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Smart Reader 081019

Smart Reader 081019

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August 10, 2019
Volume 17 #15



St. Rita Festival

August 16th, 17th and 18th


BELLA CAIN 8:00-11:00pm CHERRY PIE 6:30-10:30pm THE BRITINS 4:30-7:30pm

MEAN JAKE 6:30-10:00pm JACKIE BROWN BAND 5:30-9:00pm DOG HOUSE CHARLIE 3:30-6:30pm

Fish Fry

SUNDAY 16 PACES 1:00-4:30pm BRYAN O’DONNELL BAND 12-2:30pm



Meatball, Beef and Sausage Bombers, Brats, Roasted Corn, Pizza,

Burgers, Hot Dogs, Nachos, Popcorn, Giant Cream Puffs, Beer, Wine, Soda

$5,S0u0p0erInRPafrfizlees! FREE Admittance • FREE Parking

4339 Douglas Ave. Racine 080119

For more information visit us at:

Relive the summer of 1969 with Beachstock,
just please leave the brown acid at home

It’s hard to imagine, but it was 50 years ago when over 400,000 concert goers descended I was there!
upon a 600-acre dairy farm just outside of Woodstock, New York, for three days of peace, Bob Anderson, retired librarian of Reuther Central High
love, music, and mud. School, was one of many local residents who made the
trek to the original Woodstock in 1969. Thank you Bob,
It is your chance to relive those moments right here in Kenosha when Beachstock comes for sharing your story with us!
to Pennoyer Park on August 16th and 17th - eight bands celebrating the music of Woodstock
over this two-day festival. “I found out about Woodstock by seeing an
ad in the Village Voice (a New York
Included in the lineup is “The Woodstock Era” presented by Soundtracks of a Generation "underground newspaper) and ordered
to take place on Saturday afternoon. With this group, thirteen talented musicians recreate tickets almost immediately. Ken Kehl and I
some of the highlights of the original 1969 festival - performing hits from Woodstock worked at Dominican College in Racine and
performers Richie Havens, Canned Heat, The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Sly & the Family with a senior student, Tom Burza, we drove
Stone, Jimi Hendrix,The Who, Jefferson Airplane, Joe Cocker, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, Photo via Facebook out to New York with his car. We arrived at
Sha Na Na, and more. the site on Thursday and already the roads were packed and
we had to walk about five miles from where we parked to the
The man behind The Woodstock Era performance is Douglas James, a former journalist festival site at the farm. We were luckier than most because
and DJ who passed on a chance to attend the original Woodstock in 1969. we had planned to go camping in the Catskills after the
concert so we were prepared to backpack and had plenty of
“I was just getting started in radio in New York and the weekend DJ came up to me in late food. Friday night was a big reason we went -- Joan Baez, Arlo
July, or early August and said,‘Hey, I really want to go to this Woodstock festival coming up.’ Guthrie and Ravi Shankar.
Well, me being a news guy, I thought, ‘This is not something I would be interested in - I get
a chance to DJ? Sure, I’ll work for you.’ It didn’t take me long to realize that I missed out a “We found a place on Friday in the middle, a bit higher than
a seminal part of rock and roll history.” James told Happenings Q&A. stage level and that's where we stayed for three days through
sun and rain, day and night. Sunday morning we walked over
James talked about what inspired him to start working on the Soundtracks of a to the hog farm and had breakfast: a cup of oatmeal. The
Generation show. people were fantastic, providing first aid and food; a very fond
memory was the people of Bethel, a small town near Max
“I started this show about four years ago, with this moment (the 50th anniversary) in mind. Yasgur's farm. On the way in, we stopped and walked around
Many of my shows are themed tributes to other special eras or groups in rock and roll to stretch our legs. The townsfolk were giving kids food and
history. With the Woodstock show, we worked on performing music from the artists who water. It was a special moment, no generation gap and mutual
appeared at the festival. For this show, we will be performing the songs these groups respect. Late Friday, when the festival became a free concert
performed at the festival - starting with opener Richie Valens and closing with Jimi Hendrix.” (they never were able to get the fences up), word went out
and thousands of kids came with just the clothes on their
“We’re made of stories and those stories make us, telling them might be what I do best. backs, most with no money and ill-prepared for the storms
I’m fortunate to have many friends who share my enthusiasm and we have some of the best and hot sunny days.
and most accomplished talent in the country,” James said.
“Afterwards, we went to New York and stayed with a friend,
“Soundtracks pf a Generation is a combination of my experiences as a DJ, a professional Sam Rogers, who was to have met us at Woodstock but was
emcee, musician, and an actor. I produce ‘live’ music documentaries with a strong story line, never able to get that far because most roads nearby were
a musical theme and a healthy appreciation for the arts, which as they say imitates life!” closed. Every time we took the subway, we could spot concert
goers coming home -- by the lingering ‘farm smells,’ ruined
It was a cultural touchstone for the late ‘60’s.The benchmark of all music festivals. It was sleeping bags, and bedraggled appearance.
more than just a counterculture gathering of 400,000. It spawned an Academy Award winning
documentary, a million-selling record album, and the songs and artists have become icons for “I shot a couple Super-8 movies and Ken shot a lot of slides.
their generation and generations to come. Beachstock is a very special tribute to I brought my movies to work at Kenosha Alternative High
Woodstock - the performers, their music and harmony. You will not want to miss out on School which became Reuther Alternative High School and
this wide spectrum of musical genres as varied as it was during those three days in 1969. during the work to convert the former Parkside building to
Bradford High School we had a break-in. AV equipment was
Beachstock tickets are on sale now for $10 for a two-day pass, or $7 for a single stolen as well as my movies.” - Bob Anderson
day. To reserve your tickets, visit, call 800-838-3006, or stop in the
Happenings office at 1420 63rd Street, weekdays 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. On the flip side, for every great story from someone
who was there, comes five more stories about how they
Jessica Hornsten and Doug James are among the 13 performers who present a multitude of musical genres ‘just missed it.’ Thanks to Michael ‘(the original) Captain
in The Woodstock Era tribute show. Mike’ Arsier for sharing his story with us.

“I was planning on going. I had the oil changed on my '66VW
camper. I loaded it with peanut butter and bread. I worked the
midnight shift sorting mail at the Post Office and I was to pick
up my friend at a spot where we all hung out called "Tooker
Square" in Chicago after I finished work. I was there at the
time that we agreed on, but my friend had left with someone
else in a Corvette... so I was told. Had I known that it was to
be what it was, I would have just picked up hitchhikers along
the way and had them drive; I was too tired to do all that
driving by myself. One of my life regrets.” - Mike Arsier

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August 10, 2019 - Volume 17 Number 18


Why El Paso is determined not to
roll up the welcome mat

Telma De La Rosa’s family immigrated to the backwater province belonging to Mexico. But at a time when think of a rally two weeks ago when his
United States more than 100 years ago, after anti-immigrant rhetoric is reaching a boiling point, when a supporters chanted “send her back” about
being driven off their land in Chihuahua during U.S. citizen is held in a border detention facility for weeks, and Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota. The chant
the Mexican Revolution.The family settled in El when the city itself has been the focal point of overcrowding was inspired by a tweet in which the
Paso and worked as accountants and business and questions about the treatment of migrant families and president told four nonwhite
owners, but mostly as soldiers. Her father children seeking asylum, that history is echoing in ways that congresswomen, three of whom were born
served in the Korean War and her uncle, who El Pasoans, who love their tightknit, peaceful city and its more in America and all of whom are U.S. citizens,
was awarded the Silver Star, fought and died in than 400 years of multicultural heritage, find unexpected. that they should “go back” to the “crime-
Italy during World War II. infested” countries they came from.
In recent decades, El Paso has grown both in size and as a
In the Chihuahuita neighborhood where her safe and modern city. Nicknamed “El Chuco” by locals, after “We love America”
family lived, a street is named after her uncle. zoot suit-wearing Mexican American “Pachucos” from the
1940s, it is a world leader in water conservation, it’s the “I don’t want to be afraid,” Ms. De La Rosa
“We are proud Americans. We love our home town of award-winning singer Khalid, and it has been says. But it’s difficult when your deep ties to
country; we really do,” says Ms. De La Rosa, a one of the safest cities in the country since the early 1990s. the country of your birth are being
retired social services worker. “So to be challenged, if not dismissed out of hand.
questioned about it, it’s hard.To go back where President Donald Trump arrived in El Paso Wednesday to
you came from, where do you want us to go offer comfort after Saturday’s mass shooting.“I am concerned “If your ethnicity was being hunted in a
back?” about the rise of any group of hate, I don’t like it, any group place, you wouldn’t feel comfortable about
of hate, whether it’s white supremacy, whether it’s any other it,” she says.
One source of comfort for her and others is kind of supremacy, whether it’s antifa, whether it’s any group
that – even after last weekend’s deadly mass of hate, I am very concerned about it and I’ll do something “We’re fortunate to live here. We love
shooting – they can still tell themselves that El about it,” the president said, speaking to reporters on the America just as much as anyone else, if not
Paso is safe. The alleged gunman had no ties to South Lawn of the White House before his trip.When asked more,” she adds.“Why do we have to defend
this 400-year-old city on the banks of the Rio by a reporter whether his rhetoric has contributed to ourselves though? Why do we have to say,
Grande. He drove more than 600 miles from a Dallas suburb violence, he said, “No, I don’t think my rhetoric has at all. I ‘No, I’m an American. I love this country’?
to commit the attack. El Paso has been, for years now, think my rhetoric brings people together. Our country is Why do we have to prove anything?”
statistically one of the safest cities in the country – but now doing incredibly well. China is not doing well.” For centuries, El Paso and Ciudad Juárez were one city
some residents are questioning whether they are safe from known as El Paso del Norte. It wasn’t until 1850, more than
the rest of America. But some residents interviewed said they can’t help but a decade after Texas declared its independence from Mexico,
that the new border split the city in half.
“It’s like we’re the antithesis of how a lot of people in the Kenosha Funeral By then, Tejanos in Texas – those descended from the
heartland, where I grew up, view us,” says Bill Clark, who grew Services and region’s Spanish settlers – had been facing harassment and
up in Jackson, Tennessee, and lived in several Southern cities Crematory violence from Anglo settlers for years. Juan Seguín, a Tejano
before settling in El Paso in 1993. “It’s probably the most defender of the Alamo, fled to Mexico in 1842 out of fear for
welcoming city one could want to live in.” Locally owned and operated by the his safety.The early 20th century saw the indiscriminate killing
Braun Family Since 1997. of Mexican Americans in the Texas borderlands, scholars have
“I’m not worried about myself,” he adds. But,“when I know recently uncovered, including the killing of 15 unarmed men
that someone drove hundreds of miles to target my Cremation Services and boys in the village of Porvenir a century ago.
neighbors … people in my community, I worry about my When Clarissa Hernandez’s grandmother came to America
community.” Cremation with Rental Casket . . . .$5,075 decades ago, her first job was in a peanut factory. She was on
Cremation with Memorial Service .$3,475 the assembly line, picking out the bad peanuts as they
Twenty-two people have died as a result of the Aug. 3 Cremation -No Service- . . . . . . . . .$1,975
attack, about as many murders as the city usually gets in a See EL PASO on page 5 for more
year.The alleged gunman – Patrick Crusius, a 21-year-old from Prepay for your funeral now and
Allen, Texas – is believed to have posted a “manifesto” on the price will be guaranteed. TAX PROBLEMS?
social media minutes before the massacre that said it “is a
response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas.” 8226 Sheridan Rd. Kenosha, WI 53143 CAN HELP YOU WITH A
(262) 652-1943 FREE NO OBLIGATION
Fifteen of the victims were American citizens, while seven TAX STRATEGY SESSION
were Mexican citizens. (The Walmart is one of the closest big
department stores to the border, and popular with day- IRS • State • Payroll • Business • Individual
shoppers crossing from Ciudad Juárez.)
Texas history is rife with examples of violence toward SERVICES WHICH INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING:
Hispanics, dating as far back as when the state was a • Offers in Compromise.
• Installment Agreements
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Contact “Downtown” Donny • Audits

262.564.8800 • [email protected] Filing back Tax Returns?
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MAGAZINE a settlement can be negotiated!

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Vol. 12 Issue 2 OUT NOW! so you don’t have to.”
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Get Ready For start to finish and keep you updated at least
Vol. 12 Issue 4 monthly with the progress being made.”
Oct. 25th - Jan. 2020
SMART READER July 27, 2019 3

After mass shootings, Republicans wrestle
with politics of race

As the nation grapples with the aftermath of two horrific Republican Sen.Ted Cruz of Texas addresses members of the media Still, the shift in thought is significant, observers say. Fighting
mass shootings – one allegedly committed by an avowed during a Border Safety Initiative event in Mission,Texas, July 1, 2019. white supremacy will require leaders from both sides of the
white supremacist – the Republican Party has been engaging aisle to consistently and specifically condemn it wherever it
in a kind of soul-searching of its own. instead blaming mental illness and video games for the actions emerges, says Cynthia Miller-Idriss, an American University
of mass shooters.And while some in the party see an urgent professor who studies far-right youth extremism.
Many leading Republican politicians, including several from need to take a strong moral stand, others see a political trap
states with large Latino populations, have made a point of – since many Democrats are arguing that it is hypocritical, if “I do think this is a genuine shift happening,” Ms. Miller-
calling out “white supremacy” by name and urging others in not flat-out impossible, for any Republican to denounce white Idriss says.“We’re seeing a much stronger condemnation now
their party to take an unequivocal stance. supremacy unless he or she also denounces Mr.Trump. than we have in the past.”

Last Sunday, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, the son of a Cuban Some Republican strategists, aware of the GOP’s image
immigrant, called the shooting “a heinous act of terrorism and problem on matters of race, want to see a bolder reckoning
white supremacy.” Florida Sen. Rick Scott called white on rhetoric.
nationalism “a cancer in our country.” Freshman Rep. Dan
Crenshaw, also from Texas, tweeted that race-based violence “For the party’s future, it’s important we be clear about
“is one of the most disgusting forms of evil that exists.” what we stand for and what we’re not willing to tolerate,”
says Texas-based Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak.
President Donald Trump, who has faced considerable When it comes to white nationalism, Republican leaders need
criticism for years of rhetoric that detractors see as race- to “send a message that everyone in the country opposes
baiting, declared Monday in a televised address,“In one voice, those views,” he says, “and to do that explicitly.”
our nation must condemn racism, bigotry, and white
supremacy.” In Pennsylvania, a crucial battleground state in the 2020
presidential race, the GOP is facing a challenge attracting a
Other top Republicans haven’t joined the chorus, however, diversity of new members. In the view of one party leader,
state GOP committee member Joseph DiSarro,“we may have
50YEARS to do some reevaluation of the rather careless rhetoric that’s
AGOAUG. going on.”
1969 But any suggestion that the burden lies solely at Mr.Trump’s
feet is wrong, adds Mr. DiSarro, a political science professor
2 More than 400,000 concert goers at Washington & Jefferson College in Washington,
descended onto Max Yasgur’s Pennsylvania.
600 acre dairy farm for Wood-
Racism and white supremacy “existed long before Trump
stock, 3 days of peace and became president,” he says. “This notion that somehow the
president is the cause of all evil is absurd.”
days music. This August 16 marks the
aug. 50th anniversary of this most Yet critics see a more insidious effect from Mr. Trump’s
words, echoes of which appeared in an online manifesto
iconic event. In observance, we posted moments before a gunman in El Paso,Texas, killed 22
people and injured dozens more at a Walmart last Saturday.
16-17 are recreating some of the most The manifesto spoke of “defending my country from cultural
memorable moments with cover and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion.”

Only bands including Who’s Who, that Studies show that inflammatory language, especially online,
can encourage violent behavior.To the president’s detractors,
10 pay tribute to the acts that per- his pattern of stoking racial animosity makes any statement
formed a half century ago. It also condemning white supremacy now ring hollow. The same
includes a special performance goes for statements by GOP leaders who nevertheless
continue to support Mr.Trump.
bucks on Saturday when Soundtracks For advance tickets visit
of a Generation presents “The “He’s not tolerating racism, he’s promoting racism. He’s not
OR Woodsock Era,” 13 talented mu- tolerating violence, he’s inciting racism and violence in this
country,” said former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke, a
7 sicians/singers recreating the, Democratic presidential candidate who is from El Paso.
sounds of Woodstock. It’s Beach- call 800-838-3006
stock, August 16 and 17, two or stop in at 1420 63rd st. That’s not to say Republicans don’t mean it when they
denounce white supremacy. Indeed, some are now making
bucks days of Brews, Brats and Bands powerful arguments about why, and how, conservatives need
to wage war against white nationalist ideology.
For 1 Day in Bellbottoms on Kenosha’s
“It’s time to be as wide awake about the dangers of online
limited tickets lakeshore at Pennoyer Park. Kenosha between 9am-5pm m-f080819 racist radicalization as we are about online jihadist
available inspiration,” conservative writer David French exhorted in
the National Review.
4 SMART READER July 27, 2019
Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, the grandson of
former President George H.W. Bush, published an op-ed in
The Atlantic calling on his fellow conservatives to confront
the issue head-on.“Terrorism by white supremacists is indeed
a real and present danger,” he writes. “The only question is:
What are we going to do about it?”

