simply, I believe that Tony Hitchin
whenever possible we should choose a sustainable material General Manager – Pro Carton
rather than a non-sustainable one and I see plenty of opportunities
for that to happen.



FOOD SAFETY AND MINERAL OILS on a par with other industry sectors regarding responsible
performance, not least to protect the marine environment
ECMA is committed to food safety. The Technical Committee is and other water bodies.
responsible for food safety issues and participates in different
food safety networks and attends relevant meetings and ECMA endorses the need for a more holistic and material
conferences (read more in the Committee Update section on neutral approach of the circular economy by the European
page 6). Commission. The Plastic Strategy was also criticised by some
NGO’s because it is focusing too much on recycling instead of
On 20 October 2017 an ECMA delegation visited Foodwatch reducing. One organisation articulated it as follows: ‘Recycling
in Berlin. The meeting was initiated by ECMA to exchange as panacea for plastic pollution: the EU Plastics Strategy.’
thoughts and to express how ECMA regards the matter and
how the industry takes its responsibility towards the shared TPD2
goal to secure food safety. On the other hand it is Foodwatch’s
aim to inform the general public and consumers and to SECURITY AND
raise awareness. Although both organisations clearly have a AUTHENTICATION; DIRECT
different agenda and role, the meeting was appreciated by PRINTING OF COMBINED
both organisations and Foodwatch clearly appreciated the TECHNOLOGY PLATFORMS
initiatives taken by ECMA.

LETTER TO EUROPEAN ECMA is in favour of a range of authentication elements to
COMMISSION VICE achieve a high level of security and flexibility in application.
PRESIDENT TIMMERMANS It should not be a ‘one size fits all’ approach and that a
ON PLASTICS STRATEGY combination of different security elements is the best
approach. The Commission should not mandate one solution
By letter of 16 November 2017 a joint letter was sent by but it should develop a framework that takes account of
CEPI - representing the European paper and board industry, future technological developments and enables further
including ECMA - to the European Commission to express improvements to the system. To encourage innovation and
deep concern over the European plastics strategy. Based ensure that security features stay well ahead of counterfeiters,
on drafts released by the media, our industry believes the the Commission must set the bar at a sufficiently high
strategy seriously risks: level - sufficiently high to ensure robust anti-counterfeit
1) being developed in silos of plastics without a systemic view, requirements - and then allow the market to innovate. Current
2) failing to respect the principle of technological/material technologies should not be locked and Future technological
developments should not be hindered; today’s minimum
neutrality and having serious unintentional and unassessed levels of security will not be tomorrow’s. Therefore there
consequences for competing materials and technologies should be a mechanism to add and subtract technologies to
that may in some cases perform better in terms of the Annex (‘list with options’). Also the decisions that Member
environmental impacts and circularity and States can take on security features should be based on
3) missing the opportunity to drive a low-carbon circular the best available solutions. Member States should neither
economy. Representing sectors that both compete and work be left with considerable room for deviation. ECMA believes
with plastics, the signatories called upon the Commission to that the optimal security solution must entail direct printing
take corrective measures, before the Commission moved to of combined technology platforms. The strength of printed
adopt the strategy. solutions in reducing illicit trade has been acknowledged by
the European Commission in its Inception Impact Assessment
We share a common aim: producing a sustainable circular and by many expert commentators. If the objective is to seek
European economy. The buy-in of the wider economy and the strongest possible protection against illicit products then
society in general for the plastics strategy prepared by the this should form part of current and future considerations.
European Commission would require a much more holistic
and systemic approach and respect of the principle of
technological neutrality by giving a fair and equal treatment
to all sectors. At the same time, the plastics strategy should
be seized as an opportunity to bring the plastics industry



ECMA is a member of the International Confederation of
ECMA is against plain packaging because of the clear and Paper and Board Converters in Europe (CITPA). CITPA activities
significant risk of increased counterfeit and it will ultimately cover EU policy developments, European legislation on
undermine health objectives. ECMA stresses that continuously Food packaging, Environment (Waste management policy),
evolving packaging complexity is the first and best line of Standardisation, and Social political exchange of views and
defence against counterfeits as form of illicit trade. trends.

