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The corporate brochure for aport global laboratory relocation.

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aport global laboratory relocation brochure 2016

The corporate brochure for aport global laboratory relocation.

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Delivering a difference

02/03 About aport
04/05 Laboratory instrumentation relocation
06/07 Temperature controlled materials relocation
08/09 Dangerous goods relocation
10/11 Data/Cleanroom relocation
12/13 Worldwide relocation
14/15 Regulatory compliance adherence
16/17 Project management
18/19 Relocation & revalidation of assays
20/21 3rd party audit of labs to GLP/GCP standard
22/23 Our clients

About aport

aport is a world-first in providing integrated laboratory
relocation services that deliver fully compliant turnkey
solutions across the globe.

As an organisation, aport is committed to delivering world class support
to its customers through continuous training of its employees. A focus
on ensuring knowledge of global regulatory standards is constantly
maintained and investment in product and service leadership is made to
ensure our solutions remain relevant, technically superior and innovative.
Headquartered in the UK, aport has offices in the USA and Singapore,
but has the ability to work seamlessly throughout all continents to
provide laboratory relocation services of any size, offering customers
with multiple global facilities access to standardised and consistent
levels of service.
Our clients include some of the industry’s leading names, who appreciate
our focus on regulatory adherence along with the physical aspect of any
relocation, as well as our meticulous levels of staff training, carried out
at our in-house training facility.
Please contact us to discuss your needs in detail.



From centrifuges and gas chromatography equipment,
through to high value, sensitive mass spectrometers,
aport has the skills and experience to handle, pack
and transport your laboratory instrumentation safely.

Before any relocation project begins, every aspect of a laboratory
relocation is carefully planned to minimise any disruption and reduce
the amount of downtime for valuable and important instrumentation.
Each member of our team undergoes extensive training and is subject
to thorough security checks to ensure they are suitable to handle even
the most delicate and confidential items.
We ensure all the pre- and post-installation qualifications (IQ/OQ/PQ)
are adhered to and tracked, with aport able to assist in the qualification
audit trail. We also ensure that all items of instrumentation are packed,
protected and handled in line with OEM protocols and are able to plan
and handle all decontamination requirements, including certification.
Specialist equipment
We use specialist handling equipment and packaging materials to ensure
the safety of valuable laboratory equipment, including hydraulic lifting
equipment for heavy items. High value or delicate equipment is protected
with anti-static wrapping then packed into individual crates. The crates
are lined with heavy-duty foam supports to absorb any sudden impacts.
Laboratory protection
We use protective materials in your laboratory prior to loading and
unloading to avoid any potential damage to the fabric of the building.
Floors, walls and doorways are padded, with material which is applied
subject to authorisation and in line with any air-lock requirements.
Protective coatings are removed and then taken for incineration after use.
After your move is complete, packing crates are removed and then
disposed of sustainably.


We operate fully validated shipping
systems up to 220 hours:
2-8°C /-25°C to -15°C
-80°C / +15°C to +25°C

Temperature controlled
materials relocation

At aport, we understand the vital importance of
our clients’ ongoing research, and the potentially
devastating cost and time to market implications,
should the worst happen.

Your temperature controlled materials will be handled with the
utmost care and attention by our team, to ensure they reach their
destination in perfect condition and with their integrity maintained.
We provide validated temperature controlled solutions which
meet GxP compliance standards and can transport your shipment
anywhere in the world, even researching and providing bespoke
solutions when required.
We offer solutions for all ranges including frozen, chilled and
temperate with packaging systems validated for up to 220 hours.
We use only the highest quality shipping systems, tested to ISTA
Standards, IATA Perishable Goods Regulations (PGR) and USP1079
Our staff will bring the required specialist compliant packaging and
coolants to your organisation’s premises and it will be precisely
pre-conditioned to the right temperature before any samples or
materials are loaded. For worldwide sample relocations, aport uses
cross-hemisphere IATA compliant packaging to account for any
ambient temperature challenges.
USB data monitors are used with sensitive temperature ranges,
such as 2-8°C, to record integrity throughout. We also have a
wide range of passive systems using dry ice and phase change
materials and the utilisation of semi-active systems is available
dependent on payload, routing and temperature ranges.


