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Artlink Hospital Arts Programme
April to June 2019

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Sweet Harmonies

Artlink Hospital Arts Programme
April to June 2019

Hospital Arts Programme

Sweet Harmonies

St John's, Western General,
Royal Infirmary and Royal Edinburgh

April - June 2019

Hospital Arts Programme
April - June 2019

Sweet Harmonies

Introduction to the Programme

As usual in the brochure we want to give you a flavour of what's happening across
the hospitals we work in, some highlights from the programme, who's involved
in it, what's happened recently, and most importantly what's on in the coming

Artlink delivers arts workshops and events in hospitals across Edinburgh. We have
a team of artists and performers who run workshops and events that vary from
hospital to hospital, for example, anything from singing performances on elderly
care wards, to sculpture and painting workshops on stroke wards.

It's important these activities and events continue to be informed by staff and
patient requests. We need your feedback, so keep the requests coming!

Social Spaces

We know how time can drag when you are in hospital; it can be a worrying time
and in addition you are removed from things familiar to you. With this in mind
we try and structure activities and events that will take your mind off things, even
if it's only for a few minutes. We create periods in the week where you can look
forward to taking part in an activity. Our participative workshops often have a
strong social aspect, creating the time and space for you to be entertained, get
lost in making something, or quite simply enjoy the company of other patients.
We think that it's important within all our workshops and events that we make
sure there are opportunities to strike up conversations with each other. This helps
everyone discover shared interests and common threads and creates bonds
between people. Social interaction is what keeps most of us going through our
normal week, and this is no different during your stay in hospital.

Our performative workshops and live events also help bring some structure to your
day, a bright point to look forward to in the week. These events give you a chance
to reminisce and share memories. At these events you can sit back, relax and listen
to music, stories and songs. We love it when patients just can't help joining in with
the singing. Studies suggest that communal singing improves our mood, and can
help alleviate stress, depression and anxiety, so what's not to like!

Working in Partnership © Albie Clark

We are always happy to talk to new
people in order for those conversations
to help shape what we deliver. With
that in mind we will be starting to work
with Frances Aitken, Senior Charge
Nurse / Practice Improvement and
Development and we would also like to
welcome Angela Gray, Participation
and Engagement Manager, Edinburgh &
Lothians Health Foundation (ELHF).

Frances Aitken, Senior Charge Nurse

in Project Improvement/Development Hospital Arts Programme Team at the Glasshouses

will offer support to general adult facilities to identify interventions that could be

put in-situ to reduce patients' distress within acute medical environments. Her first

placement was in Medicine of the Elderly at the Western General Hospital and

she told us, "We have begun a programme of education that staff can incorporate

into their busy days, which explores techniques and interventions that reduce

stress and distress for patients. This has proven very successful so far! Daily

workshops are held on wards to allow as much staff participation as possible

and avoid impact on their ward routine. So far over 100 members of staff have

attended. All Senior Charge Nurses/Deputy Charge Nurses, within Medicine of

the Elderly, have signed up to the full day course at The Royal Edinburgh Hospital.

It is hoped that these educational sessions will enable staff to better understand

distressed behaviours and have the tools to plan holistic care and activity for each


Sweet Harmonies

Angela Gray, Participation & Engagement Manager, Edinburgh & Lothians
Health Foundation has extensive experience of producing and delivering
participatory arts programmes and is a passionate advocate for the trans-
formative power of the arts. Her role as part of the ELHF team will be to
support and build on the existing art programmes delivered by ELHF-funded
organisations such as Artlink and Art in Hospitals.

Angela is currently developing a website for the ELHF Arts programme
alongside a small-scale marketing programme that aims to help
engagement and promote ownership of the arts programme by NHS staff,
patients and visitors. This role will also develop evaluation methods and
research opportunities to enhance learning, knowledge and generate
opportunities through nurturing relationships with practitioners, artists,
researchers, funding bodies and key partner organisations.

The Artlink Hospital Arts team welcomes them both and looks forward to
working with them both in the future.

Hospital Arts Programme Team

© Trevor Cromie

St John's

Vanessa Lawrence Workshop

Workshops St John's

© Trevor Cromie Introduction

The Psychological Therapies Service at St John's approached us last year asking
if there was anything we could do to brighten up the waiting area and public
corridors of their department. The waiting area and corridors have no natural light
and are quite gloomy. After meeting with staff, we all agreed that it made a lot
of sense to have works created by staff and outpatients brighten the walls of the

We invited artist Vanessa Lawrence to develop a 5 week making workshop, with
one workshop in the morning and one in the afternoon, to ensure that as many
people as possible involved with the service could get involved.

