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We are pleased to share the accomplishments of our foster children and families, as well as our organizational achievements and strategic vision in this Annual Report for fiscal years 2012-2014. Read how your financial and volunteer contributions transformed lives.

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Published by Unity Care, 2016-01-25 15:16:59

Unity Care Annual Report 2012-14

We are pleased to share the accomplishments of our foster children and families, as well as our organizational achievements and strategic vision in this Annual Report for fiscal years 2012-2014. Read how your financial and volunteer contributions transformed lives.

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Unity Care Annual Report


Table of Contents

Mission 3
20 Years of Unity Care 4
Letter from CEO & Board Chair 6
Community-Based Services 7
Mental Health Services 8
Housing Services 9
Financial Highlights 10
Population Served 12
Our Dedicated Staff
Future Plans: 5 Pillars of Success 13
5 Pillars of Success Outcomes
Fundraising Initiatives: YouthLive! 14
Unitiy Care’s Impact on Makel Ali 15
Summer of Learning 16
Santa’s Helpers 17
Celebrating our Supporters 18
Volunteers Making a Difference 19
02 Annual Report 2012-14 25


Unity Care provides quality youth and
family programs for the purpose of
creating healthier communities
through lifelong partnerships.

Organizational Objectives:

To provide safe, secure and positive living
To educate at-risk youth.
To prepare our young people to pursue professions
chronically under-represented by minorities.

About Us

Unity Care is a strengths-based, family-focused,
and culturally proficient youth and family
development agency.

Since 1993, we have provided services to at-risk
youth and families in the juvenile justice, mental
health and child welfare systems throughout
California, with particular focus on Santa Clara,
San Mateo and Placer Counties.

Each year, Unity Care advocates the most
effective form of care for 5,500 at-risk foster
children and families to improve their physical,
mental, spiritual and emotional well-being. Annual Report 2012-14 03

20 years of Unity Care

Here are preliminary results from our 20-Year Impact study. Findings are based on a total of 115 surveys collected from

past youth program participants.

74% agreed that Unity Care services have had an 66% of respondents said that staff treated them with

overall positive impact on their lives. kindness and respect.

65% said Unity Care was the best placement they’ve 63% agreed that transitioning into adulthood was

ever had. easier because of Unity Care.
On a scale of 1-10, former clients ranked Unity Care
60% believe Unity Care has helped them and their as an 8.5.


64% agreed that Unity Care programs helped them

accomplish their long-term goals.

1992 1995 1998 First residnetial treatment home for girls opens, “House
1999 4.”
Unity Care is founded by First grant awarded from the Silicon Valley 2000 City of San José Department of Housing names Unity Care
André V. Chapman. Community Foundation for Youth as the ‘Partner of the Decade.’
After-school Leadership Program (YAL).
Fifth residential treatment home for boys opens, “House
1993 1996 5.”
Unity Care launches Pre-College Minority Engineering
First residential treatment home for boys Third residential treatment home for boys Program (PC-MEP) funded by major grants from Applied
opens, “House 1.” opens, “House 3.” Materials and Sun Microsystems at San José State
Unity Care opens Santa Clara County’s first Transitional
Housing Program (THP) for former foster youth (18-21)
“House 6.”

Unity Care receives a grant from the Community
Foundation of Silicon Valley to support the PC-MEP
Unity Care receives major grants from the Lucile Packard
Foundation and Sobrato Foundation for Youth After-School
Leadership Program (YAL).

1994 1997 Unity Care Founder and CEO André Chapman receives the
MAGIC “Grand Heroes” award presented by Senator Bob
Second residential treatment home for Shea Homes and Charles Shea IV make Dole and the Avanti Foundation.
boys opens,“House 2.” group home renovations for “Christmas in
April.” Unity Care receives a $525,000 grant from the Packard
2001 Foundation and AT&T Pebble Beach Foundation for capital
First major fundraising event with title campaign to purchase seven-acre parcel that becomes
sponsor Hewlett Packard: Virginia Unity Care’s Monterey campus.
Clay/Unity Care Golf Classic held at Silver
Creek Valley Country Club in San José. Unity Care opens: “House 7” and “House 8” residential
treatment homes for adolescent girls in San José; a
12-bed dual diagnosis drug treatment program in Santa
Cruz County “House 9” and “House 10”; in Monterey
County a sub-acute psychiatric facility and day treatment
program “House 11” and “House 12”; a transitional
housing program (THP) “House 13” in San José.

04 Annual Report 2012-14

Unity Care moves its corporate office to 237 Race Street Transitional Housing Placement Plus (THP+) program
in San José. expands to Orange County, California.

Top-of-the-line computer center opens at San José group 15th year anniversary festivities take place at
home in partnership with Hewlett-Packard, IBM, the City headquarters in San José.
of San José and Santa Clara County.

2002 2008

Major milestone reached. 10th anniversary festivities Sobrato Foundation grants Unity Care new administrative
take place at the Race Street headquarters in San Jose. office at the Sobrato Center for Nonprofits located at 1400
Parkmoor Avenue, #115, in San José.
2003 2009
2004 Independent Living Program (ILP) opens in Placer County.

The Nia Project (Differential Response) and Project
Odyssey (Wraparound) programs launch in Santa Clara
County to serve families in crisis.

Non-public high school, Unity Care Academy opens in San Resources Advocacy and Support Services (RASS)
José. supporting county licensed foster parents and Parent
Advocate Services (PAS) helping parents reunify with their
“Cherish Center” opens, Monterey County’s first-ever children in Santa Clarra County.
23-hour receiving center for abused or neglected
children. Monterey County Community Foundation funds new
program, Girls’ Health in Girls’ Hands (GHGH) project.
First Transitional Housing Program (THP) opens “House
14” in Monterey County. 2010

PC-MEP program teams with members from NASA Ames
Research Center, and Bellarmine College Preparatory as
Team 254 “Cheesy Poofs” to win the 2004 Robotics

New Workforce Investment program launches in “Unity Place II” an 8-Unit newly renovated “green”
Monterey County, RISE (Reaching Independence through affordable housing apartment complex for former foster
Sustainable Employment). youth opens in San José.

2005 Unity Care, in partnership with the San José Department 2011
2006 of Housing opens “Unity Place I,” a 12-unit shared
permanent and transitional housing complex for former Sleep Train Foster Kids Program selects Unity Care as an
foster youth. agency partner.

Inaugural fundraising dinner is hosted, YouthLive!
featuring a youth talent, youth art and fashion show, with
John A. Sobrato as the Honorary Event Chair.


Hip Hop 360 creative arts program launches with the 20th anniversary celebration held at the second annual
goal of enhancing students’ artistic abilities. YouthLive! gala with San Francisco 49ers Linebacker,
Patrick Willis, as the Honorary Event Chair.

West Valley Open Doors grants $800,000 to purchase a
home for transitional foster youth.

