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Photo Book Layout

Photo Book Layout

xl/t sl[ ifdfkm{t bLuf] ;dfh lgdf{0f ub}{

Sustaining the society through ecological agriculture

vfB ;/' Iff tyf jftfj/0f ;+/If0f kl/ofh] gf, ¿s'd

Food security and environment conservation project, Rukum

lrq k'l:tsf

Photo Book

h'g @)!&

June 2017

xl/t sl[ ifdfkmt{ bLuf] ;dfh lgdf{0f ub{}

Sustaining the society through ecological agriculture

Publisher : HuRED-CARC
Copy right : Publisher
Cooperation & Collaboration : BMZ Germany and terre des hommes Germany, RSDC
Advisor : Shyam Krishna Shrestha, Moni Shrestha,
Damodar Gautam

Concept & Writing : Amrit Prasad Sharma
Writing support & coordination : Uttam Aryal
Photo : Amrit Prasad Sharma, Uttam Aryal,
Rup Chandra Maharjan
Coordination support : HuRED-CARC and RSDC team
Language editing :
Design : Ramesh Dahal
Printing press : ……………..
Edition : First
ISBN : ............................................

kl/of]hgfaf/] cfkm\gf] ljrf/

Thought regarding project

Zofds[i0f >i] 7M b]lzo ;+of]hs, 6L, 8L Pr hdg{ L g]kfn sfof{no

Shyam Krishna Shrestha, Country Coordinator, tdhGermany Nepal Country Office:

xl/t tyf lbuf] s[lif vfB ;'/Iffsf nflu dxÎjk"0f{ kf6f] xf] . hnjfo' kl/jtg{ cg'sn" gsf
pkfox? cjnDag u/L cuf{lgs vt] Lsf] k|a4g{ o; ufpFa:tLdf af:tad} cg's/0fLo cEof; ePsf
5g\ .

To enhance the food security, promotion of ecological agriculture is the key. Promotion of organic
farming implementing the measures of climate change adaptation in these villages are the
replicable practices.

cd[tk|;fb zdfM{ sfoq{ md ;o+ f]hs, 6L, 8L Pr hdg{ L g]kfn sfofn{ o

Amrit Prasad Sharma: Programme Coordinator, tdhGermany Nepal Country Office.

lb3s{ flng lhljsfk] fhg{ k|fKt ug{ jftfj/0f d}qL ljsf;nfO{ k|j4{g ug'k{ b5{  . afnaflnsf, oj' f,
dlxnf tyf s[ifssf] k|efjsf/L ;n+ Ugtf of] kl/of]hgfsf] ;G' b/ kIf xf] h;n] ;a}nfO{ pQ/bfoL
agfpg d2t ub5{  .

Sustainable livelihood is ensured only when we promote environmental friendly development.
Effective participation of children, youth, women and farmer groups are the beauty of this project
which builds up ownership among the locals.

bfdfb] / uf}tdM cWoIf, dfgjclwsf/, jftfj/0f / ljsf; cleofg tyf cg;' Gwfg sG] b| -x/' 8] –sf;_{ ,

Damodar Gautam: Chairperson of HURED-CARC, Rukum

o; df]/fjfª\ / ¿s'dsf]6sf l;dfGts[t ;db' fo k/' ftgjfbL tl/sfsf] lhjglgjfx{ s[lif k]zfdf
cfj4 lyP . xfn pgLx?nfO{ cufl{ gs vt] L tyf Joj;flos s[lifdf Ifdtfjfg\ agfO{ ;dfhnfO{
;sf/fTds kl/jt{gsf nflu o; kl/of]hgfn] dxÎjk"0f{ e"ldsf vn] ]sf] 5 .

Marginalized community of both Morawang and Rukumkot villages were adopted the conventional
way of subsistence agriculture in the past. This project now really contributed them for positive
transformation of the society making them capable for organic and professional farming practices.

pQd cofn{ M kl/of]hgf ;o+ fh] s, ¿s'd]nL ;dfh ljsf; s]Gb| -cf/ P; 8L l;_ / dfgj clwsf/,
jftfj/0f / ljsf; cleofg tyf cg';Gwfg sG] b| -x'/]8–sf;_{

Uttam Aryal: Project Coordinator, RSDC and HURED-CARC Rukum

jftfj/0f dq} L tj/df cfocfh{gd"ns lqmofsnfk k|j4g{ ug{' o; kl/ofh] gfsf] dxÎjk0' f{ kf6f] xf] /
;d'bfosf] lhljsfk] fh{gdf bl] vPsf kl/jtg{ n] cfufdL kl/ofh] gf cjlwdf klg k|efjsf/L kl/of]hgf
;~rfng x'g] s/' fsf] /fd|f] ;ª\st] u/]sf] 5 .

Promotion of Income generating activities in environment friendly way is the key part of this project
and seeing some of visible changes in livelihood is the good indication for effective implementation
in coming years of project.

