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The Village Reporter - February 8th, 2017

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Published by Forrest R. Church, 2017-02-07 15:39:49

The Village Reporter - February 8th, 2017

The Village Reporter - February 8th, 2017





THIS WEEK IN Williams County Fair Board ANNUAL $10
Raises The Bar On Fundraisers With
THE “Bundles of Joy” Tab
A ‘Raise The Barn’ Reverse Raffle Wednesday, February 22, 2015
vILLAGE reporter
Introduce your child to
Valentine's Day Gift Giving friends and family throughout
Ideas & Wishes
•••• our coverage area.

Williams County Board Of Qualifications:
Developmental Disabilities
1.) 5 years old or younger
Organizes 2017 2.) One child per photo
•••• 3.) Photos must be print quality

Deputy & Dispatcher Of The Submit photos with just a few
Year Named In Fulton County clicks at

•••• or drop off at our office during office hours.
Williams County Sheriff Has
To Dip Into Reserves To Pay 115 Broad Street - Montpelier

For New-Car Build-Outs Wauseon’s Triangular Processing
•••• Helps Local Youth Along
The Path To Adulthood
Fayette Opera House To Host
Talented Artists For Bean
Creek Coffee House Series
Roth & Landis Named As

Edgerton Homecoming Royalty

SR 109 Project Agreement
Closer To Reality In Delta

Carly Bontrager Crowned

As Pettisville's
Homecoming Queen




Archbold Defeats Stryker In A Non-League Contest PHOTOS BY TIMOTHY KAYS, STAFF

DOING THEIR PART … Pam Goll of the Livestock Sale Committee presents a check
for $8,000 to Dave Page, the President of the Williams County Fair Board.

new By: Timothy Kays or organization puts on a fundraising
THE VILLAGE REPORTER event that is so entertaining and so
new PHOTO BY KENT HUTCHISON, STAFF much fun that the attendees tend to for-
ACCESS DENIED ... Stryker's Kristian Grapengeter rejects Fundraising. Despite what anyone get that they are taking part in a fund-
Exclusively at the shot attempt by ArchbEolxdc'slusRivigeolyRaatmos. may have told you, it is not a particular- raiser, it is likely that the event is going
ly easy task, especially in this economy. to be a total success.
superior coverage in half the time The object is simple…you try to con-
vince people to open their checkbooks Those in attendance at the February
ACE HARDWARE and support your cause, whatever that 5 reverse raffle event sponsored by the
cause may be. There are even websites Williams County Agricultural Society,
1495 N. SHOOP AVE. dedicated to getting people to give up more commonly known as the Williams
WAUSEON, OH 43567 their hard-earned money for whatever County Fair Board, at the Gillette Build-
cause is being presented. When it comes ing at the Williams County Fairgrounds
(419) 335-1717 to successful fundraising though, there would be the first to attest to this. If
Mon33_115288_0811 - Sat: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm; Sun: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm is one method that works well…the use anyone did not have a great time ...
of stealth via entertainment. If a group
superior coverage in half the time CONTINUED ON PAGE 6 PHOTO BY JAMES PRUITT, STAFF

33_115288_0811 HELPING HAND ... YES Program Director Teresa Haas
and student Jacob stand behind one of the slow cook-
Williams County Woman Forms Lifelong ers used in the life skills segment of the program. Ja-
Bond With 4-H Foreign Exchange Students cob has obtained his GED and will interview for a ma-
chining job at a Wauseon factory.
By: James Pruitt reach can cut into her numbers, so “The last two years I volun-
THE VILLAGE REPORTER she is redoubling her efforts to get teered, there was not a lot to do,” By: James Pruitt
A Stryker area woman is looking CONTINUED ON PAGE 12 An agency attempting to get local at-risk young
for host families who like to take in adults on the right path is looking for more clients to
a foreign student for a month or so PHOTO PROVIDED say yes to their offer.
this summer. Triangular Processing of Wauseon runs the YES
EXCHANGE FAMILY ... Bobi Williams is pictured here with her husband program which helps people ages 16-24 get a GED, a
Bobi Williams has been host- Dr. Gery Williams, their daughter Olivia Momyer (Kanna’s host sister), driver’s license, and a chance at a job.
ing students for the 4-H exchange Kanna Yamaki Kishimoto, her husband Hironari and their granddaugh- “We work with youth, but primarily with adults 18-
since 1994 when she hosted a Jap- ter Wakana. The Williams have 13 grandchildren and six great-grand- 24 because we feel they have the most need to find
anese student. The experience was children. employment, get their GEDs so they can better serve
so much fun, she became a recruit- the community,” director Teresa Haas said. “Our focus
er in 1995. She has hosted more with the 16-17-1/2-year-olds is to try and make sure
than 30 students over the years they can get a driver’s license so they can get some job
and recruited scores more. placement even if it’s just part-time work.”
The goal is to make sure the younger students grad-
Most of the youths (20) she has uate from high school, Haas said.
hosted have been from Japan, most The program gives the participants a support sys-
for only a month as the Asian na- tem to get them to the point where they can function
tion only gives students that much as a productive adult and obtain gainful employment.
time off in the summer. The rest A majority come from foster care or the juvenile court
have come from Germany, Norway system.
and Estonia. “Some come from lower income families,” Haas said.
“They just don’t have the means to do the things they
“I am often the top recruiter,” need to do.”
Williams said. “I have spoken at the That includes getting a car, a license.
international conference in Wash- In the Step program, 18-24-year-olds learn life
ington, D.C. and Seattle. skills, anger management, skills to succeed when in-
terviewing for a job, CPR training, OSHA training cer-
Williams used to go to the peo- tification and basic cooking skills. The latter are for
ple to recruit, but now the folks in those with small children and may not have time to
Columbus have been doing email cook a meal, they are taught how to use a crock pot.
blasts to families. That sort of out-

You’ll Love Our Selection!

15 under


920 N. Main Street • Bryan

or 1-877-636-1156


Phil Hagelberger • Bob Stanton • Brad Ford • Greyson Spangler • Chip Wood



Wauseon’s Triangular Processing Helps Local ...

One such student is Jacob. The 20-year-old got his The program has nine participants now, including Shook - Mull
GED, paid for by the YES program. He had a job inter- Jacob. There are six to seven applications pending,
view set up and Haas is confident he will get the job. she said. On October 14, 2016, at Blakeslee’s St. Joseph
Catholic Church, Andrew Shook and Jason Mull
“He’s not going from dead-end job to dead-end job,” Sixty-five for the year is the target, but realistical- were united in marriage by Father Dan Borgelt.
Haas said. “He’s trying to learn a trade.” ly the program should have another 30-40 people by
July. Andrea is the daughter of Mary Shook and the
Jacob said the job involves machining. He will have late Roger T. Shook of Archbold. Jason is the son
to make it through a six-week training program at the The schedule is 4 hours a day for four weeks, so of Terry and Lora Mull of Archbold and the late
Wauseon plant. about 20 hours. Lunches and gas vouchers are pro- Ann (Johnson) Mull.
vided. The program pays for new interview outfits for
A few other graduates are looking to obtain a cer- the students. The couple resides in Gilbert, AZ.
tificate from Northwest State which the program is
paying for. The college program is the State Tested Haas shops with the females and Marty Friess
Nurses Assistant. shops with the boys.

“We can pay for a certificate program and things of Jacob, a Delta resident, started at the Detwiler
that nature, but we cannot pay for tuition,” Haas said. Building in the NOCAC office with his dad.

