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The Yorktown News 2019 Graduation Section

JULY 4, 2019

Carolanne Matheson, Claire Fon,
Emily McGrath, Ally Dubbioso,

Caitlyn Tiedemann, and Sam Cerrato
(taking the picture)


Class of 2019

Page 2 – GRADUATION SECTION – Special Supplement to Yorktown News – July 4, 2019

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Auto Store.

July 4, 2019 – GRADUATION SECTION – Special Supplement to Yorktown News – Page 3



Diane Yang

My name is Diane Yang. I have School—each day presents something My name is Kevin Fink. I grew
up in Yorktown and I have one
two younger twin sisters, who are new and exciting, from making a younger sister. I play the dou-
ble bass, and I will be going
in middle school. I grew up in Rube-Goldberg machine in AP to school for music perfor-
mance. e orchestra, jazz
Rochester, but moved to Yor- Physics to connecting with a band, and pit bad have
always been my favorite
ktown when I was 7, right new friend in orchestra. parts of school, although
I also have always had an
before the start of rst grade. What do you enjoy interest in math and the
sciences. I have played in
Areas in STEM have most about the Yorktown several youth orchestras and
summer festivals. For the past
been a large focus of my ed- schools and community? two years, I participated in the
New York Youth Symphony and the
ucation, as I’ve taken many e individuals, from the Boston University Tanglewood Institute.

advanced math and science faculty and administration What is your favorite subject in school and why?
I enjoy physics because it is challenging and involves complex
courses at Yorktown High to my classmates and close problem solving.
Who inspires you the most and why?
School. I’ve also been involved friends, who’ve each added My bass teacher, Jeremy McCoy, has always been an inspiration
to me because he is one of the most beautiful players I have ever
in our Science Research pro- their own touch to make my ex- heard—and he is an excellent teacher.
What is a typical week for you at Yorktown High School?
gram since sophomore year, where perience at YHS unforgettable. Physics, calculus, senate, macro, English, PE, orchestra, repeat x 4.
What do you enjoy most about the Yorktown schools and
I’ve interned at the City College of What is your most memorable community?
As a student with interested in both the arts and sciences, I en-
New York to study wind energy. I’m also high school experience? joyed going to a school with strong STEM-related programs that
also strongly supported the arts.
involved in the arts with my participation in the rough the Civic Intern program at YHS, I What is your most memorable high school experience?
Going on a trip with the orchestra to Dorney Park and winning
orchestra as a cellist. was able to work as an intern in the regional of- a giant pink gorilla
What are your plans after you graduate from Yorktown?
Community service has also been a large part ce of U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, which was an I will be attending Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music as
a music performance major.
of my high school experience and has included extremely eye-opening event for me as a behind- What are some of your favorite hobbies/extracurricular activities?
In addition to studying music, I enjoy reading, playing chess, and
fundraising at Relay for Life and volunteer tutor- the-scenes view into politics. card games.
Where is your favorite place to eat in Yorktown?
ing. I’m also an avid nature-lover, and I volunteer What are your plans after you graduate from Jewel of Himalaya
Is there a place you’d most like to visit?
at the Audubon Greenwich Nature Center, where Yorktown? I’d love to visit Austria because of its rich history with classi-
cal music—many of the greatest composers, such as Mozart and
I serve as the chairperson of the teen board. I’m planning on attending Princeton Univer- Beethoven lived in Vienna.
Who are some of your favorite musicians?
sity in the fall to pursue a career in electrical en- Edgar Meyer, Ed Barker, and Hilary Hahn
What is your favorite show to binge?
What is your favorite subject in school and gineering. My dream job would be to work in the “ e O ce”
What is the go-to app on your phone?
why? eld of sustainable energy sources, where I would YouTube

My favorite class in high school has been my be able to combine my love for the environment

senior year English class, which follows the cur- with my passion in engineering and science.

riculum of and is recognized by Syracuse Uni- What are some of your favorite hobbies/ex-

versity. We’ve explored issues relating to poverty, tracurricular activities?

race, class, and gender while learning how to write In my free time, I like to read books, practice

on a higher level, and I’ve really enjoyed how rel- skateboarding, and bake cakes. I also love watch-

evant and engaging the material has been. ing movies with my siblings.

Who inspires you the most and why? Where is your favorite place to eat in Yorktown?

In the fourth grade, my class was assigned an I love going to the Yorktown Pastry Shop for

oral project on a historical gure. Out of sheer special events. My favorite is their apple strudel.

luck, I ended up with Marie Curie, and ever since Tell us something about yourself that people

then, I’ve been in awe of her work and legacy. As would be surprised to learn.

a woman, Curie not only joined the ranks of a I have a terrible sense of direction. I once got

predominantly male group of famous scientists lost going from the Starbucks in town to CVS.

and engineers, but she shone amongst the best. Is there a place you’d most like to visit?