The department staff team have
been brilliant and taken the work
on board with gusto! We wanted
to have two sets of workshops,
one morning and another in
the afternoon and we asked
participants to sign up for the entire
5 weeks to give them time to make
something beautiful. We originally
asked that one member of staff would take part in each of the sessions, and have
been delighted to see that this has been over subscribed! We love it when we are
met with this level of enthusiasm, as it usually leads to a pretty successful outcome.

All participants have been brilliant. We are really impressed and excited by the
level of creativity and skill they have brought to the workshops. Concentration
in the room is palpable, although we still find time to talk about our favourite

6 Sweet Harmonies

Workshops St John's

Introduction (cont.)

artists and what kind of art we like. Quite a few people have brought in their
sketchbooks, drawings and photographs of paintings they have made at home. It
has been a real pleasure to see the different creative skills that everyone has.

We look forward to sharing the artworks that come from these workshops in the
next brochure.

"I had forgotten how calming and therapeutic simply sitting down and drawing © Trevor Cromie
/painting something can be. The hour and a half flew by as I became really
wrapped up in what I was doing. Observing myself and the other participants, it
also reminded me that while talking openly about thoughts and feelings can be
very mental-health promoting, staying generally quiet and concentrating whilst
' doing' is also hugely valid in a different way for our psychological well-being."
Craig Barton
Clinical Associate in Applied Psychology (CAAP) 

"When I realised that I could join in as a
staff member, at the Psychological Therapies
department Artlink workshops, I was both
excited and apprehensive.  I’m fairly creative
in some areas but not when it comes to art
or painting! However it’s impossible to be
daunted in the serene environment created
by Vanessa, with her gentle but enthusiastic

(continues over)

Sweet Harmonies 7

Workshops St John's

Introduction (cont.)

I was almost immediately 'lost' in the moment, which was only broken by the easy
conversation in the room with the other (much more talented) participants.

I was also very touched to be able to experience the other participants who
have utilised the department for treatment, being able to express themselves
artistically and having a less intense and stressful experience of being here.  The
fact that they are contributing their time and artistic efforts back to the department
is incredibly heartening – there is going to be an amazing gallery of talent on
display here."

Sharon McMenemy
Psychological Therapist

“What a fantastic opportunity for patients and staff. The sessions that I have been
involved with have felt very therapeutic and the artwork produced has been
incredible. It has been really lovely to interact with patients in a different way and
see the joy that taking part in such a course has created for them. I can’t wait to
see the pieces framed and up in the waiting area!”
Sinead Murray
Clinical Associate in Applied Psychology

8 Sweet Harmonies

Workshops St John's

Art Taster Workshops with Anne Elliot

Hidden Talents – let us help you uncover them.

Artist Anne Elliot will introduce a variety of taster
art activities for patients on the Stroke Unit,
exploring ways that art can add to their
rehabilitation. This will include techniques such
as collage, printing, weaving, painting and
© Anne Elliot
Events Magdalena Durant © Miss Annabel Sings

Our musicians at Hospital Arts come from the 9
eclectic and vibrant Edinburgh music scene. An
old friend of Hospital Arts, Magdalena is an
accomplished classically-trained singer and
teacher who travels around the world sharing
her love of song through her beautiful voice.
We are excited to invite her back to back to St.
John's to share her gentle, bright personality.
We hope she brings loads of sunshine back
with her as she will be sharing opera and music
with local Brazilian communities during the
month of May. She is bound to brighten up your
day with some of her favourite classical, opera
and pop songs from all over the globe.

Sweet Harmonies

Events St John's

Singin' & Reminiscin' with Miss Annabel Sings: Let's Dance! © Albie Clark

With a passion for reminiscence and the help of a huge back catalogue of songs
from every genre, Edinburgh's premier Cabaret singer and host will be celebrating
songs that bring us together and get us moving back to the days of the Dancehall.
The unifying power of music is a strong one and Annabel is pleased to be back
to share her love of songs and some stories she has heard during her time on the
hospital arts team. She will be returning to Ward 3 and the Stroke Unit with her
unique brand of entertainment and chat, inviting you to join her to sing, share
stories, laugh, dance or simply sit back and enjoy some entertainment.

