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On behalf of our Board of Directors, we are proud to present to you Unity Care’s 2014 – 2016 Annual Report. This report summarizes the highlights of the past two years of serving our community’s most vulnerable and underserved children, youth, and families in Northern California.

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Published by Unity Care, 2017-06-16 19:11:54

Annual Report 2014-16

On behalf of our Board of Directors, we are proud to present to you Unity Care’s 2014 – 2016 Annual Report. This report summarizes the highlights of the past two years of serving our community’s most vulnerable and underserved children, youth, and families in Northern California.

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Creating Innovative Making a
Services Lasting Impact

2014 - 2016
Annual Report

Contents Our Mission

Table of Contents......................................................... 1 Unity Care’s mission is to provide quality
Message from the President youth and family programs for the purpose of
and Chairman of the Board.................................... 2 creating healthier communities through lifelong
Services & Success Stories
Our Services................................................................... 3 Our goals are to provide safe, secure, and positive
Housing Success Story............................................... 4 living environments; educate and support at-risk
Education Success Story............................................ 5 youth; and prepare young people to pursue
Employment Success Story...................................... 6 professions in which minorities are chronically
Well-Being Success Story........................................... 7 underrepresented.
Unconditional Care Success Story......................... 8
The Problem and Our Impact.................................. 9-10 About Us

Data Unity Care programs serve at-risk youth and
Financial Highlights..................................................... 11-12 families throughout Santa Clara, San Mateo,
Populations Served..................................................... 13 Placer, and extended San Francisco Bay Area
counties. Our signature program, founded in
Fundraising and Community Support 1993, focuses on serving the housing needs of
YouthLive!....................................................................... 14 youth in foster care and beyond.
Volunteer Impact.......................................................... 15
Volunteer Highlights................................................... 16 Our mission has grown and expanded for over
Special Thanks to our Supporters.......................... 17-21 two decades, and today includes 22 community-
Ways to Get Involved....................................................22 based housing, education, employment, and
behavioral health programs aiding over 6,372
underserved youth and families annually.

1 •

Dedication. Innovation. Impact.

Dear Friends,

It is an honor and a delight to have this opportunity to share the work of Unity Care, an agency that has been
at the forefront of ensuring fair and equitable treatment of children, youth, and families in the foster care and
juvenile justice systems for more than 24 years.

Since its founding in 1993, Unity Care has continued to provide high-quality, culturally proficient residential,
educational, employment, mental health, and community-based services to tens of thousands of Northern
California youth and families in need.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, we are proud to present to you Unity Care’s 2014 – 2016 Annual Report.
This report summarizes the highlights of the past two years of serving our community’s most vulnerable and
underserved children, youth, and families. Here are a few highlights:

Our Impact:
• Over the past two years, we served more than 12,000 children, youth, and families within our 5 Service Pillars:

Housing, Education, Employment, Well-Being, and Unconditional Care.
• We experienced an increase of more than 26% of youth and families in need of our services.
• 93% of emancipated foster youth and young adults obtained stable housing upon graduating from Unity Care.

Major Initiatives:
• We launched our quality improvement campaign of going from Good-2-Great, to ensure Unity Care continues

to excel in providing the highest quality of services.
• We invested more than 4,000 man hours over 18 months to become a Nationally Accredited Agency through

the Council on Accreditation (COA).
• We launched a unique middle and high school-based program, Imani Village, at 8 school sites designed

to reduce risk factors caused by in-home stressors, trauma, and poverty which impacts a student’s success.
• We opened a new transitional housing program serving up to 30 emancipated foster youth who were

formerly homeless in Placer County.

These are a few of our accomplishments over the past 2 years, and our success would not have been possible
without the generous support from our donors, volunteers, governmental partners, service organizations, and
corporations. Our Board of Directors and over 200 dedicated employees are truly grateful for your continued
support, and look forward to a fantastic year as we celebrate 25 years of serving our community in 2018.


André Chapman Carl Agers, II
Founder & CEO Chairman of the Board • 2

3 • • 4


Unity Care offers housing solutions
to provide youth and young adults a
safe and secure place to live while they
focus on their emotional, educational,
and employment goals. We integrate
resources and support services to ensure
the well-being of those we serve, and
create a home-like environment where
youth and families feel protected.

Housing Success Story

Elizabeth Inspires
Other Foster Youth

Elizabeth entered foster care at the age of 7. Now 21,
she participates in Unity Care’s Transitional Housing
Placement-Plus (THP-Plus) program and lives at Unity
Care’s MidPen apartments in south San Jose. With
her inspiring maturity and determination to succeed,
Elizabeth completed her associate’s degree at De
Anza College and is working on transferring to her
dream school, Santa Clara University, where she plans
to pursue a degree in Social Psychology. An aspiring
poet, Elizabeth also works as an Independent Living
Program (ILP) Peer Engagement Worker, helping foster
youth develop basic life skills.