Kfi[ 7e"ld ¿sd' lhNnf h}ljs tyf ;fl+ :s[lts ljljwtfn] wgL eP tfklg ef}uf]lns
ljs6tfsf sf/0f ljsf;sf nflu r'gf}ltsf] ;fy} plQs} ;Defjgf afs] ]sf]
Background: Pp6f kxf8L lhNNff xf] . cem ;b/d'sfdbl] v 6f9fsf ufpFx?df ul/aL,
clzIff / lgjf{xd"lv s[lif k|0ffnLsf ;fy} af6f]3f6f]h:tf k"jfw{ f/ ljsf;sf]
cefjdf sl7gfOk"0f{ hLjg AffFRg afWo 5g\, oxfFsf ;db' fox? . bzaif]{
dfcf]jfbL hgo4' af6 ylnPsf] of] lhNnfsf ;db' fon] ljsf; / kl/jtg{ df
;fFlRrs} kx'Fr vfl] h/x]sf5g\ . o;} s'/fnfO{ dWogh/ ub{} lj=Pd=h]8=
-hdg{ ;/sf/_ / 6L=l8=Pr hdg{ Lsf] ;xof]udf ¿s'd lhNnfs} :yfgLo
;femb] f/ ;+:yfx? ¿s'd]nL ;dfh ljsf; sG] b| -cf/=P;=8L=;L=_ / dfgj
clwsf/, jftfj/0f / ljsf; cleofg tyf cg;' Gwfg sG] b| -x/' 8] –sf;_{ sf]
;xsfod{ f vfB ;'/Iff tyf jftfj/0f ;/+ If0f kl/ofh] gf gf]eD] a/ @)!%
b]lv ltg jifs{ f nflu ;fljssf] df]/fjª / ¿s'dsf6] uflj;df ;~rfng
e/} x]sf] 5 . o; kl/ofh] gfn] afnaflnsf, oj' f, dlxnf / s[ifs ;dx'
u7g u/L lzIff, :jf:Yo, vfgk] fgL tyf ;/;kmfO,{ s[lif, jg tyf jftfj/0f
;+/If0fdf ;xof]u k'¥ofpFb} cfPsf] 5 . ;fy} afnaflnsfsf] kfi] f0f l:yltdf
;'wf/, lzIffdf ;dtfd'ns kx'Fr / afnaflnsf / oj' fx?sf] kof{j/0fLo
clwsf/sf] ;l' glZrt ug'{ klg o; kl/of]hgfsf] p2]Zo /xs] f] 5 . cGttM
xl/t tyf lbuf] s[lif k|0ffnLsf dfWodaf6 ;d'bfosf] hLljsfk] fh{gdf
pNnV] o ;w' f/ Nofpg' o; kl/ofh] gfsf] lb3{sfnLg nIo /x]sf] 5 /
klxnf] jifd{ } kfPsf] ;'vb z'¿jftn] kl/ofh] gf jf:tjd} cfjZos 7fpFdf
cfjZos ;d'bfosf nflu k'us] f] :ki6 bl] vG5 .

o; kl/of]hgfn] ljzi] f u//] xl/t sfo{nfO{ ljsf; k|lqmofdf dn" k|jflxs/0f
ub}{ hnjfo' cg'sn' g tyf ljkb hfl] vd Gog" Ls/0fdf klg ;xof]u
k¥' ofpFb} cfO/x]sf] 5 . o; kl/of]hgfdf @! s[ifs ;d'x -$$(_, @@
dlxnf ;dx' -$*#_, @) afnSna -$!$_, @) oj' fSna -$@(_ / !#
ljBfno Joj:yfkg ;d'x -!@(_ u/L hDdf !()$ hgf k|ToIf?kdf
;+nUg xg' x' G' 5 / ljsf;sf lqmofsnfkdf xft]dfnf] u/]sf] cj:yf 5 .
o; kl/of]hgfn] l;FrfO{ sn' fn] ufot jxp' 2Z] oLo l;FrfO{ k|0ffnL, d'xfg
;+/If0f tyf kfgL ;ª\sng ;'ljwf, kzk' fng / v]tLkftL tyf t/sf/Lsf
nflu laplahg, xl/tu[x 6gn] , xl/t tyf lbuf] s[lif k|0ffnLsf nflu
tflndsf ;fy} pTkflbt s[lif ;fdu|L ;ª\sng u[x / dlxnf ;xsf/L
;~rfngsf nflu rflxg] ;a} k|fljlws tyf ahf/ Joj:yfkgdf ;xof]u
ub5{  . o; kl/of]hgfåf/f Osf]–rkL{, jftfj/0f d}qL kmf]x/ Joj:yfkg,
jg, g;/{ L tof/ u/L a[Iff/fk] 0fh:tf jftfj/0f ;/+ If0fsf ljleGg k|of;x?
e/} x]sf 5g\ . To;}u/L afnaflnsfsf nflu z}lIfs ;fdu|L tyf kfi] f0fx?
ljt/0f ul//x]sf] 5 eg] jftfj/0f lzIffsf ljleGGf sfoq{ mdx? lg/Gt/
eO/x]sf 5g\ . oj' fju{sf nflu ljleGGf l;kdn' s tflnd k|bfg u/L
p2dzLndf ;d]t ;xofu] klg k'¥ofO/xs] f] 5 .

o; lrq kl' :tsfdf o;} kl/of]hgfcGtu{t klxnf] jif{ eP u/s] f s]xL
36gf cWoog tyf c;n sfox{ ? lrqdfkmt{ ;d6] \g vf]lhPsf 5g\ .

Rukum is one of the hilly Districts of
Nepal which is rich in biodiversity and
cultural values. Due to geographical
constraints and one decade long
Maoist insurgency, people from
Rukum districts are lag behind from
development. Even the District has
huge natural and cultural resources,
people are still living harsh living
conditions due to poverty, illiteracy
and subsistence agricultural
practices. Realizing this fact and
to improve the living conditions
of people through ecological and
sustainable agricultural practices,
BMZ and terre des hommes
Germany in cooperation with local
implementing partners Rukumely
Social Development Center (RSDC)
and Human Right, Environment
and Development Campaign
and Research Center (HuRED-
CARC) Rukum, "Food Security and
Environment Conservation" Project
has been implementing since
November 2015 for three years'
time period. This project aims to
establish organizational structure
of child, youth, women and
farmer and support in the sector
of ecological agriculture including
education, health and nutrition,
water supply and sanitation, forest
and environment conservation
with promoting ecological right of
children and youth. In the first year
of project period, 20 child clubs
(414 members), 20 youth clubs
(429 members), 22 women groups
(483 members), 21 farmer groups
(449 members) and 13 school
management committee (129
members) are directly involving in
different sectors of project.
This photo book is one effort to
collect case study and some good
practices of this project.


