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Published by Greater Salina Community Foundation, 2019-10-17 19:13:52

2018 GSCF Annual Report

People. Passion. Impact.

People. Passion. Impact.


Our mission is to From Our Leaders
help people invest
in meaningful ways Dear friends,
to make a difference
in the community by What are you passionate about?
building permanent
endowment funds and Every day, our community is impacted by passionate
meeting charitable people like you who choose to use your gifts to make
community needs. a difference. Your gifts of time, talent, and treasure
collectively impact our community as evident in the
Since 1999, the community foundation stories in this report. As they say, it takes a village.
has worked alongside donors,
professional advisors and nonprofit The stories in this report all start with people who
organizations to achieve its mission by: have a passion to make an impact.

`` Helping donors fulfill their `` People like Mark and Jane Berkley, whose passion
charitable desires. can be seen in children learning at a new preschool
supported by grants by their fund at the foundation.
`` Increasing capacity of nonprofit
organizations to fulfill their missions. `` People like the Buchanan family, whose passion
can be seen in grants made to their hometown
`` Facilitating prudent fund from a fund established in memory of their parents.
`` People like Debbie Rivers, whose passion for
`` Promoting community philanthropy helping others can be seen in a simple load of
through educational opportunities. laundry.

`` Providing affiliate services to And most importantly, people’s passions can be seen
neighboring communities. in their hearts and smiles.

`` Meeting community needs through Do you want to make a difference for something you
grants, scholarships and are passionate about? If so, we can help you use your
pass-through funds. gifts to create a permanent fund that will help you
support your passion now and in the future.

Together, we can help you impact today and
transform tomorrow.


Paula A. Fried, Jessica L. Martin,
Board Chair, 2019 President & Executive Director


IT STARTS WITH Individual Business or Nonprofit Private
or Family Corporation Organization Foundation

WITH A Arts & Community Health & Spirituality Youth &
Culture Beautification Wellness Education

WHO USE THEIR Cash, Check Retirement Life Stocks, Bonds, Grain, Livestock
& Credit Card Accounts Insurance Mutual Funds & Property


Funds During Your Lifetime Through Your Will or Trust

IMPACT! Distributions Grants to Charitable Scholarships for
from the Organizations Students

funds provide:

It Starts With People Like

Mark & Jane Berkley...

The Fund for Early Childhood Care, Education and Development
was established by Mark and Jane Berkley to support early
childhood programs in Saline and Ottawa Counties.

It all started in Tescott, Kansas, where Mark Berkley home to Tescott and join the family’s growing banking
grew up and graduated from high school. He moved business. “I really liked what I was doing in Kansas City,
away to attend Kansas State University, then the but I didn’t want to spend my life there,” said Mark. “So
University of Kansas Law School, where he met and I came back. Everything is historical after that.”

married his wife, Jane, who grew up in Lawrence, came to appreciate
Jane, before he was the rural way of life in her husband’s hometown,
called up to serve where the couple raised their three children. “I
in the Vietnam War. learned about generosity living in Tescott,” said Jane.
When he finished his “I learned, from Mark, the importance of community
military service, Mark and volunteering.”
and Jane moved to
Kansas City, where Both Mark and Jane felt that raising their children
Mark worked as an in a small community taught them many valuable
accountant. lessons, like how to talk to people. “Our children
grew up with all age groups in a small town. They
After his uncle passed didn’t think anything about it. Everybody just mingled
away, Mark had the together. I think that was a benefit,” said Mark.
opportunity to return

Mark and Jane Berkley

...Who Have a Passion for

Educating Children


“I’d do it again. I just wanted
to see something get started
and maybe create a wave.”

- Mark Berkley

There was one key thing, however that the Berkley’s “When we established the fund, there were not
children did not have growing up in Tescott. many services available for our youngest citizens—
especially in rural communities,” said Mark. “We
“Our children did not have preschool,” said Jane. “They viewed the fund as a way to give back to the area
did not have that exposure with a small group when where we derived our business and our income.”
they were three and four years old. They just played
outside, but you could see the difference in the Mark said his goal for the fund was to help detect
children that had access to that and those who didn’t. problems that could hinder a child’s progress as they
Because there were definite differences.” move up to kindergarten.

Mark became inspired to do something while serving “I think the responsibility of schools is broadening,”
on the Greater Salina Community Foundation board. Mark said. “It encompasses the good welfare of these
young children. Being able to detect problems in
“As a board member, seeing philanthropy and giving hearing, vision or mental state allows the child to be
from the heart kind of had a bearing over time,” said referred to a professional who could help them. And it
Mark. “I started seeing and looking for needs. I could wouldn’t hinder the child’s progress as much.”
hear people say, ‘Well, I wish we had this or that in
our city.’ And some things evolved that way. Things The Berkleys were excited about the opening of the
came out of that discussion and exposure and people new preschool at Ell-Saline Elementary School, which
caring about the issues.” received grants from their fund to get off the ground.
Mark is hopeful that the Ell-Saline program can serve
Mark and Jane felt so strongly about the need for as a role model for other rural schools.
early childhood education services that they decided
to start the Fund for Early Childhood Care, Education “I’d do it again,” he said. “I just wanted to see
and Development at the community foundation. something get started and maybe create a wave.”
Grants from the fund benefit early childhood
programs in Saline and Ottawa Counties, where the
Berkleys and their customers lived and worked.


It Starts With People Like


With help from the community foundation, the brand new
Ell-Saline Preschool opened its doors in the fall of 2018.

Imagine a classroom full of young, smiling faces, Until the fall of 2018, however, the preschool room at
eager to learn and play. A room full of energy, love Ell-Saline Elementary School sat empty. “Preschool
and determination. A place where four-year-old had been a dream and a vision within the district
minds are dialed in on learning to write their name, tie for many years,” said Ell-Saline Elementary School
their shoes and count to ten. principal Dana Sprinkle. “We continued to search for
funding, and the sources had just not been available.”
Throw in a hug or two, and that’s what you’ll find
when you walk by the Ell-Saline Preschool classroom. With no available preschool slots within district
“The students are eager to learn. There’s something boundaries, the issue lingered. Unless families had
that happens every day that makes you smile,” said the time and resources to transport students to
preschool teacher Amber Fouard. Ellsworth or Salina, Ell-Saline students were missing
out on critical early learning opportunities.

In 2016, to help fill the gap, the district offered
preschool day camps, with support from the
community foundation’s Fund for Early Childhood
Care, Education and Development. While it wasn’t a
full-time program, it was a step toward the dream.

“We saw the power of having preschoolers in
the building for that amount of time, just eight
days a year,” said Sprinkle. “When they arrived
for kindergarten roundup, they had much more
confidence and were eager to be at school. The
screening process was much more effective, and

...Who are Helping to

Create a Brighter Future


“The students are eager
to learn. There’s something
that happens every day that
makes you smile.” - Amber Fouard

parents were more relaxed about dropping them off earlier access to vision, hearing and speech
at the room.” screenings, some preschoolers who came into the
program needing additional speech services have
Meanwhile, school officials continued to work already received the support they need to ensure
toward their dream of a full-time preschool program. future success.
Strategic Doing meetings offered by the community
foundation and the Dane G. Hansen Foundation “We know those early interventions made a
helped parents and staff form new partnerships difference. They will not need extended special
around the community, which created new energy education services because we were able to do
around the dream. Unfortunately, financial barriers it sooner,” said Sprinkle. “Before they even enter
remained. kindergarten, those deficits have been taken care of.
That’s the goal.”
“It’s difficult to argue that preschool is a bad idea,”
Sprinkle said. “Our board of education agreed that it Transportation is no longer a barrier for working
was a priority and wanted to move forward, but we parents who had to drive 30-plus miles to take
still needed to find funding to help that process.” their child to preschool. In fact, Sprinkle said, many
parents volunteered to help build the new preschool
Ultimately, their persistence paid off. Along with playground, a project supported by the community
dollars from the community foundation’s Fund for foundation’s Dane G. Hansen Community Grant
Early Childhood Care, Education and Development, Fund. “We wanted to make sure that play and
other grants and private support finally made the developmentally appropriate space was available to
dream a reality. “We wouldn’t have been able to make them, because play is such an important part of their
this project work without private citizens who were learning process,” she said.
able to support that vision. We had several private
donors who gave some pretty significant amounts “I keep hearing how grateful parents are that their
and grant dollars,” said Sprinkle. “Without that support child is at Ell-Saline,” Fouard said. “They are planning
and their willingness to make this happen, we would on being at Ell-Saline forever. They’re a Cardinal from
not be where we are right now. It was essential.” here on out.”

Today, all students in the district have access to a 7
local, high-quality preschool program. Thanks to

It Starts With People Like

Archie & Alice Riggs...

The Alice A. Riggs Ell-Saline K-State Scholarship Fund assists
graduates of Ell-Saline High School who attend Kansas State
University in Manhattan, Kansas.

From Holyrood to Ell-Saline, Alice Riggs has been a Vietnam. Alice and Archie stayed in touch, recording
Cardinal all her life. She grew up in Holyrood, Kansas, messages on tape and mailing them back and forth
where she met her husband, Archie, while walking to one another. They only spoke once over the phone
down the street with her mother. Archie, who grew up while he was overseas.
in Cottonwood Falls, was visiting his cousin, Dennis.
The two were out for an afternoon drive and had While Archie was away, Alice worked hard in school
at Fort Hays State University. The only way her mom
driven to Holyrood would give them permission to get married was
from the town over. if she got her degree, so she took extra hours and
graduated in three and a half years. The Riggs, who
“Dennis stopped are both only children, got married at the United
and said, ‘you want Church of Christ in Holyrood on Halloween, October
to go for a ride?’” 31. “That way I don’t forget,” said Archie.
said Alice. “And I
said, ‘sure.” Archie went on to get a job as a calculator salesman
in Salina, so the newlyweds packed their bags and
“She only got in hit the road for their new home. August rolled around,
the car because of and Alice still hadn’t gotten a job.
Dennis,” Archie said
with a smile. “I got a call from Happy Corner, now Ell-Saline
Elementary,” said Alice. “I went out there to interview,
The rest was history. and, later that day, the principal brought a contract to
About a month our apartment.”
later, Archie went to

Alice Riggs and
Avery Bradley, 2018 recipient

...Who Have a Passion for

Helping Students


“It’s the relationships that
I’ve built through the years
out there that are very, very
important to me.” - Alice Riggs

For the first few years, Alice taught second grade, time there while their two daughters were in school.
then first, then a combination of the two. She finally They are also big K-State football fans. “We’ve just
settled in teaching first grade, where she remained for realized that K-State is a really, really good place
the rest of her 35-year career. Now retired, Alice still to be, and there’s a lot of kids that go there,” said
spends one to two days a week as a substitute at the Alice. “That’s why we chose K-State. K-State was an
school, where she has taught multiple generations important part of our lives.”
of many Ell-Saline families. “Ell-Saline has been an
excellent place for me to be,” said Alice. “I’m very glad Alice said the most rewarding part of the scholarship
that I got out there and can still be out there. I just love is helping the students. “Because college is so
the kids. They’re good kids. I feel like family there.” expensive, I like to think that we’re contributing a little
bit to the cost they’re going to have to pay,” she said.
Archie said Alice’s students feel the same way about
her. “One of the best things that happens is when we Both Archie and Alice have come to deeply value the
go over to Sandstone Saloon in Brookville,” he said. relationships they’ve built across the community over
“For Alice, it’s like going to ‘Cheers.’ The best part is the years, and they are grateful for the opportunity to
when a young man, with a full beard, comes up and give back. “I don’t really feel like I’m from Cottonwood
gives her a hug.” Falls,” said Archie. “Our life has been here. Our
daughters were born here. We’re really from Salina.”
When Alice’s last class of students graduated in May
2018, the Riggs decided to do something special “I just want to be remembered for loving the kids and
to give back to the Ell-Saline community. They hoping that I made an impact on their life,” said Alice.
established the Alice A. Riggs Ell-Saline K-State “It’s the relationships that are so important to me. My
Scholarship at the Greater Salina Community last class graduated in May, but I’m still out at Ell-
Foundation, which is awarded annually to a Saline enough that the kids all know me. And if I’m out
graduating Ell-Saline senior who plans to attend somewhere, I still hear ‘Hi Mrs. Riggs!’
Kansas State University in Manhattan.
“It’s the relationships that I’ve built through the years
The Riggs decided to include K-State after spending out there that are very, very important to me.”


