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In this issue... Saying farewell. Memes of the year. Where we're going to college. Senior superlatives. Service above self. Senior shout-outs. Movie Review with Brandon Yechout. Influential teachers.

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Published by MVHS Newspaper, 2018-05-21 08:55:00

The Stampede: Class of 2018 Senior Edition

In this issue... Saying farewell. Memes of the year. Where we're going to college. Senior superlatives. Service above self. Senior shout-outs. Movie Review with Brandon Yechout. Influential teachers.

MAY 18, 2018





Being members of the student press by making sure our I’s are dotted and Counting down days has been
has been one of the most rewarding our T’s are crossed. filled with excitement, but there is still
experiences in our high school careers. that tiny bit of sadness at the back of
From all the lessons we’ve learned and The quality of work has been set to our heads when we remember that
all the opportunities we’ve gained, a new and higher standard of credibil- these are our last days.
we’re forever changed. Learning the ity and caliber. Our attention to detail
inverted pyramid to dealing with con- has projected in other parts of our life. We get that eerie feeling of not
flict, to the power of what it means to walking through these halls anymore
use your voice as an individual, we’ll On a basic level, being in News and not seeing all of these familiar
take these morals with us throughout Journalism taught us how to manage faces. Next year it won’t be as simple
the rest of our lives. Having said that, a staff, the appropriate way to write as driving down the street to hangout
it’s certainly a peculiar time to be a with and without bias, and conduct with friends or meeting up at your
student journalist. interviews. Although, covering the favorite spot. Instead of being houses
stories of our school taught us much away, we’ll be states away. We defi-
Regardless of where you stand on deeper lessons than these along the nitely won’t miss all of the embarrass-
the political spectrum, it’s clear that way. ment of high school, but the people
these past couple of years have been are certainly going to be a bit tougher
everything but normal. Attacks on the It taught us to the appreciation of to leave.
press, allegations of collusion, and the different perspectives, how to produc-
infamous “Fake News.” We’ve been tively approach a problem, and what The exciting part of having such
forced to learn how to navigate these effective communication looks like. It hard people to leave, is all of the new
situations alongside journalists in the instilled the importance and value of people that will soon swarm our lives.
industry at the same time they are. the truth in everyone who was apart of Things are going to change and that’s
staff. It taught us what it truly means okay. It’s time to embrace it all be-
The world of journalism is in an to be apart of something bigger than cause we have a life full beginnings
unusual standing right now: What yourself. and endings ahead of us.
happens when facts don’t matter? The
point of journalism is to keep people Having Newspaper as our eighth There will be new people and
accountable the community informed, period class has often helped us end memories, but that doesn’t mean we
but what happens when our credi- our days better than we started, and will forget where we came from and
bility is docked and people no longer we’re forever grateful for that. We’ll who we grew up with. Soon, all of us
trust us? When the platform journal- never forget our days on staff. will be walking across that stage with
ists offer is undermined and people no smiles of accomplishment and family
longer use it? This has set the standard Everyone always says that high and friends cheering us on. Our time
for us as members of the student press school goes fast, but no one ever really may be up here, but we’re only just
believes them. It felt like we were nev- beginning everywhere else.
er getting out of this place as awkward
freshman, but here we are now, and
it’s finally the end.


MAY 18, 2018


Alex Pressl Brandon Yechout Brittany Coates Chesney Wargo

Alex is a graphic design- Brandon Yechout is a Perspec- Brittany is a photogra- Chesney was the Headlines
er. He is going to Colum- tives Writer for Metea Media. pher for Metea Media. and Social Media Editor for
bia College Chicago in He will be heading to DePaul She will be attending the Stampede. She will be
the fall. University in the fall. Illinois State University attending Central Michigan
in the fall. University in the fall.

Thuy-An Nguyen Delaney Reed Hailey Hagemaster Isabella Gonzales

Thuy-An was a Headlines re- Delaney was a photographer Hailey was Editor-In-Chief Isabella was a Graphic Design-
porter for the Stampede. She’s for news journalism her se- for the NewsMag and will er for the Stampede and she
planning to attend Boston nior year. She plans to attend be attending The Universi- will be attending the University
University to study journal- Tallahassee Community ty of Iowa in the fall. of Illinois at Urbana-Cham-
ism in the fall. College in the fall. paign in the fall.

