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NU 2020 Catalog

Novel Units


Teacher Guides
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Read, Write, Think, Discuss, and Connect

Novel Units Catalog

Read, Write, Think, Discuss, and Connect

Novel Units, Easy as 1, 2, 3. . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Novel Units Guides. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Grades Guided

Key to Entries. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 K A
Grades K – 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 K B
Grades 3 – 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 K C
Grades 6 – 8 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 K D
Grades 9 – 12 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78 1 E
Spanish Titles. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 106 1 F
Get Reading!!. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 108 1 G
Index of Titles. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 111 1 H
Order Form & Terms. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 115 1 I
1 J
Dear Educator: 2 K
2 L
Research has proven the importance of using literature to connect 2 M
the curriculum. Finding the right book can be difficult at times and 3 N
we have tried to make your planning as effortless as possible. 3 O
As a teacher, you are the best judge of what is most appropriate 3 P
for your students. We have used Guided Reading criteria to level all 4 Q
the books in this catalog which includes: •book and print features, 4 R
•vocabulary, •sentence complexity, •content, •sophistication of 4 S
themes, •text structure, •language features. 5 T
5 U
5 V
6 W
6 X
6 Y
7-8+ Z

Of all the above criteria, vocabulary and content is the one that is the most sensitive.
Books have been placed in the grade level matching the Teacher Guide, but the Level
Reading letter designation might not match due to one of these features above.

Please use your best judgment as to the appropriateness for the age and maturity of
your students prior to reading and discussing many of the books with your class. Novel
Units has done their best to give you a balanced judgment. We recommend that you
review the book and guides before using.

Novel Units,


Class Set

1 - Choose a title In Each Box
2 - Decide on Group Set
Class Set
or Class Set
è 30 Books
3 - Create positive learning è 1 Teacher Guide
outcomes using the Teacher
Guide and Student Packets* Group Set

4 è 15 Books
è 1 Teacher Guide

Student Packets

* Can be purchased
separately for many titles


Easy as 1 - 2 - 3


Teacher Guide Group Set

Faciltate close reading and Student Packet
assess student progress –
Make deep connections to
• Vocabulary Words text using literary skills &
• Chapter by chapter questions strategies –
• Graphic organizers • Vocabulary work
• Extension activities • Comprehension check
• P ost reading discussion • Graphic organizers
• Comprehension strategies
questions • Literary elements
• Assessment • Writing prompts 5

Integrate Reading Skills

TeSpactafSuhogedeleSleerosanmGtwfhtouipenPrildgeaoescu!kraentd TEACHER GUIDE



Roald Dahl

When applying reading skills to a text, a READ, WRITE, THINK, DISCUSS AND CSOTNUNDECETNT PACKET
reader attends to the elements of form and GRADES 3-5
content found within the text—from the
individual words to the order of sentences The BFG
to the unfolding of ideas. For this kind Roald Dahl
of mindful study, a reader often reads
and rereads a text to comprehend it at READ, WRITE, THINK, DISCUSS AND CONNECT
all levels—literal, inferential, and critical.
Capable readers have developed the 888.650.4224
necessary skills to interpret texts at all three
levels, but even the best readers had to
practice and master these skills over time.
NOVEL UNITS® Teacher Guides and
Student Packets provide a myriad of
instructional ideas and activities created
to enhance the reading experience and
provide multiple opportunities for students
to practice and master reading skills. While
the Teacher Guide and Student Packet
emphasize comprehension of a specific
novel, the practice and mastery of reading
skills forms the foundation for the content
and activities in all NOVEL UNITS® products.


NOVEL UNITS® Sample Booklet Teacher
Table of Contents
This page may not be reproduced.
About the Author ......................................................3
Characters ..................................................................4
Initiating Activities ...................................................4
Vocabulary Activities ................................................5
Five Sections ..............................................................6

Each section contains: Summary, Vocabulary,
Discussion Questions, and Supplementary Activities
Post-reading Discussion Questions .........................16
Post-reading Extension Activities ...........................18
Assessment ...............................................................19
Scoring Rubric .........................................................28

Skills and Strategies

Critical Thinking Writing

Creative thinking, brainstorming, Essays, poetry, reviews, journals,
inferences, opinions, predictions, letters, narrative, descriptive, short
researching, evaluating decisions
stories NOVEL UNITS® Sample Booklet

Comprehension Speaking/Listening EXCERPT FROM TEACHER GUIDE

Story mapping, compare/contrast, Discussion, oral presentation, Characters
cause/effect poetry performance, acting

Literary Elements Across the Curriculum

Symbolism, character analysis, Literature—dream journals, Dahl’s
themes, setting, point of view, tone other novels, Jack and the
Beanstalk; Geography—maps,
Vocabulary England, countries of the world;
Social Studies—charities, forms of
Definitions, application, government; Art—cover art,
synonyms/antonyms, word maps advertisements, drawing, painting,
collage, posters; Drama—plays,
films, TV interviews

the BFG (Big Friendly Giant): lives alone in Giant Country; collects dreams and blows them into
children’s bedrooms; kidnaps Sophie because she sees him; is bullied by the other giants; helps
capture the man-eating giants

Sophie: young orphan kidnapped by the BFG; befriends the BFG and convinces him to tell the
Queen of England about the other giants

NOVEL UNITS® Teacher Guide—The BFG, Grades 3–4 the Queen of England: ruler of Great Britain; warned in a dream by the BFG and Sophie about
the man-eating giants; sends soldiers to Giant Country

the Fleshlumpeater, the Bonecruncher, the Manhugger, the Childchewer, the Meatdripper,
the Gizzardgulper, the Maidmasher, the Bloodbottler, and the Butcher Boy: nine big, strong

giants that eat humans7; are cruel to the BFG

Mary: Queen’s maid who discovers Sophie in the Palace

Mr Tibbs: Queen’s butler who arranges a table and chair for the BFG’s breakfast

This page may not be reproduced. the Head of the Army and the Head of the Air Force: commanders who lead the mission into
Giant Country

All rights reserved Initiating Activities

Use one or more of the following to introduce the novel.

1. Literature: Ask students if they have read other novels by Roald Dahl and, if so, what they
enjoyed or disliked about them. Have them predict, based on the cover, whether they will
like this novel. Have students explain their responses.

2. Social Studies: Have students read the information about the Roald Dahl Foundation on page
5 of the novel. Ask students how this affects their opinions of the author and the novel.
Have students brainstorm a name for a charity they would create if they were authors and
list three ways in which their charities would improve the world. Students can create posters
for their charities using art supplies.

3. Illustration Inferences: Have students look at the novel’s illustrations and brainstorm about
what each represents and how it relates to the plot. Ask students: What is happening? What
will happen next?

4. Creative Writing: Have students read the excerpt on page 1 of the novel. Then, have them
write two new paragraphs (using the giant’s unique language) explaining why he does not
like to eat “human beans.” Students should use at least one made-up or silly word of their
own in each sentence.

5. Geography: Tell students that The BFG is set in England. Have students compare and contrast
England and the United States. Ask them how the setting may affect the novel.

6. Brainstorm: Have students use the Attribute Web on page 20 of this guide to brainstorm
about fictional giants. Ask students: What does the word “giants” make you think of? Are
giants mean or friendly? What do you think giants do?

4 © Novel Units, Inc.

NOVEL UNITS® Teacher Guide—The BFG, Grades 3–4
8 7

Teacher NOVEL UNITS® Sample Booklet
Vocabulary Activities
1. Poetry: Have students write poems about giants using at least ten vocabulary words from the This page may not be reproduced.

lists in this guide. Then, have students read their poems aloud.
2. Synonym/Antonym Game: Write the verbs and adjectives from the vocabulary lists in this

guide on the board. Set a time limit, and have students write down as many synonyms as
they can for each word. Assign students one point for each correct synonym. The student
with the most points is the winner. Repeat the game using antonyms.
3. Word Map: Have students complete the Word Map on page 21 of this guide for five
vocabulary words from the lists in this guide.
4. Visual Vocabulary: One at a time, have students draw a picture on the board of one of the
nouns from the vocabulary lists in this guide. Then, have the rest of the class guess the
correct word. Have the student who guesses the correct word be the next to draw.
5. Sentence-by-Sentence: As a class, have students brainstorm a topic for a story. Then, have
students pass around a sheet of paper. Each student must add one sentence to the story,
correctly using one vocabulary word from the lists in this guide. After all class members
have contributed to the story, select a volunteer to read the story aloud.

NOVEL UNITS® Sample Booklet


7. Describe how the BFG reveals himself to the Queen. Why do you think he does it this way? All rights reserved
(“With the grace of a nobleman” [p. 157], the BFG slowly walks toward the window. He is “very
dignified in his approach,” bows gracefully, and tells the Queen that he is her “humbug servant” © Novel Units, Inc. 5
[p. 157]. Answers will vary. The BFG may be showing respect because he is in the presence of the
Queen. He may also be trying to impress her or avoid frightening her so that she does not put him NOVEL UNITS® Teacher Guide—The BFG, Grades 3–4
in a zoo.)
8. Prediction: How will the Queen stop the giants?
This page may not be reproduced.
Supplementary Activities

1. Art: Cut out images from magazines, and create a collage of what the Queen’s dream might
look like inside the jar after the BFG mixes it.

2. Writing: Use at least four vocabulary words from this section to rewrite the scene in which
the Queen’s gardener sees the BFG. Add details and suspense to the scene.

3. Character Analysis: Complete the Character Attribute Web on page 25 of this guide for
Sophie, the BFG, or the Queen.

4. Social Studies: Research the government of England and the government of the United
States. Then, participate in a class discussion about how the Queen of England is similar to
and different from the President of the United States.

The Royal Breakfast–The Author All rights reserved
The Queen’s butler and other servants scramble to create a table and chair large enough for the
BFG at breakfast. Despite their attempts to accommodate him, the BFG has trouble moving
through the Palace and knocks into things. After eating a human meal, the BFG tells the Queen
where the other giants go to eat. The Queen calls the rulers of those countries and learns that
people have gone missing recently. The Queen summons the Head of the Army and the Head of
the Air Force to deal with the giants.

Soldiers follow the BFG into Giant Country as the other giants nap. The Fleshlumpeater wakes
up, attacks the BFG, and grabs a human. Sophie sticks a pin into the Fleshlumpeater’s ankle, and
the BFG convinces him that a snake bit him. The Fleshlumpeater pleads for help, but the BFG ties
him up instead. The giants are taken to London and imprisoned in a deep hole, where they are
fed only snozzcumbers.

The BFG receives many awards, and a special house is built for him. He reads books, and Sophie
volunteers to help educate him. Sophie convinces him to write a novel—the novel you just read.

Discussion Questions
1. How does Mr Tibbs seem to feel about the BFG? (Answers will vary, but students should note
that Mr Tibbs does not appear to like the BFG and is quietly rude toward him. Mr Tibbs scowls when
the BFG breaks a chandelier, and he seats the giant “with a disdainful little wave of the hand”
[p. 166]. The BFG has created more work for Mr Tibbs, which likely makes Mr Tibbs unhappy or
annoyed. Mr Tibbs “[mutters] unspeakable words to himself” [p. 170] as he fetches more food for the
BFG. He may be upset because he thinks the BFG is making him look bad in front of the Queen.)

© Novel Units, Inc. 13

NOVEL UNITS® Teacher Guide—The BFG, Grades 3–4

10 888.650.4224


NOVEL UNITS® Sample Booklet


Post-reading Discussion Questions

1. In what ways are the BFG and Sophie similar? (Answers will vary. Both characters begin the
novel as lonely outsiders—a “runt” and an orphan. Neither has parents because giants do not have
mothers and Sophie’s parents died. The BFG and Sophie are bullied by others—the BFG by the other
giants and Sophie by Mrs Clonkers with her cruel punishments. Both are desperate for friendship and
acceptance, which they find when they meet each other.)

2. How do the BFG and Sophie change over the course of the novel? (Answers will vary. At the This page may not be reproduced.
beginning, the BFG tries to avoid the other giants, and he does not think he can stop them from
eating humans. The BFG’s friendship with Sophie gives him confidence. Now, he is “frightened of
nobody” [p. 183] because he is no longer alone; he has Sophie and the Queen of England on his side.
He no longer avoids the other giants. He risks his life to capture them once and again when he unties
them in their prison. Instead of hiding in the shadows and letting others bully him, he lives in
London and improves his reading and writing skills. By the end of the novel, he is a well-known
author and celebrity. Sophie is lonely and sad about her life in the orphanage at the beginning of the
story. She is much happier after she befriends the BFG. Her life now contains adventure, and she
feels good about her plan to rid the world of the man-eating giants. She feels acceptance and love
when the Queen builds her a house so she does not have to return to the orphanage. Both characters
change from uncertain outcasts into confident, accepted individuals.)

3. What might have happened if Sophie’s plan to give the Queen a dream did not work?

(Answers will vary. Sophie might have been sent back to the orphanage, and the BFG would have
needed to sneak back to Giant Country by himself. There is a chance they would have met again
later, but there is also a chance the BFG would have been captured and put in a zoo, as he feared.
In any case, the other giants would have continued eating humans.)

4. Why do you think the author gave the giants such gruesome names? (Answers will vary. The
author likely gave the other giants these names because he wanted them to sound like monsters. The
gruesome and descriptive names reflect their violent natures and allow the reader to guess at their
behavior. Such horrible names contrast dramatically with the BFG [Big Friendly Giant], further
indicating the other giants’ cruelty. The author may also have wanted to ensure that the reader
cheered for Sophie and the BFG when they captured and imprisoned the other giants, rather than
sympathizing with these maneaters.)

5. Why do you think the author gave the BFG big ears and made him smaller than the other
giants? (Answers will vary. The author may have given the BFG unique traits to symbolize the
types of people who are often bullied—people who look, dress, and act differenNtlyO. VItEsLhoUwNsItThSa®t,Sample Booklet
oftentimes, people who are made fun of have many wonderful, friendly, and interesting qualities.
The BFG’s differences also separate him from the other giants, letting readers know that he is good
and they are bad.)

6. Why was it necessary for the Queen to dream about the giants and Sophie? (Answers will vary. EXCERPT FROM TEACHER GUIDE
If Sophie simply told a story about man-eating giants, the Queen most likely would not have believed
her. If the BFG showed up and tried to explain, he would most likely have been captured and put in
a zoo. However, if the Queen has a dream about giants and then parts of that dream come true, she
will be more willing to believe Sophie. Sophie needs the Queen to know that the BFG is real, that he
is friendly, and that children are in danger.)

7. The BFG is self-conscious about his lack of formal education. Describe how he proves his

All rights reserved intelligence and cleverness throughout the novel. (Answers will vary. Examples: Although he

acknowledges that the other giants are cruel and horrible, the BFG notes to Sophie that giants do not Post-reading Extension Activities

kill each other; only humans kill each other—an intuitive and accurate observation. The BFG oftenWriting
uses his wit to outsmart the other giants, who consider the BFG unintelligent. He tricks the
1. Write a rhyming poem about Giant Country or Dream Country.

16 © Novel Units, Inc. 2. Write a two-page story from the point of view of a giant about what it is like to be
imprisoned in the pit. Include the giant’s feelings about why he was captured and thrown
into the pit.

NOVEL UNITS® Teacher Guide—The BFG, Grades 3–4 3. Write a letter to Sophie and the BFG detailing another problem that could be solved using
the BFG’s collected dreams.

Literature of1R1oald Dahl’s novels. In an oral report to the class, compare and contrast the
4. Read another

novel you read with The BFG.

This page may not be reproduced. Film/Drama
5. In groups of two or more, enact a scene from the novel in front of the class. Be sure to use
costumes, props, and correct dialogue from the novel.

6. In groups of two or more, stage a TV interview with one or more of the characters from the

7. Think of actors you know from TV or movies, and develop a cast list for a film version of
The BFG. Use the character list in this guide as a basis. Choose an actor for each character,
and explain each choice in one sentence.

8. Examine the cover and illustrations of The BFG, and come up with a new design idea that
matches the tone of the novel. Present the design—either a drawing, painting, collage, or
photograph (your own or found elsewhere)—to the class.

9. Choose a character from the novel. Paint a picture or create a collage with images, symbols,
and/or words that represents that character’s importance in The BFG. Be creative!

10. For each section of this guide, choose one item or symbol that represents the major action or
tone of that section. Create a poster showing your symbols, and present your artwork in

All rights reserved

18 © Novel Units, Inc.

NOVEL UNITS® Teacher Guide—The BFG, Grades 3–4
12 9

Student NOVEL UNITS® Sample Booklet

Roald Dahl

Illustrated by Quentin Blake

Student Packet

Written by
James H Duncan

This page may not be reproduced. Contains masters for: 2 Prereading Activities
PLUS 5 Vocabulary Activities
1 Study Guide
2 Comprehension Activities
2 Character Analysis Activities
2 Literary Analysis Activities
1 Critical Thinking Activity
3 Quizzes
1 Novel Test
Detailed Answer Key
and Scoring Rubric

NOVEL UNITS® Sample Booklet

NOVEL UNITS® Sample Booklet


Activity Type EXCERPT FROM STUDENT PACKET: Activity 3 of 14

Name ________________________________ When to Use The BFG
Activity #1 • Prereading

Skill Tested Use Before Reading The BFG
(Locate Information/Predictions)
Name ________________________________ Activity #3 • Vocabulary
Getting the “Lay of the Land” The Witching Hour–The Marvellous Ears

Directions: Prepare for reading by answering the following questions. Vocabulary Comprehension

1. Who is the author? tsrtarivdNeel OVEL UNITS® Stcbulloadazeeknt Packet—ThemgBlaaFntGcche, Grades 3–4rfieemrcaerk
fishy cellar curious soil
2. What does the title suggest to you about the novel?

___________________________________________________________________________________D_irections: Choose the word or phrase closest in meaning to the bolded vocabulary word as it is
___________________________________________________________________________________u_sed in the novel.
This page may not be reproduced.
_________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. travel a. jerk b. journey c. jump d. justify

3. When was the novel first copyrighted? This page may not be reproduced. _____ 2. cloak a. rag b. ribbon c. robe d. rope

_________________________________ _____ 3. glance a. peek b. practice c. protect d. pry
4. How many pages are in the novel? _____ 4. fierce a. agreeable b. angry c. annoyed d. awesome


5. Thumb through the novel. Read three pages—one from near the beginning, one from ne_a_r___ 5. stride a. stalk b. steer c. step d. stomp
the middle, and one from near the end. What predictions can you make about the novel? a. flash b. flicker c. flight d. force

_________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. blaze

_______________________________________________________________________________________ 7. match a. go against b. go behind c. go over d. go with

_________________________________________________________________________________________ 8. remark a. scene b. secret c. shout d. statement
____________________________________________________________________________________ a. safe b. solid c. still d. suspicious
a. barn b. basement c. bathroom d. bedroom
_____ 9. fishy

6. What does the cover suggest to you about the novel? _____ 10. cellar

_________________________________________________________________________________________ 11. curious a. odd b. offensive c. old-fashioned d. ordinary
a. dark b. dirt
____________________________________________________________________________________ a. elevate b. enroll c. ditch d. dump
_____ 12. soil
c. excite d. excuse
_________________________________________________________________________________________ 13. forgive

All rights reserved All rights reserved

© Novel Units, Inc. 3

© Novel Units, Inc. 5

NOVEL UNITS® Student Packet—The BFG, Grades 3–4 NOVEL UNITS® Student Packet—The BFG, Grades 3–4

10 888.650.4224

NOVEL UNITS® Sample Booklet


NOVEL UNITS® Sample Booklet


Activity Type

Name ________________________________ When to Use The BFG
Skill Tested Activity #8 • Comprehension

Use During Reading

(Literary Devices)

This page may not be reproduced. Foreshadowing Chart

Foreshadowing is the literary technique of giving clues to coming events in a story.

Directions: What examples of foreshadowing do you recall from the story? If necessary, skim
through the chapters to find examples of foreshadowing. List at least four examples below.
Explain what clues are given, and then list the coming event that is suggested.

Foreshadowing Page # Clues Coming Event

NOVEL UNITS® Sample Booklet This page may not be reproduced.


Activity Type

Name ________________________________ When to Use The BFG

Activity #10 • Character Analysis

Skill Tested Use After Reading

(Character Analysis)


Directions: On the “spokes” surrounding each character’s name, write several adjectives that

cdhesacrNraicbOteerVthtEoaLtacnUhoNatrhaIecTrtS,ewr®.rHSitoetuwadddeeonsectsriPopnatiecokcnheoatfr—atTchtheeerreinBlafFtliuGoen,nscGheirpaanbdoettehwseer3e?n–Ot4nhethtwe one

Remember, relationships go both ways, so each line requires a descriptive word.

All rights reserved 17

write adjectives on these lines

14 © Novel Units, Inc.

the Queen the BFG NOVEL UNITS® Student Packet—The BFG, Grades 3–4This page may not be reproduced.


Mrs the
Clonkers Fleshlumpeater

All rights reserved

16 © Novel Units, Inc. 19

NOVEL UNITS® Student Packet—The BFG, Grades 3–4 11

Teacher NOVEL UNITS® Sample Booklet
Student NOVEL UNITS® guides provide graphic organizers so your students can display ideas visually to
Packet better comprehend the text.
Graphic Organizers (TG) Graphic Organizers (SP)
NOVEL UNITS® Sample Booklet
Conflict Name ________________________________ Because of Winn-Dixie Name ________________________________ Because of Winn-Dixie
Venn Diagram Activity #13 • Character Analysis Sociogram Activity #14 • Character Analysis
The conflict of a story is the struggle between two people or two forces. There are three main
types of conflict: person vs. person, person vs. nature or society, and person vs. self. Use During and After Reading Use During and After Reading

Directions: The characters experience some conflicts in the story. In the chart below, list the (Compare/Contrast/Character Analysis) (Character Analysis)
names of three major characters. In the space provided, list a conflict each character experiences.
Then, explain how each conflict is resolved in the story. A. Directions: Use the Venn diagram below to compare and contrast Miss Franny Block and Directions: On the spokes surrounding each character’s name, write several adjectives that
Gloria Dump. describe that character. How does one character influence another? On the arrows joining
one character to another, write a description of the relationship between the two characters.
Miss Franny Block Gloria Dump Remember, relationships go both ways, so each line requires a descriptive word.

Character: write adjectives on these lines
Resolution Same

the preacher Miss Franny

Character: Resolution


Character: Resolution B. Directions: On the lines below, explain why you think Miss Franny and Gloria are glad to This page may not be reproduced.
Conflict meet Opal.
___________________________________________________________________________________________ Gloria Dump Otis
___________________________________________________________________________________________ 20 

 19
All rights reserved


28 © Novel Units, Inc.

NOVEL UNITS® Student Packets provide literary analysis, critical thinking, character analysis,
comprehension, and writing activities so your students can examine the craft, structure, language,
characters, purpose, and central message of the text.

Literary Analysis (SP) Critical Thinking (SP) Character Analysis (SP)

FEATURES OF BOTH TEACHER GUIDE & STUDENT PACKETName________________________________ No Talking Name ________________________________ No Talking Name ________________________________ No Talking
Activity #10 • Literary Analysis In My Opinion… Activity #13 • Critical Thinking Activity #18 • Character Analysis

Use After Reading Use After Reading Use After Reading

(Literary Devices) (Write to Express/Support Responses) (Character Analysis)

Using Idioms Character Attribute Web

Directions: An idiom is a phrase that is understood in a certain culture but cannot be Directions: In the small rectangle below, write what you think the author’s opinion is about Directions: The attribute web below will help you gather clues the author provides about
the consequences of anger. In the oval, write your own knowledge and experience about Mrs. Hiatt. Fill in the blanks with words and phrases that tell how Mrs. Hiatt acts and looks,
NOVEL UNITS guides provide assessments so your students can gauge their ability to read and® understood if each word is defined separately. (Example: It is raining cats and dogs.) anger. In the rounded rectangle, write any new information you have learned from reading as well as what she says and feels.
Identify six idioms from the novel. Copy the sentence that contains the idiom in the top the novel and in class discussions. Finally, in the large box, write a paragraph stating your
rectangle. In the bottom rectangle, write your own interpretation of the idiom. In the square, opinion about anger.
draw a picture of the idiom if it were translated word-for-word. (Example for idiom above:
comprehend literature at a specific reading level. Draw a picture of cats and dogs falling out of the sky.)

Idiom From the Novel Author’s Opinion Acts Says

Your Own Knowledge
and Experience

Assessments (TG & SP) What You Think It Means 1. ________________ 1. ________________
Idiom From the Novel 2. ________________ 2. ________________
New Information 3. ________________ 3. ________________
4. ________________ 4. ________________

Mrs. Hiatt

What You Think It Means

Assessment for Maniac Magee Name ________________________________ Maniac Magee Name ________________________________ Maniac Magee In my opinion… Looks Feels
Idiom From the Novel Novel Test _______________________________________________________________________________________
Assessment is an ongoing process. The following ten items can be completed during the novel Quiz #1 _______________________________________________________________________________________ 1. ________________ 1. ________________
study. Once finished, the student and teacher will check the work. Points may be added to Before the Story—Chapter 19 _______________________________________________________________________________________ 2. ________________ 2. ________________
indicate the level of understanding. _______________________________________________________________________________________ 3. ________________ 3. ________________
A. Multiple Choice: Choose the BEST answer. (Literary Devices) _______________________________________________________________________________________ 4. ________________ 4. ________________
Name ________________________________________________________ Date ______________________ A. Figurative Language: Identify each of the following as a simile, a metaphor, or personification. _______________________________________________________________________________________
(Main Idea and Details) _______________________________________________________________________________________ © Novel Units, Inc. 25
____ 1. The narrator claims that the history of a kid is one part fact, two parts legend, and a. simile b. metaphor c. personification _______________________________________________________________________________________
three parts ____ 1. “But [Russell and PWiphear tMYcoNuabT]hwinekreItspMoeilainngs…like a pair of peaches in the sun.” _______________________________________________________________________________________
a. jumprope ____ 2. “They saw [Maniac] climb…to the white door, the portal of death.”
b. pizza 20 © Novel Units, Inc.
c. rumor ____ 3. “…winter toyed with Two Mills, whispered in its ear, tickled it under the chin.”All rights reserved All rights reserved All rights reserved
d. snowball
Student Teacher 1. Using the Venn Diagram on page 30 of this guide, compare and ____ 4. “Finsterwald’s backyard was a graveyard of tennis balls and baseballs and footballs and
_______ _______ contrast Maniac Magee and John McNab. (Character Analysis) Frisbees and model airplanes and one-way boomerangs.”
_______ _______ ____ 2. Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan can best be described as people who
_______ _______ 2. Complete the Characterization web on page 31 of this guide for ____ 5. “To [Amanda, the torn page] was the broken wing of a bird, a pet out in the rain.”
_______ _______ one character from the novel. a. plan to divorce and share custody of Jeffrey 16 © Novel Units, Inc.
_______ _______ b. live separate lives and try to “split” Jeffrey between them
_______ _______ 3. List at least four things Maniac values, including an example from c. are mean-spirited and purposely make Jeffrey feel unwelcome ____ 6. “…the sun shinnied up the rainspouts.”
the novel to support your answers. d. love each other and make Jeffrey feel comfortable in their home
_______ _______ ____ 7. “…[Maniac] was finally facing a knot that would stand up and fight.…”
4. Complete the Story Map on page 32 of this guide. (Main Idea and Details)
_______ _______ ____ 3. The first person Jeffrey Magee speaks to upon entering Two Mills is (Character Analysis/Support Responses) 23
5. Imagine you work for a local newspaper or magazine, and write a B. Protagonists and Antagonists: Maniac Magee includes characters who are protagonists (usually
_______ _______ book review of Maniac Magee. a. Amanda Beale the main character and those who support him/her) and antagonists (characters who are in
_______ _______ b. James “Hands” Down
6. Using the Cause/Effect Chart on page 33 of this guide, list the c. Giant John McNab conflict with the protagonist). In the second column of the chart below, identify each of the
effects of Maniac’s decision to bring Mars Bar to Piper’s birthday d. Mars Bar Thompson
party. following characters as a protagonist (P) or an antagonist (A). In the third column, provide
7. Write a one- to two-page essay supporting one of the following as ____ 4. Mars Bars initially dislikes Maniac because Mars Bar feels evidence from the novel for each categorization.
the novel’s main theme: yearning for family, value of knowledge,
need for identity. Use evidence from the novel to support your a. jealous that Maniac talked to Amanda Beale Character Protagonist (P) or Evidence from the Novel
response. b. confused about why Maniac is in the East End Antagonist (A)
c. ashamed that Maniac is a better reader than he is
This page may not be reproduced. 8. Using the Sequencing Events activity on page 34 of this guide, d. embarrassed that Maniac showed him up in baseball 8. Jeffrey “Maniac” Magee
illustrate and describe six events that happened in Maniac’s life
after he arrived in Two Mills. (Drawing Conclusions) 9. Amanda Beale
____ 5. Maniac wants Mrs. Beale to continue calling him Jeffrey at home because
9. Using at least six vocabulary words from the lists in this guide, 10. Earl Grayson
write a summary of the novel. a. he is insulted by the name “Maniac”
b. he doesn’t think families should use nicknames 11. Mars Bar Thompson
10. Correct any quizzes or tests taken over the novel. c. the name “Jeffrey” is all he has left of his parents
d. his identity as “Maniac” is supposed to stay a secret 12. John McNab

____ 6. How do Hester and Lester Beale change once Maniac comes to live with them?

a. They take baths voluntarily.
b. They refuse to sleep with Amanda.
c. They are more careful on their tricycles.
d. They color on the walls more than usual.

All rights reserved All rights reserved 13. George McNab
All rights reserved

© Novel Units, Inc. 25 © Novel Units, Inc. 29 34 © Novel Units, Inc.

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items and activities.