The problem, critics say, is that the party, led by Mr.Trump,
has a lot to make up for – more than can be fixed by a single
speech or tweeted condemnations after a tragedy.
Throughout his term, they argue, the president has used fear
and racial animus to motivate his base of voters.Years before
Mr.Trump became president, he led the charge in questioning
then-President Barack Obama’s American citizenship. On the
day he announced his 2016 presidential campaign, he called
Mexican immigrants drug dealers and rapists.

In 2017, after white nationalists clashed with
counterprotesters in Charlottesville,Virginia, Mr.Trump drew
flak for saying there was “blame on both sides.” In May, he
smirked at a Florida rally when a supporter shouted that the

See REPUBLICANS on page 22 for more


El Paso continued from page 3 facilities overwhelmed, local residents, nonprofits, and
churches have been working around the clock to house, feed,
trundled past, earning enough money to move into a home in and clothe the migrants.
a quiet neighborhood in northeast El Paso.
For Mr. Clark, that context is what seems to be so
Ms. Hernandez and her grandmother were idling away a unsettling about last weekend’s massacre.
peaceful Saturday morning a few hundred yards away from
the Walmart when the gunman opened fire. El Paso “has opened its hearts and its arms to the
migrants,” he says. “I’m sure there’s people out there in
If it wasn’t for her slow start to the day, Ms. Hernandez today’s world who don’t like that.”
would have been there buying cases of water. Two days later,
she is there with her young son, handing out bottles of water “We are, and have always been, one of the safest cities in
to first responders and the steady stream of El Pasoans America, and it is because we don’t just tolerate or respect
coming to pay their respects at a small memorial. our differences but we fully embrace them,” Democratic
presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke told reporters at an
“I feel not safe,” she says. “I feel that everywhere I go now event Monday morning.While acknowledging that “there is a
I’ll have to look at who’s there, what’s going on.” level of intolerance and hatred and racism that has not been
seen in a very long time,” Mr. O’Rourke said it was precisely
“I still believe in people” because of El Paso’s character that it could help lead the way.
“Though we bore the brunt of this hatred and this violence,
As the sun set over El Paso Monday evening, dozens of we also hold the answers for the way forward.”
people gather outside the Immaculate Baptist Church two
blocks from the Cielo Vista Mall for a vigil. Pastor J.C. Rico Daniel Aguilar, a third-generation American who attended
leads prayers in both English and Spanish. the vigil and says he has been feeling “lost” and “speechless”
since the attack, put it a different way.
After the vigil, Rosie Rico, the pastor’s wife, says they
wanted it “to communicate that there’s hope.” A second- “I feel he was disgusted by us, I guess,” he says, referring to
generation Mexican American, she still feels safe in El Paso. the gunman.

“I refuse to let that change the way we live, change the way “It sounds like he was not getting love,” he adds, shaking his
we are,” she says. head. “He would have got love from us.We would have given
him love.”
Ms. De La Rosa has a similar optimism about the city, and
about the country as a whole. By Henry Gass

“I still believe in people, and the goodness of people,” she The City of Kenosha and
says. Happenings Magazine present
Free Movies Under the Stars
“We are proud Americans.We love our country.We love El
Paso.We love Texas,” she adds. “We will overcome this.” Nash School

That spirit has been on display for a national audience this AUG. 23
year, as hundreds of thousands of migrants – mostly families
and children from Central America – have traveled to the city NASH SCHOOL
seeking asylum in the U.S. With immigration officers and 6801 99TH AVE.

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SMART READER July 27, 2019 5

King-size beds, fancy soap, stellar views:
How ‘glamping’ went mainstream

It’s just past dawn and my wife and I stop for coffee – well, A glamping tent at Under Canvas Moab in southern Utah sits on a definitions. Scan the 35,000 glamping possibilities on
I’m getting coffee, Melanie’s getting Mountain Dew – at the wooden platform and is equipped with a king-size bed, full bathroom, Glamping Hub (a kind of Airbnb for the industry) and you’ll
last gas station for miles, in Torrey, Utah. A friendly man fixing find treehouses, yurts, small cabins, decommissioned
his coffee next to me asks, “Out here camping?” and other civilized accouterments Airstreams, Conestoga wagons, tepees, and every manner of
tent.And you’ll find them in locations ranging from an off-grid
“Sort of,” I say. “We’re glamping.” wilderness to a subdivision in an existing campground (with
recreational vehicles stacked nearby) to the marginally
“Glamping,” he repeats. private yard of someone’s marginally rural house.All of these
count as “some form of unique camping accommodation”
“Short for ‘glamorous camping,’” I tell him. “All the that can be bundled under the glamping rubric, says Toby
camping, none of the work. Tents all prepped for you. Beds. O’Rourke, chief executive officer of Kampgrounds of
French soap. Campfires you don’t have to build.” America, the world’s largest campground chain.

Yep. Somebody mashed up “glamorous” and “camping,” and The FAQ’s
it stuck. Genius, really. It made the Oxford English Dictionary
in 2016. OK, so what makes camping glamping? What’s the Is it expensive? Can be. But prices vary madly. Glamping
difference? Hub shows plenty of options below $100, but once you’re
into the kinds of digs you always see in pictures, prices rise.
The bed, for starters. Melanie and I enjoyed king-size, On our trip we paid a low of $159 and a high of $274 – the
astonishingly comfortable beds. And all already set up when latter a tent with a shower, wood stove, and leather chairs.
we got there. Says Sarah Dusek, co-founder of Under Canvas,
one of the premier glamping chains: “Glamping offers you Rule of thumb: Glamping usually costs about the same as a
everything you love about camping without everything you good bed-and-breakfast, but if you’re a plutocrat you can find
hate – the hassle of setup and sleeping on the ground.” places to spend like one.

Beyond that, even glamping providers themselves debate How much civilization is there in the wild? The critical
fact to recognize is that for all the glam, what’s mostly
A Special Engagement happening here is camping.The cook is mostly you, the Wi-Fi
mostly nonexistent, the bathrooms mostly shared.
YOU DON’T August
23 &24 If this glamping thing is so good, why didn’t it happen
WANT TO MISS before? That’s the million-dollar question – maybe the billion-
ONLY dollar question, since $1 billion is what the glamping industry
HENRY $14 is forecast to reach by 2024, according to the hospitality
CHO research firm Arizton.

From its inception in 2005 when the term “glamping” first
appeared, through its early bloom in Europe to its U.S.
introduction by Under Canvas in 2012 outside Yellowstone,
glamping looked a lot like the sort of innovation that happens
in every industry: a minor tweak of an already existing
phenomenon. Hey, what if instead of permanent cabins we
had permanent tents? What if instead of cots we had beds?
What if instead of camping we called it glamping?

By Eduard Freisler

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6 SMART READER July 27, 2019

Jeff Schmidt, Jeff Schmidt
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Jill on Money What to know about the changing passwords frequently, you should consider
Equifax settlement incorporating these best practices into your data security
Don't let sense of confidence regimen:
derail investing Nearly two years after credit monitoring company Equifax
announced that a "cybersecurity incident" had exposed Initiate a credit freeze: This generally stops all access to
Dow 27K! S&P 500 3K! NASDAQ 8200! Just months after personal information of 147 million Americans, it will pay at your credit report, including by you. That means that if you
the bull market in stocks became the longest on record, U.S. least $575 million - and potentially up to $700 million - to need to access credit, you have to unfreeze your records,
equity indexes hit new milestones. Fears about the escalation end an federal, state, and consumer claims against it. which can take a few days.
of trade wars, Brexit, and worries about Congress' ability to
raise the U.S. debt ceiling retreated, allowing stocks to power If the proposed settlement receives federal district court You need to contact each company directly to freeze your
higher.While many might be celebrating, a new survey points approval (as expected), it would be the largest ever for a data file: Equifax (800) 685-1111 (Automated, Option 3) or (888)
to a disturbing trend among investors: an alarming sense of breach. 298-0045 (Live); Experian (888) 397-3742 (Option 2
confidence in future stock market returns. followed by Option 2);TransUnion ((888) 909-8872). Review
As part of the proposed settlement, Equifax will establish your credit report every 12 months: Go to
According to investment bank Natixis, respondents who a $300 million fund (which could rise to $425 million if the If you find an error, report it
have at least $100,000 invested say they expect to earn initial payment is not enough to compensate consumers for immediately and stay on top of the process. File a complaint:
10.9% above the inflation rate over the long term. That's their losses) that would provide affected consumers with If someone has used your information to make purchases or
higher than the standard 10% that stocks have gained over three basic mechanisms of relief: open accounts, file a complaint with the Federal Trade
the long term. Commission and print your Identity Theft Affidavit. Use that
Free credit monitoring or $125 cash payment:At least four to file a police report and create your Identity Theft Report.
The survey's result is cause for a major reality check, years of three-bureau credit monitoring, offered through
because anyone who thinks he or she can count on 11% Experian. You can also get up to 6 more years of free one- By Jill Schlesinger
return in the future could be sorely disappointed. In fact, U.S. bureau credit monitoring through Equifax. Jill Schlesinger, CFP, is the Emmy-nominated CBS
financial advisors think an annual return of 6.3% is realistic News Business Analyst. A former options trader
and separately, fund giant Vanguard recently projected 10- If you already have credit monitoring services that will and CIO of an investment advisory firm, Jill covers
year returns for a 60% equity and 40% fixed income portfolio continue for at least six more months, you may be eligible for the economy, markets, investing and anything else
of just 4 to 4.5%. a cash payment of $125. with a dollar sign on TV, radio (including her
nationally syndicated radio show), the web and her
The likely explanation is "recency bias," which causes us to Other cash payments: You may also be eligible for the blog, "Jill on Money." She welcomes comments and
pay attention to events that transpired recently in relation to following cash payments up to $20,000 for: time spent questions at [email protected] Check her website at
risk and to assume that these trends will always hold. This remedying fraud, identity theft, or other misuse of your
blinds us to the possibility of a change in the existing pattern. personal information caused by the data breach, or
purchasing credit monitoring or freezing credit reports, up to SMART READER July 27, 2019 7
In this case, respondents have most recently seen stocks 20 total hours at $25 per hour; out-of-pocket losses resulting
rise over the past decade (let's not recall what happened from the data breach; up to 25 percent of the cost of Equifax
prior), a trend that they erroneously assume will repeat itself credit or identity monitoring products you paid for in the
in the future. year before the data breach announcement.

Recency bias can expose you to risk that you may come to Free identity restoration services: You are eligible for at
regret. If you are counting on higher returns, it might lead you least 7 years of free assisted identity restoration services to
to fall short on your retirement savings. help you remedy the effects of identity theft and fraud.

After all, if you plug in 11% on any retirement calculator, it Before you get too excited, there is no way to currently
will likely spit out a lower annual savings target. Instead of process a claim. No funds will be distributed or services
relying on stocks to do the heavy lifting, the saner approach made available until after the court approves the settlement.
is to presume that returns will be lower, which would require
you to save more during your working years. You should sign up for FTC email updates about the
settlement and when the claims tool is available. You can
If you are pleasantly surprised by better than expected check to see if you were affected at
returns, you may be able to call it quits earlier, or (gasp) have
more money than you had projected for retirement.
And use this time to review your records and pull
The same survey also revealed unnerving results about documents or proof related to your efforts to avoid or
investor know-how.While 62% say they know the difference recover from identity theft after the Equifax breach.
between active and passive investments, it's not clear that
they really do. In addition to guarding your personal information and

Only 49% were aware that index funds are generally
cheaper than actively managed funds. According to the
Investment Company Institute, in 2018, the average expense
ratio of actively managed equity mutual funds was 0.76%
versus 0.08% for index equity mutual funds.

Sixty percent say index funds are less risky, and 64% believe
index funds will help minimize losses. Given this result, let me
say definitively: Index funds are exactly as risky as the
underlying indexes in which they are invested.

The wide gap between investor perception and actual
knowledge should be a prompt to use the current bull
market as an opportunity to educate yourself.

You will thank me when the bear comes out of


my turn generation about fiscal responsibility. Republican president who allows them to spend more
op-ed money, much of which must be borrowed from other
Then we have this from George Washington: "Avoid countries.
The Founders and occasions of expense . . . and avoid likewise the
national debt accumulation of debt not only by shunning occasions of The president and many Republicans in Congress argued
expense but by vigorous exertions to discharge the debts, that cutting taxes would stimulate economic growth. It has,
The Founders of the United States not throwing upon posterity the burden which we but the spending never stops and that's why economic
ourselves ought to bear." growth is never enough; neither are tax and spending
of America warned against massive increases proposed by most of the Democratic
If that's not enough, how about this from James Madison: presidential candidates. If spending cannot be controlled,
federal debt, but, to our detriment, "I go on the principle that a public debt is a public curse, no amount of economic growth will reduce the debt.
and in a Republican Government a greater curse than any
their political descendants are not other." In a 2017 article for the fiscally conservative Forbes
magazine, budget expert Stan Collender wrote: "Let it be
paying attention. The Founders speak John Adams said: "The consequences arising from the shouted from every mountaintop in the United States:
continual accumulation of public debts in other countries Today's Republican Party is a federal budget deficit and
to us from their graves to condemn ought to admonish us to be careful to prevent their national debt fraud."
growth in our own."
and warn of the consequences now Collender then invokes a definition of fraud and ties it
Are you getting the picture? to the GOP: "Intentional perversion of truth in order to
that President Trump and Congress induce another to part with something of value," and "a
One more and perhaps the most profound of all comes person who is not what he or she pretends to be."
have come to an agreement about Cal Thomas from Benjamin Franklin: "When you run in debt; you give
lifting the meaningless "debt ceiling" to another power over your liberty." Franklin is As long as an entitlement mentality prevails and
establishing a direct connection between debt and liberty Republicans fear backlash from the media and Democrats
and increasing already massive federal spending and the - the more debt, the less liberty. Is anyone in the present should they try to cut even an increase in the rate of
Congress and administration listening? spending, much less substantive reforms and reductions,
debt, which is at $22 trillion and growing rapidly. this spending spree will continue unabated with serious
President Trump tried to put a gloss on the tentative consequences to the future of the country. So it has been
First to speak is Thomas Jefferson: "We must not let our agreement by saying it will strengthen the military and help for other nations that have failed to live within their
rulers load us with perpetual debt." veterans. In fact, it is little more than an invitation to means. Just ask the Founders.
unrestrained spending for the next two years. With
Next is Alexander Hamilton: "Nothing can more affect Congress demonstrating no spending restraint, this is like By Cal Thomas
national prosperity than a constant and systematic removing speed limits and radar traps, hoping people will This year marks Cal Thomas' 35th year as a syndicated columnist.
attention to extinguish the present debt and to avoid as drive responsibly. Even in Washington's current hyper-
much as possibl(e) the incurring of any new debt." I'm not partisan environment, Democrats will likely agree with a Readers may email Cal Thomas at [email protected]
sure if that line made it into "Hamilton," the Broadway
musical, but if it didn't, it should have to teach a new

Two modern impeachment could dominate his remaining time in office. did he know it?") and Sam Ervin? And no equivalent to the
Waterloos: The reason is that impeachment will be the Democrats' Vietnam War has so shaken the trust of the American
Brexit Boris and only chance to bring down Trump because it is the only public in government to oust a sitting president without
Impeachment Don means of producing sufficient evidence and proof of unimpeachable proof of a serious crime.
wrongdoing. The hearings of former Trump attorney
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and American Michael Cohen and Mueller changed no one's minds about The two greatest democracies of the 20th century have
President Donald Trump are facing 21st century political presidential "high crimes and misdemeanors." become so incapacitated in the 21st. Perhaps Johnson will
variants of Waterloo, the monumental battle that emulate Wellington and win the Waterloo battle over
Wellington won and Napoleon lost. For Johnson, it is The White House has narrowed congressional options Brexit. Yet, no one at No. 10 seems to have thought
Brexit. For Trump, it is impeachment. Both are virtually by refusing to provide records and data subpoenaed by the through the consequences of what happens on Nov. 1 if
inevitable. House, including Trump's tax returns, in direct violation of Britain exits with a hard landing and how it will deal with
the law. Hence, over the summer, Democrats ambivalent the EU on the unresolved and potentially unresolvable
Johnson's first week in office has certainly set his over impeachment proceedings because of not securing a trade, financial, business and legal issues.
government on a course for leaving the European Union Senate conviction, are likely to conclude that the only way
on Oct. 31 with or without an agreement. His Cabinet has of uncovering relevant facts is through these hearings.They If Trump believes impeachment will be his Waterloo, he
been selected for this journey that many in Britain believe are correct. Any White House would be unhelpful in may get his wish. But if the trial uncovers truly damaging
is a kamikaze mission. providing potentially damaging material such as the evidence and proof of wrongdoing, even if the Senate
Watergate tapes. And Trump believes that because the refuses to convict on partisan lines, the victory will be
Johnson does, however, have three options.The first is to Senate would never convict him, acquittal would rebound Pyrrhic.And while the Justice Department's Office of Legal
leave the EU, as he says, "come hell or high water." The against Democrats and ensure his re-election. Counsel opinion is that sitting presidents cannot be
second is to do a Boris and true to his prior history indicted, the debate over Trump's future and what happens
cynically reverse course dusting off the flawed agreement Comparisons with Watergate and a Republican Senate when he leaves office will dominate politics.
negotiated by his predecessor Theresa May, adding a few that would have convicted President Richard Nixon if
"dealmakers," declaring victory and leaving with a impeached are misplaced. For one, who are today's Sens. Impeachment hearings could also uncover no new
document he could claim as an earlier prime minister did Howard Baker ("What did the president know and when "smoking guns" that, while not fully exonerating, surely will
of bringing "peace in our time." acquit the president, support his re-election and possibly
place the House under Republican hands. But no matter
Or, Johnson could take a hugely risky gamble and call a how Brexit and impeachment turn out, the future for the
"snap election." If Johnson won a majority or a coalition he United Kingdom and the United States will surely be
could command, Brexit on Oct. 31 would be guaranteed. decidedly more chaotic, corrosive and grim.
Suggesting this option is the appointment of a campaign
team in No. 10 headed by senior adviser Dominic By Harlan Ullman
Cummings, the architect of Brexit and called a Ullman is a senior adviser at the Atlantic Council. His latest book is
"professional psychopath" by former Prime Minister David
Cameron. If Johnson loses, oh dear. "Anatomy of Failure:Why America Has Lost Every War It Starts."
Follow him @harlankullman.
Johnson has no other choices in the 90-plus days until
Oct. 31. While Brexit remains the most pressing issue Always delivering riveting conversation, Mr.
confronting Johnson, the Persian Gulf and Iranian seizure of Ullman will rejoin Happenings Q&A on
two British-flagged tankers several weeks ago could be Monday, August 12th at 2:30 to discuss this
explosive. Given the decline of the British military and a story and other hot topics. Tune in to
Royal Navy lacking enough "gunboats" to conduct gunboat AM1050 WLIP or find the show streaming live
diplomacy, a crisis with Iran is the last thing the new at to hear more.
government needs. And no doubt, other unpredictable
issues and events will intervene, including how the prime
minister controls his mercurial personality.

