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Unity Care's annual report for the 2016-2017 fiscal year.

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Published by Unity Care, 2018-03-22 13:48:01

Annual Report 2016-2017

Unity Care's annual report for the 2016-2017 fiscal year.

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Unity Care’s vision is to provide safe, secure, and
positive living environments; educate and support
underserved youth; and prepare young people
to pursue professions in which minorities are
chronically underrepresented.


Our mission is to provide quality youth and family
programs for the purpose of creating healthier
communities through lifelong partnerships.


Unity Care is accredited
by The Council on
Accreditation (COA), an
independent nonprofit
accreditor of human
services since 1977.
COA accreditation
promises the families
and youth who come to
Unity Care that we will
deliver quality services in a safe and respectful
environment. It ensures them that our staff is
trained to meet their needs while protecting
their privacy, and it guarantees that they will be
involved in the decision-making process to result
in positive outcomes. 
In addition, our donors and funders have
the assurance that we represent professional
expertise, sound financial practices, and
efficient operations.

2 Unity Care


Dear Friends,

When we opened our first home for foster youth in 1993, we could not have envisioned growing to serve
over 7,500 youth and families this past fiscal year. This year, through the generosity of our donors and
the support from our county, city and community partners, Unity Care has reached several notable
milestones. We expanded our housing capacity for youth who age out of foster care by acquiring MAC’s
Children & Family Services, a non-profit agency in San Mateo and San Francisco Counties, adding a
ten-unit apartment complex and several shared homes for current and former foster youth. We expanded
our housing capacity and supportive services in both Placer and El Dorado Counties, again with the keen
focus of eradicating the homeless crisis that impacts youth who age out of foster care. And we became the
first foster care provider in Northern California to attain STRTP licensure, a new state requirement as part
of California’s Continuum Care Reform efforts, placing Unity Care at the forefront of mental health services
for foster youth in the Bay Area.

While we celebrate our accomplishments from the past year, we are humbly aware that there is still much
work to be done. Outcomes for children and youth exiting the foster care system are staggering. Within two
years of leaving foster care, over half of all foster youth become either homeless, incarcerated, pregnant,
or struggle with substance abuse or severe mental health challenges.

Unity Care fights to change these heartbreaking outcomes by providing innovative supportive
services through Unity Care’s 5 Pillars of Success: Housing, Education, Employment, Well-Being, and
Unconditional Care. We believe safe and secure housing is the first pillar upon which a youth and family
can build a life of self-sufficiency and independence. With many financial barriers existing to safe and
secure housing in Silicon Valley, your support gives our youth the opportunity to focus on their academic,
professional and personal lives, launching them into a life of independence and success.

On behalf of our Board of Directors and over 200 staff, we are proud to present Unity Care’s 2016—2017
Annual Report. In our 25 years, Unity Care has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of children and
youth in the foster care system. We look forward to partnering with you for the next 25 years of service;
celebrating our past and building our future.

With sincere thanks,

André Chapman Carl Agers, II
Founder and CEO Chairman of the Board 3


Unity Care’s overarching goal is to support our families’ journey
toward self-sufficiency by ensuring that every youth and family
we touch accomplishes their goals in these five strategic areas.

OF Stable housing provides an Education is one of our most
SUCCESS anchor – a secure foundation important investments in youth,
for youth and families to build providing access to greater
upon in order to create a opportunities for their futures.
productive life.

THE PROBLEM Many youth leave foster care lacking High school dropout rates are 3
basic life skills to live on their own. times higher for foster youth than
Foster youth leave other low-income children nationally.
foster care anxious
and unprepared to Nationally, 40% of foster youth Fewer than 3% will graduate
survive on their own.
experience homelessness within from college.
2 years of turning 18.

OUR IMPACT Unity Care provides a safe and We strive to ensure that all youth
therapeutic environment to help achieve their educational goals
Unity Care’s work youth achieve stability and skills for with the highest quality solutions
improves lives, serving independence. available to them. Our programs
7,620 underserved and help students gain self-confidence
foster youth and family 93 % of Unity Care and a greater sense of self-worth.
members in 2016-2017. youth have obtained
safe, stable, and 61 % of our youth
secure housing. are achieving their
academic goals
through our programs.

