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2018 Catalog

2018 Catalog


for office use only

(Soaring Helmet Corporation)

2201 Westbelt Drive Columbus, OH 43228 TEL: (800)728-4898 FAX: (800)728-4998 [email protected]

New Application Update to Existing Acct # International

Legal Name
DBA (Office): PHONE:
Email (parts): FAX:
Contact: Ship to: Title:
if different

Check one: Corporation / LLC Partnership/ proprietorship Date Business Established:

Federal EIN Purchase for Resale Resale Certificate #

Payment Options: Credit Card C.O.D. Open (Net 30)

complete below please complete section II please complete section II

Card # _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

exp date ____ ____ / ____ ____ ____ ____ Validation code:

month year

Cardholder's Name

Billing Address

cardholder's signature authorizing Vega to charge this card. date

I/We agree to the provisions set forth in the attached Important Dealer Information page.
I/ We certify that the above information and all accompanying information is true to the best of my knowledge.

Signature of Owner/ Corporate Officer only Print Name Title Date

COMPLETED APPS CAN BE FAXED TO 1-800-728-4998 OR EMAILED TO [email protected]

Section II - Financial disclosure for COD and Net 30 applications.

Owner(s)/ O cers: officer owner partner

Name SSN circle one
Home address
home phone
Home address officer owner partner

Bank Information: SSN circle one

home phone

Name of Bank Branch Bank Officer/ Contact Person

Phone: Fax: Account No.

Trade References:
If listing Tucker-Rocky, Parts Unlimited, Western Power Sports or Marshall distributing, please send copies of your most recent statements.

Name Phone # Fax # Account #

Name Phone # Fax # Account #

Name Phone # Fax # Account #

I/We authorize all the above listed financial institutions and/or references to release information to Soaring Helmet Corporation regarding my/our
credit or financial status. I/we further authorize Soaring Helmet Corporation to use any available means to investigate the personal credit of the
owners / officers. I/We agree to the Credit terms and conditions as set forth in addendum B, attached.

Signature of Owner/ Corp Officer Print Name Title Date

Personal Guaranty

(Required for all delayed billing privileges and companies without su cient credit history.)
In consideration of credit granted by Soaring Helmet Corporation (Creditor) to the above Debtor, the undersigned hereby unconditionally guarantees to
the Creditor full payment when due of any indebtedness of Debtor for (i) goods sold or consigned to, or work-in-process identified for Debtor by Creditor, or
(ii) services performed for Debtor by Creditor, together with lawful interest from due date and all expenses of collection, including court costs and reasonable
attorneys' fees. This guaranty shall be enforceable against the undersigned without first resorting to any remedies against Debtor. This guaranty shall remain
in full force and effect until the undersigned gives written notice of termination. Such termination will be ineffective as to any obligation (billed or unbilled)
existing at the time such notice is received by Creditor. The undersigned hereby assents to all terms and conditions made or to be made with Creditor by Debtor.
References to undersigned include each and all of the undersigned and they shall be jointly and severally liable. This guaranty shall be for the benefit of the
Creditor, its successors and assigns and shall be binding upon the undersigned and their assigns, heirs, executors, and other legal representatives.

Signature of Owner/ Corp Officer Print Name Title Date

Signature of Owner/ Corp Officer Print Name Title Date

Signature of Owner/ Corp Officer Print Name Title Date


(Addendum B)

Terms are NET 30 DAYS.
Terms of payment on accepted open accounts is Net 30 days from the date of invoice. In the event that it becomes necessary
for Soaring Helmet Corporation to file suit to enforce payment of past due amounts, such suit shall be brought in the
appropriate court for the area where the transaction occurred. Soaring Helmet Corporation shall be entitled to collection fees,
actual attorneys' fees, court costs and interest as provided by applicable state laws. All purchases are deemed and payment is
due at the principal place of business of Soaring Helmet Corporation.

Finance Charge 1.5% per Month.
A charge equal to 1.5% per month shall be charged on any unpaid balance after 30 days from the date of invoice. Any invoice
with an unpaid balance more than 45 days after the date of invoice will result in the loss of open account terms.

Accurate Information
Financial statements, credit information, and other information supplied by the Debtor or by others on behalf of the Debtor are
part of this agreement. Any false or misleading information constitutes a fraudulent misrepresentation.

Acceptance and Terms
The acceptance of any individual order and the terms of payment on all sales and orders are subject to approval by the credit
department of Soaring Helmet Corporation.