While Trump called last week's testimony of special
counsel Robert Mueller vindicating and exonerating,
because the Democrats will soon have no alternative,


August 10, 2019

health • lifestyle• community • news

Kenosha County Aging & Disability Resource Center

10 Early Signs and Symptoms of
Alzheimer's disease

Reprinted with permission of the figuring it out later. to go back over their steps to find them
Alzheimer’s Association again. Sometimes, they may accuse others
5. Trouble understanding visual images and spatial of stealing. This may occur more frequently
Alzheimer's is a brain disease that relationships over time. What's a typical age-related
causes a slow decline in memory, change?
thinking and reasoning skills. There are For some people, having vision problems is a sign
10 warning signs and symptoms. If you of Alzheimer's. They may have difficulty reading, Misplacing things from time to time and
notice any of them, don't ignore them. judging distance and determining color or contrast, retracing steps to find them.
Schedule an appointment with your which may cause problems with driving. What's a
doctor. Early detection matters. typical age-related change? Vision changes related to 8. Decreased or poor judgment
1. Memory loss that disrupts daily life People with Alzheimer's may experience
6. New problems with words in speaking or writing changes in judgment or decision-making.
One of the most common signs of For example, they may use poor judgment
Alzheimer’s disease, especially in the People with Alzheimer's may have trouble following when dealing with money, giving large
early stage, is forgetting recently learned or joining a conversation. They may stop in the middle amounts to telemarketers. They may pay
information. Others include forgetting of a conversation and have no idea how to continue less attention to grooming or keeping
important dates or events, asking for the or they may repeat themselves. They may struggle themselves clean. What's a typical age-
same information over and over, and with vocabulary, have problems finding the right word related change? Making a bad decision
increasingly needing to rely on memory or call things by the wrong name (e.g., calling a once in a while.
aids (e.g., reminder notes or electronic "watch" a "hand-clock"). What's a typical age-related
devices) or family members for things change? 9. Withdrawal from work or social
they used to handle on their own. What's activities
a typical age-related change? Sometimes having trouble finding the right word.
Sometimes forgetting names or A person with Alzheimer's may start to
appointments, but remembering them 7. Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace remove themselves from hobbies, social
later. steps activities, work projects or sports. They may
have trouble keeping up with a favorite
2. Challenges in planning or solving A person with Alzheimer's disease may put things in sports team or remembering how to
problems unusual places. They may lose things and be unable complete a favorite hobby. They also may
avoid being social because of the changes
Some people may experience changes they have experienced.What's a typical
in their ability to develop and follow a plan age-related change? Sometimes feeling
or work with numbers. They may have trouble weary of work, family and social obligations.
following a familiar recipe or keeping track of monthly
bills. They may have difficulty concentrating and take 10. Changes in mood and personality
much longer to do things than they did before. What's
a typical age-related change? Making occasional The mood and personalities of people with
errors when balancing a checkbook. Alzheimer's can change. They can become confused,
suspicious, depressed, fearful or anxious. They may
3. Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home, at be easily upset at home, at work, with friends or in
work or at leisure places where they are out of their comfort zone.
What's a typical age-related change? Developing
People with Alzheimer's often find it hard to specific ways of doing things and becoming irritable
complete daily tasks. Sometimes, people may have when a routine is disrupted.
trouble driving to a familiar location, managing a
budget at work or remembering the rules of a favorite Going on
game. What's a typical age-related change? Medicare?
Occasionally needing help to use the settings on a
microwave or to record a television show. The ADRC’s next workshops are Thursday,
August 15, and Wednesday, August 28, 10 a.m –
4. Confusion with time or place noon, 8600 Sheridan Rd., Entrance D, Room S11.
Join us and learn about 4 decisions you’ll need to
People with Alzheimer's can lose track of dates, make including the basics of Medicare coverage,
seasons and the passage of time. They may have options for private health and drug coverage, and
trouble understanding something if it is not happening public benefits that can help with health care costs.
immediately. Sometimes they may forget where they Due to limited seating, reservations are required.
are or how they got there. What's a typical age- Call 262-605-6646 or 800-472-8008.
related change?

Getting confused about the day of the week but


Senior Dining

Dining Menu Thu., Aug. 22: Spaghetti & Meatballs, Dining Site Call Julie at 1-262-948-9890
Capri Blend Vegetables, Bread, Chilled Locations Serves 11:30, M, W, F
August 12 - 23 Pears, Broccoli Salad
Mon., Aug. 12: Chicken a la orange, Fri., Aug. 23: Baked chicken, mashed 19900 128th Street, Bristol
vegetable rice pilaf, bean salad, potatoes with gravy, green bean Kenosha Senior Center Call Diana at 262-658-0237
cranberry bread, hot peach crumble, casserole, bran muffin, fresh melon, 2717 67th Street Serves 12:00 Fridays
fruit Jello carrot raisin salad Call Deb at 262-658-9311
Tue., Aug. 13: Southern style fish SALAD BAR MENU SITES/DAYS
sandwich on roll OR chicken Caesar Lakeside Towers
salad, lettuce and tomato, coleslaw, Thursdays: 11 a.m - 12:30 p.m. 5800 3rd Avenue *  Meals include soup or salad, dessert
melon, broccoli cheddar soup Call O.B at 262-654-0103 and beverage
Locations: Westosha Community Serves 11:30, M-W; F *  Meals are offered for a suggested
Wed., Aug. 14: Lasagna, squash Center, Bristol, Lakeside Towers, *Salad Bar Thursdays, 11:00 - 12:30 donation of $3.
medley, Italian green beans, garlic Kenosha, Parkside Baptist Church, *  Open to anyone age 60+ and a
bread, oatmeal raisin cookie, fruit cup Kenosha Parkside Baptist Church spouse regardless of age.
2620 14th Place *  Reservations must be made by 10:30
Thu., Aug 15: Surimi crab salad, mixed Thur., Aug. 15: Roast beef with beer Call Sean at 262-552-7737 a.m. at least 24 hours, one business
cheese fondue, focaccia bread, Serves 11:45, M-W; F day in advance. Monday cancellations
salad greens with tomato wedges, dilled lumberjack soup, tossed salad, boiled *Salad Bar Thursdays, 11:-00 - 12:30 must be called in the Friday before.
eggs, variety toppings, cottage cheese,
cucumbers, bread, apple crisp, apple crisp, dilled cucumbers Boys & Girls Club SALAD BAR DAYS*
1330 52nd Street Locations indicated have a separate
vegetable soup Thur., Aug 22: Deviled egg salad, Call Diana at 262-658-0237 menu for salad bar days, consisting of a
wheat French roll, tomato Florentine Serves 12:00 Wednesdays variety of salad toppings, premade
Fri., Aug.16: Hot dog on bun, twice soup, tossed salad, boiled eggs, variety salads, fruit, sandwich and soup. No
baked potato casserole, peas and toppings, cottage cheese, sliced pears, WESTERN KENOSHA COUNTY reservations needed for salad bar days
carrots, banana, herbed tomato salad broccoli salad, milk and guests are welcome to arrive
Westosha Community Center anytime between the designated time
Mon., Aug. 19: Prime rib of pork, Training and Support: Volunteers 19200 93rd Street-Bristol frame.
mashed sweet potato, vegetable, rye participate in program orientation and Call Ken at 262-358-5554
bread, strawberry yogurt, applesauce are strongly encouraged to attend Serves 12:00, M-W; F RESTAURANT SENIOR SPECIALS
program meetings/trainings (6 meetings *Salad Bar Thursdays, 11:00 - 12:30
Tue., Aug. 20: Hamburger on bun OR a year). Village Pub of Silver Lake
shaved turkey with herb dijonaise, New Life Bible 307 N Cogswell Drive, Silver Lake
bagel, lettuce and tomato garnish, For more information about this 112 W. Main Street. Twin Lakes Call Diana at 262-358-5779
melon, fruit sunburst, cream of potato program/volunteer opportunity please Call Diana at 262-358-5779 Serves W, F 11:30 - 1:30
soup contact KAFASI at 262-658-3508 x118 Serves 12:00, M, Tu, Th
No reservations needed, arrive anytime
Wed., Aug. 21: BLT chicken salad, The Sharing Center between designated timeframe.
mixed greens with tomato wedges, tri- 25700 Wilmot Road (Hwy. C) Suggested donation of $4.00. Choose
bean salad, crackers, ambrosia fruit from a few menu options. Guests under
custard, butternut squash bisque 60 may order from regular restaurant

dear doug paradigm. Whether it's due to tragedy or personal
dysfunction, family bonds are just as vulnerable to the
Elder passage of time.

Doug Mayberry Orphans Those who believe they'll end up alone usually
Q: I was once married to a prove themselves right, in a self-fulfilling prophecy.
each other's lives. lovely woman. Unfortunately, One of the biggest issues for seniors is loneliness,
we found over time that we just especially that imposed by self-isolation.
weren't compatible in the long
term: We had different It's never too late to seek others out. -- Emma,
priorities, values and visions of Doug's granddaughter
the future. We ended up
divorcing but still were a part of KEEPING TRACK

My ex-wife passed away this year after a long battle Q: I am delighted to have five grandchildren, and I
with cancer, and it's hitting me now that I've lost the spend roughly a third of my conversations bragging
last major bond in my life. about them -- as my neighbors could tell you!

My parents passed on a long time ago. I don't have My only problem is that I'm finding it harder to keep
any close relations; I never married again and don't track of all the birthdays, anniversaries, graduations
have any children. I'm going to be all alone in my old and other dates. My youngest granddaughter turned
age. My health has been decent so far, but I know that 15 at the beginning of last week, and I only put a card
won't last forever. Am I destined to age alone? in the mail after being reminded.

A: No. Focus on cultivating bonds with the people Adult children have traditionally been tasked with How can I remember all these dates?
around you. being caregivers, but more and more couples have
chosen not to have children. This leaves seniors to A: Keep a centralized system and stick to it.
Elder orphans -- seniors without a spouse or deal with keeping track of their medical, legal and
children in their lives to support them -- are financial affairs alone. Many assisted living facilities Pick an information storage system, like a calendar,
increasingly common, and their experiences are now provide for residents' health needs, but they come journal or phone notification. Then move all your
in the public eye. with a hefty price tag. important data -- dates, phone numbers, addresses,
etc. -- into it. Organize this information so that you can
Many elder orphans feel like they live without a Forming new relationships will give you a wider net find it later.
safety net, lacking the physical, emotional and of resources and support.
practical help that close family members often Having good systems in place is an essential part of
provide. However, many people like you are finding Although familial bonds are idealized as being the coping with aging. The earlier you set up these
other types of bonds to be just as important. more stable and long-lived bonds in people's lives, systems, the more likely they are to work.
many families have found themselves outside of this
Whenever you get updated information, put it in the
same place. Consistency is key.

It never hurts to have a backup! Email and phones
can store an annual alert for important days.
Technology has a better memory than you. -- Doug

Doug Mayberry makes the most of life in a Southern
California retirement community. Contact him at
[email protected]


social security Safe use of canes
and you and walkers

Privatizing Social This is the second in a series of articles that are
Security part of a campaign to reduce falls among older adults
in in Kenosha.
Q: I am doing a school report
on plans to privatize Social Each year one in four adults age 65 and older will
Security. What can you tell me experience a fall. When used properly, assistive
about this? devices like a cane or walker can help you stay
upright. However, they can increase your risk of
A: That's a topic that used to falling if not used correctly. Your doctor or physical
therapist can help make sure the assistive device is
be all the rage back in the 1980s fit to your condition and can guide you on how to use
it. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons
and 1990s. But ever since the recommends removing tripping hazards such as
scatter rugs, electrical cords and any spills on the
almost catastrophic financial floor. It may also may be helpful to use a backpack,
fanny pack or briefcase to carry things around.
crash in the late 2000s, saying Tom Margenau
you want to turn Social Security When using a cane your elbow should bend about
15 degrees. With your arm hanging at your side, the
over to Wall Street brokers (i.e., to "privatize" Social top of the cane should line up with the crease in your
wrist. It should be held in the hand opposite your
Security in the traditional sense of the term) is like given many of them the kind of financial security in injured side. Move the cane in step with the injured
retirement not usually associated with middle-class leg. When stepping forward with the unaffected leg,
0smaaykinegfiynoauncwiaalndt escoimsieonms oanbkoeuyts with a dart board to civil servants. keep the cane in place. To climb stairs, grasp the
our nation's primary handrail and step up on your good leg first, with your
The upside to carve-out proposals is that no extra cane in the hand opposite the injured leg. Then step
means of supporting older folks, people with financial burden would be placed on young workers to up on the injured leg. To come down stairs, put your
finance the supplemental benefits. But the often cane on the step first, then your injured leg, and
disabilities and surviving widows, widowers and unexplained downside is that huge reductions would finally the good leg, which carries your body weight.
be necessary in future Social Security benefits. It's
children. just simple math. If you are going to carve out about If you need a walker a pickup walker with four solid
one-third of the Social Security payroll tax to fund a prongs on the bottom may give you the most stability.
Still, some persist in claiming that Social Security worker's private supplement, then future Social When standing up straight, the top of the walker
ashould be managed more like other public pension Security benefits for that same worker are going to should reach the crease in your wrist. Elbow should
funds. Most of those funds have a diversified portfolio, have to be cut by at least one-third. Apparently, the be slightly bent. Keep your back straight. Position
with a variety of investments. On the other hand, hope is that a well-managed private account will more the walker one step ahead of you, all four legs of the
every nickel of Social Security assets are invested, by than make up the difference. Also, carve-out plans walker on even ground. Grip the top of the walker
law, in U.S. treasury notes, considered by everyone come with huge transitional costs. Remember: Social and move your injured leg into the middle area of the
the safest of all places to stash your cash. Security is a "pay-as-you-go" program, meaning the walker. Push down on the handgrips of the walker
money deducted from today's worker's paychecks is while bringing your good leg up so it’s even with your
To put it another way, Social Security makes up used to fund benefits to current retirees. So if you cut injured leg. Never try to climb stairs or use an
about one-fourth of the entire federal budget. You the amount of money going into the system, you must escalator with your walker.
simply don't take a quarter of our country's budget and get funding from other sources to pay promised
put it on Wall Street. After all, would you want the benefits to current retirees. For information about the Kenosha Medical
federal government, via the Social Security trust fund, Equipment Loan Closet, resources and programs to
to be the major owner of Apple stock or the primary But here is the most important point I need to make prevent falls, or the Kenosha County Falls
investor in Phillip Morris? about proposals for private accounts -- whether carve- Prevention Coalition contact the Kenosha County
out or add-on. Although they are often mentioned in Aging & Disability Resource Center at 262-605-
r A more reasonable approach to "privatizing" Social the same breath as other proposals to "save Social 6646. Watch for the line-up of speakers starting next
Security would allow individual taxpayers to use Security," they do nothing of the sort. Social Security's month at the North Side Library sponsored by the
private or managed accounts to supplement future long-range financing problems are the result of baby Falls Prevention Coalition to help keep Kenosha’s
Social Security benefits. boomers quickly turning into senior boomers. For seniors safe.
years, Social Security has been working extremely
Both plans involve requiring younger workers to well with a ratio of three workers supporting one
contribute money to an IRA-type account that would retiree. But by the time all the boomers retire (and that
offer several investment options. The worker could will be happening at a quickening pace over the next
choose a safe but generally low-yielding account or a 15 years), there will be only two workers supporting
riskier but potentially more rewarding one. The each retiree. The system simply cannot work as it's
investments from this account would then be used to currently structured at a two-to-one ratio.
augment Social Security retirement benefits.
As I've pointed out many times to my readers, there
But the difference lies in the funding details. In a are many relatively modest proposals for reform that
carve-out plan (these are usually the plans touted by will keep the system running for generations. All of
Republicans), the worker's IRA investment would be those possible solutions involve either slight tax
funded with a portion of his or her Social Security increases or moderate cuts in benefits. None of them
payroll tax. For example, currently 6.2% of a worker's involves the creation of private accounts for Social
salary is deducted for Social Security taxes. A carve- Security beneficiaries. I am not saying the private
out plan might specify that 4.2% continue to be used accounts are a bad idea. I am saying that they have
to fund Social Security, while 2% would be funneled nothing to do with the future financial health of the
into the private account. In other words, this plan gets program.
its funding by carving it out of the current Social
Security system. If you have a Social Security question,
Tom Margenau has the answer. Contact him at
On the other hand, an add-on plan (the plans
usually touted by Democrats) would require a worker [email protected]
to contribute an extra amount to fund the private
account investments. So, 6.2% of his or her salary
would still be deducted to finance Social Security
benefits. But in addition, that worker would be
required to chip in an extra percentage point or two of
salary to fund the Social Security supplement. So this
plan gets its funding by adding to the current Social
Security system.