4 Unity Care

We give kids the tools
necessary to make
them successful....


Empowering youth and families Well-being is an active process Our philosophy of unconditional
to find gainful employment and that allows people to make care means that every youth
pursue their career aspirations, positive choices in creating and deserves positive and permanent
providing heightened maintaining a healthy lifestyle of relationships with caring adults
opportunities for promising mind, body, and spirit. who will never give up on them
careers. and always be part of their
support system.

At age 19, only 1 in 4 California Children and youth in foster care Youth who emancipate from foster
foster youth are employed. experience significant trauma, care without family support are at
abuse, and/or neglect. high-risk for poor outcomes.
By age 24, employed foster
Nationally, 1 in 4 emancipated Nationally, 25% of foster youth are
youth earn 50% less than their
foster youth experience PTSD. incarcerated by age 24.

Programs support youth in A focus on well-being is at the We help our youth develop
developing critical life skills, core of all our programs and permanent relationships as
developing goals, and gaining services, helping our youth and the foundation for their success
confidence to pursue job families realize their own potential beyond foster care and throughout
opportunities. and make positive contributions to their lives.
their communities.
83 % of our age- 81% of our youth have
eligible youth are 76 % are benefiting developed permanent
working, actively from Unity Care adult connections.
seeking employment, services focused on
or in school. mental well-being. 5


93% of Unity Care youth have obtained safe, stable, and secure housing.

Unity Care offers housing solutions to provide youth
and young adults a safe and secure place to live
while they focus on their emotional, educational,
and employment goals. We integrate resources and
support services to ensure the well-being of those
we serve, and create a home-like environment where
youth and families feel protected.

Programs THP-Plus House

Short Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP) “ I’m so grateful
STRTP provides teens with a nurturing home environment
and therapeutic services based on individualized to Unity Care and
treatment plans. the people who
helped me get
Transitional Housing Placement Program back on my feet
Current foster and probation youth learn necessary life ”and truly believed
skills to live independently upon exiting the child welfare
system. in me.

Transitional Housing Placement—Plus (THP-Plus) – Breeaunna
THP-Plus provides transitional housing for former foster
youth (ages 18-24), while helping them successfully
transition to adulthood by establishing a solid foundation
for independent living.

Unity Place Affordable Housing
Unity Care owns and operates two affordable housing
complexes in San Jose and provides dedicated case
management for former foster youth and extremely low-
income families.

Foster Family Agency (FFA) and
Intensive Treatment Foster Care (ITFC)
Provides California’s foster children and over 1,247
children in Santa Clara County safe, temporary and
permanent living arrangements for children who cannot
safely remain with their parents or guardians. FFA offers
one-on-one in-home support, monthly stipends, training,
and support groups.

6 Unity Care


Breeaunna entered the foster care system at the age of 7 after suffering abuse from her mom
and her mom’s boyfriend. Bounced from placement to placement, Breeaunna always felt like
an outcast. The effect was traumatizing both emotionally and academically. As a teenager,
Breeaunna lacked self-confidence and suffered from bouts of depression. Nevertheless she
persevered and graduated from high school. But on her 18th birthday, her foster mom told her
she had to move out that very day. Finding herself suddenly homeless, Breeaunna reached out
to a former mentor who picked her up in Manteca and brought her back to San Jose.

Through a referral, Breeaunna connected with Unity Care’s Transitional Housing Program and
moved into a transitional home for teen girls. Bravely speaking to an audience of 350, Breeaunna
stated, “I am so proud that within 7 months of moving in, I passed my driving test, secured two
part-time jobs, opened a bank account, and saved all my money and bought a used car. Thanks
to Unity Care, I have a safe place to live and a very strong support system that allows me to work
part-time and attend college.” 7


“My bright, beautiful daughter felt hopeless and alone at her middle school before connecting with
Unity Care’s Imani Village for after-school tutoring and counseling. Danielle was being bullied by
her classmates, and their cruelty was destroying her self-esteem. Every day became a negotiation
to get her to school. She fell behind and her grades suffered. When Danielle started going to Imani
Village for tutoring, she quickly connected with one of the counselors who gave her a loving place
to go and always made time to talk with her. The academic support was really helpful, but more
importantly, the Imani staff helped my daughter rebuild her self-esteem. She’s moved on to high
school, where she’s doing really well. This program makes a real difference for underserved kids,
kids who might otherwise be overlooked.”

