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2017 VPA Facilities & Grounds Project Schedule

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Published by Venues Parks & Arts, 2017-04-03 13:24:28

2017 VPA Facilities & Grounds Project Schedule

2017 VPA Facilities & Grounds Project Schedule

Keywords: South Bend,Venues Parks & Arts,Construction,Facilities & Grounds

What you're looking at is a modified version of our Facilities & Grounds project list.
These are projects and activities outside the normal scope of our regular
maintenance responsibilities. Expect to see timelines fluctuate and projects get
added as well as fall off.

Facilities & Grounds 2017 Project Schedule v.3 Target Completion Funding Source Notes Column1
Completed Q1 General Repainting Morris Admin Area
Project Completed Q1 Park Bond Report detailing solutions to energy inefficiencies, glass and ribbing, and roof failures.
Morris Office Painting Completed Q1 General Safety hazards repair and quality of life upgrades added
Green House Infrastructure Study Completed Q1 General New parking lot bordered with wooden bollards
Tarkington Parking Lot Completed Q1 General Fountain cleaned and restored to it's original finish
Potawatomi Wooden Bollard Replacement Early Q2 Park Bond Site Selection pending rental analytics and park development plan
Morris Fountain Cleaning May 20th Park Bond Scheduled
Rum Village Pavilion Ongoing General "Home grown" organic fertilizer program, using City generated compost
Potawatomi Playground Resurfacing Q1 General Underway (Pinhook Complete)
BAC Rebuilding Soil Profile Q2 TBD IT researching
River Windows- Pinhook, LWE, Riverwalks Q2 Park Bond Need Eng. Design
Pool Chemical/Pump Automation Q2 Donation Under Construction
Goodchild's Welcome Tree- Potawatomi Q2 Donation Under Construction
Memorial Diamond Renovations Q2 Park Bond Planning
Kelly Park Fencing Q2 General/Park Bond Need Quotes
Kelly Park Grading and Seeding Q2 Park Bond In Stock
What's Happening Hubs Q2 Park Bond In Stock
Wheel Chair Swing Install Q2 General Under Construction
O'Brien Expression Swing Install Q2 Donation Under Construction
Memorial Bathroom Renovations Q2 Park Bond Scheduled
Memorial Concessions Renovations Q2 General Waiting on sod farms to open
Fencing Enclosure for HVAC Units Q2 Park Bond Bundle w/ Service Drive
Niles Ave. Dog Park Seeding/Sod - Spring Q2 Park Bond Construction Underway
MLK Storage Shed Q2 Park Bond Planning, Waiting for Seitz benches to be removed
Experience Lodge - Renovation Q2 General Meeting w/ Councilman
Boehm Park - Playground, Benches, Grills Q2 Park Bond Planning via Strategy
Walker Field Redesign Q2 Park Bond Need Quote- QPA (possible bundle with MLK order)
Disc Golf Redesign Q2 Park Bond Bundle w/ Pavilions
Kennedy Pavilion Order Q2 Architect selected, scope out via Strategy
MLK Service Road Q2 Park Bond Bundle w/ Kennedy Order
Outdoor RR Renovations/ADA Access Q2 Park Bond Leaking and damage in the adjoined sections
MLK Pavilion Q2 Maintenance and reclamation
Green House Roof Repair Q2 General Scheduled
Lincolnway East Riverwalk Q2 Various Engineering drafting, need to select review team
Parking Garage, Lighting Upgrade Q2 Various State finalizing documents, Project slated to start in March
Howard Park Building, Water/Ice Plaza, Playground RFQ Q2 Park Bond
Parking Garage, Elevator Upgrades Q2 Park Bond Contractor Mobilizing
Rose Garden, Irrigation Q2 TIF Tony and Golf Team scoping
Fremont Splash Pad Construction
Golf TIF Opportunities (Planning Phase)

Second Dog Park Q2 & Q3 Grant Discussion Needed, March 30th Community Meeting
Urban Tree Nursery Q2 & Q4 Grant 250 Native trees estimated, designs being finalized by ND Architects
Parks Tree Planting Q2 & Q4 General 100 Trees for Spring Planning scheduled, Fall TBD
Potawatomi Save Trees Soil Compaction Q2 & Q4 General/Park Bond Scheduled
Pulaski Futsal Court Q2 End Possible Donation Scheduled
Portage Round About Landscaping Q2 or end of Q3 General Local company evaluating
Skate Park Building Demo Q2-Q3 Park Bond Waiting on AEP
NEOS Electric Playground Install Q3 General In Stock, Need Site Selection
Roundabout Holiday Décor Q4 General Design Coordinate with DTSB
Jon Hunt Plaza Holiday Décor Q4 Design Coordinate with DTSB
O' Brien Off Street Parking (Or Elim & add curb?) TBD Planning via Strategy
Potawatomi Sign Service Contract Planning via Strategy
Morris & Four Winds Energy Service Contract Sustainability
Pulaski Park Bond & TIF Preparation of Scope - Need to meet with Rail Road and DCI
Safetyville Demo Various Project Review
Charles Black Center Renovations General Construction bids docs being assembled by JPR
Howard Park Center & Ice Rink Demolition Planning via Strategy
Morris Brick Work Repair Planning

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