It Starts With People Like

Debbie Rivers...

With help from the community foundation, Debbie Rivers is
fulfilling her calling to serve those in need through Laundry Love.

It all started with a simple act of kindness. said, laughing. “That’s not my ministry. But as the year
went on, it was the craziest thing, food would show up
In 2011, a young woman who lived in Debbie Rivers’ on my front porch. People donated things. One week,
neighborhood made a Facebook post about not my daughter goes, ‘Mom, do you know what we’re
having any food to eat. Rivers knew the family had having for dinner tomorrow night? Or are you just
fallen on some hard times, so she started inviting waiting to see what shows up?’”
her neighbor over for weekly dinners. Rivers never
imagined what would happen next. It was during one of these dinners that Rivers came
up with the idea to host a random act of kindness
Over the course of the next year, she found herself party. “We were just sitting around the table, and I told
feeding anywhere from eight to 15 young adults every them, ‘Okay, guys, I have this idea. I know it sounds a
little crazy. What do you think? Would you be up for
Tuesday night. What it?’” explained Rivers. “They were like, ‘yeah!!’”
started as a simple act
of kindness had grown Rivers invited a bunch of her friends, who divided
to touch many more up in different cars and simply went out looking for
lives. Although she people to help. “I gave each car $20 in ones and
wasn’t always sure how fives, just in case they saw a need or something
she was going to feed they wanted to do for somebody,” said Rivers, who
all those people, Rivers imagined the party was just going to be a one-time
said things always thing. “Then we all met back at my house for lunch.
seemed to work out. Literally, as we were telling the stories of what had
happened, people were crying. It was so impactful.
“It was the craziest So, we did it again, and then more people wanted to
thing. First of all, I’m not join, and then we did it again.”
even a good cook,” she

Debbie Rivers

...Who Have a Passion for

Blessing Others


“It is so fun to bless other
people, it really is.” - Debbie Rivers

As Rivers and her friends, who eventually became to support the Laundry Love program. After receiving
known as Salina Shares, continued doing random a $4,000 YW Legacy Grant from the community
acts of kindness in the community, they encountered foundation later that year, Rivers said it was like “the
many people doing laundry in sinks or bathtubs. Once weight of the world off my shoulders. That paid for five
again, Rivers decided to do something. months of Laundry Love.”

In 2014, she started Laundry Love in Salina after Laundry Love has since been awarded two more
hearing about other programs across the country. grants through the community foundation’s YW
“That’s how it started, by being out in the community Legacy Fund. Additionally, local churches help
and hearing the needs,” said Rivers. “People need support the program through fundraisers and by
clean laundry. I would have never realized that was providing meals on Laundry Love days.
such a great need in Salina.”
“Laundry Love is really near and dear to my heart,
Now, once a month, Laundry Love provides laundry because what you see at Laundry Love is community.
supplies and pays for washing and drying services That’s been the greatest reward to me, to see a
in each of Salina’s three laundromats. The program community built within our community of people that
serves a variety of individuals and families, many of care for one another,” said Rivers.
whom are homeless, elderly or disabled.
In addition to Laundry Love, Salina Shares meets
Just like her other simple kindness endeavors, Rivers community needs by hosting play in the park events
had no idea what she was in for. She just took a leap and providing move-in kits for families in crisis or
of faith and trusted things would work out. transition. They were recently gifted a building
in downtown Salina, which now serves as the
“I think that first month we had seven people, and organization’s home. “I’m just doing what’s been set
now, we’re up to about 80,” she said. “I had no idea before me, and this is what’s unfolded,” Rivers said. “It’s
how much it would cost. I always say, if I knew how pretty incredible, but to me, it’s just totally a God thing.
much it costs us to run it now, I probably would have
never started. I would have thought there was no way. “It is so fun to bless other people, it really is.”
It was just my friends bringing rolls of quarters.”
Rivers decided to make Salina Shares a 501(c)(3)
nonprofit in 2016, so she could apply for grant funding

It Starts With Organizations Like

Salina Central High School...

With grant support from the L.P. “Pat” Mullen Fund, the Salina
Central High School robotics program is going beyond the
classroom to change students’ lives.

What would Rebekah Franklin’s life be like if she When her brother convinced her to join the robotics
hadn’t joined the robotics team? team with him two years ago, Franklin said she was
“Boring. Sad. Probably lonely,” said the Salina Central a totally different person who didn’t like talking to
High School junior. “I’d probably still be eating my people. “Before, I didn’t really have a whole lot of
lunch in the corner by the trash can. I would probably friends, because I just didn’t like talking to people,”
only still have two friends. And I would probably still said Franklin. “But the team’s pretty cool. I have made
be in my shell, like a lot.” so many friends.”

Rebekah Franklin, Aryan Kevat, Abigail Henning Formed in 2009, the Salina Central FIRST Robotics
and Drew Alstatt, Salina Central Robotics Team 3172 aims to provide a high-quality, hands-on
educational opportunity for students interested in
technology. Each year, FIRST Robotics nationally
releases a game with a specific set of criteria. Teams
across the country then have six weeks to design and
build robots according to the challenge that has been
presented. Throughout the season, students work
with community mentors in the areas of engineering,
marketing, business and human services to help
them through the process.

When competitions begin, teams are randomly
grouped into alliances who must work together to

...Who Apply for Grants to

Create Opportunities


“Before, I didn’t really have a
whole lot of friends...but the
team’s pretty cool. I have made
so many friends.”- Rebekah Franklin

master the game and earn points. “We’ve never met better. It just made me so happy. I had that ‘proud
these people before, so we’re just trying to talk to mom’ moment, you know?”
them and get to know them as quick as possible,” said
team member Drew Alstatt, who had so much fun his Franklin isn’t the only team member who has been
first year on the team that he convinced his two best impacted by her time in the robotics room. Teammate
friends to join. Abigail Henning, who does marketing for the group,
said robotics has taught her more about community
Since 2011, the community foundation’s L.P. “Pat” outreach, helped her stay organized and given her
Mullen Fund has granted over $38,000 to the something fun to do. “I joined robotics because a
program, which provides students with many bunch of my friends were in here and it looked like
important skills, according to robotics coach Sheila a good opportunity to try something new,” she said.
Shaffer. “If we are going to really educate and set our “Otherwise, I wouldn’t be as social as I am and I
kids up for the next world, robotics programming wouldn’t have much to do.”
and the ability to talk and have conversations is
essential,” Shaffer said. “I like seeing the kids grow Aryan Kevat, who helps program robots for the team,
from their freshman year when they are not really said he’s learned to communicate better with his
sure of themselves, to their senior year when they are teammates. He is considering a future in a coding
confident in themselves.” and programming field. “I’ve learned to work with
the team,” he said. “If I were at a job and they were
Franklin’s time in robotics has been no different. She’s working on something, I would have to plan along
now the FIRST Robotics Team 3172 club president with them. I can’t program something until it’s built all
and a mentor for the new Oakdale Elementary FIRST the way.”
Lego Robotics Team, which has also received grant
support through the Mullen Fund. Time spent with friends on early morning drives to
competitions is the best, said Alstatt. “We get more
Franklin said she never imagined she would enjoy time to bond and talk about robotics stuff,” he said.
helping the elementary students as much as she did. “We’re just trying to get as many friends of ours to join,
“I didn’t really like working with kids before, but now because we know it’s fun.”
I do. It just impacted me a lot,” she said. “It made me
happy to see that I could influence little kids to do 13

It Starts With Partners Like the

Dane G. Hansen Foundation...

The Dane G. Hansen Foundation partners with the community
foundation to help people like Kelly Mobray find and fund
creative solutions for community needs in Northwest Kansas.

Kelly Mobray is passionate about helping people land and figure out how to improve services,” Mobray said.
good jobs. She volunteered to join the employment pathways
working group, which included representatives from
As the director of adult education at Salina Adult K-State Research and Extension, Consumer Credit
Education Center, Mobray is responsible for preparing Counseling, Catholic Charities, Smoky Hill Education
her students with skills needed to succeed in the Service Center and the Salina Public Library. In the
workforce. When “employment gaps and unskilled beginning, the group was told to dream big about
labor” were identified as community weaknesses potential solutions, which was challenging for Mobray.
during the community foundation’s first Saline County
“When we started coming to the table, our big vision
Strategic Doing meeting was to get money to hire somebody to be a case
in 2017, Mobray took it manager to serve as an employment hub. It was all
upon herself to become like a pie in the sky,” she said. “I just thought, ‘Why
part of the solution. am I thinking about all this? Because we probably
Strategic Doing, an aren’t going to have it.’ I would love it and it would be
initiative of the Dane G. amazing, but how are we going to make this happen?”
Hansen Foundation, is a
process designed to help After more discussion, the group simplified their big
identify simple solutions idea into a solution that would still achieve the same
to complex issues. impact—which is the ultimate goal of the Strategic
Doing process.
“I was on a personal
mission to find out why “We started thinking about something relatively
we were a ‘weakness’

Kelly Mobray

...Who Inspire Collaboration to

Improve Communities


“We would have never
gotten to this solution
on our own.” - Kelly Mobray

low-cost and low-maintenance that ties into what we Hansen Community Grant Fund, which will cover
already do,” Mobray said. That “something” is a new costs of publishing and marketing the new website.
Pathways to Employment website, which will serve Mobray said the Strategic Doing process is to thank
as a community-wide resource for both employers for the project’s success.
and job-seekers of all ages and abilities. The goal is “Now, I can honestly say I see the method for the
to provide a centralized tool to help people increase madness. We would have never gotten to this
their workforce skills. solution on our own,” she said. “Who would have
walked into a room and said, ‘let’s sit down and think
“We looked at what things people need to find and about all this?’ We never would have.”
keep a job, as well as what employers need. Where For Mobray, it is all about the people who will benefit
can people go? Who provides those services?” said from this new resource.
Mobray. “We wanted to cover all sorts of different “Even though we have a very low unemployment rate,
topics people might need.” there are still a lot of people who need work or who
need better work,” she said. “Without employment
Some of those topics include short-term or opportunities, people will continue to struggle.”
specialized training, high school credentials, English
language support, interview coaching and resume 15
preparation. The site also has information for veterans,
people with disabilities and working parents.

“We looked at age, disabilities, education, and then
got into employment barriers like childcare, mental
health, substance abuse, and some of those core
pieces,” Mobray said. “The goal is for this to be in
the hands of anybody and everybody who is either
posting jobs, referring to jobs or looking for jobs,
because there are so many people who don’t know
where to look for support.”

To help implement their solution, the group received
a grant from the community foundation’s Dane G.

It Starts with People Like

The Buchanan Family...

The children of Buckshot and Christine Buchanan started a fund
at the community foundation to honor their parents and give back
to the community they loved.

