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Wonder Welcome Packet

Wonder Welcome Packet







Wonder is a personal research assistant, providing a beautifully simple
way for anyone – from individuals up to Fortune 500s – to access

knowledge when they need it most. Our clients ask questions about
everything and anything, though much of our research is focused on

business, technology, and marketing.
Wonder’s full-time staff is headquartered in New York City, but our real

superpower is our Knowledge Team: 3,000+ independent
contractors from all over the world who answer questions on Wonder

because they love learning and want to earn money on a flexible,
work-from-anywhere schedule.

We are extremely selective about who we approve for our Knowledge
Team, and we’re thrilled you’ll be joining!


What are Tell me
healthcare everything I
facilities' offerings need to know
for non-cash about the
employee Venezuela crisis.


New Analysts are initially approved to join either the Sourcing
track or the Writing track - sometimes both at once. As you gain
more experience on Wonder, you’ll be able to apply for access
to additional jobs. Strong analysts typically graduate from their

trial periods within their first week, but you can set whatever
pace is right for you.


you’ll track down the highest quality
resources across the Web and explain the

results in your notes so that a writer can
turn your findings into a robust brief.
During your trial you'll earn $10 per

request. A Wonder Reviewer will double
check your work and give you a star-rating
before it's sent to a Writer. Reviewers must

answer "yes" to four questions for your
work to be used. Once you've graduated,
your work will be sent directly to a writer

and you'll earn $16 every time.


you'll synthesize notes and answers
provided by Wonder Sourcers to write
robust briefs. During your trial period

you'll earn up to $16 per brief,
depending on how much work the
Editor does on your draft. Five-Star
briefs mean that you take home all $16!
Once you've graduated (received 3
consecutive 5-Star reviews from an
Editor), you'll send your work directly to
the client and earn $16 every time.


Is the question clear and the right
size? Does it need to be broken up?


Wonder Planner suggests 3
research approaches.


Wonder Sourcer claims question,
researches answers and provides
source notes.


Source Recency?
Clear Source Notes?
Holistic Summary?
Clear Answer?


Wonder Writers use the Wonder
Template and synthesize
information into a Brief.


Wonder Editors check grammar,
spelling, answer clarity and


5 Stars: $16 Writer
4 Stars: $8 Writer, $8 Editor
3 Stars: $4 Writer, $12 Editor
1-2 Stars: Back to Dashboard


Final Brief sent to Client for 1-5 star
review and comments for


H O W   D O E S   P A Y M E N T   W O R K?

Wonder Analysts are automatically paid every other Friday, via PayPal.
Once you log on to Wonder and start completing jobs, you’ll be able to

track all of your upcoming earnings on your Earnings Dashboard.


During your trial period, all of your work is reviewed and your earnings depend on
your performance. A Reviewer or Editor will double check your work before it's
submitted to a Writer or the client. You will graduate to Full Sourcer or Writer by

completing three consecutive 5-Star pieces of work. Your graduation is dependent
upon reviews given by Wonder Reviewers, not the client.


You will graduate to Full Sourcer or Full Writer by completing three consecutive
5-Star pieces of work. Once you've graduated both Writing and Sourcing, you'll
become a Full Researcher and have access to the Research and Editing Tabs.
After completing 30 requests, you can apply to be a Vetter and Reviewer. Elite

Task Force members are selected by Admins.

elite task force: $33/Request + $4/hour editor: $8-12/brief
vetter: $1.25/request reviewer: $2/request

researcher: $30/request full writer: $16/brief
full sourcer: $16/request trial writer: up to $16/brief
trial sourcer: $10/request

I S   T H E R E   A   H E L P   C H AN N E L ?

#general in Slack is the Help channel.


Sourcing or Writing can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.There is a healthy
learning curve to mastering your work. The amount of time spent depends on your skill

level, practice, question, and many other factors. We've seen our best Sourcers
complete 2 requests per hour, but they're experts - take your time and embrace the
learning process! The Slack Community is always available to help and the Wonder

Database is great for speeding up the research process.


The timer helps with awareness of time spent working. It will only "time out"
if you're inactive for more than 1 hour. This doesn't mean you must

complete your work in 1 hour, just that you must not leave your work idle
for more an 1 hour at a time.

W H O   D O   I   T A L K   T O   A B O U T   X, Y, Z ?

#general on Slack is your go-to for the vast majority of questions. Experienced
researchers are Wonder experts and almost always know the answer! If you're

stuck and no one is #general seems to know either,email
resear[email protected]

I  J U S T   S U B M I T T E D   M Y   W O R K.  W H A T  

During your trial period, your successfully submitted work is passed onto either a
reviewer or editor, or simply submitted to the client if you're a Full Writer. If your
work doesn't meet the standards of the Sourcing or Writing Rubrics, it will either
be sent back to the dashboard for re-sourcing or improved by an Editor. In the

latter case, you will split your earnings with the Editor.

H O W   D O  I   K N O W   I F   I ' M   D O I N G   A   G O O D   J O B ?

You're among the 5-10% of applicants that we've accepted - we have no doubts
you're going to accel as a Wonder Analyst! Your work is rated by internal Wonder

Reviewers via star-ratings and you'll receive feedback on your dashboard and
email to track your progress. Of course, you can always reach out to the Wonder

Community of Slack, too!


learn read

Take the Sourcing The Wonder Resource
and/or Writing Center is your go-to guide
Tutorials before on-
boarding. You must to creating 5-Star work
pass with a score of at
least 95% before you Rubric
can start working on 5-Star Sourcing Examples


#general: Q&A. Slack is your home base for
#feedback: Ideas to improve Wonder. engaging with the Wonder
#watercooler: Hangout!
#sourcing: Advice and working Community! All analysts are
together on Sourcing. online asking questions, sharing
#bugs: Anything broken on Wonder?
tips and tricks while working.


Wonder Researchers come from all corners of the
Earth - truly! We have brilliant doctoral students from
India, parents and retirees from Australia, artists and
writers from almost every state. We work together to

share our expertise and produce the most robust,
human answers possible.

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