– Teresa, a grateful mom

8 Unity Care


61% of our youth are achieving their academic goals through our programs.

Unity Care’s educational services focus on increasing Unity Care in partnership in
the academic success and well-being of our youth ALearn’s Math Acceleration Program
by reducing risk factors that lead to poor academic
outcomes. Formal and informal education, as well as
access to technical, trade, and vocational programs
all build skills and expand opportunities.


Hip Hop 360
Brings creative arts into our middle and high schools,
allowing youth to express themselves in positive ways,
build self-confidence, and develop essential skills.

Imani Village School-Linked Services
Integrates academic and mental health services to
improve the academic outcomes and well-being of
underserved students. The three-tiered framework
addresses the needs of the whole child to help children
succeed in school and at home.

Substance Abuse Prevention
Unity Care provides free parent education workshops
on substance abuse, including Adolescent Brain
Development and Effective Parenting Practices.

“ My Imani counselor gave me a comfortable and
loving place to go. She gave me someone to talk to
when I felt I had no one. She took me under her wing
”and made sure I know I have a place in this world.
– Danielle 9


83% of our youth are working, actively seeking employment, or in school.

The unemployment rate for the majority of clients “ Ali’s a natural
we serve is double the national average. Unity Care
programs effectively mentor and engage our youth motivator. I was so
and families in finding gainful employment and impressed with how well
careers that will provide stability and a sustainable he coached the other
source of income. campers through the
different drills. He’s a
”great player, coach,
Independent Living Program (ILP)
Serving current and former foster youth, ILP develops the and person.
life skills needed to become self-sufficient into adulthood
through positive mentorship, regular workshops, and – Tommy Thompson
individualized services. San Jose Earthquakes Midfielder #22

Jobs Program
Delivers an intensive job readiness curriculum to prepare
foster youth for entry-level jobs and careers.

San Mateo ILP Independent City Employment Mentoring

10 Unity Care


Estranged from his family, 17-year-old Ali found himself couch surfing from friend to friend. A referral
to Unity Care not only gave him a home, but led him to a job opportunity that he had only dreamed
of. When San Jose Earthquakes’ midfielder Tommy Thompson hosted a private soccer clinic for
Unity Care youth and teens, Ali, an avid soccer player, jumped at the chance to participate. Tommy
and Earthquakes Managing Director of Programs Alex Saunders quickly recognized Ali’s skill and
natural coaching ability.

With individualized services through our Independent Living Program, including mentorship,
transportation, support for his interview, and help obtaining a work permit, Ali has found his dream
job. Saunders hired him as a coach for his youth soccer club, Liverpool Football Club IAA Bay Area,
a stepping stone to coaching for the San Jose Earthquakes Academy youth program. Ultimately, Ali
hopes to play professional soccer. He’s on his way, and Unity Care staff couldn’t be prouder. 11


When Andrew first came to Unity Care’s Wraparound program, he was struggling with
feeling sad, angry, frustrated, and worried. He had been in four different placements while
his dad, Uriel, was in prison. When Uriel was released, he worked hard to be reunited
with Andrew and vowed to provide a better life. The Wraparound team worked with both
Andrew and his dad. They provided the help, guidance, and encouragement Uriel needed
to complete his programs and regain permanent custody. Andrew’s Family Specialist took
him to weekly karate classes and his therapist helped him cope with painful feelings. Uriel’s
Parent Partner coached him on meeting Andrew’s many needs and connecting him to
community resources, including a summer program at The Boys and Girls Club.

Today, Andrew and Uriel live in their own apartment as a healthy and happy family. Uriel
is in a solid relationship, has a good job, and is able provide a loving and stable home for
Andrew. Andrew will become a big brother later this year and is committed to being the
“best big brother ever!” In addition, Andrew’s teachers share many stories of how he has
matured and seems calmer and happier this school year.

12 Unity Care

76% are benefiting from Unity Care services focused on mental well-being.

