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HSP Annual Report FY17

HSP Annual Report FY17

From the Executive Director...


HSP gives HOPE, inspires CHANGE, and provides OPPORTUNITY
by mobilizing our community in the fight against poverty.

HSP’s Program Areas

Each of our 18 programs falls under one of the following areas...

Emergency & Prevention Program

Services Offered:
Home Energy Services
• Utility Turn-Offs
• Service Restorations
• Energy Assistance
• Arrearages
Community Resource Services
• Security Deposit Assistance
• Eviction Assistance
• Family Stability Assistance
• ID/Birth Certificates
• Glasses, Prescriptions, Hearing Aids, Referrals

Family Support Program

• Adult Education (GED/ESOL)
• Parenting & Parent/Child Activities
• Developmental Child Care
• Development Screenings
• Immunization Screenings
• Employment Readiness
• Computer Skills
• Family Enrichment Activities
• Special Events & Trips

Shelter & Housing Program

Coordinated Intake
• Men’s Shelter
• Women & Children’s Shelter
• Family Shelter
• Safe Haven Shelter
• Cold Weather Shelter
• Permanent Supportive Housing
• Rental Allowance

Rapid Rehousing

Workforce Development Program

Opportunity WORKS
• Hands-on Skills Training
• Employment Readiness and Coaching
• Case Management Services
Financial Education
• Workshops and Coaching
• VITA Free Tax Prep
Second Chances Free Store
eBay Business
Community Garden


In March 2017, Mary was referred to the Family Stability Program funded by United Way of Central
Maryland because she was facing foreclosure on her home. Mary has guardianship of her
granddaughter, Stacy, a senior in high school who was looking forward to attending college after her
graduation in June. Mary’s situation seemed hopeless until she met with her new Family Stability
case manager.

After an initial assessment, it was determined that Mary needed to either obtain more income or reduce
her monthly expenses to be able to afford to stay in her home. She knew that if she could get a loan
modification, her chances of keeping her home would improve because her monthly expenses would be
reduced. But to get the loan, she would need to make consistent monthly payments.

United Way Family Stability funds helped her make the three months of payments to get approved for
her loan modification. Mary did her part by picking up more hours at work and earning enough income to
cover her household expenses. Her new mortgage was approved, and the monthly payment is very
affordable, giving her hope that she can remain in her home for the next thirty years or more.

Mary has completed the Family Stability Program, and with a few small changes, she was able to make
huge strides toward her goals. She was given the opportunity to attend a Build-a-Budget Workshop
through HSP’s Financial Education services to help her better manage her money as she continues to
work toward lasting change.

Mary feels so grateful to HSP and United Way of Central Maryland for the assistance that was provided to
help her achieve her goals and keep her bank from foreclosing on her home. She is looking forward to
continuing her progress. Stacy graduated from high school and is attending college to obtain her
bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

The Family Stability Program is just one of many ways we use community funds to help those in need in
our Emergency & Prevention Program. We would love to work with your church or community organiza-
tion to help even more of our neighbors. Call us today!

For Susana, the Family Support Center was a chance to learn English. That chance turned into an
opportunity for her and her young son, Alex, to learn and become part of the community.

In the fall of 2014, Susana began attending the morning ESOL (English for Speakers of Other
Languages) courses at the Family Center. She was immediately surprised to learn that the center offered
childcare while she attended class; and she was encouraged to participate in the daily parent-child
activity. Despite knowing about other classes offered in the afternoons, Susana was hesitant to participate
and focused on improving her English skills.

Over time, Susana developed relationships with the Family Support Center staff and they convinced her
to try out the afternoon classes. She was again surprised to find out that the center let the children take
naps so their mothers could participate. With the support she received from the staff, Susana began
taking the afternoon classes and enjoying them! Soon, she was encouraging other moms to take the
courses offered. Susana took Health Presentation and Parenting classes and even attended Parent
Leadership meetings. Young Alex also benefited from his mother’s participation at the Family
Center, learning critical developmental and social skills.

Susana’s involvement with the center provided an opportunity for her to participate in the Family
Center’s Advisory Board where she and her peers suggested improvements the center could make. This
led to the implementation of cooking classes at the center; one of which Susana taught with another
mom. With that, the student became the teacher!

