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Published by New London Local First, 2018-08-22 10:33:18

New London Local First Directory 2018

Creating a vibrant local economy!


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Working to Build a Resilient Community

It is with enormous pleasure that I designs, social media marketing, and New London Local First has, in
introduce you to our ninth publication video production for TV commercials collaboration with many local
of New London Local First business these firms have the expertise to stakeholders, taken a leadership role in
and community directory. We are work with you to make it happen. New London economic revitalization.
proud to offer this guide as a means of Our focus has been in the northeast
unveiling the numerous treasures that Anyone who has visited the 165 State section or Hodges Square Village. It’s a
exist both historically and culturally Street Harris Building will find an array unique revitalization approach that puts
in New London, Connecticut. of incubated and full-fledged firms. community in charge of the plan through
Legal, engineering, finance, health, a grassroots organization: Hodges
Whether you live here year round, technology and even an incredible MS17 Square Village Association (HSVA).
part-time, or are a visitor from near Art Project and more are all housed in Significant work has been undertaken
or far, this directory will prove to be this glorious historical building. This is with partners such as Connecticut
invaluable throughout 2018. one of a number of growing complexes College, The US Coast Guard Academy
that offers affordable space for the and Lyman Allyn Museum, all major
Our conscious efforts to see our local entrepreneur and professional. stakeholders in the community. To
business community as an integral part learn more we invite you to visit HSVA’s
of what makes the fabric of New London There is so much history on display at website at
possible is what creates a huge impact incredible museums like the Lyman Allyn
on the well-being of those who live here, Art Museum with its exhibitions on scale This directory has been a mainstay for
and call this area home. We treasure our with some of the finest art museums in introducing people to New London
ecological environs as much as we do the region. Housed in a handsome Neo- for the past six years. We’re excited
the rich history as an early settlement. Classical building designed by Charles A. by the new layout as the directory
Platt, the permanent collection includes continues to be shaped through a mix
Last year’s NLLF Business Directory over 17,000 objects from ancient times to of community input and the wonderful
spotlighted New London’s Custom the present: artworks from Africa, Asia, the design team that makes such great
House/Maritime Society and the Americas, and Europe, with particularly contributions to the final product.
maritime heritage in the region. This strong collections of American paintings,
issue of NLLF’s Business Directory takes decorative arts, and Victorian toys and We are once again pleased that you have
a different look at a growing business doll houses. The new David Smalley picked up this directory and we welcome
trend in New London: video marketing. Memorial Exhibition of sculpted pieces you to the businesses that make up the
We have a burgeoning group of small on the 11 acres amongst the beautifully diverse community of New London.
emerging digital marketing and video tended gardens is on display this summer. Thank you for helping strengthen
businesses. There are two tucked away the local economy in the process.
in the Harris Building, 165 State St, Ste New London Local First and Thames
513, Astor Place and the other at 165 Valley Sustainable Connections provide Art Costa, President/CEO
State St, Ste 321, Ajar Communications. New London and the City of Groton Thames Valley Sustainable Connections, Inc.
with seasonal farmers’ markets. These
These are local businesses catering are really wonderful community events
to a variety of digital and video filled with locally harvested farm
marketing needs for small businesses. products and musical accompaniment.
Whether its online advertising, website

For More Information
Call 860-439-0016 or email [email protected]

Make a Donation

Send your tax-deductible donation, payable to “New London Local First,” to:
New London Local First c/o NLLF, PO Box 1184, New London, CT 06320

2 www.NewLondonLocalFirst.Org

About New London Local First Table of Contents

Our Mission How to Get Involved Letter from the President...................2

New London Local First is a Join About NLLF.............................................3
network of locally-owned, To join as a Sponsor, Member or Field of Greens Farmers’ Market.....4
independent businesses in New Friend, visit the Membership page Arts, Books, Gifts & Flowers...............5
London that are working to build at Banking & Insurance...........................6
a strong local economy and a See page 26 for membership Building & Architects...........................7
vibrant community. We do this by: details. Clothing & Accessories.......................8
Sports & Entertainment.......................9
• Organizing the New London Donate Hair & Beauty....................................... 10
Local First campaign, which New London Local First is Health & Wellness.............................. 11
informs and educates an affiliate of Thames Valley Friends & Partners............................. 12
consumers, businesses, and Sustainable Connections a 501(c)3 Media, Marketing, Printing
government agencies to the organization. & Graphic Design......................... 13
benefits of purchasing from Map of New London...................14-15
locally-owned, independent Volunteer Professional Services..................16-17
businesses. We rely on volunteers for much of Non-Profit.............................................. 18
the work we do. Opportunities are Astor Place............................................ 19
• Bringing together New available to help in the office, assist Restaurants, Cafés & Grocers..20-24
London’s locally-owned, with an event, or get involved in a Wholesale, Retail & Residential.... 25
independent businesses for specific program. Membership Information................ 26
mutual benefit, networking and
collaborative opportunities. Intern
We have internship opportunities
• Supporting ordinances and available for students looking
regulations that promote for an in-depth, educational
locally owned, independent experience with New London
businesses. Local First. Interns must either
receive academic credit for their
work or provide a letter from an
academic supervisor stating that
their work constitutes valuable life


We work with many organizations

to accomplish shared goals. We

recognize that we are but one

part of the puzzle, and we value Photo Credits:
Cover Photo: USSCole Moored in New London.
powerful partnerships. Photo courtesy of Jeremy Lyda of
Pg 2 &3, City of New London, by Roberta M. Helming
Pg 5, Sailfest New London, Facebook.
Pg 6-7, 10-11 By Pi.1415926535 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://] from Wikimedia
Pg 11-13, 16-18, 20-27, by Alex Florez of

New London Local First • Business Directory 3

Field of Greens Farmers’ Markets

Tuesdays 3pm - 6pm
same love for great produce.
at Washington Park, City of Groton
buy local. eat local.
Wednesdays 3pm to 6pm
New London & Groton
at L&M on Montauk, New London
Welcome to Field of Greens Farmers’
Markets -The mission of the Field Fridays 3pm - 6pm
of Greens Farmers’ Markets is to
provide venues in neighborhoods for at Williams Park, New London
local farmers and artisans to sell their
produce and products directly to the (near Dunkin’ Donuts)
diverse and integrated communities
in southeastern Connecticut. Our
aim is to make accessible affordable
and healthy locally grown and
produced foods to New London and
now the City of Groton.