Our belief is that when youth and families experience
emotional support, growth, security and confidence,
it enables them to realize their full potential. Unity
Care’s services promote well-being – emotional,
physical, and spiritual stability that fosters positive
habits, self-determination, and motivation to achieve
their dreams.

Programs Junior League of San Jose hosting a Yoga Day for youth

Odyssey (Wraparound Services)
Provides intensive mental health services to help
emotionally and behaviorally challenged children reunite
or remain with their families and communities.

Mental Health Services
A wide range of mental health services for youth and
families in the child welfare, juvenile justice, and school-
based systems enables our youth to live within the
community in less restrictive environments.

Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)
TBS provides youth and their parents/caregivers with
effective, individualized behavioral coaching to help
reduce and resolve problem behaviors.

Transition to Independence Process (TIP)
TIP works with youth (ages 14-24) who are experiencing
emotional or behavioral challenges to assist them in
planning for their futures with natural support and informal
key players like family, friends, mentors, and teachers.

“ I understand why I was so angry last year. I was
unhappy because I’d been away from my dad. Now
”that we’re together again, I’m happy and don’t have to
be angry anymore.

– Andrew 13

CARE 81% of our youth have developed
permanent relationships
and connections.

A positive, natural support system provides lasting “ We never thought
connections in the form of emotional safety,
dependability, consistency, and permanency. we’d adopt kids older
Through our philosophy of unconditional care, than our biological
caring adults offer stability, help youth make positive children (4 and 6), but
life choices, and connect them to vital resources we can’t imagine our
throughout their transition into adulthood. lives without these

Programs ”wonderfully loving, kind,

Family Finding and fun girls.
Assists youth in locating and contacting relatives who may
be able to provide a stable, supportive living environment – Jillian, adoptive mom
to prevent the youth’s entry and/or stay in the foster care
system. Nurturing Parents Workshop

Nurturing Parents Program
Helps prevent child abuse through weekly parent
education workshops and a parent support group focused
on effective communication, parenting tips, the impact of
trauma, and healthy relationships. These workshops are
free and open to any interested parents in the community.

Nia Project (Differential Response)
Supports and strengthens families through advocacy,
access to parenting education and counseling, crisis
intervention, and connections to resources.

Resources and Advocacy Support Services
RASS provides support and resources for county-licensed
foster and adoptive parents to stabilize youth placements
in their foster and adoptive homes.

Umoja (Cultural Brokers)
Serving families and children referred by the county,
Umoja’s four objectives are to ensure child safety in the
home, reduce the number of children of color in the child
welfare system, provide cultural understanding between
families and social workers, and connect families to
culturally sensitive community resources.

14 Unity Care


On Valentine’s Day 2017, foster parents Jillian and Mike received a call from Robin, their
Unity Care Foster Parent Advocate, asking them to take in 12-year-old Savannah for a
few days as a “cooling off period” from her current placement. As Jillian stated, “From that
moment, our lives changed forever.” Initially reluctant to take in a depressed and troubled
preteen, the family adored Savannah from the start. Within three days, Savannah was
calling Jillian mom and begging to stay.

The path was complicated as efforts were made to keep Savannah and her sister Sabrina
together. The family, already fostering another child and with two of their own, was not
initially able to commit to both girls. With Robin’s help and encouragement, Jillian and Mike
decided to have visitations with Savannah and Sabrina. By the end of March, the girls were
staying over every weekend. Then, at a foster parent training class on sex trafficking, Mike
looked at Jillian wide-eyed and said, “Go get our girls!” Unity Care’s RASS team supported
the family from the girls’ initial placement through the adoption process. Six months and one
day after Savannah was initially placed in their home, the family signed adoption papers,
and a few weeks later they became an “official family of 6!” 15


Unity Care has institutionalized a focus on cultural proficiency that differentiates us
from other providers and enables our staff to better serve our diverse communities.
Employee training incorporates many cultural perspectives, appreciates differences,
values the unique contributions of diverse groups, and promotes learning from many
orientations. Our exemplary programs receive referrals from 30+ counties throughout
California, in the US, and internationally.