Complexity is key to fight counterfeit and concerns the CITPA’s priority is to have paper and board converters concerns
different enhanced design features added to a pack that specifically addressed by its main working groups:
allow differentiation and authentication by consumers and
authorities, and includes embossing, debossing, hot foil • The Product Safety Committee
stamping and UV Varnish technologies. With these complex • The Environment Committee
features an open door to a growing volume of counterfeit • The Social Affairs Committee
production can be avoided. Importantly, ECMA makes no claim
that these negative effects from Plain Packaging will appear In 2017 CITPA focused on the following key policy issues.
in the market immediately. Plain Packaging would create a
major disruption to current business practices, and it is our
belief that as market structures change to adapt to the new
realities, so too will the structure of the illicit market change
in response.


There is a globally increasing Last year, the focus was on updating the CEPI and CITPA
demand for tamper verification guidelines for calculating industry sector carbon footprints.
features on medicinal product packaging. Tamper verification CITPA participated in the development of the ‘Framework
and serialisation have to be regarded together. Directive for Carbon Footprints for Paper and Board Products’ which
2011/62/EU is amending Directive 2001/83/EC (EU-falsified updated the methodology for the paper substrate. Upon
medicines directive). The outer packaging of a medicine must completion of the Framework, the CITPA Guidelines for
contain: calculating the carbon footprint of converted paper based
products were updated. These are both available to download
1) safety features, that enable distributors and persons, that on the CITPA website:
are allowed to give out medicines to the public, to verify the
authenticity of the medicine and identify individual packs, In 2017, the CITPA Environment, Product Safety and Social
as well as Committees and the CITPA Board met twice: in the Spring
in Brussels and in the Autumn in Vienna. The Environment
2) a device, that allows to verify, if the outer packaging has and Product Safety Committees discuss the European public
been manipulated (‘tampered with’). affairs topics which affect converted paper products, while the
Social Committee reviews working practices around Europe.
The EU-FMD/Delegated Regulation will affect approx. 10,5
million medicinal products / year in the EEA in 32 European Coinciding with the meetings in Vienna, the AGM took place
Countries. Only a European Standard (EN) has a sufficient at which CITPA bade farewell to the out-going President Bob
grade of acceptance to support the Directive. And only a McLellan and welcomed a new President, Richard Coward.
European Standard is leading to full implementation as
national standard - Europe wide. The EU-commission confirms
EN 16679 as an applicable instrument in order to “facilitate
the coherent application of tamper verification features on
the packaging of medicinal products throughout the Union
and, eventually, the correct implementation of the Falsified
Medicines Directive.” ISO is now developing ISO 21976 “tamper
verification features for medicinal product (MP) packaging”.
ECMA is closely involved in this new ISO standard.



BPIF CARTONS managers and who need a better understanding of the whole
process of Carton Making. The second target audience for the
Networking courses are those people who have been in the industry for
BPIF Cartons held a very successful horse racing evening at longer but again need to have a better understanding of the
Leicester Racecourse in June 2017 which was attended by whole production process.
over 40 members. The afternoon started with three business
related presentations which was followed by a three course The feedback from the attendees at the first two courses was
meal and drinks in the restaurant overlooking the finishing very positive and it is our intention to broaden the scope of
line. the training available in 2018. In addition to repeating the
courses covering printing and ink and colour we hope to
Training offer additional subject matter to include board making, die
In November 2017 we launched the first of our Foundation making , cutting and creasing and folding/gluing. If possible
Courses when a total of 12 converter members from 5 different we would also like to cover off digital printing and other
companies attended courses with Heidelberg on Printing and finishing processes.
Sun Chemical on Ink and Colour. In all there were 17 attendees
at the two sessions. We continue to develop our e learning modules and it is
expected that the ten Health and Safety modules will go live
The Foundation Course is aimed at two groups. Firstly young in early 2018. We are also developing modules and die making
people who have been in the industry for a couple of years and cutting and creasing to go with the modules that are
and who are believed to have the potential to be tomorrows already available on printing and board making.


BPIF cartons has updated its website and the Cartonville
website to make them tablet friendly. The new websites went
live in early 2018.



