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No 2 Det Grønne Område // October 2015




DREAM More startup companies at the THE SUPERLIGA
Technical University of
Novozymes: Lyngby perfect Denmark (DTU) than ever before Lyngby Boldklub heading
for new research centre for the top in Danish football

READ City of knowledge inspires others // Commercial city is well equipped // The gateway to Lyngby to receive a facelift //
Why Maersk stays in Lyngby // Natural sciences must be hot // DTU is building for billions // Light rail to transform the centre
// Students from all over Europe at the Copenhagen Business Academy – CPH Business. 1

A WELCOME Visit Korsbæk, explore the houses and meet the characters from the fictional
ON LYNGBY Danish TV series called Matador. Photo: Finn Frandsen, Polfoto

One year ago, we published the magazine “Lyngby Future”. At that time, Korsbæk pulls
the construction cranes had begun work on Kanalvej, the new Maersk the crowds
domicile was being built on Lyngby Hovedgade, and DTU had plans for
construction projects worth billions of kroner. Bakken has had yet another record sea- 30,000 people have enjoyed tours of the
son, and not least, the new model town town, where you can explore the houses
Altogether, the existing and forthcoming buildings amounted to called Korsbæk at Bakken has attracted and meet characters from the Matador
about DKK 8 billion, and we thought it would be interesting to update more visitors to the old amusement park series. A total of 2.7 million people vis-
readers on the many projects and do our best to describe where Lyn- in Dyrehaven. Korsbæk opened on 10 ited Bakken in 2015 and its revenue has
gby is heading. April and has been pulling crowds increased by 20 percent compared with
throughout the summer. More than last year, which was also a record season.
The idea was very well received. During the weeks following publica-
tion, we received plenty of positive feedback, and we know that compa-
nies and others have been showing the Danish and English versions of
the magazine to customers and business partners.

However, very soon the question arose: When will you publish a
sequel? The first version of Lyngby Future was only a snap shot, af-
ter all. It showed trends as they were in the autumn of 2014. Plenty
has happened since then. For example, another large company, Novo-
zymes, is moving to the municipality, where it will be building a large
research and development centre.

We therefore think it is time for an update. For citizens, companies
and everyone else who is interested in the developments in Lyngby-
Taarbæk. That is why you are now reading Lyngby Future No. 2 and
will perhaps one day will also be reading a No. 3. Because Lyngby is
currently developing at a rapid pace.

Until then: Happy reading with version No. 2!
Steen Trolle, editor

KNord gains more space DTU shines as an
innovative beacon in Europe

Two of the local colleges have gained more el- Mayor So a Osmani conducted the o cial DTU ranks as number seven in mance in terms of innovation based
bowroom. KNord, consisting of Lyngby Gym- inauguration of the building. With the new Europe on Reuters’ Top 100 of the on a number of indicators, such as
nasium (stx) and Lyngby Handelsgymnasium building, KNord has also gained a new ad- world’s most innovative universities. patent applications. DTU has applied
(hhx), has opened a new main building. e dress. Researchers from DTU registered 152 for 240 of these and has been allo-
3,000 square metre extensions comprise class- inventions in 2014 and collaborated cated 40 percent of those requested.
rooms, common areas, and a number of small e main entrance is now on the new with industry on 1,249 projects.
workstations for the students. Hjortehøjsvej 1, which is a side road off DTU tops the list of Nordic uni-
Hjortekærvej. Reuters’ Top 100 measures the versities and is number 43 on a world-
universities’ capacity and perfor- wide scale.

F U T UREKGS. Editor in Chief: Photos: Jan Juel,, Colorbox m.fl. Printing:
Claus W. Krogh Greentech Rotaprint A/S
LY N G BY Design and Layout:
Editors: Politikens Lokalaviser Grafisk Distribution:
October 2015 Steen Trolle (editor) Interest points / Handouts through
Det Grønne Område Theis Otzen Advertising: international companies,
Politikens Lokalaviser A/S Anders Bruhn Kristensen Jacob Kaspersen, Bettina Guldager, City of Knowledge and others.
Gl. Lundtoftevej 1B, 2800 Kgs Lyngby Helle Darum, Mikkel Christensen
Tel. +45 91 80 70,


The new BMW X1 Sheer
Driving Pleasure



Tough on the outside, elegant on the inside – with athletic driving performance: It’s a different experience all
round, in classic BMW style. The BMW X1 is probably a notch or two above what you’ve encountered in this
class: Strong, dynamic lines give a sporty feel, both on and off road, supported by up to 231 horse power,
delivered by award-winning engine technology – with a choice of 2 or 4 wheel drive. With plenty of headroom
in the driver’s seat, you get a superior view over the world and traffic. You also get to overlook a wealth of
BMW quality details and equipment, which are a cut above the expected. You can privately lease a BMW X1
from 4,795 DKK per month – something else you wouldn’t expect!

JAN NYGAARD AS Kgs. Lyngby Firskovvej 33 2800 Kgs. Lyngby Tlf.: 4588 6600
København Tlf.: 3259 4611 Englandsvej 389 2770 Kastrup

BMW Private Leasing of the BMW X1 sDrive18d includes delivery costs and service, but not insurance and environment tax.
Start-up expense: 4,995 DKK, administration charge: 25 DKK/month. Monthly leasing cost: 4,795 DKK. Downpayment: 30,000 DKK.
Total cost for the whole period 150,675 DKK. The price is based on a 24 month lease with 40,000 km for that period. Reservations as
to creditworthiness may apply. Prices are valid until otherwise communicated. The car is shown with extra equipment.

Petrol economy: 15,6–24,4 km/l, CO2-emission 109-149 g/km, 150-231 hk. A+ EB



Lyngby has an extremely good starting point in the battle for future

consumers, according to Carsten Beck, who researches future

trends and lives in Lyngby. Photo: Steen Trolle

Magasin sets record

Magasin in Lyngby is one of the stores that has taken the
message to rejuvenate seriously to heart. e large depart-
ment store on Klampenborgvej has regularly launched new
initiatives and concepts, and most recently completed a
conversion worth millions of kroner that has added 250
square metres to the shopping area and paved the way for a
number of new labels.

Innovation works. For the third year in a row, Magasin has
delivered record revenue, and store manager Michael Dupont
predicts that 2015-2016 will be yet another record year.

“We are very humbled by the result. We know that con-
tinuing our growth depends on continuously developing our
business and being even better at inspiring our customers,”
says Michael G. Dupont.

Lyngby is standing strong

– but must remain poised to seize opportunities

As a commercial city, Lyngby has winning potential in the is also applies to demonstrating passion
battle for tomorrow’s consumers. However, the city must and – with inspiration from the hotel sec-
remain poised to seize opportunities since consumers are tor – ‘hosting’, where you engage yourself
quick to go elsewhere, according to the futurologist in customers’ needs.

By: Steen Trolle Photos: Jan Juel “However, it is important not to become We will have to well “As traders, you must be able to deliver
arrogant and believe that we have won. and truly shoot more than just a transaction. Digital op-
Futurologist Carsten Beck lives in Bonde- Consumers are not particularly loyal, and ourselves in the portunities mean that many customers
byen and o en shops in Lyngby. He is a it doesn’t take much to prompt them to foot in Lyngby to can obtain the basic information they need
retail expert at the Copenhagen Institute drive somewhere else. It’s a question of re- themselves, and can easily take care of
for Futures Studies and has good news for maining poised to seize opportunities and prevent ourselves ordering without assistance. So if they
Lyngby’s shopkeepers: create innovation and new experiences,” from becoming one want to come into contact with a shop
says Carsten Beck. of the leading cities assistant, that person must have in-depth
“Goodness me, we will have to well and offering specialty knowledge the customer cannot obtain
truly shoot ourselves in the foot in Lyngby e city must remain constantly vigi- unaided. Passion for the product is gener-
to prevent ourselves from becoming one of lant that no shopping concepts are missing. goods in ten ally important. People love shops where
the leading cities o ering specialty goods And must have the courage to explore new years’ time they can feel that the sta are passion-
in ten years’ time,” he says. territory. ate about the items on sale,” says Carsten
Carsten Beck, Beck, giving this tip:
Lyngby Storcenter, Magasin and Lyngby “It’s important to keep our antennae futurologist,
Hovedgade – all in the space of just a few out and be open to inspiration. And I also resident of Lyngby “Take your customers seriously and
hundred metres – comprise an excellent think experimenting is useful. Trying new strive to be a little better than last year. Find
starting point for a future where many cities things and adjusting them along the way, out who you want to be, but also respect that
will be facing an uphill struggle: if necessary.” customers are di erent and have individual
needs,” says the futurologist.


