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An independent lifestyle and features magazine covering the Blueway and Lakelands regions on the border of South Carolina and Georgia in beautiful Savannah Lakes Village.

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Published by Shorelines Magazine, 2017-07-21 11:39:23

0817 August Shorelines

An independent lifestyle and features magazine covering the Blueway and Lakelands regions on the border of South Carolina and Georgia in beautiful Savannah Lakes Village.

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SLV Rod & Gun Club

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Solar Eclipse Event Information
Outdoor Adventure Club Runs the Rapids
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Dr. Warren Walsh Jr., DMD


Undergraduate - College of Charleston
D.M.D. - Medical University of South Carolina


South Carolina State Board of Dentistry


ADA - American Dental Association
SCDA - South Carolina Dental Association

Dr. Warren Walsh has been a trusted and respected name in dental excellence in South Carolina for more than 12 years. After growing and selling his
previous successful practice in Columbia, Dr. Walsh decided to bring his skills to serve the McCormick area. “Its a place where you can really take the time

to get to know your patients.” The result is a personal, welcoming, advanced dental practice right here in McCormick.

219 B North Mine Street, McCormick, SC 29835 • For an Appointment Call 864.852.2571

Executive Executive
Director Account Manager
Dwight D. Fleming
Jeffrey Dinos

Nathan Elliott

1230 Highway 7 (State Road S-33-7)

McCormick, S.C. 29835

(864) 391-3030

Call 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday

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4 • August 2017 •

1419 Calhoun Rd. | Greenwood

Can I use a QCD as the RMD for my IRA?

ometimes it seems as though the investment world is fraught $100,000. The funds must come out of your IRA by the RMD deadline,
with acronyms, lingo and jargon that only financial insiders generally December 31st. Also, in order for the QCD to qualify the
can decipher. Perhaps some of those insiders, people who distribution check must be made payable to the charity. You cannot
are tasked with helping investors understand how to plan for receive the funds, then write a personal check to the charity.
their future, do not want you to know what they’re talking
about. Maybe they think it makes them seem more knowledgeable. Here’s an example of QCD at work: Mary and Tom, the charitably
An expert, if you will. Hopefully, this article will shed some light on a minded couple who donated stock in my previous article (Shorelines,
potential income tax savings that largely goes unnoticed. Before we April 2017), would like to give cash to their favorite 501(c)(3) charity.
get to that, let’s first dive into some terminology. They can either write a check with after tax funds or direct their IRA
What is a QCD or an RMD? For that matter, what does IRA stand for? custodian to mail an RMD check payable to the charity. There are
Let’s begin with the one most people are familiar with, the IRA. IRA several benefits of a direct RMD QCD contribution. One benefit is
stands for Individual Retirement Account. The Individual Retirement that Mary and Tom can give more to the charity because they use
Account was created by the Employee Retirement Income Security before tax money. Another is that the QCD is not included in their
Act (ERISA) of 1974. The IRA was created as a vehicle to enable gross income, thereby not increasing their Adjusted Gross Income
investors to save money for retirement while at the same time getting (AGI). Mary and Tom are well aware that an artificially inflated AGI
anincome tax deduction for monies contributed to the IRA. may create a phase out of both personal exemptions and itemized
Fast forward 8 years to 1982. The Commodore 64 8-bit home deductions on their tax returns. Also, since they receive Social Security
computer hits the market, E.T. is a box office smash and a gallon of benefits, a higher AGI could lead to more of their Social Security
gas is 91 cents. Congress realizes that by creating the IRA, they have benefits being taxed.
enabled taxpayers to avoid income tax on IRA funds until they are
withdrawn. This is when a forward-thinking politician posed the Be aware, this is not a complete description of all possible QCD
following questions: “What happens if the IRA owner never withdraws scenarios. Please consult a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and/or
from their IRA?”“What happens if the IRA passes to their heirs?”“We Certified Public Accountant (CPA®) for more details.
may never get to tax all the money sitting in IRAs! “With this scenario
in mind, congress created the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility In conclusion, although it’s probably unwise to avoid withdrawing
Act of 1982 (TEFRA). Among other things, TEFRA outlines the rules your RMD, it is possible to do so in a way that creates a “win-win”
surrounding our next topic, Required Minimum Distributions (RMD). scenario for both your favorite charity and yourself. I hope this
Here’s where it can get confusing. Required Minimum Distributions information is useful to you in making future decisions about how to
were designed to force IRA owners to withdraw money from their IRA best manage both your RMD and your financial future. Now, one last
by April 1st of the year following the year they turn 70 ½, and every acronym before I leave you.
year thereafter, or be subject to a penalty of 50% of the RMD amount
not withdrawn. Ouch! Also, if you wait until April 1st of the year LLAP (Live long and prosper)!
following the year you turn 70 ½, then you’re also required to take the
previous year’s RMD AND the current year’s RMD by December 31st. John W. Cooper, CFP® is a Private Client Advisor
That can create a taxable income “double whammy! ”With so much with Greenwood Capital Associates, LLC. John is
confusion, what can an IRA owner do to avoid paying income tax on active on the board of directors for several local
their RMD? Here’s where a QCD comes to the rescue. non-profits. He also sits on the Self Regional
QCD stands for Qualified Charitable Distribution. A QCD allows Healthcare Foundation Planned Gifts Committee.
an IRA owner, subject to RMD, to direct their RMD to a 501(c)(3)
organization, eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions. There *Greenwood Capital Associates, an SEC registered
are limits and restrictions on how and when you can do this. You must investment advisory firm, does not provide tax,
be 70 ½ or older. The maximum amount that can qualify for a QCD is legal or accounting advice. Greenwood Capital
Associates, LLC is an SEC registered investment advisory firm. This
material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is
not intended to provide, and should not be relied upon for tax, legal or
accounting advice.


With more than 30 years of experience, Greenwood
Capital is one of the largest independent investment
advisory firms in South Carolina*. We use a top-
down disciplined, consultative approach to find
comprehensive financial solutions to help you reach
your goals. Our experienced investment professionals
utilize leading technology and resources to help you
make smart, long-term financial decisions.

104 Maxwell Avenue, Greenwood, SC 29646
201 W. McBee Avenue, Greenville SC 29601

864.941.4049 877.369.5390

*Prior to 2001, Greenwood Capital refers to Greenwood Capital Associates, Inc. (GCAI), which was established in 1983. On or about June 29, 2001, Greenwood Capital Associates, LLC acquired substantially all the assets of GCAI, a
sub-chapter S corporation. Greenwood Capital Associates, LLC registration dates back from 2001. Greenwood Capital is one of the largest independent registered investment advisory firms in South Carolina, as measured by asets under
management and reported on the SEC ADV Par 1A as of 12.31.2015. Greenwood Capital has $1.070 billion in assets under management as of 12.31.2015