4 www.NewLondonLocalFirst.Org

don Summer Lighthouse Weekends N

days & Sundays, July through October, 2015 Arts, Books, Gifts, & Flowers

INELS ON THE SOUNDFisherFlorist TDP Art Studio
Mystic Whaler

87 Broad Street charters, day sails, sailing explore the world of
JNoeiwnLuonsdwonh, CeTn NevwacaLtoionnsdon

hf8is6oh0es-4rtf4lso2r-i91st4c85o6rpw.ceomeke3N5newWdLasotenrodSoftrne,eCtT in a fun party setting
259 State Street

LFilagvhouthrsoofuLsifee boa8m6ty0s-tt4ico4w7uh-1ar2lse4r, New London, CT C
ef8a6xirBhtraaindbkeiSpttriroeodenut csts, & NspeweLcoiandlon 860-326-7246

eN86ve0we-4nL4o4tn-sd9.4o2nJ8,oCiTn in -A12int3t’siBqaCuneokCSatersentetter The Telegraph
music store specializing

GflauvoaurrsdoflSifeu.cmommer!New London, CT in vinyl records & local
Hygienic Art 860-444-7598 music
19 Golden Street
root. revitalization. Northern Light Gems New London, CT
revolution. 860-701-0506
a full service jeweler
H79oBuarnlyk Sbtroeaett tours o60f SNtaLtehSatrrebeot r
t&N8hr6yieapg0wi-rse4Len4toai3ocn-.d8olCi0orggo0nh1,aCtshTtoGuuseas8Nnr;d6legs0wesp-m4iLet4osec3.ncsi-d7oa,7omlL6neb6, dCoTgaet Thames River

LKiigehnttz, yFiJsehweerlserasnd SPpluirimt GIaslllaernydTsa.ttoo flowers, coffee, baked
S8e6gOwceaayn Atoveunruse, too!art gallery & tattoo studio goods, wines
Wfk8Nai6emeh0wna-it4lzLyt4yo’-s3jfen-rnwd7ie7eoen9nwled1,rClsay.TcteotxmhheibCiN28tui06eo70swn-tB4oL‘a4Komn3indk-d0sHS4oAt8nore4h,ueCostTye’?! 70 State Street,
OMvaerqrnueigehGtaBlle&ryB New London, CT

F7u4lSltawteeSetkreeent ds of aSctutidviioti3e3sA, rt &
f8No6eo0wd-4L2&o8n-d4f9ou0nn3, .CT Frame Gallery
frame & picture gallery

New London, CT
ear-round—telling the stories of New London’s waterfront.860-442-6355

Bank Street, New London, CT 06320 860-447-8700

omplete schedule at

Pequot Light, New London, Connecticut. photo: Dana Jensen /The Day

New London Local First • Business Directory 5

Banking & Insurance

Chelsea Groton Bank You Like Us, You Really Like Us!
1 Montauk Avenue
New London, CT

Clear Path Financial Bank
Solutions LLC
774 Broad Street 2018
Waterford, CT

Dime Bank
351 North Frontage Road
New London, CT

Dime Bank

668 Bank Street

8dG7NW61ieema10witec-eB4-Lrobr3foooa7narn-ddd4k,3o.SCc6ntoTr6,emCeTt Ext.Aso))cdu4e4Vvs4i4Lss.2io2cer-R.-a#,[email protected]:0aFCFECTan:nia(aAiemsn(chl8ru8:xliaIla:6aFFCTCEran:6cnerali(0aAiemsrn(0chlA8rnsu8o:)xlia)Ilac:d6aran:6cu4neeal4Vv(0isr(0cs4lA8rni4sLu8o:s)i5s)v.lac2d6iort26ccue4ee,al4Vvr0-R.r0-as4A#,n9i4sLo2s)s)[email protected]#,[email protected]#,[email protected]8l1r5vaMtle,csS61ephiiexceCfaeu10atafeertrl1Fior5vats,nSp1PphioRceCau0®alfFeiretFniia5v,ts,npnPchiCRcCraLi®feeaLeiFnifss,senpUlPecsnCIRranni®o,esaLentuCs,lpUlaPurecsCahrtnito,nieaLFivctCsloeUlaeCueshCntn®to,ioRFivst,Cmloae.aCuCcphnt®taioRFivsn,om®ye.CP,Ccn®NCoRse,®Cm.wPCecCYoRlno®CemrPk,CaNl,®eCYrS1Ppa0lo1era6S6Plac.tuoShraeStCcPlutiuorFrohiatitelinstiunFaiohnstadieni,niFnnovasLLeaicns,ntLnmisLeaaCcn,stLlnaiLdaCcvUilsLliorayCelsno,
860-446-2886 77477B47ro7Ba4rdoBaSrdotraSedetrtSe, eWtrte,aeWtte,arWftoerardftoe, rrCdfoT, rCd0T,6C30T86530865385sMeer vtriocpesoliot af fneasMereertvrMiocoasMrepeefrftesoeriLctvlLirioMteifocaefaossfepeneefrecftsoeorriLLocvlefiioMmiteifdMfcaefesfeepnbeectsIoairytLnLoLefniosmifMidMfidfefueefefpersbeec.aIat.rytnoLnLenMsmiMcidiffueeeeeepersbt.aSaCtL.yLnnieMofiMcifecemeeeuesPtpSrCtL.biLratieMeofiinefecmmeesyuPti,,pSreLiIrINatrienefineeecCcmsywu.lPyi,,ir(eeniFrINYtrnneiIeoeCcNtmsrw.GlRki,i(ee,rFIAYrnonNI/oCcuNtSYr.psGlRkIi(Pe1,riFAsonC0NMI/uNt1tS)Yhp,G6RIePa61riAso.C0dur/ueS1itS)shp,g6eIterPai6csiisb.uCdtreureSit)shirt,gteietieeoraeircdsinbsudtrieureicnasirtgthvnietioreieaddsianbssntiieutncnnamtrtehvvnieoeleeaddnnnssniittLatncnnmmmaehvvndeeleeaenvnnssniftttatnsommmaaeerddeerlte.vnvhnniBiiftteasscoomaaoerftddrrhtey.vvhBiifessoooeretrrhty.heBeoth C