ECMABEL evaluate the safety of packs are some of the topics from the
ECMA Technical Committee, which were addressed in summary.
The Belgian Carton Makers
The annual supply chain meeting was this year organised
Association (ECMABEL) with a very interesting guest speaker.

structure wise has a double

affiliation. The association is member of ECMA and is the

national platform for addressing and discussing the carton

specific developments, while for the more general converting

issues the ECMABEL members can count on FETRA, the Belgian

federation for the paper and board converting industry.

Chaired by John de Somer (Van Steven Van Praet (Partner FutureProofed) Ghent - 22 October 2017
Genechten Packaging) the
association remains - with its Steven Van Praet presented a number of confronting facts
limited resources - dynamic on the risks related to climate change and how starting
with well attended meetings from the challenges in the carton sector it is possible to
and an annual highlight, the create added value around sustainability. To turn around
carton supply chain meeting, the wrong perceptions in the public and to create this
involving also the cartonboard added value it is however essential to communicate
mills and the equipment well on the own undeniable sustainability strengths of our
suppliers. sector. Growing trees are filtering CO2, our material is made
from renewable resources and the paper and board sector
John de Somer has a long tradition in recycling and achieves striking recycling
rates. Packaging protects products. The story needs to be told!
Not surprising, topics as the general market developments, Especially the value of on pack communication was identified
reports on ECMA meetings and events, food safety and the as a way to spread the good messages.
labour negotiations 2017-2018 have been well covered in the
ECMABEL meetings. In line with the overall more optimistic
economic context, the carton market conditions were in
general better compared to 2016. Remarkable this year was
the ongoing dynamism of the member companies, with
again several mergers and acquisitions. The regulatory
developments, mineral oils and the new advanced ways to

More carton specific communication is possible on the strengths of our A strong example! By choosing this Tetra Pak beverage carton, you are
renewable material and on recycling in a holistic adding up mode. contributing to the worldwide care for our forests.


Autajon Packaging Belgium (Brussels), Bruggeman & Desouter (Meulebeke), Multi
Packaging Solutions (Gent/ Mariakerke), Du Caju Printing (Erpe Mere), Goldprint (Brussels
/Huizingen), Imprepack/Kart.& Impr. Winderickx (Brussels), Impritex (Wavre), LGR Packaging VTK (Deurne), Rembrandt Verpakking (Aarschot) www.rembrandt.
be, Smurfit Kappa Van Mierlo (Turnhout), Soenen Cartonnage (Lichtervelde) www., St LUC (Nazareth), Van de Velde P. (Wetteren), Van
Genechten Biermans (Turnhout), Van Grasdorff (St Amands)



FFI Packaging developers from the folding carton
industry visit the Lenningen Campus
FFI fact-finding mission to Israel:
folding carton manufacturers The 4th Seminar for Packaging Developers that was held on
investigate alternative production the Lenningen Packaging Campus in November 2017 was very
technologies popular, attracting more than two dozen participants. The
A delegation consisting of 13 representatives from corporate Lenningen Packaging Campus is a project implemented on the
members of FFI visited four partner companies that operate in initiative of Papierfabrik Scheufelen and the Media University
the digital printing and processing fields during a six-day fact- HDM in Stuttgart and was recently accredited as a Steinbeis
finding mission to Israel in October 2017, in order to obtain Transfer Centre, so that it is a prominent example of co-
an up-to-the-minute insight into the progress made in the operation between the industrial and scientific communities.
development of these alternative production technologies
for folding carton manufacturing and into the stage they
have reached in market implementation. The visits made
by the FFI members to the research & development centres
and production facilities of the companies HP Indigo, LANDA
Digital Printing, Highcon and Scodix were supplemented
by live demonstrations of the new digital manufacturing
technologies at two Israeli folding carton manufacturers.