10 Sweet Harmonies


Art Taster Workshops
Thursdays 10.00am -11.30am Stroke Unit
with Anne Elliot+ 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th June

4th July 11am - 12pm Ward 3
1.30pm - 2.30pm
Tuesday 9th April Stroke Unit
11am - 12pm
Madgalena Durant^ Tuesday 28th May 1.30pm - 2.30pm Ward 3

Singin' and Tuesday 11th, 18th and 25th 11am - 12pm Stroke Unit
Reminiscin' with Miss June 1.30pm - 2.30pm
Annabel Sings^ Ward 3
Wednesday 24th April 11am - 12pm
1.45pm - 2.45pm Stroke Unit
Wednesday 22nd May
11am - 12pm Ward 3
Thursday 27th June 1.45pm - 2.45pm
Stroke Unit
11am - 12pm
1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 3

Stroke Unit

Ward 3

Stroke Unit

+ Open to patients on the Stroke Unit
^ Open to patients and staff on the ward/s

Harmony Choir

Western General

© Miss Annabel Sings

Western General

Harmony Choir

Performance goes down well at the Western General, so we were delighted that
HarmonyChoir agreed to put on a performance in the main foyer area of the
hospital. We've had a few public performances in the past and they are always
very well received. We look forward to the next time they can join us to cheer up the
hospital community!

HarmonyChoir are a group of singers, some of whom have lived experience with
mental health symptoms. The group come together to sing, enjoy each other's
company and positively challenge the stigma that is so often associated with mental
illness. As their name suggests, the HarmonyChoir sing four-part harmony, Soprano,
Alto, Tenor and Bass. All of their music is arranged by their very talented Musical
Director, Ben Jones. Currently their repertoire includes Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on
Me, Bad Day, Con Te Partiro, You Will Be Found, Mr Songbird, I Will Survive, Wind
of Change, and Stand by Me. 

There is growing evidence that supports the health benefits of communal singing; it
reportedly strengthens the immune system, can be a great physical workout and even
helps improve your posture! There are also the psychological and emotional benefits
from singing, as it's known to release endorphins that are a natural
anti-depressant; it can also lower stress and improve mental alertness.
And then there are the social benefits in singing together. It can quite simply
widen your circle of friends, boost your confidence and help you improve your
communication skills. So armed with that information let's hear some more of those
sweet harmonies.

All are welcome to join the HarmonyChoir, no auditions and no previous experience
required. All you need to do is love singing. You can find out more at

Sweet Harmonies 13

Workshops Western General

New 5 Week Making Workshops © Anne Elliot

This workshop will be our first opportunity to work with Frances Aitken, Senior
Charge Nurse for Project Improvement/Development as part of her work with
ward staff to reduce patients' distress within acute medical environments. Our
plan is to provide five week making workshops on two wards that Frances has
been working with at the Western General. The wards and artist are still under
discussion at the time of writing the brochure but we will feedback on workshops
in the next brochure.
Wards, dates and times to be decided.

14 Sweet Harmonies

Workshops Western General

Art Taster Workshops with Anne Elliot

Building on the links established with the nursing staff on Ward 50, artist Anne
Elliot will move next door to Ward 51 from May through to June. Anne will
introduce a variety of new taster art activities for patients including techniques
such as collage, printing, weaving, painting and jewellery making. These are
designed for people to work together and where possible they will take place at
the patient's bedside.

Events Paul Novak

We all love a magic trick or two! Magicians © Albie Clark
remain one of the UK's most well-loved variety
acts in clubs, pubs and theatres and they never 15
fail to appeal to people from all corners of
the hospital community. The Artlink Hospital
Arts team is excited to invite the brilliant Paul
Novak onto our team of regular entertainers.
Paul has been entertaining patients, staff and
visitors for a few years now at one-off gigs on
the wards and at events such as the annual
fête at The Royal Edinburgh Hospital. Now,
this fabulously funny, close-up magician will
be popping by to pass some time with you by
chatting, laughing and mesmerizing you with
a little close up magic. Paul also weaves his
fascinating knowledge of the history of magic
into his shows.

Sweet Harmonies

Events Western General

Singin' & Reminiscin' with Miss Annabel Sings: Let's Dance!

With a passion for reminiscence and the help of a huge back catalogue of
songs from every genre, Edinburgh's premier Cabaret singer and host will be
celebrating songs that bring us together and get us moving back to the days of the
Dancehall. The unifying power of music is a strong one and Annabel is pleased to
be back to share her love of songs from the era as well as stories she has heard
during her time visiting the wards. She will be returning to the wards at the Royal
Victoria Building and visiting Ward 50 for the first time with her unique brand of
entertainment and chat. Inviting you to join her to sing, share stories, laugh, dance
or simply sit back and enjoy some entertainment.