It was Christmas time in the 1960s. A young couple in rural Kansas. They both earned degrees from
loaded up their family of five small children and went Sterling College, where they met, then married in
to buy groceries. Their son Bruce Buchanan recalls 1951. Over the next four years, the couple welcomed
what happened next, which perfectly illustrates four of their five children. Their youngest daughter
the way his parents, Tom “Buckshot” and Christine came along in 1963.
Buchanan, lived their lives.
The Buchanans raised their family in Washington,
“We’d put the groceries into paper bags and leave Kansas, after purchasing the Washington County
them on the doorsteps of people who Mom and Dad News in 1959. “Mom and Dad were very involved in
knew didn’t have anything,” he said. “They never told the community and loved it there,” said Bruce.

anybody who it was Buckshot and Christine gave time to their church,
from. That’s the kind Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club, among
of legacy we’re all other organizations. After only a couple years in
trying to live up to.” Washington, Buckshot and other younger men in the
community decided the city government needed
In everything they did, fresh faces. Buckshot was elected mayor, a position
the Buchanans left he held for four years. “Part of the legacy they left
their mark. for us was the need to be involved and continue
learning,” said Bruce. “That’s what we always admired
Both Buckshot and about them.”
Christine came from
humble beginnings, That same spirit carried over into the Buchanan’s
growing up on farms

Tom “Buckshot” and
Christine Buchanan

...Who Have a Passion for

Keeping Hometowns Alive


“Mom and Dad were very
involved in the community
and loved it there.”

- Bruce Buchanan

journalism careers. Over the years, Buckshot in Washington and have very fond memories of the
served as president of the Kansas Press community and what it did for us,” said Bruce. “We
Association, Christine was president of the Kansas try to do things in different communities within the
Press Women, and they each received countless county, because every one of them was important to
professional awards. The Buchanans operated the our folks.”
Washington newspaper until 1981, when Buckshot The fund allows the Buchanan children to give their
retired. Christine continued to work as an extension parents the recognition they deserved throughout
publications editor for Kansas State University and their lives. “They were very modest about their
taught high school English and journalism classes accomplishments,” he said. “They were incredibly
until 1995. “They were both great writers and had a hardworking, dedicated and caring. They were just
wonderful sense of humor,” said Bruce. terrific people.”
Learn more about our affiliate program on page 27.
Bruce said his father was nicknamed Buckshot years
ago, which he liked, so it stuck. The name carried 17
over into his weekly outdoors column, “Old Buckshot,”
which he continued to write until the week of his
death in 2003. “Dad loved to fish and always talked
about being able to leave the office and have his
bait in the water 10 minutes later.”

When Christine died in 2013, her children agreed
that setting up a fund at the Washington County
Community Foundation, an affiliate of the Greater
Salina Community Foundation, was the perfect way
to honor their parents. With the help of community
members and family friends, the Buchanan
children established the Buckshot and Christine
Buchanan Fund, which supports projects and
programs in Washington County. “We all grew up

It Starts With People Like

Dr. Charles Livingston...

With a gift from his estate, Dr. Charles Livingston established
a permanent fund that will continue to support causes he was
passionate about throughout his lifetime.

In all aspects of life, Dr. Charles Livingston wanted traveling, art and his church. His love of travel carried
only the best. Dr. Livingston moved to Salina in 1965, him overseas as a volunteer surgeon in Vietnam,
after accepting a job at the Salina Clinic. He loved Somalia and Pakistan. He enjoyed living in his
to learn and was deeply committed to his work as downtown loft, riding around town on his bike and
a general surgeon. Longtime nurse Emma Doherty, growing his personal art collection. Committed to
who worked closely with Dr. Livingston, said he making his community a better place, Dr. Livingston
was the best pacemaker surgeon in the area. Dr. became a founding donor of the Greater Salina
Livingston expected excellence, taking time to teach Community Foundation in 1999.
his staff how to provide the best care for his patients.
A cinema enthusiast, Dr. Livingston spent much of his
“He was definitely a mentor to all of his employees. free time at the Salina Art Center. As a board member,
I probably admired him most for his desire to teach he was passionately involved in the development of
the Art Center Warehouse. Dr. Livingston also enjoyed
us and to make sure we knew interacting with artists during opening receptions. Staff
how to care for patients so member Heather Greene said Dr. Livingston loved to
they could get better faster,” get into playful sparring matches with those around
Doherty said. “He cared about him, but deep down he was just a “teddy bear.”
patients and their families. He
was very, very caring, before “I remember one time, we had an event downtown
surgery, during surgery and and he bought a big piece of pottery. On his way
after surgery.” home, I saw him just dancing down the street holding
his pot,” Greene said. “He was just so happy to have
Beyond work, Dr. Livingston that piece of pottery.”
was an eccentric man of
diverse interests. He loved

Dr. Charles Livingston

...Who Give Through Their Will to

Leave a Lasting Legacy


Dr. Livingston passed away on March 16, 2018. Through Everybody
his will, he chose to leave 5% of his estate to establish Has a Gift
a permanent fund at the Greater Salina Community
Foundation. Reflecting his wide-ranging interests during his Through your will, you can leave
life, Dr. Livingston’s fund will benefit 12 charities, including: a gift that impacts our community

`` Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery far beyond your lifetime.
`` Fellow Man International Foundation Every day, people just like you leave
`` Greater Salina Community Foundation incredibly meaningful marks on our
`` Habitat for Humanity world through these types of gifts.
`` Heifer International The process is simple and the impact
`` Martin Luther King, Jr. Child Development Center
`` Raymer Society of your generosity will live on for
`` Salina Area United Way generations to come.
`` Salina Art Center
`` Salina Regional Health Foundation Nursing Scholarships Your professional advisor
`` Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Salina
`` University of Kansas School of Medicine – Salina will help you document your
charitable wishes in your will.
“I think he wants to be remembered for giving to improve
other people’s lives and wanting to make a difference,” said The community foundation
Doherty. “He was very giving.”
will take special care to honor your
Learn more about Funds for the Future on page 33. wishes and protect your gift’s value.

Your favorite organizations

will receive annual support
from your gift, forever.

To learn more about leaving
a gift in your will to support
causes you’re passionate about,
contact your professional
advisor or call the community
foundation at 785-823-1800.


It Started With People Like

Our Founding Donors...

Individuals & Families Evelyn M. Maxwell Bethany College
Rex R. & Jean McArthur Bethany Home Association
John W. & Sherilyn Adams Larry W. & Claire McCoach Brown & Brown, Inc.
William & Jane Alsop Berniece McCullick City of Salina
Donald B. & Evelyn L. Amend Bill S. & Peggy Medina Clark, Mize, & Linville, Chartered
Dana & Sue Anderson Robert F. Miller/Miller, Inc. Clubine & Rettele, Chartered
Mike Berkley Robert H. & Linda M. Miller Exline, Inc.
Robert B. & Lila A. Berkley Gretchen Morgenstern Farm & Family Insurance Associates, Inc.
Pat & Linda Bolen & Family William J. Myers Green Lantern, Inc.
Janis Broman Joseph E. & Mildred T. Pankaskie Hampton & Royce, LC
Kim E. & Conee L. Brown Tom & Nancy Pestinger Kennedy & Coe, LLC
N.B. Butcher/Michael N. Rodenbeek John E. & Joy D. Peterson The Landes Companies, Inc.
W.F. & Ruth M. Cathcart-Rake Ben A. Sellers Family McShares, Inc.
Lewis C. & Helen A. Crawford Mrs. Ralph E. Reitz St. John’s Military School
Donald H. & Opal A. Dieckhoff Raymond W. & Virginia M. Richardson Salina Area Chamber of Commerce
John & Deborah Divine James E. & Nancy A. Roderick Stevens Contractors, Inc.
Henry & Betty Dreher Family Rex S. & Carol L. Romeiser Sunflower Bank, N.A.
Keith & Liz Duckers Ramon W. & Glenda L. Schmidt UMB-National Bank of America
Thomas D. & Lou Ann Dunn James R. & Elizabeth Scholten Waddell & Reed, Inc.
Clay D. & Judith D. Edmands Al & Doris Schwan Wells Fargo Advisors
Linda L. Ellison Jeanne & Steven Sebree Wilson & Company, Engineers & Architects
Paul D. Ellison Milo G. & Carol Ann Sloo
Tex E. & Elizabeth E. Fury Boyd E. & Heather M. Smith Foundations
Helen L. Graves David E. & Linda L. Smith
William H. & Helen M. Graves Elizabeth & Harry W. Steele Family ADM Foundation
Arlo R., Louise, & Mark A. Gruenthal Charles E. Stevens, Jr. Q.A. Applequist Family Foundation
Lee & Louise Haworth Milton I. Stiefel Earl Bane Foundation
Joseph O. & Pamela J. Hodges Brad R. Stuewe & Paula A. Fried Hale Family Foundation
Ray E. House Larry & Millie Triplett A. John & Barbara A. Hauptli Foundation
Harry H. & Sara W. Huber William R. & Ella L. Umphrey Verla Nesbitt Joscelyn Foundation
Gerald L. & Barbara A. Hunter Tom & Jan Wilson The Logan Foundation
Joan Jerkovich John P. & Donna J. Young Don C. & Florence M. McCune Foundation
Harry J. & Ann Lee Jett Lee E. & Christine Young The Morrison Foundation
Paul E. & Carol A. Junk Salina Regional Health Foundation
William P. & Patricia L. Knox Business Entities Darwin L. & Delma Sampson Foundation
Alan L. & Martha Kruckemeyer Smoot Charitable Foundation
Linda M. Lawrence Advantage Trust Company John K. Vanier Family Foundation
Charles E. Livingston Bank of America Walker Family Foundation
Jerry R. & Carolyn J. Lundgrin Bennington State Bank YMCA Foundation
Frieda J. Mai

...who supported the community foundation

before it even existed.


2017-2018 Board of Directors Sustainers

`` Larry Fief, Chair `` Bryan Herwig Sustainers donate a minimum of
`` Paula Fried, Chair-Elect `` Maggie Hemmer $12,500 over five years. $10,000
`` Brandy Felzien, `` Lee Legleiter goes to the foundation’s admin
`` Pete Peterson fund and $2,500 to a fund of the
Secretary/Treasurer `` John Quinley donor’s choice.
`` Martha Rhea Mark & Jane Berkley Family
`` Ruth Cathcart-Rake, `` Guy Walker Randal & Lisa Graham
`` Barb Young Francis & Mabel Haneberg
Grants & Scholarships Committee Chair `` Loren Young William J. & Ada Mae Harbin
L.P. (“Pat”) Mullen Family
`` Bobby Richardson, Peter L. & Rita Peterson
Donna Sinnett
Finance Committee Chair
`` Gail Boyer
`` Brandon Cheeks Education
Board Alumni Mark Miller
John Mize These generous partners support
Jim Allen Reuben Montoy our efforts to provide philanthropy
Jane Alsop Dusty Moshier education for donors, professional
Mark Berkley Ray Perez advisors and nonproft professionals.
Jennifer Bonilla-Baker Lisa Peters Advantage Trust Company
Larry Britegam Carolyn Peterson The Bank of Tescott
Kim Brown Sid Reitz The Bennington State Bank–
Pete Brungardt Susy Reitz Trust and Wealth Management
Connie Burket Marcy Roth Capitol Federal Foundation
Stephanie Klingzell Carlin Steve Ryan Clark, Mize & Linville, Chartered
Mollie Carter Rafael Sanoguel Clubine and Rettele, Chartered
John Chalmers Ramon Schmidt First Bank Kansas
Tom Dill Betsy Scholten Hampton & Royce, L.C.
John Divine Don Schroeder Kennedy Berkley Yarnevich
Linda Ellison Brenda Smith & Williamson, Chartered
Olaf Frandsen Heather Smith K·Coe Isom LLP
Roberto Garcia Sydney Soderberg Darris K. Larson,
Randy Graham Mark Speer Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC
Helen L. Graves Connie Stevens Rose Hill Bank
Kristin Gunn Glenn Stroer Wedel Financial Group of
Amanda Gutierrez Shelli Swanson Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC
Gary Hunter Galen Swenson
Jeff Ingles Melanie Terrill 21
Dave Jacobs Paula Tomlins
Melinda Jett Jim Trower
Barbara Knight Donna Vanier
Corlene Lange Chris Venicx
Margaret Logan Frieda Mai Weis
Ellen Lueger Margaret Yarnevich
Rex Matlack Susan Young
Brenda McDaniel
Dan Mendicina
Ken Miller

It Grows Thanks to People Who

Share Their Gifts...