FFI Technical Forum Presentations about the latest progress made in the technical
development of contactless communication technologies
Everyone is talking about such issues as “Industry 4.0” or “smart for folding cartons, particularly in connection with NFC and
factories”. In view of this, the FFI technical committee decided smartphones, and initial applications for the grass paper
to take them as the subject for the 12th Forum too. The focus presented by Papierfabrik Scheufelen in the summer of 2017
was on topics like “Industry 4.0 - what strategic decisions do gave the participants an in-depth insight into these subjects.
companies need to take?”, lean management, “single-minute This was followed by a very impressive demonstration of how
die-changing” and the interaction between human beings and positive opening and unpackaging experiences can improve
machines. The forum was rounded off by a tour of the Festo the consumer’s enjoyment of a product and increase brand
AG & Co. KG technology factory in Scharnhausen, in the course loyalty.
of which the participants were able to see how a medium-
sized family-owned company is implementing “Industry 4.0”.
The 44 participants in the forum were shown, for example
with a best practice example, how it is possible to produce
packaging economically even in the first run while maintaining
lead times of a maximum of three days at the same time. The
basis for this: a sound relationship and thus trust between
all the companies involved at all hierarchical and functional
levels as well as a focus on constructive solution of problems.



GIFASP GIFASP member GPack acquires
Fougères-based Alliora Coffrets
Study Tour in GPack has signed an agreement
Israel (25-28 with Oaktree Capital Management
March 2017) LP to acquire Alliora Coffrets,
GIFASP organized for its members a study tour in Israel from based in Fougères, France. The acquisition is part of GPack
25 to 28 of March 2017. The purpose of that trip was to know Group’s ongoing development strategy centered on expanding
better printing technologies for packaging production visiting throughout Europe.
local companies. In three days GIFASP delegation (more or
less 20 people and 10 company members) visited the most Formerly known as Cartotecnica Goldprint, GPack originally
important Israeli companies specialized in digital printing: HP specialized in the production of luxury packaging for
Indigo, Highcon, Landa e Scodix. cosmetics and fragrance. It has since expanded through the
development of further markets like food and pharmaceutical
packaging as well as in-store displays.

With six factories in Italy and one in Poland, the group projects
total sales of around 70 million euros for 2017, of which
50% stems from the luxury business. With its acquisition
of Alliora Coffrets, GPack plans to turn the activity into its
center of excellence for gift boxes and double its business
in the segment. Through the operation, Alliora’s capital has
increased by 7 million euros. Now integrating 480 employees
and eight factories, GPack has significantly grown its visibility
in France and is aiming to take a market-leading position in
the gift-box segment i

KASAD Cartonboard and Folding Carton Seminar for the employee
of the KASAD Members - 8 March 2017
KASAD Events for the introduction
of the supplier
Except in the summer months, our
members have been coming together in an
organisation we call ‘Introductory Meeting’,
sponsored by different one of our suppliers, if possible every

month. In these meetings, the supplier who is sponsoring Approx. 100 people from 4 different cities have attended the
the meeting gets to introduce their company, products seminar with the main theme ‘Food Packaging’ which has
and sectoral news with our members, and besides that, it been done with the cooperation of all KASAD members.
creates a platform for our members to have business talks, KASAD Member Sekamsan Board Chairman Cemal Erdoğan
discussions and advancements. The meeting concludes with and KASAD Member TOYO Ink General Manager Yakup Benli
a fun dinner held altogether. To get KASAD and the sponsoring addressed the attendees with their opening speeches of
company familiarized in the media by inviting several sectoral the seminar which has been sponsored by KASAD member
publications to the meetings. In 2017 introductory meetings Sekamsan.
took place.
It was an all-day seminar with speeches by -in order- KASAD
Secretary General Erol Gül, KASAD member TOYO INK’s Dr.
Remy Borms, Rukiye Kiter, Koray Yıldırım and KASAD Member
Heidelberg’s Tolgahan Toskaya and Özkan Hangisi informing
the attendees about cartonboard, other input materials for
folding carton industry, food packaging and food packaging


