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2017-2018 EconLitCo Annual Report

2017-2018 EconLitCo Annual Report



Equipping Teachers Educating Students Elevating Financial Futures





Bridging the knowledge gap of economic and personal finance

Chart Title

Teachers grade A+ Satisfied
Entered into a 3-year contract EconLitCo’s
with the Colorado Attorney accredited 3%
General’s Office to provide professional
statewide PFL classes development Neutral
Started a volunteer program <1%
mentoring Stock Market Dissatisfied
Experience students
Joined with Boys and Girls COMMUNITY
Club to start stock market 1,302
education On a scale of 1 to 5, EconLitCo has
Attended EconLitCo Programs
Held the first annual PFL class 4.6 5 4.8
in partnership with Fidelity STUDENTS SERVED
Investments and Colorado Provided Improved
Jump$tart Coalition lesson plans teacher 95,989
to help support
Played integral part of the the Colorado knowledge 33%TEST SCORES
revision of both the Economic Econ and PFL
and Personal Financial Academic 4.5 Increase on Colorado
Literacy State standards Standards students’ PFL test scores just
by participating in one Stock
Completed re-branding to Impacted Market Experience session.
Economic Literacy Colorado student learning
by training their
HOURS 1 teachers

6,545 Visit Us Online at
Delivered to teachers through
professional development




Train one teacher . . . and you reach a classroom full of future decision-makers

Goal: 1 educated

Ensure that all Colorado TEACHER in ECONOMICS
students understand how the
economy works, how to manage and/or
personal finances, and how to PERSONAL FINANCE
make well-informed choices.
this is the
Teachers are indispensable to EFFECT
student learning - the greater
their education and knowledge, 100can reach over over their career
the more their students will STUDENTS
learn. This is why EconLitCo each year ththoeyuwsillarenachds
educates teachers in economics OF STUDENTS
and personal finance — so they
can prepare their students with Each class encourages us to be critical thinkers such
essential life skills to effectively that we, as teachers, are equipped with pedagogical
participate as responsible and strategies and techniques to teach economics, math,
productive members of our free PFL and social studies in a more contextualized and
enterprise system. real-world problem experiences.

Research finds that significant José Ramón Rivera Acosta, Yuma High School, Yuma
increases in student learning are Understanding the Financial Crisis and the
associated with higher levels Great Recession class participant
of teacher qualifications. As
mentioned in the Champlain
College Center for Financial
Literacy 2017 Report Card,
“students who received personal
finance education by trained
teachers had ‘high financial
literacy’ on par with the literacy
levels of Generation X (ages 35-
49) and higher than that of older
Millennials (ages 18-34)”.


We offer economics and personal finance programs directly to students


EXPERIENCE Partner with organizations
19,039 across the state to offer after-
The Stock Market Experience school programs to at-risk
incorporates math, reading, writing students.

and technology skills into this ACTION:

STUDENTS PARTICIPATED simulated investment classroom Economic Literacy Colorado
is expanding our reach outside
program. the classroom by developing
relationships with the Boys and
DFmtslsereDtwhtwbtoaoaaauhoToerfoeimberWrsrtkiecohmbpccgisnehinEewgnkuiuiaktaslceeacyagrsngwteasuvmkdoet.rrocsttewctoxncWdteateherehlphuadeosLheaybaebeliwwiosonrdstetooumrufkfcCeehomggnoulbisyie,ookrohattulweebimnlimnaoiekwtonSfmusecocrgneeceuttdetpureoendedpmkoviocseenanohorpestothactsvusfabeaormiuhokvawttuhtse.rwsralesiesiliaOceroetutistiaettileasnbannaneattsaedswrrernwkglbp,boheauacsoalldoalcoeoaaeyegmh:snunfksnfuonnhikrlntdibsldt,fjutdiodeuovmttw.eenputdseauobeafuLeatrtsphsesogauursiimktorcncwrtacyebmmofiireiavenlksiu.olennrsutealaiygiwuo.ewlW.gaeyasfmnWlienvnshedtnaoebywetegortmsomrtlidnirrkeafchuhsstaaidaaperstnatepwcobtrttikolotdthieelgeeonreeoiconianagcrdaesusvcktserigarostitemeckdgsoo.nelmshsatsoeeTrteati.waanbaf.cihahWe,nirnnblobwierGmicdcsgneelkgreoeohoeetaakketoa.uyamdionrtiqdhntnltoonslhtuguycipegosouuidnioleoactyitgnspfvlnhksensj.eokrtueo.oltvatiyorsoeisfliowhrlntgtsstncecrinbihknreaeugesdmy Girls Clubs in Colorado, as well
Cheers as the Colorado Department of
TAD2eno. aRhdmeePerldaSt,clyaDe.mHRPigoimkhaeirnSsk’cPS, heMtoao.okScl,ckRChesogaloiforfn,aMadl.oWSSpinrpnirneingrgss Youth Services and the Colorado
Army National Guard, Child and
Youth Programs. Each of these
groups targets students who
are at risk or who may not have
other means of learning about
investing and financial literacy.

This past spring, EconLitCo
partnered with Boys and Girls
Clubs in the High Rockies,
Chaffee County, Montrose,
and Black Canyon to offer the
Stock Market Experience as part
of their after-school program.
These clubs received training
on navigating the SME platform,
as well as how to implement
the program with their club

Doherty High School teacher Donna Ecks (left) with
students D. Roark, A. Reed, and M. Spring


Economics concepts brought to life

Economic Literacy Colorado
The annual Calendar Contest invites K-8 students to demonstrate was excited to announce
their understanding of economics and personal finance through art. the winner of the second
annual Kay Schmidt Young
Economist Scholarship essay
contest, Mannon Frykholm, of
Fairview High School, Boulder.
The scholarship provides a
$1,000.00 cash award.

Mannon’s essay was selected
from thirty submissions, all
responding to the prompt,
“What Economics Means to Me.”
We congratulate Mannon and
her economics teacher, Amy


2018 marked the 31st year of honoring a teacher of economics or
personal finance. This year’s recipient was Della Hoffman. She is
passionate in her integration of economics and personal finance into
her instruction at DPS’ Place Bridge Academy, a K-8 school with around
1,000 students. While distinguishing herself as a full-time classroom
teacher, Della has also served as a mentor teacher to her colleagues in
well over a dozen professional development settings and has worked with
the Colorado Department of Education in multiple projects promoting
economic education. She is a most deserving recipient of the award.


Promoting and teaching economics and personal financial literacy concepts

Number of EconLitCo Programs Attended by Colorado K-12 Teachers (July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2018)


1-19 programs 20-49 programs MAP INDEX: 100-199 programs 200 plus programs
50-99 programs

I really appreciated the thoughtful As a teacher who does not have
approach to applying economic a strong economics or financial
reasoning to the challenges of literacy background this class has
climate change with a genuine effort been immensely helpful. I feel as
toward a sustainable future. It’s a big though I can take on and explain
task to bridge the gap between the these topics without the worry of
‘ideal’ and the ‘real.’ leading my students astray. I look forward to
attending more classes in the future.
Chris Ferguson, Conifer High School, Conifer, Economic
Challenges of Climate Change class participant Amber Brown, Yuma High School, Yuma, The Simple Math
Behind PFL and Economics Revealed class participant


Knowledgeable professors + skilled mentors = better prepared teachers


Reach more teachers, especially in rural communities, with relevant
lessons, engaging pedagogy and valuable resources to improve their
classroom teaching.


Economic Literacy Colorado is steadily increasing its reach in rural
communities through new partnerships and collaborations. EconLitCo
was selected by the Attorney General’s office as part of their new
Financial Literacy Initiative to provide professional development
workshops to K-12 teachers in five different regions throughout the state
of Colorado for three years. Each professional development training
will include pedagogy, best practices for teaching the curriculum, and
engaging hands-on lessons and activities that align with the new 2018
state standards and can be used immediately in the classroom.