At Unity Care’s 2016 YouthLive Gala, she offered
encouragement to other foster youth as our Youth
Keynote Speaker.

“Just know that we are gold. We’ve been through the fire...
This life is preparing you for great things, but you have to go
through the fire to get there. The most influential people have
faced real hardship.”
– E l i z a b e t h • 4


Unity Care’s educational services
focus on increasing the academic
success and well-being of our youth
by reducing risk factors that lead to
poor academic outcomes. Formal

and informal education, as well
as access to technical, trade, and
vocational programs all build skills

and expand opportunities.

Education Success Story

Shawna, Imani Village Youth,
Makes the Honor Roll

13-year-old Shawna was so excited to tell
Valerie Mooney, Imani Village

Education Coordinator, her amazing news.

Last year, Shawna was entangled in a traumatic family crisis that
created an unstable home environment. Unable to focus on

school, Shawna started failing all of her classes. Fortunately, the
school referred her to Imani Village where she met Ms. Mooney

and they became inseparable. Ms. Mooney became Shawna's
reliable support system and helped stabilize her family’s issues
by connecting them to Imani Village's clinical team who provided
therapeutic supports to the family. Shawna also utilized Imani
Village's free afterschool tutoring sessions where she became a

regular participant and re-engaged in her school studies.

When Shawna started 8th grade, she was determined to improve
her grades. With Ms. Mooney’s daily positive coaching, she

excelled academically. Shawna finished this last grading period
with a 3.2 GPA. Now she is a confident school leader who is ready

for high school, and focused on her path to college.

“Ms. Mooney, Ms. Mooney,
I got straight A’s and I made the honor roll!”


5 •


The unemployment rate for the majority
of clients we serve is double the national
average. Unity Care programs effectively
mentor and engage our youth and
families in finding gainful employment
and careers that will provide stability and
a sustainable source of income.

Employment Success Story

Sarah Gets a Job at Raley’s with
Unity Care Support

Sarah had been working at Fosters Freeze for two
years and trying, unsuccessfully, to find better
employment when she heard about Unity Care’s
Jobs Program, a partnership with iFoster and Raley’s
stores that helps place foster youth in careers with a
possible future. The Jobs Program ensures that foster
and former foster youth have the resources needed
for employment, including secure housing, reliable
transportation, a working cell phone, and emotional
support. Sarah, who described herself as nervous and
awkward, learned how to fill out an application and
answer interview questions. With Unity Care’s support,
she got a job in the bakery of Raley’s Bel Air Market.
Sarah’s longer term goal is to work with animals,
and after a year of work experience, she successfully
secured a job at Incredible Pets.

“The program really pushed me to
get a new job. I had been talking
about leaving for a long time.”
– S a r a h • 6


Our belief is that when youth and
families experience emotional
support, growth, security and
confidence, it enables them to

realize their full potential. Unity
Care's services promote well-being
– emotional, physical, and spiritual
stability that fosters positive habits,
self-determination, and motivation to

achieve their dreams.

Well-Being Success Story

TBS helps Cynthia overcome
physical aggression

During the last school year, Cynthia was getting into fights
every single week at her middle school. The school referred

her to Unity Care's Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)
staff. The TBS team worked with all parties and developed

a solid treatment plan, which included the school staff,
Probation Department, Mental Health Department, and her

family. They trained them to use Aggression Replacement
Therapy techniques to reduce Cynthia's PTSD symptoms

while honoring her culture. Additionally, the TBS team helped
Cynthia adjust to the classroom setting and walked her mother

through the IEP process. This helped the school district gain
confidence in Cynthia's ability to remain incident free. The

team also connected her to other African American youth as
well as community activities to focus on her cultural needs.
As a result, Cynthia has learned how to better control her

behaviors and has successfully completed her first school year
without an incident.

“I feel a lot better about going to school.
I know there are people who really care about me.”


7 •


A positive, natural support system
provides lasting connections in the
form of emotional safety, dependability,
consistency, and permanency. Through
our philosophy of unconditional care,
caring adults offer stability, help youth
make positive life choices, and connect
them to vital resources throughout their
transition into adulthood.

Unconditional Care Success Story

Lisa returns home to her mother

Lisa arrived at Unity Care's treatment home for teen girls
depressed, diagnosed with a personality disorder, and
with a history of self-harming due to her relationship with
her mother. For over a year, Lisa lived in several group
homes without improvements until she met Jennifer,
Unity Care's House Manager. Jennifer and the treatment
team recognized that the 14-year-old needed intensive
supports to stabilize her behaviors. The treatment team
immediately spent time learning Lisa's triggers and guided
her through challenging days. After six months of constant
support and intensive art therapy sessions, Lisa started to
improve. The clinical team helped repair Lisa's damaged
relationship with her mother through counseling sessions
and planned family visits. As their relationship improved,
Lisa's symptoms of depression, personality disorder, and
self-harm abated. On her last day, Lisa tearfully reunited
with her mother and now permanently lives at home
where she belongs.

