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Yorktown News_08.01.19

Vol. 8 No. 18 Visit for the latest news. Thursday, August 1, 2019

Yorktown’s gold
medal gamer?
Jack Martin develops following
through video games

“My kid’s happy,”
Ever since Pong popularized
home video-game consoles four Donna said. “Why
decades ago, many parents have
been trying to get their kids to wouldn’t I support
put the controllers down, go
outside, and make friends. him?”

Donna Martin, however, al- Martin and
ways encouraged her son to keep
playing. other video

With the support of friends game stream-
and family, Jack Martin has
not only made a career out of ers, as they are Jack Martin, aka NiceWigg, broadcasts himself
playing video games, he’s made playing Apex Legends on Thursday, July 25.
thousands of friends along the called, draw
monthly salaries
Known by his online alias
“NiceWigg,” the 22-year-old from Twitch. As
Yorktown resident broadcasts
himself playing his favorite of last week, the would pull “Fortnite” pits gamers against to the people that are in your
video games while interacting in each other in a battle royale for- stream,” Martin said. “Because
real time with his followers, of Amazon-owned in around mat until one man or team is left you’re there for the majority of
which has 64,000-plus. standing. your day with these people.”
video platform $3,500 per
Perhaps his most dedicated Martin’s video game of choice In that respect, Martin said, it
follower is his mother, who was the 25th most month. is called “Apex Legends,” also a becomes more of a community
watches the broadcasts almost battle royale game. than a fan base.
nightly and chats under the popular website in Gamers can
In addition to being a skillful “If you’re a streamer and you
the world, per the Alexa also earn money gamer, Martin’s infectiously pos- have a certain personality, or a
itive personality has gone a long certain humor, your chat will
Tra c Rank. Jack Martin by signing con- way toward developing a strong generally have that same hu-
How much money tracts with or- following. During his marathon mor,” Martin said. “And we wel-
PHOTO COURTESY ganizations and, streaming sessions, which may come all [people] who enjoy that
streamers earn depends OF JACK MARTIN as golfers and last anywhere from six to 12 same thing to come and talk. It’s
on how popular their hours, followers can chat with super positive. It’s so much fun.”
Martin as he plays.
Twitch channels are. ough fol- tennis players do, by winning SEE MARTIN PAGE 3
“ at’s why you get so close
lowing a streamer is free, fans can tournaments. is past weekend,

unlock more features through a for example, a 16-year-old from

$5 monthly subscription. Tak- Pennsylvania took home $3 mil-

ing the long end of a 70-30 split lion by winning the “Fortnite”

with Twitch, a streamer with World Cup. Perhaps the most

1,000 subscribers, for example, popular video game in America,

LEGAL NOTICES 22 withYorktown’s Real Estate Specialist
TOWN GREEN 20 Home Evaluation

8 SPORTS Anytime — No Cost or Obligation

16 Former MLB pitcher to Call 914.243.3051
5 coach at Yorktown.
pg 16

CLASSIC REALTY Michael Trinchitella
LicensedAssociate Real Estate Broker

or Email: [email protected]

Page 2 – Yorktown News Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Staff Sex offender moves to Yorktown


BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER Jorge Hernandez, convicted of forcibly touching a 9-year-old girl in a Peekskill supermarket, has taken
EDITOR: 914-302-5628
[email protected] for Yorktownup residence in Yorktown.
Hernandez was accused in November 2015 of groping a young girl in the Stop-N-Shop in the Beach
GABRIELLE BILIK Shopping Center. He was convicted a year later and sentenced to six years of probation.
SPORTS EDITOR: 914-214-4285
It was reported last week that the 45-year-old had moved into a home at 2928 Quinlan St., Yorktown
[email protected]


PAUL FORHAN Jorge Hernandez, 45, has moved
914-202-2392 into a home on Quinlan Street.
[email protected]

914-351-2424 BLOTTER

Who do you know that deserves a free [email protected]

• Nominate [email protected]
Cel•eHebilnprNaeaFerditenidng 10 years RESIDENT CHARGED WITH
Friend to Win914-334-6335 BURGLARY

[email protected] A 26-year-old Yorktown

[email protected] WWF•hr1Nioehtoonmodd5inotCdoaaoWtyersoiaFyn•uro1Nieukoonfmnkd5oinntCwo•oaNawNWterteshoyiiatngmahohtuainbrdt adoetrseeesre•vrHeveesiln•psaHNaaefielnFrpfeerrNadieeeeFeenrcdidecanard?r? woman is accused of breaking
into a Yorktown residence and
BRUCE HELLER ••YYYYHHooooererrklrkklpktptotiotnowiowngwnwngnn • Nominate burglarizing it.
• NYoomurinate A resident called the Yorktown
[email protected] Neiygohbuorr Police Department on July 5 to
HelpingPRODUCTION TEAM Neighbor report a past burglary. She ac-
cused Brooke Tschudy of break-
TABITHA PEARSON MARSHALL ing into her home and stealing
DESIGNER/PHOTOGRAPHER Tschudy was arrested on July
[email protected] 8 when she surrendered at police
CHRISTINA ROSE headquarters.
DESIGNER Charged with second-degree
[email protected] burglary, a class C felony, she was
released without bail and was due
ou Can EXECUTIVE TEAM back in court on Tuesday, July 23.
ve Back PUBLISHER: 845-208-8151 A 55-year-old Yorktown man
[email protected]
SHELLEY KILCOYNE is accused of stealing $1,148
VP OF SALES: worth of merchandise from
845-621-1116 Lowe’s.
[email protected] G• YivoGe•uYivBoCeuaaBcCnakacnk Entrants and Nominees
MUST be residents Scott L. Guinee allegedly
Deadlines Entrants and Nominees of Yorktown, NY committed the theft around 7:30
MUST be residents of Yorktown, NY p.m. Saturday, June 22.
THE DEADLINE FOR ADVERTISEMENTS Following an investigation,

THE TIME TO APPLY IS NOW!Apply between Aug. 1 & Sept. 1, 2019!...a
YORKTOWN NEWS IS THE THURSDAY Guinee turned himself into Yor-
ktown police headquarters on
littlTeobYiO[email protected]yXEM-iTr5I/oHAN6PsRAUFn2iSOLButCS8uLRTHIeMCOaHOAANwtATRiTiMUIIoOgOESEMniNENDRAlhI,,ADIAflL.AiTCbnTOnEa.Mone.criealidshatrddosehtsiepe,linrljvuuriysn, ewgtc.yhfoooyrfrcayoknotfsiroudeewrreaYnticooanaru(kr1t5.to0obwwoornddsyo.rcleossm) /car-MgUiSvTebaewreasEinydter/anntstsoaf nYodrNktoomwinn,eNeYs
ursday, July 18.
He was charged with fourth-
degree grand larceny, a class E

Y+ORKATOFWDRN DNOEWIMSTIIONNTAELNFDOERDMRSETCRoIEPeQfnIrEUiteeNInrRTdyE/oDnuewigilhlbnoereids to tell us why your Yorktown felony, and released without bail.
SubscribeTO deserving of a free car. He is due back in court on
REQUEST ursday, Aug. 22.
.T..aolitetlenbitteabro,uyt thoeiur siwtuaitiloln,nfineanecidal htaordstheip,lilnjuurys, ewtc. fhorycoynsoideurartioYno(1r50kwtoordws onr less)
WEEKLY DELIVERY, CALL 845-208-8503 from the YorktofrwinenPodl/icne+eDAigDehpDbaITrotImrOeiNsnAtdLeFsOeRrMviSnRgEQofUIaRfErDee car. TRIPLE DIGIT

Letter of Good ConductSUBSCRIPTIONS ARE COMPLIMENTARY FOR A 36-year-old Connecticut
RESIDENTS AND BUSINESSES IN THE TOWN. man allegedly led a Yorktown
their .i..naslitutlerabint acbeouct taherirr iseituratoiFornR,DfOin.aMMnc.iIaVNl.hTarEdsNhiDp, iEnjDuryR, eEtcC. foIrPcIoEnsNidTeration (150 words or less) police o cer on a triple-digit
Clean driving record fromOUT OF TOWN MAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE motorcycle chase on Saturday,
Dforo$ePc1n5EuR0eImOSrPEgDOReIyMCYAnEEpALRRtSSaaF,PyOtNOmRioSFYeTIRAnASnGTNtECosDPLfoAAASTrhSIDoMaAtArhTILde. rshdiopcu+(mieAe. mnDtesDdsuiIcpTaplI•CorLOLereletceNtitontateregAndrrhLsdoo,arfpfrFidGGvaOsyioonhroRooigpdldMl)rdeCCecSoodonnRurdddcEuutifcQocrtontfUmsfrroIomRtmhEethtiDhreeiYnFYosoRrukrOrktaotnMowcwnenIPcNoPaloTirclriEeiceNeDreDDopreEapDrDat.mMrtRem.VnE.etCntIPIENT July 27.
• Drop offAScDEDoNITmDIPOAONpDASDlLTReEMMtSASeAILCdSIHNT•AGaENEROpG:nFEpFStICeTlEOiSrc. abteiotwnseeatnth8e/1s/h1o9Dfp••o-rDoC9oec/olnreu1ceamfum/rongm1reyaed9ennpirnlteaiarvtyrgatimeiyntoicepgonnaentyrosiemovfoceferhonhodatrsatdrhordbedrfrsryosohdthhmio9iepcp/rut(1d(hmiieo/.eee.c1i.mnurm9mtesieendsdnuisictcupsaaprsllauorrepenrtccpcioonoerrgrddtcishsna,,agpprrahdrayaisyerrhrodorilspllhol)didrpeedsDd)u.ucMtciot.inVosn. s
YORKTOWN NEWS AT chos•eDnr•9oDp/1ror5ofef/pc1coe9omifvfpecledotmebdyp•aEl9pe•n/pttW1elei/rcdi1nabnt9aeieopt•wrnpWsselceaiihctnnotanhs8teee/in1ors/shn91o/sc91p-ha59o/ot/r11st9m/he1ena9ils9rh/eo1ce5pi/vo1er9dm•bya9il/1/19 O cer Max Ellsworth began
*FIVE his pursuit on Crompond Road
• WinnersBAILEY COURT (Route 202) around 6 p.m., but
the East Hartford resident al-
WIN3N3E4SRORSMOEUwRTSEi,l2lN0bY2e,1cU0h5No8ITs9eCn1Sby legedly ignored commands to
Auto Body, Inc98 Front Street,Yorktown Heights, NY 10598a committee of Yorktown residents. pull over and entered the Taconic
All decisions are final. *FIVE WINNERS will be chosen State Parkway, driving more than
**Recipient is responsible for any by a committee of Yorktown 100 mph.
taxes, regist(rIaSStiNon2,3a2n9d-i8n6s9u3r)ance.
SPeUeBLIwSHeEbDsWiteEEfKoLYr dBYetails. residents. All decisions are final. Concerned about public safety,
orktownautobHodALyS.TcBOoANImLEMY/cECDaOIrAU-,gRLTiLvCeaAwT ay/ the o cer called o his chase.
off or mail c3o3m4SpORlOMeUEtRTeSE,d2Nf0oY2r,1mU0s5N8ItTo9Cth1Se shop: *Recipient is responsible for any
taxes, registration, and insurance. However, the driver was
©2019 HALSTON MEDIA, LLC tracked down and arrested later
*FIVE WINNERS will be chosen by See website for details. that night. He was charged with
reckless driving and third-degree
a committee of Yorktown residents. unlawful eeing of a police o -
All decisions are final. cer, both misdemeanors.