ar e Met Lif e ocffices ani es. Met L

of f ic es of Met Lif e.

I support local because ... Dime Bank in New London:
Shaw’s Cove
Dime Bank Supports New London ShopRite
Local First because it’s the right thing
to do – together we can all benefit from 860.859.4300 |
working together and building a strong
New London economy and vibrant
community for all!

- Dime Bank

6 www.NewLondonLocalFirst.Org

T.J. Nelson -Home Improvement

N E W L O N D O N43-B Willetts Ave., New London, CT
Real Estate, Building, & Architects


AwwBwe.tajnuetlsifounhloCmoems.copmany Riverside Engineering, LLC

15 Shaw Street 165 State Street, Suite 415

NYeawnkLeoenRdeomn,oCdeTler New London, CT Engineering and Consult
for the Crane, Rigging, an
8h6o0m-e4i3m7p-r3o6ve6m8ent & more 860-303-8750 Lifting Equipment Indus

a9b5eTaruumtifaunlSctore.ceot,mNew London,

n A8n60d-y44D3e-6r6r46 T.J. Nelson
Rwewswt.yoarnakteieorenmCodaerlepr.econmtry Home Improvement

16 Cliff Street 43-B Willetts Ave.
New London, CT
860-961-3839 New London, CT

City Flats 860-444-6771
t 28-30 Reed St.
New London, CT Creating a vibrantYankeeRemodeler
home improvement & more
E2 Engineers
488 Montauk Avenue 95 Truman Street
New London, CT
local economy!NewLondon,CT
or 860-437-3259 Riverside Engineering, llc

Paul Sweeney, PE

860-443-6646 Engineering and Consulting Services for the Crane, Rigging, and
Lifting Equipment Industries Old world craftsmanship . . . timeless beauty. 860-303-8750 Harris Place Suite 415
dge [email protected] 165 State Street
New London, CT 06320


General Contractors
Custom Building & Remodeling
~ Complete Design-Build Services ~
Residential New Construction or Renovations Commercial

“Small Business of the Year 2014” ~ Chamber of Commerce Eastern Connecticut

15 Shaw Street, New London, CT 06320 | 860-437-3668 |

Come see us at Eastern Connecticut's Premier Home Show! April 12-13 ~ Mystic Marriot, Groton ~ Booth #307

New London Local First • Business Directory 7

New London Local First • Business Directory 7

Clothing & Accessories

Flavours of Life CCeustom Framing, Fine Art, Artisanal Gifts
fair trade products
86 Bank Street 140 Bank Street
New London, CT New London, CT 06320
860-444-9428 860.442.6355
Hive Skate Shop [email protected]
176 State Street
New London, CT I support local because ...
860-367-2650 Keeping the dollars in the local economy is vital if small business is
to thrive for years to come. Shop local. We are friendly faces here to
Kientzy Jewelers meet your needs. Live here, work here, shop here in New London.
86 Ocean Avenue - Sara Munro, Studio 33 Art & Frame Gallery
New London, CT

New London Antique Center
123 Bank Street
New London, CT

Northern Light Gems
a full service jeweler
60 State Street
New London, CT

Spirit Gallery Tattoo
art gallery & tattoo studio
207 Bank Street
New London, CT

Studio 33 Art & Frame Gallery
frame & picture gallery
140 Bank Street
New London, CT

8 www.NewLondonLocalFirst.Org

eekends NEW LONDONSports & Entertainment


OUND178 Pequot Avenue Creating a vibrant
New London, CT Clotlhoincga&l Aecccoesnsoorimes y!
860-443-6076 860.34245P4S.7rTS3Ao7eT3fEreESvXsTTRis.nEi1Eog•TnW•NaNWEleWWPw.GLiOAcLNRtDDouEOnrANeRd,TCoSFT.OnrRaGwmiitnhg!
eke3N1ne0wdSLtsoatneodSoftnre, eCtT Jewelry Accessories Clothing
boat tours,860-912-6882 Home Decor
& GsparedeciAartls Center 86 Bank Street, New London, CT
n - it’s CoastEastern Connecticut’s home 860.444.9428 • Sun–Mon 12–5 • Tues–Sat 11– 6
for performing arts, live music & film
er!325 State Street
New London, CT
860-444-7373, ext 1 I sNuewppLoonrdtolnoLcoacallbFierscta• Directory 9

urs oGfraNmLmhaa’srbAottric Promotions
nd H1P7ilv6ueSmtSaktIeasStleatreSnehdtosp.
too!New London, CT
he C8u60s-t3o6m7-2H65o0use?
B pa6Rc9ekeWaliangrreSepsn.oSrttrfeiseht ing Charters, LLC
of aNcetwivLiotniedso,n, CT