The program is funded by a federal grant. “Marty passed by me, he used to be my principal,
Triangular Processing has been in charge of the and asked me about high school,” Jacob said.
program since Aug. 1 and needs a total of 65 par-
ticipants by this summer to maintain its grant, Haas Friess told Jacob about the program, and despite
said. being skeptical, he called Friess and got enrolled.
“We are still learning the guidelines,” Haas said.
“We need more people.” “It was the best thing I did,” Jacob said. “Instead of
The program gets referrals from Jobs and Fam- a tangible thing, it made me believe in myself. I didn’t
ily Services and the court system. Anyone in the age ever think of a career; I thought I would only be the
group may apply, but applicants are encouraged to bottom of the barrel.
check for qualifications.
“We have an office in the Detwiler building (by Ohio “He taught me to believe in me. I can do whatever I
Means Jobs) and here,” Haas said. want to be able to do.”
Applicants need to be aware the program calls on
their applications. High school didn’t matter to Jacob, he said. But
“We check up on them, but they don’t always an- now he is looking forward to becoming a machinist.
swer their phones,” Haas said. “We have a problem
with people following through. Those that do follow Jacob’s story is common. The students are getting
through seem to have a lot of success.” support for the first time and can develop self-confi-
Haas and her staff will also text and email to get in dence, Haas said.
contact with applicants.
The program also has a commercial on WMTR 96.1 “I can see it in Jacob’s face,” Haas said. “The day he
FM to get the word out. got his GED, he couldn’t stop smiling.

Haas invites anyone who meets the criteria to come
in and talk. Jacob encourage his peers to get involved.

“We don’t judge,” Jacob said.
For more information, call 419-337-9640.

James Pruitt may be reached at

Williams County Board Of Donors Urgently Needed To
Developmental Disabilities Increase Red Cross Blood Supply
Organizes For 2017
The American Red Cross urgently 2/28/2017: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., Mont-
The 2017 Organizational meeting of to meet ongoing certification standards. needs blood donors to make an appoint- pelier High School, 1015 E. Brown Rd.
the Williams County Board of Develop- The Board approved the resignation of ment to give this winter so that patients
mental Disabilities (WCBDD) was re- SSA, Lindsay Ruggles and approved the can continue to receive lifesaving treat- How to help
cently held, at the Board’s offices, with annual Family Service and Supports al- ments. Simply download the American Red
Neil Oberlin elected President, Mark location from $500 to $800 per family. Cross Blood Donor App, visit redcross-
Tipton as Vice President and Diane Pe- Michael Harper knows how critical it or call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-
ters elected as Secretary. Diane Peters Acknowledged was the Blakeslee is to have a readily available blood sup- 800-733-2767) to make an appointment
and Mark Tipton were both sworn in for Knights of Columbus donation of $160 ply. “I used over 300 units of blood when or for more information. All blood types
their second term on the Board. Board from its Measure Up Campaign. In I was younger after an auto accident. are needed to ensure a reliable supply for
member Robin Kurtz was appointed as her report to the Board, Superinten- Blood donations helped save my life,” patients. A blood donor card or driver’s
the Ohio Association of County Boards dent Guilford noted that the staff of the he said. “Now, I would like to donate as license or two other forms of identifica-
Advocacy Chair. WCBDD contributed $1,040 of the Wil- much or more than I have received.” tion are required at check-in. Individuals
liams County Employees total $1,328 who are 17 years of age in most states
The Board also approved the 2017 contribution, to the annual Christmas Blood donations are urgently needed (16 with parental consent where allowed
Board meeting schedule, meeting on the for Kids campaign. Ms. Guilford also in- now and throughout the winter to main- by state law), weigh at least 110 pounds
3rd Monday of the month at 11:30am, formed the Board that the Ohio Associa- tain a sufficient blood supply for patients and are in generally good health may be
with the exception of July and Decem- tion of County Boards has announced in need. To make an appointment to give eligible to donate blood. High school stu-
ber, along with January and February the campaign to celebrate the 50th An- blood, download the Red Cross Blood dents and other donors 18 years of age
meetings held of the 4th Monday due to niversary of the founding of Ohio’s 88 Donor App, visit or call and younger also have to meet certain
Federal Holidays. Following the Organi- county boards of developmental dis- 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767). height and weight requirements.
zational meeting, the Board approved abilities. According to the OACB, “the Blood donors can now save time at
an agreement with the Williams County campaign, “Always There”, reflects the All those who come to donate from their next donation by using RapidPass
Health Dept. to provider nursing servic- continuity of support offered by county Jan. 30 to Feb. 26, 2017, are eligible to to complete their pre-donation reading
es and with the Paulding County Board boards of the past half century.” receive a $5 Gift Card via and health history questionnaire online,
of DD for WCBDD to provide Benefit email for making blood and platelet do- on the day of their donation, prior to ar-
Analysis services. The Board also ap- The next meeting of the Williams nation a priority this winter. riving at the blood drive. To get started
proved the Superintendent’s Profession- County Board of Developmental Dis- and learn more, visit
al Development Plan, which is required abilities will be Monday, February 27th, Upcoming blood donation opportuni- RapidPass and follow the instructions on
at 11:30am. ties in Williams County: the site.

2/21/2017: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m., Ck
Tech, 1701 Magda Dr.



FEBRUARY 10TH, 2017 - FEBRUARY 10TH, 2017

FRIDAY, MONDAY, •Montpelier Village Council 7 PM • Swanton School Board 7 PM
FEBRUARY 10TH FEBRUARY 13TH •Pioneer Village Council 7 PM
No events submitted •Williams County •Swanton Village Council 7 PM THURSDAY
Commissioners 9 AM FEBRUARY 16TH
SATURDAY, •Archbold School Board 5 PM TUESDAY, •Williams County
FEBRUARY 11TH •Evergreen School Board 5 PM FEBRUARY 14TH Commissioners 9 AM
Championship @ Bryan •Wauseon School Board 5:30 PM
• “Wauseon - The City You’ll •Stryker Village Council 6 PM •Fulton County •Fulton County
Take to Heart” gala event. •Williams County Dairy Associa- Commissioners 9 AM Commissioners 9 AM
St. Caspar’s Parish 6:30 PM tion Annual Banquet 6:30 PM •Montpelier School Board 5 PM •NWOAL Freshman Boys
•Pettisville School Board 6:30 PM •Edon School Board 5:30 PM Basketball Championship
SUNDAY, •Edgerton School Board 7 PM •Evergreen Father/Daughter
FEBRUARY 12TH •Fayette School Board 7 PM WEDNESDAY,
No events submitted •Metamora Village Council 7 PM FEBRUARY 15TH Dance 6:30 PM
•Delta School Board 6:30 PM •Williams County Fair Board 7 PM

COMMUNITY CALENDAR THOUGHT - "A community that doesn't communicate with its Hometown Newspaper is a community left unaware." Submit your commu-
nity calendar request to A 501(C)(3) non-profit organization may post their event for free, with encouragement to support your
hometown paper with an additional advertisement. For-profit Organizations must place an advertisement and their event will then be posted here free of charge.


  CHRISMER
FUNERAL SERVICE   SERVICES
AuthorizedNucor Builder
Robert C. Chrismer
Determined to become a FriendlyService Since1875       25051 US Rt. 20A Auto - Home - Business
world class supplier with 2E9d8g-e2r3to2n9   111 Chase St.,Stryker, OH Archbold, OH 43502 Commercial - Farm - RV
 419-682-1231
first-rate Associates  Toll Free: Flood - Health/Life (800) 392-9616
Kumi North Edon 419-485-4281
America Group 272-2421 Office:
(419) 445-6957
West Unity, Ohio Bryan
636-3525 Mert Kinsman - Owner


Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 “The Village Reporter” / Weekly Northwest Ohio (Williams & Fulton County News) - 7

Williams & Fulton County Senior Center News

Swanton Library Announces Attend An Evening Of Mystery Dinner
February Schedule Of Events Theater At The Bryan Main Library