Scoring Rubrics (TG & SP)

Linking Novel Units® Lessons to Linking Novel Units® Student Packets to
National and State Reading Assessments National and State Reading Assessments

During the past several years, an increasing number of students have faced some form of During the past several years, an increasing number of students have faced some form of
state-mandated competency testing in reading. Many states now administer state-developed state-mandated competency testing in reading. Many states now administer state-developed
assessments to measure the skills and knowledge emphasized in their particular reading assessments to measure the skills and knowledge emphasized in their particular reading
curriculum. The discussion questions and post-reading questions in this Novel Units® Teacher curriculum. This Novel Units® guide includes open-ended comprehension questions that
Guide make excellent open-ended comprehension questions and may be used throughout the correlate with state-mandated reading assessments. The rubric below provides important
daily lessons as practice activities. The rubric below provides important information for information for evaluating responses to open-ended comprehension questions. Teachers may
evaluating responses to open-ended comprehension questions. Teachers may also use scoring also use scoring rubrics provided for their own state’s competency test.
rubrics provided for their own state’s competency test.
Scoring Rubric for Open-Ended Items
Please note: The Novel Units® Student Packet contains optional open-ended questions in a
format similar to many national and state reading assessments. 3-Exemplary Thorough, complete ideas/information
Clear organization throughout
Scoring Rubric for Open-Ended Items Logical reasoning/conclusions
Thorough understanding of reading task
3-Exemplary Thorough, complete ideas/information Accurate, complete response
Clear organization throughout
Logical reasoning/conclusions 2-Sufficient Many relevant ideas/pieces of information
Thorough understanding of reading task Clear organization throughout most of response
Accurate, complete response Minor problems in logical reasoning/conclusions
General understanding of reading task
2-Sufficient Many relevant ideas/pieces of information Generally accurate and complete response
Clear organization throughout most of response
Minor problems in logical reasoning/conclusions 1-Partially Sufficient Minimally relevant ideas/information
General understanding of reading task Obvious gaps in organization
Generally accurate and complete response Obvious problems in logical reasoning/conclusions
Minimal understanding of reading task
1-Partially Sufficient Minimally relevant ideas/information Inaccuracies/incomplete response
Obvious gaps in organization
Obvious problems in logical reasoning/conclusions 0-Insufficient Irrelevant ideas/information
Minimal understanding of reading task No coherent organization
Inaccuracies/incomplete response Major problems in logical reasoning/conclusions
Little or no understanding of reading task
0-Insufficient Irrelevant ideas/information Generally inaccurate/incomplete response
No coherent organization
Major problems in logical reasoning/conclusions All rights reserved
Little or no understanding of reading task All rights reserved
Generally inaccurate/incomplete response

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The Amazing Bone Arthur’s Eyes Beady Bear NOVEL UNITS CATALOG

William Steig Marc Brown Don Freeman

Lev el M 600L Level K 260L Level J AD520L
While Pearl was sitting Arthur the aardvark is Thayer had a fuzzy toy
in the forest, a bone ex- having trouble with his bear he loved named
plained that it fell out of a eyes—he needs glasses! Beady. They played all
witch’s basket and can talk When he wears glasses the time. When Beady stopped moving, Thayer
in different languages and to school, everybody always found the key and would gently wind
make sounds. Pearl is so impressed she took teases him. He tries to him up. One day Thayer went away with his
him with her. On their way home they ran into lose the glasses, but this family. So, Beady Bear amused himself with his
three armed highway robbers who threatened leads to some embarrassing situations—such toys and a telescope when he noticed a cave in
to shoot Pearl. The bone hissed like a snake as when he enters the girls’ bathroom. Finally, the distance. He left a note and walked to the
and roared like a lion and they ran away. Next the principal and teacher had to take action. cave, settled in, but realized that he needed
a fox grabbed Pearl. The bone claimed to be Arthur’s teacher showed Arthur his readying things to be comfortable: a pillow, a newspaper,
a crocodile, at first the fox was not fooled. But glasses. Arthur felt much better. He started flashlight. Then, he hears a frightening noise. It
then the bone starts in incantation and Pearl is wearing his glasses and began passing his tests turns out to be Thayer looking for him to wind
saved. The bone realized he knew magic and and everyone wanted him on their team in gym.
Francine even starts wearing her movie star him up and take him home. Fantasy
became part of Pearl’s family. Fantasy
glasses without glass. Animal Fantasy Individual Book ISBN 9780486797137 $12.99
Individual Book ISBN 9780312564216 $7.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502025142 $214.34
Group Set ISBN 9781502024848 $139.34 Individual Book ISBN 9780316110693 $7.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502017147 $411.25
Class Set ISBN 9781502016843 $261.25 Group Set ISBN 9781502024992 $139.34 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374076
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374052 Class Set ISBN 9781502016997 $261.25 $12.99
$12.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581308792
The Biggest Bear
Amelia Bedelia Arthur’s Honey Bear
Lynd Ward
Peggy Parish Lillian Hoban

Level L 140L Level K 510L Level K 690L
Meet Amelia Bedelia, the Arthur and his sister Johnny goes hunting for a
unflappable maid who Violet are selling their old bearskin to hang on his fam-
does everything literally. toys—even Arthur’s favorite ily’s barn and returns with a
With her purse on her arm Honey Bear. When his little playful bear cub that soon be-
and hat firmly on her head, sister buys his bear, Arthur comes a huge nuisance to the
Amelia Bedelia follows in- misses him terribly. But neighbors. The bear kept making a mess: he
structions to a tee: change Arthur realizes that even drank the milk meant for the calves, chomped
the towels? Nothing a pair though he’s growing up, down the apples in the orchard, ate the family’s
of scissors can’t do! Dust he can still have a special pancakes on Sunday morning, wallowed around
the furniture? That’s when the perfumed dusting relationship with an old friend. Young children in Mr. McCarroll’s cornfield, and emptied the
powder really comes in handy. Dress the chicken will delight in the adventures of Arthur and McLeans’ sap buckets before drinking their
for dinner—well, do you want a boy chicken or a Violet and this very special story about friend- maple syrup. Johnny tried three times to lead
girl chicken? Amelia Bedelia’s well-meaning gaffs the bear to the woods, but he kept returning
cause readers to chuckle, but her employer to ship. Fantasy
fume—it’s a good thing she’s such a good cook! home. Fiction

Humorous Individual Book ISBN 9780064440332 $4.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780395150245 $8.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502025005 $94.34 Group Set ISBN 9781502025333 $154.34
Individual Book ISBN 9780064441551 $4.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502017000 $171.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502017338 $291.25
Group Set ISBN 9781502024855 $94.34 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372676 $12.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374717
Class Set ISBN 9781502016850 $171.25 $12.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370238 $12.99
A Bargain for Frances Bread and Jam for Frances
Anansi the Spider
Russell Hoban Russell Hoban
Gerald McDermott
Level K 470L Level K AD490L
Level L 290L Frances goes off to play In this memorable story,
Anansi the Spider with her friend Thelma, but Frances decides that bread
is one of the great her mother reminds her to and jam are all she wants
folk heroes of the be careful because Thelma to eat. Her understanding
world. He is a rogue, can be very tricky. Thelma mother stops trying to serve
a mischief maker, and a wise, lovable creature shows her a plastic teas set Frances different meals and
who triumphs over larger foes. In this traditional and convinces Frances to provides bread and jam for
Ashanti tale, Anansi sets out on a long, difficult buy it, instead of the pretty every meal: breakfast, lunch,
journey. Threatened by Fish and Falcon, he is china one that Frances has dinner, and even snack time.
saved from terrible fates by his sons. But which been saving for - and no backsies. Frances Frances finds bread and jam in her school lunch
of his six sons should Anansi reward? Calling comes up with a clever scheme to hold her
upon Nyame, the God of All Things, Anansi end of the bargain that still get the tea set she box. Animal Fantasy
solves his predicament in a touching and highly wants but maintains her friendship with Thelma.
resourceful fashion. Individual Book ISBN 9780060838003 $4.99
Animal Fantasy Group Set ISBN 9781502025548 $94.34
Tale/Legend Class Set ISBN 9781502017543 $171.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581308310 $12.99

Individual Book ISBN 9780805003116 $8.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780064440011 $4.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502024886 $154.34 Group Set ISBN 9781502025098 $94.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502016881 $291.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502017093 $171.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372782 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370023 $12.99
$12.99 Price and availability are subject to change without notice. 15


NOVEL UNITS CATALOG Cloudy With a Chance Dandelion Frederick
of Meatballs
Don Freeman Leo Lionni
Judi Barrett
Level M 630L Level M 590L
Level M 730L Dandelion the lion feels Winter is coming, and all the
The beloved, bestselling he should look snazzy mice are gathering food . .
tale of edible weather is for a party, so he opts . except for Frederick. But
brought to life! If food for the latest in fashion: a curled mane, a spiffy when the days grow short
dropped like rain from new sport coat, and a hat with a cane. When and the snow begins to fall, it’s Frederick’s
the sky, wouldn’t it be marvelous? Or would it? Dandelion arrives the hostess doesn’t recognize stories that warm the hearts and spirits of his
her friend, and closes the door in his face! After fellow field mice. Winner of a 1967 Caldecott
Fantasy a storm reduces Dandelion to his former scruffy Honor, Frederick has been cherished by gen-
self, he is welcomed to the party, and everyone,
Individual Book ISBN 9780689707490 $7.99 including Dandelion, laughs when they realize erations of readers. Animal Fantasy
Group Set ISBN 9781502026033 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502018038 $261.25 that he was that silly looking dandy. Animal Individual Book ISBN 9780399555527 $7.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561379774 Fantasy Group Set ISBN 9781502027153 $139.34
$12.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502019158 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372683
Corduroy Individual Book ISBN 9780140502183 $7.99 $12.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502026347 $139.34
Don Freeman Class Set ISBN 9781502018342 $261.25 Frog and Toad All Year
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372621
$12.99 Arnold Lobel

Level K 600L Danny and the Dinosaur Level K 300L
Corduroy has been In winter, spring, summer,
sitting on the store shelf Syd Hoff and fall, Frog and Toad are
with all the other toys always together. From sled-
for a long time. One day a little girl named Lisa Level J 200L ding in winter to eating ice
falls in love with Corduroy and wants to buy the Danny goes to the museum cream on hot summer days,
bear despite his missing button and shopworn where his wish comes true - a these two friends have
look. But, her mother says she is out of money friendly dinosaur comes to life fun the whole year round.
and it doesn’t look new. Corduroy searches the and spends the day playing
store after hours for his button but gets lost. with him. As the dinosaur Animal Fantasy
A policeman finds him and brings him back to says, after one hundred mil-
the right department. The next day, Lisa comes lion years, it’s good to play Individual Book ISBN 9780064440592 $4.99
back and uses her own money to buy him, outside! The two have a monstrously good Group Set ISBN 9781502027207 $94.34
brings him home with her to love and sews on a time eating ice cream, going to a ball game, Class Set ISBN 9781502019202 $171.25
and playing hide-and-seek with Danny’s friends. Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372072 $12.99
button. Animal Fantasy When the day comes to an end, the dinosaur
must return to the museum, even though
Individual Book ISBN 9780140501735 $7.99 Danny wants to keep him as a pet. After all, Frog and Toad Are Friends
Group Set ISBN 9781502026132 $139.34 the museum needs him, and, Danny realizes,
Class Set ISBN 9781502018137 $261.25 the dinosaur probably wouldn’t fit in his house! Arnold Lobel
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370047
$12.99 Animal Fantasy Level K 400L
In the first story, Frog tries to
Curious George Individual Book ISBN 9780064440028 $4.99 wake up Toad and tell him it
Group Set ISBN 9781502026378 $94.34 is finally spring. In the next
H. A. Rey Class Set ISBN 9781502018373 $171.25 story, Toad takes care of
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372690 $12.99 Frog because he is not feel-
Level J 400L ing well. In the third story
The first adventure tells how Dinosaurs Before Dark they look for lost buttons on
the little monkey Curious Toad’s jacket. In the fourth,
George, caught in the Mary Pope Osborne Frog and Toad decided it
jungle and brought back was a perfect day for a swim. And Frog agreed
to the city by a man in a Level M 240L not to look at Toad in his bathing suit. The fifth
yellow hat, can’t help being interested in all the Where did the tree house story shows what’s it’s like to have a true-blue
new things around him. Though well meaning, come from? Before Jack
George’s curiosity always gets him into trouble. and Annie can find out, the (or green) friend. Animal Fantasy
First he falls overboard on the boat; then he mysterious tree house whisks
mistakenly calls the fire department and is ar- them to the prehistoric past. Individual Book ISBN 9780064440202 $4.99
rested; he escapes from jail where he steal bal- Now they have to figure out Group Set ISBN 9781502027214 $94.34
loons from a man outside and floats back to the how to get home. Can they Class Set ISBN 9781502019219 $171.25
man with the yellow hat. George happily ends do it before dark...or will Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372072 $12.99
they become a dinosaur’s dinner?
at the up living at the zoo. Animal Fantasy

Individual Book ISBN 9780395150238 $7.99 Fantasy
Group Set ISBN 9781502026309 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502018304 $261.25 Individual Book ISBN 9780679824114 $5.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372706 Group Set ISBN 9781502026514 $109.34
$12.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502018519 $201.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581305999

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Frog and Toad Together Harold and the Purple Crayon The Knight at Dawn NOVEL UNITS CATALOG

Arnold Lobel Crockett Johnson Mary Pope Osborne

Level K 450L Level K AD530L Level M 310L
Five stories about Frog and “One night, after think- Peacocks for dinner and
Toad together. First, Toad ing it over for some time, boys in skirts? That’s what
writes a To Do list that he Harold decided to go for Jack and Annie find when
tries to follow until the wind a walk in the moonlight.” the Magic Tree House
blow it away. The second is So begins this gentle whisks them back to the
about how Toad tries to plant story that shows just how Middle Ages for another
a garden, and. Frog gives him far your imagination can wild adventure. In the
advice. The third story is about eating too many take you. Armed only Great Hall of the castle,
cookies, so they put them where they can’t find with an oversized purple crayon, young Harold a feast is under way. But
them. In the next story is they try to climb a draws himself a landscape full of beauty and ex- Jack and Annie aren’t exactly welcome guests!
mountain, go into a dark cave, but feel better at citement. He takes the necessary purple-crayon
home. The final story is about Toad’s dream as precautions: drawing landmarks to ensure he Fantasy
the Greatest Toad of All. He happily wakes up won’t get lost; sketching a boat when he finds
to find Frog nearby so they go out for breakfast. himself in deep water; and creating a purple pie Individual Book ISBN 9780679824121 $5.99
picnic when he feels the first pangs of hunger. Group Set ISBN 9781502031617 $109.34
Animal Fantasy Class Set ISBN 9781502023612 $201.25
Classic Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581305999

Individual Book ISBN 9780064440219 $4.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780064430227 $7.99 The Legend of the Bluebonnet
Group Set ISBN 9781502027221 $94.34 Group Set ISBN 9781502027535 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502019226 $171.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502019530 $261.25 Tomie dePaola
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372072 $12.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581308341
Level O 680L
The Funny Little Woman Ira Sleeps Over This Comanche legend
tells the story of how the
Arlene Mosel Bernard Waber wild bluebonnet came
to be the state flower
Level L 570L Level L 310L of Texas. The Coman-
The funny little Ira is excited-he’s going che People experience
woman is a dump- to sleep over at a friend’s drought and famine as
ling maker by trade, house for the very first time! a result of their selfish
and one day a His sister puts a damper acts against the Earth. In
naughty dumpling on things by reminding Ira order to restore life to the Earth, they must make
escapes down a about the teddy bear he always sleeps with. a burnt offering of their most valued possession.
crack in her floor. As What should Ira do? He can’t sleep without One night after everyone is asleep, a young girl
she reaches for it, Tah Tah, but his friend Reggie will laugh if he named “She-Who-Is-Alone” burns her most pre-
the floor gives way and the woman finds herself brings him. Finally, Ira decides to leave his bear cious possession, a warrior doll, and scatters the
on an ancient road surrounded by statues. behind, but gets a big surprise when the lights ashes. When she awakens she finds herself sur-
The statues warn the woman not to attract the go out! Reggie has a teddy bear with a silly rounded by beautiful blue flowers. As the People
attention of the local Oni (an three-eyed evil name as well! Ira walks home and surprises his celebrate, the rains return and they praise the
demon) but the woman’s giggles can’t keep her family. He picks up Tah Tah and walk back to
hidden for long. She can returns to her house Reggie’s house to happily fall asleep with his sacrifice of the young girl. Tale/Legend
after she makes the Oni laugh at her (rather
bear. Realistic Fiction Individual Book ISBN 9780698113596 $7.99
than vice versa). Fantasy Group Set ISBN 9781502028532 $139.34

Individual Book ISBN 9780140547535 $7.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780395205037 $7.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502020536 $261.25
Group Set ISBN 9781502027252 $139.34 Group Set ISBN 9781502028082 $139.34 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373284 $12.99
Class Set ISBN 9781502019257 $261.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502020086 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374724 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370092
$12.99 $12.99

Bargain for Frances By Russell Hoban

FEATURED TITLE TEACHER GUIDE Activity Sheet Use the circle with a spinner. Each student (or small
GRADES K-3 Spinner Game group) takes a turn to spin and answer.


A Bargain for FrancesBargain for Frances By Russell Hoban Saddest Part BeCsht-arLiakcetedr (TimSee-tPtilnagce)
Most Beautiful Favorite Picture(s)
Russell Hoban Feels Words

Attribute Web Most InterePsatritng


1. ________________ 1. ________________ The Author Funniest Part
2. ________________ 2. ________________ Most Excited Part Plot of the Story
3. ________________ 3. ________________
4. ________________ 4. ________________



Looks Says

A Bargain for Frances 1. ________________ 1. ________________
2. ________________ 2. ________________

GISBrNou97p8S15e0t2025098 $94.34 4. ________________ 3. ______________©_N_ovel Units, Inc. All rights reserved
3. ________________
4. ________________

Class Set

ISBN 9781502017093 $171.25

© Novel Units, Inc. All rights reserved

6 17


NOVEL UNITS CATALOG Little Bear Make Way for Ducklings Miss Nelson Is Missing

Else Holmelund Minarik Robert McCloskey Harry Allard

Level J 370L Level L 630L Level L 270L
Little Bear’s mother is always The busy Boston streets are The children in Miss
there when he needs her. The too dangerous for eight little Nelson’s class go beyond
first story is how his mother ducklings! But with a little help misbehaving; they are
gives Little Bear clothes so he from a friendly policeman Mrs. downright terrible! Near
can play outside in the snow. Mallard and her family arrive her wits’ end, Miss Nelson
The next story tells how Little safely at their new home. The thinks up a brilliant plan.
Bear thinks his mother forgot his birthday, so he Public Garden was no place The next day the kids have
makes birthday soup. Everyone drops by and for ducklings when they were first born, but now a substitute— the nasty Viola Swamp—who
stays for soup. But, his mother surprises him they are old enough to walk in a straight line, loads the boys and girls with homework and
with birthday cake. In the third story Little Bear brave the raucous crowds, and swim with the never gives them a story hour. By the time Miss
wants to fly to the moon. He says good-bye to Nelson finally returns, the children are so grate-
his mother and returns for lunch. Mother says giant swan boats. Animal Fantasy ful they behave well. But now Viola Swamp is
good-night in the last story, but Little Bear
can’t fall asleep because he is busy wishing. Individual Book ISBN 9780140564341 $8.99 missing… Humorous, Mystery
Group Set ISBN 9781502028891 $154.34
Animal Fantasy Class Set ISBN 9781502020895 $291.25 Individual Book ISBN 9780395401460 $7.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372300 Group Set ISBN 9781502029157 $139.34
Individual Book ISBN 9780064440042 $4.95 $12.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502021151 $261.25
Group Set ISBN 9781502028662 $93.74 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370320
Class Set ISBN 9781502020666 $170.05 Mike Mulligan and His $12.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581307559 $12.99 Steam Shovel
Miss Rumphius
Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile Virginia Lee Burton
Barbara Cooney
Bernard Waber
Level M 820L Level M 680L
Level M 760L Mike Mulligan and his As a child, Miss Rumphi-
Lyle, the caviar-eating croco- steam shovel, Mary Anne us dreams of traveling
dile, lives in a house on East were a great team. They to faraway places. Her
88th Street in New York City. dug canals for big boats, grand-
He lives with the Primms, he they cut through moun- father assures her that this is possible, but also
helps young Joshua with his tains so trains could pass through, and other big advises her to do something to make the world
homework, jumps-rope with the neighborhood construction tasks. But, steam shovels are being more beautiful. As an old lady, Miss Rumphius
kids, and browses through antique shops with replaced by more modern machinery. Mike Mul- returns to her home by the sea, but realizes she
Mrs. Primm. He makes his neighbor’s cat Loretta ligan refused to allow his beloved steam shovel has yet to fulfill her grandfather’s wish. Inspired
crazy, which in turn makes Mr. Grumps, Loretta’s to be relegated to the junk heap. Desperate for by her garden, Miss Rumphius creates a world
owner, even crazier. One day, Mrs. Primm and work, Mike promises to dig the cellar of Pop- of loveliness for those who live nearby. At the
Lyle are shopping, when Lyle ends up infuriating perville’s new town hall in just one day—or go end, her young niece, wonders how she can
department-store bigwig Mr. Grumps. This without pay. All the townsfolk gather to watch make the world more beautiful. And, the cycle
unfortunate event lands the rollicking reptile in Mike and Mary Anne in their race against the
the Central Park zoo where Lyle fights back his sun. They win, but in his haste, Mike forgets a continues… Realistic Fiction
crocodile tears. Lyle escapes, just in time to save
Mr. Grumps and Loretta from a fire. very important detail. Fiction Individual Book ISBN 9780140505399 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502029164 $139.34
Animal Fantasy Individual Book ISBN 9780395259399 $7.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502021168 $261.25
Group Set ISBN 9781502029089 $139.34 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372584
Class Set ISBN 9781502021083 $261.25 $12.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372591
Individual Book ISBN 9780395137208 $7.99 $12.99 Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present
Group Set ISBN 9781502028815 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502020819 $261.25 Miss Nelson Is Back Charlotte Zolotow
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373277
$12.99 Harry Allard Level J 440L
Finding a birthday pres-
Madeline’s Rescue Level L 320L ent for her mother is no
Miss Nelson needed to have easy task for our heroine.
Ludwig Bemelmans her tonsils taken out. She Luckily, she happens
needed to be out for a week, upon the avuncular Mr.
Level K 460L so the kids in Room 207 Rabbit, whose heart is
When Madeline falls into the feared that they’ll have the in the right place, even
river Seine and nearly drowns, dreaded substitute teacher, if he doesn’t always have the best ideas. Ulti-
a courageous canine comes Viola Swamp. Instead, they mately, his suggestions do come in handy, and
to her rescue. Now Gen- got Principal Blandsworth, who bores them into between the two of them they determine the
evieve the dog is Madeline’s taking drastic measures. The class disguises ideal birthday tribute: the gift of color. Children
cherished pet, and the envy of all the other girls. themselves as Miss Nelson, so they got rid of will join the protagonists in contemplating how
Genevieve accompanies Madeline everywhere- the principal. Then the class plays hooky and to make the abstract tangible, and all readers
to music class, to school, and on her daily walk. goes to the movies. Miss Nelson sees the chil- will be delighted to see yellow translate to
But all is not well for Miss Clavel, since there’s dren and calls the principal. The principal did bananas, as green is given in pears, and blue
only one dog for twelve little girls. What can be not believe her. Miss Nelson dressed as
done when there’s just not enough hound to go Miss Swamp. She tricked the class and then takes the shape of grapes. Animal Fantasy
around? Genevieve is sent away from the school came back to school as Miss Nelson again.
and Madeline is devastated waiting for her Individual Book ISBN 9780064430203 $6.95
Humorous, Mystery Group Set ISBN 9781502029270 $123.74
return. Realistic Fiction Class Set ISBN 9781502021274 $230.05

Individual Book ISBN 9780140566512 $8.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780395416686 $7.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374014 $12.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502028853 $154.34 Group Set ISBN 9781502029140 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502020857 $291.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502021144 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374731 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370320
$12.99 $12.99

18 888.650.4224


The Mud Pony Once a Mouse Ox-Cart Man NOVEL UNITS CATALOG

Caron Lee Cohen Marcia Brown Barbara Cooney

Level L 610L Level L 530L Level K 1130L
In this legend from the This Indian fable tells the This is a journey
Skidi Pawnee Native tale about a hermit who through the life of one
Americans, a young boy catches a mouse about New Englander and
dreams one night that his to be eaten by another his family that illustrates the circle of life. The
clay pony has magically animal. So, he magically oxcart man packs his goods - the wool from
come to life. When he changes the mouse to a cat to save him, then he his sheep, the shawl his wife spun, the mittens
wakes up, he discovers that his dream has changes him to a dog, then finally to a tiger and his daughter knitted, and birch brooms his
as the mouse changes, it becomes increasingly son carved, and even a bag of goose feathers
come true. Legend vain. In the end, the hermit had to change the from the barnyard geese. He travels over hills,
tiger back into a mouse before it killed him and through valleys, by streams, past farms and vil-
Individual Book ISBN 9780590415262 $6.99 then returns the mouse to the woods to learn to lages. At Portsmouth Market he sells his goods,
Group Set ISBN 9781502029317 $124.34 one by one - even his beloved ox. Then, with
Class Set ISBN 9781502021311 $231.25 appreciate the life you have. Tale/Legend his pockets full of coins, he wanders through
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373291 the market, buying provisions for his family, and
$12.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780689713439 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502029669 $139.34 returns to his home. Realistic Fiction
Nate the Great and the Sticky Class Set ISBN 9781502021663 $261.25
Case Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374748 $12.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780140504415 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502029812 $139.34
Marjorie Weinman Sharmat One Fine Day Class Set ISBN 9781502021816 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374571
Level K 350L Nonny Hogrogian $12.99
After Claude asks him to
find his missing stegosaurus Level L 930L The Paper Bag Princess
stamp, Nate the Great begins One fine day a red fox
searching for clues. During the traveled through the Robert N. Munsch
search Nate learns a lot about great forest and when
the stegosaurus and of course he reached the other Level M 510L
finds the missing stamp. The side he was very thirsty. The fox noticed a pail of When the fiercest dragon
illustrations, done in ink and milk unattended and decided to drink from it. in the whole world smash-
wash, capture perfectly the detective and his But, the milk belonged to the old farm woman es Princess Elizabeth’s cas-
and she was quite annoyed, so she cut off his tle, burns all her clothes,
friends. Mystery tail. The fox was upset and asks for his tail back, and captures her fiance,
but the old woman refuses unless he returns Prince Ronald, Elizabeth
Individual Book ISBN 9780440462897 $5.99 the milk. So, he spent the day bargaining with takes matters into her own hands. With her wits
Group Set ISBN 9781502029423 $109.34 all the animals to work together to help him get alone and nothing but a paper bag to wear,
Class Set ISBN 9781502021427 $201.25 the milk back. He encountered many obstacles the princess challenges the dragon to show his
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372638 trying to get his tail sewn back on. strength in the hopes of saving the prince. But
Tale/Legend is it worth all that trouble? Fantasy
Individual Book ISBN 9780020436201 $7.99 Individual Book ISBN 9781773210292 $6.95
Ian Falconer Group Set ISBN 9781502029706 $139.34 Group Set ISBN 9781502029829 $123.74
Class Set ISBN 9781502021700 $261.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502021823 $230.05
Level K 270L Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372492 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374755
Have fun with Olivia! Dressing $12.99 $12.99
up, singing songs, build-
ing sand castles, napping The One in the Middle Is Pinkerton, Behave!
(maybe), dancing, painting the Green Kangaroo
on walls, and, whew, going to sleep at last. Steven Kellogg
Judy Blume
Animal Fantasy Level L 270L
Pinkerton doesn’t under-
Individual Book ISBN 9780689829536 $18.99 Level M 500L stand his owner’s com-
Group Set ISBN 9781502029621 $304.34 Second grader Freddy Dissel mands. When told to come,
Class Set ISBN 9781502021625 $591.25 has two problems. One is his he jumps out the window.
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581307528 $12.99 older brother, Mike. The other When asked to fetch the
is his younger sister, Ellen. newspaper, he destroys it. Pinkerton’s desper-
That leaves Freddy in the ate owner sends him to obedience school, but
Olivia Saves the Circus middle, feeling like the peanut he flunks out in record time because he helped
butter part of a sandwich, squeezed between other students at obedience school unlearn
Ian Falconer two pieces of bread like a great big middle tasks! Then one night a burglar breaks into
nothing. So when Freddy hears about the their house, and Pinkerton is able to put his bad
Level K 70L school play, he knows it’s his chance to shine— habits to good use. His behavior may be rather
Everyone’s favorite piglet even if the play is being put on by the big kids, unconventional, but Pinkerton the dog proves it
makes an encore appearance and even if Mike says that everybody can jump. doesn’t really matter.
that finds her back at school But nobody can jump quite as well as Freddy,
after vacation. When called which makes him the perfect Green Kangaroo— Animal Fantasy, Humorous
upon to tell the class what she
did while she was off, Olivia and the star of the show. Realistic Fiction Individual Book ISBN 9780451481528 $8.99
first says she took a simple trip to the circus. But Group Set ISBN 9781502029973 $154.34
since all the performers were out sick with ear Individual Book ISBN 9781481411318 $5.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502021977 $291.25
infections, Olivia had to ride the elephants, eat Group Set ISBN 9781502029720 $109.34 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372614
fire, and swing on the trapeze—and basically Class Set ISBN 9781502021724 $201.25 $12.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374151
save the show. Animal Fantasy $12.99

Individual Book ISBN 9780689829543 $18.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502029638 $304.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502021632 $591.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581307528
$12.99 19


NOVEL UNITS CATALOG A Pocket for Corduroy The Snowy Day The Story of Jumping Mouse

Don Freeman Ezra Jack Keats John Steptoe

Level K AD600L Level J 500L Level P 610L
Lisa takes her toy bear, Young Peter can’t A small, humble mouse
Corduroy, to the Laun- wait to jump in his dreams about traveling to
dromat with her mother. snowsuit. Excitedly, exotic places and on his
Corduroy promises to stay Peter ventures out to trip, he meets Magic Frog,
on the chair. Lisa’s mother warns her to empty play. His feet make a variety of tracks, and when who names him “Jumping
her pockets. Corduroy overhears and realizes he hits a snow-laden tree with a stick, the snow Mouse” and gives him the
that he doesn’t have a pocket and searches falls off-plop! onto his head. He also pretended gift of powerful hind legs. He
for something to make one. He crawls into a he was a mountain climber and slid all the way uses his legs to travel long distances. Jumping
laundry bag and Lisa can’t find him. It’s getting down it. Before going inside, Peter put some Mouse meets a blind bison and gives him his
late, so Corduroy is locked in overnight. So, snowballs into his pocket. He then went inside eyesight and they go to the mountains. Then,
Corduroy plays in the soapsuds, falls into a to his warm house, told his mother about his he meets a wolf who has lost his sense of smell.
laundry basket, and finally falls asleep. The next adventures. Before Peter went to bed, he Feeling sorry for him, the unselfish mouse gives
morning, Lisa goes back looking for Corduroy. checked on his snowballs. When he looked, the wolf his sense of smell. When the mouse
She is so happy to find him; she went home the snowballs weren’t there anymore. They had ends up alone, he receives a visit from Magic
and sewed him a purple pocket on his overalls! Frog, who rewards him for his kindness by turn-
melted! Realistic Fiction
Animal Fantasy ing him into a eagle. Tale/Legend
Individual Book ISBN 9780140501827 $7.99
Individual Book ISBN 9780140503524 $7.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502031020 $139.34 Individual Book ISBN 9780688087401 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502026149 $139.34 Class Set ISBN 9781502023025 $261.25 Group Set ISBN 9781502031273 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502018144 $261.25 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374762 Class Set ISBN 9781502023278 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370047 $12.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373307
$12.99 $12.99