Table of Content

lrq g=+ !M uf]ne8] fv]tL cfDbfgLsf] ;f| ]t aGb} !
Fig No. 1: Tomato farming becoming income sources

lrq g=+ @= xfdL ;Ifd 5f}+ M ;fpg]kfgL dlxnf ;d"x, df]/fjfª, ¿s'd

Fig. No. 2: We are capable: Saunepani women group, Morawang, Rukum

lrq g+=#= cfTdlge/{ sf nflu sv' /' fkfng . ?kf afx] f/] f, hghfu/0f %
oj' f ;dx" , ¿sd' sf6] , ¿sd'
Fig. No. 3: Poultry farm for self-depend, Rupa Bohora, Janajagaran (
Youth clubs, Rukumkot

lrq g+= $= :jR5 jftfj/0f / zl} Ifs ku| ltsf nflu afnSna

Fig. No. 4: Child club for green environment and quality education

lrq g=+ %= z}lIfs ;fduL| n] k7gkf6g ;xh aGb}

Fig. No. 5: Teaching becoming convenient educational materials

lrq g=+ ^= l;FrfO{ ;'ljwfn] sl[ ifdf NofPsf] ;w' f/

!!Fig No. 3: Improvement in agricultural production due to irrigation canal

lrq g+= &= Osf] rkL{sf] ko| f]u / s/;] fjf/Ldf o;sf] dxŒj !#
Fig No. 8: Use of eco-toilet and its importance in kitchen gardening !&

lrq g+= *= jftfj/0f ;+/If0fsf nflu jI[ ff/fk] 0f

Fig No. 8: Plantation for environmental conservation

lrq g+= (= kmf]x/ Joj:yfkgdf o'jf

Fig No. 9: Youth on garbage management

lrq g=+ !)= hLjg ;xh aGb} dx' fg ;+/If0fdfkm{t

!(Fig. No. 10: Convenient living condition due to water source protection

lrq g+= !M uf]ne8] fv]tL cfDbfgLsf] ;|f]t aGb}

Fig No. 1: Tomato farming becoming income sources

6]saxfb/' k'g ;fljssf]
df]/fjfª\ uflj; j8f g+= @ /
xfnsf] e'd] ufpFkflnsf j8f
g=+ # sf jfl;Gbf xg' \ . hDdf !)
hgfsf] kl/jf/ /xs] f pgL vt] LkftLn]
gku' L cGo Hofnf dhb/' Laf6 kl/jf/
kfNy] . o;} qmddf kl/jf/ kfNgs}
nflu pgL vf8L d'ns' df kl;gf
aufP/ kms{]sf JolQm x'g\ . xfn pGfL
kl/ofh] gf cGtut{ sf] d]nldnfk s[ifs
;d'xsf ;b:o klg /xs] f 5g\ . o;
kl/of]hgfsf] ;xofu] df 6g]nb]lv lap
lahg / tflndsf] ;xof]un] cuf{lgs
v]tL / To;df ljzi] f u/L ufn] e8] f
vt] L z?' u/]sf 5g\, pgn ] . xfn
cfkm"n] tfhf uf]ne8] f vfg'sf ;fy}
5/l5d]snfO{ klg s]xL afF8/] / afFsL
ufn] e]8f ar] /] /sd;d]t hDDff u/s] f
5g\ . pgn] klxnfk] N6d} %) ¿lkofF
k|ltlsnfs] f b/n] #)÷#@ xhf/eGbf
a9L uf]ne8] f cfkm\g} jf/Laf6 aR] g ;kmn
ePsf 5g\ . s[ifs ;d'xdfkm{t k|To]s
dlxgf ¿= @) klg art vftfdf /fVb}
cfpge' Psf] 5  . pxfFn] kl/of]hgfafxs]
cfgf] anat' fn] cGo 6gn] v8f u/L
ufn] e8] f v]tLnfO{ lj:tf/ ug]{ of]hgf


agfpge' Psf] 5 . …u/] s] xbF' f] /xg] 5 / ÛÚ
eGGf] plQmsf] pbfx/0f aGg'ePsf] 5, 6s]
axfb'/ k'g .

o; kl/of]hgfcGtu{t hDdf !*) s[ifsx?sf
nflu 6gn] bl] v laplahg ;xof]u ug{] nIo
5 eg] klxnf] jif{ ^) s[ifsx?n] of] ;xof]u
k|fKt u/]sf 5g\ . ;xh ahf/ Joj:yfkgsf
nflu ;xsf/L v8f u/L pTkflbt t/sf/L
tyf cGo v]tLkftLsf ;fdu|L /fVg] ;ª\sng
sG] b| :yfkgf u/L cuf8L a9\g] nIo o;
kl/of]hgfsf] /xs] f] 5 .

