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Around & About June 18-2019 Issue 25, Vol.23


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SAVINGS June 18, 2019 Issue #25 - Volume 23

2019 POLARIS New RAAM Clinic Officially Tire Blowout!
RANGER 570 FULL SIZE Opens, First Spoke Location

11699STARTING AT P205/65R16 95T $59.99
215/65R16 98T $59.99
$ 225/60R16 98 H $59.99
225/65R16 100T $59.99
PLUS FREIGHT, P235/60R17 102T $69.99
PDI & TAX P235/65R17 104T $69.99
265/70R18 116T $79.99
Warning: ATVs can be hazardous to operate. Polaris adult models are for riders age 16 and older. For your safety,always
wear a helmet,eye protection and protective clothing,and be sure to take a safety training course. For safety and training
information in the the SVIA at (800) 887-2887. You may also contact your Polaris dealer or call Polaris at (800)
342-3764. For safety training in Canada,contact your local Polaris dealer. Polaris Industries Inc. ©

Photo: The opening of the Espanola Rapid Access
Additions Medicine Clinic called RAAM is an
important part of the North East LHIN’s regional
and provincial opioid strategy, which aims to *Only tires located outside
connect clients with high quality addictions to on orange racks
[email protected] treatment. The program was implemented in

Espanola in November and a grand opening of the Order your photos
clinic was held Tuesday. L-R: Dr. Brian Dressler, from the comfort
Addiction Medicine Specialist and facilitator
SEASON’S for the RAAM; Dr. Lionel Marks de Chabris, of your home!
Emergency Department Physician; Allison Dodge,
septic service Addiction Workers; Stephanie Paquette, Mental
Health and Addictions Lead for the NE LHIN;
MC Nancy Lacasse, Director with Planning
For Your Septic & Porta Potty Needs and Integration for the NE LHIN; Jon Brunetti,

NOE&SWPAASRENREOVALI!NA!G Primary Care Lead for the hospital and manager
with the Espanola Family Health Team listen while
RN Jane Battistelli, Vice President of Clinic and
Nursing for the Espanola hospital addresses staff
and the public who attended the formal opening of
the clinic. Photo by Rosalind Russell

By Rosalind Russell - The North East

LHIN’s regional and provincial opioid MON-FRI 9-5:30
strategy, which aims to connect clients to 705-869-6883OFFICE & ART SUPPLIES

705-869-2448 high-quality addictions and treatment is
705-356-3444Logo Treatment - Storefront signpargoeudONtoLYsee Espanola be the first Spoke
1-800-587-3599 location in the hub of care for the region.

Continued on page four...

“The store for all your electronic and music needs” Prepainted 1x6

Located in the Espanola Mall MDF Shiplap

Vintage Electronics & Sound (2008) $6.97/ 8 ft length


AFtinYgoeurrtip All The World’s
A Circus
High Circulation • Competitive Rates
FREE distribution to your customers! [email protected]
To Advertise in the Around & About
Business Directory, call 705-869-6883