The Polar Express Stone Soup Strega Nona

Chris Van Allsburg Marcia Brown Tomie dePaola

Level P 520L Level J 480L Level M 730L
A young boy, lying awake Three soldiers came march- Strega Nona—“Grandma
one Christmas Eve, is ing towards a French village. Witch”—is the source for
welcomed aboard a magi- The peasants suddenly be- potions, cures, magic, and
cal trip to the North Pole. Through dark forests, came very busy, for soldiers comfort in her Calabrian
over tall mountains, and across a desert of ice, are often hungry. They hid town. Her magical pasta pot
the Polar Express makes its way to the city atop the food under mattresses or in barns. There fol- is especially intriguing to
the world, where the boy will make his Christmas lowed a battle of wits. The soldiers cleverly sug- hungry Big Anthony. He is supposed to look
wish. For millions of readers worldwide, this mys- gest that there is nothing left to eat but Stone after her house and tend her garden but one
terious journey to the North Pole has become a Soup. So, the villagers, intrigued, help them with day, when she goes over the mountain to visit
ingredients. Why, of course, they could make Strega Amelia, Big Anthony recites the magic
beloved classic. Fantasy a wonderful soup of stones...but, of course, verse over the pasta pot, with disastrous results.
one must add a carrot or tow...some Whenever Big Anthony sees Strega Nona sing
Individual Book ISBN 9780544580145 $19.99 it went. So, the villagers are tricked out of their to the pot, it magically fills with spaghetti. What
Group Set ISBN 9781502030023 $319.34 greed and fear into sharing with their neighbors. Anthony doesn’t see is the three kisses Strega
Class Set ISBN 9781502022028 $629.81 And it’s all thanks to soup that doesn’t exist! Nona blows to make the pot stop. Big Anthony
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561371969 is helpless when pasta flows everywhere.
$12.99 Tale/Legend
The Runaway Bunny Individual Book ISBN 9780689711039 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502031228 $139.34 Individual Book ISBN 9780671666064 $8.99
Margaret Wise Brown Class Set ISBN 9781502023223 $261.25 Group Set ISBN 9781502031327 $154.34
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372010 Class Set ISBN 9781502023322 $291.25
Level I 600L $12.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372799
The profoundly comfort- $12.99
ing story of a bunny’s The Story of Ferdinand
imaginary game of Swimmy
hide-and-seek and the Munro Leaf
lovingly steadfast mother Leo Lionni
who finds him every time. Level H 830L
,A little rabbit who wants to run away tells his Most bulls in Spain hope Level M AD570L
mother how he will escape, but she is always to be selected by a Deep in the sea lives a
right behind him. No matter how many forms matador for the bull ring; happy school of fish. Their
the little bunny takes—a fish in a stream, a but not Ferdinand the watery world is full of
crocus in a hidden garden, a rock on a moun- bull. Other young bulls wonders, but there is also
tain—his steadfast, adoring, protective mother practice fighting; they run danger, and the little fish
finds a way of retrieving him. Realizing that his and jump and butt their heads together. But, are afraid to come out of
mother’s love is unwavering, the little bunny Ferdinand would rather sit and smell the flow- hiding . . . until Swimmy comes along. Swimmy
decides there is no reason to run away and ers. One day he gets stung by a bee and his shows his friends how—with ingenuity and
snorting and stomping convinces everyone that team work—they can overcome any danger.
it would be best to just be himself. Animal he is the fiercest bull around. So, he is taken
Fantasy to a bullfight in Madrid. Ferdinand trots into Animal Fantasy
the ring, only to sit and smell the flowers in the
Individual Book ISBN 9780064430180 $8.99 ladies hair. No one can get Ferdinand to fight. Individual Book ISBN 9780399555503 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502030498 $154.34 He is a lesson that it is okay not to follow the Group Set ISBN 9781502031440 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502022493 $291.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502023445 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372669 crowd. Tale/Legend Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372683
$12.99 $12.99
Individual Book ISBN 9780140502343 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502031266 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502023261 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372652

20 888.650.4224


Sylvester and the Magic Pebble There’s a Nightmare in My Closet Uncle Willie and the NOVEL UNITS CATALOG
Soup Kitchen
William Steig Mercer Mayer
Dyanne Disalvo
Level N 700L Level I 670L
While hurrying home to A little boy anxiously Level N 450L
show his parents a wish- awaits a nightmare he A young boy has a day
granting pebble, Sylvester knows lives in his closet. off from school and his
the donkey is startled by when it finally appears, the Uncle Willy suggests
a hungry lion. Flustered, little boy shoots it with his that he spend the day
Sylvester wishes he were popgun. Looking more helping him at his soup
a rock, and is immediately sheepish than terrifying, kitchen. At first, the boy is hesitant, but he sees
transformed. A year later, Sylvester’s grieving the nightmare starts to blubber, and the little it through his uncle’s eyes. They collect food
parents go for a picnic and choose the rock boy realizes the nightmare isn’t scary at all. He donated from the neighborhood. Then, they
that is Sylvester as their table. Sylvester’s father takes the nightmare by the hand and tucks it prepare, as Uncle Willy would say “a feast” for
happens to find the magic pebble and places into bed. The boy goes to sleep wondering if his guests. The young boy sees how difficult
it on the table, just as Sylvester wishes he were there is another nightmare in his closet. While the adults and children’s lives are and that his
himself again. With great joy, the family is re- he sleeps another one pokes his head out of Uncle doesn’t make them feel like they are
united teaching children to watch out for what the closet. Silly and comforting, this is the per- strangers coming to the kitchen for a handout.
you wish for because you just might get it, but fect book to get rid of those bedtime bogeys.
Realistic Fiction
not in the way you wanted. Tale/Legend Fantasy

Individual Book ISBN 9780671662691 $8.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780140547122 $7.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780688152857 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502031457 $154.34 Group Set ISBN 9781502031662 $139.34 Group Set ISBN 9781502032041 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502023452 $291.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502023667 $261.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502024046 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370191 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373659 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374779
$12.99 $12.99 $12.99

Tales of Oliver Pig Tikki Tikki Tembo Where the Wild Things Are

Jean Van Leeuwen Arlene Mosel Maurice Sendak

Level L 240L Level N 1090L Level J 740L
This book presents five ad- Tikki tikki tembo-no sa Max is misbehaving that
ventures of Oliver Pig with his rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip his mother sends him to
family. Oliver Pig experiences peri pembo! The old Chi- his room without supper.
a preschooler’s life in a loving nese folk tale about a fam- But Max doesn’t care—
and understanding family. ily with two sons, in which he decides to dress in
Oliver bakes cookies with the first-born and honored son gets a long his wolf suit and sail off
Mother on a rainy day, convinces his little sister name, and the other son gets a short name (by to the land of the Wild Things where they make
Amanda to eat dinner, gets ready to play in tradition). The first born son’s name means “the him his king. There, Max is allowed to be as
the snow, and hides from Father. Mild disputes most wonderful thing in the whole wide world” terrible as he pleases, and the Wild Things join
do occur, such as a fight between two siblings and the second son’s name is Chang which him in the commotion. Finally, Max gets tired of
in the second tale, however the young pigs means “little or nothing” When Tikki falls down acting wild, returns home to his bedroom and
soon make up. Oliver’s parents are patient and a well, Chang runs to his mother for help. But, it
gentle which will be reassuring to the readers. takes too long for Chang to recite Tikki’s name his hot dinner waiting for him. Fantasy
and Tikki drowns. So, the Chinese decided to
Animal Fantasy give all their children short names from then on. Individual Book ISBN 9780064431781 $8.95
Group Set ISBN 9781502032355 $153.74
Individual Book ISBN 9780140368406 $4.99 Tale/Legend Class Set ISBN 9781502024350 $290.05
Group Set ISBN 9781502031501 $94.34 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370221
Class Set ISBN 9781502023506 $171.25 $12.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374113 $12.99
Individual Book ISBN 9780312367480 $8.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502031778 $154.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502023773 $291.25 Why Mosquitoes Buzz in
The Tenth Good Thing Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370214 People’s Ears
About Barney $12.99
Verna Aardema
Judith Viorst The Ugly Duckling
Lorinda Bryan Cauley Level N 770L
Iguana is so upset at being
Level L 490L Level N 520L told nonsense that he plugs
My cat Barney died this The mother duck could his ears. So, of course, when
Friday. I was very sad. My tell from the shape of the Python says good morning,
mother said we could egg that one of her babies Iguana doesn’t hear and
have a funeral for him, would be different. When ignores him altogether. Python suspects Iguana
and I should think of it hatched the other ducks is plotting mischief against him, so he hides in a
ten good things about chase, peck, and kick him rabbit hole - which terrifies Rabbit. And so this
Barney... But the small boy who loved Barney around. After a while the poor little duck runs amusing African legend goes, until finally the
can only think of nine. Later, while talking with away to a warm cottage. There he has several chain of mishaps reaches Mother Owl. When
his father, he discovers the tenth—and begins adventures including running from a hunting lion calls a council to solve the problem, the
to understand. The day of the backyard funeral, dog and getting trapped in the ice. After a cold animals realize mosquito is at fault. Eventually,
Barney spends the day in the garden with his winter, he decides to follow a flock of birds. To all is resolved, and jungle life returns to normal.
father. They plant flowers and decide that the his surprise, they welcome him. He is confused To this day, mosquitoes whine in people’s ears
tenth thing to say is that his beloved cat will by this until he catches his reflection in a pond.
help the flowers grow. This book helps children What he didn’t realize was that all winter he to ask if everyone is still angry. Tale/Legend
put into words thoughts they might not be able
was transforming into a beautiful swan. Tale/ Individual Book ISBN 9780140549058 $7.99
to articlulate. Realistic Fiction Legend Group Set ISBN 9781502032430 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502024435 $261.25
Individual Book ISBN 9780689712036 $7.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780156925280 $7.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374786
Group Set ISBN 9781502031570 $139.34 Group Set ISBN 9781502032010 $139.34 $12.99
Class Set ISBN 9781502023575 $261.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502024015 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374298 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372805
$12.99 $12.99 Price and availability are subject to change without notice. 21




Abel’s Island Babe The Gallant Pig Beauty NOVEL UNITS CATALOG

William Steig Dick King-Smith Bill Wallace

Level T 920L Level R 1040L Level V 660L
One stormy August day, furi- When Babe arrives at Hogget She was an old horse, but she
ous flood water carries Abel Farm, Mrs. Hogget’s thoughts could still run like a champ.
off to an uninhabited island. turn to sizzling bacon and juicy Grampa warned him to be
Despite his resourcefulness, pork chops. But before long, careful with Beauty, but Luke
he can’t find a way to get back Babe reveals a talent no one didn’t listen. He’d told her all
home. Days, then weeks and months, pass. could have expected: he can about his hopes, dreams, and fears—secrets
Slowly, his old habits disappear as he looks handle Farmer Hogget’s stubborn flock better Beauty would never reveal. She was his pal,
for food, fashions a nest in a log, models clay than any sheepdog ever could. When Farmer who went skinny dipping with him in forbidden
statues of his family for company, and continues Hogget enters Babe in the Grand Challenge ponds and galloping after cattle in dangerous
to look for solutions of how to get across the Sheepdog Trials, everyone, including his wife, cowboy games he knew he shouldn’t play. Until
river. Abel’s time on the island allows him to thinks he is a fool. But he believes in Babe. Now the night of the wild storm, when Beauty raced
reexamine his old way of life and discover skills it’s just up to Babe to convince everyone else to through the barn doors he’d forgotten to close
and talents in himself that hold promise of a into a terrible trap, and Luke ran into the blind-
more meaningful life, if and when he should believe in a sheep-pig. Fantasy ing rain desperate to save the best friend he’d

finally return home. Fantasy Individual Book ISBN 9780679873938 $6.99 ever have. Realistic Fiction
Group Set ISBN 9781502025050 $124.34
Individual Book ISBN 9780312371432 $6.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502017055 $231.25 Individual Book ISBN 9781416949428 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502024688 $124.34 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370436 $12.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502025180 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502016683 $231.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502017185 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373451 $12.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561377848 $12.99
Basil of Baker Street Student Packet ISBN 9781561377855 $13.99

Almost Starring Skinnybones Eve Titus Because of Winn-Dixie

Barbara Park Level S 730L Kate DiCamillo
Basil—the famous sleuth of
Level O 620L mousedom—lives in the cellar Level R 670L
If you thought Junie B. Jones of Sherlock Holmes’s house. A Ten-year old Opal lives
was funny—catch more devoted admirer of the great in a trailer park in Florida
laughs from New York Times detective, he has learned his with her itinerant preacher
bestselling author Barbara craft by listening at the feet of Holmes himself. father. While at a Winn-Dixie
Park with the hilarious sequel But will it be enough to help Basil solve his most supermarket, she claims that
to Skinnybones. Alex "Skin- baffling mystery yet? The Mystery of the Missing a scraggly dog is hers that is
nybones" Frankovitch is about Twins is one of the strangest cases in Basil’s ca- wrecking havoc in the store.
to become a HUGE star—in his very own TV reer. With only a few crumbs of clues with which Winn-Dixie inspires her to challenge her father
commercial but, Alex’s plans for stardom go to find answers, how is he ever going to figure to finally tell her ten things about her absentee
HORRIBLY wrong. Forget fame and fortune— out where Angela and Agatha are being kept— mother, and Opal makes lots of unusual friends
his friends think he’s a FLOP and his fan club and, of course, who mouse-napped them? Will in her quirky Florida town because the dog is
only has two members—a cat and a drooling Basil’s mouse sleuthing skills be up to the task of so friendly. And because of Winn-Dixie, Opal
toddler. Can Alex figure out another way to get grows to learn about friendship—and forgive-
his name in lights? Or, is this star going to crash finding the twins before it’s too late? Mystery ness. But, Winnie-Dixie is frightened and runs
away in a storm. Opal and her father rekindle
and burn? Realistic Fiction Individual Book ISBN 9781481464017 $5.99 their relationship during their search for him.

Individual Book ISBN 9780394825915 $6.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502025128 $109.34 Realistic Fiction
Group Set ISBN 9781502024831 $124.34 Class Set ISBN 9781502017123 $201.25
Class Set ISBN 9781502016836 $231.25 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376940 $12.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376483 $12.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780763680862 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502025197 $139.34
A Bear Called Paddington Class Set ISBN 9781502017192 $261.25
Anastasia Krupnik Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581307061 $12.99
Michael Bond
Lois Lowry
Level T 750L Student Packet ISBN 9781581307078 $13.99
The Browns first meet Pad- Large Print ISBN 9781432860387 $12.99
Level Q 700L dington on a railway platform
Welcome to Anastasia’s in London. He is sitting on a Beezus and Ramona
world in the first book of the battered suitcase, wearing an
Anastasia series. To Anastasia, odd-looking hat and a sign Beverly Cleary
being ten is very confusing. around his neck that reads,
She has an awful teacher who “Please look after this bear. Level O 780L
doesn t like her non-rhyming Thank you.” And that is just Beezus’ biggest problem
poetry. Washburn Cummings, a "very" interest- what they do, unaware that their home will was her 4-year-old sister
ing boy, doesn’t even know she’s alive. And her never be the same. They take him to get cloth- Ramona. Even though Beezus
parents insist that she visit her grandmother, ing and he makes a mess in the display window. knew sisters were supposed
who can’t even remember Anastasia’s name. They teach him to eat like a human and walk to love each other, with a
On top of that, they’re going to have a baby at like a human. Paddington gets in trouble in sister like Ramona, it seemed
their age. To get back at them, she just might a train station and is banned. After a while impossible. It is not that Ramona deliberately
have to do something terrible. Paddington learns how to live in a world full of sets out to make trouble for other people. She
simply has more imagination than is healthy
Realistic Fiction humans and fit in! Classics for any one person. Starting with a fairly mild
encounter with the librarian, which is harder on
Individual Book ISBN 9780544336681 $7.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780062422750 $5.99 Beezus than anyone else, Ramona goes from
Group Set ISBN 9781502024893 $139.34 strength to strength, winding up by inviting her
Class Set ISBN 9781502016898 $261.25 Group Set ISBN 9781502025166 $109.34 entire kindergarten class to a party at her home
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372720 $12.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502017161 $201.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561371884 $12.99 without mentioning it to her mother. Fantasy

Individual Book ISBN 9780380709182 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502025210 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502017215 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374168 $12.99 Price and availability are subject to change without notice. 23


NOVEL UNITS CATALOG Ben and Me The BFG Bunnicula

Robert Lawson Roald Dahl Deborah Howe

Level S 1010L Level U 720L Level Q 700L
In an effort to find food for The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) It all begins when the Mon-
his family, Amos, the mouse is no ordinary bone-crunch- roes go to see the movie
stumbles into Ben Franklin’s ing giant, he is far too nice Dracula. At the theater,
home while he is sneezing and jumbly. Kidsnatched from Toby finds something on his
from the smoke from the fire- her orphanage by a BFG, seat—a baby rabbit, which
place. So, he helps him invent who spends his life blowing the family takes home and
the Franklin stove. They develop a wonderful happy dreams to children, Sophie concocts names Bunnicula. It proves to be an apt name,
working relationship and travel to France togeth- with him an ingenious plan to save the world at least as far as Chester the cat is concerned.
er to borrow money for the revolution. In Paris, from nine other man-gobbling (evil) cannybull Well-read and observant, Chester notices that
Amos helps rescue a beautiful mouse named giants. Sophie and BFG try to save the world Bunnicula seems to have fangs and the odd
Sophie. Finally, he retires to a quiet life on a farm from the Bloodbottler, Fleshlumpeater, and the markings on his back look a bit like a cape.
and urges Franklin to do the same. This is the Bonecruncher from swollouping nice chiddlers. Furthermore, Bunnicula sleeps from sunup to
true story of Ben Franklin, as told by his closest At one point, Sophie even goes to the Queen sundown and is only awake at night. And then
of England to ask for help to free the world of there are the white vegetables. Is Bunnicula re-
friend and advisor. Historical Fiction ally a vampire? Only Bunnicula knows for sure.
troggle-humping – forever. Fantasy
Individual Book ISBN 9780316517300 $7.99 Mystery
Group Set ISBN 9781502025241 $139.34 Individual Book ISBN 9780142410387 $7.99
Class Set ISBN 9781502017246 $261.25 Group Set ISBN 9781502025289 $139.34 Individual Book ISBN 9781416928171 $7.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373956 $12.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502017284 $261.25 Group Set ISBN 9781502025647 $139.34
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376452 $12.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502017642 $261.25
Student Packet ISBN 9781608785209 $13.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372003 $12.99
The Best (Worst) Student Packet ISBN 9781561377121 $13.99
School Year Ever
The Boxcar Children Can’t You Make Them
Barbara Robinson Behave, King George?
Gertrude Chandler Warner
Jean Fritz
Level P 1020L Level O 580L
*When anything goes Henry, Jessie, Violet and Level R 860L
wrong at Woodrow Wilson Benny are orphans. They run Before he was England’s
Elementary School, from away because they think they King George III, he was just
the hexing of Bus Six to the will be sent to live with their plain George-a bashful boy
mysterious disappearance mean grandfather, who they who blushed easily. But by
of the kindergarten gerbil, never met. Determined to the time he was twenty-two,
it’s sure to have a Herd- make it on their own, they he was a king, and he tried
man behind it. The Herdmans are more than set out to find a safe place his hardest to be a good
famous—they’re outlaws. They smoke cigars, lie, to live. They discover an old, one. All King George the Third ever wanted was
and set fire to things, and that’s only when they red boxcar that provides shelter from a storm. for everyone to be as conscientious as he was
bother to come to school! Then a school project Against all odds, they make it into their home about obeying the rules! After all, he followed
forces the students to think of compliments for in order to stay together. When Violet becomes the rules for being a good king: he married a
all their classmates—including the Herdmans. Is ill, she is cared for at the Dr. Moore’s house and princess, he had heirs, he was careful with his
it possible that behind their outrageous pranks meet a man who is really their grandfather, who country’s money ... so why were those pesky
there may be something good about this crazy has been searching for them. They move into Americans causing so much trouble?
his beautiful home with the old boxcar in the
clan after all?* Realistic Fiction Historical Fiction
backyard! Mystery
Individual Book ISBN 9780064404921 $6.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502025265 $124.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502017260 $231.25 Individual Book ISBN 9780807508527 $6.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780698114029 $6.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502025494 $124.34
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581306460 $12.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502017499 $231.25 Group Set ISBN 9781502025739 $124.34
Student Packet ISBN 9781581306477 $13.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502017734 $231.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581307306 $12.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374021 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781581307313 $13.99
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Brighty of the Grand Canyon The Castle in the Attic
Barbara Robinson
Marguerite Henry Elizabeth Winthrop
Level Q 930L
The Herdmans are absolutely Level R 880L Level R 750L
the worst kids in the history Long ago, a lone little burro One of the classic fantasti-
of the world. They lie and roamed the high cliffs of the cal adventures of all time!
steal and smoke cigars (even Grand Canyon and touched William has just received the
the girls). They talk dirty, hit the hearts of all who knew best present of his life—an
little kids, cuss their teachers, him: a grizzled old miner, a old, real-looking stone and
set fire to Fred Shoemaker’s big-game hunter, even Presi- wooden model of a castle,
old broken-down toolhouse, dent Teddy Roosevelt. Named with a drawbridge, a moat,
and take the name of the Lord in vain. So no Brighty by the prospector and a finger high knight to
one is prepared when the Herdmans invade who befriended him, he remained a free spirit guard the gates. It’s the mysterious castle his
church one Sunday-and decide to take over the at heart. But when a ruthless claim-jumper housekeeper has told him about, and even
annual Christmas pageant. None of them has murdered the prospector, loyal Brighty risked though William is sad she’s leaving, now the
ever heard the Christmas story before. Their everything to bring the killer to justice. Some castle is his! William can’t wait to play with the
interpretation has a lot of people up in arms. people say that you can even see his spirit rov- castle—he’s certain there’s something magical
But the actual pageant is full of surprises for ev- ing the canyon on moonlit nights-forever wild, about it. And sure enough, when he picks up the
eryone, starting with the Herdmans themselves. tiny silver knight, it comes alive in his hand! Sir
forever free. Tale/Legend Simon tells William a mighty story of wild sorcery,
Realistic Fiction
Individual Book ISBN 9780689714856 $7.99 wizards, and magic. Fantasy
Individual Book ISBN 9780064402750 $6.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502025593 $139.34
Group Set ISBN 9781502025272 $124.34 Individual Book ISBN 9780440409410 $6.99
Class Set ISBN 9781502017598 $261.25 Group Set ISBN 9781502025760 $124.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502017277 $231.25 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370450 $12.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561371976 $12.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502017765 $231.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373710 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781561377015 $13.99 Student Packet ISBN 9781561378302 $13.99

24 888.650.4224


Charlie and the Chocolate By Hershey: A Story Click! A Story About NOVEL UNITS CATALOG
Chocolate Factory About Milton S. Hershey George Eastman

Roald Dahl Betty Burford Barbara Mitchell

Level R 810L Level R 920L Level R 770L
Willy Wonka’s famous Sourballs, peppermint drops, When George Eastman
and mysterious chocolate fudge-Milton Hershey loved decided to make photogra-
factory is opening at last, candy. As a boy in the 1860s, phy his hobby, "simple" was
and only five lucky children he saved his hard-earned hardly the word to describe
will be allowed inside. It’s pennies for the candy store. the pastime. He had to lug 50 pounds of cam-
a dream come true for Charlie Bucket when he When Milton was thirteen, era equipment around with him, including the
finds the winning ticket inside the chocolate bar he went off to learn candy fragile glass plates that would become pictures.
he buys. Charlie’s family is poor and can only af- making. He discovered that he had a gift for But resourceful George wasn’t one to put up
ford one candy bar a year on his birthday. Each making delicious treats. But only after years of with such inconvenience for long. Click! is the
of the winners looks to take advantage creating candies did Milton make it big with his story of how George Eastman developed a
of the situation in their own way. But what Crystal A Caramels. After that he decided to try camera simple enough for anyone to use—the
they find is far beyond any of the wild rumors chocolate. Readers will delight in the story be- Kodak, predecessor of today’s pocket instamat-
hind Hershey’s mouth-watering world of candy. ics—and forever revolutionized photography.
they’ve heard! Fantasy Written in storybook format, this biography tells
the story about the founderof the world’s most Biography
Individual Book ISBN 9780142410318 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502025838 $139.34 famous chocolate factory. Biography
Class Set ISBN 9781502017833 $261.25 Individual Book ISBN 9780876144725 $9.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502026026 $169.34
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561371907 $12.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780876146415 $9.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502018021 $321.25
Student Packet ISBN 9781561377022 $13.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502025920 $169.34 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376414 $12.99
Class Set ISBN 9781502017925 $321.25
Charlie Pippin Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376520 $12.99

Candy Dawson Boyd Chocolate Fever FEATURED TITLE

Level T 690L Robert Kimmel Smith
Chartreuse “Charlie” Pippin
just can’t seem to keep out Level O 680L Charlotte’s Web
of trouble. At school, she Henry loves chocolate so
finds herself at odds with the much, it practically runs ISBN 9780064400558
principal when her entrepre- through his veins. Chocolate $8.99
neurial skills lead her to break cake, chocolate cereal, choco-
the rules. At home, her father Oscar, a Vietnam late syrup, chocolate milk, and Group Set
veteran, is outraged by her refusal to play it safe chocolate cookies—and that’s just breakfast!
like her sister, Sienna, and always do as she is Still, it comes as a shock when he suddenly ISBN 9781502025869
told. But it is when Charlie’s restless curiosity breaks out in chocolaty brown spots and is $154.34
leads her to try and learn more about the Viet- diagnosed with ... Chocolate Fever. And, rather
nam War that the sparks between Charlie and than be poked and prodded by doctors, Henry Class Set
runs away, starting the adventure of a lifetime.
Oscar really begin to fly. Historical Fiction But at the end of it all, the question remains: Is ISBN 9781502017864
Individual Book ISBN 9781442452329 $9.99 there a cure for Chocolate Fever? Fantasy
Group Set ISBN 9781502025845 $169.34 Student Packet
Class Set ISBN 9781502017840 $321.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561377947 $12.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780142405956 $5.99 ISBN 9781561376308
Group Set ISBN 9781502025937 $109.34 $13.99
Class Set ISBN 9781502017932 $201.25
Charlotte’s Web Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561371761 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781561377039 $13.99
E. B. White

The Chocolate Touch Name_____________________________ Charlotte’s Web
Student Worksheet #6
Level R 680L Patrick Skene Catling
Mr. John Arable’s sow gives Chapter 3: Quatrains
birth to a litter of piglets (Point of View/Write to Express)
which includes a runt. His 9
year old daughter Fern begs Wilbur’s Quatrain
him for it as a pet and names
him Wilbur. Then he is sold to A quatrain is a poem written in four lines that are rhymed or unrhymed. When
her uncle, Homer Zuckerman. Soon Wilbur gets rhymed, a quatrain may have one of several patterns, such as:
lonely. He meets Charlotte, the gray spider.
When Wilbur finds out he is going to be killed aabb abcb aaaa and so on.
at Christmas, he turns to Charlotte for help.
Charlotte has the idea of writing words in her Level N 770L Imagine that you are Wilbur, and that you are in the long grass outside of your yard. Story Map
web (such as “SOME PIG”), reasoning that if John Midas loves chocolate. What would you like to do? Write your response in the poetic form of the quatrain. Characters______________________________________
she can make Wilbur famous, he will not be He loves it so much that he’ll _______________________________________________
killed. Thanks to Charlotte, Wilbur goes to the eat it any hour of any day. He Below are some examples of quatrains. Below is space for your quatrains.
county fair and wins a prize! doesn’t care if he ruins his
appetite. He thinks chocolate (rhyme pattern aabb) Setting Time and Place__________________________________
Classics, Animal Fantasy is better than any other food! If Problem _______________________________________________
But one day, after wandering into a candy store
and buying a piece of their best chocolate, If I were Wilbur, don’t you know, Goal Problem________________________________________
John finds out that there might just be such a I’d be glad to go to and fro,
thing as too much chocolate ... The next day, And to have the freedom that is mine, _______________________________________________
everything he touches turns to chocolate. Now Even ‘tho I’d be but a swine.
what is he going to do? Fantasy (rhyme pattern aabb)
I Think Goal____________________________________________

I think that I just might enjoy _______________________________________________
A brief swim with a friendly boy,
And then a nap in the shade of a tree.
Yes, that would be fine for me.

