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Workbook for Organizers

Upanisha Trust & LIVE LIFE Program

Atma Nambi’s Purpose Atma Nambi’s Work

Atma Nambi’s vision is mass awakening and to be part of The purpose of Atmaji’s work is to guide people in how
creating a more conscious humanity and a healthy and to live a joyous and peaceful life despite external incon-
prosperous world for humanity to thrive in. His wish is to veniences. This is done according to the individual need.
connect and collaborate with people all over the world Atmaji has a wide range of life experiences and wisdom
that also have this drive and that have a deep urge of in- gathered throughout his life as a husband, father, em-
ner transformation. ployee and employer. Since the age of ten, five teachers
of various spiritual paths guided him.

To faster realize this vision a conscious approach to life has to be integrated well in
society. Therefor leaders, teachers, and organizers with spiritual understanding
and lifestyles are important. Antma Nambi not only creates and supports spiri-
tual teachers and leaders, but are also interested to meet and collaborate with rul-
ers, governonrs, presidents, prime ministeres, state leaders and leaders of different
categores oin the society.

Blessing of Enlightenment

In 1994 Atma Nambi received the blessing of enlightenment/Self-realization and
has since been working for humanity in all life situations and all areas of society.
With these deep experiences and wisdom Atma Nambi has the capability of
guiding in sprituality and life related issues for individuals, families, industries,
institutions, etc., with wide range of needs and paths.

Healing and Transforming Work

Atma Nambi’s powerfully healing, transforming work is shared through energy,
wisdom, practices and effective meditation techniques. In a playful and dynamic
way he guides everyone to his or her natural state of consciousness. His tech-
niques are powerful, simple and easy to use from moment to moment in every-
day life. The aim is for each indvidual to become master of his/her own Self and
thereby bring out the inner peace and full potential that is with everyone.

Round the Clock Awareness

Atmaji means that in this time period where the mind is working in rocket
speed, round the clock awareness is requred together with powerful medita-
tion techniques. His wish is that this approach to life reaches all parts of society
in order to creat a healthier and prosperous humanity and Earth. His vision is
mass awakening around the world. He depends on you as a part of the team!

Finding Your Light

You can organize satsang, retreats and events. Apart from this you can learn and
undergo the training to become a spiritual teacher. As a spiritual teach you can
be a freelancer or you can run your own organization as a profession. He is will-
ing to offer follow-ups by online communication. This understanding will help
you to find your light for your self and help others to find their light.

Planning Retreats, Satsangs &
Events with Atma Nambi

The retreats and events are created in col-
laboration with the organizer according to
the participants’ needs. The content of the
retreat/event can be of specific choice of the
local organizer. It can also be open for Atma
Nambi to create on the spot according to the
needs fo the participants.

The events can be classified into short last-
ing, more general in its contact that reaches
more people. For the people that are really
interested in growing and healing he offers
events and personal appointments where
ther are opportunities in going deeper in the
transformative work. it can be in the form
of personal meetings or in longer retreats of
one day to a month.

Types of Events - When and How

Here are some general clues of what type of events that can be done when and how.

Satsang / Evening Event

This kind of event is an invitation to get a glimpse of the true Self. It also
reaches a bigger crowd creating an interest in the longer retreats. A
satsang gives space for personal interaction with questions and answers
on spiritual and life related topics. Atma Nambe can also give talks about
various areas of life. It lasts for 2 - 2.5 hours and edns with a short medi-
tation, and if wished for personal or general deeksha (energy transfer)
and celebrative dancing. Initiations can be offered after the satsang.

Evening Retreat

The specific programs or retreats acan be done during workdays too. One
program would be divided into three evenings in the week and last for
three hours per evening. This way Atma Nambi can work more deeply in
each individual. Initations can be offered in the retreat.

Individual Appointments

In a private appointment Atma Nambi offers personal guideance, darshan
(energy transfer), healing and fire ceremony (Kubera Tapas). One sitting
with personal guidance and/or healing lasts for 30 minutes and a fire
ceremony lasts for approximatey two hours, but can be done in shorter
time if needed. A schedule of personal appointments can be made any
time during the week. For more efficiency personal appointments can be
made any time during the week. For more efficiency it’s good to gather
the appointments after each other.

