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GB Annual Report 2016-17 12JAN17

GB Annual Report 2016-17 12JAN17

Cwm Glâs Primary School Governing Body—Annual Report to Parents 2016-17

BASIC SKILLS Cwm Glâs Primary School

AGENCY’S QUALITY Colwyn Avenue, Winchwen, Swansea SA1 7EN
Headteacher: Mr. P.M. Osborne B.Ed. (Hons) M.A. Ed.
Deputy Headteacher: Mr. N.B. Craven B.A. Ed. (Hons)

: (01792) 771693
: (01792) 796054

e- : [email protected]

 :

The Annual Meeting of the Go erning Body ith pa e ts has
ee a a ged fo . Tuesday 4th Fe ruary . U de
e egulatio s, the eeti g ill o l go ahead if the pa e ts

of o e tha % o egiste ed pupils e uest it. To e uest
a eeti g, please rite to the Headtea her y Wednesday st
Fe ruary . If the eeti g is o fi ed ou ill e otified

te t essage a d t itte .

School Mission Statement

In partnership, we encourage all children to achieve personal
excellence through working towards their full potential, so that

they can make a positive contribution to the school and the

Do we achieve our mission statement?
“There is a very strong determination to provide all pupils with opportunities to

succeed and to take their place in the wider world. All pupils are valued and
treated equally.”

Estyn Inspection Report

“It’s Down To You, And You Can
Do Something About It.”

BECTA IT BT Citizenship Eco Schools Healthy Schools Swansea Gold Eco-Flag Active Marc Swansea in
Quality Mark Award Award Award Recycling Cymru Bloom

Page Number 1

Cwm Glâs Primary School Governing Body—Annual Report to Parents 2016-17

As a esult of the S hool Sta da ds a d O ga isatio Wales A t , hi h a e i to fo e o th

Ma , a s hool go e i g od is o lo ge e ui ed to hold a a ual pa e ts eeti g. Pa e ts

a e ajo stakeholde s i the s hool o u it a d ha e a lea a d st o g i te est i thei hild s ed-

u atio . It is the efo e i po ta t that the go e i g od a ti el e gages ith pa e ts, a d e ai

a ou ta le, p o idi g the ith i fo atio a d oppo tu ities to dis uss a d ha e a i put i to

s hool. The S hool Sta da ds a d O ga isatio Wales A t o e a les pa e ts of egiste ed pu-

pils at the s hool to e uest up to th ee eeti gs pe ea ith the go e i g od ia a petitio .

A ief su a is p o ided elo .

The go e i g od ust hold a eeti g ithi s hool da s of e ei i g the petitio , p o idi g that:

. the petitio o tai s the sig atu es of the e ui ed i i u u e of pa e ts of egiste ed pupils

at the s hool, hi h is the lo e of the follo i g:

a the pa e ts of % of egiste ed pupils, o

the pa e ts of egiste ed pupils

. the eeti g e uested pa e ts ust e to dis uss a atte elati g to the s hool.

. the e ill e o o e tha th ee eeti gs held du i g the ea i hi h the fi st petitio is e ei ed.

. the e a e suffi ie t s hool da s left i the s hool ea fo the eeti g to e held.

Getting ready for Christmas!

Page Number 2

Cwm Glâs Primary School Governing Body—Annual Report to Parents 2016-17

A Word fro the Chairperso : osts to pa e ts/ a e s. We hope ou app e iate the oppo tu ities su h
a ti ities gi e fo hild e to lea o e a out the o ld a ou d the –

I a e pleased to ite to ou agai ith a su a of the ot all lea i g takes pla e ithi the o fi es of fou alls.

s hool s a a hie e e ts o e the past ea . We ha e ade e e effo t to i p o e the fa i , appea a e

The o k of the Go e i g Bod ope ates ai l th ough the a d safet of the uildi g ithi the a aila le fu ds to ake the s hool a

o ittees. I, as Chai a , tha k the othe Go e o s fo thei o ti - o e att a ti e pla e fo ou ou g people a d a essi le to those ho

ued ha d o k fo all the hild e of C Glâs. I also ust tha k the ha e disa ilities. We f e ue tl get u soli ited o e ts a out ho

Ho e S hool Asso iatio fo the i e se effo t hi h goes SCHOOL BUDDIES att a ti e a d el o i g the s hool is. We ha e i ested
i to o ga isi g the a so ial a d fu d- aisi g a ti ities
2016/17 su sta tiall i de elopi g outdoo lea i g a eas fo

hi h so g eatl e efit all ou Fou datio Phase hil-

hild e . The Ho e S hool de , a d e ae e

Asso iatio is a s all ut ha d- g ateful fo the fu d-

o ki g g oup – it ould e aisi g of the Ho e

i e to see o e pa e ts S hool Asso iatio to

getti g i ol ed fo the e efit e ha e ou outdoo

of ALL pupils at the s hool. spa es.