Large or small, every donation helps the
foundation make an impact in the community.

This list includes gifts made between July 1, 2017, and June 30, 2018. If you believe
there is an error, or we need to make a correction, please contact the foundation.

2017-2018 Donors Ward & Ilene Aurand Mary Berkley
Jayne Aylward Mike & Debbie Berkley
Accessible Home Care, LLC B & K Bonding Laurita Berland
Accounts Receivable Services Arthur & Kristen Baker Marty & Cindy Berns
Christopher & Amy Adams Jane & Keith Balthazor Beta Sigma Phi City Council
David & Susan Adams Maralene Balthazor Doug & Rhonda Bethe
Duane & Lyndel Adams Bamford Fire Sprinkler Co., Inc. Louis & Katherine Bigler
John & Sherilyn Adams Earl Bane Foundation Liisa Binding
Stacy Adams The Bank of Tescott Jon & Kim Birky
Stanley & Connie Adams Bank VI Daryl & Emma Bixby
Advantage Trust Company Aldean Banker BJ Koetting, LLC
Aero-Mod, Inc. Myrna Barnes Karen Black
Joseph & Mona Akin Kathleen Barrett-Jones Blake & Amy Blackim
Joni Alberts-Plumer Pamela Sue Barrientos & Jamie Dawn Cunningham Tess Blackwell
Jan Albrecht Marion Barrow & Keri Breeding Danny Blaha
Arlyss Alexander Baseline Creative Roberta Blair
Jim & Adrienne Allen Greg & Susan Bauer Keith & Lori Blake
Melanie & Guy Allen Judah Baughman Kristin Blake
Pam Allen Donna Bauman Blue Beacon International
Tracy & Richard Allen Margaret Beagley Blue Skye Brewery & Eats, LLC
Craig & Nancy Allison Natalie Beagley Thomas & Kerri Blythe
Bill & Jane Alsop Janie Beall Wendell & Teresa Bohm
Jerry & Montine Alstrom Mike & Mary Nell Beatty Kevin & Susan Bomhoff
American State Bank & Trust Company Pat & Stephanie Beatty Erik & Karen Bonar
Amerigroup Kansas Jerrod Beaver & Bekki Ringle Santos & Marlene Bonilla
Mary Andersen Larry & Judy Beck Toni & Donald Born
Anderson Family Foundation Teresa Beck Sonya Bott
Brad & Jane Anderson Megan Beckley Tim & Pamela Bower
Eva Anderson Roger & Peggy Beckley Philip Bowman
Andi Andres Brian & Dawn Beckman Boy Scouts of America, Coronado Area Council
Roberta Andrew Donald Behnke Edward & Carolyn Boyce
Shirley Andrews Barbara Bell Brian & Cheri Boyer
Eddy & Shirley Andrla Charley Bell Darin & Gail Boyer
William & Marcia Annan Belmont Boulevard Christian Church Hank Boyer
Anonymous Jerry & Jane Belt Dorothy & Everett Boyle
Linda Applebee Bennett Buick GMC Jennifer Bradford-Vernon
George & Mignon Applegate Keith & Virginia Bennett Janet Brake
Gustaf & Hannah Applequist Mindy Bennett Alondra Bran
Roy & Donice Applequist Ralph & Carolyn Bennett Carol Brandert
Apples Acres The Bennington State Bank D. Gene & Jan Brax
Armstrong Farms Marilyn Benyshek Beth Breault
Mary Lee Arnold Nick & Lori Berezovsky Mick & Jane Breault
Gene & Shelly Arnold Bergkamp Incorporated Patrick & Patricia Breeding
Arrow Printing Company, Inc. Melvin & Marjorie Bergkamp Kristin & Matthew Brenzikofer
Karyn Ashburn Jim & Kay Berglund Donald & Camilla Bridal
Ashby House, Ltd. Jeffrey Bergman Theresa & Mike Brierton
David & Anne Atherton Tasha Bergman Steven & Sandi Brinn
Audiology Consultants Mike Berkley Family Foundation RayeAnn Brisso
Almita Augustine Hal & Eleanor Berkley Larry Britegam
Mark & Becky Augustine Mark & Jane Berkley Darren & Brigid Brooks
Patricia Ault-Duell


Brown & Vogel, Chtd. Constance Clark What to Give
Chris & Chrissy Brown Clark, Mize & Linville, Chtd.
Dick & Joyce Brown William Clark There are many ways you can make a
Eric & Danielle Brown Steven & Cynthia Cleveland permanent gift back to the community.
Ernest & Janeen Brown Cynthia Cline
Gary & Kathleen Brown Cloud Ceramics Contact us to learn more about how
Kim & Conee Brown Ruffie Co easy it is to make a non-cash gift!
Kristie Brown Matt & Tricia Cobb
Robert & Phylis Brown Paul & Marsha Cobb Cash, Check
Sally Brown Mark & Angie Coble & Credit Card
Steve Brown Cockrell Eyecare Center, Inc
Gerald & Sharilyn Brull Jim & Julie Colahan Retirement
Nick & Melissa Brumbaugh Dale & Beverly Cole Accounts
Pete & Rosie Brungardt Kenneth & Jaynell Cole
Daniel & Tina Bruning Phil Coleman Life
Leroy & Glennys Bruning Dale & Cheryl Collins Insurance
Loreen Buccigrossi Community Health Organization Committee
Shannon & Jo Buchanan Nick & Cindy Compagnone Stocks, Bonds,
Shelley Budke Consumer Credit Counseling Service, Inc. Mutual Funds
John & Margaret Budke Bill & Cheryl Cooke
Kent & Marcy Buer Kevin & Stephanie Cool Grain, Livestock
Karen Buhler Chandra Cooper & Property
Terry Burger Shawn & Shan Copeland
Val & Doti Burgess Shauna Coppock
Stephen Burke Kevin & Leslie Corbett
Kathleen Burkle Corkie’s Diner
Everett Burns Marvin Cossaart
Jana Burnside Andrew & Karen Couch
Nita Butler Curtis & Brenda Counts
Patricia Butler Daniel Craig
Dan & Debra Byarlay Jim & Becky Cram
Faith Bybee Bill Crawford
Barton & Kathleen Bycroft Kaye Crawford
Brad & Jeanne Byquist Credit Union of America
Carlos & Julianna Caguiat Crestwood, Inc.
John Cahill Jim & Melinda Cross
Brent & Darci Cain Barth & Kathleen Crouch
Jay & Tina Caldwell Debra Crowl
Eric Cale Crown Distributors, LLC
Cheryl Campbell Jimmy & Darla Crowther
Matthew & Jennifer Cantrell Chuck Culley
Capitol Federal Foundation Kenneth & Diane Cummings
Suzie Carazo Larry Curran
Deb Cardinal Nikki Currie
George & Pat Cardinal Brad & Christina Daily
Mike & Stephanie Carlin Heike Daily
Edwin & Jodi Carlson John & Mireille Damicone
Mary Ann Carlson Celia Daniels
Robert & Karen Carlson Amy Dauer
James & Diane Carrigan Norman & Donna Dauer
Sarah Carroll Larry & Sandra Daugherty
Carroll’s Hallmark Building Lloyd & Anne Davidson
Mollie Carter Todd & Mindi Davidson
Thomas & Mary Casey Chris & Shirley Davis
Steven Cassel Greg & Angie Davis
Judi Casstevens Gregory & Sharon Davis
Michael & Carol Cast Pamela Davis
Bill & Ruth Cathcart-Rake Ronald & Barbara Davis
Catholic Daughters of America Court Salina Donald & Carol Dawson
Larry & Shirley Day
No. 1972 Marla Day
CDO 4-H Council DCHS Class of 1959
Central National Bank Don Deatherage
Michael Chambers & Jim Loder Howard Debauche
Nancy Chandler Wayne & Peggy DeBey
Hud & Dawna Chapin Lindsey Decker
Tim & Mona Chapman Max & Karma DeForest
Mark & Kathy Chaput Bud Deghand
Mary Charlson Tom DeLaney
Aaron & Christina Chavez David & Shawn Delker
Brandon & Ralita Cheeks Rodney Denholm
Willard & Mary Chegwidden Larry & Margo Denning
Child Advocacy & Parenting Services, Inc. Jeff & Sherry Denton
Child Care Aware of Kansas Kathleen Depperschmidt, M.S., CCC-SLP
China Cat Sunflower, LLC Mike & Tammie Deree
Christ The King Lutheran Church LWML Joel & Juliene Derouchey
Forrest Chumley & Barbara Valent David & Cheri Diederich
City of Salina Gene & Kim Diederich
Citywide Self Storage
CKD #3 4-H Council