Programs in Society

For the sake of creating a healthier environment and more joyous atmo-
sphere for humanity, Atma Nambi is working closely with the schools,
industry, institutions and organizations. He offers guidance and programs
for the of all areas of society, from social services to religious and politi-
cal institudes, from non-profit organzations to local and international
engagement. Atma Nambi loves to share his wisdom and insights to the
leaders in your area and network too!

Weekend / Holiday Events and Longer Retreats

During the weekend Atma Nambi prefers to hold two to three day re-
treats as well as five to seven day retreats. This way he can do a more
profound transformative and healing work as well as going deeper in the
wisdom. The retreat can be either residential or non-residential, where
the residential type offers more effective and profound outcome.

One Day to One Month Retreats A one-day event lasts from 10am to 5pm with time for lunch and

To form a base of practicing a conscious liv- short pauses. It can consist of any of the programs of choice. Generally
ing 24 hours a day, the most important and the Dasanga Dhana Yoga is recommended.
essential courses (see content below) are as
in order: For three to seven day retreats the Dasanga Dhyana Yoga is a must

1. Dasanga Dhyana Yoga - as a starter. The content of the consecutive days is of free choice of the
Vital Energies of the Human programs seen below.

2. Round the Clock Awareness The five to seven day retreats start with yoga and meditation then
3. Vasudeva - Ideal Couple Program
follows with a mix of wisdom and meditations. Since the master primary
works with energies, the order of the content is of secondary importance
and can be switched around according to the needs of the participants.

Programs for Retreats, Events & Teachers Training

The preferences and needs of the individual, as well as the demands
from the external world changes throughouit life. Every seventh year
the physical and mental bondies mature with changes accordingly. To
suit each individual with shifting life situations Atma Nambi offers a
great range of programs and techniques to uplift one’s energy for inner

The techniques are adapted to this time period in order for the the
body to effectively heal and the conscioiusness to grow. The programs
are specifically designed for the needs of the different age groups and
they can also be implemented in working places, industries, scholls,
institutions and organizations. The programs duration is minimum one
day. They can be used professionally as well as for individual purposes.

The programs deal with how to approach life 24 * 7 *365 degree in any
given situation in order to raise and maintain the inner energy. These
practices heal and bring one into one’s full potential in all areas. They
create a life in unconditional bliss, inner silence, peaace, contentment,
and gratitude, which are the qualities of the Self and natural state of
consciousness. Most progelms in life can be solved through going in-
ward and being aware of the true Self. It leads to prosperity in all areas
of life like health, wealth and relationships.

Dasanga Dhyana Yoga -
Vital Energies of the Human

• For personal use the length of Dasanga Dhyana Yoga is describing the essential 96 energies that a human
this program is minimum 1 day. consists of. These energies are great treasures and gifts. It’s our responsibility
to learn how to handle these energies. The energies either need to be kept
• For teacher training purposes the submissive, enhanded or ought to be balanced perfectly. This synchronicity
course length is minimum 2-3 of the energies will change the lifestyle automatically and pave way for a new
days. peaceful and blissful life.

This program includes powerful techniques to use in everyday life, which can
trasnform a person tremendouly, even with an hour. Let’s experiment and
experience these energies. Some benefits of Dasanga Dhyana Yoga are better
health, sharpening of senses, high form sof sleep, more easily stay in once
own centre of consciousness making the spiritual journey easier.

24 * 7 *365 * 360 Degree Awareness Program
Round the Clock Awareness

• This program is minimum a 1 day Spirituality is not a part-time phenomenon, it’s a round the clock phenomenon.
course or a 24 hour retreat. Obviously we have many things to do in a given day. How is it possible to al-
locate 24 hours to become more conscious? It is simple, it does not matter what
• This course is a basic course com- you do daily. It matters how you are doing things. Ordinary daily activities like
mon to all ages and life situations. bathing, listening, sitting, standing, walking can become a pure aware activity.

