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Published by Western New England University, 2017-02-01 16:20:21

President's Report 2015-2016

President's Report 2015-2016


JULY 1, 2015 - JUNE 30, 2016

Western New England University

The 2015-2016 Table
President’s Report of Contents
is produced by the
Advancement Division 1 President’s Message
for the Office of 3 Giving Back
the President. 4 Innovative Pharmaceutical Sciences Research
Anthony S. Caprio 6 Software That Benefits Humanity
President 7 External Support
Beverly J. Dwight 10 Financial Statement
Vice President for 12 Honor Roll of Donors
William J. Kelleher
Vice President for Finance
and Administration
Cheryl A. Brodowski
Director of Donor Relations
and Communications
David M. Sterling
Director of Advancement
Brian Fitzgerald G’16
Associate Director of
Advancement Communications
Meredith Cervasio
Advancement Project Coordinator
Cade+Co. Graphic Design
Paul Schnaittacher
Principal Photographer
AM Lithography Corporation


I am sure you will read this President’s Report 2015-2016 with a deep sense of pride in
Western New England University. Your generosity is the key to our success: you help us
offer remarkable opportunities for our students.

During the fiscal year July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016, nearly Innovation Fund. Thank you for helping me launch initiatives
3,000 donors made gifts to the University. You have truly made that have an immediate positive impact on our students and
a difference, enabling us to enhance the academic quality of our that elevate us all to yet a higher level.
programs so that our students are well prepared to excel in the It is your crucial support that makes an education at our
classroom and in their careers. Each and every gift is appreciated; University affordable, accessible, and unique. Because of your
they help us educate the next generation of leaders—confident loyalty and generosity, boundless opportunities are ahead for
men and women who will make a difference in their professions Western New England University, and I thank you for that.
and in their communities.
In accordance with our Strategic Plan, we are also deepening Sincerely,
our commitment to research: you will read in these pages how
our faculty are successfully partnering with students, engaging
them in their important research projects. For our students,
collaborations like these are valuable learning experiences that Anthony S. Caprio
are often life-changing.
To be sure, for our students, financial aid resources remains
a top priority, and your gifts enable us to provide much-needed
scholarships. We now have more than 250 donor-funded
scholarships. As a result, more students are able to take advantage
of the individualized approach to education we offer.
State-of-the-art facilities are also integral to the overall
student experience. During the last fiscal year we dedicated the
new Flynn Family Golden Bear Pavilion, an important addition
to our outdoor athletics complex. The recently opened Business
Analytics Center in D’Amour Library is another facility made
possible by donor generosity. At present, we are raising funds
for a new four-story, 70,000-square-foot Dining Commons that
will be a premier destination on campus. We look forward to
the grand opening in Fall 2017.
In this publication’s External Support Highlights section you
will notice much-appreciated gifts to the President’s Innovation
Fund, a portion of the University’s annual fund that provides a
channel for donors to support innovative programs and projects.
The donations enable us to capitalize on emerging opportunities
that have not been planned for in the operating budget of
the year. These range from hosting distinguished lecturers to
launching new academic and student life initiatives. An exciting
example is our latest doctorate program in Occupational Therapy.
Start-up funding for the development of this program, which
will begin in Fall 2017, was provided through the President’s | 1

Giving Back

John Dame ’77 and his wife, Diane, know from experience the importance of financial
aid—and how their scholarship will provide opportunities as they had to other students.

No matter where your career takes you, you’ll always remember today,” says John. “I was a commuter student because of finances,
your roots. Such is the case for John and Diane Dame, whose career and that scholarship meant everything. It enabled me to receive a
paths led them from western Massachusetts to southeast Texas. superb education.”
In 2002, the natives of Chicopee, MA shed their winter coats Diane, who went to Westfield State University on scholarships,
with their move to the Houston area, but from afar they made a says both of them know full well the importance of financial
generous gift to Western New England University that really hit aid. “We were fortunate that we were able graduate from school
home: they established, and continue to contribute to, the John and get moving in life without huge debts on our backs,” she
Henri Memorial Endowed Scholarship at John’s alma mater in says. John agrees: “Today, students tend to rely on their parents
honor of both their fathers. John is the name of John Dame’s dad, more, but parents aren’t always able to afford college tuition,” he
and Henri is Diane’s father. says. “This shouldn’t be a limiting factor, but it often is. Students
Their scholarship harkens back to John Dame’s days as a often struggle to find ways to fund their education and get out
student, because he himself came to Western New England on a of school with a reasonable amount of debt, and not start their
four-year scholarship. “That’s part of our reason we’re giving back careers behind the eight ball financially.”
John is especially appreciative of what he learned in—and
out—of the classroom from such accounting professors as the
late Louis Raverta ’43/’54 and the late Jerry Sullivan ’70. “The
entire accounting department was incredible, and Louis Raverta
was a great mentor,” he says. “He taught me a lot about life as
well—things that weren’t in the curriculum and the textbooks.
I am grateful for going to a small, quality private college because
I had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with professors
without having to stand in line.”
For both of these executives, their education has served
them well. John is an accomplished financial manager, and Diane
has made her mark in the banking industry.
John is controller of Kemlon Products, which manufactures
electrical connectors, sensors, and probes from its plant in
Pearland, TX. He has many years of experience in managing
accounting, finance, and day-to-day operations of various
small- to medium-sized businesses—with roles ranging from
president, vice president, and controller—serving a number
of different industries, including medical devices, paper, and
plastic products.
Diane, who is senior vice president of treasury management
services at Iberiabank in Houston, was vice president treasury
management services at TD Bank before becoming vice president
and regional sales manager at Whitney National Bank.
“We’ve always believed that education is the key to our
success, and that’s the driving force behind our scholarship,” says
Diane. “We’ve been supportive of the schools in the Houston area
as well because education opens doors. We want to help students
at Western New England University, a school that has been so
beneficial to John.” | 3

Innovative Pharmaceutical
Sciences Research

The American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education (AFPE) recently awarded two
$5,000 grants to two student-faculty research teams in the College of Pharmacy. The foundation,
with these awards, aims to promote research that will be of great value to industry and academia
and work toward the improvement of society’s health and well-being.