Magasin is a mecca for those who
love shopping and want to experience what

Nordic style and fashion is all about.
Besides a wide selection of Scandinavian
brands, Magasin is the home of some of the
most recognized, international fashion brands.

Magasin offers a modern, yet exclusive
shopping universe, spanning clothing for
women, men and children, lifestyle products,
Danish design, perfume, beauty products

and accessories as well as cafés,
food and wine.



”We are looking
forward to this

Microsoft is amalgamating its two Danish companies at In recent weeks, Char-
a new domicile in Lyngby, which will open on 2 November. lotte Mark and Thomas
The employees have helped to choose the style of Schnegelsberg, top
furnishings in the new joint head office, which is executives at Micro-
pioneering new forms of collaboration soft’s two companies
in Denmark, have
By: Steen Trolle Photos: Jan Juel design, colour scheme and interior decora- arranged guided tours
To date, the buildings comprising Micro- tions. is input was subsequently inter- of the new domicile for
so ’s new domicile in Lyngby have been preted by the architect. the employees. “People
uninhabited. However, on Monday 2 No- are proud and excited,”
vember, the employees will begin their “ e exciting aspect is that although we they say.
have about 40 nationalities from all over
rst day of work in the brand new o ces the world gathered in Denmark, everyone in a di erent place. is means that we can Microso ’s head o ce in Seattle is therefore
designed by Henning Larsen Architects. has generally agreed that Nordic materials quickly collect people and test an idea even following the project with great interest.
and colours should characterise the interior though we are in very di erent locations,”
On that day, all 850 employees from Mi- design,” explains omas Schnegelsberg. says Charlotte Mark. “Microso has one department, Mi-
croso ’s two companies in Denmark will croso Workplace Advantage, that works
relocate from their current workplaces in The four seasons Can inspire the rest of Microsoft on developing the workplace of tomorrow.
Vedbæk and Hellerup and move into the e Nordic style will shine through in the is is the rst time outside the USA that People from there will come to Denmark
joint domicile on Kanalvej, 300 metres from to observe the innovations. Lyngby will
Lyngby Hovedgade. open and light interior decoration and use Microso is gathering its sales/marketing be a source of inspiration for the rest of
of real wood. e architect has also gained and development on the same premises. Microso ,” says Charlotte Mark.
“Everyone will go home that Friday from inspiration from the Nordic region for the
their current workplaces and will arrive for four seasonal colour themes: e common FACTS ABOUT
work in Lyngby on the following Monday,” areas, where you meet for co ee and e.g. ta-
explains omas Schnegelsberg, Director, ble football, are in the red and brown colours MICROSOFT IN DENMARK
Microso Customer & Partner Experience of autumn that signify warmth and cosiness.
at Microso Danmark, a sales company for · Microsoft in Denmark consists of the Danish sales and marketing
the IT giant in Denmark and Iceland. e canteen is in fresh summer colours, the department, Microsoft Danmark, and Microsoft Development
workspace areas are in wintery whites and Center Copenhagen (MDCC), which is one of Microsoft’s largest
We are sitting in a meeting room in Ved- blues (denoting calm and concentration), development centres in Europe.
bæk where Microso Development Center and the meeting rooms are in the yellows · Microsoft Danmark is in charge of sales and marketing of Mi-
Copenhagen is based. omas Schnegels- and greens of spring. e latter signalling crosoft’s products in Denmark and on Iceland and has about
berg has driven from the sales company in new ideas that are budding and growing. 550 employees.
Hellerup to assist Charlotte Mark, CEO of · MDCC develops business solutions for the global market under
the development company in explaining ere will also be plenty of opportu- the name Microsoft Dynamics. This involves software applica-
about the forthcoming life working together nity for the employees to experience all tions that can be used to support all corporate processes. MDCC
in Lyngby. the colours, as many are not linked to a has about 300 employees, including engineers, computer scien-
particular workstation in the new domicile. tists etc. from 40 different countries worldwide.
“We are looking forward to it tremen- All the large computers are centralised and
dously,” they both agree almost in harmony all information is cloud-based. erefore, in
as the interview is ending. principle, you can work anywhere, anytime.

Enthusiasm index e meeting rooms will be just as ex-
at applies to the whole organisation. An ible. e chairs are equipped with writing
trays and the tables have wheels so they can
ongoing ‘enthusiasm index’ of the employ- be moved about and positioned to please
ees’ expectations for the relocation shows the meeting participants. And a new so-
that and now, in both companies, all the called ‘surface hub’, a kind of advanced
employees are looking forward to moving. smartboard, will enable meetings to be held
without people being physically present.
“We have arranged guided tours for the
employees. You can feel that people are “We have focused a great deal on how
proud and excited about the innovations,” the architecture can support the new, dy-
explain the two [top executives]. namic forms of collaboration. Just gathering
around a traditional meeting table doesn’t
Understandably enough, as the employ- produce the interaction we want to achieve.
ees have helped put their stamp on design- Similarly, the technology will enable us to
ing the 18,000 square metre domicile. Two create a feeling of being close together in
brainstorming meetings have been held the same room even though each person is
where everyone could suggest ideas for the


Get close to Microsoft Light open and Nordic. That describes the interior
in the new café design and architecture of the new head office.

Enjoy a cup of co ee and try some of the so Customer & Partner Experience, says. Everyone will go home that
latest Microso products at a new café that In the café, guests will be able to try out Friday from their current work-
Microso will be opening at its new domicile places and will arrive for work in
on Kanalvej. cutting-edge Microso smartphones, surface Lyngby on Monday 2 November.
products and Xboxes, which will have their
e ambitious young café chain Original own lounge. ere will also be a glimpse
Co ee will be running the café. With ve inside Microso – a busy building where 850
cafés in Copenhagen, Hellerup and Taastrup employees work on a daily basis.
already, its mission is to make excellent co ee
and “be an urban oasis of calm, concentra- In addition to the café, Microso will hold
tion and conversation.” regular open-house events in connection
with large product launches etc.
“We have been looking for an operator
that is as nerdy with co ee, co ee roasting, “ e point of choosing such an attrac-
Barista training and café experiences as we tive location is that we want to open up and
are with so ware and so ware development,” invite the outside world in,” says Charlotte
as omas Schnegelsberg, Director, Micro- Mark, CEO of Microso Development Center



The forthcoming building
on Lyngby Hovedgade 63,
seen slightly from above.

Gateway to Lyngby

to receive a facelift

For many years, Lyngby Hovedgade 63 has housed a well-frequented car dealership.
However within a few years, a new building with youth housing and offices will rise up