2007 2013 Annual Report 2012-14 05

Letter from the CEO and
Chairman of the Board

Dear Friends,

2013 marked a major milestone for Unity Care, the agency proudly celebrated 20 years of strengthening families and changing
lives. Each day, our staff members work tirelessly to meet the needs of thousands of underserved foster children and families
across Northern California. Since its inception in 1993, over 1,000 dedicated men and women have joined the Unity Care family to
provide more than 48,000 hours of life-changing housing, mental health and community-based services. To celebrate the
agency’s ongoing transformation and our foundation of housing services, the agency unveiled a new logo.

Over the past two years, the agency positioned itself to meet the changing
needs of our most vulnerable youth and families with these accomplishments:

Secured an $800,000 grant from West Valley Open Doors. Purchased, renovated and opened a home for up to 7
transition-age female foster youth (ages 18-21) in Los Gatos.

Differential Response program had a 98.5% success rate for keeping African American families intact versus having
their children placed in Santa Clara County foster care.

Expanded Independent Living Skills program (ILSP) to serve San Mateo County foster youth.

Continued to advocate for fair Wraparound services for African American foster children in Santa Clara County.

Increased partnership with the Housing Industry Foundation (HIF) to renovate two of our Residential Treatment Homes
for teen foster youth and one for former foster youth ages 18-21.

Partnered with MidPen Housing to provide 10 studio apartments to transition age youth in San Jose.

In this report, we are proud to share our progress and our strategic vision to address the complex needs of children involved in
foster care and beyond.
We thank you for your willingness to partner with us over the past two decades. We invite you to stay involved.

André Chapman Carl Agers
Founder and CEO Chairman of the Board

06 Annual Report 2012-14

Community-Based Services

Independent Living Program (ILP) Resource and Advocacy Support Services (RASS)
Independent Living Skills Program (ILSP) Transition to Independence (TIP)
Parent Advocate Services (PAS) Hip Hop 360

Our community-based programs offer a variety of supportive programs to underserved and at-risk youth and families such as afterschool creative
arts, life skills education for teen foster youth, support services for foster parents, and parents reunifying with their children.

Success Story: James

James married his first wife at the young age of 18 and had two children shortly after. Eventually, they divorced and James moved on with his
second wife. After years of unhealthy disputes over child custody, his ex-wife assaulted the new pregnant wife in front of their children. Although
the older children knew that the assault was wrong, they sided with their mother. As a result, the ex-wife lost custody and became distressed. He
could see that his children were miserable without their mother, but he felt proud that he won custody.

One day in 2012, the ex-wife called Child Protective Services (CPS) and accused James of physically abusing their children. Instead of the
traditional emergency response, which sometimes results in the removal of the children, CPS referred his family to Unity Care’s Nia Project. For
six months, John managed the case and worked to resolve their family crisis. John supported James at his court proceedings and James came
to appreciate the constant reassurance. “I was like, wow, someone is tangibly helping me. It was great just being able to talk to someone and
getting encouragement when you’re going through tough times.” Through coaching, James eventually realized he had control issues and his
ex-wife wouldn’t have been so vindictive if she was allowed a relationship with their children.

As James and his family prepared to graduate from the program, he went to the judge and stated that he was done fighting. He wanted his older
children to be happy and asked the judge if the children could return home to his ex-wife and if they could begin co-parenting. After graduation,
James mentioned, “It was strange to use resources, but it just shows anyone can face troubling times. It’s nice to know that there are agencies
like Unity Care there to help families.” Annual Report 2012-14 07

Mental Health Services

Outpatient Mental Health Clinic Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)
The Nia Project (Differential Response) Odyssey (Wraparound)

Unity Care’s culturally proficient Mental Health programs work to stabilize and improve the emotional well-being of a child in combination with family
or guardian support. Clinicians are available on a daily basis to provide individual and group therapy to clients and their families. They help counsel
youth and serve as a sounding board for their concerns, feelings and opinions.

Success Story: Maria

Maria’s Story After months of assistance, Maria has blossomed into a respectful young
woman and a mother. She learned how to become a better mom by
Maria was sexually abused at a very young age by a family member. By advocating for her children and her own needs. She located a school
17, she was found wandering the streets of San Jose, homeless with with childcare, which allowed her to concentrate on school work. Maria
two young children; a six-month-old baby boy and 15-month-old girl. even decided to extend school hours, so she could graduate from high
Her mother and boyfriend were deported to Mexico, leaving her without school faster. She wants to eventually find a good job to provide for her
anyone to rely on for support. On top of these challenges, Maria’s 15 children.
month-old-daughter was at risk of dying due to her need of a liver
transplant. Maria was temporary placed with a foster family, who had Maria also improved her parenting skills and learned how to detect a
trouble getting her to attend school. Whenever she did attend, she got cold. Finally, the Wraparound team helped Maria transfer to a
into fights, became verbally defiant with school personnel and acted transitional housing apartment for teen mothers, where she has
childish. successfully created a safe home.

Unity Care’s Wraparound team arrived to address Maria’s behavioral “Her willingness to persevere,
issues and help her through all the personal challenges she faced. They learn, grow and overcome is
worked on her anxiety and taught her how to communicate calmly amazing. She is my hero.”
instead of yelling to get her point across. They also transported Maria Frida Benjamin, Wraparound
and her children to school and home to ensure her children do not get
sick in the cold rain. Then, Maria learned her brother was struggling to
survive in the hospital due to a gunshot wound, so the team
accompanied her through all the visits until he recovered.

As her daughter became extremely weak, Maria was terrified that her
baby could pass at any moment. The team helped her arrange a
multitude of medical appointments. They also encouraged Maria to give
her daughter temporarily to foster parents who were able to properly
care for the child’s medical condition. Each day, Maria and the team
waited nervously, not knowing if the child was going to make it.
Suddenly, the liver transplant became a reality. Throughout the process,
the team supported Maria’s hospital visits with her daughter. They often
sat for hours with Maria, encouraging her to stay strong and positive.
Thankfully, Maria’s daughter successfully survived the operation.

08 Annual Report 2012-14

Housing Services

Residential Treatment Homes
Transitional Housing Placement Plus (THP-Plus)
Affordable Housing (Unity Place I and Unity Place II)
Unity Care offers a variety of housing solutions to allow youth and young adults a safe place to live while they focus on their emotional,
educational and employment goals. Unity Care operates seven group homes for teen foster youth ages 11-18. To address the growing
affordable housing crisis, the agency received a grant with the Housing Industry Foundation and West Valley Open Doors to open two
transitional housing group homes for homeless former foster youth ages 18-21. Additionally, the agency has two affordable, transitional
housing apartments and has partnered with MidPen Housing to provide 10 studio apartments for former foster youth, ages 18-24. In total,
the agency offers 50 beds to homeless current and former foster youth.