Targeting Hypothyroidism Symptoms

Hypothyroidism, or thyroid deficiency, causes chronic fatigue, (T4) with a slow-release T3, resolves many of the symptoms.
impaired concentration, and weight gain—all of which have Compounding pharmacists are often requested to compound
devastating consequences on patients’ quality of life. According T3 with T4, but there are no slow-release versions of T3 on
to Shabnam Sani, an associate professor of pharmaceutics, the the market.
use of Liothyronine Sodium (T3), a synthetic version of the That’s where the research of Dr. Sani and PharmD candidate
thyroid hormone, has been shown to be effective in the treatment Clayton Cassone comes in. The two are exploring various
of the disease, although the only commercially available dosage is compositions of polymers such as Methocel and Simple Cap in
in an immediate-release tablet form, as opposed to a slow-release controlling the slow-release rate of T3 to achieve optimal patient
dosage form. therapy. “There is a dearth of literature regarding the optimal
This is a problem, according to Dr. Sani, because it has been composition of Methocel alone or in combination with other
shown that slow-release T3 capsules, or a blend of levothyroxine ingredients in order to make T3 slow-release capsules,” says

4 | President’s Report 2015 - 2016

From left to right: Dr. Ronny Priefer, Brittany Dickhaus PharmD’18, Dr. Shabnam Sani, and Clayton
Cassone PharmD’18

Dr. Sani. Therefore, the objective of this study is to formulate “Dickhaus is hard-working and dedicated—the ultimate
and evaluate the performance of the slow-release capsules in researcher,” says Dr. Priefer. Prior to her work in the medicinal
laboratory and animal studies to discover the optimum formulations chemistry lab, she never considered research as a career option.
of the ingredients. “However,” she says, “the joy of succeeding in a project after many
Dr. Sani says that Cassone is a “smart, passionate, dedicated failed attempts, along with the advancement of fundamental
straight-A student who is perfect for this kind of research. His knowledge, excites me in ways I cannot put into words.”
work will be extremely useful to physicians and pharmacists to
better treat their patients.”

Seeking a Blood Sugar Monitoring Solution

Brittany Dickhaus’s interest in pharmaceutical research began during
her freshman year as a research assistant in the College of Pharmacy’s
medicinal chemistry research lab, and she is now enrolled in the
PharmD/MBA program. In a published research project last year
she worked with Ronny Priefer, a professor of medicinal chemistry,
on the development of a hand-held breathalyzer for people with
diabetes to more easily check their blood glucose levels.
This device, which is currently in development in partnership with
the College of Engineering, detects acetone, which has been linked to
glucose levels in the breath. “It is a non-invasive and non-painful alter-
native to the current finger stick testing technology,” says Dr. Priefer.
This year Dr. Priefer and Dickhaus are conducting even
more research on polymers used in the device. Their new project,
related to their last published paper, is entitled “Development
of a Novel Methodology Utilization of a Spray Dryer and Particle
Size Enhancer to Determine pKa Values of Polyelectrolytes.”
PKa values are characteristic constants for chemical compounds
that help chemists to describe and compare the reactivity of
molecules. They are confident that this effort to develop a new
method for determining pKa values will allow for a greater
understanding of the science behind the multilayered breathalyzer
technology and the trial data it generates. | 5

Software That
Benefits Humanity

The National Science Foundation awarded a $389,000 grant to Dr. Heidi Ellis, professor
of computer science and information technology, and Dr. Stoney Jackson, chair and associate
professor of computer science and information technology, to increase student interest in
studying computing through a collaborative, community-building software that supports
humanitarian goals.

Pictured on the left with Heidi Ellis and Stoney Jackson are students Ava Rule ’19 and The NSF grant, entitled “OpenPath—Improving Student
Gaurav Trehan ’17. Under the NSF grant, Rule, a Computer Science major, and Trehan, Pathways to Computing Professions via Humanitarian Free and
majoring in Information Technology, are working on a website for 200 college faculty Open Source Software,” has the potential to transform computing
around the world who want to involve students in free and open source software. education by creating course materials that will enhance learning
and prepare students for computing careers. “Through HFOSS,
Heidi Ellis is one of first professors to involve students in HFOSS it will allow them to learn about a complex software project
(Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software), an approach within a community of professionals,” says Dr. Ellis.
that has been likened to the computing equivalent of Habitat for This collaborative grant with Drexel University and Nassau
Humanity: instead of building houses for the needy, students Community College is this team’s second NSF grant; this group
help build free software systems that benefit communities. Open has been working together as the “foss2serve team” since 2013. “The
source software allows anyone to view the source code, copy it, grant will enable us to connect students to HFOSS professionals,
modify it, and learn from it. which is the kind of academic-industry collaboration that many
Dr. Ellis initially became involved with open source software students do not experience,” says Dr. Jackson. “Research has
in 2006, when she and two students helped create a volunteer shown that participation in HFOSS requires significant preparatory
management module to keep track of humanitarian workers in learning and development of process skills such as critical thinking,
the wake of a devastating tsunami in Sri Lanka. The experience problem solving, and communication.”
motivated her to get students excited about using computer science Dr. Ellis emphasizes the opportunity for students to gain
as a way to help solve real-world problems. “I was hooked,” she says. soft skills, learning that programming is part of a team-oriented,
Indeed, a main goal of HFOSS is to attract service-minded creative process. “Obviously, they will gain technical skills, such
students, including women and minorities—both underrepresented as version control and coding, but the other skills they gain,
in the field—and demonstrate to them that designing and building such as project management, will be invaluable,” she says.
software can assist people in need around the globe. HFOSS apps This is Dr. Ellis’s fourth NSF grant to support HFOSS efforts,
have aided numerous communities by helping them to, for example, including an award in 2013 for her and her students to work on
mobilize during natural disasters or track disease outbreaks. an application for computer users with disabilities: a low-cost,
hands-free tool that tracks head movements and translates them
into cursor movements on the screen. Her students have also
been involved in other HFOSS projects, including OpenMRS,
an electronic medical record system used extensively in developing
countries. Because of such initiatives as these, Dr. Ellis was named
one of the 26 “Most Powerful Women Engineers” last year.
According to Dr. Jackson, the grant “will also provide
instructor development to enable instructors and students to
engage in an active, small group learning approach to computing
with an exciting and authentic context. It’s the perfect mechanism
for students to learn by doing.”

