A photographer and writer, Peđa Vujovic, in his book Aarhus 37 Denmark, through words and pictures, expresses how he experienced the city of Aarhus. Following a month-long stay in Aarhus, the emotions he felt during that stay precipitated in 365 pages. The book has been published in two versions, in Danish and in English language. It contains some 270 photographs taken with a Canon camera.<br>The author was born in Sarajevo, and for the past fifteen years lives in Belgrade. This is his 6th published work. <br>We present to you a small excerpt from the Aarhus 37 Denmark book, as well as an excerpt from his previous photobook Phototherapy (english, BHS), novel Bestseller (BHS) Raskrinkavanja/Disclosures (collection of stories)<br><br>If you happen to like the idea and his work, we would be open to collaboration. <br>E: [email protected]; <br> [email protected]<br> [email protected]<br>M: +381 60 4232 280; +381 64184 2702; +45 20 95 94 78<br>