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The Mahopac News 09.12.19

VOL. 10 NO. 28 Visit for the latest news. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2019

Volunteerism at the root of Swan Cove project

Longtime Mahopac residents kick in to save taxpayer money

BY BOB DUMAS the hours he’s spent on a machine, suck- PHOTO COURTESY OF THE TOWN OF CARMEL
EDITOR ing dust and lling those Dumpsters. Guy
Dudyshyn, same thing; right there with Workers remove an oil tank as the old Chamber of Commerce building is razed.
Another major step toward the comple- them.”
tion of the Swan Cove park/parking lot e entire project was somewhat con- man at that podium (before being elected)
project took place last week when the for- Barile said the work so far, thanks to the
mer Chamber of Commerce building was volunteers, has cost about 10 cents on the troversial in its early stages because Cotaj yelling at these guys (the Town Board) to
torn down. dollar.
had purchased the property from Barile buy the property,” Barile said. “ ey made
Additionally, workers continued to re- “ ese people saved the taxpayers—no
move stone and debris from the beach- question—over $100,000 this week. at’s before he was elected to the Town Board. the decision. I’m helping now to bring it to
front area and smooth out the parcel that a number given to me by the engineering
will eventually become the park. department,” Barile said. “If we had bid Barile, in turn, encouraged Cotaj to sell it fruition, but this is a group e ort. Every-
that out municipally, the numbers would
But what many might not know is that have been crazy. ese are all volunteers. to the town, since it was the last parcel of one is doing something di erent.”
volunteers have performed much of the la- We are reimbursing them if they have to
bor taking place over the last few weeks at rent a machine and for fuel and things like land available on Lake Mahopac. SEE SWAN COVE PAGE 8
the lot, located on South Lake Boulevard that, but the savings were just astronomi- “Everybody forgets,but I was just a mad-
next to Tompkins Mahopac Bank. Town cal. I sincerely want to thank them from
o cials say that saved taxpayers more than the bottom of my heart.”
e town purchased the strip of land
“Almost 99 percent of the people down known as Swan Cove from developer
there volunteering were almost born and Fran Cotaj for $1 million in March 2018.
raised in this town,” said Councilman Earlier this summer, the town completed
Mike Barile, who has been coordinating a deal with Tompkins Mahopac Bank to
the early stages of the project. “All the purchase an acre’s worth of land in the
guys on that site are [Mahopacians] who bank’s adjacent parking lot for $395,000.
have lived here since they were 2 or 3 years
old. e energy and e ort is amazing. For is will make way for a 90-space munici-
two days, my [business] partner (Tommy pal parking lot. New sidewalks and curb
Boniello) is sitting out there in his wheel- cuts for new access and egress into the
chair yelling at the machine operator that municipal lot and the bank’s parking area
he’s not doing it right. Mike Bunyea (Exel will be constructed by the state Depart-
Electric) is setting up the pumps, which ment of Transportation (DOT) and the
work correctly now, so we don’t have water tra c light at the Route 6/6N split will be
there. George Vignogna, I couldn’t count recon gured to allow motorists in and out
of the lot.

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10 Mahopac kids mark
22 rst day of school.

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The Staff Fall Concert Series 40 modern country) p.m., at Red Mills, 575 Route at St. John the Evangelist Church

EDITORIAL TEAM e town Recreation and Parks Booster Club 6N, Mahopac Falls. Proceeds will (social hall) 221 East Lake Blvd.,
BOB DUMAS bene t the Mahopac boys varsity Mahopac. All proceeds go to sup-

EDITOR: 845-208-0774 Dept. presents the Fall Concert Bake Sales soccer team and help them with a port the church and many other
[email protected] Series, Saturdays, 6-8 p.m., at
BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER college scholarship. charities. For more information,
SPORTS EDITOR: 914-302-5628
[email protected] Chamber Park. e concert is free e Mahopac Boys Booster Catholic Daughters call Joanne at 845-628-5909.
- bring blankets and chairs. Satur- Club will hold a bake sales on Tag Sale
ADVERTISING TEAM day, Sept. 14, is Back to the Gar- Sunday, Sept 15, 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 Community
CORINNE STANTON den, the Woodstock Experience. p.m. at the Stop & Shop, Lake Catholic Daughters of e
845-621-4049 Plaza, Route 6, in Mahopac, and Tag Sale S
Upcoming shows
[email protected]
LISA KAIN Sept. 21 - Ron Johnson and at the Stop & Shop in Somers Americas Chapter 1921 will spon- e First Presbyterian Church

914-351-2424 the Cheyenne Band (classic Commons, Route 6, Baldwin sor its annual tag sale on Saturday, located at 4in11MRaohuSotpea6cNwi(lalthSoes-t
[email protected] country rock) Place. ey will hold another on cor Road)
Sunday, Sept. 29, 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 SSeupntd.a2y,1S, e8pta. .2mS2., to 7 p.m., and
PAUL FORHAN Oct. 5 - Nashville Drive (Top 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. a rent-a-space community tag
[email protected] THINK sale on Saturday Sept. 14, 9 a.m.-
914-334-6335 THTIHNIKNK T3hep.mLa. rRgaeinstoAr ushtihneo.rRizeefrdesh-
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845-208-0774 OR EMAIL donation, visit https://nyblood-
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$150 PER YEAR FOR FIRST CLASS MAIL. are being donated to
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LASER CAVITY DETECTION, FLUORIDE. unemployed man in the depressed
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Participants in the Longest Day
Walk, from left, Tiberio Roda,
Karen Ganis, Julie Fitzgerald and
Eileen Bencivengo


‘Longest Day’
hikers reunite

in Mahopac

Participants re ect on grueling trek and upcoming documentary

BY BOB DUMAS and then go home and say, ‘If these people can do some- pression was to keep moving forward, staying active and

EDITOR thing for their cause, I can do something for something doing the things she loves, while raising awareness of the

that means a lot to me,’” Enzo said of “Pilgrimage to En- disease. at led her to events such as the Longest Day

“We started out as strangers, but ended up as friends,” lightenment.” “And that’s what our rst lm (‘10 Moun- hike in Italy. She spoke of the challenges someone su er-

said Karen Ganis, looking around the poolside table in her tains, 10 Years’) did. When that lm rst came out, it sort ing from PD faced on trek.

backyard at the group of people who’d gathered at her Ma- of created a wake. It moved through the lm festival circuit “ e walk was very stressful,” she said. “I watched all the

hopac home on Saturday afternoon. and the number of advocates in those areas expanded. I videos and read all the paperwork, but I didn’t compute

It was a reunion of sorts for Ganis. In June, she had em- hope this lm strikes the same type of lightning as that.” it was going to be up and down and up and down and it

barked on a trip to Italy where she hiked through rugged Both Enzo’s mother and grandmother passed away from was going to be 110 to 115 degrees. You couldn’t keep your

backcountry terrain for 120 miles over an eight-day pe- Alzheimer’s and his father-in-law has Parkinson’s disease. water cold.

riod—from Palermo to Agricento. “I wanted to create a project that shines a light on the “ e hardest part for me was losing my shoes and hav-

Ganis’grueling hike was inspired by her father, who died need to cure both of those diseases,” he said. ing to walk in a new pair of shoes that didn’t t properly,”

from Alzheimer’s disease 20 years ago. Besides Enzo and Chadwick-Jones, the reunion includ- she continued. “But that is sort of how I approach Parkin-

e trip is regarded as a spiritual journey for many of ed Eileen Bencivengo, from Hamilton, N.J.; Julie Fitzger- son’s— I wasn’t going to let it beat me. I was going to nish

those who make it. Ganis made her trek a “Longest Day” ald from Austin, Texas; and Tiberio Roda, from Como, the walk one way or another, even if I had to let someone

fundraiser to bene t the Alzheimer’s Association Hudson Italy. Bencivengo is a longtime advocate and caregiver who drag me.”

Valley Chapter. appeared in Enzo’s rst lm, while Fitzgerald and Roda Roda, who is 64 and su ers from Parkinson’s, astonished

e Longest Day, named in recognition of the long days both su er from Parkinson’s. everyone on the hike.

spent by caregivers of people who have dementia, encour- “ e caregivers, for me, are the unsung heroes who are “Tiberio wouldn’t be the quickest one to get to the n-

ages people to do any activity they choose any time they on the frontline in the battle,” Enzo said. “ ey are the ish line but he does not stop,” Enzo said. “Unless someone

choose to raise awareness and money to help end Alzheim- ones who don’t personally have [the disease] but deal with stops him, he’s going all the way and he’s going to be in a

er’s. all the attributes that come with it and have to deal with it, good mood. He’s a stud.”

ose who had assembled at Ganis’ home were part of while maintaining their sanity, go to work and take care of Roda said his biggest challenge on the hike was keep-

that group of hikers, each with their own story to tell. Also their kids. ey juggle a lot.” ing his balance, especially when the trail got rough, and

on hand were documentary lmmakers Vincent “Enzo” Fitzgerald, who has Parkinson’s, came from Texas to the communicating, which was made di cult because of the

Simone (a Somers resident) and Luke Chadwick-Jones East Coast not only for the reunion at Ganis’ home, but to disease.

(from England), who were there every step of the way attend the Parkinson’s Policy Forum in Washington, D.C. “He fell a lot, but he always got up,” Enzo said. “ at’s

to chronicle the entire sojourn. e two were reuniting She was diagnosed with PD when she was 54 but had been his mentality, he never stays down.”

to complete the editing of the documentary, called “Pil- living with the symptoms for nearly 10 years. All the hikers said that when they crossed the nish line,

grimage to Enlightenment,” which is essentially a sequel “It took them that long to gure out what it was,” she emotions ran high. ey all said the feeling is almost im-

to Enzo’s award-winning documentary,“10 Mountains, 10 said. “When I rst found out I had it, I was really de- possible to describe. ere was a lot of crying.

Years.” pressed.” SEE LONGEST DAY PAGE 6

“Ultimately, the goal of the lm is to have people see it But Fitzgerald found the best way to combat that de-


School tax collection payments temporarily suspended

William Carlin, the Putnam County that in-person payments will resume. they have received in previous years. Corrected school tax bills will be
Commissioner of Finance, has tempo- e corrected school tax bill will read Taxpayers who have already paid mailed the week of Sept. 16. Carmel/
rarily suspended all school tax payments
due to a le-control error causing vet- “Corrected Bill”at the top and bottom of their school taxes will receive a refund if Mahopac taxpayers should check
eran exemptions to exceed maximum the bill and be printed on yellow paper. their school taxes were overpaid or pay with tax collector Kathleen Krauss
limits, which, in turn, caused the 2019- the di erence if they underpaid. regarding the exact date to pay in
20 school tax bills to be incorrect. e new corrected school tax collec- person or online. To pay in person,
tion schedule is as follows: Half partial “We apologize to our school district contact Krauss at 845-626-1500 the
Corrected school tax bills will be payments are extended to Oct. 7. Full and municipal o cials, and most im- week of Sept. 16 for the date that
mailed the week of Sept. 16. Carmel/ payments without interest are extended portantly the taxpayers that we all serve, in-person payments will resume.
Mahopac taxpayers are advised to check to Oct. 21. for the inconvenience caused by this
with tax collector Kathleen Krauss re- error,” Carlin said. “We will be putting
garding the exact date to pay in person Carlin said that the vast majority of into place procedures to help ensure
or online. Taxpayers wishing to pay in taxpayers will see a small reduction in that this does not happen again.”
person can contact Krauss at 845-626- their tax bill, while approximately 3,300
1500 the week of Sept. 16 for the date people receiving the a ected exemptions For further information, contact the
will receive a corrected tax bill that will county commissioner of nance at 845-
be comparable to the schoo! tax bill that 808-1075.

And the
winner is...

Bruce Knies of Purdys was the winner of the Lake Mahopac
Rotary Chevy Corvette ra e that was drawn this summer. Here,
some Rotary Club members pose with the car. e proceeds from
the ra e are used to help support local non-pro ts and provide
scholarships to local students.

e ra e’s other winners were: second prize of $1,000, Don-
ald Pasquale Jr.; third prize of $500, Michael Kertelitz; and fourth
prize of $250, Sebastian Slizowski—all of Mahopac.