**Recipient is responsible for any
taxes, registration, and insurance.

See website for details.

Drop off or m1a7il9c8omFplreotend ftorSmtsrteoethte,sYhoopr: ktown Heights, NY 10598
1798 Front Street,Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

n4Y cars ad yorktown news.indd 1 6/20/19 2:40 PM

Thursday, August 1, 2019 Yorktown News – Page 3

MARTIN “I’ll be competing for a gold cared about. Paying my rent and He now hopes that he can have dise, or even creating their own
medal with Counter Logic streaming.” that e ect on other people. esports organizations.

Gaming,” Martin said. “It’s in- rough a combination of “ e only thing I don’t wel- “If this takes the right turn

X GAMES credible.” luck and skill, Martin started to come is negativity. You have to and creates longevity for me, I

But entertainment is only one impress the right people. stay positive in my chat,” Mar- would like to stay and keep go-

side to being a gamer. Martin BEGINNINGS Dizzy, a 19-year-old named tin said. “I want them to come ing,” he said.

also plays professionally with his A year ago, the idea of com- Coby Meadows, was so im- to my chat and be greeted with Nothing would make his

team, Counter Logic Gaming peting for a gold medal at the pressed by Martin, that he positivity, encouragement and mom happier.

(CLG). X Games was inconceivable to “hosted” Martin’s stream on happiness.” “He’s humble. He’s good to

On Friday (Aug. 2), he will Martin, who was working as a his own channel. In e ect, that What also makes Martin so people. He doesn’t judge,” Don-

compete against the best “Apex physical trainer at an Equinox means all of Dizzy’s viewers— popular, he suspects, is his excit- na said. “We are beyond happy

Legends” players in the world at gym in New York City. some 12,000 of them—were in- able nature. for him.”

the X Games in Minneapolis. An avid video game player for troduced to Martin and watched “A lot of people who stream For parents who might still be

Typically known for show- much of his life, Martin’s friends him play. games are more calm, collected, skeptical of their son or daugh-

casing skateboarding, BMX encouraged him to join Twitch Slowly but surely, that expo- cool,” Martin said. When he ter’s video game playing, Martin

bike racing, and other “extreme” and start broadcasting. sure allowed Martin to develop wins a game, however, “I scream has a message for them.

sports, the X Games made its rst “I would go home from like a following of his own. and I kind of go crazy. I think “I know there are a lot of par-

foray into competitive gaming, 14-hour days at my other job “More and more people kept a lot of people like that I bring ents out there, a lot of people

also known as esports, in 2016, and stream for 3 to 4 hours,” coming back and it’s a lot of a more sports-like aspect to a from Yorktown, speci cally, that

when it hosted a “Halo” tourna- Martin said. thanks to him,” Martin said. video game.” are super-supportive of what I’m

ment. After a two-year hiatus, A dispute with a co-worker, Martin, who had dreams of doing. But also, there are a lot of

this weekend’s “Apex Legends” however, would be the push he ‘POSITIVITY AND LOVE’ becoming a re ghter, said that people who don’t understand the

tournament will mark the return needed to start streaming full- In addition to making a living, career path is still a possibility. gaming community in general,”

of esports at the X Games. time. ough he lost his job at Martin said, streaming is an out- However, for now, he’s going to he said. “I would like for them

Martin will compete at U.S. Equinox, Martin could now fully let for him to “spread positivity pursue gaming as a career. to research it a little more and

Bank Stadium, the home of the dedicate himself to video games. and love.” e most successful gamers, know that this isn’t just some

Minnesota Vikings, which will “I had enough money saved During the low points in his he said, learn how to capitalize hobby that your kids or your

be transformed into an esports up for like two months of rent,” life, Martin lifted his spirits by on their popularity by marketing friends are doing. ey can turn

arena. Martin said. “ at’s all I really watching streamers on Twitch. themselves, creating merchan- this into so much more.”

At the top of his Craft
Ben Franklin hires news principal

BY BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER day, Craft is still acclimating himself with the district

EDITOR and its sta . However, things are o to a good start.

“Right from the beginning, everyone that I’ve met,

For the rst time in almost two decades, Ben Frank- everyone I’ve ever been introduced to—sta and some

lin Elementary School has a new leader. of the students—it’s really just a positive culture,”

Kenneth Craft, a 52-year-old from Northport, L.I., Craft said. “ at really stands out to me the most.”

was appointed the school’s principal by the Lakeland e foundation laid down by his predecessor mesh-

Board of Education on ursday, July 11. e job had es well with Craft’s beliefs as an educator.

been held for 18 years by Patricia McIlvenny-Moore, “I’m a big believer in the whole-child philosophy

who stepped down in June. with students and the necessity to support their social

Craft has spent more than two decades working in and emotional growth and development,” Craft said.

Long Island schools, the last eight as an administra- Focusing on character and making school a positive

tor. Most recently, he was principal of Manor Oaks environment, he said, will help students “succeed aca-

School in New Hyde Park. demically and really reach their potential.”

Long an admirer of the Hudson Valley, Craft Craft will earn $150,000 a year, according to the

jumped at the opportunity to put down roots here resolution approved by the school board.

when McIlvenny-Moore retired.

“Lakeland has a great reputation and I put my hat Kenneth Craft, principal of
in the ring,” Craft said. Ben Franklin Elementary School

Having worked in Lakeland only since last Wednes- PHOTO COURTESY OF KENNETH CRAFT

Ozzy’s Auto Clinic and Discount Tire Center

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47 Dayton Ln. Peekskill, NY 10562 (Beach Shopping Center) | (914) 739-3333 |

Page 4 – Yorktown News Thursday, August 1, 2019

Yorktown loses top parks and rec officials

BY TOM BARTLEY talented people in this town,” an assistant superintendent the not to be properly compensated,” missed a beat in terms of program-
CONTRIBUTING WRITER Supervisor Ilan Gilbert said in past two years, separately jumped Grace declared in addressing a ming and all that type of thing.”
an interview last week, “and we ship only weeks apart to jobs that Town Board meeting in Decem-
Perennially tight sted when don’t want to lose them to other each pay about $120,000 a year. ber 2012. Instead, most of them Still, the town is already mov-
paying hired hands, the Town towns and municipalities if we “are signi cantly underpaid for ing to ll the vacant positions—
Board will consider loosening can avoid it.” Installed as North Castle’s rec what they do, and especially in and, the supervisor said, poten-
those purse strings after nearby chief in June, Orlowski saw his comparison with like commu- tially Yorktown could be o ering
towns o ering substantially Both Todd Orlowski—for 16 salary jump some $17,000 a year nities,” he said. Grace vowed to a more-attractive compensation
higher salaries lured away two of years a key gure in the Depart- over the roughly $103,000 he remedy what he called the “un- structure. Candidates are being
Yorktown’s top rec o cials. ment of Parks and Recreation, earned as Yorktown superinten- conscionable” inaction on salaries told that “we are looking at an
including the last three as super- dent. Soi, for his part, did even of his immediate predecessors. adjusted salary rather than the
“We have a lot of good and intendent—and Christopher Soi, better. Hired this month to over- one that Todd was making,” Gil-
see Bedford’s playgrounds, his Gilbert sounded a similar note bert said. e exact compensation
CREATING CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE salary will jump almost $30,000 in talking last week with York- would vary, he said, “depend-
over the $91,000 he was being town News. Saying the board is ing on the candidate, what their
• Outdoor Lighting • paid in Yorktown. looking to make Yorktown more quali cations are.”
• Smart Home Setup • competitive with its neighbors, he
• Electric Car Chargers • “Both Todd and Chris left for noted, “We addressed a little bit e board has already inter-
• Generators • All of higher salaries and what could be of the salary structure last budget viewed at least one candidate
Your Electric Needs! • perceived as less responsibility in season, and I intend to address it “and we have other people being
terms of the size of the towns and again this budget season.” considered,” Gilbert said.
10% OFF Service Calls the departments that they are go-
When You Present This Ad ing to,” Gilbert said. North Cas- Going into the summer— Orlowski and Soi are just the
914.455.2158 tle’s population is one-third that that’s rush hour for municipal latest department heads to nd
of Yorktown—put at more than recreation—Yorktown’s seasonal greener pastures elsewhere. • [email protected] 36,000 folks in the last census— programs were already in place
Licenses in Westchester, Putnam, NYC & CT! and Bedford is less than half of and, it was thought, a troika of David Rambo, for example,
that number. parks department profession- started as the town’s water super-
als would oversee them. Instead, intendent in 2010. But in 2016
Criticism of Yorktown’s com- Assistant Superintendent Kyle he got a $23,000 raise—from
pensation is nothing new—or $92,000 a year to $115,000—by
con ned to a single political party. ornton will be the sole remain- taking his skills to Peekskill.
ing member of that leadership
e man Gilbert, a Democrat, de- once Soi exits, probably tomor- Money, of course, is not always
posed as supervisor in November row (Aug. 2). the incentive behind somebody’s
2017, Republican Michael Grace, move. In 2016, when Yorktown’s
similarly saw the pay scale lagging Asked how Yorktown’s slate of $106,000-a-year building inspec-
behind other municipalities. summer-recreation activities is far- tor since 2011, John Winter, went
ing in the wake of the dual resigna- to Bedford, he took a pay cut, to
“Our department heads work tions, Gilbert insisted, “We haven’t $95,000, to become that town’s
tirelessly and it is unfair for them assistant building inspector.

If You Smoke or Used to Smoke

Advanced screening could save your life…

Ask the doctor Q: Could I bene t from lung cancer screening? Remember that most screening results are negative. Only
A: The Low-Dose CT screen for lung cancer is a new form of a fractional number of people will need a biopsy, and a
Christos Stavropoulos, MD, FACS traditional CT (computed tomography) scan. It uses a very tiny percentage of those will have lung cancer. Also keep
Chief, Thoracic Surgery Division low dose of radiation to provide unique 3-D information in mind that a biopsy performed at NWH is done using
Director, Lung Cancer Program, about the lungs, detecting ever-smaller lung cancers called the most up-to-date, minimally invasive method possible.
Cancer Treatment & Wellness Center nodules. Catching lung cancer early, when it’s smallest, has If lung cancer is diagnosed, NWH offers comprehensive
Northern Westchester Hospital the most impact on prognosis and survival. Proof is that the treatment second to none. LDCT Scan is reducing lung cancer deaths by 20 percent.*
Q: Can I afford the advanced LDCT screening?
To learn more or to make If you meet each of these criteria, the screening, which A: The screening is covered by Medicare and most
an appointment with our is conducted at Northern Westchester Hospital (NWH), commercial insurers. If you meet the criteria, and don’t have
Nurse Practitioner, call could potentially save your life: commercial insurance or Medicare, NWH can help – with
914.242.7695 many payment options and below-average pricing. If you
• You are between 55 and 74 years old; can bene t from the screening, we make sure you get it.
400 East Main Street | Mount Kisco, NY 10549 • You have a smoking history of 30 pack years –
914.666.1200 | Q: What steps should I take?
meaning, you smoke (or smoked) one pack daily A: If you think you meet the criteria, ask your primary care
for 30 years, two packs daily for 15 years, physician about ordering an LDCT. If you don’t have a
or three packs daily for 10 years; referring doctor, NWH’s nurse practitioner will determine
• You currently smoke or quit within the past 15 years; your eligibility and possibly order an LDCT. NWH is going
• You have no symptoms of lung cancer. the extra mile to make this potentially life-saving screening
100 percent accessible to everyone who needs it.
Q: Should I be screened if I feel ne?
A: If you meet the criteria, absolutely. Early-stage lung Did you know?
cancer usually presents no symptoms. Here’s why: The
lung is a relatively large organ. Now picture a marble The advanced Low-Dose CT Scan
(the nodule) oating within a big balloon. For the marble for lung cancer is reducing lung cancer
to have a noticeable impact, it must get bigger. Only deaths by 20 percent.*
when that marble becomes the size of an acorn or an
orange, do symptoms develop. That’s why screening *National Institutes of Health (NIH)
is vitally important.