6 | President’s Report 2015 - 2016

External Support From All Sources

Fiscal Year 2016
July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016

External Support by Purpose External Support by Constituency

Foundations Employees
2.2% 1.4%

Annual Friends
Restricted 3.8%
President’s Financial Aid Alumni
Innovation Fund Endowment 11.8%
11.2% 22.6%

Capital 5.6% Corporations


Annual Research & Programs Organizations
Financial Aid 37.9% 0.7%
Golden Bear Trustees
Athletics 26.8%


New Gifts and Pledges
Gifts $1,584,015.42
Pledges 385,628.00
Bequests 5,928.46
Gifts-in-Kind 73,715.37
Total New Gifts and Pledges $2,049,287.25

Government Grants and Funding $754,569.00

Sponsored Research $280,346.50

Payments on Prior Year Commitments
Payments on Prior Year Pledges $1,139,640.67
Government Payments 351,525.77
Sponsored Research Payments 297,876.04
Total Payments on Prior Year Commitments $1,789,042.48

Total External Support $4,873,245.23 | 7

External Support Highlights

Individual Gifts and Pledges Marshall Hart, Jr. ’65 and Joyce Hart made a gift to support
the SAE Baja Team, the College of Engineering, and the General
Mark Berthiaume ’78 and Betsey Thompson committed to Athletic Fund. The College of Engineering’s Golden Bear Baja
creating the Mark Berthiaume & Betsey Thompson Endowed Racing Team designed, built, and raced its off-road Baja vehicle
Scholarship along with providing continued support for the in international competitions. In a regional competition, the team
annual Mark Berthiaume & Betsey Thompson Scholarship. placed 21st overall, out of 100 teams—including an 8th place
finish in the “hill climb” category.
Robert Clarke and Holly Clarke supported both the President’s
Innovation Fund and the Robert W. and Holly S. Clarke Omojola Hebron ’06 established the annual Omoloja Hebron
Endowed Scholarship. Scholarship.
Marion Hoar continued generous support to the Dr. Nancy Hoar
Norma Colaccino ’78/G’82 and Frank Colaccino G’80 gave a Endowed Memorial Scholarship. Professor Nancy Hoar was a
significant gift to the President’s Innovation Fund. faculty member at Western New England for 28 years, teaching
in the Department of English and Communication; her infectious
Kevin Delbridge ’77 and Sandra Delbridge continued their love of language and logic, as well as her generous and caring
generous support of the University with contributions to the spirit, made her one of the most beloved teachers on the Western
President’s Innovation Fund, the Delbridge Family Endowed New England campus.
Scholarship, the Kevin S. Delbridge Endowed Scholarship, The Steven Kitrosser ’66/G’70 and Elaine Kitrosser, from the
Flynn Family Golden Bear Pavilion, the General Athletic Fund, Kitrosser Family Charitable Fund, made a generous contribution
and the Athletics Golf Tournament. to the College of Engineering Sleith Hall Expansion and Renovation
and the Steven and Elaine Kitrosser Industrial Engineering
Michael Flynn ’82/G’83 generously supported the President’s Endowed Scholarship.
Innovation Fund, the General Athletic Fund, the Emerging Kathleen White ’78 made a gift to the President’s Innovation
Engineers Exhibition program, the Athletics Golf Tournament, Fund and College of Engineering.
and the Alumni Association Golf Tournament Endowed Scholarship.
He also provided the lead gift for The Flynn Family Golden Bear
Pavilion, which opened in the fall of 2015 and features locker,
training, and equipment rooms for our men’s and women’s
soccer, lacrosse, football, softball, baseball, and field hockey
teams. New restrooms and a concession stand in the Pavilion
also provide added convenience for fans on game day.

Martha and Donald Harrison created the Robert A. Edwards Corporation and Foundation Gifts and Pledges
Endowed Law Scholarship in memory of Martha’s late father,
Robert Edwards L’41/L’01(hon). The law firm of Cantor Colburn, LLP, under the leadership of
Phil Colburn L’91, established the Cantor Colburn Endowed
Scholarship while continuing to fund the annual Cantor Colburn

The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of New England made gifts to the
University in support of the Athletic Golf Tournament, the Coca-Cola
Annual Scholarship, and the Flynn Family Golden Bear Pavilion.

8 | President’s Report 2015 - 2016

FloDesign Sonics, Inc. pledged a significant contribution to the development. The acoustic wave separation technology has
College of Engineering and also donated to the FloDesign Senior numerous applications in biopharma and cell processing such
Engineering Award and the Alumni Association Golf Tournament. as clarification, perfusion, cell concentration and cell washing.
FloDesign Inc. made a gift to the Solar Decathlon project.
Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Resource Furniture and Meneck Windows donated materials Ruolin Zhou received a $60,500 grant from the Lockheed
for the Solar Decathlon project in the College of Engineering. In Martin Corporation for work on Software Defined Multiple
October 2015, the University competed in the U.S. Department Input Multiple Output (MIMO) radar systems. Software Defined
of Energy Solar Decathlon competition in Irvine, CA. Our student Radar systems are flexible, generating different radar signals. MIMO
team collaborated with students from universities in Panamá can be used to improve spatial resolution, so the probability of
and Honduras to design and build a solar-powered house. Their detecting targets/objects is increased.
house tied for first place in the Affordability category and received
second place accolades in the Energy Balance contest. The following
December our Civil Engineering students on the team went on to
join students from Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá in building
another solar home at the Solar Decathlon Latin America &
Caribbean competition in Cali, Colombia.

Rite Aid Corporation supported the College of Pharmacy Fund
and the Rite Aid Pharmacy Scholarship.