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LONGEST DAY cult for her as it was for those in doing there. I cherished every mo-
the group who have Alzheimer’s or ment of the experience and all the

Parkinson’s. di culties. But I think one of the

“I felt energized and really high “When I decided to do it, it biggest challenges for me would

on the accomplishment,” Roda wasn’t so much about the physical be when something would be hap-

said. “When people see me and part of it. I’m pretty physically t pening in front of the camera and

know I have Parkinson’s and just so I wasn’t worried about that,” she I would want to jump in and help,

did this epic [hike], it gives a lot said. “I was really thinking about but at the same time I have a re-

of people who have PD hope that my dad and doing it in his memory sponsibility to show people what

they can do great things, too. For and the family that I’ve lost. But these people are doing because

people with PD, the thing is to mostly what I took away from this these people deserve a platform for

never just reach a goal and say,‘OK, is this incredible team of people that [hike] to be showcased. at

I’ve accomplished it, I’m done,’ e who come from all walks of life and was my role in this.”

thing is to give yourself another have incredible stories to share. It Enzo said that when he began

goal and move toward it.” was humbling to see. It was hum- the lm project, he never envi-

Fitzgerald said nishing the hike bling to see Julie,who had no shoes. sioned the scope it would eventu-

was a catharsis of sorts for many of And Tiberio, who struggled, but ally become. PHOTO COURTESY OF KAREN GANIS

the hikers. had a smile on his face and a laugh. “I don’t think we realized how Film producer Vincent “Enzo” Simone, foreground, with, from left,

“ ere were a lot of tears; all of It was incredible. I very rarely cry, much would go into it, lming in Julie Fitzgerld, Eileen Bencivengo, Luke Chadwick-Jones, Tiberio Roda
us were crying,” she said. “It wasn’t but it was very emotional.” four di erent countries and six dif- and Karen Ganis

just a little tear here and there. It For lm director Chadwick- ferent states,” he said. “It’s taken us

was like this hour-long sob. Jones, carrying the roughly 45 here and there and everywhere and “We have the editing process will better help her to get people to

“It was life-changing for me pounds of equipment on the hike all out of our pocket to get it done to go through and a few scenes on understand the role that caregivers

because it gave me a lot of con - was the least of his challenges so other advocates could see it and memories of the past at the begin- play.

dence,”she added.“It passes on the along the way. be inspired to join our cause to put ning of the lm that will be lmed “ is lm was important for me

message to a lot of other people “Any time I felt fatigued I just an end to Alzheimer’s and Parkin- using actors,” Chadwick-Jones said. because it is the 20th anniversary

who are in the same boat: ere are looked around [at the others on the son’s.” “We have a giant amount of foot- of my dad’s death,” she said. “I’ve

still a lot of things you can do.” hike] and that was like rocket fuel ere is still some more work to age we’ve been shing through for been singing the same song for 20

Ganis said nishing the hike to the heart,” he said. “It was just be done before “Pilgrimage to En- the last few days and it’s been heart- years and after a while I have found

was challenging, but not as di - extraordinary what everyone was lightenment”is complete. warming watching it all again. We that people stopped listening to my

are ltering through it and hope- story. Now, this is a tool I can use

fully in 10 days’ time we will be in where it’s no longer just Karen say-

Arrested? a more solid state and then I will be ing,‘Look at it this.’Now,it’s ‘Look
back again to continue the process.” at all these people who are a ected.’

Enzo said that when the lm is [When it comes to Alzheimer’s],
nally nished, he will take it on it’s not just the forgetting. It’s not

the lm festival tour, but not just just the shaking. ere are so many

any festival. He wants to screen it little stigmas that people don’t even

where it will do the most good. realize. And even to this day, 20

“What we want to do is go years later, people will say, “Well,

where the advocates want it to be,” he just forgot.’ ey have no idea.

he said. “We will nd festivals in ere are so many other pieces.

those areas and that’s where it will But now I have this tool and it is

be screened. It would be crazy to no longer just Karen saying it. I

take it to some obscure place that don’t want my children to have to

doesn’t have a base of people who see what I had to see.”

won’t take anything away from it. Asked if she would do the hike

“It wasn’t a lm just to be a lm,” again, Ganis said, “absolutely,” but

he added. “It was a lm to inspire not just for the sake of hiking.

people to take on their own proj- “I wouldn’t do it just to do it,”

ects and ght for themselves. e she said. “I don’t know if I would

cavalry is not coming. You have be motivated enough to hike 120

to be willing to ght to champion miles in oppressive heat and all the

yourself.” bugs. But to do it again for this

Ganis called the lm a “tool”that cause, absolutely.”

Heritage Hills
1 BEDROOM/1.5 BATH, 960 SQ. FT.
963 ROUTE 6, MAHOPAC, NY 10541 $2300/MO. PLUS Security Deposit

TOCKLAW.COM • 800-869-8080 Non-Negotiable, 1 Year Lease Minimum

Max Occupancy: 2 • No Pets
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Optional: Alarm System Activation

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FROM PAGE 1 taxpayers—no question—over Councilman Mike Barile’s business partner, Tommy Boniello (in wheelchair), instructs
the backhoe operators as they work at the Swan Cove site.
Supervisor Ken Schmitt said that since $100,000 this week. at’s a
work on the project got underway, residents volunteers out there, it’s spectacular. Local rate a huge pile of rocks into the design.
have been reacting in a positive way. At the number given to me by the
Town Board’s Sept. 4 meeting, he read a guys, good guys, who have their heart in the “All that beautiful rock is going to be
letter that several residents had composed engineering department.’
and sent to Schmitt and the board. e let- right place. I can’t wait to see it done and be used on the park and throughout the town
ter read, in part: - Councilman Mike Barile
down there playing with the kids.” because it matches the existing rock used
“Bold initiatives like these are never easy— town and look where the chamber building
there are always counter-concerns about once stood, it’s now totally demolished and Barile said that while the park parcel is downtown,” he said.
costs and unintended consequences. Let’s us there is just a concrete pad there. And the
again add our voice of support for the park Swan Cove site has been cleaned up quite currently just at land, mostly mud and as- Schneider said the town should consider
expansion project. Our thanks go out to you a bit . . . trees have been trimmed and cut
and the Town Board and those who support down and the site is really shaping up. phalt, he predicts the nal project will elicit using the students in the Northern West-
the project for their vision and tenacity to
persevere and see this through to its reality. “I want to publicly thank Councilman rave reviews. chester/Putnam BOCES mason program
We are con dent that future generations will Barile for all his e orts in coordinating that
appreciate this truly amazing addition to the cleanup project,” he continued. “Volunteers “You have to picture the wooden bridge to help.
heart of our town. e result will be a major have committed a lot of their personal time
step in making an already amazing town into and their equipment at really no cost to connecting the two parks; you have to picture “We could use the same service that the
a truly great and awesome place.” the town. It’s looking great so far and will
continue to evolve. It will be a beautiful site all of the weeds removed; you have to picture county utilizes through BOCES,” he said.
Schmitt said he wouldn’t reveal the once it’s completed.”
names of the letter-writers because “I didn’t an aerator fountain between the two parks,” “ eir class of masons works at the county
get clearance from them.” Councilman Jonathan Schneider said he
was amazed at how quickly work has pro- he said. “[ ere will be] real bathrooms. facilities all the time. We could have that
“And there’ve been many other folks gressed.
who I’ve met out in the community who When it’s done,it’s going to be really nice.Ev- conversation and get a ton of volunteers out
have also voiced their support for the proj- “In two days, it’s pretty amazing to see
ects,” the supervisor said. “And other Town what’s happened downtown,” he said. “To eryone who has come down there made the here pretty quickly.”
Board members have gotten feedback and be able to see the boats on the other side
we have gotten a lot of calls at the o ce. So, by the point, to have that clear view, it is same statement: ‘I didn’t realize it was so big; Councilwoman Suzi McDonough also
it’s really shaping up.” amazing. Whether we paid too much, too
little or just right, the end result is going I didn’t realize it would open it up so much.’” gave kudos to the volunteers.
Schmitt was also e usive in his praise to be just like you said for generations to
for Barile and the way he’s coordinated the come. Even the comments over the last Barile said the project will need more vol- “I want to thank all the volunteers,” she
project thus far. 48 hours alone have been overwhelmingly
positive and it’s great to see. With all the unteers—primarily masons—as it moves said. “It’s beautiful now, and I can’t even
“Councilman Mike Barile has spent
multiple days down at the Swan Cove site,” on to the next phase. ey’ll help incorpo- imagine what it’s going to be when it’s done.”
Schmitt said. “If you have driven through

You didn’t inherit their Did you know that 10 percent of all cancer
hula-hooping skills. cases result from hereditary genetic risk factors?

But you de nitely inherited their genes. To schedule an appointment today with our
certi ed genetic counselor,
Because up to 10 percent of all cancer cases result call (914) 223-8270.
from hereditary genetic risk factors that are passed
from one generation to the next, it’s critically
important to recognize families at high risk for
an inherited predisposition to cancer.
Our Genetic Counseling Program is a family-centered
program serving those who want to understand their
cancer risk. We’re dedicated to helping individuals and
families identify their risk, take action, and stay well.

We believe that knowledge is power.



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Who can beat Trump Eat your way to future health
to the punch?
Let’s divert this week from the world of parents and schools to teach the e cacy of proper
politics and talk about something near and nutrition in diet to kids.
dear to all of us: food! Have you noticed
Crazy, right?

yet that your food cravings have shifted in the last Who in their right mind would believe

OF HUMAN and one strategy: bull rush. He month? that healthy food could compete with the use
INTEREST liked to get in close and throw
short lefts and uppercuts. My reach It’s still summer, according of pharmaceuticals to stop
LORENZO allowed me to keep him away.
GARO Eventually, Rocco got frustrated to the calendar, but the tail- LIFE, depression and anxiety in their
and started throwing roundhouse end, the last week and a half. HEALTH, tracks?
“Everyone has a plan until they get rights that fell just short of my chin Summer o cially ends on
punched in the face.” and the smirk, which the heavy- But that is the problem with
weight took care of for good. POLITICS the overly processed food that
- Mike Tyson Sept. 23 this year. But after
e day Joe Biden announced
Unless it was because I his candidacy, a picture of him and a relatively cool August, MARA many of us eat regularly. e
liked getting hit, I’ll never Trump on stage together at the September has already had its SCHIFFREN nutrient count is way down and
understand why I joined a debates popped into mind. My chilly moments, settling easily we do not get a good balance of
boxing club. I could jab a little, but heart sank: Just as I had the style to
my right lacked conviction and the beat Rocco,Trump has the style to into the 60s and 70s with vitamins and nutrients. Nor do
sight of blood made me faintish. beat Biden.
My last ght occurred in a spar- hardly a ght. we get su cient antioxidants
ring session with a heavyweight. Biden has already let the incum-
He wanted to practice slipping bent bait him. “I’d like to take him Suddenly, a chill is in the air and our cravings which help our body excel in its natural ability to
punches; he promised not to throw behind the gym and beat the hell
any. I discovered that he was slow, out of him,” Biden is on record as start turning to the fruits of the harvest. All too heal itself.
an easy target, his big head as good saying. Big mistake. It’s not that
as a punching bag. Frankenstein Sleepy Joe can’t go as low as the soon it will be time to indulge in game birds and Indeed, the body wants to heal and to repair
had better footwork. With free president. It’s that Trump lives
reign, I was beating him up pretty there. Biden would be ghting on pumpkin pies. But at the moment, by the ancient the things that are wrong with it. It is only
good, when suddenly his expression Trump’s home turf. e only thing
changed. In the half-second it took he’d get out of such a match is a les- wisdom that kept our species alive throughout when we ignore the wisdom of the body—that
my brain to process the change, my son in how to ght dirty.
body, seized by fear, froze. en the countless millennia, our bodies are starting to small, still voice telling us what to eat to feel
electrician came and put out the Biden vs.Trump would be the
lights. entertainment event of the year. crave the fruit and vegetables that ripen in late well nourished—and turn to a diet of sugar and
Trump and his supporters would
I woke up bleeding from the eat it up. “Make America Great summer and early fall. eir prime directive re ned carbs that in ammation, starting in the
nose, now painfully situated Again” is all about showing the
underneath my right eye. I had a world whose boss, and not get- understands, even if it is not really necessary in our gut and moving throughout the body, begins to
concussion, better known in those ting pushed around.Trumpets get
days as getting your “bell rung.”To a vicarious thrill in the president’s era of plenty, that to survive the long, cold winter create chronic health problems.
this day, I could swear the e ects of pugnacity. Also, to his most ardent
that punch still linger. It might be supporters,Trump’s presidency is to come, we need a layer of fat that these surplus We are just at the point now where science
obvious in this column you’re about an act of self-sacri ce. Here’s this
to read. billionaire, who could be doing natural carbohydrates can provide. enables us to understand how chronic
anything he wants, and he wants
Where was I? Ah, yes, the box- to help little guys like us. ey like I always try to eat for the seasons. Indeed, I nd in ammation can move from the gut to the
ing club and the one guy I could that you don’t need a dictionary to
handle—a fellow named Rocco. It understand him, that he’s vulgar it fairly inevitable. e foods that appeal most in brain—passing through the vagus nerve that
was ironic because pound for pound and common, a street ghter. Biden
he was the toughest ghter in the can’t win that kind of ght. In box- January certainly have little appeal in midsummer. connects the two—and trigger mental health
club, and I was the softest. ing terms, he matches up poorly.
In January we want thick stews and slow cooked problems such as anxiety and depression, and
It was all a matter of styles e best example of what I mean
between me and Rocco. He had a occurred in 1960, when Richard meat and vegetables; whereas in summer, our diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
stocky build, short arms and legs Nixon ran against John F Kennedy.
Nixon was favored over the upstart bodies daily crave all the fresh new greens One e ect of severe brain in ammation is
Kennedy, but that all changed after
produced outside in the sun as a way to foster our to cause the brain’s immune cells, called glial
own living energy. e summer bounty of green cells, to prime. is action changes the shape

vegetables, along with all the vitamin D we take and function of the glial cells and shortens their

in from being outside for hours daily in the sun, lifespan. Primed cells die o sooner, and there is

creates the surplus of wellbeing that many of us no recovery from this state. is is the reason that

feel during summer months. aging and dementia go hand in hand—the store

It’s tragic that most of us are not taught of glial cells has been depleted to the point where

repeatedly how much our current sense of that person’s brain can no longer operate normally.

