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Notes and pictures from our students

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Published by lenore.lola, 2016-04-11 14:50:24

Redding Method ThankYou

Notes and pictures from our students

Thank you Natalie

A gift from your first Master Dyer Certificate Graduates

Hey Natalie
What can I say? You’ve shared so much of yourself, and
I myself, at different times during the last few years that
even though I’ve never met you in person I feel we re-
ally do know each other. I’ll never be able to truly repay
you for all of the knowledge and skills you’ve shared
with me, but I hope you realize and understand how
much you are respected, appreciated, and just plain
liked. Your teaching style is so perfect for my learning
style and you’ve also given me many chuckles. I’m so
enjoying this journey, am excited to see what comes
next, and hope to continue to share parts of it with you.
Thank you so very much!
Hugs from Ardis

Natalie is a wonderful instructor - very detailed in her
explanations and not only tells ‘what’ but ‘WHY’ something is as it
is. She constantly amazes me by answering questions before they’re
even completely formed in my mind. This class series and The
Redding Method has changed the way I think of color in relation
to fibers! I can’t begin to say how much I appreciate Natalie and
the opportunity to be in this class! -- Brenda Whitehead

Thank you, Natalie!

Our year long adventure in dyeing is almost to the end and I just want to thank you, Natalie, for saving my life. I know that sounds very melo-
dramatic, but it is true. When I got the opportunity to join your wonderful dyeing classes, I was at a loss of what to do with the rest of my life.
My daughter was on the precipice of leaving the nest after having been homeschooled by me for the last 17 years. Just turning 60, I had no idea
what to do as all of my focus had been on my family since I was 28! I finally had time to do what I wanted and had no idea really what that
would be. I had been spinning for about 5 years and new I loved spinning and fiber. I studied textiles in college, but that seemed eons ago and
knew the world of textiles was so different than then. I had dyed yarn, fabric, plastic, my dog, my hair, my daughter’s hair and anything in my
line of vision was fair game for dyeing! LOL! Loving every color of the rainbow, I wanted to be able to do something with color and fiber.
I watched you on your show on Nat Geo and loved that such a classy, smart, real woman could do the things on a farm that people usually
think are relegated to a man’s world. You were just my kind of woman and I started looking for you on the “interwebs”. Lo and behold there
were YouTube videos of you doing all kinds of things that I loved. When I saw the fiber and yarns you were doing, I was totally blown away and
in awe. I thought I would love to be able to create the colors and spinning you did. At some point during this time, I discovered Fibery Good-
ness, Suzy, and Arlene. I don’t remember how that happened, but discovered they were offering a self-paced spinning course, The Journey to the
Golden Fleece. I quickly signed up and had just gotten started when I got an email from them about your first dyeing course. Needless to say, I
sent in my request to be in the class seconds after reading the email. I was jumping for joy when I got the email from Arlene that I was accepted
to be part of the class.
I didn’t know exactly what I was in for, but I knew it was going to be something groundbreaking and fantastic. I have not been disappointed!
Each class has been better than the preceding one. You are such a delight and teach in a way that I totally get. It has been so much fun getting to
know you! I have so loved getting to know you and feel so blessed that you have shared not only your vast knowledge of dyeing, but yourself as
well. I come away with something to think about after each class that affects not only my dyeing, but my life in general.
I’m looking forward to meeting you at your ranch in March and thanking you in person. You can’t know the impact you have had. I’m so grate-
ful to you for sharing your treasured techniques and inviting us into your home each week.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
D’Wanna Whitener

D’Wanna Whitener

Oxford Dictionary definition of
Muse is: A woman or a force
personified as a woman, who is the
source of inspiration for a creative
You are my muse who continues
to challenge me in new directions
freeing me from my traditional rut
to experience the magic of fiber, once
again. I will be forever grateful.
Here’s to you teacher, mentor, muse,
extraordinaire, Janet (Jan) Groe