State Farm Companies made a generous gift to the Center for The National Science Foundation granted $365,000 to the
Advanced Training and Naturalistic Studies (ATRANS) in the College of Pharmacy to acquire 400MHz Nuclear Magnetic
College of Engineering in recognition of the extensive sponsored resonance spectrometer, one of the most important and
research being done on driving methods for the State Farm powerful analytical tools available to chemists and biologists.
Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. The gift brings the total This instrument will enable Western New England University
support from State Farm over the past two years to approximately and other Greater Springfield area colleges to study the structure
$500,000 for the College of Engineering’s efforts to advance of molecules.
the science and understanding of key driver safety issues. The
support will allow the Center, under the direction of assistant
professor of industrial and engineering management Matthew
Romoser, to continue the research and development necessary for
identifying effective interventions to reduce the effects of motor
vehicle crashes.

The National Science Foundation awarded a $389,000 grant
to Heidi Ellis, professor of computer science and information
technology, and Stoney Jackson, chair and associate professor of
computer science and information technology, for collaborative
research to improve student pathways to computing professions.

Permasteelisa North America made a $25,000 award to the
College of Engineering for work on ISO 9001 improvements.
ISO 9001 is a worldwide quality management system standard
administered by the International Organization for Standardization.

Government Funding and Sponsored Research The Psychology Department in the College of Arts and Sciences
received a $5,086 grant from Case Western University to
FloDesign Sonics, Inc. awarded $9,000 to the College of establish a “Provider-Observed Tool to Assess Oral Hygiene Skills
Pharmacy for T-Cell culturing. A T cell, or T lymphocyte, is a in HIV-Positive Adults.”
type of lymphocyte (a subtype of white blood cell) that plays a
central role in cell-mediated immunity. FloDesign Sonics, Inc. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company made
also awarded $101,606 to the College of Engineering and the a $60,000 award to the College of Engineering to evaluate the
College of Pharmacy for acoustic particle separation research and effectiveness of the State Farm Engaged Driving Training System. | 9

Consolidated Statement of Financial Position

July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016

(with comparative totals at June 30, 2015) (numbers in thousands)

Assets 2016 2015

Cash and equivalents $ 10,589 $ 9,948

Accounts and pledges receivable, net 2,130 2,470

Prepaid expenses and other assets 2,519 2,044

Deposits under bond indenture 8,044 1,560

Loans receivable, net 5,094 5,297

Long-term investments 66,344 69,432

Investment in plant, net 126,121 129,658

Investments held in trust by others 755 813

Total assets $ 221,596 $ 221,222

Liabilities and Net Assets


Accounts payable and accured expenses $ 11,764 $ 11,023

Deposits and deferred income 3,492 3,765

Bonds and capital leases payable 85,048 80,797

Government grants refundable 2,962 2,962

Total liabilities $ 103,266 $ 98,547

Net Assets

Unrestricted $ 90,782 $ 94,093

Temporary restricted 4,291 6,510

Permanently restricted 23,257 22,072

Total net assets $ 118,330 $122,675

Total liabilities and net assets $ 221,596 $ 221,222

Endowment Market Value History








$0 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 FY16

10 | President’s Report 2015 - 2016

Consolidated Statement of Activities

July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016

(with comparative financial totals at June 30, 2015) (numbers in thousands)

2016 Total 2015 Total

Operating revenues and other support

Tuitions and fees $ 120,485 $ 119,415

Residence and dining 22,655 22,610
Less scholarships and grants (43,704) (41,682)
Net student fees 99,436 100,343

Federal, state, and private grants $ 2,319 $ 2,594
Interest income 203 152
Income and gains from long-term investments utilized 2,226 2,162
Contributions 1,044 1,199
Other income 1,191 1,648
Other auxiliary services 134 147
Total revenue $ 106,553 $108,245

Net assets released from restrictions - -

Total operating revenue and other support $ 106,553 $108,245

Operating expenses

Instruction $ 39,864 $ 39,389
Student support 16,463 15,922
Academic support 16,982 16,631
Residence, dining, and other auxiliary services 17,355 17,027
Management and general 16,281 15,667
Total operating expenses $1 06,945 $104,636
Increase (decrease) in net assets from operations (302) 3,609

Non-operating revenue and expenses

Contributions $ 1,712 $ 1,344
Realized and unrealized (loss)/gains on investments (3,756) 633
Long-term investment gains utilized in operations (1,839) (1,790)
Change in value of split interest agreements (70) 17
Increase (decrease) in net assets from nonoperating activities (3,953) 204
Change in net assets (4,345) 3,813
Net assets, beginning of year 122,675 118,862
Net assets, end of year $ 118,330 $122,675

FY16 Operating Expenses
by Function


Academic Management Residence,
support and general dining, and
15.9% 15.2% other auxiliary
Student 16.2%
15.4% | 11

Honor Roll of Donors

The Benefactors’ Society

The Benefactors’ Society honors individuals, corporations, and foundations who have demonstrated their commitment to Western New England
University through distinctive cumulative giving of $100,000 or more, in support of our students, programs, and facilities.