Alan and Ron: Stories and Song

Life is full of stories and even better when it's filled with songs. Join our wonderful
volunteers Alan and Ron for an hour of storytelling and song, some old and some
new to tap your toes to. Alan and Ron have been volunteering at the Western
General for a few years and are always a favourite on the wards. We are happy
to welcome them back to spread more joy.

All New! That's Entertainment

It's been a year so far with patients, staff and visitors alike enjoying a dazzling
variety of poets, magicians, musicians and singers. This quarter we have invited
back some firm favourites as well as new artists to Wards 51 and 55. That's
Entertainment will continue to give the wards a taste of the eclectic array of
performers gracing the stages of the Edinburgh performance scene right now.

16 Sweet Harmonies

Events Western General

All New! That's Entertainment

Have a look below to see who will be visiting
your ward to brighten up the day with some
enlivening entertainment.

Wendy Weatherby

Funny Scottish songs, stories and cello music from the marvellous musician,

Miss Annabel Sings

Edinburgh's Queen of Cabaret is visiting the wards for the first time to entertain
with tunes and tales from the world of showbiz.

Max Scratchmann

Storyteller and performance poet Max will be bringing a selection box of his
favourite stories and poems to share and enjoy.

Paul Novak

Comedy, chat and magic from everybody's favourite close up magician.

Sweet Harmonies 17



Art Taster Workshop Tuesdays 2pm - 3.30pm Ward 51
with Anne Elliot+ 14th, 21st, 28th May
11am - 12pm Ward 70
Paul Novak+ 11th, 25th June 1.15pm - 2.15pm Ward 71
Tuesday 2nd April Ward 72
Singin’ & Reminiscin’ 11am - 12pm Ward 73
with Miss Annabel Tuesday 16th April 1.15pm - 2.15pm Ward 70
Sings: Let’s Dance!+ Ward 71
Tuesday 7th May 11am - 12pm Ward 72
Alan and Ron: 1.15pm - 2.15pm Ward 73
Stories and Song* Tuesday 21st May Ward 70
Tuesday 4th June 11am - 12pm Ward 71
1.15pm - 2.15pm Ward 70
Tuesday 30th April Ward 50
11am - 12pm Ward 72
Wednesday 14th May 1.15pm - 2.15pm Ward 50
Ward 73
Monday17th June 11am - 12pm
Tuesday 30th April 1.15pm - 2.15pm Ward 50
Tuesday 25th June
11am - 12pm
1.15pm - 2.15pm

11am - 12pm

1.15pm - 2.15pm

1.30pm - 2.30pm Ward 71 Day Room

1.30pm - 2.30pm Ward 72 Day Room

* Open to patients and staff on all wards in the RVB building
+ Open to patients and staff on the ward/s



Wendy Weatherby+ Tuesday 2nd April 2.00pm - 3.00pm Ward 51
Tuesday 16th April 2.00pm - 3.00pm Ward 55
Miss Annabel Sings+ Tuesday 7th May 2.00pm - 3.00pm Ward 51
Tuesday 21st May 2.00pm - 3.00pm Ward 55
Max Scratchmann+ Wednesday 4th June 1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 51
Paul Novak+ Tuesday 18th June 1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 55
5 week making

+ Open to patients and staff on the ward/s

© Trevor Cromie

Royal Infirmary

Laura Aldridge Workshops

Royal Infirmary © Trevor Cromie


Artist Laura Aldridge has been working on Stroke and Medicine of the Elderly
Wards with Carey Moss and Kim McGovern, the only two activity coordinators at
the Royal Infirmary.

Patient profiles on the wards vary, but many of the patients we work with have
memory loss, communication and language difficulties, impaired reasoning
abilities as well as changes in visual perception. In addition on the Stroke Wards
we work with individuals of all ages who are dealing with the emotional stress of
having had a stroke.

We have worked with Carey and
Kim over an extended period of time,
suggesting artists and workshops as
frequently as we can. We are aware
of how stressful their jobs can be;
devising and delivering a weekly
programme of activities is much harder
than you might think. We hope that
by working alongside Carey and Kim
that it both supports them in their work but also adds to their repertoire of skills.
New artists coming onto wards offer new ways of working, providing a distraction
for staff and patients, as well as that much needed social space we talked about
earlier in the brochure.

At the beginning of a new workshop block we usually start with an activity that
allows us to assess levels of dexterity, attention span, spacial awareness etc. This
helps us to work out how to make the workshops relevant to all who take part.

Sweet Harmonies 21

Royal Infirmary

Workshops Making Workshops (cont.)

