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08      Vodafone Group Plc
                 Annual Report 2013

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                                                                                                Strategy and
                                                                                                Vodafone 2015
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         Our strategy adapts to it to, and shape,
         a fast-moving environment. But at its heart is our

         consistent commitment to differentiation through

         investment in our network and services.


         in a dynamic market…

         Short-term                        Long-term growth                  Our response:
         challenges                        opportunities                     Vodafone 2015
         A very tough regulatory environment,   We expect smartphone adoption to accelerate   Our Vodafone 2015 strategy relects
         particularly in Europe and India, combined with   in all markets over the next three years, with   our conidence in the future. This
         signiicant macroeconomic pressures in many   mobile applications and low cost smartphone   is based on a new strategic approach
         of our markets, mean that it is currently hard   availability increasing everywhere. With   to our consumer offer and pricing
         for us to grow our business. Competition,   the broad deployment of high speed data   in Europe, an increasing focus on uniied
         while a fact of life in any industry, is being   networks, and the increasing deployment   communications, and an attractive
         exacerbated by high unemployment and   of TV programming, ilms and music streaming   and growing exposure to emerging
         austerity measures. These force many   across all devices, we expect customers’   markets. Fundamental to the success
         customers to value price over quality.   appetite for data on both mobile and ixed   of this strategy will be an ongoing
         In addition, regulation has lowered barriers   networks to increase signiicantly. Companies   enhancement of the consumer and
         to entry and allowed low or no-capital   will increasingly look to consolidate telecoms   enterprise customer experience through
         operators to compete with businesses such   procurement across borders and put   continuous investment in high speed data
         as ours which have invested signiicantly over   mobility at the centre of their strategies,   networks, and an increased drive towards
         many years.                       favouring operators who can supply seamless   standardisation and simpliication across
         .                                 uniied communications.            the Group to maximise cost eficiency and
                                                                             accelerate execution.
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