Even with her two Nobel Prizes and two added Camping in Wyoming is at the top of my

elements to the periodic table, Curie was also an bucket list.

outstanding wife and mother to her daughters— Who are some of your favorite musicians?

one of which was also a Nobel Prize winner. My favorite band of all-time is Queen.

Marie Curie reached these milestones with an roughout high school, my alarm ringtone every

admirable, almost e ortless grace, and I’ve drawn morning has been “Don’t Stop Me Now.”

strength from my admiration for her throughout What is your favorite show to binge?

my journey in STEM. “Community”—I love how clever and charm-

What is a typical week for you at Yorktown ing the show is.

High School? What is the go-to app on your phone?

ere isn’t a typical week at Yorktown High My calendar app. Without it, I’d be a mess.

Page 4 – GRADUATION SECTION – Special Supplement to Yorktown News – July 4, 2019



Jothi Ramaswamy


Four years ago, Jothi Ramaswamy

sat in the audience at Lakeland High

School’s graduation and watched her

brother, Akshay, deliver his valedictorian

speech. Posted to YouTube by their mom,

the video of Akshay’s speech has since re-

ceived more than 112,000 views.

Not to be outdone, the Harvard-bound

Ramaswamy spent her own Lakeland ca-

reer racking up accomplishment after ac-

complishment. Her prowess in developing

smartphone apps landed her scholarships

and face-to-face meetings with Michelle

Obama and Apple CEO Tim Cook; she conducted biocomputation research at IBM

and Columbia University, which won her even more scholarships and awards; and she

Westchester Community developed her own non-pro t organization, inkSTEAM, which aims to bridge the
College Peekskill
Extension Center gender gap in science, technology, engineering and math elds.

OFFERING CREDIT AND NON-CREDIT CLASSES On Saturday, June 22, after being named valedictorian of the Class of 2019, she also

The Peekskill Extension is one of Northern Westchester took aim at her brother’s YouTube views.
and Putnam County’s vital resources and is located in
downtown Peekskill at North Division Street. This Center SEE RAMASWAMY PAGE 6
offers 3-credit courses in all areas and has specialized
facilities that support the digital arts and film. The Center SALUTKAiTerOaRWIAaNx
also offers a specialized expanded non-credit certificate
User Experience (UX) Design and now, 3D animation, BY BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER
as well as ESL and other student services. Learn in a EDITOR
cutting-edge environment equipped with a Maker Space
outfitted with 3D printing. Kiera Wax is the salutatorian for Lake-

FALL CLASSES START SEPTEMBER 8 land High School’s Class of 2019.

914-606-7300 | A student with many interests both in

and outside of school, Wax’s true passion

is eld hockey. Working hard to stay on

top of her game, Wax has participated in

year-round clinics, camps, tournaments,

and winter and summer travel leagues.

She has also volunteered her time and

talents for the last four years to coach the

fourth- and sixth-grade girl’s eld hockey

team at the Shrub Oak Athletic Club.

As a defensive starter on Lakeland’s

varsity eld hockey team, for both her junior and senior years, Lakeland appeared in

two state title games, winning one. Her improvement on the eld earned her recog-

nition from Coach Sharon Sarsen, who selected Wax to receive the Most Improved

Athlete Award in the 11th grade. She was also awarded the NYSPHSAA Section 1

All League designation and was named a winner of the Con Edison Scholar Athlete



July 4, 2019 – GRADUATION SECTION – Special Supplement to Yorktown News – Page 5





AN IONA PREP Iona Prep’s Class of 2019 earned more than Seniors have been accepted to their
EDUCATION IS $20 million in merit scholarships, with an top choice schools, including Boston
average award in excess of $60,000--more College, Bucknell University, the Cooper
ONE OF THE BEST than $120 million has been amassed by the Union, Colby College, Cornell University,
last ve graduating classes! Georgetown University, Howard University,
INVESTMENTS YOU Johns Hopkins University, University of
To ensure college success, Iona Prep Notre Dame, Rensselaer Polytechnic
CAN MAKE FOR provides a two-tiered college counseling Institute, Syracuse University, Trinity
approach where students are assigned a College, the United States Coast Guard
YOUR SON’S college counselor in their junior and senior Academy, Vassar and many others.
years, serving as an additional support to
SUCCESS the student’s regular school counselor.

More than 72% of Iona Prep’s 2019
graduating seniors earned merit-based
academic scholarships to the colleges of
their choice.