Thursdays, February 9, 16, and 23 Party. Not in a relationship? Or just PHOTO PROVIDED
from 10:15 am to 11:45 am – Intro to don’t care about all that romance stuff?
Yoga. Join us for a series of yoga class- Come to the library for a party all about DINNER THEATER ... An Evening of Mystery Dinner Theater, presented by Wil-
es taught by Aimee Strohbeck. Please celebrating friendship instead of ro- liams County Public Library and Williams County Community Theater, will be held
bring a yoga mat and towel and wear mance – and sweets! We’ll have cookies on Saturday, February 25 at the Bryan Main Library. The event will begin at 7:00
comfortable clothing for easy move- to decorate, funny videos to watch, and pm and dinner will be served at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $25 per person and $40 per
ment. No experience necessary. Class silly icebreaker games to play. If you couple. You must be 21 and older to attend as there will be a cash bar. You must
fee is by donation with proceeds benefit- can, bring candy or other little gifts with register by Friday, February 17. You can purchase tickets and register at the Adult
ing the library. you to exchange with friends. Everyone Desk of the Main Library. The Bryan Main Library is located at 107 East High
is welcome, single or not. Registration is Street. For more information please contact Jeff Yahraus at
Thursdays, February 9, 16, and 23 not required. FREE!
from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm – Chair Yoga. Fayette Library Announces
This class involves the same poses Thursday, February 16 from 6:30 February News & Events
done in other yoga classes, but modi- pm to 8:00 pm – Cardmaking. Our
fied to make them gentler while sitting ongoing series of cardmaking classes Family Fun night will be held on featured for the month of February. The
or sometimes standing with a chair for with instructor Anna Geis continues in February 24th at 7 o’clock. Not only trail starts at the camp office and pro-
balance and support. Class fee is $5. No February with some wonderful ‘fancy will Trolls be shown, but popcorn and ceeds into the woods to enjoy the scenic
yoga mat is required for this class. folds’ cards. A $5.00 supply fee covers candy will also be provided. Feel free to walk.
three cards. Children 8 years and older bring pillows, blankets, and anything
Thursday, February 9 at 7:00 pm are welcome when accompanied by an else that makes you comfortable while The Book Club will meet Thursday,
– Adult book discussion led by Marty adult. Registration is required; please watching the movie. Call the library at February 23 at 7 pm. The book to be
Kaback. This month’s topic is the novel call us at 419-826-2760, come in, or 419-237-2115 or stop by the children’s discussed is Glory Over Everything by
The Aviator’s Wife by Melanie Benjamin. visit our website. circulation desk to sign up for Family Kathleen Grissom. The synopsis is, “Ja-
Copies are available at the front desk. Fun night. An adult must stay with the mie Pyke, son of the master of Tall Oaks
Saturday, February 18 at 10:30 am – child throughout the entire program. plantation and also his kitchen slave,
Monday, February 13, and 27 from Break for Cupcakes for grades K-5. Love is passing as a wealthy white aristocrat
10:15 am to 11:45 am – Beginning Yoga. cupcakes? Who doesn’t! Come to the li- Join us for knitting class on Tuesday, in Philadelphia. His secret identity and
This class is slightly more advanced brary to celebrate this tasty treat with February 28th from 6 to 8 pm. Barbra even his life are threatened when he
than the Thursday morning yoga class, cupcake stories, games, and of course, Wixom will instruct you how to knit a travels back to the South, where he is
offering students an opportunity to ex- decorating your very own cupcakes! scarf by showing how to cast on, knit, still being hunted as an escaped slave,
pand their skill level. Class fee is $10.00 Register online, at the front desk, or by and pearl. There is no cost for the class, to rescue a beloved young boy named
per session with multi-session tickets phone. but we ask that you bring your own nee- Pan who has been kidnapped and sold
available. Please bring a yoga mat and dles and yarn. Call the library or stop at into slavery. Pan is unprepared for the
towel and wear comfortable clothing. Monday, February 20 – The library is the adult circulation desk to sign up for brutal life of the slave quarters until
There will be no class on February 20. closed in observance of the holiday. the class. he finds an ally in the compassionate
nurse, Sukey, and she hatches a plan
Monday, February 13, and 27 from Tuesday, February 21 at 7:00 pm – The monthly challenge for January to help him escape through the Under-
7:00 pm to 8:15 pm – Evening Yoga. Swanton Public Library Board of Trust- was to match actors to their movies. The ground Railroad. Jamie manages to lo-
Class fee is $10.00 per session with ees meeting. This is a change from the winners of the DVD prize were Amanda cate Pan and Sukey just as the ruthless
multi-session tickets available. Stu- regularly scheduled date and time. The and Autumn Black. The challenge for slave hunters are closing in on him. To-
dents are asked to bring a yoga mat and public is welcome to attend. February is to match together celebrity gether, the three make a run for free-
towel and to wear comfortable clothing. couples. There are challenges for adults dom, but there is a grave price to pay.” If
There will be no class on February 20. Wednesday, February 22 from 4:00 and children. Enter to win Valentine you are interested in joining, stop by the
pm to 5:30 pm – Anime Club for grades Goodies. library and pick up your copy.
Monday, February 13 at 4:30 pm – 6-12. This month, we’ll try different
Music & Movement. Music and move- types of pocky along with other snacks The after school program meets on We would like to thank Jana Ballmer
ment are tied together with literacy and drinks, and watch three episodes of Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 to 4 for donating a book, Jan Willis for giving
in this family series on Monday after- anime chosen by the attendees. Free! pm. Children in kindergarten and first a DVD, and Jean Pfund for a contribu-
noons. Sing, dance, play instruments, grade meet on Tuesdays while grades 2 tion of several books. Thank you also to
and read! Focus is on preschool and Friday, February 24 & Saturday, through 5 meet on Thursdays. For chil- Jane Stiritz for displaying her lovely bell
early grades, but the entire family is February 25 from 10:00 am to 5:00 dren who are not in kindergarten and collection in our January Showcase. We
welcome. Free! pm; Sunday, February 26 from 1:00 age 2 to 5 years old, there is story time also thank Alissa Roesti for displaying
pm to 5:00 pm – Cabin Fever Reliever from 6:30 to 7 pm. Adults are asked to her beautiful Penguin Collection in our
Tuesday, February 14 at 10:30 am Used Books/Media Sale in the Swanton stay with children under the age of 4. February Showcase.
– Storytime. Weekly classes offered at Library Children’s Room. All types of
Swanton Library for children ages 6 reading! Movies! Music! Make a dona- Be sure to mark your calendars for If road conditions prevent our staff
months to 5 years. Children will read tion for your selections. Proceeds ben- March 13. Stacy Wyse will be joining us from getting to work or back home safe-
to the beat through stories, music, and efit library programs. for a discussion on essential oils. More ly or Fulton County is under a level 3
crafts. Free. No registration required. information to come with the March snow emergency, we may have to close
Saturday, February 25 from 1:00 pm newsletter. the library. To get the most recent up-
Wednesday, February 15 at 4:00 pm to 3:00 pm – Popup Card Creation. Join dates, tune into WMTR 96.1 or channel
– Storytime. Weekly classes offered at our own crafty expert, Gail Phipps, to The story trail will be continuing into 13 and channel 11 news broadcasts.
Swanton Library for children ages 1 to learn how to create fun, colorful popup February at Harrison Lake. The story
5 years. Children will read to the beat cards using construction paper and oth- Hello, Snow by Hope Vestergard will be
through stories, music, and crafts. Free. er craft supplies. Adults and children 12
No registration required. years and older are welcome. Registra-
tion for this free class is required; please
Wednesday, February 15 from 4:00 come in, call, or visit our website.
pm to 5:30 pm – After-Valentine’s Day

Cupcake Wars To Be Held
At Bryan Main Library

The Bryan Main Library will be hold- this is a fun and safe event for everyone.
ing Cupcake Wars on Friday, February This program is free to the public. The
10 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Teens, ages 10 library will not be able to take phone
to 15, will put their baking skills to the calls during the program. All parental
test and compete to see who will be the arrangements should be made prior to
cupcake making champion! If competi- the event. Sign up at the Bryan Main Li-
tors have any food allergies, please notify brary, located at 107 East High Street or
the library prior to the event. The library call the Adult Desk at 419-636-6734 ext.
will take all precautions to make sure 221.

Adult Coloring Class At
Edgerton Branch Library

Attend an Adult Coloring Class at served. Come and relax at the library Fulton County CDBG Public
the Edgerton Branch Library on Mon- while coloring! Hearing Set For Feb. 16
day, February 20 from 6:00 to 7:00 pm.
Pictures and coloring utensils will be The Edgerton Branch Library is lo-
provided, but attendees are welcome to cated at 319 North Michigan Avenue.
bring their own. Refreshments will be For more information, please contact
the library at 419-298-3230.