What makes an activity impure? We have to contemplate on this. Our activites
are becoming impure by our unnecessary interference of thoughts and negative
emotions. This program is assisting in how to get rid of the impurities of every
moment and activity during the day.

There are practical techniques, which will help us to do a pure activity. By per-
forming this pure activity we gain more energy instead of losing energy in the
action of every day living. The course also deals with how to start the day and
how to end the day. This program helps to save lots of time and energy.

Vasudeva - Ideal Couple Program

• The course is directed to those Living together is a great art. Choosing a partner is an even greater art. This
from adolescent age onward. program is a suggestive program in how to choose the partner. After choosing
the partnership, the couple find a way of how to have a smooth relationship.
Creating a good relationship not only between them, but also with the relations
to relatives, friends, and colleagues of the couple.

This program gives a new entrance of pariyanga yoga. The pariyanga yoga is
one of the ancient yoga that teaches how to uplift the energies in the physical
contact and through the sex life of the couple. This deals with the two aspects of
communion of the couple. One is how to raise the kundalini energy of commu-
nion and the other aspect is how to create a divine child.

Difference spiritual aspects of how to create a divine child is touched, for exam-
ple how to receive a divine soul into the womb and how to take care of the child
from the level of the fetus throughout the following months. This program also
rpoposes how to prepare for receiving the child to the world, through a natural
delivery. It deals with how to take care of the newborn until the age of seven.
Suggestions will be givenof how to create an inner climate for the fetus inside
the womb as well as how to create an uplifting external atmosphere.

Little Star (children 7 to 14)

Little star program is meant for young children (7 to 14). Children are flowers
to the garden eart. Each child is unieque. It’s the responsibilty of the parents,
teachers and society to find out the uniqueness of every child and how to give
complementing support for them. This is not possible by just advising or punish-
ing a secretions and hormonal balances.

• This program can be conducted The little star program is a very playful program, with different kinds of medita-
either at schools, children insti- tive music. It is addressing how to balance the right and left hemispheres of the
tutions and private gathers of brain. There are soft and gentle practices that will create a space for a child to
children. learn more. This program is designed to bring out the natural creativity of each
child. By undergoing this kind of training, feelings such as fear, hesitation and

• Given in schools and institutions longing for love are eliminated.

the optional course length is 1 day This program is a very fundamental base for a child energetically. It gives sug-
but it can be shortened to a few gestions of healthy approaches to the children, so there life becomes blissful.
hours. The system and activation of the brain centers, problem solving and clarity in

life, finding the individual potential, courage.

Grand Master (14 +)

Grand master is a program for 14 year olds and above, and for the young at
heart. The youth is overwhelmed with hormones that are deciding the future.
Rightly channelizing these hormones, especially the gender hormones, creates
a prosperous and peaceful life.

• This program can be conducted This is also the age group that is in danger of drugs, alcohol and other nega-
either at schools, institutions, tivities peep in. The Grand Mast Program is guiding in how to make use of the
and private gathers of youth and excessive energies specific for this age group in a positive way. The course also
younghearted. helps with how to make use of the neurons of the brain cells, thereby innova-
tion is possible. Innovation brings satisfaction in life. A unique lotus meditation
• Given in schools and institutions is offered, which is a simplication of an ancient technique.
the optional course length is 1
day, but is can be shorted to a few The Bhiravi Meditation is a life-changing technique. Many youths have been
hours. transformed out of this one across the world. The program is a blessing that
turns the violent energy into unconditional love energy.

After all, the youth are the builders of the nation! Let’s take care of them!


Most of us are working either in the office, in an industrial atmosphere or in any
other kind of working spot. We are employer, employee or self-employed. In all
these three situations, a stress free atmosphere is essential. It’s not only in our
hand, but also in the hands of the co-workers.

