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Cape Town, 26–29 March  Future footwear
The HOVR™ Machina is the latest high-tech
The first of five gatherings this year, the running shoe from Under Armour, this time
Mother City’s late-summer market will designed for long-distance marathoners with
feature over 120 incredible designers, a lifespan of at least 800km. It also comes
innovators and inventive makers showing with the latest built-in Bluetooth-connected
and selling everything from fashion to technology that records information about stride
food, artisanal spirits to novel toys. There length, cadence, pace, distance, foot strike angle
are always loads of gifts ideas, home and ground contact time – the latest innovations
decor items, and things you didn’t know mean that with the right in-ear audio gear, your shoes will be able to serve as a personal coach
you needed, but absolutely must have. The supplying you with in situ guidance that’ll help you improve your training runs and reduce injuries.
Cape Town event is at Jan van Riebeeck Like other models in the HOVR™ range, the shoes are lightweight, designed with a propulsion
High School on Kloof Street, while the plate that gives you smoother transitions and a faster, springier toe-off. Plus, there’s that plush,
autumn market in Joburg happens at responsive UA HOVR™ foam and ‘Energy Web’ technology to help give back the energy you put
St David’s Marist Inanda in Sandton from into every step – in the Machina, this foam layer runs along the entire length of the shoe for
23 to 27 April. a greater experience.

African clutch

Showing the world where your heart
belongs, no matter where your wanderlust
takes you, this leather handbag is from Cape
Town’s Lalela Scarf. The decision to branch
into leatherwear accessories (they’ve also
launched a range of eye-catching luggage
tags) came from the realisation that a scarf
wrapped around the neck renders its design
largely invisible. Since Lalela’s prints are a showcase of the artistic endeavours of at-risk youths,
these bags and tags are a way of letting the world witness their creativity. The designs are digitally
printed so that the natural texture and grain of the leather is preserved.

Words: Keith Bain, Pictures: Supplied Mountain ring

If your wanderlust means
you’re spending too
much time away from
the Mother City, consider
slipping your finger into
a diamond-encrusted
Table Mountain Ring
designed and crafted by Shimansky’s master jewellers. If Cape Town isn’t your home, the
ring is probably the ultimate souvenir of time spent at the tip of Africa – or perhaps it’s a
reminder of a certain romantic proposal made on top on the mountain itself. MARCH 2020 149



Stuff to stoke your wanderlust

1And we have lift-off MARCH 2020 151

If these spacesuit designs – in ‘deep space blue’, with light
blue elements and pops of gold – trigger a bit of nostalgia,
they’re doing their job. ‘We were able to incorporate the

nostalgic elements of the classic spacesuit,’ says
Nick Cienski, principle innovation apparel designer at
Under Armour, Virgin Galactic’s official space-wear
partner. Cienski says inspiration came not only from
past space missions, but also iconic space movies. While
NASA and other space agencies have had suits for trained
astronauts for decades, what you see here are the first
spacesuits engineered for a coming generation of space
passengers who will be rocking Under Armour threads on

journeys beyond our atmosphere.


Under Armour, which was founded by Kevin Plank (pictured right, in the
centre) in his grandmother’s basement in the mid-90s, has always had
a strong focus on technology innovations that can impact and improve
performance on the field and off. The space range borrows advances
from various UA sports gear technologies. For example, UA Clone,

a proprietary auxetic material that forms to the exact shape of
the body for a precision fit and zero-distraction feel, is used in the
elbows and knees of the spacesuit for optimal mobility and comfort.

The suit’s liner incorporates new fabrics such as Tencel Luxe,
SpinIt and Nomex for temperature control and moisture

management. UA’s updated, lightweight space boots also use
Clone adaptive technology for a precise fit to the foot – plus they
include innovative HOVR cushioning. All in all, it’s a cool look that

conceals even cooler technology.

2Meanwhile, back on earth
Not going to space anytime soon? Not to worry. Gravel bikes – bicycles positioned
somewhere between mountain bikes and road bikes – are the ideal bit of tech for
earthbound wanderlusters in search of adventure… Pictured here is the Ruut
CF, part of the world’s first variable geometry range of bikes, designed and
manufactured by Rondo, a Polish company with an outpost in Cape Town
managed by a bunch of staunch gravel enthusiasts. The machine is incredibly
versatile, comfortable enough for distance riding and cross-country backpacking
trips, but still sporty, good for racing and aesthetically unmatched.