Barbecuing – Man’s Failed Search For Identity

[email protected] It has always been thought that men began to make whereas only moments ago – like all
cooking outdoors as suburban living crept men who see barbecuing as a drinking game
SALES AND SERVICE OF: • furnaces • fireplaces • boilers across North America in the 1940s and – his mind was as vacant as the overgrown
1950s. It was, they said, an act to assert lot next door.
FREE ESTIMATES men’s masculinity. Tossing the cold can of beer into the shrubs
No, sorry. Men barbecue because it’s in our was not an option because… it’s a cold can
Steve Donnelly Over 15 years experience locally DNA and has been since fire made meat of beer for godsakes!
sizzle and dating involved a club. Men cook He thought about jamming the beer can into
New Clients Always Welcome meat on an outside grill because for that brief the front pocket of his sweats but protruding
and glorious time with a drink in one hand out his pants like that might give his wife a
Formerly and tongs in the other, we are allowed to be hint of how much he really liked his grill.
Neanderthals again. And let me tell ya, that So he did what any real man would do: he
Singh Dentistry euphoria stays with a man right up until the rammed the can of beer up the chicken’s ass
Dr. Maninder Singh moment his wife slams down his health card and when asked by his wife – “What the hell
on the counter at the burn unit. is that?” - he made up a story of how he saw
Hours: FOR ALL OF I know, I’m a bit of a grill master myself. this chef on a TV cooking show do it and it
Monday 9-5 YOUR DENTAL NEEDS I barbecue three times a week all year made the chicken…
Tuesday Closed round. I have a customized barrel pit that Bob blanked out watching his cold beer
Wednesday 9-5 State of the art facility burns wood, a cast iron barbeque that uses begin to steam up through the bird.
Thursday 9-5 We deal directly with Insurance Companies charcoal and a copper Turkish grill that uses “Angry?” offered his wife.
Free dental whitening kit with new patient exam both hardwood and coals. I even invented a “No, moist. It made the chicken juicy.”
Friday 9-5 ‘teepee pulley system’ that fits over all these Which it does. But ‘Backyard Bob’ can
cookers allowing me to raise or lower the never take credit for inventing beer can
91 Tudhope St., Espanola 705-869-1880 grill according to the intensity of the heat. chicken otherwise his wife will leave him
That said, I still can’t believe that I did and this time for good.
Always wanted that not invent ‘beer can chicken,’ the greatest Men cooking over fire is an ancient custom
dDrreeaammGKaitrcahgeen?? barbecue accessory since fire itself. All we predating iron, the invention of the wheel
know is that it originated in Louisiana. But, and Hazel McCallion. It’s estimated that
Dream Spa Bathroom? I’m pretty sure I know how it was invented. Homo habilia’s unusually small brain had
Call us today. ‘Backyard Bob’ from Baton Rouge was the reasoning capacity of an American Idol
headed out to the barbecue with his seventh judge. Still, he managed to create fire to both
Financing available beer after telling his wife he had already quit heat his cave and roast mammals that were
after two. The chicken which he forgot to slower afoot then himself He employed a
reFnoovraAtLioLnynoeuerds. butterfly was roasting over the coals, sort of. vocabulary of five words: “fire good” and
*Reduced rate for low income seniors “Coming out to help you, honey,” she “little fella tasty”. That was pretty much
yelled through the kitchen window. “Need it. These were good times for prehistoric
Don’s Electric anything?” humans. Men hunted and barbecued what
(705) 869-0511 Suddenly Bob had a few difficult decisions
Cell (705)-862-0753 Continued on page three...

E.C.R.A./E.S.A. #7009119
Email: [email protected]
&Plumbing Heating
Jason Cowles Andrew Vondette
Serving Certified Technician LAWNCUTTING SERVICES
Espanola & Area Business 705-583-3040 Computer I.T. & Network Specialist
705-865-1506 Laptop/Desktop/Server Repair & Sales, Mobile Device Support
Mobile 705-863-3332
Sales & Service Virus & Malware Removal • Tune up & Optimization
Operating System Install • Data Recovery • Hardware Upgrades

705-521-3459 Professional, Reliable, A ordable!

Crown Realty (1989) inc., Brokerage Kelly Ranta NORTH CHANNEL
Independently owned and operated CARPENTRY &
Mortgage Agent • Lic # M16001131 GENERAL SERVICES

Cell: (705) 507-5771 Custom Design and Builds
Email: [email protected]

[email protected] 114 Mead Street, Unit 2 20 Second Ave. N • Renovations • Bathrooms/Kitchens • Wet Basement/ Espanola, Ontario P5E 1S5 Sudbury, ON P3B 3L6
• Flooring/Tiles • Garages/Sheds Foundation Repairs
Cell: (705) 862-4188 Bus: (705) 869-4230 Corporate O ce: 2005 Sheppard Ave. E., Suite 200, Toronto ON M2J 5B4 LIC# 10530
Fax: (705) 869-6299 • Windows/Doors • Decks/Fences • Mini-Excavator