Connor Smith Liam Sweeney Tyler Burleyson Valerie Morrice

Connor was the Spotlight Liam is the Perspectives Editor Tyler was a sports reporter for Valerie is a graphic designer
editor for the Stampede and for The Stampede and Metea the Stampede. He’s attending for The Stampede and Metea
will be attending Ball State Media, and will be going to Case Western Reserve Univer- Media. She is going to Uni-
University in the fall. Columbia College Chicago in sity in the fall. versity of Illinois in the fall.
the fall.

Zyma Lakhani Kainin Blissett Ethan Meyers Zainie Qureshi

Zyma was the Profiles Kainin was the Graphics Ethan was the Photog- Zainie was the Edi-
editor for the Stampede editor for the stampede and raphy Editor for the tor-in-Chief for Metea
and will be attending will be attending College of Stampede . He will be Media. She’s planning on
University of Illinois at Dupage of the fall. attending Flagler College attending University of Mis-
Chicago in the fall. in the fall. souri to study journalism.



MEMES OF 2017-18


Tide pods were a “forbidden snack” but people took
that as a challenge and created the Tide Pod challenge

where people all across the world were taking bites
into tide pods or even baking them into pizza’s...I

thought pineapple on pizza was bad.


On September 2nd, 2014 legend LuckyLucia-
no17k posted the iconic photo with the caption
“You know I had to to it to em” it didn’t reach
fame until recently but you know he had to do

it to em.


As vine died many people missed it. What
better way to celebrate what vine did while it
was alive by watching various compilations of
memes with titles like “vines that butter my



Top row (from left to right): Aaron Ho, Alexis Bass, JC Woods, Jeremy GarciaMAY 18 , 2018
Bottom row: Michael Miller, Snigdha Mantri, Oscar Burgos, Shashank Vege


Can YOU tell who's who?





Top Three Out-of-State Destinations Most Popular Areas to Major In

1. Ohio Natural Sciences 19%

2. Iowa Business, Economics, 17%
and Finance
3. Indiana

Engineering 17%

Social Sciences 9%

Computer Science 7%

Education 7%

English and Journalism 6%

Fine Arts 6%

Other 14%


MAY 18, 2018


I'll be entering Saint John I will be attending the Univ-
Seminary to study to eristy of Illinois in the fall. My
become a Catholic priest, APES teacher Mr. Long went
so I'll be attending Uni- there and spoke very highly of
versity of Saint Thomas. I the environmental science pro-
really like the college, and gram, and I could tell that their
I'm going to be majoring college of [environmental sci-
in Philosophy and Catholic ence] was really strong.
Studies with a minor in

I plan to double major at Lewis I asked them if I could double I will be studying fine arts, ei-
University in marketing and major after being accepted for ther in graphic design, cinema-
social media marketing and get a environmental science. So, I'm tography, or photography.
minor in communications. sending them recordings that
they'll evaluate and qualify me In our generation, everything
from. is super expensive, so why not
stay cheap and stay around your
family? I want to build up my
credit before I move out.

I chose Lewis because it's a very The closer I got to the end of the
small and I wanted a smaller year, I couldn't imagine going
school. I'm going to be commut- further without doing music.
ing every day, so I'll be able to
stay in the area.





These six seniors are just a few of many across the nation who
are going into the armed forces to serve the people. The Stampede

wishes them luck for their decdication to our country.