Success Story: Marcos

At the age of nine, Marcos and his sister were placed in a foster home where they remained until he emancipated at 18. He arrived in our
Transitional Housing Placement Program with thousands of dollars in debt. Marcos was extremely happy to be accepted into the program
knowing that there were many other former foster youth on the waiting list. He followed all directions provided by his Case Manager in order
to complete the program. He had a full-time job working for a local school district, but had difficulty making wise spending decisions.
He learned how to live within his budget and cut spending on activities he could find for free. He diligently participated in a savings account
program and never missed a payment. At first he put 30% of his income into a savings account, and then increased his contribution to 40%
and, eventually, 60%.
Marcos was nervous about becoming a parent because he never met his own father. He actively participated in the program’s parenting
classes where he learned how to be involved with his daughter. In just two years, Marcos graduated from the program debt free, was growing
his credit and saved over $20,000. He received two promotions at work and hopes to eventually become the Facilities Supervisor.

Erika Cunningham, Case Manager “I have no doubt in my mind
that Marcos will continue to be successful in life.” Annual Report 2012-14 09

Financial Highlights

Fiscal Year July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013

$10,972,571 Revenue: $ 9,583,503 87%
$10,043,102 $ 1,324,878 12%
$10,112,302 Program Services $ 1%
$10,112,302 Contributions $ 64,190 100%
Other 10,972,571

Expenses: $ 8,524,385 85%
$ 1,066,512 11%
Program Services $ 5%
$ 452,205 100%
General and Administrative 10,043,102


Current Assets $ 3,911,624
Property & Equipment $ 5,611,523
Other Assets $

Current Liabilities $ 1,054,877
Long Term Liabilities $ 3,608,425
Net Assets $ 5,449,000


10 Annual Report 2012-14

Financial Highlights

Fiscal Year July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014

$10,598,157 Revenue: $ 10,192,342 96%
$10,682,874 $ 363,585 3%
$10,222,837 Program Services $ 42,230 0%
$10,222,837 Contributions $ 100%
Other 10,598,157

Expenses: $ 9,257,826 87%
$ 1,036,822 10%
Program Services $ 4%
$ 388,226 100%
General and Administrative 10,043,102


Current Assets $ 3,260,400
Property & Equipment $ 6,494,969
Other Assets $

Current Liabilities $ 1,097,823
Long Term Liabilities $ 3,760,731
Net Assets $ 5,364,283

AND NET ASSETS Annual Report 2012-14 11

Population Served

With a multicultural diverse staff base of 160+ employees, Unity Care serves approximately 5,500 youth and families annually
who are currently involved in California’s Child Welfare, Juvenile Probation or Mental Health System. We provide innovative and
culturally proficient residential, mental health and community-based programs.

Population by County

1% 1% 2% 3% San Francisco

6% Alameda
8% Santa Cruz


Placer By Age

17% 75% San Mateo 27% 0-18
Santa Clara 25+


By Ethnicity 19%

1% American/Native
6% Multicultural
33% 8%

10% Asian/Pacific Islander

16% African American
26% Caucasian

12 Annual Report 2012-14

Our Dedicated Staff

The Unity Care team appreciates your faith and trust in
carrying out the challenging work that we do.

“There are plenty of teams in every sport that have great players and never win titles. Most of the time, those players
aren’t willing to sacrifice for the greater good of the team. The funny thing is, in the end, their unwillingness to sacrifice
only makes individual goals more difficult to achieve. One thing I believe to the fullest is that if you think and achieve
as a team, the individual accolades will take care of themselves. Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence
win championships.” - Michael Jordan

“I often boast that here at Unity Care, we have the
best staff. They work so hard and go above and
beyond to ensure that every single youth or family
we touch gets the support they need.”
- André Chapman, Founder and CEO, Unity Care Annual Report 2012-14 13

Future Plans

5 Pillars of Success

5 PILLARS of Success: Unity Care’s overarching goal is to support our families'
journey towards self-sufficiency by ensuring that every child and family we touch has
accomplished the goals in these five strategic areas of focus.

5 Pillars


Housing of Success Unconditional


Well-Being Well-Being



14 Annual Report 2012-14

5 Pillars of Success Outcomes

Unity Care believes in accountability of its programmatic services to stakeholders. As a result of the second phase of the agency’s Strategic
Planning process, Unity Care developed the 5 Pillars of Success to measure the long-term success of the youth and families we serve.

5 Pillars Goals: Unity Care provides or ensures safe, secure, affordable and stable housing for all children, youth and families we serve.
All youth we serve will achieve their educational goals with the highest quality solutions available to them.
• Housing: All youth we serve, along with their families, will develop work skills, soft skills and a work history.
• Education: All youth and families we serve will achieve their goals regarding being healthier upon conclusion of Unity Care services
• Employment: All youth we serve will have a minimum of three (3) positive, permanent adult connections in their lives upon exit.
• Well-Being:
• Unconditional Care:

FY 12-14 Outcomes

Program Graduates

Housing 82%
Employment 61%
Unconditional Care 35%



Our 5 Pillars is only in its second year of implementation, but we can see from this first set of outcomes exactly where our youth
and families are thriving. Upon graduation from a program, each individual receives a survey that measures how well they are
doing in each pillar.

Unity Care Outcomes vs. Foster Care Statistics

82% of our youth achieved stable housing 25% of foster youth become homeless within 2 years of
61% of youth maintained their educational goals
35% secured employment <5% of foster youth will graduate from college
50% achieved well-being (mental, physical and emotional) 21% of foster youth will obtain employment
73% had unconditional care or a permanent adult connection 75% of foster youth suffer from severe emotional disturbances
20% will be incarcerated within the first 2-4 years of “aging out” Annual Report 2012-14 15

Fundraising Initiatives

Youth Live!

Created in 2012, our annual YouthLive! fundraising
gala is held each spring. The black-tie gala is
held each spring in San Jose and features an
impressive array of talented youth through music,
fashion and art.
In 2013, we proudly hosted Patrick Willis, a 49ers
Linebacker and former foster youth, as our
Honorary Event Chair. He shared his own personal
story highlighting the importance of providing
“unconditional care and support” for children,
particularly those that end up in foster care. In,
2014, we were thrilled to have Daymond John,
co-star of the ABC hit reality business show, Shark
Tank, as our honorary event chair.
Funds raised from the event grow each year, with
$110,000 raised in 2013 and $125,000 in 2014.
Contributions from the event support our
community-based programs dedicated to helping
improve the lives of foster children and families.

“Family doesn’t have to be blood. Family are those who stand beside you, take care
of you and who love you unconditionally. That’s what I was fortunate to have with my
foster parents.” - Patrick Willis

16 Annual Report 2012-14

Unity Care's Impact

Success Story: Makel Ali’s

Makel’s Story

Makel entered into foster care at the age of 13. He had only met
his father a few times throughout his childhood, and his mother
simply didn’t know how to raise a young man. As a result, Makel
constantly got into trouble with the law, landing in and out of
Juvenile Hall. Finally, one day, his mother gave up on Makel and
he was left at the County’s Children’s Shelter. One day, André
Chapman visited him at the shelter and gave him the opportunity
to live at Unity Care’s first group home for boys. Makel took a
chance and the experience changed his life. Over the next 20
years, Makel would graduate from Unity Care’s home and
struggle with homelessness while attending college. Eventually,
André would check on him and offer him positions at Unity Care to
help foster children like him.

