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Published by Mason County Convention & Visitors Bureau, 2019-04-24 10:35:22

2019 Mason County WV Tourism Guide

2019 Mason County WV Tourism Guide

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Mason County Welcomes You! | 304.675.6788 | 304.675.6788 | 304.675.6788 | 304.675.6788 | 304.675.6788 | 304.675.6788 | 304.675.6788

Discover the unexpected

Enjoy a leisurely driving
tour of the Rivers to Ridges
Heritage Trail. Discover
quaint towns, historic
attractions, rich Appalachian
culture, and recreational
opportunities for the more

For a list of attractions or
to request your trail guide,
visit | 304.675.6788

THE RIVER IS CALLING! Visit the Point Pleasant River Museum to see it

through the eyes of past generations. The museum is certainly a unique treasure in Mason
County. Not only is it the only one of its kind in the state of West Virginia, but the museum
has also gained accolades as one of the premier tourist destinations in Mason County.
The museum, which first opened its
doors to the public in May 2004, plays host to
historical exhibitions. When a visitor steps
into the new Nelson Jones pilothouse training
simulator, they become a riverboat pilot
experiencing the sensation of steering a boat
in all types of environmental conditions such
as rain, lightning and waves that come crashing
over the pilothouse. You can also select a Coast
Guard Cutter or a speed boat and choose to be on
the ocean or one of the area’s inland rivers.
The museum also showcases a 2,400-gallon Ohio River fish aquarium, where visitors
can get an up-close look at catfish, gar, paddlefish, bowfin, large mouth bass, black crappie,
buffalo carp and bluegill, all from the Ohio River. In addition, the Sternwheel from the Weber
W. Seabald, that sank in the Kanawha River in 1970 near Charleston, has been rebuilt on the
original shaft, just outside the museum.
Educationally, the museum hosts a number of events throughout the year for school-age
children to enjoy, including featured social studies fair projects and art exhibits.
In addition to the museum’s array of exhibits, the facility has the capability to host local
organizations and club meetings. Dinner meetings also are regularly held in the museum,
which provides ample space and seating to accommodate such activities. It is an ideal facility
for any type reception.
For more information, please call 304-674-0144 or visit

E-mail: [email protected] - - - - - Facebook: Point Pleasant River Museum | 304.675.6788

Riverfront Park

Riverfront Murals Dazzle

The Point Pleasant Riverfront Park not only showcases
a gorgeous river view and outdoor amphitheater,
but also features artistic “living history” lessons with
the floodwall murals.
The murals, which were created by artist Robert
Dafford, bring local history to life in the form of
breathtaking art. The murals measure 260
feet-long and are approximately 15 feet high.
The scenes depict many events, including the Battle of Point Pleasant. This section of the
mural encompasses over 2,000 large-scale figures that show the Indians and Americans who
fought during the historic event, which is considered by many to be the first battle of the
American Revolution. Additional mural scenes include Lord Dunmore’s War, George
Washington and the Shawnee Indian Village. | 304.675.6788 | 304.675.6788

Bringing culture to town along with a taste of local and American history, Mason County
also appeals to the artistic crowd with the Gallery at 409.

The gallery, which opened its doors in 2008, is located in downtown Point Pleasant at 409
Main Street in the Historic Lowe Hotel building. Gallery at 409 features a variety of pieces that

encompass all types of art mediums.
Quite often, the gallery brings in special exhibits throughout the year. In addition to

beautiful pieces, Gallery at 409 also offers art classes and more.

PHONE: 304-675-2260 | 304.675.6788 | 304.675.6788 | 304.675.6788 | 304.675.6788 | 304.675.6788

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Visit Tu-Endie-Wei
State Park and take
# TuEndieWei
a walk through history.

Home to a monument which

commemorates THE BATTLE

Considered a landmark in frontier

history, some believe the battle to

be the first of the American Revolution. | 304.675.6788

Battle Days

The City of Point Pleasant has a rich
history that’s deeply rooted in tradition.

One particular tradition that takes
place each year is the annual
Battle Days Festival.

The event celebrates the Battle of
Point Pleasant, which is known by many
as the first battle of the American Revolution.

The festival, which takes place every
year during the first full weekend in
October, features many activities for all ages.

Along with special school tours and a
variety of children’s activities, youth will
certainly have something to enjoy during

this historic event.

The special Battle Days Lantern Tours at
Tu-Endie-Wei State Park are another festival

favorite. The tours allow guests to have
special encounters with historic figures,

including George Washington and
“Mad” Anne Bailey.