By Ethnicity

Hispanic 40% 21%

Caucasian 21% 40%

African American 18%

Asian/Pacific Islander 6%

Identified as Mixed 2% 18%
2% 6% 10%
Other 3%
Not Specified 10%

54% By Age

0—10 12%

24% 11—20 54%

21­—30 10%

31+ 24%

10% 12%

By County Referral

Santa Clara County 77% 77%

Northern California Counties 7%

Unknown 7%

Placer County 4%

San Mateo County 3%

Central & Southern California Counties 1% 1% 7%
Out of State/International 1% 4% 7%

16 Unity Care


Unity Care serves over 7,500 youth and family members in five Northern California
counties. This year we added residential services to our offerings in San Mateo
County, and expanded into San Francisco and El Dorado Counties. We continue to
focus on helping our youth achieve more positive and permanent connections with
their families, schools, and communities.

El Dorado


Placer County

San Santa Clara
Mateo County

Housing Community Programs
Independent Living Program Counties Reached 17


There are countless ways to get involved at Unity Care. Number of Volunteers 440
Our goal is to help individuals, groups, and organizations Total Projects 43
create opportunities that fit their needs while also making Total Volunteer Hours 2,165
a difference in the lives of underserved youth in our
community. At Unity Care, “It takes a village” focuses on
the impact individuals and groups outside the family have
on a child’s well-being. We call our village: Community!

VOLUNTEER Cisco Day of Service

Our volunteer programs are amazing experiences!
Join us for house beautifications, gardening projects,
employment workshops, healthy eating and cooking
classes, and other fun and exciting opportunities!


We are so appreciative and privileged to have the support
of our generous donors. The contributions we receive
from our donation drives ensure our families never have
to choose between paying rent or bills, and providing a
much needed backpack for school or creating memorable
holidays for their kids.

Thank you again for your generosity! Visit us online at for upcoming events and volunteer

House Beautification

Santa’s Helper Backpack Drive

18 Unity Care


eBay selected Unity Care
as Days of Color recipient

When eBay launched their eBay
Days of Color, a month-long celebration of the company’s
purpose-driven heritage, they selected Unity Care as
their Bay Area designated charity in recognition of Unity
Care’s innovative efforts to fill the lives of foster youth
and families with opportunity and well-being. Local eBay
employees supported Unity Care by selling items on
eBay and donating their proceeds; buying and selling
items from Unity Care’s wish list, including laptops,
housewares, and new bedding; and donating their time
and expertise through volunteer events. Proceeds help
Unity Care advance their mission of improving the lives
of underserved and foster youth, and wish-list donations
provide much needed essentials to Unity Care clients.

eBay teams also volunteered for a Beautification Day of
Service at one of our homes. The renovation included new
paint, landscaping, and upgrades to the furnishings and
décor. eBay’s contribution helped transform our teen boys’
house into a home. That means the world to our youth,
many of whom have been bounced around and often miss
the warmth and comfort that we take for granted.

Linda Lester

Unity Care was honored to present the 2017 YouthLive!
Gala Community Champion Award to Linda L. Lester for
her long-standing philanthropic efforts to Silicon Valley
charities, and for her generous financial and heartfelt
support of Unity Care’s foster youth.

“I’m pleased that my contributions will help to give these
teens a safe and secure place to live, while continuing to
receive the support and loving guidance they so deserve.”

We thank you Linda! 19


MidPen Housing

MidPen Housing is one of the nation’s leading nonprofit
developers, owners and managers of high-quality
affordable housing. Their work is driven by the belief
that safe, affordable housing provides the foundation
people need to advance their lives and contribute to their
Since 2013, MidPen has partnered with Unity Care to
allocate subsidized apartments for our transitional-
aged youth. With housing costs spiraling in Silicon
Valley, foster youth exiting the system face the prospect
of homelessness at alarming rates. Through our
collaboration, we ensure our young adults have a home of
their own, while continuing to provide a supported living
environment. We are extremely grateful for how receptive
MidPen staff are to becoming trauma-informed, and how
emotionally invested they are in our clients. Thank you
MidPen for all you do to help combat the housing crisis for
our community’s most vulnerable youth.

San Jose Chapter – The Links, Incorporated

The San Jose Chapter of The
Links is one of our brightest
stars! The Links host four events
annually, celebrating Easter,
Halloween, Thanksgiving, and
Christmas with our youth and
families. When these ladies
“adopt” our families, they give so much more than holiday
gifts and clothing. They truly embrace the kids and
parents, getting to know them and providing support in a
multitude of ways.