“I really missed my mom, and I'm glad to be home."
–Lisa • 8

The Problem

Foster youth leave foster care

anxious and unprepared to survive on their own.

Housing Education Employment Well-Being Unconditional Care

They lack the Children with Youth lack basic Children and Youth who
basic life-skills to learning disabilities job skills and career youth in foster emancipate from
live on their own. live in foster care guidance. As a care experience foster care without
at twice result they struggle significant family support are
the rate of to find stable trauma, abuse, at high-risk for
children in the employment. and/or neglect. poor outcomes.
general population.

40%Nationally, 75% 29%Only of 1 in 4Nationally, 25%Nationally,
of foster youth of foster youth are
experience of fostered California’s foster youth emancipated foster incarcerated by age 24.
homelessness within young women find jobs within 2 years youth experience
2 years of turning 18. become pregnant of leaving care.
by age 21.

9 •

Our Impact

Unity Care’s work improves lives...

6,372 at-risk and foster youth were served in 2015-16.

93% 56% 48% 81% 86%

of Unity Care graduates of youth maintained of age-eligible of graduates achieved of graduates
secured stable housing. their educational goals. graduates were mental, physical, and developed permanent
emotional well-being.
employed. adult relationships.

Housing Education • 8 Unconditional Care

Employment Well-Being • 10

Financial Highlights

Statement of Revenue & Expenses 2014-15

Fiscal Year July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015


Program Services $12,494,805

Contributions & In-Kind $520,234 4%
Other $19,842 Current Assets
$13,034,881 Property &
Other Assets

Program Services $10,937,774

General & Admin $1,427,285

Fundraising $535,673


4% Revenue Liabilities and Assets
13% Current
Program Services Liabilities
Contributions Long Term
52% Liabilities
96% 35% Net Assets


Current Assets $3,762,337
Property & Equipment
11% 4% Other Assets $10,601,803
Program Services Total Assests $1,396,646
General and $5,498,432
Administrative $10,601,803

Current Liabilities

Long Term Liabilities

Net Assets

Total Liabilities & Net Assets

11 •

Financial Highlights

Statement of Revenue & Expenses 2015-16

Fiscal Year July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016



Program Services $11,927,322 39%

Contributions & In-Kind $1,329,176 57%

Other $367,505 Current
$13,624,800 Property &

Program Services $11,927,322

General & Admin $1,329,177

Fundraising & Marketing $367,505


Revenue Program Liabilities and Assets
3% 3% Contributions 14%
& In-Kind
94% Other Current
Long Term
50% Liabilities
36% Net Assets

10% 3% Expenses $3,979,418
87% Program Services Current Assets
Property & Equipment $359,208
General and Other Assets $10,146,875
Administrative Total Assests
Fundraising & $1,374,552
Marketing $3,644,094
Current Liabilities $5,128,229
Long Term Liabilities $10,146,875
Net Assets
Total Liabilities & Net Assets • 12

Population Served
2014 -2016

By Ethnicity


5% American/Native Indian

38% Multicultural
11% Asian/Pacific Islander
African American
17% White


Population by County

0% 1% 0% 1% 2% San Francisco
7% 3% Contra Costa


Santa Cruz

57% 29% Other

Placer By Age

San Mateo 9%
Santa Clara
0 - 13


13 •

Celebrating our Youth

We continued to advance our fundraising efforts to Photo: Andre Chapman, Leigh Anne Tuohy, and
support our community-based programs by hosting our Charity Brooks
annual spring gala. YouthLive! showcases an array of
talented youth in the community as well as Unity Care's "It's about loving someone who doesn't look
very own foster youth who provide top-notch musical like you. You were born with the ability to
performances, model in a fashion show, and contribute make a difference in a person's life."
beautiful hand-painted works of art.
– Leigh Anne Tuohy
4th Annual YouthLive! Gala, April 25, 2015
Guests were moved by keynote speaker, Leigh Anne Photo: Andre Chapman, Elizabeth Cartagena, and
Tuohy, inspirational subject of the award-winning Bill Del Biaggio
movie, The Blind Side, which chronicles her journey as
foster mother to current NFL (National Football League) "I can't thank Andre and Gary enough for the
offensive tackle, Michael Oher. wonderful work they do in our community.
It's just beyond comprehension that they were
Charity Brooks, a former foster youth and an alumna able to start in 92' and here we are in 2016 and
of our transitional housing program, bravely shared they've gone from 0 employees to 200. The
her story of survival. She said, "I would like you to take amount of kids they are serving is amazing."
my story and use it as motivation to help youth in our –Bill Del Biaggio
community. Look beyond their outer shell because we
often pretend that everything is okay. Take the time to • 14
talk to them, look into their eyes and see for yourself
what you can do for them. They really may just need a
big hug to get through the day."