UMWhaling City Promotions
0ont.3yo6u7tBhasnpkorSttsreperot grams

New London, CT

rg 860-444-2845

Hair & Beauty

Angles Hair Salon Dodjivi/Jireh Braids
351 Broad Street 86 Broad Street
New London, CT New London, CT
860-447-8953 860-514-5941
[email protected]
Castillo’s Hair Salon
210 Montauk Avenue Nancy’s Salon
New London, CT 14 Meridian Street
860-447-0114 New London, CT
CST for Children
& Adults
CranioSacral Therapy Otto’s Barber on Bank
154 Hempstead St. 66 Bank Street
1st Floor New London, CT
860-501-3109 860-444-8113

Jane’s Spa Waterhouse Salon
Massage Therapy 136 Bank Street
671 Broad Street New London, CT
New London, CT 860-442-9543


[email protected]
thebighouse&[email protected]

& on Airbnb

10 www.NewLondonLocalFirst.Org

kends NEW LONDONHealth & Wellness

UNDBeechwood Creating a vibrant
Post Acute & Transitional Care; Long local economy!
Term Care
31 Vauxhall Street 442 Coleman Street
New London, CT 06320
w LondonNew London, CT 860-442-1283
Making cars shine since 1961!
tours,Blissworks Yoga & Healing Arts
at New London Local First • Business Directory 11
228 State Street
spe8N6ec0wi-a4L4ol8n-d96o4n2, CT

- it’
CareCo Shoreline Inc.

396 Willetts Ave

Waterford, CT


of NCLSThfaorrbCohrildren & Adults
s; spCeracniiaoSl abcoraal Ttherapy

rd s1i5t4esH,eLmepdsgteead St., 1st Floor
! Lawrence & Memorial Hospital
Cust3o6m5 MHonotuasuek?Avenue

actiNveitwieLso, ndon Healing Arts Center

165 State Street, Suite 415

New London, CT


Simply Pharmacy

92 Boston Post Road

Waterford, CT


NEWFriends & Partners retail printing & copying
147 State Street
New London, CT


These are Connecticut residents who support
our objectives but do not qualify for a business

Kathleen & Rick Barrett

City Center District

Ed Cramer

Greater Mystic Chamber of 860-443-9744

Hodges Square Village Association

Creating a vibrantKenricHanson

local economy!NewLondonLandmarks
New London Main Street

New London Union Station

Bike New London

Dot Nielson

Jerry Sinnamon

Julius Pereira

OceanView Associates, LLC

Ronna Stuller

Mitchell College

Connecticut College

Lyman Allyn Museum

Riverside Park Conservancy


Media, Marketing, Printing, & Graphic Design

Ajar Communications Love & Pop Design + best of
video & digital marketing Communications logo
165 State Street, Suite 421 graphic design, illustration
New London, CT & social media management Commercial printing
860-649-8297 860-333-4337 2018
Minuteman Press Thank you!
Astor Place retail printing, copying &
video & digital marketing graphic design We would like to thank all the healthcare
165 State Street 147 State Street providers, laborers, manufacturers, retailers,
New London, CT New London, CT restaurateurs, and everyone in between for voting
860-574-9009 860-701-9171 us as Southeastern CT and Rhode Island’s Best Commercial Printer!

Blu-Prints Sign-A-Rama We are locally owned and operated, invested
Unlimited, Inc. New London in our community, and a proud union shop. See
retail printing & copying signs, printing & more the difference when you work with people who
20 Howard Street 365 Broad Street are as passionate about your printing as you
New London, CT New London, CT are. Talk to our friendly staff about our many
860-444-6564 860-443-9744 services for your next project:
Expert Design Team & Friendly Customer Service
Copy Cats The Day Publishing Co. Brochures & Forms • Postcards & Mailers
retail printing, copying 47 Eugene O’Neill Drive
& graphic design New London, CT Promotional Products • Letterhead & Envelopes
458 Williams Street 860-442-2200 Business Cards & More!
New London, CT
860-442-8424 Conveniently located on 147 State Street in the PWOP Productions Find us on Facebook Badge RGB / .eps
professional media heart of downtown New London.
Little Print production services
Communications 302 State Street, Suite 513
printing, marketing, New London, CT
graphic design 860-447-8832
P.O. Box 217 877-492-6751
New London, CT

860 - 701 - 9171
[email protected] •

Minuteman Press New London


New London Local First • Business Directory 13


New LoNndewonLoLndoocnaLloFciarlsFtir•stB• uBsusinineessssDDirierectcotroyry1515 new london

When John Winthrop, Jr. founded the city in 1646, siting
its location along the river as its most important feature, he
recognized the potential of this great, deep, and protected
river with its immediate access to the Atlantic Ocean.

From the earliest days of ship building and trade with the
West Indies the Thames River has been the economic engine,
driving settlement and development in New London. The
city became Connecticut’s official port of entry in 1702 and
river traffic grew apace. A beacon marking the entrance to
Thames Harbor has been in place since the early 1700s, and
the first lighthouse was built and turned over to the federal
government in 1789. The present lighthouse was built on the
same site in 1801.