Here is an excerpt of Makel’s speech at YouthLive 2013.
“Dré, I was once a young boy who was treated like a lost piece of
luggage and you claimed me. I was once a young man who was
broken by the heavy weight of the foster care system and you
fixed me. I was once an irresponsible adult who managed to run
his ship aground and you were there to rescue me. Because of
you, I stand before this crowd today a man full of hope, integrity,
spirituality and a valued sense of worth.

“Because of you I am a loving husband, a soon to be proud father
and most importantly, a soon to be a college graduate. André,
you are the greatest man I know and the father I often dreamed
about. You have become one of the world’s greatest artists and
you have shaped, sculpted and molded hundreds if not thousands
of lost children into fine, respectful and responsible adults--a
modern day Michelangelo. So if I have never said so, let it be clear
tonight, it’s from top of my head to the bottom of my feet that my
family and I say, Thank You.” Annual Report 2012-14 17

Summer of Learning

Unity Care’s Summer of Learning program kicked off in June with a great start! The program strengthens our
most vulnerable youth and families by connecting them with summertime traditions, which helps establish
positive behaviors and build lasting relationships. We provide access to a full range of activities that expose youth
to higher education, engage them in physical activities, encourage their creativity, and broaden their horizons.

Our Goals:

Connect youth and families to the outdoors
Engage youth/families in healthy physical outdoor activities to promote well-being
Promote learning and post-secondary education

We hosted a wide range of fun, interactive, challenging and
explorative summertime activities, such as:

Alcatraz Oakland A’s baseball games
Great America SF Giants games
Camping at Saratoga Springs Santa Cruz sailing
Horseback riding on the beach Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Monterey Bay Aquarium Unity Care’s Annual Summer Olympics

18 Annual Report 2012-14

Santa’s Helpers

Donation Drive

The holidays can be a very difficult time for foster youth
separated from their families and for families struggling to meet
basic needs.
Unity Care’s Santa’s Helpers Donation Drive gives foster children
and families a magical and blessed holiday season. Thanks to
caring individuals and community partners, in 2012 and 2013, we
raised over $207,000 in cash and in-kind donations to provide
more than 957 foster youth and families a brighter holiday

Youth Holiday Parties
and Activities

We thank our partners such as Sleep Train Foster Kids program,
Church of the Chimes, Gifts for Teens, Harmony Moms, Project
Glimmer, the Rasina family, Beth Fraker, VmWare, Zuora and
many other groups for hosting holiday parties and collecting gifts
for our youth. Children receive personalized holiday gifts,
beautiful Christmas trees with decorations, and attend fun, festive
holiday parties hosted by volunteer groups. Annual Report 2012-14 19

Celebrating our Supporters

Every gift counts! Unity Care is sincerely grateful to our community partners for choosing to make an investment in the lives of thousands of
struggling children and families. No gift is too small. Your dollars, household goods and shoes all help to make a significant impact in carrying
out our mission of healing, empowering and transforming our community in need.

Individual Donors Robert Bejarano and Demone L. Carter Laura Dias
Rachel Bell Dan & Karen Carter Terri L. Dias
Glenn and Janelle Aby Diane Bellin Supervisor Dave and Patti Leslie Dinneen
Maria Actis William & Patricia Belote Cortese Jen Doyle
Bobby Adams Celia Beltran Aileen Casanave Andrew Drake
Carl & Sheri Agers Jonathan and Ramna Chloe A. Casper Paulette Dudley
John Agg Benjamin Scott & Agnes Casper Eileen Duran
Will Alexander Cathy L. Melior Benoit Carol Cassara Aaron and Ashante Eckels
Will Alexander, Jr. Julie Berkovatz Evelyn Catalan Lisa Edmisten
Shaija Ali Ken Berrick Joanna Cembellin Leola Edmond
Mark Allums Sarah Best Jennifer Ceniceros Michael Edwards
Daniel Allustiarti Ravi Bidari Dave Chaisson Kelli Egan
Naomi Alston Debbie Blackwell Laura Champion Georgia Ellenikiotis
Dorothy Araldi Brain Block Jetrenne Owens and Elizabeth Elliot
Tony Arias Ranga Bodla Clifford Chapman, III James and Audrey J. Elliot
Harriett Arnold Stephen & Beverly Jet Chapman Ted & Beth Emmett
Teresa Arriola Bonovich Shirley Jean Chapman Athena Espiritu-Santo
Brett Ashton Sunshine Borelli Mimi Chiu Sarah Etheredge
Kristin Artery Lawrence and Rita John and Julie Chovanec Troy Etheredge
Sara La Berge and Randy Boston Kansen Chu Darcy Ewigleben
Attaway James & Nancy Bower Chris & Iris Clay Darrell Evora
Adrienne Aubry Michael Bowman Sarah Clish Trevor Fagerskog
Heidi Axtell Terry & Nancy Boyle Shirley Cook Arthur Fatum
Jim & Judy Babcock Jacqueline Brammer Joyce Cooper Mona Favorite-Hill
Thomas & Laurie Babula Karla Bravo Michaeline Correa Karen Fear
Sheila Badon Sara and Philippe Dave & Patti Cortese Kathy Feerick
Susan Baer Breneman Judy Cosgrove Fred Ferrer
Liz Bahnsen Marlene Brenner Dorothy S. Courtney Dave & Mary Figone
Tammy Baier Denise and Dennis Teresa Cox Joanne and Thomas Finnerty
Chris & Lydia Baker Bridgeman Jen Crew Rose Finney
Deborah Bakun Anna Munoz Briggs Christin Cronin Kimberly Fishel
Louis & Elaine Baldwin Barbara and Abraham Louise C. Crowley Charles & Heather Fitzgerald
Jo Ann Balesano Bromberg Queruvin Cruz Beth Fraker
Milan Balinton George and Lesley Brown Dave & Nan Cullinane Keith and Dorothy Fraker
Francis and Kadiatu Marc Buller Michael and Terri Cunniff Jean Franco
Bangura William and Denise Burns Denise Dalecio Susan Frank
Drucilla Barnes Matt & Julie Butler Ava Danner Kenneth Freeman
Aaron Barrios David and Theresa John Dao John & Deborah Fumia
Jo Ann Barter Campbell Mathew Daugavietis Larry Gaasterland
Todd Basche Steve & Pam Campbell Ed & Jill Davis Leticia Galyean
Michael Basile Lilo Campeau Bill Del Biaggio Paul & Gabriela Garces
Stefan Heymans and Claire Campodonico Stacia Del Prete Chris & Julia Garcia
Elisheva Basseri Nick Caravelli Barbara Del Prince Rick Garian
Joseph & Becky Basulto Chris and Anne Miguel Delgado Kathy Gatterer
Antoinette Battiste McDonald-Cardwell Wendy Denton Simon Gayles
Mary Bedford-Carter Molly Carpenter Brian DeWitt Dawn L. Gerdt
Jim Beall Crystal Alaine Calhoun Kathryn Diamond Lisa Giblin
Ron Beebe