PPC Caps 2017 with Growing
Membership and More Data

At the close of 2017, the Paperboard PPC members gather during Spring Meeting in Charlotte, N.C
Packaging Council (PPC) reported
increased membership, more data ‘PPC’s 2017 programming helped member companies to make
programming and several successful a difference in the industry and their communities,’ said Ben
events during the past year. Markens, PPC president. ‘We also worked hard to bring those
members together to network and solve problems collectively.’
The North American association for the converters of
paperboard packaging and their suppliers, PPC welcomed PPC’s membership came together during two conferences
17 new member companies during 2017. The new converters in 2017. Spring Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina featured
included Abox Packaging, ACG-EcoPack, Autajon Packaging, networking, committee meetings and speaker topics ranging
Challenge Printing, El Paso Paperbox, FC Meyer Packaging, from change management to sustainability and digital
Friesens Packaging, Ibratec Artes Graficas and Nosco Inc. New marketing. At Fall Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, members
suppliers included Esko, Eukalin, INX International Ink, Sappi learned about leadership, cyber security and accountability.
North America and Scodix Ltd. Fall Meeting attendees also celebrated the winners of the
annual Carton Competition.
PPC also introduced a new membership category for rigid
box suppliers in 2017. Emmeci USA, LD Davis Industries and
Newman & Co. joined under this new category.

In addition to increasing membership, PPC expanded its In 2017, industry newcomers gathered to learn the basics of
data program—a benchmarking tool that allows members boxmaking during two sessions of Folding Carton Bootcamp.
to measure their own performance against current industry At a Financial Executives and Human Resources forum in
standards. The 2017 portfolio of data reports saw expanded Cleveland, Ohio, members received crucial updates around
versions of the Performance Report for Management and the healthcare and labor law. They also toured the facilities of
Rigid Box Operational Metrics Survey as well as a brand-new PPC members BOXit Corp. and Tap Packaging Solutions.
Fringe Benefits Survey.
Throughout the year, PPC opened dialogue with members
Other PPC programs supported members and the industry digitally via e-newsletter, legislative updates and alerts. The
over the past 12 months. 129 outstanding folding cartons and association penned a number of blogs, engaging members
rigid boxes vied for top awards and industry recognition at with titles such as ‘4 Surprising Ways to Boost Design Creativity,’
PPC’s 2017 Carton Competition. By participating in TICCIT, PPC’s ‘Trending Now in Paperboard Packaging Design,’ and ‘Banish
educational outreach program, member companies donated Horrible Meetings for Good.’
nearly 16,000 tree saplings to elementary students across the
country. Furthermore, as part of PPC’s University Outreach ‘I am proud of our 2017 accomplishments,’ said Markens. ‘In all
Program, the association donated 300 Ideas & Innovation we do, we strive to bring value to our members and raise the
folding carton design handbooks to university students. status of the paperboard packaging industry—and I’m looking
forward to continuing that work into the next year.’

KASAD (continued) by Secretary General of KASAD Erol GÜL about cartonboard
and folding carton. In the second part, KASAD member and
University Seminars Pro Carton ECMA European Carton Excellence Award 2017
On 6 November 2017 KASAD held a seminar for students of the winner of healthcare and pharmaceutical category and public
Istanbul Technical University- ITU Department of Industrial voting Lithosan’s Elif CİNAY and Aylin TOPAL did a presentation
Product Design. On 14 December 2017 KASAD also held a about the production of folding carton and the process of the
seminar for the students of the Medipol University Istanbul competition and the awards. In the last part, Pro Carton Young
- Department of Industrial Design and visual communication. Designer Award 2017 winner Semih Arslan did a speech about
the preparation he did for the competition and explained
The opening speech by chief of faculty Associate Professor Dr. the processes about participating in the competition and the
Şebnem TİMUR ÖĞÜT was informative about the competitions award ceremony in Salzburg.
held. In the first part of the seminar, a presentation was done



Country Company Website Type
Argentina Interpack S.A. Converter
National Association
Austria Cardbox Packaging Wolfsberg GmbH Supplier
Austria Fachverband PROPAK Converter
Austria Klabin Austria GmbH National Association
Austria Mayr-Melnhof Karton Gesellschaft m.b.H. Converter
Austria Mayr-Melnhof Packaging International GmbH Converter
Austria Rattpack GmbH Converter
Belgium ECMABEL Converter
Belgium Esko Supplier
Belgium Graphic Packaging International Supplier
National Association
Belgium Impritex SA Supplier
Belgium Van Genechten Packaging N.V. Converter
Belgium Xeikon Converter
Bulgary Yuri Gagarin Plc Supplier
Croatia Istragrafika d.d. Supplier
National Association
Denmark Schur Pack Denmark a/s Converter
Finland Kotkamills Oy Supplier
Finland Metsä Board Corporation Converter
Finland Pankaboard Oy Supplier
Finland Premium Board Finland Oy Supplier
France FFC - Fédération Française du Cartonnage Overseas
France Komori-Chambon SAS Overseas
France LGR Packaging Converter
France Posson Packaging Supplier
France Xerox Europe Converter
Germany August Faller GmbH & Co. KG National Association