152 MARCH 2020

3Either way, pack your bags 1
Often, it’s not what you’re packing that’s important, but what
you’re packing it in. These are a dozen bags we’ve got our 3 The Samsonite Paradiver Light Duffel now comes in a super-sporty
eyes on for our travels in 2020 colour scheme. 4 This Thule Revolve Carry-on Spinner
1 This futuristic hardshell from Samsara is launching is impact resistant and great over any terrain. 5 We’re mad
next month. It’s not only durable, lightweight and fireproof, about the novel design of all Baboon to the Moon bags and cases; they’re packing
but has its own GPS, removable smart charging unit for a great sense of humour, too: ‘Our bags are meant to survive everything from the
phones and laptops, and comes with an optional zombie apocalypse to that guy at the airport hurling your bag across the runway.’
onboard Wi-Fi. 2 Another 6 The Under Armour Storm Undeniable II Backpack
intelligent bag – available in backpack, messenger or is great for rugged environments; it’s abrasion-resistant, has a tough
cross-body form – Lumzag Smart Bags are now undercarriage, and has a water-repellent front pocket.
available for pre-order. The carbon fibre bags have 7 The Deuter Trans Alpine 28 SL Daypack is available from Cape
wireless phone chargers and built-in power banks for Union Mart. 8 ATLAS by Everki is a travel-friendly
tablet and laptop charging. They can tell you when laptop backpack packed with innovations. 9 From the
you’ve forgotten to pack something and have real-time 2019 Thule Crossover range, this slick, hard-wearing 32-litre daypack is
GPS tracking. Basically, they’re the future. available at Cape Union Mart. 10 Get the oh-so-stylish
SOLO NYC All-Star Backpack Duffel from local online distributor,
12 11 The Sealand Hero is a backpack-cum-duffel bag made in Cape Town
from upcycled yacht sails and canvas and a recycled material called Recover.
11 12 Great for camping trips, great for the gym; the
Patagonia Stormfront 65L Wet/Dry Duffel is a classic.


154 MARCH 2020 9


Words: Keith Bain, Pictures: Supplied 4 5
2 6

3 MARCH 2020 155




There’s a word for it. Nomophobia. The fear of being out of cellular contact. We’re not making this up. There’s also research that
says 10% of people would rather not shower for a year than go without internet for that same length of time. Social media is to
blame, and it’s impacting everything. Instagram has transformed travel, with a recent WeSwap survey stating that 61% of 18-to-
24-year-olds surveyed (6.1 million people) want to share ‘beautiful or important’ holiday experiences online. While tourists
are seen as a highly coveted source of income by destinations, it seems that some travellers just don’t know how to behave.
Instagram is now being blamed for more serious offences than encouraging hipster road trips. Pretty snaps aside, tourists are
also risking life and limb to post heart-pounding pictures and videos of dangerous stunts for social media fame. ‘Instagram
deaths’ – a very real thing caused by people trying to get the perfect shot in precarious locations – together with unsustainable
crowds lured to beauty spots by photos posted on the platform, are forcing some destinations to take action. In 2015, more
people died while taking a selfie than from shark attacks, prompting countries like Russia to start a ‘Safe Selfie Campaign’, and
the European Union has proposed the criminalisation of certain types of selfies, namely those containing landmarks like the
Eiffel Tower or Rome’s Trevi Fountain. There’s even a Wikipedia page dedicated to deaths by selfie.

But it’s not just the potential danger that’s cause for concern. There’s also a very real risk of missing the point of travel
entirely. In autumn 2018, Vienna launched an anti-social-media campaign with the slogan ‘Welcome to Vienna. Not #Vienna’.
The campaign’s website ( notes that some 8.95 million photos or videos are shared on Instagram daily,
and that the average smartphone user touches their device 2 617 times a day. This translates to between 152 and 201 minutes
spent staring at our handheld screens. The campaign’s point is simple: rather than spending precious time with your device,
why not use it to better engage with the place you’re visiting? After all, the world’s always going to be more beautiful, more
thrilling, more immersive when viewed through your eyes rather than through a smartphone lens.
Words: Mart-Marie du Toit, Picture:
er something MARCH 2020 157

aknhdualunmswGaoeonrtlotihnies.criod.dzale: Pictures: Supplied, dorian2013/
haIInhcdalisvWm,enhbnoatotowfaetimnhegetI,s?sn,kobyu. t

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