By: Theis Otzen sity of Denmark (DTU) or at CPHBusiness, The project is fear they will be overshadowed by the build-
Copenhagen Business Academy. ambitious and ings. Consequently, the current project has
Since 1976, Lyngby Hovedgade 63 has been been adjusted and one oor removed from
the address of one of the city’s large car Within a timeframe of a few years, up sets a high the building closest to the neighbours. Alto-
dealerships. However, since the spring, to 150 students will be able to move into standard for gether, the building will cover about 11,000
when Andersen & Martini moved its car the modern building, which will be a con- the quality square metres of oor space on the site.
dealership from Lyngby to the neighbour- temporary blend of concrete elements and
ing municipality of Gladsaxe, the site has reddish tiles. of urban “ e project is ambitious and sets high
stood empty and abandoned. development standards for the quality of the urban plan-
e plan for the forthcoming building ning on Lyngby Hovedgade. e building
is peace and quiet will only last a emphasises striking architecture that, ac- on Lyngby will t into the area well and blaze a trail
while longer. Soon construction equipment cording to the architects and urban plan- Hovedgade showing how we can revitalise the centre
is likely to occupy the area that is o en re- ners, will mark the entrance to the heart of of the city in an intelligent way. e retail
ferred to as ‘ e Gateway to Lyngby’. Kongens Lyngby. Simon Pihl Sørensen shops and youth housing will be integrated
(Social Democrats), to t in with the street scene facing the main
A proposal for a new local plan for the Critical neighbours street. And we will also safeguard a green
site is currently in public consultation, and e building on Lyngby Hovedgade 63 Chairman of the transition between the new building and the
if everything goes as expected, Lyngby- Urban Planning residential estates behind,” says Chairman
Taarbæk Municipality will be giving the has been under way for several years, and of the Urban Planning Committee, Simon
builder the green light to begin constructing this has prompted a number of objections Committee Pihl Sørensen (Social Democrats).
a large ve-storey building with retail busi- from neighbours on Frem road, which is
nesses on the ground oor as well as o ces the nearest neighbour to the Andersen & e public consultation is expected to be
and housing on the oors above. Martini site. completed in December and the municipal
administration will subsequently review
ere will be room for a large amount e developer and Urban Planning Com- any objections to the building plans. By all
of new youth housing to bene t the many mittee have been engaged in dialogue about accounts, the rst construction work will
homeless students who come to Lyngby the project for almost three years, and the commence in the rst half of 2016.
every year to study at the Technical Univer- politicians have demanded that considera-
tion must be taken for the neighbours, who


The D-key is DATEA’s latest web portal that turns all
of your real estate data into useful knowledge.

As a real estate investor it can be hard to keep track of all
necessary data. That’s why DATEA created the D-key, an online tool
where you can see how your portfolio is performing at any time. We
constantly monitor all relevant data, from operational and technical
conditions to energy usage and tenant information. Together we can
improve your properties and increase the value of your portfolio.


The City of Caroline Arends has been CEO at the
Knowledge & City of Knowledge & Urban Development
Urban Development since 2012. The association consists of
inspires other cities a secretariat, a broad-based board and
seven networks comprising the members’
The City of Knowledge & one of Northern Europe’s leading university and Everyone knows representatives.
Urban Development (CKUD) knowledge-based cities. where we are
is paving the way for joint the next project,” says Caroline Arends, who has
solutions for businesses, In seven di erent CKUD networks, busi- headed and that been CEO at the City of Knowledge & Urban
educational institutions and nesses, educational institutions and Lyngby- we won’t change Development since 2012.
Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality. Taarbæk Municipality collaborate on a number course tomorrow.
The model is unique but is be- of joint projects within e.g. business develop- Unchanged vision
ginning to inspire other cities ment, internationalisation, communication, Caroline Arends, CEO at e City of Knowledge & Urban Develop-
climate issues and education. Lyngby-Taarbæk’s City
By: Steen Trolle Photos: Jan Juel of Knowledge & Urban ment initiative comprises 64 members rep-
Most recently, a transport project was resenting 55 businesses, eight educational
How do you get businesses, educational launched to identify common tra c solutions. Development institutions and Lyngby-Taarbæk Munici-
institutions and a municipality to follow pality, which has a single membership.
the same course to generate growth and e project was started a er a debate on themes
business development in a university city? at CKUD’s annual general meeting in the spring. Since its establishment, a municipal election
A steering committee of representatives for the was held in 2013. However, despite a new politi-
e answer in Lyngby is an initiative called municipality, DTU and Microso has now been cal majority and a new mayor, support for the
Lyngby-Taarbæk Vidensby (the City of Knowl- set up. is collaboration includes Movia, a traf- CKUD remains intact. e strategy and vision
edge & Urban Development or CKUD for therefore remain precisely the same as when the
short). Since 2011, CKUD has worked towards c company that will conduct a range of tra c- association was founded in 2011.
the common goal of making Kongens Lyngby pattern surveys in Lyngby; again, CKUD is
paving the way for various players to collaborate “ is continuity is immensely important.
on joint solutions. Everyone knows where we are headed and that
we won’t change course tomorrow. “Working
“Our role is that of catalyst. It is best if we consistently in the same directions means that
help to start something o that the participants we get things done,” says Caroline Arends.
take over and implement, while we proceed to
is model has been unique to date, though
similar initiatives are now evolving elsewhere.
For example, Høje-Taastrup and Roskilde mu-
nicipalities are currently founding IQ, based
directly on inspiration from the City of Knowl-
edge & Urban Development.

“ e unique aspect is that our organisation
is membership-funded. We are not a municipal
project nor a short-term initiative launched with
pool funding. We are the city’s interest group,
with the municipality helping to ensure that
citizens’ voices are also heard,” says Caroline



CITY OF KNOWLEDGE Listed head office
to house new
12 OBJECTIVES knowledge-based
1. Maintain DTU’s position as one of Europe’s
leading technical universities e.g. through e construction company Pihl & Søn application, but now we have nally
close business cooperation and bridge- went bankrupt in 2013; however, the reached the point where we can look
building across sectors company’s 6,500 sq. m. head o ce for a new tenant,” explains Kristian
on Nybrovej 116 is now preserved Krogh from NIAM.
2. Create at least 20% more knowledge- for posterity. e property, designed
based jobs and businesses in Lyngby-Taar- by KHR Arkitekter in the 1990s by He is not bothered by the property
bæk by 2020, e.g. through establishing and Jan Søndergaard, a professor at the being listed, although it does makes
developing business clusters Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, some special demands on the owner.
School of Architecture, was recently
3. Establish and develop a business and the youngest building in Denmark “It helps to highlight the property’s
growth centre close to the DTU to be listed by the Danish Agency for qualities,” says Kristian Krogh, who
Culture to date. expects the property to be rented out
4. Promote interdisciplinary collaboration as one entity.
between schools, businesses, and educa- However, the property will not
tional and research institutions to enable become an isolated museum. It is In Denmark, as a rule of thumb, a
Lyngby-Taarbæk to offer the best set- now owned by the Swedish property building should be more than 50 years
ting in Denmark for teaching - particularly investment rm NIAM, which has old to be listed unless it re ects very
natural sciences entered the market to nd a new ten- special qualities. e application for
ant for the address, which can house listing Nybrovej 116 emphasised that
5. Develop incubation environments at all approx. 400 employees. is project the property, which consists of three
schools and educational institutions focus- will be entitled “HQ Nord”. merged o ce buildings from 1994,
ing on corporate collaboration. The results 2000 and 2005, has blazed a new trail
must be evident in e.g. an increase in the “A few days a er we bought the within sustainable architecture. e
number of newly started businesses in property, we received a letter explain- building is the rst administration
the municipality ing that an application had been led building in Denmark to be equipped
for the building to be listed. A long solely with natural ventilation.
6. Raise the proportion of young people in the process ensued while the Danish
municipality who complete youth training, Agency for Culture processed the e listing of the premises covers
continue to further education and obtain the landscape, buildings and some
employment items of furniture.

7. Develop Kgs. Lyngby into a vibrant uni-
versity city offering attractive urban life,
culture and leisure opportunities as well
as an exciting commercial centre

8. Establish significantly more housing for
international and Danish researchers, spe-
cialists and students in the heart of Lyngby

9. Attract and retain international knowledge-
based workers, researchers and students
e.g. by offering international school and
day-care facilities, services for citizens,
mentoring schemes, culture and leisure
activities and encouraging participation in
clubs and societies

10. Develop sustainable traffic solutions, cre-
ate more urban densification and focus
on developing urban spaces

11. Ensure Lyngby-Taarbæk becomes a devel-
opment and test laboratory for new green
sustainable technologies e.g. by attracting
relevant knowledge-based companies and
through OPI collaborations

12. Create a central powerhouse for collabo-
ration in the region by building bridges
between local and regional stakeholders




Last spring, Maersk Drilling
and Maersk Supply Service
moved to a new domicile on
Lyngby Hovedgade.

Lyngby is an “The proximity to other large companies
attractive location in Lyngby offers clear benefits in relation
for Maersk Drilling to exchanging new ideas and collabora-
ting across disciplines,” says Jesper B.
Madsen, VP HR at Maersk Drilling.