Each plan has its plusses and minuses. The
downside to an add-on plan is that more out-of-
paycheck spending would be required from workers to
fund their retirement portfolio. But the advantage to
the plan is its greater rewards. Most add-on proposals
are modeled after the highly successful "Thrift
Savings Plan," an add-on IRA that has been available
to federal government workers for years and has


Comfortable Need Health
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Pay Only 30% of Gross Income for Rent! Enrollment in a Marketplace plan is generally
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1 Bedroom, Heat, Appliances this year from November 1, 2019 through December
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Oakview Manor Apartments Ages 62+ Washington Court Apartments Ages 62+ if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, it is
possible to enroll in a plan at other times. Some
4720 Byrd Avenue 55110011WWrrigighhttAAvvennuuee examples of Special Enrollment Periods include:

Racine, WI 53406 Racine, WI 53406 • Losing employer based health insurance,
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the information you will need includes:

• Information about your household size

•Birthdates and Social Security numbers for
everyone in your household

•Tax and income information for all household

• Estimate of what your income for 2020 will be

• Policy numbers for any current health insurance
coverage for any household members.

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The Cognitive examining the processes underlying handwritten word principles to elevate his magic’s impact and increase
Science of Magic perception, a domain that psychologists have ignored the audience’s sense of wonder. Attend this lecture
by Anthony until recently. Tony is also a part-time professional and see what might happen to others – or to you?
Barnhart, Ph.D magician with over 25 years of performing
experience. His insights on the science of stage Suggested parking is at Tallent Hall (east side of
Since we never outgrow our magic were featured in a 2010 book, Sleights of Mind: Wood Road) and using shuttle service transport to the
desire for knowledge, What the Neuroscience of Magic Reveals about our front of the Student Center. A $6 parking pass (all
Adventures in Lifetime Learning Everyday Deceptions. He has appeared on the CBC’s parking lots) is required and available at Tallent Hall
(ALL) provides educational, long-running popular science television program, and the Student Center Concierge desk. For more
creative, and social “The Nature of Things with David Suzuki.” As a information, call the ALL office at 262-595-2793 or go
opportunities through lectures, performer, Anthony Barnhart employs psychological to
classes, focus groups, day trips,
and special events. 080819

The next free lecture will be
on Monday August 19, 2019, 2
– 3 p.m., at the University of

Recent years have seen widespread interest in a
“science of magic” that learns from the psychological
insights and methods of magicians, who in fact are
informal cognitive scientists, testing their hypotheses
in the real world. Renowned magicians have authored
papers meant to be read not by magicians, but by
scientists who study attention and perception. In his
presentation, Dr. Barnhart will discuss the long history
of interaction between psychologists and magicians.
Along the way, using live performance and video, he
will introduce some of the techniques and theories
from the world of magic (including his own) that have
inspired research in laboratories around the world.

Anthony (Tony) Barnhart is an Assistant Professor
of Psychological Science at Carthage College. He
received his Ph.D. in Cognitive Science from Arizona
State University. He has published research


at the
5125 6th Ave. KENOSHA

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books Two books that will make you see
cities in a whole new light

Rumer Willis says There are certain attributes that make for an ideal
city, as anthropology professor Monica L. Smith
mom Demi Moore makes clear in her lively book “Cities: The First
6,000 Years.” A good harbor, fresh water, a navigable
shows 'courage,' river, and nearby farmland on which to grow crops
were each important. But as Smith points out,
'vulnerability' in humans sometimes built cities in inconvenient places,
with none of those amenities, because “in looking
memoir around them, people found that there was some
aspect that seemed ‘just right.’”

Cities can grow and thrive without those key

Rumer Willis has elements, but as a human innovation in the last 6,000

nothing but praise for years, cities added a crucial extra element to the mix:

mom Demi Moore's variety. “In urban settlements, unfamiliarity became

forthcoming memoir. The the measure of human

30-year-old actress relations,” Smith writes. Cities: The First 6,000 Years
by Monica L. Smith
spoke to Entertainment “People had to adapt to Viking
304 pp.
Tonight. densely crowded

"I actually finished it not neighborhoods full of

too recently and I'm so people they had never

incredibly proud of her," seen before; they had to negotiate ritual and political

the star said. "It's so relationships with other newcomers; and they had to

beautiful and she shows accept the near-constant dissonance of interacting

such courage and with people representing different cultures,

vulnerability." languages, and customs.”
"I think [it shows] a
Rumer Willis More than 50 percent of the world’s population now
lives in cities, and that percentage is expected to
depth inside of herself that no one has really seen increase sharply as the 21st century reaches its books of this kind, but between Boston and the United
midpoint. In patient and smoothly readable chapters States.
yet, which I'm really excited for people to get to know combining anthropology, archeology, and wonkish
earnestness, Smith takes readers on a tour of how The city-state of Boston is perfectly suited for
that side of her," she added. cities became the sweet spots of human habitation, success. It nestles in a beautiful natural harbor; it sits
tracing the organics of why cities are born, why they next to a broad, navigable river; it fronts rich, arable
Inside Out gives a candid look at the ups and flourish, and why they fail. land (Peterson calls it “hinterland”) and looks out on
downs of Moore's personal and professional life. She the limitless bounties of the sea. Boston was
discusses her struggles with addiction and body established by a royal charter and quickly became a
image, and her marriages to Freddy Moore, Bruce busy hub of commerce and shipping, bustling and
Willis and Ashton Kutcher. self-sufficient. As Peterson points out, the
Massachusetts Bay Company from the beginning
Willis attended the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood attracted a different kind of settler than other colonies:
premiere with her sisters, Scout Willis, 28, and solid, knowledgeable farmers, artisans, and “other
Tallulah Willis, 25. The trio are the daughters of prosperous middling sorts” flocked to Boston and the
Moore and actor Bruce Willis, who were married from surrounding towns, and they tended to be wealthier or
1987 to 2000. more capable than the “poor and rootless people with
few economic options” who emigrated to the other
Inside Out will be published in September. English colonies.

Dean Koontz

'rejuvenated' by

new deal For such a city-state, as formidable and vital as any

of the famous city-states of the Italian Renaissance,

Dean Koontz has signed a the rise of a Federal government system in the new
new deal with Amazon
Publishing that includes five United States could scarcely help but be a mixed
novels and a collection of six
short thrillers. The anthology blessing. In this perspective, the ratification of the
Nameless will be available
from Amazon Original Stories The City-State of Boston Constitution “turned out to
for free to Prime and Kindle by Mark Peterson be a fateful mistake.” The
Unlimited customers on Nov. Princeton University Press further the country moved
12. The first novel Devoted is 784 pp. on from the Revolution
scheduled for publication in
the spring. Boston had led, the

further behind it left Boston: “[I]t became evident that

the preponderance of [the federal government’s]

power lay in the hands of people who no longer

recalled the time when the cause of Boston was the

"For many years, I have cause of all America or that the union had been

enjoyed a wonderful founded by the collective states to prevent the
relationship with Brilliance
Dean Koontz The most comprehensive case study of such a life destruction of any single member.”

Audio, an Amazon company, and later with Amazon cycle is surely Mark Peterson’s “The City-State of The rise of that federal government was the rise of
Boston: The Rise and Fall of an Atlantic Power, a national state shaped in large part by the Southern
Original Stories," Koontz said in a press release 1630-1865,” a sweeping history of Boston from 1630 power bloc, and “The City-State of Boston,” in the
to 1865, charting the development of the city from its course of telling the most detailed and entertaining
He added: "Although there were numerous options earliest days when John Winthrop and the history of Boston that’s been written so far, watches
for the future, it was most natural to sign with the Massachusetts Bay Company in 1630 set up “a the future darken as the American Civil War comes to
team at Amazon Publishing, which presented a commonwealth remarkable for its autonomy, a close and an old city faces a new and less
marketing and publicity plan smarter and more including an independent religious order free from the autonomous future. But since the ensuing century
ambitious than anything I'd ever seen before. This Church of England’s scrutiny.” would also be a time of great art, world-renowned
new arrangement is so exciting, I've been creatively
rejuvenated. The times are changing, and it's In Peterson’s telling, by far the most important word higher learning, and successful progressive social
invigorating to be where change is understood and
embraced." in such a summary is “autonomy.” His mammoth programs, maybe Peterson should contemplate a

Koontz's books have sold more than 500 million account – over 700 pages of battles, controversies, sequel. As Monica Smith’s book clearly
copies. Among his work are the Odd Thomas
supernatural mysteries, as well as the horror tales revolts, and galvanizing personalities – turns on the demonstrates, cities adapt.
Watchers, Demon Seed, Phantoms and Hideaway.
central idea of a bedrock rivalry: not between Boston By Steve Donogue
and New York or Philadelphia, as usually animates


Kate Atkinson’s writing mantra:
A good day is when you’ve
written a good sentence

Unlike most serial detectives, Jackson Brodie Paul McCartney
doesn’t always save the day. He doesn’t always get
the girl. And in “Big Sky,” Kate Atkinson’s fifth book to releasing a
feature Jackson, he isn’t even the main character.
children's book
“He’s just, in many ways, the thread that pulls the
story through,” admits the author, who lives in Paul McCartney said on
Edinburgh, Scotland. “He might have been sidelined Today he still finds writing
a bit much in this book. I may need to bring him back and performing music
a bit, give him a more central role.” thrilling after all these
In Ms. Atkinson’s often-humorous mysteries – as
well as her novels set during World War II (“Life After "It's completely different
Life,” “A God in Ruins,” “Transcription”) – the focus is
on intimate inner lives. That includes the bad guys. In because I'm a grown up,"
“Big Sky,” she explores the growing conscience of a
human trafficking accomplice while still holding him McCartney, 77, said when
accountable for his actions. As for Jackson? The stoic
Yorkshireman “understands his role in life is to protect asked by Today's Al Roker
the innocent,” she says.
if he was still enjoying
Steven Humphries of the Christian Science Monitor
asked Ms. Atkinson about World War II, themes in her himself the same way he
work, and more.
did as a young member of
Many writers depict crimes in lurid detail. But
you don’t. Why? The Beatles.

It’s about the emotion behind it, and that’s the thing "I think back to when we Paul McCartney
that you have to capture. Often it’s when something’s
offstage that you feel it the most. There’s no point in were kids doing our first sessions," McCartney
relaying butchery if you’re not going to get some kind
of emotion out of it. So, yeah, I’m not terribly continued. "So we were wide-eyed. So it was that
interested in writing about gory detail, I have to say.
Or fights! Kate Atkinson, MBE is an English writer of novels, plays and short stories. kind of wonder. It was like wow recording studio.
She is known for creating the Jackson Brodie series of detective novels,
In “Big Sky,” Jackson Brodie remains a country Now, you know, after 60 years it's not that. It's a
music enthusiast. Are you a fan, too? which has been adapted into the BBC series Case
different kind of thrill."
I’ve been listening to country music for about the Sky” and “A God in Ruins,” is one of generational
last 40 years. I like things that tell a story. I really like differences. Why? "Writing music still a thrill because out of nowhere
Miranda Lambert, actually; she is my current favorite. you produce a rabbit," the music legend said. "You
I think my generation, and a couple of generations get one you like it's a great feeling but it's a
Jason Isaacs played Jackson in the BBC below me, we have been taught a lot more history. completely different vibe from the kids knocking out a
television adaptations. Has he influenced how And so you see things more in context, and I think record."
you now imagine the character in your books? Jackson’s very aware of that. His history is no longer
relevant because it’s incomprehensible. McCartney said he had to re-learn a lot of his older
I am on very good terms with Jason, and I think he work as he can't retain all the music he has created.
does a great job on the audio books, and he did a I had really quite a lot of letters after “A God in The singer also said that the love his receives from
great job as Jackson. But he’s not my Jackson, Ruins” was published from the grown-up children of audiences keeps him going.
although he likes to think he is. I do not see Jason’s bomber crew. It was very emotional. They were
face when I’m writing Jackson and that’s a good saying, “I understand now why my father was like he McCartney is set to release a children's book titled
thing, for me anyway. I’m sure a lot of people who was,” or “I understand now what he went through.” Hey Grandude! on Sept. 5 that was inspired by his
watch the series now see that face, but that’s fine. And in a way fiction is an opportunity to re-create own grandchildren. The book features a grandpa
something in a way that communicates, I think. That going on adventures with his grandchildren.
What are the characteristics that make Jackson generation in the Second World War, they didn’t want
“the last good man standing”? to talk about the war. It was over. It was done. And I "If people like it and people want it, I'm sure I can
think we have to go back now and unpick those think of some more," he said about penning more
I understand that kind of harsh poverty that is in his experiences if we want to understand them. Grandude stories.
background, and the tragedy as well. And so I think a
lot of his background is my father’s, whereas his You wrote a trio of books mainly set in Britain McCartney recently made headlines when he
actual character is probably closer to mine, in a way. during World War II. What sparked your performed onstage with fellow Beatles member
I try not to use him as a mouthpiece because that fascination with that era? Ringo Starr during a concert in Los Angeles.
would be too tempting. But he does tend to reflect my
thoughts about Brexit, for example, and Yorkshire. Out of all the wars, in a way, the Second World War N.Y. TIMES BEST
was unique. I mean all wars are the same; they all SELLERS
But you don’t get much more political than that. end up with people being killed. I think the Second
Why? World War was something that cannot be replicated PRINT & E-BOOKS FICTION
just because of the technological advances. That’s
Well I don’t think it’s the job of a novelist to be the last time that very ordinary people were put into 1. Where the Crawdads Sing (Owens)
political. To be polemical, rather. Because then it very extraordinary circumstances. Although I feel I 2. Labyrinth (Coulter)
becomes boring and you may as well write a missed it and even though we did have a very good 3. One Good Deed (Baldacci)
newspaper article. I think that the duty of all art, in a war, I hope that you never have to go through that. 4. Dark Age (Brown)
way, is not to be didactic but to entertain. But it’s not 5. The New Girl (Silva)
my job to tell people what I believe politically. I think Like the character Rhoda in “Big Sky,” you 6. The Nickel Boys (Whitehead)
it’s a personal thing. once worked in a hotel. Did you enjoy the people- 7. Summer of ‘69 (Hilderbrand)
watching? 8. The Art of Racing in the Rain (Stein)
Do you see a connective thematic thread 9. The Reckoning (Grisham)
running through your work? I was too young to appreciate how many people 10. Before We Were Yours (Wingate)
were passing through my hands, who they were. I
A lot of it is about truth. Particularly in “A God In used to work with old people as well, later on, and PRINT & E-BOOKS NONFICTION
Ruins” and “Life After Life,” it was about that was interesting because they always had a story
understanding one’s self and what that means in to tell that no one else wanted to listen to. I’ve always 1. Educated (Westover)
one’s place in the world. In “Transcription,” too, I liked jobs where I can steal people’s lives, basically. 2. Three Women (Taddeo)
suppose. Whereas with crime novels, it’s more about Writers are the ultimate voyeurs and the ultimate 3. Becoming (Obama)
the truth of your character. vultures as well. You know, you’re always looking for 4. Unfreedom of the Press (Levin)
a good story. 5. The Pioneers (McCullough)
A recurring theme in your work, especially “Big 6. Sapiens (Harari)
On a good day of writing, do you ever marvel at 7. Born a Crime (Noah)
the flow of ideas? 8. Justice on Trial (Hemmingway/Severino)
9. Maybe You Should Talk to Someone (Gottlieb)
I always remember listening to Anne Fine on the 10. Just Mercy (Stevenson)
radio; she was a children’s author. She said, “A good
day is when you’ve written a good sentence.” And I SMART READER July 27, 2019 15
have held to that mantra ever since.