Thursday, August 1, 2019 TOWN GREEN Yorktown News – Page 5

Yorktown Night of food trucks and vendors, there does it mean to rest on Shabbat? For more information or to All performances begin at 6
How is the Torah relevant in sign up, visit ChabadYorktown. p.m. If it rains, the concert will
Market will be rides for kids. modern times? More on Jewish com or call 914-962-1111. be held inside at Yorktown Stage,
For more information, email lifecycle events? 1974 Commerce St.
e Yorktown Night Market [email protected] Beginning Aug. 7, the Chabad Concerts UPCOMING CONCERT
of Yorktown is hosting a four- SCHEDULE
will run from 4 to 11 p.m. every Jewish Crash week crash course on the basics e 25th Summer Concert
Friday and Saturday from Aug. 2 of Judaism. Questions can be Series presented by the Yorktown • Aug. 4: Lights Out—Frankie
submitted by those who attend. Lions Club is underway at Jack Valli tribute
to Oct. 26, behind the Yorktown Course DeVito Veterans Memorial Field
Firehouse (1916 Commerce St., e four-week class runs every on Veterans Road, Yorktown • Aug. 11: Tramps Like Us—
Wednesday from Aug. 7 to Aug. Heights. Bruce Springsteen tribute
Yorktown Heights). Ever wondered why a Mezuza 28, 7:30-9 p.m. e cost is $50
($45 before Aug. 5). • Aug. 25—British Invasion
In addition to a rotating lineup is slanted? What is kosher? What Years

Support Connection
a top non-profit

For the sixth consecutive year, Support Connection has been The Country Florist Yorktown Cleaners
named a top national charity. • & Shoe Repair

GreatNonpro ts, which bills itself as “a place to nd trust- Rita’s Water Ice
worthy nonpro ts,” has picked Support Connection as one of • Heights Hospital
its 2019 Top-Rated Award recipients. e Yorktown-based for Animals
charity has been providing free, con dential support services Rendezvous Nail & Day Spa •
and programs to people a ected by breast and ovarian cancer •
for decades. Yorktown Health
Hair Design Center & Wellness Center
“It is especially rewarding to receive this award again because •
it’s based on reviews from the people who know us best: people •
who reached out to us and found the help, understanding and Berniker Decorators, Inc. W.S. Jeung’s Tae Kwon Do
guidance they needed to get through some of the most di cult •
challenges anyone can face,” said Katherine Quinn, executive •
director of Support Connection.“We are also proud of the posi- Besselman & Consentino Curves
tive reviews from those who have volunteered for or donated to LLP
us. We are extremely honored to receive this recognition.” • •
Northeast Dental, PLLC
Learn more about Support Connection by calling 914-962- State Farm Insurance
6402 or by visiting • •
Since 1973 Plaza Laundromat
• •
Your Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodelers All Under One Roof J & B Family Jewelers
Yorktown Wine & Liquor
287485 •

0070 Iconic Lash Lounge

Cabinetry • Counter Tops • Ceramic Tile
Shower Doors • Closet Systems & More! Dolce Vita Cafe


Brewster, NY Mahopac, NY

19 Old Doansburg Road 594 Route 6

Pawling, NY Bethel, CT For more information, please contact RGI Properties, Inc., Managing Agents

3 East Main Street 101 Greenwood Avenue 914-245-6200


Page 6 – Yorktown News Thursday, August 1, 2019

Town moves ahead with expansion of sewer district

BY TRUDY WALZ were discovered during excavation work. study as well as a compliance plan to meet new phos-
CONTRIBUTING WRITER “Upon further investigation, there was some contami- phorous discharge limits (from 0.2 mg/L to 0.1 mg/L)
and a “temperature action limit” of 70 degrees, which
e Town Board two weeks ago approved two reso- nated soil, which was dug out of the ground and stock- the resolution states the town exceeds during the sum-
lutions and adjourned action on another in connection piled on site,” Quinn said. “We’re looking to remove the mer.
with its plans to expand the Hallocks Mill Sewer Dis- contaminated material that’s stockpiled on the site.”
trict. As to the variance, Quinn said, “Until we start seeing
In response to questions from the board, Quinn said our ows subside over time, we’re going to need that
e board has been moving toward that expansion in the fuel was petroleum-based, “so it hasn’t migrated o increase sooner rather than later.”
an e ort to meet New York City’s directive to reduce the site.”
phosphorous in stormwater runo entering its drinking Quinn said Tighe & Bond “really specialize in treat-
water at the Croton Reservoir. Under the rst phase of When the contamination was discovered, Quinn said, ment plant ows in the 1 to 3 million gallons-per-day
the project, the engineering department is proceeding the engineering department had two options: leave it in range; they have operations experience” and were re-
with work to tie homes that rely on septic systems into place undisturbed and reroute the trenching or “identify cently hired to investigate cracks in some of the tank
the municipal system. is $14.3 million phase covers all of it and get rid of it.” walls.
315 parcels: 220 in the Birch Street Sub-Area, 69 par-
cels in the Sparkle Lake Sub-Area and 26 parcels in the “And we made that policy decision,” he said. “We’d “We asked them for a proposal to help with the DEP
Sunrise Street Sub-Area. rather clean the site.” variance,” he said. “I just felt like the numbers that this

e town anticipates receiving a $10 million grant Under further questioning, Quinn estimated up to 60 rm was o ering was the best value for the town.”
from the New York City Department of Environmen- tons of material needed to be removed, or “two dump “Can I see a copy of the numbers you got from other
tal Protection’s Watershed Improvement Fund for the trucks.” rms?” Roker asked.
work, and one of the resolutions unanimously approved When Quinn said he had a proposal from another
at the board’s meeting on Tuesday, July 16, authorized He suggested the department could install test wells rm, she said, “So you got proposals from two rms.”
the submission of a grant application for the unfunded along the property line to ensure the contamination has “Yes.”
portion of the rst phase, $4.3 million. been contained once it is removed. “What is the usual course of conduct for getting pro-
posals” for professional services, Town Supervisor Ilan
According to the resolution, if the application for the e board approved a transfer of $45,000 from the Gilbert asked.
grant is awarded, the town would receive $1.72 million sewer fund for the work.
and would be responsible for the balance under a 60 e policy is to seek three proposals for professional
percent match. But a third resolution, one to hire professional engi- services above $15,000, he was told. e resolution to
neers Tighe & Bond to prepare a Flow Management hire Tighe & Bond noted they would be held to an
e board also favored a resolution to remediate leak- Plan in response to “much higher than normal” ows amount of $14,300 for their work.
ing underground fuel tanks at two pump stations serv- within the district and Yorktown Heights Wastewater
ing Hallocks Mill. Treatment Plant, struck a sour note with Councilwom- “I don’t think we’re doing it appropriately,” Roker
an Alice Roker. said, adding that she hadn’t known the item would be
According to Town Engineer Michael Quinn, the on that evening’s agenda. Indicating that she had prob-
leaking fuel tanks—one at the Je erson Park Pump Sta- Quinn said the “sustained wet weather conditions for lems with the resolution, she told her colleagues to vote
tion on Juniper Drive and the other at the Je erson Val- many months” was re ected in the higher ow levels, if they wanted to; she would vote against it.
ley Pump Station at Poplar Court and Forest Drive— which had reached 95 percent of the town’s permitted
Told by Quinn the matter could be held for a week,
ow of 1.5 million gallons a day. While town o cials the board then agreed to adjourn action on it.
have met with state DEP representatives to discuss in-
creasing the treatment ow level to 2.5 million gallons
a day, the town needs to develop an in ltration in ow

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Thursday, August 1, 2019 Yorktown News – Page 7

• 24 hour fully staffed care
Scholarship recipients: Liam Schwartz, Nicholas Sevecke, Arjay Mirchandani, Jothi • Surgery
Ramaswamy, Noelle Fuller and Amanda Brown • Computer Assisted

Chamber awards Tomography (CAT)
student scholarships • Artemis Laser
• Hyperbaric Chamber
Six local high school students have received $1,000 scholarships from the • Fluoroscopy
Yorktown Chamber of Commerce. • Endoscopy
• Laparoscopy
e scholarships were handed out ursday, July 18, at Vittoria’Z on the Lake. • Wound Care Center
e dinner was sponsored by the Counseling Center at Yorktown.
Co-chairs of the Chamber’s Scholarship Committee are April Lasher and Lily WELLNESS $25 OFF
Villani, of JP Morgan Chase, and Patricia Hallinan, of the John C. Hart Library. • Examinations
• In House Laboratory
• Surgery 3655 Crompond Road, Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567
• Dentistry (914) 737-24ER (37) •
• Digital Radiography
• Health Certificates

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Page 8 – Yorktown News Thursday, August 1, 2019

Morality OP-ED

George Carlin once comically re- MY Byrne re ects on 2019
marked that we don’t have time PERSPECTIVE legislative session
to ponder the deep questions
of philosophy because we’re too busy JAMES

working. He certainly had a point. MARTORANO ‘Extreme left’ does more harm than good