Alex Shabaz Amy Palumbo

Marine Corps, Combat Engineer Navy

“Our old gunnery sergeant came up to us and asked “I think it feels pretty great because you are doing
‘why are we going’ and everyone gave him an an- something that is actually making a difference; you
swer, some random answer, and he said to me ‘deep are able to protect your country and to me that’s a
down, before you even knew it, this is what you are pretty cool thing.”
meant to do. It takes someone crazy enough to get
the idea, but it takes someone even crazier to sign


MAY 18 , 2018

Antonio Matos Jonathan Baik

Marine Corps, MC Guard Navy, Boatswain’s Mate

“I joined because of commorarity and it has “I am going to the Navy for its benefits and to pay
always been a dream job for me. I talked to off college and it's just something I have always
my mom about it, and she said ‘since birth I wanted to do. Since I was a kid, I always enjoyed
was dressed in camo.” watching documentaries on marine life. My dad
was also an officer. ”

Matt Tylka Matthew Davis

Army Marine Corps, Small Arms Technician

"The reason I joined was because I want to be apart “I’m joining for the brotherhood feel because in the
of something greater than myself and serve and Marine Corps everyone is so close knit together.
protect our country." We all know who is who and we all generally have
the same motivators and we all call out to the same



Name Sport School
Harsh Anchan Wrestling Benedictine College
Ryan Barry Soccer Loras College
Kailee Bass Volleyball Belmont University
Mikaila Dowd Volleyball Georgia Tech University
Bryce Effner Football Penn State University
Janssen Gamilla Swimming St. Louis University
Sydnie Herrmann Volleyball Loyola Marymount University
Andrew Kohut Volleyball Belmont Abbey College
Natalie Lafferty Swimming Carleton College


MAY 18, 2018

Name Sport School

Ryan Malone Football UW Stevenspoint

Sydnee Marks Volleyball Walsh University

Ian Ridgway Bowling Mount Mercy

Maeve Riordan Soccer University of Illinois

Anna Scovill Swimming UIC

Chesney Wargo Soccer Central Michigan University

Keely Weber Cross Country Belmont Abbey College

Lauryn Wesoloski Soccer Elmhurst College

Abby Widd Lacrosse North Central College

Some senior commits from May signing days are not listed. List accurrate as of April 26.




Alexa Jordan Holden Rank, Anna Scovill Ashton Howser, Kayla Bach

Bobby Rouse Holden Rank, Hailey Voights Hailey Hagemaster, Sara

Hari Balachandran, Chesney Isabella Gonzales, Jeremy Jessica Marty, Griffin Despot
Wargo Garcia BEST HAIR


Jessica Bartosz and Ishan Shah John LaBarbera Jordan Brosius, Kate Jordan


MAY 18, 2018


Kaylie Clay, Bryce Effner Laney Orchard, Nick Seltzer Kimmy Chuang

Liam Sweeney, Maddie Doninger Tyrell Cockroft, Maddie Krogman The LaBarbera Twins

Maeve Riordan Nikki DeCastris Nina Koeppen
Most Likely to Own a Fortune MOST LIKELY TO BEST BROMANCE
500 Company BECOME A MEME

OFFBEAT Ralph Papa Sathya Todatry, Ryan Thuy-An Thi Nguyen


{ }Metea Valley
Shreyas Vivekanandan SHOUT-OUT’s Shivam Pathak
MMM: My Saturday
school. Alexa Jordan MMM: Brandon Yechout
MIT:Mrs. Mansmith Movie Review.
PHP: I want to become MMM: My experiences in Youth and MIT:Mr. Dave Luedtke
a lawyer and hopefully Government as an attorney presenting PHP: NVIDIA Computer
study at Stanford Law. for the Supreme Court. I would say the Engineer
SO: My best friends all most memorable of these weekends was SO: Jeremy Palgen, David
had a great impact on my my very first one in 2017. Luedtke, Casey Solgos, Jeff
well being and made high MIT: Jessica Thomas Schey
school the best 4 years PHP: Harvard University
ever. SO: Arohi Deshpande!! Lyndsey Zak

Chesney Wargo { Key } MMM: Beating Waubonsie
MMM: Back to back to in football sophomore year
back regional soccer cham- MMM = Most Memorable Metea MIT: Mr. McCurtain &
pionships Moment Mrs. Wrona
MIT: Mr. Page PHP: Attending Belmont
MIT = Most influential teacher

PHP: I am going to be PHP = Post High-school prospects University to major in
nursing, specializing in
studying and playing SO = Shout-out’s! pediatric oncology
soccer at Central Michigan

University Megan Matty SO: S/O to Ms. Manley,
SO: S/O Shmonk and my Mr. Duran, and everyone

long time best friends, MMM: Collage, no doubt about it. It’s else who is a part of the

you guys are the absolute something that I’ll remember for a long time. special Olympics program!

greatest and I’m so excited There’s no feeling like it. Being a part of this pro-

to see what your future MIT: Ms. DiGiorgio, she’s taught me how to gram has been my favorite

holds!! be a great leader inside an outside the class- part of high school and

room. I will miss you guys so

Ashley Smurawski PHP: I plan to attend the University of Mis- much!

