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Learn about the Make MORE Noyes Renovation Campaign for a universally accessible and creatively expanded Noyes Children's Library, founded in 1893 in Kensington, MD.

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Make MORE Noyes Renovation Campaign

Learn about the Make MORE Noyes Renovation Campaign for a universally accessible and creatively expanded Noyes Children's Library, founded in 1893 in Kensington, MD.

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We need to Make MORE Noyes - and we need your help.

The Noyes Children's Library Foundation is partnering with Montgomery

Make MORE NoyesCounty MD Public Libraries to design and fund the
Renovation Campaign for a creatively expanded and universally

accessible Noyes.

 The Foundation has committed to raise $1.6M - just over half of the

project's estimated budget – to make sure that all children and families
have access to this treasured children’s library and its historic setting.  

The State of Maryland and the Town of Kensington have contributed. Funds have
come in through Foundation events, and more events are planned. Library patrons
and supporters from throughout the DC region and beyond are donating.

But we need to finish fundraising and get down to renovating. To do this we need
contributions from visionary individuals, corporations and foundations that support
literacy, history, community, and inclusiveness. We need to make Noyes accessible,

increase its literacy outreach, and guarantee its future. And we need to do it now. 

The Noyes Children’s Library in Kensington, MD has a unique place in the DC region's

early literacy environment, serving as the flagship library for children's services for

the Montgomery County library system. Noyes is also known as a welcoming haven for
children with disabilities and families for whom English is a second language.

However, the very things that make Noyes so special also make accessibility - and

space - a challenge. Noyes was built in 1893 and sits on a small triangle of land in a

residential neighborhood. Its single room and cottage-like charm make children feel
immediately at home, but also limit the number of patrons who can fit in the building.

When the County's determination to increase Noyes' early literacy outreach and improve its ability to serve all
children was reinforced by a U.S. Department of Justice mandate for ADA compliance, the gauntlet was thrown.
Enter the Foundation, a long-time private partner supporting this unique public library. The Foundation proposed an

outside-the-box solution for an accessible expansion, and The Make MORE Noyes Renovation Campaign was

born. This community-wide effort will expand both Noyes' space and its early literacy mission, while honoring the
Library's rich history. 

The "new" Noyes will have an external glass elevator providing access

to three stories within the original footprint. This design has earned the
approval of the state and county historic preservation agencies, and
includes details that will make the Library truly inclusive and welcoming
for children of all backgrounds and abilities.

Noyes will feature a main-level Reading Room lined with bookshelves

and scattered with well-loved toys and games for young children.

largeThe new lower level, replacing the Library's current crawl space, will include a
and airy program room. This new space will enable Noyes to reach more children

and families through its innovative and dynamic Storytimes.

The second floor - currently an unusable loft - will welcome librarians, teachers and

other childcare professionals to the Jan Jablonski Early Literacy Training Center,

a County initiative that puts Noyes in the forefront of regional efforts to ensure that
all children have the reading, listening and writing skills to prepare them for school.

The Noyes Children’s Library is a place where children fall in love with books. Where
families share traditions, and build dreams.  Where children discover.  Where the
community connects. 

At Noyes, expert children’s librarians and inspiring programs help instill a love of story,
serving a community hungry for early literacy help. At Noyes, parents are empowered
to take a role in their child's reading future, guiding them toward a lifelong love of

learning. It's a little library, with a BIG mission.

You can help Noyes fulfill that mission for generations to come. We can promise you that your entire contribution will

all-volunteer Foundationgo toward making this extraordinary renovation a reality, since we operate as an with

virtually no overhead.  What's more, the Foundation is continuously working to expand Noyes' early literacy mission with

our own outreach - so the faster we raise this money, the sooner we can focus on our family literacy initiatives.

The Noyes Children's Library Foundation is an outstanding example of a public-private partnership - a grassroots

group engaging the community in support of a treasured library and all it brings to children and families.

Join us.  Help us Make MORE Noyes.

Fact Sheets on the Foundation and the Make More Noyes Campaign

Who We Are  &  What We Do
The Make MORE Noyes Campaign
The Make MORE Noyes Renovation Proposal
The Make MORE Noyes Renovation Budget
A History of Literacy and Community

 Contact Information

Noyes Children's Library Foundation • P.O. Box 31 • Kensington, MD 20895

Noyes Children's Library, est. 1893 • 10237 Carroll Place • Kensington, MD 20895

Who We Are  &  What We Do

Our Mission

We raise funds, enhance early literacy programs, and inspire community engagement so

that all children can discover the wonder of books through Noyes Children's Library.

And More 

We champion children of all backgrounds and abilities by raising funds for the Make MORE
Noyes Campaign for a universally accessible and creatively expanded Noyes.

We enhance the Library's early literacy programs through Penny Theater performances, early

literacy outreach, and our support of the Jan Jablonski Early Literacy Training Center at Noyes.

We inspire community engagement by activating volunteers of all ages through our family
events and early literacy outreach, and by creating partnerships with committed businesses

and organizations.

