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Business                                           Additional             Vodafone Group Plc
              Overview     review       Performance  Governance  Financials   information    01      Annual Report 2013

             This year’s report:

             We’ve made some big changes to this year’s report to give readers
             a clearer picture of how we’re doing and what our plans are.
             On pages 90 to 97, you can see we’ve combined our inancial statements with a commentary
             explaining the main moving parts.
             Elsewhere, we’ve expanded our KPI reporting, given more information on directors’ pay,
             and embraced a number of new reporting requirements a year early.
             We hope you ind it useful and informative.

              Overview#                         Performance#                     Financials
             2    Financial highlights         40   Operating results            83  Contents
             4    Maximising our reach         45   Guidance                     84   Directors’ statement of responsibility#
             6    An eventful year             46   Principal risk factors and uncertainties  85     Audit report on internal control over
             8    Adapting in a dynamic market                                       inancial reporting
             10   Simple, but thorough          Governance#                      86   Critical accounting estimates
             12   Chairman’s statement         51   Chairman’s overview          88    Audit report on the consolidated
                                                                                     inancial statements
                                               52    Board of directors and      90     Consolidated inancial statements and
              Business review#                      Group management                 inancial commentary
             14   Chief Executive’s review     55   Corporate governance         159    Audit report on the Company
             18   Key performance indicators   67   Directors’ remuneration          inancial statements
             20   Industry trends                                                160  Company inancial statements
             22   How we do business
             24   Strategy                                                       Additional information
                  24   Consumer 2015                                             166  Shareholder information#
                  28   Enterprise 2015                                           174  History and development#
                  30   Network 2015                                              175  Regulation#
                  32   Operations 2015                                           179  Non-GAAP information#
             34   Our people                                                     182  Form 20-F cross reference guide
             36   Sustainable business                                           185  Forward-looking statements
             38    Vodafone  Foundation                                          187  Deinition of terms
                                                                                 189  Selected inancial data

                                                                                 #  These sections and pages 91, 93, 95 and 97 make up the
                                                                                  directors’ report.
                                                                                 The terms “Vodafone”, the “Group”, “we”, “our” and “us” refer to the
                                                                                 Company and, as applicable, its subsidiaries and/or interests in joint
                                                                                 ventures and associates.
                                                                                 Unless otherwise stated references: to “year” or “2013” mean the
                                                                                 inancial year ended 31 March 2013; to “2012” or “previous year” mean
                                                Access full PDF downloads of this report,      the inancial year ended 31 March 2012, and to the “fourth quarter” or
                                                                                 “Q4” are to the quarter ended 31 March 2013. For other references please
                                                or watch a summary of the year at:  refer to page 44.
                                                                                 All amounts marked with an “*” represent organic growth as deined
                                                    on page 188. Deinitions of terms used throughout the report can be
                                                                                 found on pages 187 and 188.
                                                                                 Further information on non-GAAP measures used in the report can
                                                                                 be found on page 179.
                                                                                 Website references are for information only and do not constitute part of
                                                                                 this annual report.
                                                                                 This report is dated 21 May 2013.
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