wellbeing and our future health depends upon If you knew that your daily habits could play

eating highly nutritious foods. a signi cant role in keeping your brain healthy

Right now, in America – and globally – we are and preventing the onset of avoidable depression,

in the midst of a crisis. According to the WHO, anxiety or even dementia later on in life, what

depression is already the leading cause of ill health would you do? Would you choose to continue

and disability in the world, e ecting more than eating processed foods, personal allergens and a

300 million people. But by 2030, the numbers high sugar diet?

are forecast to be far, far worse. ere is a lot of Or would you begin slowly changing your diet

discussion in response about the isolation that habits to prevent avoidable future illnesses?

social media causes. And the fact that it allows For ideas about what your next step could be,

kids to stay indoors all day, interacting with come, visit my website and look at my resources.

screens instead of outdoors with trees and sky Mara Schi ren, PhD, is a writer, certi ed

and dirt and animals. And that, indeed, is a huge Functional Medicine Health coach and certi ed

factor. Clear Beliefs coach. You can reach her at her

However, another powerful solution to head website: or by email at

o this trend and reduce its virulence is for mara.schi [email protected]

Downtown Mahopac • 11am to 5pm



OCTOBER 6 The Putnam County


692 RTE 6, Mahopac, NY 10541 | 845-628-5553 | [email protected] |


True cost of assisted no mistake about it, it is all about LETTERS sions and society enriched. Absolu- consequences of this idea are only
suicide the money and, oh, yes,“choice”and tion for everyone. becoming discernible.” e practice
“bodily autonomy.”Assisted suicide, merous articles on the spiraling end has expanded. Unintended conse-
To the editor, its proponents contend, doesn’t ap- of life costs and e orts to contain Not so fast. Netherlands pioneer quences absolutely. Assemblywom-
e time is ripe for Assembly- ply. We have more gentile terms: them.What better way than to have in this “choreographed legal fare- an Galef and all of us should read
“aid in dying.” Suicide will still be grandma, no longer productive, aid well,” is having second thoughts as the article, take note of the Dutch
woman Galef to co-sponsor the illegal. Such twisted thinking to in this endeavor by acquiescing in evidenced by a recent article in e experience and reconsider the sup-
New York Medical Aid in Dying normalize the taking of one’s life. her own demise: compassionately Guardian (January 2019) entitled port of this misguided legislation
Act: cost containment has become a What’s in a name, anyway? and digni ed of course, one pill “Death on Demand: Has Euthana- to end life.
priority in terms of reining in Medi- by prescription only, sanctioned by sia Gone Too Far.” After 20 years,
care and Medicaid and eliminating e Journal of the American two doctors (death panel) probably some Dutch doctors have found Ann Fanizzi
the private insurance system. Make Medical Association has had nu- costing $10; she is a hero and the the slippery slope. “ e long-term
family relieved of burdensome deci- Carmel

GARO charismatic personality; her 5TH ANNUAL YORKTOWN FEAST OF
cloths are sheik, but her vision
FROM PAGE 10 threadbare. Most of the rest SAN GENNARO
know they have no chance. But
the rst debate, the rst-ever they’ll have something to tell SEPTEMBER STATUE
televised between presidential the grandkids. 11-15, 2019 PROCESSION
candidates. Nixon sweated
under the hot TV lights, while So, who has the style to take THURSDAY
Kennedy remained cool and down the mighty Trump? Pete
con dent. But something Buttigieg, that’s who! THE 12TH
deeper showed. Kennedy was 6:30pm
real, a breath of fresh air in Try to picture them together.
the usual phony atmosphere Trump will give him a nick- GRAND YSTOARRTKSTBOEHWINND
of politics. By contrast, Nixon name, say, “Baby Face.” Good, MARSHAL: FIREHOUSE
came o as a liar and a fake. just as with Kennedy, youth Hon. Sal
History shows us he was both. is an asset. Buttigieg has an Lagonia WEDNESDAY-
intellect and thoughtful man- FRIDAY
Who can be as fatal to ner which will place Trump’s COMMERCE
Trump as Nixon was to Ken- weaknesses in stark relief: He’s STREET & 5pm-11pm
nedy? Not Bernie. Next to shallow, ignorant of history, RAILROAD PARK SATURDAY
his uncompromising doctrine and a bigger liar than Nixon. 12pm-11pm
of single payer and free col- Still, you have to give Trump PROCESSION,
lege, the president will seem credit. His nicknames stick and RIDES, FOOD, SUNDAY
positively judicious. Elizabeth the presidency hasn’t hurt his MUSIC, GAMES, 12pm-10pm
Warren? A true populist from golf game. WINE & BEER.
humble origins, with a de-
tailed plan to revitalize the Pete Buttigieg, like Kennedy,
middle class, she doesn’t stand can bring America what it
a chance. If Warren was a needs most: Hope.
man, she’d be the front runner.
Enough said. Kamala Harris Our next president will be
looks great on TV and has a gay and we’ll have a First Man
in the White House. Or, maybe
I’m just punchy.

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Submissons can be emailed to [email protected]
com or mail it to Mahopac News, Bailey Court, 334 Route 202,
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Growing up in Israel, she ‘learned how to live under missiles’

BRUCE Avery strong case can be one is in amed, history shows understanding of Israel through-
THE BLOG made that anti-Semitism it soon spreads like wild re into out America, with a right to exist
is not simply about hatred of many, and of any. No as a Jewish, democratic state,
prejudice towards a particular one is immune. No one is pro- within secure borders. We are
ethnic group—those of Jewish tected. No one is safe. changing the anti-Israel climate

BRUCE extraction. Dalia Zahger is an ardent many students encounter on
APAR A very strong case can be advocate of making such a case. campus.”
She is the co-founder of the
made that anti-Semitism is in Rare Area Appearance

fact emblematic of what quickly Columbia University chapter of On Sept. 15 at 3 p.m., at

can turn into the hatred of Students Supporting Israel. Its Congregation Shir Shalom in

peoples of all stripes. If hatred of mission is to “promote a better Ridge eld, Conn., Ms. Zahger

will be making a rare appearance

in this area to discuss the group’s

hard-won e orts pushing back

against Anti-semitism that has

Replacing scores of found a virulent voice among PHOTO COURTESY OF BRUCE APAR
Allstate | State Farm | Geico college students.
Dalia Zahger, co-founder of
Policies Everyday! She considers what’s hap- “Students Supporting Israel” at
pening in academe an especially Columbia University, will speak
insidious form of anti-Semitism, Sept. 15 in Ridgefield, Conn., at
because it hides behind the Congregation Shir Shalom.

political position of “blaming

the only Jewish state for all the Demonization and Bullying

wrongdoings in the world. on Campus

“One may criticize Israel as e Columbia University

ONE CALL… MULTIPLE QUOTES they wish,” she says, “but it is senior, who is majoring in po-
when you criticize only Israel, litical science, and studying to

So You Can Get The Best Buy! We Offer Many and hold the only Jewish state practice international law, adds,
A-Rated Companies to a higher standard than all the “ at’s only the beginning. I can
Come See rest, that the purpose is clear. share stories about harassment,
Hy Reichbach, Susan Rohrig & Carmen A. Ritter Travelers • Foremost demonization, and bullying of
Progressive • Safeco is is evident today across all pro-Israel students who choose
For Experience, Knowledge and Service America and de nitely on col- to stand up for our indigenous
lege campuses.’

Aardvark Insurance Kemper • Hartford Professors Who Preach Hate rights.”
Mercury • 1st American Ms. Zahger alleges that “Co- She makes no bones about her
lumbia, like Berkeley and many sentiments toward the rst-term

600 Rt. 6 | Mahopac NY Main Street America others, is a hotbed for professors congresswoman from Minnesota
845.208.3707 • 845.225.1007 Utica Mutual
who preach hate.” whose remarks harshly critical of

She o ers examples... Israel have made international

[email protected] “One professor posted on his headlines: “Ilhan Omar repre-
public Facebook page that be- sents the modern face of anti-

The Carmel Aardvark Insurance office is merged with the Mahopac office hind every horrible thing in the Semitism,” says Ms. Zahger, “just

effective November 25, 2015. world, if you wait a few minutes, like those I face on campus.

3.5” x I2sr“aA.e5ln’so”uthgel|yr Maximumname will come up.” FSe“omBiynticcatsstuaSatellmyizetwnetese:taibno3guat0nJteiw-pisht

professor chose to

RReeccoorrddSSeettttiinnggYYeeaarrffoorrLLaawwrreenncceeZZaacckkss—– ##77iinnNNYYSSttaattee!! teach about the Israel-Palestin- money controlling the U.S. gov-
ian con ict with a mandatory ernment, she is reviving the old-

Need to Sell or Buy? Jus3t.5Li”stexd2b.y5L”a|wMr eanxceim3Za.u5cmk”sxF23o..5n5”t”rJnIeen|oSawxvdcMesioinzn2antargien.eo5xoen:icfni”to3vamifoeb|0nntohutMtoeeodmkpJtaepchtwaexelFosil,repi”odmlhcei“lnsawtuitomitrmehiiScnagilzFeoseo:tsfnat3ttpthe0mreeS[jeuPpnidazttislceewests:iitnbh3yiap0enun-blhelpaidcn]tcsBiunpDgpSsourct h

FREE MARKET ANALYSIS Call for our upc33h3.5..o55”m””xexlx2a2.n5.25d””..”|5|M”Maa|xxiMimmauummximFFoounnttmSSiizzFee:o:33n00tppSttize: 30SEEpAtPAR PAGE 13

Classic Realty Lawrence Zacks 3.5” x 2.5” | Maximum Font Size: 30 pt

Associate Broker Call forCosaCuellCCramfaaollulllfrlipofnfroocooauorrurrrmoouuupusicrpnrocucgmuhpoinpcemgcodiomnumgCall for our upcoming

Over 30 Years seCmallinfoarrosucr hupecdoumleini.nseminar schedule.
of Experience— seminasresmcsssieheenmemmaindriiannursaaslccrerhhs.escedchudhleeeu.ddlueul.ele. .Tom CTaseoy,mAAMCS®a, CsRePCy®,,CRAPSA® MS®,