Contact or visit


Iona Preparatory Iona Preparatory @IonaPrep
Upper School Lower School in/IonaPrep
255 Wilmot Road 173 Stratton Road IonaPreparatory
New Rochelle, NY 10804 New Rochelle, NY 10804 +IonaPreparatorySchool
(914) 600-6154 (914) 633-7744

Page 6 – GRADUATION SECTION – Special Supplement to Yorktown News – July 4, 2019

RAMASWAMY opers Conference (WWDC) in 2017 and 2018 WAX
in California. Last year, Ramaswamy had the

“You already know I’m going to top that,” opportunity to interview Karlie Kloss for Teen- In addition to eld hockey, Wax has participated in lacrosse,
track, and the UNICEF club. She is also involved with her
Ramaswamy said about her brother’s 112,000 Vogue, do a Snapchat Takeover on TeenVogue’s church, where she routinely volunteers her time at its food pantry,
goes on midnight runs to New York City, and prepares and serves
views. account, talk with Apple CEO Tim Cook about meals at the Jan Peek Shelter in Peekskill. She was also elected
as a Youth Elder on the church’s Mission Commission, where
Quoting TV host Ellen DeGeneres, Ramas- her STEM projects, and do a podcast with tech Wax helped to organize and raise money for various mission trips
that help an underserved population both in and outside of the
wamy encouraged her fellow graduated to take YouTuber Sara Dietschy. United States.

some risks and follow their passions. Additionally, she has been a part of Lakeland’s Wax has also volunteered at vacation bible camp, the SPCA
camp and shelter, and has participated in dance bene ts for
“Success is to live your life with integrity and debate team and Girls Inc.’s Girls Leadership the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Dancing Dreams and Dancers
Against Cancer, among others.
not give in to peer pressure to be someone you’re Council since her freshman year and had the op-
In her free time, Wax enjoys spending time outdoors with her
not,” she said. “Follow your passion, stay true to portunity to interview Erica Hill, a CNN News friends—whether it’s hiking some of the trails of the lower Hud-
son Valley, or just getting out into nature where she can relax and
yourself, never follow someone else’s path.” anchor. She participated in Lakeland High participate in one of her favorite activities—photography.

rough inkSTEAM, Ramaswamy has School’s chamber orchestra (achieving NYS- In addition to thanking teachers and coaches, Wax spent much
of her salutatorian speech talking about the future.
partnered with companies like IBM, Facebook, SMA Level 6), volunteered as a nurse’s assistant
“What will be written next on the blank pages before us is yet
Google and Amazon to conduct 45 hands-on at a local hospital, and ran on the school’s cross to be discovered,” Wax said. “Each of our steps will take us into
the big scary unknown. We have to remember to take risks, make
technology workshops for about 1,000 K-12 country/track team. memories, and not fear making mistakes. If you try but fail at
something, then congratulations, because most people wouldn’t
girls in di erent inkSTEAM chapters across Ramaswamy has also been named a 2019 even try. Each mistake can make a really interesting chapter in
our story, and we can learn from our mistakes.”
the nation, including a STEAM-a- on at National Merit Semi nalist, a 2018 SWENext

Lakeland Copper Beech Middle School. Global Innovator, a 2018 Global Teen Leader, a

Due to inkSTEAM’s success, Ramaswamy 2017 HERlead Fellow, and a 2017 SHE++ Fel-

was named one of New York’s top youth volun- low.

teers of 2019 by the Prudential Spirit of Com- None of this would be possible, she said, with-

munity Awards, a nationwide program honoring out the support of her family.

young people for acts of volunteerism. For that “I would like to thank my chau eur, personal

honor, she received $1,000 and a trip to Wash- cook, and my best friend—my mom—for always

ington, D.C. having my back,” Ramaswamy said. “ anks,

For her work developing apps, she received Mom, for shoving me out of bed and driving me

full scholarships to Apple’s Worldwide Devel- to high school every single day.”



Always remember, your community is rooting for you!

R - lec E e E e R - lec R - lec


July 4, 2019 – GRADUATION SECTION – Special Supplement to Yorktown News – Page 7


to all Yorktown,

Lakeland, and

Walter Panas

High School


and their families!

Graduation is the first of many life moments that start a positive ripple effect in
your life, and whenever you need financial assistance throughout your journey,

Hudson River Financial FCU – your hometown credit union - is here to help.

Checking Online and Student Auto
Accounts Mobile Banking Loans Loans


3563 Mohegan Ave., Mohegan Lake, NY
(914) 526-4015

Page 8 – GRADUATION SECTION – Special Supplement to Yorktown News – July 4, 2019

WOfRrDomStOheFClWasIsSoDf 2O0M19

‘Remember that it’s not a race PHOTO: RICH ‘Let’s keep our feet grounded
to the end. Enjoy all the steps MONETTI and our eyes to the sky and
in between, and don’t give up shoot high to reach for the
on doing the things that really ‘In our society, there’s a hyper stars and make Lakeland
make you happy. Put the fear focus on academics, salary,
of failure aside and pursue your proud.’
political a liation, and many
dreams.’ other categorizations that –Jothi Ramaswamy
–Kiera Wax aim to divide us into opposing
Salutatorian, Lakeland High School groups...Going forward, I hope Lakeland High School
to have as large an impact on
DEENA BELL the world as the Yorktown
PHOTO: RICH MONETTI community has had on me.’