Tek Bahadur Pun, 65 is locals from
Morawang Village of Rukum.
He is one of the member of
Melmilap Farmer group and he is one
of the beneficiaries of getting support
of farming tunnel, seeds of tomato
and organic tomato farming training.
In the first lot of tomato farming, he
sold around 600 kg of tomato and
able to earn nearly NRP 35000. He
shared that "I did a lot of labor work
in minimum wages and also went gulf
country to feed my families, but now I
realized that income source is not far
from my own locality where tomato
and vegetable farming in my own
land is sufficient to feed family and
earn the money. I am also saving NPR
20/month in my farmer groups and
hope to increase saving amount by
extending my tomato and vegetable
farming through this gained skill and


lrq g=+ @= xfdL ;Ifd 5f+} M ;fpgk] fgL dlxnf ;dx" ,
df]/fjfª, ¿s'd

Fig. No. 2: We are capable: Saunepani women group,
Morawang, Rukum

;fpg]kfgL dlxnf ;dx" df kl/ofh] gfcGtu{t ;fljssf] df/] fjfª /
df/] fjfª uflj; j8f g=+ # / ¿sd' sf]6df !!÷!! dlxnf ;d"x / ! ÷!
xfnsf] ed' ] ufpFkflnsf j8f j6f ;~hfndfkm{t hDdf $*# dlxnfx?
g+= # sf dlxnf ;xefuL 5g\  . rn' f]rf}sf / cfj4 5g\ . ;fpgk] fgL dlxnf ;dx" sL
3fF;bfp/fd} cfgf] ;Dk0' f{ ;do uh' fgk'{ g{] pkfWoIf hLjgs'df/L ;g' f/n] elgg\—
oxfFsf dlxnfx? clxn] 3/wGbf ;s/] æklxnf xfdL dlxnf o;/L 5nkmn ug{ t
;fdl' xs 5nkmndf klg ;l/s eO{ cfgf] s] aflx/ lg:sg} ufx|f] lyof] / xfdL
;d'bfosf] ;du| ljsf;sf nflu nfluk/s] f c? dfG5s] fcuf8L afN] g klg ;Sy]gf}+ t/
5g\ . vfB ;'/Iff tyf jftfj/0f ;/+ If0f o; dlxnf ;dx" u7g u/L;s]kl5 xfdL


k|To]s dlxgfsf] @ ut] lgoldt a}7s Saunepani is one of the women
a:5f+ } . o;sf ;fy} kl/ofh] gfdfkmt{ group out of total 20 women
klg ljleGg ;/;kmfO{ tyf l;kdn" s group in project location. Women
tflnd klg k|fKt u/]sf 5f }+ . xfdLn] members are now active to engage in
o; ;dx' af6 dfl;s !) ¿lkofF p7fpFb} regular meeting and social work. Mrs
cfPsf 5f} / ;ª\slnt /sdn] s;}nfO{ Jivan Kumari Sunar said "In the past,
3/vr{ tyf afv|f, au+ /' kfNg / dx' fg we women were just passed our whole
;+/If0fdf klg ;xof]u u5f.{}+ clxn] xfdL life inside the house as house wife
lgwS{ s afN] g ;S5f+} . kmn:j?kM 3/df and caring children. We also helped to
x'g] dlxnf lx;+ flj?4 klg cfjfh p7fO{ feed livestock and in farming as well.
o;sf] Go"gLs/0ftkm{ nfus] f 5f} + . There was very rare and almost no
contact with other community people
To:t} csL{ ;b:o dgsd' f/L ;g' f/ and women were not able to speak in
elG5g\— æklxnf xfdLnfO{ xl/of] ;fu;AhL front of mass. Now after formation of
pAhfP/ vfg ;lsG5 eGg] 1fg lyPg this women groups, we able to speak
t/ clxn] oL ;a} ;Dej ePsf 5g\ well in front of mass, we learnt a lot
/ cfgf ;GtfgnfO{ ljBfno lgoldt of things regarding women right and
k7gkf7gdf k|]l/t ug]{ / ;/;kmfOd{ f klg child right and ultimately learnt that
Wofg lbOof] eg] w]/} /f]ux? nfUgaf6 how women could be a good strength
aRg ;lsG5 eGg] klg dxz'; u/s] f to change the soceity. Nowadays,
5f+} . o; kl/ofh] gfcGtu{t ul7t ;a} we also do our own responsibility
dlxnf ;dx" sf] lgoldt dfl;s a}7s at home and regularly meet in our
a:b} cfPsf] 5 / s'g} ;dx" n] dfl;s group. We save NPR 10/months
¿= !) / s'g}n] dfl;s ¿= @) sf b/n] and hold meeting on child right,
jrt ug{] afgLsf] klg ljsf; u/s] f women right and also in sustainable
5g\ . kl/ofh] gfcGtu{t @ j6f dlxnf agricultural practices". Through this
;xsf/L u7g u/L s[lifIfq] nfO{ cfgf] saving amount, women got some
cfocfhg{ sf] dfWod agfO{ cuf8L loan for special purpose like livestock
al9/x]sf 5g\ . dlxnf ;dx" x? clxn] farming or agriculture or other needy
ufpFdf ;d:of cfOk/] cfkm}F h6' \g] u/s] f things. Next member of this women
5g\ / dlxnf klg ;d:of ;dfwfgsf group, Man Kumaru Sunar said" Now
nflu ;Ifd 5g\ eGg] pbfx/0f alg/xs] f women are able to earn some little
5g\ . money through vegetable farming and
we are hopeful that women could do
any things for positive transformation
of the society".


lrq g=+ #= cfTdlge/{ sfnflusv' /' fkfng .?kfafx] f/] f,
hghfu/0f oj' f ;dx" , ¿sd' sf6] , ¿sd'