The Self Empowerment course is also addressing how to create a positive en-

ergy in the working place so there is an energy coordination brought in to the

• This is a general program that can spot. This is where we are in the flow, just moving as tools of the energy. Once

be given to individuals as well as this energy is established in the working atmosphere, almost 50 percent of the

industries, private companies, work is done.

corporations, social services, orga- Other aspects like time management, too and man management etc., will then

nizations, and institutions. be more efficiently, with an increase in productivity. The productivity is not only

• Given in work places and institu- raised in the objection level of the business but als in the subjective level of the

tions the optional course length is individuals. This is what is know as karma yoga. The course give spractical medi-

1 day, but can be shortened to a tation techniques to individuals as wel ass to be used in the working place.

few hours.

Divine Yoga - Elderly Program

• The audience are elderly people. As we all know, elderly people have their own issues. The main issues are loneli-
ness, insecrity, fear of death, severe illness, need of physical help and caretak-
• This can be conducted in private ers, impairment of senses, loss of memory, hopelessness. These issues have to
area as well as elderly home and be addressed without any delay.
They need the realtiy of wisdom, not only by simply interacting with the elder,
also by implementation in life. Mruthunjaya mantra is the base practice. This
course reveals the mysteries of death and goes beyond death. The benefits are
self-confidentce, sharpening of senses, memory enhancement, contentment,
fulfillment and joy in living.

Upanisha Ananda Mandir - A Charitable Trust

Atmaji is the founder of Upanisha Ananda Mandir, a non-profit organization in Tamil Nadu, South India. Apart from the
general vision of Atma Nambi, the organization works toward natural environmental growth by massive plantation of
trees, aiding educational institutions and elderly people. All resources go to the benefit of humanity and the world.

Nirtha Yoga - Fine Sleep Yoga

• This program is good for the This is a program with the goal to attain the thuriya state. Thuriya is conscious
sleepless and stressed ones that sleeping and also the fourth state of consciousness. The other three states are
do not have “time” for medita- waking, sleeping and dreaming state. By attending this program one can avoid
tion. unnecessary dreams and energy loss during the sleep.

There are seven types of dreams. One can have very refined visions instead of
dreams. These kinds of visions can be of great help guiding us in our life and
giving solutions to everyday problems. Yoga Nithra reduces the sleep time and
enhances the quality of sleep.

It give the benefits of both gaining energy and time in a given 24 hours. This
time and energy can be used in activities during our day-to-day life. The pro-
gram is a great help to heal many diseases and health symptoms like insomnia
and schizophrenia.

Women Empowerment

Though men and women are equal, constitutionally, hormonally and conceptu-
ally they are different. Hence they need different approaches to go deep into
the consciousness. Therefore this program is a choice. This program mainly aims
at the emotional body.

• This is a course only for women. There are a few practices, which are simple and easy to perform on a daily basis
in order to take care of the emotional body. Once the emotional body is taken
• It can be applied in private gather- care of, most of the problems in life are easier to tackle in a smoothly and joy-
ings as well as in organizations, ous way. APS Yoga (Ana Pana Sathai Yoga) is recommended in this segment.
institutions and workplaces.

Navasakthi Kriya

Navasakthi Kriya is based on nine bija mantras that are practiced in a circular
movement. It is prahna (life force) based. It is mandatory to prepare one self in
four steps to do this kriya. This kriya is helpful to change the old patterns of the
mind and rejuventate the brain cells. It give a new and positive vibration for the

This practice fits especially for the heart oriented people and those who follow
a path of worshipping and devotion.

Other Type of Events

24 Hour Event of the 24 * 7 * 365 * 360 Awareness Program

This is an event that stretches over 24 hours. It consists of wisdom and meditation techniques that can be used
throughout the day, with the aim of being conscious and raising the inner energy, round the clock in every ac-
tion. With this knowledge and techniques you will go to bed with more energy than what you had that same
morning. See the text on Round the Clock Awareness Program.

Silence Retreat

During a silent retreat you accumulate big amounts of energy and strength. It helps you get in touch with and
to get an experience of the inner Self. The benefits are many and with the right approach you release stress
and emotional blockages within. For an efficient inner transformation with healing and heightened energy. It is
essential to attend this retreat in the energy or an enlightened being. The course can range from some hours to
several days as a residential retreat.