Chocolate Olympics At By: James Pruitt work consists of laying 10,700 linear
Stryker Branch Library THE VILLAGE REPORTER feet of 12-inch raw water transmis-
sion installed by trenchless methods
The Stryker Branch Library will be will be in chocolate! Come and join the The Fulton County Board of Com- and/or open-cut which includes di-
holding Chocolate Olympics on Mon- fun! missioners reviewed and approved rectional drilling under Bad Creek,
day, February 13 from 3:15 to 4:00 pm. the following items at their meetings CR H and SR 109 and the Indiana
Kids in preschool through 6th grade The Stryker Branch Library is locat- of Jan. 31 and Feb. 2. and Ohio railway.
can take part in games and crafts, en- ed at 304 South Defiance Street. For
joy snacks, and win prizes. Everything more information, please contact Con- The commissioners will host the The deadline for submissions is
nie Aeschliman at 419-682-5081. first public hearing for the Project 10 a.m. Feb. 21 at 152 S. Fulton,
Year 17 Community Development Suite 270, Wauseon, Ohio.
Adults Invited To Stryker Block Grants Community Program.
Library For Coloring Class Representatives from Maumee Val- The Fulton County Dog War-
ley Planning Organization will run den picked up seven strays and re-
Attend an Adult Coloring Class at served. Come and relax at the library the hearing at 10 a.m. Feb. 16. deemed six dogs for the week ending
the Stryker Branch Library on Tues- while coloring! Jan. 28.
day, February 21st from 5:00 to 7:00 Commissioners approved Resolu-
pm. Pictures and coloring utensils will The Stryker Branch Library is lo- tion 17-105 allowing wildlife control Officers collected in $255 in fees.
be provided, but attendees are welcome cated at 304 South Defiance Street. For efforts at Pettisville Wastewater La- The county sent 7.9 tons of scrap
to bring their own. Refreshments will be more information, please contact Con- goons. tires to the Henry County Landfill,
nie Aeschliman at 419-682-5081. according to a report from the Sani-
The board approved a contract tary Engineer.
with Miller Brothers Construction The 2016 Annual Facility Operat-
for the reconstruction of County ing report showed the county took in
Road M between CR 22 and SR 66 1,313 tons of municipal waste and
for more than $1.4 million. 1,690 tons of construction waste.

The county board will accept James Pruitt may be reached at
sealed bids for raw water service to
Nature Fresh Farm in Delta. The


Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 “The Village Reporter” / Weekly Northwest Ohio (Williams & Fulton County News) - 13

Evergreen Students Are First New D.A.R.E. Grads In A Decade

Now the emphasis is which allows the officer With the first class think you’ll see it take off
on kids seeing the police to be in the school, Miller under his belt, the sher- in the county again.
as a good influence and said. iff is positive about the
encouraging adults to program’s future. “I am glad it’s back. I
take the time to talk to “There are other am glad we get to work
kids face to face. grants available, we “We are hoping these with our young kids.”
get sponsors for the T- other schools come on
“If they do that, there shirts,” Miller said. board,” Miller said. “I James Pruitt
is a 50 percent chance may be reached at
kids won’t go down the
wrong road,” Miller said.
The DARE program
D.A.R.E. ... A Fulton County Sheriff Deputy and a has undergone some
member of the K-9 unit talk to students at Evergreen changes now the empha-
Middle School. sis is on life skills, Miller
said. This includes de-
By: James Pruitt form well on state tests. cision-making and right SUCCESS ... Fulton County Sheriff Roy Miller talks to the graduates of Evergreen
THE VILLAGE REPORTER That decision came choices, he said. Middle School’s DARE program.

For the first time at the expense of talk- The goal is teaching a
since 2007 there are new ing to students about life whole new generation to
DARE graduates in Ful- choices and making good change the culture
ton County. decisions, Miller said.
The new DARE program Miller likens it to the
Sheriff Roy Miller of- works to “Get real” with younger generation that
ficiated at the ceremo- youth by going beyond has lived with seat belts
ny at Evergreen Middle resisting drugs. as compared to his that
School Jan. 26 for 80 lived most of it not using
sixth-grade students. “We give them the one.
The ceremony marks tools and toolbox,” Miller
what Miller hopes will be said. “We won’t want to I am hoping other
a rebirth of the program see them again.” schools come on board
after decade-long hiatus. next year. Wauseon will
The new program is send and officer to train-
And having Evergreen taught by Deputy Marv ing.
be the school to bring the Zumfelde.
program back was extra Half of a DARE offi-
special to Miller. A report from the U.S. cer’s wage is paid by the
Attorney General’s office, state Attorney General,
“Evergreen was the stated the program has The sheriff matches that
first way back in the day merit and can be taught,
to have it,” Miller said. Miller said. It promotes
“It was a homecoming. building social, emotion-
Evergreen was willing to al, cognitive and sub-
work with us.” stance refusal skills and
provides children with
The last time the accurate information on
county had a DARE pro- rates and amounts of
gram it was run by now peer substances use.
retired Deputy Dave
Hoste, Miller said. The The program is based
program fell out of favor on 20 years of research
with school administra- of information obtained
tors who began to come from more than 6,000
under pressure to per- students nationwide.

Fulton County Board GRADUATES ... DARE Officer Deputy Marv Zumfelde poses with the graduates.


Officers For 2017

ities held its annual organizational meeting on Janu- A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK, VISIT US ONLINE AT WWW.THEVILLAGEREPORTER.COM. YOU
ary 16, 2017. At the beginning of the meeting, Board WILLIAMS MAY ALSO CALL OUR MAIN OFFICE AT (419) 485-4851. PLEASE NOTE THAT CLASSIFIED

member Shirley Colon took the oath of office for her
third term while Karen Cordrey began her second term.
The following board members were elected as offi- $8 FOR 1-20 WORDS, $10 FOR 20-40 WORDS; +$2 FOR EACH 20-WORD BLOCK

cers for 2017: Tim Coll, President; Mike Oricko, Vice-
President; and Marle Weber, Secretary. The Board
established meeting dates and times for their regular
2017 board meetings, which will be held on the third Help Wanted Help Wanted
Monday of each month at 1:30pm (with the exception
of the February meeting which will be held at the same
time on February 13th). HELP WANTED - PART-
The Board Finance, Publicity, and Personnel/Pro- DRIVER - The Fulton Coun-
gram Committees will meet on the second Monday of ty Board of Commissioners
the month, starting in March, at the following times: is accepting applications
Publicity, 9:30 am, Finance Committee, 10:00am and for the position of Part-
Personnel/Program Committee. The Publicity Commit- Time Meal Delivery Driver.
tee will also meet at 1:00 before the February board This person will report to
meeting. All meetings will be held at the Fulton County the Fulton County Senior MATERIALS & SHIPPING SUPERVISOR, 2ND SHIFT
Board Administrative Offices at 1210 N. Ottokee St., Center in Wauseon daily to
Wauseon. perform delivery duties as Spangler Candy Company has an opening for a Materials & Shipping Supervisor, 2nd
per assigned route, Mon- shift. Ideal candidate will possess 2+years of related experience in a warehouse, distribu-
Edon Music Students To day through Friday from tion of manufacturing shipping & receiving environment.
Perform In Toledo At 9:30 a.m. until completion
Stranahan Theatre of assigned route, approxi- Primary responsibilities include ensuring accurate coordination for incoming materials
mately 3-4 hours/day. The and outgoing shipment of product to customers by directing activities within the Shipping
More than 600 middle Lautzenhiser, Tiara Mills, starting wage will depend and Receiving Department to meet both customer and company expectations. Must be
school and high school and Trinity Altaffer. on qualifications. All in- detail oriented and able to quickly adapt to change and problem solve.
students from more than terested applicants should
40 school districts across The middle school hon- visit www.fultoncountyoh. This position will be a rotating position within the Shipping & Receiving department and
Northwest Ohio will par- ors orchestra, choir and com for more information. shifts in order to train and observe the entire process and provide backup coverage when
band performances will Submit applications to Ful- necessary.
ton County Senior Center;
240 Clinton St; Wauseon, Successful candidate will possess ability to coach, mentor and develop skill sets of em-
OH 43567 EEO/ADA Em-