The s hool has ee As ou ill

kee ot to est o its lau els ead late i this epo t,

follo i g its e elle t i spe - “Pupils are encouraged to support each other; this is pupil atte da e has
a strength of the school. Trained School Buddies i p o ed su sta tiall
tio i , a d I pleased o e the last fe ea s,
have a role in maintaining good relationships. They a d as 9 . % du i g the last s hool ea .
a d e p oud to sa that the take their responsibilities seriously, they help to re- O ehalf of the s hool I tha k pa e ts a d
solve disagreements and conflicts and organise co- a e s fo thei suppo t of good atte da e –
s hool has o ti ued i its su esses. operative play. The school won the British Telecom afte all, if hild e a e t i s hool, the iss

The s hool as i spe ted Citizenship Award in 2004 for its work in this as-

agai i Ja ua , a d has a hie ed pect.”

the highest possi le ho ou s i e ei i g

a e elle t judge e t fo the sta d- a lot of lea i g. U less ou hild suffe s a

a ds a hie ed, a d a e elle t judge- Estyn Inspection Report sig ifi a t ill ess, please ai to a hie e at

e t fo p ospe ts fo i p o e e t. least 9 % atte da e o e the s hool ea .

T o aspe ts of the s hool s o k e e des i ed as se to leadi g O ehalf of the Go e o s a I take this oppo tu it i tha ki g ou
the i spe tio tea , a d the s hool has take e e oppo tu it to sha e Headtea he . M Pete Os o e has ee ith us fo si tee ea s o
thei su esses ith othe s hools. C Glâs is o e of a e s all u - as Headtea he , a d the s hool o ti ues to su eed at the highest pos-
si le le el. M . Os o e o ti ues to set a high sta da d i all aspe ts of
e of p i a s hools i S a sea to ha e a hie ed fi st lass esults i the s hool s life, a d I k o f o the espo ses to the Pa e t Questio -
su essi e i spe tio s, a d I tha k pa e ts a d pupils fo thei ha d o k,
ai es that the s hool is highl alued pa e ts.
ut espe iall the staff a d M . Os o e fo o ki g so dilige tl to e -
su e ou hild e ha e the est possi le sta t i life.

S hool Catego isatio has ee ith us i Wales fo th ee I d like to take this oppo tu it to el o e e e e s of
ea s o , a d I e p oud to sa that C Glâs has ee i a g ee staff to the s hool. I k o the ill get the p ofessio al suppo t to e -
atego fo all of this pe iod. I tha k all the staff fo thei ha d o k i su e thei g o th ithi the p ofessio , a d I hope the e jo o t i -
a hie i g this. uti g to the su ess of the s hool a d the o u it .

E elle t esults hi h ou a see else he e i this epo t I tha k ou fo ou o ti ued suppo t of C Glâs – a s hool
ould ot ha e ee a hie ed ithout a i edi le a ou t of ha d that st i es fo o ti ued su ess. We a t e e o e i ol ed to e
o k f o Tea hi g a d Tea hi g Suppo t staff, a d o ehalf of Go e - p oud to sa that the elo g to C Glâs – e as a Go e i g Bod a e
o s a d pa e ts/ a e s I tha k the fo thei ha d o k ea h a d e e e tai l e p oud to e asso iated ith the s hool.

da . Ou hild e ha e a ight futu e tha ks to thei dedi atio . Diolch y fawr,

Musi al a d spo ti g a hie e e ts go f o st e gth to

st e gth! I a e pleased to see C Glâs hild e a hie i g outsta d-

i g su ess at lo al a d ou t le els.

As a Go e i g Bod e a e e a a e that pupils lea i g is M . Joh Hague
g eatl e ha ed isito s o i g i to s hool to sha e thei e pe tise, Chai of Go e o s
a d oppo tu ities to take hild e out fo e pe ie es that the s hool
lass oo a e e offe . As a Go e i g Bod a d as s hool staff e
a e e a a e that these a ti ities usuall ost o e , ut e ai to
su sidise these e e ts as u h as possi le hile passi g o i i al

Page Number 3

Cwm Glâs Primary School Governing Body—Annual Report to Parents 2016-17

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant— Following the very successful inspection in January
always a big celebration at 2011, the following recommendations were made:

Cwm Glâs In order to improve, the school needs to:

Chair of Governors: R1 raise standards in writing in key stage 1;
Mr. John Hague,
283, Bonymaen Road, R2 further improve the quality of teaching by refin-
Swansea SA1 7AT ing monitoring procedures; and

Clerk to the Governing Body: R3 ensure greater consistency in marking so that
Dr. Bill Charles,
C/o Cwm Glâs Primary School, comments identify how pupils can improve their
Colwyn Avenue,
Winchwen, work.
Swansea SA1 7EN
These recommendations has been incorporated
Action taken by the Governing Body and into the practices of the school, and into the
School Improvement Plan.
School Review of progress is regularly reported to Gover-
nors through monitoring of the School Develop-
School Prospectus ment Plan.