Fig. No. 3: Poultry farm for self-depend, Rupa Bohora,
Janajagaran Youth clubs, Rukumkot


kf afx] f/] f, @$, ¿sd' sf6] uflj;cGtu{t hghfu/0f Rupa Bohora, 24
o'jf SnasL ;b:o x'g\  . pgsf >Ldfg\ ljb]zdf is member of
Janajagaran Youth
?5g\ . 3/dfdfq} ;Lldt x'Fbf lbSbf/ ePsL pgL clubs. She is one of the
beneficiaries of getting
clxn] s'v/' f kfngaf6 ePsf] cfDbfgLn] cfkmd" fq} xfO] g financial support for
kl/jf/df klg v'zL afF8\g ;Ifd ePsL l5g\ . ?kf o; poultry farming which
vfB ;'/Iff / jftfj/0f ;+/If0f kl/of]hgfcGtu{t ul7t was demanded from
oj' f ;d'xsL ;b:o xg' \ . 5nkmnsf avt oj' fsf nflu youth clubs. In the
;Defljt pBdx?sf] klxrfgsf] qmddf AjfOn/ hftsf] first lot, she earned
sv' '/f kfngsf nflu OR5f JoQm u/k] l5 kl/ofh] gfsf] NPR 10000 and now
k|fljlws / sx] L cfly{s ;xofu] df pgn] s'v/' f kfng she is very confident
to run with increased
cl3 a9fO/x]sL l5g\ . clxn] bf;] |f] n6sf] number of poultry.
rNnf x'sfp{ Fb} u/s] L pgn] elgg\— æklxnf She is becoming the
t d ;S5'sL ;lSbgF eg]/ 8/ klg nfus] f] inspiration to the youth
lyof] t/ kl5 kl/ofh] gfsf] k|fljlws ;xof]un] as being self-depend.
xf};nf k|bfg u¥of] / clxn] t d 9'Ss ;fy She suggests other
sfd ug{ ;S5 ' .Æ youth members to
engage in any business,
klxnf] n6df nueu ? !),))) cfDbfgL entrepreneurship and
u/s] L pgn] casf n6x?df cfgf] 1fg / other professional
l;ksf cfwf/df w/] } cfDbfgL ug{]df ljZj:t activities to be self-
b]lvlG5g\, pgL . …3/kl/jf/ dfq xf]Og cGo reliant. She is married
dlxnf o'jfx? klg cfTdlge/{ x'g o:tf pBd and she said "Mother
ug{'k5{Ú eGb} ;d'bfosL pbfx/0f agl] s 5g\, and father in law are
?kf . o; kl/ofh] gfcGtu{t k|Tos] uflj;df also positive towards
(÷( j6f oj' f Sna / !÷! j6f ;~hfn agfO{ my efforts and my
lgoldt dfl;s a}7s a:5g\ h;df $@( hgf husband who is
o'jfx? k|ToIf ;xefuL 5g\ . o; kl/of]hgfn] abroad for earning is
o'jf ;xeflutf, kl/rfng tyf Ifdtf clej[l4sf also feeling relief due
;fy} o'jfx?sf] pBd ;~rfngsf nflu cfly{s to her earning and
;xof]u klg k|bfg ub5{  . clxn] o'jfx? business plan.
aª\u'/ kfng, sv' '/f kfng, ls/fgf k;n,
s:dl] 6s k;n, l;nfOag' fO,{ dfa] fOn l/k]l/Ë ^
t sf]xL xfp; jfol/Ëdf cfgf] Jo:ttf
hgfO cfTdlge{/ eP/ pbfx/0f ags] f bV] g
kfOG5g\ .

lrq g=+ $= :jR5 jftfj/0f / z}lIfs ku| ltsf nflu

Fig. No. 4: Child club for green environment and
quality education

zflGt afnSna ¿sd' sf]6l:yt Ps afnSna xf ] . o; afnSnan]
lqej' g hgtf dfWoflds ljBfno xftfleq geO{ ;d'bfo:t/df
ljBfno, l5lk|bxcGut{ ul7t klg jftfj/0fLo ;/;kmfO{ tyf


a[Iff/f]k0fsf lqmofSnfkx? ;~rfng Shanti child clubs is
ub{} cfO/x]sf] 5 . afnSnadf cfa4 one of the child clubs
;b:ox?n] lgoldt dfl;s a7} ssf established in Rukumkot
;fy} jftfj/0fLo ;/;kmfO{ tyf village. Child club members
;/+ If0fsf ljifodf 5nkmn, cGtlqm{of are active for environmental
tyf ljleGg z}lIfs sfo{qmdx? sanitation, environmental
;~rfng ul//x]sf x'G5g\ . pgLx?n] educational campaign, waste
sx' g] / gs'xg] bj' } lsl;dsf segregation and management
kmf]x/x?sf nflu 5'§f5'§} vf8n and plantations. Child clubs
agfO{ kmf]xf/] Joj:yfkgsf] klg k|of]u members also got the
u/s] f 5g\ / z}lIfs u0' f:t/sfod educational materials support
ug{sf nflu k|ofKt zl} Ifs ;fdu|Lx? including school uniform.
h:tM} ljBfyL{n] nufpg] kfi] ffs, Children below 5 years of age
vn] s'bsf ;fdu|Lx? Pj+ k':ts also got nutrition support.
k'l:tsfx? klg ljt/0f u/s] f 5g\ . Dhanadip Subedi, joint
o:tf Snadfkmt{ ;fgf afnaflnsfsf secretary of Shanti child club
nflu kfi] f0fo"Qm vfgf klg ;xofu] said" Due to our involvement
u/s] f 5g\ . jf:tjdf jftfj/0f in environmental sanitation
;/;kmfO{ / ;/+ If0fsf] If]qdf /fd|f] and plantation, community
z'?jft ePsf] / o; If]qdf cem} w/] } people are also encouraged
ugk'{ g]{ atfpF5g\, Snasf ;x ;lrj to make whole locality clean
wglbk ;j' b] L . and green." He further added
"In the past, People used to
o; kl/ofh] gfcGtut{ k|Tos] uflj;df through waste randomly, now
(÷( j6f afnSna / !÷! j6f ;~hfn people think before throwing
agfO{ lgoldt dfl;s a7} s a:5g\, waste and see the garbage
afnaflnsfx? . h;df $!$ hgf pit to dispose the waste".
afnaflnsfx? k|ToIf ;xefuL 5g\ . Samiksha Sunara, member
afnSnadfkm{t afnclwsf/sf ;fy} of Naulo Bihani child club of
afnaflnsfsf] k9\g] clwsf/sf] klg Morawang said that due to
jsfnt ePsf] / afn ljjfxnufot this clubs we learn regarding
cGo afn lx;+ fnfO{ /f]Sgsf nflu child right, child education,
k/]sf] atfpFl5g\ gf}nf] ljxfgL afn ecological right of children
Sna df/] fjfªsL ;lrj, ;dLIff and we also able to reduce
;g' f/ . child violence including early
marriage problem.