The George I. Alden Trust Kenneth D. ’63BBA/’66MBA & Davis Educational Foundation Martin A.* & Roberta D.* Lower
American Society for Quality- Joan Cardwell Irene E. and George A. Davis Gertrude R. Lovett*
Biomedical Division Leon J. ’41LLB/’98LHD(hon)/ Foundation Kim A. Mac Leod ’73BA
Anonymous Donor ’01JD(hon)* & Eleanor Carman Kevin S. ’77BSBA & Arthur M. ’98LLD(hon)* &
ARAMARK Corporation & Family Sandra E. Delbridge Rebecca* Marshall
Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation Robert H. ’68BSBA & Delbridge Charitable Fund MassMutual Financial Group
Beinecke Foundation, Inc. Sandra Carnevale Joseph J. Deliso Sr.* Leonard A. ’82JD &
Edwin J. Beinecke Trust Chester J. Chambers ’23LLB* Exxon Education Foundation Barbara B. McCue
The Beveridge Family Foundation Clarence I. Chatto ’71LHD(hon)* John F. Fallon ’66JD* National Basketball Association
The Frank Stanley Beveridge Arthur H.* & Barbara* Clarke Frank P. Fitzgerald ’68BSBA/’73JD Suzanna A. Norbeck ’82JD
Foundation Frances B.* & Norman N. Flexsim Software Products, Inc. Francis S. ’61JD &
S. Prestley ’80LHD(hon) & ’34BBA* Cohen Michael J. Flynn ’82BSBA/’83MBA Ruth M. Oleskiewicz
Helen D. Blake Norman N. and Frances B. Cohen Follett Higher Education Group Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund
Rodney E. ’62BBA/’69JD* & Charitable Trust Follett/Brennan College Service Gerard L. Pellegrini ’57JD*
Gail M. ’62BBA* Blakesley Norma L. ’78BSBA/’82MBA & Fontaine Family Albert L. Plante ’86BSEE/’90MSEE
Hayden L. Bradley ’64BSME Frank ’80MBA Colaccino Lester Fontaine Stuart Reynolds ’41BBA/’44MBA*
John J. ’71BSEE & Holly Brennan The Colvest Group, Ltd David Fontaine Stephen J. ’81MBA &
Mae E. Brown* Community Foundation of Fontaine Bros., Inc. Denise LaRiviere Rourke
Thomas R. ’70BSBA & Western Massachusetts Constance Gleason Furcolo C. Kenneth ’56BBA* &
Kathleen Burton Katherine M. Connell* Bruce F. ’74BSBA & Victoria* Sanderson
Donald G. ’73BSBA/’79MBA & Sidney M. ’41LLB/’84LLD(hon)/ Marjorie R. Hambro Mickey* & Naomi Schoenberg
Phyllis E. Campbell ’01JD(hon)* & J.D. Rivet & Co., Inc. John F. Shaw*
The Phyllis & Donald Campbell Anne V.* Cooley Marjorie and Bruce Hambro William H. Sleith ’44BBA/
Charitable Foundation Gerald E. D’Amour ’98LHD(hon)* Family Charitable Fund ’80LHD(hon)*
President Anthony S. Caprio Paul D’Amour* Hampden Bank Smith & Wesson
Hampden Bank Charitable D. Joseph St. Germain ’64DCS(hon)*
Foundation Peter C. Steingraber ’84JD
Hampden Savings Foundation Jean Cameron Sterling ’46BBA*
Hampden Engineering Corp. Roger J. ’53BBA/’01Bacc(hon)* &
Marshall A. Hart Jr. ’65BSME & Catherine G.* Sullivan
Joyce Hart TD Bank Group
MetricTest Equipment Sales, Inc. TD Bank
Marion E. Hoar TD Charitable Foundation
Hobbs Brook Management LLC TD Insurance Inc.
The I. W. Foundation, Inc. The TJX Companies, Inc.
Mark D. ’76JD & Judith Levi The TJX Foundation, Inc.
Integration Partners Corporation Tambrands, Inc.
Irving C. ’26BCS/’70DBA(hon)* & Brian P. ’67BBA/’71MBA &
Esther S.* Jacobs Mary A. Trelease
William C. ’75MBA & United Technologies Corporation
Patricia A. Jolicoeur Carrier Corporation
KPMG LLP Hamilton Sundstrand
KPMG Foundation Otis Elevator Company
The Kern Family Foundation Pratt & Whitney
Steven P. ’66BSIE/’70MBA & Sikorsky Aircraft
Elaine Kitrosser Dean N. ’82BSBA &
The Kresge Foundation Denise E. ’84BSBA Vanech
Ronald P. ’61BSME/’76MBA & Vanech Family Foundation
Linda Lalli Richard R. Veronesi ’61BSME
Litron, Inc. Mara M. Veronesi ’85BA
PTI Industries, Inc. Karl A. ’38LLB* & Violet L.
OUAT LLC ’39BBA/’01Bacc(hon)* Vester
Overhaul Support Services LLC Roger W. Wade ’82JD
Alfred A. ’51BBA/’95LLD(hon)/ Western New England University
’01Bacc(hon)* & Parents’ Association
Marian L. LaRiviere Western New England University
George E. LaRose ’31BCS* Student Senate
The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust R. Lyman & Leslie Wood


12 | President’s Report 2015 - 2016

Honor Roll of Donors

The Cupola Society

The Cupola Society provides special recognition for donors who have named Western New England University as a beneficiary in their will, trust,
or life insurance plan, or who have made other forms of planned gifts such as charitable gift annuities or real estate.