JUMP$TART FISCAL Round table discussions at June 2018
FITNESS WORKSHOP Jump$tart Fiscal Fitness Workshop class

EconLitCo held a full day These are high-level, high-quality materials presented by
workshop for 45 secondary enthusiastic professionals. I also value being treated so
teachers in June sponsored by well as a teacher. Thank you for a great day.
Fidelity Investments and the
national Council for Economic Anne Eden, Northglenn High School, Northglenn; Exploring the
Education. Professionals Ethical Foundations of Economics class participant
from Fidelity led the morning
session on Spending &
Financial Planning and the
afternoon session on Saving
& Investing. Both sessions
included activities and round
table discussions hosted by
fellow Fidelity professionals, as
well as an introduction to Next
Gen Personal Finance, a free
online curriculum resource for
secondary teachers. Teachers
were provided both a Financial
Fitness for Life flash drive and
teacher/student resource books
with valuable lessons to use in
their classrooms.


Business members making a difference

Goal: Dear EconLitCo:

Provide volunteer opportunities for the Colorado business community. mTmcdhpCMmqhWoaeaihegueeneirualmwhinycvbtcljtltaek,uehbiechorshsnsenioastpratgrcoaeuavsvwehptrdittne.eaaaeieNsoIgcfnrnorannoiktnitdenntsuvieng-ttoneeewdagerhstdnwrleitthlihtsijdghaaomoeihsiesiynlssrisznefisemges“eainttncdtxnhmotuagcutodlcraidihhtwlkeyateeeeesindortn.t”s,o.

ACTION: cIgcMWoreaaemermraeapkmtteehtyttooeoenpEnuyiaxndpa.ggeeIlaldrhtdinieteiwdnhiwnaaecisHlelSfibgrataeehobwacuaSallklbcoyrlhudesostojool.b.

EconLitCo successfully piloted a volunteer program in 2017 with members Thanks again for a wonderful
of the financial industry to mentor Stock Market Experience students program!
in the best practices of investing. The Mentored Investment Challenge
pairs financial professionals with teams of three to five students in
grades three through twelve. Financial professionals from all areas of
Colorado devote their time and expertise to mentoring SME students with
portfolio development, diversification, and investment strategies. They
meet virtually or in person for approximately ten weeks. Student teams
participating in this volunteer program compete against other teams with
volunteer coaches.

Additionally, this new program gives businesses the opportunity to host Parents -
a “bring students to work” day, allowing students to meet with different AEAaclliagslodeneCmoaunyndtNyaCthhaarnteNrabonsal
professionals to learn about various aspects of the industry. The Mentor
Investment Challenge has grown in the past year from 5 to 28 volunteers.

EconLitCo has also expanded volunteer opportunities to engage donors
and interested community members in developing successful business
and community relationships and to become advocates for economic
education and personal financial literacy in their schools, districts, and

Companies of Participating Mentors:

Aberdeen Asset Management Janiczek Welath Management Allison and Nathan’s son Nate placed
ANB Bank Janus Henderson Investors 3rd in the new volunteer Mentored
BKD LLP Legacy Home Lending, LLC
Investment Challenge
Bow River Capital Partners MassMutual Financial Group LLC
CIBC Private Wealth Management New York Life

Citywide Banks OppenheimerFunds, LLC
Colorado State Bank and Trust RK Capital Management
SCB Global Capital Management
Colorado State University Stordahl Capital Management
Edward Jones Sundermann Capital Management
Three Peaks Capital Management
Fidelity Investments Transworld Technologies Inc.
First Business Capital Corporation Wells Fargo Private Bank

Great-West Financial


Engaging the community through unique events

Adam Smith Award: Presenting Sponsor:

HONORING JAKE JABS | OCTOBER 2017 Liberty Sponsors:

EconLitCo was proud to honor Jake Jabs, President and CEO of Eric and Julie
American Furniture Warehouse — a Colorado legend and champion Koeplin
of America’s free enterprise system. As a principled businessman, Jake
embodies the very definition of the Adam Smith Award. His commit- Entrepreneur Sponsors:
ment to education, philanthropy, and the free-enterprise system are
genuine and generous. We thank our sponsors, many of whom trav-
elled across the United States to honor Jake in person and hear him
play his guitar during the fireside chat, and the more than 200 guests
joining us at the Hyatt Regency Tech Center.