All of us are immersed in both work

and private lives, which demand our at-

tention, our energy and our time. Who BY KEVIN BYRNE spending and onerous tax increases. I’m proud
GUEST WRITER that we were once again successful in advocat-
has the time to access what our culture ing for our local roadways, public libraries,
June marked the end of this year’s legislative
and society has presented to us as the truth? session in Albany. roughout my time in rst responders and veterans. As I mentioned
the Assembly, I have made it a priority to earlier, these are the fundamentals that need to
Yet every day we are called upon to make moral decisions, many of which advocate for a more responsible, e ective, be protected and made a priority; not treated as
limited government that respects taxpayers’ an afterthought.
will have a real e ect on the direction of our lives and often others. us, wallets and protects their liberties.
rough a very active public advocacy cam-
despite a perceived lack of time, it’s not an idle exercise to critically examine Our government needs to rst focus on paign, our Assembly Republican Conference
fundamentals such as taking care of our roads, successfully pressured the executive chamber
the standard by which we judge right and wrong. public health and safety. Instead of focusing and assisted in the expansion of a college tuition
on the fundamentals, we saw a one-party-con- assistance program for Gold Star families that
In an e ort to nd the truth, philosophers always search for “truthmak- trolled legislature and executive o ce venture su ered the loss of a loved one who was killed or
away from these core tenets and instead focus severely disabled from his/her military service.
ers.” A “truthmaker” is a reference point that, if validated, assures us that our on controversial social and scal policy changes
that, in many cases, will do New York more Toward the end of session. I’m pleased to
view of the world is true. Science frequently provides such validation. But harm than good. report I helped restore signi cant state funding
for our local infrastructure, including $65 mil-
when it comes to moral statements, we can’t look to outside sources to cor- Many of the so-called “criminal justice lion in state-wide Extreme Winter Recovery
reforms” and other controversial policy changes funding. As the co-chair of last fall’s Assembly
roborate our theories. e best we can do is employ our moral intuitions as a that came out of Albany did more to protect Minority Task Force on Critical Infrastructure
criminals and people who reside in this country and Transportation, I’m all too familiar with
starting point and go from there. illegally, at the expense of lawful residents. ese the numerous factors threatening our state’s
changes ranged from “free college” and driv- transportation system. is additional funding
I propose as our starting point an easy proposition: hurting innocent ers’ licenses for illegal immigrants to “cashless from the state will support our local highway
bail” for criminals and tax increases on everyday departments, boost our local economy, and
children is wrong. We would assume that almost everyone would agree. New Yorkers, as well as the passage of laws that limit additional burdens on property taxpayers.
devalued human life and chipped away at our
Philosopher Renford Bambrough put it this way, “We know that this child, constitutional rights as law-abiding Americans. Over the course of the legislative session, I
Some o cials have gone so far as to nickname also stood up for our local libraries, ensuring
who is about to undergo what would otherwise be painful surgery, should this year’s legislative session as the “Year of the that they have the necessary funding to con-
Criminal.” (Assemblyman Will Barclay [R- tinue providing valuable services to all residents
be given an anesthetic before the operation. erefore, we know at least one Pulaski]; of the 94th Assembly District. Within the
budget clean-up bill passed at the end of the
moral proposition to be true. You cannot hurt children.” Regardless of their e orts, the extreme left session, we successfully restored the $20 million
hasn’t stopped me from pushing back and vot- cut, initially made by the governor, for library
Bambrough’s insight is clear; although we may not be able to logically ing against many of these dangerous policies construction grants. is funding is vital for
in the Assembly. It also has not and will not many libraries seeking to complete needed
deduce it, we know intuitively that it is immoral to hurt innocent children. prevent me from staying focused on the many renovations to comply with various Americans
other needs of our state. with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.
We don’t have to reference any other source; we simply know that it’s wrong.
So, what were some of our more positive In addition to supporting the aforementioned
ere can be no excuses, no buts, no end justifying the means. It’s abhorrent. accomplishments? state-wide legislation, I also spent much of this
session introducing and sponsoring my own
ose who do it, and those who are complicit by condoning it, are acting Over the course of the session, the Assembly legislation that would bene t our local area.To
did pass several important pieces of legislation that end, I was able to get four new pieces of
immorally. that bene t everyday New Yorkers. We passed legislation passed in the Assembly in 2019.
the Child Victims Act to protect victims of
But what if we are asked to go beyond our moral intuitions? How then child sex abuse, passed a permanent property is includes designating Junior and Sparkle
tax cap, closed the LLC loophole, and banned lakes in Yorktown as inland waterways so that
can we distinguish right from wrong? e history of philosophy has provid- the medically debunked and abusive practice of they will be eligible for waterfront revitaliza-
conversion “therapy” for minors. Additionally, tion grants from the New York State Depart-
ed us with a number of approaches, some of which may even challenge our I worked with colleagues from across the aisle ment of State and Environmental Protection
to help pass legislation that protected youth Fund. With this valuable source of funding,
moral intuitions. Our goal here is to nd a theory that is consistent with our shooting and safety programs in our state. local municipalities can improve the water
quality of these waterways, as well as preserve
intuitions. So, let’s look at a few relevant philosophical approaches: Building o of our work in past sessions, I the nearby habitat, expand eco-tourism, and
continued to serve as a staunch defender of
Subjective Relativism. is doctrine suggests that to make an action our local taxpayers, ghting against wasteful SEE BYRNE PAGE 14

right, all you need is someone to approve of it. It is a modern-day distorted

version of Epicureanism.

at school of thought was founded by Epicurus, who held that one can

judge an action based on how bene cial it is to the actor. Subjective relativ-

ism clearly sanctions immoral actions, while implying that people are mor-

ally infallible. We can state without reservation that it is inconsistent with

our experience of the moral life.

Emotivism. is line of thinking was originally inspired by one of my

favorite philosophers, Ludwig Wittgenstein. His version of veri cationism

claimed that statements like “hurting innocent children is wrong” are mean-

ingless because they cannot be veri ed by empirical observation. Out of this

evolved the tradition known as logical positivism.

eir view of our reliance on moral intuitions is that all we are doing is

expressing our emotions. “Emotivism” implies that nothing is good or bad

because the words “good” and “bad” do not stand for properties or features

of anything. is ies in the face of our common experience of the moral life

and it provides no means of resolving moral dilemmas.

Cultural Relativism. is is a theory that has gained considerable trac-

tion in the last century primarily because it promotes tolerance and seems

consistent with recent anthropological evidence. e doctrine states that an

action is right if it is approved by one’s culture. Unlike subjective relativism,

it does not make the assertion that individuals are morally infallible. at

attribute it gives to cultures in general. SEE MARTORANO PAGE 9

BRETT FREEMAN, PUBLISHER BAILEY COURT, 334 ROUTE 202, UNIT C1S Letters to the editor and op-ed submissions may be edited. The views
BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER, EDITOR SOMERS, NY 10589 and opinions expressed in letters and op-eds are not necessarily those
Editorial Office: 914-302-5628 ©2018 HALSTON MEDIA, LLC of Yorktown News or its affiliates. Submissions must include a phone
Fax: 914-617-8508 number and address for verification. Not all letters and op-eds will
[email protected]
necessarily be published. Letters and op-eds which cannot be verified or
are anonymous will not be published. Please send your submissions to
the editor by e-mail at [email protected]
For more information, call the editor at 914-302-5628.

Thursday, August 1, 2019 OPINION Yorktown News – Page 9

MARTORANO Quantitative Utilitarian- assured we are doing the right about acting morally has already sary to follow any one approach;
ism. British philosopher Jeremy thing. demonstrated a desire to em- what is important is to carve out
FROM PAGE 8 Bentham developed the theory brace virtuous behavior. Such a time from our busy schedules to
of quantitative utilitarianism. As for our original inquiry— person could never, for instance, re ect on this, and other philo-
Cultures make the moral law, how do we judge right from condone hurting innocent sophical questions, so that we
so they cannot err. is again e morality of an action, he wrong—it seems clear to me children. As such, it isn’t neces- live purposeful lives.
argued, should be determined by that anyone who is concerned
ies in the face of our experi- how much happiness it causes
ence. Some cultures condone overall, for everyone. It becomes Replacing scores of
and even promote immoral acts. an almost mathematical consid- Allstate | State Farm | Geico
Slavery, for example, was at one eration. e greatest happiness
time culturally endorsed. Social of the greatest number is his Policies Everyday!
reformers throughout history yardstick of right or wrong. John
have chastised, challenged, and Steward Mill added a qualitative ONE CALL… MULTIPLE QUOTES We Offer Many
often changed culturally blessed dimension to this theory mor- So You Can Get The Best Buy! A-Rated Companies
practices referencing a moral phing it into qualitative utilitari-
code which supersedes accepted anism. However, a good moral Come See Travelers • Foremost
practices. theory should tell you what is Hy Reichbach, Susan Rohrig & Carmen A. Ritter Progressive • Safeco
right and wrong before you do Kemper • Hartford
The Divine Command it. ese two theories rely on an For Experience, Knowledge and Service Mercury • 1st American
Theory. Under this theory, analysis of the results solely. Main Street America
God is the author and enforcer Aardvark Insurance
of all moral law. Although this Reviewing these various ap- Utica Mutual
theory is comforting it has its proaches is an interesting intel- 600 Rt. 6 | Mahopac NY
shortcomings. Suppose God ap- lectual endeavor, but perhaps the 845.208.3707 • 845.225.1007
peared and ordered you to bash best way to emulate a moral life
some babies’ heads against the is to look at how an honorable [email protected]
rocks? Would you do it? More person acts. A manifestly moral
than likely you would be forced person is one who has acquired, The CaBr:9m.5”el Aardvark Insurance office is merged with the Mahopac office
to reexamine your view of God and acts in accordance with, T:9.5” effective November 25, 2015.
or question the authenticity of certain virtues. Aristotle refers
Bible verse Old Testament 1 to these fundamental virtues: S:9.5”
Samuel 15: 2-3. courage, gentleness, generosity,
modesty, truthfulness, friendli-
Furthermore, before we ever ness, high-mindedness, humility,
received the Ten Command- and self-control. He claims that
ments, we knew that rape, we must always act with these
murder and theft were immoral. virtues in mind. is approach
Embracing the Divine Com- is known as virtue ethics. If we
mand eory is a matter of faith know we are acting in accor-
but it does not give us a fruitful dance with virtues, we can be
avenue in our search for a “truth-
maker” for our moral theory.

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Page 10 – Yorktown News OPINION Thursday, August 1, 2019

On Stage: ‘Goldensbridge’ looks back at Goldens Bridge

F olks not familiar with northern anyone that there are communal passions are Harvey (Andrew Gri n), a gifted musician,
Westchester who hear the name is smitten by a girl he has met, Emma ( Julia
Goldens Bridge easily could mis- strains of socialism in to work the land, help Boyes). Harvey, though, can’t make up his
take it for merely a water crossing rather mind what he wants, even with his friend
than the colorful name of a two-and-a- our current society, such BRUCE their neighbors, cham- Ivan (Michael Manzi) giving him pointers.
half square mile hamlet in the town of as Medicare. Point being THE BLOG pion the hard-working
Lewisboro. that the multi-layered laborer, socialize Later, as an adult in his 40s, Harvey
has grown apart from Goldensbridge and
What likely is not known even to long- philosophy is a lot more BRUCE through recreational its communal ethos, but also wants to do
time residents of Northern Westchester granular and complicat- APAR and cultural activities, right by his aging parents. He is at a cross-
is that Goldens Bridge was settled in the ed than it’s made out to value family bonds, roads of whether to continue his New York
1920s by people who subscribed to certain City bachelor life or become a family man
aspects of socialism. be by its most vocal de- listen to and play classi- in Goldensbridge.