Over 2,500 FinancTiaol AmdvisCorasey, AAMS®, CRPC
Satisfied Customers!
M8F164ian35ha-Ron6opc2uiaa1t-cle8,A6N6d4Yv7i1s0o5r41oOinpCtw&rtoeraoononr8uaemwadbtBcsadrLoahiYakgNfttaikhhootnenehstgsuocefFt-ertlrre/phsostxeMeiChonsiprbortypfailamenheourchokautfmtlmtorioyenfaodoopen4surrrawide,rzpa0aceioCl0tarm.hweLe0nEnta2.nLasrtS3akqceedtk7haerufee'.ttbfnsofGorSirnengootardinunnLrlnr,adagatoctrgikHovoogeeiRmeolescoMwmeoffrhaosmatseamr;rha.spep8on6ilalrapedicieBvabtat8MFT1fseeaca!ri.n6cdslwwWcy4.iirosaoEnoii3ahttonaohhn5erhmsyamdksay;-Rnason6opcC2uiaMa1aKt-clTe8s-,5A8e6N964d4yI-YAv7, i1As0oA58FM1Tr644ioMan315hm1M8aF8M1TS66-R44ioonaan33655®hhmaopc-R-RCo,on266uoipocapC2FT1M8a121F8MCauiFMT81au6aa1t-c61a4i6to-lct-4cailne48i3se8osRae8,,nan53,A3Ahme6aN55e666NNhhm6-Rada64yonP4Y6-dRY-Rv4oyn7,oonpc7Y6Ci621CAosvpc170,uoiCapc2o0a12aAuii5at-1crA®a1u5silaa4e80sa1Mt-c,,4olA1t-ec8es6NA,l1S56AeC8rde6,4yN®A6Y4,6MdvN47y,R6YC1idv14A7,sRY0SPiov1A7sPA50®rSoiC14,sA5M0r®®o1,C4MS5Cr1R®R4S,PP1®CS,C®RC®PR,CPC®C,RC®P,RCSP
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Office: 914-628-1010 on your own waterfront with swimming, motor boating
Cell: 914-557-6073 and water skiing. Only 48 miles from Manhattan. $1,250,000

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MKT-5894I-A MKT-5894I-A


at’s not my name APAR us this time and again.”
To help make her point,
LOST IN plates within a month of moving “Right,” I replied. “I think this FROM PAGE 12
SUBURBIA into my home, and I needed a is what they call at the DMV, the Dalia Zahger quotes re-
new driver’s license to do that. Circle of Hell.” Movement [Boycott Divest- nowned religious leader
TRACY ment Sanctions], which was Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks in
BECKERMAN And that’s where things got e last time I had been in outlawed by about 24 states remarks he made to England’s
dicey. anything like this situation was because it was found anti- House of Lords: “We forget
Had I known that mov- when I was born, and even then, Semitic.” how small beginnings lead to
ing across one small Apparently, to register a car in I had a birth certi cate and a So- truly terrible endings. Once
state line was going to my new state, I needed proof of cial Security card to prove that I Commander of Israeli hate goes unchecked, the road
be so supremely and inordinately residency, insurance, inspections, was the 7-pound, 6-ounce bundle Field Intelligence to tragedy is short.”
complicated, I might have chosen and the aforementioned new driv- of joy that my parents said I was.
to do something a little less er’s license.To get a new driver’s I even had the hospital footprints Dalia Zahger grew up in If anything, the challenges
aggravating instead, like getting license, I needed a Social Security to prove it. While there had been Israel. “In eighth grade,” she and prejudice faced by Dalia
audited by the IRS. card.To get a replacement Social some discussion over the years says wryly, though without Zahger and her compatriots
Security card, I had to mail in two that I may have actually been hyperbole, “I learned how to have only served to steel her
I’d naively thought it would be forms of ID, which are usually switched at birth (a rumor started live under missiles.” At 18, resolve and re up her erce
no big deal... change my mailing your driver’s license and passport. by my brothers), the truth, proba- she joined the Israeli Defense pride for the rich heritage of
address, install some WiFi and But if your passport is expired, like bly, was that I was who everybody Forces, rising to the rank of her country: “I feel very lucky,”
cable, and then sit back and binge mine was, I also had to send in my said I was and would continue to commander in eld intel- she says, “to be from Israel.”
watch Net ix while I avoided birth certi cate. be until I wasn’t anymore. ligence. At 21, she traveled to
unpacking. Of course, I knew Central America, and “learned To make a reservation for
that at some point I was going to is was about the time my As I went about my daily life, even there I need to stand up the Sept. 15 event featur-
need to take care of some other head started to explode. it occurred to me that the only for my country.” ing Dalia Zahger, contact
important things, like get a new piece of identi cation that I had [email protected]
driver’s license, but I gured I “I have no passport, no license, with my picture on it was my She exhorts her audiences A donation
could do that much later, after I’d no birth certi cate and no Social library card. So, I couldn’t travel, to “not turn a blind eye believ- of $10 is requested at the door.
joined a gym and lost the weight Security card, which means I had open a bank account, register my ing this does not concern you. Israeli and Middle Eastern
I’d gained from the stress of the no valid forms of ID,” I said to car or in any other way prove to Hate is hate... and we must small bites will be served.
move, so I would take a better my husband. the world who I was. Congregation Shir Shalom
picture. ght it and act against it in of Westchester and Fair eld
“I guess you don’t exist,” he But at least I could borrow a all its shapes and forms. e Counties, 46 Peaceable Street,
Not that I’m vain or anything. replied. library book. consequences can be unimag- Ridge eld, Conn.
But then I found out I needed inably severe for everyone in
to register my car and get new “But if I DIED, I could get a For more Lost in Suburbia, America. History has shown
death certi cate and then I could follow Tracy on Twitter @
prove who I am,” I said. “Or, I TracyBeckerman and become a fan Advertise With Us
mean, was.” on Facebook at When you advertise with Mahopac News, you are reaching
LostinSuburbiaFanPage thousands of households and businesses throughout
“So, basically, you have to be Mahopac, Mahopac Falls and portions of Carmel. To
dead to register your car, which advertise or to place a classified, call Brett Freeman at 845-
you’ll never drive now... because 208-8151 or email [email protected]
you’re dead,” he said.

Putna County Columbu Gal Dinne /Danc


Sunday Septembe 22, 2019

• Wisdom Teeth • Dental Implants VILLA BARONE HILLTOP MANOR
Route 6, Mahopac, NY
• Sedation Available
Cocktail Hour & Open Bar Starts 1:30pm
We only use premium implant products for our patients. Dinner & Dancing to Follow
Call us for a consultation. Second opinions are welcome.
Most major insurances accepted.
M . An ony DiCarl


M . Michel Capozze an M . F an Giordan


D . Michael Nesheiwa an M . Kevi Heinzinge

Fundraising for

Tickets are $90 for Adults and $45 for Children’s Menu (12 & under)

by visiting our website

Make/Mail Checks to: Italian American Club of Mahopac, P.O.Box 931, Mahopac, NY 10541
For information call Susan Salomone (914) 582-8384 or Giulio Cefaloni (845) 745-2655

Cortlandt Manor Oral Surgery Je erson Valley Oral Surgery NUMBER ATTENDING: @$90: @$45: TOTAL $:
1983 Crompond Rd. Suite 101 3535 Hill Blvd. Suite N ADDRESS:
Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567 Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

914-736-3343 914-245-1220 E-MAIL:


DA, Sheriff’s Office receive vital state grants

State Sen. Pete Harckham to purchase critical equipment hicles and equipment, in order modernize computer hardware Robert Langley. “ e Putnam
announced last week that he that will allow law enforcement to e ectively patrol and protect and software technology to: 1) County Sheri ’s Department
is awarding over $500,000 in agencies to ght crime and bet- our communities. e more than better handle the large volume is an active participant with the
law enforcement/public safety ter protect the public they serve. $500,000 in law enforcement/ of work for pre-trial preparation, Westchester County Real Time
grants to eight municipalities/ public safety grants that I’m an- and 2) use in the courtroom to Crime Center. e addition of
law enforcement agencies in the “Public Safety is the number nouncing today will help keep present digital and multimedia LPRs throughout Putnam will
40th Senate District, including one responsibility of govern- our residents and rst respond- evidence to juries during trials. only make our communities
the Putnam County District At- ment,” Harckham said. “Our law ers safe.” safer and enhance the capabili-
torney’s O ce and the Sheri ’s enforcement agencies must have “ is funding could not be ties of the Westchester County
O ce. e funds will be used the ability to purchase advanced A $60,000 grant to the DA’s coming at a better time” he said. RTC.”
technology and new police ve- o ce will be used to upgrade and “Our o ce is facing enormous
additional work obligations due An example of how invaluable
to the new discovery rules which these LPR systems are is that on
will take e ect beginning Jan. 1, Jan. 6, 2019, a young female was
2020. We do not currently have walking home in Mt. Kisco from
the equipment necessary to han- a McDonalds. A male subject
dle the amount of data and le approached her and threatened
transfers that the new law neces- her with a gun in an attempt to
sitates.” abduct her. rough the work of
the RTC, the subject was iden-
Tendy said the funding will ti ed and his description along
help handle obligations without with the vehicle were put out to
the necessity of hiring additional all agencies. On Jan. 7, the LPR
sta —so while it may seem like system alerted that the suspect’s
a lot of money, it actually will vehicle was in the area of Putnam
save the taxpayers quite a lot of Valley at the Putnam County/
money in the long run. Westchester County border.
Both the Putnam County Sher-
e Sheri ’s O ce received i ’s Department and the West-
a $74,700 grant for six license chester County Police were able
plate readers (LPR). ey will to apprehend the suspect who
be used to help solve crimes, was found to be in possession of
locate missing persons and pro- a loaded defaced handgun.
vide vital data to help determine
patterns of criminal activity. “I cannot express the impor-
tance of having LPR’s in our
e LPR data will also be used communities enough and thanks
to support local, state and fed- to Sen. Harckham we will have
eral partners ghting organized these invaluable crime ghting
crime and terrorism tools,” Langley said.

“ e camera and LPR solu- Article courtesy of Sen. Harckham
tions are an invaluable tool for
law enforcement for crime pre-
vention strategy,” said Sheri

Memory change that affects daily life is one of the 10 Here is a list of meetings in the coming weeks for the town
warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Recognizing the of Carmel government and the Mahopac School District.
symptoms is the first step toward doing something Times/dates are subject to change. Call the Town Hall at
about it. For more information about the warning 845-628-1500, or the school district at 845-628-3415, with
signs, visit or call the 24/7 Helpline any questions.
at 800.272.3900. Visit for local
programs and support. TOWN BOARD
Wednesday, Sept. 18 | Meetings starts at 7 p.m. | Town Hall, 60
This advertisement is supported in part by a grant McAlpin Ave., Mahopac
from the New York State Department of Health.
Wednesday, Sept. 18 | Meetings starts at 7 p.m. | Town Hall, 60
McAlpin Ave., Mahopac

ursday, Sept. 26 | Meetings start at 7:30 p.m. | Town Hall, 60

McAlpin Ave., Mahopac

ursday, Sept. 12 | Meetings start at 7:30 p.m. | Falls

School, 100 Myrtle Ave., Mahopac Falls

ursday, Oct. 4 Meeting starts at 7:30 p.m., Sycamore

Park clubhouse, Mahopac


MUSINGS at the Pack meeting, contact Jen also be available at the clinic. For or, Route 6, in Mahopac. Cocktail Heinzinger. Fundraising charity
Cooper ([email protected]). questions, call the Department of hour and open bar start at 1:30 is Putnam Recreation Programs

ere are several open positions Health Immunization Program at p.m. followed by dinner and danc- and Habilitation. Tickets are $90

He and his son walk the streets on the Executive Committee. Any 845-808-1332. ing with Total DJ Entertainment. for adults, $45 for children’s (ages

of Rome, looking for the bicycle. parents who may be interested in Columbus Day 2019 Columbus Day Parade 5-12).Make reservations by calling
Ricci nally manages to locate the joining can continue the legacy honorees are: Grand Marshal An- Giulio Cefaloni at 845-745-2655.

thief but with no proof, he has to and tradition of Pack 71. e Pack Dinner Dance thony DiCarlo, superintendent Make checks payable to Colum-
abandon his cause. But he and his is run entirely by volunteers and of Mahopac schools; Honorary bus Festivities and mail to: Italian

son know perfectly well that with- we need members on the Com- Join the Italian American Club Grand Marshals Michele Capoz- American Club of Mahopac, PO

out a bike, Ricci won’t be able to mittee to see the Pack into the of Mahopac for a gala celebration zella, director and CEO of Ma- Box 931, Mahopac, NY 10541.

keep his job. future. of the Putnam County Columbus hopac Public Library and Frank More information can be

Running time: 89 minutes. Flu Vaccine Clinic Dinner Dance on Sunday, Sept. Giordano. Special honorees: Dr. found visiting ItalianAmerican-
Screened in Italian with English 22, at Villa Barone Hilltop Man- Michael Nesheiwat and Kevin

subtitles. Popcorn provided. Reg-

istration is requested. Register on- e Putnam County Depart- Rated “Don’t Miss!” —The New York Times

line at, ment of Health is o ering a

or call 845-628-2009, ext. 100. public seasonal u vaccine clinic

Cub Scout Pack 71 for Putnam County residents 18 Beautiful Steaks. Fresh Seafood.
years of age and older on Monday,

Meeting Sept. 23, from 2-6:30 p.m. at the Restaurant Our Menu is 95% Gluten-Free.
Carmel Fire Department, Route

e rst Pack meeting is Friday, 52 and Vink Dr., Carmel. No ap-

Sept. 13, 7 p.m., at Fulmar Road pointments are necessary; doors

Elementary. If your Scout has any will not open until 2 p.m. Bring

friends interested in joining, bring proof of residency (driver’s li-

them along. ey will begin reg- cense) and Medicare card if appli-

istering Scouts for the year at the cable. Cost for u vaccine is $25.

meeting. For persons age 65 and older or

e Pack will also be signing up with a Medicare card, u vaccine

Scouts for Durland Cabin camp- will be free. High-dose u vaccine

ing,which will take place Sept.28- will be available at the clinic for

29. ere is a quick turnaround those 65 and older but pneumonia

for the camping sign-up since the vaccine will not. In order to move

overnight takes place the weekend people more quickly through the

after the rst Pack meeting, so be clinic, required vaccine consent

ready to sign up and bring a check forms will be available at www.