Make an illustration to go with your poem. _______________________________________________

Beginning Development Outcome

TEACHEEpRisoGdUesIDE _______________________________________________


COMPREHENSIVE CURRICULUM BASED LESSON PLANS _______________________________________________

All rights reserved
All rights reserved
8 © Novel Units, Inc. Charlotte’s WebSTUDENT PACKETResolution Resolution_______________________________________
Individual Book ISBN 9780688161330 $7.99 GRADES 3-5 E. B.White _______________________________________________

Individual Book ISBN 9780064400558 $8.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502025944 $139.34
Group Set ISBN 9781502025869 $154.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502017864 $291.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502017949 $261.25 Charlotte’s Web
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370474 $12.99 4 © Novel Units, Inc.
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370269 $12.99 Student Packet ISBN 9781561378258 $13.99 E. B.White

Student Packet ISBN 9781561376308 $13.99




NOVEL UNITS CATALOG The Country Artist: A Story The Cybil War Double Fudge
about Beatrix Potter
Betsy Byars Judy Blume
David R. Collins
Level S 730L Level Q 450L
Level R 830L Fifth graders, Simon and Fudge is driving his older
Tea with a hedgehog and Tony are best friends. How- brother, Peter, crazy. But life
supper with a rabbit? Beatrix ever, they end up fighting really spins out of control
Potter entertained guests that over a girl named Cybil. Tony when Peter and his family
most people—certainly Beatrix is a habitual liar and he keeps meet their long-lost relatives,
Potter’s proper Victorian parents—would coming up with outrageous the Hatchers in Washing-
have thought belonged in a meadow, not in lies about Tony. He tries hard to make Cybil ton, D.C. The New York Hatchers are there
a London nursery. Such unlikely companions angry with Simon to keep them apart. Simon because Fudge has developed an obsession
were company for lonely Beatrix, and she spent has been in love with Cybil for three years. with money and they want him to see the real
much of her time sketching and making up In the end, Simon finally sticks up for himself thing. The Hawaiian Hatchers are invited back
stories about these small creatures. Beatrix and learns a hard lesson about good and bad to Manhattan for a visit. Now Peter has to deal
was so well acquainted with the characters of with his weird cousin, coincidentally named
her various animal friends that when she was friendships. Realistic Fiction Farley Drexel Hatcher—just like Fudge! Their
older it seemed natural to write and illustrate names aren’t the only thing they share. Soon,
small books about their delightful adventures. Individual Book ISBN 9780140343564 $5.99 mini-Fudge proves to be just as much trouble.
Generations of children all over the world have Group Set ISBN 9781502026323 $109.34 Can Peter handle a second helping of Fudge?
gotten to know and love Beatrix Potter’s animal Class Set ISBN 9781502018328 $201.25
friends—Benjamin Bunny, Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370481 $12.99 Realistic Fiction
Squirrel Nutkin, Peter Rabbit, and many more.
Danny the Champion Individual Book ISBN 9780142408780 $7.99
Biography of the World Group Set ISBN 9781502026583 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502018588 $261.25
Roald Dahl Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581305333 $12.99
Individual Book ISBN 9780876145098 $9.99 Student Packet ISBN 9781581305340 $13.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502026170 $169.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502018175 $321.25 Level T 770L
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376759 $12.99 Danny has a life any boy Ellen Tebbits
would love-his home is a gyp-
sy caravan, he’s the youngest Beverly Cleary
master car mechanic around,
The Courage of Sarah Noble and his best friend is his dad, Level P 740L
who never runs out of wonderful stories to Ellen was eight years old
Alice Dalgliesh tell. But one night Danny learns the shocking and her best friend had just
secret that his father has kept hidden for years. moved away. Still, as she
Level O 610L Now the secret’s out, and Danny’s off on a walked to the Spofford School
In 1707, young Sarah wild adventure. Until Mr. Hazell shows up. He’s of the Dance one Saturday,
Noble and her father trav- hopping mad, and he’s come to claim what’s she was almost glad she had
eled through the wilderness no best friend. Best friends do not have secrets
to build a new home for his. Fantasy from each other, and Ellen had a secret she did
their family. “Keep up your not want to share with anyone. But by the time
courage, Sarah Noble,” her Individual Book ISBN 9780142410332 $7.99 the dancing lesson was over (surely the most
mother had said, but Sarah Group Set ISBN 9781502026385 $139.34 devastating dancing lesson on record), Ellen
found that it was not always easy to feel brave Class Set ISBN 9781502018380 $261.25 had found a best friend and shared her secret.
inside. The dark woods were full of animals Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581308327 $12.99 The best friend was Austine, and the secret was
and Indians, too, and Sarah was only eight!The Student Packet ISBN 9781581308334 $13.99 that Ellen was wearing woolen underwear. So
true story of Sarah’s journey is inspiring. And
as she cares for her father and befriends her Dear Mr. Henshaw was Austine! Realistic Fiction
Indian neighbors, she learns that to be afraid
and to be brave is the greatest courage of all. Beverly Cleary Individual Book ISBN 9780380709137 $6.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502026774 $124.34
Historical Fiction Class Set ISBN 9781502018779 $231.25
Level Q 910L
Individual Book ISBN 9780689715402 $5.99 Leigh Botts has been author Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373871 $12.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502026187 $109.34 Boyd Henshaw’s number
Class Set ISBN 9781502018182 $201.25 one fan ever since he was in
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372393 $12.99 second grade. Now in sixth Encyclopedia Brown:
grade, Leigh’s parents have Boy Detective
The Cricket in Times Square divorced and he lives with
his mother and is the new kid at school. He’s Donald J. Sobol
George Selden lonely, troubled by the absence of his father,
a cross-country trucker, and angry because a Level P 560L
Level S 780L mysterious thief steals from his lunch bag. Then Leroy Brown, aka Encyclope-
Tucker is a streetwise city Leigh’s teacher assigns a letter-writing project. dia Brown, is Idaville neigh-
mouse. He thought he’d seen Leigh begins to write letters to Mr. Henshaw borhood’s ten-year-old star
it all. But he’s never met a that describes his everyday trials and tribula- detective. With an uncanny
cricket before, which really isn’t tions at school and home. In his letters he knack for trivia, he solves
surprising, because, along with reveals his problems in coping with his parents’ mysteries for the neighbor-
his friend Harry Cat, Tucker divorce, being the new boy in school, and hood kids through his own
lives in the very heart of New generally finding his own place in the world. detective agency. But his dad also happens
York City—the Times Square subway station. Then Mr. Henshaw’s surprising answer changes to be the chief of the Idaville police depart-
Chester Cricket never intended to leave his ment, and every night around the dinner table,
Connecticut meadow. He’d be there still if Leigh’s life. Realistic Fiction Encyclopedia helps him solve his most baffling
he hadn’t followed the entrancing aroma of crimes. And with ten confounding mysteries in
liverwurst right into someone’s picnic basket. Individual Book ISBN 9780380709588 $6.99 each book, not only does Encyclopedia have a
Group Set ISBN 9781502026439 $124.34 chance to solve them, but the reader is given all
Animal Fantasy Class Set ISBN 9781502018434 $231.25
the clues as well. Mystery
Individual Book ISBN 9780312380038 $7.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372577 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781561377138 $13.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780142408889 $5.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502026231 $139.34 Group Set ISBN 9781502026781 $109.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502018236 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373963 $12.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502018786 $201.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372829 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781561378357 $13.99

26 888.650.4224


The Enormous Egg Fantastic Mr. Fox Fourth-Grade Celebrity NOVEL UNITS CATALOG

Oliver Butterworth Roald Dahl Patricia Reilly Giff

Level R 900L Level P 600L Level Q 620L
When Nate Twitchell, a New Fantastic Mr. Fox is on the Tired of being compared with
Hampshire boy, discovers run! The three meanest her popular older sister, Casey
that one of his family’s hens farmers around are out to decides she will make herself
has laid the biggest egg he get him. Fat Boggis, squat over and become famous, and
has ever seen, he is deter- Bunce, and skinny Bean have she does, in a most surprising
mined to see it hatch .And joined forces, and they have
when it does, neither he nor his parents, the Mr. Fox and his family surrounded. What they way. Realistic Fiction
townspeople, the scientists, or the politicians don’t know is that they’re not dealing with just
from Washington are prepared for what comes any fox—Mr. Fox would never surrender. But Individual Book ISBN 9780440426769 $6.99
out! It is a Triceratops dinosaur that Nate takes only the most fantastic plan ever can save him Group Set ISBN 9781502027108 $124.34
care of, walks and feeds. Finally, when he takes now. In the end, Mr. Fox not only survives, but Class Set ISBN 9781502019103 $231.25
it to Washington, D.C., the senators debate also helps the whole community of burrowing Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374434 $12.99
whether taxpayer money should be spent on
studying Uncle Beazley. Nate pleads with the creatures live happily ever after. Fantasy Freaky Friday
country on TV that people should write to
their congressman and the dinosaur is saved! Individual Book ISBN 9780142410349 $7.99 Mary Rodgers

Fantasy Group Set ISBN 9781502026934 $139.34 Level R 730L
Class Set ISBN 9781502018939 $261.25 Like Mother, Like Daughter...
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370498 $12.99 Annabel Andrews is tired of
Individual Book ISBN 9780316119207 $7.99 her mother telling her what to
Group Set ISBN 9781502026804 $139.34 do. She’s tired of being told
Class Set ISBN 9781502018809 $261.25 Flat Stanley to do her homework, clean
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372560 $12.99 up her room, and be nice to
Jeff Brown her little brother, Ape Face.
If she were an adult, she could do anything she
The Fairy Rebel Level M 550L wanted, like watch TV all day and eat marsh-
After a bulletin board falls mallows for breakfast. One Friday morning,
Lynne Reid Banks on Stanley Lampchop while Annabel’s wish comes true when she wakes up
he is sleeping, he finds that and realizes she’s turned into her mother! But
Level S 660L being flat has its advantages. after a major washing machine mishap, losing
The Fairy Queen strictly for- He’s four feet tall, about a Ape Face, and a terrible teacher conference,
bids fairies from using their foot wide ... oh, and half an inch thick. At first Annabel starts to suspect that being an adult is
magic power on humans. But being flat is fine. It’s fun going in and out of
after Tiki accidentally meets rooms simply by sliding under the door. And not as much fun as it seems. Fantasy
Jan, a woman who is desper- it’s exciting being mailed in an envelope to
ate for a baby daughter, she your friends in California for a visit. Stanley has Individual Book ISBN 9780064400466 $6.99
finds it impossible to resist fulfilling her wish. many advantures including one where he helps Group Set ISBN 9781502027139 $124.34
Now up against the dark and vicious power catch thieves from stealing a painting from a Class Set ISBN 9781502019134 $231.25
of evil, this fairy rebel must face the Queen’s museum. But it’s not always easy being differ- Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374427 $12.99
fury with frightening and possibly fatal results. ent, and soon Stanley wishes he could be just
Freckle Juice
Fantasy like everybody else. Fantasy
Judy Blume
Individual Book ISBN 9780440419259 $5.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780061129049 $17.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502026897 $109.34 Group Set ISBN 9781502027016 $289.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502018892 $201.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502019011 $561.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372508 $12.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581307887 $12.99 Level M 570L
Student Packet ISBN 9781581307894 $13.99 More than anything in the
world, Andrew Marcus wants
The Family Under the Bridge The Flunking of Joshua T. Bates freckles. His classmate Nicky
has freckles—they cover his
Natalie Savage Carlson Susan Richards Shreve face, his ears, and the whole
back of his neck. But when
Level R 680L Andrew asks Nicky where he got them, Nicky
just says he was born with them. Some help he
Armand relished his solitary Level Q 890L is. That’s when Sharon offers Andrew her secret
life. He begs and does odd Joshua is devastated to freckle juice recipe—for fifty cents, she prom-
jobs for money. Children, learn that he must repeat ises, Andrew can look just like Nicky. His freckle-
he said, were like starlings, third grade. But he man- less days are over! He rushes home to whip up
and one was better off ages to survive the taunts the concoction. Grape juice, vinegar, mustard...
without them. But a mother of former classmates, learn But what starts out as a simple freckle juice
and her three children who something important about recipe quickly turns into something disastrous.
lived under the bridge himself, and make it through Andrew is still determined to get his freckles,
recognized a true friend the year with the help of a and to show that pesky Sharon that she doesn’t
when they met one, even if the friend seemed sympathetic teacher in this funny, touching, and know everything—and he has the perfect solu-
a trifle unwilling at the start. And it did not tion. Or does he?
take Armand very long to realize that he had realistic story. Realistic Fiction
gotten himself ready-made family; one that Realistic Fiction
he loved with all his heart, and one for whom Individual Book ISBN 9780679841876 $5.99
he would have to find a better home than the Group Set ISBN 9781502027061 $109.34
bridge. Armand and the children’s adventures Class Set ISBN 9781502019066 $201.25
around Paris—complete with gypsies and a Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376124 $12.99 Individual Book ISBN 9781481411028 $5.99
Santa Claus—make a story which children will Group Set ISBN 9781502027146 $109.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502019141 $201.25
treasure. Fantasy Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370085 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781561378227 $13.99
Individual Book ISBN 9780064402507 $6.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502026927 $124.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502018922 $231.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373680 $12.99 27


NOVEL UNITS CATALOG Freedom Train Fudge-A-Mania A Grain of Rice

Evelyn Coleman Judy Blume Helena Clare Pittman

Level T 650L Level Q 490L Level P 780L
It’s 1947, and twelve-year-old Fudge is back and driving his A clever, cheerful, hard-
Clyde Thomason is proud to twelve-year old Peter Hatcher working farmer’s son wins the
have an older brother who crazy, as usual. His mischievous, hand of a Chinese princess
guards the Freedom Train—a five year-old brother, Fudge is by outwitting her father the
train that is traveling to all more trouble than ever. His latest plan is to Emperor, who treasures his
forty-eight states carrying the country’s most marry Peter’s sworn enemy, know-it-all Sheila daughter more than all the
important documents, including the Declara- Tubman. But, Peter’s problems are about to
tion of Independence and the Bill of Rights. get worse. His parents have decided to share rice in China. Tale/Legend
Clyde is chosen to say the Freedom Pledge at a summer house with the Tubmans. And Peter
the train’s stop in Atlanta, but his terrible stage will be stuck with Fudge and Sheila the Cootie Individual Book ISBN 9780440413011 $5.99
fright forces him to refuse the honor. Instead, Queen for three whole weeks! Sheila appears Group Set ISBN 9781502027399 $109.34
it’s the class bully, Phillip, who gets selected, for breakfast each morning in her fuzzy pink Class Set ISBN 9781502019394 $201.25
and he begins to torment Clyde. When an robe and bunny slippers—just one of Sheila’s Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376681 $12.99
African-American boy saves him from a beating, many habits driving Peter crazy.
Clyde is shocked. Especially when he learns The Grand Escape
that William lives in the white part of town. How Realistic Fiction
can this be? And why can’t he bring himself to Alan Daniel
Individual Book ISBN 9780142408773 $7.99
be friends with William? Historical Fiction Group Set ISBN 9781502027245 $139.34 Level S 810L
Class Set ISBN 9781502019240 $261.25 Marco and Polo might have
Individual Book ISBN 9781442436527 $7.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781605390321 $12.99 been content to stay house
Group Set ISBN 9781502027160 $139.34 Student Packet ISBN 9781605390338 $13.99 cats forever. But Marco has
Class Set ISBN 9781502019165 $261.25 read all about ranches and
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781605390222 $12.99 decides to find one, while Polo
Student Packet ISBN 9781605390239 $13.99 Gentle Ben longs to locate his mother. And
then Mr. Neal leaves the side door open by mis-
Walt Morey take! Now, after their Grand Escape, their lives
are full of opportunities they never imagined.
The Friendship Level L 740L Their search for food and a dry place to sleep
The Alaskan wilderness is leads them to Texas Jake, the ornery cat-leader
Mildred D. Taylor a lonely place for Mark An- of the Club of Mysteries. With the help of Car-
dersen, especially after the lotta, Marco and Polo try to earn admission into
Level S 750L tragic death of his brother. the club. Before they can join, they must solve
Cassie Logan and her broth- Mark leads a quiet life with
ers have been warned never his mother and father. There three dangerous mysteries. Mystery
to go to the Wallace store, so is no one in the town his age or size. But Mark
they know to expect trouble finds a friend named Ben, who happens to Individual Book ISBN 9780689874079 $7.99
there. What they don’t be an Alaskan brown bear so huge that no Group Set ISBN 9781502027405 $139.34
expect is to hear Mr. Tom one dares to come near him. Ben and Mark Class Set ISBN 9781502019400 $261.25
Bee, an elderly black man, daring to call the form a special bond, but the townspeople are Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561377237 $12.99
white storekeeper by his first name. The year determined to destroy it. It is only through the
is 1933, the place is Mississippi, and any child strength of an enduring friendship that Ben— Granny Torrelli Makes Soup
knows that some things just aren’t done… How- and Mark—have a chance of being saved.
ever, Mr. Bee was given permission because Eventually, Ben is sent to an island to live a Sharon Creech
he saved Mr. Wallace’s life more than once and quiet life and wait for Mark to visit every hunt-
was given that privilege. But, due to taunts and Level R 810L
pressure of local residents at the store, he re- ing season. Fiction Twelve-year-old Rosie and
neges on the promise and an argument ensues. her best friend, Bailey, don’t
Individual Book ISBN 9780142405512 $6.99 always get along, that’s true.
Historical Fiction Group Set ISBN 9781502027283 $124.34 But Granny Torrelli seems
to know just how to make
Individual Book ISBN 9780140389647 $7.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502019288 $231.25 things right again with her
Group Set ISBN 9781502027184 $139.34 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370764 $12.99 interesting stories and family
Class Set ISBN 9781502019189 $261.25 recipes. She understands
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581306002 $12.99 from experience that life’s twist and turns can’t
Student Packet ISBN 9781581306019 $13.99 George Washington’s Socks rattle the unique bond between two lifelong
pals. Newbery Medal winner Sharon Creech
Elvira Woodruff cooks up a delightfully tender novel filled with
homemade dishes and secret recipes. It’s easier
Frindle Level T 840L to remember what’s important about love, life,
A mysterious rowboat and friendship while Granny Torrelli makes
Andrew Clements transports five adventur-
ous kids back in time to the soup. Realistic Fiction
Level R 830L eve of the Battle at Trenton
Is Nick Allen a trouble- where they experience the Individual Book ISBN 9780064409605 $6.99
maker? He really just likes American Revolution. Through Group Set ISBN 9781502027412 $124.34
to liven things up at school. encounters with Hessian Class Set ISBN 9781502019417 $231.25
When Nick learns some in- soldiers, revolutionaries, and Teacher Guide ISBN 9781605390208 $12.99
teresting information about even George Washington himself, Matthew, Student Packet ISBN 9781605390215 $13.99
how words are created. Who Quentin, Hooter, Tony, and Katie watch history
says a pen has to be called a pen? Why not call unfold before their eyes as they see first-hand,
it a frindle? Nick gets his friends to use the new the grim realities of war and the cost of freedom.
word. Then people in town start saying frindle.
Soon Nick has become a local hero. His teacher Historical Fiction
wants Nick to put an end to all this nonsense,
but the funny thing is frindle doesn’t belong Individual Book ISBN 9780590440363 $6.99
to Nick anymore. The new word is spreading Group Set ISBN 9781502027306 $124.34
across the country, and there’s nothing Nick can Class Set ISBN 9781502019301 $231.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370863 $12.99
do to stop it. Realistic Fiction Student Packet ISBN 9781561370870 $13.99

Individual Book ISBN 9780689818769 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502027191 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502019196 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581307146 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781581307153 $13.99

28 888.650.4224


The Great Gilly Hopkins Henry Huggins How to Eat Fried Worms NOVEL UNITS CATALOG

Katherine Paterson Beverly Cleary Thomas Rockwell

Level S 800L Level O 670L Level R 560L
At eleven, Gilly is nobody’s Nothing ever happens to Billy isn’t one to back down
real kid. If only she could find Henry Huggins. Nothing, that from a bet. But this one is
her beautiful mother, Court- is, until a stray dog named gross! If he eats fifteen worms
ney, and live with her instead Ribsy comes into his life. Pretty in fifteen days, Alan will pay
of in the foster home where soon, Henry and Ribsy are him fifty dollars. Billy takes the
she has been placed! How wreaking havoc on the city bus, getting a ride bet and tries worms smoth-
could she, the great Gilly in a police car, and winning a prize at the dog ered in ketchup, drowned in
Hopkins, known throughout the county for her show. Thanks to their joint shenanigans, Henry mustard, even breaded and fried. Worm by
brilliance and unmanageability, be expected to finds himself covered in green paint one day, worm, Billy gets closer to victory, and to buying
tolerate Maime Trotter, the fat, nearly illiterate and later accidentally colors Ribsy’s fur pale the minibike he’s always wanted. But Alan won’t
widow who is her guardian? Or, the freaky pink. One week, Henry catches earthworms let him win that easily...
seven-year-old boy and the shrunken blind for his fisherman neighbor to raise money for
black man who is part of the “family?” She has a borrowed ball Ribsy helped him lose. One Realistic Fiction
a plan so her real mother will rescue her but football costs a lot of earthworms—1,395, to be
it doesn’t work out the way Gilly planned… Individual Book ISBN 9781338565898 $6.99
exact. Life is no longer dull. Realistic Fiction Group Set ISBN 9781502027849 $124.34
Realistic Fiction Class Set ISBN 9781502019844 $231.25
Individual Book ISBN 9780380709120 $7.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372041 $12.99
Individual Book ISBN 9780064402019 $6.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502027672 $139.34 Student Packet ISBN 9781561377152 $13.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502027474 $124.34 Class Set ISBN 9781502019677 $261.25
Class Set ISBN 9781502019479 $231.25 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376018 $12.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374281 $12.99 The Hundred Dresses
Student Packet ISBN 9781561378371 $13.99
Homer Price Eleanor Estes

Harriet the Spy Robert McCloskey Level P 870L
Wanda Petronski, an im-
Louise Fitzhugh Level Q 1000L migrant girl in an American
Canterbury is a town where school, wears the same fad-
Level T 760L houses are built in a day; and ed blue dress every day-yet
Harriet M. Welsch is a spy. where a boy named Homer she says she has one hun-
In her notebook, she writes Price can foil four slick bandits dred beautiful dresses at
down everything she knows using nothing but his wits and home, “all lined up.” The
about everyone, even her a pet skunk. Homer lives two miles outside of other girls don’t believe it,
classmates and her best Centerburg, but most of his friends and rela- and when Peggy starts a daily game of teasing
friends. Then Harriet loses tives live in town. They include Aunt Aggy and Wanda about the hundred dresses, everyone
track of her notebook, and it ends up in the Uncle Ulysses, the Sheriff and the boys, Miss joins in. Peggy’s best friend secretly wonders
wrong hands. Before she can stop them, her Terwilliger, Miss Naomi Enders, great-great- whether she can find the courage to speak up
friends have read the always truthful, some- great granddaughter of Ezekiel Enders who in Wanda’s defense. It’s not until Wanda fails
times awful things she’s written about each of founded Centerburg and owned the formula to come to school one day that her classmates
them. Will Harriet find a way to put her life and for Cough Syrup and Elixir of Life Compound. learn the truth and Maddie and Peggy learn the
Precious little happens here that the citizens meaning of kindness and generosity of spirit.
her friendships back together? Mystery
don’t know. Literature Realistic Fiction
Individual Book ISBN 9780440416791 $6.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502027542 $124.34 Individual Book ISBN 9780152052607 $8.99
Class Set ISBN 9781502019547 $231.25 Individual Book ISBN 9780140309270 $7.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502027863 $154.34
Group Set ISBN 9781502027740 $139.34
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373499 $12.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502019745 $261.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502019868 $291.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561371808 $12.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372898 $12.99
Henry and the Clubhouse
The Homework Machine The Hundred Penny Box
Beverly Cleary
Dan Gutman Leo Dillon
Level O 820L
For Henry Huggins and his Level R 680L Level P 600L
friends Robert and Murph, a Doing homework becomes Michael loves his great-
clubhouse is a place where a thing of the past. Meet the great-aunt Dew, even if she
they can do as they please, D Squad, a foursome of fifth can’t always remember his
without being bothered by graders at the Grand Canyon name. He especially loves
girls. The sign that says NO School made up of a geek, a to spend time with her and
GIRLS ALLOWED—THIS MEANS YOU espe- class clown, a teacher’s pet, her beloved hundred penny
cially means Ramona Quimby. Lately Ramona and a slacker. They are bound box, listening to stories
has been following Henry on his newspaper together by one very big secret: the homework about each of the hundred years of her life. Mi-
route, embarrassing him in front of Henry’s machine. Because the machine, code-named chael’s mother wants to throw out the battered
customers. The day Ramona follows Henry to Belch, is doing their homework for them, they old box that holds the pennies, but Michael
the clubhouse, she wants to teach him girls start spending a lot of time together, attracting understands that the box itself is as important
aren’t so bad, but she almost puts an end to his a lot of attention. And attention is exactly what to Aunt Dew as the memories it contains.
you don’t want when you are keeping a secret.
newspaper career forever. Realistic Fiction Before long, things start to get out of control, Realistic Fiction
and Belch becomes much more powerful than
Individual Book ISBN 9780380709151 $7.99 they ever imagined. Now the kids are in a race Individual Book ISBN 9780142407028 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502027665 $139.34 against their own creation, and the loser could Group Set ISBN 9781502027870 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502019660 $261.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502019875 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374250 $12.99 end up in jail...or worse. Fantasy Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373864 $12.99

Individual Book ISBN 9780689876790 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502027757 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502019752 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781608786886 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781608786893 $13.99 Price and availability are subject to change without notice. 29


NOVEL UNITS CATALOG I, Houdini: Autobiography The Indian in the Cupboard The Janitor’s Boy
of a Hamster
Lynne Reid Banks Andrew Clements
Lynne Reid Banks
Level R 780L Level S 770L
Level Q 940L It all starts with a birthday pres- When Jack Rankin learns that
One family’s household has ent Omri doesn’t even want—a he will spend the fifth grade in
been in a state of disarray small plastic Indian of no use the old high school—the build-
because of one small furry to him at all. But when an old ing where his father works as a
problem. Meet Houdini, an wooden cupboard and a spe- janitor. Jack manages the first
extraordinarily brilliant escap- cial key bring the unusual toy to month without the kids catching on. Then one
ologist. No, not that Houdini. This one is a ham- life, Omri’s Indian becomes his most important day a classmate loses his lunch all over the floor.
ster. Once you meet him, you will understand secret: precious, dangerous, wonderful, and John the janitor is called in to clean up, and he
that his owners just couldn’t name him anything does the unthinkable—he turns to Jack with a
else, for his name is quite fitting. He can escape above all, magical. Fantasy. big smile and says, “Hi, son.” Jack gets himself
from anything—a cage or the clutches of a into a sticky situation. His punishment is to assist
mean cat. While on his escapades, he causes all Individual Book ISBN 9780375847530 $6.99 the janitor after school. The work is tedious and
kinds of trouble from chewing through wires to Group Set ISBN 9781502028013 $124.34 humiliating. But there is one perk Janitors have
causing a flood. But Houdini thinks it’s all worth Class Set ISBN 9781502020017 $231.25
it, because he is desperate to explore the great Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372256 $12.99 keys to secret places... Realistic Fiction
Outdoors. But once he gets out, will he ever Student Packet ISBN 9781561376933 $13.99
come back? Or will this be his final escape? Individual Book ISBN 9780689835858 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502028181 $139.34
Animal Fantasy J.T. Class Set ISBN 9781502020185 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581308129 $12.99
Jane Wagner

Individual Book ISBN 9780440419242 $5.99 Level Q 730L Student Packet ISBN 9781581308136 $13.99
To the guys on the block, J.T.
Group Set ISBN 9781502027948 $109.34 is the kid who stole the radio
Class Set ISBN 9781502019943 $201.25 out of the red convertible A Jar of Dreams
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581308266 $12.99 before they could get to it. Yoshiko Uchida
His neighbor, Mrs. Morris,
Ida B declares him a first-class nuisance. His mother Level R 970L
is bewildered — -He’s just gone bad, that’s all.... Growing up in California dur-
Katherine Hannigan Stealin’ and lyin’ and I don’t know what all.- But ing the depression isn’t easy
all the sensitivity, responsibility, and care of which for eleven-year-old Rinko. She
Level S 970L ten-year-old J.T. Gamble is capable emerges desperately wants to fit in
Ida B. Applewood is a fourth when he finds an old, one-eyed, badly hurt alley and be like everyone else, but
grader living a very happy live. cat. J.T. takes on a new dimension as he lavishes instead she is ridiculed and made to feel differ-
Happy until her mother devel- all the love he is unable to express to people ent because she is Japanese. But when Aunt
ops cancer and her parents sell around him on the battered cat he has found in Waka comes to visit, and brings with her the
part of the orchard. They send old-fashioned wisdom of Japan, she teaches
Ida B to public school rather than homeschool- the junk-filled empty lot. Realistic Fiction Rinko the importance of her Japanese heritage,
ing her. The changes leave her feeling fiercely and the value of her own strengths and dreams.
angry and betrayed. With the help of a wise Individual Book ISBN 9780440442752 $6.99
and caring fourth-grade teacher and the endur- Group Set ISBN 9781502028136 $124.34 Realistic Fiction
ing love of Mama and Daddy, the girl slowly
begins to heal. Ida B is a true character in every Class Set ISBN 9781502020130 $231.25 Individual Book ISBN 9780689716720 $6.99
sense of the word. She takes the hand that is Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374533 $12.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502028198 $124.34
extended and starts to grow up. Realistic Class Set ISBN 9781502020192 $231.25
Fiction James and the Giant Peach Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376643 $12.99

Individual Book ISBN 9780060730260 $7.99 Roald Dahl Jennifer, Hecate , Macbeth,
William McKinley,
Group Set ISBN 9781502027955 $139.34 Level Q 870L and Me, Elizabeth
Class Set ISBN 9781502019950 $261.25 “Marvelous things will start
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370528 $12.99 happening to you—fabulous, E. L. Konigsburg
Student Packet ISBN 9781561370535 $13.99 unbelievable things...” When
young, miserable James Henry
In the Year of the Boar Trotter accidentally drops the Level R 680L
and Jackie Robinson magic crystals he received from Elizabeth is an only child,
an old man, strange things new in town and the shortest
Bette Bao Lord do start happening. Atop the old peach tree kid in her class. She’s also
where a blossom has never even sprouted, a pretty lonely, until she meets
Level S 730L peach begins to grow, and grow, and grow. Jennifer. Jennifer is...well, different. She’s read
Shirley Temple Wong sails James crawls inside and meets a bizarre group Macbeth. She never wears jeans or shorts. She
from China to America with a of human-sized companions—including Earth- never says “Please” or “thank you.” And she
heart full of dreams. Her new worm, Ladybug, and Centipede. Soon James’ says she is a witch. It’s not easy being friends
home is Brooklyn, New York. nasty Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker are miles with a witch, but it’s never boring. As first an
But Shirley doesn’t know any away as he rolls off on a fantistic, wild adventure apprentice witch, Elizabeth learns to eat raw
English, so it’s hard to make eggs and cast small spells. And she and Jennifer
friends. Then a miracle: baseball happens. It is with his new friends. Fantasy collaborate on cooking up an ointment that
1947, and Jackie Robinson, star of the Brooklyn will enable them to fly. That’s when they meet a
Dodgers, is everyone’s hero. Jackie Robinson Individual Book ISBN 9780142410363 $7.99 toad named Hilary Ezra. And that’s when trouble
is proving that a black man, the grandson of a Group Set ISBN 9781502028150 $139.34
slave, can make a difference in America and for Class Set ISBN 9781502020154 $261.25 starts. Fantasy
Shirley as well, on the ball field and off, America Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370559 $12.99
becomes the land of opportunity. Student Packet ISBN 9781561374878 $13.99
Individual Book ISBN 9781416933960 $8.99
Historical Fiction Group Set ISBN 9781502028211 $154.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502020215 $291.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374700 $12.99
Individual Book ISBN 9780064401753 $6.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502027986 $124.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502019981 $231.25

Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373444 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781561378333 $13.99

30 888.650.4224


Jeremy Thatcher, Jumanji The Kid in the Red Jacket NOVEL UNITS CATALOG
Dragon Hatcher
Chris Van Allsburg Barbara Park
Bruce Coville
Level O 620L Level O 640L

Level R 710L The game under the tree Can Howard survive life without
If Howard Morton and Freddie looked like a hundred oth- friends? Howard Jeeter’s
the Frog Killer were trying to ers Peters and Judy had at home. But they were parents have ruined his life.
hold you down so that Mary bored and restless and, looking for something They’ve moved him across the
Lou Hutton could kiss you, interesting to do, thought they’d give Jumanji a country, and all the kids in his
you might run as fast as Jeremy Thatcher did try. Little did they know when they unfolded its new town act like he’s totally
the day he stumbled into Mr. Elives’ Magic ordinary-looking playing board that they were invisible. At least, all of them
Shop. And if you stumbled into that strange about to be plunged into the most exciting and except for his six-year-old neighbor, Molly Vera
shop, what would you buy? The Chinese rings? Thompson. Howard could use a friend. But a
The Skull of Truth? Or the dragon’s egg? And if bizare adventure of their lives. Fantasy little girl who talks nonstop? Not what he had
you did buy the dragon’s egg, what would you in mind. Still, when you’re really lonely, you’ll be
do when you found out you were supposed to Individual Book ISBN 9780547608389 $18.99
hatch it? The trials and tribulations of raising a Group Set ISBN 9781502028365 $304.34 friends with anyone...right? Realistic Fiction
pet dragon result in a meaningful story about Class Set ISBN 9781502020369 $591.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373314 $12.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780394805719 $6.99
love, loss and growing up. Fantasy Group Set ISBN 9781502028402 $124.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502020406 $231.25
Justin and the Best Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376353 $12.99
Individual Book ISBN 9780152062521 $7.99 Biscuits in the World
Group Set ISBN 9781502028228 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502020222 $261.25 Mildred Pitts Walter The Landry News

Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561378401 $12.99 Level P 620L Andrew Clements
Student Packet ISBN 9781561378784 $13.99
Ten-year-old Justin hates Level R 950L
that his sisters and his mama
Journey to Jo’burg are always fussing at him. Fifth-grader Cara Landry is
They make him feel stupid an aspiring journalist who has
Beverley Naidoo because he can’t clean his created her own newspaper,
room or cook. But why should he? He’d rather The Landry News. In her first
Level S 760L be outside playing. After all, cooking and clean- edition, she writes a harsh
Mma lives and works in Jo- ing is just "women’s work." That’s why Justin is editorial that accuses her burned-out language
hannesburg, far from the vil- glad when his grandfather invites him back to arts teacher, of not doing his job. However,
lage thirteen-year-old Naledi his ranch for the summer. Justin is sure he can her criticism has positive results: It inspires Mr.
and her younger brother, Tiro, get away from all the women and do some ac- Larson and he encourages his class to turn
call home. When their baby tual "men’s work," such as cleaning fish, mend- The Landry News into a classroom newspaper.
sister suddenly becomes very ing fences, and riding horses. But back at the But when the school principal uses something
sick, Naledi and Tiro know, deep down, that only ranch, Justin learns some unexpected lessons that’s been printed in the paper to try to get Mr.
one person can save her. Bravely, alone, they set and soon realizes that anyone can do anything Larson fired, the whole town gets involved, and
off on a journey to find Mma and bring her back. Cara and her classmates learn about the First
It isn’t until they reach the city that they come to once they learn how. Realistic Fiction
understand the dangers of their country, and the Amendment. Realistic Fiction
painful struggle for freedom and dignity that is
Individual Book ISBN 9780061958915 $6.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780689828683 $7.99
taking place all around them. Group Set ISBN 9781502028389 $124.34
Historical Fiction Class Set ISBN 9781502020383 $231.25 Group Set ISBN 9781502028518 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502020512 $261.25
Individual Book ISBN 9780064402378 $6.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581307160 $12.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581307900 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781581307177 $13.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781581307917 $13.99

Group Set ISBN 9781502028303 $124.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502020307 $231.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581308372 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781581308389 $13.99 STUDENT PACKET TEACHER GUIDE

FEATURED TITLE Stone Fox Name_____________________________ Stone Fox
Stone Fox Student Worksheet #19

John Reynolds Gardiner Chapter 5

John Reynolds Gardiner Activity: Imaginary loan

Bank Loan

Prediction Who was the impatient visitor on the porch? Imagine that the local bank has decided to loan Willy $500, so that he may pay the back taxes
Chapter 4 due the state of Wyoming. The following are the terms of the loan:
The Reason
Pages 30-36 1. The $500 is to be repaid within 10 years.
2. Each year there will be an interest charge of 15% made on the unpaid balance of the

Stone Fox twang - p.30 ricocheting - p.30 derringer - p.30 As the loan officer of the bank, it is up to you to figure out the total interest to be paid on the
authority - p.32 apparently - p.34 snatched - p.35 loan in the 10 years, and how much Willy must pay the bank each month. You are keeping
ISBN 9780064401326 $6.99 exposing - p.36 everything as simple as possible, so that Willy will understand the loan. (Give Willy some
advice about the loan.)
Group Set
In order to help you in your job, you make and fill out a form similar to the one that follows:
ISBN 9781502023216 $124.34
1. Chapter titles are important. What does this chapter title mean?YWeahry Unpaid Balance Interest Unpaid Balance
Class Set $500.00 $75.00 Plus Interest
did Grandfather not want to live? 1 $575.00
ISBN 9781502023216 $231.25
RE2A. DWb, uWhtytRadIxTimdEeC,nlTihffHaovrIdeNbSKen,eynDdteIhSrrCceaaUrtreSynSeadAgwNunhDe?nCpt.O3h2eNyNNtroEytCtaoTrreegpuolsasrepssolaicefamrman.234; $450.00 $67.50 $517.50
Student Packet $400.00 $60.00 $460.00
$350.00 $52.50 $402.50
ISBN 9781561376339 $13.99
3. Why do you think Grandfather didn't pay the taxes? 5 $300.00 $45.00 $345.00
6 $250.00 $37.50 $287.50
p.34 There was not enough money. $30.00 $230.00
$22.50 $172.50
7 $200.00

4. Brainstorm the word Taxes. 8 $150.00

9 $100.00 $15.00 $115.00

10 $ 50.00 $ 7.50 $ 57.50

Taxes Total interest paid $412.50
Total amount of loan $912.50
Monthly payments 120 months $ 7.61 (round up)

What would the totals be if the bank charged _________ % each year? Make a chart and
figure the totals in the same way. (You determine the % charged.)