705-863-0095 Licensed/Fully Insured

Around&About June 18, 2019 Page 2 A&A, PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883

Continued from page two... things worse. “Wow! Woman Sagamok Anishnawbek Secures Haulage
T-shirt wet!” Contract For Totten Mine
they caught; women gathered When man could no longer
wood and fashioned bulky complete the simple task of Z’Gamok Construction LP, contract on June 1st.
clothes from animal skins. Man roasting meat over fire, false a corporation owned by the
cooked everything that moved, idols appeared selling new Sagamok Anishnawbek First “Z’Gamok Construction LP
the minute it didn’t. Foreplay methods of cooking like the Nation has secured the ore
involved a head lock and noggie. Cro-Magnon Grill and the haulage contract for Vale’s will also have the mandate
Only man could have invented George Foreman wood-fired Totten Mine, located about 40
fire because only a man would rotisserie oven in which the spit minutes southwest of Sudbury. to pursue other contract
sit for several days rubbing two was turned by spinning gerbils Sagamok Chief Nelson
sticks together and expecting that later served as appetizers. Toulouse says the agreement opportunities that flow from
something to happen. One day it Delusional, he began to drink is a historic development for
did and the two-piece, sun dried heavily both during the cooking the First Nation, noting it the IBA (impact benefit
wooly mammoth jump suit he session and the meal. He drank would enable “greater control
was wearing burst into flames. Lite Mead to lose weight, but he over the contract, create more agreement).”
Man created fire on the same day drank so much of it he always job opportunities and revenue
woman discovered laughter. looked bloated. Sometimes he for Sagamok Anishnawbek.” Sagamok Anishnawbek,
Then suddenly the earth began to would fall into the flames and In 2012, after six years of
warm up, much like today. They the drink in his hand would negotiations, Sagamok and whose name means ‘two
needed to wear less animal skins. splash all over the food. He Vale was successful in signing
Man’s vocabulary expanded claimed he was ‘marinating.’ an IBA outlining the benefits points joining’ is located
from “fire good” to “woman hot” Woman did not believe him. the new mine would bring to
and “little fella over-cooked.” Barbaric man had lost his touch; the community resulting in the along the north shore of Lake
Like today, man claimed that the simple gift of searing meat creation of new jobs.
the meat was not burned, it was by flame was gone. At wits end, Toulouse adds Sagamok Huron.
cooked “Cajun.” Woman did not he tried all manner of cooking officially took over the
believe him. systems and he even invented The community counts more
Yes man became distracted by a “teepee pulley system” that
woman who was now wearing fit over… maybe I’ve said too than 2,000 members, with a
mini marmot-skin dresses and much.
ferret-fur thongs in earth tones. And For comments, ideas and little over 50 percent living on-
Man began to burn everything copies of The True Story of
from the meat on the stick to Wainfleet go to reserve. Vale’s Totten nickel
the hair on his arms, which
was considerable. He began to mine went into operation in
heavily ingest fermented mead
while cooking which only made 2014 at a cost of $760 million.

At the time, it marked the first

new mine to open in Sudbury

in 40 years.

The mine employs 200 people

and has an expected lifespan

of 20 years.

Plans In The Works To Celebrate
Nairn Sawmill’s 70th

The sawmill in Nairn Centre Brown Forest Industries in

turns 70 this year and 1973, E.B. Eddy in 1973,

EACOM plans to celebrate in Domtar Inc. in 1998 and

fine style. finally by the EACOM

Pet Valu Walk For Guide Dogs Held In Espanola The Pineland Timber Timber Corporation in 2010.