© Trevor Cromie

For this series of workshops Laura decided to begin with a block printing
workshop. Each participant created their own printing blocks by cutting out foam
shapes and sticking them onto wooden blocks. The blocks were then inked up
with a particular colour and pressed onto paper. People worked with four or
more colours, building patterns and shapes. Some people created abstract repeat
patterns, others made pictorial works. One lady, who was leaving the ward to
go home that day, made a work that ended up telling the story of her and her
husband, where they live and about their love for each other. The artwork was
tightly grasped in her hand as she left the workshop as she wanted to bring it
home to show to her husband. The workshops still have a few weeks to run so we
we'll share some images with you in the next brochure.

22 Sweet Harmonies

New Workshops Royal Infirmary

Events Textile Workshops: Focus on Fabric

Artist Anne Elliot will be working with activity coordinators Carey Moss and Kim
McGovern on a series of 5 making workshops. They will work across the wards to
create a colourful, embroidered patchwork hanging.

The groups will be working with fabrics and textile designs that span several
decades from a collection of fabrics that Anne has been collecting for many

Anne has a long history of developing workshops working with textiles, making
banners and hangings, and will bring this wealth of experience to this project, not
to mention an amazing collection of fabric!

Singin' & Reminiscin' with Miss Annabel Sings: Let's Dance!

With a passion for reminiscence and the help of a
huge back catalogue of songs from every genre,
Edinburgh's premier Cabaret singer and host will be
celebrating songs that bring us together and get us
moving back to the days of the Dancehall. The unifying
power of music is a strong one and Annabel is pleased to be back to share her
love of songs as well as some stories she has heard during her time on the hospital
arts team. She will be returning to the activity rooms on Wards 201 and 104 with
her unique brand of entertainment and chat, inviting you to join her to sing, share
stories, laugh, dance or simply sit back and enjoy some entertainment.

Sweet Harmonies 23

Events Royal Infirmary

Sarah Phizacklea © Albie Clark

She's back! Sarah is Artlink's multi-instrumentalist, golden-voiced super hero
and is always a hit on the wards. She kicked off the year at St. John's with great
success and enjoyed creating bonds through song with and between participants.
Sarah and ward staff saw a clear lift in the mood of patients, as well as improved
and happier communications between everyone both during and after the
Sarah always leaves the wards inspired. One patient said to her recently they felt
so happy listening to and singing songs that they 'could do it all day'. In April
to June she is returning to all five wards we work with at the Royal infirmary. She
will be bringing her sessions bed to bed and hoping to find that special song that
speaks to you.
We all have songs that inspire us, so don't be frightened of suggesting a few. Look
out for Sarah and share some musical moments with her.

24 Sweet Harmonies


Textile workshops:
Focus on Fabric+ Tuesday 21st and 28th May 10.30am - 12.00pm Wards 201 and 101
Sarah Phizacklea* Tuesday 4th, 11th and 18th June 10.30am - 12.00pm Wards 201 and 101

Miss Annabel Sings+ Tuesday 4th June 1.30pm - 3.00pm Ward 104
Monday 10th June
Tuesday 18th June Ward 101
Monday 24th June Ward 201
Monday 1st July Ward 202
Ward 203
Wednesday 3rd April 11.00am - 12.00pm Ward 104
1.30pm - 2.30pm Ward 101
Ward 202
Wednesday 1st May 11.00am - 12.00pm Ward 203
1.30pm - 2.30pm Ward 104
Ward 201
Wednesday 15th May 11.00am - 12.00pm Activity Room at 201
1.30pm - 2.30pm Activity Room at 104
Activity Room at 201
Wednesday 29th May 11.00am - 12.00pm Activity Room at 104
Wednesday 12th June 1.30pm - 2.30pm Activity Room at 201
11.00am - 12.00pm Activity Room at 104
Thursday 11th April 1.30pm - 2.30pm
Wednesday 8th May 10.45am - 11.45pm
Wednesday 5th June 1.00pm - 2.00pm
10.45am - 11.45pm
1.00pm - 2.00pm
10.45am - 11.45pm
1.00pm - 2.00pm

* Open to patients and staff on wards 101,104, 201, 202, 203
+ Open to patients and staff on the ward/s

Soul Food Sisters

Royal Edinburgh

© Anne Elliot (inc. facing page)

Royal Edinburgh


In January 2019, Anne Elliot and a group of 10 women - who use the REH or
are part of Artlink's community projects - have had the unique opportunity to
work with the Soul Food Sisters Community Kitchen in a series of workshops in

We wanted to make
links for women
outside of the
hospital and mental
health community,
providing them with
the opportunity
to experience
something entirely
different. Soul
Sisters introduced
them to Turkish,
Polish and Algerian
foods, working together to make breads, dips, sampling soups and gluten-free
recipes. These workshops were inspirational, encouraging all involved to be more
adventurous in their food choices, building new friendships, learning new skills,
and most importantly having the opportunity to learn new cooking skills from some
amazing teachers.