Federal State
income tax
© Novel Units, Inc. 22 All rights reserved




almost everything

we buy

5. Mr. Snyder was not a pleasant man. Make a web for him. What are
the best descriptive words for him?

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GRADES 43-65

NOVEL UNITS CATALOG The Lion, the Witch The Littles Lunch Money
and the Wardrobe
John Peterson Andrew Clements
C. S. Lewis
Level M 460L Level R 840L
Level T 940L Meet the Littles, a family like Meet Greg Kenton, billionair
Set during WWII, the Peven- any other but with a few tiny in the making. Greg Kenton
sie children are sent away to differences. They live in the has two obsessions — making
stay with an eccentric profes- walls of the Bigg family house money and his long-standing
sor to escape the bombings where they get everything competition with his annoying
of London. This captivating they need. In return they make sure the Bigg neighbor, Maura Shaw. So
story starts where Lucy stumbles into a closet house is always in good repair. When the Biggs when Greg discovers that Maura is cutting into
during a game of hide-and-seek and travels go away for the summer the Newcombs come his booming Chunky Comics business with her
into the world of Narnia. Peter, Susan, and to stay in their house. And the Newcombs are own original illustrated minibooks, he’s ready
Edmund follow Lucy through the back of the slobs. The mess the Newcombs make attracts to declare war. The problem is, Greg has to
wardrobe into the magical land of Narnia. one of the Littles biggest enemies: mice. Just admit that Maura’s books are good, and soon
There, they assist Aslan, the golden lion, to when it seems like things can’t get any worse, the longtime enemies become unlikely busi-
battle against the evil White Witch and her they bring a cat to live with them. How will ness partners. But their budding partnership
minions and free Narnia from everlasting winter. this little family get out of such big trouble? is threatened when the principal bans the sale
This world is filled with mythical creatures, talk- of their comics in school. Suddenly, the two
ing animals, and siblings who must overcome Fantasy former rivals find themselves united against an
their own failings to become the heroes and adversary tougher than they ever were to each
Individual Book ISBN 9780590462259 $4.99 other. Will their enterprise — and their friend-
heroines of Narnia. Fantasy Group Set ISBN 9781502028716 $94.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502020710 $171.25 ship — prevail? Realistic Fiction
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372843 $12.99
Individual Book ISBN 9780064404990 $8.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780689866852 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502028655 $154.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502020659 $291.25 The Long Winter Group Set ISBN 9781502028785 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502020789 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372430 $12.99 Laura Ingalls Wilder Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376407 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781561377046 $13.99
Level Q 790L Student Packet ISBN 9781561376445 $13.99
The adventures of the Ingalls
Little House in the Big Woods family continue as they face
the hard winter of 1880-81 in M.C. Higgins, the Great
Laura Ingalls Wilder their house in the Dakota Ter- Virginia Hamilton
ritory. Blizzards cover the little
Level Q 930L town of De Smet with snow, Level X 560L
Four-year-old Laura lives with cutting off all supplies from the outside. Laura M.C.’s family is rooted to the
her Pa, her Ma, her sisters and her family must ration their food and coal. slopes of Sarah’s Mountain.
Mary and Carrie, and their When the supply train doesn’t arrive, Almanzo His great-grandmother
trusty dog, Jack. Pioneer life Wilder and his brother realize something must escaped to the mountain as
is hard, since the family must be done. They begin an impossible journey in a runaway slave. It bears her
grow or catch all their own search of provisions, before it’s too late. Finally, name, and her descendants
food as they get ready for the Christmas is celebrated in a very unusual way. have lived there ever since.
cold winter. Wild bears and wolves roam the M.C. knows why his father
woods at night, making their pioneer life dan- Historical Fiction never wants his family to leave. But when M.C.
gerous. Family life was fulfilling when they did looks behind, he sees only the massive remains
the spring planting, brought in the harvest, and Individual Book ISBN 9780060581855 $9.99 of strip mining. And M.C. knows they cannot
made their first trip into town. And every night Group Set ISBN 9781502028747 $169.34 stay. So when two strangers arrive in the hills,
they are safe in their little house, with the happy Class Set ISBN 9781502020741 $321.25 one bringing the promise of fame in the world
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370573 $12.99 beyond and the other the revelation that choice
sound of Pa’s fiddle. Historical Fiction and action both lie within his grasp, M.C.’s life is

Individual Book ISBN 9780060581800 $9.99 The Lottery Rose changed—forever. Realistic Fiction
Group Set ISBN 9781502028679 $169.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502020673 $321.25 Irene Hunt
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370306 $12.99 Individual Book ISBN 9781416914075 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502028822 $139.34
Student Packet ISBN 9781561377053 $13.99 Level X 1070L Class Set ISBN 9781502020826 $261.25
Physically abused by his mother
Little House on the Prairie and her boyfriend, Georgie Bur- Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581306026 $12.99
gess learns to hide his hurt. He Student Packet ISBN 9781581306033 $13.99
Laura Ingalls Wilder withdraws into a safe and secret
world of beautiful gardens filled with roses—just
Level Q 600L like those in the library book he treasures. When The Magician’s Elephant
Laura and her family journeyed Georgie wins a small rosebush in a grocery Kate DiCamillo
in a covered wagon from Wis- store lottery he gives it all the love and caring
consin to the immense rolling he’s never had. Georgie’s life changes when the Level U 730L
prairie of Kansas. Pa’s ingenuity courts send him to a home for boys where he When a fortuneteller's tent
and optimism shows as he will be safe. He develops a relationship with a appears in the market square
drives them across the frozen family next door to the school where he tends to of the city of Baltese, orphan
Mississippi and constructs a their rosebushes. Slowly, and not without pain, Peter Augustus Duchene
house and farm almost single-handedly. We ad- Georgie learns to give—and to receive—love… knows the questions that he
mire mother Caroline’s courage and determina- needs to ask: Does his sister
tion as she overcomes her misgivings to nurture Realistic Fiction still live? And if so, how can he
her family. Laura’s shows independence and find her? The fortuneteller's mysterious answer
curiosity through her the eyes of an observant Individual Book ISBN 9780425182796 $6.99 (an elephant! An elephant will lead him there!)
child the perils (wolves, raging creeks, malaria) Group Set ISBN 9781502028778 $124.34 sets off a chain of events so remarkable, so
of a pioneer life. An ever-present reality is the Class Set ISBN 9781502020772 $231.25 impossible, that you will hardly dare to believe
relationship between the settlers and the hostile Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561375011 $12.99
it’s true Tale/Legend
Osage Indians. Historical Fiction
Individual Book ISBN 9780763680886 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502028860 $139.34
Individual Book ISBN 9780064400022 $8.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502020864 $261.25
Group Set ISBN 9781502028686 $154.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502020680 $291.25 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561379842 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781561379859 $13.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370313 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781561378340 $13.99

32 888.650.4224

GRADES 34-56

Mark T-W-A-1-N! A Story Maurice’s Room The Missing ’Gator of NOVEL UNITS CATALOG
About Samuel Clemens Gumbo Limbo
Paula Fox
David R. Collins Jean Craighead George
Level N 660L
Level R 930L Eight-year-old Maurice’s Level S 740L
Samuel Clemens grew up in struggle to protect his bed- Liza Poole lives with her
a child’s paradise—Hannibal, room full of treasured "junk" mother in one of the last bal-
Missouri. There, mischief add- from unsympathetic parents anced ecosystems in North
ed humor to everyday events undergoes a transformation America -- the Gumbo Limbo
as Sam encountered the folks when the family moves to the country. Hammock deep within the lush kingdom of the
who would one day reappear Florida Everglades. Some may think it strange
as Huck Finn, Aunt Polly, and Realistic Fiction to live outdoors, but Liza feels lucky to live it
Becky Thatcher in his books, The Adventures of strange to live outdoors, but Liza feels lucky to
Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleber- Individual Book ISBN 9781442416789 $6.99 live in her small yellow tent amidst tropical birds
ry Finn. At eighteen, Sam left Hannibal to seek Group Set ISBN 9781502028983 $124.34 and exotic plants. And at the center of this
his fortune. He became a newspaperman and Class Set ISBN 9781502020987 $231.25 natural paradise lies Dajun, the majestic alliga-
story writer. Then, always a restless spirit, he Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376469 $12.99 tor who protects Gumbo Limbo's environment.
tried his hand as a steamboat pilot (where he One day, a state official arrives with frightening
took a liking to the riverboat call "mark twain"), The Midnight Fox orders. Dajun is scaring people nearby -- he
a soldier, and a gold prospector. All the while, must be killed! Liza takes action to save the in-
Sam collected tales to tell on stage and recount Betsy Byars valuable 'gator, but suddenly, he is nowhere to
be found. Now, she must find Dajun before it's
in his many books. Biography Level R 970L too late, and her search will lead her into the
City-bred Tom dislikes spend-
Individual Book ISBN 9780876146408 $9.99 ing the summer on his aunt’s heart of an exciting eco mystery! Mystery
Group Set ISBN 9781502028938 $169.34 farm. His parents insist that
Class Set ISBN 9781502020932 $321.25 he spend his summers on the Individual Book ISBN 9780064404341 $6.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376421 $12.99 farm. One day, he accidentally Group Set ISBN 9781502029171 $124.34
discovers a black fox in the forest and tracks her Class Set ISBN 9781502021175 $231.25
to her den. He can spend hours watching the Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561377008 $12.99
Marley: A Dog Like No Other graceful black fox in the woods. And when her
life-and that of her cub-is in danger, Tom knows
John Grogan Misty of Chincoteague
exactly what he must do. Realistic Fiction
Level Q 760L Marguerite Henry
Make way for Marley! When Individual Book ISBN 9780140314502 $7.99
the Grogan family is ready for Group Set ISBN 9781502029041 $139.34
a dog, they choose Marley, a Class Set ISBN 9781502021045 $261.25 Level R 750L
yellow furball of a puppy who Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376674 $12.99 Phantom was the wildest
quickly grows into a large, mare on Assateague Island.
rowdy Labrador Retriever. The Miraculous Journey They said she was like the
Marley has a zest for life, and of Edward Tulane wind, that the white “map” on
as he grows, so does his enthusiasm. He has an her shoulders was her mark of
appetite for whatever he can get his paws on— Kate DiCamillo freedom. Paul and Maureen
from fine jewelry to underwear—and the one Beebe had their hearts set on
thing he always finds is trouble. Marley even Level U 700L owning her. They were itching to buy and tame
gets kicked out of obedience school! Can this Once, in a house on Egypt her. But the roundup men had tried to capture
rambunctious pup ever learn how to be a good Street, there lived a china her and she had escaped them. Pony Penning
rabbit named Edward Tulane. Day holds a surprise for everyone, for Paul not
boy? Realistic Fiction The rabbit was very pleased only brings in the Phantom, but her newborn
with himself, and for good colt as well. Can Paul and Maureen possibly
Individual Book ISBN 9780061240355 $7.99 reason: he was owned by a girl named Abilene, earn enough to buy them both?
Group Set ISBN 9781502028952 $139.34 who adored him completely. And then, one
Class Set ISBN 9781502020956 $261.25 day, he was lost. . . . Kate DiCamillo takes us Realistic Fiction
on an extraordinary journey, from the depths of
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561379941 $12.99 the ocean to the net of a fisherman, from the Individual Book ISBN 9781416927839 $7.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781561379958 $13.99 bedside of an ailing child to the bustling streets Group Set ISBN 9781502029195 $139.34
of Memphis. Along the way, we are shown a Class Set ISBN 9781502021199 $261.25
miracle that even a heart of the most breakable Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581309027 $12.99
Matilda kind can learn to love, to lose, and to love Student Packet ISBN 9781581309034 $13.99

Roald Dahl again. Fantasy

Level S 840L Molly’s Pilgrim
Poor, misunderstood Matilda
fights back against an unap- Barbara Cohen
preciative world through a
hidden talent: Matilda is the Individual Book ISBN 9780763680909 $7.99 Level M 590L
world’s greatest practical Group Set ISBN 9781502029126 $139.34 Molly is getting teased at
joker! Little effort is needed to put one over Class Set ISBN 9781502021120 $261.25 school because she is a Jew-
on her mean and obnoxious parents, but can Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561379781 $12.99 ish Russian immigrant with a
shy little Matilda handle the headmistress, Miss Student Packet ISBN 9781561379798 $13.99 “strange” accent and clothes.
Trunchbull, and win the respect of every kid in One day, Molly’s teacher, Miss
school? Matilda teaches herself to read and Stickley, tells the class that they will design
applies her untapped mental powers to rid the either a pilgrim or an Indian for a diorama
school of the evil, Miss Trunchbull, and restore and present it to the class. Molly is assigned
her teacher, Miss Honey, to financial security. a pilgrim. Her mother carefully listens to the
description of the assignment: someone seek-
Fantasy ing religious freedom, and helps her create a
Russian immigrant clothespin doll. Of course,
Individual Book ISBN 9780142410370 $7.99 the kids make fun of it. But, Miss Stickley de-
Group Set ISBN 9781502028976 $139.34 fends her doll as appropriate because it takes
Class Set ISBN 9781502020970 $261.25 all kinds of pilgrims to make Thanksgiving.
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561375899 $12.99
Realistic Fiction

Individual Book ISBN 9780062870940 $4.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502029201 $94.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502021205 $171.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781605390062 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781605390079 $13.99 33

GRADES 43-56

NOVEL UNITS CATALOG The Mouse and the Motorcycle Muggie Maggie Night of the Twisters

Beverly Cleary Beverly Cleary Ivy Ruckman

Level O 860L Level O 730L Level U 790L
“Boy!” said Ralph to himself, Maggie doesn’t really mean Tornado alert! Tornado alert!
his whiskers quivering with it when she vows never to Just seconds after the an-
excitement. Ralph the mouse read and write those wiggly, nouncement, the radio is dead,
ventures out from behind the squiggly letters. After all, she the lights go out, and the only
knothole in the wall of his ho- uses the computer. Maggie’s sound is the siren. Dan has
tel room home, scrambles up parents say she’ll enjoy it been through tornado watches before, but
the telephone wire to the end once she starts. Her teacher doesn’t want to lis- this is real. Alone in the house with his best
table, and climbs aboard the toy motorcycle left ten when she points out how untidy grown-ups’ friend and his infant brother Ryan, they take
there by a young guest. His thrill ride does not handwriting can be. And her classmates think shelter in the basement. They used the tornado
last long. The ringing telephone startles Ralph, it’s a riot when her first try at signing her name survival skills they were taught. Huddled in the
and he and the motorcycle take a terrible fall makes it look like “Muggie.” Now Maggie is shower, covered by a blanket, they listen to the
into the wastebasket. Luckily, Keith, the owner too embarrassed to back down. Why can’t she sounds of the tornado. Soon they realize that
of the toy motorcycle returns. Keith rescues just go on printing her whole life? Maggie’s they are alone and can’t find their families. The
Ralph and teaches him how to ride the bike. teacher motivates Maggie to write in cursive experience helps them appreciate family. They
Thus begins a great friendship and many awe- on the board. Maggie learns cursive writing eventually reunite with their families and help

some adventures. Animal Fantasy without losing face. Realistic Fiction save a neighbor. Realistic Fiction

Individual Book ISBN 9780380709243 $7.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780380710874 $6.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780064401760 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502029232 $139.34 Group Set ISBN 9781502029324 $124.34 Group Set ISBN 9781502029454 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502021236 $261.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502021328 $231.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502021458 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372744 $12.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581305319 $12.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376544 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781561377060 $13.99 Student Packet ISBN 9781581305326 $13.99

No Talking
Mr. Blue Jeans: A Story The Music of Dolphins Andrew Clements
About Levi Strauss Karen Hesse
Level R 820L
Maryann N. Weidt Level V 560L It’s boys vs. girls when the noisi-
Mila creates headlines around est, most talkative, and most
Level S 960L the world when she is rescued competitive fifth graders in his-
In 1847 an eighteen-year-old from an unpopulated island tory challenge one another to
immigrant arrived in New York. off the coast of Florida. Now a see who can go longer without
He had little in his pockets teenager, she has been raised talking. Teachers and school administrators are
and no knowledge of English. by dolphins from the age of in an uproar, until an innovative teacher sees how
However, by 1874, people four. Researchers teach Mila the kids’ experiment can provide a terrific and
throughout the United States knew him as the language and music. She learns, too, about unique lesson in communication. In No Talking,
man who made blue jeans with copper rivets. rules and expectations, about locked doors and Andrew Clements portrays a battle of wills be-
Even now Levi Strauss’s name lives on as a mark broken promises, disappointment and betrayal. tween some spunky kids and a creative teacher
of quality and style. In Mr. Blue Jeans, Maryann The more Mila finds out what it means to be hu- with the perfect pitch for elementary school life
N. Weidt presents the history of this hardwork- man, the more deeply she longs for her ocean that made Frindle an instant classic.
ing man, as he struggles through long, grueling
days as a peddler and challenging times as a home. Fantasy Realistic Fiction

young businessman. Biography Individual Book ISBN 9780590897983 $7.99 Individual Book ISBN 9781416909842 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502029348 $139.34 Group Set ISBN 9781502029492 $139.34
Individual Book ISBN 9780876145883 $9.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502021342 $261.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502021496 $261.25
Group Set ISBN 9781502029256 $169.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502021250 $321.25 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376773 $12.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561379804 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781561376780 $13.99 Student Packet ISBN 9781561379811 $13.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376360 $12.99

Mr. Popper’s Penguins The Mystery of the Cupboard Oh, the Places He Went:
Lynne Reid Banks A Story About Dr. Seuss
Richard Atwater
Level R 770L Maryann N. Weidt
This is another book in the
Level Q 910L Indian in the Cupboard series Level R 900L
Mr. Popper always dreamed where Omri’s interest in the Dr. Seuss is known as the
of traveling and seeing the Little People grows into a creator of some of the most
Poles—North and South. He fascination. After the fam- beloved children’s books
is a house painter but in his ily moves to the country to a of all time. Journey to the
spare time he reads all about house recently inherited by fantastic world he created in
the polar explorations. When his mother, Omri accidently finds a great-great- this appealing story about
Mr. Popper writes a fan letter aunt’s journal. It reveals many secrets about the the author/illustrator whose magical, rhyming
to Admiral Drake about his explorations, the Little People’s life-giving magic, how it came characters have delighted children of all ages.
Admiral sends him a penguin in response. They to be, and the link between the house and the
decided to make a home for the penguin in the magic cupboard. The biggest problem may be Biography
icebox, but one penguin quickly turned to 12. that the secret has been shared with an adult.
Since they all needed to be cared for, “Popper’s Individual Book ISBN 9780876146279 $9.99
Performing Penguins” was born. Their hilarious Fantasy Group Set ISBN 9781502029577 $169.34
adventures include when the penguins ruin the Class Set ISBN 9781502021571 $321.25
Individual Book ISBN 9780380720132 $6.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376537 $12.99
show and take over the hotels. Fantasy Group Set ISBN 9781502029409 $124.34

Individual Book ISBN 9780316058438 $7.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502021403 $231.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376568 $12.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502029263 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502021267 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561371778 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781561377169 $13.99

34 888.650.4224

GRADES 43-56

On the Banks of Plum Creek Otis Spofford Pecos Bill NOVEL UNITS CATALOG

Laura Ingalls Wilder Beverly Cleary Steven Kellogg

Level Q 720L Level O 720L Level Q AD910L

The adventures of Laura In- There was nothing Otis Jolted off the back of his
galls and her family continue Spofford liked better than westward-bound pioneer
as they leave their little house stirring up a little excitement. family’s covered wagon,
and travel to Walnut Grove, A less resourceful teacher four-year-old Bill is left in
Minnesota. Here they settle than Mrs. Gitler would have the dust by his eighteen
in a little house beside the found him hard to take. But brawling siblings and
banks of Plum Creek. Soon even Mrs. Gitler did not relish the bullfight at never-suspecting mom and dad. Raised by
Pa builds a wonderful new little house with real the fiesta arranged for the P.T.A. meeting. Otis wild coyotes as one of their own, Bill retains
glass windows and a hinged door. Misfortunes was disappointed at not being the toreador, but a natural innocence while developing a host
come in the form of a locust plague and a ter- as the front half of the bull he managed to steal of supernatural powers. When he finds out
rible blizzard, but the pioneer family works hard the whole show, to the annoyance of everyone. that he is a man, not a coyote, and returns to
together to overcome these troubles. Having It was then that Mrs. Gitler suggested that Otis confront the often inhuman human world, those
never attended school before, Laura and Mary might someday get his comeuppance. Of all powers will come in handy. Bill never uses them
finally live near enough to a school and are Otis’s acquaintances, Ellen Tebbits was the one maliciously, always for good, or simply to amaze
exposed to children their own age. he most enjoyed teasing. Strangely enough, it
was Ellen who brought about his comeuppance. and amuse. Tale/Legend
Historical Fiction
Realistic Fiction Individual Book ISBN 9780688099244 $7.99
Individual Book ISBN 9780064400046 $7.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502029867 $139.34
Group Set ISBN 9781502029652 $139.34 Individual Book ISBN 9780380709199 $6.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502021861 $261.25
Class Set ISBN 9781502021656 $261.25 Group Set ISBN 9781502029768 $124.34 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373338 $12.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376131 $12.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502021762 $231.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561371938 $12.99
Pedro’s Journal
The One and Only Ivan Owls in the Family
Pam Conrad
Katherine Applegate Farley Mowat

Level L 570L Level P 980L Level Q 1030L
This unforgettable novel from Every child needs to have a Written in a diary format, this
renowned author Katherine Ap- pet. No one could argue with mesmerizing tale brings to
plegate celebrates the trans- that. But what happens when life the story of Columbus’
formative power of unexpected your pet is an owl, and your voyage, as seen through the
friendship. Inspired by the owl is terrorizing the neigh- eyes of a young boy. Conrad
true story of a captive gorilla bourhood? In Farley Mowat’s is the award-winning author
known as Ivan, this illustrated book is told from exciting children’s story, a young boy’s pet of "Stone Words, Prairie Songs, " and "Prairie
the point of view of Ivan himself. Having spent menagerie—which includes crows, magpies,
twenty-seven years behind the glass walls of his gophers and a dog—grows out of control with Visions." Diary/Journal
enclosure in a shopping mall, Ivan has grown the addition of two cantankerous pet owls. The
accustomed to humans watching him. He hardly story of how Wol and Weeps turn the whole Individual Book ISBN 9780590462068 $6.99
ever thinks about his life in the jungle. Instead, town upside down is warm, funny, and bursting Group Set ISBN 9781502029874 $124.34
Ivan occupies himself with television, his friends with adventure and suspense. Class Set ISBN 9781502021878 $231.25
Stella and Bob, and painting. But when he meets Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581309102 $12.99
Ruby, a baby elephant taken from the wild, he Animal Fantasy Student Packet ISBN 9781581309119 $13.99
is forced to see their home, and his art, through
new eyes. In the tradition of timeless stories
like Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little, Katherine Individual Book ISBN 9780440413615 $5.99 STUDENT PACKET
Applegate blends humor and poignancy to cre- Group Set ISBN 9781502029805 $109.34 GRADES 3-5
ate an unforgettable story of friendship, art, and Class Set ISBN 9781502021809 $201.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561371990 $12.99 Dear Mr. Henshaw
hope. Animal Fantasy Student Packet ISBN 9781561377077 $13.99
Beverly Cleary
Individual Book ISBN 9780061992278 $8.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502029683 $154.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502021687 $299.81
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561379613 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781561379620 $13.99
Large Print ISBN 9781432864033 $12.99

Name ________________________________ Dear Mr. Henshaw TEACHER GUIDE
Activity #2 • Prereading GRADES 3-5
Use Before and After Reading

(Prior Knowledge/Making Connections)

Anticipation and Reaction

FEATURED TITLE Assessment for Dear Mr. Henshaw Directions: Consider the following statements before you read the boCokO. PMlacPeRa EchHecEkNmaSrIkVE CURRICULUM BASED LESSON PLANS

Dear Mr. Henshaw in one of the boxes to show whether you agree or disagree with each statement, and provide your

ISBN 9780380709588 reasoning. After you have completed the book, mark your response again. Provide an explanation
$6.99 Dear Mr. Henshaw
if your opinion has changed. Response Before Reading
Group Set Response After Reading
Assessment is an ongoing process. The following ten items can be completed during study of
ISBN 9781502026439 the book. Once finished, the student and teacher will check the work. Points may be added to Statement
$124.34 indicate the level of understanding.

1. The best way to solve you agree with the statement you agree with the statement Beverly Cleary
Name ________________________________________________________ Date __________________iat_pw_r_iot_bhlesmomiseotonedyisocuuss
REyAouDd,isaWgreeRwIiTthEth,e TstaHtemIeNntK, DyIoSu dCisUagrSeeSwiAthNtheDstaCtemOeNnt NECT

Student Teacher

_______ _______ 1. Describe how Leigh’s understanding of his parents changes from you agree with the statement you agree with the statement
the beginning to the end of the book. you disagree with the statement you disagree with the statement
_______ _______
_______ _______ 2. Complete the Making Decisions chart on page 24 of this g2u. iWddiearir.tyincganinhaeljpouarpnearlsoorn
feel better.
_______ _______
_______ _______ 3. In an essay, explore the role Bandit plays in Leigh’s strained
relationship with his father.
_______ _______
4. Complete the Story Map on page 25 of this guide.
_______ _______
5. In one to two paragraphs, describe how visiting the butterfly

garden helped Leigh cope with the changes in his life. you agree with the statement you agree with the statement
3. The easiest solution to you disagree with the statement you disagree with the statement

6. In a one-page essay, discuss whether you think the book hadtahaperobbeslet mdeicsisuiosuna.lly
happy ending.

7. Complete the Feelings chart on page 26 of this guide.

Class Set _______ _______ 8. At the beginning of sixth grade, Leigh describes himself as “plain”

ISBN 9781502018434 _______ _______ and “medium.” Brainstorm three adjectives that Leigh might use
$231.25 _______ _______
to describe himself at the end of the school year. Then, ex4p. lAaiunthors should write you agree with the statement you adRgisrEaegeArweeiDtwh,itthhWethsteRatsetIamTteemnEte,nTt HINK,
why you think Leigh’s self-image changed. only about real-life you disagree with the statement you
occurrences, not fiction.
9. Using the Venn Diagram on page 27 of this guide, compare and

contrast Leigh and Barry.