5th Annual YouthLive! Gala, April 23, 2016
We celebrated William J. Del Biaggio by presenting
him with our Community Champion Award for his
unwavering service to our community and long-time
support of Unity Care.

Elizabeth Cartagena a 21-year-old former foster youth
and an alumna of our transitional housing program
shared her story. She said, "If humanity believed that
everything and everyone is connected, this world
would be a much better place."

Volunteer Impact 2014 -2016

Number of Volunteers 450

Total Projects 10 0

Total Volunteer Hours 2 , 2 0 0

Value of Donated Goods $ 4 57, 0 0 0

Highlights of Donated Goods

• 300 children and families received 300
pieces of large donated furniture and 500
items of household supplies.

• 900+ children and families had positive
summer time experiences (college tour,
museum visits, amusement parks, played
outdoor, etc.).

• 800+ school-aged children received new
shoes, clothing, backpack and school

• 300 children and families enjoyed a hot
Thanksgiving meal.

• 1,400 children and families received toys,
decorations and holiday gifts.

15 •

Volunteer Highlights

Boys Team Charity of Los Gatos' senior class cleaned, painted, and decorated our home for teen boys.

The Mercury New Wish Book granted the Montoya family $20,000 to make their home renovation a reality. Duplan
Construction also helped the family renovate their restroom for ADA access and built a study room. • 16

Special Thanks to our Supporters

Individuals Barbara Benware Gina Cesare Terri & Jerry Dias
Sam & Kate Berman Lindsay Chadwell Erly Diaz-Melendez
Sal Acosta Michael Berndt Shirley Chapman Kasey Dickson
Bobby Adams Ken Berrick Clifford & Jetrenne Chapman Ryan Dillon
Marybeth Affleck Nacey Ed & Tisha Bertlow Steve Chen Carol Dixon
Carl & Sheri Agers Sarah Best Melody Chen Eric Donkers
Katie Agers Mary Blackman Kenny Chen Fanny Donoval
Rita Aguilar-Cayo Anthony Blanchard Newton Cheng Calvin Dotson
Kristina Aleksanyan Martin & Gail Boddy Benjamin & Lorraine Chew Steve & Lisa Doughty
Will & Kim Alexander Ranga Bodla Marc Chiang Nathan Dreyfus
William & Megan Alexander Stephen & Beverly Bonovich Jennifer Childers Vance & Kristie Driscoll
Michael Allbaugh Talar Bouldoukian Brian Ching Stella Dugall
Julie Allecta Michael & Ginny Bowman John & Julie Chovanec Greg Dumas
Denise Alloway Terry & Nancy Boyle Brian & Lisa Christensen Amanda Dutra
Mark Allums Dan Bozzuto Spencer & Lyn Christian Phillip Dye
Daniel Allustiarti Kent Bradley Jih & Teresita Chung Pat Eberle
Jamie Almanza John Brady Greg & Cathy Cioth Lisa Edmisten
Naomi Alston Karl & Brenda Braitberg Rodney & Nancy Clark Sheila Edusada
Luke Altenau Linda Braje Linda Clark Leonard Edwards
Suzannne Ambiel Mary Kay Breitenbach Chris & Iris Clay Kelli Egan
Nolanne Ameland Philippe & Sara Breneman Jennifer Clear Christina Egan
Jennifer Anderson Angie Breshears Jeff & Darlene Clementz Craig & Lisa Elliot
Gary Aquilina Dennis & Denise Bridgeman Byron Clift Breland Ted & Beth Emmett
Elizabeth Arnone Kathleen Bright Jeff Clish Alisa Erba
Leta Aronson Linda Britt Dena Colledge Paul Espinola
Michelle & Carlos Austen John & Mary Bronson Lisa Condensa Reymundo & Beatriz Espinoza
Heidi Axtell Fredia Brooks Jill Condon Tammy Estes
Thomas & Laurie Babula Michael & Victoria Brown Shirley Cook Sarah Etheredge
Danielle Bachler Melveta Brown Carole Cook Troy Etheredge
Kim Bair Brendon Bula Nancy Cook Justin & Annabella Evert
Ruthanne Baker-Mander Marc Buller Rebecca Cooper Trevor Fagerskog
Elaine & Louis Baldwin Jonathan & Susan Bunce Christel Cordes Jeff & Cindy Faulkner
Milan Balinton William & Denise Burns Noelle Cothern Darin & Jenny Felberg
Francis & Kadiatu Bangura Jeff & Kim Burrill Lorna Couch Nuria Fernandez
Gary & Robbyn Banks Toni Burros Greg & Maria Crema Dave & Liz Ferrari
Troy Barba Steve & Pam Campbell Marty Cull Dave & Mary Figone
Jacqueline Barthel Claire Campodonico Michael & Terri Cunniff Thomas & Joanne Finnerty
Elisheva & Stefan Basseri QueenAnn Cannon Gloria Daniels Charles & Heathe Fitzgerald
Mike & Janis Beauchamp James & Claudia Carothers Jennifer Dasilva Cherri Fontana
Stephanie Beheshti Maria Carrasco Ed & Jill Davis Arnold & Solange Fosah
DeDe Beheshti Dan & Karen Carter Kimberly Davis Arnold Fosoh
Lisa Bellini Kris & Beverly Casas Jennifer Deal Martha Foster
Celia Beltran Wilbert & Kimberly Cason Jim Del Biaggio Gwen Foster
Gail & Leland Bennett Scott & Agnes Casper Nicholas & Deanna Del Biaggio Harvey Fox
Elaine Benoit Carole Cassidy Erin Delacroix Beth Fraker
Chris Benson & Pamela Maker John Castillo Omar & Ana Delgado Marcel & Angela Frangieh
Lisa Cervantes Wendy Denton Susan Frank