($15 per person) if you and your

Scout (or any anyone else if your nization. Download the forms,

family) plan on attending. If you complete them and bring them

want to sign up but aren’t able to with you to the clinic. Forms will

As your local Allstate Agent, I understand BOOK YOUR NEXT PARTY $5 TACOS & TEQUILA
the unique coverage needed for the IN OUR PRIVATE ROOM TUESDAYS
homes and cars in our community, and Buffet-style eating available for parties
which coverage you may not need. You under 65 people by reservation only WEDNESDAYS
could say I’m an expert at getting you the THURSDAYS
protection you want with the savings you
deserve. Call, email or stop by my office HAVE THE KIDS PLAY & EAT IN THE DINING LOFT!
for a free quote today.
Enjoy a Relaxing Meal and Make Reservations for Your Kids in Our Upstairs Dining Loft!
Shari Zimmerman
845-621-2557 954 Route 6, Mahopac (845) 621-3333
957 Route 6 @_ramiros954
Proudly protecting our community
for over 25 years.

Subject to terms, conditions and availability. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Co.,
Northbrook, IL © 2018 Allstate Insurance Co.


a Anenwewbeygeianrni.n..g!fsiWtrtsuehHtddee-neMrdenneaaestyhdxis-sotaoipytnfi,ash-tScsesehucpfseehcitro2oh.so0f4otl19o,Mbp-laa2snaht0dhoocotfswphocfe,asihca.caoniTsaodNhklleelewywydreesoeap.ppsraBlp.eeraOnoesnehntnd,sotteonsfhfworterulaoupsnbcsnluoeaiksnvcnignedteermosuswsaoysholreotluelnh’mtlienlhiirneggo!!


Giancarlo Rei Cosenza is ready for his first day of kin

The Travis
Charlotte (third
grade) and
Emily (second
grade), will
be attending



Alex Baranowski and Caitlin Duffy will be Tommy (third grade) and Mikey (fifth grade) Stern aren’t
seniors at MHS. thrilled summer’s over as they head to Fulmar.


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aloneI’m never
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1-800-404-9776 Olivia Occhicone is excited fo
Fulmar Road.



ndergarten at Servando Gonzalez is off to sixth grade in the middle
dMaiychoafeklinMdPaHenOrggTOaarnCtiOeeUnllRoaTtEisSLYpaOskyFecvMhiAeeNwdD.fYoMr AhNisGAfiNrsIEtLLO school, while sister, Jennifer, will be a sophomore at
PMWodHAfaOiRlhylTSoeOaHwrsCAdOLMaoLUgasRe,rTsEMnhSiooaYrnlOlaa,Fu,tThnAMeBdaIaeThdrHosAtphPoaeEfcfAwRtHaoSitgOhchNhefrSuficlrhesoytoel. MHS. Their dog, Roffies, is just sad to see them go!

Mrs. Carlucci,
a kindergarten
teacher at Fulmar,
now has a third
Theanthong brother
in her class, Titus,
left, who follows
in the footsteps
of Timothy (now
second grade), and
Thomas (third).



The McCarthy siblings, Connor (first grade),
Molly (kindergarten), and Kaitlyn (third
grade) are headed to Fulmar.

Back to school continues on pg 18




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or her first day as a first-grader at • Electric Car Chargers •
• Generators • All of James & Rose Paciullo, Owners | 845-621-1642
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Licenses in Westchester, Putnam, NYC & CT!


Back to school from pg 16-17 Joey Russo gets
ready for his

first bus trip to
kindergarten at



students Dylan
(kindergarten) The Pearce Place bus stop gang: front row, Sean
and sister, Katz (second, Lakeview), Kameron Barone (Pine
Layla (fifth Grove), Anthony Katz (Country Knolls), Kyle
grade) Murphy Barone (K, Lakeview) Kristopher Barone (second,
Lakeview); back row, Olivia Penta (second,
PHOTO COURTESY Lakeview), Mauve Shaefer (K, Lakeview), Mia
OF NICOLE Pents (K, Lakeview) and Nathan Ford (first,
MURPHY Lakeview)

Putnam/Northern Westchester Ethan (third grade) and Samantha (first grade)
Women’s Resource Center Wohl will attend Fulmar Road.

To End Domestic Violence
Back to school
continues on pg 21

Help Make A Difference!

Sunday, September 22, 2019
8:30-11:30 a.m.

Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park, Lot 4
2957 Crompond Road

Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

Register at: WWW.PNWWRC.ORG

935 South Lake Blvd. Suite 2 Mahopac NY 10541
(845) 628-9284, X242


e homework horror nightmare

Dear Dr. Linda, problem is class-wide, avoidance, lying and not a re ection of their intelligence; it is

It’s here! e Homework Horror hopefully the teacher STRONG deception. e “Perfec- due to lack of motivation or irresponsibil-
LEARNING tionists” parent demands ity. ese labels they can live with; the label
Nightmare! Our 14-year-old son just won’t will evaluate and adjust picture-perfect-home- “stupid,” they can’t! Let your child know

do homework. He’s only in school for one the nature of his or her

week and we already have emails saying homework assignments. DR. LINDA work. eir children that no matter what he brings home is

that he’s missing homework. He’s in the If the problem is limited SILBERT hate to let them see OK, at least he got the assignment done.

11th grade and no matter how much we to your child, he may their homework papers He was responsible.

tell him that his grades are a ected by this, require additional help out of fear that they will 5.Too much homework.

and how this behavior is going to impact from the teacher after judge the work unwor- Many kids simply cannot keep up with

which college he’s going to go to, he still school, from you, from a sibling, from a thy, tear it up, and make them do it again. the projects, tests, quizzes, reading and

won’t do homework. I know you’ve written teenager you hire, or from a tutor. Have Besides being tedious and time demand- other assignments they are given. Here is

about this before, but I really didn’t cut out your child evaluated by a professional in or ing, in these extreme cases, it is downright a general guide for the typical amount of

your column because I felt it was going to out of school. If a disability is found, you disrespectful of the child. Are you or your time children should be expected to spend

get better on its own, but it’s just as bad. will receive suggestions and support from husband a “helicopter parent?” Do you on homework each school day. Grades

What do I do? the evaluator and the professionals at your hover over your son’s every assignment? K-2, about 10-20 minutes. Grades 3-6,

Desperate Mom son’s school. Not only does this harm kid’s self-esteem, about 30-60 minutes. Grades 7-12 will

Dear Desperate Mom, 2. e child is disorganized. it denies them of the opportunity of taking vary considerably, depending on subjects,

Here’s a few reasons why many kids Does your child bring home the book responsibility for their own work. Or, is projects due, tests, etc., but a reasonable

won’t do homework and what you need and forget the assignment or bring home your son the child of a Pandora’s Box par- average is about two hours, with more on

to do. the assignment and forget the book? Or, ent. Kids of Pandora’s Box parents tend to weekends as needed for major projects and

1. e homework is too di cult. he forgets both. Also, does he have dif- deny the existence of any homework they exams. If your child spends considerably

A child will avoid homework that is culty with time management? Sometimes don’t understand because asking mom or more than this on homework, have a con-

too di cult. When children chronically kids may have the best intentions to get dad even the simplest question opens Pan- versation with the teacher. If the problem

experience assignments or directions that the homework done, but somehow it gets dora’s Box. Solution: Give short answers, is class-wide, hopefully the teacher will ad-

they perceive are confusing, they are likely lost in their time-maze. It is so di cult for not a long-winded treatise. just. If the problem is limited to your child,

to become frustrated and/or anxious, disorganized children to get their home- 4. e child is unmotivated. perhaps because your child works slowly,

eventually avoiding such assignments. work done that some of them would rather Most children don’t want to do home- or has other issues slowing him down, talk

Parents usually respond to these children lie, insisting that there is no homework, work. But while they may put up quite to his teacher and see what can be done to

by asking, “Weren’t you listening? Or “Just than be criticized and punished. Help him a fuss, somehow, they manage to get the modify his assignments.

read the directions!” ey were listening by having a set of books at home, by con- work done. Many children appear unmo- Dr. Linda

or reading, but they might not be able to tacting his teachers for help and by trying tivated when in fact they avoid homework

process the information. is can happen out di erent electronic aides. to protect their egos. How’s that? Because Dr. Linda is co-author of “Why Bad Grades

if the child is in a class working at too 3.Too much parent involvement. these children erroneously equate failure Happen to Good Kids” and director of Strong

high a level for him. It can also occur if the Are you too involved in your son’s with stupidity; their logic is as follows: If Learning Tutoring and SAT/ACT Test Prep.

child has a learning disability that has not homework or were you ever? Overinvolved they try and fail, it is a re ection of their Send your questions to [email protected]

be diagnosed.Talk to his teacher and if the parents tend to drive their children toward intelligence. If they don’t try and fail, it is com. Find more articles at
FALL FESTIVALShrub OJaokiInnttehrneaftuionn!al School

from 12:00–4:00p.m.
(rain date: september 22)
Petting zoo
Carnivalgames Candy and drinks

Pony rides
Pumpkin decorating


*Enrollment fee applies. New memberships only. Offer expires 9/30/19. 3151 stoney street, mohegan lake, ny


Tips for finding an afterschool program

Today’s children grow up di erently than their par-

ents did. Technology has changed the way students

learn in the classroom, but perhaps the biggest di er-

ence between how today’s kids grow up and how their

parents were raised concerns the dynamic at home.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2018

both parents worked in 63 percent of households that

were home to married-couple families with children.

Many of those parents likely did not grow up in house-

holds in which both of their parents worked full-time

throughout their childhoods, marking a signi cant dif-

ference in the dynamics of modern families compared

to those of yesteryear.

Afterschool programs take on heightened impor-

tance when both parents work full-time, especially if

neither parent works from home. Many schools and

community organizations o er afterschool programs.

While it’s great to have options, too many options can

make it daunting for parents to nd the program for

their children. e Afterschool Alliance (www.after-, which works to ensure all youth

have access to a ordable, quality afterschool programs,

o ers the following tips to parents as they look to nd

afterschool programs for their children.

· Contact educators at your child’s school. Many schools

have afterschool programs on school premises. Speak may o er afterschool programs to local families, re- ces and o cials also can help parents nd afterschool

with school administrators or teachers about school- gardless of their religious a liation. When speaking to programs in their communities. Local Child Care Re-

sponsored afterschool programs. Even if a school does community organizations, discuss how kids are typi- source and Referral agencies (www.childcareaware.

not have such a program, educators might be able to cally transported from school to the program. org) can be valuable assets for parents having trouble

provide a list of nearby programs other students attend. · Speak with fellow parents and neighbors. Your com- nding afterschool programs for their children.