The school prospectus is reviewed annually, and meets guidance Organisation and Policies
issued by Welsh Government Department for Education and Subject policies are updated and reviewed regular-
Skills concise guidance “Regulations about reporting school and ly on a four-year cycle. Other policies are updated
pupil information” (September 2011). We also feel that it is a as appropriate, and as required by new legislation
good representation of the school, and we are very proud of it. and statutory guidance.
Many parents have commented about the attractiveness of the
document, and how useful they find the information it contains. Community Involvement
The Headteacher holds a coffee-morning for parents of Recep- The school has excellent links with the local community,
tion-age children in the summer term of each year to explain the both through utilising the community as a teaching and
school prospectus and its contents. The prospectus is issued to learning resource as well as inviting the community into
all parents with children beginning full-time education in Recep- school. Regular visitors include P.C. Craig Community Police
tion in September, and to parents of children transferring to the Officer, Rev. Colin Dickson of St. Margaret’s Church, the
school mid-term. staff of ASDA store Llansamlet (to carry out a survey into
breakfast cereals and to decorate our Food Technology
Access for Children & Adults with Restricted Mobility Room), the emergency services, and so on.

Ramps have been added to the main entrance to facilitate ac- Visits have been made to Borfa House Residential
cess for those people with restricted mobility. A dedicated disa- Centre, Danycoed Residential Centre, Swansea Museum,
bled toilet and shower facility has been built, suitable for adult Waterfront Museum, Plantasia, the locality of the school, the
visitors as well as pupils of the school. Two new disability- senior citizens of Bonymaen House and so on. Craftspeople,
friendly Infant entrances have been installed. The refurbishment artisans and people of interest who have visited us include a
of the staff toilets included features to improve access for people harpist, a guitarist, a ceramicist, numerous authors and po-
with reduced mobility. Markings have been made on surfaces to ets, Rubicon History Workshop, Welsh Bird of Prey Centre,
assist visually-impaired pupils. Ospreys’ Rugby Team Players and many others.

Resolutions passed at the last meeting The school has a very active HSA which regularly
No meeting was held, and therefore no resolutions were passed. organises fund-raising activities. During the past year the
association has raised over £5000 through tuck shops, raf-
Progress on School Action Plan (post-inspection) fles, Christmas hampers, discos, sponsored events, Santa
photos, School calendars, etc. The association helped part
fund the new adventure climbing area which has been a big
hit with the children, and our new outdoor classroom.

Another busy year is already under way with a dis-
co, Movie Nights, Santa photos and School calendars con-
tributing towards this year’s funds.

It was agreed in the AGM of the association that the
money raised for the next three years would go towards
equipping the new outdoor learning areas which are being
developed by the staff.

At Parents Evenings we ask for your views of the
school. We use this information to make Cwm Glâs an even
better school for your child. We hope that parents/carers
appreciate that the school is trying to act upon your views.
On the final pages of this Annual Report you can read the
results of your views of the school.

“The school’s self-evaluation processes are very compre-
hensive and are an outstanding feature.”

2005 Estyn Inspection Report

Page Number 4

Cwm Glâs Primary School Governing Body—Annual Report to Parents 2016-17

Good Who’s Who on the Governing Body?
Name Term Ends Status
Matters! Dr. W. Charles n/a Clerk
Mrs. S. Barnes 24/04/2018 Staff
The vast majority of children at Mrs. S. Davies 09/03/2020 Community
Cwm Glâs attend school on Mr. J. Hague 01/092020 LEA/Chair
time, and we thank parents for Mr. B. Howell 12/10/2017 Community
their support. However, a small Mrs. L. Brayley 12/05/2018 Parent
minority have difficulty getting Mr. P. Jones 23/09/2020 Community/Vice-Chair
to school on time, and this Mrs. R. Jones 11/05/2019 Parent
causes disruption for the class Mrs. C. Kieft 15/11/2018 Teaching Staff
who are interrupted for late- Cllr. P. Lloyd 01/09/2020 LEA
comers as much as it does for Mr. P. Osborne Headteacher
the child who is late! Please Mrs. M. Raven 16/12/2018 LEA
remember that all children Mr. R. Rees 11/05/2019 Parent
should be on the school yard at Miss. M. Rosser 22/11/2017 Teaching staff
8.40 a.m., ready for the bell to Mrs. D. Coates 16/05/2020 Community
ring at 8.45 a.m. Your coopera- Mr. K. Alexander 21/04/2020 LEA
tion would be appreciated. Mrs. J. Allen 01/03/2019 Parent