By Steven Humphries


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Too much coffee FDA orders four
could raise risk of companies to halt
migraines vape sales

If you have migraines, one or two cups of coffee a day accounted for alcohol consumption, stress, sleep, physical The Food and Drug
may be okay, but three or more could raise your risk of an activity and menstruation.There was some variation when Administration on Thursday
attack, a new study concludes. women used birth control pills, the researchers said. ordered four companies to halt
sales of flavored e-cigarettes and
"Interestingly, despite some patients with episodic Overall, "drinking one or two caffeinated beverages in a hookah tobacco products. The
migraine thinking they need to avoid caffeine, we found day does not appear to be linked to developing a migraine agency said the companies lack
that drinking one to two servings/day was not associated headache, however three or more servings may be the required marketing
with higher risk of headache," said study principal associated with a higher odds of developing a headache," authorization to sell the 44
investigator Dr. Suzanne Bertisch, of the Division of Sleep lead investigator Elizabeth Mostofsky said in a journal products in the United States. The companies include
and Circadian Disorders at Brigham and Women's news release. She's with the Cardiovascular Epidemiology Mighty Vapors LLC, doing business as Ovo Manufacturing
Hospital in Boston. Research Unit at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, & Distribution; Liquid Labs USA LLC, doing business as
also in Boston. Likido Labs USA;V8P Juice International LLC; and Hookah
"More work is needed to confirm these findings, but it is Imports Inc.
an important first step," she added in a news release from "While some potential triggers -- such as lack of sleep -
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. - may only increase migraine risk, the role of caffeine is Acting FDA Commissioner Ned Sharpless said the
particularly complex, because it may trigger an attack but notice to the companies comes amid efforts to restrict
In the study, Bertisch and her colleagues tracked data also helps control symptoms," Mostofsky noted. marketing of flavored tobacco products to children and
from 98 adult sufferers of episodic migraines. Each patient teens.
had an average of five migraines a month, 66 percent had She said that, before this study, there's been little
one to two servings of caffeinated beverages a day, and 12 rigorous research on the role of caffeine in migraine ""The marketing of illegal tobacco products is
percent had three or more servings a day. attacks, so there's been "limited evidence to formulate particularly concerning given the epidemic of youth vaping
dietary recommendations for people with migraine." that we're facing, which we know has resulted in part from
For the purposes of the study, one serving of caffeine irresponsible practices of manufacturers, importers and
was defined as eight ounces (one cup) of caffeinated But one headache expert said the new study "leaves me retailers who have targeted kids in their marketing of
coffee, six ounces of tea, a 12-ounce can of soda or a 2- with more questions than answers." these products," he said.
ounce can of an energy drink. Over the six-week study
period, the participants had an average of 8.4 migraines.All "Do different individuals have different tolerances to E-cigarette companies have come under fire in recent
reported having caffeinated beverages on at least one day caffeine? What is the mechanism of the association years for marketing their products to minors, including
during the study, with an average of 7.9 servings per week. between caffeine and headache?," wondered Dr. Noah those who don't realize they're using nicotine when they
Rosen, who wasn't involved in the new research. He vape. Researchers found that more than half of 15,000
Having three or more servings of caffeinated beverages directs Northwell Health's Headache Center in Great Instagram posts related to Juul, the most popular e-
a day was associated with the onset of a migraine that day Neck, N.Y. cigarette brand, between March and May 2018 focused on
or the following day, according to the study published Aug. youth culture or content that would appeal to teens.
8 in The American Journal of Medicine.

The findings were consistent even after the researchers

Hearing evaluation The tiny, delicate hairs in your inner ear move in relation Hearing aids also can help. Properly fitting hearing aids
recommended when to the pressure of sound waves. This movement triggers can address hearing loss. And tinnitus sometimes can be
external sounds the release of an electrical signal through your auditory reduced if you can better hear sounds around you. In some
don't go away nerve to your brain. Your brain normally interprets these cases, white noise (masking) may help suppress tinnitus so
signals as sound. If the hairs inside your inner ear are that it's less bothersome.
DEAR MAYO CLINIC: What causes tinnitus, and is damaged, bent or broken, they may release random
there anything that can be done to get rid of it? electrical impulses to your brain, resulting in tinnitus. In addition, there are several promising therapy options
for management of tinnitus. These include music therapy
ANSWER: Tinnitus - the sensation of hearing a sound In many people, tinnitus has been linked to hearing loss - devices and methods for managing tinnitus; tinnitus
when no external sound is present - often is described as both age- and noise-related. It can occur from earwax retraining therapy, which involves using devices to "train
a ringing, buzzing, roaring, clicking, humming, pulsing, or blockage, from bone changes in the middle ear the brain" to ignore tinnitus; and cognitive behavioral
hissing sound, or any combination of these sounds.You may (otosclerosis) and as a side effect of a number of therapy, which focuses on replacing negative thoughts with
hear it in one or both ears. The sound may be present all medications. Other conditions associated with tinnitus positive ones to change your reaction to tinnitus.
the time or off and on. include head trauma or a concussion; inner ear conditions,
such as Meniere's disease or an acoustic neuroma; head or Although there is no approved drug to cure tinnitus, in
If you have tinnitus that doesn't go away, a hearing neck injuries; or problems with the joint where your lower some cases, medications, such as certain antidepressants,
evaluation is recommended. In most cases, tinnitus can be jawbone meets your skull (temporomandibular joint). High may reduce the severity of symptoms. Ongoing, research-
managed fully. But, for some, it's a chronic condition that blood pressure and factors that increase blood pressure, focused tinnitus suppression and management solutions
can affect sleep and everyday function. Fortunately, there such as stress, alcohol use and caffeine consumption, can are underway.
are options to reduce its effects. make tinnitus more noticeable.
Finally, a licensed therapist can help you develop coping
The cause of tinnitus is unknown. One idea is that Although there's no known cure for most cases of techniques. Support groups also are available in person and
tinnitus results from damage to the cells of the inner ear. tinnitus, many people can manage it. For most, the goal is online. Exercise and relaxation therapy also may help, as
This stems from the fact that about 90 percent of people to lessen their awareness of tinnitus. If tinnitus is due to a stress can worsen tinnitus. (adapted from Mayo Clinic
with tinnitus have some hearing loss caused by noise. health condition, your health care provider may be able to Health Letter) - Gayla L. Poling, Ph.D.,
recommend steps that could reduce the noise. This may Otorhinolaryngology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.
involve removing excess earwax, treating an underlying
vascular condition or changing medications if one is Mayo Clinic Q & A is an educational resource and doesn't replace
contributing to the problem. regular medical care. E-mail a question to MayoClinicQ&A(AT

SIGN) For more information, visit


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the four-legged report

Pet World products on cats. Only use products the room. If you have a two-
that say they are safe to use on cats. level house, put the gate at the
withCathy bottom of the stairs and let
Rosenthal Dear Cathy, I have three female the cats have the top floor
rescue dogs: two sisters who are 2-1/2 and the dogs the bottom
Will insect years old and another dog who is 8. My floor. If you have a one-level
repellent hurt husband has two cats at his work who house, put the gate between
dogs who lick are 4-year-old siblings. We are soon to the main living area and
people's skin? retire and have no idea how to bedrooms, keeping cats and
incorporate the dogs and cats into one dogs safely on either side.The
Dear Cathy, I have a question concerning insect house. They are all used to having the idea is to create a safe space
repellent. I am concerned about the effects this might have run of their respective places. Please where they can smell and see
on a pet that licks people a lot. I know the prudent thing help us figure out what to do! We are each other, but not hurt or
to do is to wipe off the repellent but, on the occasion, that clueless. - Claire,Tubac, Arizona overwhelm each other. Whatever you do, do not carry a
I might miss a spot or two and our dog begins to lick, how cat into a room and leave her there or hold a cat while the
dangerous is the repellent to pets? - Jim, Cetronia, Dear Claire, Your pets will not have run of the house dogs bark and jump below you. Cats will come around
Pennsylvania during the introduction period, but they will adjust to their when they are ready.
new normal given your patience and time.
Dear Jim, The danger depends on the product. Any Once there is a sense of calm, introduce the dogs one
product that contains any levels of DEET can be toxic to First, plug-in canine and feline pheromones where the at a time to the cats. Start by leashing your calmest dog and
dogs. They may vomit, stagger or have seizures after pets will spend most of their time, initially, so that everyone letting them on the other side of the gate. Be sure your
ingesting, so don't use DEET products on yourself or has equal chance to feel at ease. You might even consider cats have places to escape to, like under beds or in slightly
others when around dogs and cats who might lick your pheromone collars for each of the pets for the first two opened closets. Also, purchase some tall cat trees so your
skin. months. cats can climb and watch the dogs from the safety of a
And, while there are some mild insect repellants that Second, establish a room in the home where the cats
you may use on dogs, I recommend using only insect can have their litter box, food, bed and toys. Get a towel After single introductions, introduce two dogs at a time,
repellants deemed safe for dogs. These products can be and wipe down your cats and leave it where the dogs hang and then all three. Never let your dogs chase the cats. Keep
used with no ill effects. Giving your dog monthly flea and out. Do the same thing with the dogs, leaving their scented them leashed during introductions, if needed.Your cats will
tick preventative should also help repel some insects and towel in the cat room. Scent swapping is an important part hiss to let the dogs know to stay away. This is normal. As
parasites. of the introduction process. long as your cats have places to hide and your dogs can not
ambush them, especially in the litter box, they should all
One final note: Please do not use human or dog After a few days, put the dogs in the cat room and let adjust to their new home in time.
the cats roam the house. The cats might not venture far,
but they need time to map out the house. After a few As well as being a recuring guest on Happenings Q&A, Cathy M.
hours, swap them back, so they can get used to each Rosenthal is a longtime animal advocate, author, columnist and pet
other's scents around the home. Do this for a few days.
expert who has more than 25 years in the animal welfare field.
Next, put a baby gate on the door opening and let your Send your pet questions, stories and tips to [email protected]
dogs, one at a time, sit at the door and watch the cats in

Western gorillas use but also hear it, as the shell gives way The great apes don't use tools
their teeth to crack to the incredible strength of their to break the nuts open. Instead,
open, eat nuts bite. Gorillas obviously have large, they rely on the brute force of
powerful jaws, but we did not expect their bite and the sharp ridge of
Gorillas strong jaws and broad teeth help them break to see this because their teeth are not their teeth to crack them. The
down tough, fibrous plant material. The great apes spend well-suited to such behavior." new research suggests the ape's
much of their day chewing on leaves. teeth are stronger than
Researchers observed western previously assumed.
But according to new research, their vegetarian diet also gorillas in Gabon eating the nuts of
occasionally includes nuts.The discovery -- described this the Coula edulis tree species, which Authors of the new study
week in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology -- taste similar to hazelnuts. The tree suggest the dietary habit is
surprised researchers. species is sometimes referred to as potentially cultural, a behavior
the Gabon walnut or African walnut, learned by watching those
While the force of a gorilla's chomp is powerful, their but it is not closely related to the around them, and thus, unique to
teeth aren't well-suited for eating nuts. When cracking walnut. particular group of gorillas.
open a nut's hard shell, the gorillas risk damaging the high
crests on their molar teeth. Nuts grow on the evergreen trees "The fact that this nut eating is
for three months every year. observed in Loango but not in
"I was amazed when we first observed the nut eating by Scientists observed western gorillas other forests in central Africa
the gorillas," Martha Robbins, researcher at the Max in Loango National Park focusing most of their attention where the nut occurs stresses the importance of studying
Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in on chomping the energy-dense nuts during the three- and conserving gorillas throughout the habitat where they
Germany, said in a news release. "We can not only see it, month window. are found," said Robbins.

Animals cooling down this summer SMART READER July 27, 2019 17

A New Jersey woman who looked out at her pool during the recent heat spotted an unusual visitor taking a swim
— a raccoon. Lauren Liedel said she spotted the trash panda cooling off from the extreme heat in the backyard
pool at her Maple Shade home on a recent Sunday night. She said the raccoon spent a couple minutes swimming
leisurely in the pool. Liedel said the raccoon climbed out of the pool on its own and scampered away.

A Long Island family had an even more surprising moment Sunday evening when they discovered a baby alligator
swimming in their backyard pool.The reptile was safely captured and the family said they are trying to find it a new


Sal’s Pizza GREAT
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Brings You Family Friendly Dining • Carry Out • Delivery

food Graduation? Family Reunion?

Party Sized Salads, Italian Beef, Meatballs and Pizza

262-652-6865 • 7623 SHERIDAN ROAD • KENOSHA, WI

Wolfgang Then, you just add them to the pot in the right order as Nutrition News
Puck’s Kitchen listed in the recipe, starting with those that take longer to with Charlyn Fargo
cook and then later adding more tender vegetables.
Are you enjoying an Toward the end, you add the quick-cooking leaves, Eat Your Fruits and
overabundant summer chopped cauliflower and the canned beans. (A quick note: Veggies -- but How
harvest? Put it in your Half of the canned beans are pureed to give thick, velvety Many?
soup pot! body to the soup's broth).

At the height of summer, I often happily imagine that ZUPPA DEL FRANTOIO We all know fruits and vegetables are
Mother Nature has gone wild. What else could you think healthy, and most of us should eat more
if you walk out into your vegetable garden or through the of them than we do. But how much is
aisles of the farmers market and see tomatoes, zucchini, enough?
summer squashes, kale, chard, sweet corn, peas and other
produce at their most beautiful, freshest, and most Serves 8 2 ounces (30 g) de-ribbed and As a dietitian, I teach clients to fill half their plates with
flavorful - all just begging to be cooked and eaten. coarsely chopped black kale or green fruits and vegetables, one-fourth with lean protein and one-
1/2 cup (125 mL) drained canned kale fourth with whole grains, along with that cup of dairy. But
To be honest, it can sometimes be overwhelming.What white beans "half" your plate can vary by plate size; the idea behind this
to choose? Harvest or purchase too much, and you may be 1 to 2 ounces (30 g) coarsely guideline is to provide an easy way to get healthy nutrients
left regretting wonderful ingredients gone to waste. It can 1/2 cup (125 mL) drained cranberry chopped rainbow chard or Swiss from fruits and vegetables. At the same time, MyPlate
seem impossible to cook it all. beans or pinto beans chard, about 1 leaf encourages consumers to move toward a more plant-
based diet -- and fewer starches and animal proteins.
Don't be alarmed by the long list of ingredients. You'll 1/2 cup (125 mL) good-quality fruity Kosher salt
only have to buy one each of most of the vegetables, and extra-virgin olive oil, plus extra for If that's too broad for you, the
you can certainly double up on some to make the soup seasoning and serving Freshly ground black pepper
with fewer varieties. For that matter, feel free to substitute U.S. Department of Agriculture
or include other vegetables you like from your garden or 1 ounce (30 g) chopped garlic, 6 or 7 Freshly grated Parmesan cheese, for
the market. cloves serving offers detailed daily

Most of the work involved in preparing the soup goes 2 ounces (60 g) diced red onion, • Transfer half of the white beans to recommendations, including a
into simply dicing the vegetables to a uniform size - 1/4 to about 1/2 small onion a blender or food processor, and
1/2 inch (6 to 12 mm) - that will cook evenly and quickly. blend or process until pureed. Set breakdown by type of vegetable
2 ounces (60 g) diced white onion, aside in a covered bowl in the
about 1/2 small onion refrigerator. Do the same with the and their serving sizes based on
cranberry or pinto beans. Drain and
2 ounces (60 g) diced split and rinsed reserve the whole beans. total daily caloric intake.
leek white, about 1/2 medium leek
• Heat the 1/2 cup (125 mL) olive oil According to Dietary
2 ounces (60 g) peeled and diced in a soup pot over medium heat.Add
carrot, about 1 medium carrot the garlic, onions, leek, carrot and Guidelines, an adult consuming 2,000 calories per day
celery. Cook, stirring frequently, until
2 ounces (60 g) trimmed and diced the vegetables have turned golden should be eating 2 1/2 cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit
celery, about 1 rib brown, 10 to 15 minutes.
per day.This is quite a leap from the typical American diet,
2 ounces (60 g) diced zucchini, about • Stir in the zucchini, yellow squash,
1/3 medium zucchini butternut squash and canned and which includes a mere cup and a half of veggies and one cup
diced tomatoes. Cook until the
2 ounces (60 g) diced yellow summer squash is tender, 10 to 15 minutes. of fruit per day, according to the USDA.
squash, about 1/3 medium squash
• Stir in the potatoes, whole beans For the week, try for 1 1/2 cups of dark green vegetables,
2 ounces (60 g) peeled, seeded, and and bean purees, and vegetable stock. 5 1/2 cups of red and orange veggies, 1 1/2 cups of legumes,
diced butternut squash, about 1-inch Raise the heat, stirring occasionally, five cups of starchy vegetables and four cups of other
(2.5-cm) slice of squash and bring the mixture to a boil.Then, veggies.
stir in the cauliflower, corn, peas,
1 cup (250 mL) canned tomato puree spinach, kale and chard. Continue Why the emphasis on fruits and vegetables? They are full
cooking, stirring occasionally, until the of important nutrients we need daily --folate, magnesium,
4 ounces (125 g) Roma tomatoes, kale and chard are tender, 5 to 7 potassium, fiber and vitamins A, C and K, to name a few.
diced, about 2 tomatoes minutes longer. Every vegetable or fruit, depending on its color and
makeup, has its own unique nutritional profile. That's why
2 ounces (60 g) peeled and diced • Season the soup to taste with more eating a variety of food is just as important as balance and
potato, about 1/3 medium potato olive oil, salt and pepper. Serve ladled moderation when it comes to a healthy diet.
into bowls, passing Parmesan and
4 cups (1 L) good-quality canned additional oil for each person to add Make it a goal to add a few more veggies to your routine.
vegetable stock to taste. For instance, add spinach or green and red peppers to your
scrambled eggs; have two vegetables for a side dish instead
2 ounces (60 g) coarsely chopped of one; make a smoothie with fruits and vegetables; or eat
cauliflower, just under 1/4 small head your hummus with carrot and celery sticks instead of
2 ounces (60 g) freshly shucked corn
kernels, from 1 small to medium ear