‘To be a Husker is to persevere –Diane Yang
through tough times and stay Valedictorian, Yorktown High School
humble during the happier
ones... But above all, to be a

Husker is to stick together.
Alone we can do so little, but
together we can do so much.’

–Sayli Satpute
Class Speaker, Yorktown High School

Wishing the Class of 2019
the brightest of futures.

~Ilan Gilbert
Town Supervisor

Paid for by Ilan Gilbert

July 4, 2019 – GRADUATION SECTION – Special Supplement to Yorktown News – Page 9
339 Route 202 | SOMERS | NY 10589 | 914.276.0900

Page 10 GRADUATION SECTION – Special Supp


Alaysia Miller

Julianna Cappello

Kwesi Sam-Brew, Logan Read, Brandon Almonte, Kevin Byrnes, Matthew Robledo, MbyavttahleedwicBtoursisaenllJhoothldi sRuapmtahsewraomckyet left under his seat
Andrew Carroll, Robert Markman, Aidan Monroe and Anthony Palmisano

plement to Yorktown News – July 4, 2019 Page 11

Class of 2019!

Leo Cummings gives the student address.

Aditi Sunil and Maria Norris Mason Nocito

Here come the graduates.

Senior vocalists with their chorus teacher, Katie Chan Chee PHOTOS: DEENA BELL

Page 12 – GRADUATION SECTION – Special Supplement to Yorktown News – July 4, 2019



July 4, 2019 – GRADUATION SECTION – Special Supplement to Yorktown News – Page 13

Class of 2019

Graduate Bryant Montes with his mom

Graduate Jennifer McPherson and family

Graduate Elsa Birch with her parents

Arian Cobaj and Luan Biberaj

Graduate Robert Merante II with his parents Graduate Samantha Sanchez with her family


Page 14 – GRADUATION SECTION – Special Supplement to Yorktown News – July 4, 2019


Lakeland, Yorktown students make their college picks

Hundreds of Lakeland and Yorktown students will continue their education in the fall at 166 public and private colleges or universities across 26 states and territories and three countries.
Most students attending college will stay close to home, with 243 choosing a school in New York. e other most popular states are Pennsylvania (24), Connecticut (21) and Massachusetts (12).

ALABAMA 1 DELAWARE 5 University of Illinois at Urbana- MASSACHUSETTS 12 Saint Anselm College
University of Alabama University of Delaware (5) Champaign Becker College
Boston College (2) NEW JERSEY 7
ARIZONA 1 FLORIDA 11 INDIANA 6 Harvard College Monmouth University
Arizona State University Beacon College Butler University Lasell College Montclair State University
Florida State University Indiana University Bloomington Massachusetts Institute of Princeton University
COLORADO 2 Jacksonville University Purdue University (2) Technology Rutgers University
Colorado State University Lynn University Rose-Hulman Institute of Northeastern University (3) Seton Hall University
University of Colorado at Boulder Stetson University Technology Spring eld College (2) Stevens Institute of Technology (2)
University of Florida University of Notre Dame University of Massachusetts, Amherst
CONNECTICUT 21 University of Miami NEW YORK 243
Connecticut College University of South Florida,Tampa LOUISIANA 2 MICHIGAN 2 Adelphi University
Fair eld University (4) University of Tampa (2) Louisiana State University Michigan State University American Academy McAllister
Quinnipiac University (3) Valencia College Tulane University University of Michigan-Dearborn Institute of Funeral Service
Post University Baruch College (3)
Sacred Heart University (6) GEORGIA 2 MARYLAND 5 MILITARY 2 Binghamton University (12)
Trinity College Georgia Institute of Technology Johns Hopkins University United States Marine Corps Borough of Manhattan Com-
University of Bridgeport University of Georgia Loyola University Maryland United States Navy munity College of the CUNY
University of Hartford (2) Stevenson University Clarkson University (2)
University of New Haven ILLINOIS 2 University of Maryland, NEW HAMPSHIRE 2
Western Connecticut State University Trinity International University College Park (2) Keene State College SEE COLLEGES PAGE 15

ctional Training all Group Train

Heated Indoor P ing

er 155 Classes W 2090 Crompond Road • Yorktown Heights

For more information EST.
call 962-5196 or 914-815-5281

C LLEGECongratulationsHighSchoolGraduates! Congratulations



yRoeucreipvaeraen$t5i0s adimsceomunbterif! Class of 2019

For students that boardthaatna5sc0hmooilel gsraewataeyr. for moving up & graduating!

600 Bank Road Jefferson Valley

All year access incluhdoinligdsauymbrmeaekrs&!