· Contact community organizations. e Afterschool munity is a great resource. Fellow parents and neighbors, Afterschool programs are invaluable to families in

Alliance notes that many community organizations, even those whose kids may be in high school or even out which both parents work. Finding the right program

such as the YMCA, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Amer- of the house, may be able to recommend local programs. may involve a combination of strategies.

ica and the 4-H Council, may o er afterschool pro- Reach out at school-sponsored events or via social media.

grams. Local churches, synagogues and mosques also · Contact your local government. Local government of- Article provided by Metro Creative Connection

Why Pine Grove School?

Certified Teachers • Honored Center of the Year
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Music, Yoga & Meditation
Library, Science & Computer Centers
Humanitarian Projects • Corporate Calendar & Extended Hours

• Infant (6weeks-12months) Serving the Community
• Wobbler/Toddler (12-36 months) for Nearly 40 Years
• Preschool (3-5 years)
• Pre-K (older 4’s)
• Kindergarten (5-6 years)
• Before & After School (5-12 years)
• Summer Camp (3-12 years)

Certified by:
NYS Department of Education

845-628-7500NYS Department of Social Service

85 My r t le Ave n u e, Ma h opa c, N Y 10541 • w w w.pi n e g ro ve c o u nt r ydays c h o o l . c o m


Back to school
from pg 18


Dominik and Olivia Zaba are off to second grade At the Carolyn Road bus stop, from left, Johnny Dicob, David Dicob, Owen Dicob, Jack Furfaro,
and kindergarten, respectively, at Lakeview Nora Furfaro, Kira Furfaro, Emma Dicob, Aiden Dicob, Luca Furfaro, and Anthony Dicob. All
Elementary. are cousins attending Fulmar Road, grades 1-5 (except the four on the left who are attending
Country Knolls for pre-K).

Ryan Cronin,
ready for

at Lakeview



Michael Hennigan will be attending Michael Pasquale waits for the bus Wheels For Wishes
sixth grade at the middle school, while with his little sister, Madison. He’ll be benefiting
brother, John, is off to fourth grade at attending first grade at Austin Road. Make-A-Wish®
Austin Road. Hudson Valley
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Studen Counseling wit Hear ! * Free Vehicle Pickup ANYWHERE
* We Accept Most Vehicles Running or Not
* We Also Accept Boats, Motorcycles & RVs Call:(914)468-4999

* Car Donation Foundation d/b/a Wheels For Wishes. To learn more about our programs or
financial information, call (213) 948-2000 or visit



College Counseling Personalized
Academic Planning Support

Career Coaching

Dr. Deborah Hardy

Schedul complimentary meeting: (845)628-0726

935 South Lake Boulevard, Suite 9 • Mahopac, NY 10541




Mike Harney (31) and teammates celebrate his
TD run that opened the scoring for the Indians
in a 34-0 romp.

FULL-COURT PRESS: Mahopac opened the season in dominant fashion on Friday, Sept. 6, with a 34-0 win over visiting Yonkers Brave. Carrying the load was sophomore running
back Matt Courtney (7), who ran for 121 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Firing on all cylinders
Young Mahopac team dominant in season opener

BY SKIP PEARLMAN 25, to put Mahopac up for good. sophomore wide receiver Ryan Rondeau e coach also liked the team’s depth,
CONTRIBUTING WRITER e Indians found their rhythm in the with a 60-yard TD down the right side- which he said will help as the season goes
line, good for a 21-0 cushion. on. “We play a signi cant number of play-
For a season opener for a young team, second, dropping three more touchdowns ers,” DeMatteo said. “ at helps us be
Mahopac coach Dom DeMatteo and on the Brave, who had no answers for Ma- Courtney scored on a 28-yard run on competitive and stay fresh. Depth can be
his Indians couldn’t have asked for much hopac on either side of the ball. Mahopac’s next possession, sending the a strength.”
more than they got last Friday night un- Indians to the locker room with a 27-0
der the lights at Mahopac, as the Indians e Yonkers Brave, named for the city’s lead, and later completed the scoring with e Indians got strong quarterback play
dominated the Yonkers Brave from start to re department, is a merged football team a 27-yard burst in the fourth. from their two-pronged attack—sopho-
consisting of Lincoln, Palisade Prep, Riv- more Anthony DeMatteo went 4-for-4
nish in a 34-0 rout. erside and Saunders. “All things considered, I was pleased for 38 yards, and Carey was 5-of-7 for 94
Mahopac warmed up in the rst quarter Sophomore RB Matt Courtney scored with the way we played,” DeMatteo said. yards and a TD.
with sophomore RB Mike Harney break- the rst of his three touchdowns on a two- “We played with tempo, focus, and we had
ing loose on a fourth-and-one from the yard run to make it 14-0, and moments tremendous focus on defense. We played SEE FOOTBALL PAGE 23
later it was senior QB Jack Carey nding sound defense.”

Caring for your Car Tired of leaving your car in the shop
and Our Community all day for routine maintenance?

~ For Over 35 Years ~ Come to Mavis Tire of Mahopac
We get you in & out quickly!

No Appointment Necessary

The Friendly Mavis Team 66 Miller Road, Mahopac  845-628-2050


The Indians opened their 2019
season with a 34-0 win over
Yonkers Brave last week.

Maniacs show their
• Friday, Sept. 13, @ Roy C. Ketcham, 7 p.m.
• Friday, Sept. 20, @ John Jay (East Fishkill), 7 p.m. support.
• Saturday, Sept. 28, @ Mount Vernon, 1:30 p.m.
• Friday, Oct. 4, vs. Suffern, 7 p.m.
Senior QB Jack Carey rolls out while looking downfield for • Friday, Oct. 11, vs. Arlington, 7 p.m.
a receiver vs. Yonkers Brave. • Friday, Oct. 18, vs. Carmel, 7 p.m.

FOOTBALL “Courtney had a big night,”
DeMatteo said. “But we had six

players carry the ball—for a good Put your mind at ease...

“ ey both played well, and— average (6.1 yards per carry)—so Call us today!

most importantly—kept the of- that was a great job by our line,

fense moving,” DeMatteo said. and our receivers blocking. Vin

“ ey’re both doing a good job, Bastone was also very solid for

and as long as it’s working, we’ll us; he ran hard and had some big

stick with that.” tackles. One of our best overall Elder Law

It was a banner night for the e orts.”

o ense. Courtney had an im- Mahopac sophomore kicker Wills & Trusts

pressive debut with 121 yards Elmir Nikocevic also had had an

and 3 touchdowns on 15 car- impressive debut, with well-placed Put your mind at ease... Estate Planning
Call us today! Medicaid Planning
ries. Harney had 26 yards and a punts and by delivering on 4-of-5

TD, Vin Bastone had 34 yards, extra points.“ at was a solid job,”

Henry Botchway had 26, and DeMatteo said. “He had a touch-

Andrew Cohen had 22. Zach back to open the game, and that Elder Law Guardianships

Esteves had four receptions for set the tone. After that his punt

yards, and Matt Riley had two placement was very good, and he Wills & Trusts Probates
Estate Planning
for eight yards. gave us the extra points.”

DENTAL Insurance Medicaid Planning


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Information Kit We make home and hospital visits.
A less expensive way to help
get the dental care you deserve! (845) 621-8640

CALL 1-855-225-1434 Fax: (845) 621-8639 (845) 621-8640

Get help paying dental bills and keep more money in 1-855-225-1434
your pocket Mah66o2p25a5cR,oNRuYtoe1u60t5e41 6, Mahopac, NY 10541
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BOYS SOCCER Late surge gives
Indians first win

of season

BY SKIP PEARLMAN minutes, but the Indians held on
CONTRIBUTING WRITER for a 2-1 win – their rst of the
Mahopac boys soccer had
Mahopac (1-2-1) lost to Suf-
plenty of opportunities to put the fern, 1-0, on Sept. 5, and played
two games in the Yorktown tour-
Rams away Monday at Carmel, nament, losing to Yorktown, 2-1,
and tying Arlington B, 2-2 in
but the team is still guring out double OT.

how to nish games. First-year Mahopac coach Ja-
mie Edwards liked what he saw
In Monday’s game, the Indians in the second half Monday at
missed a penalty kick, and were
“It was a well-deserved goal,”
Mahopac’s Tommy unable to nish a number of good he said of Cammarata’s winner.
Cammarata (3, “We missed a lot of chances, in-
white jersey) had scoring opportunities in the rst cluding a penalty kick, and it was
the game-winner a tight game, but I think it (the
Monday vs. Carmel. half. But with 20 minutes left in a win) was well-deserved.

PHOTO: SKIP PEARLMAN 1-1 game, Mahopac delivered on “I think we were very dis-
ciplined at the end,” Edwards
a set play, with Nicholas Valentin added. “We had a plan, and we
stuck to it. I was very happy with
Bee & Jay Plumbing & Heating Bee & Jay cCPhlauimpmpmibnaignragtaa&,fwrHeheeoakthiincekgadteod Tommy the win, and the professionalism
719 Route 6 in a ball from the players. We got a very
Mahopac, NY 7t1h9atRsolouwtely6dribbled into the net, good performance from Mendim
Maashaophaeclp, lNesYs Rams defense could Berisha, and our keeper, Alex
Velasques, made some fantastic
Foraanlldywouarteprlutmrebatinmge, nhtenateiendg,sgas only watch. saves.”

My Co m m u nity845.628.3924 ForaanlldywouarteCprluatrmrmebaetilnmgpe, nrhetesnaseteidendg,isngasthe nal Nicholas Pawlizcko put Ma-
Email:[email protected] hopac on the board with a pen-
Bu lleti n Boa rd845.628.3924 alty kick in the 25th minute, but
Email:[email protected] Carmel came back to tie it a few
minutes later.
Bee & Jay Plumbing & HeaHtiAonmugteo Bee & Jay Plumbing & Heating
719 Route 6 In Mahopac’s tie vs. Arlington
BUumsibnreesllsa Policies Mahopac, NY PBJareiwinngetilinrnyyg,osCu, rAoiFitonenrmasatn,lslidySqowoM7rutua1aerwteh9erpsorelRlupti&ocmraneuacbat,gnetiCNnm,6cgYeoB,onhmltelrnaeeotecitenntodgiz,sybgeoalsuse,!s ‘B,’ Mario Bunjaj and Nicholas
Biagini had goals for the Indians.
Foraanlldywouarteprlutmrebatinmge, nhtenateiendg,sgas 845.628.3924 Cammarata had the ‘Pac’s only
OPEN WED57N1ESRDOAUYTEE-mS6Aa•TilU:[email protected] score in the 2-1 loss to Yorktown.
Tel: 844251.6NR2t8e6.9a•6l0ML4E8a.•hm4Sow5aup.w6ilalw2:lcsi8.,[email protected]n1ee.acanondmdjjaayy.c.coomm
Bee & Jay Plumbing & Heating Edwards said the team is do-
Bee & Jay Plumbing & Heating 719 Route 6 ing good things that will lead to
719 Route 6 Mahopac, NY more consistent play. “In each
game we have a plan, but they can
mrchimney.comMahopac, NY Foraanlldywouarteprlutmrebatinmge, nhtenateiendg,sgas also adapt,” he said. “ at shows
Fireplace & Boiler Flue Experts 845.628.3924 character and strength. e key
CWhoimodneByurCnlienagnSintogv, eCsh,imFinreepFyloaRrcaeeanpllGdayilworasusa,srtGepDarluostmroCerbsao,tinmFvgiee,renrhspteilonaantecisen,dg,sgas Email:[email protected] for me is that we’re constantly
Inserts, Exhaust Fans, Chimney Relining, Repair Leaks creating scoring opportunities—
that’s a very positive thing.”
Email:[email protected] Upcoming Schedule