MMM: Going to state with souri and major in Journalism.

special olympics basket- SO: To the Lunch Bunch, totally weren’t Alexander Howell

ball eating in the locker banks. To Mom, Mad- MMM: The Hockey Team

MIT: Dr. Molloy die, and Moe thanks for being there for me going to state!

PHP: Major in nursing at whenever I needed you. To the YB Staff, MIT: The Mr. Brian Smith

Illinois state thanks for always making me laugh hyster- SO: Luke Hartage is the

SO: My family and best ically. And finally to all my other friends, boy!

friends thanks for making high school tolerable.


MARCH 16 , 2018

Grace Butler Hey! Thomas Kuhn

MMM: It’s all a blur... MMM: Finding out that
MIT: My most influential Special Olympics Unified
teacher is Dr. Liu because he Basketball was going to
is encouraging to his students state this year even though
and helped me to grow as a we thought that we did not
person and a musician. qualify for state
PHP: Attending the Whea- MIT: Mrs. Brand.
ton College Conservatory of PHP: Computer Science or
Music as a Viola Performance Drones
SO: Shout out to Mai-Tram SO: My boy Connor Smith.
Tran who has helped me to
me a more adventurous and SENIOR

spontaneous person this year!

Jakob Dovalovsky SHOUT-OUT'S

MMM: Winning Kayla Srinivas Rao
state for Metea Valley
Men’s Soccer. MMM: The growing understanding of the unity within MVHS
MIT: Mrs. Bugielski. Music with the Collage concert over four years.
PHP: Study Business MIT: Mrs. Turner
Analytics and Busi- PHP: Illinois Wesleyan University’s pre-med program
ness Leadership. SO: Mr. Luedtke inspired a love for learning in me with APUSH
SO: Shout out to my and the impact of the storytelling of history.
boy Thomas Kuhn.

Connor Follin Elizabeth Klisiewicz

MMM: When someone threw a sand- MMM: Making waffles during
wich across my APUSH room and finals!
slapped into the window MIT: Anthony Romeo
MIT: Jeremy Dombro PHP: I’m going to Bradley Uni-
PHP: Dab on them haters versity to major in Nursing.
SO: To all of my fellow seniors, thank SO: Shout out to my unpaid ther-
you for a great 4 years apist Mr. Adam Page!!!



Ignatius Seguna

MMM: I remember when people were supporting and reposting my
promposal to my favorite artist, Billie Eilish, and I just felt the love from
everbody!! Totally appreciate it!
MIT: Mr. Michael Krcatovich is my most influential teacher because he
really understood how I felt in the darkest aspects throughout my high-
school life.
PHP: Being a successful physical therapist in the future is my goal and
at the same time making a difference, as a simple human being, to the
world we live in.
SO: I want to also thank Waubonsie Valley High School for being my
first home, and the whole Metea Family for helping me adjust into a new

country and new culture!

Saloni Jain Senior Jessica Goluch
MIT: Mr. Polavieja MMM: My senior
SO: Shout out to Mrs. night for basketball this
Weisenburger, Mr. past year and spending
Anerino, Mr. Whaley, it with my team
Mrs. Honeysett, Mr. MIT: Ms. Bostick
Robinson, and Mr. Page PHP: Work in the
and for being some of business field for a non
the best teachers I’ve -profit organization
ever had and for making SO: Coach Bostick and
their classes fun for their Coach Puk!