Dance Meditation Event

Mixed modern and exotic tunes, creates a meditative space for free dance and body movements. The music is
specifically designed to work on the chakras and energies in order to get rid of blockages and raise the life ener-
gies. This is unsually a 1.5 and 2 hour event that can be lengthened.

Healing, Blessings, Initiations & Sankalpa

For people to faster and more smoothly transform and grow, Atmaji offers personal
meeting with darshan, healing, blessings, sankalpa (strong intension/affirmation) and
initiations (deeksha, energy transfers).

Private Session with Master Atma Nambi, including Darshan

Atma Nambi is here to help you heal and grow. He will answer your questions concerning life and your inner
growth. He has the ability to guide you on your specific and personal path. At the same time you will get a
darshan, that is an energy transfter that takes off negative imprints. It is an energy transfer in order to heighten
your inner energy and get glimpses of the Self -- higher consciousness. One sitting with personal guidance and/
or healing lasts for maximum 30 minutes.


With the power of the cosmic energy flowing through Atma Nambi deeksha is given. Deeksha is a powerful
energy transfer by the master that activates the energy centers, cleanses the blockages, and raises the energy
within. One to one and mass blessings is given in order to open up the chakras for the life force to flow freely.


Atma Nambi not only heals people in need by also teaches spiritual healing techniques for everyday use. Spiri-
tual healing is the most powerful healing type.

Kubera Tapas

Kubera Tapas is a fire ceremony with a sequence of performances to
empower and heighten the energies in the family and at the home,
industry, working spouts. They enhance the spiritual and material
aspects of life. Ancient rishis received different kinds of sounds when
they where in tune with deep meditation. These unique sounds are
called mantras. Mantras are like atoms empowered with energies.
There are energies offering prosperity. These enteriges are obtained
through certain slogans.

Through the ages, fire is an important element when it is performed
in yajna. Yajna is a fire ceremony where sankalpas (profound inten-
sion/affirmation) and powerful pathikas are changed they influence
not only individual but also the nature and environment. Sankalpas
are powerful proayers awhen performed with great energy field tye
bring desirable results.

The event lasts for approximately two hours.

Vishuddhi Chakra Initiation

This program is the helpline for activation of the vishuddhi/throat chakra. There are several energy centers
(chakras) embedded in the human system. Seven of these powerhouses are very vital. Vishuddhi chakra is the
fifth chakra situated in the throat area hence it is called throat chakra. This chakra vibrates with a mantra called

Healing of this chakra establishes individuality and self-confidence, at the same time as it eliminates negative
energies of comparison and jealousy. Srichakra designed by Adi Shankara is another significant aspect of uplift-
ing the frequencies of the Vishuddhi chakra. The twin combination is complementary. A supportive silver locet
helps to enhance the vibration.

This initation is done in a group as a celebration. It takes maximum 15 minutes per person, but can be done
much faster in bigger groups.

Kundalini Initiation

For qualified people kundalini initiation can be given. This is an initiation where the master is working directly
on the kundalini energy. This is a very powerful initation and only possible on well-qualified people that will be
hand picked by the master. Some of the benefits are clearance of karma (past imprints), fastening the self-real-
ization, opens the chakras indirectly.

This initation is done privately either indivudally or in smaller groups.

Bliss Initiation (Ananda Diksha)

Bliss initiation is an authentic lifestyle changing program that
activates the third eye and crown chakra. The master is directly
transmitting the energy to the individual. This program is aimed
at changing the old mind pattern to a new consciousness. It
opens up the new dimensions of life, prediction about the
future, offering solutions for unsolved problems, gives a clear
understanding of the purpose of one’s life on earth. By undergo-
ing this initation one gest a glimse of ecstacy and peace. This
spontaneous experience brings right understanding of life.
The program opens up a new blissful way of living. The initation
is an end to the misery and paves the way for new dimensions
and mysteries of life. Complementary names are offered to indi-
vidual of choice.
This initation is done in a group as a celebration.
It takes up to 15 minutes per person, but can be done much
faster in bigger groups.

To achieve mass awakening, Atma Nambi is in
need of the cooperation of organizers, teachers,
leaders, integrators, coordinators and like-minded
people. Please feel free to contact us in this regard.

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