Grow Your Gift Harlan Dietz John & Laureen Farrell
Tom & Carla Dill Brent & Brandy Felzien
Your gift to the community foundation CMSgt Sal & Nancy Dimatteo Jerry & Ellie Feuerborn
will grow over time, just like a tree! Mark Dinkel Larry & Sheila Fief
John & Debbie Divine Fierce Athletics and Training, LLC
Whether you plant a seed by starting a Dale & Pam Dodd Filson Mfg. Co., Inc.
new fund or help a fund grow by giving Catherine Dodge Kelly & Kimberly Fink
Amy Jane Dodson First Bank Kansas
to an existing fund, every gift to the Lisa Dodson First Presbyterian Church
community foundation helps provide Bob & Michelle Dolan Craig & Natalie Fischer
“fruit” for the community through grants Glen & Theresa Dolezal Jr Thomas & Sandra Fischer
Galen & Arlene Doll Fishing Lights Etc LLC
and scholarships. Russell & Pamela Douglas James & Verna Fitzsimmons
Ryan & Sheila Douglas Carmen Flax
Today... Michael & Karen Dove Shirley Flick
Janelle Downs Shelly Flores
You decide to make a Craig & Mary Ann Dreiling Bill & Cindy Foley
permanent gift of $10,000. Steven & Anne Dreiling Josh & Beth Foley
Drs. Driver & Clark, P.A. Steven & Johnetta Forbes
After 15 Years... Liz Duckers Robert Forde
Edward Dumas Perry & Dena Foutch
Your gift has grown to $15,000 Barry & Diana Dundas David & Alice Fox
and has given $10,000 to charity. Clive & Judy Dunn Dan & Dana Frederking
Tom & Lou Ann Dunn Dave & Linda Freeland
After 25 Years... Marc & Lara Duran Owen R. Freiburger
Dirk & Naomi Durant Sherron French
Your gift has grown to $18,600 DVACK Charles & Diane Frickey
and has given $19,000 to charity. DWG Architects PLLC Friends of the River Foundation
Dolores Earnest Frisbie Investments
After 50 Years... Donald & Lisa Eastep Rick & Angie Frisbie
Natalyn Eastep Betty Frogley
Your gift has grown to $51,000 Jeff Easter & Monica Bachamp Fuller Industries, LLC
and has given $35,000 to charity. Brandon & Heather Ebert Angela Fuller
Ken & Karen Ebert Heather Fuller
24 Jessica & Zach Eckels G & L Tire and Automotive Inc
Martin & Sue Eddy Kelsie Gack
Cassandra Edgerton Lindsey Gack
Derek Edgerton Michael & Barbara Gack
Gary & Debby Edgerton Anthony Gagnon
Amanda Ediger Paul & Dusti Gallagher
Steven Ediger James Galligan
Warren & Leadell Ediger Naomi Gamer
Edwards County Economic Development Chris & Julie Gardiner
Guy & Jackie Gardner
CDRR Project William & Laurel Garlow
Jay & Elaine Edwards Ryan & Amanda Garren
Sarah Edwards Robert & Elizabeth Garrison
Shonell Edwards Joanne Gartner
Dexter Eggers & Ann Zimmerman Deanna Gary
Jeff & Jeanene Ehrlich Dee & Ann Gasper
Carolyn Eland Dennis & Becky Gassman
Misty Serene Richard & Karen Gates
Ronald & Judith Elliott Larry & Sue Geiger
Kenton & Joyce Ellis Geocore Inc.
Kyle & Camille Elmore Somnath & Shohini Ghosh
Sylvester Engel Kynan & Megan Gibson
Bryan & Kimberly Engelman Richard & Rosemary Gibson
Larry & Laurel Erickson Mary Gifford
Estate of Connie M. Achterberg Jeff & Lynn Gillam
Gayle & Murriel Evans Maggie Gillam
Tom & Pam Evans Ashley Gilpin
Merl & Coleen Everhart Rodd & Jolene Glavin
Bob & Mary Exline Terry & Melissa Goetz
Doug Exline Chris & Becky Good
Exline, Inc. Greg & Barb Goode
Jean Exline Gregory Gooden
Jerry & Carol Exline Peggy Goodwin
Linn Exline Janice Gordon
Rob & Kelli Exline Doug & Lisa Gormley
Express Employment Professionals Karen & Dave Gorrell
Eyecare Associates of Salina, LLC Gordon & Joyce Gorton
Kenneth & Lillian Faerber Jack Gosar
William & Lori Faerber Chris & Mandi Graber
Walter & Lola Fair Doug & Elizabeth Graham
Fernando Fajardo G. Grimsley & Carol Graham
Milton & Cynthia Falk Jerry & Terri Graham
David & Carol Fanshier Randy & Lisa Graham
Scott Farber Steven & Cheri Graham
Shirley Farber
Farmers State Bank

Grain Belt Supply Co, Inc. Taite & Kylie Herrington Ann Jordan
Gabe Grant Bryan & Katie Herwig Verla Nesbitt Joscelyn Foundation
Steve & Claire Grant Phil Hett Judith Joy
Helen L. Graves Rosemarie & Earl Hicks Julie Hess Design
Great Clips Hi-Co Motor Co, Inc. John & Anne Jung
Great Plains Association of Realtors, Inc. Rose Hieger Mike & Katie Junk
Great Plains Manufacturing, Inc. Delores Hill Paul & Carol Junk
Greater Manhattan Community Foundation John & Linda Hinnenkamp Charles & Kristine Jurgensmeier
Don & Heather Greene Beth Hinshaw Kyle & Rachel Jury
April Gregory Loreli Hoard Robert & Denice Justus
Amanda Gress James & Connie Hocking Stefany Kaniper
Scott & Michelle Griffin Jacob & Jessica Hodges Kansas Delta Master Chapter - Beta Sigma Phi
Harry Grinstad & Carol Garrison Boo & Melissa Hodges Kansas Periodontics & Dental Implants, L.L.C.
Gregory & Anna Groene Steve & Anne Hoekstra Mary Kanton
Dean & Betty Groves Daryl & Kim Hoelting Craig & Lisa Karlin
Tracy & Jan Grubaugh Ross & Melva Hoffhines KASA Companies, Inc.
Arlo Gruenthal Melinda Hoffman Leon Kashkin
Gudenkauf & Malone, Inc. Kathryn Hoffner Mrs. Rosemary Kauffman
John & Kristin Gunn Ellen & Scott Hogeland KC&G Business Appraisal Associates, Inc.
Barb Gutsch & Nyla Romeiser Steven Hohnbaum K-Coe Isom, LLP
Floyd & Zella Gwin Bill & Marilyn Holgerson George & Phyllis Kearns-Cramer
Eric & Mollie Haberer Nancy Holland Kathy Keeling
Glenna Hackerott Jeffrey & Barbara Holm Susan Kelly
Megan Haden Don & Nadine Holmes Calvin & Cathy Kelsey
Michael & Sara Haden Keith & Sue Holmes Casey & Stephanie Kendrick
Terry & Ann Haden Hannah Holt Asa Kenison
Alan & Kathy Hale Home Builders Care Fund Kennedy Berkley Yarnevich & Williamson, Chtd.
Steven E. Hale Debb Homman Gary & Catrina Kennedy
Ted Hale Jim and Sally Hooper Heidi Kicker
Amy Hall Crystal Hornseth John & Kelli Killam
Lance & Katie Hall Michele Horton Jeff & Jan King
Dana Hamant Kent & Barbara Houck Kelsey King
Robert Hamilton Loren & Erie Houltberg Kingdom Circle Ministries
Bob & Janis Hamman Housing Authority of Salina Jerry & Pat Kinnaird
Jaquelynn Hammersmith Larry & Beverly Hower Glennace Kirn
Mike & Martha Hammontree Mr. Raymond Howey Dick & Nancy Kismer
Hampton & Royce, L.C. Donald & Janice Hrabik Katy Kitchen
Frank & Izzy Hampton Shannon Hsu Glenna Kleinkauf & Ann Bishop
Kenny Hancock Shane Hudson Raymond & Joann Kline
Hank Haneberg James & Deborah Hughes Kenneth & Nancy Klostermeyer
Robert & Margaret Hankins Barbara Hunter Jerry & Vickie Knight
Leon & Judy Hannebaum Bob Huseman Jeff & Paula Knox
Dane G. Hansen Foundation Walter & Mary Jo Husten John & Cynthia Knutson
Demaris Hansen Hutchinson Community Foundation Bobby & Gena Koch
Janet Hanson Dirk & Fran Hutchinson Devin & Tanya Koehn
Gary & Wendy Hanus Brad & Cheryl Hutchison Blanche Koetting
Gary & DeVona Harding Svetlana Hutfles Gary & Sarah Kohake
Tony & Allison Harding Independent Connection, Inc. Michael & Lucy Kollhoff
Eric & Melody Hardman Robert & Ruth Ann Ingold Alison Kossover
David & Pamela Hardy Innovatel, LLC Helen Krajicek
James & Jo Hardy Scott Jagodzinske Ralph & Dorilda Anne Kresin
Richard Harper James K. Coy Construction, Inc. Ken Krier
Darla Jo Harrel Douglas & Cindy Janssen Adam Krug & Aubrey Streit Krug
Aaron Harries Jim & Kay Jarvis Daniel & Linda Krug
Teri Harrington Sarah Jaster David & Hope Krug
Ronald & Lorraine Harris Bob & Priscilla Jenkins John & Donna Krug
Sydney Harris Ken & June Jennison Phil Krug
Anita Hartley Joan Jerkovich Hank & Hannah Kummer
Tricia Hartshorn Clark & Alisha Jester Karen Kushkin
Randy & Lynda Hassler Ann Jett Nancy Kushkin
Sharon Hauser Jewell County Stan & Sandy Labertew
Marvina Havighorst JKC Building Systems LLC Dorothy Lacey
David & Susan Hawksworth JKC Rentals LLC Tonya Lain
James & Amy Jo Hawley Stephani Johns-Hines Glendon Lakes
Joe Hay Braeden & Dana Johnson Eric & Deanna Lamer
Hays Academy of Hair Design Gregory Johnson Betty & James Lammle
HCB Management Jim & Paula Johnson Bradley & Sarah Lancaster
Heartland Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center, PA Kathleen Johnson Land Title Services, Inc.
Charles & Lana Heaton Kelsey Johnson Jamin Landavazo
Dan & Margaret Hebert Scott & Linda Johnson Mary Landes
Daniel Hellen Steve & Valerie Johnson Corlene Lange
Jerome & Susan Hellmer Troy Johnston Darris & Jennifer Larson
Jacob & Alisha Hemmer Jones Gillam Renz Luci & David Larson
Tom & Maggie Hemmer Anne Jones Carolyn Lathan
Greg & Linda Henderson Carolee Jones Lavern Laubhan
Brenda Henry John & Gig Jones Stanley & Leslie Lauer
James & Mary Hepner Robert Jones Roy Lawrence
Duane & Sandra Hernbloom Russell & Jacqueline Jones Mary Ann Lay