Buz and Sherri Koelbel applauding
Jake Jab ‘s performance

Brews and Views:


Our second annual Networking Event was another great
success. More than 150 guests who were unfamiliar with
Economic Literacy Colorado came together to learn
about our mission while networking with other members
of the business community in the exclusive MolsonCoors
Taphouse on the 46th floor at 1801 California.

Sponsors: Bow River Capital Partners
Koelbel Urban Homes
Merritt Aluminum Products Company


A copy of our Audit and Form 990 are available upon request


Contributions, $239,453 Teacher Programs, $374,012 Unrestricted Operating, $247,799
Special Events, $90,566 Stock Market Experience, $142,768 Permanently Restricted, $176,996
In-Kind Contributions, $32,206 Management & General, $77,894 Board Designated, $73,890
Contract Services, 33,900 Fundraising, $95,079 Temporarily Restricted, $89,954
Investment Income, $21,011
Teacher Program Fees, $11,430
Publications/Other Income, $1,913


For a complete list of donors, please visit

American Furniture Manufacturing Charles Gallagher Eric Sipf
American Furniture Warehouse Jackson Furniture Laton Spahr
AMG National Trust Bank Rollie R. Kelley Family Foundation Tri-State Generation and
Autrey Foundation Koelbel and Company Transmission Association, Inc.
Bruni Foundation Koelbel Family Foundation Trueblood Foundation
Corinthian Mr. and Mrs. Eric Koeplin
Council for Economic Education US Bank
Denver Post Roger Maurer Wells Fargo Bank
EKS&H Taylor Merritt
FirstBank Holding Company Oppenheimer Funds, LLC Alfred Watson
Bruce Peterson George Wood
Joe Woodford


Thanks to the commitment and advocacy from our dedicated board of leaders

Chair SME student participants from Eagle County Charter Academy
Sandra Michel
AMG National Trust Bank Bruce Peterson Rob Vincze
Rio Grande Co. Partners Group AG
Vice Chair
Chris Hammond Brooks Rarden President and CEO
West Elk Partners US Bank Debbie Pierce
Economic Literacy Colorado
Treasurer William Schuck
Chuck Dahlman The Schuck Corporation Ex Officio
Regis University, retired Stephanie Hartman, Ph.D.
Tim Sheesley Colorado Department of
Secretary Xcel Energy Education
Sandy Shoemaker
Innovest Portfolio Solutions
Members Co-Chair
Peggy Altoff Laton Spahr Walter (Buz) Koelbel, Jr.
School District 11, retired Oppenheimer Funds Koelbel & Company

Patrick Bridges Co-Chair
Tri-State Generation and Sherri Koelbel
Transmission Association Community Leader

David Cicchinelli
FirstBank Holding Company

David Colson
Vitamin Cottage

David Ettenger
Bow River Capital Partners

Taylor Merritt
Merritt Aluminum Products

Amanda Peterson
Colorado Lending Source

It is gratifying to open students to a new and exciting field. They are so intent on making good
choices and seeing the results of their decisions. When I see and hear my students talking
about stocks outside of class…with genuine enthusiasm….it is rewarding to me to see that the
experience sets in motion a possibility for lifelong benefits.

Karen Kelling, Holmes Middle School, Colorado Springs, Stock Market Experience teacher



1355 S. Colorado Blvd. #506
Denver CO 80222

To donate today visit:

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