August at the MACK Upcoming Opportunities:
Art Instruction with Pat Meyers
“Our monthly column to encourage your interest, participation, Tuesday Class Dates: August 1, 8, 15
and support of your local arts and culture.” Thursday Dates: August 3, 10, 17
~The McCormick Arts Council (MACK) 3 Week Class / 1:00 - 3:30
$45 Members / $50 Non-Members / 864-852-3216 / To register for this program, please
e couldn’t have had a better summer! After six weeks of creative camps, contact the MACK office.​
we look forward to sharing all that we have created and kid-complished. Belinda Ramsey’s
This summer we began with celebrating our amazing National Parks. We Community Threads
then moved into Medieval Mania and explored the wonderful World of WHERE: Hickory Knob SP /
McCormick, SC 29835
Art. After our 4th of July break, we returned to sail the seven seas in Swashbuckling​​ 2nd Wednesday​ C​ lass Date:
Adventures. We rounded out our summer by turning up our innovation and creativity August 10 / 10:00 - 3:00
in solving needs in education by learning about STEAM - Science, Technology, 4th Wednesday​ C​ lass Date:
Engineering, Arts and Math. Our final week featured everything solar, especially in August 24 / 10:00 - 3:00
preparation of our upcoming Solar Eclipse (Monday, August 21) To register for this program’s
communications list, please
A tremendous thank you to our donors, contributors, and teachers! Without your send an introductory email to
dedication to our programs and the students we serve, we would not be able to
inspire, encourage and create with our amazing students. One of the most amazing
parts of our summer program is the development of our Fibers Arts program -
including the art of dyeing locally raised mohair and producing needle felted projects.
Our teen pastel program now serves nearly a dozen students we have served for
more than five years on average. Thank you especially to Ms. Chris, Ms. Mea, Ms.
Danielle, Ms. Keke, Mr. Barry and every ‘veteran student’ that stepped up to assist
when needed.

Please join us on Friday, August​4​ from 6:00 - 8:00 to celebrate their work. All are
welcome to attend. The beautiful paper sculpture donated by our own Barry Russel in
support of the Summer Arts Program will be auctioned at this event. The students of
Ms. Jean Gale will perform.

Get ready! Our Annual Gold Rush Auction returns in September (Saturday,
September 16) We also look forward to showcasing the work of Keshaunia Jackson,
a very talented young lady that has grown up locally and has benefitted from an
amazing sponsor to help her pursue the opportunity to attend programming at
the renowned Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Her sponsor has
encouraged her to produce prints to gain local support in her efforts to advance her
education at this specialized school.

Save the Date. Our Dinner with Cassatt will be on Friday, September 29. **
Please note - we will begin this program at a new time - 7:00pm. Tickets for our
MACK High Tea (October 10 and 11, 2017) will also be available soon.•



PLEASE JOIN THE Friends of the McCormick Library on August 17 at 6:30 pm
as they host South Carolina author Stephen Patterson. Patterson will talk about his
novel The King’s Last Ride. The book takes the reader on an adventure to Memphis,
Tennessee in August of 1977 when fans of Elvis Presley were stunned to learn of his
death. How could the King of Rock ’n’ Roll possibly be dead? When it came time
for his funeral, many had questions that would remain unanswered, only adding
to the rumors and speculation that the news was a cruel joke. The funeral was
celebratory and tragic, but was it real?

Stephen Patterson discovered his love for music and music history while working
in radio. The King’s Last Ride is his second book and first novel. He lives in Chapin
with his wife and children.

The presentation will begin at 6:30pm at the McCormick County Library. Books
will be available for purchase and signing.•

6 • August 2017 •

Primary and Specialty Care at
Savannah Lakes Medical Center

Providing a complete network of care for you and your family, the Savannah Lakes Medical Center includes
both Family Healthcare • Savannah Lakes and Specialty Care Savannah Lakes. We are equipped to accommodate
on-site X-rays, laboratory services and rehabilitation services. Call or visit us today.

Jasen Rowles, DO and Erin Talbert, FNP-C rcLeoaOihfnruaeScrb,aos7ivllpn,ia8toaCn5rtno5tisoau-smnhnqtsueLyedaa,rGikrvceeaii-cns.f,eeoaMs,on.pctdhCfapyoscrrioimclviatiiylcdtksehesCeroovraruetpsnhyrtoeyapsaniednddedincts Fcowtaiohtfme’msaeahliaplllyeasrreaeoHgahletpe’ehssarn,ocllaastavhirnrivgdecdeeae,c,srcaoateosnch–mcnaeeSeappsaclasattvhsetraostdcnioao.anfrnlealSathephtlerLfeoacMrvakeiedersdeoseiutrpcor–arcoplevGasitrdoioeefunspts,
Board certified family practice physician
and nurse practitioner.

Family Primary care: (864) 391-5011 • Specialty care: (864) 391-8644 • Physical Therapy: (864) 391-0704
207 Holiday Road • McCormick, SC 29835


Get Fizzy For Summer (with EU backing) have imposed a ban on the sale of these
wines throughout Europe. The consequences of this ban
by LARRY RUSSO may be insignificant since France itself leads the world in
AS WARMER WEATHER takes over in balmy South Champagne consumption, downing about twice as much as
Carolina, we residents seek ways to cool and refresh. Not the rest of the world combined.
surprisingly, I highly recommend a stimulating beverage.
There are few things that brighten your day or evening like Champagne’s popularity in France can never be
a glass (or two) of sparkling wine. Choosing from among overstated. It was perhaps best expressed by the nation’s
the abundant varieties may be harder than you think. recognized first lady of Champagne, the late Madam Lily
Bollinger, when during an interview she was asked “when
The best known sparkling wine is of course the genre was the appropriate time to drink Champagne?” Here is her
standard, “Champagne.” This champion of fizzy is made classic response:
in the French region of Champagne, the most northerly
vineyard area in France. Classic Champagne is made “I only drink Champagne when I am happy, also when I
from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes, am sad. I often drink it when I am alone. On the other hand
using the fermentation process. Monk Dom Perignon, when I have company, I consider it obligatory. I sip it when
the cellar master at the Abby of Hautvillars, is credited I am not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise, I never
with perfecting the method of making white wine from touch it…unless I am thirsty.”
a combination of black grapes (Pinot Noir and Pinot
Meunier) and white grapes (Chardonnay). Madam Bollinger’s devotion to Champagne is
unquestioned, however for the rest of us, here are a few
The popularity of French Champagne has stimulated a other options:
world-wide industry of sparkling wines, many of them use
the same wine-making techniques and grape varieties as the Gusbourne 2011 Brut Reserve, (Kent England) – With
original. However, if it is not made in the Champagne area, climate and soil similar to Champagne, Southern England is
it is not Champagne (with a capital C). home to nearly 500 vineyards and 135 wineries. (Priced at
about $60.)
Here in the USA we have an impressive array of
champagne-styled sparkling wines, the majority of them Saltare, NV Methode Cap Classique Brut Reserve
made in California. These wine are competitive in quality (Stellenbosch, South Africa) A wine in South Africa’s
and even more competitive in price compared to the premium category. This winery uses the traditional-
original. In the USA you can legally call a sparkling wine methode processing introduced by French Huguenots in
Champagne, even with a capital C, as long as carbonation the 17th century. Priced at about $17.
is not added artificially. In Canada and Australia, wine
makers are permitted to use the name “Champagne” Contadi Castaldi NV Bruit Rose (Franciacorta, Italy)
without restrictions, for their sparkling wines. In retaliation Similar to Champagne in its method of production and
for what they view as a copyright infringement, the French grape selection. Known for notes of green apple, pear,
perceptible minerality and floral aromas. Priced at
about $25.