Brianna Noe Connor Smith

MMM: For a pep assembly where we our class’s MMM: Freshman year Collage and/or
theme was lumberjack, I literally went all out and going to Seattle junior year for the NSPA
put a fake makeup beard on my face and every- Conference
thing... I regret it to this day. MIT: Mr. Page
MIT:As much as I loved the all teachers here at me- PHP: Studying journalism and telecom-
tea, let’s be honest... no one beats Mark Sadler. munications at Ball State University in
PHP: My goal is to start a performance career danc- Muncie, Indiana
ing with Disney, and go into the dance industries in SO: Connor “Stripes” Follin and my boy
New York and California. Thomas Kuhn
SO: Shout out to my favorite sloth jenn-ay couch
for laughing with me throughout these four years :)
(we know where the bestest best friends superlative
really belonged, just sayin)


MAY 18, 2018

Janiyah Branch Connie Bronson

MMM: My most memorable Metea Mo- MMM: When I got to sit down in the booth to watch
ment was when I totally embarrassed my- the opening night of the first major production I had
self in front of my friends and crush by stage managed. I was excited to all our hard work
dropping my plate of food on the lunch come to life for an audience.
room floor. They made me clean it up and MIT: Ms. Corlew
my crush came and helped me ... PHP: I am attending Beloit College for an undergrad-
MIT: The most influential teacher is Mrs. uate degree.
Oas! She has has a beautiful kind hearted SO: I want to thank Ms. Corlew for the awesome
spirits that brings light to anyone’s dark support and great conversations. AP Bio has become
day. She is always there when you need my favorite class and it never fails to cheer me and
an ear to listen and even a shoulder to cry brighten my day. I want to thank Mrs. Aigner for
on. Mrs. Oas is a wonderful teacher who meeting me right where I was at the beginning of my
does nothing but great things to inspire sophomore year and encouraging me to grow with
teens to do what they love and to learn to small after class discussions and constant faith in my
love what you do in life . abilities. I want to thank Madame Lingon for mak-
PHP: My post high school prospects are ing learning a new language so fun and interesting.
to study fashion and the beauty industry. French class was one of my favorite classes and I miss
I will be moving to Hollywood, California learning it with you. I would also like to thank Mr.
and studying advanced fashion a the Art Schmela and Mr. Burkhardt for generously donat-
institute of Hollywood. ing hours upon hours to the tech shop so kids could
SO: Shoutout to Jessica Moreno for being learn to construct sets in a multitude of ways. Tech
my bestest vested friend in the hole wide is my favorite part of high school and I will miss it
world !!!! dearly when I leave. And lastly, I would like to thank
Mr. Bramstedt for always knowing just how much
to push me. You helped me find my confidence and

taught me that even if you don’t have confidence, you

can at least have poise.

Jenny Couch Charlie Schafer

MIT: Nathan Bramstedt MMM: Going to Peoria freshman
PHP: Pursue a career in acting on Broadway. year during cross country.
SO: Shout out to my homie Bri Noe for being my best MIT: Mrs. Cherne
friend these past four years. Your talents and generosity PHP: Running in college.
blow me away every day. You’ve helped me become the SO: The cross country coaches and
person I am, and I am endlessly proud of you. Thank you team and the track coaches and
for all the crazy adventures, thank you for all our “school- team.
night” sleepovers, thank you for all your support, thank
you for all the times you’ve randomly picked me up, thank 17
you for always keeping me guessing what color hair you’ll
have, thank you for struggling through life with me, but
most of all, thank you for making my life happier. Love
you so much, best friend.

-Jen-nay (your favorite sloth)