10. Correct any quizzes or tests taken over the book. All rights reserved
All rights reserved
Student Packet 4 © Novel Units, Inc.
© Novel Units, Inc. 19
ISBN 9781561377138
$13.99 35

GRADES 34-56

NOVEL UNITS CATALOG The Pinballs Poppy Raggin! A Story About
Scott Joplin
Betsy Byars Avi
Barbara Mitchell
Level S 600L Level S 670L
Carlie knows she’s got no say A great horned owl named Mr. Level S 920L
in what happens to her. Stuck Ocax rules and protects the mice Scott Joplin came from a
in a foster home of the Mason’s who live around Dimwood For- music-making family in Tex-
with two other kids, Harvey est. In exchange for protecting arkana, Texas. As a small boy,
and Thomas J, she’s just a pin- them from the dreaded porcupine they must he loved the lively, rhythmic
ball being bounced from bumper to bumper. give him obedience. One day a mouse with an African melodies and the
As soon as you get settled, somebody puts earring named Ragweed challenged Mr. Ocax’s soft, touching spirituals that
another coin in the machine and off you go authority and was immediately eaten. His shy he heard his father sing. By the age of twenty,
again. But against her will and her better judg- girlfriend, Poppy learns that a mouse delega- Joplin had left home to make a living as a musi-
ment, Carlie and the boys become friends. And tion is requesting permission to relocate. When cian. Barbara Mitchell’s Raggin’ is the story of
all three of them start to see that they can take he refuses, Poppy decides to look anyway. She this talented composer/musician who overcame
control of their own Iives. The children learn to learns that porcupines are no threat to mice. prejudice and hardship to create such favorites
be adaptable and connect to each other and to She fights a fierce battle with him, resulting in as "Maple Leaf Rag" and "The Entertainer"—
music that still makes people tap their toes.
their foster parents. Realistic Fiction his death and liberates the mice. Fantasy
Individual Book ISBN 9780064401982 $6.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780380727698 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502029966 $124.34 Group Set ISBN 9781502030030 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502021960 $231.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502022035 $261.25 Individual Book ISBN 9780876143100 $9.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502030146 $169.34
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370825 $12.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581305685 $12.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502022141 $329.81
Student Packet ISBN 9781561378272 $13.99 Student Packet ISBN 9781581305692 $13.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376742 $12.99

Pippi Longstocking Prince Caspian
Astrid Lindgren Ralph S. Mouse
C. S. Lewis Beverly Cleary

Level O 870L Level T 870L Level O 860L
Pippi claims her full name Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Ralph S. Mouse lives at the
is Pippilotta Delicatessa Lucy are returning to boarding Mountain View Inn. Matt,
Windowshade Mackrelmint school when they are summoned the handyman is in trouble
Efraim’s Daughter Longstock- from the dreary train station (by because of all the mice in the
ing. Her red hair is worn in Susan’s own magic horn) to return to the land hotel. Ralph and Ryan, the
braids that are so tightly wound that they stick of Narnia because it is gripped by civil war. son of the new hotel house-
out sideways from her head. Pippi lives alone Now they must overthrow Caspian’s uncle, King keeper, are friends. Ralph asks Ryan to take
with her monkey, Mr. Nilsson, and her horse, Miraz, to restore peace. Wicked King Miraz has him to school to help save Matt’s job. Ralph
in an old house named Villa Villekulla. Pippi’s imposed a pernicious new order of persecution envisions riding his motorcycle up and down
father was a ship captain believed to be lost and imprisonment, but the King’s nephew and the school’s smooth hallways at night. Things
at sea. He bought the villa so that Pippi would rightful heir, young Prince Caspian, vows to don’t work out exactly as planned when one
have a stable life. Pippi is rich and has no revive Narnia’s glorious past. Fearing for his life, of the girls in Ryan’s class discovers him. Ralph
parents to tell her what to do, and has a flair for he is forced to flee and calls on the children, becomes a class project, which is boring and
the outrageous. She is assertive and frequently the lion Aslan, and an army of fauns, dwarfs bothersome. But Ralph learns a lot and proves
mocks and dupes adults, especially those that and spirits to help him in his impossible task.
are condescending and pompous. he is a smart mouse indeed. Animal Fantasy
Realistic Fiction
Individual Book ISBN 9780064405003 $8.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780380709571 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502030160 $139.34
Individual Book ISBN 9780142402498 $6.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502030078 $154.34 Class Set ISBN 9781502022165 $261.25
Group Set ISBN 9781502029980 $124.34 Class Set ISBN 9781502022073 $291.25
Class Set ISBN 9781502021984 $$21321..9295 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376810 $12.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561371730 $12.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370368
Student Packet ISBN 9781561376827 $13.99 Ramona and Her Father

Pocketful of Goobers: A Story Rachel Carson: Pioneer Beverly Cleary
About George Washington of Ecology
Carver Level O 840L
Kathleen V. Kudlinski Mr. Quimby loses his job
Barbara Mitchell without warning. So, her mom
Level R 770L has found a full-time job and
Level Q #REF!L Rachel Carson was always her big sister Beezus has
There wasn’t anything that fascinated by the ocean. As a “reached a difficult age.” Not
George Washington Carver child, she dreamed of it and surprisingly, Ramona takes an
couldn’t grow. He took the longed to see it. As a young active hand in the problems
common goober—today’s woman, she felt torn between that develop. She practices
peanut—and created hundreds her love for nature and her television commercials in order to earn a million
of useful products from it, turning goobers into desire to pursue a writing dollars. She grows concerned that Mr. Quimby’s
a very profitable staple for the South. At the career. Then she found a way to combine both. smoking will turn his lungs black launches an
same time, this very special man passed on to Rachel had a talent for writing and talking about energetic No Smoking campaign. Sometimes
everyone who knew him the importance of fol- science in a way that everyone could understand Mr. Quimby’s temper frays under the strain,
and enjoy. With her controversial book, Silent but he proves as resilient as his daughter and
lowing one’s own dreams. Biography Spring, Rachel Carson changed the way we look the Quimbys cope better than they realize.
at our planet. She warned of the dangers of
Individual Book ISBN 9780876144749 $9.99 pesticides and launched a movement to control Realistic Fiction

Group Set ISBN 9781502030009 $169.34 them. Biography Individual Book ISBN 9780380709168 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502030177 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502022004 $321.25 Individual Book ISBN 9780140322422 $5.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502022172 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376377 $12.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502030122 $109.34 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373697 $12.99
Class Set ISBN 9781502022127 $201.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561375912 $12.99

36 888.650.4224

GRADES 34-56

Ramona Forever Ramona the Pest Riding Freedom NOVEL UNITS CATALOG

Beverly Cleary Beverly Cleary Pam Munoz Ryan

Level O 810L Level O 850L Level P 720L
From the minute that Howie No longer is Ramona Quimby This fascinating fictionalized
Kemp’s “rich” Uncle Hobart the shy nemesis of Henry biography tells the story of
arrives from Saudi Arabia, Huggins or the responsibil- Charlotte Parkhurst, the first
things are off to a rousing ity of Beezus. The story deals woman to vote in the state of
start. There are new begin- with Ramona’s entrance into California. A young orphan,
nings and two very special kindergarten. Whether Ramona is proving what Charlotte soon learns that life
surprises. There are new worries—Mr Quimby is a good rester she is by snoring delicately during in the 1860s is easier for men than for women,
worried about finding a teaching job, Ramona quiet time or whether she is pulling Susan’s so she cuts her hair, dresses as a boy, and sets
is worried they may have to move if he does, tempting curls, she makes her presence known. out to pursue her dream of driving a stage-
Beezus is worried about her teenage complex- How Miss Binney feels is anyone’s guess. Mrs.
ion, her mother seems suspiciously fatter, and Quimby tells her daughter, “She will never forget coach. Historical Fiction
Aunt Beatrice begins dating a strange man. you as long as she lives.” Ramona doesn’t think
Beezus and Ramona need to help each other she’s a pest—she knows that she isn’t a pest on Individual Book ISBN 9780439087964 $6.99
through all these crises including when their purpose. So how in the world does Ramona get Group Set ISBN 9781502030351 $124.34
cat dies. And through it all Ramona, remains a Class Set ISBN 9781502022356 $231.25
sometimes pesty, sometimes brave, but always in trouble? Realistic Fiction Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581308631 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781581308648 $13.99
wonderful Ramona—forever! Realistic Individual Book ISBN 9780380709540 $7.99
Fiction Group Set ISBN 9781502030221 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502022226 $261.25 Rules
Cynthia Lord
Individual Book ISBN 9780380709601 $7.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374397 $12.99

Group Set ISBN 9781502030191 $139.34 Level R 670L
Class Set ISBN 9781502022196 $261.25 Ramona’s World Twelve-year-old Catherine
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581306903 $12.99 just wants a normal life.
Student Packet ISBN 9781581306910 $13.99 Beverly Cleary Which is near impossible
when you have a brother
Level O 750L with autism and a family that
As she starts the fourth grade, revolves around his disability.
Ramona Quimby, Age 8 Ramona believes that this year She’s spent years trying to teach David the rules
Beverly Cleary will be “the best year of her from "a peach is not a funny-looking apple" to
life, so far.” She can show off "keep your pants on in public" — in order to
Level O 860L her calluses from swinging head off David’s embarrassing behaviors. But
All the Quimbys have their on the rings in the park; the boy she calls Yard the summer Catherine meets Jason, a surpris-
ups and downs, but none Ape sits across the aisle from her; and she has ing, new sort-of friend, and Kristi, the next-door
feels them more intensely a new baby sister, Roberta. But best of all, she friend she’s always wished for, it’s her own
than Ramona. Her low point has a new best friend, Daisy. Not only must shocking behavior that turns everything upside
is undoubtedly reached the she improve her rotten spelling, but she must down and forces her to ask: What is normal?
day she throws up in class also be a good role model for baby Roberta.
and Mrs. Whaley instructs the Sometimes Ramona fails, but with the support Realistic Fiction
children to hold their noses. But three days later of family and friends, she discovers something
Ramona recovers her verve sufficiently to give reassuring—that being imperfect can be per- Individual Book ISBN 9780439443838 $7.99
a book report in the style of a T.V. commercial Group Set ISBN 9781502030467 $139.34
with her final ad-lib line of “I can’t believe I read fectly fine. Realistic Fiction Class Set ISBN 9781502022462 $261.25
the whole thing!” Overhearing her teacher call
her a nuisance leads Ramona to soul searching. Individual Book ISBN 9780380732722 $7.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376919 $12.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502030238 $139.34 Student Packet ISBN 9781561376926 $13.99
Realistic Fiction Class Set ISBN 9781502022233 $261.25

Individual Book ISBN 9780380709564 $7.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581306644 $12.99 Runaway Ralph
Student Packet ISBN 9781581306651 $13.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502030207 $139.34 Beverly Cleary
Class Set ISBN 9781502022202 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374489 $12.99 Ribsy
Student Packet ISBN 9781561377084 $13.99 Level O 890L
Beverly Cleary Ralph is tired of family duties
at the Mountain View Inn and
Ramona the Brave Level O 820L decides to take his mouse-
Henry Huggins’ dog, Ribsy, sized motorcycle on a trip
Beverly Cleary (so named because his ribs to the summer camp. But
were sticking out) is forbidden he winds up in the camp as
Level O 820L to ride in their new, clean car. a prisoner in a cage, doing endless loop the
Ramona finds that her new So, when the family leaves loops on an exercise wheel. The story of how
teacher, Mrs. Griggs, appears the house, he runs after the Ralph and a lonely boy named Garf discover
perplexed by pupils who like car. The family finally feels sorry for him, so they speak the same language involves a villain-
to be different. Since Ramona they let him sit in the car while they shop at the ous cat, a grouchy hamster, and many campers.
cannot help being different, mall. Soon he is bored and causes problems. Living in a cage gives Ralph a new viewpoint on
clearly the two are incompati- Confused by all the cars in the parking lot, he life and he realizes that he misses his family and
ble. Nevertheless, Ramona can be counted on to jumps into the wrong car and goes home with
keep things lively. Enraged when Susan copies the Dingleys, who give him a bath. Deeply hurt, the comforts of “home.” Animal Fantasy
her wise old owl prepared for Parents’ Night and Ribsy runs away and tries to find his way home.
receives praise for it, Ramona rebels. Overcome After a dramatic rescue, Ribsy is reunited with Individual Book ISBN 9780380709533 $7.99
by guilt and no longer brave, she tries mightily Group Set ISBN 9781502030504 $139.34
thereafter to please her teacher, but still Mrs. Henry with his family. Realistic Fiction Class Set ISBN 9781502022509 $261.25
Griggs infuriatingly reports home that Ramona Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561371747 $12.99
lacks self-control. Only because she is a girl with Individual Book ISBN 9780380709557 $7.99
spunk, to use her father’s word, does Ramona’s Group Set ISBN 9781502030337 $139.34
courage return, earning her at last an uneasy Class Set ISBN 9781502022332 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376032 $12.99
truce with the teacher. Realistic Fiction

Individual Book ISBN 9780380709595 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502030214 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502022219 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374441 $12.99 37

GRADES 43-56

NOVEL UNITS CATALOG Sadako and the Thousand The School Story Sideways Stories From
Paper Cranes Wayside School
Andrew Clements
Eleanor Coerr Louis Sachar
Level R 760L
Level R #REF!L Twelve-year-old Natalie Level P 460L
Born in Hiroshima in 1943, Nelson has written a powerful As befits such a strange school,
Sadako saw the results of the school story. It’s a short novel the tales are a bit strange as
atomic bomb, but it never ef- called “The Cheater,” and her well. In one, Jason is stuck to
fected her life personally. Sada- best friend Zoe is certain it his seat by a large wad of chewing gum. His
ko was the star of her school’s should be published. All Nata- teacher tries throwing ice water on him (to chill
running team, until the dizzy spells started. lie has to do is give the manuscript to her mom, the gum to brittleness). She even contemplates
Then one day she fainted and was taken to the an editor at a big publishing house. However cutting his pants off. Finally, he falls from his up-
hospital. There she was diagnosed and treated Natalie doesn’t want any favors from her mom. side-down position when kissed (ugh!) by a girl.
for the dreaded atom bomb disease, leukemia. Still, Zoe won’t drop the idea. But if the girls are In another tale, Kathy, who assumes no one will
Her friend came to visit and explained that there to succeed, they’ll need support from their wary likes her is proved right, or the story of Bebe,
is a legend that if you make 1,000 origami cranes English teacher, legal advice from Zoe’s tough- who draws quickly but without artistic merit; or
a sick person will become healthy. It was a race talking father, and some clever maneuvering to the story of D.J., whose smile is contagious but
against time that Sadako unfortunately lost. The outwit the overbearing editor in chief (Natalie’s
story shows the courage she showed in the face mom) of Shipley Junior Books. Suddenly Nata- needs a reason to smile. Short Stories
lie begins to worry about deceiving her mother.
of difficult odds. Historical Fiction Individual Book ISBN 9780380698714 $6.99
Realistic Fiction Group Set ISBN 9781502030863 $124.34

Individual Book ISBN 9780142401132 $6.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780689851865 $7.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502022868 $231.25
Group Set ISBN 9781502030528 $124.34 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581308655 $12.99
Class Set ISBN 9781502022523 $231.25 Group Set ISBN 9781502030610 $139.34 Student Packet ISBN 9781581308662 $13.99
Class Set ISBN 9781502022615 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561371785 $12.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581305197 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781561376315 $13.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781581305203 $13.99 Silver

Sam, Bangs & Moonshine Shiloh Gloria Whelan

Evaline Ness Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Level N 840L
Deep in the Alaskan wilds,
Level P 510L Level R 890L 9-year-old Rachel dreams of
Samantha (everyone calls Eleven-year-old Marty Preston owning and racing a sled dog
her Sam) is a fisherman’s loves to spend time up in the one day. When her father, who
daughter who dreams rich and hills behind his home near breeds and races huskies,
lovely dreams-moonshine, West Virginia. Sometimes he gives her the runt of the litter,
her father says. Sam and her takes his rifle to see what he Rachel names the puppy Silver and sets out to
cat, Everyday Thomas asks to can shoot. One summer Sunday, Marty comes
see her pet, a baby kangaroo, across something different on the road—a prove he’s a champion. Realistic Fiction
and every day Sam tells him that it just left young beagle—and the trouble begins. What
and where Thomas can go to find it. On this do you do when a dog you suspect is being Individual Book ISBN 9780394896113 $4.99
particular day Sam sends him to a “cave behind mistreated? When the man who owns him has Group Set ISBN 9781502030894 $94.34
Blue Rock”. Bangs tells him that the tide rises a gun? Marty puts his courage on the line, and Class Set ISBN 9781502022899 $171.25
early that day. Sam isn’t worried, so Bangs goes discovers that it is not easy to separate right Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374991 $12.99
to find Thomas himself. Later, neither Thomas from wrong.
nor Bangs return, Sam learns the hard way how Skinnybones
“moonshine” can harm the ones she loves. Realistic Fiction
Barbara Park
Realistic Fiction
Individual Book ISBN 9780689835827 $8.99 Level P 590L
Group Set ISBN 9781502030825 $154.34 For the smallest kid on the
Individual Book ISBN 9780805003154 $8.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502022820 $291.25 baseball team, Alex ’Skinny-
Group Set ISBN 9781502030535 $154.34 bones’ Frankovitch has a major-
Class Set ISBN 9781502022530 $291.25 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374243 $12.99 league big mouth! But when
Student Packet ISBN 9781561376063 $13.99 he brags his way into a pitching
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370405 $12.99 contest, this might be one mess that not even
Alex can talk his way out of.
Sarah, Plain and Tall Shiloh Season
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Realistic Fiction
Patricia MacLachlan

Level R 660L Level W 860L Individual Book ISBN 9780679887928 $6.99
“I will come by train. I will wear Now that Marty Preston owns Group Set ISBN 9781502030931 $124.34
a yellow bonnet. I am plain and the abused dog, Shiloh, Marty Class Set ISBN 9781502022936 $231.25
tall.” In the late 19th century a is afraid that Judd Travers will Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581306040 $12.99
widowed Midwestern farmer try to take him back out of Student Packet ISBN 9781581306057 $13.99
with two children, Anna and spite. Judd drinks a lot and
Caleb, advertises for a mail-order bride. Sarah illegally hunts on the Preston property. Marty
Elisabeth Wheaton from Maine answers the had a serious conversation with his wise dad—
ad and agrees to come for a month. Sarah the local doctor and veterinarian—Marty makes
brings gifts from the sea, a cat named Seal, and a real effort to understand why Judd is so to
singing and laughter to the quiet house. The animals. He attempts to explore his own feel-
children fear that she will not stay, and when she ings, trying to control his anger. When Travers
goes off to town alone. suffers a serious accident—but thanks to Shiloh,
But she returns to explain that, though she not fatal, Marty makes peace with him through
misses her home, “the truth of it is I would
persistent acts of kindness. Realistic Fiction
miss you more.” Realistic Fiction
Individual Book ISBN 9780689806469 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502030832 $139.34
Individual Book ISBN 9780062399526 $7.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502022837 $261.25
Group Set ISBN 9781502030566 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502022561 $261.25 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581306927 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781581306934 $13.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372478 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781561376322 $13.99

38 888.650.4224

GRADES 34-56

Skylark Stone Fox Superfudge NOVEL UNITS CATALOG

Patricia MacLachlan John Reynolds Gardiner Judy Blume

Level R 470L Level P 610L Level Q 560L
Sarah came to the prairie from Ten year-old Willy lives on The Hatchers have decided to
Maine to marry Papa. But that a farm in Wyoming with his leave their apartment in Man-
summer, a drought turned grandfather and his dog hattan for a school year and
the land dry and brown. Fires Searchlight. When his grand- spend that year in Princeton,
swept across the fields and father falls ill, Willy finds out N.J. Twelve year-old Peter, and
coyotes came to the well in search of water. So that his grandfather owes ten 4 year-old Fudge have a lot of
Sarah took Anna and Caleb back east, where years’ worth of back taxes. Determined to keep a different school; and now a new sibling on
they would be safe. Papa stayed behind. He their farm going—and to give his grandfather a the way. When his mother told Peter that she
would not leave his land. Maine was beauti- reason to live—he hitches his dog to the plow was getting a new baby girl, Tootsie, he was
ful, but Anna missed home, and Papa. And as and harvests the potato crop. Willy needs $500 shocked. Will Peter have another tiny version of
the weeks went by, she began to wonder what more and sees an ad for the National Dogsled Fudge on his hands? The story chronicles these
would happen if the rains never came. Would Race and decides to enter. Dauntless as ever, he and other familiar growing pains for adoles-
she and Caleb and Sarah and Papa ever be a stakes everything on one wild hope: that he and cents, as well as new friends, and one about the
Searchlight can outrun the best dogsled racers Hatchers’ friendly neighbor who may or may
family again. Realistic Fiction in the country—including the legendary Indian, not eat worms.

Individual Book ISBN 9780064406222 $5.99 Stone Fox. Tale/Legend Realistic Fiction
Group Set ISBN 9781502030948 $109.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502022943 $201.25 Individual Book ISBN 9780064401326 $6.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780142408803 $7.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376551 $12.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502031211 $124.34 Group Set ISBN 9781502031419 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502023216 $231.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502023414 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370634 $12.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561371754 $12.99
Snow Treasure Student Packet ISBN 9781561376339 $13.99
Marie McSwigan
The Tale of Despereaux
Level R 690L The Stories Julian Tells
In the bleak winter of 1940, Kate DiCamillo
Nazi troops parachuted Ann Cameron
into Peter Lindstrom’s tiny Level U 670L
Norwegian village and held it Level O 520L Despereaux Tilling, is a literate
captive. Nobody thought the Ann Cameron’s beloved and mouse who lives by a different
Nazis could be defeated—until Uncle Victor bestselling chapter book se- code and happens to fall in
told Peter how the children could fool the ries about Julian, his brother love with a real princess named
enemy. It was a dangerous plan. They had to Huey, and his friend Gloria all Pea. Despereaux is anxious
slip past Nazi guards with nine million dollars in begins right here! Julian has to profess his love, but when
gold hidden on their sleds. The children rode a big imagination. And he is he tells his community of his
their sleds with the bullion in teams down to great at telling stories. He can dreams, he gets banished into the dark dungeon
the ship right under the noses of the Nazis. It make people—especially his younger brother, where mice never leave. A rat named Chiar-
meant risking their country’s treasure—and their Huey—believe just about anything. Like the oscuro is ruthless in personality and in love with
lives. The ship was eventually able to sail with story about the cats that come in the mail. Or making his way toward light. When these charac-
the gold to the United States for safekeeping. the fig leaves that make you grow tall if you eat ters collide—along with Miggery Sow, a servant
them off the tree. But some stories can lead who aims to become a princess of her own—the
Historical Fiction to a heap of trouble, and that’s exactly where result gives hope to underdogs everywhere, and

Individual Book ISBN 9780142402245 $7.99 Julian and Huey end up! Realistic Fiction teems with justice. Tale/Legend

Group Set ISBN 9781502031013 $139.34 Individual Book ISBN 9780394828923 $5.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780763680893 $8.99
Class Set ISBN 9781502023018 $261.25 Group Set ISBN 9781502031242 $109.34 Group Set ISBN 9781502031471 $154.34
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372850 $12.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502023247 $201.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502023476 $291.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376711 $12.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581305234 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781581305241 $13.99
Stinker from Space Large Print ISBN 9781432864057 $12.99
Stuart Little
Pamela Service Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
E. B. White
Level Q 820L Judy Blume
An alien crash lands his space- Level R 920L
ship and assumes the body Stuart Little is no ordinary Level Q 470L
of the only available host — a mouse. Born to humans, he Life with his little brother,
common skunk! The aptly lives in New York City with Fudge makes Peter Hatcher
named Stinker befriends Karen, his parents, his older brother feel like a fourth grade noth-
whose dreams of interplan- George, and Snowbell the ing. Whether Fudge is throw-
etary contact never included telepathy with a cat. How surprised the Little ing a temper tantrum in a
reeking woodland creature, and computer-savvy family must have been when their second child shoe store, smearing mashed
Jonathan. Together the three must get their turned out to be a small mouse. The Littles potatoes on the walls at
furry friend back to his planet without undue accept young Stuart into their family unques- Hamburger Heaven, or trying to fly, he’s never
interference from their families, NASA, and the tioningly—with the exception of Snowbell the far from trouble. He’s an almost three-year-old
cat. Though he’s shy, he’s a lover of adventure. terror who gets away with everything, and Pe-
neighborhood skunks. Science Fiction Stuart’s greatest adventure comes when his ter’s had it up to here! Peter is understandably
best friend, a bird named Margalo, disappears jealous of the amount of attention Fudge at-
Individual Book ISBN 9780486816074 $6.99 from her nest. Determined to find her, Stuart tracts, but at least he has his pet turtle Dribble
Group Set ISBN 9781502031204 $124.34 ventures away from home for the very first time to comfort him. When Fudge walks off with
Class Set ISBN 9781502023209 $231.25 in his life. He finds adventure, but will he find Dribble, it’s the last straw. How can he get his
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561377886 $12.99 parents to pay attention to him for a change?
his friend? Animal Fantasy
Realistic Fiction
Individual Book ISBN 9780064400565 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502031341 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502023346 $261.25 Individual Book ISBN 9780142408810 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502031495 $139.34
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374526 $12.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502023490 $261.25

Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372713 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781561377091 $13.99 Price and availability are subject to change without notice. 39

GRADES 34-56

NOVEL UNITS CATALOG A Taste of Blackberries Trouble River WANTED ... Mud Blossom

Doris Buchanan Smith Betsy Byars Betsy Byars

Level S 640L Level S 770L Level P 650L
Jamie isn’t afraid of anything. Twelve-year-old Dewey Martin When Junior brings home the
Always ready to get into has been left with his grand- classroom hamster, Scooty,
trouble, then right back out mother while his parents travel he decides to build the best
of it, he’s a fun and exasper- to the city for the birth of their hamster tunnel ever. But
ating best friend. But when new baby. But terror awaits when Scooty goes missing, all
something terrible happens them when Dewey surprises evidence points to Mud, the
to Jamie, his best friend has an Indian about to set fire to their cabin on the family dog. In the meantime,
to face the tragedy alone. A prank causes Jamie prairie. The Indians are burning all the cabins of Mad Mary is missing, too—although her bag
to tragically die from an allergic reaction to a their neighbors and friends. When they find out and walking stick were found near the highway.
bee sting. A boy must learn to live not only with that their friends, the Dargans have died from When Mary later wakes up in the hospital, she
the loss of a friend, but feeling he could have the fires, Dewey gets worried. When Dewey realizes that the Blossom family might just
sees smoke in the air, he thinks that their cabin have provided her with the strength she needs
prevented it. Realistic Fiction has been burned down. Luckily, he built a raft to pull her life back together. It’s anything
which will serve as their sole means of escape. but an ordinary weekend with the Blossoms.
Individual Book ISBN 9780064402385 $5.99 They begin their escape on “Trouble River.”
Group Set ISBN 9781502031532 $109.34 Mystery
Class Set ISBN 9781502023537 $201.25 Historical Fiction
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373345 $12.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780823421480 $8.95
Student Packet ISBN 9781561378265 $13.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780140342437 $6.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502032140 $153.74
Group Set ISBN 9781502031860 $124.34 Class Set ISBN 9781502024145 $290.05
Class Set ISBN 9781502023865 $231.25 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561377244 $12.99
There’s a Bat in Bunk Five Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374359 $12.99

Paula Danziger What’s the Big Idea,
Ben Franklin?
Level W 570L The Trumpet of the Swan
Marcy Lewis is thrilled when Jean Fritz
Ms. Finney asks her to be a E. B. White
junior counselor at a creative
arts camp. Finally, fourteen Level R 750L Level O 830L
year-old Marcy is on her own Like the rest of his family, Did you know that Ben
for the first time, away from Louis is a trumpeter swan. But Franklin had a hunch that a
family and school as she tries unlike his four brothers and kite could act as a sail if one held it while swim-
to cope with new people and sisters, Louis can’t trumpet ming and another that ants could communi-
situations. It’s her big chance to reinvent herself joyfully. In fact, he can’t even cate with each other? A brief biographyof the
in a place where no one knows how insecure make a sound. And since eighteenth-century printer, inventor, and states-
she used to be. This could be the perfect he can’t trumpet his love, man and reviews the inventions and influential
summer, but will nosy, noisy campers ruin it all? the beautiful swan Serena role Ben Franklin had on early American history
She has lost a lot of weight and is still awkward pays absolutely no attention to him. Louis tries and everyday life through his inventions and
around boys. She is very surprised to have a everything he can think of to win Serena’s affec- ingenuity all with a sense of humor. No matter
boy coming on to her and she jumps at the tion—he even goes to school to learn to read how busy he was, Ben Franklin always found
and write. But nothing seems to work. Then time to try out new ideas. Such as a remote-
chance to be with him. Realistic Fiction his father steals him a real brass trumpet. Is a control lock (so he could stay in bed and lock
musical instrument the key to winning Louis his his door), a rocking chair (which powered a fan),
Individual Book ISBN 9780142406816 $8.99 and a windmill (to turn his meat roaster). Aside
Group Set ISBN 9781502031631 $154.34 love? Animal Fantasy from being a man of ideas, he was an ambas-
sador to England, a printer, an almanac maker,
Class Set ISBN 9781502023636 $291.25 Individual Book ISBN 9780064408677 $7.99 a politician, and even a vegetarian (for a time).
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376698 $12.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502031891 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502023896 $261.25 Historical Fiction
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370672 $12.99
There’s a Boy in Student Packet ISBN 9781561377107 $13.99
the Girls’ Bathroom
Individual Book ISBN 9780698113725 $6.99
Louis Sachar The Velveteen Rabbit Group Set ISBN 9781502032270 $124.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502024275 $231.25
Level Q 490L Margery Williams Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373888 $12.99
"Give me a dollar or I’ll spit
on you." That’s Bradley Chalk- Level Q 820L Where Was Patrick Henry
ers for you. He’s the oldest A boy receives a Velveteen on the 29th of May?
kid in the fifth grade. He tells Rabbit for Christmas. One
enormous lies. He picks fights day the Skin Horse ex- Jean Fritz
with girls, and the teach- plains that a toy becomes
ers say he has serious behavior problems. No real if its owner really and Level R 1000L
one likes him—except Carla, the new school truly loves it. When the Patrick Henry was born on May
counselor. She thinks Bradley is sensitive and boy’s china dog is misplaced, the Velveteen 29th, but this becomes a signif-
generous, and she even enjoys his far-fetched Rabbit becomes his favorite toy. One day the icant date in his life throughout
stories. Carla knows that Bradley could change, boy falls ill is sent to the seaside on doctor’s the book depending on the
if only he weren’t afraid to try. But when you orders. The doctor forbids him to take any of year. He could be: languishing
feel like the most hated kid in the whole school, his diseased toys and orders them all burned to on a sack of salt in his country store; speaking
believing in yourself can be the hardest thing in disinfect the house. While awaiting the bonfire, out against England’s stamp tax on the floor of
the Rabbit cries a real tear which brings forth the House of Burgesses; or being elected gov-
the world... Realistic Fiction the Nursery Magic Fairy. She flies him to the ernor. Well, no matter where he was or what he
woods, where he realizes that he is a real rabbit. was doing, he was managing to progress from a
Individual Book ISBN 9780394805726 $7.99 planter to statesman. He tried many trades, but
Group Set ISBN 9781502031648 $139.34 Animal Fantasy when he studied law he was the most successful
due to his marvelous speaking voice. He was a
Class Set ISBN 9781502023643 $261.25 Individual Book ISBN 9780679803331 $7.99 practical joker and a leading opponent to the
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374106 $12.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502032089 $139.34 Federal Constitution. Biography
Class Set ISBN 9781502024084 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561371792 $12.99

Individual Book ISBN 9780698114395 $6.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502032362 $124.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502024367 $231.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373796 $12.99

40 888.650.4224

GRADES 34-56

The Whipping Boy The Widow’s Broom The Witches NOVEL UNITS CATALOG

Sid Fleischman Chris Van Allsburg Roald Dahl

Level R 570L Level M 710L Level R 740L
Jemmy, is a young orphan This is the story of a widow This is not a fairy tale. This is
now living in a castle. As the who finds herself in posses- about real witches. Grandmam-
whipping boy, he bears the sion of an extraordinary broom ma loves to tell about witches.
punishment when the arrogant after a witch falls into her Real witches are the most
Prince Horace (known as Prince garden. Some of Minna Shaw’s dangerous of all living crea-
Brat) misbehaves, for it is forbidden to spank neighbors don’t trust her clever tures on earth. There’s nothing
the heir to the throne. The boys have nothing broom. "It’s dangerous," they say. But Minna they hate so much as children, and they work
in common and even less reason to like one appreciates the broom’s help. She enjoys its all kinds of terrifying spells to get rid of them.
another. But when they find themselves taken quiet company. But one day two children get Her grandson listens closely to Grandmamma’s
hostage by highwaymen after running away, they taught a well-deserved lesson by the broom. stories—but nothing can prepare him for the
are left with no choice but to trust each other. For her neighbors, this is proof of the broom’s day he comes face-to-face with The Grand High
Upon their return, the Prince requests that the evil spirit. Minna is obligated to give up her
King protect Jemmy. The king grants the request dear companion. Chris Van Allsburg, master Witch herself! Fantasy
under the agreement that the next time they of the mysterious, brings this tale to life with
moody and memorable pictures that will haunt Individual Book ISBN 9780142410110 $7.99
runaway, they include the king. Fantasy readers long after the book’s covers are closed. Group Set ISBN 9781502032492 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502024497 $261.25
Individual Book ISBN 9780060521226 $6.99 Fantasy Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561379828 $12.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502032386 $124.34 Student Packet ISBN 9781561379835 $13.99
Class Set ISBN 9781502024381 $231.25 Individual Book ISBN 9781328470195 $18.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370894 $12.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502032447 $304.34
Student Packet ISBN 9781561377114 $13.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502024442 $591.25 Yang the Youngest and
His Terrible Ear
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374564 $12.99

Who’s That Stepping The Wish Giver Lensey Namioka

on Plymouth Rock? Bill Brittain Level P 700L
Jean Fritz Everyone in the Yang family
is a talented musician except
Level R 780L Level T 720L for nine-year-old Yingtao, the
For years, Plymouth Rock The people of Coven Tree youngest Yang. Even after
sat on the beach without are no strangers to magic. years of violin lessons from
getting any attention. But in The town’s name comes from his father, Yingtao cannot
1741, the people of Plymouth decided it was an a spot where witches used make beautiful music. Now that his family has
important landmark, because the Pilgrims must to gather. Imps and fiends moved from China to Seattle, Yingtao wants to
have stepped on it when they arrived in the continue to appear frighten- learn English and make new friends at school.
New World, and its adventures began. The rock ing townspeople. Usually these creatures are Still, he must make time to practice his violin for
was moved, dropped, broken, moved again, easy to spot. But Thaddeus Blinn showed none an important family recital to help his father get
and cemented back together before finally of these signs. He was a little man with a tale more students. Yingtao is afraid his screeching
being enclosed in an impressive monument, about granting people’s wishes—for only fifty violin will ruin the recital. But he’s even more
ensuring its place as a solid piece of American cents. There was nothing scary about him. Polly afraid to tell his family that he has found some-
asks to be well-liked. Rowena wants Henry to thing he likes better than music. Together he
history! Biography stay in town and put down roots. Sam, sick of and his new friend Matthew think of a sure way
hauling water, wishes for water on his folk’s to save the recital. They are certain nothing will
Individual Book ISBN 9780698116818 $6.99 farm. They all get their wishes, with horrible
Group Set ISBN 9781502032423 $124.34 go wrong. Realistic Fiction
Class Set ISBN 9781502024428 $231.25 side effects. Fantasy

Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373819 $12.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780064401685 $6.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780440409175 $5.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502032584 $109.34
Group Set ISBN 9781502032478 $124.34 Class Set ISBN 9781502024589 $201.25
Class Set ISBN 9781502024473 $231.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373703 $12.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581307764 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781581307771 $13.99



Sam, Bangs &Moonshine To plot cause and effect in a story, first list the sequence of events. Then mark causes with a C and Cats Venn Diagram Dogs
effects with an E. Use an arrow from the cause to the effect. Remember that many effects cause purr bark
Evaline Ness something else so they might be marked with an E and a C with an arrow to the next effect. Same
have hair or fur
READ, WRITE, THINK, DISCUSS AND CONNECT Events in the Story 4 legs
1. pets
Sam, Bangs & Moonshine 2.
ISBN 9780805003154 $8.99 4.
Group Set 6.
ISBN 9781502030535 $154.34 8.
Class Set
ISBN 9781502022530 $291.25
Cause and effect also can be mapped by looking for an effect and then backtracking to the single or
multiple causes.