17 •

Ralph Frey & Candice Piper Amanda Hurley & Jason Martinez Tony & Brenda Lynch Dave & Kathy Pasek
Leticia Galyean Terri Hurley Anita & Mark Lynch Roberts John & Mildred Pastrone
Christina Gantley Diane-Lynn Inderhees Mark Roberts Mary Patterson
Pam Garces Wilbur Jackson Marie Lyons Darryl & Pam Payton
Oscar Garcia William Jacobs Matt & Heather Madaus Lisa Peat
Angela Garcia-Lopez Barbara Jacobson Angela Madden Steve & Lisa Pelle
Michelle Garza Christine Janis Joe & DD Madden Laura Pena
Jenna Gerberding & Steve Chen Michelle Jenny Heidi Magner Sarah Penzel
Aria & Julie Ghajar Amanda Jimenez Melissa Magner Tony & Kathy Perazzo
Casey Gilliam Stephanie Johnson Jan Maisen Don & Elizabeth Peter
Ben Goldman David Johnson Marcel Manzardo Thomas & Pat Peterson
Yanina Gonzales Sally Johnson Leroy & Jeannine Martin Ruth Pierce
Daniel Gonzales Rebecca Johnson Jasmine Martin Tina Pierce
Yulia Gorbacheva Renee Jones Cedric Martin & Annette Dawson John Pina
Marci Gordon James & Frances Jones Daisy Martinic Amy Plunkett
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Gisella Gorman Andrea Jordan-Porras Gene Maynard Jillian Polyak
Howard & Linda Graham Sheila Jorden Marjorie McCarthy Alexandra Potts
Christina Graham Donah Kalens Dan McCarty Teresa Powell
Noland & Lisa Granberry Ash Kalra Ceclia McDaniel Ashley Powell
Nate & Sara Grassman Mathew Karpel Dylan McDermott Elizabeth Powers
Debra Greenblat Holly Kauffman Vincent McDowell Richard Prendergast
Doreen Griffith J.D. Kavanaugh Kathleen McGuire Laura Preuss
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Rosemary Grow Kristina Keates Linda McLean Robert Quint
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Lewis Gunter Kerry Kennedy John & Kelly Mendoza Ali Ramezanadeh
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Leo & Judy Hartung Kelly Krause Tim & Serena Muindi Keith Rieken
Mark Hartung Alena Kren Vanessa Mun Heather Riendeau
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Keith & Nancy Hauge Vanette Lambert Colin & Danielle Munro John Ristow
Steven Haynes Taneal Landucci Jon Murphy Brian Roarty
Cari Hays Dennis & Cynthia Lange Kristen Murray Shannon Roberts
Patrick Hedgepeth Norman Lau Zac Mutrux Dave & Marsha Robertson
Kathleen Helleman Sarah Laughlin Sandy Nakata George & Charlotte Rogers
Stacey Henley Montgomery Carl Law & Tomoko Wada Camilla Nelson Sarah Rogers
James Henley Lorraine Lawson Earnestine Nelson George & Nancy Romer
Kara Hermann Madison Le Willlie Nelson Jessica Romer
Johanna Hernandez Justin & Mary Lee Martie & Kristi Nevarez Colleen Rossignol
Christian & Megan Herrmann Robert & Yvette Lee Lien Ngo Jayne Rovianek
David Hershfield Jason Lee Lucy Nguyen Ray & Madelyn Ruiz
William & Mary Hiland Stephen Legg Roberta Nichols Veronica Ruiz
Jim & Jen Hines Jennifer Leggio Shannon Nicholson Fiaero & Maria Ruiz
Mary Anne Hoffman Stacey Leone Mattie Nogaye Gary & Jean Rummelhoff
John & Lisa Hogan Anthony Leung Dona Norton Shepherd Jason Ruppert
Natalie Holbert Elise Levine Luiza Nudeman Alton Ed Rusnak
Patty Holden Barbara Lewis Raymond & Maria Ochoa-Borlaza Reid & Beth Rutherford
Dean Holton Jennifer Lin Phil Ochs Cary & Carrie Sakamoto
Raenisha Hooks Kathy Linton Susan Olsen Jessie Salas
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Susie Hotelling James & Virginia Lockhart Hector Oropeza Juan & Janina Sanchez
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Donald Parks Marylou Schoone • 18