Inspection Report—summary—the full report can be seen on the school website or by visiting

School Inspection 2011

The school’s current performance Excellent

The school’s prospects for improvement Excellent

The school is excellent because:
• most pupils make very good progress and achieve high standards;
• it is a very inclusive and caring environment for pupils to learn and prosper;
• it is very well led;
• nearly all pupils demonstrate exemplary behaviour and positive attitudes to learning;
• learning support assistants make a significant contribution to pupils’ learning and wellbeing; and
• there are very strong links with parents and carers.

The prospects for improvement are excellent because:
• the headteacher has a proven track record in maintaining high standards;
• staff regularly update and share their knowledge with colleagues and other schools;
• leaders rigorously analyse and use data to inform planning for improvement; and
• governors make an important contribution to the life and strategic direction of the school.

Well Done!!!

Page Number 5

Cwm Glâs Primary School Governing Body—Annual Report to Parents 2016-17

Pupils with Disabilities P.C. Craig is a regular visitor to the school, and
Cwm Glâs Primary School is committed to equal opportunities we all enjoy working with him!
and inclusion. The school currently doesn’t have any pupils on
roll with disability. Adaptations have been made to facilitate ac- Working with the artist Sara Holden
cess to the main & infant entrances, and a dedicated disabled in Brynmill Park
toilet, shower and pupil changing facility has been created. As
the building is refurbished, adaptations are made (where possi-
ble) to incorporate changes, which will be suitable for disabled
persons (e.g. the new main entrance). The Governing Body has
considered the implications of the Disability Discrimination Act
and, after liaising with the LEA, will respond as appropriate as
individual circumstances dictate.

Special Educational Needs
The school has a policy for Special Educational Needs, a copy of
which is available upon request to the Headteacher.

The situation with regard to provision for pu-
pils with special educational needs has changed significantly.
Previously, a full-time support teacher provided much of the
support. However, re-organisation and alteration of funding
mechanisms at LEA level has changed dramatically over the last
few years, and will undoubtedly change in the
future. This has an impact upon the provision
available within the school setting. Generally,
statements of Special Educational Need of pu-
pils at the school identify Learning Support As-
sistants as key personnel to support pupils. Pu-
pils identified as having learning difficulties are
referred to the SENCO (Special Educational
Needs Co-ordinator) for assessment. Individual
Educational Plans are prepared and par-
ents/carers are consulted. Records are maintained
and reviewed regularly with parents. Where appro-
priate, assistance is sought from outside agencies.
A large number of external agencies support us at
Cwm Glâs – speech therapist, physiotherapist, Eng-
lish as a second language support workers, behav-
iour support team, etc.

At Cwm Glâs Primary School the SENCO is
Mrs. C. Kieft, who has responsibility for maintaining
the Staged Referral Register and organising support
for pupils.

The school also has a Specialist Teaching
Facility (STF Unit) for children with moderate to serious
learning difficulties. Children from the STF Unit are inte-
grated with mainstream children for many learning ac-

“Pupils are very well cared for, guided and supported in
a very secure and happy environment. The school has a very
positive ethos and works hard to make pupils feel valued and

included. This provision is an outstanding feature.”

2005 Estyn Inspection Report

Page Number 6

Cwm Glâs Primary School Governing Body—Annual Report to Parents 2016-17

We have gained
our Investors in

People Award

We achieved the We achieved
Basic Skills Quality
British Telecom’s
Mark Citizenship Award

We have achieved our
Healthy Schools Award National

Quality Award

Head Girl & Head Boy 2016/17
Daniel Allen & Molly Hall

We have gained
our Eco-Flag

Our Eco-Captains have helped us
to gain a Gold Recycling Award and

the Eco-Flag

We have gained We have achieved
our Eco-Schools the BECTA Quality

Award Mark for IT

Page Number 7

Cwm Glâs Primary School Governing Body—Annual Report to Parents 2016-17

Dorothy George Award DVLA/Royal Mail ‘Keep Kids Safe’ cam-
Last term, Amelia Coombs and Stuart paign – children visited the Royal Mail sort-

Allen Brooks were presented with the Dorothy ing office to find out how difficult it is for
George Achievement Award by Mr. Michael lorries to perform an emergency stop
Thank you for supporting our
Dorothy was a much loved grandmoth- recycling of Yellow Pages
er who worked voluntarily at the school support-
ing the teachers by working with groups of chil-
dren- cooking, hearing children read and art and
craft sessions. At the time, Dorothy was suffering
with cancer, but despite this she continued to
help the children. Unfortunately she lost her bat-
tle with cancer. It was then that Mr. George set
up the Dorothy George Award scheme in memory
of his late wife to reward the Year 2 boy and girl
who made the most effort during their last year in
the Infants.