Cause — a reason something happens
(answers the question why)

Effect — result of a cause
(answers the question what)

Cause: Cause: Cause:

© Novel Units, Inc. Effect: All rights reserved

© Novel Units, Inc. 20 All rights reserved 41


NOVEL UNITS CATALOG Across Five Aprils Al Capone Shines My Shoes Among the Hidden

Irene Hunt Gennifer Choldenko Margaret Peterson Haddix

Level Z 1100L Level Y 620L Level Z 800L
Jethro Creighton is 9 years-old What do you do when your Luke has never been to school.
when many male friends and neighbors are a bunch of hit He’s never had a birthday party,
relatives go off to fight for the men, con men, and mad dog or gone to a friend’s house for
North and the South. After his murderers? Well, if you’re an overnight. Luke is one of
father falls ill, young Jethro takes over running Moose Flanagan, you ask the the shadow children, a third
the family farm. With help from an older sister most notorious convict of child forbidden by the Population Police. He’s
and neighboring farmers, he copes with attacks them all, Al Capone, for help. lived his entire life in hiding, and now, with a new
from local vigilantes, and he makes mature But when that convict comes through for you housing development, he’s no longer allowed
choices about a cousin who has deserted the and then asks you for a favor in return suddenly to go outside. Then, he sees a girl’s face in the
army. As friends, family members, and his it’s a whole different ball game. Picking up window of a house where he knows two children
teacher take sides in the war, go in separate where the Newbery Honor winning Al Capone already live. Finally, he’s met a shadow child like
directions, and, for some, die, Jethro has to try Does My Shirts left off, this lively second romp himself. Jen is willing to risk everything to come
to figure out where he stands on the issues, and featuring Moose, his friends, and some of out of the shadows—does Luke dare to become
Alcatraz’s “finest” is just as satisfying as the first.
where his loyalties lie. Historical Fiction involved in her dangerous plan? Fantasy
Historical Fiction
Individual Book ISBN 9780425182789 $6.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780689824753 $7.99
Individual Book ISBN 9780142417188 $7.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502024862 $139.34
Group Set ISBN 9781502024718 $124.34 Group Set ISBN 9781502024763 $139.34 Class Set ISBN 9781502016867 $261.25
Class Set ISBN 9781502016713 $231.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370917 $12.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502016768 $261.25 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581307788 $12.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561379903 $12.99 Student Packet ISBN 9781581307795 $13.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781561374915 $13.99 Student Packet ISBN 9781561379910 $13.99

Amos Fortune, Free Man
Adam of the Road Alice’s Adventures in
Elizabeth Janet Gray Wonderland & Elizabeth Yates
Through the Looking
Level W 1030L Glass Level V 1090L
Eleven-year-old Adam loved Amos Fortune was born the
to travel throughout thirteenth Lewis Carroll son of an African king. In 1725,
century England with his father, when he was 15 years old, he
a wandering minstrel, and his Level Z was captured by slave trad-
dog, Nick. Suddenly, Nick is stolen and his When Alice tumbles down, ers, brought to America and
father disappears, so Adam finds himself alone. down, down a rabbit-hole one sold at auction. For 45 years,
He searches the same roads he traveled with hot summer’s afternoon in pursuit of a White Amos worked as a slave and
his father, meeting various people along the Rabbit she finds herself in Wonderland. And dreamed of freedom. At 60, he was able to buy
way. But, will Adam ever find his father and there begins the fantastical adventures that will his freedom and build a business as a tanner. He
a red spaniel and end his desperate search? see her experiencing extraordinary changes in bought land, built a house, and prospered. He
size, swimming in a pool of her own tears and bought thefreedom of other slaves as well. It’s an
Historical Fiction attending the very maddest of tea parties. For inspiring story of someone who never gave up
Wonderland is no ordinary place and the char-
Individual Book ISBN 9780140324648 $8.99 acters that populate it are quite unlike anybody hope. Biography
Group Set ISBN 9781502024725 $154.34 young Alice has ever met before.
Class Set ISBN 9781502016720 $291.25 Individual Book ISBN 9780140341584 $7.99
Classics, Fantasy Group Set ISBN 9781502024879 $139.34
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581308754 $12.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502016874 $261.25
Student Packet ISBN 9781581308761 $13.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581305050 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781581305067 $13.99
Individual Book ISBN 9780553213454 $5.95
Al Capone Does My Shirts Group Set ISBN 9781502024794 $108.74
Class Set ISBN 9781502016799 $200.05 And Then There Were None
Gennifer Choldenko Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581308778 $12.99
Agatha Christie
Level X 600L Student Packet ISBN 9781581308785 $13.99
Set in 1935, when guards actu- Level Z
ally lived on Alcatraz Island with All Alone in the Universe First, there were ten—a curious
there families, Moose Flannagan assortment of strangers sum-
moves there so his dad can work Lynne Rae Perkins moned as weekend guests to
as a prison guard and his sister, a private island off the coast
Natalie, can attend a special Level S of Devon. Their host, an ec-
school. But Natalie has autism, and when she’s Debbie and Maureen have centric millionaire unknown to
denied admittance to the school, the stark set- been best friends since third all of them, is nowhere to be
ting of Alcatraz begins to unravel the tenuous grade. But when Maureen found. All that the guests have in common is
coping mechanisms Moose’s family has used starts spending time with a wicked past they’re unwilling to reveal—and
for dealing with her disorder. When Moose ordinary and boring Glenna, a secret that will seal their fate. For each has
meets Piper, the cute daughter of the Warden, Debbie is confused why and been marked for murder. One by one they fall
he knows right off she’s trouble. But she’s also what to do about it. Three is prey. Before the weekend is out, there will be
strangely irresistible. All Moose wants to do is a difficult number in many of ways. Someone none. And only the dead are above suspicion.
protect Natalie, live up to his parents’ expecta- always gets left out. It isn’t looking like it will be
tions, and stay out of trouble. But on Alcatraz, a great summer for Debbie, and the ultimate Mystery
trouble is never very far away. betrayal comes when she realizes Maureen is
going away on vacation with Glenna and her Individual Book ISBN 9780062073488 $7.99
Historical Fiction family. There’s no noisy breakup here, just a Group Set ISBN 9781502024909 $139.34
drifting away that owes as much to fate as it Class Set ISBN 9781502016904 $261.25
Individual Book ISBN 9780142403709 $7.99 does to summer and growing up. Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581306804 $12.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502024756 $139.34 Student Packet ISBN 9781581306811 $13.99
Class Set ISBN 9781502016751 $261.25 Realistic Fiction
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370443 $12.99

Student Packet ISBN 9781561370467 $13.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780380733026 $6.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502024800 $124.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502016805 $231.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581306781 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781581306798 $13.99

42 888.650.4224


Anne Frank: The The Ballad of Lucy Whipple Baseball in April NOVEL UNITS CATALOG
Diary of a Young Girl and Other Stories
Karen Cushman
Anne Frank Gary Soto
Level T 1030L
Level Y 1080L In 1849 twelve-year-old Cali- Level U 830L
Discovered in the attic in which fornia Morning who renames The Mexican American author
she spent the last years of her herself Lucy is distraught Gary Soto draws on his own
life, Anne Frank’s remarkable when her mother moves the experience of growing up
diary has become a world classic—a powerful family from Massachusetts in California’s Central Valley
reminder of the horrors of war and an eloquent to a small California mining in this finely crafted collection of eleven short
testament to the human spirit. In 1942, with the town. There Lucy helps run a stories that reveal big themes in the small events
Nazis occupying Holland, a thirteen-year-old boarding house and looks for comfort in books of daily life. Crooked teeth, ponytailed girls,
Jewish girl and her family fled their home in while trying to find a way to return “home.” Her embarrassing grandfathers, imposter Barbies,
Amsterdam and went into hiding. For the next mother is a widow with four children and loves annoying brothers, Little League tryouts, and
two years, until their whereabouts were be- the challenges of life in the west. Lucy saves up karate lessons weave the colorful fabric of Soto’s
trayed to the Gestapo, the Franks and another gold dust and money by baking pies to pay for world. The smart, tough, vulnerable kids in these
family lived cloistered in the “Secret Annex” her trip home. She works hard but, would rather stories are Latino, but their dreams and desires
of an old office building. Cut off from the spend time reading and writing letters to her belong to all of us. Glossary of Spanish terms
outside world, they faced hunger, boredom, the grandparents. In the end, she learns that home
constant cruelties of living in confined quarters, is where ever you choose it to be. included. Realistic Fiction
and the ever-present threat of discovery and
death. In her diary Anne Frank recorded vivid Historical Fiction Individual Book ISBN 9780152025670 $7.99
impressions of her experiences during this
Individual Book ISBN 9780547722153 $7.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502025111 $139.34
period. Diary/Journal Class Set ISBN 9781502017116 $261.25
Group Set ISBN 9781502025074 $139.34 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781605390086 $12.99
Class Set ISBN 9781502017079 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581305623 $12.99 Student Packet ISBN 9781605390093 $13.99
Individual Book ISBN 9780553296983 $6.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502024947 $124.34 Student Packet ISBN 9781581305630 $13.99
The Battle of Jericho
Class Set ISBN 9781502016942 $231.25 Banner in the Sky
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370986 $12.99 Sharon M. Draper
James Ramsey Ullman
Student Packet ISBN 9781561376070 $13.99 Level 700L

Anne of Green Gables Level Z WARRIORS ROCK! Sixteen-year-
At sixteen, Rudi is determined old Jericho is psyched when he
L. M. Montgomery to pay tribute to the father he and his cousin and best friend,
never knew. Taking his father’s Josh, are invited to pledge
Level V red shirt as a flag, Rudi heads for the Warriors of Distinction,
As soon as Anne Shirley arrived off to face the earth’s most chal- the oldest and most exclusive
at the snug, white farmhouse lenging mountain. But before club in school. Just being a pledge wins him
called Green Gables on Prince Rudi can reach the top, he must pass through the attention of Arielle, one of the hottest girls
Edward Island, she knew she wanted to stay for- the forbidden Fortress, the gaping chasm in in his class, whom he’s been too shy even to
ever. Anne knows she’s not what the Cuthberts the high reaches of the Citadel where his father talk to before now. But as the secret initiation
expected—a skinny girl with red hair and a tem- met his end. Now he must search deep within rites grow increasingly humiliating and force
per to match. If only she could convince them himself to find the strength for the final ascent Jericho to make painful choices, he starts to
to let her stay, she’d try very hard not to keep to the summit—to plant his banner in the sky. question whether membership in the Warriors
rushing into scrapes or blurt out the very first His father died while trying to climb the Citadel of Distinction is worth it. How far will he have to
thing she had to say. Anne was not like anybody and Rudi knows he must make it himself. go to wear the cool black silk Warriors jacket?
else, everyone at Green Gables agreed; a girl How high a price will he have to pay to belong?
with an enormous imagination. This orphan girl Historical Fiction The answers are devastating beyond Jericho’s
dreamed of the day when she could call herself
Individual Book ISBN 9780064470483 $8.99 imagination. Realistic Fiction
Anne of Green Gables. Classics
Group Set ISBN 9781502025081 $154.34 Individual Book ISBN 9780689842337 $7.99
Class Set ISBN 9781502017086 $291.25
Individual Book ISBN 9780141321592 $6.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374816 $12.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502025135 $139.34
Group Set ISBN 9781502024954 $124.34 Class Set ISBN 9781502017130 $261.25
Class Set ISBN 9781502016959 $239.81 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781608786961 $12.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373413 $12.99 The Barn Student Packet ISBN 9781608786978 $13.99

April Morning Avi Bearstone

Howard Fast Level T Level W William Hobbs
The schoolmaster says nine-
Level X 1050L year-old Benjamin is the finest Level V Level W
When you read this novel about student he’s ever seen-fit for Fourteen-year-old Cloyd had
April 19, 1775, you will see the more than farming; destined grown up without his parents,
British redcoats marching in a for great things someday. But without schooling, half-wild
solid column through your town. his father’s grave illness brings Ben home from and alone in remote Utah
Your hands will be sweating and you will shake school and compels him to strive for something canyons. Sent by his tribe to
a little as you grip your musket because never great right now—to do the one thing that will a group home for Indian boys, his feeling of
have you shot with the aim of killing a man. But please Father so much he’ll want to live. But isolation turns to desperation. But high in the
you will shoot, and shoot again and again while first Ben must convince his older sister and majestic mountains of Colorado where Cloyd
your shoulder aches from your musket’s kick brother to work with him. And together, they is taken to live with an old rancher, he finds a
and the tight, disciplined red column bleeds succeed in ways they never dreamed possible. small carved turquoise bear in an Indian burial
and wavers and breaks and you begin to shout cave. Secretly renaming himself Lone Bear, he
at the top of your lungs because you are there, Historical Fiction calls upon the strength of his ancient ancestors
at the birth of freedom—you’re a veteran of the - first to do battle with his own hostilities, but
Battle of Lexington, and you’ve helped whip Individual Book ISBN 9780545607445 $6.99 finally to discover the magic power of an old
Group Set ISBN 9781502025104 $124.34 man’s love, and the secrets of a world he has
the King’s best soldiers. Historical Fiction Class Set ISBN 9781502017109 $231.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581305555 $12.99 just begun to understand. Realistic Fiction
Student Packet ISBN 9781581305562 $13.99
Individual Book ISBN 9780553273229 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502024978 $139.34 Individual Book ISBN 9780689870712 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502025173 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502016973 $261.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502017178 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561371198 $12.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561377251 $12.99 Price and availability are subject to change without notice. 43


NOVEL UNITS CATALOG Becoming Naomi Leon Big Red Bigger

Pam Munoz Ryan Jim Kjelgaard Patricia Calvert

Level V 830L Level 910L Level 980L
Naomi Soledad Leon Outlaw
has had a lot to contend with in Before Old Yeller or Where The Civil War has ended, yet
her young life, her name for one. the Red Fern Grows, there was 12-year old Tyler still awaits the
Then there are her clothes (sewn in polyester by Big Red, the classic boy-and- return of his father, Black Jack
Gram), her difficulty speaking up, and her status dog story of adventure and Bohannon, who left four years
at school as "nobody special." But according to friendship in the wild mountains earlier, in 1861, with General
Gram’s self-prophecies, most problems can be of Pennsylvania. Danny, a trapper’s son, knows Jo Shelby’s Iron Cavalry Brigade of Missouri.
overcome with positive thinking. Luckily, Naomi more about the woods, trapping, and hunting Learning that Shelby and his men are on their
also has her craving to strengthen her spirit. than he does about the big city or dog shows, way to Mexico to keep the Confederacy alive,
And life with Gram and her little brother, Owen, but when Red’s owner sees seventeen-year-old Tyler sets out to find his father and bring him
is happy & peaceful. That is, until their mother Danny’s love for the dog, he entrusts the boy home. He undertakes the 800-mile journey on
reappears after 7 years of being gone, stirring up with training the champion Irish Setter. Filled foot, with only a few dollars in his pocket and
all sorts of questions and challenging Naomi to with heart, and loved by young readers for is joined along the way by a strange ornery
decades, this timeless classic thrills with back- “devil” dog he names Bigger. Bigger becomes
discover who she really is. Realistic Fiction woods adventure as Danny and Red challenge an inseparable friend and protector.
Old Majesty, the biggest, most dangerous bear
Individual Book ISBN 9780439269971 $7.99 of the Wintapi, meet the challenges of the wild Historical Fiction
country, compete in championship dog shows,
Group Set ISBN 9781502025203 $139.34 Individual Book ISBN 9780689860034 $8.95
Class Set ISBN 9781502017208 $261.25 and become best friends. Realistic Fiction Group Set ISBN 9781502025326 $153.74
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370689 $12.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502017321 $290.05
Student Packet ISBN 9781561370702 $13.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780823423910 $8.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561378395 $12.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502025296 $154.34 Student Packet ISBN 9781561378777 $13.99
Class Set ISBN 9781502017291 $291.25
Before We Were Free Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370931 $12.99
Black Beauty
Julia Alvarez
Anna Sewell
Level Y 890L The Big Wander
Anita de la Torre never ques- Level T
tioned her freedom living in the Will Hobbs This is a story written from the
Dominican Republic. But by her horse’s point of view recount-
twelfth birthday in 1960, most of her relatives Level Y 800L ing tales of hardship, cruelty,
have immigrated to the United States, her Tio Set in 1962, this is a chronicle and kindness. Black Beauty is
Toni has disappeared without a trace, and the of a fourteen-year-old Clay a highbred horse that started
government’s secret police terrorize her remain- Lancaster’s and his brother, on an Victorian English grand
ing family because of their suspected opposition Mike’s summer-long search country estate as a carefree foal. Whether
to Trujillo’s iron-fisted rule. Using the strength for his missing uncle. Uncle he’s working as a carriage horse, being ridden
and courage of her family, Anita must overcome Clay was a famous rodeo star from Arizona. He through the night on a lifesaving mission, or
her fears and fly to freedom, leaving all that she has disappeared. It is up to Clay and Mike to pulling cabs in London, Black Beauty’s loyalty
once knew behind. From renowned author Julia find out what happened to their uncle. Taking and sweet nature never fail. The tale offers an
Alvarez comes an unforgettable story about ado- their life savings, and a beat up old truck they animal’s perspective of the world, and high-
lescence, perseverance, and one girl’s struggle bought for $75, they head out to Arizona to lights the thoughtless, even cruel treatment
spend their summer searching for their uncle.
to be free. Historical Fiction They get help from the Navajo, and together animals endured during that period. Classics
with a girl named Sarah save wild horses along
Individual Book ISBN 9780399555497 $8.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780451531742 $4.95
Group Set ISBN 9781502025227 $154.34 the way. Realistic Fiction Group Set ISBN 9781502025357 $93.74

Class Set ISBN 9781502017222 $291.25 Individual Book ISBN 9780689870705 $7.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502017352 $170.05
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581308273 $12.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581308518 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781581308280 $13.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502025302 $139.34 Student Packet ISBN 9781581308525 $13.99
Class Set ISBN 9781502017307 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561377893 $12.99 Large Print ISBN 9781410423900 $12.99

Belle Prater’s Boy The Big Wave Black Like Me

Ruth White Pearl S. Buck John Howard Griffin

Level V 760L Level Q 790L Level Z 990L
Around 5:00 a.m. on a warm Kino lives on a farm on the Set in 1959, the author, a white
Sunday morning on October side of a mountain in Japan. journalist from a privileged
1953, my Aunt Belle left her His friend, Jiya, lives in a Southern lifestyle, describes
bed and vanished from the fishing village below. Kino his experiences after a social
face of the earth. Everyone in Coal Station, who lives on a mountain farm, experiment where he dark-
Virginia, has a theory about what happened to and learns about the sea through his friendship ened his skin and traveled through the South
Belle Prater, but twelve-year-old Gypsy wants with Jiya, who lives "in the last house in the in order to find out how it felt to be black. He
the facts, and when her cousin Woodrow, row of houses toward the ocean, and whose trudged southern streets for a place where he
Aunt Belle’s son, moves next door, she has house doesn’t have a window toward the sea" could eat or rest, looked vainly for a job other
her chance. Woodrow isn’t as forthcoming as because, as Jiya tells Kino, "the sea is our than menial labor, and crossed the line into a
Gypsy hopes, yet he becomes more than just a enemy." Everyone, including Kino and Jiya, has country of hate, fear, and hopelessness—the
curiosity to her— during their sixth-grade year heard of the big wave. No one suspects it will country of the American Black man.
she finds that they have enough in common to wipe out the whole village and Jiya’s family,
be best friends. Even so, Gypsy is puzzled by too. As he struggles to overcome his sorrow, he Biography
Woodrow’s calm acceptance of his mother’s understands it is in the presence of danger that
disappearance, especially since she herself has one learns to be brave, and to appreciate how Individual Book ISBN 9780451208644 $14.00
never gotten over her father’s death. When wonderful life can be. His family and village Group Set ISBN 9781502025371 $229.49
Woodrow finally reveals that he’s been keeping swept away by a tidal wave, Jiya learns to live Class Set ISBN 9781502017376 $441.55
a secret about his mother, Gypsy begins to un- with the ever-present dangers from the sea and Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581308808 $12.99
derstand that there are different ways of finding Student Packet ISBN 9781581308815 $13.99
the strength to face the truth, no matter how volcano Realistic Fiction

painful it is. Realistic Fiction Individual Book ISBN 9780064401715 $6.99

Individual Book ISBN 9781250005601 $8.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502025319 $124.34
Group Set ISBN 9781502025234 $154.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502017239 $291.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502017314 $231.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561371204 $12.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581305579 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781581305586 $13.99

44 888.650.4224


The Black Pearl The Boggart The Borrowers NOVEL UNITS CATALOG

Scott O’Dell Susan Cooper Mary Norton

Level X 980L Level U 970L Level S 780L
From the depths of a cave in the In a tumbledown castle in The story of The Borrowers,
Vermilion Sea, Ramon Salazar has the Western Highlands of the tiny (six-inches tall) family
wrested a black pearl so lustrous Scotland lives the Boggart. (Pod, Hamily, and their daugh-
and captivating that his father, an He is invisible—an ancient ter, Arrietty) that secretly lives
expert pearl dealer, is certain Ramon has found mischievous spirit, solitary in an old English country
the legendary Pearl of Heaven. Such a treasure and sly, born of a magic as old as the rocks house under the kitchen
is sure to bring great joy to the villagers of their and the waves. He has lived in Castle Keep for floorboards and borrow from “human beans”
tiny coastal town, and even greater renown centuries, playing tricks on the owners. But the that occupy the house. Arrietty is desperate to
to the Salazar name. No diver, not even the last Scottish owner has died and left the castle explore the world above the floorboards. So,
swaggering Gaspar Ruiz, has ever found a pearl to his great-nephew Robert Volnik of Toronto, Pod finally lets her go along on a borrowing
like this! But is there a price to pay for a prize Canada. The Volnik family—including Emily and trip. She takes one too many chances and is
so great? When a terrible tragedy strikes the her nine-year-old computer genius brother Jes- seen. Their only hope for survival is to trust the
village, old Luzona’ss warning about El Diablo sup—visit Castle Keep, and when they return to most dreaded of creatures ... a human boy.
returns to haunt Ramon. If El Diablo actually Toronto, they unwittingly take the Boggart with
exists, it will take all Ramon’s courage to face Fantasy
the winged creature waiting for him offshore. them. Fantasy
Individual Book ISBN 9780152047375 $7.99
Traditional Literature Individual Book ISBN 9781534420113 $7.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502025487 $139.34
Group Set ISBN 9781502025449 $139.34 Class Set ISBN 9781502017482 $261.25
Individual Book ISBN 9780547334004 $7.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502017444 $261.25 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370696 $12.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502025388 $139.34 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561377909 $12.99
Class Set ISBN 9781502017383 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372867 $12.99 The Boy Who Dared
The Bomb
The Black Stallion Susan Campbell Bartoletti
Theodore Taylor
Walter Farley Level Y 760L
Level Z 830L Bartoletti has taken one epi-
Level T 680L It is 1946, a year after the sode from her Newbery Honor
From Alec Ramsay and the bombings of Hiroshima and Book, Hitler Youth, and fleshed
Black’s first meeting on an Nagasaki, and World War II is it out into a thought-provoking
ill-fated ship to their adven- over. But the U.S. government novel. When 16-year-old Helmut Hubner listens
tures on a desert island and has decided that further tests to the BBC news on an illegal short-wave radio,
their eventual rescue, this of atomic bombs must be he quickly discovers Germany is lying to the
beloved story will hold the conducted. When Bikini Atoll is chosen for the people. But when he tries to expose the truth
rapt attention of readers testing site, the inhabitants of the tiny island with leaflets, he’s tried for treason. Sentenced
are told they must relocate for just two years. to death and waiting in a jail cell, Helmut’s story
new and old. Classics But sixteen-year-old Sorry Rinamu believes emerges in a series of flashbacks that show his
the Americans are lying and that it will never growth from a naive child caught up in the pa-
Individual Book ISBN 9780679813439 $7.99 be safe to return. He must find a way to stop triotism of the times , to a sensitive and mature
Group Set ISBN 9781502025395 $139.34 the first bomb before it is dropped …even if it young man who thinks for himself.
Class Set ISBN 9781502017390 $261.25 means risking his own destruction.
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370948 $12.99 Historical Fiction
Historical Fiction
Individual Book ISBN 9780439680134 $17.99
Bless the Beasts & Children Individual Book ISBN 9780152061654 $9.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502025517 $289.34
Group Set ISBN 9781502025456 $169.34
Glendon F. Swarthout Class Set ISBN 9781502017451 $321.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502017512 $561.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781608787005 $12.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581305821 $12.99 Student Packet ISBN 9781608787012 $13.99
Level Z 970L Student Packet ISBN 9781581305838 $13.99
Enriched with detailed notes
and commentary, Glendon The Book of Three Brady
Swarthout’s classic tale of
adolescent "misfits" at a boy’s Lloyd Alexander Jean Fritz
camp on a mission to save
themselves. The neglected Level U 770L Level V 880L
attendees of the Box Canyon Taran dreams of adventure, Brady has never been trusted
Boys Camp find their lives but nothing exciting ever with secrets, until now. Brady
turned around by Cotton, who, in a hot-wired happens to an Assistant knew there was something
pickup, challenges them to join efforts to save Pig-Keeper—until his pig runs strange going on over at
a herd of buffalo and rediscover themselves in away. A chase through the Drover Hull’s cabin. He thought
woods leads Taran far from Hull was helping runaway slaves
the process. Realistic Fiction home and into great danger, for evil prowls the and he just had to tell someone. But the minute
land of Prydain. With a collection of strange he told his father, Brady could tell by the look
Individual Book ISBN 9780743493697 $6.99 and wonderful friends whom he meets on his on his face that he’d opened his mouth too
Group Set ISBN 9781502025418 $124.34 journey, Taran finds himself fighting so that often. When he’d learned of his father’s part
Class Set ISBN 9781502017413 $231.25 good may triumph over evil—and so that his in the Underground Railroad, Brady wanted to
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561371488 $12.99 beloved home will not fall to a diabolical fiend. help him, but he knew his father wouldn’t trust
This is one of the five enchanting books from him to keep a secret. So, he is forced to make a
decision about the slavery controversy, and that
the “Chronicles of Prydain.” Fantasy is one secret that must be kept.