High School Musical 3: a film like this? I mean, obvi- that it’s oversaturated with
ously it’s fluff. That’s all the an abundance of completely
Senior Year film is, and it at no point tries pointless songs. Rather than
to be anything more than fluff. singing to advance the plot, or
I should first clarify that But how am I even meant to singing to unleash a wealth of
very little of this review was of approach reviewing a film swelling emotion, often times
my own volition; I was effec- like this? Should I spend the characters will sing merely for
tively coerced into reviewing entirety of the review bashing the sake of singing. During
this film by certain members the film? It certainly wouldn’t certain songs, I couldn’t find
of the News Journalism staff. be difficult. But what would any discernible reason for
I had planned on reviewing a be the point? It’s harmless why they might be singing.
different film, contrary to the enough, I suppose, and it Any discernible reason. That’s
wishes of the aforementioned never attempted anything that not good for something like
News Journalism staff mem- I found to be offensively bad. I this. In a film like “The Blues
bers, but as I was legitimately will say, though, that this film Brothers?” Sure, toss in as
unable to produce a reason- offers up absolutely nothing in many songs as you’d like. But
able alternative, I am now terms of stretching its appeal for something character-driv-
stuck with reviewing this film. even slightly beyond the reach en (as character-driven as it
I should also clarify that I have of its target demographic. It’s can be) like this? It’s a waste of
no experience with the “High an experience so insipid that it runtime, and a problem that
School Musical” franchise feels as if it’s a parody of itself. plagues too many musicals to
outside of, now, this film, and count.
the South Park parody episode There are certainly a lot of
“Elementary School Musical.” songs in the film, fortunately That just about wraps up
As such, this review is written none of which I can remember this relatively short review. If
from the perspective of a com- as I type this review. What you’re looking for an experi-
plete outsider. With all that scraps remain in my memory ence that will engage as well
out of the way, let’s begin. reek of uninspired, generic as challenge you, well, you
American pop rhythms and wouldn’t even think to look
The film’s enthralling plot lyrics that sound as if they for it here, so there’s hardly a
follows Troy Bolton, a senior were written by a machine. point in me even recommend-
at East High whose uncertain The “drama” was as paper ing against it, which, as you’ve
future begins to tug at the thin as you’d expect. I’m probably guessed, is what I’m
foundations of his life, affect- honestly struggling in finding going to do. It’s a relatively
ing his relationship with a the words to continue; I feel harmless film with the depth
girl called Gabriella and his that I’m doing little more than of a tablecloth, but am I glad
intentions for college. He is stating the obvious here. The that I was able to watch at
persuaded to take part in the acting? Stylistically consistent least one of the “High School
school’s musical, written by but as bland as cardboard. Musical” films? No. Not at all.
and performed entirely by Some of the setpieces during I’d have rather watched any-
the senior class, and assumes the film’s musical segments thing else. Brando’s rating?
a prominent role alongside were interesting, I suppose, One-and-a-half out of four
Gabriella. When plans for the as was the choreography at stars.
musical begin to go awry, the certain times. The film also,
strength of Troy’s commit- unsurprisingly, suffers from
ments, to both Gabriella and that classic musical ailment
others, are tested. that even “Singin’ in the Rain”
couldn’t escape, which is
Where even to begin with


MAY 18, 2018


Rachel Cheng

World Language Teacher
“Her attitude, personality, and advice has guided me throughout high school
and motivated me to become a better person and apply myself ”
“I have been at this school for four years and I have been with her for all of
it. I grew to love as she slowly became my second mother, not just a Chinese

Adam Page

English Teacher
“He has influenced me to remember learning can be fun and has helped me
work more and better as a student to improve myself in school”
“Mr. Page is almost like a real life meme but in a really good way, I wish he was
my father.”

John Riddle

Math Teacher
“He always comes into class with the best attitude. When he teaches one can
clearly see that he is passionate about helping us learn. He cares about his stu-
dents so much it warms my heart. The purest man, truly.”
“He’s just a goof but I love him”