League of Women Voters of Sallina Mike & Pam McGraw Stanley Nelson
Audrey Lee Pam McIntyre Debbie Neubrand
Charles & Marina Lee Jerry & Rosa McKee Daran Neuschafer Agency, Inc.-American Family
Robert & Janice Lee Weston & Sherry McKee
Scott Lee McKenna Law Office PA Insurance
Lee & Sarah Legleiter Joe & Mary Lou McKenzie Daran & Kendra Neuschafer
Shuting Lei & Shuangye Wu Gayle & Jane McMillen Pat & Barb Neustrom
Rob & Tina Leiker Kandis McNabb New Gottland Lutheran Church-WELCA
Patricia Lertora McShares, Inc. Lisa Newman
G. & Donna LeSage LaNay Meier Newport Design
Kristin L. Leshner Rod Meier Barbara Newsom Kulieke
Lane & Penny Letourneau Brent & Melanie Melander Ramona Newsom
Van & Mary Lett Brian & Amy Mellies Nex-Tech
Charles & Karen Levin John & Michelle Melvin Tim & Jean Ney
Kate Lindsay Troy & Sherri Melvin Greg Nichols
Marjorie Lindstrom Rafael & Renee Mendez Scott & Kristine Nicholson
John & Caroline Linehan Dustin & Kristin Menzies Barbara Nickell
William & Nancy Lines Douglas & Susan Mergen Fr. Kerry Ninemire
Aubrey & Nancy Linville Meridy’s Restaurant & Lounge Karl & Stacy Nitz
Kathi Linville Rose Marie Merrill Noon Network AMBUCS
Christina Litwiller Cheryl Mersman Janice Norlin
Robert & Rachel Loersch Dell & Becky Mettlen Byron & Sandra Norris
Jerome & Nancy Lonergan Mark & Brenda Meuli Chris & Julie Norris
Kyle & Susan Lorenc Craig & Pamela Meyer Gary & Julia Norris
Wayne Lowen & Brigid Jensen Donald & Phyllis Meyer William & Terri Norris
Beth Lull Robert Meyer Bill North & Cori Sherman-North
Dennis Lull Mid Kansas Title Co., Inc. Chuck & Rita Northup
Hollace J. Lull Mildred & Rolland Middlekauff Foundation Amy Norton
Luminous Neon, Inc. Midwest Bakery Company Frank & Jeanne Norton
Jeannine Lund Midwest Evaluation and Research, LLC Norton, Wasserman, Jones & Kelly, L.L.C.
Jill Lundgrin Eric & Ann Mikkelson Dennis & Martha Oakes
Larry & Katherine Lysell Elden V. Miller Family Charitable Trust Doug & Marilyn Oakes
Mahaska Bottling Company Diane Miller Frances & Steve Oare
Loren Mai Ken & Beth Miller John & Mary O’Brien
Diane & Adam Mangels Mark Miller & Julie Sager Miller Marilyn O’Connor Hunt
Lane Mangels Michael & Melissa Miller Ann O’Connor
Leslie & Neal Mangels Robert Miller Dean Olson
Leslie Mangrum Bob & Linda Miller Adam & Connie Ortega
Diane Mann Dave & Pat Mills Marjorie Osterhoudt
Paul & Barbara Ann Marak Millwood Realty, Inc. Janice Ostrom
John Marietta Ann Miner John & Linda Ourada
Edward Marks John & Karen Mize Overland Property Group
Trenton & Keri Marr, DVM The Mock’s Melanie Overton
Dahx & Colleen Marrs Carol & Chris Moddelmog Julie Owens
Leon & Joyce Marrs Jean Modin Joseph & Cheryll Pacey
Marshall Automotive Group Money Automotive Center, Inc. Morgan Padgett
Michael & Mary Marshall Sharon Montague Greg Paglia
Aaron & Jessica Martin Susan Montague Brad & Sondra Palen
Bob & Michelle Martin Michael Montoya John & Sharon Palmquist
Christopher & Chloe Martin Julie Moore Diane Pancake
Dan & Jo Martin Cain & Leslie Moore Larry & Lynn Pankratz
Edith Martin Mario Morales & Marisa Martinez Allana Parker
Gayle Martin Joe Moreno & Dolli Winsky-Moreno Kelly & Debra Parks
Mary Virginia Martin Tish Morrical Ann Parr
Tom & Teresa Martin David & Sarah Morris Cheri Parr
Marvin’s Farm Equipment Repair Terry & Diana Morris Shirley Patrick
Kyle Matchell & Christy Gondring The Morrison Foundaton Trust David & Ann Payne
Rex & Lynda Matlack David & Beth Morrison Linda Payne
Mike & Sara Matteucci Richard & Sara Morrison Ryan & Sarah Payne
Earl Matthews The Mortgage Company Adia Peck
Mike & Penny Mattson Sean & Suzy Morton Mary & Robert Peck
Brad & Cynthia Mawhiney Dusty & Wendy Moshier Noah Peck
Gordon & Evelyn Maxwell Theresa Motes Janet Peerman
Angela Mayes Pat Mourning Rodney & Tanya Penn
Brent & Brandee Mayginnes Mowery Clinic, L.L.C. Abner & Kathryne Perney
Paul & Tammy McAfee Trey & Kim Mowery Pestinger Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
Michael & Tammy McClellan Millie Moye Gary & Leesa Peterman
Robert & Trudy McCobb Richard & Susan Mueller Shannon & Lisa Peters
Brenda McCoy Doug & Jean Mull John Petersen
Mary Ann McCoy Miranda Muller Gene & Carolyn Peterson
Melissa McCoy Charles & Judith Munoz David & DuAnn Peterson
Dick & Georganna McCrary Martha Murchison Don & Pat Peterson
Brian & April McCullough Mary Murphy Erik Peterson
Don C. & Florence M. McCune Foundation Roy & Vendis Murray Kevin & Lynn Peterson
Carl & Mary McDaniel My Bike KS Inc. Nicole Peterson
Catherine McDonald Kevin & Nicoel Nasseri Pete & Rita Peterson
Gina McDonald Brad & Tamara Nelson David Petty
Kevin & Melisa McElwee Charlotte Nelson Eep & Jane Peuchen
Bradley & Briley Pfannensteil
26 Jody & Jan Pfannenstiel

Verlin & Elaine Pfannenstiel Mark Roberts Our Affiliates
Evelyn Phillips Bill & Kayla Roberts
Paul & Glenda Phillips Jerry & Margaret Robertson The Greater Salina Community
Mike Philson Loren & Shirley Robertson Foundation’s 14 affiliate foundations
Rob & Barb Pickrell Steve & Vicki Robinson serve a 16-county region in north-
Edith Pierce Todd & Leah Robinson central Kansas. Thanks to their
Bill & Kathleen Pierson Megan Robl leadership, residents of rural
Peggy Piper Rocking M Media, LLC communities have the opportunity
Billy & Deloris Pittenger Malcolm & Rozann Rodenberg to create permanent funds
Bernard & Erika Place Tyler & Rachel Roe and make grants to charitable
Marvena Plank Benny Rogers community projects.
Karen Plansky Mark & Dianne Rome
Dennis & Linda Pletcher Rex & Carol Romeiser Catholic Community Foundation
Michael & Shelbi Pollaro Charles Romm of the Diocese of Salina
Zan Popp Gayle Rose Community Foundation for Cloud County
Katherine Potter Joe & Carol Ross Heartland Community Foundation
Dr. Dick & Carol Ann Powell Michael Ross Jewell County Community Foundation
Zach & Morgan Powell Betty Rossette Osborne County Community Foundation
Tim & Shelly Power Charlie & Marcy Roth Ottawa County Community Foundation
Adam & Amber Pracht Randy & Julie Rowe Post Rock Community Foundation
Preceptor Delta Xi WenDee Rowe Republic County Community Foundation
David & Mary Prendergast Jean Rowland Russell County Area Community Foundation
Theresa Prendergast RT Specialty Smith County Community Foundation
Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America, Inc. Jim & Donna Ruble Smoky Hills Charitable Foundation
John & Margaret Presley Walter & Sherrie Rugan Smoky Valley Community Foundation
Scott & Vicki Price Celia Ruiz Solomon Valley Community Foundation
Robyn Prickett Dixie Lee Ruland Washington County Community Foundation
Wayne & Kim Pruitt Steve & Kelly Rundelll
Benjamin & Mollie Purcell Chris & Abbey Rupe Affiliates By the Numbers, as of June 30, 2018:
Quality of Life Coalition Sandy & Terry Rush
Andrea Quill Russell County Area Community $52,177,371 TotalAffiliate
John & Mary Quinley Assets
Kevin & Brianna Quinley Foundation
Kay Quinn Jon & Lisa Russell $4,994,408 TotalAffiliate
Michael Ramage Mary Russell Grants Awarded
Selvan & Christina Raman Ryan Mortuary, Inc.
Keith & Grace Ramsdell Marc & Martha Ryan 1,015 Number of Affiliate Grants
Terry & Sherri Ramsey Raymond Ryan Administered by GSCF
Michael & Terri Rassette John & Melinda Ryberg
Dick & Joyce Ratcliff Barbara Sackrider 27
Cory & Cheryl Rathbun Sacred Heart Jr.-Sr. High School
Kurt & Michelle Ratzlaff Corey Sader
Jim Raubenstine Jeffrey & Angie Saenger
Daniel & Penny Rauchholz Bob & Linda Salem
Judith Ray Salina Area Retired School Personnel
Shannon Rayl Salina Area United Way
Redeemer Lutheran Church Salina Area Young Professionals
Larry Reed Salina Art Center, Inc.
Donald & Marlene Regehr Salina Arts & Humanities
Chuck Regier Salina Blueprint & Micrographics
Mark Regier
Christoper M. Reilly Systems, Inc.
Stephen & Raeleen Reinhardt Salina Charities League Inc.
Dick & Toni Renfro Salina Country Club
Steve Renich Salina Downtown Lions Club
Charles & Sandi Renz Salina Emergency Aid-Food Bank
Dean & Kara Revell Salina Family YMCA
Johnny & Linda Reyes Salina Optimist Club No. 37195
Martha Rhea Salina Police Department Excellence
Brent & Laura Rhodenbaugh
Chris & Tasha Rice Fund
Sylvia Rice Salina Regional Health Foundation
Brian & Julie Richardson Salina Rescue Mission
Kathy Richardson Salina Scale Inc.
Tom & Susan Richardson Salina Supply Company
Lacey Ridder Salina Surgical Hospital
Phillip & Dixie Riedel Salina Symphony
Frank & Brenda Riedl Saline County
John & Alison Riekhof Allen & Kathy Salzman
Archie & Alice Riggs Kaleigh Salzman
Dennis & Monika Riordan Hayley Samford
Mark Ritter Carmen San Martin
Steve & Debbie Rivers David & Bonnie Sanderson
Riverside Stock Farm Inc Arnold & Jan Sandquist
RJA Dozer Service LLC Sankey Auto Center, Inc.
Karen & Leroy Robben Madge Saville
Kathleen Robbins Mark Saville
Donna Roberts Mike Scanlon
Patricia Schaben
Mark & Stephanie Scheck
William Schick
Debra Schmid

Donald & Carol Schmidt Edward & Cynthia Splichal Patrick & Patricia Thompson
George & Kristin Schmidt Jerry & Marilyn Spohn Tara Thompson
James Schmidtberger Blaine Spurney & Cara Walker-Spurney Le Roy & Patricia Thoms
Betsy Scholten Larry & Janet St. Clair Tibbetts Bros., Inc.
Dave & Sharon Schrag St. Francis Community Services B. Joan Tiemann
Jeremy & Amy Schreiner Ricky & Cindy St. John Bette Timmel
Don Schroeder St. John’s Missionary Baptist Church James Tindall
Nada Schroeder St. Jude’s Episcopal Church Nellie Tingler
Frank & Linda Schulte Mary Ann Staab David & Virginia Tinkler
Donald & Joyce Schumacher Dan & Jenny Stack Ramona Tjaden
Jane Schwartz Geniese Stanford Clayton Todd
Brian & Lexy Schwarz Marshall & Janice Stanton Jennifer Toelle
Donald & Kathleen Schwegmann Alysia Starkey Dale & Kathy Tolbert
Steve & Jewelda Scofield State of Kansas Mike & Marla Tolbert
Scott Leming Insurance Company Denise Stein Frank & Judy Toman
Calvin & Stephaney Scott Doug Stein Byron Tomlins
Janice Scott Nancy & Joe Stein Larry & Rose Ann Tonne
Karen Scott Wendy Stein Michael Torrence
Jenni Seitz Gregory & Julie Stephens Total Security Source Inc.
Claudia Sergoviano Sharon Steponick Town and Country Animal Hospital
Gail Serrell Connie Stevens Jamel Tracy
Charlotte Shaffer Stewardship Counseling, LLC Jason & Sarah Tracy
Doris Shane Stewart Design LLC Susan Trafton
Shawnee County Clerk Freeda Lee Steyer Kira Treffer
Shawnee Heights USD 450 Milton I. & Frances L. Stiefel Foundation Ronnie & Karen Trible
William Shea Matthew Stolzenburg Kenneth & Mary Anne Trickle
Jack Sheahon & Anita Huntley Amy Stonebraker Trinity United Methodist Church
Ben Shearer Ryan Storck Lawrence & Mary Ellen Tripp
Jeff Sheets Nancy Stork George & Marcia Jo Troutfetter
Kay Sherman Lawrence & Jo Ann Stoskopf Jim & Joyce Trower
Brad & Cassie Shields Larry & Brenda Stoss Jeff & Annette Troyer
Mike & Kris Short Penny Stoss Steve & Cindy Tubbs
Larry Showalter Larry & Pamela Strahan Diane Turner
Showcase Jewelers Mike & Carla Strand Charlie & Brooke Tuttle
Richard Sieker James & Miriam Strasen U.S. Wheat Associates
Signify Shelby Strickland UMB-National Bank of America
Pauline Simmelink Larry & Deborah Strong Ella Umphrey
David Simmons & Carol Augustine Daryl & Deadre Strouts Douglas & Martha Underwood
Don & Jennifer Simoneau Janice Struble Gary & Chris Underwood
Lawrence & Della Simoneau Brad Stuewe & Paula Fried Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Salina
Donald Singer Tracy Sturgeon United Capital Management of Kansas
Laurie Slater Bill & Jennifer Sturges Arlyn & Jo Ann Unrein
James & Linda Slattery Robert & Joyce Stutterheim Dale & Bernadette Unruh
Mike & Carol Ann Sloo Molly & Ben Suing Uppercase Design
Larry Small F. D. & Diane Sullivan USD 305
Smith County Insurance Services, Inc. Michael Sullivan USD 305 - Salina Headstart
Boyd & Heather Smith Jeffrey & Samantha Sulsar Scott & Donna Van Allen
Brenda Smith Summers, Spencer & Company, P.A. James & Claudia Van Blaricon
Charles & Diana Smith Sunflower Bank, NA Sonja VanAmburg
Christi Smith Sunny Valley 4-H Club Max Vandament
David E. & Linda L. Smith Sunrise Mariners John & Kim Vanier
Harry & Pam Smith Sunrise Presbyterian Church Stan & Audrey Vaughn
Joy Smith Jessica Sutton Karen Versluys
Keith & Debbie Smith Lloyd & Judith Swagerty Carol Viar
Benjamin & Kimberly Smith Douglas Swaim Vidricksen Dist. Co., Inc.
Linda K. Smith Guy & Donna Swanson Benjamin & Karen Vidricksen
Todd & Jalue Smith James & Kelly Swart Marvin & Mary Vidricksen
Smoky Hill, L.L.C. Gary Swartzendruber Robert & Kathleen Vidricksen
Pete & Tracie Smucker Cheryl Sweley Kimberly Vink
Rex & Cindy Snavely Galen Swenson John & Michelle Vishnefske
J. D. & Carol Snedden Quenten Swenson Johnna Vosseller
Keith & Gloria Snow Keir & Ashley Swisher Waddle’s Heating & Cooling, Inc.
Morrie & Sydney Soderberg Robert & Frances Swisher David & Ronda Waggoner
Mike Soetaert & Melanie Terrill Charles Switzer Jinny Wagner
Solomon State Bank Gregory & Lenora Tabor David & Lonnie Wahlgren
John Mark & Lynette Solomon Kathy Tacha Dennis & Jeanie Wahlgren
Sinuo Song Thomas & Janet Taggart Walker Family Foundation
Frank & Maria Sorrentino James Talley Carolyn Walker
Herb & Shanna Soukup David & Vickie Tangeman Guy Walker & Harley Hamilton
Shanna Sowers Diana Tarver Mike & Penny Walker
Danny & Janet Sparks John & Holly Taylor Ronald & Deborah Walker
Mark Speaker Mike & Jan Terry Sandy Walker
Michael & Janice Speers Dean & Eunice Thaemert Trace & Cindy Walker
Faye Spencer David Thimgan Brandon & Jerrica Wallace
Jason & Kimberly Spencer Sidney & Diane Thomas Dottie Wallace
Eric & Rhonda Sperber Bryan Thompson Patrick Wallerius & Patricia Traxler
Les Sperling & Jerry Lovett-Sperling Jeff & Mary Thompson Dewayne & Lois Wallis
Michael & Vickee Spicer Jennifer Thompson Chris Walston