lrq g=+ %= z}lIfs ;fdu|Ln] k7gkf6g ;xh aGb}

Fig. No. 5: Teaching becoming convenient
educational materials

sdnf DfNn /U] dL, gj ljxfgL cfwf/ ug{sf nflu o; vfB ;'/Iff tyf jftfj/0f
e"t ljBfno, l5lk|bx ¿s'dsL Ps ;+/If0f kl/of]hgfcGtut{ ljtl/t ;]tf]kf6L
lZflIfsf x'g\ . xfdL cem} klg sfnfk] f6Ldf / zl} Ifs tyf vn] sb' ;fdu|Lx? h:t}M
k9fO/xs] f] bV] bf xfdLnfO{ nfUGf ;S5— xfdL zAbsf]z, Unfa] tyf gS;f, vN] g] 8f]/L,
sxfF 5f} / xfd|f] Zfl} Ifs jftfj/0f s:tf] 5 <, l6gsf] afs;, dfs/{ x?, elnjn / g]6,
eg]/ . of] pbfx/0f xf,] ¿s' 'dsf6] uflj;sf] 6]jn 6l] g;, a:g] s'rLx{ ?sf sf/0f
ljxfgL cfwf/e"t ljBfno . oxfF afnaflnsf k9fO n]vfOdf w]/} ;xh ePsf] / o;
k9fpgsf nflu k|ofu] xg' ] sfnfk] f6L / zl} Ifs ;xofu] n] afnaflnsf klg :sn' df lgoldt
;fdu|Lx?sf] cefjsf sf/0f k7gkf7g lgs} cfO/x]sf / cleefjsx? klg v'zL ePsf
r'gf}ltk0' f{ ag]sf] lyof] . o:tf cefjx? b/' atfpFl5g\, dNn . o; kl/ofh] gfcGtut{


;fljssf] df/] fjfª / ¿sd' sf6] uflj;df ljBfnox?df ljleGg zl} Ifs tyf vn] s'b ;fdu|L
/x]sf hDdf !# ljBfnodf ljBfno ljt/0f ul/Psf] 5 .
Joj:yfkg ;ldltx?nfO{ ;lqmo agfO{
o:tf zl} Ifs u0' f:t/ sfod ugs{ f nflu
dxÎjk"0f{ e"ldsf v]Nb} cfPsf] 5 / ;a}

Ms Kamala Malla is teacher in reluctant to write in blackboard and
Nava Bihani Elementary school, that chalk stick was also not child
Chhipridaha,Rukumkot.Inthepast,she friendly. Now, they easily write and
was teaching small child in blackboard do their assignment. The school
with chalk stick but after getting also got the educational materials
support of white board and other like dictionary, globe map, skipping
required educational support she felt rope, tin box, markers, volleyball
convenient to teach. She said, "it was and net, table tennis, and sitting
so difficult to teach in blackboard with chair. She said, due to these
chalk stick and sometimes chalk stick support, parents also encourage
was also lacking, now children also to send their children to school
feel good and love to write in white in time and regular presence of
board." In the past, children were so children is increased.


lrq g=+ ^= l;FrfO{ ;l' jwfn] sl[ ifdf NofPsf] ;'wf/

Fig No. 3: Improvement in agricultural production
due to irrigation canal

o; kl/of]hgfcGtut{ s[lifIf]qdf ;w' f/sf
nflu Ps ;o krxQ/ ld6/ nfdf]
;Ldf l;FrfO{ sn' f] lgdf{0f ePsf sf/0f
cfsfz] kfgLdf dfq lge/{ /xg] afgL x6s] f]
atfpF5g oxfFsf :yfgLox?  . klxnf k'/fgf] l;FrfO{
s'nfd] f kfgL r'lx/xg] / s'nf] elTs/xg] x'Fbf
lg/Gt/ kfgL cfpFbg} Yof] / 6f9f;Dd s'nfs] f] kfgL
k'¥ofpg} dl' Zsn xG' Yof] t/ xfn o; l;dG] 6]8
l;FrfO{ s'nf] lgdf{0fkZrft\ oxfFsf ls;fg 9S' s
ePsf 5g\ . o; vfB ;/' Iff tyf jftfj/0f
;/+ If0f kl/ofh] gfcGtut{ !@ j6f ;fgf l;FrfO{
;l' jwf k'¥ofpg] nIo cg';f/ klxnf] jif{ $ j6f
;DkGg ePsf 5g\ eg] afFsL * j6f bf;] |f] /
t:] f|f] jifd{ f qmdzM ;DkGg x'g] ofh] gf /x]sf] 5 .
clxn]sf] kl/jltt{ hnjfod' f kfgLsf] ;|f]t ;+/If0f
/ Joj:yfkg ug{' ckl/xfo{ ePsf] / To;} s'/fnfO{
dWogh/ ub}{ o; kl/of]hgfcGtu{t d'xfg ;+/If0f,
;fgf l;FrfO{ sn' f], jx'k|ofu] kfgL k|0ffnL tyf
kfgL ;ª\sng s]Gb|x? lgdf{0f eO/x]sf 5g\ .