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Spencer & Amy Sells Paul & Wendy Velaski Boston Market Insperity
Rosanne Seratti Sheila Viswanathon Boston Scientific J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines
Sunil Shah David & Dell Vossbrinck Boys Team Charity Los Gatos League Jack & Jill of America, Inc., San Jose
Sonia Shah Susan Waither Bozzuto Insurance Services
Stella Shanovich Brownie Troop #62210 Chapter
Don Sherrin Kelly Walsh Buca di Beppo Jeppesen – A Boeing Company
Stephen Singer Kevin Waters Buffalo Wild Wings Joseph George Fine Wines
Nira Singh Belle Wei Bulldog Tech @ LeyVa Middle School Judd’s Hill Winery
Pamela Sloan Mark Weiner Burrell School Vineyards & Winery Juniper Networks, Inc.
Scott & Danya Smead Jeannine Weiss Byington Winery & Vineyards Kelly Connelly Design & Print
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Michelle Theofanides PG&E MetCalf
James & Doris Thompson Service Agency Wholesale Dealer Project Glimmer
Pete & Sheila Thompson Alain Pinel Realty Foothill College Project Linus
Dave & Robbie Thomson Alfaro Family Vineyards Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Property Inspection Service
Lynn Thull All Stars Helping Kids Rajappan & Meyer Consulting
Dave Tinker Almaden Valley Women’s Club Loewy, LLP
Lauren Townsend Amazon Smile Foundation Francher Estate c/o Trustee Help Engineers, Inc.
Karen Traiger American Endowment Foundation Genentech, Inc. Redwood Canopy Tours
Jennie Tran Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Gifts for Teens Robinhood Ministry, Saratoga
Chris & Kirsten Trapani Anonymous Anonymous Goddard Family Foundation
Thomas Traylor Apple Computer, Inc. Goddess Federated Church
Mike Trudeau Art For Foster Care Golden State Warriors Sadie Meyer & Louis Cohn
Katrina Tsigaris Asian Art Museum Good Samaritan United Methodist
Scott Tsugita AT&T Gordon Biersch Brewery Foundation
Mark Urbanek Avalon Bay Grace Bible Chapel Safeway Foundation
Abhi Vaishnav Avalon Bay Silicon Valley Grant Thorton LLP San Andreas Lodge #70 AFAM
Julie Valentine Avalon Fremont Green Thumb Nursery San Francisco 49ers
Michael Valenzuela Avalon Mission Bay Gumba’s Italian Restaurant San Francisco Giants
Dan Valcazar Avalon on the Alameda Harley Riders Group San Francisco Symphony
Anthony Van Dyck Avalon Willow Glen Harry’s Hofbrau San Jose Mercury News Wish Book
Jackie Van Lone Awakening Church Help One Child
Baths at Roman Spa Henrietta Aigner & Joy Baldwin Fund, Inc.
Bay Area Discovery Museum San Jose Museum of Art
Family Foundation San Jose Water Company
Heritage Bank of Commerce Sandi’s Cobbler Cups, LLC
Hobee’s California Restaurants SanDisk Corp.
Santa Clara County Law Advocates

19 •

Youth and staff explore the great outdoors at Yosemite National Park and enjoy horseback riding on the beach in
Half Moon Bay as part of our annual Summer of Learning program.

Our Supporters (continued)...