Worst Pun of the Month

Locally, we had a very emotional wedding…even the cake
was in tiers!•

On all Approved
On August 12, 2017 at 10:00am there Offer ends on will be a dedication to recognize the
installation of donation boxes on the SVT
Sep. 30th, 2017 system. Kevin Allen Freeland, Greenfield
Rd., McCormick has worked hard over
Must present coupon the past year to make these boxes a
at time of service

Call Us! (864)229-9117

8 • August 2017 •

reality. He took
on this project as
his Eagle Scout
project and has
completed four
much needed
boxes. His
Boy Scout
Troop 911,
helped raise
money to enable
him to do this
project. The boxes will be installed next
to the Trail sign on Hwy 7, Huguenot
Rd. entrance near Rt. 7, Badwell
Cemetary and on Barksdale Ferry Rd.
next to the kiosk. As the SVT runs
entirely on donations at this time, this in
an important addition to keep the trail
maintained. The dedication will be held
on Rt. 7 at the sign to the trail that leads
to the trestle at Mill Creek. All are invited
to attend!! For further information please
call Barry Russell at 864-602-9736.• • August 2017 • 9

Local Organizations and Assistance Group at Savannah Biblical Lydia, a maker of purple cloth
Combine to Support Lakes Village then distribute the bags who is known as one of Paul’s early
to cancer patients. converts to Christianity. In her honor
The Lydia Project all Lydia bags have purple handles and
The Lydia Project has grown in 15 are inscribed in purple embroidery with
by PEGGY HARLA years from a few friends in Augusta either the word Love, Hope, or Faith.
wanting to sew, fill, and give bags to The website
wo organizations joined women cancer patients throughout offers much
hands recently for a the city. Today the effort has grown more information along with photos
common cause--sewing to a large complex boasting offices, and volunteer opportunities.
Lydia bags to be given meeting rooms, and a workshop
to women with cancer. filled with fabrics, cutting tables, and Community Threads welcomes all
Community Threads in volunteers who prepare the kits that who would like to join our busy group
McCormick, a MACK program, are distributed to other volunteers to of stitchers. Open sew sessions are
partnered with the WIN (Women in sew. Located near Doctors Hospital held at Hickory Knob State Park on
Need) Circle of the Lutheran Church in Augusta the property, a stunning the second Wednesday and fourth
by the Lake which has been supporting pink structure, has living facilities on Thursday each month, 9 am to 4 pm,
The Lydia Project for a number of its lower floor. Women who live at a in the Bordeaux Room. Members of
years. Meeting at Hickory Knob State distance from their Augusta doctors the WIN Circle will again visit with
Park the women set up a workshop and treatments can bring a caregiver Community Threads on Thursday, July
and soon produced 15 bags that will be and stay without charge in one of the 27. Plan to take part in this community
delivered to The Lydia Project. There ten bedrooms. The house also features effort. For more information about
the bags are filled with helpful items kitchen facilities, a library, and a large Community Threads, contact Belinda
such as tissues, hard candies, a pen common room. Remarkably the entire Ramsey at
and notebook. Other individuals and complex, beautifully decorated with its or call
groups such as the Cancer Awareness all-new furnishings, has been funded 843-860-5403. Villagers Jean Randall
completely by donations. and Peggy Harla can provide more
information about the WIN Circle.•
The project took its name from the

10 • August 2017 •


(864) 223-2253

Complete Professional Landscaping

Residential - Commercial - Industrial

August 2017 Diane & Jack McCray Landscape Management

by KIBBY SCHIPPER & KATHY DIECKHONER One-time Clean Up, Fertalizing, Pruning,
he McCormick Garden of the Month honor goes to Diane and Jack’s Spraying, & Monthly Maintenance Contracts
garden at their business known as McCray’s Tea House located on
4064 Hwy 378 just outside the town of McCormick. Having moved Landscape Design
to SC from Ohio in 1991, Diane recognized the need for a nice place
to eat and decided to open the Tea Room and Gift shop in 2000. Creative, Professional Design, Planning,
It was a labor of love to restore the building and grounds to what & Consultation
they are presently. She put in all the plants you see and is constantly
adding, thanks to her very own green house in the back of a building GreenwoodLandscape Installation
used for storage on the property. One of the most notable plants is a Himalayan
Musk Rose bush planted fifteen years ago next to a tree for support. This unique Grading, Seeding, Sodding, Irrigation Systems,
climber has beautiful white petals with a yellow center and has a very pleasant Trees, Shrubs, & Landscape Lighting
fragrance similar to an “English Rose.” It has taken over the tree and covers it with
blossoms the first week of May. She also has many other roses, namely New Dawn NurseryChuck Bell, Owner,
(in photo), Magnolias, Mock Orange, Potted Fruit Trees, Clematis, Geraniums just
to list a few. Unfortunately, Diane and Jack are ready to totally retire and hope to B.S. Horticulture, Clemson Unviresity
find someone who will keep the Tea House and Gardens flourishing.•
Great Gardens Begin Here!
Squeegee Clean Services
Resi/Comm Cleaning Services Monday- Friday 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Nathan Arhelger Saturday - 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Servicing your area for over 10 years! 2422 Hwy 72 West
PROFESSIONAL WINDOW CLEANING, GUTTER CLEANING, AND (3.5 miles past the mall, on the right)
Great G8a6rd4.e2n29s.0B1e5g4in Here!
864 443 3253

Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Saturday - 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
2422 Hwy 72 West

(3.5 miles past the mall, on the right)

864.229.0154 • August 2017 • 11

ON MONDAY, AUGUST 21, 2017 kayaking, skeet shooting, hiking and
a total eclipse of the sun will be visible fishing. Join us on Friday, Saturday
in parts of South Carolina for the first and Monday nights for Solar Eclipse
time in almost 99 years! We will be Happy Hour featuring half price beer,
celebrating this event at Hickory Knob wine and appetizers. Enjoy a featured
State Resort Park all weekend. We do beer Carolina Blackout brewed in
NOT sit in totality, but we are very close. South Carolina (not included in Happy
Locations where the total eclipse can Hour prices) to commemorate the
be viewed will be available at the front Solar Eclipse. Saturday evening we will
desk. A ranger will be at our sister park, celebrate this celestial event by having
Baker Creek (5 miles) to direct those Galactic Pizza night in our restaurant!

“Bring the family for this celebration of the sun
with weekend activities like swimming, golfing, boating,

kayaking, skeet shooting, hiking and fishing.”

TOTAL ECLIPSE interested in viewing the total eclipse Commemorative Tee shirts will be on
there during its 25-second window, but sale in our gift shop along with special
aot fHtihckeoryPKanorbkSWtateeReeskoret nPadrk driving to Abbeville will afford a full safety glasses! Enjoy a campfire under
two-minute eclipse. The bandwidth of the stars in our amphitheater overlooking
the eclipse is only 60 miles, with locations the Savannah River. WIFI is available at
near Greenwood and Columbia having Hickory Knob lodge to tune in to NASA
the longest duration. Bring the family for LIVE STREAM OR NASA TV to view
this celebration of the sun with weekend the eclipse anywhere in its path. Don’t
activities like swimming, golfing, boating, miss it!•


How Animals React afterwards. Squirrels ran more often than
usual both during and two hours after an
During a Solar Eclipse eclipse.