"It was fascinating meeting women from different countries and learning how
to cook their local delicacies. It was always a lovely atmosphere; there was a
good camaraderie. Whilst we were learning something it was always great fun at
the same time." Sue

Sweet Harmonies 27

Royal Edinburgh

Workshops Introduction (cont.)

"It was a privilege for Soul Food Sisters © Anne Elliot
to share a great experience with Artlink;
we really appreciate your time and your
support. Personally I enjoyed meeting
them all, it was a friendly and comfortable
atmosphere, and I hope to see you all
again. It was very encouraging working
with you and your group. We got the
impression that we knew each other very
well, we were all comfortable, confident
and relaxed; we learned and shared our
stories. We have a new great networking
group and we hope to continue working
with you in the near future."

Soul Food Sisters

Talking about food, what’s the new theme for the summer programme at the REH?
It’s Pizza Pizza Pizza: All the pizza you can’t eat!

Anne Elliot and her collaborators always come up with a different theme for her
workshops in the glasshouses and this year it's about letting your imagination go
wild around the theme of pizza. As the title gives away there will be no foods
harmed in the making of the pizzas; instead you are invited to use any material
other than food to create fantastical pizzas that will be displayed at this year's
summer fete. Your pizza artwork can be made by everyone on a ward or by one

28 Sweet Harmonies

Workshops Royal Edinburgh

Introduction (cont.) © Anne Elliot

person, all we ask is that you bring your creations to the Glasshouses on the week
of the fete. Anne will be in touch with more details closer to the time. If you have
any questions in the meantime just get in touch with Anne. You know where she is.

We also have a full
programme of workshops
at the Glasshouses, open
to everyone on the wards,
from art to gardening to DIY.
The level of peer support
displayed in these groups is
life affirming; people go out
of their way to support each
other through good and bad
times. It's uplifting to witness,
and also aids peoples' road
to recovery.

Things are moving apace at the Royal Edinburgh, though we have to admit we
are a little behind with both Tom Krasny projects; it's just a logistical thing and we
will be back on track this quarter so look out for Tom on the wards and for a photo
update in the next brochure.

We also hope that the window decals for Merchiston Ward will be installed
over this period, so look out for images of those in our July to September 2019

Sweet Harmonies 29

Workshops Royal Edinburgh

Tom Krasny in the RFU

Tom will be returning to the Robert Fergusson unit to present ideas for the final
artwork. Once the staff and patients have made a selection we will go into
production of the artwork.

Tom Krasny Vitrine Project

All the wards have a 'storage' panel which separates the communal dining space
and living areas. At the top of these units are glass display boxes that can be
viewed from both sides of the space. Some wards have already started to use
these in inventive ways but we would now like to bring Tom in to work with all the
wards to build on some of these ideas. We want these spaces to be 'galleries' for
imaginative and creative artworks. Trevor will be coming round each ward to find
out if you would like Tom to work with you. If you want to get involved you can
also email [email protected]

New - Glasshouses Summer Theme

We invite entries to the inedible pizza competition. Yes, you read that right!
Use your imagination and creative skills to decorate your pizza. You can use
cardboard or sticky back paper, paper collage, paint on card, knitted with
wool, papier-mâché, sew-on fabric or any other material you can think of to make
your fantastical pizza. Don't hold back, let your imagination have free reign. No
food should be harmed in the making of your pizza! Your entries will be displayed
at this years REH Summer Fete where prizes and certificates will be presented.

Need help? Contact Anne to arrange a Pizza Making Workshop on your ward.

30 Sweet Harmonies

Royal Edinburgh


© Anne Elliot

D.I.Y. Culture with Anne and Neil 

The Glasshouses are open to patients and staff who have an interest in skills-based
activity working with wood, paint and plants as well as maintaining the
much-loved Glasshouses. Places are limited so please book in advance. 

Open Art Studio with Anne Elliot  

The Glasshouses art studio is the place to explore your ideas and let your
imagination and artistic creativity loose. It is a meeting place where participants
old and new gather to share ideas, knowledge and techniques. Where old friends
make new friends. It is a great space to work on large-scale art projects, and
somewhere to paint without worrying about making a mess. All materials and
protective clothing are provided. 