2 ounces (60 g) freshly shelled peas,
about 4 ounces (125 g) unshelled

4 ounces (125 g) baby spinach leaves

blocks from the
WI state line 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, a silicone brush, coat mushrooms all Q and A
divided over with the oil mixture. Place on a
large rimmed baking sheet and bake Q: Can someone on a vegan diet get enough protein?
1 clove garlic, minced until the mushrooms are mostly soft,
Full Bar • Steaks • Chops • Ribs • Pizza • Sandwiches SR062919 8 to 10 minutes. Meanwhile, combine A: Of course -- if you consume enough high-protein plant
1/2 teaspoon ground pepper, divided spinach, tomatoes, feta, olives, foods. Protein consumption may be more common in a
A Unique Dining Experience oregano and the remaining 1 non-vegetarian diet, and because of that, most non-vegan
206 Sheridan Road, Winthrop Harbor, IL 1/4 teaspoon salt tablespoon oil in a medium bowl. Americans consume one and a half times the
Once the mushrooms have softened, recommended intake of protein. If you're looking for
1-847-746-2020 • 4 portobello mushrooms (about 14 remove from the oven and fill with protein sources on a vegan diet -- or are just wanting to eat
Mon. Thur. 11am 10pm • Fri. & Sat. 11am -11pm • Sun. 11am 9pm ounces), wiped clean, stems and gills the spinach mixture. Bake until the more plant sources -- consider beans, lentils, chickpeas,
removed tomatoes have wilted, about 10 tofu, soy milk, nut butters, nuts, high-protein grains (think
FREE Appetizer VIDEO GAMING IS HERE! minutes. Serves 4 (serving size: 1 quinoa) or high-protein meat substitutes. Mix it up. Moving
1 cup chopped spinach stuffed mushroom). toward a more plant-based diet doesn't have to be an all-
with $20 purchase or-nothing endeavor.
1/2 cup quartered cherry tomatoes • Per serving: 151 calories; 4 grams
(up to a $6.99 value!) protein; 7 grams carbohydrates; 8
1/3 cup crumbled feta cheese grams fat; 11 milligrams cholesterol; 2
With this ad. Alcohol excluded. Limited on coupon. grams fiber; 390 milligrams sodium.
Not valid with any other offer. Expires 08/31/19 2 tablespoons pitted and sliced
Kalamata olives
WE HAVE THE MLB PACKAGE 1 tablespoon chopped fresh oregano

• Preheat oven to 400 F. Combine 2
tablespoons oil, garlic, 1/4 teaspoon
pepper and salt in a small bowl. Using


auto Rat brain offers down the street, once there's a Starbucks on your left,
insights to engineers you're going to turn right,'" Boston University researcher
news from the road designing self-navi- Jake Hinman said in a news release.
gating cars, robots
Liz Taylor's iconic According to Hinman and his colleagues, the egocentric
green Rolls Royce Scientists have discovered the neural cells that provide boundary cells produce street view-like maps that offer
heads to auction rats a detailed map of their surroundings. Neuroscientists navigational cues, alerting rats that there's an obstacle on
have long theorized that a region of the brain called the the left or a wall on the right.
Elizabeth Taylor's iconic green Rolls Royce was put in hippocampus houses maps of different locations. Scientists
display at New York's Pierre Hotel weeks ahead of an suggests these map memories resemble the aerial views "These [boundary-cell] neurons are our first step in
auction to sell the iconic vehicle. Guernsey's Auction offered by apps like Google Maps -- or traditional paper figuring out how animals use these two strings of
House unveiled the 1960 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II as maps. The theory goes that little maps pop up as we information to influence each other," said William
well as a matching green Gianni Versace gown and a navigate our surroundings. Chapman, a postdoctoral researcher at Boston University.
Christian Louboutin evening bag owned by Taylor during a "Based on where you think you are in the environment,
preview of the Aug. 6 auction. The Cleopatra star once But some scientists suggest these maps must first be you might expect a wall in a certain location. If it's not
lived at the Manhattan hotel.The auction house said about transformed into Google's "street view" in order for them there, you use that to update what you're doing in that
20 of the convertible Silver Cloud IIs exist in the world, to be utilized.This translation process allows the navigator [moment in] time, but you also update your representation
and Taylor's was custom painted in a shade described as to relate the boundaries of the aerial map and the of where you are."
"smoke green." She called it the "Green Goddess." landmarks within to our own personal positioning and
perspective. The research, which was partially funded by a $7.5
The color matched her dress for her wedding to Eddie million multidisciplinary grant from the Department of
Fisher, and a number of other iconic dresses she wore.The Now, for the first time, scientists have confirmed the Defense, could pave the way for improved navigational
shade of green was her favorite color. Taylor owned the existence of street-view maps in the brains of rats. software for robots.
Rolls Royce until the 1970s, when she sold it to a fan.The
second owner of the vehicle is selling it in the August Scientists used electrodes to track the activity of Robots are needed to conduct work that is too
auction. neurons inside brains of rats as the rodents scavenged for dangerous for humans, like surveying terrain compromised
strategically placed bits of crushed-up Froot Loops.As the by a disaster, like the site of nuclear meltdown.
Accompanying the vehicle are the 1990s-era green silk rats tracked down the sugary cereal, a group of cells in the
Versace gown and the 2000s-era pale pink satin Louboutin striatum, known as egocentric boundary cells, fired rapidly. There is still plenty more research to be done before
bag with fringed rhinestones.Taylor, known for her starring egocentric boundary cells can be translated for use in
roles in National Velvet, A Place in the Sun, Giant and "[It's] much like if I were to give you directions to go robotics software.The latest tests -- detailed this week in
BUtterfield 8, died in 2011. somewhere, I might tell you, 'Oh, when you're walking the journal Nature Communications -- only demonstrated
how the boundary cells responded to large, stationary
obstacles like walls. In followup studies, scientists plan to
test how the cells respond to the presence of moving
objects and people.

Nostalgic Avenue

The ‘Brick Long Home’ was located on the

Welsh street northwest corner of Wisconsin St. (58th St.) and
recognized as
steepest in the world Exchange St. (5th Ave). The name given to the

EA Welsh town captured a Guinness World Record building was to distinguish it from the ‘Long Home’
from New Zealand when its infamously precipitous road
was measured as the steepest in the world. on Church St. (7th Ave.). The property was part of

Residents of Harlech, Wales, have been campaigning for the land claim transferred to David Crosit in 1838
months to have Ffordd Pen Llech recognized as the world's
steepest street, and it has now received the certification by the US government. The brick lower floor and
from Guinness after being measured with a gradient of
37.45 percent, or 1 meter of vertical distance for every basement were likely built by Crosit in the early
2.67 meters of horizontal distance.
1840s. In 1873, Joseph V. Quarles bought the
The street was fount to be steeper than the previous
record-holder, Baldwin Street in Dunedin, New Zealand, building and added the wooden second floor.
which has a ratio of 1:2.86 (34.97 percent).
The building was torn down by Bullamore & Son in Save the Date!
"I first realised this street was a contender for the 1928, and remained empty until 1936 when the
steepest street in the world when my car slid straight American Legion hall was built. The 15th annual
down with all four tires locked," said Harlech resident Photo copyright of the Chili Cook-Off fundraiser is
Gwyn Headley, who spearheaded the campaign after
hearing about the New Zealand road. Kenosha County Historical Society. Saturday, October 19th!

FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800 Want to learn more about old Kenosha? Visit and plan your next

visit to the Kenosha History Center at 220 51st St.

(on beautiful Simmons Island).

Call 262-654-5770 for hours.

SMART READER July 27, 2019 19

One answer to the bee crisis: Turn Closer to
everyone into backyard breeders home

Having wild bees as pets might sound a little off the wall, but needs to do to become a breeder is order the equipment from I’m a Chinese
such is the case for Tom Strobl and Claudio Sedivy. The two the startup’s website, then wait for delivery of a bee home and Medicine
biologists from Zurich are working with an environmental issue a population of 25 bee cocoons. Practioneer. I
at heart: boosting the populations of these endangered teach people how
pollinators. The Swiss-German startup sells two different bee home to resolve their
options, one for private clients and the other for professionals. condition with
In 2011, a United Nations report set alarm bells ringing. It said The first is a small home, around 20 cm (8 inches) wide, with food and herbs.
that the worldwide bee population is in free fall. According to roughly 100 nesting holes. It costs 120 Swiss francs ($120). The I’m an Earthling,
the UN, the phenomenon is due to a reduction in flowering second is a similar structure but eight times the size, and it sells which makes the
plants, as well as the presence of pesticides and air pollution.And for 200 francs ($201). Strobl and Sedivy recommend that bee crisis my
the stakes are high.Without bees acting as pollinators, one-third breeders have as many different homes as possible to optimize problem - it’s
of our food supply could disappear. Of the 100 plant species pollination. “Depending on the nature of their crops, we advise everyone’s
accounting for 90 percent of the world’s food, more than 70 people to install two to four nests, or homes, per hectare [100 problem. On
percent rely on bees for pollination. acres],” Strobl says. Earth, we rely on plants for food,
medicine, and oxygen. Plants rely on
A growing number of documentaries and articles about the To increase the population of wild bees in Switzerland, and bees and the bees are in serious trouble.
issue indicate that the countdown has truly begun. But is the fight their extinction, Wildbiene + Partner suggest that bee
demise of these insects unavoidable? Could we take individual home owners pay a small fee to send the inside structure of The destruction of natural habitats,
action and work toward a reversal of the trend? their bee homes back every autumn and the nesting tubes each pesticide use, genetic modification of
hold six to 12 cocoons.The eggs, collected by the biologists, are plants and mites are bringing about the
Banning pesticides worldwide is beyond any one person’s then used to make new stocks and replenish the bee homes. extinction of bees. If we lose bees, we
control. However, the Zurich startup Wildbiene + Partner, They claim each bee home can lead to the birth of more than are in big trouble.
founded in 2013 by Mr. Strobl and Dr. Sedivy, offers ordinary 100 bees per year.
citizens the chance to help the bees with a simple gesture. By International agencies, cities, and
setting up a mason bee nest on a balcony or in a garden, any In exchange, the biologists check the returned bee homes for universities, are trying to save the bees.
person can become a breeder and provide bees with a place to parasites. “As this is not their natural habitat, the risks of Copenhagen, Tokyo, Seattle, have all
reproduce. infestation are higher,” explains Strobl. They keep statistics for become pesticide free cities. New York
every bee home, giving breeders a way to know exactly how and London have ‘The Highline’ and ‘The
Unlike honeybees, mason bees have no queen, do not sting and many bees they’ve brought into the world since setting up their B-line’ – urban pollinator gardens
do not produce honey. These furry little amber-colored insects operation. devoted to biodiversity that supports
prove rather agreeable company in an urban garden or on a bees. I met with Mayor Antaramian to
balcony, where they can enjoy a diversity of plants. They are Aside from boosting pollination, the two Zurich biologists are discuss what Kenosha could do to
hard-working pollinators. trying to raise people’s awareness of how bees live. For a slightly support bees. Kenosha’s parks could be
higher fee, individuals can order a bee home equipped with an planted with native, non-GMO plants.
“One single wild bee pollinates as much as 300 honeybees,” observation drawer. Any curious breeder can then study the These are many community garden
Strobl says. insect along its evolutionary cycle from egg to cocoon.Although spaces around Kenosha that folks could
mason bees zoom in and out of their homes between March and utilize for pollinator gardens.
But not all flowers have quite the same draw for mason bees. June, from July onward the majority of their activity takes place
They particularly enjoy fruit trees and plants such as inside the structure Essentially, they need ‘fueling stations.’
strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. There was 300 sq. feet of soil in the
This story was reported by La Tribune de Genève, a news outlet in parking lot behind my office at 5603
Five years after the launch of the startup, the concept has Switzerland.The Christian Science Monitor is publishing it as part of Seventh Avenue. It contained dead
already won over some 30,000 clients and 300 farmers in bushes. I called the landlord and asked if
Switzerland. And the number of takers is firmly on the rise. an international effort by more than 50 news organizations I could plant a pollinator garden in their
Starting this year, the offer was extended to France. All one worldwide to promote solutions journalism. place. I pulled the bushes, prepared the
soil and planted 47 varieties of native
plants and garden favorites. If it can be
done in a parking lot, it can be done
anywhere. Please check it out.

The U.W. extension, Bong, and
Hawthorn Hollow will all provide
information on how you can help. Prairie
Nursery and Maria at Equinox sell native
plants that are easy to grow. The buzz is
Maria will even give you a tour of her

By Stacy Anderson

Our Earth tropical islands nowhere is safe. very likely going to die shortly. When the whale was
examined, the curator stated:“Plastic was just bursting out
w/Gretchen Covelli • In 1950, the world’s population of 2.5 billion produced of its stomach,” he said. “We pulled out the first bag, then
1.5 million tons of plastic; in 2016, a global population of the second. By the time we hit 16 rice sacks—on top of
Ditch the Plastic! more than 7 billion people produced over 320 million tons the plastic bags, and the snack bags, and big tangles of nylon
of plastic.This is set to double by 2034. ropes, you're like—seriously?” “The plastic trash was so
Plastic has become quite the epidemic! It’s everywhere densely packed into the dead whale's stomach that it felt
and it is reeking havoc on our ecosystem! I recently Another alarming article that caught my eye was posted as “hard and compacted as a baseball,” he said, only many
googled plastic pollution and here are a few of the most by The National Geographic., about an about emaciated- times bigger—more like two dense basketballs of trash,
alarming facts I encountered: looking whale in the Davao Gulf, the Philippines. The about eight percent of the juvenile beaked whale's total
whale was vomiting blood, listing badly as it swam, and was weight. Some of it had been in the stomach so long it had
• Every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic started to calcify.”
pollution find their way into our oceans.
This young whale died with 88 pounds of plastic in its
• There may now be around 5.25 trillion macro and stomach
microplastic pieces floating in the open ocean.”
Germany has the best recycling rate in the world.Austria
• 100,000 marine mammals and turtles and 1 million comes in second, followed by South Korea and Wales. All
seabirds are killed by marine plastic pollution annually. four countries manage to recycle between 52% and 56%
of their municipal waste. Switzerland, in fifth place, recycles
• Scientists have recently discovered microplastics almost half of its municipal waste. The United States only
embedded deep in the Arctic ice. recycles about 9% of its plastics, majority still ends up in
landfills and oceans.
• Plastic pollution can now be found on every beach in
the world, from busy tourist beaches to uninhabited, See OUR EARTH on page 22 for more


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Wyatt Norris Tosi & Amber Elizabeth Kirchens
Anthony Allen Window & Amber Nicole Woods

Benjamin Leon & Vanessa Marie Hernandez
Adam Richard Maegaard & Allison Marie Milksops

Brandon Thomas LeBoeuf
& Chante Shuree Allison
Vidal Jerome Nunn, Jr.
& Miranda Kate Lynn Hummel
Richard Albert Pitcher & Danette Eleanor Brozik
Carleton Samuel Childs & Tiffany Marie Walker
Christopher Reid Cork & Kristyn Leigh Brooks
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Dwight Dean Schultz & Tiffany Lynn Hanson
Michael Scott Dunham & Holly Lou Smith

Kidnap attempt Q&A with
reported on social Rence Estrada of
media Rence’s Auto Repair

A Kenosha resident posted on that her Q. How long have you been in business for?
infant daughter appeared to have been the target of a A. 9 strong years and counting
possible kidnapping last Sunday on Fifth Avenue near Q. How did you get stared in the auto repair business?
Kemper Center. A.Working with my dad when I was young inspired me and then working
at a few other auto shops made me want to open my own.
“Yesterday, around 4 p.m., a black truck stopped in the Q. So Rence's auto repair does a Tuner Tuesday, can you tell us about that?
middle of the road and a lady got out of her car and A. Sure, what stated as a hang out with some car buddies quickly turned
approached our 2 yr. old daughter,” the post reads. “My into a social car meet, everyone now is invited to bring any car and hang out.
husband looked straight at her, and she told her male We meet the first Tuesday of every month in the parking lot at the Kenosha
driver, ‘I can’t do this.’ and then got in the car and drove Achievement Center. Hope to see you all there.
off.” Q.What is the Great Lake Drag away event on Sept. 4th?
A. It is an event to race cars! All makes,models and speeds bing any car, its a fun event for all car lovers.
The post claims the couple were both white, average Q.What is your favorite vehicle of all-time?
build, with brown hair, and about 40 years of age, driving A. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
a older black Chevy 2-door truck. The post claims that
the Kenosha Police Department was notified of the Owned and operated by Rence Estrada, Rence’s Auto Repair, 7850 Sheridan Road, is your one-stop shop for all your
incident. service and performance needs. Whether it’s repairs or upgrades, our strong belief in family-values extends to our high

Lieutenant James Beller, Public Information Officer for quality of work and desire to keep you and your family safe on the road. Call them at 262-657-1646.
the Kenosha Police Department, was contacted by Smart
Reader.. Lt. Beller provided a Field Case Report which SMART READER July 27, 2019 21
verified the incident was reported to police as stated in
the post. Lt. Beller added that the case is
closed at this time based on lack of investigative leads.