by LEE BELANGER Bird reactions differed in predictable ways.
Master Naturalist Most diurnal birds (active during the day)
stopped singing and returned to their roosts
A TOTAL SOLAR eclipse occurs when as the sky darkened. As the sun reappeared,
the moon passes between the sun and earth herons, egrets, and others resumed singing
blocking the sun completely. This happens about every 18 or flying and cocks crowed. Conversely, owls being nocturnal,
months somewhere on earth, but may take centuries to happen hooted during the dark period as if it were nighttime.
in any given place. How fortunate we are in McCormick, South Many web-weaving spiders dismantled their webs during the
Carolina is to be on the path of the 2017 solar eclipse! On eclipse, the normal nighttime activity for these spiders. As the
August 21, the eclipse begins at 1:10 pm, and total darkness will sun reappeared, they began re-spinning their webs.
occur by 2:40 pm, lasting about 1 minute. Caution: Never look Nocturnal insects like crickets and cicadas, made their normal
directly at the sun without proper safety glasses. nighttime sounds during the eclipse but stopped when the
sun reappeared. Mosquitoes began biting at the beginning of
Many animals show a marked reaction to a solar eclipse. darkness but then disappeared as the eclipse progressed. Moths
The following observations illustrate the range of behaviors and butterflies flew in random patterns, clearly confused since
mammals, birds, frogs, insects, and spiders have shown during they use light for navigation. Dragonflies hid under leaves,
past solar eclipses. ants headed to their nests, bees were restless, and grasshoppers
stopped making clicking sounds. Frogs began croaking as the
One group of captive chimpanzees turned toward the sky darkened and stopped as light reappeared. Conversely,
darkening sun and one youngster pointed toward it. At dusk, lions, elephants, warthogs and crocodiles showed no change in
the chimps returned to their normal routine, ignoring the their routine.
setting sun. Wild baboons stopped eating and moved toward So mark your calendars, get eye protection ahead of time and
sleeping areas as an eclipse began, but returned to foraging enjoy this rare opportunity to view a total solar eclipse. If you
as the sun immerged. Hippos moved toward a river (their notice pets or wild animals acting differently during the eclipse,
normal evening behavior) and appeared nervous. Once the please e-mail me your observations. What’s on your mind?
sun reappeared, they remained agitated the rest of the day. E-mail Lee at•
Blackbuck antelope and impala both stopped foraging during
an eclipse and the impala seemed skittish for a few hours
12 • August 2017 •

Choose Abbeville. I did.




Latressa Kennedy, RN BSN
Emergency Department
Nurse Director

Savannah Lakes Village: “I’ve been working in the Emergency Department for 16 years and
consider it a great place to work. Even though we are a small hospital,
Our Home
by KAYCIE WELLS we see patients with fractures, shortness of breath, chest pain,
y husband, Jerry Wells, and lacerations and more. It can be hectic at times, but working together as
I moved to Savannah Lakes a team means we can provide our patients with the best care possible in
Village during the summer a timely manner. And, we’re convenient. In fact, most patients are seen
of 2013, when we were
expecting our first child. We by an ED staff member within minutes of arrival.”
had looked in the surrounding area for Get in touch with us at (864) 366-5011 or
a home to raise our family, but stopped
looking when we settled on moving to visit for more information.
“The Village.” Jerry is from Lincolnton,
Georgia and I am from McCormick, so Fannie Kate’s | 127 Main Street
we grew up knowing about SLV. We
hadn’t really considered it a place to $289,000Turn-key
raise our family, since it is known as a 8 Bed w/baths
retirement community, but the more we Bed and Breakfast + 2 Separate Apartments
visited the area, the more we fell in love
with it. It also helped that Jerry works MLS# 413990 • 5,800 Sq. Ft. • Built in 1882
for community services, so he was able to Charming historic Bed and Breakfast. 8 Guest Rooms with Baths. Large Restaurant area
get to know the residents on a personal with large commercial kitchen. Beautiful separate Pub with own entrance and wonderful
level. He knew we would be welcomed brick outside seating area. Separate building with studio and one bedroom apartment. Inn
in this community of retirees, which has separate office, overflow for restaurant area as well as several parlors/sitting rooms for
we absolutely have been! Also, being guests. This is a turnkey business, selling fully equipped. Possibilities are endless.
a school teacher, I am able to enjoy my
summers off in this scenic environment. Kibby Schipper | Realtor Kibby Schipper is a licensed
The outdoor swimming pool, surrounding Realtor with
trails and nearby areas to kayak enticed (864) 391-2700 •
us as well. We are now a family of four Savannah Lakes Realty,
and continue to enjoy living in beautiful 1230 Hwy 7, McCormick, SC 29835
Savannah Lakes Village! Recently, we
have enjoyed taking our family out to eat
in the evenings at the newly renovated
Monticello golf club. The pictures are of
us and our girls, Cynthia and Georgia
Grace. After eating at Monticello one
night, we took the opportunity to snap a
few shots of us on the golf course. We are
loving life in “The Village” and are happy
to call it our home!• • August 2017 • 13



215 Holly Lane - $245,500 214 Lookout Loop - $139,900 314 Oak Street - $75,000 L5 Block 39 Rutledge Lane
3 BR / 2 BA 1,700 sq ft GOLF 3 BR / 2 BA 1,437 sq ft INTERIOR 2 BR / 2 BA 1,868 sq ft INTERIOR Crab Apple Model - $209,000
3BR/2BA 1,703 sq ft INTERIOR

215 Brandon Drive - $265,000 327 Mulberry Lane - $199,900 104 Hearne Place - $387,000 159 Rhett Dr - $125,000
2 BR / 2 BA 1,027 sq ft INTERIOR
4 BR / 3 BA 3,220 sq ft INTERIOR 3 BR / 2 BA 1,409 sq ft GOLF 3 BR / 2.5 BA 4,377sq ft INTERIOR


285 Fairway Dr - $179,000 139 Crescent Dr - $179,000 305 Misty Cove - $279,000 108 Arbor Lane - $179,000
3 BR / 2 BA 1,827 sq ft GOLF 3 BR / 2 BA 1,654 sq ft INTERIOR 3 BR / 3 BA 1,960 sq ft LAKE 3 BR / 2 BA 1,664 sq ft GOLF VIEW


L10 B65 - $150,000 - LAKE L16 B36 - $28,900 - GOLF L4 B1 - $139,000 - LAKE 106 Hickory Point - $189,900
Overlook Point - Tara Driftwood Lane - Tara Bereau Drive - Savannah Pt 2 BR / 2 BA 1,591 sq ft INTERIOR

L14 B44 - $35,000 - GOLF L16 B36 - $28,900 - GOLF L11 B40 - $189,900 - LAKE 262 Fairway Drive - $184,900
Laurens Drive - Monticello Driftwood Lane - Tara Waters Edge Drive - Shenandoah 3 BR / 2 BA 1,704 sq ft INTERIOR

Jeff Dinos Dwight Fleming Kibby Schipper Ray Ray Laidig Nathan Elliott
Broker-In-Charge Realtor Realtor Realtor Marketing
(770) 605-3082 New Construction Existing Home Sales Lot Sales (864) 391-3030
Lot Sales (561) 389-5347 Existing Homes Sales
(404) 909-1789 (864) 993-1209

(864) 391-2700 • 1230 Highway 7, McCormick, SC 29835 •

List your home with LEARN MORE
the fastest growing
brokerage in SLV!! S L VA B O U T T H E S E NEW LISTING


L8 B31 Two Wood Pl - $209,000 175 Bereau Drive - $439,900 177 Bereau Drive - $529,000 131 Kershaw Lane - $379,000
3 BR / 3 BA 2,844 sq ft LAKE 4 BR / 4 BA 3,700 sq ft GOLF
3 BR / 2 BA 1,703 sq ft INTERIOR 3 BR / 3 BA 4,272 sq ft LAKE