Sima irrigation canal is one
of the irrigation canal of
Morawang village which is
75m long. This irrigation canal
is reducing the dependency of
people in sky rain. Local of this
area expressed that in the past the
conventional types of irrigation
canal which was almost degraded
state and frequent leakages was
making troublesome for us. Now
with this cemented irrigation
canal, we are happy to irrigate our
lands with increased production
without any fear of leakages.
Earlier it was also conflict among
the communities due to leackage
problem and its labour work, now
our huge time was also saved and
there was no conflict among locals.


lrq g=+ &= Osf] rkLs{ f] k|of]u / s/];fjf/Ldf o;sf]

Fig No. 8: Use of eco-toilet and its importance in
kitchen gardening


t/sf/L afnLdf ls/fkm6Øfª\u|fsf]
;ª\qmd0f xg' ] gfn} f] s'/f xfO] g .
s/;] faf/L xf;] \ of Jofj;flos v]tL
ubf{ ls6\gfzs cfi} fwL k|ofu] ug{'kg{] afWotf
5 . o; afWotfnfO{ 3/n] ' tl/sfn] x6fpgsf
nflu Osf] rkLa{ f6 ;ª\slnt lk;fjsf] k|of]u
w]/} g} nfebfos ePsf] atfpFl5g\, s[ifs
;d'xsL Ps ;b:o . Osf] rkLa{ f6 lk;fj
kfOkdfkmt{ Pp6f 8«ddf vGofpg] / 3fddf
;s' fO;s]kl5 ^ bl] v * efu kfgL ld;fP/
xhf/Lsf] ;xofu] af6 uf]ne]8f v]tLdf k|ofu]
u/]sf] / o;f] ubf{ ufn] e8] fdf nfUg] ls/fx?
w/] } sd ePsf] atfpFl5g\, pgL . o; vfB
;/' Iff tyf jftfj/0f ;/+ If0f kl/of]hgfcGtut{
$)) 3/w'/Ldf Osf] rkL{ ;xof]u ug]{ nIo
cg;' f/ klxnf] jif{ hDdf !@& Osf] rkLs{ f]
;xof]u ku' s] f] 5 . ;db' fon] o;nfO{ w/] } g}
;sf/fTds ?kn] lnPsf] kfOG5 . jftfj/0f
/ v]tLkftL b'a}sf nflu nfebfos o; Osf]
rkLs{ f] k|of]u jf:tjd} k|efjsf/L x'g]/x]5
eGg] s/' fdf ljZj:t ag]sf 5g\ oxfFsf
afl;Gbfx? .

Use of collected and stored urine
from Eco-toilet becoming a
huge significant as pest control.
One of farmer from Rukumkot, said
that she collects urine from eco-toilet
with the support of pipe and stored in
plastic drum for some days. Then she
mix 6 to 8 part of water with 1 part of
Urine and use this in her tomato and
vegetable farming. The project targets
to reach 400 families with eco-toilet
support where 127 families already
got support in first year.


lrq g+= *= jftfj/0f ;+/If0fsf nflu jI[ ff/f]k0f

Fig No. 8: Plantation for environmental

kxf8L Ifq] df 3fF;bfp/fsf nflu ;Gbz] k|efjsf/L ?kdf cl3 a9s] f] atfpF5g\,
jgdf cfl>t x'gk' g{] / ljleGg oxfFsf jfl;Gbfx? . df/] fjfªsf] hLtvfn] f /
kmlgr{ / tyf cGo lgdf{0f ¿s'dsf]6sf] n'K;fwf/fdf !÷! j6f jg g;{/L
;fdu|Lsf nflu klg ?v la¿jf k|ofu] xg' fn] tof/ ePsf 5g\ . klxnf] jif{ pTkflbt nueu
jgsf] lbuf] ;/+ If0f ckl/xfo{ 5 . jgsf] %,)))) la¿jfdWo] klxnf] n6df !),)))
lbuf] ;/+ If0f / jg ljgfznfO{ pNn]Vo la¿jf /f]lkPsf] 5 . o; kl/of]hgf cjlwleq
?kn] 36fpgsf nflu hgr]tgfdn" s @,)),))) la¿jf pTkfbg u/L a[Iff/f]k0f ug{]
sfo{qmdsf ;fy} g;/{ L pTkfbg u/L tof/L ePsf] 5 . o;nfO{ ;+/If0f ug{sf nflu
a[Iff/fk] 0fsf] klg sfd z'? e};s]sf] b]Vg o; kl/of]hgfcGtu{t ul7t o'jf, afnaflnsf,
;lsG5, df]/fjfª / ¿sd' sf6] df . la¿jf s[ifs / dlxnf ;dx' g} nfluk/]sf 5g\ .
/fK] g'k5,{ ?v hyfefjL sf6\g' xF'bg} eGg]