Individual Book ISBN 9780805080483 $7.99 Historical Fiction

Group Set ISBN 9781502025463 $139.34 Individual Book ISBN 9780698119376 $6.99
Class Set ISBN 9781502017468 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581308297 $12.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502025524 $124.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502017529 $231.25
Student Packet ISBN 9781581308303 $13.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376636 $12.99 45


NOVEL UNITS CATALOG The Breadwinner Bridge to Terabithia Bull Run

Deborah Ellis Donna Diamond Paul Fleischman

Level Z 710L Level T 810L Level Y 810L
Eleven-year-old Parvana lives Jess pushed himself to be the Coiled by time and the battle
with her family in one room of fastest boy in the fifth grade, at Bull Run, these are separate
a bombed-out apartment in until his victory was stolen monologues from folks whose
Afghanistan during the Taliban by girl, one who didn’t even lives were forever altered by
rule. Parvana’s father- a history know enough to stay on the girls’ side of the the Civil War. Together the
teacher until his school was bombed and his playground. Then, unexpectedly, Jess finds eight fictional accounts from
health destroyed works from a blanket in the himself sticking up for Leslie, for the girl who Southerners and the eight from Northerners
marketplace, reading letters for people who breaks rules and wins races. The friendship tell a whole story of pain, loyalty, and disil-
cannot read or write. One day he is arrested for between the two grows as Jess guides the city lusionment.These are the voices that tell of the
the crime of having a foreign education, and girl through the pitfalls of life in their small, dreams of glory, the grim reality, the hopes,
the family is left without someone who can earn rural town, and Leslie draws him into the world horror, and folly of a nation discovering the true
money. As conditions in the family grow des- of magic and ceremony called Terabithia. Safe
perate, only one solution emerges. Forbidden until an unforeseen tragedy forces Jess to reign nature of war. Historical Fiction
by the Taliban government to earn money as a in Terabithia alone, and both worlds are forever
girl, Parvana must transform herself into a boy Individual Book ISBN 9780064405881 $6.99
and become the breadwinner. changed. Realistic Fiction Group Set ISBN 9781502025630 $124.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502017635 $231.25
Realistic Fiction Individual Book ISBN 9780064401845 $7.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561378982 $12.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502025586 $139.34 Student Packet ISBN 9781561378999 $13.99
Individual Book ISBN 9781554987658 $9.95 Class Set ISBN 9781502017581 $261.25
Group Set ISBN 9781502025555 $168.74 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372485 $12.99
Class Set ISBN 9781502017550 $328.61 Student Packet ISBN 9781561374885 $13.99 By the Great Horn Spoon
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581309485 $12.99
Sid Fleischman

Student Packet ISBN 9781581309492 $13.99 The Bronze Bow Level V 730L
This rip-snortin’ saga of 12
Brian’s Return Elizabeth George Speare year-old orphan Jack Flagg,
and his aunt’s butler, Praise-
Gary Paulsen Level R 760L worthy when they stow away
Daniel bar Jamin is fired by one on a side-wheeler in Boston
Level R 1030L passion: to avenge his father’s bound for California during the
As millions of readers of death by crucifixion by driving great Gold Rush of 1849. Jack’s
Hatchet, The River, and Brian’s the Roman legions from his Aunt Arabella is financially strapped so he is
Winter know, Brian Robeson land of Israel. They crucified his father as an lout to strike for gold to help support her. They
survived alone in the wilder- example to the village. He joins an outlaw band meet a cast of coots, codgers, geezers, and
ness by finding solutions to in Galilee and leads a dangerous life of spying outlaws on the boat and learn to use their wit,
extraordinary challenges. But now that’s he’s and impatiently waiting to seek revenge. The intelligence and loyalty to each other to defend
back to ordinary life, he can’t make sense of zealots refuse to help save his friend from cap- themselves against thieves and other colorful
high school life. He feels disconnected, more ture. Headstrong Daniel is devoid of tenderness
isolated than he did alone in the north woods. and forgiveness, heading down a destructive characters. Historical Fiction
How can Brian discover his true path in life, path toward disaster until Jesus helps his sister
and where he belongs? The answer is to return. heal and he begins to understand the lessons Individual Book ISBN 9780316286121 $8.99
Gary Paulsen skillfully explores the meaning of compassion taught by Jesus of Nazareth. Group Set ISBN 9781502025661 $154.34
of belonging and purpose, and reminds us Class Set ISBN 9781502017666 $291.25
of a crucial rule of the wilderness: expect the Historical Fiction Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561378104 $12.99

unexpected. Realistic Fiction Individual Book ISBN 9780395137192 $8.99 Student Packet ISBN 9781561378111 $13.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502025616 $154.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502017611 $291.25
Individual Book ISBN 9780307929600 $9.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561377268 $12.99 The Cabin Faced West
Group Set ISBN 9781502025562 $169.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502017567 $321.25 Jean Fritz

Teacher Guide ISBN 9781605390161 $12.99 Bud, Not Buddy Level R 860L
Student Packet ISBN 9781605390178 $13.99 For ten-year old Ann Hamilton,
Christopher Paul Curtis life out west was anything
but adventurous. In fact, she
Brian’s Winter Level U 950L had never been lonelier. She
The Newbery Medal and Coretta missed her cousin Margaret
Gary Paulsen Scott King Award-winning classic and her school friends back in Gettysburg. Her
about a boy who decides to hit mother promised that when a special occasion
Level R 1140L the road to find his father. It’s occurred, she could wear her fancy shoes and
In the Newbery Honor-win- 1936, in Flint Michigan. Times may be hard, and they would use the linen tablecloth. She longed
ning book Hatchet, thirteen- ten-year-old Bud may be a motherless boy on for the ease and comfort of those days until a
year-old Brian Robeson the run, but Bud’s got a few things going for stranger rode into Hamilton Hill and changed
learned to survive alone in the him: 1. He has his own suitcase full of special her life. He stayed for supper and Ann agreed
Canadian wilderness, armed things. 2. He’s the author of Bud Caldwell’s there never had been a better party. As he rode
only with his hatchet. As Rules and Things for Having a Funner Life and over the hill, she knew that Hamilton Hill is the
millions of readers know, he was rescued at the Making a Better Liar Out of Yourself. 3. His best place to help build the West.
end of the summer. But what if that hadn’t hap- momma never told him who his father was,
pened? What if Brian had been left to face his but she left a clue: flyers advertising Herman Historical Fiction
deadliest enemy—winter? Gary Paulsen raises E. Calloway and his famous band, the Dusky
the stakes for survival in this riveting and inspir- Devastators of the Depression! Bud’s got an Individual Book ISBN 9780698119369 $6.99
ing story as one boy confronts the ultimate idea that those flyers will lead him to his father. Group Set ISBN 9781502025678 $124.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502017673 $231.25
adventure. Realistic Fiction Historical Fiction

Individual Book ISBN 9780307929587 $9.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780553494105 $8.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372317 $12.99

Group Set ISBN 9781502025579 $169.34 Group Set ISBN 9781502025623 $154.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502017574 $321.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581307320 $12.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502017628 $291.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581306484 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781581307337 $13.99 Student Packet ISBN 9781581306491 $13.99

Large Print ISBN 9781432838461 $12.99

46 888.650.4224


Caddie Woodlawn Call It Courage Canyons NOVEL UNITS CATALOG

Carol Ryrie Brink Armstrong Sperry Gary Paulsen

Level R 890L Level X 830L Level V 930L
Caddie Woodlawn would Maftu was afraid of the sea. It Two boys, separated by the
rather hunt than sew and had taken his mother when he canyons of time and two vastly
plow than bake, and tries to was a baby, and it seemed to different cultures, face the
beat her brothers’ dares every him that the sea gods sought challenges by which they will
chance she gets. Caddie is vengeance at having been become men. Coyote Runs,
friends with Indians, who scare most of the cheated of Mafatu. So, though he was the son an Apache boy, takes part in his first raid. But he
neighbors-neighbors who, like her mother and of the Great Chief of Hikueru, a race of Poly- is to be a man for only a short time. More than
sisters, don’t understand her at all. Scarcely out nesians who worshipped courage, and he was a hundred years later, while camping near Dog
of one scrape before she is into another, she named Stout Heart, he feared and avoided the Canyon, 15-year-old Brennan Cole becomes
refuses to be a “lady,” preferring instead to run sea, till everyone branded him a coward. When obsessed with a skull that he finds, pierced by a
with her brothers. Whether she is crossing the he could no longer bear their taunts, he went bullet. He learns that it is the skull of an Apache
lake on a raft, visiting an Indian camp, or listen- off in his canoe, alone except for his little dog boy executed by soldiers in 1864. A mystical link
ing to the tales of the circuit rider, Caddie’s and pet albatross. This is the legend of how joins Brennan and Coyote Runs, and Brennan
adventures are an authentic picture of life on his courage grew and how he finally returned knows that neither boy will find peace until
Coyote Runs’ skull is carried back to an ancient
the Wisconsin frontier. Historical Fiction home. Traditional Literature sacred place. In a grueling journey through the
canyon to return the skull, Brennan confronts the
Individual Book ISBN 9781416940289 $7.99 Individual Book ISBN 9781416953685 $6.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502025685 $139.34 Group Set ISBN 9781502025708 $124.34 challenge of his life. Historical Fiction
Class Set ISBN 9781502017680 $261.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502017703 $231.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372553 $12.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372454 $12.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780385742344 $7.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781561374922 $13.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502025753 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502017758 $261.25
The Cage Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561374823 $12.99
The Call of the Wild
Ruth Minsky Sender
Jack London
Level Z 520L The Cat Ate My Gymsuit
From the German invasion of Po- Level Y 1120L
land in 1939 to the liberation of The adventures of an unusual Paula Danziger
her concentration camp in 1945, dog, part St. Bernard, part
the author chronicles an adoles- Scotch shepherd, forcibly Level U 610L
cence shaped by the horrors of taken to the Klondike gold Marcy Lewis suffers from
the Holocaust but strengthened fields where Buck eventually low self-esteem and it really
by the force of her own will. Sixteen year-old Riva becomes the leader of a wolf isn’t surprising. She lives in
recounts the suffering and persecution of her pack. The combination of man and dog against a truly dysfunctional family.
family under the Nazis, in a Polish ghetto, during the elements of the then untamed North and Thirteen year-old Marcy loves
deportation, and in a concentration camp. She the anything-goes adventurous nature of Buck, her unconventional teacher,
was taken to the Auschwitz labor camp. Riva the protagonist, makes for exciting reading. Ms Finney who helped her
developed an infection where a doctor con- The important element of the dogs in the conquer her feelings of insecurity. But, when
vinces the Nazi’s that she needs care in a civilian life and survival of those adventurers brings she is fired for refusing to say the Pledge of
hospital. There she escapes the horrors of war, suspense and action to the story. Dogs are as Allegiance, Marcy is devastated. So, she begins
but it is not clear if she lost any family members. important as people and stick together through a campaign to have her reinstated. Defending
this teacher allows Marcy to think about what is
Memoir thick and thin as they face nature. Classics really important to her and to stand up for what
she believes. She is able to mature as a person
Individual Book ISBN 9780689813214 $8.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780439227148 $4.99 and begin to date and effects how her mother
Group Set ISBN 9781502025692 $154.34 Group Set ISBN 9781502025715 $94.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502017697 $291.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502017710 $171.25 behaves in the family. Realistic Fiction

Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581308846 $12.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561371389 $12.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780142406540 $8.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781581308853 $13.99 Student Packet ISBN 9781561375295 $13.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502025777 $154.34
Large Print ISBN 9781410419248 $12.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502017772 $291.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561372874 $12.99

Novel Units, Easy as 1 - 2 - 3 Catching Fire

1 - Choose a title Suzanne Collins
2 - Decide on Group Set
Level Z 820L
or Class Set Suzanne Collins continues the
amazing story of Katniss Ever-
3 - Create positive learning deen in the phenomenal Hun-
outcomes using the Teacher ger Games trilogy. Against all
Guide and Student Packets odds, Katniss Everdeen has
Call 888.650.4224 and place your order today! won the annual Hunger Games with fellow dis-
trict tribute Peeta Mellark. But it was a victory
won by defiance of the Capitol and their harsh
rules. Katniss and Peeta should be happy. After
all, they have just won for themselves and their
families a life of safety and plenty. But there
are rumors of rebellion among the subjects,
and Katniss and Peeta, to their horror, are the
faces of that rebellion. The Capitol is angry. The

Capitol wants revenge. Fantasy

Individual Book ISBN 9780545586177 $12.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502025807 $214.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502017802 $411.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561379651 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781561379682 $13.99 47


NOVEL UNITS CATALOG Catherine, Called Birdy Chasing Vermeer A Christmas Carol

Karen Cushman Blue Balliett Charles Dickens

Level X 1090L Level S 770L Level V 900L
Catherine, is a 13 year-old When a book of unexplain- One of the best-loved and most
daughter of an English able occurences brings Petra quoted stories of “the man who
country knight. She is known and Calder together, strange invented Christmas”—English
as “Birdy” for her caged things start to happen. writer Charles Dickens—A
pets. Birdy is a spirited and Seemingly unrelated events Christmas Carol debuted in 1843 and has
inquisitive young woman who connect; an eccentric old woman seeks their touched millions of hearts since. Cruel miser
narrates in diary form the company; an invaluable Vermeer painting Ebeneezer Scrooge has never met a shilling he
story of her fourteenth year—the year 1290. disappears. Before they know it, the two find doesn’t like…and hardly a man he does. And
In this journal, she records the events of her themselves at the center of an international art he hates Christmas most of all. When Scrooge
life, particularly her longing for adventures scandal, where no one is spared from suspicion. is visited by his old partner, Jacob Marley,
beyond the usual role of women and her efforts As Petra and Calder are drawn clue by clue into and the ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas
to avoid being married off. She writes about a mysterious labyrinth, they must draw on their Present, and Christmas Yet to Come, he learns
her dislike of her brothers, schemes to avoid powers of intuition, their problem solving skills, eternal lessons of charity, kindness, and good-
chores, and an annoyance with her parents. and their knowledge of Vermeer. Can they
decipher a crime that has stumped even the will. Classic
FBI? Mystery Individual Book ISBN 9780553212440 $3.95
Individual Book ISBN 9780547722184 $7.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502025975 $78.74
Group Set ISBN 9781502025814 $139.34 Individual Book ISBN 9780439372978 $7.99
Class Set ISBN 9781502017819 $261.25 Group Set ISBN 9781502025883 $139.34 Class Set ISBN 9781502017970 $140.05
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376179 $12.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561377923 $12.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502017888 $261.25
Student Packet ISBN 9781561377930 $13.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581309249 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781581309256 $13.99 The Circuit

The Cay Cheaper by the Dozen Francisco Jimenez

Theodore Taylor Frank B. Jr. Gilbreth Level Z 860L
La frontera’...I heard it for
Level V 860L Level 890L the first time back in the late
Phillip is excited when the Ger- 1940s when Papa and Mama
mans invade the small island of No growing pains have ever told me and Roberto, my old-
Curacao. War has always been been more hilarious than those er brother, that someday we
a game to him, and he’s eager suffered loudly by the riotous would take a long trip north, cross la frontera,
to glimpse it firsthand-until the Gilbreth clan. First there are enter California, and leave our poverty behind."
freighter he and his mother are traveling on to a dozen red-haired, freckle- So begins this honest and powerful account of
the United States is torpedoed. When Phillip faced kids to contend with. Then there’s Dad, a a family’s journey to the fields of California — to
comes to, he is on a small raft in the middle of famous efficiency expert who believes a family a life of constant moving, from strawberry fields
the sea. Besides Stew Cat, his only companion can be run just like a factory. Finally there’s to cotton fields, from tent cities to one-room
is an old West Indian, Timothy. Phillip remem- Mother, his partner in everything except disci- shacks, from picking grapes to topping carrots
bers his mother’s warning about black people: pline. How they all survive such escapades as and thinning lettuce. Seen through the eyes of
"They are different, and they live differently." By forgetting Frank Jr. in a roadside restaurant or a boy who longs for an education and the right
the time the castaways arrive on a small island, going on a first date with Dad in the backseat to call one place home, this is a story of survival,
Phillip’s head injury has made him blind and or having their tonsils removed en masse will faith, and hope. It is a journey that will open
dependent on Timothy. This is the story of their readers’ hearts and minds and gain insight into
struggle to survive, and of Phillip’s efforts to keep readers in stitches. Memoir
adjust to his blindness and to understand the the lives of immigrant families. Biography
dignified, wise, and loving old man who is his Individual Book ISBN 9780060084608 $15.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502025890 $259.34
companion. Realistic Fiction Class Set ISBN9781502017895 $501.25 Individual Book ISBN 9780395979020 $16.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502025999 $274.34
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561371396 $12.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502017994 $531.25
Individual Book ISBN 9780440229124 $6.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502025821 $124.34 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370382 $12.99
Children of the River Student Packet ISBN 9781561370399 $13.99
Class Set ISBN 9781502017826 $231.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373147 $12.99 Linda Crew
The City of Ember
Student Packet ISBN 9781561374120 $13.99 Level X 700L
Sundara fled Cambodia with Jeanne Duprau
Chasing Redbird her aunt’s family to escape the
Khmer Rouge army when she Level W 680L
Sharon Creech was thirteen, leaving behind Many hundreds of years ago,
her parents, her brother and the city of Ember was created
Level V 790L sister, and the boy she had loved since she was by the Builders to contain
It started out as an ordinary sum- a child. Now, four years later, she struggles to everything needed for human
mer. But the minute thirteen- fit in at her Oregon high school and to be "a survival. It worked…but now the storerooms are
year-old Zinny covered the old, good Cambodian girl" at home. A good Cam- almost out of food, crops are blighted, corrup-
overgrown trail that ran through bodian girl never dates; she waits for her family tion is spreading through the city and worst of
the woods behind her family’s to arrange her marriage to a Cambodian boy. all—the lights are failing. Soon Ember could be
house, she realized that things were about to Yet Sundara and Jonathan, an extraordinary
change. Right from the start, Zinny knew that American boy, are powerfully drawn to each engulfed by darkness… Fantasy
uncovering the trail would be more than just other. Haunted by grief for her lost family and
a summer project. It was her chance to finally for the life left behind, Sundara longs to be with Individual Book ISBN 9780375822742 $7.99
make people notice her, and to have a place him. At the same time she wonders, are her Group Set ISBN 9781502026002 $139.34
she could call her very own. But more than that, hopes for happiness and new life in America Class Set ISBN 9781502018007 $261.25
Zinny knew that the trail somehow held the disloyal to her past and her people? Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370641 $12.99
key to understand her family, her Aunt Jessie’s Student Packet ISBN 9781561370665 $13.99
death, and herself, was to find out where it went. Historical Fiction

Realistic Fiction Individual Book ISBN 9780440210221 $7.99

Individual Book ISBN 9780064406963 $6.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502025906 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502017901 $261.25
Group Set ISBN 9781502025876 $124.34 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561377381 $12.99
Class Set ISBN 9781502017871 $231.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581307108 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781581307115 $13.99

48 888.650.4224


The Clay Marble The Contender Cracker Jackson NOVEL UNITS CATALOG

Minfong Ho Robert Lipsyte Betsy Byars

Level V 860L Level Z 760L Level T 710L
Fleeing war-torn Cambodia in Before you can be a champion, Cracker Jackson has a
1980, Dara, her mother, and you have to be a contender. Al- problem. A big, serious, adult
her older brother find sanctu- fred Brooks is scared. He’s a high problem. When he receives an
ary in a refugee settlement on school dropout and his grocery anonymous note in the mail, he
the Thailand border, but when fighting erupts, store job is leading nowhere. His best friend is finds out that his old babysitter,
Dara finds herself separated from everyone and sinking further and further into drug addiction. Alma, is in danger. Cracker’s
everything she loves. At the camp, Dara makes Some street kids are after him for something the only one who can help her. But what can
friends with Jantu who has an almost magical he didn’t even do. So Alfred begins going to an eleven-year-old do in a situation that most
touch and can make toys out of mud and fabric. Donatelli’s Gym, a boxing club in Harlem that adults couldn’t cope with? Cracker will do
When the camp is bombed, Dara and Jantu has trained champions. There he learns it’s the anything to protect his beloved Alma. But the
become separated from the group. Jantu makes effort, not the win that makes the man—that situation is already moving beyond his control...
a magic marble from clay and helps Dara track last desperate struggle to get back on your feet
down her family. Although Jantu dies in the end, when you thought you were down for the count. Realistic Fiction
Dara believes that her magic helped her survive
Realistic Fiction Individual Book ISBN 9780140318814 $6.99
her ordeal. Historical Fiction Group Set ISBN 9781502026194 $124.34
Individual Book ISBN 9780064470391 $8.99 Class Set ISBN 9781502018199 $231.25
Individual Book ISBN 9780374412296 $7.99 Group Set ISBN 9781502026101 $154.34 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376704 $12.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502026019 $139.34 Class Set ISBN 9781502018106 $291.25
Class Set ISBN 9781502018014 $261.25 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561371211 $12.99
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581308884 $12.99 Student Packet ISBN 9781561376087 $13.99 Crash
Student Packet ISBN 9781581308891 $13.99
Jerry Spinelli

Code Orange Coraline Level V HL560L
Cocky seventh-grade super-
Caroline B. Cooney Neil Gaiman jock Crash Coogan got his
nickname the day he used
Level Z 850L Level W 740L his first football helmet to
Walking around New York City When Coraline steps through knock his cousin Bridget flat
was what Mitty Blake did best. a door to find another house on her backside. And he has been running over
He loved the city, and even strangely similar to her own (only people ever since, especially Penn Webb, the
after 9/11, he always felt safe. better), things seem marvelous. But there’s dweeby, vegetarian Quaker kid who lives down
Mitty was a carefree guy-he another mother there, and another father, and the block. Through the eyes of Crash, readers
didn’t worry about terrorists or blackouts or they want her to stay and be their little girl. get a rare glimpse into the life of a bully in
grades or anything, which is why he was late They want to change her and never let her go. this unforgettable and beloved story about
getting started on his Advanced Bio report. Coraline will have to fight with all her wit and stereotypes and the surprises life can bring.
Mitty does feel a little pressure to hand some- courage if she is to save herself and return to
thing in-if he doesn’t, he’ll be switched out of Realistic Fiction
Advanced Bio, which would be unfortunate her ordinary life. Fantasy
since Olivia’s in Advanced Bio. So he considers
it good luck when he finds some old medical Individual Book ISBN 9780380807345 $7.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780679885504 $6.99
books in his family’s weekend house that focus Group Set ISBN 9781502026125 $139.34 Group Set ISBN 9781502026200 $124.34
on something he could write about. But when Class Set ISBN 9781502018120 $261.25 Class Set ISBN 9781502018205 $231.25
he discovers an old envelope with two scabs in Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561379927 $12.99 Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581306828 $12.99
one of the books, the report is no longer about Student Packet ISBN 9781561379934 $13.99 Student Packet ISBN 9781581306835 $13.99
the grade-it’s about life and death. His own.This
edge-of-your-seat thriller will leave you breath- A Corner of the Universe The Crazy Horse Electric Game

less. Science Fiction Ann M. Martin Chris Crutcher

Individual Book ISBN 9780385732604 $6.99 Level Y 750L Level Z 810L
Group Set ISBN 9781502026040 $124.34 Declining, as she always does, Willie Weaver used to be
Class Set ISBN 9781502018045 $231.25 both her best (and only) friend’s a hero. Now he’s nothing.
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561375745 $12.99 invitation to Maine and her Willie was a top athlete, the
Student Packet ISBN 9781561375752 $13.99 grandparent’s offer of summer star of the legendary game
camp, Hattie plans to spend the against Crazy Horse Electric.
Come Sing, Jimmy Jo summer of her twelfth birthday in her hometown. Then a freak accident robs
She likes to wander the town’s few streets, visit- him of his once-amazing
Katherine Paterson ing the library and her grandparents, and her physical talents. Betrayed by his family, his
favorite stores, but always staying close to home, girlfriend, and his own body, Willie’s on the run,
Level V 760L which is in her case a boardinghouse run by her penniless and terrified on the streets, where
The Johnsons’ are becoming parents. But Hattie’s desired ordinary summer he must fight to rebuild both his body and his
country music stars. They’re on is upset when not one but two strangers come life. He is helped back to mental and physical
TV and the radio - and it’s all to town. First to arrive is her hitherto unrevealed health by a black benefactor and the people in
because of James. His voice twenty-one-year-old uncle Adam, who suffers a special school where he enrolls.
and his guitar playing bring the from an unspecified mental illness that makes his
songs to life, and make the audiences beg for conversations an enthusiastic milange of sense, Realistic Fiction
more. Most kids would love it. Not James. He’s nonsense, and word-perfect dialogue from the I
had to change his name to “Jimmy Jo,” dress Love Lucy show (the book is set in 1960). Hattie Individual Book ISBN 9780060094904 $9.99
in clothes he hates, and turn into someone else. is convinced that no one understands him as Group Set ISBN 9781502026217 $169.34
All he wants is to sing the songs he loves. Will Class Set ISBN 9781502018212 $321.25
he ever be able to cope with fame? well as she does. Realistic Fiction Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581305722 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781581305739 $13.99
Realistic Fiction Individual Book ISBN 9780439388818 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502026156 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502018151 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581309386 $12.99
Individual Book ISBN 9780140373974 $6.99 Student Packet ISBN 9781581309393 $13.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502026095 $124.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502018090 $231.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561370962 $12.99 Price and availability are subject to change without notice. 49


NOVEL UNITS CATALOG Crazy Lady! The Crossing A Day No Pigs Would Die

Jane Leslie Conly Gary Paulsen Robert Newton Peck

Level U 570L Level Y 1150L Level Z 690L
Increasingly alienated from On one side of the border is A Day No Pigs Would Die was
his widowed father, Vernon brutality and heartache; on the one of the first young adult
joins his friends in ridiculing other side—a new life. Manny books, along with titles like The
the neighborhood outcast is fourteen and an orphan in Outsiders and The Chocolate
Maxine, an alcoholic prone Juarez, Mexico. He competes with his bigger, War. In it, author Robert Newton
to outrageous behavior, and meaner rivals for the coins American tourists Peck weaves a story of a Vermont
Ronald, her retarded son. But when a social throw off the bridge between Texas and his boyhood that is part fiction, part memoir. The
service agency tries to put Ronald into a special town. Across that heavily guarded bridge await result is a moving coming-of-age story that still
home, Vernon fights against the move. As he a different world and a better existence. On the
tries to come to terms with his mother’s death, night when Manny dares the crossing—through resonates with teens today. Realistic Fiction
Vernon finds solace in this growing relationship the muddy shallows of the Rio Grande, past the
with the neighborhood outcasts and his selfless searchlights and the border patrol—the young Individual Book ISBN 9780679853060 $6.99
man encounters an old stranger who could Group Set ISBN 9781502026422 $124.34
act of kindness. Realistic Fiction prove to be an ally or an enemy. Manny can’t Class Set ISBN 9781502018427 $231.25
tell for certain. But if he is to achieve his dream, Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561373932 $12.99
then he must be willing to risk everything— Student Packet ISBN 9781561373949 $13.99
Individual Book ISBN 9780064405713 $6.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502026224 $124.34 even his life. Realistic Fiction
Class Set ISBN 9781502018229 $231.25 The Devil’s Arithmetic
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561377954 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781561377961 $13.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780439786614 $6.99 Jane Yolen

Group Set ISBN 9781502026279 $124.34 Level Y 730L
Class Set ISBN 9781502018274 $231.25 Hannah thinks tonight’s Pass-
Crispin: The Cross of Lead Teacher Guide ISBN 9781605390109 $12.99 over Seder will be the same as
Student Packet ISBN 9781605390116 $13.99 always. Little does she know
Avi that she will be mysteriously
transported into the past to a Jewish village in
Level W 780L Daniel’s Story Nazi-Occupied Poland. She assumes the life
When a young 14th-century of Chaya in 1942. Shortly, the Nazis take Chaya
English serf ’s mother dies, the Carol Matas and her neighbors off to a concentration camp.
village steward unjustly accuses Slowly, Hannah’s own memory of her past fades
him of murder, the boy, known Level W 720L until she is Chaya completely as she copes with
as “Asta’s son” flees for his life, Daniel barely remembers lead- her circumstances and makes friends with Rifka.
carrying with him his mother’s ing a normal life before the In an act of self-sacrifice, she volunteers to go
lead cross and the newly revealed knowledge Nazis came to power in 1933. to the gas chamber in place of Rifka, but as the
of his real name: Crispin. On the run, he He can still picture once being door closes, she is returned to her grandmoth-
becomes the servant and then the friend of happy and safe, but memories of those days
a hulking juggler named Bear. En route to a are fading as he and his family face the dangers er’s home. Historical Fiction
clandestine meeting with social reformer John threatening Jews in Hitler’s Germany in the late
Ball (a real historical figure), Bear is captured 1930’s. No longer able to practice their religion, Individual Book ISBN 9780142401095 $7.99
and imprisoned. Crispin sets out to rescue his vote, own property, or even work, Daniel’s family Group Set ISBN 9781502026477 $139.34
master and discovers the life-changing secret is forced from their home in Frankfurt and sent Class Set ISBN 9781502018472 $261.25
engraved on his mother’s lead cross. on a long and dangerous journey, first to the Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581306842 $12.99
Lodz ghetto in Poland, and then to Auschwitz, Student Packet ISBN 9781581306859 $13.99
Historical Fiction the Nazi death camp. Though many around him
lose hope in the face of such terror, Daniel, sup-
Individual Book ISBN 9780786816583 $7.99 ported by his courageous family, struggles for Dew Drop Dead
Group Set ISBN 9781502026255 $139.34 survival. He finds hope, life and even love in the
Class Set ISBN 9781502018250 $261.25 James Howe
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581308044 $12.99 midst of despair. Historical Fiction

Student Packet ISBN 9781581308051 $13.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780590465885 $6.99 Level V 670L
Snooping around the mysteri-
Criss Cross Group Set ISBN 9781502026361 $124.34 ously abandoned Dew Drop
Class Set ISBN 9781502018366 $231.25 Inn, Sebastian Barth and his
Lynne Rae Perkins Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581308921 $12.99 best friends, David Lepinsky
Student Packet ISBN 9781581308938 $13.99 and Corrie Wingate, are startled
to come upon a dead body. Sebastian is the first
Level W 820L Daphne’s Book to put into words what they all believe: A murder
Debbie usually spends time has been committed. When they return with the
with her four friends, Patty, Mary Downing Hahn police, however, the body is gone! “A homeless
Hector, Lenny, and Phil. A typi- man sleeping off a drink,” is the police chief’s
cal summer for them would be Level Y 710L explanation. But Sebastian and his friends don’t
to hang around town and sit Everybody in Jessica’s English believe that. As the three undertake their own
in Lenny’s dad’s pickup truck, listening to the class makes fun of Daphne. further investigation, more and more questions
radio. During this summer vacation, however, She never says a word to any- arise: Who was the man? Was he alone? And
Debbie moved into the front of their family par- one — just walks around with most important of all, is there a connection
lor, and she has her own room. She then gets a her nose in a book, with her between the man they saw and one or more of
job helping an elderly woman. She meets her long straggly hair hanging over her face. Now the homeless people Corrie’s father, a minister, is
boss’ grandson, Peter, and they share a quick, the worst thing has happened. The teacher has trying to help? The answers to the questions do
romantic week together. Soon after he leaves assigned Jessica to be partners with Daphne not come until the three have made a number of
back to his town in California. All of the friends in the Write-A-Book contest! Daphne is the discoveries, some of them more horrifying than
go through their own changes throughout the last person Jessica wants to work with on the
summer and each grow in their own way. In seventh grade writing project, but her feel- they had expected. Mystery
the end, to tie up their summer, they all have ings change when she gets to know Daphne
a block party, and are now more mature, and and stumbles on her terrible secret about Individual Book ISBN 9780689807602 $7.99
use their new knowledge to move along in life. conditions in Daphne’s home life that seem to Group Set ISBN 9781502026484 $139.34
threaten her health and safety. During the proj- Class Set ISBN 9781502018489 $261.25
Realistic Fiction ect, Jessica discovers Daphne’s hidden talents, Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561376964 $12.99
grows up a little, and together they develop an
Individual Book ISBN 9780060092740 $6.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502026262 $124.34 award-winning book. Realistic Fiction
Class Set ISBN 9781502018267 $231.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781581309645 $12.99
Student Packet ISBN 9781581309652 $13.99 Individual Book ISBN 9780547016412 $7.99
Group Set ISBN 9781502026392 $139.34
Class Set ISBN 9781502018397 $261.25
Teacher Guide ISBN 9781561377282 $12.99

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