111 Rivanna Lane - $299,000 205 Windwood Point - $209,000 207 Washington St - $179,000 198 Shenandoah Drive - $375,000
3 BR / 3.5 BA 3,800 sq ft LAKE 3 BR / 2 BA 1,601 sq ft LAKE + DOCK 3 BR / 3 BA 2,233 sq ft McCORMICK 5 BR / 4.5 BA 3,317 sq ft LAKE+DOCK


206 Yankee Circle - $264,000 309 Misty Cove - $259,900 155 Bereau - $599,000 L12 B34 Elam Drive
3 BR / 2 BA 2,110 sq ft LAKE 3 BR / 2 BA 1,750 sq ft LAKE + DOCK 4 BR / 4 BA 4,245 sq ft LAKE
Flowering Peach 2 Model - $289,000
3 BR / 2 BA + Bonus Room 2,167 sq ft GOLF


121 Elliott Circle - $485,000 109 Hickory Point - $215,000 6 Overlook Point - $289,000 102 Buckeye Lane - $145,000
3 BR / 3 BA 4,281 sq ft GOLF 3 BR / 2 BA 1,624 sq ft GOLF 3 BR / 3 BA 2,490 sq ft LAKE 3 BR / 2 BA 1,667 sq ft INTERIOR


338 Crown Point - $419,000 L8 B17 Ivy Court - $289,000 306 Bay Circle - $269,900 111 Gautier Lane - $229,000
3 BR / 3 BA 3,663 sq ft LAKE + DOCK 3 BR / 2 BA + Bonus Room 2,167 sq ft GOLF 3 BR / 2 BA 1,672 sq ft LAKE 3 BR / 2 BA 1,821 sq ft LAKE

(864) 391-2700

(864) 391-2700 • 1230 Highway 7, McCormick, SC 29835 •

SLV RjOoiDn&s withGUN CLUB



FOR THE SECOND year the SLV Rod & Gun Club Fishing Committee
was asked to take the 4H kids out fishing. They spent the day Monday
learning how to make plastic worms, took casting lessons and were taught
how to tie fishing knots on hooks & lures by Jamie Pohlman and her team
from the Clemson University Extension.

On Tuesday we all met at the Dorn boat ramp. Boats were provided
by Dave Kelley, Josh Sandt and Bob Vose. Everyone met at the crack of
dawn (6:00 am) for a morning of fishing. All of the kids had a great time
with every child catching several fish. Along with the captains there was a
Clemson advisor in each boat. We also had 3 additional volunteers that knew
the lake well and they put us on fish almost immediately and we caught fish
and practiced catch & release up until the time we called it quits for the day.
As we released the strippers a few died but the kids had a great experience
seeing the eagles dive down, pick up fish and take back to their nest, so
no fish were wasted and the cycle of life was completed. The volunteers
helped the kids bait the hooks, take fish off of the hook etc., and they also
contributed 9 dozen blue herring for bait. So a big thanks to Jack Alfredson,
John Hofman and Dave Tuttle.

The 4H members participating included: Hunter Barnes, Alex Brown,
Jon Cason, Jordan Chamberlain, Kendall Long, Layla Maston, Eli McKay,
Jax Reichert and Larry Smith.

I want to send a big thanks out to the boat captains, (for them using their
boats and their fishing gear) along with the Clemson advisors and ALL our
16 • August 2017 •



864.388.0301 • August 2017 • 17


SLV Rod & Gun Club Conducts Home Firearms Safety Class SLV Rod & Gun Club 2nd Quarter Defensive Shoot

THE HOME FIREARMS Safety Class is a NRA class that THE 2ND QUARTER defensive shoot was held June 24 at
is very popular and is offered to all residents in SLV. The class the SLV pistol range. Thirteen members turned out for the
is offered several times per year and is always well attended. event. This quarter’s shooting challenge was divided into two
June’s class had 16 attendees, 6 men and 10 women. This phases. Phase one was 6 shots left handed then 6 shots right
class had 5 Rod & Gun club members and 11 non-members. handed —NO AIMING. Since most self defense is at close
The course was taught by Mr. Mark Young, a certified NRA range the targets were set at approximately 10 feet.
The second phase had one bad guy holding a hostage three
This is a non-shooting course and teaches students the basic standing at a distance of 15–20 feet and one bad guy running.
knowledge, skills, and to explain the attitude necessary for Shooter had 10 rounds per clip using 2 clips. All shooting
the safe handling and storage of firearms and ammunition was timed and a combination of best score on the targets and
in the home. A four hour course for safe gun handling that shortest time to complete the course was used to determine the
is conducted in the classroom. Students are taught NRA’s winner. And the winners are: 22 caliber Bob Kowtko and large
three rules for safe gun handling, primary causes of firearms bore going to Charles Lewis. Congratulations to these members
accidents, firearm parts, how to unload certain action types, and may the force be with you NEXT QUARTER!•
ammunition components, cleaning, care, safe storage of
firearms in the home, and the benefits of becoming an active
participant in the shooting sports.

JDLHS Look to Transition


A GROUP OF 25 brainstormed for close to three hours in June on
ideas to transition John de la Howe School into an agricultural education
program. The meeting took place on the John de la Howe campus and
included local and state leaders, agricultural education instructors, public
educators, Clemson Extension officials along with staff and trustees of the
220-year-old school. Input was shared as John de la Howe prepares to seek
proposals for a feasibility study that would be submitted to the school’s
trustees to determine what agricultural education programs could be offered
on the 1,200 acre campus, plus what types of students could be served. The
JDLHS trustees will report the findings, including costs and a five-year-plan
for the proposed transition, to the South Carolina Senate Finance Committee
and House Ways and Means Committee by December 1. Currently, John
de la Howe serves children from across South Carolina with behavioral,
academic and family challenges, providing them with a safe place to heal,
grow and make lasting changes.•
18 • August 2017 •

Offering LenSx® Femtosecond Laser
Cataract Surgery

with Lifestyle Technology Lenses

Comprehensive and General Ophthalmology

diagnosis and treatment of
Diabetes • Macular Degeneration • Glaucoma

Optical Shop and Contact Lens Department

We Welcome New Patients
Where Vision Comes First

864.227.2020 | 800.922.5805 |Monday - Friday | 7:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
665 West Alexander Road | Greenwood, SC 29646 • August 2017 • 19


Runs the RapidsOutdoorAdventureClub

OUR AREA IS full of so many outdoor adventures for Savannah Lakes
residents to explore and enjoy! The Outdoor Adventure Club recently took
advantage of one of those resources by driving a short hour and fifteen
minutes to Bowman, Georgia. Nestled in the rolling foothills, the Broad
River offers a great beginner experience to kayaking in whitewater. There
are two outfitters along this section of river who will provide you with a
kayak, paddle, PFD, and shuttle service for a very reasonable price.
On June 14, thirteen brave souls, of all different levels of experience,
took the journey down the river for a full day of fun including a lunch break
on a rocky shoal. We all got sufficiently wet,
which was a great bonus on a warm summer day.
“This is an Everyone learned a lot about how to “read the
river,” maneuver our kayaks around rocks and
excellent trip into currents, and how to handle falling out of

to take visitors your vessel. Participants left with a badge of honor
of all ages for jumping in paddle first, and running the river.
Several plan on returning to give it another go and
bring family and friends.
on a real This is an excellent trip to take visitors of all
ages on a real adventure. Be sure to check with
adventure.” the outfitters on the water levels before you make

the trip. Levels can fluctuate greatly with rain
amounts and can make the river go from being unable to navigate at all in
late summer, to rising up into Class III and IV rapids in the early spring. The
Broad river in Georgia eventually empties into Lake Thurmond just below
the Lake Russell Dam on the northern end of our lake. Early June seems
to be the best time to hit the water at just the right level and temperature,
but with all the recent rain that has begun to recharge our reservoir, the
whitewater season may extend longer this year. Check it out.
If you discover a local adventure that you would like to share, the Outdoor
Adventure Club is always looking for new outings to add into our calendar
of events.•

20 • August 2017 •

Photos from the 2016 Oyster Roast & Low Country Boil.