In such hilly District like Rukum, people
always depends upon the forest for fodder
and fuelwood and tree species are often
used in furniture making. It takes several
years to regenerate any forest species. In
this regard, project has established two
forest nurseries one in each Morawang and
Rukumkot villages. These nurseries have
already produced 50000 plant species where
more than 10000 planted and maintained
to grow. The plantation is promoted both
in private and public land. People direct
involvement in plantation and mobilization
of all child, youth, women and farmer groups
are appreciative. This efforts highly significant
to restore the plant species and promote the


lrq g=+ (= kmfx] / Joj:yfkgdf o'jf

Fig No. 9: Youth on garbage management

jftfj/0f ;/;kmfO{ lzIff
tyf k}/jL sfo{qmdcGtu{t
k|To]s 6f]ndf sx' g]
/ gsx' g] vf8n agfO{ kmfx] f]/
Joj:yfkg ug]{ sfo{ cuf8L al9/x]sf]
atfpF5g\, z'ek|eft o'jf ;d'x sdnbx
¿s'dsf6] sf ;b:o— /fdrGb| bfxfn  .

clxn] kmfx] / Joj:yfkgsf nflu o:tf
vf8nx? ljBfno, ;fjh{ lgs tyf
;d'bfo:t/df klg bV] g ;lsG5 .
bfxfnsf cg;' f/— o'jf ;dx" sf
;b:ox? lgoldt a}7s a:g] /
k|To]s dlxgf 3/b}nf] sfo{qmd ub}{
kmf]xf]/ Joj:yfkgsf nflu ;a}nfO{ va/
ug]{ / cfgf] 3/ j/k/sf] ;/;kmfOd{ f
cfkmF} h6' \g ;Gbz] km}nfO/xs] f5g\ .
o:tf ;fj{hlgs :yndf tL;j6f
vf8n agfO{ ;/;kmfOd{ f pNnV] o
;w' f/ Nofpg] nIocg?' k klxnf] jif{
hDdf !$ j6f -df]/fjfª % / ¿s'dsf]6
(_ vf8n alg;ss] f] / afFsL cfufdL
jifd{ f agfpFb} n}hfg] of]hgf /x]sf]
5 . o; lsl;dsf] sfo{df ;as} f]
;fy / ;xofu] kfP ;kmf / ;G' b/
ufpF aGg s'g} a]/ gnfUg] atfpF5g\,
oxfFsf o'jfx? .


Youth clubs are actively
involving in garbage
management, plantation
and water source protection.
Their role of promoting
garbage management in
household and community
level is highly remarkable.
Youth clubs regularly sit for
meeting in each month with
door to door campaign for
waste management. They
request community to manage
both biodegradable and
non-biodegradable waste in
proper way through making
garbage pit. The youth also
constructing garbage pit in
public places of natural and
cultural values. For example,
garbage pit construction in
Kamal lake is one of the good
example that how youths
are managing public waste.
People are now realizing
this important effort of
environmental sanitation and
contributing for making society
clean and green" said, one of
the member of Shuvapravat
youth club, Mr Ram Chandra
Dahal, Rukumkot.


lrq g=+ !)= hLjg ;xh aGb} dx' fg ;+/If0fdfkm{t

Fig. No. 10: Convenient living condition due to
water source protection

kfgLsf] ;|f]t ;S' b} hfg] /
kfgLsf] ;d'lrt k|ofu]
klg ug{ g;Sbf df/] fjfª
/ ¿sd' sf6] sf jfl;Gbfx?n] ;d:of
em]ln/xs] f 5g\ . kfgLsf] dx' fg
;+/If0f u/L Jojl:yt vfgk] fgL
of]hgfsf] lgdf{0fn] nueu #%
3/w/' L nfeflGjt ePsf] atfpFl5g\,
l;:g] kFw/] f vfg]kfgL ofh] gfsL Ps
;b:o .

lxpFbdf kfgL geP/ x}/fg v]Kg]
oxfFsf jfl;Gbfx? clxn] vfg]kfgL
dfq xf]Og, gx' fO–{ w'jfOs{ f] nflu klg
;xh ePsf] atfpF5g\ .

o; kl/ofh] gfcGtut{ hDdf !*
vfgk] fgLsf ofh] gfx? lgdf0{ fdWo]
klxnf] jif{ hDdf ^ j6f of]hgf
lgdf0{ f ;DkGg eO;ss] f 5g\ .
kl/jlt{t hnjfos' f] o; ;dodf
kfgLsf dx' fg ;/+ If0f / ;Da4g{ sf
nflu a]nd} f h'6\g' cfjZos 5 eGg]
;Gbz] lbP/ pbfx/0fLo ag]sf 5g\,
df/] fjfª / ¿sd' sf]6sf jfl;Gbfx? .


Dry spell is the key challenges for
people of both project villages.
Most of the water sources are
depleting and there was no water tapping
or harvesting system for excess water.
To combat with this challenges, the
project is supporting for 18 water source
protection and 6 water source protection
has already been completed in first year.
A member from Sisne Pandhera Drinking
water schemes of Rukumkot said " It was
too difficult to fetch the water mostly
in winter season, but after protection
of water sources with proper storage
facilities, we have no worry and nearly
35 households are directly benefitted
by this schemes. She added that this
schemes are also beneficial for livestock
and personal sanitation through water.
This dry spell is the serious challenges in
this changing climate and protection of
such water sources in time is dire need.


yk hfgsf/Lsf nflu

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