Complaints Procedure – summary

The school has a complaints procedure, a copy of
which is available upon request. The following is a
summary of the steps:
1. All complaints must be in writing to a

member of staff
2. The complaint is considered by the

3. The complainant may make a complaint to

the Governing Body if they are unhappy
with the outcome. The decision of the
Governing Body is final.

School Council
members 2016/17

“Pupils have very positive attitudes to their
learning and play a full part in lessons. They

show good motivation and make effective
use of their time. All pupils strive to promote
honesty, fairness, respect and a compassion-
ate attitude to others. They have a pride in

themselves, in their work and the school
community as a whole.”

2005 Estyn Inspection Report

Page Number 8

Cwm Glâs Primary School Governing Body—Annual Report to Parents 2016-17

of all children at the school. After this time, all latecomers
must enter the school via the main entrance.

Breakfast Club is open to children at 8.15 a.m.
Session Times

 Junior Children

Morning session begins at 8.50 am and ends at 12.15 pm.

Afternoon session starts at 1.00 pm and ends at 3.00 pm.

 Infant Children
Morning session begins at 8.50am and ends at 12.00 noon.
(11.15 am for Morning Nursery).

88 children received a cer- Afternoon session starts at 12.45 pm and ends at 3.00 pm.
tificate and £10 gift vouch- If you need to give a brief message to a Classteacher,
please do so when the children are collected from the
er in the end-of-year as- yard at 8.45 a.m.
sembly, July 2016 for zero
Financial Report
absences all year! Well Attached to the end of this report.

Attendance Information Term Dates

Excellent attendance rates have been achieved during the Parents/Carers are kept informed of school term dates via the
last year. Forty-seven lucky children (see photos) received a school newsletter ‘Cwm Glâs News’, and on the school
certificate and £10 gift voucher for not missing a single day all website.
year! Many thanks to Parents/Carers for their support of good
attendance. “The average rate of attendance for the three terms prior to the in-
spection was 93 per cent. Attendance rates have exceeded targets
Attendance rates for the 2015/1 school year were 95.4%. over the past four years and are now above the local education au-
Thank you to parents/carers for their support. As we have thority (LEA) and all Wales averages. Absences are caused mainly by
said a number of times, if children aren’t in school, we can’t sickness but the overall rate is adversely affected by parents taking
be teaching them! There has been steady improvement in family holidays in term time that accounts for 11 per cent of absenc-
attendance rates over the last few years, but we’d like to
see even further improvement in future! PLEASE SUPPORT
GOOD ATTENDANCE. Please remember that requests for
absence due to family holiday—a maximum of 10 days per
school year—must be made in writing on the appropriate
form (available from the school office or download from the
web-site), and are at the discretion of the Headteacher.

ALL concerns regarding punctuality and attendance are

brought to the attention of parents/carers at Parents’ Eve-
nings, and persistent offenders are ALWAYS referred to the
Education Welfare Officer.
Punctuality has improved dramatically as a result of the new
procedure of lining-up on the yard each morning. Many
thanks to Parents/Carers for their support. Can we remind
all Parents/Carers that children should be on the yard before
8.45 a.m., and that the pupil entrances are locked promptly
at 8.50 a.m. This is done to ensure the safety and security

Promoting Healthy Eating & Drinking Our ‘Reading Rocks’ librarians
As a school we have achieved the National Quality Award for
Healthy Schools. We use every opportunity to encourage
children to make healthy eating and drinking choices. All
children have a water bottle for clean drinking water every day.