4th Annual

Oyster Roast

& Low Country Boil

he McCormick Historical
Commission’s 4th Annual
Oyster Roast & Low Country
Boil is on September 15
from 5:30pm to 8pm at
the Dorn Mill Complex
located at 206 North Main
Street, McCormick, SC.
There will be live music provided by the
Carolina Drifters along with tons of food and
community fellowship. Beer and Wine you
will not be provided this year. We welcome
you to bring your own coolers with beverages.
To ensure comfort, bring your own chair and
folding table. Gloves will be provided and
oyster knives will be available for purchase.
Tickets will be available for purchase at the
Red Rooster in downtown McCormick the
first of August. Tickets are $30 for adults and
$15 for kids 12 and under. Make plans now to
attend, you won’t want to miss it!•

Family & Friendly Since 1888 | Newly Renovated Inside and Out

You Do It.

No really, you do it.
Customize your own
furniture by choosing the
style and fabric you want.
We offer a variety of frame styles and
hundreds of beautiful fabrics so you can
create the furniture that is uniquely you.
So come in and do it yourself.

McAllister’s Anderson 385
Laurens 76 26
Home Furnishings & More
Family & Friendly Since 1888 29 28 Newberry
127 Depot St. 17 Elberton Calhoun
Mt. Carmel, SC 29840 Falls Greenwood 121
864-391-2121 | fax: 864-391-2123 Abbeville Athens
Mount Carmel 39 Saluda
Sumter Natl Forest 178
81 McCormick

Stay in touch with us Lincolnton 25 Edge eld
via social media. Washington

15 78 225
Madison Thomson 20 Martinez

Greensboro 520 Aiken

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri: 10 am - 5 pm
Closed Wednesday | Saturday: 9 am - 1 pm
Sunday: by appointment, 2 pm - 5 pm • August 2017 • 21


Gareth Edwards teaching a golf clinic by FRANK COMPARATO And if you do take those lessons
at Monticello IT’S SUMMER, IT’S hot, it’s humid remember the “Golf Pro Prayer.”
and yet we can still take our golf game The Pro is my Shepherd,
to the next level with a lesson from our I shall not Slice.
golf professional, Gareth Edwards! He maketh me to Drive Straight
Even if you’re a seasoned MGA golfer, Down Green Fairways;
a refresher on fundamentals can help He leadeth me Safely
prevent you from forming bad habits. across Still Water-Hazards;
He restoreth my Approach Shots.
Here at SLV we are fortunate to have He Leadeth me in the Paths of
a golf pro who cares about his student’s Accuracy for my Game’s Sake.
game more than his own. He attempts Yea, though I chip through the Roughs
to deliver the highest level of customer in the shadows of Sand Traps,
service to his respective clientele day in I will fear no Bogies.
and day out. He sacrifices by working For his Advice is with me;
long hours and being away from his His Putter and Irons,
family on holidays and special occasions. they comfort me.
He neglects his own game for the good He prepareth my Strategy for me
of his students and for the success of our in the presence of mine Opponents;
facilities and operations. And he does all He anointeth my head with Confidence:
of this with a smile. Why? Because he The Cup will not be runneth over!
loves the game and he loves the people Surely Birdies and Eagles shall follow
here at Savannah Lakes Village. me all the Rounds of my Life,
And I will score in the Low Eighties


Golf Tournament

THE 16TH ANNUAL Frank (Bob) White Memorial Golf Samuel Lander Golf Classic
Tournament sponsored by the Lutheran Men in Mission/Luther
Church by the Lake will be played Monday, September 18 at by DEB NYGRO
the Tara Golf Club. Entry fee is $65 per player, $260 per team.
Fee includes green and cart fee, two mulligans, adult beverage LANDER UNIVERSITY ALUM, Jeremy Caldwell ‘06,
after play, dinner and door prizes. The event is limited to the lines up his shot during the 4th annual Samuel Lander Golf
first 128 golfers to sign up. All proceeds from the tournament Classic held on Tuesday, June 27. Teeing off with a shotgun
go to support South Carolina Lutheran Men in Mission as start, 26 teams of golfers scattered across the 18-hole lakeside
course of The Links at Stoney Point to raise scholarship
well as local charities such as McCormick funds for college students at Lander University.•
Children’s Home, Kinard Veterans Home
in Greenwood, McCormick County
Helping Hands, and Lincolnton River of
Life Program. Not one cent is retained
by Lutheran Church by the Lake; it
all goes to support charity. To sign up
please contact Jim Lane 864-525-6416,, Eric Randall
Bob Leonard 391-4022, or the Lutheran

Church by the Lake at•
22 • August 2017 •

SHOP US 24-7-365

611 N. Washington Street



Stop by our showroom today to see our full
line of Bullfrog Spas & other quality hot tubs.

Finding the water never felt so good!

(864) 223-1660 • • Across from Greenwood Mall • August 2017 • 23

TENNIS/PICKLEBALL COMMITTEE Rosemarie Nalevaiko helps host the June Mixer

Glenn Hefner, Barb Burton, Andrya Lowther, and Jim Kitslaar prepare to
take the courts in a 6.0 match

