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LandRoving Edition 128 - May 2019

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Published by Land Rover Owners Club of Southern Africa, 2019-06-02 02:16:30

LandRoving 128

LandRoving Edition 128 - May 2019

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50 LANDROVING May 2019

lets fix it We Land Rover owners are a special few, Step 1:
who many others in this world like to class as
Defender Td5 radiator bleeder pipe having a problem. You know the ones I am First, its necessary to remove the radiator
talking about, they are the ones who battle fan’s cowling. For those who may be lost
a techtourque with Storm and Warren to understand why we are the way we are. To at this point, the cowling is the moulded
the sceptics I say this: Perhaps you’re right, plastic that covers the fan, keeping things like
perhaps our desire for adventure is a crazy fingers out of the path of the moving blade
way to think and perhaps we do indeed have a but also directing airflow over the radiator.
problem – but it’s an enabling problem. It has If you’re still lost, it’s probably best to call a
allowed us to explore parts of Africa, escape friend. Removing the cowling is as simple as
danger, make friends and see things that mere removing Phillips-head screws.
mortals in sedans could only ever dream of
seeing. Step 2:

My name is Storm and together with Warren Remove the radiator’s bottom cowling, which
we run a business that transforms old Landys you will find attached to the vehicle using that
into sparkling classics. It was just a short 7 same Phillips screwdriver we mentioned in the
years ago that I met Warren and I must admit, first step. As with the top cowling, removing
at that time I had absolutely no idea of the the bottom cowling is a relatively simple
adventure that was about to unfold before me process of removing Phillips-head screws.
and how that thrilling adventure would result
in my falling head over heels for two things, Step 3:
Warren… and Land Rovers.

During his 27 year career, most of which We prefer to machine our brass nipples from
has been spent with Landys, Warren has scratch using our Myford super seven lathe
faced many a situation which required some and a 10mm brass stock … we’re just funny
creative thought to overcome general wear that way. For those who might not be in a
and tear, as well as some tricks that he may machining mood or for those who have never
have learnt when building each and every one felt the need to get one, you will find a brass
of our Land Rovers in his garage, on a Sunday nipple at most vehicle spares stores. Just make
– beer in hand. sure that it has a 6mm thread size. If they ask
you to part
If you own a Defender or Discovery fitted with more
with the Td5 engine, then you should than R100,
definitely keep reading. We are going to be it’s time to
looking at that small, frustrating bleeder pipe consider a
on the top of the radiator. If you don’t know different
what I am talking about, you’re likely going to spares shop.
know soon enough because these little guys
just love to break off.

But don’t be fooled, yes, it’s moulded as part Required
of the radiator, but if it breaks, however, it Tools
certainly won’t be the end of the world. Yes,
it’s a problem and yes it has to be fixed, but - Phillips screwdriver
no, it doesn’t require a new radiator. - 6mm tap
Like most things Land Rover, there is a
simple and effective fix and once you
understand it, fixing it is a breeze.

Although it goes without saying, I
am going to say it anyway. Always
make sure that you are applying safe
standards. Remember, if you take
chances, you’re likely to be taking a
chance with your own mobility, so be
safe out there.

Step 4: Step 5:

Insert the 6mm tap into the hole where the It’s time to screw in your brass
plastic pipe divorced the radiator (and by nipple. After quickly testing
that I mean where the plastic pipe broke that you have a snug fit, which
away from the radiator), rotating in order to if you’ve been following these
create a new 6mm thread on the inside of the simple instructions you should
have, commit to a permanent
plastic hole, fitting using lock tight or thread
right there sealer. After a few minutes your
where that newly fitted brass nipple will be
now forgotten ready for the refit of the hose.
plastic pipe
used to be. Step 6:
It won’t take
long before Return the bottom cowling to
you have all its installed position, using your
the thread you Phillips screwdriver and those
need for the Phillips-head screws that were
fix. holding it there.

Step 7:

Refill your radiator with anti-freeze and water, to
manufacturer’s specification.