Bee & Jay Plumbing & Heating Bee & Jay7P1l9umRobuinDteigwsc6a&olkvH-eirnetbahaetitwnhtogurbldf’rsobmest • Wednesday, Sept. 11,
719 Route 6 Mahopac, NY Mahopac vs. Ossining,
Mahopac, NY
5 Reasons American Standard 4:30 p.m.
JOEL GREENBERGjPjoRPJRFPFoMPTM2REeEReOWI888AAMS8NlSlI4.4.I44NHCDHgOgIU5E55D5ErICOOr-PS-e-N-E6e6M6A6LIPeTCPP2N22e2LInAUA8AAO8T88nbGLC-A-SLI-C-O2e6Ab&26R,C8Ar6,[email protected]&[email protected]OErA0cICXTR05TaMD.RhNTCT514Er-MIO.04AcN1vC5B1LiE1hAOsT0•Ri-DEoM5RvCnUTiNRsIsNAH.IiOCcoLGFIoRPn•mAosMTLAEr8.HAUcaIPm4aANoPnl,5IRmlCdaON.yIi6VPCwlAoA:2ALsuSLa8RertAB.rAe3PpvrIP9lAiuRtc2,[email protected],eBanhantendnadjtejaiaenyydg.c.,scogomams Walk-In Tubs are Your Best Choice
888-609-0F2or84a4anl5l8d.y6wo2ua8rt.e3pr9lut2mr4ebabtinmegee,anhntednajteaienydg.c,sogmasIncludesLFiRmEiEteAdmTeriimcaenOStaenrd!aCrdaRlligThotdHaeyig!ht Toilet • Friday, Sept. 13,
1 1B4a0ckyeedarbsyoAfmexepreicraiennScteandard’s Mahopac @ Horace
2 eUnlttrearilnogwaenndtreyxfitoirnegasy S$A1V,I5N0GS0 Greeley, 4:30 p.m.
3 Patented Quick Drain®
• Monday, Sept. 16,
fast water removal system Mahopac vs. John Jay
4 biLnyisfeAtatmilmleaertiicoWanan,rISrNatCanLntUydDaornINdtGhelabbaotrhbAaNckDed (East Fishkill), 4:30 p.m.
Email:[email protected],seaoprn.rafSorDneteyeeselieuAnwlxfmloewinreSmwrNhi.cawaoatswainsolaeknSiurn.t.aOtNCunYbSd,esaLW.rrBadevmBasCl9teiacd8rdhioc2eean7tsnlt9tyeos6wrtila;eNhSntYidulw,eaPisrtuodhutl-kpnfuupaNslmllYi.eci:n5osNs5mltYa4a,sflR3ltoa.o1rLtHcioiok;mtnlNahiYtoneCfdro:raHnNeeLIsYCit.pb#rieec2rrtai0hoton2ious2ns7aeW4nhd8aol-fklodD-r.ICnMliAcBu.easSnttashbfi,neeLgtiyb, wreTsuratabrttrisimaoCnneoty.,
5 i4n4viHgyodrarotitnhgermapayssjaegtsefor an • Tuesday, Sept. 17,
Mahopac @ Mount Vernon,
4:30 p.m.
IncreasBe ereefe&rraJalsyM7aUPn1aSdlPh9uSnomRadpmoebalueiicvnt,ereegNrec6oY&dgmnHiateiiolainnt.ignAadgdvderretissseesinetvheeryMwaeheokp.aCcaNlle8w4s5B-2u0ll8et-8in15B1oBatoerddeaa&yn!dJareyM7aPc1ahlh9uoomvRpeorbau7ic,nt,0egN006Y& Heating
• Thursday, Sept. 19,
Mahopac @ Clarkstown

North, 4:30 p.m.

Foraanlldywouarteprlutmrebatinmge, nhtenateiendg,sgas Foraanlldywouarteprlutmrebatinmge, nhtenateiendg,sgas


CROSS COUNTRY MaathtohpeacBirgunRneedrs

More than a dozen runners from Mahopac competed in
the Big Red Invitational, held Saturday, Sept. 7, at Somers
High School.

Top Boys Finishers (Division 1)
13) Matthew McMahon—17:36.2
31) Tommy O’Brien—18:13.5
51) Max Semegran—18:57.6
66) Justin Kumrow—19:30.7
77) James Russo—19:52.4
Top Girls Finishers (Division 1)
24) Brett Bergerson—23:20.0
45) Emily Pontillo—24:29.8
49) Sophia DeFranceso—24:53.0

Matt McMahon Brett Bergerson paced the
sparked the Mahopac Mahopac girls by placing
boys by placing 13th
at Big Red. 24th in the Division 1 race
at the Big Red Invitational.

heads down the
home stretch.




Emily Pontillo heads for the finish line. Securities offered through Cantella & Co., Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC.
Cantella and Co., Inc. does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. This material has been prepared for informational

purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or accounting advice.
You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.


Mahopac to honor its heroes at football game
Ceremony for veterans, rst responders scheduled for Oct. 4

BY BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER the school’s chorus and the national anthem played by a bagpiper.
SPORTS EDITOR “ ere wasn’t a dry eye in the place,” Miele said. “At the time, it still was a very

First responders, active military members and veterans will be honored by the Ma- emotional period in our lives.”
hopac High School athletic department on Friday, Oct. 4, prior to the varsity football Miele, who returned this year for his second stint as athletic director, said he is “big
game against Su ern.
on honoring people.”
A reception will be held in the high school gymnasium at 5:30 p.m. followed by a “I’m big on our athletes saying thank you because they have a lot of privileges,”
6:15 ceremony on the turf eld. e purpose of the evening is to “say thank you and
honor people who have been so instrumental in our community in making Mahopac Miele said. “And where else to do it but in front of a huge crowd at a football game?”
one of the greatest places to live,” said Frank Miele, athletic director. Miele said his department has already extended invites to local re ghters, EMTs,

A similar ceremony took place in December 2001, just months after the 9/11 at- police, veterans organizations, and elected o cials.
tacks, when Miele rst held the position of athletic director. “We think it’s going to be a special night,”Miele said.“People have really responded.”
RSVP to the athletic department at 845-628-3256, ext. 11450, or [email protected]
Held before a Mahopac basketball game, the ceremony included a performance by
e Indians will kick-o against Su ern at 7 p.m.

Support Connection’s ‘I’m big on our
Annual Support-A-Walk athletes saying
for Breast & Ovarian Cancer
thank you
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2019 because they
have a lot of
FDR State Park, Yorktown Heights, NY privileges.’
3-Mile Walk ~ Rain or Shine
–Athletic Director
Your donation Even if you can’t Walk with us: Frank Miele
makes a difference.
RAISE FUNDS ~ DONATE TODAY Mahopac School District
Be part of a community that cares!
“Support Connection helped Proceeds fund Support Connection’s BRIEFS
my mom and our family free breast & ovarian cancer
tremendously. But it’s also so support services Results
rewarding to raise funds for an Bring help & hope to people
organization that supports our If you don’t see the results of a
entire community – maybe fighting breast & ovarian cancer! game in here, we probably went
even your neighbor… a to press before it was played. For
co-worker… a member of your more up-to-date results, visit
family. That’s pretty special.” 914-962-6402 or follow
us on Twitter (@Halston_
Melissa Frederick [email protected] Sports). To submit stats and
2019 Walk Ambassador scores, email [email protected]
“I tell women Support
Connection will help them LocalLive
get through cancer, from
start to finish. The people Freshman, junior varsity and
there are so warm and varsity Mahopac home games
caring. They helped me get are broadcast by LocalLive. To
through all these years. I watch live or archived games,
want to give back to help visit on your browser
other people the way Sup- or download the smartphone
port Connection helped me.” app.

Paula Natale Sports Deadline
2019 Walk Ambassador The sports deadline for
Mahopac News is the Sunday
Support Connection is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization. before the next publication
We do not receive funds from Relay for Life, Making Strides, date. Varsity coaches should
Susan G. Komen, or any other national cancer organization. submit results and information
by e-mail to [email protected] All youth
sports and recreational sports
items should also be submitted
to the same e-mail address by
the Thursday before the next
publication date.



Mahopac Varsity Sports Roundup
Volleyball (0-1)
Don’t see your team’s results or were very error-prone. In game

statistics listed? Coaches, parents one, we dug ourselves a hole.

or players can send them to [email protected] And in game two, we had 14 er- MAHOPAC 0 OSSINING 3 rors—midway through the game.

Monday, Sept. 9 It was our inconsistency that hurt
Field Hockey (1-1-1) Mahopac volleyball was hop- us today.”
ing for a better debut to the 2019 Senior captain Bella Marinelli

season than what they got Mon- had 12 kills and four blocks for

MAHOPAC 1 VS. SCARSDALE 9 day. the Indians, senior hitter Diana

Wednesday, Sept. 4, (First round e Indians were playing Kone had 11 kills, junior Col-

@ Somers Tournament) against a good team in defending leen Kelly dished out 24 assists,

champion Ossining (which had and senior captain Gabriella

MAHOPAC 9 VS. PAWLING 0 already played a match), and they Rocchio came up with 19 digs.

ursday, Sept. 5 (Consolation were on the road. “Bella and Diana both gave us

game @ Somers Tournament) And they forgot to bring their good play at the net,” Melville

‘A’ game. said. “ ey gave us good hitting,

MAHOPAC 3 VS. NORTH e result was a straight-set and led the team in kills. And Carly Ravoli
loss at Ossining, with the Indians Gabriella, Caroline Link, and PHOTO: TABITHA
Friday, Sept. 6 PEARSON
looking inconsistent in a 25-23, Jenna Palmiero were all good for MARSHALL

25-17, 25-20 defeat. us in the back row.”

UPCOMING SCHEDULE “I think we may have forgot While most other teams had

• Friday, Sept. 13, Mahopac @ we were playing Ossining,” Indi- already played a match, it was the

Yorktown, 4:30 p.m. ans coach Jay Melville said after SEE ROUNDUP PAGE 28

• Saturday, Sept. 14, Mahopac the match, only half joking. “We

@ White Plains, 2 p.m.

• Monday, Sept. 16, Mahopac
vs. Ossining, 4:30 p.m.

• Wednesday, Sept. 18, Ma-

ATTENTION LOCAL BUSINESS [email protected],4:30p.m.
• Friday, Sept. 20, Mahopac vs.

Arlington, 4:15 p.m. YoFuREaEreWinovriktesdhtoopa How to

Soccer (Girls) (1-0)


Monday, Sept. 9 TARGET MARKET
Mahopac started its season TO MAXIMIZE
Monday with a convincing win Media Results!
over Mamaroneck at home.
Mia Klammer, Sabrina
Nogula, and Jenna Daly scored
goals for the Indians. Recording

assists were Alexa Rispoli, Grace
DiVincenzo, Marissa McCar-

ney, and Piper Klammer.


• ursday, Sept. 12, Mahopac Noon - 1:30 pm 8:30 - 10 am

@ Clarkstown South, 4:30 p.m. Complimentary Lunch Served Complimentary Breakfast Served
• Saturday, Sept. 14, Mahopac

vs. North Rockland, 3 p.m. Somers Community Center @ Crystal Hall
• Monday, Sept. 16, Mahopac 34 Hillandale Road, Yorktown Heights

@ White Plains, 4:30 p.m.

• Wednesday, Sept. 18, Ma-

hopac @ John Jay (East Fishkill), SPONSORED BY: In just 90 minutes, learn:
4:30 p.m.

• Saturday, Sept. 21, Mahopac Who is your customer base and how to define them.

@ Rye, 5 p.m. Why “niche marketing” is essential to maximize ROI.

Tennis (Girls) Katonah What media offers the best targeting solutions.
Where to place your advertising cost effectively.
UPCOMING SCHEDULE Chamber of Commerce How to craft the most effective ad messages for best results.

• ursday, Sept. 12, Mahopac MEET YOUR SPEAKER: Hosted by
@ Brewster, 4:15 p.m.
Mike Blinder 2
• Friday, Sept. 13, Mahopac vs. TRACKS
John Jay (East Fishkill), 4:15 p.m. Mike Blinder is an author respected worldwide for his expertise
in media, sales, and advertising. He designs multimedia A Special Thank You to the Martone Family
• Monday, Sept. 16, Mahopac marketing programs and conducts seminars for client media
vs. Lakeland, 4:15 p.m. companies and their advertisers all over the world. Seating is Limited. Register Online Now at
60,000+ small businesses are currently achieving successful,
• Wednesday, Sept. 18, Ma-
hopac @ Carmel, 4:15 p.m.

• Friday, Sept. 20, Mahopac @ cost effective advertising results from marketing programs 845-208Or Call-8151
Arlington, 4:15 p.m. designed by Mike.




rst one for the Indians, who had
a little catching up to do. “ ey had
already played a match, so we were a
little behind on match play,” Melville
said. “And we were opening against a
team with the best player in the sec-
tion (Mychael Vernon).

“Our service receiving was hot and
cold,” the coach added. “ ings just
didn’t go our way today. We’ll try to
learn from the mistakes we made.”

–Skip Pearlman

• Wednesday, Sept. 11, Mahopac vs.

Scarsdale, 5 p.m.
• Friday, Sept. 13, Mahopac @ Hor-

ace Greeley, 4:30 p.m.
• Monday, Sept. 16, Mahopac vs.