By Jason Hedman


Ditch the Plastic Compost is also an option for the cardboard based Republicans continued from page 4
cartons. Coffee cans make for a wonderful storage
continued from page 20 container alternative. Once you get into the habit of way to deal with unauthorized immigrants was to shoot
things you will be amazed at how this all becomes very them, and last month he created a firestorm after tweeting
So what do we do??? natural and the possibilities are endless! that four liberal Democratic congresswomen of color – all
critics of his – needed to “go back” to where they came
Well the good news is that some states have finally RECYCLE: This is the final step in our process. Paper, from.
begun to outlaw the use of single use plastic bags and cardboard, plastic and glass is at the end of it’s life then
styrofoam! We are starting to see the trend of plastic please recycle it! If you have a compost pile, then better Ahead of the 2018 midterms, Mr.Trump had represented
alternative packaging and reusable bags. Zero waste yet, add what you can to the compost pile first. From the arrival of a caravan of migrants at the southern border
grocery stores have become a thing! No packaging, no there recycle responsibly. What does that mean? Well, did as an “invasion.” The gunman who opened fire at a
plastic, zero waste!!! But, as you can see from the stats you know that your recyclables (most of time) need to synagogue in Pittsburgh last October was found to have
above, we are far from getting a handle on things. rinsed out and free from food debris? If not then it just accused a Jewish organization that aided Central American
gets tossed into landfills! That’s right. Grocery store bags migrants of bringing in “invaders that kill our people.”
So where do we begin? First off begin by changing your are not allowed in normal recycling because they get
habits. Instead of instantly recycling. Start thinking more caught in the machines. So keep those separate and return “What President Trump has done, and candidate Trump
along the lines of REDUCING first and foremost. Reduce them to your local grocery store. Recycling is a costly did, is look for the cultural fissures, the places where there
how much you are using and wasting. Single use plastic business and even though we absolutely need to recycle we was room to tear us apart,” says Sarah Longwell, publisher
bags and water bottles.Avoid using them at all cost. There also need to do our part by helping keep those cost and of The Bulwark, a conservative news site founded by
truly is no need to use a plastic bag to hold your fruits and plant operations to a minimum. Republican critics of Mr. Trump. “He inserts a jackhammer
veggies purchased from the grocery store, just to come into that division and he cranks it open further all the time.”
home and toss it. Bring reusable bags/basket or request These are all steps that we can do close to home on a
paper bags to package your groceries. Many stores will personal level. City and State wide initiatives would be the Still, many in the party reject the premise that Mr.Trump
gladly take back your brown paper bags or reuse them as next steps, and hopefully the United States as a whole is a racist or that he’s responsible for the rise of white
well!Purchase a reusable water bottle (preferably glass or begins to take on the same Legislative, Policy and nationalism in the country. Pushing to reform the nation’s
stainless steel) and stop buying individual size plastic Collection Service Elements that these other leading asylum laws or strengthen its borders doesn’t make a
bottles. Countries have in place. I think one winning element is the person a white supremacist, Mr. Mackowiak points out.And
deposit refund scheme for packaging! while the president should have to answer for some of his
REUSE: The next step is to look at what you have that language – “I criticized him sharply after Charlottesville,”
can be reused before throwing it in the trash/ recycle bin. “It’s the only planet we’ve got, it’s time we take better Mr. Mackowiak says – Democrats can be just as aggressive
Glass jars are a great place to start. Rinse them, remove the care of it.” in riling up their base.
label, wash and reuse! They make great containers for
leftovers, dried goods, even water bottles! Not only will Hi there, I’m Gretchen. I own Gypsies Baskets, a small Fair Indeed, many of the 2020 Democratic candidates have
this reduce your use of plastic it will also reduce recycling Trade basket business. Most Saturdays you will find me in my sharply ramped up their own rhetoric in recent days, with
plant operations and saves you money! You do not need to several explicitly tying Mr.Trump to the El Paso shooting.To
purchase plastic bags or tupperware or storage containers. booth at the Kenosha HarborMarket. In between work and conservatives, this shows that liberals are willing to use
Part of the cost of food is the packaging- get your money's travel, you can find me gardening, cooking, conjuring up accusations of white supremacy as a political weapon.
worth and keep the packaging. Egg cartons are my #2 items
that are so easily reused! The easiest solution is to return homemade products, reading, knitting, volunteering in my “Democrats always tend to overreach,” Ms. Longwell
them to your local farmers! Even if you do not buy eggs community and homeschooling my 3 beautiful children. My says. “It then gives people grounds to dismiss their
from the local farmers market they will gladly accept those family and I enjoy Kenosha and all that the four seasons have complaint because they are taking it to an extreme that is
donated cartons! The next option is use them as seed too far.”
starters and then plant them directly into your garden. to offer here in Wisconsin. We love adventuring through
Now this alternative applies only to the “cardboard” based nature preserves, shopping Downtown small businesses and By Jessica Mendoza & Linda Feldmann
cartons. Do not use the clear plastic or styrofoam cartons. restaurants , exploring Museums, absorbing the beauty among

the Art District and strolling along our gorgeous lakefront.
There is so much to be thankful for in our hometown.


Employment/Opportunities • Lost & Found • Miscellaneous • Real Estate • Rentals • Rummage Sales • Vehicles • Wanted

E-mail your 170 character classified to: [email protected] CLASSIFIED DEADLINE IS WEDNESDAY,
AUGUST 7, 2019 AT 12 NOON
Please include your contact information in the classified.
(Name and Phone number / e-mail address) First 3 words will be boldface type.


REMINDER: RABBIT FUR JACKET with fox collar, beige, DINING ROOM TABLE 34" wide by 33" deep CLEANING LADY WANTED for twice / month FAST COMPUTER SERVICE including network YARD CLEAN UP Junk, brush, dog waste,
PLEASE RESUBMIT AD TO RUN very good condition, size large - $35 OBO two 10" leaves and one 18" leaf total length coverage of 700 sq ft apt; veteran / realtor support, spyware removal, upgrades and PC
FOR EACH ISSUE. MAXIMUM 3 262-657-6049. of 71" with leaves includes four upholstered disabled rates negotiable, help needed; 262- repair. For friendly service with a smile, call anything to haul away. Just call262-654-2509.
LISTINGS PER PERSON. BROWN SUEDE full length coat with fox fur chairs $125 Please call 262-619-1796 if 729-7330 and 847-340-3446 Vikkex today! Phone (262-694-7746)
on collar, cuffs, and bottom, full length, very interested HANDYMAN SERVICES plumbing painting I AM LOOKING FOR WORK AS: Home
MISC good condition, size 10 - $35 OBO 262-657- VETERAN / REALTOR wanted to share house carpentry installations most home repairs free caregiver, cat sitter, seamstress, babysitter,
6049.. 1963 MOBILE TRAILER Home 55'X10' 2 for tasks in lieu of some rent; 262-729-7330 estimates call 262-620-4745 or 262-671-9480 running errands. I am available Monday-
ANTIQUES D&M general store antiques ORGAN/PIANO - 44" wide lowry roll - top bedrooms, living room, bath, laundry room. and 847-340-3446 EXPERIENCED CAREGIVERS For all your Friday. If you are interested in an of the
facebook. 8433 hwy V Calidonia WI walk on double keyboard, full octave pedal with bench. $2,500.00 as is Handy man special OBO. Call in-home needs. Serving Kenosha, Pleasant positions listed please contact me at 224-
1 acre of gardens with unique sheds I94 $300 like new 262-886-5858847-740-0496 Barbara at (262) 455-3953 HELP WANTED Looking for someone to cut Prairie, Bristol and Somers.Call June 262- 565-8882 (Gayle)
Exit, 7 mile fair road. ICE FISHING EQUIPMENT auger - fishing and split 1-2 cords of wood. Small size logs. 215-1292 or Ron 262-237-2670 June
LADY'S SENIOR AQUACISE Reuther High shanty 4men - vexlar locator piano - $500 call KENMORE VACUUM used twice,direct drive Pay cash - 262-694-1131. CARING TOUCH MASSAGE your session PIANO LESSONS RACINE Interested in
School Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8- after 9 a.m. 262-496-0559 beltless system,bare floor fr iendly,all is personally designed to your body's needs beginning piano lessons? I'm located in the
9AM. Call Jean 262-656-2077 DISCOUNT WATERBED SUPPLIES attatchments,extra bags..$225.00 262-764- LOOKING FOR REASONABLE PRICED using techniques & pressure for best results downtown YMCA. 262-902-8500 Dennis
KENOSHA STEAMPUNK SOCIETY We're mattresses, liners, heaters, conditioner - for 2881 Jody PERSON TO CUT LAWN WITH MY MOWER: $75hour $45half hour-text or call Karen 262-
looking for more members! We meet 2nd all styles of waterbeds - complete softside IN TREVOR AREA: 262-222-3173 748-6273T RENTAL/REALESTATE
Monday & 4th Wednesday of every month at waterbeds. Deals-A-Plenty 262-656-1617. PARKING LOT LINE STRIPER Graco 3400- EYELASH EXTENSIONS DISCOUNT Certified
Rockhead's on Roosevelt Rd. & 24th Ave. ANTIQUE ROLL TOP DESK, antique sewing 5 HP 3 years Old- $2600.00 LV- WANTED TO BUY: vintage movie posters, eyelash artist. Classis full set: $50 fills: $30! FLORIDA RENTAL short term. If you are
Find us on Facebook Groups under machine, 2 upright freezers, antique refrigerator [email protected] comic books, LP records, vintage toys, horror Get your appt now text 262-287-6796. IG: interested, email me at [email protected]
Kenosha Steampunk Society. Join the pristine cond. Call for details 262-705-9237 - VHS, horror memorabilia, science fiction pulps thegirlisfabulash for pics.
facebook group for priced fair. This is serious - must see - TOW DOLLY 2010 Master Tow tilt bed tow and magazines, video store promotional items. BABYSITTING young lady good with kids ST. PETE - TREASURE ISLAND FL Gulf
ARBOR WEDDING/SPECIAL EVENT High BUYING OLD POSTCARDS: Old Paper, Old dolly. Asking $1000 PH 262-997-7512 Call: 262-237-0318 can watch 1 or 2 children call 262-620-4745 front condo rental, monthly rental. 2019 avail
quality greenery/flowers with clear lights. Advertising,Black & White Photo’s, Pocket THE HAIR CLINIC cuts, perms, hair color, April-December. Info [email protected]
Great Condition. Must See-Pics Available 262- Knives, Gillette Razors, Straight Razors, DONJOY ICEMAN cold therapy unit! Helps WANTE up-do's, styling, Keratin system, waxing,
358-0259 Fountain Pens, Anything Interesting.Please reduce pain and swelling after surgery hips, highlights blowouts. Call Tisha or Ashley 262- FOR RENT FURNISHED ROOM 5632 Pershing
STEAMPUNK STORE UPTOWN! More Call or Text Stan262-496-1822 knee etc. or accidents! Speeds up rehab! SERVICES 657-5442 Blvd, Kenosha. Non-smoker only, security
previously loved leather than ever before! ORGAN/PIANO 44" wide lowry roll - top - $50.00 HOUSE CLEANING woman + a bucket - deposit, references required. $105/week. Call
Boots, Shoes, Vests, Steampunk Accessories, double keyboard full octave pedal - with bench JOURNEY ELECTRICIAN I am a licensed reliable, dependable. Also clean vacant houses. 262-652-5252
goggles. I am stocking more items several - like new $300. MEN'S KNAPP Work Shoes. Size 7 EEE. electrician seeking employment in electrical Call for estimates - Sandy 262-221-2289
times a month now, I'm expanding the stock, DISCOUNT WATERBED SUPPLIES New. $50.00 Phone 262-658-1291. field or any maintenance work. Call Travis HOUSES AND OR BUSINESS sun shine VEHICLES
keep looking! Go to STEAMPUNK GENERAL mattresses, liners, heaters for all styles of 337-501-7732 klean is having a special this month for first
STORE inside DON'S HOBBIES 2219-63rd waterbeds + complete soft side flotation beds! SENTRY SAFE 26 inches high,16 inches time customers free upholstery cleaning with 2005 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 142K
Street Kenosha. Call Paul @ 262-705-2268 Deals-A-Plenty deep, 13 inches wide, Combination ava ODD JOBS WANTED Minor plumbing, at basic cleaning for only $39.95 262-287- MILES STOW-N-GO RUNS AND DRIVES
(24/7 Cell/Voicemail). Facebook: Steampunk 2016 ARTIC CAT 500UT ATV Green poly electrical, doors, windows, painting, drywall 5103 VERY GOOD. SEE IN KENOSHA AT 4121-
General Store. We can build your Steampunk quick release plow w/ backrest, 2-in hitch, DONJOY ICEMAN cold therapy unit! Helps patching, clean up, gardening, and more. call LOOKING FOR a caring, loving male person 7TH. AVE. 53140 RUSS 262-237-1343 CALLOR
Dreams for You!WASHINGTON DC $674 May Adult owned like new 28 mls, used for plowing reduce pain and swelling after surgery rotator 262-705-6625. to help take care of my senior mother. Wages TEXT $1995
2-8, 2019 Meals / Lodging includied Racine / drive/yard work Asking $6000 cuff, hips, knee etc. or accidents! Speeds up are negotiable. Need handyman work and
Kenosha pickup. (262)977-6891 WASHING MACHINE Free, Call Paul 262- rehab! $50.00 WOMAN AND A BUCKET. House Cleaning, odd jobs, please call 1-262-898-0605 Racine 2004 HYUNDAI SONATA 175K MILKES.
[email protected] 818-2204 HUMIDIFIER SOLUTION: one 64 fluid ounce Dependable And Reliable, Free Estimates Area SEE IN KENOSHA AT 4121-7TH. AVE. 53140
IF YOU SPEAK German or are enthusiastic TREES LANDSCAPING Quality 4’ & white and one 32 fluid ounce container. Both for $5.00 Also Clean Vacant Houses. Call Sandy at 262- CNAS TO JOIN wellness team at Barton of RUSS 262-237-1343 CALL OR TEXT RUNS
about the German language and culture, come pinesm white fir, blue spruce, red cedars, email your interest to [email protected] 748-3938. Zion, five star assisted living. Send resume AND DRIVES GREAT. NEEDS NOTHING.
and join us. There are no membership fees American arborvite $20.00 each planting [email protected] apply within
and attendance is whenever you are available available. Call 262-654-2509 FOR SALE CEMETERY LOT Sunset Ridge PRESSURE WASHING SERVICE gutters, at 3500 Sheridan Road Zion, IL 60099 847- 1983 HONDA 650 Nighthawk- Nice Shape
to join. Meetings are held in the Kenosha FOR SALE Contents of storage units & Cemetery Section 7 Lot 102 Price $4,100.00 patios, driveways, and more. Affordable and 872-1500 7200 Miles- $1900.00 [email protected]
and Racine area. This is an excellent group warehouse space contents. A lot of everything, Call Jean (386) 322-0185 reliable. Call Joe for a free estimate 262-344- FREE HOME HEATING FUEL OIL REMOVAL
to practice speaking German as members' antiques, etc. Call Steve to look at stuff at 5926 I will remove your unused home heating fuel LOADED ONLY 134K MILES. POWER
language skills are from beginners to advance 262-664-4287 LAURIE TESSMER 847-872-1022 "ABC Rotary oil for free..clean and safe . Inquire about tank WINDOWS, LOCKS, SEAT, DOORS,
and we all have a good time. Please contact IRON PIPE DIES 6 pieces 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/4, Wheelchair swing-out lift for Ford or Chevy DRUM LESSONS Private instruction. Band, removal also ... 262 818 1967 ..ask for dave SUNROOF AND MORE. SEE IN KENOSHA
me, if you are interested in joining - Susan 1 1/2, 2 inches 2 ratchets very good condition full size van. Removed from 1980 Ford van. orchestra, marching and drum set. Rock and TYPING. I am an experienced legal secretary AT 4121-7 TH AV 53140 RUSS 262-237-1343
Blust at [email protected] $125.00 Call: 262-942-1553 More info please call Laurie : 847-872-1022" many other musical styles. Learn to read with excellent typing skills wanting to type for CALL OR TEXT $1995
HIS AND HERS --Garage and Porch Sale 8 3 200 LITER POLY Wine Barrels, very clean, music. Call Tom for details. 262-818-2869. you at home. Please contact Alicia at 256-
to 4 Friday and Saturday. On Saturday bring ready for use $100 each OBOCall George: LINDA MEYER 847-630-6227 "Dining Table 658-4484. 121K MILES. 3.5 LITER 6 CYLINDER HONDA
grocery bag to fill, five dollars. 4605 Harrison 262-942-1553 and 4 chairs Excellent condition, wooden RELIABLE DRYER REPAIR Gas/electric all TAX & BOOKKEEPING. 30 Years experience ENGINE. SEE IN KENOSHA AT 4121-7TH.
Kenosha, WI. AMANA DISHWASHER white. Very good chairs, Formica topped table $150" brands. It's far less expensive to repair than Audits handld enrolled agent appointment AV. 53140 RUSS 262-237-1343 CALL OR
condition. Selling due to upgrade. You pick to replace. only call 262-595-8242 TEXT $2495 NICE CLEAN SUV
FOR SALE up. $175. 262-358-0259 WANTED CAREGIVER Self-employed live-in caregiver
MEN'S DRESS SHOES Black tuxedo. Like OFFERING SENIOR CARE and childcare with 20 years experience giving 24 hr. care
FOR SALE: 4 ft. stuffed teddy bear. New. I new. Size 7M, 7.5M, 8.5M $25 each. 262- WANTED: OLD BEER advertising-cash paid Kenosha area experienced in cpr alzheimers references. Looking for job. If you need me,
don't have use for this any more. $40.00. 358-0259 for signs, clocks, neons, thermometers, tavern and parkinsons dependable vehicle your home please call Teresa 262-497-0502.
Call Gayle; 224-565-8882 VINTAGE REDWING SPONGEWARE mixing and liquor store displays, etc. 847-872-2926 energetic compassionate 262-748-6171 JOBS WANTED I will clean, do shopping,
FOR SALE: Rockford machinist lathe 18 in bowl.Local advertising in bottom:IT PAYS TO run errands, etc. Also does seamstress work.
swing, new phase converter, 3 and 4 jaw MIX WITH ROOSEVELT ROAD HARDWARE VETERAN IN NEED of clerical and or $ales CHILD-CARE 3rd Shift 10:30 PM to 8:30 AM Please call Gayle 224-565-8882.
chuck, 2 face plates, boring bar 1 1/4 throat. CO. KENOSHA WIS $125. OBO -Leave work for holiday flex hours years of experience Winthrop Harbor, IL $50 per week discount CUT AWAY GRASS Edging to last - not
Some new tooling works - great cond. Call message at 262-658-1740OVER 25 JOHN real estate insurance for local firms must pay for 2 children Call 262-748-8001 or 262-705- stringline - will help drainage. All with cleanup
262-637-1676.. WAYNE VHS TAPES FOR $75 139 Geneva bill$ and past debt$ 262-729-7330 or 847- 3310 and haul away. Just call 262-654-2509.
GT Racine, WI 6-71-41 OR 6-71-4311. 340-3446 Ron
HAVE YOU RECENTLY had surgery or just
WANTED TO BUY Old Postcards~Back & want to start your day with a water program
White Photos Call /Text Stan 262-496-1822 with heated pool at Jane Vernon School?
6:45-7:45 a.m. All ages welcome. Contact
TECHNOLOGY BROKER experienced wanted Linda 262-654-6485.
by retired/disabled DoD consultant to Air Force
to sell software to major companies, must PROFESSIONAL LED teeth whitening for a
have military security clearance or ability to fraction of the price! $99 at cabana tan spa.
pass military security clearance along with call to book: 262-843-2411. 20 minute session
proven experience, contact DSK, P.O. Box = a bright white smile!
866, Kenosha, WI 53141
$35.00/hour. Call or text to (262)758-1974