Dangerous goods relocation

Our specialist staff have extensive experience of
relocating hazardous substances, dangerous goods
and chemical relocation using transportation by
road, air or sea.

As well as safely and carefully transporting chemicals from classes
2 to 9, we plan every element of a move which involves dangerous
goods to ensure the safety of everyone at all stages and we put
strict procedures in place to deal with any issues which might arise
in an efficient and timely manner.
aport employs certified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors
(DGSAs) to advise on all chemical and hazardous substance
moves, separately from main relocation requirements. Our DGSAs
ensure the safe transportation of hazardous materials, providing
a high level of understanding of the regulations around packaging,
documentation and the acceptable mode of transport.
After an initial assessment of the volumes of your dangerous goods
and chemicals, we will determine which packaging and hazard
warning labels are appropriate and provide a fully qualified team
to pack, label and transport your dangerous goods.
We can transport dangerous goods to any global destination,
creating and managing all the necessary paperwork for the journey
and taking liability for the whole relocation. This minimises the
potential for customs delays and reduces the risks to your business.

Moving dangerous
goods – classes 2 to 9


Data/Cleanroom relocation

We have rigorous procedures in place to ensure
laboratory data is kept secure and is always
handled in compliance with GLP requirements.

Any mishandling, loss of information or leak to a third party could prove
disastrous for your organisation. With aport you can be sure that your
laboratory data is always treated with the respect it deserves and will be
kept secure during transit.
Data is transported in enclosed containers, which are security tagged with
individual reference numbers that are logged and signed for at origin by the
client. The same identification numbers are then signed off at destination
by the client, to ensure the seal remains intact.
For ultimate peace of mind, our vehicles are also individually sealed and
again are logged and signed for at origin and destination.
All aport vehicles are fitted with tracking devices which trace them
throughout Europe. This tracking information is provided to our clients as
part of our auditing procedures. We also implement and record full "chain
of custody" procedures for international transportation including air charter
or on-board courier where required.
Our skilled staff follow strict procedures and protocols to carefully move
your cleanroom environment to your chosen destination. At all times,
cleanrooms are protected from any contamination, vibration or condensation.
We use specialist equipment, including floating decks, air skates and
poly-dollies, to remove equipment safely and reinstall it at your destination.
aport will work with you to draw up detailed protocols before handling any
cleanroom equipment to make sure it is transported correctly. Our crews use
vacuum packing, specialist crates and foil barrier bags to protect sensitive
and valuable equipment during the relocation process. We also use tilt and
shock monitors to check equipment is being handled according to protocols.
aport operates cleanroom relocation throughout every continent, at all times
working to US Federal Standard 209E and EU GGMP Standards.



aport provides a truly global laboratory
relocation service, thanks to our expertise
and capacity to seamlessly move all aspects
of a laboratory environment.

aport has an extensive in-house team of staff who are
individually trained at our purpose-built education centre. We
also work with vetted partners throughout the world in order
to provide our clients with a trusted, responsive service to
deliver a wide range of specialist laboratory services.
We have specialist knowledge regarding international
customs clearance for materials from the life science sector,
including chemicals, biological agents, research samples
and scientific equipment. These can necessitate sensitive
documentation for clearance, which can cause delays if not
completed correctly. In particular, research samples can
often require more specialist clearance procedures, with
exacting declarations and statements in relation to biological
samples taken from human and animal subjects. CITES
(Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species)
certificates may also be required, along with other specific
customs documents. If possible, we will pre-clear items
before shipping to avoid expensive delays.
We are also able to help customers who have bought
second-hand laboratory equipment from asset management
companies, which requires shipping to an international
aport has three regional offices throughout the world
in order to provide a responsive and customer-focused
approach to our services in our key markets.


Regulatory compliance

From our extensive experience in the laboratory
relocation sector, we fully understand its complex
and incredibly compliant nature.