Parade Plaza overlooks the Thames River and a walk along
the Waterfront Park (cross the tracks next to Union Station)
offers views of the ferries and occasional submarines. From
the Parade, visitors can easily walk Bank and State Streets
to explore shops, businesses and historic neighborhoods, all
within this historic waterfront district.

Every era of American history is reflected along the streets
and in the neighborhoods of New London. As a major
transportation hub, it attracted emigrants from all over the
world and their contributions enrich the city today.

The fine architecture on State Street is a visual demonstration
of the wealth created during the economic booms created by
whaling and new industry in the 19th and early 20th century.
Nationally known architects built splendid churches. Henry
Hobson Richardson’s influence began with Union Station
and extends to the Public Library; other fine buildings were
influenced by his design.

Enhance your time in New London by visiting the city’s
excellent variety of restaurants, art galleries and small shops
offering unique specialties not found in larger shopping
centers. History and the arts in this maritime city provide
unusual opportunities to the visitor.

Professional Services HSQOUDAGREES

Admiral Custom Generators On Demand REVITALIZATION
Embroidery 61-1 Buttonball Road
69 Warren Street Old Lyme, CT The Hodges Square Village Association (HSVA) is in the
New London, CT 888-686-1938 midst of a beautification project including benches,
860-442-7519 bike racks and planters. Join us in our efforts.

Be On Purpose Holth & Kollman, LLC A great place to invest!

resilience coach 58 Huntington Street ATTRACTIONS
Coast Guard Academy
& consultant New London, CT Connecticut College
Lyman Allyn Museum
43 Willetts Avenue, Apt 3 860-447-0331 Winthrop Science/Technology

New London, CT Elementary School
Historic Olde Town Mill
860-437-3922 iNet Network Technology Support Riverside Park
Mix of Businesses
Clear Path Financial 102 Golden Street, The Sculpture Mile


774 Broad Street 860-437-3050

Waterford, CT

860-442-9377 Liberty Hill Home Inspections
E2 Engineers
home inspection &

488 Montauk Avenue real estate services

New London, CT (local): 860-442-5444

860-437-3259 (toll free): 1-866-772-5444

Ed Lorah & Associates LV Computer Solutions
5 Shaws Cove, Suite 203 19 Shaw Street
New London, CT New London, CT
860-442-1999 860-574-9222

The Eyeglass Lass New London

277 State Street Self-Storage

New London, CT 960 Bank Street

860-574-9196 New London, CT 860-442-0008

Firebrand Designs

165 State Street, Suite 321

New London, CT


16 www.NewLondonLocalFirst.Org

Join us when New London

hosts 18 weekends of

OceanView Associates Lighthouse boat tours, Jerry Sinnamon
process & business WClaelalyn’isenWgxhinidboiwtions,
management consulting 308 BroeadvSetrneetts. Join & special Be On Purpose
611 Ocean Avenue, C1 it’s CoastConsulting & Executive Coaching
New London, CT in - For Business & Nonprofits
860-439-0016 Guard Summer!New London, CT
Be On Purpose empowers individuals and organizations
[email protected]
860-625-7414 to acquire the emotional mastery, world views, and Webfactory resilience necessary to achieve their desired outcomes.

Riverside Engineering, Nw70eebwCfaoLclomto&HnardyonoaounSnrltri,enrlCeaeyeTsttbloirogesah.cttohtmoouurssesoj8;[email protected]
165 State Street, Suite 415

New London, CT 860-447tr-8i8p5s1to Coast Guard sites, Ledge
860-303-8750 3WSe6hgBweaeanylkLSintSieoggtugrherCwsetitt,ayFyTisothoueursrrss,atnodo!Plum Islands. New LoWndhona,tC’sTnew at the Custom House?

Thomas and

Linda English w38W57h1i7re-Nee4lol7eirn4tOfFshga-su1cFmv1Zirlteol1yoinlrt7wynotna-uegefirrgeseie.RhcknooteadmdnBly,dB&e5sBxohpifbaaitcicoktniav‘gKiteiidses.sA, hoy’!
New Lofnodoond, C&T fun.
and Associates, LLC
Grant writing and strategic New London Mall
planning for non-profits
52 Vauxhall Street
New London, CT

USWTaOllerM, SmHitOh USE MA86R0-I4T39IM-10E00 MUSEUM
e1n50yB5&aetaa2tPnorE-karrunolSmgeutyerneesnderaet—,t,POlNta.’eCNewlwle.iniLllgoDntrhdiveoens,tCoTrie0s63o2f0New86Lo0n-d4o4n’7s w-8a7te0rf0ront.

ee New London, CT at


Pequot Light, New London, Connecticut. photo: Dana Jensen /The Day

Canning and Food Preservation Programs -Thames Valley Sustainable Connections is
committed, through its farmers markets, to bringing the freshest, locally grown foods to New
London and Groton City. In fact, one of our phrases is, “Bringing the Farm to the City” –
and we love that!  We also want to make sure our customers know what to do with the food
once they have it (dragon tongue beans – hmm????). Of course, the long term objective is to eat it, right? But
there are so many yummy ways to prepare food  to eat now and preserve foods for a later time. That’s where
our preserving and cooking classes come in – simple canning classes (and more) with a focus on getting the
most benefit from “what’s in season” and a limited food budget.