Sweet Harmonies 31

Workshops Royal Edinburgh

Slow Gardening with Chris Jones and Anne Elliot

The growing season at the Glasshouses
will be in full swing. If you have never
tried gardening before Anne and Chris
will introduce you to the joys of working
with plants and nature, both inside the
glasshouses and outside in the garden
space. The benefits of gardening activities,
the camaraderie you establish with your
fellow gardeners and the new skills you
learn are really beneficial to both physical
and mental health. We will be planting out
vegetable seedlings, planting potatoes and
bringing on potted plants for sale. Find out
for yourself and come along and grow your


Anne is offering the opportunity to make
art on a one-to-one basis. These sessions
can take place either at the Glasshouses

or on the wards. This is an opportunity
to work in a quiet space, on a larger

scale artwork or a special project idea.
If you know someone who would benefit

from these one-to-one sessions please
contact Anne Elliot to discuss and book a

one-to-one workshop.

32 Sweet Harmonies
© Anne Elliot
© Albie Clark

Royal Edinburgh


© Anne Elliot

Annual Plant Sale

Thursday 30th May
10am – 3.30pm, Glasshouses

Come along and buy plants - all grown in the Glasshouses - to help stock your
ward garden or your garden at home. Plants sell very quickly so arrive early to
avoid disappointment!

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D.I.Y. culture with Anne Wednesdays 11am - 12pm Glasshouses
and Neil* Throughout April, May and June
1pm - 3pm Glasshouses
Open Studio with Anne Wednesdays
Elliot* Throughout April, May and June

Slow Gardening at the Thursdays 1pm - 3pm Glasshouses
Glasshouses+ Throughout April, May and June

Annual Plant Sale+ Thursday 10am - 3.30pm  Glasshouses
30th May

Tom Krasny in the RFU" DATES AND TIMES RFU and
Tom Krasny - Vitrine
Project<> DATES AND TIMES New Royal

* Open to inpatients only
+ Open to anyone
<> Open to all wards in the New Royal Edinburgh Building
" Open to staff and patients on the ward

© Miss Annabel Sings

Prospect Bank

Dancebase Workshops

Prospect Bank


It's been a busy and exciting start to the year at Prospect Bank. Prospect Bank is
part of Findlay House, a specialist Dementia unit in Leith. Artlink and staff have
been working together to create a positive environment for those that live and
work there, looking at ways to sustain activity by bringing the local community
and different arts organisations into the unit to add to what's available.

A couple of highlights have been the fantastic 'Step in Time' project provided
by Dancebase; this included training sessions in creative movement for staff to
which we invited activity coordinators from three hospitals around Edinburgh. The
talented Dancebase artist Sheena Byrne then followed this by providing 8 Dance
for Dementia sessions for staff and residents at Prospect Bank.

We have learned much about inviting in other organisations and we enjoyed
seeing staff and residents connect with each other through dance and movement.
We would like to explore these sorts of partnerships in more detail.

Our next adventure is to transform the garden and break-out area in time for the
spring with TCV (The Conservation Volunteers). Working alongside staff, residents
and families we hope to create a Dementia-Friendly Garden that will become the
place to relax in. We all agreed that it's important to have space for some quiet
time during a busy working day.

Reading Friends has quickly become a firm favourite on the weekly calendar. A
few of our brilliant volunteers and our volunteer coordinator Simon Jay have been
visiting weekly and reading to patients. This is an ongoing project which we hope
to embed into the unit over the coming year.

36 Sweet Harmonies

Prospect Bank

Introduction (cont.)

Simon will also begin to work towards Prospect Bank's Got Talent. Any
opportunity to build the units morale and celebrate the unexpected. Look out for
what happens next in next block's programme!


© Miss Annabel Sings

The Supper Club

The Supper Club is a series of evening events developed by PB staff and Miss
Annabel Sings designed to create the experience of a night out (at home) in
sumptuous surroundings. Believe or not we are back for our third season, and it
sees the return of some of Prospect Bank's favourite musicians from Edinburgh's
vibrant live music scene.

This is a chance for staff, families and patients to dress up and share an enjoyable
experience. Each event will take place in the living room and be hosted by Miss
Annabel Sings with help from Prospect Bank Staff.

Sweet Harmonies 37

Events Prospect Bank

Ben Nardone

Ben is back to top hat and tails the spring season with super songs and captivating
stories from the musicals. There's no business like show business so dust off those
vocal chords; it's show-tune sing-a-long time!

Wendy Weatherby

Last season, Wendy had the room dancing, laughing and singing along to her
funny Scottish stories and songs. Tonight she's back with another entertaining
evening that is bound to get us jigging once more.