Security Agreement
The Buyer grants to and Soaring Helmet Corporation retains a security interest, pursuant to applicable Uniform Commercial
Code, in the materials, and in all additions and accessions hereto. The title to all said materials shall not pass to the Buyer until
all sums invoiced are fully paid. Buyer assumes all risk of loss or damage to said materials. All parties agree that this document
constitutes a security agreement. This security agreement covers all materials which Buyer now and hereafter may acquire
from Soaring Helmet Corporation.

Conditions Cover ALL orders
All sales are made pursuant to these conditions and all orders are received with the understanding that they are placed under
these conditions.

Other Conditions
VEGA Name and Logo
Soaring Helmet Corporation requires express written permission prior to using the VEGA name, trademark, images, model
names or numbers in any media including but not limited to, newspaper, magazine, internet, TV, and radio. Soaring Helmet
Corporation reserves the right to revoke the purchasing privileges of any Buyer failing to observe this requirement.

Retail Price
Buyer agrees to sell VEGA products at not less than the Suggested Retail Price.

Important Dealer Information
Additional policies are detailed in the Important Dealer Information that accompanies this Dealer account application. All sales
are made pursuant to these policies and all orders are received with the understanding that they are placed under these
conditions. Updates to Important Dealer Information may be made and will be provided to all dealers as part of the
confidential Dealer Price List.