Company originally Burying a time capsule, a

Sunday, June 9th was the established the operation photo booth, giveaways and
perfect, sunny day for a walk
in Espanola to help raise funds back on the site in 1949. a barbecue are all planned
for a good cause.
Espanola Pet Valu owner, Since then, it has gone for the community event at
Rachel Huard, says just under
$700 was raised by participants through a number of owners: the Nairn Community Centre
in the Pet Valu Walk for Guide
Dogs this past weekend. the Kalamazoo Vegetable Sunday, September 8th
Huard adds that the total will
be much higher because of Parchment Company in 1962, starting at 10:00 am.
selling bandanas throughout
the year with all the proceeds Photo: Espanola Pet Valu owner,
going to the Guide Dog Rachel Huard, says supporters took
program. part in the Pet Valu Walk for Guide
Last year, they came 10th Dogs Sunday, June 9th raising just
overall across Canada. under $700. The fundraising is ongoing
The program provides Guide with the sale of bandanas throughout
Dogs trained for various the year. The local franchise came
challenges from blindness to 10th in Canada last year.
diabetes and are provided free
to Canadians in need.

A&A, PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883 Around&About June 18, 2019 Page 3

Grand Opening Set For Continued from front page...

New Espanola Fire Hall centre, which New RAAM Clinic Officially
Opens, First Spoke Location
will not only
The opening of the Espanola and medication plan. While
be used for
Rapid Access Additions not everyone with addictions
Medicine Clinic called RAAM requires pharmacological
staff training
took place Tuesday, June 11th. treatment, some may benefit
from all
Addictions Worker Allison from prescription medication
Dodge is the first person who that may help with lessening
it is hoped
interacts with someone seeking cravings and withdrawal
it will
immediate care for either symptoms. Additionally, the
alcohol or opioid addiction. RAAM clinic will support
provide a hub
She says there is a crisis in the family physicians to ensure
Usually, ribbons are used to open for training of firefighters across
new facilities, but there will be a Northeastern Ontario. Espanola area and in her role, they are able to help with

different touch with Espanola’s The new fire truck has also she follows the patient from the pharmacological treatment for

new fire hall. arrived and the older truck is moment they walk in the door addictions.

Around & About was provided being sent out for repairs. to the completion of treatment. The North East LHIN’s

with a tour of the facility to Espanola Mayor Jill Beer and She says that one on one and Strategy uses a ‘hub and spoke’

introduce it’s many amenities to her council will be on hand for integration of various services model, in which larger RAAM

the public. the grand hose cutting ceremony are crucial to successful clinics are located within each

The new fire hall has four bays on June 27th from 1:00 pm to treatment. sub-region’s urban centre, the

and comfortable change rooms 7:00 pm to accommodate people The program was implemented hub, with links, the spokes, to

for the firefighters, handicapped on shift work and/or working in Espanola in November and is an outlying area. The Espanola

access and washrooms. so that the public can tour the now housed within the hospital RAAM Clinic is the Spoke site

It also houses a new training facility and talk to the staff. and health team complex. connected to the hub in Sudbury

Dodge works very closely operated by Health Sciences

Mock Death Shares Harsh Message; with Doctor Brian Dressler, an North. Other RAAM clinics
Don’t Text And Drive
Addiction Medicine Specialist are located in Sault Ste. Marie,

and facilitator for the clinic and North Bay and Timmins.

Dr. Lionel Marks de Chabris,

emergency department

physician, in collaboration with

the various service providers

within the hospital and the

health team. The partners work

closely together to develop

an individualized program for

the care of patients who come

in seeking immediate help for

their addiction(s).