We offer our clients the ultimate peace of mind when carrying
out any project, by providing compliance and associated
documentation to the highest levels. Principles of GxP compliance
are adopted, including GLP, GMP and GDP, in every relocation of
laboratory equipment, data and research specimens and materials.
Detailed and thorough standard operating procedures (SOPs)
are created for each relocation, along with specific protocols for
critical elements and compliant related areas, and detailed risk
and method statements (RAMS) are produced, particularly when
working in Cat 3 environments.
We employ Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors (DGSAs) as well as a
full compliance team which works with clients to help minimise risk.
We also implement an audit-based tracking systems for
all assignments and validation data to support clients’ own
submissions to the FDA or EMA where required.
Our crews are fully trained at our own in-house training facility,
where we employ a full-time trainer and compliance manager and
staff can perfect their handling techniques in our mock building. In
the classroom we teach theory such as working to protocols and
SOPs and the principles of working in compliant environments.


Project management

aport employs experienced laboratory relocation
project managers to work alongside our clients
to deliver specialist turnkey project management
solutions, integrating every aspect of the relocation -
not just the physical move. Every laboratory relocation
project is different and every organisation and location
presents its own priorities, challenges and concerns
which need to be managed.

From managing the move itself to managing third parties, including OEMs
and vendors, as well as local and international regulatory adherence,
our project management team will lead your relocation from inception
to post-installation sign off, to ensure every element is planned, risk
assessed, timed and executed effectively. Project management teams
can be based on-site with you for larger or more complex relocations.
Every project is individually tailored to meet your company’s specific
needs. We will arrange an initial meeting to discuss needs and set out
your company’s goals and timescales. We will aim to get a thorough
understanding of how your firm operates, including any unusual issues or
dependencies, to plan a full and thorough move schedule.
Your lead project manager will guide you through the process and help
plan communications with staff, clients or third parties who may be
affected by the relocation.
Your move will be planned to make the best use of your company’s
time and we will provide you with a full timeline – at all times minimising
downtime. We can work flexibly, at evenings or weekends, or in a phased
approach, to enable this. We will also prepare a detailed contingency
plan to account for any unforeseen circumstances to ensure minimum
disruption to your relocation.


& revalidation
of assays

Consideration of the relocation and revalidation
of assays is particularly critical for laboratories
which are involved in providing regulatory standard
bioanalysis, when ensuring the continuity of the
performance of assays being used to generate data.

We will ensure that the physical relocation and re-qualification of
laboratory instrumentation is complemented by the re-establishment
of the assays being used. While the guidelines and considerations
for this are not always defined, the various applicable authorities,
including the FDA and EMA, both require and expect validation
experiments to be conducted, to ensure continuity.
We will build time into the relocation plan to allow sufficient time
and resources are allowed to carry out the significant amount of
planning, review and experimental work which will be required to
achieve laboratory productivity for each assay, which is likely to take
considerable time both prior to and post-relocation.


3rd party audit of labs
to GLP/GCP standard

aport can provide contract research
organisations (CROs) with a third party
laboratory audit during relocation.

This can be used to provide valuable information and
reassurance to clients, who will have an obligation to
demonstrate effective supervision of outsourced research
and ensure that all correct regulations are followed.
A laboratory relocation can be a time of disruption that has
the potential to interrupt valuable ongoing research. For this
reason it is vital that an independent audit is carried out in
order to provide clients with the evidence required to ensure
that integrity of research is maintained.
With our expertise in the field of laboratory relocation,
aport is able to provide reviews of the relocation plan and
implementation, as well as your new facility and operating
procedures. Our reviews will meet GLP/GCP standards
and can encompass scientific, technical and operational
standard audits.
By offering clients this additional robust information, CROs
will be able to save valuable time and resources.


Our clients

We have a diverse mix of clients all around the world, who rely on
our services to ensure the continued successful operation of their
laboratories. Here is a small selection of some of the company we keep:


aport (Europe)
Porter House
Huyton Road
United Kingdom
08000 902274
+44 (0)1257 484354
aport (North America)
Kendall Square
245 First Street
Riverview II (18th Floor)
United States
+1 617 444 8708
aport (Asia)
6 Lok Yang Way
+65 626 45711

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