20 Annual Report 2012-14

Patricia Gilbert Yao-Pi Hsu Chang-Hsin Hsu Jodi Krause Mamuad
Marguerite Gilligan Jessica Huang Kate Krummel Cedric Martin
Willie & Tishena Gilton Jennifer Hunt Jackie Kwong Breanna Martin
Jerry and Juliette Glembocki Amanda Hurley Caroline Labe Jason Martinez
Naresh & Christine Gir Terri Hurley Sara LaBerge Paula Mason
Johnny Gogo Michael Hurwitz Honore Labourdette Leslie Maul
Nichole Gorka Alexander & Leslie Hurwitz Denny & Celeste Lahr Rita and Chris Mausler
Jessica and Johnathan Graham Gayle R. Hynding Leslie and Paul Lambert James McCallum
Noland & Lisa Granberry Andrew Iacobelli Chris Lang Marjorie McCarthy
Erna Grasz Kim Ish Andrew & Michelle Lange Mathew McCulloch
Jerry and Laurie Greer Curtis Jacobson Cynthia and Dennis Lange Steve & Gloria McGriff
Veronica and Thomas Gross Wilbur Jackson Sharon Langmead Kathleen McGuire
Vince Guasch Jeffrey Jamerson Felicia Larson Deborah J. McKeller
Susan Guild Valerie Jenkins Dan and Lorraine Lawson Linda McLean
Lewis Gunter Daymond John Rachelle Lawson Ken and Sandy McMaster
Cindy Gust Michelle John Rosalie Layton Carol Mead
Shawn and Sydney Guthrie Warren Johns Ronald Ledesma Sherry McGuire Mitchell
Jess & Pat Gutierrez James & Mary Johnson Justin and Mary Lee Delorme McKee-Stovall
Tom Gutshall James & Frances Jones Nellie Lee Vernon McKinnis
Shawn Habermel Mildred Jones Robert and Colette Lee Jean L. Merten
Paul Hackett Sarah Jones Yvette Lee Massimo Messina
Deborah Ann Burke and George Virginia Jones Maurice and Sharon Anne Jenny Michelle
Haddad Ingrid Jonsson Lee-Giesser Diane and Alan Miller
Julie Hall Sheila A. Jorden Stephen Legg Michael Mitchell
Faith E. Halstrom Stephanie Joslyn Mark and Monica Leland Frederick Mitchem
Sandra Hamel-Dailey Peter and Ju Ryean Jung Kimberly Lennan Brian Mock
Melody Hames Councilmember Ash Kalra Marcia Lennon William Moison
Eshe Hamme C. Sumiko Kamiya Stacey Lewis Crystal Molina
Michael & Barbara Hanly Ananda Kammampati Anthony Leung Larry Montalvo
Shannon Hanly Nancy Karp Lillian Lew-Hailer Anna Moore
Christine Hansen Dena Kaufer Ge Li E. Marie Moore
Lynne Hansen Anjali Kausar Jan Lindenthal Elisa Morgan
Martin Hardee Peter Kehoe Thomas & Bonnie Lim Carroll Morris
D. Harris Isis Keigwin Sandy Lin Shirley and August Motmans
Yolanda Harvi Sarah Kelling Jan Lindenthal Serena M. and Timothy M.
Jeannie Hatalsky Deborah Kemper Andrew Linton Muindi
Lisa Heirtzler Kerry Kennedy Yunxian Liu Patricia Munoz
Sean Hellwig Anne Kenney Doug & Debee Lockie Colin & Danielle Munro
Antoinette Henderson Siobhan Kenney Cindy Loevenich Thomas & Diana Murphy
Wendi Henderson Emily Kerbo Patricia Louie Jon Murphy
Randy Heng Councilmember Johnny Jon Lovering Dawn and Ron Murray
Stacey Henley Montgomery and Khamis Dan & Joy Loverro Kristen Murray
James Henley Ritu Khanna Kenny Low Lori Murray
Nick & Robin Herman Stephanie Kiewlich Margaret Lowe Debra Myers
Larry & Kristi Hernandez Chi Hong and Sarah Kim Pamela Lowe Palanivelu and Sivayogam
Vice Mayor Rose Herrera William Kindricks Shannon Lowther Nagarajan
Shirley Herring-Chapman Joan King Kathy Lucas Brian Neel
Megan and Christian Herrmann Janikke Klem Nailah Lugent Camilla Nelson
David Hershfield Catie Kniess Kathy Victoria N. Lum Martie and Kristin Nevarez
Stefan Heymanns Tayesa Knight Kerri Lung Eric Newton
Mary and William Hiland Jessica Knott Kim Luong Joseph Nezwek
Mary Anne Hoffman Jerry Koch Katie Luttringer Tina Ngo
John & Lisa Hogan Dave Koehler Sandy Luu Billy and Lisa Nguyen
Shirely A. Hollis Jen Kokko Glenn Lyons Jenny Nguyen
Megan Holston Dathleen and M.V. Kolluri Marcie MacDonough Shannon Nicholson
Carl & Karen Honaker Crysta Krames Rolando D. and Amparito Reginald Niles Annual Report 2012-14 21

Extreme Home Makeover A Huge Success!

We are deeply thankful to the Housing Industry Foundation (HIF), Wells Fargo and many of their volunteers for completing major
renovations at two of our Residential Treatment Homes for teen foster youth. Major home improvements included: new exterior paint,
kitchen cabinetry, countertops, flooring, windows, sliding glass doors, improved landscaping, therapeutic counseling room, updated
bedroom and living room furniture and repaired driveway.

House 7 Exterior Before Wells Fargo & HIF Volunteers House 7 Exterior After

Karen Noel Jeffrey & Carolyn Pera Kimberly Reddrick-Peters John and Karla Sanders
Mattie' Sky Nogaye Tony and Kathy Perazzo Heather Gaede Regoli David Sandry
Nicole Nokes Irene Perez Marti Remmell Rene Santiago
Linda Novak Clayton Peters Justice Renaissance Kevin & Alison Sayer
Brad Noval Don Peterson Matt Renwick Mary Schefler
Jeanne and George O’Brien Mary Pham Shannon Reynolds Zoya Scholis
Carol L. Ochoa Phuong Pham Ruth Ricciuti Bob Schroedter
Phil Ochs Joyce Phillips Janeece Richards Ke'Ama Scott
Patricia O’Dwyer Diane Phillips Chris and Marcia Riedel Kevin Scott
Jill Osato Luzaida Pietri Gregory Rising Craig & Marina Scott
Jennifer Osborne John Pina Kari Robinson George Sellas
John Ospital Joe Pirzynski Richard Robinson Shirley and Sam Sells
Joy Pace Cheryl Platon Councilmember Donald Tina Seto
Ngaio Palmer Sal Pizarro Rocha Gertheal Shanks
Katrina Panasuk Dodd Portman Jennifer Rodriguez Margaret and Stanley
Elizabeth Pappy Sally Porush George & Charlotte Rogers Shatsky
James Park Emily Scott Pottruck Elizabeth Rogers Savita Shenoy
Jin Park Norwita and Preston Powell Anthony Roman Kristen Shepard
Darryl and Lynette Parker Dwight and Maria Powery George and Nancy Romer Elizabeth Siamas
Marisa Parker Purnima Prasad Anna Rombero Matt Sidlaushas
Tammy Parker Stephen Prater Frank Rosenberg Deborah Siegle
Donald Parks Richard Prendergast Ed Rosnak Rose Simon
May Parley Ken & Diane Price Victoria Rosner Jeffery & Kate Simpson
Roberto Paschetta Jeff Rademann Pam Ross John and Valerie Sleet
Anne Pasquale Randall Ramirez Marisa Ross Pamela Sloan
Mary Patterson Clarissa Ramos Katherine Rotow Amy Sloniker
Kevin Payne Rick Ramsay Debbie Rouiller Scott and Danya Smead
Darryl and Pam Payton Kevin & Julie Randles Jayne E. Rovianek Don and Jessica Smith
Lexi Paza Jason Raser Ray & Madelyn Ruiz Larry and Michelle Smith
Elly Pearce Derek & Michelle Rasina Gary and Jean Rummelhoff Richard Smith
Kate Peek Bette Jo Belda and Sandra Ray Reid & Beth Rutherford Tschudy Smith
Leslie Pennington Michael Raymond Beatrice Salaverry Charlie & Debra Sobeck
Sarah Penzel Kathleen Redd Amanda Sanders