July 4, 2019 – GRADUATION SECTION – Special Supplement to Yorktown News – Page 15

COLLEGES New York University SUNY Oswego (3) Bryn Mawr College TENNESSEE 1
Orange County Community SUNY Plattsburgh (8) Bucknell University University of Tennessee
FROM PAGE 14 College SUNY Polytechnic Institute (2) Carnegie Mellon University
Pace University, New York City (6) SUNY Potsdam (3) Drexel University (3) VERMONT 2
Colgate University (2) Pace University, Westchester (2) SUNY Purchase (5) Gettysburg College Champlain College
e College of Saint Rose Pratt Institute Syracuse University (2) Lafayette College (2) University of Vermont
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Lehigh University
Dominican College Rochester Institute of e New School Lock Haven University of VIRGINIA 4
Dutchess Community College (12) Technology (2) Union College Pennsylvania Liberty University
Fordham University (3) Siena College (2) University at Bu alo (9) Penn Foster University of Richmond
Hamilton College Skidmore College (2) University of Rochester Pennsylvania State University (7) University of Virginia
Hartwick College St. John’s University (3) Wells College Susquehanna University Virginia Tech
Herkimer County Community St. Lawrence University Westchester Community Temple University (2)
College St. omas Aquinas College (2) College (33) Villanova University WASHINGTON, D.C. 1
Hobart and William Smith Stony Brook University (8) George Washington University
Hofstra University (3) SUNY Alfred State College Belmont Abbey College Brown University WEST VIRGINIA 1
Iona College (5) SUNY Brockport Brevard College Johnson & Wales University West Virginia University
Ithaca College (2) SUNY Canton Elon University Roger Williams University (3)
John Jay College of Criminal SUNY Cobleskill (3) High Point University University of Rhode Island International
Justice of the CUNY (4) SUNY Cortland (6)
Le Moyne College SUNY Delhi (2) OHIO 3 SOUTH CAROLINA 4 CANADA
LIM College SUNY Fredonia Cedarville University e Citadel, e Military McMaster University
LIU Post SUNY Geneseo (5) (Hamilton, Ontario)
Manhattan College (3) SUNY Maritime (3) e College of Wooster College of South Carolina
Manhattanville College (8) SUNY Morrisville (2) e Ohio State University Clemson University ENGLAND
Marist College (7) SUNY New Paltz (6) Coastal Carolina University University of Oxford (Oxford,
Mercy College (9) SUNY Oneonta (10) PENNSYLVANIA 24 University of South Carolina England)
Mount Saint Mary College (3) Bloomsburg University of
Nazareth College Pennsylvania


graduates and
best of luck
in the future!

Vishnu Patel

Page 16 – GRADUATION SECTION – Special Supplement to Yorktown News – July 4, 2019

YORKTOWN HIGCHlasSsCoHf O20O19LislistwasprovidedbytheYorktownCentralSchoolDistrict.

Nicole Rose Alduino Nicholas J. Buono omas Costella Reed Du Alex Paul Fraioli Eric Richard Hernandez
Saketh Krishna Anand Austin Christopher Burns Zachary A. Cramer Amelia L. Du y Joseph L. Freda Lawrence W. Hetz
Vincent James Andreozzi Pranav R. Burugula Stephen P. Cravedi Paul Du y Andrew Ralph Frederick Rafael K. Hodge
Reese Andrews Matthew James Cacace Samantha Rose Crecco Roopa Duvvi Anthony Joseph Fusco Tara Holt
Nina Ansaldi Nicholas John Campanaro Matias Daberdaku Rachel Echols Joseph J. Galati Kenneth M. Howell
Joseph David Atherall Allison Xun Cao Christian L. DaCosta Samantha Marie Emerson James Gallagher Jenna Nicole Hughes
Seungju Samuel Baek Julia Marie Capshaw Shane Dahlke James D. Ernst Michaela Jo Garrigan Cassandra Hunt
Katelyn Eleanor Baker Juliana M. Caputo James W. D’Alessio Dante Esposito Avdyl Gashi Mark A. Hurley
Ryan William Bard Vandette Brandon Carter Jr. Sophia D’Ambrozio Steven E. Evans Ryan Elizabeth Geary Samantha Noelle Iocco
John Becker Sean James Cesario Emily Rose DaRos Julianne Nicole Fagan Taylor Geis Carly M. Jacoby
Alexis T. Benfante Shayla Grace Charnow Sebastian C DeCecchis Samantha R. Fasce Olivia Gelick Dahlyla Emma Jiminez
Ryan Benson Vincent R. Cicatelli Vanessa Alexandra Deleg Caitlyn Mary Ferrante Catherine M. Giblin Jasmine S. Johnson
Luan Bailey Biberaj Michelle B. Cichetti Jack Nicholas Deleski Vincent Ferrante Nicholas V. Gibson Jayla Johnson
Elsa Helen Birch Isabella Ann Cicinelli Leighann DeLuca Ryan T. Ferrara Casey Ross Gilbert Skye P. Junor
Amber Ivette Bodden Julianna Grace Cignarella Nicholas J. DeMarsh Melissa Taylor Ferro Kevin Alexander Glynn Priya Karintholil
Christopher S Bodden Roger Orazio Cirone Maksym Demus Kevin Fink Philip P. Granitto Skylar I. Katz
Anastasiya Bodnar Arian Cobaj Vincent omas DiNotte Matthew Finnegan Shannon L. Grass Abigail Rose Keegan
Julia Ji Hui Boettigheimer Kyle Jordan Cohen Michael J. DiPan lo Sean Stephen Finnegan Justin Groux Tinu Koshy
Steven Bon glio David A. Cole Keegan W. Doller Shannon Rose Foley Dana Grutzmacher Kate Elizabeth Kouril
Patrick J. Boyle Dennis Cole Gregory M. D’Orazio Connor M. Forte Taylor Nicole Guinee Dorina Krasniqi
William L. Branca Troy L Coleman Jr. Matthew John D’Orio Declan M. Forte James W. Halstead Anna Kunz
Ryan Brawitsch Hannah Jane Connolly Sophia Angeline DosSantos Kileen M. Forte Andrew Josef Hanlon
Sara M. Brunelle Samantha Corado Kayla Jean Drake Grace Fortuna Colin James Hannah SEE YORKTOWN
Rocky Bujaj Molly Elizabeth Corrigan Julia Rose Du Alyssa Ariel Fossli Joseph M. Henry CLASS OF 2019 PAGE 17