Page Number 9

Cwm Glâs Primary School Governing Body—Annual Report to Parents 2016-17

Foundation Phase School & Wales Summary of Targets set by the Governing Body
Teacher Assessment Results
Cwm Glâs Primary School has a School Development Plan out-
% of pupils achieving lining the school’s plans and targets for the next five years.
at least Foundation Phase Out-
Recent targets achieved include:
come 5  To improve overall FPI/CSI levels by identification of

Cwm Glâs All-Wales current outcome/level compared with predicted Y2 / Y6
(2016) (2016) outcome/level. Identify learners ‘at risk’ of not achieving
O5+ / L4+ in combination. Use effective support and
Literacy Teacher 89 88 intervention.
 To raise standards in oracy through assessment and
Numera- Teacher 89 90 tracking, linked to activities within new SoW; provide
cy Assessment oracy evidence for school and cluster standardisation /
moderation; use e-learning effectively to enhance oracy.
Personal Teacher 96 95
& Social Assessment  Identify learners ‘at risk’ of not achieving O5+ or L4+ in
Maths / MD and provide appropriate support & interven-
tion through effective planning and monitoring of pro-
Our Year 2 and Year 6 children undertook Teacher As-

sessment in May of the last school term. The results achieved
well exceeded the targets agreed by the LEA and which were
described by an External Adviser as “rigorous and ambitious”.

Founda- Teacher 89 87 2017 2018 2019
tion Assessment


KS2 School & Wales English 83% 83% 76%
Teacher Assessment Results Maths 72% 83% 76%
Science 72% 83% 76%
% of pupils achieving 72% 83% 76%
at least level 4 CSI 94.2% 94.2% 94.5%

Cwm Glâs All-Wales Furthermore, our overall school performance at KS2 at Cwm
(2016) (2016) Glâs achieved above median performance. Many thanks to
parents/carers for their support, pupils for their hard work and
Core Teacher 87 89 teaching and teaching support staff for ensuring that our chil-
Sub- Assessment dren do well.
Indi- Quantitative Targets for the next three years are:
cator Home School Association

Eng- Teacher 92 90 We have an active Home School Association which
lish Assessment works very hard to co-ordinate fundraising and social activities
for the children. It is hoped that all parents of children who
Maths Teacher 92 91 attend Cwm Glâs will make an effort not only to support these
Assessment worthwhile activities, but also to join in with the planning, ar-
ranging and organising of events. All parents are welcome to
Sci- Teacher attend Home School Association meetings, details of which are
ence Assessment circulated to you in a regular newsletter or via text messages.

97 92

We have a school uniform at Cwm Glâs, which is detailed in the

school prospectus. School uniform is important:

 It helps children to feel they belong to the school;
 It avoids competition between children for the latest
 It prepares children for uniform wearing at secondary
 It looks smart.
Please support the school by sending your child in school uni-
form every day. It is reasonably priced, easily available from
the school if required, and will make your life easier in the

Page Number 10

Cwm Glâs Primary School Governing Body—Annual Report to Parents 2016-17

Stay ‘n’ Play Family Learning Group Year Daily Time Weekly Activity Time
In January 2017 we are running a Family Learning Group for Activity
parents/carers of infant-age children. The class has three main 10 mins
aims: Nursery & Recep- 15 mins Story bags
tion 15 mins
 To give parents/carers an insight into the work that 15 mins Number games/spelling
their child is doing in school Year Reading 30 mins 15mins
30 mins Number games/spelling 10mins
 To demonstrate ways that parents/carers can help their 1 15mins
child at home Maths or unfinished 10mins
Year Reading work, or Topic & 30mins
 To make games and activities that, parents/carers can 2 Reading spelling
use with their children at home. 30mins
It’s not too late to join (and there are no tests or written Year Maths or unfinished
work!). If you’re a parent/carer (Mum, Dad, Aunty, Uncle or 3 work, or Topic & 45mins
Grandparent) of a child in Reception, come along to find out spelling
more. Year Reading 45mins
4 Maths or unfinished
Homework work, or Topic &
We are sure that parents appreciate that homework has many Year Reading spelling
benefits, including allowing children the opportunity to practice 5
work started in school. It also gives parents the opportunity to Maths or unfinished
see what is going on in school. The school will provide an exer- Year Reading work, or Topic &
cise book if you require one. 6 spelling

The homework timetable is listed – your support is School Rules
appreciated. As you can see, all children are expected to read
with a parent/responsible adult every night. Only by working in On the first day of term children were reminded about
a partnership can we hope to provide the education that your the school rules. It is probably a good idea to remind
children deserve. parents of these too, as we can both work together to
make sure that the school is a safe, secure, happy place
English and maths homework is set on a Friday, and is for all children.
expected back at school on the following Tuesday.
The school rules are:
1. We always try to be polite, kind and helpful.
2. We always try to keep our school clean and tidy.
3. We always try to walk quietly inside the building.
4. We always try to be good listeners.
5. We always try to remember that assembly is our
special time of worship together.
6. We always try to respect other people’s feelings
and property.
7. We always try our best with our work, and try to
complete it in the given time.
8. We only wear a watch and/or one pair of stud

earrings as jewellery to school.