In the Spring of 2017, Susana was selected to speak on the behalf of the Family Support Center to the
Board of Directors of the Maryland Family Network. She was professional, positive, and passionate about
the education she and her son received and the childcare provided to young Alex.

Susana and Alex have come a long way in the past three years. She is still taking classes and is pursuing
her GED; and Alex is now participating in the Head Start Program. HSP is proud of both Susana and Alex
for their commitment and dedication to their education and for making the most of the opportunities
provided by the Family Support Center.

Since 2014, life has taken Brian on bit of a roller coaster ride. Struggles with mental illness led to the
loss of his full-time job and, eventually, homelessness. Brian was forced to live out of his car and
eventually found refuge at HSP’s Cold Weather Shelter, a seasonal overnight shelter where guests
can get a hot meal, take a shower, and even do laundry. After meeting with an HSP intake
coordinator, he discovered his mental health diagnosis qualified him for the Safe Haven shelter, a
longer-term shelter specifically for those battling with the challenges of mental illness. He was happy to
have a place to try to get back on his feet.

“The case managers at Safe Haven were outstanding. They helped connect me to other resources and
encouraged me. It was like all of Carroll County simply wrapped their arms around me,” Brian said.

While staying at Safe Haven, Brian began attending the monthly Circle of Caring meetings to add his voice
to the group of citizens, businesses, non-profits, and government agencies addressing issues
contributing to homelessness in Carroll County. He also began volunteering at On Our Own of Carroll
County, a peer support wellness and recovery program for those struggling with addiction and mental

After making progress with his mental health treatment, Brian began to look for work opportunities, but he
did not want another “dead-end desk job.” Volunteering at On Our Own opened his eyes to the world of
peer-support programs, and he felt it was a place where he could make a difference. Having spent much of
his teens and 20s under the influence of drugs and alcohol, he could use his own story of recovery to help
those currently battling addictions. And as someone currently battling through the struggles of mental
illness, he could identify with those in the program who were in the same boat.

Making the most of his time at Safe Haven, Brian utilized many of HSP’s other services including free tax
preparation, energy assistance, and financial education workshops. Last year, when Brian felt it was time to
move on from Safe Haven, HSP’s Permanent Supportive Housing program was able to assist with his
security deposit and help him transition into a place he could call his own.

“It’s quite wonderful to have a place of my own. I try to stay grateful - for HSP and the other people who
have helped me - just grateful to be alive because there were many times where I should not have made it.
Sometimes, the hardest words to say, are ‘will you please help me?’ I had to humble myself and do that,
and I still have to do that,” he said.

Brian came to HSP during a crisis and he found hope. He took the opportunities that were presented and
made major changes in his life. He is now working full-time as a Peer Support Specialist with the Carroll
County Health Department’s Bureau of Prevention, Wellness, and Recovery and is giving back to the
community in a positive way by helping others through their own journey.

For Mike, high school was straightforward; he was a decent student and a member of the JROTC. But
after graduation, Mike realized his future wasn’t going to be as straightforward. Falling in with the
wrong crowd and a few bad decisions led to two felony assault convictions and Mike spending much
of his late teens and early twenties in and out of the Carroll County Detention Center. This was not
the future he had pictured for himself, and he realized he was going to need help to become more than the
“criminal” society would see him as because of his record.

Mike came to Opportunity WORKS, part of HSP’s Workforce Development Program that offers hands-on job
training, intensive case management, and financial education for those with serious barriers to employment
such as criminal records, substance abuse history, or mental health struggles. Through the program, he
learned how to properly communicate in the workplace, built confidence in his own skills and abilities, and
searched for work opportunities. Mike appreciated the dedication of the Opportunity WORKS staff saying,
“They drove me to job interviews. Anything I needed, they helped me out.”

The training Mike received at Opportunity WORKS helped him land a job a Jiffy Lube. He achieved success,
earning multiple promotions, and became the top seller and customer service representative at his store.
While working at Jiffy Lube, Mike still volunteered with HSP and the Workforce Development Program. He
participated in focus groups, represented the Opportunity WORKS program at community events, and even
recruited participants.