20 Unity Care

San Francisco 49ers players
host shopping spree with
foster kids

Thanks to the incredible generosity
of thirteen San Francisco 49ers,
30 youth from our Differential Response and Resource
and Advocacy Support Services (RASS) programs had
the holiday surprise of a lifetime. The fun began with a
bus ride to Levi’s Stadium where players hosted dinner.
At each table, players could be heard bonding with the
kids, asking about school, and sharing the importance of
working hard and following your dreams. As dinner ended,
the players announced another Christmas surprise: “We’re
taking you shopping at Target!”

49ers pushed shopping carts and helped our kids pick out
toys, clothes, makeup, electronics, and more. It was so
moving to see many of our youth pick out gifts for family
members first, before themselves. When three sisters
learned that their 49er host, linebacker Dekota Watson,
was expecting a baby girl, they used a portion of their gift
cards to purchase clothes for his newborn.

You can imagine the excitement and happiness on that
bus ride home. One girl bought her mom mascara,
saying, “She’s needed it for a while but was saving to buy
Christmas presents for us. That’s why I wanted to buy it for
her! I’ll remember this night forever.” Thank you 49ers for
making our kids’ wishes come true.

Pelle Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

Four years ago, when House
13’s furnace broke, owner
Steve Pelle immediately
responded to our Yelp
donation plea. Since then,
Steve has continued to provide monthly maintenance and
meet all of our HVAC needs, always refusing payment. He
and his wife Lisa have become avid Unity Care supporters
and recurring YouthLive! sponsors.

Wanting to get more directly involved, Lisa “adopted” one
of our girls’ homes, where she is a positive role model,
cooks monthly meals, and fills their holiday wish lists. 21


The Family
Album Project
Henrietta Aigner
& Joy Baldwin
Family Foundation

22 Unity Care


Individual Rene Del Rosario Patricia Kimball House Beautification
Erin, Annelliese & McArthur Kitchen Vanessa Mun
Jenny Abouav Jen Kokko Colin & Danielle Munro
John & Leslie Adams Victoria Delacroix Ryan Kosakura Camilla Nelson
Robert Adams Michael Delaney Gerry Kosko Earnestine Nelson
Carl & Sheri Agers Anjali Desai Neil Kozuma Robert Nelson
Donna Agnis Laura Dias Lissa Kreisler Roberta Newman
Dharmesh Ajmera Vance & Kristie Driscoll Bala Kurdaravalli Marcelle Nichols
William & Kim Alexander Joellen Dutuher Carl Law Mattie’ Skye Nogaye
Will & Megan Alexander Leola Edmund Madison Le Alexa Nolder
Jason Allen Leonard Edwards Peter Leary Nathan Norris
Naomi Alston Julie Elkins Robert Lee Kenneth & Rita O’Brien
Heather Alter Susan Ellenberg Deborah Lefalle Phil Ochs
Martha Alvarez Tim & Julie Espinoza Linda L. Lester Grace Odate
Danielle Bachler Sterling Fairholm Barbara Lewis Jim Oliver
Elaine & Louis Baldwin Michelle Guertin Farley Jennifer & Ogden Ana Olivera
Milan Balinton David Hershfield & Matthew Orchard
Gary & Robbyn Banks Lin-Jones Salvador Ortega
Jo Ann Barter Desiree Felger Scott Long Clifford Chapman & Jetrenne
Antoinette Battiste Heidi Felger Michael Lowy
Karin Baye Nuria Fernandez Fredrick Luckett Owens
Mike & Janice Beauchamp Arnold & Solange Fosah Sandy Luu Rick Padilla
Elaine Benoit Gwen Foster Dave Lyons Alison Pagura
Barbara Benware Beth Fraker Marie Lyons Sujata Panda
Sean Blomquest Chuck Fralick Matt & Heather Madaus James Park
Jeff Blum Rena Galimba John Magner Steve & Lisa Pelle
Gayle Boesch Lisa Galli Chris Benson & Pamela Linda Phillips
Alida Bray Art & Sofia Garcia Frank Pinkela
Mary Kay Breitenbach Aimee Gardner Maker Gretchen Strain &
Vincent Breydenbach Shannon Garrow Cheryl Maki
Dennis & Denise Bridgeman Cheri George Megan Manion Christopher Platten
Colton Bridges Matt Giesecke Gary Martin Angie Price
Lindsay Brill Venko & Rositsa Marjorie McCarthy Prashanthi Ravanavarapu
John & Mary Bronson Jeffrey McCrimon Will Reeves
Gary Brown Gospodinova Linda Mclean Nathan Rich
Marc Buller John Granados Brad Mendenhall Chris & Marcia Riedel
Christine Caldwell Joel Greenberg Jean Merten Marilyn Riedel
John Callan Nanette Hack Alan & Diane Miller Christopher Riedel Jr.
Steve Campbell Faith Halstrom Deborah Miller Barbara Ross
Dan & Karen Carter Katherine Hammill Sheila Mitchell Annie Rummelhoff
Aileen Casanave Michael & Barbara Hanly Ernest Moore Gary & Jean Rummelhoff
Richard & Eunice Leo & Judy Hartung Michael Moran Ed Rusnak
Dennis Hermosa Carroll Morris Steve Sacks
Catronovora David Hershfield Timothy & Serena Muindi Rene Santiago
Shirley Chapman Wanda Hillsbern Michael Sato
Benjamin & Lorraine Chew Fanya Hull
John & Julie Chovanec Margo Irany
Greg & Cathy Cioth Wilbur Jackson
Curron Clark Barbara Jacobson
Jeff & Darlene Clementz Usha Jain
Byron & Gilda Clift Breland Cindy Jen
Lisa Condensa Erin Johnson
Catherine Cook Stephanie Phillips Johnson
Christel Cordes Oggie Jones
Lorna Couch Debbie Jordan
Gee Gee Creager Sheila Jorden
Marty Cull Paul Kang
Cedric Martin & Stephen & Cyndi Kavanagh
Kerry Kennedy
Annette Dawson John Kenshalo
Gary Dean Richard & Shirley Kettell
Taehwa Kim 23