Maersk Drilling is based in Lyngby and the city suits both the employees and the company well

By: Theis Otzen Photos: Jan Juel of Knowledge and Urban Development Many of ings but actually, many of the almost 1,000
For many years, the Maersk star has been network and the innovative course taken the almost employees come from the local area.
part of the street scene in Lyngby. Earlier by CKUD suits the Maersk company well.
this year, Maersk Drilling and Maersk Sup- 1,000 “A lot of our employees live within cycling
ply Service, which both operate in the oil “In our business, we deliver innova- distance of work and we also nd that many
drilling industry, moved into state-of-the- tion and develop existing products so this employees at of our international sta move to the Lyngby
art facilities on Lyngby Hovedgade a er matches our pro le very well,” says Jesper Maersk come area and really like it. e housing, childcare
being based for many years on Gammel B. Madsen. facilities and natural surroundings are good
Lundto evej. from the and there are many quali ed employees close
Employees live close by local area by,” says Jesper B. Madsen.
And the location in Lyngby is far from Having companies such as Microso and
coincidental, Jesper B. Madsen, VP HR soon Novozymes as well as one of Europe’s Jesper B. Madsen, Oil prices have an influence
at Maersk Drilling, explains to Lyngby leading technical universities as immedi- VP HR, Worldwide, Maersk Drilling has 4,500 employ-
Future. ate neighbours also plays a major role for ees - about a quarter of them work in Lyngby.
the top executives at the Maersk domicile. Maersk Drilling
“We have chosen to be based in Lyngby e market in which Maersk Drilling oper-
because many of our current employees “ e fact that our workplace is very close ates is currently being in uenced by the low
live in the area north of Copenhagen, and to other large companies has clear bene ts oil prices.
in our opinion, Lyngby’s transport options in terms of exchanging ideas and collabo-
for employees who live in or outside Copen- rating across disciplines,” says the VP HR. In 2014, the company earned USD 478 mil-
hagen are good,” says Jesper B. Madsen. lion and in the rst half of 2015 generated USD
In the morning rush hour at Lyngby 386 million. However, expectations have been
Maersk Drilling also belongs to the City Station, you can see plenty of Maersk em- lowered slightly as a consequence of global
ployees hurrying towards the Maersk build- oil prices.



Parking Monday to saturday - the first hour is free | Sunday - free all day
Open every day - Weekdays 10-19 | Saturday - Sunday 10-17



A peek at the new Life Science &
Bioengineering complex, which
will open at the end of 2016.

Cutting-edge research facilities to put

DTU on the world map

As early as next year, to house 800 employees from the three in- three institutes work in the intersection be- An international team of 200 researchers
DTU’s new Life Science and stitutes DTU Aqua, DTU Food and DTU tween technology, biology and health – and and administrative sta will move into the
Bioengineering facilities will Vet, which will be combined in the 50,000 are now dispersed at di erent locations, most super-specialised research building that
be ready for occupancy. square metre building complex. is means of them in the metropolitan area and in Jut- with its six storeys will also be DTU’s high-
DTU’s current building that DTU will move most of its research to land,” explains Pro vice-chancellor Henrik est building. e building will be adjacent
projects total DKK 4 billion the bioscienti c environment at Lundto e, Wegener, adding that the new buildings will to the Life Science & Bioengineering com-
where research spans the intersection be- be core to Informal environment DTU’s vi- plex and will help to ensure that DTU has a
By: Theis Otzen Photos: Jan Juel tween technology and biology. e build- sion of being an elite international university. strong and dense area on campus dedicated
ing will be the largest at DTU since the to research.
DTU is undergoing a transformation these DTU Lyngby Campus was completed in the Informal environment
days. e university has sky-high ambitions 1970s. Pro vice-chancellor Henrik Wegener One of the bene ts of the new state-of-the- Billions invested
and is highly respected by international explains here about the building, which can art facilities is that lecturers and students Altogether, DTU is investing about DKK 4
students and researchers. However, playing be seen from Anker Engelundsvej, the core will get closer to each other. billion in construction projects up to 2021.
in the premier league of international re- of DTU’s infrastructure.
search takes more room and more modern “ ey will work closely together, and “ ere are more than 20 di erent pro-
research facilities. “ e new building complex will support this proximity is of great importance at jects and new buildings as well as reno-
both individual research and collaboration DTU, which is already known for its easy vations all designed to create optimal
Consequently, the construction equip- between the various research environments. and informal access to lecturers, counsel- frameworks for research and education.
ment is making its mark on the DTU It will be possible to encourage greater co- lors and laboratories,” says Henrik We- In addition to the buildings on the Lyngby
Campus in Lundto e. A veritable build- hesion between the individual work in the gener. Campus, DTU has also renovated teaching
ing frenzy has descended on the more than laboratories and activities in the surrounding facilities at the Ballerup Campus. At the
40-year-old university. common areas such as e Biosphere, which In addition to the high-profile Life Risø Campus, a supercomputer was recently
is a large atrium overlooking the new court- Science facilities that will make DTU a installed, and in the autumn of 2015 work
e highest pro le building is the state- yard gardens in the heart of the life science frontrunner in the race for international will begin on building a new wind tunnel,”
of-the-art Life Science & Bioengineering buildings 201-205. e three institutes that research, DTU is also building a research according to Henrik Wegener.
facility that at the end of 2016 will be ready will move into the life science buildings are facility for DTU Biosustain – Novo Nordisk
DTU Aqua, DTU Vet and DTU Food. ese Foundation Center for Biosustainability, Today, DTU has more than 10,000 stu-
which is currently housed in Hørsholm. dents and 5,000 employees.


Close connections TV estate agent
between the university on location in Lyngby
and city are vital

DTU appreciates collaboration with the local
community and praises the City of Knowledge and
Urban Development concept

By: Theis Otzen - photos: Jan Juel e estate agents Jesper Nielsen have ral scenery, shopping and jobs. We
opened a branch on Jernbanevej 1A have all kinds of housing, all kinds
DTU is playing a major role in the in Lyngby. e branch will be run by of customers and there is something
City of Knowledge and Urban Devel- Helen Falkenberg, who, like Jesper for every age group. Lyngby has eve-
opment (CKUD) mindset at Lyngby- Nielsen, has appeared on the Dan- rything,” says Helen Falkenberg, a
Taarbæk. Without DTU, the CKUD ish TV show “Hammerslag” on DR1. partner at Jesper Nielsen.
project would be mediocre. However,
the university is taking the role of “Lyngby is quite simply a lovely e new branch opened on 15
CKUD seriously and putting a lot of city. It has soul and charm, natu- September.
e ort into the association.
collaborations with the local com- From competitor
“We believe that the City of munity. For example, researchers at to partner
Knowledge and Urban Develop- Claus Nielsen, Executive Vice Presi-
ment’s vision about creating exciting dent, DTU. Instead of competing for the same Hellerup Finans, has already spon-
urban life and more knowledge-based spectators, Lyngby’s football club sored a derby at the racecourse and
jobs matches our e orts to attract DTU use Lyngby as a “laboratory” (Lyngby Boldklub) and the local the same will apply in 2016.
employees, students and researchers for smart urban development, where racecourse (Klampenborg Galop-
from all over the world eminently we are currently e.g. developing pro- bane) have decided to join forces to Football fans and horse fanciers
well. At the same time, we view the totypes of open data platforms that strengthen their commercial foun- will be able to enjoy the new part-
close connection between the uni- can produce a picture of how the city dation and o er unique experiences nership in earnest when Lyngby
versity and city as a strength when is used, and thereby also of how it and locally anchored events. Boldklub invites everyone to enjoy
working to attract strong knowledge- can be used in the future,” says Claus a football match on 22 October in
based companies, as is now the case Nielsen. On a commercial scale, the foot- collaboration with Klampenborg
with Microso and Nozozymes. A ball club’s sales department will be Galopbane. ere will be entertain-
range of activities also coordinated Precisely like the other compa- ment and activities and tickets will
by CKUD introduced many of our nies in the municipality who have nding sponsors for races and other be valid both at the football stadium
new students to the city and the cul- foreign employees on their payroll, events at the racecourse. is year and at the racecourse two days later.
tural opportunities on o er when DTU also appreciates being able to Lyngby Boldklub’s main sponsor,
their courses started in the summer,” brand itself under the CKUD concept
says Executive Vice President Claus when recruiting.
Nielsen, chairman of CKUD.
“We think it is important that
Since DTU was built more than CKUD organises mentoring schemes
40 years ago on the old air eld in for accompanying spouses as that is
Lundto e, both the university and a good starting point for attracting
Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality have and retaining leading international
enjoyed explosive development. specialists,” says Claus Nielsen.