Mike was building a new future for himself, but he still had bigger goals. He wanted to apply for college to
study social work and eventually become a case manager. He never thought he would get an opportunity to
start working in the field before he finished school.

When HSP posted an opening for a new job coach, Mike had the confidence to apply for the job because it was
something he knew he wanted to be a part of. He was particularly qualified, having gone through the program
himself. He believed he could help other people because his own story was proof that the lessons he learned
would work when applied in the workplace.

Mike still wants to go to school, and having already filled out his financial aid paperwork, he is well on his way
to achieving that goal. “There is no such thing as being beyond redemption,” he says, “I just want to continue
helping people.” And that’s exactly what he is doing every day as the new job coach at Opportunity WORKS,
helping participants work on their resumes, learn essential workplace skills, and develop the habits that are
necessary to get and keep a job.

Mike summarizes his work as “doing what we can to make sure that our participants know their worth, know
what they can do, and work towards any dream they have.”

Interested in learning about our job candidates? Give us a call at 410-848-5599

John and Judy decided early on to use their retirement to give back to the community. Between January
and April, they can usually be found roaming the halls of HSP, smiles on faces, ready to assist the next
customer waiting for their free tax return.

John began volunteering with HSP’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program about nine years ago.
VITA programs help those making less than $54,000 annually file a tax return for free, allowing the customer
to keep more of their return. Using his tax preparation knowledge and IRS-training, John has assisted
hundreds of customers with their annual income tax return – free of charge! He enjoys meeting new people
and getting to know them in the short time they spend together. He likes hearing the stories they tell about
their families, jobs, and circumstances.

Judy began volunteering three years ago. She is the “face of the program”, working the front desk, greeting
customers as they arrive and answering calls to set up appointments. She loves interacting with the families
who come in and seeing repeat customers. Last tax season, Judy spent four days a week at the front desk.
Having only signed up for two days a week originally, she generously stepped up when another volunteer
could no longer help.

For her efforts, Judy was nominated for the Maryland Community Action Partnership (MCAP) “Volunteer of
the Year” award, and, not surprisingly to any of us here at HSP, she won! She had the opportunity to be
recognized, along with her husband John, in front of the entire Maryland Community Action Partnership,
receiving her award from Maryland’s Lieutenant Governor, Boyd Rutherford.

But Judy doesn’t volunteer to get rewards. She gives her time from the kindness of her heart. Judy also
volunteers at the Marriage and Relationship Education Center in Carroll County, and even though her duties
there are much different than her duties at HSP, the people receiving the services are what motivates her to
keep coming back.

John and Judy love helping together at HSP. Maybe that’s why they’re always smiling! Thank you, John and
Judy, for your time and dedication!

To volunteer for HSP, please call 410-386-6660 or visit for info!


The Kahlert Foundation was already a supporter of HSP when they learned about the 12 Carroll
Street project from Executive Director, Angela Gustus. The Foundation’s board liked the project so
much, they decided to donate $200,000 to help kick off HSP’s “Building Second Chances” Capital
Campaign to remodel 12 Carroll Street.

According to Greg Kahlert, President of the Foundation, “We were immediately interested in supporting
the project for two primary reasons. The first revolved around the need for expansion. The existing facility
was too small to handle the demand, so there was an opportunity to help more people become gainfully

Last year, Opportunity WORKS served 124 participants, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) served 920
customers, Second Chances community free store served over 3,000 households, and Financial Education
services assisted 78 individuals. Each of these services has shown exponential growth since their inception,
and there is continued demand for these services. These services are currently operating in less than 2,000
square feet of space.

“Second, we encourage and support programs that enable people to become self-sufficient. Just like the
old saying ‘Give a man a fish, and you will feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you will feed him for
a lifetime,’” said Kahlert, “The 12 Carroll Street project aligns with the Kahlert Foundation’s mission which
includes investing in Health and Human Services which help citizens in our community get jobs, become
more self-sufficient, and provide for their families.”

All 18 of HSP’s programs center around giving hope, inspiring change, and providing opportunity. Through
the generous support of the Kahlert Foundation and other donors, the programs that will operate in the 12
Carroll Street building will now have a greater capacity to move more people toward self-sufficiency.