Our Story

In 1991, an all-volunteer group formed a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to help fund the historic Noyes
Children's Library - which is part of Montgomery County Public Libraries - during a County
budget crisis. The newly-formed nonprofit became known as the Noyes Children's Library
Foundation. Since then, the Foundation has continued to support Noyes by providing funding,
supplementing the library's literacy programming, and holding community events to raise public
awareness about the "little library with a big mission." Today, the Foundation is an integral part
of a successful public-private partnership working to open Noyes' doors wider - literally and

Built in 1893, the Noyes Children's Library is the oldest public library in the Washington, D.C. area
and is one of only a handful of public libraries in the nation dedicated to children. More than a
century after its opening, Noyes remains a treasured and unique community centerpiece where
our very youngest children are introduced to and transported by books.

Noyes Children's Library Foundation • P.O. Box 31 • Kensington, MD 20895

P.O. Box 31  •  Kensingtonn, oMyDesl 2ib0r8a9r5yf o• u

Noyes Children's Library, est. 1893 • 10237 Carroll Place • Kensington, MD 20895

The Noyes Children's
Library Foundation

The Make MORE Noyes Campaign

Campaign Overview

The Foundation is leading the Make MORE Noyes Campaign, a major capital project that will

transform the current one-story Library into three accessible floors while working with the Library's
current footprint. The Make MORE Noyes renovation, designed and funded in cooperation with

Montgomery County, will create a more inclusive and enriching environment to engage young

children of all abilities and backgrounds with books.

The need for the renovation originated with the fact that Noyes has never been accessible for people
with physical disabilities. Montgomery County's Project Civic Access Settlement Agreement with the
Department of Justice, signed in 2010, requires that the Library comply with the ADA Standards for
Accessible Design. The Library's small size and historic status made compliance a challenge, if Noyes
was to continue as a working Library.

The Foundation has turned that need into an opportunity - an opportunity to expand both the space

All elements of thewithin Noyes, and the early literacy programming and outreach it provides.  
renovation are based on principles of “Universal Design,” going far beyond the letter of the ADA

standards to the true spirit of inclusion and accessibility.

Renovation Details

The proposed three-story Noyes will provide elevator and stairway access to three floors, and will

• A main level housing the Library’s book collection and librarian's checkout desk.
• A light and airy lower level with a large space for literacy programs, enabling a wide range of

early literacy activities to be conducted while the reading room is also open.

• An upper level with a work space for staff; for visiting writers and artists; and for the new
Jan Jablonski Early Literacy Training Center, a County-sponsored initiative to create, model and

export best-practice early literacy teaching techniques.

Funding the Renovation

The Foundation and Montgomery County have created a partnership to fund the $3.1 million project
budget, with the Foundation committed to raising $1.6 million.  Funds from the State of Maryland's Grant

Program, the Town of Kensington, several visionary foundations, and generous community supporters have

the Foundation's campaign off to a strong start. Go to to find out more.

Noyes Children's Library Foundation • P.O. Box 31 • Kensington, MD 20895

Noyes Children's Library, est. 1893 • 10237 Carroll Place • Kensington, MD 20895

The Make MORE Noyes Renovation Proposal

Renovation Proposal

The Noyes Children's Library is a cottage-sized building on a small triangle of land in the center of the
Victorian-era Kensington, MD. Built in 1893, Noyes is within Kensington's Historic District, which is on the
National Register of Historic Places. The Library has one usable level and a roomy upstairs storage area
that can only be accessed by a ladder. There is a single, non-accessible bathroom and no separate

staff area. The renovation proposed by the Foundation and Montgomery County meets the many
challenges of designing an accessible renovation of this unique, historical structure in a way
that honors the Library's history and purpose.

This proposed front elevation shows the proposed glass Proposed Main Level
Proposed Lower Level
elevator tower that will make all three stories of the

new Noyes accessible, including the newly-dug lower

Detailslevel and the spacious existing upper level.
such as the exterior appearance of the tower are 
pending approval by the Maryland Historic Trust
and the Montgomery County Historic Preservation
Commission.  The drawing below shows the "island"

on which Noyes sits. This cozy perimeter will have

accessible hardscape, welcoming patrons to enjoy the


Proposed Upper Level

Proposed architectural renderings copyright Wiedemann Architects, LLC, 2017.

Noyes Children's Library Foundation • P.O. Box 31 • Kensington, MD 20895

Noyes Children's Library, est. 1893 • 10237 Carroll Place • Kensington, MD 20895

Make MORE Noyes Renovation Budget

Renovation Budget

Montgomery County Department of General Services (DGS) has

developed an estimated budget of $3.1 million for the Make MORE

Noyes Renovation, based on the design proposed by the collaborative

team of Wiedemann Architects, LLC, and Grimm and Parker

Architects.  The cost breaks down to $550K for Design, and $2.550M
for construction.

The Foundation has committed to raising $1.6M, or just over half of Proposed architectural renderings copyright
Wiedemann Architects, LLC, 2017.
the total cost. This commitment enabled Montgomery County to
endorse the Make MORE Noyes Design for three accessible floors and
a broader early literacy mission.