A WEEK IN THE LIFE for later play. Becky Goodwin is the and sign up for a court or rent the ball
contact person for a Sunday afternoon machine. Terri Reynolds, who works full-
of SLV TENNIS PLAYERS or evening (depending on the time of time from her home here in SLV, takes
the year) Standing Reservation Group advantage of courts being open in the
by LANA SNELLGROVE (SRG) of mixed doubles. Most Sundays late afternoons and evenings. “I cannot
ennis players in the these players who represent many make the morning SRG, so I call friends
village enjoy a busy different ability levels fill all four clay to play, hit with my husband, and work
and diverse schedule courts and have been known to spill over with the ball machine.”
when they choose to onto the hard courts. “We have probably
participate in any or had forty different people play with us The last Wednesday of each month
all of the activities over the time we have had the SRG. marks an important event in the life
available. A player Folks cycle in and out with vacations, of both the tennis and pickleball
can start the week by injuries, and other interests, and they community. The Tennis/Pickleball
attending the monthly sometimes come back.” Becky is always Committee meets at 1:00 at the RC.
recruiting new players, “Everyone is “Shortly after we moved to SLV, I
mixer. These fun events are held the last welcome!” realized that committees are the engine
Saturday of each month, April through that drives the community. Enjoying
October, ending with a celebratory Lana Stearns, Interim Director at the tennis as I do, I wanted to do my share
Thanksgiving mixer the Saturday before Recreation Center, cheerfully informs to pay back the community for what
Thanksgiving. The Mixer promotes visitors to the RC, “Do I have a group it gives,” stated Mike Sartain, present
tennis, pickleball, and “fine dining” with for you!” Monday through Friday chair of the Committee, following a
delicious dishes prepared and shared mornings, SRGs usually fill the courts. recent meeting. Other members of the
by the players and others who attend. These Standing Reservation Groups committee shared their reasons for
“I come for the good food,” stated Bob include every level of play. From the choosing to serve. Bill McDonald saw
Stockton as he took a spectator chair Green Netters who play on Tuesday serving on the committee as a way to
next to a court. Obviously, enjoying morning to the three 4.0 SRGs, new assist in the growth and improvement
the tennis, he also contributed a few to the community players as well as of racket sports here in SLV. Becky
comments, “Good shot!” “Way to go, visitors can find a spot to play. The Goodwin moved from being a First
Miss Joan.” Bill McDonald is always Green Netters represent a variety of Responder for 13 years to putting her
encouraging tennis players, pickleball levels. Men and women who are taking name in for the committee, “I wanted to
players, supporters, and visitors to the up the game in retirement and others continue my contributions to living in
village to attend. He commented about who want to improve their skills are such a wonderful place.” Bill Adamson
the last Mixer, “I noticed folks staying taking advantage of volunteer Mike and Lana Snellgrove will be finishing
around after lunch visiting and enjoying Lusby’s instruction using both the ball their terms at the end of this year.
the time together. That is what I like to machine and playing together. Evenings “Serving on the committee has enabled
see.” provide opportunities for playing and me to direct my ideas and ideas of others
for enjoying being a spectator. USTA into proper channels for consideration,”
Sunday morning and the courts are matches for age 55+ teams play in the Adamson said. As for myself, I find it
used by a group of 4.0 men who put evenings or on weekends. Thanks to exciting to make plans, share ideas, and
together a court or two on a weekly basis. Marsha Lusby, USTA liaison, Neighbor then see the program and the facility
Four women players slip in mid-day to Link announcements provide dates and grow and expand. I hope many tennis
play a couple of hours before leaving the times for competitive matches. Many and pickleball players will choose to
courts so the RC staff can refresh them afternoons and evenings are also a great submit their names to serve on the
24 • August 2017 • time for players to get a group together Tennis/Pickleball Committee.•


Located on SC Highway 378

• Village Spirits • Kristy’s
Open Mon.-Sat. Hairway 378

(Veteran owned and operated. (Beauty Salon)
Look for weekly specials)

• Palmetto • Barber Shop
(Open Wed..- Fri.)
(Sports Bar)

• Pack Rat’s (Consignment/ Flea Market)

1000+or- sq. ft. | 864-993-4681

7 Savannah Huguenot Pkwy McCormick, PALMETTO MAINTENANCE
Hickory Knob Lakes Village PLUS INC.
State Resort South Carolina
Baker Creek (864) 378-2722
Park State Park 378
7 &
(864) 391-5097
For all your
Elijah Clark Lawn/Landscape Maintenance
State park
Lincolnton, Pressure Washing
Georgia 378 & Pest Control Needs


Serving Savannah Lakes Village
for More Than 20 Years!

INSURED • August 2017 • 25


Great Expressions of Community


every ONE OF THE blessing of living in Savannah Lakes is the great since of
community. Here are two great expressions of community. One a poem by
Welcome to Sam Walter Foss, “The House by the Side of the Road” and one a parable from
Lutheran Church By The Lake Jesus, “The Good Samaritan.” Enjoy and reflect!

Highway 378 & Twelve Oaks Drive There are hermit I see from my house
souls that live withdrawn by the side of the road,
Sunday Morning - 8:15 & 10:15am In the peace of their self-content; By the side of the highway of life,
Sunday School Adults - 9:15am There are souls, like stars, that dwell apart, The men who press with the ardor of hope,
In a fellowless firmament; The men who are faint with the strife.
Youth Fellowship Wednesday - 4:15pm There are pioneer souls that blaze their But I turn not away from their smiles nor
paths their tears-
Pastor Jim Kinsler Where highways never ran;- Both parts of an infinite plan;-
864-391-3000 But let me live by the side of the road Let me live in my house by the side of the And be a friend to man. road
Let me live in a house And be a friend to man.
“Building relationships with God and neighbors” by the side of the road, Let me live in my
Good Shepherd Catholic Church Where the race of men go by- house by the side of the road
The men who are good and the men who are Where the race of men go by-
Invites you to attend services bad, They are good, they are bad, they are weak,
Wed & Fri - 9am As good and as bad as I. they are strong,
Sat - 5 pm I would not sit in the scorner’s seat, Wise, foolish- so am I.
Sun - 11 am Or hurl the cynic’s ban;- Then why should I sit in the scorner’s seat
Let me live in a house by the side of the road Or hurl the cynic’s ban?-
The Rev. Robert Sayer, pastor And be a friend to man. Let me live in my house by the side of the
Confessions: Sat 3:30 - 4:30 road
Hwy 221 North, McCormick And be a friend to man.

852-4722 But the lawyer, desiring to justify himself, said to Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?”
Jesus replied, “A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and he fell among
robbers, who stripped him and beat him, and departed, leaving him half dead. Now by
chance a priest was going down that road; and when he saw him he passed by on the other
side. So likewise a Levite, when he came to the place and saw him, passed by on the other
side. But a Samaritan, as he journeyed, came to where he was; and when he saw him, he had
compassion, and went to him and bound up his wounds, pouring on oil and wine; then he set
him on his own beast and brought him to an inn, and took care of him. And the next day he
took out two denarii and gave them to the innkeeper, saying, ‘Take care of him; and whatever
more you spend, I will repay you when I come back.’ Which of these three, do you think,
proved neighbor to the man who fell among the robbers?” He said, “The one who showed
mercy on him.” And Jesus said to him, “Go and do likewise.”•

SCHEDULE OF SERVICES Savannah Lakes Village
and the McCormick area
Sunday Wednesday
9:45 am Sunday School 6:30 pm Kids Community Outreach have several places of
worship for community
10:45 am Morning Worship Kids Choir, Youth Service*
involvement and
Kids Church 7:00 pm Adult Bible Study spiritual needs.
Please reference the
6:00 pm Evening Worship 8:00 pm Sanctuary Choir Practice* advertisements included
on this page to learn more.
Royal Rangers, Mpact Girls*


Lanis J. Lewis & Terry K. Bonds

*Contact church office for summer schedule

328 May Avenue w P.O. Box 457 w Lincolnton, Ga. 30817 w (706) 359-7237 w

26 • August 2017 •

Pets of the Month


THEY CALL ME Tipsy and despite my name, I do not have a substance abuse problem (catnip
excluded). I am a mellow kitty who is equally content flying solo as communing with other
friendly cats. I cannot comment on dogs as I have yet to have the pleasure of meeting one
in person. Perhaps a laid back pooch with good breath and limited drool would be OK. We
can give it a shot. My birthday is 3/19/14, I have all my vaccinations and motherhood is but a
fond memory. I am ready to settle down in a loving home and look forward to meeting you
and your lap.