Congratulations Congratulations Graduates
to all the Graduates
Raymofronm ydourOfriepndts ait cians
Family Owned & Operated Since 1959

19 59


We accept
Je erson Valley 3656 Lee Road (914) 245-1222 vision plans for
Brewster 1511 Route 22 (914) 279-2411
all local
Teachers Unions!

Somers 10 Heritage Hills 202 Center (914) 277-5656
Katonah 198 Katoah Ave (914) 232-2400

July 4, 2019 – GRADUATION SECTION – Special Supplement to Yorktown News – Page 17

YORKTOWN Catherine Elizabeth McClay Caitlin Nicole O’Leary Philip M. Reutter Benjamin H. Schumer Sophia Lena Traina
CLASS OF 2019 Tyler M. McDonald Daniel O’Meara Samantha L. Riccardulli Liam Schwartz Ted Trashani
Jaclyn McMahon Ryan M. Onatzevitch Marcus S. Richardson Ryan Owen Sera n Paolo Antonio Turiano
FROM PAGE 16 Jennifer Rose McPherson Jayda Elizabeth O’Neill Eric A. Rohm Kathryn Elaine Severino Stryder Ellen Underwood
Louis A. Mellone Savannah Louise Oteiza Julia L. Romero Joseph Sgobbo Vanessa A. VanTongeren
Jasmine Laber Adam Gregory Anthony J. Ortiz Martin L. Romero Shrila T. Shah Casey Melody Verdeschi
Mackenzie Laphama Memmesheimer Elise Carli Palumbo George Patrick Sarah Faith Shapiro Gianna Verni
Nicholas LaSala Abby Menocal Nicole E. Pennella Rosenbergen Cirilla F. Shedletsky Giavanna Volpe
Alexis P. Lauron Robert Anthony Merante II Christopher J Perrino Jessica A. Ross Christopher W. Sica Noelle B. Waddell
Zachary M. Lebid Anthony D. Merlini Eduardo S. Petrosino William Rosso Alessia Sigillo Mary Ramsey Ward
Julien E. Legros Ross Matthew Miller Alexander Pezzello Jocelyn Vanessa Ruiz Andrea Silva Matthew Henry Robert
Eric S. Lemus Arjay Rajesh Mirchandani Kaitlyn E. Phelan Kenneth Russell Naim Sinanaj Warren
Stacey Li Bethany Mary Mishk Jahree J. Phillips Christina Ruvo Jack Sloane
Tracey Li Cooper Dulude Molloy Juliana Piehler Michael Ruvo Sydney Virginia Sokol omas Richard Weaver
Joseph G. Lombardo Bryant Montes John Louis Pirrone Michael Ryan Mathew Anthony Sosa Gabriella Alana Weeks
Andrew M. Longariello Alyson Marie Morales Ashley Plick Isabella Saljanin Sergio Spiniello Brian Weir
Victoria Mercedes Lopez Brisa Moreno Ashley Rose Poe Kayla Milagros Sanchez William Benjamin Stein Ryan N. Weitman
Gabriella Nicole Lozado Amanda Melissa Morgan Amanda Jade Priskie Samantha Marie Sanchez Kevin Stettnisch Ella Carina Westoo
Eric J. Lu Angela Morris Katherine Quintana Michele Sanfardino Carlton Alexander Stewart Brendan August Williams
Kathryn Mei Lubin Michelle Moscoso Nicole Christine Rabadi Alex Damian Santos Julianne Strauss Tyler G. Williams
Enrik Lumi Deirdre K. Murphy John Ra a So a Raquel Santucci Omar Ahmad Tabanjeh Sarah West Winokur
Cheryl Lynn Luo Lirim Mustafaj Janani Sharadha Rajadurai Alyssa Angel Sarro Enrique F. Tamez Vazquez Timothy P. Woodard
Nikki Lupinacci Jordan E. Nager Pooja Rajadurai Sayli A. Satpute Arianna Rose Tolosi Diane Yang
Arielle F. Maignan Amanda Lauren Neglia Emma Kaye Ralls Erica Savoca Sophia Rose Torres Spencer Julian Zack
Kayla Joy Mariuzza Matthew Paul Neglia Zoe D. Raymundo Jagger Schienle Jorge Luis Torres-Solari Olivia Zanon
Meaghan Rose Mark Caitlin Nikisher Daniel Redahan Jesse Alexander Schlanger Valerie Rose Torrieri Antonio Zeolla
Chabeli E. Martinez Nicholas Nikprelevic Victor Emanuel Reis Melissa M. Schlanger Jake Paul Tortora Kenny Z. Zhang
Christopher Martz Simone Amani Odom Julia Ann Ressa Jessica Hannah Schneider Nicole Michelle Toumanios Kreshnik Zherka
Aidan Patrick McAuli e Joshua A. Ziluck
Douglas R. McCarthy