Germany Baumer hhs GmbH

Germany BW Papersystems Hamburg GmbH

Germany Edelmann GmbH

Germany Felix Böttcher GmbH & Co. KG

Germany FFI - Fachverband Faltschachtel-Industrie e.V.

Germany Gundlach Verpackung GmbH

Germany Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

Germany Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG

Germany KBA-Sheetfed Solutions AG & Co. KG

Germany Kroha GmbH

Germany Leonhard Kurz Stiftung & Co. KG

Germany Masterwork Machinery GmbH

Germany Moritz J. Weig GmbH & Co. KG

Germany Papierfabrik Scheufelen GmbH & Co. KG

Hungary RR Donnelley Magyarország Nyomtató És Kereskedelmi Kft

India iTek Packz

India Parksons Packaging Ltd.

India TCPL Packaging Limited

Ireland Huhtamaki Foodservice Delta

Ireland Saica Pack Dublin

Israel Frenkel C.D.

Israel Highcon Systems Ltd.

Israel Scodix Ltd.

Italy Arti Grafiche Antonelli S.r.l.

Italy Artigrafiche Reggiane & Lai S.p.A.



(continued) ECMA DIRECT MEMBERS 2018

Country Company Website Type Converter
Italy Nuceria Adesivi Converter Supplier
Italy Palladio Group S.p.a. Converter Overseas
Italy RDM Group National Association Converter
Italy Seda International Packaging Group S.P.A. Supplier National Association
Japan Furubayashi Shiko Co. Ltd. Converter National Association
Poland ECMA Polska Supplier Supplier
Portugal Graphicsleader Packaging Artes Graficas S.A. Supplier Converter
Portugal Sistrade Software Consulting S.A. Supplier Converter
Romania Romanian Packaging Association Supplier Supplier
Slovenia EGP Embalazno Graficno Podjetje d.d. National Association Converter
Spain Aspack Supplier Supplier
Spain Barcelona Cartonboard, S.A.U. Converter National Association
Spain Hewlett Packard National Association Converter
Spain Valco Melton Supplier Supplier
Sweden A&R Carton Lund AB Converter Supplier
Sweden BillerudKorsnäs Gävle Converter Supplier
Sweden Eson Pac AB Converter Converter
Sweden Fiskeby Board AB Converter National Association
Sweden Stora Enso AB Converter Converter
Sweden Svenska Kartongförpackningsföreningen Supplier Supplier
Switzerland Amcor Group GmbH National Association Converter
Switzerland Bobst Mex SA National Association Supplier
Switzerland Gietz AG Converter Supplier
Switzerland K+D AG Converter Converter
Switzerland Swisscarton Converter Converter
Switzerland Vereinigung Kartonverpackung Schweiz Supplier Overseas
The Netherlands Acket drukkerij kartonnage bv

The Netherlands API Netherlands B.V.

The Netherlands Brausse Europe

The Netherlands De Budelse BV

The Netherlands Iggesund Paperboard AB

The Netherlands Intergrafipak B.V.

The Netherlands ITW Foils bv

The Netherlands Schut Packaging bv

The Netherlands Smurfit Kappa Zedek

The Netherlands Van Eerd bv

The Netherlands Vouwkarton Platform Nederland

Turkey Cömertler Matbaacilik TIC. A.S.

Turkey Duran Dogan Printing and Packaging Inc.

Turkey Duran Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.

Turkey Kartonsan A .S.