“Carroll County will benefit from this project in many ways. Program participants will be trained, providing
good employees for businesses that need personnel. Unemployment will be reduced. These programs
provide tax-paying citizens that were previously dependent on the county for support. It is our vision that,
by investing in these programs, we will enable hundreds of people to become employed, support their
families, and make Carroll County even better and stronger,” said Kahlert.

The 12 Carroll Street building will also house HSP’s new Weatherization program – a service for which over
2,000 Carroll County residents already qualify. In addition, HSP wants the building at 12 Carroll Street to be
available to other community organizations to hold meetings, support groups, and training programs such
as AA/NA, GED prep, or evening vocational training courses. The possibilities are endless.

William (Bill) E. Kahlert, co-founder of Evapco, Inc., established The Kahlert Foundation in 1991 to
provide funding to nonprofit organizations that improve the quality of life and well-being in the areas of
health care, youth programs, education, veterans organizations, and human services. Though Bill passed
away in 2011, his son, Greg, continues his father’s legacy of making a difference. The Kahlert Foundation is
the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) 2017 Outstanding Foundation of the Year for the state of
MD. More information can be found at

Building Second Chances: Capital Campaign to remodel 12 Carroll Street

Programs That Will Use This Space
Workforce Development Program

– Opportunity WORKS provides hands-on job training and case management
– Second Chances community free store provides a training platform for job training
– Financial Education provides workshops, consultations, and coaching on basic money
management principles
– VITA offers free tax preparation by IRS-certified volunteers to those who qualify
Weatherization Program - COMING SUMMER 2018! Will eventually include apprenticeship program
Other community groups - NA, AA, GED, vocational training

The Need
HSP’s Workforce Development Program is facing challenges with how to serve our participants in the
small spaces we have allotted for the program. Over the past almost eight years, this program has grown
nearly 500%. We have valuable community partners who want to refer more people to our programs,
and we would love to assist them in our new space.

Last year, Opportunity WORKS provided hands-on job training and case management to 124 partici-
pants in just 1,400 square feet which includes the Second Chances storefront at 23 W. Green St.
Second Chances community free store served over 3,000 people in this space last year. The Financial
Education and VITA tax services combined to assist 1,000 people in just over 200 square feet of space
and one shared board room at 10 Distillery Drive.

Uniting employment training, case management, and financial education at 12 Carroll Street will follow
national best-practice models by providing integrated services under one roof.

Weatherization (coming July 2018) will need a home for their team and some storage space for tools and
testing equipment. We hope to grow this program to be a partner with Workforce Development as a
potential platform for training and apprenticeships.

HSP also hopes to make this facility available to other community organizations in need of space for
meetings or trainings such as NA/AA, GED prep, or evening vocational training courses.

Campaign Goals
The campaign goal is $1.75 million of which $270,000 has been raised so far.

For more information or to make a donation, please visit

For naming opportunities, contact HSP’s Director of Marketing & Outreach at 410-386-6648

Human Services Programs of Carroll County, Inc.
FY 2017 Statement of Activities

Support and Revenue $3,683,362 78%
Contracts and Grants 668,995 14%
Donated Items and Facilities 228,441
Contributions 29,304 5%
Client Fees 7,090 1%
Special Events 19,718 0%
Investment Income 2%
$4,636,910 100%
Total Support and Revenue

Expenses $1,247,968 26%
Program Services 1,438,494 31%
691,754 15%
Emergency Services 565,299 12%
Homeless & Housing Services 84%
Family Support Services $3,943,515
Workforce Development 15%
Total Program Services 700,720 1%
Supporting Services 32,539
Management and General 16%
Fundraising 733,259 100%
Total Supporting Services $4,676,774
Total Expenses

A copy of our most recent audited financial statements
is available on our website


Human Services Programs of Carroll County, Inc.
10 Distillery Drive Westminster, MD 21157
Mail: P.O. Box 489 Westminster, MD 21158
PHONE: 410-857-2999
FAX: 410-857-8793
Twitter @HSPCarroll

The Promise of Community Action

“Community Action changes people’s lives, embodies the spirit of hope,
improves communities, and makes America a better place to live.
We care about the entire community, and we are
dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.”
HSP is a member of the Maryland Community Action Partnership
and the National Community Action Partnership.

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