Step 8:

Start your Landy and inspect the location of the repair
to make sure there are no leaks. Again, if you have been
following these simple instructions, there shouldn’t be
any seeping at the point of the repair. Just remember to
make sure that no loose parts, personal belongings or
body parts wander into the spinning fan.

This little problem need not be Step 9:
the end of the world... or the
radiator. All it takes is a simple fix Safe in the knowledge that there is no
and you will be back on the go! seeping, it’s time to turn off your Landy and
return the top cowling to its original location
Step 10: using the original Phillips-head screws and
that trusty old (and now also well) used
Phillips screwdriver.

Required Step back, crack a cold one and stare at
Parts your Land Rover in amazement as you
ponder the fact that you have just saved
- Brass nipple yourself a few thousand rand and yes,
now is the time to repeatedly congratulate
yourself on a job well done!

Safe travels!

Land Rover Owners Club of Southern Africa LANDROVING 53



Southern Africa has well over 2,200 known species of spiders with very few that are of medical importance.
Most ‘spider bites’ are not spider bites but wounds caused by infections and other invertebrates.
There has never been a fatal spider bite in Southern Africa.

Neurotoxic venom M E D I C A L LY Neurotoxic venom M E D I C A L LY Cytotoxic venom M E D I C A L LY Cytotoxic venom M E D I C A L LY
(Loxosceles simillima)
Black Button Spider Brown Button Spider Long-legged Sac Spider Photo Niela du Preez
(Latrodectus indistinctus) (Latrodectus geometricus) Photo Niela du Preez (Cheiracanthium furculatum)


Tropical Tent Web Spider Baboon Spider Wolf Spider Hairy Field Spider
(Cyrtophora citricola) Photo Niela du Preez (Harpactira hamiltoni ) Photo Niela du Preez (Hogna sp.) Photo Niela du Preez (Neoscona rapta) Photo Niela du Preez


Banded-legged Golden Orb Spider Fishing Spider Lynx Spider Rain Spider
(Nephila senegalensis) (Nilus radiatolineatus) Photo Niela du Preez (Oxyopes sp.) Photo Niela du Preez (Palystes sp.)


Scorpion Spider Nursery Web Spider Spitting Spider Jumping Spider
(Platyoides walteri ) Photo Niela du Preez (Rothus sp.) Photo Niela du Preez (Scytodes sp.) (Thyene ogdeni ) Photo Niela du Preez
NOT NOT NOT NOT © Johan Marais African Snakebite Institute

Daddy Long Legs False Button Spider False House Button Spider Flower Crab Spider
(Smeringopus natalensis) Photo Niela du Preez (Steatoda capensis) Photo Niela du Preez (Theridion sp.) Photo Niela du Preez (Thomisus kalaharinus) Photo Niela du Preez

NOTE For suspected spider bites, keep the wound EMERGENCY PROTOCOL
clean and consult a medical doctor.

JOHAN MARAIS is the author of various books on reptiles including the best-seller A Complete BITEs from MEDICALLY SIGNIFICANT ... apply a tourniquet.
Guide to Snakes of Southern Africa. He is a popular public speaker and offers a variety of courses sPIDERs must be treated as ... cut and suck the wound.
a medical emergency. ... use ice or very hot water.
including Snake Awareness, Spider Awareness and Venomous Snake Handling. Johan ... give the victim alcohol.
is accredited by the International Society of Zoological Sciences (ISZS) and is a Field Guides 1 Transport the victim to hospital without delay. ... apply electric shock.
... inject antivenom randomly.
Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) and Travel Doctor-approved service provider. 2 Immobilize the affected limb to slow the spread of venom.
Antivenom (if required) must
Johan Marais | African Snakebite Institute 3 If the victim stops breathing, apply artificial respiration be administered by a doctor
+27 82 494 2039 | [email protected] in a hospital environment.
or use a Bag Valve Mask.
4 Call the Poison Information Centre helpline for further

advice: 0861 555 777.

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