We regularly invite Wherever we are, whatever we are doing, we always
parents & carers try to remember that we are proud to be pupils of Cwm
into school to see Glâs Primary School.

what we’re doing I’m sure parents appreciate the need for rules, and will
work with the school to ensure that they are followed. I
think rule 8 requires a little explanation – I’m sure many
children have been bought jewellery by parents and
grandparents, and they treasure it. Unfortunately, exces-
sive jewellery worn to school can lead to accidents.
Health and safety rules insist that all jewellery must be
removed for P.E. and design technology lessons. If inap-
propriate jewellery, or excessive jewellery, is worn to
school and has to be taken off, then it may go missing
and cause further upset.

I hope all parents will co-operate with this rule
for the safety of all children at school. Your co-
operation is appreciated.

“Pupils behave very responsibly. In classes, they show good motivation
and get on with their work promptly making effective use of their time.
They work with enthusiasm and are considerate and courteous towards
each other and to the staff. They move around the school in an orderly
manner and exercise exemplary self-discipline. Very good behaviour and
positive attitudes and relationships are evident throughout. Pupils are
friendly and courteous to each other, and to visitors. This contributes
positively to the work of the school as a community.”

2005 Estyn Inspection Report

Page Number 11

Cwm Glâs Primary School Governing Body—Annual Report to Parents 2016-17

The school regularly supports local
as well as national charities, and
we are grateful to parents/carers
for their support

Operation Christmas Child—
helping those less fortunate

than ourselves

Harvest Festival—collecting for Swansea Foodbank

Red Nose Day—another fun World Book Day—always a
day at school good excuse to dress up!

Page Number 12 A fun day to raise funds for
the RNLI

Cwm Glâs Primary School Governing Body—Annual Report to Parents 2016-17

Residential visit to Borfa House,

Residential visit to Danycoed
House, West Cross

Page Number 13

Cwm Glâs Primary School Governing Body—Annual Report to Parents 2016-17

Financial Information

“The school manages its finances very well. The use of resources is reviewed regularly and
overall the school provides very good value for money. ”
2005 Estyn Inspection Report

Travel & Subsistence Claims by the Governing Body
No subsistence or travel claims have been made by any Governing Body member.

Page Number 14

Cwm Glâs Primary School Governing Body—Annual Report to Parents 2016-17
This is a summary of the responses to the Parent/Carer Questionnaire used during the March 2016 Parents’ Evening.

Figures ay ot total % due to rou di g

A tio :
 Atte da e at Pa e ts E e i g as 9 % 9 appoi t-

e ts out of
 Tha k all staff fo a jo ell do e
 Se d te t essage o fi st F ida of e te to e i d

pa e ts that hild e ha e a ote a out the a ti ities fo
the te

Page Number 15

Cwm Glâs Primary School Governing Body—Annual Report to Parents 2016-17

Our Deputy Sheriffs

Community Involvement
We have an excellent working relationship with our Schools’ Liaison PC Craig , our schools liaison officer, and our local PCSOs
who have trained some of our pupils as part of the Deputy Sheriff Scheme. We have wide ranging links with other community or-
ganisations through our sporting and musical activities.

The school has established effective links with a range of partners including teacher training providers, other schools and local
businesses. These partnerships contribute well to teachers’ professional development and pupils’ learning, for instance in de-
veloping investigations in science and teaching French to Year 4 pupils. The school also has effective partnerships with a range
of outside agencies to meet the particular needs of individuals and groups of pupils, including those with emotional difficulties.
The school has close links with the community. Regular visitors enrich pupils’ learning experiences. There are very strong rela-
tionships with parents and carers. Family learning and other classes strengthen these ties and improve parents’ understanding
of how their children learn most effectively. Parents speak highly of the arrangements made for pupils new to the school, includ-
ing those recently transferred from a local school that was closed. There are also good transfer arrangements for pupils in the

specialist teaching unit and older pupils moving on to the next stage of their education.
2011 Estyn Inspection Report
Page Number 16

Cwm Glâs Primary School Governing Body—Annual Report to Parents 2016-17

RNLI Water Safety training


Sporting Achievements
We take a full part in sporting competitions in our area. The school has had rugby, football and netball-

teams, and a wide range of after-school sporting clubs take place each school year.
Sports Days are planned for each school year, but are largely dependent upon the weather!
A regular programme of extra-curricular clubs takes place each school year, including sports related activi-


Annual Sports Days

Page Number 17

Cwm Glâs Primary School Governing Body—Annual Report to Parents 2016-17

“Cwm Glâs Primary School is a very good school with many out-
standing features. Parents hold the school in very high regard and

are very supportive of all aspects of provision. The school has
made considerable progress over recent years.”