When it comes down to what is on your plate when you sit AUGUST 17TH
calendar down to eat a meal, is there anything better than fresh food? HARBORPARK, 5501 RING RD • (262) 654-2412
One of the best aspects of summer is the Farmers’ Markets
TO PLACE A LISTING: all over our fine city that offer up fresh produce every The HarborPark Jazz Rhythm & Blues festival takes place at
e-mail to: [email protected]; or mail to: Community Calendar c/o Carmichael weekday. Bring the kids and teach them lifelong good eating Kenosha’s Lake Michigan shore.Visit closer
Communications, 1420 63rd Street, Kenosha, WI 53143-4451. Please include all pernient habits at these festive, family-friendly, open-air marketplaces to the event for a full lineup. All proceeds benefit the
information including the who, what, where, when, why, and how much. Listings may be where local farmers bring their fresh, locally-grown produce Mahone Fund. The mission is to provide educational
and farm-processed foods to sell directly to the consumer. opportunities for economically and academically deserving
edited for length and are none are guaranteed to be included. All markets open based on produce availability. Tuesdays: youth and to support healthy lifestyle initiatives in
Pennoyer Park, 35th St. and 7th Ave., 6 a.m. - noon. communities of color.
Ongoing/Various dates Wednesdays and Saturdays: Columbus Park, 2003 54th St., 6
a.m. - noon. Thursdays: Lincoln Park, 7001 22nd Ave., 3 p.m. NERI MEMORIAL SCHOOL SUPPLY DRIVE
KENOSHA HARBORMARKET - 7 p.m. Fridays: Baker Park, 835 65th St., 6 a.m. - noon. AUGUST 17TH • 2 P.M. - 6 P.M.
Fun for the entire family, visit the bustling European-style SESQUICENTENNIAL BANDSHELL I Every year, the family of Robert Neri comes together to
mixed market presenting 150+ vendors each week during N PENNOYER PARK collect school supplies for the Kenosha area. The event has
the outdoor season.  Fresh organic vegetables, meats, 3601 SEVENTH AVENUE • (262) 496-9400 grown every year, now averaging 22 full backpacks and
cheeses, eggs and flowers from local producers, and a wide multiple boxes of supplies to be donated to local schools.
variety of delicious prepared foods and beverages. Find This is a free outdoor concert series presented by Musicians
artisan bakery goods and handcrafted soaps, candles and all Assisting Advancing Music, the City of Kenosha, Happenings ART MARKET IN UNION PARK
media of art and craft. Enjoy live entertainment in three Magazine, and more sponsors. Each week features a talented AUGUST 18TH, 10 A.M. - 2 P.M.
locations, chef demonstrations and educational booths. group from the area performing original and cover songs in UNION PARK, SEVENTH AVE AND 46TH ST.
a variety of genres.August 13th:Yesterday’s Children.August
COMEDY SHOWS AT KENOSHA COMEDY CLUB 20th: Doo-Wop Daddies Kenosha's first all original outdoor art market takes place
Every Friday and Saturday the Kenosha Comedy Club at every third Sunday at Union Park. Featuring original art,
Wyndham Garden Hotel, 5125 Sixth Avenue, presents a ___________________________________________ music and special events.
hilarious 90-minute show that features two opening KENOSHA COUNTY FAIR
comedians plus a touring headliner. Show stars at 8 p.m. on AUGUST 14TH - AUGUST 18TH JACK PLOVANICH
Fridays, two shows on Saturdays, 7 p.m. or 9 p.m.Tickets are KENOSHA COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS, TWLIGHT JAZZ CONCERT SERIES
$12 and available at or at the door. 30820 111TH ST • (262) 862-6121 AUGUST 20TH • OPEN AT 6 P.M., SHOW AT 7 P.M.
KEMPER CENTER, 6501 3RD AVE. (262) 925-8040
SECOND SATURDAY A five-day celebration featuring family entertainment and
DOWNTOWN KENOSHA grandstand entertainment each evening, with live bands Jack Plovanich is joined by the Parkside Reunion Band with
On the second Saturday of each month, participating afternoons and evenings at the Creekside Stage. This is the singer Wayne Messmer for Twilight Jazz, a free outdoor
Downtown Kenosha businesses and art galleries roll out the 99th Kenosha County Fair! The theme this year is Country concert series sponsored by area businesses and located on
welcome mats with extended hours, special promotions and Nights & Carnival Lights. Enjoy a children’s parade, tractor the grounds of Kemper Center, beside Lake Michigan. Food
sales, live entertainment, family activities, and much more. pulls, demolition derby, Bella Cain performs Saturday night. and beverages available for purchase. 50/50 Raffle. Bring your
Visit for details. On Second Open daily at 8 a.m.; closes at midnight Wednesday - lawn chairs or blankets. Admission is free. Email
Saturdays, the Kenosha County Historical Society presents Saturday; 7 p.m. on Sunday. Visit for [email protected] with questions.
this guided walking tour of the historic Library Park District. details.
Each tour will last approximately  90 minutes. Explore the SIMMONS BEACH POP-UP BEER GARDEN FRIDAY NIGHT FLICKS: SHAZAM
architecture and discover the historical stories associated AUGUST 15TH - 18TH AUGUST 23RD • DUSK
with the buildings. Tickets are $10. Contact the Kenosha SIMMONS ISLAND, 50TH ST. & 4TH AVE NASH SCHOOL, 6801 99TH AVE
History Center for tickets: 220 51st Place, 262-654-5770.
Downtown Kenosha Inc. presents this event featuring local Pack up the family and friends, throw some chairs, blankets,
ALL-AMERICAN: KENOSHA STYLE beer, live music, family fun, food, and more! bug spray, and snacks in the car and come out for a movie
The Kenosha History Center, 220 51st Place, preserves and INDIGO CANYON under the stars as The City of Kenosha and Happenings
celebrates Kenosha’s automotive and industrial heritage.The PIKE RIVER BENEFIT CONCERT SERIES Magazine return with Friday Night Flicks! Event held
common thread among the cars in this exhibit, open through AUGUST 16TH • 6 – 9:30 P.M. weather permitting, please call 262-564-8800 or like the
September, is the paint scheme that AMC made famous: red, HAWTHORN HOLLOW NATURE SANCTUARY & Happenings Facebook for possible cancellations.We all have
white and blue.This is a collection of cars which represents ARBORETUM a superhero inside of us -- it just takes a bit of magic to bring
Kenosha, and America: big, bold, fast, and quirky. 880 GREEN BAY RD. • (262) 552-8196 it out. In 14-year-old Billy Batson's case, all he needs to do is
shout out one word to transform into the adult superhero
Megan Rüger performs at the PB&J concert series Come enjoy an evening of live music at Hawthorn Hollow’s Shazam.
on Thursday, August 15th outdoor amphitheater nestled along the Pike River. Fine
food, wines, local beer (by PUBLIC Craft Brewing Co.), and STOP HEROIN IN KENOSHA BBQ
PEANUT BUTTER & JAM CONCERT SERIES beverages will be available for purchase. No carry-ins please. AUGUST 24TH, NOON - 7 P.M.
THURSDAYS THROUGH AUGUST 29TH $10 admission. All proceeds go to Hawthorn Hollow. KENNEDY PARK
TWO SHOWS: 11:30 A.M. AND 6 P.M. Hawthorn Hollow’s 2019 concert series concludes with the
VETERANS MEMORIAL PARK, 625 52ND ST. local acoustic power trio, Indigo Canyon. This female/male The Annual Stop Heroin in Kenosha BBQ has become an
• (262) 564-8800 group is making waves in the local scene with fantastic event each summer that has continued to grow each year.
vocals and guitar work. This event is free and open to the entire community,
This is a free summer concert series, presented by the City ST. ELIZABETH SUMMER FESTIVAL providing food, non-alcoholic beverages, local resources,
of Kenosha, Happenings Magazine, and other sponsors with AUGUST 16TH - 18TH speakers, raffles, and much more. As well as spreading a
a lunch show and an evening show on eight Thursdays this 4816 7TH AVE., (262) 657-1156 message of HOPE to the addicts and families that recovery
summer. August 15: Since grabbing the world’s attention as is possible - WE CAN RECOVER!
a star on season 6 of NBC’s hit show “TheVoice”,Twin Lakes Free, family fun for all ages. Including: live music, raffles, food
native Megan Rüger has delivered high-octane trucks, kids’ games and more. PICNIC IN THE PARK
performances, mixing loud rock with pop melodies. August AUGUST 24TH • 4 P.M.
22: 7th Heaven has charted #1 on the Midwest Billboard photo: PETRIFYING SPRINGS PARK,
Charts three times in the past three years. The band has 5555 7TH ST • (262) 857-1869
been heard on radio stations in Chicagoland with their hits TWIN LAKES CORNFEST
"This Is Where The Party's At", "Time Of Our Lives", AUGUST 16TH – AUGUST 17TH • 10 A.M. – 9 P.M. Kenosha County Parks presents this annual celebration at
"Beautiful Life", “Stoplight”, "Better This Way" and "Sing.” LANCE PARK, 55 LANCE DRIVE • (262) 877-2462 Petrifying Springs Park. Including free interactive family
activities, concessions and food trucks, live music and
TOWER CLIMBS AT SOUTHPORT LIGHTHOUSE The Twin Lakes CornFest is a music and water ski showcase fireworks at dusk. Admission is free.
that celebrates the last days of summer with all-you-can-eat
Climb the 72 steps to the top of Kenosha’s historic 1866 corn and all-day action on the water. It’s not a traditional ART OF THE CAR SHOW
lighthouse and experience a one-of-a-kind view over Lake community festival that most might expect -- the two-day AUGUST 24TH • 9 A.M. - 3 P.M.
Michigan and Kenosha. (On a clear day, you can even see the event boasts multiple on-water competitions that offer a ANDERSON ARTS CENTER,
Chicago skyline!) You’ll ascend the very same spiral staircase fresh twist to classic waterskiing. Plus, wakeboard elite 6501 3RD AVE • (262) 925-8040
that devoted lighthouse keepers of Kenosha’s past did! Must dueling for a coveted title, wakesurfing and the most insane
be 8 years or older to climb. towed watersports demos on the water. Off-beat challenges Anderson Arts Center is hosting its fifth annual car show on
like the belly flop and corn-eating contests add to the event’s the Kemper Center grounds. Email  [email protected]
SENIOR CENTER NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION spectacular flare. Admission into the event gives you access for more information.
Stop in at 9:00 am on the last Wednesday of every month to the all-you-can-eat corn. Come hungry, leave happy.
and learn more about the Kenosha Senior Center, 2717 67th Admission fee: $6-$10. Email [email protected] with VINTAGE SHOP CRAWL
St. Get a tour and get your questions answered. questions. AUGUST 24TH • 4 – 7 P.M.
Family focused choreographed Water Ski Show Team 5521 18TH AVE. • (262) 764-9366
performs on Lake Mary in Twin Lakes most Wednesdays and
Saturdays through September 1st at 6 p.m.. Free admission Hop on the Bus and come crawl to five of Kenosha's best
and free parking. Visit for specialty shops! Shop vintage, raw materials, reclaimed, re-
additional dates, and appearances at local festivals. No show purposed, up-cycled, new and vintage clothing, jewelry, home
on August 10th. Call (262) 877-2348 for details. decor and much more! This Crawl will feature some snacks
and food along the way, adult beverages, and soft drinks as
FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800 well.This is a “ticket-only" event at $25 each. Book your seat
on the bus at

SMART READER July 27, 2019 23

Every Sunday • 9am - 1pm
Adults $14 • Children 5-12 $8 • Children under 5 $3
(Price includes Coffee, Tea, & Milk)
$3 Bloody Mary & Mimosa Special

SR072719 4917 - 7th Ave. Harbor Side Menu
SR021419 For Reservations Call 654-9922
• Chef Attended Omlete Station • Array of Homemade Salads
• Fresh Fruit
• Broasted Chicken
• American Fries
• Yogurt and Granola Station
• Eggs Benedict
• Biscuit & Gravy
• Cinnamon French Toast and

Pancakes made to order

• And So Much More! DESSERT BAR

Menu Items Subject to Change
Without Notice

Advertise Here CeSleubmramteer!
For As Little As $25!
Enjoy our new outdoor patio grill / icecream shop!
5320 Green Bay Rd. Kenosha, WI Sausage Malts / Shakes Polish Ice
Sundaes Cream
(262)652-7963 Sausage
24 SMART READER July 27, 2019
Buy One Get One

FREE Custard
Hot Dogs
When you present this coupon. Valid through 9/15/19.

Restaurant Special:

Everyday - 1/2lb Burger, Brat or Hot Dog with Fries Only $3.99

Dine in only 11am-2pm and 9pm-2am

DeRango’s Hours:Sun.-Thur.
11am - 2am Fri. &
Sat. 11am - 2:30am

2135 - 31st St. • 658-8450 •


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