Those who embrace history and heritage can
also enjoy the special Battle Days Ball, which
has grown as a tradition itself over the years.

Other notable Battle Days events include an art
show and period demonstrations. The event also

features a Memorial Service.

Oct. 5 & 6, 2019 | 304.675.6788 | 304.675.6788

Visit Fort Randolph:

Experience live history

Today, Fort Randolph takes visitors back in time to 1776.
A large, rectangular structure now surrounds

several buildings and walls. They include the Officers’
Quarters, the surveyor’s cabin, the hunters’ cabin,
and two blockhouses.
Also inside the massive gates, guests will discover a
Blacksmith’s Shop, a Wood Wright/Gunsmith Shop,
and Hogg’s Tavern, centrally placed among
the other buildings.

Situated in the back corners of the Fort are the Visitor’s
Center and the Fort Trading Post where those coming

to tour the Fort can shop and purchase items of the
period, toys, and West Virginian made products.

Outside the gates, visitors can also explore the Native
American Village typically found in this area. The Conrad

Cabin, an original from the 1800s, can also be toured.
The fort is located about one mile from the sites of the

original two forts that share its name. | 304.675.6788 | 304.675.6788


Just next to Mason
County, and located
between Huntington
and Charleston,
discover hospitality
and charm while
relaxing with friends
and family. Plan your
weekend getaway in
Putnam County,
West Virginia.

Putnam County offers clean,
comfortable accommodations
within about half an hour from
Point Pleasant.
Learn more at | 304.675.6788 | 304.675.6788 | 304.675.6788

Hunting in West Virginia - 2019 Seasons & Dates | 304.675.6788

Welcome to Mason County!

424 Second St. 1716 Jefferson Blvd.
Mason, WV Point Pleasant, WV

Mason County ATM Locations:

Mason Branch ~ Point Pleasant Branch
New Haven Marathon ~ Fast 4 U Gas Station

Riverside Golf Course | 304.675.6788

The Simple Life Explored:

West Virginia State Farm Museum

From old log cabins, a sawmill and a country store, to a one-room schoolhouse, a blacksmith’s shop,
and even a barber shop, strolling through the grounds at the West Virginia State Farm Museum feels as if

you are stepping back in time, a much more simpler time that is.
For more than 30 years, the farm museum has been showcasing over 30 old buildings and displays to local
visitors and tourists alike. Hosting events throughout the year, the beautiful land and surroundings come to life

with farm activities, demonstrations, shows, performances, and even church services.
One of the biggest attractions at the farm museum is the Country Fall Festival which takes place the first weekend
in October. Each year, dozens of exhibitors come to showcase their engines to more than 10,000 visitors who take
part in the festivities and activities, one of which includes watching the antique engines cut wood at the sawmill

and press sap from cane to produce sorghum. In addition to the engine displays, other activities include
apple-butter and apple-cider making, blacksmithing, weaving and spinning demonstrations,
gravely swap meet, a country and gospel sing, a beauty pageant, and even a quilt show.

Among the large events the museum hosts each year, group or individual tours are welcome with reservation.
The grounds also would be the perfect spot for your next family reunion, party, or even a wedding! | 304.675.6788 | 304.675.6788

proud sponsor of the

Mason County
Fair Queen Pageant


Queen’s Reception

honoring the

2018 Mason County
Fair Queen

Miss Kate Henderson

and the 2019 contestants. | 304.675.6788

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BRAXXIE.COM | 304.675.6788 | 304.675.6788 | 304.675.6788

Family owned and operated, supporting our local

Visit one of our 4 locations in Jackson, Pomeroy, and Athens.

1360 Mayhew Road Jackson OH 42411 Charles Chancey Drive Pomeroy, OH
PH: 740.992.6614 Toll free: 800.837.1094
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USED CAR SUPERSTORE 308 East Main Street Pomeroy OH
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45701 PH: 740.992.4477
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Village of BarbDoISuCrOsVvERille

Barboursville Explore the Barboursville Park,
CONVENTION & shop the day away at the
VISITORS BUREAU Huntington Mall or join us for a
movie at our outdoor amphitheatre.

The Village of Barboursville offers
many events throughout the year to
suit all interests, including Civil War Days,
4th of July Celebration, Fall Fest, Outdoor
Movie Nights, Christmas Parade, and the
Tractor Show. Visit us online for a full listing
of events and festivals! | 304.733.1500 | 304.675.6788

It’s fun for everyone!

Come experience something different Smithsonian A liate
for the whole family every weekend

May - December. | 304.675.6788 | 304.675.6788

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