22 Annual Report 2012-14

Supporters Continued...

House 13, a group home for male former foster ages 18-21, is renamed HIF Home after Charles & Pat Veregge
extensive renovations in partnership with Wells Fargo. Lou and Vicki Villareal
Myrna Wacknov
Councilmember Donald Rocha Elizabeth Siamas Andrea Francesca Tashjian Antonio Walker
Jennifer Rodriguez Matt Sidlaushas Paige Taunton Edwin Walker
George & Charlotte Rogers Deborah Siegle Perry Taylor Shirley Wang
Elizabeth Rogers Rose Simon James & Carolyn Taylor Jianxuan Wang
Anthony Roman Jeffery & Kate Simpson Andrea Taylor Meta Ware
George and Nancy Romer John and Valerie Sleet Marco & Aimee ten Vinnie Warren
Anna Rombero Pamela Sloan Vaanholt Mary Washington
Frank Rosenberg Amy Sloniker Heather Teuscher Yvonne Wassenaar
Ed Rosnak Scott and Danya Smead Quyen Thai Kevin Waters
Victoria Rosner Don and Jessica Smith Sarah Sallie K. Thawley Debra Watkins
Pam Ross Larry and Michelle Smith Candice Thomas Robert Watson
Marisa Ross Richard Smith Dave & Robbie Thomson Diane Wayland
Katherine Rotow Tschudy Smith Dave Tinker Rolf & Michele Weber
Debbie Rouiller Charlie & Debra Sobeck Diane Titus Donna Wehner
Jayne E. Rovianek Daniel Solomon Patrick Tondreau John and Brittany Weinerth
Ray & Madelyn Ruiz Lisa Sonsini KaiYap Toh Prentice & Melinda Wells
Gary and Jean Rummelhoff Jeff Spivack Ginger Tomlinson Becky Wells
Reid & Beth Rutherford Rod Standard Al Torres Tyler Wells
Beatrice Salaverry Ed & Susie Stark Mary M. Towns Anthony & Aleshia White
Amanda Sanders Nancy L. Staves Nancie Townsend Jim & Jan White
John and Karla Sanders Chuck Stegner Stu Townsley Beverley White-Macklin
David Sandry John Steinfirst Karen Traiger Kim Wickstrum
Rene Santiago Matt Stepanski Jennifer Tran Ayiesha Williams
Kevin & Alison Sayer Sheila Stevens Jennifer Troutman Danielle Williams
Mary Schefler Shellee Stopera Debbie and Mike Tryforos Jacqueline P. Williams
Zoya Scholis John & Diane Straetker Katrina Tsigaris Melani R. Williams
Bob Schroedter Gretchen Strain Scott Tsugita Viera Whye
Ke'Ama Scott Nicholas Sturiale Paula Tuerk Kimberly Wilcox
Kevin Scott Christine Style Danijela Tunjic Diane Wilson
Craig & Marina Scott Cameron Suhr Jane Unger Walter Wilson
George Sellas Vandana Sundaram Anna Usanga Elizabeth A. Wines
Shirley and Sam Sells Reginald Swilley Timothy & Karen Van Jack & Julie Wines
Tina Seto Sarah Tabaldo Overen Brian Winter
Gertheal Shanks Kaylin Tabb Mattilion Vanderhorst Kim Wolcott
Margaret and Stanley Shatsky Kari and Ken Taggard Richard and Rosia Valencia Edmund C. Wong
Savita Shenoy Melissa Tang Mario & Cheryl Vargas Karen and George Wong
Kristen Shepard Dori Tapaoan Michael & Elizabeth Veazie Susan Wong
Mark & Jennifer Woodburn
Clifford Worley
Angelo Xagoraris
Supervisor Ken Yeager
Mark & Karen Yolton
Jim Young
Cari Yuen
Paymun Zargar
Patrick Zielinski
Tim and Patricia Zingraf
Shirley Zhang
Floy and David Zitten
Mike Zwiefelhofer Annual Report 2012-14 1239

Corporate Partners

Broadway San Jose La Honda Winery 49ers Foundation donates $30,000 to local agencies serving foster children,
Buca di Beppo Lakeside Elementary School backpacks, clothing and a meet and greet for Bay Area foster children.
Byington Winery & Vineyards LB Steak
Cake4Kids LDS Storehouse Vineyards Government
Campo di Bocce Los Gatos Lexus of Stevens Creek Save Mart Supermarkets
Carneros della Notte D III LifeSpan Second Harvest Food Bank Alameda County of Mental
Vineyards Los Gatos Morning Rotary Selix Formalwear Health
Celebrity Forum Los Gatos Unitarian Church Silicon Valley Community City of San Jose Safe Summer
Certified Employment Group - Women's Group Foundation Initiative
Church of the Chimes Maggiano's Little Italy Six Flags Discovery Contra Costa County Mental
Cisco Systems, Inc. Marie Callender's Kingdom Health
Clean Space House Cleaning, Marriott San Jose Sky High Sports Placer County Social Services
LLC Mattress Discounters Suhr Risk Services Agency
Children's Discovery Museum Meals With A Mission Teen Force Placer County Mental Health
Community Health Partnership Microsoft Community Affairs Testarossa Winery Sacramento County Behavioral
Cooper Garrod Estate Mid-Peninsula Housing The Blues Jean Bar Health Department
Vineyards The Cheesecake Factory San Benito County Behavioral
CORT Furniture Coalition The History Club of Los Health Department
Dollar Tree Monterey Peninsula Gatos San Francisco County Mental
Evergreen Valley High School Foundation The Lexington House Health Department
Family Giving Tree My New Red Shoes The Melissa Gatenby San Mateo County Mental
Farrington Historical NAACP - San Jose Branch Revocable Trust Health
Foundation National Council of Negro The Pruneyard Plaza Hotel San Mateo County Social
Fine Watches & Diamonds Women, Santa Clara The Road Dogs Services Agency
Wholesale Dealer Oakland Athletics The Shea Foundation Santa Clara County
Fulfillment Dynamics One Workplace The Sleep Train, Inc. Department of Social Services
GAP Foundation Oracle Corporation Ticket To Dream Agency
Generations Together Pacific Windows and Doors Foundation Santa Clara County
Gifts for Teens Togos Department of Mental Health
Gorley Trust Panda Restaurant Group, University Art Santa Clara County
Grant Thornton Inc. Viken Estate Department of Juvenile
Great America Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & VMware Probation
Hair Addictions Thyme Wells Fargo Bank Santa Cruz County Mental
Harmony Moms Peter Cassara Clothiers Wells Media Health
Housing Industry Foundation Project Glimmer White House/Black Market
Hunter Labs ProTemp Accounting Winifred Johnson Clive
Ivy and Pearls Foundation Solutions, Inc. Foundation
Ivy Rose Community RICOH Woodside Capital Partners
Foundation Robin Hood Ministry Zuora
Jack & Jill of America, Inc., Roussos Flooring and
San Jose Chapter Painting
James E. Brown Assembly Safeway Foundation
#343 San Francisco 49ers
Jardiniere San Francisco Giants
Jeppesen - A Boeing Company San Jose Chapter of the
Jeremiah's Promise LINKS
John A. Sobrato and Susan San Jose Earthquakes
Sobrato Fund San Jose Museum of Art
John's of Willow Glen San Jose Rep
Joseph George Fine Wines San Jose Sharks
Kelly Connelly Design & Print Santen, Inc.
Koret Foundation SAP Labs, LLC
Savannah Chanelle