Robert A. Adolphson ’34BBA* John F. Fallon ’66JD* Amelia C. Neils ’78BBA* William H. Sleith ’44BBA/
Darrel S. ’55BBA* & Florilla P. Ames Maurice J. ’57JD & ’80LHD(hon)*
Anonymous (13) Margaret M. Ferriter Carmen Guevara Neuberger Jean C. ’46BBA* &
Panagiotis “Tak” Argentinis ’66BSME Frank P. Fitzgerald ’68BSBA/’73JD Esmond E.* Sterling
Ralph A. Armstrong ’27LLB* Harriet Fuller* Mary A. Noble ’36LLB* Roger J. ’53BBA/’01Bacc(hon)* &
Harlan S. Atwood ’70BA* Constance Gleason Furcolo Catherine G.* Sullivan
Maurice H. ’42LLB* & Grace L. M. Gainley ’36LLB* Joseph Nowak* Philip W. Suomu ’83MBA
Rebekah M.* Baitler Raymond J. Gianantoni Lucius H.* & Dorothy J.* Tarbell
David M. Baker & ’74BBA/’79MBA Angela E. O’Connor* Paul C. Theilig ’48BBA/
Christine M. Petraglia Paul W. Gorman ’89BSEE/’96MSEE ’01Bacc(hon)*
Cecil R. Barber ’22BCS* Mary C. Gray* Francis S. Oleskiewicz ’61JD* James E. Tremble
Jeanne M. Bassett ’83JD* George & Carolyn* Greenway Frederick D. Van Norman
Donald B. Bator ’66BSIE* William H. Hawley ’67JD* George ’62BSIE & Peggy* Pehlvanian ’57LLD(hon)*
S. Prestley ’80LHD(hon) & Henry W. Hayes Jr. ’70BSBA Mark A. Vecchiarelli ’72BSIE
Helen D. Blake David W. Ives and Pamela Burch Isabel Peliciary* Karl A. ’38LLB* & Violet L.
Rose L. Blake Irving C. ’26BCS/’70DBA(hon)* & ’39BBA/’01Bacc(hon)* Vester
Rodney E. ’62BBA/’69JD* & Esther S.* Jacobs Gerard L. Pellegrini ’57JD* M. Louise Watkins*
Gail M. ’62BBA* Blakesley Georgianna ’89BSBA & Gary K. Webster ’77BSBA
Paul ’38LLB/’01JD(hon)* & Robert Jeffreys Clark S. Rainey ’65BBA* Lawrence A. Weiss ’75BSBA
Charlotte* Bloom William C. ’75MBA & Robert P. Wilk ’71BA/’83MBA
Hayden L. Bradley ’64BSME Patricia Jolicoeur Stuart Reynolds ’41BBA/’44MBA* E. Wesley* & Frances* Wilson
Frederick N. Bromage William H. ’77JD/’10LLM & Ladd Wilson ’69BSBA*
’34BBA/’61MBA* Kathleen Kain Hugo L. Ricci Jr. ’74JD Robert P. Ziomek
Irl O. Brown Jr. ’57BBA Steven P. Kitrosser ’66BSIE/’70MBA
Mae E. Brown* Wallace H. ’63BBA* & Kenneth M. Rickson ’75BSBA *deceased
Robert F. Bruno Sr. ’69BSBA Claretta Kountze
Janet Johnson Bullard ’69BBA David P. Kruger ’68BSBA/’72MBA Thomas E. Rokosz ’71BSBA
Thomas R. Burton ’70BSBA Robert E. Kubicek
Gale D. Candaras ’82JD & ’52BBA/’57JD/’01Bacc(hon) Stephen J. ’81MBA &
Arthur D. Wolf Ronald P. Lalli ’61BSME/’76MBA
President Anthony S. Caprio Robert P. ’62BSME & Denise LaRiviere Rourke
Kenneth D. Cardwell Virginia A. Langdon
’63BBA/’66MBA George E. LaRose ’31BCS* Russell C. ’51BBA* &
Thomas G. Carroll Carl A. LeGrand ’66BSME/’74MBA
’79BSBA/’87MBA Clarice L. Levi* Anna G.* Salls
Daniel J. Castellano Jr. ’69BSBA Patricia J. Libby ’84JD*
Chester J. ’23LLB* & James V. Liberatore* C. Kenneth ’56BBA* &
Margaret* Chambers Nancy J. Linck ’84JD
Carl O. Chauncey ’25LLB* Edwin W. Lindsay ’78BSBA Victoria* Sanderson
Florence B.* & Ralph* Chimelis William J. Lindsay ’77BSBA
John D. Churchill* Richard T. ’34BBA* & Roy A. Scott
Arthur H. Clarke* Gertrude R.* Lovett
Robert W. Clarke Martin A.* & Roberta D.* Lower John F. Shaw*
Charles Clason ’70DLitt(hon)* Kim A. Mac Leod ’73BA
Robert J. Cleeland* Arthur M. ’98LLD(hon)* & J. Resler Shultz*
Frances B.* & Rebecca* Marshall
Norman N. ’34BBA* Cohen Antonette J. Mazza* Elizabeth A. Simpson
Frank Colaccino ’80MBA Horace O. McCrea ’23BCS*
Harold W. Conant* Richard E. Menzel Jr. ’37BBA* ’02BA/’07JD/’09LLM
Katherine M. Connell* Everett J. ’35BBA* &
Mary T. Cormier* Helen L.* Merrifield
John A. ’77BSBA & Diane M. Dame Barbara A. Moffat
Hyman G. Darling ’77JD Elva J. Moore ’28LLB*
George W. David ’72MBA Dorothy L. Morgan
Janet Doolin ’79JD Joseph Morrow ’25BCS*
Donald J.* & Phoebe* Dowd E. Ronald Mosca ’78MBA
James F. Duggan ’34BBA* Frederick V. ’69BSBA &
Beverly J. Dwight Holly* Mottle | 13

Honor Roll of Donors

The President’s Society

The President’s Society recognizes donors who have contributed $1,000 or more to Western New England University during the period of July 1, 2015
to June 30, 2016. Names in bold have given for five consecutive years or more.