Must retain foreigners
And in one sense, the two players
have come to depend on each other.
Consequently, today the university
and municipality cooperate very well.

“We have a number of interesting


The Life Science & Bioengineering complex (buildings 201-205) covers a Company moves from
total of 50,000 square metres and comprises both new buildings and Nørrebro to Nymøllevej
renovations. The new building 202 covering 27,500 square metres is the
heart of the complex and is connected via gangways to two of DTU’s char- Yet another high-tech company is bought and is renting out the prop-
acteristic 100-metre properties (buildings 201 and 204). These buildings coming to Lyngby-Taarbæk. Aqua- erty on Nymøllevej. Goldschmidt is
are being completely renovated. Building 205 will be a highly classified porin is moving its head o ce from investing tens of millions of kroner
laboratory for veterinary research. The majority of the complex will be Nørrebro to Nymøllevej 78, where it in e.g. giving the facade a faceli and
complete at the end of 2016. will have o ces as well as production refurbishing the property, which has
and warehouse facilities for the com- been empty for some years. Aqua-
Building 220: pany’s world-patented membrane porin is investing a large amount
This new research building covers 12,300 square metres and six storeys. technology. in constructing laboratories in the
The building is a pure research building for a large international research property.
team working in biosustainability. The lower storey will act as a common M. Goldschmidt Ejendomme has
interior pedestrian street that can be used by everyone at DTU and will
link two of the campus squares. The building will be ready for occupants
in the autumn of 2016.



Lyngby Centre will look something like this when cars are prohibited from the area between the main street and Kanalvej.

Light rail to transform the city centre

Lyngby city centre will resemble a ‘rambla’ Greater Copenhagen Light Rail and Lyngby- Lyngby Torv to the underground car park e 28 km light rail will have a total of 28
when the forthcoming light rail begins run- Taarbæk Municipality have devised together under Lyngby Storcenter shopping centre stations, seven of them in Lyngby-Taar-
ning from Ishøj to Lundto e. A majority of involves closing Klampenborgvej to tra c and Kulturhuset. Firskovvej will also be ex- bæk, i.e. at Lundto e, DTU, Building 303,
the local council has passed the alignment for between Lyngby Hovedgade and Kanalvej. tended to Jægersborgvej to provide a detour Akademivej Vest, Lyngbygårdsvej, Lyngby
the local part of the section, and the plan that Instead, a new entrance slope will lead from for through tra c. Centre and Lyngby Station, respectively.

Lyngby first to introduce
MobilePay Bonus

Danske Bank has chosen Lyngby as business community, Lyngby is a
the rst trial city for its new Mobile- natural option for testing a concept
Pay Bonus system. Twenty- ve shops like MobilePay Bonus, which targets
have so far joined the system, o er- small and medium-sized shops,” says
ing their customers at least ve per- business manager Lise Svanekjær
cent o if they pay with MobilePay. Nielsen, Danske Bank’s business
centre in Lyngby.
“With its thriving shopping and

The new fermentation plant at DTU was inaugurated by Minister for Energy, Utilities and
Climate Lars Christian Lilleholt.

New DTU plant to provide
CO2- friendly steaks

DTU Chemical Engineering recently inau- special bacteria in a fermenter and getting
gurated a new fermentation plant to pave them to ‘digest’ the methane gas molecules.
the way for producing animal feed using
less CO2. e bacteria grow and when converted into
a protein granulate, they can replace soya
A great deal of the protein-rich animal and shmeal in animal feed.
feed produced today comes from import-
ed soya, which has a poor CO2 footprint. “We are reducing the emissions of green-
However, UniBio A/S, a company based house gases from agriculture and it’s also
on Funen, has developed a technology that worth noting that the large agricultural areas
exploits natural gas to produce protein and previously used for feed can be used to feed the
feed products. is technology has been world’s rapidly growing population instead,”
further developed in the new plant at DTU. said Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate
Lars Christian Lilleholt (Venstre) when he
e technology works by combining participated in the inauguration of the plant.




In these days you see new homes being build every- future home”, says Lone Bøegh Henriksen, who has home Kgs. Lyngby
where in Lyngby. And the necessity is high, due to the re- been the owner of the local home real estate agency for Jernbanevej 4
quest of new homes. Through the years Kgs. Lyngby has more than 20 years. 2800 Kgs. Lyngby
been a popular place to settle down, and the tendency Phone + 45 45 93 24 44
has increased. The municipality has made it attractive Usually the concept developers contact us at home Lone [email protected]
for several big companies to move to the city, creating Bøegh Henriksen A/S, with the purpose of us selling or
new workplaces. renting out the residential developments being build.

With more workplaces the request for new homes in- “It is possible for us to influence the design early ind the
creases. That makes it important, that the number of proces, before the builder lays the first stone, and make
new developments increases as well. And the thing sure the build is the attractive, interesting and usable
equally important, is making the homes attractive now homes, the customers demand”, Lone says.
and for many years to come, picking the right materials
and chosing the right design. One example is Skovtofte placed on the old campus-
At the same time it is important to develop homes for ground in Virum close to Mølleådalen and Bagsværd Sø.
different kinds of residents. You need to have student The whole area is undergoing a transformation into an
housing, appartments for singles or couples, larger exclusive and modern residential area, where different
homes for the family with children, and welldesigned types of homes are carefully fittet into place in this beati-
homes for seniors, where the kids has all flown the nest. ful, green forest area.
Here you will find newly build terrace houses and lovely
At home Lone Bøegh Henriksen A/S we co-operate with restored high-end appartments, placed in three old his-
most of the project developers and contracters behind toric mansions. The result is an unique residential area,
the new builds, because we have the expertise from where the diversity thrives.
years of consulting.
“A partnership with home Lone Bøegh Henriksen A/S
“Our specialists work very closely together with the dif- gives investores and project developers the assurance
ferent contracters and offers input about design, size, that the final result is desirable for new home buyers. Be-
materials and appliances, before the architects draw the cause of our interaction with buyers every day, we have
blueprints for the build. As a real estate agency we know the finger on the pulse and knows what is going on”,
a lot about the buyers wishes, dreams and needs for their Lone Bøegh Henriksen ends.

20 exclusive apartments are arranged in
the three restored and very charming man-
sion buildings which with their soul and
history bring a majestic touch to Skovtofte.

Lyngby is a
dream location for us’

Novozymes is establishing an extensive innovation campus in Lyngby.
The company is looking forward to working more closely with DTU

By:Theis Otzen Per Falholt, CSO at Novozymes and the man We couldn’t have found a better spot to and therefore partnerships with universities
who will be taking the helm of the new innova- move to anywhere on the planet,” says play a major role.
In 2018, Lyngby-Taarbæk will gain another tion campus in Lyngby-Taarbæk. Per Falholt, CSO of Novozymes. “DTU will always be a close business part-
large international company. According to Its location close to DTU was of great sig- ner. As we’ll be within walking distance
plan, that is when the Danish-based Novo- ni cance when Novozymes was looking for there is no better location than Lyngby. It’s of DTU, cooperating will be even easier.
zymes will move into an innovation cam- a new building site. essential to be based in a municipality that is
pus being built on parts of Dyrehavegårds counting on being a knowledge-based city. e very best ideas can be developed in
Jorder in the years ahead. “Looking at the entire Copenhagen area, At Novozymes, we take a long-term perspec- university environments and we already
tive. We are in for the long haul. We work in cooperate with DTU on several fronts,”
Initially, the new campus will house about a company that invests massive amounts in says Per Falholt.
800 employees working in business develop- knowledge, and we focus a great deal on where
ment and research involving biotechnology we want to be in twenty years’ time,” says Per e company is also looking forward to
- the eld where Novozymes is a leading global Falholt. inviting local schoolchildren and college
light. students inside.
Inviting locals in
“Lyngby is a dream location for us. ere is e cornerstone at Novozymes is research, “We’d also like to have close coopera-
not much room to extend in Bagsværd where tion with schools and colleges. We build
we are based today, so we went looking for a on natural science and we would like more
new site. And we found it in Lyngby, where we young people to take an interest in natural
can achieve a unique scienti c level,” explains science. Now we are coming to a city of
knowledge and that will provide us with



Initially, the forthcoming innovation
campus will cover 30,000 square
metres and house about 800
employees. The low building
will be designed specifically to
fit in with the area.