I want to thank you for deciding to share
your dye secrets with us in the 3 classes
that have been filling my Sundays with
inspiration over the last 9 months. It was
total spontaneity that occurred when I
applied for the first class, as I don’t spend
a lot of time on the computer and just
happened to see the class offered that
morning and knew that it would be a
great way for me to learn to dye the fibers
I have from our family farm. (Cashmere,
Shetland, mohair, angora) As with you,
the animals are my first love. The tim-
ing has been awesome too, as I am in
a position now where they need to pay
their way so I can keep them…and some
fluff to help with the mortgage would be
appreciated too (pun intended).
I have been so happy to get the oppor-
tunity to know you and appreciate how
you have shared your life with us. I wish
I was able to join the group at your farm
in March. I know it would be a ton of fun
and I’m hopeful I will be able to join up
at another time. I can honestly say that
having a relationship with you has made
my heart sing.

Jennifer Nightingale


Dye Secrets, Color Me Beautiful, and Colorways, what a fun filled year
led by the ever personable Natalie Redding. The experience has far
exceeded my expectations. Each and every module was fun,
informative, and something I looked forward to weekly.

Over the last year I have grown tremendously as an artist and person…I
was mentored by a master dyer and savvy businesswoman. You have
encouraged all of us to put our work and ourselves “out there”. And as
a bonus I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie of fellow classmates and joined the
wider “guild” founded by Fiberygoodness. Thank you, thank you, thank
you…hands down the absolute best class I have ever taken.

With so much love and admiration,


Dearest Natalie,
I have only known you for about a year and a half, but in that
time, you have completely changed not only my ability to dye
beautiful things, but you have also inspired me to move for-
ward with my business, and to feel confident in my abilities as
a fibre artist, which in turn has changed my life for the better. I
thank you from the bottom of my heart, my friend.
Love & Hugs

Judy Sysak

Lisa Hanesworth

I was so excited when I learned that Fibery Goodness was going to offer
dye classes with Natalie. I’ve admired her work for some time but never
thought I would have an opportunity to learn from her. The Redding Meth-
od dye classes are amazing and brought a transformation to my dyeing that
I never thought possible.

I was quite intimidated in the beginning because Natalie is so successful
and extremely creative. I thought I will never live up to the class
expectations! Not only did Natalie share with us her incredible techniques,
she inspired us to have confidence in our own dyeing abilities, trust our
vision and be true to ourselves.

We learned a lot but we also had our laughs too. I will miss the chicken
queue at the flower pot and Scrappy being his cute and ornery self!

Having the opportunity to learn from Natalie for nine months was an
incredible experience. Thank you Fibery Goodness for this amazing oppor-

Thank you to the Redding family for opening your home and sharing Sun-
days with us.
Thank you so much Natalie for such a wonderful journey.

Warmest regards,
Lisa Hanesworth

Dear Natalie
Thank you very much for sharing your fantastic techniques
and colours with us.
For me, it was a privilege to be part of this class and I’m
proud of it.
It has been a roller-coaster year in dyeing, exploring new
fibres and techniques.
It will for sure take some time to master all the methods you
But I love to do it and do my best to make them work for me.
The most memorable moment for me, is that I have been
searching a week to figure out what breed
you meant by the “Vlaams Kudde Schaap”. For me it sounded
like “Cuddle Sheep”.
So from now on, we call it by that name around here. And
Yes, Dutch is a difficult language ;)
Again, thank you so much and I really hope we can meet
some day.
The sunday evenings will be quiet without you, the class and
the rainbows.
Liset van Hoorickx
The Netherlands