at history helps form the basis of a tractors in our benighted cal and folk music, read At the same time, Maury, ever proud
new play that has its premiere this coming and feisty, is beset by physical aillments
weekend in Manhattan in the Broadway age of super cial sound books, engage in con- in his legs and hands. It’s an especially
Bound eatre Festival at eatre Row on cruel fate for someone whose life revolves
42nd Street. bites that distort rather than elucidate. versations that stimulate the mind, and around playing cello, growing tomatoes,
and xing things. “If it’s something I can
I happen to be in the cast of the play, Upon hearing the word, people react elevate ideas that animate humankind. get my hands on, I could usually make it
titled “Goldensbridge,” by award-winning work, make a di erence,” he says, calling
writer Albi Gorn of Hastings-on-Hudson. to without bene t of speci c context and Call them farmer-philosophers. himself “Golden Hands Goldin.”
With his wife, Robin Anne Joseph, they
write, direct, produce, and act in both based on their feelings toward whomever In the playwright’s ctionalized account It is through Maury that we learn how
original and classic works, operating under a communal society like Goldensbridge
the banner of GoJo Clan Productions. is using the word. e dynamics of our of his own family’s experience, it is the works. He tells Harvey that the colony
came to life on the backs of workers from
In these fraught times, the word so- culture dictate that it’s not always what is early 1990s and lifelong political activists the city, who were looking for a place
cialism is a lightning rod for emotional where they could build a community to
outbursts, on both sides of the aisle. If the being said that matters as much as who is Maury Goldin (played by Patrick McGui- live the way they wanted to.
mere mention of the word is susceptible
to instant demonization, there’s a good saying it. ness) and wife Lilly ( Julie Gri n) have “ ey bought the land,” he says, “built
reason: the term is routinely misunder- bungalows, the lake, and a stage in the
stood and misused, sometimes willfully, e story told through the play “Gold- lived in the colony for 30 years. barn,” whch has hosted renowned artists
sometimes obliviously. like Pete Seeger and e Weavers.
ensbridge” provides context for what the Heading into their eighties, the couple
If you move past the overheated poli- As Maury points out, the community’s
tics that infuse and distort it, it becomes denizens of the colony were all about. faces a life-altering decision of whether to form of self-governance also controls the
apparent that there are eight di erent
types of socialism. It shouldn’t be news to is passage from the Wikipedia entry remain in Goldensbridge or to pull up roots SEE APAR PAGE 14

for the real Goldens Bridge serves as a from their beloved community and move to

concise and accurate summation for much an assisted living residence in the Bronx.

of what unfolds on stage: “In the mid-20th e full-length play shifts continuously

century, the hamlet was home to a major- and cinematically, with scenes seamlessly

ity Jewish community, which governed crossing over into other eras, including the

itself under communal living standards…” 1930s, 1960s, and 1980s.

e characters in “Goldensbridge” are For instance, in 1934, we see Maury, ac-

drawn by the playwright not as political companied by best friend Sam (my charac-

symbols but as relatable, esh-and-blood ter), trying to prevent a scab from entering

beings, based on his own formative experi- a place of business where the workers are

ences living there in the 1960s and beyond. trying to form a union.

ese are everyday folks who are, in the In the 1960s, having just moved to Gold-

same breath, earthy and ethereal. eir ensbridge, Maury and Lilly’s teenage son

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Thursday, August 1, 2019 OPINION Yorktown News – Page 11


Location, Location, town is its beauty. Yorktown has hills, reser- We’ll Be Your Personal CFO
Location voirs, lots of greenery, Downing and Roosevelt
Parks, and so many other lovely spots to enjoy A trusted partner who delivers clear solutions to
To the editor, the outdoors! I also appreciated—and my fam- reach your financial goals
Your lead in title to my letter last week, ily has bene ted from—the excellent schools
and low crime rate. e houses we’ve owned so you can focus more on
“Solar farms do not bene t the environ- and our taxes are pretty reasonable compared enjoying the pleasures in life.
ment,” was a mischaracterization of the to other similar towns in Westchester.
letter and of its intent. It’s not just about knowing where you want to go,
I didn’t know about the great hiking and it’s being able to plan how you’re going to get there.
My letter was meant to point out that biking trails when I made the decision to
the prior letter I referred to only took in move here. Now my family and I frequently • Investing
one side of the issue and that on the local enjoy using the many beautiful trails. I enjoy • Retirement Planning
level you need to consider more than just my walks and meeting other people from • Financial Planning
the carbon footprint. town as well as people just passing through on
their hikes, runs, bike and roller blade rides. Philip Settembrino, WMCP, President
Rooftop solar panels or small arrays on
private property serve a de nite bene cial My current favorites are Turkey Mountain 2649 Strang Blvd, Suite 104 • Yorktown Hts NY 10598
purpose for the individual when done right. and the bike trail near the Yorktown Town
But in an area like this, when someone Hall. Yorktown has the most trail miles of Phone: 914-514-5000
wants to come in and clear cut acres of land any town in Westchester County. No won-
for a commercial solar farm, all of the fac- der the Economic and Business Revitaliza- Securities and Advisory Services offered through Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor and
tors need to be considered. tion Committee established by Supervisor Member FINRA/SIPC. Northern Westchester Financial Services and Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc. are separate entities.
Gilbert sees the trails as town asset.
In the right place solar farms certainly ben-
e t the environment, but it has to be some- And now, with the support of Yorktown
place where the bene t does not outweigh the Supervisor Gilbert, the town of Yorktown,
detriment. And around here I don’t believe along with the Yorktown Trail Town, are
it does. I would suggest you ask yourselves if
those looking to put in solar farms care more nishing a connection between Route 118
about the local environment or their bottom and Baldwin Road and the new Crompond
line. I think you know the answer. trail in FDR State Park. is will provide
safe access to the park from Yorktown
Ralph Zucker Heights for trail users by keeping them o
Mohegan Lake the already crowded roads.

Trails are a Yorktown If you want to enjoy the Yorktown trails,
treasure there is a video, created by Liz Gmoser, a
Yorktown High School senior, available at
To the editor,
One of the many things I love about York-

I’m still here because T:6.05”
NewYork-Presbyterian is here.

An expert GI diagnosis and quick action by our
Columbia surgical team helped Tony become a
colorectal cancer survivor.

Poughkeepsie, NY
Colon cancer survivor

Page 12 Yorktown News – Thu
The hand-painted skulls and flames on Vincent Mocerino’s
hearse took three months to complete. Chamber of Commerce

Car Sh
e Yorktown Chamber of Commerce hosted an Auto and First Resp
the Kmart parking lot.
e show featured new and classic cars, hot rods, drag cars and moto
contest, auto vendors, food and beer garden, live music, and ra es.

Bob Mangels with his two cars: a 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon Aeroback and
1966 Oldsmobile F85

Sawyer Gilbert 3, lov
out all the cool cars.


Luciano Picone, 5, checks out the “Creep Show.”


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ursday, August 1, 2019 Page 13
Mike Dubovsky with his 1935 Chevrolet
ponders Show on Sunday, July 21, in
orcycles. ere was also a loud pipe

Brian Dee with his 1973 Pontiac Firebird Formula 350

Philip Speidell with his 1966 Shelby Cobra

ves checking Jimmy Sullivan with his 1968 Pontiac GTO and his
. goats


Jim Apostolou with his 1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS

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Page 14 – Yorktown News OPINION Thursday, August 1, 2019

LETTERS would have the facts to support his claims. BYRNE Now that the legislative session
To be clear, Yorktown uses a citrus-based has formally ended, hard-working
FROM PAGE 11 FROM PAGE 8 New Yorkers fearing additional costly
herbicide that isn’t dangerous to people or pets! mandates and taxes from Albany can
ere is also a Yorktown Walk Book avail- Slater should know this because it’s in the town combat pollution and the prolifera- rest and breathe a little easier. I will
able at Town Hall, the John C. Hart Library code as passed by Murphy, Diana and Lachter- tion of endangered species. have the opportunity to spend even
and other locations. man a decade ago. more time in the district, meeting
In less than three weeks, Sen. Pete with our neighbors and gaining a
Pauline Halim At a Yorktown Town Board meeting on Harckham and I worked together to greater awareness of the issues that
Yorktown Heights May 19, 2009, a Pesticide Management Policy, pass legislation that will help allow matter most to you. While still mak-
Resolution No. 209 was passed unanimously: a new international multi-million- ing periodic visits to Albany and other
Slater’s scare tactics “ erefore Be It Resolved, that the Town dollar distillery to move forward parts of the state to ful ll my other
Board of the Town of Yorktown will eliminate with its plans to manufacture and sell legislative duties, I will ensure that my
To the editor, all pesticide use, including insecticides and alcoholic beverages in Carmel. Assembly sta and I are accessible to
Matt Slater’s campaign literature implies that herbicides on all town-owned property.” you so that we remain prepared for
Lastly, by working with colleagues the upcoming legislative session.
almost everything that Terrence Murphy did, as At a Yorktown Town Board meeting on from across the aisle, we passed legis-
state senator, was orchestrated by Slater himself. March 23, 2010, the policy was amended in lation that would save the Mahopac ere is still much to do and I’m
He portrays himself as a key party to every bill Resolution No. 163, to clarify that the elimina- School District millions of dollars by eager to do it. ank you for your
and every legislative action of Senator Murphy. tion of pesticides, including insecticides and granting forgiveness for ministerial continued faith and trust in me.
herbicides applied to town turf, would stand and errors made by a previous adminis-
As a candidate for Yorktown town supervi- that, as a last resort, chemical measures could be tration in ling paperwork for capital Assemblyman Kevin Byrne
sor, Slater should be well-versed in Yorktown used to remove and prevent the future infesta- improvement projects in 2012. Each (R-Mahopac) represents the 94th
town policies, as well-versed as he portrays tion of insects and rodents to town structures. of these bills also passed the Sen- Assembly District.
himself to be in the actions of Murphy during ate and now awaits Gov. Cuomo’s
his terms in the state Senate. erefore, it was ese means would have to be used in the most signature.
quite a surprise to see Slater making false accu- e ective and eco-friendly manner as is possible.
sations about one of Yorktown’s town policies. APAR ment. Mutual respect for the rights
en, in 2017, an amendment was unani- of the individual. Personal responsi-
When you read Matt Slater’s latest alarmist mously passed, Resolution No. 260, to clarify FROM PAGE 10 bility. Did someone say socialism? Or
commentary on the parks in Yorktown, you are that herbicides may be used on town property conservatism?
led to believe that the Parks and Recreation for the removal of vegetative growth on walk- garbage collection, water distribution,
Department is using poison on the grounds of ways, parking lots, sidewalks and curbsides, but roads, and other infrastructure essen- For tickets and information on
the parks. He even shares a picture of how his prohibited herbicide use on playing elds and tials. In one scene, Maury and Harvey the play “Goldensbridge,” go to
own lawn service posts a sign indicating areas playground surfaces. rush over to help a neighbor, Myra
that were recently treated. Slater asks why the (Ann Gulian), whose water has stopped
town doesn’t do the same. No pesticides have been used on Yorktown running, by xing her water valve. For more information on the real-
town property since 2009. Slater should know life Goldens Bridge colony and its
Well, the town of Yorktown doesn’t use that. Why would he try to scare families into Maury succinctly describes homeowners group, the Goldens
poisons. ere is no danger about which to warn thinking their children are being exposed to poi- Goldensbridge as “a society that the Bridge Community Association. visit
anyone. Slater should know that, if, as he seems to sons? Mr. Slater, get your facts straight before you people control, where we govern our-
claim, he was Mr. Murphy’s right-hand man all make unfounded accusations. A candidate for selves, look out for one another…”
these many years, and if he is collaborating with Yorktown town supervisor should know better.
Councilmen Tom Diana and Ed Lachterman Wait a minute. Minimal govern-
the way that he likes to imply. You’d think that he Bob Stone

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Thursday, August 1, 2019 Yorktown News – Page 15

My Community Bulletin Board

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Page 16 – Yorktown News Thursday, August 1, 2019


‘I want to coach at
Yorktown for as long as
I can, as long as they’ll

let me.’

–C.J. Riefenhauser

C.J. Riefenhauser
pitches during his
MLB debut with the

Tampa Bay Rays
on April 19, 2014.