New London Local First • Business Directory 17


WORKING TO Bike New London New London Main
310 HSteamte pSstrteeedt Houses Street
COMMUNITIES NewhLisotonrdicohno,mCeTs/museum volunteer-driven
860-1911H2e-m68p8st2ed Street
Local Economies organization committed to
Local Food Systems faceNboewokL.conodmo/n, CT
Community Capacity Building Bike8N6e0w-L4o4n3d-7o9n49 revitalizing New London’s
Community Resilience Workshops
historic downtown
Rethinking Waste New London, CT
Energy 8N1cht61iesla0wtHon-w288N4erdL066iw4mcaom00w3Stnhp--ah.td7oC44sraakt9mot43oenes4nn94de.o9Sn,-H-s1CStre8/5grmtcaT8er7tlee0ui3ectes0u,tSeNtuScemAhwoRLo.oolrhngnMN8Sdo6eooeuaw0ncwsr-,liei4oetCL4intmT4oyd-/noe2Cnd4Mum8os9unatNSNMosiopnMoaeeemasctruwartiiaoriemreHttnLtiiie’ntmysooitg/mon.uoCelUddsreMug.eoeSssn.ttuCocMsomuensuatt
Transit Systems
2SN88CNAN660coereat00whnStws--h8wNAu1NNpnot446LaCrr6ewaL43oereb5teeoc0eeswntw49aolwwnetshS-nn--.iSnrHLd81n8ctovCttLLeaod58luo8areahnutneooe07ttno4ervelSisdennne30o,ia-nSrAeotCn8lddtoitnRHenn6Troo&,e.mrg2onneCead8eratreTgLHn,,omgSn00tNswlf.ivat-otCB4iearhnLnia4uwettou’ins7ismnootk-oLodu2nelSom5sodstAln0oneyrHe1rcs,dome1wNNN81S8tCiooep51t66wuTaeetn0yeeG0y0slwwwrwv.eoaB--o.aLnL44vtariLtoleogn4n4minrnogok73ndadn-n-oSor2o6dirnttn5Ar4io,W0,em0CnreC1iemt9nTTs,toyh 165 4S9taWteasShtirnegetto,nSSutirteeet415 11 Governor Wwiwntwh.rsoaplvationarm
NewNLeownLdoonndo, Cn,TCT Blvd.
MiOssneioBnailey Circle New London CT 06320 860-886804--8464228-0003 New London, TChTames Valley

TVSC, throughTVpSaCrtAnfefirlisahteisp:s and nlhewawlinwg.naertwslcoenndtoenrl.oanrgdmark8s6.o0rg-443-6409Sustainable Conn
salvationarmyuOsnae.oBrgailey Circle
collaborative projects, will enhance the NewNLeownLdoonndon MorgaainnizSattTiroehneatmes VallN8e6ye0w-L4o3n9d-o0n0, 1C6T
environmental, business, and social Lanvdomlunatrekers-driven
climate in Greater New London through p4uNd9rerebevwWaesw1N8Ncnl4Loeao6weemeos7rw0pwwhvnnmSm-.LiavLdn4ntioietatoeor4gntitonnwneotd4endtodl,on-oSoomnCn2tntnfo&’4TsrSedt,erh8nohtCeereni9tvetsTim,tetoSatarluiiicnzitisdnetogrBweenP8CS1tt66Ou.ooo05wsnrB-gtnS4noat3xeai9ntc1e-a01tiSb08otl14rnee6sethta, mSuesivteall3ey2s1ustainab
the advocacy and promotion of proven 860-442-0003
programs that foster sustainable, socially
equitable, and economically sound

Restaurants, Cafléso, &caGrloceercs onomy!

Blackhall Roasters Captain Scott’s Edible Arrangements
coffee roasters Lobster Dock gift baskets
18 Blackhall Street in the rough seafood 243 State Street
Building #3 80 Hamilton Street New London, CT
New London, CT New London, CT 860-437-3166
860-608-6512 860-439-1741

Breads ‘n’ Cookies Dev's on Bank Fiddleheads Natural
bakery Restaurant & Tapas Bar Food Co-op
455 Williams Street 463 Bank Street fresh organic foods
New London, CT New London, CT 13 Broad Street
860-442-7469 860-442-3387 New London, CT 860-701-9123

20 www.NewLondonLocalFirst.Org

Golden City Restaurant Michael’s Dairy On the

206 Montauk Avenue ice cream shoppe WaterfrontRestaurant & Tavern

New London, CT 629 Montauk Avenue Seafood & Italian Cuisine
with the best waterfront
860-772-2049 New London, CT view in New London

goldencitynewlondon. 860-443-2464 250 Pequot Avenue
New London, CT
com Mr. G’s (860) 444-2800
Gordon’s Yellow Front pizza, Italian food & more
 onthewaterfrontnl
Wines & Liquors 452 Williams Street

package store New London, CT

177 Colman Street 860-447-0400

New London, CT

860-443-5937 Muddy Waters

Hot Rod Cafe 42 Bank Street #1

wings, beer & atmosphere New London, CT
114 Bank Street

New London, CT Neon Chicken
860-447-2320 good food fast 88A Howard Street

Jasmine Thai New London, CT

Restaurant 860-444-6366
authentic Thai cuisine

470 Bank Street New China
New London, CT Chinese take-out
860-442-9991 393 Williams Street New London, CT

Kamp Dog Eatery 860-447-8719

hot dogs & more Swad Tandoori
15 Broad Street offering classic Indian dishes
New London, CT & Tibet’s unique cuisine
860-443-3000 150 State Street New London, CT

Mi Casa Mexican 860-437-3978

Restaurant #2 Ocean Pizza

31 Golden Street pizza & Greek favorites

New London, CT 88 Ocean Avenue

860-574-9183 New London, CT


New London Local First • Business Directory 21

ekends445 Ocean Avenue, New London, CT (860) 437-3978
Mi Casa 2

Restaurants, Cafés, & GrocersSaeed’s International Market
grocery store and cafe with a full menu