Anyone needing help can

It wasn’t real, but the tears were injuries. contact the Espanola RAAM
for some seniors at Espanola The scenes played at using
High School. real paramedics, emergency clinic Monday to Friday, 8:30
Grade 11 and 12 students services at the local hospital,
watched a video that had been OPP and the funeral home. am to 4:30 pm by calling 705-
made a week earlier involving As a realistic mock accident, it
a scenario involving a young hit hard for some of the students. 862-7991, ext. 4245.
woman texting while driving. It was all part of Safe Grad 2019
Her inattention leads to her to encourage senior students to Patients will be seen by Dodge or
striking a cyclist, a fellow put away the phone when in a
student and him dying of his vehicle. another addiction worker within Photo: Allison Dodge is the
frontline Addictions Worker who
24 to 48 hours after calling assists with people in crisis to
receive the assistance they need
the clinic or after referrals. for their alcohol and/or opioid
addictions. Photo by Rosalind
They will then be seen by the Russell

Addictions specialist and create

and implement a treatment

S. Geiger Site has expanded and
84.99$ INCLUDES:
we now have infant spaces! FREE Emergency Auto Kit. *While Quantities Last*
For more information, please call (up to 5L reg. Oil only, synthetic extra)
Janice at 705-865-3281 or email 51 POINT INSPECTION INCLUDING:
[email protected]
*licensed mechanic on duty
Massey: 705-865-3281 • Espanola: 705-869-3282
Email: [email protected] • 705-869-0333

Around&About June 18, 2019 Page 4 PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883

Retiring Gratifying For Professor Alzheimer’s Walk raises over $50,000
The goal was $50,000 and support services to help people
for the Alzheimer Society of with all forms of dementia,
Sudbury-Manitoulin, North including Alzheimer’s disease,
Bay & Districts, it was an in addition to assisting their
accomplishment indeed. caregivers and families to live
Three separate annual IG to their fullest ability. The
Wealth Management Walk Alzheimer Society is one of
for Alzheimer’s were held on Canada’s leading funders of
Sunday; in Espanola, North Bay dementia research. Since 1989,
and Sudbury. it has invested over $53 million
The money raised stays local in biomedical and quality of life
and helps out with various research through the Alzheimer
programming such as Education Society Research Program.
and Awareness Initiatives, In- The Alzheimer Society is a
homeActivation and Recreation key partner in the development
Photo - Julie Taylor is retiring after 18 years as the Upgrading Professor Therapy to help those living of Canada’s first national
at Cambrian College’s Espanola campus. Her students appreciate all the with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia strategy, which will
work she has put into helping them improve their lives and accomplish related dementias. enhance research efforts and
their education goals. Photo by Rosalind Russell and supplied by Alzheimer Societies across ensure access to quality care
Cambrian College staff.