Miss Annabel Sings

Life is a Cabaret old chum! So on that note, enter stage left Edinburgh's very own
Queen of Cabaret. She's paying us a visit to share her favourite stories and songs
from behind the red velvet curtain of showbiz.

Magdalena Durant

This charming classically-trained singer is a favourite at Supper Club. Fresh from
a month singing Opera in Brazil, Magdalena is back for more of your favourite
jazz, classical and pop songs from around the globe.

Scott Heywood as ELVIS!

We have invited Scott back to the building to entertain and dazzle with another
selection of classics from The King. He was such a hit last season that there is no
doubt he will get the room Rockin' and Rollin' once more!

38 Sweet Harmonies

Events Prospect Bank

Singin' & Reminiscin' with Miss Annabel Sings: Let’s go to
the Movies

With a passion for reminiscence and the help of a huge back catalogue of your
favourite songs from the movies, Edinburgh's premier
Cabaret singer and host will be celebrating the rich
history of music from the movies. Over the years at
Prospect Bank, Miss Annabel has noticed that residents
love film music and it always gets people dancing and
remembering. Now, Annabel invites you to join her in the living room for a movie
themed hour and a chance to sing laugh and dance together. The perfect way to
kick off the day!

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Ben Nardone* Mon 15th April & Mon 24th June 6pm - 6.45pm Prospect Bank
Monday 29th April 6pm - 6.45pm Prospect Bank
Wendy Weatherby* Monday 13th May 6pm - 6.45pm Prospect Bank
Miss Annabel Sings* Monday 27th May 6pm - 6.45pm Prospect Bank
Magdalena Durant* Monday 10th June 6pm - 6.45pm Prospect Bank
11am - 12pm
Scott Heywood* Tuesday 16th & 23rd April 11am - 12pm Living Room at Prospect Bank
Tuesday 7th & 28th May 11am - 12pm Living Room at Prospect Bank
Singin' & Reminiscin' Tuesday 4th& 18th June Living Room at Prospect Bank
with Miss Annabel


* All events are open to patients, staff and families at Prospect Bank

Volunteering Artlink are working with the Scottish Book Trust © Simon Jay
and the Reading Agency, who are supporting
this new scheme with books and materials for
the wards as well as additional support for

The New Year saw the Reading Friends project
become a staple part of the hospital week. Our
new volunteer co-ordinator Simon Jay has taken
up the reins and has been doing a wonderful job
bringing it all together. He's met with our brilliant volunteers and gone with them onto wards
to meet patients, sit and chat and read with them, in order to get to know them better and
share stories. 

Our volunteers bring their unique personalities to the role, tailoring stories and chit chat to
the needs of different patients, whether it be sitting with a bed-bound resident at Prospect
Bank to show photographs of Seafield's historical past, or a passionate recital of Rabbie
Burns' love poetry for Valentine's Day in the Day Room at Western General. The daughter
of one patient told us with delight how her mother's memories of the War had been
triggered by a volunteer's story. 

These unique interactions that come from volunteers regularly visiting wards can have such
a transformative effect for staff, patients and visitors alike. An hour here and there, having a
blether with a patient may not seem much, but we've already witnessed the positive effect
it's having on those we've visited. 

We've had regular visits to St. John's, Western General and Prospect Bank over the last few
months, and the feedback has been very positive, not only from staff and patients, but also
from volunteers, who have said how they’ve found the experience fun, humbling and very

If you're interested in joining our volunteers, why not come and volunteer for the Reading
Friends Scheme? Contact Simon Jay, Reading Friends Volunteer Co-ordinator
(Monday and Thursdays) for more information.

[email protected]

Sweet Harmonies 41

Developing Future Partnerships

Artlink is an arts and disability organisation established in 1984. Artlink
believes participation in the arts has an important role to play in realising
personal and social change.

We want your involvement in this programme and your feedback on
exhibitions, events and workshops. We depend on you to make this
programme work and your participation will help us to shape future
direction. So call or email us if you need more information, or you want
to talk about what’s on or would like an activity placed on your ward.

Connect with Us artlinkedin


Artlink Office: 0131 229 3555 [email protected]
Artlink Glasshouses: 0131 537 6127 [email protected]
Information on workshops: [email protected]

[email protected]

Information on events: [email protected]
Information on Reading Friends/Volunteering: [email protected]

© Anne Elliot

St John's Ward 17 Art Workshops

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13a Spittal Street
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Artlink is a company registered in Scotland No. 87845
with charitable status, Scottish Charity No. SCO006845



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