ticipate in the annual begin at 2:30 p.m. At 7 ployees in a world class food manufacturing environment. Ability to solve problems and deal
Ohio Music Education p.m., the high school hon-
Association (OMEA) Dis- ors orchestra, choir and For Sale with a variety of variables using standard problem solving techniques. High awareness and
trict 1 Honors Festival band ensembles will per- strong commitment to plant safety, food safety and quality. Strong verbal and written com-
Sunday, February 12 at form. FOR SALE - Several lawn munication skills. Possess a positive, supportive and team oriented attitude. Use logic to
the Stranahan Theater in mwers and decks, S10 analyze, problem solve, explore alternatives and propose quality solutions. Proactive style
Toledo. The concert is free and Chevy parts and bodies, 6 and effectively take action to develop appropriate solutions. Experience with freight sched-
open to the public. cyl. gas fork lift and 220 uling LTL, FTL and container loads. Strong computer proficiency in MS Office.
The students were se- volt air compressor. 419-
lected through either an OMEA District 1 is 237-2673. Competitive compensation and benefit package includes medical Rx, dental, vision, ac-
audition or application comprised of all schools cident and life coverage, paid vacation and holidays, 401k, tuition reimbursement and com-
process to participate from Defiance, Fulton, Place Your pany provided YMCA membership.
in these high caliber or- Henry, Lucas, Williams
chestra, band or choral and Wood counties.
ensembles conducted by
special guest clinicians. The festival is co-
chaired by Eric West of
Edon students who are Defiance City Schools and Classified Qualified individuals should apply to:
Kristen Woodard of Ever- Advertisement
performing include Thor green Local School Dis-
Dunkle, Hunter Hodapp, trict. Today! AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER,
Melody Nofziger, Alyssa Minorities, Females, Disabilities, Veterans


Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 “The Village Reporter” / Weekly Northwest Ohio (Williams & Fulton County News) - 19

Good Luck Heading Into Post Season Play!

North Central Eagles

Pettit, C.J. Fidler, Colton Willson, Quin Burt. Middle: Kaleb Geiser, Josh Bailey, Ste- Fidler and Macie Gendron. Middle - Alex Richmond, MaKayla Hayes, Alyssa Swank,
ven Williams, Josh Roesener, Keean Livensparger. Back: JV Coach Turner, Freshman Kelsie Beres, Allyson Fenicle. Back: JV Coach Joe Fidler, Sidney McKarns, Lindsay
Coach Tavierne, Zach Rhinard, Brady Wolfrum, Cody Tomblin, Nick Henry, Head Coach Brown, Payton Taylor, Madyson Bonney, Head Coach Eric Stantz. Not pictured: Vada
Chris Fidler. Lashaway.

Good Luck 201 S. STATE ST., PIONEER • 419-737-2320 Artesian of Pioneer
50 Industrial Ave • Pioneer, OH
North Central AOPWATER.COM
Athletic Boosters


Edgerton Bulldogs

Shoot & EDGERTON BOYS BASKETBALL ... FRONT: Manager Cory Herman, Devin Herman, Cade McClellan, Carter
SCKOrill RFunerEal ServiceKnecht, Dustin Miller, Drew Hug, Jake Siebenaler, Derek Blue and managers Andy Meyer, Brady Everetts.
BACK: Varsity Head Coach Matt Ripke,Junior Varsity Coach Travis Arkwright, Logan Sack, Clayton Flegal, Ty-
son Curry, Drew Herman, Braydon Cape, Freshman Coach Cody Bigger, Assistant Coach Ben Riehle.
Commitment to service is our number one priority
Three locations For the ones you leave behind...

Bulldogs!to serve you...

114 E. Hull St. GO BULLDOGS!

41“9S-2e9rv8i-n2g3N2o9rthwestern Ohio for over 80 Years”

188 N. Michigan St., Edgerton, OH 43517

Fax: 419-298-2659 • email*:Cdoiemtspchlefuternf@unbreirgahlt.nseetrvices
HOURS: Mon.& Fri.;.;CTlouse*esI.S,nuWn-edhdasy.o,to&ubTseheuwristc.h, r1fa0emami.lyma.;ptions
Sat. 9

204 W. Indiana Swt. ww.dietsc*hPfruer-naritrua*rVnegid.ecedoomfturnibeuratel splanniEEnuDgsGtEacReT, OJNacWobREHSuTffLmINaGn, ... FRONT: managers: Logan Risner, Gatlin Prince, Jordan Hohler. MIDDLE: Trevor
Jonah Brown, Nick Nye, Hunter Weber, Jayden Keesbury, Logan Stein, Micah Rit-
Edon ter. BACK: Coach Blaine Prince, Devin Thiel, Hunter Prince, Tyler Eustace, Blake Risner, Brody Degryse, Chad
Luck Baumgardner, Zane Lehner, Tylor Hartman, Ethan Brown, Blake Hohler, Isaac Hamblin, Hunter Ward, Hunter
Best Of419-272-2421 Hamblin, Coach Dustin Degryse.
To All The
Local Sports
Teams!860 W. Mulberry St.

4129-0643W6-.35In2d5iana St. Frie1n1d4lyE.SHeruvlilcSetS. ince 1886705W~. MFaumlbileyrrOywSnt.ed & Operated

Edon Edgerton Bryan

272-2421 298-2329 636-3525

• Spray Foam
• Elastomeric Roof
• Single Ply Membranes
• Blown Insulation
• Flat Roof Repairs

Tom Nye Phone 419-636-8080 EDGERTON GIRLS BASKETBALL ... FRONT: Manager Taylor Smith, Brandi Radabaugh, Megan Bowen, Sarah
Cell 419-212-2459 Roth, Autumn Gruver, Leiah Fritch, Rachel Schroeder, manager Bella Rowlison. BACK: Varsity Head Coach Joe
3645 County Road 3B Stark, Assistant Coach Natalee Landel, Claire Flegal, Madyson Pahl, Hanna Hug, Rebecca Schroeder, Ally Cape, Bree Hug, Cloey Whitman, and Junior Varsity Coach Chris Rowlison.
Edgerton, OH 43517 Fax 419-298-3645


Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 The Village Reporter / The Hometown Huddle - 5

Pettisville Blackbirds Fall Short 56-52 To Ayersville




View All Photos Of This Event Online At

BRADEN MILLER LAUREN COOLEY Mention this ad for Special Discounts for
• Customer Owned Tank
Miller’s 17 points led the Bombers In an overtime win over the North
over Fayette. 11 of his points came Central Eagles, Montpelier’s Lauren • Payment on Delivery • 250 Gallons or More

in the critical fourth period to Cooley led the Locomotives VERY Limited Time Offer - Call NOW While Prices Last
enable Edon to the win. with 20 points.
1299 N. Shoop Ave. • Wauseon, OH • 419-335-2220

*Selected “Athletes Of The Week” may pick up their shirts Monday -
Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. at The Village Reporter, 115 Broad Street, Montpelier.

Northwest Ohio’s Sporting Great Job Athletes! Mon.-Fri. 9:30 am - 6:00 pm 419-636-5661 24-Hour Truck
Goods Headquarters! Saturday 9:30 am - 2:00 pm Repair & Road Service
1428 Whitaker Way East Side of the Square
1495 N. Shoop Ave., Wauseon • 419-335-1717 Montpelier Downtown Bryan

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Deliver Order Online


6 - The Village Reporter / The Hometown Huddle Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