24 Annual Report 2012-14

Volunteers Making a Difference

We are grateful to our dedicated volunteers for lending your time, expertise and talents to bring joy to so many of our youth and
families throughout the year. From 2012-2014, we had 541+ volunteers complete 7,185 hours of service through group home
beautification projects, special events, donation drives, organizing and much more.

Cake4kids delivers homemade birthday cakes Country Lane Elementary students collect socks My New Red Shoes provides 400 children with
for foster youth. new shoes and $50 clothing gift cards.
and toiletries for foster youth.

Volunteers Garrett Barker Jennifer Carniato Valerie Crane Jonathan Ellithorpe
Greg Barnum Marvin Carranza Maalena Crawford Chris Engelman
Brie Aalto Aaron Barrios Edgar Carrillo Cristin Cronin Davis Engelman
Glenn A. Aby Breonnie Barros Lexie F. Carroll Omar Cross Elizabeth Engelman
Jack A. Aby Rebecca Basulto Chloe Casper Linying Cui John Engelman
Klay Adair Heather Bates Scott & Agnes Casper Dana Cullinane Lisa M. Evans
Feyisayo Adegbohun Sonya Beach Cody Casper Monica Dalton Bernard Exconde
Camille Agers Berhann Beyene Lauren Castle Jeanella Dalugdug Melanie Eyman
Carl Agers, III Chris Black Rene Cazarez Sandra Daniels Peggy Fallon
Erik J. Aguas Debbie Blackwell Jesus Cazarez John Dao Patrick Fan
Michelle Ahern Brian Boggs Maria Cendejas Huy Dao Rodd Farhadi
John Ajlouni Philip Bohannon Jennifer Ceniceros Mary Dao Alexandra Farrell
Dan G. Allen La-Fonda Chartel Bolton Ariana Chapman Minh Dao Katie J. Feldt
Bryce A. Allen Angelica Bonifacio Christian Chapman Paul Davis Hayley Fenech
Daisy Almejo-Salazar Demetrius Booker Aaron Chapman Bill Day Ryan Ferrara
Naomi Alston Linda Bostwick Janice Charles Halima Day Caroline Fetu'u
Noel Alvarenga Talar Bouldoukian Carmen Charleston Jennifer de Souza Breanna Figone
Julio Ancheta Patrick Bowler Pedro Chavez James DeDiego Dave Figone
Melissa J. Anderson David Box Danny & Jessica Chen Lawonna Deldridge Efrain Figueroa
David Araica Terry & Nancy Boyle Roshen Chen Alexander deLeon Daniel Fink
Adolfo Araica Lisa Breen Strickland Wing Cheng Laura Dias Darcey Forbes
Angela Archie Ellyn Brady Elaine Chien Ryan J. Dillon Erwin & Barbara Frech
Ronnie Arriola Sara Breneman Tabitha Chirrick Carol Dixon Amanda Freeman
Renee Arriola Charlene Brooks Roger Chiu Sara Dobbertin Scott N. Fritz
Christiana Arriola Richard Craig Broussard Dong Choi Jennifer Dolson Lorenzo Fulgencio
Adrienne Aubry Chantee Brown Janice Kang Choi Eric Donkers Jody Gallegos
Olga Avramenko Billy Bussey Liana Choi Lianne Doo Louis Garcia
Tom Baenziger Kaleigh Butler Kendrick Chow David Drury Karina Garcia
Ashika Balani Alexis Cain Charles C. Clark Zack Dumond Matthew Garduno
Linda Bale Laura Calabray Chris Cobillas Shireen Ebner Fernando Garza
Jonathan Bale Courtney Calabray Manuel Cortez Dave Edwards Isaac Gayles
Elizabeth Bang Miguel Callejas Rudy Cortiuas Daniel Echavarri Jenna Gerberding
Steven Bang Brianna Carlough Christian Cousart Henrieit Echeverria Dawn Gerdt
Marlana Barcheers Nate & Brenda L. Carlson Jorge Cozarez Aaron Eckels Lisa Giblin Annual Report 2012-14 25

Volunteers Continued...