Congratulations Class of 2019! to all the

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Page 18 – GRADUATION SECTION – Special Supplement to Yorktown News – July 4, 2019

LAKELAND HIGCHlasSsCoHf O20O19LislistwasprovidedbytheLakelandCentralSchoolDistrict.

*Mahira Ahmad *Michael Buchwald Aidan Conlan * eresa Ettere Kristy Heady Lucas Kowalski
*Humza Alam *Kevin Burke Dale Cooper Patrick Fahey *Claire Heald *Christina Kubicsko
Ethan Albinder *Matthew Bussell *Gianna Cristofero Steven Falcon Anthony Hernandez *Brianna Lacey
Anthony Alma *Sarah Bussell Lily Cronin Michael Farr Ezekeil Hernandez *Kate Lavan
Brandon Almonte *Sean Bussell *Kelly Cumbal Lobato Daniel Ferretti Gerardo Hernandez Andrew Le
Cristian Amesbury Kevin Byrnes *Julia Cummings Gianna Focarile Justin Hernandez Ariana Leone
Jose Andrino Cayla Callan *Leo Cummings *Claire Fon Joshua Hirsch *Zachary Lerman
Nicholas Aryee Ian Camper Stephanie Deaton *Austin Fritz Arianna Hyler Mark Lewis
Brianna Asta Brionna Canada Matthew DeBellis *Michael Gajdosik *Maria Ibanez-Bringas Elizabeth Lipedusi
~Gina Astudillo *Julianna Cappello Michael DeGrazia Christopher Galazzo *Shannon Iral Steven Lisi
David Baez ~Amanda Carbonaro Jace DeIulio Rosemarie Gante Jared Iscoa Nicholas Ljuljic
Allen Barbosa *Anna Carolan Gina DellaDonna Joseph Garcia Valiana Iznyuk James Lobato
Nicole Barker *Andrew Carroll Phillip Dellamonica *Lauren Gaynor Pranav Jalan Amber Lopez
*Kristina Barry Sarah Carroll *Malina Del Vino *Sophia Gloade Elias Jallath Katie Lopez
*Allison Bermeo Henry Casey Sebastian Denis Jennifer Godoy Christopher Jennings Steven Lopez
Ankush Bhakta Samantha Cerrato Preet Devgun Megan Joyce *Sophia Low
*Juhi Bharwani *Abigail Chang Anaya Diaz omas Grippo Sanjay Katwaroo *Nicole Macaluso
Samantha Birmingham *TJ Chin David Diaz *Jessica Grosso *Noah Kemp *Brianna Madison
Adam Bondoc Michael Cianci Arthur DiBerardino Jhamilex Guinansaca *Jenna Kenneally *Jessica Malantino
Alison Bretti *Daniel Ciraco Katharine DiDona Nayer Guirguis Christopher Kenney *Riley Maley
*Amanda Brown *Jake Cohen Michael DiSisto *Christian Gummerson *Emily Kness
Christopher Bruen *Alexa Cole Allison Dubbioso Eli Gunther David Kollbeck SEE LAKELAND
*Christopher Brunner John Comis Dylan Echevarria *Sarah Hajkowski Amy Kopec CLASS OF 2019 PAGE 19
*Robert Hart

Additions Renovations Kitchen/Bath CGroadnugatrinag Ctulaslsaoft2io01n9s!
Windows/Doors Finished Basements
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July 4, 2019 – GRADUATION SECTION – Special Supplement to Yorktown News – Page 19