Huskers tab Riefenhauser as head coach

BY BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER Riefenhauser told Yorktown regrets ever in my life.” Manhattanville College, said he Riefenhauser said. To that end,
EDITOR News last week. After earning his undergraduate is excited about the prospect of he wants to retain the current
building his own program. coaching sta and form a fall
Until recently, C.J. e Rays drafted Riefenhauser degree, Riefenhauser put team.
in 2010 out of Chipola Junior out feelers to his high school “I want to nish school to be a
Riefenhauser never had a reason College (Marianna, Fla.). connections, who told him a head phys ed teacher,”Riefenhauser said. “So, by the time the season does
When shoulder ailments caused coaching vacancy was opening up “I want to coach at Yorktown for as come around, we’re kind of hitting
to prepare a résumé. Riefenhauser to hang up his cleats at Yorktown High School, where long as I can, as long as they’ll let the ground running and we can
two years ago, the 2008 Mahopac Sean Kennedy was stepping aside me. at’s the plan.” focus more on baseball,” he said.
His left arm was the only High School graduate turned his after 25 years.
attention back toward school. ough this will be his rst high Coaches are often judged on
reference he ever needed. For the rst time in his life, school coaching gig, Riefenhauser wins and losses but, Riefenhauser
He enrolled in Mercy College Riefenhauser drafted a résumé and has spent the last few years said, that is only one aspect of his
But injuries, coupled with (Dobbs Ferry) and joined its cover letter and applied for the job. attending games and leading clinics job.
baseball team as a coach. oughts in the area. He also maintains
a newfound love of coaching, of trying to attempt a comeback “I guess it all just fell into place close connections with other local “Do I think winning makes
quickly subsided. Riefenhauser from there,”he said. coaches, including Mahopac High their experience more enjoyable?
changed everything for the former had found his calling. School’s Myckie Lugbauer, his One hundred percent,” he said.
When it comes to his former batterymate. “But at the end of the day, I want
major-league-baseball pitcher. “Once I fell in love with predecessor, Riefenhauser knows these kids to grow. I want to show
coaching,this is the route I wanted he has “very big shoes to ll.” He Getting coaches and players on these kids how much baseball and
e 29-year-old Riefenhauser, to go,” Riefenhauser said. said of Kennedy, “He made the the same page before the season life correspond with each other. I
program what it is now.” starts will go a long way toward just want to make it as enjoyable
who appeared in 24 games “I am done pitching,” he added. the team’s success in the spring, as I can for them.”
“It was a great run. ere are no However, Riefenhauser, who
for the Tampa Bay Rays over is studying physical education at

two seasons, is set to take over

Yorktown High School’s baseball

program this year, pending school

board approval.

“With Yorktown, it was actually

right time, right place, I guess,”

Thursday, August 1, 2019 SPORTS Yorktown News – Page 17

Husker boys nipped by John Jay-EF in playoffs

Lakeland blanked by Somers


No. 2 Yorktown’s boys soccer

squad was nipped by No. 3 John

Jay-East Fishkill 1-0 in the semi-

nals of the summer league play-

o s at Lakeland on July 23.

John Jay-EF scored the only

goal of the game with 15:46 to go

in the second half.

With approximately just

10 minutes left in the con-

test, Husker rising senior Tim

O’Callaghan, came in on the goal

and almost scored to tie the game

but his shot was stopped by Dan-

iel Koenig.

“I still had pressure on my

back,” O’Callaghan said. “I was

like, should I go down, should I

stay up on my feet? en I just let

go of my left foot and the goalie Tim O’Callaghan fires one towards the net.
came up with a nice save. It was

one of the main chances we had.

I probably could’ve gone down, to put more of those away. We said. “ ere wasn’t much of a dif-

might have gotten a penalty, but I came away with no goals today ference from today besides the Jack Prybyiski
heads the ball.
mean, it’s summer league, so you but we de nitely created enough fact that we couldn’t nish. e
have to try and stay on your feet chances.” Byram Hills game was good. We BELL

there.” Husker goalie Dylan Lopez were creating chances, we were

Yorktown then was able to recorded four saves against John capitalizing on them, which kind

create plenty of scoring chances Jay-EF. of put the game away early in the

after O’Callaghan’s shot on goal Yorktown won their opening- second half.”

but unfortunately, to no avail. round game two days earlier when Yorktown (7-2-2) will now

“We have a bunch of o ensive they beat No. 7 Byram Hills 4-1 look to build on the work they’ve

people that know what they are at Lakeland, led by O’Callaghan done this summer.

doing up there,” O’Callaghan (2G), Claudio Laraia (1G), Da- “ is is just the beginning,”

said. “So we are able to combine, vid Dippolito (1G) and Scott O’Callaghan said. “We still have

connect passes and break the de- Weitman (1 save). preseason to go through. A lot is 845.628.3924

fense down, so we had our chanc- “We nished our chances bet- SEE SOCCER PAGE 19 719 Route 6, Mahopac, NY
es. Midseason, we should be able ter in that game,” O’Callaghan



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Page 18 – Yorktown News SPORTS Thursday, August 1, 2019

Daly looks downfield as
Lakeland Gold takes gold Lakeland Green’s Jaden
Ray tries to steal.


Yorktown ends summer league on high note

BY MIKE SABINI SMITH IN JUNIOR OLYMPICS throughout the season.” town: Addy Araneo (38 saves) Donnell (2G), Adrianna Albano
CONTRIBUTING WRITER e thrilling week continued (1G), Alex Bold (1G), Addy
OTHER SUMMER LEAGUE • July 25: Lakeland Green 10, Araneo (13 saves).
Lakeland is No. 1… and No. 2. for Smith, who was selected to RESULTS Somers 3. Green: Emma Fon
In last week’s championship play for Team USA in the AAU (5G), Emma Halderman (3G, • July 25: Hornets II JV 6,
game, Lakeland Gold bested Junior Olympic Games, July 29 • July 24: Hudson Valley 8, Hornets I JV 1 ( JV/modi ed
Lakeland Green 3-1 to win the to Aug. 1, at Wake Forest Uni- Extra Innings 1 (open division 3A), Keirra Ettere (1G, 1A), division championship). Hor-
Hudson Valley Summer Field versity (Winston Salem, N.C.). consolation). Hudson Valley: nets II: Pashka Vulaj (3G), Katie
Hockey League. Jenna McCrudden (3G), Krista Gabby Al nito (1G), Addy Ara- Lemma (1G), Gabby Al nito
Leading the way for Lake- “It’s really exciting,” Smith Dietz (2G), Frankie Fava (1G), (1G), Sara Costa (1G), Maeve
land Gold were goal-scorers Mia said. “It was such a big honor to Emma Fon (1G), Sam Graap neo (12 saves). Somers: Maeve Dineen-Herzog (2 saves). Hor-
Smith, Jenna McCrudden and be chosen for the national tour- (1G), Katie Iuarussi (1 save). Ex- nets I: Alyssa Petrilli (1G), Gab-
Katie Lemma.Keirra Ettere scored nament and then having to be tra Innings: Sophia Urrutia (1G), Dineen-Herzog (14 saves) by Santini (1A), Jenna Yazzetti (3
the lone goal for Lakeland Green. chosen for the Junior Olympics Jess Conklin (11 saves). saves).
after that meant so much to me.” • July 25: Lakeland Gold 7,
e July 26 victory, Smith said, • July 24: Hudson Valley John Jay-East Fishkill Lady SEE MORE PHOTOS
was the culmination of a sum- YORKTOWN FINISHES Xtreme 5, Goal Diggers 3 (open Patriots 0. Gold: Jenna Mc- ON PAGE 19
mer’s worth of hard work. IN 13TH PLACE division championship). Xtreme: Crudden (4G), Frankie Fava
Cara O’Shea (1G, 1A), Valerie
“We made sure that we weren’t Yorktown won the 13th/14th Perkins (1G), Dana Bozek (1G), (2G), Raquel Nieves (1G, 1A),
getting down when the occasional place game with a 4-2 victory Julianna Cappello (1G), Grace
goal would go in,”said Smith,a ris- over Walter Panas. Fitzgerald (1G), Lizzie Clarke Maeve Dineen-Herzog (1 save).
ing sophomore, “and we made sure (1A), Samantha Marasca (15
that we really hyped each other up Yorktown was paced by Melina saves). Goal Diggers: Rachel • July 25: Yorktown 4, Walter
when we would score a goal.” Iavarone (2G), Kelsey McDon- Beam (2G), Erin McCrudden Panas 1. Yorktown: Kelsey Mc-
nell (1G, 1A), Ellie O’Donnell (1G), Kelsey McCrudden (1A),
Splitting time in goal for both (1G, 1A) and Araneo (17 saves). Cassie Halpin (8 saves).
teams were Maeve Dineen-Her-
zog (7 saves), an eighth-grade “It means a lot to end on a • July 24: Lakeland Gold 10,
student at Lakeland Copper good note with a win for our last Yorktown 0. Gold: Erin Daly
Beech Middle School, and Addy summer league game because it (4G), Jenna McCrudden (3G),
Araneo (15 saves), a senior at gives us con dence going into Fava Fava (1G), Bella Basulto
Yorktown High School. the season,” McDonnell said. “It (1G), Mia Smith (1G). York-
gives us more motivation to keep
working hard and strive for wins

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1820 Commerce St. JEFFERSON VALLEY
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 339 Route 202
Somers, NY 10589

Thursday, August 1, 2019 SPORTS Yorktown News – Page 19

goalie Addy

Araneo kicks the
ball away.

Yorktown’s Ellie O’Donnell Emma Halderman
carries the ball upfield. passes.

PHOTOS: DEENA BELL Yorktown’s Melina
Iavarone scores a goal.

SOCCER Add Value
to Your Home
When we’re done, there is nothing left to do.
going to change by the time the
season starts but it’s nice to get • Bathroom Remodeling • Kitchen Remodeling • Durable Vinyl Siding • Room Additions • Add-a-Levels •
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there. We have a long way to go
but it’s a good start.” Sero’s Contracting

No. 8 Lakeland lost to visit- We specialize in targeted home improvements — both big and small —
ing No. 1 Somers 3-0 on July 21
in their opening-round contest, to maximize your home’s value,comfort and beauty.
with Hornet goalkeeper Nick
Bassani making ve saves. Licensed & Insured • Local References • Brewster, NY • 845-216-1955 • 845-279-6977 • [email protected]

“We played a strong game for
the most part,” Bassani said. “We
had some technical mistakes
which lead to giving up goals, but
this was a test for our team to see
how we compare to a top team
in our league for the fall season.”

As for the fall season, Bas-
sani feels the Hornets (1-4-5)
will be better prepared for it be-
cause they played in the summer

“Our team has bene ted from
this league in many ways,” Bas-
sani said.“We have gained chem-
istry within our team, learned
where our level of play needs to
be and it allows our coaches to
play us in di erent formations
and see which is the best for the
upcoming season.”

Sports Deadline The sports

deadline for Yorktown News is the
Sunday before the next publication
date. Varsity coaches should
submit results and information by
e-mail to [email protected]
com. All youth sports and
recreational sports items should
also be submitted to the same
e-mail address by the Thursday
before the next publication date.