The 1951 Circle of the Cantor Colburn, LLP Charles R. ’87JD & Carol Casartello Gale D. Candaras ’83JD/’15LHD(hon)
President’s Society President Anthony S. Caprio Richard M. ’80BSBA & & Arthur D. Wolf
Annual Giving of $50,000 or More Norma L. ’78BSBA/’82MBA & Catherine Cassata Gale D. Candaras Election
The 1951 Circle recognizes the Frank ’80MBA Colaccino Donald R. ’75BBA & Dianna Chase Committee
year Western New England became The Colvest Group, Ltd Robert W. & Holly S. Clarke Kenneth D. ’63BBA/’66MBA &
independently chartered. Philmore H. ’91JD & Anne M. Colburn Gary T. ’80BSEE/’02MBA & Joan Cardwell
Alexander M. ’84BSBA & Jane Corl Patricia D. Cromack Community Foundation of
Kevin S. ’77BSBA & Rocco J. ’84BSBA/’87MBA & Shane E. Daly ’00JD Western Massachusetts
Sandra E. Delbridge Donna Deliso Falcone John A. ’77BSBA & Diane Dame David C. ’87BSME & Jayne Couchon
The FloDesign Companies Rocky’s Hardware, Inc. Richard M. & Judith A. DiRuzza Daniel Covell
FloDesign Inc. Financial Partners Inc. The Walt Disney Company David R. Dietrich
FloDesign Sonics, Inc. Lester & Carolyn Fontaine The Walt Disney Foundation Enphase Energy, Inc.
Michael J. ’82BSBA/’83MBA & Freedom Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Terry A. ’69BSEE & Zena Fuller Frank P. Fitzgerald ’68BSBA/’73JD
Janice Flynn Denis G. ’76MBA & Nancy Gagnon Diana H. ’85JD & General Electric Company
Follett Higher Education Group Excel Dryer, Inc. James P. ’84JD Horan General Electric Foundation
Kern Family Foundation The Gaudreau Group, Inc. Stanley Kowalski III ’92BSME Ronald D. ’73JD & Susan Grodsky
Steven P. ’66BSIE/’70MBA & Marshall A. ’65BSME & Joyce Hart The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust Harry Grodsky & Co., Inc.
Elaine Kitrosser Marion E. Hoar The Mark Coffey Memorial Charles P. Hagenian ’72BA
Kitrosser Family Charitable Fund KPMG LLP Golf Outing Andrew T. & Meghan Henshon
Gerard L. Pellegrini ’57JD* KPMG Foundation Maura C. McCaffrey Montgomery Granby Partners LLC
KPMG LLP - Hartford Health New England, Inc. Kenneth B. & Anne B. Herman
John D. Churchill Circle of the Dennis M. ’80BSME & Karen Lind John M. & Julie Mitchell John P. Isenburg
President’s Society Leonard A. ’82JD & Barbara B. McCue Kristin L. ’93BSME & Charles Murphy Edwin W. ’78BSBA &
Annual Giving between $25,000 Menck Windows Carmen Guevara Neuberger Paula A. ’77BSBA Lindsay
and $49,999 The National Collegiate Athletic Suzanna A. Norbeck ’82JD Anthony ’70BSBA & Donna A. Lucki
The John D. Churchill Circle honors Association Albert L. Plante ’86BSEE/’90MSEE Massachusetts Golf Association, Inc.
the first President of Western New Novo Nordisk A/S Kenneth M. ’75BSBA & MassMutual Financial Group
England. People’s United Bank Dena Rickson Michael McMyne ’90JD &
Timothy ’82JD & Kathryn Pinch Stephen J. ’81MBA & Carolee Arsenault
Philip C. & Jill K. Beaudry Rite Aid Corporation Denise LaRiviere Rourke George P. Pehlvanian ’62BSIE
BTP Systems LLC Jeffrey B. Sagalyn ’76JD Robert E. ’83JD & Phyllis Salad Javier Eduardo Riofrio
Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Peter C. Steingraber ’84JD Michael A. ’77BSBA & Sumner W. ’51BBA/’60MBA/
New England Robert J. Stevens Patricia J. ’77BA Serafino ’01Bacc(hon) & Sarah Robbins
Martha & Donald Harrison Gary F. ’76JD & Jay Thomas Kathleen A. Shea ’97JD Charles J. Rollins ’82BSBA
Scott S. ’81BSBA & Susan Jacobs The Wealth Technology Group Terrien Transportation, Inc. Julie I. Siciliano ’81BSBA/’84MBA
Resource Furniture TJX Foundation Margaret L. Wendlandt ’86JD & Stanley Black and Decker Inc.
State Farm Companies Mara M. Veronesi ’85BA Gary E. Wendlandt Sandra L. Tullius ’88JD
R. Lyman & Leslie Wood Richard R. Veronesi ’61BSME The Gary E. and Margaret L. Warrior Elite Lacrosse
Roger W. Wade ’82JD Wendlandt Charitable Fund Allison P. & Craig Werder
The Founders’ Circle of the Walgreens Constance Marie Willett ’91MBA Westfield Youth Lacrosse Inc.
President’s Society Kathleen A. White ’78BSE WNE 5th Quarter Club
Annual Giving between $10,000 The Beaumont Herman Circle Western New England University
and $24,999 The Trustees’ Circle of the of the President’s Society College of Business Board of Advisors
The Founders’ Circle honors the President’s Society Annual Giving between $2,500 Jack S. White ’79JD
men and women who supported the Annual Giving between $5,000 and $4,999
creation of Western New England. and $9,999 The Beaumont Herman Circle honors The Robert R. Emerson Circle
The Trustees’ Circle recognizes impor- the University’s 2nd President. of the President’s Society
ARAMARK Corporation tance of the leadership of the University’s Annual Giving between $1,000
Lisa ’83BSBA/’90MBA & Board of Trustees. Joseph S. Aboyoun ’78JD and $2,499
Bruce D. ’83BSIE/’90MBA Bachmann Aboyoun & Heller LLC The Robert R. Emerson Circle recognizes
John J. ’71BSEE & Holly Brennan Absolute Green Energy Corp. American Society for Quality— the first Chairman of the Board of
Franklin Valve LP Paula K. Allen Biomedical Division Trustees.
Summit Company GP, LP Big Lot! Inc. Barings LLC
BTG International Inc. Rheo A. ’76BSBA & Faith Brouillard Baxter International, Inc. Aetna Foundation, Inc.
Janet Johnson ’69BBA & Thomas R. Burton ’70BSBA Peter M. ’87BSBA & Heidi M. Black Brad L. ’03MBA & Jane Albert
Robert A. Bullard Carmel A. Caramagna ’84JD George W. Crawford Black Edward L. Anastasi ’89BSBA
Donald G. ’73BSBA/’79MBA & Robert H. ’68BSBA & Bar Association Richard G. Arrich ’73BSIE
Phyllis E. Campbell Sandra Carnevale Pamela Burch & David W. Ives Guy ’86BSBA & Ann Asadorian
The Phyllis & Donald Campbell
Charitable Foundation