Hilltop Battles Edgerton To 46-44 Win; Spoils Bulldogs’ Homecoming

By: James Pruitt battled and scrapped throughout the ing on seven free throws and were able to ing to be physical. Our guys didn’t back
THE VILLAGE REPORTER night. hold on. The Bulldogs last basket was un- down, they took it to them and that’ why
contested as time expired. they had so many free throw attempts.
Hilltop and Edgerton battled for 32 “They played their guts out for 32 min-
minutes, but the Cadets ended up on top utes,” Ripke said. “We didn’t quit.” “Hilltop is a quality team, they are well “We had some mental mistakes, but
Feb. 4 to spoil Homecoming for the Bull- coached,” Ripke said. we got the steals and the rebounds we
dogs. It was a battle all the way through. needed.”
Hilltop jumped out to an 11-2 lead early Some defensive lapses hurt Edgerton
Hilltop’s 46-44 win moved them to in the first and extended it to a 22-11 ad- as did giving the Cadets so many free Edgerton won the JV game, 36-33,
15-1 and extended its winning streak to vantage before Edgerton began to whittle throw attempts. Hilltop was 12-of-19 from winning with a 7-1 run in the final two
11. Cadet Quinn Smith led all scorers the lead with a 5-1 run to close the half. the line, while Edgerton only made 5 of 8 minutes.
with 18 points, while Dustin Miller led the attempts.
Bulldogs (9-8) with 17 points. The Bulldogs got to within two, 25-23, Sarah Roth was crowned Homecom-
with 5:12 left in the third before Hilltop’s “We made some big shots too,” Ripke ing Queen. The King was Connor Landis.
The Cadets built up an 11-point lead Tim Maneval hit a 3 to stop the run. said. “It’s tough when we were putting They were crowned by last year’s king and
in the first half, but Edgerton battled back them on the line and they didn’t have to queen, Alex Michael and Natalie Landel,
to take the lead in the fourth quarter. The “We came out aggressive,” Ripke said. run their offense. respectively.
Cadets retook the lead, but Edgerton tied Edgerton tied the game at 32 with 6:00
it on a 3-point bomb from Logan Sack left in the game and took the lead on a “Transition defense hurt us tonight. Box score
with 2:09 left in the game. basket by Carter Knecht with 3:58 re- They had a lot of second chance oppor- Hilltop (15-1) 46 - Tyler Suboski 2 1-2
maining. He was hurt on the pay and Lo- tunities.” 5, Andrew Denton 1 0-0 2, Steven Riley
“Our kids don’t quit,” coach Matt Ripke gan Sack come on to hit the free throw for 3 1 1-2 10, Quinn Smith 6 6-9 18, Ryan
said. “That’s a tribute to them and that’s a 35-33 Bulldog lead. The Cadets played determined basket- Brooker 2 1-2 5, Tim Maneval 0 1 3-4 6,
who we are.” “They made adjustments in that press ball and had to overcome some physical Austin Schaffner 0 0-0 0. Totals 14 2 12-
and got some good passes,” Boehnline ailments as well. 19 46.
The hot start was nice for Hilltop coach said. “They took our press and traps Edgerton (9-8) 44 - Jake Sibenaler 3
Same Boehnline, but he knew the Bull- away.” “Ryan (Booker) and Steve (Riley) were 0-0 6, Drew Hug 0, Logan Sack 0 1 1-1
dogs were not going to lie down. The Cadets found a way to overcome sick all week and they are still not 100 4, Braydon Cape 1 0-0 2, Carter Knecht
the Bulldog pressure percent,” Boehnline said. “You know they 6 3-5 15, Dustin Miller 5 2 1-2 17. Totals
“We started out great,” Boehnline said. “(They responded) when their backs played with all their heart and soul to- 15 3 5-8 44.
“I knew Edgerton would bounce right back were against the wall,” Boehnline said. night.”
and get the ball inside to (Carter) Knecht. “We had no turnovers in the fourth quar- James Pruitt may be reached at
ter, which is unheard of. The Cadets multiple free throw at-
“We did a tremendous job of defense The Cadets came back by by connect- tempts have been a common theme for
on them.” them this year as they average in 20s in
free throw attempts.
Ripke was proud of the way his team
“Playing at Edgerton you know it’s go-


WINTER 2017 Sports Schedules

February 10 - February 16

BOYS BASKETBALL (Feb 14) Delta @ Stryker 201 E. Jackson St.
(Feb 10) Delta @ Bryan (Feb 14) Evergreen @ Tinora West Unity, Ohio
(Feb 10) Edgerton @ Antwerp (Feb 14) Fayette @ Edgerton
(Feb 10) Hilltop @ Pettisville (Feb 14) Hilltop @ Antwerp 419-924-9077
(Feb 10) Liberty Center @ Archbold (Feb 14) Liberty Center @ Pettisville
(Feb 10) Montpelier @ Fayette (Feb 14) Montpelier @ Fairview
(Feb 10) Patrick Henry @ Evergreen (Feb 14) North Central @ Hicksville
(Feb 10) Stryker @ North Central (Feb 14) Wauseon @ Rossford
(Feb 10) Swanton @ Wauseon (Feb 16) Delta @ Archbold
(Feb 11) Bryan @ Napoleon (Feb 16) Evergreen @ Wauseon
(Feb 11) Delta @ Pandora Gilboa (Feb 16) Hilltop @ North Central
(Feb 11) Edon @ Antwerp (Feb 16) Montpelier @ Edon
(Feb 11) Fayette @ Evergreen (Feb 16) Patrick Henry @ Bryan
(Feb 11) Hilltop @ Fairview (Feb 16) Pettisville @ Toledo Christian
(Feb 11) Leipsic @ Edgerton (Feb 16) Stryker @ Fayette
(Feb 11) Pettisville @ Hicksville
(Feb 11) Edgerton @ Hilltop (Feb 12) OHSAA Team Dual State Finals
(Feb 11) Holgate @ Delta
(Feb 11) Otsego @ Swanton (Feb 13) Evergreen @ Ayersville
(Feb 14) Archbold @ Ottawa Glandorf BOWLING

(Feb 11) NWOAL Tournament @ River City

Cool Beanz

217 West Main St. 103 E. Baubice Street, Pioneer, OH 43554 • 419-633-2729
Montpelier $35 mo/3 months • $30 mo/6 months • $25 mo/1 yr

419-485-2665 HYDRATONE

Serving ice cream, shakes,
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Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 The Village Reporter / The Hometown Huddle - 7

Good Luck Heading Into Post Season Play!



Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Saturday 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

HILLTOP CADET VARSITY BOYS BASKETBALL … Front: Manager Aiden Funkhouser. Middle: Steven Riley, Kohl Determined to become a world class
Collins, Quinn Smith, Ryan Brooker, Tim Maneval, Tyler Suboski. Back: Coach Troy Grime, Coach Kevin Schaffner, supplier with first-rate Associates
Andrew Denton, Joel Sauber, Austin Schaffner, Sam Shilling, Chase Masters, Coach Josiah Poletta, Head Coach Sam
Boehnlein. Kumi North America Group

March To The Top Cadets! West Unity, Ohio

Good Luck Hilltop Cadets!

N W Brown Electric


Residential • Commercial • Light Industrial
Service Upgrades • Outdoor Lighting
Ohio License #21353
Serving Northwest Ohio

24 Hour Emergency Service Available

Good Luck Cadets!

LADY CADET VARSITY BASKETBALL … Front: Managers Brynn Rodriguez, Ranie Roesch, Abby Austin, Jayma Hilltop Athletic
Bailey, Gabby Rodriguez. Middle: Ariana Brown, Abby Schaper, Sydni Rivera, Felicity Jackson, Nicole Gossett. Back: Boosters
Kara Brown, Aubrey Wyse, Johnnie Roth, Molly Roesch, Becca Miller, Audrey Funkhouser, Head Coach Bill Geis.

Stryker Panthers

VARSITY GIRLS … Front: Kaitlyn Wonders, Taylor Haines, Paige Speelman. Back:
Coach Steve Brown, Coach Ed Ruffer, Brittney Haines, Madi Myers, Anna Stuck-
VARSITY BOYS … Front: Managers Jacob Myers, Gavin Lobo, Chandler Lloyd, Jacob ey, Haley Doehrmann, McKenna Louys, Emma Grime, Coach Brett Grieser, Coach
Cadwell and Braylon Wickerham. Middle: Tristin Sampson, Josh DeCastro, Camer- Conner Varner.
on Frey, Israel Aguilar, Hayden Clingaman, Kaid Woolace, Colton Benson and Logan
Boetz. Back: Coach Kevin Beck, Coach Tyler Woolace, Luke Holsopple, Kristian Grap-
engeter, Izayah Ferguson, Chase Glock, Daniel Fether, levi Chappuis, Reece Hall, Zach-
01978 Co Rd 22A
GooPd LAuNck THERSarySpahr,CoachNateMeuschke,CoachParkerRuffer. Stryker, OH 43557
Best Wishes This GOOD LUCK
Sports Season! ATHLETES (419) 428-3161
Athletic boosterS GOOD LUCK PANTHERS!


Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 The Village Reporter / The Hometown Huddle - 11

Girls Varsity Basketball Action

Vikings Run Past Fayette 63-40 In Non-League Match Up


Girls Varsity Basketball Evergreen 50, Delta 43 BEST OF LUCK
It was a 15-2 Evergreen (9-7, 1-4) ad-
January 30th, 2017 vantage that sunk the Panthers in the TO All Area
NWOAL matchup. The Vikings led at the
Cardinal Stritch 62, Edon 50 break 25-14 and then held off Delta’s 29 Athletes
The Bombers (1-17) were close second-half points for the win. Evergreen
through two quarters but an 18-6 third had three players in double figures in- Artesian of Pioneer
period run by Stritch cost them their cluding Lexie Shipman with 14, Alyssa
chance for the win. Shalyn Mason led Noe with 12 and Abi Borojevich with 11. 50 Industrial Ave • Pioneer, OH
Edon with 19 points. Maddie Mattimore led all scorers with 15
for Delta (10-7, 2-3). AOPWATER.COM
Stryker 37, Wauseon 27
The Panthers were 10 points better Archbold 80, Bryan 32
than the visiting Indians in the non-con- The high flying Bluestreaks wasted lit-
ference match up. Stryker (15-2) got 14 tle time in running to their 18th consecu-
of their points from the foul line to help tive win in dominating fashion over the
their cause. The trio of Paige Speelman, 11-6 Bryan Golden Bears. After opening
Taylor Haines and Haley Doehrmann up a 21-6 first quarter advantage, Arch-
combined for 24 of the Stryker points as bold continued the assault leading 50-16
they finished with eight points apiece. at the break. Four Bluestreaks were in
Wauseon (1-16) were plagued by turn- double figures as Kierstyn Repp led with
overs as they committed 22 during the 16, Morgan Miller 12 and Andi and Emie
contest. Rylee Campbell, Brianna Castel- Peterson with 10 points apiece. Allye Mi-
lano and Aliza Dauterman led Wauseon nor finished with nine to lead Bryan.
with five points apiece. Wauseon 49, Liberty Center 44
This was a classic battle throughout
January 31st, 2017 as the two NWOAL teams entered the
fourth quarter knotted at 31-31. The In-
Tinora 45, Montpelier 40 dians, fighting for their second win of the
The Locos (5-12) were trailing by 14 season, got just that as Rylee Campbell
points heading into fourth quarter ac- rose to the occasion scoring seven of her
tion. During the final frame they fought 15 points during the final stretch. Camp-
back with a14-5 advantage but it was bell connected on eight of 11 foul shots in
not quite enough. Lauren Cooley and Re- the win. Mya Suarez also finished in dou-
bekah Carr led the Locos with 12 points ble figures for Wauseon with 10 points.
February 4th, 2017
February 3rd, 2017
Edgerton 35, Edon 23
Edon 33, Fayette 28 The Bulldogs led 16-10 at the half and
The Bombers (2-17, 2-9) used a 45- expanded the lead down the stretch to
25 advantage on the boards to overtake come away with their second win of the
the Eagles in the BBC clash. The major- season. Ally Cape led the Bulldogs with
ity of the game’s points were scored in nine points while Sara Roth added eight
the fourth quarter with Edon on top 15- in the win. Eliza Shalyn Mason shared
12. Mataya Rufenacht led Fayette (0-19, top scoring honors for Edon (2-18) with
0-10) with 12 points while Reagan Galla- six points apiece.
hue paced the winners with eight.
Montpelier 46, North Central 42 (OT) Archbold 39, Napoleon 28
North Central (7-12, 6-4) held the The Bluestreaks extended their win
halftime lead 18-12, but the Locos streak to 19 straight with the non-league
clawed their way back into the game dur- win over the wildcats. Archbold, with
ing second half action to end regulation just four turnovers during the contest,
at 35-35. In the overtime session Lau- forced Napoleon into 14. As not usually
ren Cooley paced the Locos (6-11, 4-6) the case, Archbold had just one player in
with six of her game high 20 points for double figures as Lily Krieger led with 10.
the win. Alyssa Swank led North Central
with 10 points.



12 - The Village Reporter / The Hometown Huddle Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

Good Luck Heading Into Post Season Play!

Bryan Golden Bears

GIRLS SWIM & DIVE TEAM ... Front: Audrey Zimmerman, Jennifer Leitch, Izzy Rigg, BRYAN BOYS BOWLING TEAM ... Front: Kennan Tidball, Bryan Horne, Jacob Col-
Maddie Reiser, Ashley Koenn, Ericka Borland, Alzbeta Kossuthova. Middle: Hannah bart, Jared Ramey, Corbin Marr. Middle: Joe Pokornik, Gabe Mendez, Jamin Santia-
Wynne, Taylor Peters, Lizzy Canfield, Heather Bleoo, Emily Hulbert, Anna Recio go, Carter Hoffman, Conner Ford, Justin Harding. Back: Coach Jeremy Suffel, Caleb
Tovar, Sydni Davis, Maggie Rettig, Allyson Garber. Back: Kathryn Rockey, Elli Hage- Sampson, Jaren Lloyd, Jacob Fenter, Isaiah Hale, Eion Moor, Payne Frank, Brandon
man, Ahnna Albritton, Ashleigh Franks, Meggie Voigt, Hannah Goodrich, Sophie Kreischer, Gavin Frank, Andrew Allen, Coach Kraig Bostelman, Coach Doug Moor.
Smith, Riley Stalter, Makenzie Luce. Missing: McKenna Shaffer.

BOYS SWIM & DIVE TEAM ... Front: Reno Smith, Ethan Cox, Trysten Dilworth, Jer-
emy Durdel. Middle: Logan King, Zach Pittman, Joey Kimble, Negley Stockman, Andrew
Knight, Isaiah Taylor. Back: Kathryn Rockey, Justin Doty, Joshua Webb, Will Jackson,
Damon Beltz, Seth Pester, Jonathon Roberts, Makenzie Luce. Missing: Ryan Wittler.

GIRLS BOWLING TEAM ... Front: Morgan McClure, Madison McClure, Jade Easley,
Jordan Easley, Kora Ellis. Back: Coach Doug Miller, Danika Hickey Taylor Shaffer, Ken-
dra Klingler, Madison Foth, Haylee Collins, Emma Meade, Coach Kristi Meade.

WRESTLING TEAM ... First row left to right: Kennan Tidball, Bryan Horne, Jacob GOLDEN BEAR GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL ... Front: Victoria Carpenito, Han-
Colbart, Jared Ramey, Corbin Marr. Second row: Joe Pokornik, Gabe Mendez, Ja- nah Maxcy, Lauren Robinson, Kelly Miller, Delaney Miley, Kayla Arnold, Allye Mi-
min Santiago, Carter Hoffman, Conner Ford, Justin Harding. Third row: Coach nor. Back: Corey Walker, Bob Klopfenstein, Alyssa Shindledecker, Baylee Krupp,
Jeremy Suffel, Caleb Sampson, Jaren Lloyd, Jacob Fenter, Isaiah Hale, Eion Moor, Kennedy Lamberson, Lexi Dietsch, Jessica Robb, McKenna Grube, Kathy Musser,
Payne Frank, Brandon Kreischer, Gavin Frank, Andrew Allen, Coach Kraig Bostel- Todd Grosjean.
man, Coach Doug Moor.

HASCH KBODriYllSHFOuPn,eIrNaCl. Service
Owner: Rex Hasch
Commitment to service is our nDuUmPObNeTr one priority

HASCH BODYThree locations PhFoaFxneo(4r(1491t)9h6)e3663o-68-n6869e92s5 you leave behind...