Gary & Janelle Walter Barb Young Joy Smith
Rosie Walter Dan & Susan Young Joyce Moeder
Jimmy & Sandra Ward Douglas & Patricia Young Judi Standley
Robert Ward Lee & Chris Young Judy Scofield
Charles & Janet Warren Loren & Sara Young Karen & David Rankin
Dee & Kimberly Warren Michael Zaloudek Kathy Johnson
Jeff & Karla Waters Cynthia Ziegler Ken & Janet DuBois
George & Ann Watkins Terry Zimmer Ken Guest
Larry & Jennifer Watts Mark Zimmerman & Carolyn Hofer KU School of Medicine Salina
Ben & Betsy Wearing Patrick & Susan Zimmerman Larry Britegam
Steve & Vickie Wearing Carlos & Beverly Zizumbo Leona Nichols
Bryan & Shasta Weatherman Jeffery & Amy Zuercher Lidia Pagan
Charles & Jane Weathers Lou & Patricia Rehr
Gary & Mary Ellen Weaver Memorials Marnie Rhein & Staff
Judy Weber Martha Oakes
Phyllis Weber Adele Britegam Mary & Bob Exline
Bob & Pat Weber Ben, Margaret & Tim Breault Mary Ann Lay
Verna Weber Betty Gosar Mike & Carol Ann Sloo
Mark & Carolyn Wedel Bill Grevas Mike Berkley
Chris & Julie Weems Brenda Ascher Nicole Peterson
Fred & Joan Weigel Carolyn Lundgrin Pete & Rita Peterson
Joseph & Jane Weiler Emily Shobe Phil Coleman
Gary & Mary Anne Weiner Harry Jett Quentin Swenson
Susan Weis Jerry Fidele Renee Rockers
Brian & Judy Weisel Lowell Letourneau Rex & Carol Romeiser
Michael & Lexie Weiser Marsha L. Loomis Rex & Cindy Snavely
Greg & Denise Weiss Merlin Charles Diederich Ross & Melva Hoffhines
Steve Welborn Mitch Comfort Sean & Mandi Clark
Gary Lynn & Sonja Welch Phil Krug Sherri Barragree
Marianne Welch Royce Nelson Steve & Bonnie Kmetz
Doug & Marva Weller Tim Foist Steve & Nancy Bressler
Dan & Mary Sue Wells Wanda Klenk Tina Luebbers Caldwell & Adam & Noah Moos
Phyliss Werth William Gilpin Wes & Joan Jackson
Anthony & Amy Wetta William P. & Wanda L. Horton YMCA Staff
George & Wilma Wheeler Wilma Jean McArthur
Carol White 29
Larry & Denise White Honorariums
Michael & Kathryn White
Monte & Penni White Alice Fox
Ralph & Judy White Angela & Jeremy Hopkins
Bryce & Sara Wichert Bank VI
Wichita TOP Children’s Fund Barry & Diana Dundas
Dwight & Gaylene Wiehl Bernadine Moeder
Randall & Mary Wiehl Betsy Scholten
Ryan & Amy Wiehl Bette Timmel
Shane & Angela Wiehl Bill & Ruth Cathcart-Rake
Steve & Tami Wilcox Bob & Marcia Anderson
Ashley Will Brad Stuewe & Paula Fried
William M. Martin Trust Brenda & Mark Saint
Bradley & Shelly Williams Brenda Moeder
Paul & Audrey Williams Catherine McDonald
Willing Workers 4-H Club Charles & Jane Weathers
Norman Wilms Clay & Judy Edmands
Mike & Shirley Wilson Clay & Nancy Thompson
Paula Wilton Clubine & Rettele
Wimer Family Charitable Foundation, Inc. Dave Tangeman
Thomas & Eva Winkler David & Becky Birdsong
Jay & Michelle Wisbey Deb Divine
Joe & Barb Wise Dr. Maria Rapp
James Witten Drs. Kristin & Mike Lawsen & Chris
James & Rose Wittman Emily Rake
Alexis Woodall Francisco & Joan Marie Martin
Woods & Durham, CPA Gail Moeder
Rod Woods Gayle & Jane McMillen
Carol Woodward Gina McDonald
Sarah Woolsey GSCF Staff
James & Ginger Wooten Han & Eva Lankhorst
Bob & Liz Workman Harmony Fountain
Susette Wortmann Holm Automotive Service
Carolyn Wright Jack & Sheri Ropp
Paula Wright Jackie Jones
Lynn Wuthnow Janet & Ken DuBois
Walter & Reva Jo Wywadis Jaych Rhea Family
Merlin Yan Jennifer Hernbloom
Elizabeth Yockers Jerry & Carol Exline
Mike & Julie Yoder Jerry & Jane Belt
Gina Rae Yost Jerry & Rose McKee
You and Your Surroundings, LLC Joe McKenzie
John Rupright & Sherry Myers
Jolene Biggs

...To Create Permanent

Community Impact.

Endowed funds help donors make a lasting difference in the
community by providing grants and scholarships every year.

This list contains funds opened prior to June 30, 2018. Funds created in fiscal year 2018 are bolded.

Designated Funds Kansas Health Foundation Leadership Designated Fund
Kansas Health Foundation Leadership Project Fund for Children
Provide annual support for specific charities chosen by the donor. Lyle & Anna Lightfoot Designated Fund for the Animal Shelter
Lyle E. & Anna M. Lightfoot Designated Fund
Don & Evelyn Amend Designated Fund Wilfred & Florence Loux Designated Fund
Ted & Almita Augustine Designated Fund Love Family Library Fund
Back to School Fair Designated Fund Dorothy B. Main Family Designated Fund
R. W. and Nancy Bowen Designated Fund Historic Masonic Temple Preservation Fund
Joyce L. Brown Scholarship Designated Fund Betty May Library Fund
Max P. & Ina Belle Christian Designated Fund Match Madness Fund
O. J. & Norma Cooper Designated Fund Rex R. & Wilma Jean McArthur Designated Fund
Henry S. Dreher Fund for Excellence Salina Meals on Wheels Designated Fund
Barragree Scholarship Fund for First Baptist Church Robert F. Miller Fund for Christ Cathedral
H. Alden & Mary E. Flanders Designated Fund George F. Mullen Designated Fund
Jeanne & George Frisbie Fund for Gypsum United Methodist Church Salina Municipal Band Fund
Tex & Betty Fury Designated Fund for Bethany College Verna Myers Designated Fund
Tex & Betty Fury Designated Fund Wendell K. Nickell & Waitstill B. Nickel Designated Fund
Gordon & Mary Anne Gardiner Fund Kathryn Nuss Designated Fund
Dale W. & Ruth S. Geisen Designated Fund The Pathway to Hope Fund
Raymond & Dorothy Goering Designated Fund Joy D. Peterson Memorial Designated Fund
Good Citizenship Award Fund Raymond W. Richardson & Virginia M. Richardson Designated
William H. Graves Scout Service Center Building Fund James E. Roderick & Nancy A. Roderick Designated Fund
Bill Grevas Sacred Heart Jr/Sr High School Scholarship Designated Fund Sassy & Foxie Rogers by Celestine Roger Designated Fund
Arlo R. Gruenthal Fund for the United Way Fund Salina Animal Shelter Designated Fund
Gloria Hagan Fund Salina Economic Development Corporation Fund
Ken Hakoda Endowed Conductor Chair Fund Saline County Department of Senior Services Designated Fund
William J. & Ada Mae Harbin Designated Fund Marie S. Schmidt Designated Fund
Bill J. Hopper Family Designated Fund Laddie & Wanda Schrock Designated Fund
Harry H. & Sara W. Huber Designated Fund Doris & Al Schwan Charitable Fund
Maynard & Letty Jones Designated Fund Irene M. Schweitzer Symphony Fund
Kansas Junior Golf Scholarship Fund SculptureTour Salina Fund
A. Byrne & Margaret E. Kelley Designated Fund Mike & Carol Ann Sloo Designated Fund
Kelling-Tomlinson Designated Fund Smoky Hill River Festival Legacy Fund
Kenwood Cove Assistance Fund St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton Church Operating Fund
Kansas Health Foundation Operating Fund for GSCF Weibert Family - Decatur County Feed Yard Fund Designated Fund
Glenda Krug Designated Fund J.E. & Pearl Weiss Fund for First Presbyterian Church
KWU Student Volunteerism & Service to Salina Community
Designated Fund