MY NAME IS Nova and not to brag but I was voted “most favorite dog to walk” at the shelter
that has cared for me while I’m waiting for my furever home. I guess that’s because I am so
easy- breezy and like to be with people. I also adore treats and being loved on. I know a trick
or two and am ready to add to my repertoire. I am a healthy 55 pounds and 3 years young. All
the details have been taken care of for you – shots –spaying – even micro-chipped so we will
never lose each other. The only thing missing is you. What are we waiting for?•

Please leave a message at 864-391-2349 or email us at if you are interested in learning more about our available dogs and cats. • August 2017 • 27



Shoes • Handbags • Jewelry Artisans Guild Gallery Shop

Bootery Inc. ~ Fine Ladies Footwear 115 S. Main Street • McCormick, SC 29835
Since 1953 • Personal Service Available
Phone: 864-852-3216 | | Mon-Sat 10am-4pm
Call 864.229.1514
Pottery Jewelry Greeting Cards
Located in Uptown Greenwood, SC at
Hampton Place Shopping Center (next to Montaque’s) Lapidary art Framed art Fused Glass
Textile &
Fabric arts Baskets Essential Oil gifts

SMITH’S Personal Injury

BUG OUT Family Law
GREENWOOD 943-1793 • ABBEVILLE 366-9663 100 East Pickens Street P.O. Box 805
FREE 10% OFFTERMITE Abbeville, SC 29620 | Office 864.366.5400
New customers only. Must present coupon. Expires 9/8/17. New customers only. Must present coupon. Expires 9/8/17.

PERRY BROWN, OWNER 183 Price Mill Rd. JaBo’s Doggie Motel
Licensed and Insured Parksville, SC 29844
Home: 864-333-2591
• On-Site Protection & Loving
Cell: 706-825-2032
Personalized Care (24/7)

• Daily Exercise Outdoors

BROWNS MECHANICAL SERVICE, LLC (New 6-ft High Fenced In Play Area)

Commercial & Residential Heating and Air Conditioning Your Pampered Pet’s • Care for Special Needs Pets
Sales and Service Home-Away-from-Home! (Experienced in Giving Medications) • Clean Climate Controlled
Preventative Maintenance Contracts Environment (Heat & Air)
Emergency Services Available
Call (864) 993-8482 or (864) 746-5525
1110 Puckett Town Rd, Bradley, SC 29819

McCormick Electric Mart Sali’s Home Repair 117 Anthony Street
Lincolnton, GA 30817
Heating and Cooling, Electric Painting • Driveways
Carpentry • Masonry 706-359-5330
Austin Sherman Landscaping • and more!
Owner OPEN
Call (864) 980-2174 Monday - Saturday
368 Lethe Road 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
McCormick SC 29835
c: 864-378-1513
h: 864-391-4094 TLMTLM TOWING Car Care & Detailing 4188 Hwy 378 W, McCormick, SC
24 Hour Towing
Home Remodeling • Licensed and Bonded
e-mail: We Specialize In
phone: 706-318-2277 Auto Repair, Oil Changes, Tire Rotation

154 North Peachtree St., Lincolnton, GA 30817 Detailing: Cars, SUV’s, Boats, RV’s
Free Diagnostics, Pickup and Deliveries
28 • August 2017 • Satisfaction Guaranteed
For Service Call (864) 992-4200 • (864) 434-4203
Formerly known as McCormick Car Detail and Pressure Washing

LINCOLNTON OUTDOORS, LLC PAUL L. AGNEW Dr. Darren C. Lewis • 23 years of experience
Gentle instrument adjusting or hands on manipulation
1015 McCormick Hwy ATTORNEY AT LAW
Lincolnton, GA 30817 New patients welcome • Most insurance accepted
Wills & Estate Planning • Real Estate • Personal Injury 105 Cherry St, Abbeville, SC
105 COURT SQUARE PHONE 864.366.8348 (864) 366-4002 •
Residential Painting • Commercial Painting P.O. BOX 98 FAX 864.366.8569 Mon, Tues, Wed, & Fri 8:00-12:00 & 1:00-5:30
Pressure Washing • Deck Staining
ABBEVILLE, SC 29620 Thurs 8:00-1:00
Need a quote? Call (864) 993-8471
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ADVERTISE $135 Nightly (2 Night Minimum)
YOUR $550 Weekly - Cleaning Included
Except Masters Week
PROPERTY Recently Renovated

Call (864) 391-3030 WiFi / Cable TV
or 2BR, 2BA - Fully Furnished

e-mail Call: (770) 317-9723
Fun on the lake in Savannah Lakes Village
Hollywood Beach Florida

Dec 30 - Jan 6 Rental
Large 1 bedroom unit
with 2 baths, 2 beds
(perfect for 2 couples)
on the boardwalk, beach
and near restaurants.

Phone: (864) 602-0352 RM • August 2017 • 29

Facing the Incision Decision?

From Botox to Browlift,
Filler to Facelift

Piedmont Plastic Surgery

offers the full spectrum of
non-surgical & surgical treatments

for the face and body.

Botox | Juvederm | Radiesse | Sculptra
Laser Skin Resurfacing | Facelift | Browlift
Eyelid Surgery | Tummy Tuck | Liposuction

Cool Sculpt | Breast Augmentation

A consult with Dr. Ted Vaughn
is the perfect way

to determine your best option.

Piedmont Plastic Surgery | 864-223-0505 |


L5 B39 Rutledge Ln – 1703 HSF– 3 bed, 2 bath



Master Bath Retreat with Roman Shower
Upgraded Craftsman Trim Package
Centrally located
Screened Porch
Spacious Open Kitchen for Entertaining
Tray Ceiling in Great Room
Landscape Package with Irrigation
Flagstone Walkway

for more information please contact:

Room sizes and square footages are approximate. Pricing, floor plans and elevations are subject to change.
W W W. C A P I TA L H B . C O M

Complete care,
close to home.

We are local surgeons who live and practice full-time in the Lakelands community. We care for all our
patients here at the region’s largest referral hospital. You and your family members don’t need to
travel out of town. As your hometown orthopedist, we are proud to serve you and your physician when
surgery is needed.

High-quality and safe care for our patients is our highest priority at Self Regional. In addition, you have
access to a wide array of specialists, normally only available in much larger, metropolitan areas.

Our surgeons are board certified and several have received fellowship training in a subspecialty area;
and, together, we are able to offer both general services and the extra skill associated with a specialist.
Our subspecialties include:

• Minimally invasive surgery
• Arthroscopic surgery

(microscopic joint surgery)
• Hand, foot and shoulder surgery
• Sports medicine
• Total joint replacement

When your physician recommends Nonereefdeerdra. l
an orthopedic specialist, Orthopaedic 1-877(-2262693-B) ONE
Associates of the Lakelands is local
healthcare worth asking for.

Board certified orthopedic surgeons.
Charles D. Gray, M.D., Douglas F. Powell, M.D., Richard M. Christian, Jr., M.D.,
Anthony R. Timms, M.D., Lee A. Patterson, M.D., John Cathcart, III, M.D., John A. King, M.D.,
Michael Maughon, Jr., M.D.

Greenwood: Laurens:
102 Gregor Mendel Circle Self Medical Center • Laurens
Greenwood, S.C. 29646 22580 Hwy 76 East, Suite 200
Abbeville: Laurens, S.C. 29360
103 Commercial Drive McCormick/Savannah Lakes:
Abbeville, S.C. 29620 Savannah Lakes Medical Center
Edgefield: 207 Holiday Road
Edgefield County Hospital McCormick, S.C. 29835
300 Medical Ridge Plaza Edgefield, S.C. 29824

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