Santa Clara Valley Quilting Assoc. VMWare Foundation Santa Cruz County Heidi Delgado
SAP Labs, LLC Walmart Foundation Lucas Delgado
Saratoga Federated Church Warriors Community Foundation – Mental Health Department Lina Denny
Savannah Chanelle Vineyards Terri Dias
Save Mart Supermarkets Share Your Seats Volunteers Erly Diaz-Melendez
Second Harvest Food Bank of Wells Fargo Ryan Dillon
Wells Fargo Community Support Jay Abraham Colton Doughty
San Mateo & Santa Clara Counties Katelyn Aby Frank Ducker
Segway Santa Cruz Campaign Naomi Alston Ana Duong
SF Bay Adventures Wells Fargo Foundation Camille Agers Pat Eberle
Shadow Brook / Crow’s Nest Wells Media Carl & Sheri Agers Craig Elliot
Silicon Valley Business Journal Willow Glen Meats Carl Agers III Wesley Elliot
Silicon Valley Capital Club Winifred Johnson Clive Foundation Jorina Aguiluz Jack Enriques
Silicon Valley Community Yahoo, Inc. Sergio Aragon Kay Enriques
Yoga Belly Ashika Balani Paige Fennie
Foundation Abhijit Bansal Breanna Figone
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Government Ruben & Laverne Barbosa Dave Figone
SJ Rios Electric Polly Baylis John Fingerhut
Sky High Sports Amador County Mental Health Maniko Beach Juanita Fletcher
Sleep Train, Inc. City of San José Miles Beach Beth Fraker
Sobrato Family Foundation Robert Beach James Freely
Sonoma Raceway Housing Department Gail Bennett Rafael Gameros
Starbucks City of San José Katelyn Bennett Aida Garcia
Subodh Rajadhyaksha Heidi Bigge Tiye Garrett
Suhr Risk Services Safe Summer Initiative Hunter Bigge Richard Garrison
Sunday Friends The Housing Trust of Mary Blackman Jenna Gerberding
Testarossa Winery Martin Boddy Varsha Godse
The Bag Ladies Santa Clara County Sean Boddy Noralyn Gonzalez
The Cheese School of San Francisco Napa County Mental Health Ellyn Brady Sara Grassman
The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS Placer County Adult System Fredia Brooks Lewis Gunter
The Dawn Thomas Team Christine Brotherton Jamal Hall
The Family Album Project of Care Ferdinand Budiman Greg Hamilton
The History Club of Los Gatos Placer County Children’s Jaclyn Butler Amy Hanlon-Rodemich
The Lexington House Christina Cabral Laila Haro
The Links, San Jose Chapter Emergency Shelter Arthur Cacacho Brian Hartsell
The Newton Center Placer County Children’s Ruel Cardona Heather Harwood
The Olive Bar John Castillo Chris Helms
The Shea Foundation System of Care Maricela Castro Harrison Hibberd
The Table Placer County Health & Cora Chan Wendy Hibberd
Thrivent Financial Jennifer Chan Ashley Hii
Ticket To Dream Foundation Human Services Aileen Chen Dean Holton
Tickets For Charities Placer County Juvenile Probation Caroline Chou Jake Holton
Tiffany & Co. San Benito County Jim Cogan Whitney Holton
TMFC, Inc. Michael Cox Rani Hublou
Together We Rise Mental Health Department Ivan Curic Leon Hudgens
Trustee Help Inc. San Francisco County Aaron & Jeanella Dalugdug Laurel Hulme
Turning Wheels for Kids Bill Day Michelle Hulshof
Uesugi Farms Pumpkin Park Mental Health Department Consuelo De La Torre Megan Im
Usability Ciences Corporation San Mateo County
Valley Transportation Authority
Mental Health Department
Santa Clara County Department