Drinking fountain
Sculpture garden

Play net Fitness station

Sports area

Drinking fountain
Learning pond

Fitness station Learning garden

Volleyball court

Amphitheatre Sledging slope Masterplan – Fully built campus
Lookout point 04.06.2015

Picnic area

Learning balance WORTH KNOWING ABOUT

Fitness station Animal enclosure NOVOZYMES’ NEW INNOVATION
Drinking fountain CAMPUS IN LYNGBY

an extra incentive to invite local residents inside,” dense and low building that ts into the green area. The first phase of the building is planned to
says Per Falholt. e new campus will be open to the public with e.g. cover 30,000 square metres with room for
800 employees working in research and
Best place in the world an existing forest becoming part of a park with na- development as well as other business ar-
Novozymes’ forthcoming move to Lyngby-Taar- ture trails. eas. The first phase is expected to satisfy
bæk will bring many international employees Novozymes’ expansion requirements up to
within the city limits. Some of the research sta “We couldn’t have found a better spot on the planet about 2023.
come from outside Denmark, and Per Falholt to move to. Now we are looking forward to obtaining
believes Lyngby’s international pro le will be the necessary building permits in accordance with the Size of the site: 140,000 square metres. As
the perfect match. local development plan for work to begin - hopefully the site will provide scope for further expan-
during 2016. It will take about two years to build, and sion at a later date, a potential subsequent
“ e greatest challenge - in terms of foreign the rst stage will encompass about 800 jobs,” says Per phase would involve a total of 2,000 - 2,500
employees - is the families. Do they nd the area Falholt, revealing that Novozymes began by looking employees in research and other business
attractive? With it’s the good schools and excellent at 5-7 addresses in the capital region. However, they areas. The buildings will be low and specifi-
university, a great city like Lyngby will have some- ended with the site east of the Helsingør motorway cally designed to fit into the area. The project
thing appealing to o er employees and their families. in Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality. will preserve the forest in the area and a park
will be built, featuring nature trails. The entire
e fact that it is a nice place for foreigners is very “We looked at 5-7 alternatives but couldn’t beat the area around the new innovation campus will
important,” says Per Falholt. location in Lyngby, and there is probably no better site be open to the public.
in the world. Lyngby can be proud of that, so we were
Novozymes’ new innovation campus will be a very pleased that we were successful,” says Per Falholt. The learning centre for biology will be run by
Novozymes and will invite schoolchildren,
students and visitors inside to learn about
nature. The centre will be adjacent to the
campus, and the building will be integrated
with nature.



Promotion to the promised land

could benefit the
whole municipality

Lyngby Boldklub has a good shot at promotion to the Superliga. A ticket to football’s promised
land could be of great importance to the local community on several levels

By: Theis Otzen Photos: promised land, it will signi cantly bene t to embark on the same adventure on Zea- playo s will ‘protect’ the members of the
the city, according to Søren-Mikael Hansen, land. I am certain that the local business closed fraternity more than ever before be-
Lyngby Boldklub has experienced a turbu- sports editor for Politiken newspaper. community would close ranks to support cause only one relegation is guaranteed from
lent existence in recent years. It would be the club with targeted enthusiasm if the club the Superliga in the future. In the future, the
wrong to claim otherwise. e list of scan- He has followed Danish football close manages to get promoted,” Søren-Mikael teams in second and third place in the rst
dals and other unfortunate incidents is as up for many years and has no doubt that a Hansen says to Lyngby Future. division will have to play against the worst
long as your arm, and if you didn’t know Superliga team would bene t both the foot- teams in the Superliga during the quali ca-
better, you might think the tarnished record ball club and Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality. Vital expansion tion matches for the chance of promotion. It
belonged to a southern European B- team. From next year, the Superliga will be ex- will therefore become more di cult to win
“It would have enormous importance for panded to 14 teams, and promotion this sea- because the nances and sporting quality
Yet, when it comes to the sport itself, a city like Lyngby to play in the Superliga. e son is enormously important, according to will be increasingly concentrated at the top,”
this autumn has produced signs of success. di erence between playing in the second- Politiken’s sports editor. says Søren-Mikael Hansen.
Lyngby currently tops the rst division and best and best Danish leagues is becoming
the new head coach David Nielsen has man- greater and greater every year - rst and “ e best players congregate in the Su- The municipality can brand itself
aged to inject some positivity into the sorely foremost nancially, but also in a sporting perliga – and this will be even more pro- Employees at Lyngby City Hall are crossing
tested team. sense. Basically, when a local area’s best foot- nounced when the league is expanded to their ngers for promotion to the Super-
ball team plays in the Superliga, it stimulates include 14 clubs. For that reason, it must liga. Jakob Engel-Schmidt serves on the local
Naturally, the good results have also growth in a local community – Hobro in be more important than ever to ‘get on the council for Venstre and is also a Lyngby fan
fuelled talk of promotion to the Superliga. Jutland is a prime example of that. Without bandwagon’ now. e new structure with
comparing, Lyngby clearly has the potential
If Lyngby manages to move up to the



Nybrovej 116
2800 Lyngby

Outstanding office domicile
in Lyngby

Unique opportunity to locate your business
in an exceptional building

Up to 6,500 sqm space and cost efficient domicile B
High quality and awarded Danish architecture
Well located close to public transport and motorway
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Case no. 8970, 8971, 8972

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It would be of enormous
importance for a city like Lyngby to

play in the Superliga

through and through. He can appreciate the top of Danish football, even more potential FACTS ABOUT vitality and inspiration to the many young
wider implications if the municipality once citizens, tourists and companies will see people who enjoy sport. e club is a shin-
again has a top-calibre football team. all the wonderful opportunities already LYNGBY BOLDKLUB ing example, managing to keep a certain
o ered by our municipality. In a nutshell, spirit alive and working with true local tal-
“It’s hard to overestimate the importance Lyngby Boldklub in the Superliga would be For many years, the club has ent, which is top notch in Denmark, while
of Lyngby having a football team in the Su- a dynamo for the municipality’s continued been a permanent part of Dan- running a professional club. It would warm
perliga. Lyngby is a municipality with a development and would therefore bene t ish top football. However, we the cockles of my old football heart if Lyn-
thriving business community, beautiful all the citizens,” says Jakob Engel-Schmidt, must retrace our steps to 1992 gby Boldklub is promoted. It would be great
natural scenery and a business and educa- who is backed up by another politician who to rediscover a time when the for the city, and I believe 2016 is the year,”
tion sector with extensive ambitions for enjoys football. club last held the title of national says Simon Pihl Sørensen, the social demo-
growth. A team in the Superliga would champion. A few weeks before cratic deputy mayor.
help the municipality to di erentiate itself Many matches still to play the Danish national team won
positively on yet another parameter,” says Deputy Mayor Simon Pihl Sørensen has the European Championship in Yet, before we begin encouraging too
Jakob Engel-Schmidt, who serves on the been following the club closely all his life Sweden, the Lyngby players many expectations concerning promotion,
municipal business committee. and hopes that by the summer, Superliga were able to hold the Danish it is worth noting that Lyngby has more
football will have returned to Lundto evej. Championship cup aloft. A num- than 16 matches le to play. Even so, the
He hopes that the club can regain its “Football is a sport that brings most of the ber of the team’s profiles were chances of promotion are better than ever
former glory. world together. Also in our city, where we selected and helped to win the before since the decision has been made to
have many fantastic clubs. Lyngby Bold- European Championship in Swe- expand the Superliga to 14 teams. In the au-
“Many people already think of Lyngby klub is the spearhead, so obviously it would den. Nine years before, in 1983, tumn of 2014, Lyngby Boldklub also topped
Boldklub’s star team from the beginning mean a lot if they move up. It will bring Lyngby also became a national the rst division, but the team stumbled
of the 90s when chatting about the mu- champion. during the spring run-up.
nicipality in the green area north of the
capital. If our team once again rises to the Since these triumphs more than
20 years ago, the club has ex-
perienced a turbulent existence
with different owners. As re-
cently as one year ago, a power
struggle evolved between the
main shareholders at the time,
and the main sponsor, Hellerup
Finans, took over ownership
of the club. The company now
firmly holds the reins and has
appointed its own people onto
the Board and Executive Board.