ADAM PAGE ists who are about to pick up their Metea reviews always something I look forward
Valley diplomas. Their world isn’t about to reading, I have also enjoyed our many
Over the last 12 years, the students identifying an answer from a list, but conversations about some of the best
who will be graduating on Sunday have rather about going out and discovering (and worst) films. Thanks for sharing so
filled in thousands of bubbles. meaning in the world around them. They many great movies with me.
have written about complex and diverse
It started early. ISAT, Gates MacGin- topics ranging from gun control to birth Delaney: You have a fantastic artistic
itie, and Explore tests. Later, PARCC, control, and from substance abuse to eye and you know how to brighten the
PSAT/MNSQT, SAT, and AP tests. Not to relationship abuse. world around you. I always appreciated
mention countless bubbles on unit tests your eagerness to get the job done well,
and final exams. Each time they explored, they listened, professionally, and with a smile.
and they reported with a nuance that is
With each bubble carefully darkened difficult to appreciate in a world that is Thuy-An: You embody what I mean
with a Number 2 pencil, we can connect all too concerned with filling in bubbles. about students who think beyond the
the dots to create a clear picture: Life is The entire Metea Valley community bubbles. Your insightful reporting and
about finding the right answer. “B” is is richer as a result of their thoughtful willingness to dive headfirst into com-
definitely correct. “D” is most certainly reporting. plex topics never ceased to amaze me.
incorrect. It’s a black and white world of
right and wrong, and whatever you do, Alex: Your quiet and lowkey sense Tyler: I always appreciated how ready
don’t even dare dream about ideas that of humor always brought a smile to my you were to pitch in whenever you were
aren’t represented by A, B, C, or D. face. I’m so glad you joined us. needed. Not only could you write great
articles, you also were selfless in sharing
But the world looks very different and Isabella: The intensity you brought to your skills with others.
a lot more messy for the young journal- our graphics team was only matched by
the intensity you brought to the badmin- Chesney: You possess one of the most
ton court. (You’re welcome for letting you valuable traits of them all: dependability.
win…) From the pitch to the newsroom, every-
body around you knows they can de-
Val: The world needs more people like pend on you to follow through on your
you, who have a huge heart and refuse to commitments. I will miss watching you
take the same path as everybody else. sprint down the hall to tally up another
day of making it to class on time.
Brandon: Not only are your movie


MAY 18, 2018

Connor: You are a gift to the profes- passion for journalism, your insistence for guiding the way.
sion of journalism. I’m awed by your on pushing the boundaries, and your Zainie: A fast-paced publication needs
humble dedication to continual improve- ability to inspire your team.
ment, which you share with your team a fast-paced leader, which made you the
in your constant desire to do your best. Zyma: Some lead loudly. Others lead perfect person for the job. Beyond your
I look forward to seeing your byline in by example. It is this second one that is journalistic leadership, you brought life
print often in the future. most powerful and that you do so well. to our class through your, well, Zaini-
Thank you for shining a light on indi- ness. Thank you for disagreeing with me
Ethan: When stress levels and tension vidual’s stories that would otherwise be when I was wrong. Thank you for being
rose as we got closer to deadlines, you easily overlooked. just-the-right-amount of outrageous.
had the presence of mind to keep calm Thank you for making no two days the
and keep us focused on getting the job Brittany: It has been such an incredi- same. You are organized. You are capa-
done. Thanks for your even-keeled lead- ble honor to watch you grown and learn ble. You are one-of-a-kind. You will be
ership. ver the four years I’ve had you in class. deeply missed.
Thank you for always keeping me in line
Kainin: You stepped up when we and for never failing to make me laugh. Whenever I was having a frustrat-
needed you to, and you filled some big ing day, I knew I could count on these
shoes with cool confidence and your Hailey: You know how to command students to brighten it. They are driven.
own flair. I will deeply miss your talent a room. You know how to lead a team. They are committed. They are never
for design and your hilarious sense of You know how to diffuse conflict. You afraid to question authority, ask the
humor. #KaneForPresident know how to build consensus. You know tough questions, and think outside the
how to get the best out of those around bubble.
Liam: I remember the exact moment you. And most of all, you make it look
in Seattle that I saw you transform from so easy. I am quite certain that there is Thank you for enriching my life and
staffer to leader. I’m inspired by your nothing you can’t accomplish. Thank you for making it so easy to love my people.


22 I watch movies on my 25 MAY 2017

Chromebook during

I pretended to have my period class. I was the one who
for three weeks to avoid going shattered the aquatics
to sophomore swim. window sophomore

year and nobody knew

I have had a YouTube it was me.

channel since I was I GOT THE WRONG HOUSE

I never went to I cheated on the SAT
my locker at all
during all four

I have never given a pencil I secretly
back to a teacher. love the
Metea Life

I stole a desk from Metea and nobody

found out.

I haven’t been to a pep assembly since sophomore year.

I ate in the locker I once skipped class to make out under
banks every day. the choir risers



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