Make MORE Noyes Renovation Total Proposed Budget $3,100,000
Financial Commitment From Montgomery County  $1,500,000

Montgomery County, MD: General Budget $1,000,000
Montgomery County, MD: Arts & Humanities Grant $500,000

Financial Commitment From The Foundation $1,600,000

State of Maryland Bond Bill 2011 $100,000
State of Maryland Bond Bill 2016 $25,000
State of Maryland Bond Bill 2018 $25,000
Town of Kensington Donation 2016
Town of Kensington Donation 2018 $75,000
Shizu-Coles Bequest / held by Friends of the Library Montgomery County $340,000
NCLF Cash-in-hand as of 5/1/2018 From Community Donations & Events
NCLF Board of Directors Outstanding Pledges due 9/30/2018 $35,000



Community Contributions $700,000
Leadership Gifts
Annual Fundraising Campaigns (2018, 2019) $850,000
Foundation Special Events & Community Partner Events

Grants from Non-profit Foundations & Corporate Philanthropy


Noyes Children's Library Foundation • P.O. Box 31 • Kensington, MD 20895

Noyes Children's Library, est. 1893 • 10237 Carroll Place • Kensington, MD 20895

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The Noyes Library

was founded inThe Noyes Library, located among towering trees and Victorian homes in historic Kensington, MD,
1893 by Crosby Noyes, editor-in-chief of the Washington Times, and Brainard Warner, the town founder. It is the

oldest public library in the Washington area, predating even the venerable Thomas Jefferson building of the Library

designated byof Congress by four years.  Noyes joined the Montgomery County Library system in 1950, and was
the County as Noyes Children’s Library and resource center for children’s librarians in 1972. Noyes is one of

only a handful of public libraries just for children in the U.S.

This "little library with a big mission" inspires a love of reading in young children by providing a welcoming, warm,
small-scale environment that encourages exploration and wonder. It serves children from birth to early elementary
school age through its book collection; storytimes and other programs; and library services offered by trained

children’s librarians.  With the establishment of the Jan Jablonski Early Literacy Training Center at Noyes by

Montgomery County Public Libraries in August, 2016, the Library plays an even more valuable and unique role in
promoting early literacy in the D.C. region and the nation.

The Library’s storybook exterior and cozy interior appeal to young Illustration Copyright Judy Hanks-Henn
children’s imaginations and growing sense of independence. On
the face of the pediment above the entrance, a carved owl greets
visitors. Inside, children can choose and check out books on their
own, play with trains or puzzles, or curl up to read on a parent's

lap. Noyes is also a welcome destination for parents of children
with special needs, who find that its small size and trained staff

create a friendly environment for inclusion.  The staff also offers
frequent reading programs. A full schedule of programs can be

found at

The Noyes Children's Library Foundation

was established in 1991The Noyes Children’s Library Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, to serve as the

private arm of a unique public-private partnership to help fund the operating expenses for Noyes Library. Since

1991, the Foundation has raised over $900,000 to support Noyes while also creating nationwide awareness
of the Library; conducting special events such as family dance parties, storybook parades, readings by children’s

authors, and book illustration workshops for children; and providing Penny Theater performances to thousands of

children throughout the Washington DC area. In 2012, the Foundation was awarded a grant by the American

Physical Society for a program to promote young children’s learning about space and time.  Other honors include

recognition as a Point of Light by the national Points of Light Foundation, for extraordinary service to the


P.O. BoxNo31ye •s  CKheilndsrienng'stLoibnrn,aoMryyeDFsol ui2bn0rd8aa9rty5iof o•nu •wnPd.wOat.wBioo.nnx.oo3r1yg•eKselnisbinrgatroynf,oMuDn2d08a9t5

Noyes Children's Library, est. 1893 • 10237 Carroll Place • Kensington, MD 20895

 Contact Information

For More Information & To Contact the Foundation

If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor or a Community Partner, or if you just want to find out
MORE about the little library with a big mission, please email Diana Ditto and Sheila Dinn at:

[email protected], or send a letter to the Foundation address below.

Noyes Children's Library Foundation Noyes Children's Library,
P.O. Box 31  10237 Carroll Place
Kensington, MD 20895 Kensington, MD 20895
Facebook @MakeMoreNoyes /branches/noyes.html
Twitter @MakeMoreNoyes
Instagram @MakeMoreNoyes Open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Pinterest @MakeMoreNoyes from 9-5 and Wednesday from 1-8.
Youtube @MakeMoreNoyes Check website for program schedule.

Noyes Children's Library Foundation  Proposed architectural renderings copyright
Board of Directors Wiedemann Architects, LLC, 2017.

Sheila Dinn - Co-President Final design pending approval by the Maryland Historic
Diana Ditto - Co-President Trust and Montgomery County, MD.
Lindsay Field - Vice President | Outreach
Diana Goodman - Vice President | Development
Katie Rangos - Treasurer
Marion Rutsch - Corresponding Secretary

Abigail Adelman
Jen Adelman
Amanda Burks
Karen Warner Beardsley
Gloria Capron
Matthew Jablonski
Beth Meyer
Kathleen Seiler Neary
Amanda Wenner

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