David Nielsen has been head
coach for Lyngby Boldklub since
July. Before that he was head
coach at the Norwegian club
Strømgodset and has enjoyed a
long career as a professional in
both Denmark and abroad.



Second-hand bikes gain
a new lease of life with students

In September, for the second year in a row, each and sold out in an hour. e second- mates from Horserød Prison. ey spend down’ on Lyngby Torv. “If Denmark is a
the City of Knowledge & Urban Develop- hand cycles are bikes that the police cannot the winter and summer xing up the cycles cycle nation, Lyngby must be a ‘Biketown’
ment arranged a cycle market for students sell immediately at the classic cycle auctions until they are fully functional and legal. – and we hope the project can promote this
at Torvet. Despite heavy rain, the market because they are of substandard condition. image as we value both sustainability and
pulled a good crowd. A good 80 second- Instead, they are passed on to students from And the chance to buy a cheap second- holding parties,” says CEO at Vidensby,
hand cycles were up for sale for DKK 500 Technical Education Copenhagen and in- hand cycle prompted several hundred stu- Caroline Arends.
dents to show up at the ‘Biketown Show-

Like the study Wireless network
environment at DTU for students

96 percent of the students at DTU think ed those aspects of the study environ- Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality is dents with access to Eduroam
DTU has a good atmosphere, and 90 per- ment that have the greatest impact on the rst municipality in Denmark in municipal buildings makes
cent feel comfortable and enjoy being student well-being. is section of the to provide access to the wireless particularly good sense at the
here. at is the verdict of DTU’s new survey revealed that the most important Eduroam network for Danish and municipal and micro librar-
study environment survey, writes issues for students are avoiding feeling international university students ies. However, it also makes life
lonely and enjoying good relations with visiting municipal institutions. easier for students working with
Since the last study environment sur- their fellow students. e very high scores the municipality on projects in-
vey in 2012, satisfaction with the study for the atmosphere and satisfaction show Eduroam is a global wireless volving schools, the environment
environment has improved in key areas that these aspirations are largely ful lled, network that several universi- and the elderly,” says head of the
such as accessibility of the lecturers, the according to Martin Vigild. ties in Denmark and abroad centre Jakob Sylvest Nielsen.
service provided by the O ce for Study o er their students e.g. DTU in
Programmes and Student A airs, ac- e survey was sent to all 9,777 stu- Lyngby. e initiative to roll out Edu-
cess to plug sockets, the informal student dents on BSc, MSc, and BEng study roam into urban spaces was
environment, group teaching facilities, programmes. A total of 3,223 students “We want make it easier conceived in Lyngby-Taarbæk’s
and cycle parking. completed the questionnaire - giving a for Lyngby’s students to move CKUD.
response rate of 33 per cent. around the city. Providing stu-
As part of the survey, DTU has identi-



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Making it possible

70 33 33 33

Copenhagen Business Academy in Lyngby is attended by 1,300
students from all over Europe. Yet, despite the international
cross-section, the business academy greatly appreciates Lyn-
gby and is making excellent use of the local community

At Nørgaardsvej, they have a

local and global mindset

By: Theis Otzen Photos: Jan Juel Copenhagen Business Academy in Lyngby.
Most recently, students from CBA col-
Budding engineers from DTU are not the
only factor that makes Lyngby a city of laborated with the Open Air Museum, and
knowledge. at’s because Nørgaardsvej last year, ve students spent three months
houses Chpbusiness - Copenhagen Busi- in a high-pro le internship at Lyngby Stor-
ness Academy (CBA), which o ers a wide center.
range of AP and professional bachelor’s
programmes. “It’s important for us that the students
improve at solving a task that has value for
Altogether, 1,300 students study subjects others,” explains Lars Bogeto , who is also
such as service, hospitality and tourism area manager for the IT and multimedia
management, computer science, innovation programmes at CBA.
and multimedia design.
Since 2013, CBA has been based at Nør-
e programmes are more targeted to- gaardsvej, just a short walk from Lyngby
wards the business community than uni- Hovedgade. Before that it was based at
versity programmes, for example, and CBA Trongårdsvej, which is now occupied by
therefore cooperates well with the local Business Academy Copenhagen North.
businesses in Lyngby-Taarbæk.
Moving to the centre of Lyngby has
“We work closely together with busi- meant a lot.
nesses and the surrounding community.
“We have moved closer to the city.
at’s easier for us in a local community e lecturers may miss the greenery at
like Lyngby rather than in Copenhagen,” Trongårdsvej but our students don’t. ey
says Kirsten Ringgaard, area manager at the like the city and use it. O en they go out
into the city and investigate something re-

Lars Bogetoft and Kirsten Ringgaard,
area managers at CBA.





Nine study programmes are available at CBA in Lyngby. Five AP pro-
grammes that take 2-2.5 years, and four top-up professional bachelor’s
degrees lasting 1.5 years.

lated to an assignment. at’s never hap- and its surroundings. We are broad-based
pened before,” says Kirsten Ringgaard. but believe it is vital to be part of a local
environment and be interested in collabo-
Lars Bogeto also believes the compa- rating with local companies, as we can be of
nies and Lyngby in general have noticed use to each other,” says Kirsten Ringgaard.
You don’t have to go any further than the
“Now we have been discovered. It’s im- canteen to see our global outlook. ere is
portant for us to be based in a local com- an international atmosphere in the depart-
munity that has an interest in seeing Lyngby ment, as almost 30 percent of the students
as the centre of something. Everyone shares come from outside Denmark.
the same interests,” he says.
e many international students are
On the other hand, the two area manag- highly valued.
ers are not sure how much their students use
Lyngby in their spare time. “ ey give a lot to our Danish students.
For instance, a lot of English is spoken, and
“Our students come from many di erent the Danish students are given international
places. Yet we can see that our international competencies for free. Some people may
students like Lyngby. ey nd it a nice and think it is di cult to speak English, but they
orderly place. However, our Danish students soon get used to it. Our Danish students are
might prefer places like Vesterbro,” says o en surprised about how hard the inter-
Lars Bogeto national students work and that also makes
them try harder,” says Lars Bogeto .
Important network
e innovative educational institution is

also part of the CKUD network.
“Having these networks means a great

deal. e city is developing in a positive
direction, and being part of the local com-
munity is vital,” says Kirsten Ringgaard.

Whereas CBA has 1,300 students, its
big brother in Lundto e, DTU, has about
10,000. Even so, CBA can easily see the ad-
vantages of two large educational institu-
tions being based in the municipality.

“It has a positive e ect for us that DTU
is based here too. We also collaborate with
them in some areas. Its size and many stu-
dents help to brand Lyngby as a university
city. Many of our Danish students may
think Lyngby is a bit out in the countryside
but when it is anked by a place like DTU,
that helps a bit,” says Lars Bogeto .

Worldwide outlook
Although CBA greatly appreciates Lyngby-
Taarbæk and the collaboration with the
business community, the two area manag-
ers underline that at Nørgaardsvej, they
have a global outlook.