LAKELAND Mason Nocito Ryan Quinn *Alexa Sta u Congrats
CLASS OF 2019 *Kasie Nolan *Jothi Ramaswamy Brandon Suarez to the
Logan Read *Aditi Sunil
FROM PAGE 18 omas Nolan *Devin Reck Alexa Sustic Kennedy
Grace Norberto *Alexis Reyes Nicholas Sustic grads
Gianna Marcley *Maria Norris *John Riservato *Taylor Tedone
Michael Marino *Aidan O’Connor Emily Rivera *Kimberly Teves Congratulations to the following
*Robert Markman #*Dylan O’Neill *Matthew Robledo Caitlyn Tiedemann students from the Yorktown/Lakeland
Brianna Martin *Cara O’Shea Angel Rodriguez *Anna Tomasini
Carolanne Matheson *William O’Shea Camila Romero Castillo Roger Uguna area who graduated from Kennedy
Cristina May eld Ryan Ocasio Maximus Rosado Jeiss Varghese Catholic High School last month:
John McBride William Ostrofsky Justin Rosario Nicholas Venturini
Emily McGrath Anthony Palmisano *Joseph Saline Nicholas Verrino • Olivia Frantzeskos
Stephanie McKenna Cassandra Palumbo Kwesi Sam-Brew *Emily Vesperman • So a DiPippo
*MaryBeth Meier Annalia Pantaleon *Angelo Scaglione *Jillian Villafuerte • Sebastian Cano
Ashly Mejia #*Alexis Pappas Michael Scarduzio Gabriella Vittoria • Cherie Adams
*Melanie Mercedes Avery Paro *Robert Schellhas Joseph Vittoria • Vincent Galati
Alaysia Miller Kevin Pasato Sergey Schlageter Joseph Volpato • Scott Murdock
*Aidan Monroe Paige Paulstich *Kevin Schwalbach Matthew Wallace • Debra Nichels
Tonianne Montaquiza Marlon Peak Arianna Scialdone James Walsh • Sheldon Proctor
~Jaylee Morales *Zachary Pedretti *Gianna Scialdone *Kiera Wax
*Makayla Morrison *Daniela Petrino ~*Alexander Shattan Kymanni Weston • Alexandra Vespucci
Tarah Pivarnik Nicholas Singelakis Jessica Williams • Patrick Brown
eodore Moundroukas Haley Potvin-Sanjurjo Lielle Sirlin • David Galvao
Devon Muendell Shane Power Gautham Sivakumar * National Honor Society
*Kathryn Murphy *Sara Priore *Kellie Smith # Board of Education Student
Madison Napoletano Javier Puentes Shamus Smyth Representative
Angel Nieves *Jennifer Puglisi *Laura Sourby ~National Technical Honor Society
Matthew Nieves Alexandrea Pujol
*Ryan Nikolic
*Meghan Noble

Congratulation an Bes Wishe

t Clas o 2019!



Award Winning Realtor —Top Producing Agent in Westchester County


Page 20 – GRADUATION SECTION – Special Supplement to Yorktown News – July 4, 2019


May Anderson Pauline Angrisani Barbara Bodnar Tamara Boyd Patricia Canniff Minnie Dineen-Carey Maureen Connolly

C. 914.420.6533 C. 845.664.4579 C. 914.649.2018 C. 914.400.5313 C. 914.907.5916 C. 203.948.3156 C. 914.419.6251

JoAnn Coogan Andrea “Andi” DePalma Congratulations Graduates! Kenneth Dobbins Noor Dunn

C. 914.572.0177 C. 914.588.5781 Take pride in how far you’ve come. C. 914.924.2791 C. 914.393.7588
Have faith in how far you can go.
Sarah Egan Debra Bravoco Forbes But don’t forget to enjoy the journey. Denise Giordano Deborah Glatz

C. 914.512.0473 C. 914.610.6277 ~Michael Josephson C. 914.844.1745 C. 845.206.1215

Lauren “Arruda” Gruppuso Anthony Guido Loretta Krawiec James Maurno

C. 914.482.1435 C. 914.584.2621 C. 917.662.0391 C. 914.268.8287

Rachel McLoughlin Karen O’Connor Tarah Oubina Susan Palmiotto Rosaria “Rosetta” Pierro Catherine Duff-Poritzky Anna Priskie

C. 914.482.1829 C. 914.262.5563 C. 914.494.9919 C. 914.447.7956 C. 914.582.8197 C. 914.960.5577 C. 914.906.4522

David Riess Victoria Sanacore Thomas Santore Jean Sheridan Valerie Stangarone Maria Tomaselli Patricia “Patty” Wagner

C. 914.519.7557 C. 914.447.8205 C. 845.590.5488 C. 914.643.5852 C. 914.262.8185 C. 914.319.2962 C. 914.391.4760


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