Judy Gilliam Sarah Kelling Fragomen volunteers plant fresh flowers and bushes at our home
Michelle Gonzales Tim Kettman for teen girls.
Morgan Gooding Carol Khamsisavatdy
Nate Grassman Jayden Kiele Lanika Marshall Lucky Nguyen
Colin Gray Nya Kiele Gabriel Martinez Martin Nguyen
Erin Green Mike Kim Francine Mason Natalie Nguyen
James Griffin Soo Kim Jamie Masterson Rose Nguyen
Lewis Gunter Antoinette King Ramon Matiaz Uyenmi Nguyen
Karen Guo Stephanie Kitchen Shautavia Mayers Spencer J. Nielsen
Pawan Gupta Brian R. Klaben Vincent McCastle Keanna Nicolau
Aunaliyah Gutierrez Janikke Klem Amy McClure William Nicolau
Mia-Bella Gutierrez Lynn Knapp Will & Laura McColl Ger & Marylin Nistler
Zeferino Guzman Robert Knight Gene & Jodi McLean Kiyomi Nodohara
Christina Hall Lisa Kong Bridget McNiel William Obeso
Ryan Hamerly Briana Knowlton Tonya McCrutcheon Oscar Olivares
Trajanae Harris Bonnie Koerner Berta Mendoza Christina Olivo
Jennifer Hausler Pete Koszalla Yvonne Meyer Lina Ordonez
Lisa Hayes Crysta Krames Ernest Miles Lisa Paglianti
Sarah Hedayati Aidan Krames Nika Miller Mary Desiree A. Pao
Thung Han Hee Lissa Kreisler Beth Miller Carlos Pardo
Marlene Hekkert Rebecca Kurges George Mims James Park
Shavon Henry Hugh Landers Maritza G. Mintz Jin Park
Doug Herman Jeff Lang Jeannie Mirassou Sarah Parker
Larry & Kristi Hernandez Sarah Lau Tristan Mirassou Art Pasquinelli
Octavio Hernandez Lorraine Lawson Michael A. Mitchell Torrey Pasternak
Adalberto Hernandez Eugene Lee Mikayla Monaghan Naman B. Patel
Myha'la Herrold Eunsil Lee Alex Montoya Pam Payton
PJ Hirabayashi Peter Lee Larry Moody Lexi Paza
Jeffrey A. Hodge Sam Lee Winnie Morse Dwight Peace
Margaret Hoffman Vienne Lee Jason Morvay Elly Pearce
Sasha Holmes Kathryn S. Leslie Serena M. Muindi Sandra Pena
Scott Hsieh John Lemon Debra Myers Patte Peregrina
Tenneal Huey David Lerma Un Hui Nam Veronica Perez
Tia Hughes Atonette Licon Shauna Nash Javier Phillips
Raquel Huizar Mike F. Lindon Irma Navarro Mariana Phipps
Joshua Hutchins Kathy Linton Mohammad Nazihi Lynn Pierce
Jonathan Huynh Emily Lippincott Martie Nevarez Bayani Poland
Kathryn Hymes Vanessa Liu Tina Ngo Amy Poon
Zarina Infante Jon Lloyd Ann M. Nguyen Josephine A. Porter
Jeffrey Jefferson Doug & Debee Lockie Dustin Nguyen Norwita Powell
Dayzha Jefferson Jonathan Lopez Judy Nguyen Tyrone Powell
Andres Jimivic Rocio Lopez
William Johns Zack Loxa
Rachel Jones Tim Luemann
Stephen A. Jones Glenn Lyons
Virginia Jones Katy E. Lyter
Peter Jung Charice Mabry
Ferdinand Jusay Marlon Machucci
Ed Kamalski Yvette Madrigal
Nancy Kamalski Leonie Maingret
Katie Kamnenich Aunna Malaki
John & Kathleen Kenny Danyelle Manning

26 Annual Report 2012-14

Volunteers Making a Difference

Zuora volunteers hosts Z Boutique, a clothing Cisco volunteers paint and help landscape our The San Jose Chapter of The Links, Inc. hosts a
shopping day for foster youth. home for teen boys. very special Thanksgiving feast for foster youth.

Toan Quach Stephanie Rozak Terri Stinson Cameron K. Tulee Doug Wells
Jeff Rademann Jolyna Sahagun Holly Storey Lisa T. Tulee Devon Whalen
Bruce Ramirez Beatrice Salaverry Fred Strickland Jeff Turner Jan White
Sue Ramirez Isabel Salcido Scott Strickland Rick & Robbie Turner Kate Whiting
Chelsie Ramos Anthony & Arlene Sambas Stephen Strnad Ariel Upson Delicia Wijaya
Olena Randall Gilbert Sanchez Nancy J. Strohmeyer Alex Ushakov Fay Williams
Nick R. Rasmussen Adrian Sanchez Christine Style Dulce Valencia Fish Williams
Shoquala Reed Monique Sandoval Oby Sumampouw Jorge Valencia Jackie Williams
Ben Rega Ayrin Santoso Karen Sun Jessica van der Gaast Latisha Williams
Cameron Regan Winsen Santoso Andrew Sutterfield Sarah Van Overen Patrice Williams
Jeremiah Regan Andrei Savella Alexis Szewcyk Timonthy Van Overen Mark Williams
Patrick Regan Julio Sautos Dori Tapaoan Ayanna Vanderbilt Raymond &
Marcia L. Reidhead Keenan W. Scott Kah Keng Tay Elizabeth Vargas Teresa Williams
Marti Remmell Kevin Scott Allen Taylor Michael & Vanessa A. Williams
Justice Renaissance Ryan Scott Carolyn Taylor Elizabeth Veazie Joann Wilson
Marcia Riedel Zahara Scott Gerald Taylor Irene Vega Vickie Wilson
Clayton Richey Robert Segura Ian Taylor Christina Verette Shira Womack
Deanna Riney Sue Seubert Jason Taylor Amy Vo Jenny Wong
Eric Rodrigues Ryan W. Sexauer Trina M. Terry Bryan Vo Melissa Wood
Chantay Robinson Michelle Silveira Kestine Thiele Cynthia Wagavatoga Peter Wynne
Cheryl Robinson Jazz Singh Candice Thomas Linda Walker Linda Xiao
Christina S. Robledo Prem Singh Maria Thomas Nisha Walker Shuang Yang
Eric Rodriguez Dan Singleton Kotarah Thompson Charles Walton Nuoya Yang
Jessica Rodriguez Ashley E. Silva Jeremy Tibbets Jessica R. Walton Heather Yang
Christy l. Rohrig Adam Smith Melissa Tjan Brendan Walsh Lucy Yepez
Leilani & Don Smith Scedrick Tippins Amy Wang Mark Yolton
Gavin Smith Alex Torres Meta Ware John Young
Bernadette Rolland Isabelle Smith Cynthia Torres Tanecia Ward Jack Yu
Ronny Romano Katelyn Smith Amy Tran Cory Warshawsky Nicole Zeiter
Daniel Rosas Tanisha Smith Anthony Trayer Mary Washington Elaine Zhang
Frank Rosenberg Cherrie Soetjipto Jennifer Troutman Yvonne Wassenaar Sophia Zhang
Gordon P. Rosenberg Linda Solis Dandy Truong Stanley Watt Ye Zhou
Zachary Ross Sonya Stamper Catherine Tsang Lemia Wells
Jayne Rovianek Annual Report 2012-14 27

Board of Directors Board Members

Carl Agers, II, Chairman Arvind Deogirikar
Mark Yolton, Vice President Jess Gutierrez
Amanda Hurley, Treasurer Barbara Hanly
Cedric Martin, Secretary David Hershfield
Cedric Martin
Mattié Skye Nogaye
James Park
Ray Ruiz
Andrew J. Wong

Contact Us

Santa Clara County San Mateo Placer
Program Office County Office County Office

1401 Parkmoor Avenue, Suite 230 957 Industrial Road, Suite B 11716 Enterprise Drive
San Jose, CA 95126 San Carlos, CA 94070 Auburn, CA 95603

(408) 971-9822 (408) 688-4918 (530) 886-5473

(408) 971-9820 (408) 510-5660 (530) 886-2854

Agency Headquarters

1400 Parkmoor Avenue (408) 510-3484
Suite 115 [email protected]
San Jose, CA 95126

(408) 971-9822

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