Not everyone who graduates but I love it.” Canada provide programs and and support for all.
from Grade 12 is a teenager and Some of the challenges include
the proof is in the pudding at the changes in technology, subject Tim Hortons Camp Day a busy one
this year’s Cambrian College’s matter and curriculum materials,
Espanola campus, according to including books. The coffee was poured, the activities and volunteers helping to
Upgrading Professor, Julie Taylor. “It is amazing how students now donations made and the franchises pour coffee, pack donuts and greet
Taylor is retiring this year and is use technology as part of their in Espanola, Elliot Lake, Blind customers.
especially proud to see eight of learning. We have 14 laptops and River and McKerrow broke all Espanola/BlindRiver/McKerrow
her students graduate from Grade three I-pads, which are well used. records raising $25,195.00 owner, Denis Lefebvre, and Elliot
12, more so since they are all Some students even bring in their Tim Hortons across Canada took Lake owner, Nancy Wyman,
adults ranging in age from their own tablets.” part in the annual Camp Day extend a huge thank you to all the
early 20s to their 60s. “The subject matter is also yesterday to raise funds to send volunteers who came in to help out
Sue Ferguson, who heads up challenging for our students, with hundreds of children to Tim Hortons staff on one of the busiest days of
Employment Options and the changes in curriculum and Foundation Camps. the year.
Satellite Campuses, says Julie is new information.” All local outlets were abuzz with Photos by Rosalind Russell
both a role model and a mentor She is proud of all her students no
in the classroom and she will be matter what age. Welcome to Local Hippie’s weekly tip
missed. For example, Gerry Goodchild for living a greener life! Each week
Taylor says she and her husband is 63 years old and is thrilled to we will provide you with a quick tip to
plan to go fishing, taking in some finally get her Grade 12. help you reduce your carbon footprint
major sports events and enjoying “She’s (Julie) is awesome. I and change the world.
her grandchildren. couldn’t have done this without
Ferguson says she has been her. I love the challenge.” This week’s tip: Use a reusable coffee
both a role model and a mentor Forty-nine-year-old Tammy Weist cup when taking your coffee on the go!
in the classroom where she has also got her diploma and is now Half a trillion disposable cups are
been consistently approachable, looking at going to college to get manufactured around the world
knowledgeable, patient, and kind. a degree in business accounting. EVERY YEAR! Contrary to what
“She has ensured that each “I’m excited,” says Weist. “I’ve many people believe, these cups are not
individual received the supports always wanted to go to college.” recyclable because of their plastic/wax lining and coffee contamination.
and encouragement that they Yet another, 50-year-old Dave All of these coffee cups equate to millions of pounds of solid waste
needed to achieve their academic Hunt, graduated from her Grade being sent to the landfill each year that will take hundreds of years
goals and she has always been 12 class two years ago, but to decompose. Not to mention that coffee cups are one of the most
willing to go the extra mile for continues to attend because he common pieces of trash we see littered in our community!
her students. Julie has made loves science and has a thirst to There are two simple solutions:
an impact on the lives of many learn. > Make your coffee at home! Not only will this help the environment,
students and will be dearly missed “I love science and I love coming but it will save you money.
at Cambrian.” here for more upgrading. There > Invest in a reusable coffee cup and remember to bring it with
Taylor began her teaching are so many subjects and I you when buying coffee to go. If you’re going out for the day, try
career in 1983. She oversaw the especially love science and can’t throwing one in your backpack or in your car so you’ll have it when
Espanola High School Night get enough.” the caffeine-craving hits.
School and worked off and on Taylor is also looking forward Have questions? Feel free to forward them to [email protected]
for Cambrian College in the to seeing more of her children, Have a happy hippie week!
intervening years. Jeff and Samantha, and her two
“No one in the family was a grandchildren, Sophia and Cole. Around&About June 18, 2019 Page 5
teacher, but I wanted to see what I She officially retires at the end of
could do. It has had its challenges, this month.

PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883


705-869-6883LPRSPoerepasraesytlcoei&EanrsslaFtOlao•stucTe•cnhad•VaseniR•ohkenIicntYelteoamsulss••FNoSoretSricvaeilceseHsiBgehsetsRt CatiercsuIlnatTioonwn&! With heavy hearts, the family of
SERVICES FOR SALE announce the passing of their husband,
father, son, brother and uncle on June 9,
DR. DARIO LAURENTI, D.C. FOR SALE – Rotted Manure. 2019, in his 70th year. Bob was born in
- CHIROPRACTOR - 27 years’ $40.00 / tractor bucket load. 711 Windsor, Newfoundland to Malcolm and
experience. Instrument, Manual, Birch Lake Rd. 705-865-2316. Phyllis Norman, both predeceased, and
Cranial Adjusting, Acupuncture, Charlie Smith. 6/18 grew up in a large family. He is survived
Orthotics. Call 705-869-2737. All FOR SALE - Household items, by sisters Ida Lane (Jim predeceased),
Insurances accepted. 7/16 building materials, antiques and Monnie Jerrett (Eli predeceased) and
collectables, pallet racks, shelving Carol Frampton (Gary), brothers Ray
HANDYMAN - ODD JOBS and tools! 705-583-2192. 6/25 (Emily) and Ross (Betty). Predeceased
COLOMBUS. I install click and tile FOR SALE – Garden Mix & Top by brothers Ivan, Arthur and Wally. He
flooring,ceramic tiles, drywall, mud, Soil – Garden mix, 20% manure, came to Sudbury in 1974 and began working at INCO as a miner and
paint, baseboards, trim, door frames, 40% yellow loam, 40% black loam. later became a welder. He married his wife Leanne LeBrun from
doors, install cupboards, vanities, $75.00 per half ton truck load, will Espanola in 1975 and they had 4 children Heather Rochefort
parging, siding, tub surround and load. Yellow Top Soil - $50.00 for (Martin), Naomi, Nathan (Laetitia) and Alicia Thomas (Luc). He me Stephane Coulombe half ton truck load, or trailer. 705- loved his family and friends dearly and the years spent together will
705-863 -3434. 6/18 - R 865-3262. 6/25 be a source of comfort for them. A funeral service was held at the
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses on June 15, 2019. In lieu of
CHERYL’S MASSAGE HELP WANTED flowers please go to and make a donation.
To make an appointment call 705-863- HELP WANTED – The Espanola THANK YOU
3223 or email [email protected] Legion is looking for part time bar 7/09 R servers. Must have Smart Serve. Thank You
Please drop off resumes at the Legion
ESPANOLA SELF STORAGE – to Gary. 6/25 The family of Garnet Reynolds would like to give special thanks to:
6x8 and 8x10 Storage units available HELP WANTED Private employer Bourcier Funeral Home.
in Espanola. Located behind the car seeking caring, dependable, female To St Jude Parish with special thanks to Father Raymond and Father Jim
wash. Call 705-869-8405. 7/09 - R caregiver to provide part-time respite Kelly for making the service so very special and heartfelt.
care for teenage girl with complex To the Ladies of St Jude Parish for providing a beautiful reception lunch.
TOTAL MAINTENANCE medical issues in her home in Massey. To Terry and Val who made the planning so easy for us and were there to
SERVICES - Carpentry, painting, Must have some weekend availability. help with what was needed.
steel & shingle roofing, tree cutting, All training is provided. CPIC will be To Ross Patterson and Tracy Mark who made the sendoff of a WW2
decks, dump runs. No job too big or required if hired. If interested, please veteran special with the sounds of Amazing Grace and The Last Post.
too small. Call 705-936-6160 6/18 email resume with references to Lisa The nurses and PSW’s who made Garnet's stay at the residence a
-R at [email protected] with comfortable one.
RESUME in subject line or mail to To Bonnie-Jean for making the trip from Gananoque with a very special
NORTH CHANNEL Box 12, Massey, P0P 1P0. 6/25 cake in memory of the 4 brothers.
CARPENTRY & GENERAL And to all of you who sent flowers, made donations and sent food to our
SERVICES – All your renovation NOW OPEN!
needs! Bathrooms/Kitchens, Garage/ home to make this time a little easier.
Shed. Windows/Doors. Siding Thank you all for the love and support during our loss.
Installation, Flooring/Tiles. Wet
Basement & Foundation Re-pairs. NOTICE - ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
Mini-Excavator. Licensed/Fully
Insured. Call 705-863-0095. 8/6 R NOTICE OF
Located at Physio Moves in the
Espanola Hospital. Accepting new
patients. WSIB and MVA patients
welcome. Acupuncture available.
Visit for
services, rates, and hours, or call 705-
988-3737. 7/09 - R


Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Loca�on: ERHHC Boardroom
825 McKinnon Drive
Around&About June 18, 2019 Page 6 Espanola, Ontario

PaperWorks, 85 Centre Street, 705-869-6883


Orr’s Valumart Little Current Children’s Clothes Closet at Calvary Baptist Church – Wednesday
June 19th. 10.a.m.-2:30 p.m. Not accepting donations at this time.
Now Hiring Deli Bakery Manager
Full Time Permanent position TSSR Farmers’ Market Grand Opening - The Sables-Spanish
Rivers Township will be hosting a Farmers’ Market at Heritage Park
Job includes full bene ts, incentives, wages negotiable (across from the lights) on Fridays from 3:00pm - 7:00pm, June 28th
Retail Food/ Kitchen experience are required. to October 4. Join us for our Grand Opening on June 28th at 3:00pm.