Liset van Hoorickx

Thank you Natalie for
The lessons and

The impact on my life.
Elizabeth Graves

I have been a huge fan for many years, probably since 2009. I thought she was so cool because such a beautiful model would
buy a ranch and actually work it. Herself! The very first picture I saw of her she was riding a horse. Then I learned that she
was a Shepardess, taking care of the sheep herself. That spoke volumes to me. It made her a real person. Not just some super
model living a life I could never dream of. Then she revolutionized spinning with her incredible lock spun yarns! That was
when I started wanting a spinning wheel so I could learn how to create the most beautiful yarn I had ever seen. It wasn’t
until 2012 that I got my first wheel. I watched every You Tube video of her that I could find.
That’s when I discovered her dying. Oh my, was I impressed! Again, I had never seen anything like it! I searched the Inter-
net, local yarn stores, any where I could think of, to try to learn how to recreate the vivid and bold colors that she achieved.
There were other people that dyed wool, but nothing like Natalie’s. She set the standard as far as I was concerned.
Then somehow, by the grace of God, I found she was going to teach how she made those wonderful, beautiful fibers. I
couldn’t believe that I might be able to take her class. I had not worked a “real” job since 2009. Money was always tight for us
and we really had to watch what we spent. But somehow the money was there. It was really going to happen.
When the classes started, I felt like I was so fortunate. How did I get chosen? Me, a nobody from North Carolina, get so
lucky? She was my Idol.
Then the magic truly happened. Every week she showed me things that I never would have dreamed of trying. And when
I put her wisdom to my work, low and behold, I was creating beautiful colors too! I so looked forward to each class, never
wanting to miss a single one. When I thought surely there’s nothing more, she did teach me more! Her wealth of knowledge
knew no limits. Not only did I learn about dye, I learned about fiber. And I learned about Natalie. She opened her home and
her heart.
I was fortunate to be able to go to her 2015 Retreat. To be able to meet her in person. I felt like I was meeting Julia Roberts or
Sandra Bullock! To me, Natalie is a star. Again, she opened her home. I met her wonderful family, her awesome animals, and
so many other great people. We all had so much fun.
It has now been almost a year since I started on this adventure into color. I have enjoyed every minute. The things I have
learned have changed my life. I am extremely serious about that. I have become a fiber artist because of Natalie. And a good
one. I am proud of the work I do now and know that I am in a different league than probably 90% of the rest of the indy
dyers out there. I can look at other fiber work and know what they did, how they did it, what colors they used, what they
did right, and what they did wrong. I can take virtually any picture and pick out the colors and translate them into my own
work. All because of Natalie.
I’m sad that our group is almost done. I’ve made many friends along this journey. However the next journey is just begin-
ning. Hopefully, I will be able to share some of the things I have learned with others. Teach others that there is more, then
direct them to Natalie so they too can begin to learn the awesome Redding Method.
Thank you Natalie. I love you.

Deborah Tingler


When I started my journey into fiber it was about 10 years ago and it all began
with my crazy daughter, Sam, and a baby goat named Faye. My daughter worked
at a local farm park operated by the county where she was responsible for sheep
and goats. One day she came home and said she needed to adopt this little goat
who had been orphaned by her mother, was not being accepted by the herd, had
problems walking, and would be sent off to market because the farm park
couldn’t keep her any longer. Needless to say Faye ended up living in my
suburban garage for 4 years, walks just fine and is now a member of her herd

What evolved was part inspiration, a love of sheep and goats and my daughter’s
ambition to become a veterinarian. Long story short, we moved to an Amish
community, Middlefield, Ohio, purchased a 20-acre farm with an Amish built
home that needed to be converted to English standards (yes, electricity please)
and soon I was a shepherdess to 55 sheep, 9 goats, 2 horses, 4 dogs, 8 cats, 52
chickens, 3 ducks and who knows what next. My daughter has passed her Boards

And to finish off this labour of love - a very special thank you and WE LOVE YOU Natalie from Suzy and Arlene!
What a great pleasure it has been to watch your students truly blossom and shine as they have progressed through
your courses. You are an inspired and inspiring teacher with the ability to enrich others, you have totally succeeded
in giving your students the confidence, tools, and deep understanding of the processes they need to continue their
experimentation and exploration of dyes and fibers way beyond class end, what a triumph! We are convinced that the
quality of dyed fiber on the entire internet world has been well and truly taken to the next level through the sharing
of your immense knowledge, skills, and most of all, your passion. We are grateful you have chosen Fiberygoodness to
share this amazing experience with you!
Suzy and Arlene

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