North Rockland, 4:30 p.m.
• Tuesday, Sept. 17, Mahopac @

Roy C. Ketcham, 4:30 p.m.
• ursday, Sept. 19, Mahopac vs.

John Jay (East Fishkill), 4:30 p.m.

Follow us on Twitter (@Halston_ Sarah Velez Mary McDermott PHOTOS: TABITHA PEARSON MARSHALL
Sports) for up-to-the-minute results.

Add Value SPORTS
to Your Home BRIEFS

When we’re done, there is nothing left to do. Grass Volleyball
• Bathroom Remodeling • Kitchen Remodeling • Durable Vinyl Siding • Room Additions • Add-a-Levels •
• Replacement Windows • General Carpentry • Basement Finishing • Painting • Interior Trim • Handy Man • Westchester County’s
2019 Co-ed 4s Grass Vol-
Sero’s Contracting leyball Tournament will be
held on Saturday, Sept. 21,
We specialize in targeted home improvements — both big and small — at Tibbetts Brook Park in
Yonkers. e rain date is
to maximize your home’s value,comfort and beauty. Sept. 22.

Licensed & Insured • Local References • Brewster, NY • 845-216-1955 • 845-279-6977 • [email protected] e cost is $30 per per-
son, and you must pay as a
team. Check-in starts at 8
a.m., and games start at 9
a.m. sharp.

ere will be a cash prize
for the rst places in the AA
and A divisions, with prizes
for the BB and B divisions.

Teams, which must be
members of AVP America,
can register at avpamerica.
com. Click on “join” and
choose “Westchester Vol-
leyballNY” as your orga-
nization. Questions can be
emailed to westchestervol-
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e Co-ed 4s Grass Vol-
leyball Tournament, a West-
chester County Parks pro-
gram, is sponsored by AVP
America and Westchester
Volleyball NY.

Tibbetts Brook Park is
located on Midland Avenue
in Yonkers.


CLUES ACROSS 30. Force unit 58. Cunning intelligence 24. Academy Award
1. Google certification 31. Repaired shoe 59. Blood disorder statue
4. Cloths spread over coffins 33. English theologian 60. Disgraced CBS newsman 25. Distinct unit of
9. Disorderly 37. Commercial 64.Tax collector sound
14. “Star Wars” hero Solo 38. Exchange money for 65.Type of grass common to 26. Relative on the
15.Toward the rear goods or services the Orient female side of the family
16.The order of frogs 39. Give off 66. Cosmic intelligence 27. Passover feast and
17. Alternative pain treatment 41. One from Utah 67. No (Scottish) ceremony
(abbr.) 42. Computer department 68. People who rely on things 31.The brightest star in
18. “Wolf of Wall Street” star 43. Begets 69. Stairs have them Virgo
20. Evoke 44. English navigator 70. Mathematical term (abbr.) 32. Made with oats
22. Units of metrical time 46. C C C 34. Subjects to laser
23. Helps to predict eclipses 49. Of I CLUES DOWN light
24. Some say they attract 50. Pouch 1. Clarified butters 35. Beloved Hollywood
28. Pitching statistic 51. Add notes to 2. Primitive Himalayan people alien
29. Baseball box score (abbr.) 55. A way to fall into ruin 3. Completely 36. Neatly brief
4. Steep cliffs along 40.The Great Lakes
the Hudson River State (abbr.)
5. Assist 41. Soon to be released
6. Language spoken 45. Swiss river
in Laos 47. Become involved in
7.Type of screen 48. More dour
8. An attempt to 52.They’re on floors
economize 53. Boxing’s GOAT
9. Volcanic craters 54. Swarms with
10. Still outstanding 56. Quantum mechanics
11.Takes pioneer
responsibility for 57. Facilitated For puzzle solutions, please see
another 59. As fast as can be done

12. California think (abbr.)
tank 60. Regional French wine
13. Former Rocket Grand __
Ming 61. Owns
19. A pigeon noise 62.Tell on
21. Central part of 63. Precedes two

To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear
only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the
numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

Walk to End Alzheimer’s RUN FOR RECOVERY

Saturday, September 21st at 9am 5K Run/Walk

We are Celebrating Recovery and Raising Awareness
for team Saturday, September 21, 2019
FDR Park, Yorktown, NY Lot 1
*You do not have to
be a Mahopac Lion to Onsite Registration: 7:30am — Race Start Time: 9:00am

join our team. To REGISTER or make a DONATION:

Location: Text run4recovery to 71777

Putnam County Online $30
Student Rate: $20
Memorial Park
First 150 people to register online get free T-shirts!
201 Gyspy Trail
Road, Carmel Day of race - onsite registration $40

Craft Vendors and Organization Resource Tables Welcome!

Bring your own table - NO FEE - Donations to our raffle gladly accepted.

register here:

Become a Sponsor:

or contact us at [email protected]

Race Sponsor T-Shirt Sponsor

We are also looking for Proceeds from the Run for Recovery 5K Run/Walk will benefit
donations at Search for Change • Run 4 Recovery • Drug Crisis in our Backyard

Team Name: Mahopac Lions Club Make checks payable to: Search for Change, Inc. 115 E. Stevens Ave., Suite 203 , Valhalla, NY 10595


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Max is an adorable lab mix B E STTH EP RAIRCEEAS ! I N
just plain fun to be around. Gun Sales & Ammunition
All Max needs is a family Gun Accessories
to love! Come meet Max
and all his doggie friends

any day 10-3.

Max 1928 Commerce St, Suite C
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
[email protected]

Beautiful Acadia is still here FFL Services & Transfers
because she quietly sits and just NRA Basic Pistol/Personal Protection
gets overlooked. However, she is a UTAH Concealed Firearms Course
“mush” who loves affection and Private Lessons
Acadia will purr her approval. It’s not that Permit Assistance PICKUP HOURS
she is standoffish, but that she can’t Refuse To Be A Victim™ BY APPOINTMENT
hear you! Stop by and introduce Group and Private Classes ONLY!
yourself to this wonderful kitty.
She’d love to meet you. You can see

Acadia any day 10-4:15.

Putnam Humane Society, 68 Old Rt. 6, Carmel 914-455-4210

Open 7 days a week from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m.


NOTICE OF PUBLIC Wetlands Act) of New York State of the remainder of this Local CONTRACT #C259 Friday.
HEARING Environmental Conservation Law or the application thereof to THE COLLECTION OF A pre-bid meeting will be held

Law with all the duties and other persons or circumstances, REFUSE, at Town of Carmel Town Hall,

NOTICE IS HEREBY powers herein described shall and the Town Board of the Town GARBAGE, RECYCLABLE 60 McAlpin Avenue, Mahopac,

GIVEN, that the Town Board of consist of ve (5) members who of Carmel hereby declares that MATERIALS New York 10541, at 2:00 PM on

the Town of Carmel will hold a shall be speci cally quali ed by it would have passed this Local AND BULK COLLECTION Monday, September 30, 2019.

Public Hearing at the Town Hall, reason of education, training or Law or the remainder thereof All bidders must comply with Bid envelope shall be marked

60 McAlpin Avenue, Mahopac, experience to perform the duties had such invalid application or Section 103(a) and 103(d) of “BID” plus bid title and number.

New York 10541 on Wednesday, provided for hereunder. invalid provision been apparent. the General Municipal Law e Town Board of the Town

September 18, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. B. e members of such relating to non-collusive bidding of Carmel reserves the right

or as soon thereafter that evening Environmental Conservation SECTION 4 EFFECTIVE and waiver of immunity against to reject any and all bids and

as possible on a proposed Local Board shall be appointed by the DATE criminal prosecution. abandon the proposal or may

Law to Amend the Code of the Town Board. Members shall be is Local Law shall take Speci cations may be obtained reject all bids and re-advertise at

Town of Carmel Chapter 89 appointed for a term of ve (5) e ect immediately upon ling at the O ce of the Town Clerk, a future date.

ereof, Entitled “Freshwater years from and after the expiration in the o ce of the Secretary of at the above address beginning By Order of the Town Board of

Wetlands” as follows: of the terms of their predecessors State in accordance with Section ursday, September 12, 2019, the Town of Carmel

in o ce. If a vacancy shall occur 27 of the Municipal Home Rule between the hours of 8:30 AM Ann Spo ord, Town Clerk

PROPOSED LOCAL LAW #6 otherwise than by the expiration Law. - 4:30 PM Monday through

OF THE YEAR 2019 of term, it shall be lled by the At said Public Hearing, all

A LOCAL LAW TO AMEND Town Board for the unexpired interested persons shall be heard

THE CODE OF THE TOWN OF term. e Town Board shall have on the subject thereof. e

CARMEL, the power to remove any member Town Board will make every

CHAPTER 89 THEREOF for cause. e ort to assure that the Public Did you know?

ENTITLED “FRESHWATER Hearing is accessible to persons

WETLANDS” SECTION 2 HOME RULE with disabilities. Anyone

BE IT ENACTED by the Nothing in this Local Law is requiring special assistance and/

Town Board of the Town of intended, or shall be construed (a) or reasonable accommodations

Carmel, County of Putnam, to limit the home rule authority should contact the Town Clerk. In 2012, the U.S. Department of the Treasury studied the e ect

State of New York as follows: of the Town under State Law By Order of the Town Board of that getting stuck in tra c has on fuel consumption. Researchers

to limit the Town’s discretion the Town of Carmel discovered that Americans were wasting 1.9 billion gallons of gas

SECTION 1 CHAPTER 89 OF in setting fees and charges in Ann Spo ord,Town Clerk each year due to congested roads and inadequate transportation

THE CODE OF THE TOWN connection with any applications infrastructure. Although that study was conducted in 2012, it's

OF CARMEL, SPECFICALLY requiring Town approval. LEGAL NOTICE reasonable to conclude that wasted fuel remains a big and potentially
§89 16 A AND §89 16 B ONLY, ADVERTISEMENT FOR BID dangerous issue. One way to cut down on the environmental and
nancial toll of tra c is to nd di erent routes that help drivers

FOLLOWS: If any part or provision of this NOTICE IS HEREBY avoid tra c jams. Even if such routes are more circuitous, they may

§89-16 Environmental Local Law or the application GIVEN that sealed bids will end up helping commuters save time and money in the long run.

Conservation Board; thereof to any person or be received at the O ce of the Popular GPS-based tra c apps can guide drivers to less congested

membership, terms in o ce, circumstance be adjudged invalid Town Clerk, Town of Carmel, roadways by allowing users to set lters to avoid tra c.

powers. by any court of competent 60 McAlpin Avenue, Mahopac,

A. e Environmental jurisdiction, such judgment shall New York 10541, until 11:00

Conservation Board heretofore be con ned in its operation to the AM on ursday, October 10,

WHY DO WEcreated by the Town Board of part or provision or application 2019, at which time all bids will

the Town of Carmel, exercising directly involved in the be publicly opened, read and

its authority pursuant to §24- controversy in which judgment recorded by the Town Clerk for ADVERTISE

0501, Subdivision 2, of Title 5 shall have been rendered and shall the following:

of Article 24 ( e Freshwater not a ect or impair the validity




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CALL BRETT FREEMAN AT (845) 208-8151


Discover the Houlihan Lawrence

Consult with the Brewster Office experts to discuss your options.

3390 Route 301


This charming Antique Farmhouse was originally built in 1834
and has been restored and lovingly maintained. Upon entering
the first floor, you’ll find a Chef ’s Kitchen with commercial
Wolf Oven, vegetable prep sink, large center island, scrub pine
cabinets and a fieldstone fireplace. The spacious dining room
and living room with fireplace and wide plank floors flow into
each other, perfect for entertaining. The second floor features
a Master en suite with windows galore overlooking the 22 acre
estate. Completing the outdoor space is a deck, pool and pool
house, 3 car detached garage, additional 1 car garage and an
antique outbuilding potting shed.

WEB# MN1572352 $899,000

3 2.1 3.022 22.22


7 West Hollow Road ACRES 16 Stirrup Trail ACRE 118 Deacon Smith Hill Road ACRES

Brewster | WEB# MN1561371 | $649,900 Pawling | WEB# MN1572096 | $499,000 Patterson | WEB# MN1572678 | $469,000

113 Heritage Hills Unit #B 317 Center Drive ACRE 49 Panorama Drive

Somers | WEB# MN1571090 | $425,000 Mahopac | WEB# MN1570476 | $385,000 Patterson | WEB# MN1560890 | $358,000


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