2018 Important Dealer Information


“VEGA” helmets, “VEGA” product, and “VEGA We offer a five-year warranty on parts and Items damaged or lost in transit are the
Technical Gear” apparel are available only to workmanship from the date of authorized dealer responsibility of the carrier. Please keep all
legitimate motorcycle dealers. Proof of legitimacy sale to the original consumer/end-user. Please packaging, shipping labels and damaged
includes dealer application and one or more of the include a copy of original authorized dealer receipt merchandise, and call VEGA customer service for
following: business license, sales tax permit, resale to verify that product is within the five-year warranty a damage call tag. We will re-ship merchandise to
registration document, photos of shop interior and period. Repair or replacement is at our discretion. you to fill your order. We will credit your account for
exterior, business telephone listing, etc. In areas Warranty excludes wear and tear, any end-user damaged items and file a claim with the carrier
with an active territory sales rep, our rep will modification, improper use or abuse, and/or crash when damaged items are received in our
confirm dealer status prior to fulfilling first order. damage. Application of non-removable sticker or warehouse.
other modification limits warranty to repair.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Dropping helmet or rough handling may damage OVERSTOCK:
the painted surface and/or decrease its ability to
We guarantee your satisfaction with our products. If protect. This type of damage is not covered under Overstock return privileges available only if dealer
an item is not everything you expected, simply the warranty. ALL RETURNS REQUIRE PRIOR account is current. Overstock returns must be in
contact us within 5 business days of receipt and we AUTHORIZATION FROM CUSTOMER SERVICE original condition and packaging and will receive
will replace it, exchange it, or credit your account. STAFF AND A RETURN AUTHORIZATION merchandise credit only, and are subject to a
NUMBER. NO CREDIT WILL BE ISSUED minimum 15% restocking fee. Overstock returns
SELLING POLICY: WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION NUMBER. limited to current stock. No returns on closeout,
discontinued, or sale items.
As a matter of corporate policy, VEGA helmet does ADVERTISING POLICY:
business only with dealers who sell Vega, Vega REFUSED SHIPMENTS:
Technical Gear, and Stealth products at a price not The “VEGA” “Vega Technical Gear” and “Stealth”
less than Vega Helmets Suggested Retail Price. are important assets of Vega Helmet. To safeguard If a shipment is refused or returned for any reason,
these assets, we require express written without prior agreement from VEGA customer
ORDERING: permission prior to using any of these trademarks, service, round trip freight charges will be applied to
images, model names or numbers in any media, dealer account. We DO NOT ACCEPT RETURN
E-mail orders to: [email protected] Fax including but not limited to, newspaper, magazine, OF ANY GOODS unless accompanied by Vega
your order: (800) 728-4998. internet, TV, radio please send ad copy to: issued RMA number. To obtain an RMA number,
Call your order in: (800) 728-4898.It is our goal to ship [email protected] or fax copy to: (800) 748- please contact Vega Customer Service.
every order accurately. We always enjoy talking to our 4998. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REVOKE
dealers, and are always available to answer your PURCHASING PRIVILEGES OF ANY DEALER BACK ORDER ITEMS:
of accuracy, we do encourage you to use e-mail or Back ordered items are noted on invoices. Back
fax wherever possible, especially for large orders. OPEN ACCOUNT TERMS: orders that become available within 30 days ship
Please include your business name, dealer automatically. All other back orders will be faxed or
number, contact person, purchase order number as Open Account terms available only with approved emailed to advise of ship date. Back orders from
well as part numbers, descriptions, and quantities on credit. Credit limits and terms (up to Net 30) will be free freight orders will be free freight.
your order. We will acknowledge each e-mail order via established based on financial information from
e-mail, usually within an hour. If you do credit application and payment history. Split billing CATALOG ACCURACY:
not receive an e-mail confirmation, please call us to and Dating require a personal guarantee and
confirm that we have received your order. prompt payment history. Payment due dates are Our catalog is as accurate as humanly possible at
noted on each invoice, and statements are emailed the time it is printed. Occasionally, over the course
DROP SHIPPING PACKAGING FEE: at the beginning of each month. All overdue of the year, it becomes necessary for us to add,
accounts are subject to 1.5% monthly finance discontinue, or modify products. We notify all sales
Vega will drop ship orders for out stocking dealers. ALL drop charge and/or loss of open account privileges. reps when these changes occur, as well as alerting
ship requests MUST BE IN WRITING. If order is under our There is a $35 NSF check fee. After second NSF all dealers when they order these products. In the
$100 minimum free freight policy based on the dealers check, accounts are charge only. case of discontinued products we will offer the best
stocking level pricing, then shipping cost will be added to order alternatives to fill any outstanding back orders. We
along with a $5.00 drop ship packaging fee. Dealer may also COD TERMS: appreciate your understanding.
provide Vega their UPS or FedEx account number to avoid all
shipping costs from Vega, but the $5.00 drop ship packaging COD payments are electronically transmitted and VEGA HELMET
fee will still apply. your check is presented for payment on the next
business day. There is a $35 NSF check fee. Billing:
PRICE LEVEL LOCK: Refused COD shipments will be charged round-trip
freight and future shipments will be charge only. PO Box 2211
A, B or C level pricing is determined by placing a one-time Seattle, WA 98111-2211
order in dealer cost dollars at A, B or C price levels as follows. Currently, FedEx and UPS charge a $13.00 COD
"A" Price- Dealer places a one-time stocking order of $499 or Fee which will be added to all COD orders. Shipping:
"B" Price- Dealer places a one-time stocking order of $500- CREDIT CARD TERMS: 2201 Westbelt Drive
$999. Columbus, OH 43228
"C" Price- Dealer places a one-time stocking order of $1000 We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and P: 1.800.728.4898 F: 1.800.728.4998
or up. American Express at time of shipment. Credit Email: [email protected]
card payments on open account or overdue 2017, 2018 Soaring Helmet Corp. All rights reserved. Vega, Vega
SHIPPING: shipments are subject to a 3% handling fee in Technical Gear, and Stealth are federally registered trademarks of
addition to any finance charges. Soaring Helmet Corporation.
We make every effort to ship all orders on the same day they
are placed. Please let us know DISCREPANCIES:
whenever an order is time sensitive. FREE FREIGHT on all
orders of $100.00 or more. We ship UPS, USPS ground in Any shipping discrepancies must be reported within
continental US. Larger orders may also ship LTL truck. 5 business days of receipt. Please count the
Ground delivery time estimates are generally accurate, but not number of cartons carefully before signing for a
guaranteed. For overnight, 2 day, and 3 day service quotes, multiple carton shipment. We cannot reimburse you
please call VEGA customer service at: (800) 728-4898. if you sign for items not received. We strongly
recommend you save shipping labels from all
CHANGE OF ADDRESS: boxes in the event of a discrepancy. ALL
Please notify us, in writing, of your new address at least FROM CUSTOMER SERVICE STAFF. NO
10 days before the new address takes effect. This will CREDIT WILL BE ISSUED WITHOUT
avoid FedEx and UPS $13/carton incorrect address/ AUTHORIZATION NUMBER.
redelivery charges added to your account.


9:00am-6:00pm, Eastern Time, Monday-Friday.
Vega Helmet is closed weekends and FedEx
Ground Holidays.

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