2005 Estyn Inspection Report

House Captains -
They help to organise team activities.
They also have a responsibility to set

a good example to others.

Digital Leaders
They help to keep us
ahead of technology


Welsh Language Toilet Facilities
Cwm Glâs is an English-medium school, but we teach We have an adequate number of toilets
children to become bilingual in Welsh through specific throughout the school for use by children and
Welsh lessons and the incidental use of Welsh in the adults. We also have one disability-friendly
day-to-day routines of the school. toilet. All toilets are cleaned daily by the clean-
ing staff, and routine maintenance is carried
Many adults use Welsh effectively around the out by the Site Manager. The Junior toilets
school and this enhances pupils’ bilingualism. The were refurbished in August 2012. Junior Staff
school’s partnership with Menter Iaith, an organi- toilets were refurbished in April 2015 and
sation that promotes the Welsh language in the made better accessible to those with disabili-
community, has enriched Welsh language provi- ties.
sion, particularly in the Foundation Phase.

2011 Estyn Inspection Report

Page Number 18

Cwm Glâs Primary School Governing Body—Annual Report to Parents 2016-17

School Rules Wherever we are, whatever
we are doing,
Every school has a set of rules designed to make the day run as smoothly and hap-
pily as possible. We ask that the following specific rules are supported and encouraged by all we always try to remember
parents/carers so that discipline is maintained. Our school rules are: that we are proud to be pu-
We always try to be polite, kind and helpful.
We always try to keep our school clean and tidy. pils of Cwm Glâs Primary
We always try to walk quietly inside the school building. School.
We always try to be good listeners.
We always try to remember that assembly is our special time of worship together.
We always try to respect other people's feelings and property.

We always try our best with our work and try to complete it in the given time.
We only wear a watch and/or one pair of stud earrings as jewellery to school.

Our behaviour policy (available upon written request) encourages children to choose positive actions and as parents/carers
you should occasionally receive telephone calls, certificates or letters from the school to say how well your child is doing. ’Positive
Behaviour’ means that pupils are recognized for their efforts and given increasing responsibility.

A child who misbehaves is given a choice of changing his/her behaviour or accepting clear sanctions. If an initial verbal
warning does not work then parents will be informed and asked to help. Both school and home should work together to help the
child find a way forward. Any behaviour which places other children at risk will lead to temporary exclusion until assurance is given
that matters will improve. Bullying such as racism and sexism has zero tolerance here. We also ask parents to support us by sending
their child to school in school uniform every day.

The vast majority of children at Cwm Glâs Primary School are well behaved all of the time.

Rewards & Sanctions

Rewards Sanctions
A kind word from the Classteacher/Headteacher Children will receive a verbal warning

Show your work to another class They may lose some of their ‘Golden Time’
Merit points They may have to lose part of their playtime

Certificates in Special Assembly completing a ‘Putting It Right’ worksheet
Letters sent home Writing a letter of apology
Golden Time
Behaviour Record – a week-long diary recording good
and poor behaviour, in partnership with parents

Golden Time

At Cwm Glâs the school has adopted a 'Golden Time' approach to rewarding good behaviour. Golden
Time is free choice of a wide range of activities: using the computer, art/craft activities, etc. Each week children
have the right to thirty minutes of 'Golden Time'. During the week, each time a child breaks school rules they
lose five minutes. During 'Golden Time' the children who lose 'Golden Time' have to sit patiently for the allocated
time. This reinforces with children the importance of being good and doing the right thing. It works very well!

Merit Points

As well as Golden Time, the school operates a system of allocating merit points. Merit points are issued to
children in recognition of extra special effort, and are recorded on a class chart. Merit points could be awarded for:

a particularly good piece of work;

a kind deed;

making an effort to improve;

sustained effort.

At the end of each term the merit points allocated to each child are totaled, and converted into raffle tickets. The raffle
tickets are entered into a draw, and children have an opportunity to win prizes based on their efforts in the above categories. In this
way we positively reinforce that it is worth making an effort to do the right thing.

Celebrating Together

On Friday of each week the school holds a Special Assembly where we celebrate together. This may be in the form of whole
school successes (e.g. fund raising for charity), or group successes (e.g. sporting achievement) or individual success (e.g. improve-
ment in behaviour, kindness, outstanding work or effort). This is an opportunity for the whole school community to reflect upon the
many successes that are achieved and to reinforce our aim that positive issues will be acknowledged and rewarded.

“It’s Down To You, And You Can Do Something About It.”

Page Number 19

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