Turkey KASAD - Karton Ambalaj Sanayicileri Dernegi

United Kingdom ASG-Worldwide

United Kingdom BPIF Cartons

United Kingdom Electronics for Imaging (United Kingdom) Ltd

United Kingdom Firstan Ltd

United Kingdom Moorgate Capital

United Kingdom Multi Packaging Solutions - Bradford

United Kingdom Qualvis Print & Packaging

United Kingdom The Alexir Partnership

United Kingdom The Castle Colour Press Ltd.

United Kingdom W.H. Leary Ltd

USA Color-Box (Georgia-Pacific)




ECMA Executive Committee Representing

President Jean-François Roche

Vice-President Alican Duran

Treasurer Tim Whitfield

Managerial Member Jack Pieterson

Managerial Member Andreas Helbig

Managerial Member Christian Schiffers

Advisory Member Harald Schulz Volunteer Leadership from National Association:

FFI - Fachverband Faltschachtel-Industrie e.V.

Advisory Member Jason Short Volunteer Leadership from National Association: BPIF Cartons
Advisory Member Andreas
Blaschke European Converter Community on behalf of Mayr-Melnhof

Packaging International GmbH

Advisory Member Alain Demoulin European Converter Community on behalf of Van Genechten Packaging N.V.
Managing Director Hans
Technical Advisor Jan van Schaik



ECMA Marketing & ECMA Technical Committee ECMA Tobacco Forum
Communications Committee A&R Carton GmbH A&R Carton GmbH
A&R Carton GmbH Aspack Amcor Group GmbH
Graphic Packaging International Edelmann GmbH Gundlach Verpackung GmbH
LGR Packaging FFI - Fachverband Faltschachtel-Industrie e.V. Mayr-Melnhof Packaging International GmbH
Mayr-Melnhof Packaging International GmbH Graphic Packaging International
Multi Packaging Solutions Mayr-Melnhof Packaging International GmbH ECMA Supplier Forum
Palladio Group S.p.a. Multi Packaging Solutions Bobst Mex SA
Pro Carton Seda International Packaging Group S.P.A. EFI Radius
Schur Pack Denmark a/s Van Genechten Packaging N.V. Esko
Seda International Packaging Group S.P.A. WestRock Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG
Van Genechten Packaging N.V. Hewlett Packard
2 representatives from the Supplier Forum ECMA Pharma Forum Iggesund Paperboard AB
August Faller GmbH & Co. KG Metsä Board Deutschland GmbH
ECMA Association Cömertler Matbaacilik TIC. A.S. Moritz J. Weig GmbH & Co. KG
Development Committee Eberle Druck GmbH Stora Enso AB
Aspack, Spain Edelmann GmbH
BPIF Cartons, United Kingdom Eson Pac AB ECMA Young Leaders Forum
ECMABEL, Belgium Firstan Ltd Acket drukkerij kartonnage bv
ECMA Polska, Poland Intergrafipak B.V. Firstan Ltd
Fachverband PROPAK, Austria K+D AG Impritex SA
FFC - Fédération Française du Cartonnage, France Kroha GmbH Intergrafipak B.V.
FFI - Fachverband Faltschachtel-Industrie e.V., LGR Packaging K+D AG
Germany Multi Packaging Solutions Sada Packaging S.r.l.
GIFASP, Italy Palladio Group S.p.a. TCPL Packaging Limited
KASAD - Karton Ambalaj Sanayicileri Dernegi, Van Eerd bv TEM Ofset
Turkey Van Genechten Packaging N.V.
Romanian Packaging Association, Romania ECMA SME Forum Van Grasdorff NV
Svenska Kartongförpackningsföreningen, Sweden Acket drukkerij kartonnage bv Vermijs Kartonnage bv
Swisscarton, Switzerland EGP Embalazno Graficno Podjetje d.d.
Vereinigung Kartonverpackung Schweiz, Eson Pac AB In case you want to join any of the ECMA
Switzerland Frenkel C.D. Committees or Forums please contact the
Vouwkarton Platform Nederland, The Netherlands Istragrafika d.d. ECMA secretariat to discuss the possibilities.
Posson Packaging
Qualvis Print & Packaging 35
The Alexir Partnership
The Castle Colour Press Ltd.


Published by the
European Carton Makers Association
C/o LEJEUNE Association Management

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The Netherlands

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