Page 20 – Yorktown News LEISURE Thursday, August 1, 2019

CLUES ACROSS baseball 42. Parrots 19. Assaults For puzzle solutions, please see
1. Cash dispenser 23. Swiss river 43. Midway between 20. Paddle
4. Air pollution 24. 2K pounds south and southeast 23.Types of photos
8. Illegal seizure 25. Domesticated animal 24. Dorothy’s friend
10. Shop 26. Surrounds the Earth CLUES DOWN was made of this
11. Besides 27. Legendary actress 1. Vinegary 25. Soirees
12. Spanish dish 34. Seattle ballplayer 2. Ohio town 26. Scottish port
13. Protective covering of 35. Bluish greens 3. Bivalve mollusk 27. Percussion
seeds 36. Carrying of a boat 4.Type of hat instrument
15. Greedy eater 37. Having a particular 5. Liquefied by heat 28. Auto industry
16. Existing only in the shape 6. Synthetic acrylic fiber icon Iacocca
mind 38.Takes advantage of 7. Wild or sweet cherry 29.Type of drug
17. Make rough 39.The Destroyer (Hindu) 9. Flower segment 30. Historic city in
18. Cooperation 40. Basmati and saffron 10. Lizard-like Germany
21. A way to consume are two 12. What politicians stand 31. Animal disease
22. Strike out a batter in 41. Leak slowly through on 32. Some like them
in martinis
14. Pie _ __ 33. Get away
mode 34. Entertainment
15. Indian city 36. Where ballgames
17. OldTV part are played

To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear
only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the
numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!
n Lions Summer
Yorktown Lions Club Yorktow Concert
Putnam/Northern Westchester YYoroYkrotkrtokotwowwYorktow Concert
Women’s Resource Center Yorktow Concert CCoCnooncencrectertrt

5K Annual Walk Yorktow Concert
To End Domestic Violence

In Association with

Help Make A Difference! 6/30 - Jessica Lynn
Sunday, September 22, 2019
8:30-11:30 a.m. 252t5hIftraAhininnAgn, ncoinnvceeirvtrwesilalrbsreayherldSyait lSthveielYvorrketSorwpnSoSptangoesnTohseraotsrers

Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park, Lot 4 CFoPoooInndsciCFettahoirPovnCFteooInCoePdnowdswceloaoInayineRtvitdlsachllirle–eiwloevCCFFntttelahnCCfoobirePPwoodvrnwNwwCFtooe9tooIIeelnnweaaCeonnydPeoCddFwRssovcciows1eloaCoollIlhiiwwndPoaeeyttenh–ettlRllwaaf.vdioshhloIFcniirre4allnynfvvlmnnbiwettd–eilesieeto99octwwrilNlanneelhiddwt-idneerftwwbenotwolavn11eeellthaarNse3ic9royywtosevneRRet..dvvdiie9inllhawlfwr44ellehllyyod1edle9faoees––eellwoo,–enl4olDttlymtdeeieerei–lioooT-nffwrrlifeeeobnenonwooc--99oonossfdbrNmnor3whohhookkdddtrNene3anerls1hhctiffeefrieFFe33eeokndefre9ion,wslalotmmtttt9rroiishiioookddle4llhmokdhnnsnntaa,fk--htootddfmmF3YeoowF3oeeDeembsmss11tccrimttio4riiYowlotnneddlnDiinnnwwo-aanllwoe-demodmrddToee44ewooeeeaas1,,incs1rttctt7irrriheelmmddssoinaiwnknwaa.lnlrnla44iYYdtdttnnie4e4iDDalak,nC,ettttltTTtkwwtoooeeevmeiimslsn77fwTo4hrrtbYa4khhllYtnoooDtnnnDrraiiwoTbiiiiwoohTeowkkinnoeewnteee7illrtt7oooheliroollhnnffwlnereottiaaenkkrrliieriknieirwwaloolbbakntooensroralnnttltnfaeoata.klnnCfaoo–wweetaeetkwbobeeov.CwntrrrtomtbTohssrrrrvntoocweeaasTae..lhnneaaoweoehrea..sereCCrmmttrhooar.ivvnesrarccoTThh.e.ail.Crnoooamtaaelvlar.cChhooTheemtlameaovooacii–ooaeThhobeeerll–orraorbtllimmaaohorteelaaeeresoelrr––limaosebbleeaelrrrttr–– PPPPrPrrereeresesseseesneenntnnttiniittnngiinnggSggSSpSppoSpoonposnnoonssrnoossosrrssorsrs
2957 Crompond Road Call Presenting Sponsors

Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 Call i9n1f4o-r3m9a3t-1io4n47 for more Presenting Sponsors
Register at: WWW.PNWWRC.ORG

935 South Lake Blvd. Suite 2 Mahopac NY 10541
(845) 628-9284, X242

Thursday, August 1, 2019 LEGAL NOTICES Yorktown News – Page 21

PUBLIC NOTICE Yorktown in Town Hall, 363 Heights, New York l0598 on it may be served. SSNY shall (SSNY) on 6/25/2019. County:
mail process to: 8 N Ross Drive Westchester. SSNY designated
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE Underhill Avenue, Yorktown Monday, August 12, 2019 at Yorktown Heights, NY 10598. agent upon whom process
Purpose: any lawful purpose. against may be served & shall
that a Public Hearing will be Heights, New York 10598 on 7:00 pm or as soon thereafter as mail to Law Offices of Sean J.
Davey, P.C., 42 Oak Avenue,
held by the Planning Board of the Monday, August 12, 2019 at possible on the following matter: Ste. 4B, Tuckahoe, NY 10707.
General Purpose.
Town of Yorktown in Town Hall, 7:00 pm or as soon thereafter as Application of PANBAR LLC FORMATION NOTICE
363 Underhill Avenue, Yorktown possible on the following matter: Realty, LLC for approval of a
Notice of formation of CAD
Heights, New York 10598 on Application of Kathleen subdivision titled, “Preliminary Notice of Formation of Action LLC. Articles of Org.
BACK FROM BLACK, LLC. filed with NY Secretary of State
Monday, August 12, 2019 at Dineen-Carey for approval of an Integrated Plot Plan 4 Lot Art. Of Org. filed with SSNY (NS) on 04/18/2019. Office
on 6/24/2019. Office Location: location: Westchester County.
7:00 pm or as soon thereafter as amended site plan with submitted Subdivision,” 5 Sheets, prepared Westchester County. SSNY United States Corporation
designated as agent of the LLC Agents, designated as
possible on the following matter: plan titled, “Site Plan Prepared by John Karell, Jr. P.E., dated upon whom process against agent of the LLC upon whom
it may be served. SSNY shall process may be served. NS shall
Application of McDonald’s for Pied Piper Preschool,” August 27, 2016, and last revised mail process to: 1715 E. MAIN mail copy of process to United
STREET MOHEGAN LAKE States Corporation Agents,
for approval of an amended prepared by Site Design March 22, 2019. NY 10547. Purpose: any lawful INC. at 7014 13th Avenue,
purpose. Suite 202, Brooklyn, NY 11228.
site plan, stormwater pollution Consultants, dated March 11, It is proposed to subdivide the Purpose is any lawful purpose.

prevention plan, and wetland 2016, and last revised June 10, existing 5.0743 acre property LLC FORMATION NOTICE

permit with submitted plans 2019. The proposed addition is in the R1-20 zone into three 68 Dimond Avenue
Associates, LLC, Articles of
titled, “Preliminary Site Plan as shown on architectural plans building lots and one open space Org. filed with the Sec. of State
of NY (SSNY) on 4/26/2019.
for McDonald’s Corporation titled, “Pied Piper Day Care lot. The site is located on Crystal County: Westchester. SSNY
designated agent upon whom
Proposed Restaurant Remodel,” Center,” prepared by Michael A Court, also known as Tax ID process against may be served
& shall mail to 57 Croton Ave.,
prepared by Dynamic Piccirillo, AIA, and last revised Section 27.11, Block 2, Lot 43 on LLC FORMATION NOTICE Ossining, NY 10562. General
Engineering Consultants, P.C., May 30, 2019. the Town of Yorktown Tax Map.
and last revised July 9, 2019. The applicant proposes an The above listed subdivision Notice of Formation of
FRC Consulting LLC. Art. Notice of Formation of
It is proposed to renovate the approximately 3,019 square foot plan may be viewed on the Of Org. filed with SSNY on Gnobby Gnome LLC. Art.
April 2, 2019. Office Location: Of Org. filed with SSNY on
existing restaurant building and addition to the existing 3,730 Town’s website at http://www. Westchester County. SSNY 5/30/2019. Office Location:
designated as agent of the LLC Westchester County. SSNY
add an additional ordering lane square foot preschool, for a two- y o r k t o w n n y. o r g / p l a n n i n g / upon whom process against it designated as agent of the LLC
may be served. SSNY shall mail upon whom process against it
for the drive-thru. Improvements story building with total square public-hearings, or in the process to: 1264 Williams Drive, may be served. SSNY shall mail
Shrub Oak, NY 10588. Purpose: process to: Gnobby Gnome
to the parking lot are also footage 6,749 square feet, on Yorktown Planning Department, any lawful purpose. LLC, 738 South Street #2521,
Peekskill, NY 10566. Purpose:
proposed. The site is located at 0.68 acres in the R1-10 zone.The located at 1974 Commerce Street, any lawful purpose.

3481 Crompond Road in the site is located at the address 2090 Room 222, Yorktown Heights, LLC FORMATION NOTICE

Town of Yorktown, also known Crompond Road, Yorktown NY 10598. Please do not hesitate NoticeofFormationofDestined
Films LLC. Art. Of Org. filed
as Section 36.05, Block 1, Lot Heights, NY 10598, also known to call the Planning Department with SSNY on 6/17/2019. Office
Location: Westchester County.
10 on the Town of Yorktown Tax as Section 37.14, Block 2, Lots at 914-962-6565 with questions SSNY designated as agent of the
LLC upon whom process against
Map. 8 on the Town of Yorktown Tax or for more information. LLC FORMATION NOTICE it may be served. SSNY shall mail
process to: Destined Films LLC,
The above listed site plan may Map. This notice is being sent to 3171 Radcliffe Drive, Yorktown,
NY 10598. Purpose: any lawful
be viewed on the Town’s website The above listed site plan you by registered or certified Shepherd Partners LLC, Arts purpose.
of Org. filed with Sec. of State
at http://www.yorktownny. may be viewed in the Yorktown mail, under Section ‘195-22A(5), of NY (SSNY) 7/17/2019. Cty:
Westchester.SSNY agent
org/planning/public-hearings, Planning Department, located at Section ‘195-23B(5), Section upon whom process against may
be served & shall mail process to
or in the Yorktown Planning 1974 Commerce Street, Room ‘195-24B(4), or Section ‘195- Steven A Stern, 80 Business Park
Dr., Ste. 308, Armonk, NY 10504.
Department, located at 1974 222, Yorktown Heights, NY 39B of the Yorktown Town General Purpose.

Commerce Street, Room 222, 10598. Please do not hesitate to Code requiring the undersigned

Yorktown Heights, NY 10598. call the Planning Department at to notify all interested parties as

Please do not hesitate to call the 914-962-6565 with questions or defined there under.