Tom Schaffer Mark & Karen Yolton Comcast – Bay Area Office Harry’s Hofbrau
Clay & Julie Schaper Reuben & Diane Zarate Cooper-Garrod Vineyards Haute Bride
Theresa Selkirk Michelle Zeiler Copia Help One Child
Dan Shaw Carlos & Susan Zertuche Costco Henrietta Aigner & Joy
Mirinal Shukla Ningchen Zhou Crepevine Willow Glen
Jonell Sleeman Steve & Elizabeth Zientek Deloitte Baldwin Family Foundation
Dave Smith Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Heritage Bank of Commerce
Don & Jessica Smith Corporation Discovery Whale Watching Home Depot – Campbell
Travis Smith & Foundations Disneyland In-N-Out Burger Foundation
Chang So Downtown College Prep Insperity
Ed & Susie Stark ABC7 News (KGO-TV) eBay Intuit
Nancy Staves Achievers Inc. eBay Foundation Jack & Jill of America, Inc.
Charles Stegner ADP, LLC El Camino Hospital Jeppesen
John Steinfirst African American Community
Robert Stone Foundation – A Boeing Company
Mary Stutts Service Agency Equinox Wines Joseph George Fine Wines
Valerie Suares Air Systems Fairmont San Jose J’s Beauty Supply
Cameron Suhr AmazonSmile Foundation The Family Album Project Judd’s Hill Winery
John Suhr American Endowment Family Giving Tree Junior League of San Jose
Micaela Suhr Farrington Historical KBA Docusys
Nadia Taleb Foundation Kiss & Makeup
Alex Taylor Ameriprise Financial Foundation Kitsch Couture
Perry Taylor Fine Art Museums of San KLIV 1590/KRTY 95.3
Scott Tepper Services, Inc. K-Love
Anthony & Lisa Thompson Andaz Napa Francisco La Honda Winery
Pete & Sheila Thompson Anson’s Catering ForeScout Technologies Las Bandidas Social Club
Jennifer Thrift AOL Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen Leal Vineyards
Karen Traiger Apple Lester Properties
Rae Tran Arbor Pharmaceuticals & Loewy, LLP Lincoln Financial Foundation
Miggie Trevino-Coxson Art For Foster Care GE Foundation LinkedIn
Katherine Tsigaris Atelier Salonspa Genentech Links Incorporated
Julie Tu AvalonBay Communities Gifts for Teens
Rose Urbano Bake for Better Girl Scouts of Northern – San Jose Chapter
Dan Valcazar Barbara D’Ercole Design Lexus of Stevens Creek
Mattilion Vanderhorst Bay Area Tutoring California LMGW Certified Public
Manuel Villalpando, Jr. Girl Taking Pictures
Tomoko Wada Association Golden State Ice Cream Accountants LLP
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24 Unity Care