UNDOn The4MW6i4ddaOlteceEeraafnsrtAoervnnentduiseh, Nesew London, CT

New LondonItalian &8s6e0a-f4o4o0d-3c8u2is2ine
kends ofN8o6ne0twh-4eL4wo43TGan-4hted2er5e8omrBf0nSarao0,nenCnekRthTeSnsuttlr.anecuedorta,mnNtew London, CT
&oastpetocuiarls,pPaecqkuagoet8w6Cws0twoo-.rs4leeo3en7h-uy3n6Wd0g6einrmea&npSubp.ciroimts Mexican Restaurant

- it’s Coast455 MoSnhtaaunkgAhavieGnuaerden Creating a vibrant
New LoCnhdionens,eCT local economy!

r! 860-442185-68002-B44r4o4a3d-7S9tr7e8et, New London, CT

s of1cCoN3ofWffLefeeaheshah9ASoH3isirunni8oabsggnBueotafoasp&urnnesokicorSaSenttf’rcsereueGeistirniell&&suSshuishi Bar 31 Golden Street • New London, CT

d PRluemc2o2vIsenlreaywnlRodnodsoo.nmlocRalefisrstta.ourgrant I support local because ...
o! pizza, Italian & more

e Cu4s4t5oOmceHanouAvseen?ue We moved here from New York City years ago to raise our
ibitio8Nn6e0w‘K-4Li4do3sn-d2A6oh1no9, yC’T! family. With each passing year it continues to be a better place to be and we are happier with the choice we made.
f acStaiveietdie’ss,International Market
-Mark Perreira from Jasmine Thai Restaurant

grocery store and cafe with a full

menu of Middle Eastern dishes

M 464 Ocean Avenue
New London, CT

nt. 860-440-3822

Shanghai Garden 452 Williams Street, New London 06320
g Chinese
150 Broad Street
New London, CT

22 www.NewLondonLocalFirst.Org

OFTFHIECIAL• COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL SERVICES Old world craftsmanship . . . timeless beau




95 Truman Street
New London, CT 06320

(860) 443-6646 General Contractors
Custom Building & Remodeling
CT HIC. 0525759 MCO 0901509 RI REG #6797 ~ Complete Design-Build Services ~
Residential New Construction or Renovations Commercial
“Small Business of the Year 2014” ~ Chamber of Commerce Eastern Connecticut

JasmTihanie15ShawStreet,NewLondon,CT06320 | 860-437-3668 |
Come see us at Eastern Connecticut's Premier Home Show! April 12-13 ~ Mystic Marriot, Groton ~ Booth #3
Take-ONuetw•LDonedliovneLryoc•aCl Faitrestri•nBgusiness Directory
& Sushi Bar

Thames River Wine & Spirits 470 Bank Street
New London, CT
70 State Street New London
860-443-6817 860-442-9991
Order Online

M-TH LUNCH 11:30-3, DINNER 4:30-10
FRIDAY LUNCH 11:30-3, DINNER 4:30-10:30

New London Local First • Business Directory 23

Ed Cramer New London Union Station Mitchell College
Connecticut College,
Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce Bike New London N
Lyman Allyn Museum
Hodges Square Village Association Riverside Park Conservancy

Restaurants, Cafés, & GrocersKenric Hanson
Dot Nielson
Julius Pereira,
ondon Summer Lighthouse WeekendsKiwanis
OceanView Associates, LLC

turdSawyeset&ie’Ss uBankdearyys&, CJuaflséy throWuignhgsO‘nc’tPoiebser, 2015
Why Shop Local?made-from-scratchclassiccomfort 131 State Street
New London, CT
foods“likegrandmausedtomake” New London, CT

860-442-4700 Because more of your money
ThJeoYinolkus when New Lownildl ostnay in our economy!
860-437-0130 8N2eh5woMLsoonnttdsaou1nk,8ACvTewnueeekIef ynodu sspeondf$1 at a

Tony D’s Restaurant

Italian cuisine b86rLo0ki-4egn3hy7o-0tlk8hc9ao8feu.nseet bol$ao0cta.6ll8ty-owoiuwllnsretsady,biunsNineesws,
92 Huntington Street YoeuxThakibe tihtieoCnakse, & Lsopndeoncainadlcirculate in
New London, CT 3N9eewSvhLeaownndStotsrne.,eCtJToin in -thietl’oscaCl eocoansomt y.

Thames River Greenery 86G9-u70a1r-0d07S4ummer!However, if you spend
flowers, coffee, baked goods $1 in a chain store,
70 State Street
New London, CT $0.57 will leave the
860-443-6817 area and be sent to
Hourly boat tours coofrpNorLatehhaerabdqourarters,
Pezzello Brothers
Fruit & Produce & area lighthousems;ulstipnaetcioinaall bbaonkastor
148 Jefferson Avenue aGnudabsrPuedplupussleimeidtrset.oIssp,laaLyennddatgsioe.nal
New London, CT trips to Coast Go
860-442-0376 Light, Fishers local!
Segway tours, tooB!ig box stores leave less

What’s new at the Cfour ysotoumandHmoeu. se?

family-friendly exhibition ‘Kids Ahoy’!

Overnight B&B packages.

Full weekends of activities,

food & fun.


en year-ro1L1uuannmcdhto—3tpemlling the stories of New London’s waterfront.