J.E. & Pearl Weiss Fund for St. John’s Lutheran Church Michael Sullivan Pass-Through Fund
J.E. & Pearl Weiss Fund for Salina Regional Health Foundation Col. Delbert Townsend Donor Advised Fund
Sally & Norman Wilkinson Designated Fund Larry & Millie Triplett Donor Advised
Wings Over Salina Air Museum Designated Fund John K. Vanier Family Donor Advised Fund
Young Women Athletic Designated Fund Charles W. Walker Donor Advised Fund
Mark & Carolyn Wedel Donor Advised Fund
Donor Advised Funds George & Margaret Yarnevich Pass-Through Fund
Norm & Kristy Yenkey Donor Advised Fund
Allow donors to recommend grants to the Lee & Chris Young Donor Advised Fund
charities or programs of their choice.
Field of Interest Funds
James R. Allen Family Donor Advised Fund
Anonymous Donor Advised Fund Support a specific cause or geographic area.
Applequist Family Fund
Ted & Almita Augustine Donor Advised Fund Assaria Community Foundation Fund
Mark & Becky Augustine Donor Advised Fund Breast Cancer Patient Support Fund
Robert W. Baldwin Family Donor Advised Fund Dane G. Hansen Foundation Community Grant Fund
Mark & Jane Berkley Family Donor Advised Fund Decatur Community Education Fund
Mike Berkley Donor Advised Fund Fund for Early Childhood Care, Education & Development
Rose & Elton Bloomberg Donor Advised Fund Kansas Health Foundation Fund for GSCF
Dick & Joyce Brown Donor Advised Fund L. P. (“Pat”) Mullen Fund
Kim E. & Conee Brown Donor Advised Fun Rob Schorling Memorial Fund
Buyse Family Donor Advised Fund Salina Youth Baseball Fund
Davidson Family Fund Sunflower Bank Softball Showcase Fund
John & Deborah Divine Donor Advised Fund Triplett Inc. Employee Assistance Fund
Linda L. Ellison Donor Advised Fund Women Helping Women Fund
Exline Employee Charitable Donor Advised Fund YW Legacy Fund
Flaherty Family Donor Advised Fund
Fried-Stuewe Donor Advised Fund Organization Funds
George & Jeanne Frisbie Donor Advised Fund
Helen L. Graves Donor Advised Fund Provide annual income for nonprofits to support their charitable work.
H&B Enterprises Donor Advised Fund
Leon K. & Judy Hannebaum Donor Advised Fund ARTS & CULTURE
Ted & Doris Harder Donor Advised Fund Central Kansas Flywheels Museum
Tom & Maggie Hemmer Donor Advised Fund Friends of the Smoky Hill Museum
Joan Jerkovich Donor Advised Fund Kansas Museums Association
Harry J. & Ann Lee Jett Donor Advised Fund Salina Art Center
The KASA Companies, Inc. Charitable Fund Salina Arts & Humanities Foundation
Jeff & Paula Knox Family Fund Salina Community Theatre
Robert & Debra Korbelik Donor Advised Fund Salina Public Library
Kummer Family Fund Salina Symphony
Frieda J. Mai Donor Advised Fund Stiefel Theatre-Performing Arts Foundation
Maurice & Gladys Olson McDonald Donor Advised Fund
Peggy & Bill Medina Family Donor Advised Fund CHILDREN & YOUTH
Mark L. & Julie Sager Miller Donor Advised Fund Big Brothers Big Sisters of Salina
Pete & Rita Peterson Pass-Through Fund Boy Scouts of America, Coronado Area Council
J. Milton Pilcher Family Donor Advised Fund Child Advocacy & Parenting Services (CAPS)
Rauchholz Family Fund Child Care Aware of Kansas
Sid & Susy Reitz Pass-Through Fund The First Tee of Saline County
Dick & Toni Renfro Pass-Through Fund Girl Scouts of Central Kansas
Steve Ryan Pass-Through Fund KIAAA Endowment
Bob & Linda Salem Pass-Through Fund Love, Chloe Foundation
The Salina Police Department Excellence Fund Martin Luther King, Jr. Child Development Center
Darwin L. & Delma M. Sampson Donor Advised Fund Salina Child Care Association
David E. & Linda L. Smith Donor Advised Fund Saline County 4-H Development
Keith & Gloria Snow Donor Advised Fund School Marathon Foundation
Robert & Connie Stewart Pass-Through Fund Teen Town, Inc.
The Lawrence & Anna Streit Family Donor Advised Fund USD 305 Heartland - Head Start
Karl & Connie Stutterheim Donor Advised Fund

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Salina Sunrise Presbyterian Church
North Salina Community Development, Inc. St. John’s Missionary Baptist Church
St. Mary Queen of the Universe Catholic Church
The Land Institute Trinity United Methodist Church
Friends of the River Foundation Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Salina
Rolling Hills Zoo University United Methodist Church
Webster Conference Center
Bethany College Scholarship Funds
Cornerstone Classical School
Kansas Music Educators Association Support student education.
Kansas State Polytechnic
Kansas University Endowment Association Wally Beets - John Marino Scholarship Fund
KU School of Medicine - Salina Betts Family Scholarship Fund
Kansas Wesleyan University Booker T. Washington Scholarship Fund
Sacred Heart Jr/Sr High School Kurt Budke Scholarship Fund
St. John’s Military School Foundation C. L. Clark Scholarship Fund
St. Mary’s Grade School Frances E. Curtis NAACP Scholarship Fund
Salina Area Technical College Decatur Community Scholarship Fund
Salina Christian Academy Erik Erickson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Salina Education Foundation First Bank Kansas Scholarship Fund
Smoky Hill Education Service Center Jody Fredrickson Nursing & Health Scholarship Fund
Jeanne & George Frisbie Scholarship Fund
HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES Brian Clarke Garnett Memorial Scholarship Fund
Access Foundation of Kansas (OCCK) Hale Family Sunflower Promise Scholarship Fund
AMBUCS, Salina A.M. Chapter Kansas Federation of Republican Women Scholarship Fund
American Red Cross of Central and Western Kansas Mike & Mable Kelling Scholarship Fund
Ashby House, Ltd. Kelling-Tomlinson Scholarship Fund
Bethany Home Association Evelyn R. King National Honor Society Scholarship Fund
Birthright of Salina Jeanne B. Marts Scholarship Fund
Catholic Charities of Northern Kansas Orpha J. & Ernest Milbradt Scholarship Fund
Central Kansas Foundation Glenn L. & Edna M. Mott Memorial Scholarship Fund
Central Kansas Mental Health Center Alma Olson & Michael T. Olson Scholarship Fund
Domestic Violence Association of Central Kansas (DVACK) Mary Olson & Viola Olson Gustafson Scholarship Fund
Hospice of Salina David A. & M. Marguerite Parker Scholarship Fund
Osborne County Memorial Hospital Gayle & Evelyn Richmond Scholarship Fund
Pregnancy Service Center Alice A. Riggs Ell-Saline K-State Scholarship Fund
Saint Francis Ministries Emily E. Shobe Memorial Art Scholarship Fund
Salina Area United Way Tetlow-Downs Community Scholarship Fund
Salina Emergency Aid / Food Bank Col. Delbert Townsend Scholarship Fund
Salina Family YMCA Florence Evelyn Westhoff Scholarship Fund
Salina Habitat For Humanity
Salina Health Education Foundation Unrestricted Fund
Salina Regional Health Foundation
Salina Rescue Mission Support the foundation’s community
The Salvation Army grantmaking and Match Madness.
Sunflower Adult Day Services
Thrive of the Heartland Fund for Greater Salina

SPIRITUALITY Provisional Funds
Belmont Boulevard Christian Church
Center for Spirituality & Leadership Support groups or organizations raising money for
Christ the King Lutheran Church a specific charitable community project.
Church of the Cross - United Methodist
First Baptist Church Community Fieldhouse Land Acquisition & Construction Fund
First Presbyterian Church of Salina Community Recreation Center Fund
Rolling Hills United Church of Christ Downtown Holiday Fund
Salina First United Methodist Church Iron Avenue Grocery Store Fund
Salina Heights Christian Church Heartland Housing Project Fund


Funds for the Future

Transform Tomorrow

The following donors have chosen to make a permanent
gift at the end of their lifetime through their will.

For more information about how to leave a gift through your will, or to be added to our
current list of Funds for the Future, please contact Jessica Martin at 785-823-1800.

Dana & Sue Anderson Brenda Hemmer Rex & Carol Romeiser
Rose Anderson Matt Hemmer M. Patricia Roth
Anonymous (5 donors) Tom & Maggie Hemmer Ramon & Glenda Schmidt
Avatar Fellowship Harry* & Ann Jett Warren & Margaret Schmidt
(anonymous donor) Phyllis Johnson Robert & Lori Schrock
Avatar Scholarship Elizabeth Keating Mike & Carol Ann Sloo
(anonymous donor) Marcia Klingzell Boyd & Heather Smith
Penny Beans Bill & Pat* Knox David & Linda Smith
Lila Berkley Lewis* & Barbara Kollhoff Keith & Gloria Snow
Paul & JoAnn* Berkley John Komarek Dan & Jenny Stack
Suzanne Blakey Russ Lamer Elizabeth*, Harry* & McDowell Steele
Dick & Joyce Brown Tamra Lamer Kenneth & Geraldine Stephenson
Tim & Cindy Buyse Jack & Ann Ludwig Connie Stevens
Mike & Stephanie Carlin David Martin Ann Swenson
Bill & Ruth Cathcart-Rake Gayle & Jane McMillen Cheryl & Fred Tepe
Dale & Beverly Cole Bill & Peggy Medina Burton & Bonnie Thompson
Mike & Brenda Cloutier Mark & Julie Miller Ron & Kathleen Tremblay
Allen Dodge Jake Mitchell Linda Tuller
Linda Ellison Stan & Sandy Mitchell Jack & Donna Vanier
Paul Ellison Trey & Kim Mowery Keith Vestal
Rob & Kelli Exline Myrna Muir Charles & Elaine Waddle
Rick & Janet Fisher Brenda O’Gorman Mike & Penny Walker
Dean & Betty Groves Ann M. Parr Trace & Cynthia Walker
Arlo R.*, Louise* & Mark Gruenthal N.M. & Norma Jean Patton Wallace N. Weber, M.D.
John & Kristin Gunn Pete & Rita Peterson James & Sherryl Zoltenko
Ted & Dorris Harder Eep & Jane Peuchen
Randy & Lynda Hassler Bob* & Karel Purdy *Deceased
Helping Hands (anonymous donor) Steve & Joyce Roe


Financial Information

2018 Highlights Asset Growth $220M

(July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018) (cumulative)

$220,008,322 702Total Number $120.8M
Assets of Funds

$13,172,607 5,263TotalGifts Number $43.7M
& Pledges of Gifts
$15,816,672 1,864TotalGrants Number $9.2M 2013 2018
Awarded of Grants

Gifts Received $218.6M

5% (cumulative)

14% $122.5M

2018 $4.6M $49.0M 2013 2018
by Area 2003 2008

17% 21%


Grants Made $92.3M


Education Health & Human Services $510.1K $16.3M $33.1M

$3,390,110 $2,222,124 2003 2008 2013

Youth Development Community Development

$3,340,362 $876,486

Other Needs Parks & Recreation

$2,612,554 $818,893

Arts & Culture 2018

$2,556,440 Detailed financial information is available by calling our office at 785-823-1800.


Meet Our Team

Jessica Martin Susan Weis Katy Kitchen Brandee Mayginnes

President & Executive Director Director of Finance Director of Regional Affiliates Director of Grants & Scholarships

Megan Robl Rita Northup Jessica Fuller

Director of Marketing Executive Assistant Grants & Scholarships
& Communications Coordinator

Natalie Wood Kora Copas Angela Kerner Meredith Frazier

Grants & Scholarships Staff Accountant Affiliate Operations Coordinator Marketing & Communications
Coordinator Coordinator

Connect with us!

Greater Salina Community Foundation


119 W Iron Ave, 8th Floor · PO Box 2876 · Salina, KS 67401
785-823-1800 · [email protected] · Find us on Facebook!

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