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North Denver Photovoice Project
The North Denver Photovoice Project involved 30 teens participating in the Seed2Seed summer leadership program through the GrowHaus. The project was funded by the North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative. Over the course of 7 weeks, students from the University of Denver led weekly photovoice workshops. During the workshops, participants established a group code of conduct, learned about ethical considerations for photographers and how to use disposable cameras, decided aspects of their community to explore, took pictures, and developed artistic statements to align with their photographs.

Photovoice is a process by which project participants are provided cameras to document their lived experiences revolving around a project topic or theme. Teens took photos documenting what excites and worries them about ongoing construction projects and changes in their neighborhoods.

This project celebrates the voice of youth and honors their experiences of community change in Denver. The youth hope that city officials will embrace their work and use it to help shape the development of future initiatives and efforts.
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