14 | President’s Report 2015 - 2016

Honor Roll of Donors

Robert C. & Judy Azar Arthur R. ’80JD & Nancy B. Finkelstein Ronald P. ’61BSME/’76MBA & SNE Building Systems, Inc.
Jamison J. Barr ’98JD Roger L. ’62BSME & Joyce Frasca Linda Lalli Joshua J. & Linda M. Spooner
Jamison Giving Fund Harriet Fuller* Litron, Inc. Alfred A. ’78JD & Anne Stadnicki
Eli B. Basch ’76JD Constance G. Furcolo Edwin W. ’69BSME & Carol A. Laprade Robert B. ’79BSBA &
BasketBull, LLC Arthur R. & Joanne Gaudio Carol A. & Robert J. Leary Elaine C. ’81BA Stein
Mark L. Berthiaume ’78BSBA & Lisa J. & Charles F. Gilgen Brian M. Leistikow ’13BSEE Diana & Lawrence R. Stolberg
Betsey Thompson Douglas P. ’69BSBA & Geraldine Glazier Janice & Wayne B. Leistikow Peter B. Stone ’70BA/’78MBA
Neville S. ’75BSBA/’81MBA & Yvonne C. Gleba ’93BSBA Best Buddy Bruce Peter B. Stone Associates Inc.
Yvonne S. ’83BSBA/’91MBA Bogle Thomas A. Gorski ’79BSBA & Barbara A. Lenk Philip W. Suomu ’83MBA
Lisa Anne Bongiovi ’94JD & Allison Storms Scott A. ’83JD & Deborah S. Lessne Daniel J. Swords ’76JD
Lawrence Kenneth Josiah ’93JD Eric J. Gouvin & Amy B. ’88BSBA/’00MBA & Michael W. ’62BSME &
John S. Breck ’85JD Elizabeth L. Lovejoy ’07LLM Christopher L. Lewis Christine M. Taillon
Irl O. ’57BBA & Margaret M. Brown Richard A. & Carol A. Grabiec Liberty Mutual Insurance Company Ellen S. Teller ’83JD &
Travis Brown ’09BSBA Philip J. ’51BBA/’01Bacc(hon) & Gina Marie & Jeffrey N. Massicott Martin S. Kanovsky
Christopher M. Burke ’80JD Marjorie A. Grace Susan E. ’85BSBA & Sean McMurray TIAA-CREF Financial Services
C. L. Frank & Company Bryan Gross Ronald J. Milkay ’63BSME Brian P. ’67BBA/’71MBA &
Richard J. ’73MBA & Thomas A. ’77BSBA & Renee A. Miller-Mizia ’05JD & Mary A. Trelease
Carreen L. Callahan Patricia Gruppioni John Mizia Vincent E. Turley ’85JD
CATIC Foundation, Inc. Pierre H. Guertin ’78BSBA Barbara A. & John Moffat United Bank
Denice Daro Chandler ’93JD Byrnes N. Guillaume ’06JD Bruce L. Morin ’85BSME/’16MSEM United Technologies Corporation
Michael D. ’79MBA & Sue Coffey Byrnes Guillaume Attorney Ronald E. ’68BSEE & John C. Van Amsterdam
John & Lorraine Conti at Law PLLC Susan B. Musiak ’63BSME/’65MBA
CVS Healthcare Corporation Jeanne S. Hart-Steffes NACDS Foundation Van Amsterdam Family Fund
CVS Health Foundation Philip H. Harris ’85JD & Wah Sing ’68BSEE/’75MBA & Richard A. Wagner
Charles W. Danis ’81JD Judith S. Grossman Christine Ng Stephanie A. ’90JD &
Martha Day ’85JD & C. N. Hetzner Ruth L. Hoffman ’86JD John M. ’74BSBA & Claudia O’Brien David Lee Watkins
Robert W. & Marilyn P. Dobek Elaine T. & Robert H. Holdsworth J.M. O’Brien & Company, P.C. Beth E. & Brian Welch
Maryrita Dobiel ’83JD Richard & Sharon Holl OMG, Inc. Western New England Alumni
Janet Doolin ’79JD & Hospital Pharmacists of John M. Payne ’81JD & Association Golf Tournament
Mark J. Kolber ’76JD Western Massachusetts Jill McCarthy Payne ’86JD Western New England University
Marilyn Petraiuolo ’80JD & HUB International Limited Ronald R. & Emily T. Payne Alumni Association Board of Directors
Craig A. Douglas Myong S. Jensen ’89MSSM Rodney W. Pease ’77BA/’82MBA Western New England University
Thomas D. Downey ’96MBA/’01JD Information Technology Solutions Charles R. & Ann L. Pollock College of Pharmacy Class of 2015
Philip M. ’75JD & Sandra L. Duda & Consulting, LLC Joseph H. Reinhardt ’82JD Westfield Bank
William E. ’79BSBA & Judith H. Jones ’86JD Matthew J. ’84BSME & Pamela Richi Y. Kevin ’81JD & Susan H. Williams
Allyson Dupuis Linda Jones Evan T. & Janet E. Robinson Wonderful Giving
Beverly J. Dwight & Richard S. & Louise Keating Matthew L. Rollins ’11JD New York Life Insurance Company
Peter Stefanyszyn William J. Kelleher James & Barbara Runko YourCause, LLC Trustee for New York Life
East Coast Tile Imports, Inc. Jihyun Kim ’03JD Robert & Wendy Russman-Halperin Robert P. & Annette S. Ziomek
Betty J. Emery James J. Knittel Andrew A. ’89BSEE & Kristie Sargent
Gregory A. ’79JD & Diane Falk Dennis J. Kolodziejski & Peter W. Schroth *deceased
Fidelity Investments, Inc. Sheralee Tershner Cheryl R. ’83JD &
Fidelity Foundation David P. ’68BSBA/’72MBA & Peter L. ’83JD Smith
Gerri A. Kruger | 15

Western New England University
Board of Trustees

Michael A. Serafino ’77

Kenneth M. Rickson ’75
Vice Chairman

Robert W. Clarke

Kathleen A. Shea, Esq. L’97

Anthony S. Caprio

Philip C. “Bud” Beaudry
Neville S. Bogle ’75/G’81
John J. Brennan ’71
Rheo A. Brouillard ’76
Janet J. Bullard ’69
Thomas R. Burton ’70
Carmel A. Caramagna, Esq. L’84
Richard M. Cassata ’80
Norma L. Colaccino ’78/G’82
Alexander M. Corl ’84
Gary T. Cromack ’80/G’02
Kevin S. Delbridge ’77
Rocco J. Falcone II ’84/G’87
Michael J. Flynn ’82/G’83
Denis G. Gagnon G’76
Marshall A. Hart, Jr. ’65
Andrew T. Henshon
Diana H. Horan, Esq. L’85
Steven P. Kitrosser ’66/G’70
Stanley Kowalski III ’92
Dr. Barbara A. Lenk, Esq.
Amy B. Lewis ’88/G’00
Dennis M. Lind ’80
Edwin W. Lindsay ’78
Maura C. McCaffery
John M. Mitchell
Kristin L. Murphy, Esq. ’93
Dr. Carmen Guevara Neuberger, Esq.
Stephen J. Rourke G’81
Robert E. Salad, Esq. L’83
Peter C. Steingraber, Esq. L’84
Gary F. Thomas, Esq. L’76
Allison P. Werder
Kathleen A. White ’78

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