“We are an educational institution that
reaches out. We are not suppliers for Lyngby



If Lyngby-Taarbæk can’t make a
special effort to promote technology and

natural sciences, I don’t know who can

Sofia Osmani (Conservative), mayor

Natural science must
be hot in Lyngby-Taarbæk

The municipality will collaborate with DTU and local knowledge-based companies to improve
technology and natural science subjects at schools. The aim is encourage more pupils to take
an interest in natural science

By: Steen Trolle vember for all the municipality’s h-year Taarbæk. We have DTU and many highly
Danish schoolchildren are not interested pupils. e popular TV celebrities who host specialised companies. If we can’t make a
in natural sciences and mathematics. An DR’s Store Nørd (Big Nerd) show will be special e ort to promote technology and
OECD report recently revealed that Den- running the lessons that week, as the pupils natural sciences, I don’t know who can,”
mark holds a modest 22nd place worldwide explore and experiment how to use natural says Mayor So a Osmani (Conservative).
judging by the scores from the schoolchil- sciences in practice.
dren’s test results in natural science sub- e plans are still at a preliminary stage.
jects. is prompted the Confederation of NERD Days will be supported by Novo- No concrete agreements have been conclud-
Danish Industry to ask the government to zymes, one of the companies that will ulti- ed, and so far the only companies to sign up
intervene to strengthen interest in natural mately engage in permanent collaborations have been Novozymes and Microso . So a
science in Danish schools. Otherwise, we with the schools and high schools in the Osmani therefore makes do with describing
risk sliding further down the list, which is municipality. Novozymes will be opening her own dreams:
topped by ve Asian countries. a research centre on Dyrehavegaards Jorder
in 2018; this centre will include a learning “My dream is that together we can
Lyngby-Taarbæk is a municipality that centre for biology for schoolchildren and create a culture that stimulates pupils’
may pioneer schools in the future where students in particular. interest in technology and natural sci-
more pupils nd physics, chemistry and ences because the subjects become more
mathematics appealing. As the munici- Microso is another company that will application oriented. Imagine if we had a
pality houses the Technical University of be collaborating with the municipality. e range of permanent programmes for vari-
Denmark (DTU) and a range of knowledge- IT giant will be moving to a new domi- ous school years, in collaboration with
based companies, work is currently under cile in the heart of Lyngby in November. different companies? These programmes
way to create some interdisciplinary col- As a consequence, the municipality has could permit the companies to combine
laborations that can make natural science a number of highly specialised experts to their technical knowledge with the learn-
lessons more fun and more relevant. draw on, and Microso would like to invite ing objectives for the natural science sub-
schoolchildren inside to see how the experts jects. Then the entire CKUD philosophy
NERD days for fifth-year pupils apply abstract mathematics when creating and concept of attracting a special kind
At the old agricultural museum on Kon- speci c so ware. of company will begin to create value for
gevejen, “NERD days” will be held in No- our citizens as it will help provide our
Mayor: If we can’t, who can? children with better educations,” says
“We have a unique position in Lyngby- the mayor.



The future is in Lyngby

At Microsoft, we are proud to have been part of the Danish to create the workplace of the future – a showcase for entirely
society for 25 years. Our first office opened with two employees. new ways of working and collaborating.
Today, we have grown to be among Denmark’s biggest IT
companies with Danish and international employees working We look forward to realizing our vision together with Lyngby
on sales and marketing of Microsoft solutions as well as re- and the City of Knowledge. We wish to contribute to growth
search and development of new software to the global market. and welfare and to support Lyngby in its vision of becoming
a leading knowledge and university city.
With more than 4,000 Danish partner companies that base
their businesses on development and sales of our products, We are looking forward to welcoming customers, partners,
Microsoft today has a strong presence in Denmark. Together, citizens and students to our new domicile in November 2015.
we employ more than 25,000 people. And to creating the next chapter of Microsoft’s history in
Denmark together with Lyngby.
The investment in our new domicile in Lyngby enables us to
gather all our employees under the same roof. Our ambition is

Experience tomorrow today

Microsoft World of Work

booming at DTU

Denmark is reaping the rewards of the keen entrepreneurial spirit at DTU

By: Anders Bruhn Kristensen startups, so we are riding that wave at the ogy and knowledge into play in society.
A clearer focus on innovation has caused a moment. ere is a political aspiration to Denmark will always need companies that
boom in startup companies from DTU. In prioritise innovation, so we are doing that start something new and pioneer the next
2014, the number of new companies rooted more than previously,” she explains. generation of inventions and discoveries,
at DTU rose by a dramatic 152 percent in otherwise our society will stagnate,” says
relation to the previous year. And that level DTU’s work on cultivating entrepre- Marianne ellersen.
of energy appears to be continuing in 2015. neurship is accomplished partly through
DTU Skylab, where students are welcome Below, you can see a selection of new
Senior Vice President - Innovation and to play with their ideas. Large and small. companies that in one way or another cut
Entrepreneurship at DTU Marianne el- However, more employees are also seizing their baby teeth at DTU.
lersen identi es several explanations for the chance to take the plunge and own a
the trend. company. Although this means DTU loses Senior Vice President - Innovation and
highly skilled sta , corporate social respon- Entrepreneurship at DTU Marianne Thel-
“ ere is a trend currently for many in- sibility is more important. lersen
dividuals to be interested in establishing
“We have a duty to bring new technol-


Print everything A world
but not on paper without cables

In October 2014, the world’s biggest 3D ideas printed in 3D or buy a 3D printer of Imagine a world with absolutely The company was founded
printing shop opened in Copenhagen. 3D your very own. 3D Printhuset also o ers no cables. We have not reached through crowdfunding: Interest-
Printhuset, the company launching the ini- courses for anyone interested in printing that point yet. However, Airtame, ed parties invested money in the
tiative, was established by two engineering with more than just paper. e company a company set up by DTU students project by paying for the product
students from DTU who joined forces with has a generally overriding wish to spread in the autumn of 2013, has brought in advance.
an investor group. the 3D technology, which, rumour has it, us a small step closer. e com-
is facing its public breakthrough. pany has developed a tiny USB key Airtame had hoped the many
Visit the shop and have your wildest that enables image signals to be small donations would generate
transferred from smartphones or DKK 900,000. In fact, they col-
computers to TVs without the risk lected over DKK 7 million, which
of tripping over cables. is being used to develop the tech-
nology even more.




Better beer by chance Students
with wind in
Specshell is a company that rst saw the light of day Together with two students and an experienced their sails
back when Andreas Kunov-Kruse needed a speci c businessman, Andreas Kunov-Kruse established
item of measuring apparatus for his PhD project. He Specshell, which can contribute towards optimis- What started as an amusing and easy way of measur-
therefore developed his own technology that could ing the processes in beer production. More exact ing local wind conditions for some wind-sur ng and
measure chemical processes while they occurred. knowledge about this could ultimately bring beer kite-sur ng enthusiasts studying at DTU proved to be
manufacturing to perfection. a downright business idea. e people behind Vavuud
e technology would prove to be a very popular. have developed compact wind meters for smartphones
For instance, the measuring method gives brewers Specshell’s equipment is not limited to beer pro- so that wind conditions can be rapidly shared from
precise insight into what is happening during beer duction but can be used to measure a wide range of even the most remote areas via an app.
production. chemical processes.
e app quickly took o in Austria, where it proved
to be a very useful tool for paragliders. Since then,
Vavuud has also engaged in collaboration with a
distributor in the agricultural sector, where very local
wind measurements are vital for accurately spread-
ing pesticides.


Laserlight for billions

With simpli ed technology, Norlase has resolution and are therefore more e cient of the US market. Norlase has enormous e laser industry is seriously big business,
managed to develop a laser with almost diagnostic tools. potential. and Norlase hopes to get its foot in the door
countless potential applications. e la- - particularly in the eld of medicine, as
ser is currently used by opticians to detect Norlase started up in 2014 with a single e DTU-related company’s technology Norlase is very close to having developed a
very early stages of diabetes, for example. full-time employee. However, from 1 No- is fundamentally di erent to its competi- yellow laser. is would be a milestone in
In simple terms, microscopes with a laser vember 2015, it will have ve employees in tors’ and in the long term will o er consid- treatment of e.g. port-wine stain birthmarks
from Norlase give images with a higher Denmark and two employees in the USA, erably cheaper lasers than those currently under the skin.
which will ensure a better understanding available.






one of europe´s leading scientific centres and university towns
with a world-class level of research and education
a centre for the development of
knowledge-intensive business clusters
an international hub for work, culture,
trade and urban life
a living lab for sustainable urban
and business development

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