of Family & Children Services
Santa Clara County

Department of Juvenile Probation
Santa Clara County

Department of Mental Health
Santa Clara County

Department of Social Services • 20

Samantha Im Ethan Schaper
William Johns Kurt Schwarz
Stephanie Johnson Chris Schweitzer
Kellie Jordan Will Schweitzer
Andrea Jordan-Porras Brittany Sembera
Aidan Kelly Amanda Shanks
Valerie Kelly Andrea Shelton
Taylor Kikuchi Drew Shelton
Verri Koehler Sandeep Singh
Athena Kwok Brian Sisco
Geoff Lamb Cynthia Smits
Will Lamb Jeff Smits
Mikkel Lantz Zach Smits
Samantha Le Rhett Somers
Jason Ledgerwood Jeff & Catherine Somers
Eugene Lee Zach Somers
Eunsil Lee Louise Song
Frank Lemmon Lauren Spence
Christine Lewis Mathew Spenst
Melina Leyco Joyce St. Laurent
Janice Lindow Rebecca Stange
Zulma Lomeli Jayne Stathacopaulos
Anna Lowe Sarah Sternav
Jared Lumauig Racheal Stinson
Melissa Magner Carol Sulliivan
Aurina Malaki Mark Sung
Yvette Marchand Jacy Swalve
Hunter Marshall Eric Tally
Jack Marshall Barbara Taormina
Bill Martin Michelle Terpko
Scott Martin Mike Terpko
Sharon Martin Trevor Toarmina
Katey McCollam Erika Tonges
Ian McCollum Jake Tonges
Kai Merrit Nick Tonges
Quina Merritt Tim Tonges
Jack Miller AJ Trapani
Todd Miller Kirsten Trapani
Anne Myers Tinidad Vasquez
Stephanie Ng Christel Ventura
Clarissa Ngo Tina Vu
Colleen Ngo Tomoko & Carl Wada
Tina Ngo Isaki Wada-Law
Mickey Nguy Masaki Wada-Law
Allan Nguyen Britnie Walker
Kent Nguyen Jeffrey Wallis
Victoria Nguyen Ken Wallis
Sara Osborne Timothy Wallis
Kevin Oxnam Meggyn Watkins
Nathan Oxnam Audrey Webb
James Park Zach Webb
Sarah Park Jim Wedell
Jake Parrinello Robin Wedell
Marko Pavisic Jan White
Beylinda Pham Parker Willey
Brian Phillips Makeva Williams
Joy Pinlac Nancy Williamson
Bob Pitman Michelle Wu
Leebo Pomele Kyle Wyss
Alexander Portman Jennifer Yarbrough
Kim Ramirez Mark Yolton
Jeremiah Regan Robert Zabala
Patrick Regan
Tess Rickert Cake4kids volunteers bake custom cakes year-round
Shannon Roberts for our foster kids.
Daniel Rosenbaum
Grant Rosenbaum
Jeff Rubenstein
Dan Rubnitz
Jacob Rubnitz
Kristin Salinas
Toni Sandoval
Samantha Sapien
Bode Saul
Shari Saul
Clay & Julie Schaper

21 •

Ways to Get Involved

“The biggest mistake in helping underserved
kids is not raising the bar high enough.

Children will believe if you believe in them.”
–Oprah Winfrey

Donate Volunteer

Make a cash contribution to help meet the basic There are countless ways to get involved at Unity Care. Our
needs of youth and families we serve. goal is to help individuals, social groups and organizations
find opportunities that fit their needs while also making
In-kind Donations a difference in the lives of underserved youth in our
Unity Care accepts items year-round that are new or
gently used. Individuals
• Provide administrative support in the office.
Our wish list includes: • Share your talents or hobbies with youth.
• Diapers • Special event committee work, including our
• School supplies and new backpacks
• New clothing and shoes YouthLive! Gala, Summer of Learning or Santa's Helpers.
• Furniture – gently used couches, dressers, dining
tables, coffee tables, etc. Please email photos • Organize donations at our storage unit.
before donating to ensure the item fits in one of • Supper Club – Share your cooking skills and a meal with
our houses.
• Household items – dishware sets, cutlery, small our youth.
kitchen appliances • Beautification projects – Beautify our residential
• Tickets to recreational activities or special events
• New or gently used laptops treatment homes by painting, landscaping, or working
• New toys on small improvement projects.
• Bikes in good condition • Adopt a group home by mentoring youth and donating
• New art supplies – canvases, sketch pads, brushes, needed items.
arcylic paint, color pens and pencils • Host a drive – Collect backpacks, school supplies, gift
cards or toys for the holidays.

See additional projects listed above.
• Corporate field trips – Invite our youth (ages 15-24) to

your company for a tour.
• Collect laptops – Donate new or used computer



Unity Care Group, Inc.
2014-2016 Annual Report

Board of Directors

Carl Agers, II, Chairman Jess Gutierrez Elizabeth Pappy
Mark Yolton, Vice President David Hershfield James Park
Madison Le, Treasurer Amanda Hurley Ray Ruiz
Cedric Martin, Secretary Anita Lynch Andrew J. Wong

Get Involved,
Volunteer Today!

There are so many opportunities to help
a foster child. We have projects
big and small for individuals,
groups, and corporations.

Call (408) 971-9822 x 4037
[email protected]

Agency Headquarters Santa Clara County San Mateo County Office
1400 Parkmoor Avenue Program Office 957 Industrial Road, Suite B
Suite 115 1401 Parkmoor Avenue San Carlos, CA 94070
San Jose, CA 95126 Suite 230 Phone: (408) 688-4918
Tel: (408) 971-9822 San Jose, CA 95126 Fax: (408) 510-5660
Fax: (408) 510-3484 Tel: (408) 971-9822
Fax: (408) 971-9820 Placer County Office 11716 Enterprise Drive
Auburn, CA 95603
Tel: (530) 886-5473
Fax: (530) 886-2854

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