SHOP, serve you1..3.02 E. High St., Bryan, Ohio
Rex H
1302 E Hi h St B

114 E. Hull St.

Claw YourEdgerton


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Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 The Village Reporter / The Hometown Huddle - 17

Assorted Sports Action

Stryker’s Steve Brown Recognized For 300th Coaching Win

By: Kent Hutchison His efforts haven’t gone unnoticed by his intense or maybe even more than games Brown cares about them as people first,
THE VILLAGE REPORTER peers either. because there were no refs in practice!” and players second, is more important
than any basketball skill he taught them.
On December 1, 2016, Stryker Var- Pettisville Girls Coach and Stryker Although many of the present and for- To many of the players Brown was not
sity Girls Basketball Coach Steve Brown graduate Jason Waldvogel describes mer players also agreed with Brown’s self- just a coach, but also a father-figure as
reached a milestone that most coaches his relationship with the coach. “I have assessment, there was a common theme well as a role model for them and he isn’t
only dream of. For on that date in a con- known Coach Brown for years dating of a few other adjectives use to describe afraid to show that in more ways than
test against Montpelier, Brown notched back to elementary school and watching the coach. Current Lady Panther junior, one.
his 300th win after his Lady Panthers him play basketball. If I had to sum him Haley Doehrmann, and former players
downed the Lady Locos. up in one word, it would be “competitor”. Kamilla Ruffer Houk and Brooke Ruffer Emma Grime shared, “He has talks
I enjoy games against his teams because all described Brown as “Passionate”. Past with us that really mean a lot. Not only
During halftime of the Stryker Varsity I know they are always very well prepared player Jamie Ruffer Woolace as well as about basketball, but about life.”
Boys Basketball Game against Pettisville and they will play hard. He does a tre- senior Taylor Haines used the word “Ded-
on February 3, 2017, the administra- mendous job in getting the most out of icated” in their evaluation. Haines added Haley Doehrmann explained the last-
tion of Stryker Local Schools recognized his kids and they always understand the “Dependable” as well. Former player, and ing impression Brown has provided her.
Coach Brown for his accomplishment. In game well. I know from having three niec- current assistant coach, Conner Varner “Coach Brown is a man of God, which
front of a gym filled close to capacity, the es play for him that he not only coaches and sophomore Emma Grime used “Car- brings me to have an unbelievable
community of Stryker, and all others in the basketball player, but cares for his ing” to describe their mentor. In fact, in amount of respect for him.”
attendance, which included well over 50 players and helps them to succeed in the one way or another, each player used
current and former players assembled to other aspects of life. I have always looked “Caring” to describe Brown’s relationship Conner Varner provided this visual. “If
honor their beloved coach. to Coach Brown as a mentor and have with his players. you have ever been to one of our awards
the utmost respect for him.” banquets you would understand. I can’t
For the past 19 years, Brown has led Over the course of Brown’s career de- remember an awards banquet that he
the Lady Panthers. In that time he has Current Bryan Coach Todd Grosjean fense has been the cornerstone of Stryker didn’t choke up, get emotional or shed a
amassed a record that currently stands explained his relationship with Brown in Girls Basketball. When asked if this was few tears at because he cares SO much
at 280-148. Add to that his 32-53 record terms of basketball and beyond. “I have an accurate assessment Brown shared, about every single one of his players. A
in his tenure as boys coach at Hilltop coached against Coach Brown for many “We’ve been successful in large part due lot of people see how good of a basketball
from 1994-1998, and Brown currently years and he one of the best coaches in to our defensive intensity. Defense is coach he is, but not everyone gets to see
sports an overall mark of 312-201, in his terms of getting the most out of his kids. something that teams can bring every how could of a LIFE coach he is. He cares
23 years of coaching. The tenure has also Steve has always found ways to get his night no matter what is happening offen- about every single one of his players, and
resulted in 8 Buckeye Border Confer- players to accept their roles. And even sively”. makes sure that they all know that and
ence Championships, 9 Sectional Titles, when he wasn't blessed with the most never have to question that. I just really
4 District Trophies, and Stryker has just talented group of kids, he found ways Brown isn’t afraid to demonstrate this want people to know that Coach Brown is
missed advancing to State twice finishing to make them successful and help them belief to his players. As both past and a phenomenal coach, but to us who have
the season as Regional Runners-up in to compete at a very high level. Coach current players shared it is not uncom- been lucky enough to go through his pro-
2004 and 2007. Brown has had some outstanding teams mon at practice for Brown to throw him- gram or coach with him, he is way more
in Stryker and has established a program self on the floor, take a charge, or dive for than just a basketball coach!”
There are several factors that must that expects to compete and be success- a loose ball. He truly practices what he
come in to play in order for any coach to ful every year. Their consistency as a pro- preaches! Kamilla Ruffer Houk added, “He cares
have the success that Brown has experi- gram is a credit to Coach Brown and his for his players outside of the gym. Even
enced. The coach was quick to share the staff. Not only is he a great coach, he is Obviously this philosophy is forev- though I played for him over ten years
credit with others. When asked what has also a great friend, and a man of great er engrained into the players. Current ago, he still shows that he cares for me
made him so successful Brown shared, character.” players Haines, Doehrmann and Grime just the same, and will always make time
“Hard work, great players and great as- shared, “He always says ‘Defense wins to talk when I see him. Coach Brown
sistant coaches. I have been blessed to When asked to describe his coach- games’ so we believe if we can play de- was always telling us to take pride of the
work with a lot of great players and as- ing style in one word Brown replied, “In- fense then offense should come easier.” words Lady Panther on our jersey. He
sistant coaches along the way. I also tense!” Anyone who has witnessed Brown Molly Boetz concurred, “We practiced de- said we weren’t playing for ourselves, but
have developed friendships with a lot of on the sidelines most assuredly would fense was our best offense.” for our school! I still have just as much
opposing coaches. I have always tried to concur. This intensity is not limited to respect for him now as I did then. He still
do things the right way with the program, games however, and is possibly the key One characteristic of Brown used by welcomes all of us back into the gym any-
and most of all have a wife and family to Brown success. In fact, whether asking his players to describe him is something time. He will always be known as Coach
who have supported me and have sacri- the question of how intense practices are that may not be obvious to the casual to me!” What greater praise can a coach
ficed most of their lives to my coaching to past or current players the answer was observer of Brown’s coaching. “He has get than that?
career.” always the same. Practice was as intense, a great sense of humor, and knows just
if not more so than the games. Several when to joke or have fun, and when to be Coach Brown makes it very clear that
Brown however doesn’t give himself players noted one on Brown’s favorite serious”, shared Jamie Ruffer Woolace. although winning is important, it is the
enough of the credit. Over the course of lines, “If you don’t do it in practice, you Brooke Ruffer agreed. “I remember one life lessons and relationships that matter
his career, Brown has had the admirable won’t do it in games”. Former player Molly time before a big game, probably one with most. This is obvious by the number of
ability to get the most out of his players. Boetz took the intensity level of practice Pettisville, when Coach came into the people who were in attendance to honor
He has done this through several dif- one step further, “Practices were just as locker room dancing to the song “Good him at his recognition. From the tears
ferent methods utilized in his coaching. Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas. He and shed, hugs given, and general outpour-
the other coaches did that to loosen us ing of love and respect shown, the impact
up and help us relax before the game. It Coach Steve Brown has had on the lives
was pretty hilarious!” of both former and current players, as
well as the Stryker community in gen-
While the record itself is quite impres- eral is obvious. He’s not afraid to show
sive, it pales in comparison to the life-long his emotions or be genuine in all that he
effect Brown has on the student-athletes does. Well done Coach Brown, well done!
he has coached. This sentiment is echoed
by every current and former player who Kent Hutchison can be reached at
was interviewed. To a player, the fact that

Dr. Roger L. Saneholtz THIEL Varsity Bowling
Dr. Jason R. Kunsman
CONSTRUCTION January 30th, 2017
306 W. Main Street & SUPPLY CENTER
419-485-4257 Wauseon 2328, Delta 2110
* General Contractors * Commercial * Nicolas Kearney put together back to back 224
* Industrial * Residential * games to lead the Indians to their 10th win of the sea-
son. Chance Buehrer broke the 200 barrier in his sec-
419-272-2712 ond game after a 167 in the first game. The Panthers
419-272-2755 (2-11) had the high game of the match when Brett
Reeves rolled a 246. Reeves also carried the high series
for Delta with a 404.



18 - The Village Reporter / The Hometown Huddle Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

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