Loma Prieta Winery Pfahnl & Hunt Acountancy Saratoga Federated Church Trinity Presbyterian Church
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It was an evening of laughter,
tears, and celebration of
our youths’ success. On
May 6, 2017, our 6th Annual
YouthLive! Gala was held at
the Computer History Museum
in Mountain View. Our Master
of Ceremonies Spencer Christian energized the room of
over 350 attendees.

Guests were dazzled by talented young performers,
awed by our youths’ expressive artwork on auction, and
inspired by our youth speaker Breeaunna Lynn and our
Community Champion Awardee Linda Lester.

YouthLive! is our signature fundraising event benefiting
Unity Care’s programs.

For more information, go to 25


Income Statement 3%
$12,186,679 REVENUE 94.9%
Program Services $389,215
Contributions and In-Kind $432,079 93.6% EXPENSES
$13,007,973 2.1%
Total Revenue
Expenses $1,426,210
Program Services
General and Administrative $14,433,724
Fundraising and Marketing

Total Expenses


Statement of Financial Position 57.4%

Assets $3,484,533 ASSETS
Current Assets 37.9%
Land, Building and Equipment $439,210
Other Non-Current Assets
Total Assets

Liabilities and Net Assets 4.7% 37.9%

Accounts Payable $1,793,486 39.6% LIABILITIES
Long Term Liabilities $3,640,213 & NET ASSETS
Other Liabilities
Net Assets $283,546
Total Liabilities and Net Assets

Fiscal Year 2016—2017 3%
12 months ending June 30, 2017 19.7%

26 Unity Care


Carl Agers Mark Yolton Madison Le Cedric Martin
Chairman of the Board Board Vice President Board Treasurer Board Secretary

Senior Vice President, Vice President, Executive Vice President & Claims Examiner
Digital & Interactive Amtrust North America
Marketing Services Chief Administrator Officer
Hero Digital Salesforce Beneficial State Bank

Marty Cull David Hershfield Anita Lynch Sheila Mitchell
Chief Financial Officer Managing Partner Senior Leader in Talent Chief Deputy
Hershfield Consulting Management & Acquisition
Air Systems Probation Officer
Amazon Los Angeles County

Elizabeth Pappy James Park Ray Ruiz

Partner Branch Manager President & CEO
Burke, Williams & Ameriprise Financial Community Development

Sorensen, LLP Services Resources, Inc.

“When André invited me to become a board member, I was honored and humbled by his
sincere appreciation of my work providing a path to success for marginalized youth. Unity
Care’s mission to serve young adults, students and families with shelter, respect, compassion
and integrity closely aligns with my own focus of service. My answer for him was an easy
one….. YES!”

– Ray Ruiz 27

“The people at Unity Care are my family. They have
helped me by advocating for me and my needs. I
really appreciate Unity Care because they believed
in me and were there for me when I struggled..and
are still there for me today!” 

– Maria, Unity Care youth

Agency Headquarters San Francisco County Placer County
1400 Parkmoor Ave. Suite 115 3073 Alemany Blvd. 11716 Enterprise Dr.
San Jose, CA 95126 San Francisco, CA 94112 Auburn, CA 95603
P 408-971-9822 P 415-610-6336 P 530-886-5473
F 408-510-3484
San Mateo County El Dorado County
Santa Clara County 957 Industrial Rd. Suite B 247B Placerville Dr.
1887 Monterey Rd. Suite 205 San Carlos, CA 94070 Placerville, CA 95667
San Jose, CA 95112 P 408-688-4918 P 530-903-3335
P 408-971-9822
F 408-510-9820



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