If interested please email [email protected] Hope Jackson Memorial Fund - Bursary for a post-secondary
or call 705 368 0617 ext 103 student. For more info call Beth at 705-865-2249

Espanola Public Library Board Game Night - NO fee or registration
required! Every 3rd Thursday of every month 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Lighthouse Community Lunch - Free community luncheon at
the Lighthouse, across from the Royal Bank, every second and
fourth Tuesday of the month, 11:30 a.m. - 1:00p.m.

Do you have a NOTE for the Community?

We invite not-for-profit organizations to submit information on
their upcoming events in writing no later than
Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m. 25 Word Limit.
E-mail: [email protected]

Finance Assistant Temporary - Espanola Recipe
Contract 3 to 6 months

Internal/External Posting

Posted: June 12, 2019 Competition #2019-07-AD The warmer weather is here
which means more get-togethers
Under the management of the Finance Supervisor, the with family and friends; and
position of Finance Assistant will assist within the Finance therefore it’s time to up my dip
and Administration Department. The Finance Assistant is game! I often make nacho dip
responsible directly for payroll including preparation and for our parties, but this dip goes
data gathering, G/L Account Management, Accounts above and beyond when you
Receivable and Accounts Payable. add a couple of extra layers. You can use refried beans in place of the
hamburger for a vegetarian version. It is filling enough it could also be
served for lunch.

Qualifications: Incumbent must have a minimum of a 7 Layer Dip • 1 1/2 cups salsa
3-year Accounting Diploma from a recognized Canadian • 8 oz cream cheese, softened • 1 1/2 cups shredded cheese
accredited College. Must have a minimum of 1-year • 2 cups sour cream, divided • 2 roma tomatoes, diced
experience in an accounting environment. Must possess • 2 packages taco seasoning, divided • 1 small bunch of romaine,
excellent computer skills as well as demonstrated functional • 1 lb ground beef
ability in accounting software. Bilingualism (English and • 1 1/2 cups guacamole shredded
French) an asset. Valid Ontario Class G Driver's License
with insured vehicle for employment related use. Use a 9 x 13 dish.
• Layer 1: Blend cream cheese, 1 cup sour cream and 1 package
Location: Espanola
Salary: $27.81/hour (35 hours per week) taco seasoning until smooth. Spread in bottom of dish.
Commencement Date: July 2019 • Layer 2: Meat or Beans. Brown your ground beef in a

Interested individuals are invited to submit a covering letter medium skillet over high heat until all the pink is out. Drain meat and
and a résumé outlining their education, skills, qualifications add 1 package taco seasoning (no water needed). Spread meat over
and experience and how they relate to this position no later the first layer. If you prefer, use a can of refried beans instead of meat.
than Friday June 28, 2019 at 4:30 p.m. • Layer 3: Guacamole. Spread 1 1/2 cup of either homemade
guacamole or already prepared guacamole over the meat.
Please forward your application quoting competition • Layer 4: Sour cream. Spread over guacamole.
# 2019-07-AD to the attention of: • Layer 5: Salsa. Spread over sour cream.
• Layer 6: Shredded Cheese. Sprinkle your favorite cheddar or
Human Resources Department. Mexican blend cheese over the salsa.
Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board • Layer 7: Add the finishing touch by sprinkling the diced tomato and
shredded lettuce on top. You can also add green onions and black
210 Mead Blvd olive slices if desired!
Espanola, Ontario Serve with tortilla chips and enjoy

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• Cedar Mulch • Crushed Gravel

• 2” Minus • Granular “B” (Pit Run)

• 3/4” Clear Stone • Field Bed Stone

• Crusher Dust • Mortar Sand

• Garden Topsoil • Lawn Topsoil

• Bedding Sand • Decorative Pink Quartz
• Heavy Equipment With Experienced Operators

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