Planning Department at 914- for more information. ALL PERSONS

962-6565 with questions or for ALL PERSONS INTERESTED in the above LLC FORMATION NOTICE

more information. INTERESTED in the above matter may appear before the

ALL PERSONS matter may appear before the Board in person, by agent or Notice of Formation of
Strategic Stages LLC. Art.
INTERESTED in the above Board in person, by agent or attorney and will be heard before Of Org. filed with SSNY on
6/27/2019. Office Location:
matter may appear before the attorney and will be heard before any final determination is made. Westchester. United States
Corporation Agents, INC 7014
Board in person, by agent, or any final determination is made. BY ORDER OF THE 13th Ave. Suite 202 Brooklyn,
NY 11228 designated as agent
attorney and will be heard before BY ORDER OF THE PLANNING BOARD OF THE of the LLC upon whom process
against it may be served. US
any final determination is made. PLANNING BOARD OF THE TOWN OF YORKTOWN, Corporation Agents shall mail
process to: 522 Panorama drive
Purpose: any lawful purpose.



PLEASE TAKE NOTICE Notice of Formation of Alex
PUBLIC NOTICE that a Public Informational Roy Enterprises LLC. Art. LLC FORMATION NOTICE
Hearing will be held by the Of Org. filed with SSNY on
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE Planning Board of the Town of 5/28/2019. Office Location: Kentbridge Consulting
that an Adjourned Public Yorktown in Town Hall, 363 Westchester County. SSNY
Hearing will be held by the Underhill Avenue, Yorktown designated as agent of the LLC LLC, Articles of Org. filed
Planning Board of the Town of upon whom process against
with the Sec. of State of NY

Dkidnoywou? According to the World Health Organization, one in every three solar radiation will reach the Earth’s surface, leading to a spike in
cancers diagnosed is a skin cancer. As troubling as that may seem, skin cancer rates. In fact, the WHO estimates that a 10 percent
it might not give the full picture as to the prevalence of skin cancer. decrease in ozone levels could result in 300,000 additional cases of
The American Institute for Cancer Research notes that estimating non-melanoma skin cancers and 4,500 more cases of melanoma
skin cancer incidence is uniquely challenging because of the sheer skin cancers. The good news is that scientists with NASA recently
volume of sub-types of skin cancer.The AICR says that non-mela- documented direct proof that the Antarctic ozone is recovering,
noma skin cancer is often not tracked by cancer registries, and even a recovery that scientists credit to the 1987 landmark agreement
when it is, many registrations are incomplete because most cases of known as the Montreal Protocol on Substances That Deplete the
non-melanoma skin cancer are successfully treated. So skin cancer Ozone Layer. That agreement, which was ratified by 197 United
might be even more prevalent today than statistics indicate, and the Nations member countries, led to the phasing out of substances
WHO notes it may only become more so in coming decades due linked to ozone depletion.
to ozone depletion. As ozone levels are depleted, the atmosphere
loses more and more of its protective filter. That loss means more This article is provided by Metro Creative Connection.

Page 22 – Yorktown News CLASSIFIEDS Thursday, August 1, 2019

ATTORNEY AUTO DONATIONS BUYING/SELLING FREE shipping. Money back friends who have Medicaid or
guaranteed! CallToday: 800- Medicare, you may be eligible
DIVORCE $349 - Uncontested Donate your car to Wheels For Buying diamonds, gold, 404-0244 to start working for them
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[email protected] HELP WANTED for a full time mechanic
Lung Cancer? And Age 60+? Denied Social Security with own tools. Must
You AndYour Family May Be Disability? Appeal! If you’re HEALTH JOB OPPORTUNITY $18.50 P/H be knowledgeable with
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877-225-4813 pocket! 855-478-2506
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AviationTechnician. Financial
AT MAHOPAC CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT aid for qualified students. Job
placement assistance. Call AIM
PUZZLE SOLUTIONS for free information 866-296-
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Last Week’s July 25 Issue HOME IMPROVEMENT

we are seeking candidates AFFORDABLE NEW SIDING!
for a maintenance mechanic Beautify your home! Save
on monthly energy bills with
beautiful NEW SIDING from
1800Remodel! Up to 18 months
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specialize in safe bathing. Grab
knowledge of standard building trades, specifically carpentry. If you were previously a victim of child sexual abuse, bars, no slip flooring & seated
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which included work in one or more of the standard trades, specifically carpentry. consultation: 888-657-9488.
There is a limited time to file a case; do not delay in contacting us.
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Putnam Humane Society, 68 Old Rt. 6, Carmel COMPUTER ISSUES? FREE
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News, call Brett Freeman
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Thursday, August 1, 2019 BUSINESS & REAL ESTATE Yorktown News – Page 23

A pooled community trust can keep New Yorkers in their homes

A pooled community trust is as the Trustee of the Trust; a trust GUEST enrolling in a pooled trust can be the Past President and a founding
regularly utilized to prevent the company must also act as a Co- CORNER invaluable. member of the New York Chapter
spend down of income by the Trustee. As a pooled community of the National Academy of Elder
recipient of Home Care Medic- trust can have numerous bene cia- ANTHONY J. Anthony J. Enea, Esq. is a member Law Attorneys (NAELA). He
aid. It is a speci c type of Special ries, a separate sub-account is cre- ENEA of the rm of Enea, Scanlan & is also a member of the Council
Needs Trust (SNT). ated and maintained for the sole Sirignano, LLP of White Plains of Advanced Practitioners of the
bene t of each disabled bene ciary. icaid Home Care. It is a critical and a home o ce in Somers. He can National Academy of Elder Law
An SNT allows a person with component in allowing seniors to be reached at 914-948-1500. Mr. Attorneys and is a Certi ed Elder
a disability to continue receiv- Any person, irrespective of their receive Home Care Medicaid and Enea is the Past Chair of the Elder Law Attorney as certi ed by e
ing government bene ts, such age (even over age 65), can estab- be able to utilize their income for Law and Special Needs Section of National Elder Law Foundation
as Medicaid and Supplemental lish and fund the pooled trust; their needs. the New York State Bar Association Mr. Enea is the President of the
Security Income (SSI), irrespec- however, there may be Medicaid (NYSBA). He is the incoming Westchester Bar Foundation and
tive of the dollar value of assets and/or SSI transfer of asset penal- Additionally, the pooled com- Chair of the Senior Lawyers a Past President of the Westchester
and income held by the SNT. e ties for those over age 65. munity trust can be of use and Section of NYSBA. Mr. Enea is County Bar Association.
purpose of the SNT is to supple- advantage to a disabled younger
ment (not supplant) the bene ts e most frequent utilization person with special needs. For ex- DENTAL Insurance
paid by the government to help of a pooled community trust oc- ample, a disabled younger person Physicians Mutual Insurance Company
improve the quality of the life of curs when an applicant for Com- may be a bene ciary of SSI and FREE
the person with the disability. e munity (home care) Medicaid has Medicaid. If said person were to A less expensive way to help Information Kit
legal requirements for an SNT in income in excess of the amount receive an inheritance, an accident get the dental care you deserve!
New York are delineated in the permitted by Medicaid. For ex- settlement or recovery, or accu-
Estates, Powers and Trusts Law of ample, for the year 2019, an ap- mulates too much income, which CALL 1-855-225-1434
New York. plicant for Medicaid is permitted would otherwise disqualify them NOW!
monthly income in the amount of from SSI and/or Medicaid, the
Unlike other forms of SNTs, $879. If the applicant has income use of the pooled community trust Get help paying dental bills and keep more money in 1-855-225-1434
the pooled community trust has of $2,000 per month, the excess may be of signi cant advantage to your pocket
no age limitation and has no income of $1,121 is paid to Med- them. Depending on the facts for Visit us online at
payback to the government re- icaid assuming the applicant does each disabled person, they may This is real dental insurance — NOT just a discount plan
quirements (such as a self-settled not enroll in a pooled community be able to receive the inheritance,
SNT). However, the funds held in trust or has monthly medical ex- settlement, recovery and/or excess You can get coverage before your next checkup MB17-NM003Ec
the pooled trust at the time of the penses in the amount of the sur- income while continuing to receive
bene ciary’s passing remain in the plus. However, once enrolled in SSI and/or Medicaid. Said funds Don’t wait! Call now and we’ll rush you a FREE
pooled trust and may not be paid the pooled community trust, the and/or income can be deposited Information Kit with all the details.
to the bene ciary’s estate or fam- surplus income less the monthly into the pooled trust and be used
ily. If the pooled trust chooses not administrative fee paid to the for the disabled person’s living ex- Insurance Policy P150NY
to keep said remaining funds, they not-for-pro t can then be used to penses as delineated above. 6129
must be paid to Medicaid up to an pay for the disabled person’s liv-
amount equal to the total amount ing expenses, such as food, rent, ere are presently over 20 not- Do you know
of medical assistance paid on be- taxes, mortgage, clothing, tele- for-pro t organizations in New THESE MEN?
half of the bene ciary by Medic- phone, utilities, private pay care York that o er pooled trusts. e
aid. As such, it is recommended services, etc. Without the ability assistance of an experienced elder Gennaro (Jerry) Gentile Edmund Netter
to use the funds deposited to the to enroll in the pooled commu- law attorney in selecting a suitable John (Klebie) Klebauskas Jeremiah Nunan
pooled trust on a monthly basis. nity trust, most disabled seniors pooled trust not-for-pro t and Michael O’Herlihy
would not be able to retain their Donald T. Malone
e pooled community trust monthly income and continue to Arthur Manzione John O’Keefe
is established and managed by a reside at home and receive Med- James J. McDevitt Edmond Parrakow
not-for-pro t association that acts
John Meehan Edward Pipala
Henry Mills Patrick Quigley

If you have information regarding alleged abuse
or its cover-up involving these men, CONTACT US.

B E STTH EP RAIRCEEAS ! I N The NY Child Victims Act may be able to help you!

646-493-1850 57 West 57th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10019

Gun Sales & Ammunition Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 Victims of sexual abuse by
Gun Accessories Catholic clergy or by authority
[email protected] gures at school have rights.

Private Lessons
Refuse To Be A Victim™ BY APPOINTMENT
Group and Private Classes ONLY! CLERGY ABUSE ATTORNEY HOTLINE 800-444-9112



Page 24 – Yorktown News Thursday, August 1, 2019

Finding the Perfect Home Starts With Choosing the Right Realtor

Your Advocate “Maria is an exceptional realtor.
Her knowledge and expertise are
• Represents the Buyer’s Best Interest unparalleled. Her guidance and
• Expertise in Due Diligence - Property Research persistence, especially in this
market, ensured we purchased
& Verification the right home for us. Beyond her
• Skilled Negotiator – Proven Strategies in a detailed knowledge of the
industry, Maria brings a personal
Competitive Market touch and truly cares about her
Your Expert ~zuser20150606140828121

• 14+ Years Experience in the Real Estate Process “I can not say enough about
• Informed & Knowledgeable on Market Conditions how wonderful Maria is. She
made my home search painless
& Trends and effortless. Maria was very
• Solution Oriented Throughout the Process thorough and found us exactly
what we needed, plus some.
& Diligently Works Through the Speed Bumps She stayed with us the whole
way through the process and
Your Realtor made sure that we were happy.”
• Devoted & Loyal with Personal Attention
• Understands & Prioritizes Client Needs
• Open & Honest Communication

Maria Tomaselli
914.319.2962 (m)

Real Estate Salesperson
[email protected]
366 Underhill Avenue
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

Real estate agents affiliated with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage are independent contractor sales associates, not employees. ©2019 Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage fully supports the
principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Owned by a subsidiary of NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker and the Coldwell Banker Logo are registered service marks owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC

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