860-447-8700150 Bank SFMrtoirdnea-yeTt&h,uSNras:etu4wr:d3a0Lyot:o4n:9d3p0omtno,9C:3T0p0m6320
Sundays: Closed

nlmaritimesociety.orgee compTleaktee-oust acndhceatedriunglaevaialabt8le60-439-1809
Pequot Ligh1t5, N0 eSwtaLteonSdtroene,tC, oNnenwecLticountd. opnh,oCtoo: nDnaencatJiceuntsen /The Day

24 www.NewLondonLocalFirst.Org

Wholesale, Retail & Residential

America’s Best Value Inn Pezzello Brothers Spindrift Guitars
380 Bayonet Street Fruit & Produce 300 State Street
New London, CT 148 Jefferson Avenue New London, CT
860-443-3440 New London, CT 860-442-2112 860-442-0376
Apache Oil Company, Inc. T.J. Motors
261 Ledyard Street Rapid Car Wash 308 Broad Street
New London, CT 442 Colman Street New London, CT
860-437-6200 New London, CT 860-443-6301
Barry’s Cleaners
565 Colman Street The Big House
New London, CT Shalett’s Dry Cleaners 17 Granite Street
860-447-1445 2 Montauk Avenue New London, CT
New London, CT 860-439-0464
Crocker House Apartments 860-442-5316
35 Union Street
New London, CT
860-444-6464 ORDER ONLINE AT
Girard Toyota
543 Colman Street check our website for deals and coupons!
New London, CT
Homeward Bound Treasures
thrift store 860 442 4700 - 860 442 4701
350 Golden Street
New London, CT

New London Harbour Towers
Remax Realtors
461 Bank Street
New London, CT


131 State St, New London , CT 06320

New London Local First • Business Directory 25

How to Join New London Local FirstHourly boat tours of NL harbor

& area lighthouses; special boat

trips to Coast Guard sites, Ledge

You can [email protected] wnleobcsailLtfeirisgatt.howrtgw,.wSF.onimsehweoleonrnesdwoanillnlofodclalolPfwirlsuut.pomrwgiotIhsr clyaaolunl 8tdo60sm-.4a3ke9-s0u0r1e6y.oTuhheaev-me aalill of your
questions answered as well as toSperogcwesas yyoutromuermsb, etroshoip!.

TMoeqmubaelifryshaispaQbuuasliinfiecsastmioenms berWf,ayomhuaimlytu’-ssftrnimeeenwedtltayhteeftxohhlleoibwCiitnuiogsnrteoq‘KmuiidresHmAeonhutoss:ye’?!

1. BBThuuessiinnbeeusssssiniissespbsariosvewadtneleloyrcsh,aetlollydtaaalninnddghFOngaoursevt lnapeltouerwbcrnlotihecirpgaleynohktr5raate0tde%nBeoddo&r.fsntBahoteiopfbnauaasclcihnkteeiaasvsdgiqotewuisean.rseter,srshiopu, tlsivideeinthCeosntnateec.ticut.

4. Business can make independefnot odedcis&ionfsureng.arding the name and look of the business as well as all

business purchasing practices and distribution.

STOM HOUSE MARITIME MUSEUM5. Business pays all marketing, rent, and other business expenses without assistance from a corporate

year-round—telling the stories of New London’s waterfront.

Membership Benefits & Rates0 Bank Street, New London,CT 06320 860-447-8700

complete Business Sponsor
$500/year or $900/2 years
Pequot Light$,1N0e0w fLoorntdhoen,lCifoentnimeceticouft.thpehobtuo:sDinaenassJensen /The Day

Benefits: Benefits include all benefits of Business Members plus:
• Attractive, color NLLF decal to affix to the window of • Your listing on all NLLF email blasts
• Your logo on all NLLF brochures as well as the annual
your entrance, connecting your business to the
New London business community business directory
• A listing in the annual NLLF Business Directory • Providing support for building and maintaining a vibrant
• The opportunity to purchase an ad in the annual
NLLF Business Directory and strong local business community
• Ample supply of copies of the NLLF annual Business • The opportunity to have your banner or marketing
Directory; thousands of copies distributed throughout
southeastern Connecticut materials at all quarterly and annual events
• Your Marketplace page, produced and updated by you,
on the NLLF website ( Members pay once for their New London Business!
• Invitations to attend NLLF events, activities, programs
and projects with special member pricing for events
• The opportunity to email special offerings to current
and prospective NLLF members and the New London
news media

26 www.NewLondonLocalFirst.Org

Top 10 Reasons to Shop Local First!

1. Local Character and Prosperity. In an increasingly homogenized 6. Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship fuels America’s economic

world, communities that preserve their one-of-a-kind businesses and innovation and prosperity, and serves as a key means for families to
distinctive character have an economic advantage. move out of low-wage jobs and into the middle class.

2. Community Well-Being. Locally-owned businesses build strong 7. Public Benefits and Costs. Local stores in town centers require

communities by sustaining vibrant town centers, linking neighbors comparatively little infrastructure and make more efficient use of
in a web of economic and social relationships, and contributing to public services relative to big box stores and strip shopping malls.
local causes.
8. Environmental Sustainability. Local stores help to sustain
3. Local Decision-Making. Local ownership ensures that important
vibrant, compact, walkable town centers – which in turn are
decisions are made locally by people who live in the community and
who will feel the impacts of those decisions. essential to reducing sprawl, automobile use, habitat loss, and air
and water pollution.
4. Keeping the Dollars in the Local Economy. Compared to chain
9. Competition. A marketplace of tens of thousands of small
stores, locally-owned businesses recycle a much larger share of
their revenue back into the local economy, enriching the whole businesses is the best way to ensure innovation and low prices over
the long-term.
10. Product Diversity. A multitude of small businesses, each
5. Jobs and Wages. Locally owned businesses create more jobs
selecting products based not on a national sales plan, but on their
locally and, in some sectors, provide better wages and benefits than own interests and the needs of their local customers, guarantees a
chains do. much broader range of product choices.

New London Local First • Business Directory 27

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