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PRIME - June 2019

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JUNE 2019


The charms of
estate living


nips and tucks


Offbeat destinations


This is what makes
a good wine


Making the most
of your investments


Sibongile Khumalo talks
life, love and being 60+


Published by: Picasso Headline 4 COVER STORY
13th floor, 2 Long Street, Cape Town, 8001 One of the best things about mid to later life
Tel: +27 21 469 2400 Fax: +27 86 682 2926 Songstress Sibongile Khumalo on life after 60 is that you get to the point where it’s easier
to be who you are and not worry about
EDITORIAL 7 FINANCIAL FITNESS what other people think. To sweat the
Editor: Mandy Collins small stuff less. To be unapologetic about how you live
Content Manager: Raina Julies Wealth planning and investment advice from your life.
Contributors: Nicci Collier, Kate Ferreira, Katherine Graham, the pros
Nia Magoulianiti-McGregor, Anthony Sharpe That, I think, is what it feels like to live a good life
Copy Editor: Brenda Bryden 11 HEALTH — and that’s where national treasure, singer Sibongile
Content Co-ordinator: Vanessa Payne Digital Editor: Stacey Visser Khumalo finds herself on the other side of 60. Get her
Non-invasive anti-ageing treatments take on page 4.
Head of Design: Jayne Macé-Ferguson Designer: Archie Ndzo 15 TRAVEL As usual, we put the spotlight on wealth building and
lifestyle, investigating the benefits of estate living on page
Advert Designer: Bulelwa Sotashe Destinations far from the madding crowds 18, and the art of investment on page 7. And we’ve got
your downtime covered too, with a look at some unusual
SALES 16 WINE travel destinations.
Sales Project Manager: Merryl Klein,
[email protected], +27 21 469 2446 The art and science of great winemaking All this and more in this issue of Prime – because in
the prime of your life, you should live the best possible
PRODUCTION 18 ESTATE LIVING life, and we aim to give you the inspiration you need to
Production Editor: Shamiela Brenner do so.
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SA songstress, Sibongile Khumalo, is set to make the most of a very powerful decade, but

her fashion victim days are de nitely over. By NIA MAGOULIANITI MCGREGOR

U h-uh. Nah. No... “While I try not to be disagreeable, I can also easily
Actually, celebrated SA say ‘I don’t want to do that’ and be okay with my
songstress Sibongile Khumalo decision.” — Sibongile Khumalo
doesn’t have to practise the art of
saying “no” these days. Neither Occasionally there is a sense of loneliness when recently come to grips with my intuitive mind and
does she second-guess herself anymore. she’s home alone. “I enjoy my own company mainly learned to trust that too.
and I can’t expect to have anyone — including my
She has welcomed these post-60 birthday three kids — at my beck and call, but I don’t drive “Also,” she says, “while there is more financial security
gifts with open arms: “I used to be very proper. any more because of peripheral vision issues. That now, there is also an understanding that money doesn’t
I grew up being nerdy and studious, trying to can be a challenge when I want to suddenly do define you or determine what or who you are.”
do things correctly, usually to impress my dad, something.” But don’t imagine she’s sitting alone in
Khabi Mngoma, a teacher and piano player. Now, the dark knitting. “I have someone special in my life. Khumalo says being more comfortable in her body
when I want to guffaw, I do. While I try not to be At our age, each of us has a very interesting personal is a huge bonus of this age. “I’ve lost a lot of the excess
disagreeable, I can also easily say, ‘I don’t want to life of our own.” weight that used to concern me, but I’m still what’s
do that’ and be okay with my decision instead of known as a ‘big girl’. Even so, caftans as a way of
agonising over what people will think. Intellectually, growing older is just another plus, hiding myself is a thing of the past. Now I’ll only wear
says Khumalo. “When I read, I don’t have that sense something if I like the look.”
“It’s an empowering idea — finally being able to of reverence for an author any longer. I’m a critical
say no,” says Khumalo. thinker now.” Emotionally, there has been another But, says Khumalo, her fashionista days are over!
evolution: “I’m naturally very logical, but I’ve “I brought a green trench coat a few years ago. My
Khumalo, who, having mastered jazz, opera, children called me a fashion victim. I’m not sure I
contemporary music, African classical and ever wore it after that!” IMAGE: SUPPLIED
traditional, has also started singing the praises of
the advantages of being 60-plus. “It was almost If there is a goal besides writing her memoirs before
immediate. As soon as I hit the big number two years 65, it’s about establishing some kind of monument to
ago, I literally stopped complaining about anything. her father’s legacy: “Perhaps a performance academy.”

“Instead, I started looking back and gazing with These days, she says, she accepts “what is”.
wonder at what life has dished up for me. I thought “This is me. Who I am. How I am. I’m okay with
of all the successes, the surprises, the flops — that. To my past self, I’d say ‘just live’.”
and then challenged myself to start writing
new songs.” She says she also celebrated by AWARD-WINNING ARTIST
performing three different concerts in
three days. Sibongile Khumalo’s career was launched after
she won the Standard Bank Young Artist Award
“This is a powerful time. There is a
sense of ‘if not now, then when?”’ for Music in 1993. Her debut album, Ancient
Evenings, (1996) won two South African Music
But, of course, she says, there are
challenges. “My health issues are more Awards (SAMAs).
pronounced. I’m diabetic and prone to
stress so I have to be vigilant. It helps
that I’m now more conscious of how my
body feels than when I was younger.” Still,
she’s not about to cut out all indulgences. “I
enjoy the odd glass of red wine. Life is too short
to deprive myself of all pleasures.”



ON Avoid the temptation to react to
market swings, especially with According to 10X’s recently
retirement in sight. Growing released Retirement Reality Report
wealth is a slow and steady game, — drawn from surveys of over a million
South Africans — 62 per cent of people are
not confident that they will be able to draw an
income in retirement, fewer than 35 per cent of
black respondents have a pension or provident
fund, and over 40 per cent of women have no
investments or savings in any form.

Source: 10X



U nless we’re born into it, have flat, offshore equities generally negative, although poor performance of listed property and shares. Do
inexplicably good luck, or are returns from those in rands were boosted by the not make long-term decisions based on short-term
absolute statistical outliers, most of rand‘s depreciation of around 15 per cent relative to performance.”
us don’t get rich overnight, or even the dollar.”
over a decade. And saving simply PLAN FIRST, DO SECOND
isn’t enough: the interest rate on a typical savings Some of the only investments that have seen “real
account is usually less than the rate of inflation. So returns ahead of inflation” are “cash, fixed rate bonds, Long-term thinking is evidently key, and this requires
how do you grow your wealth? and income funds, which were up about 7–10 per cent financial planning. “This means looking to the future,
for the last year, compared to inflation of around 4.5 per and living by design,” says Citadel’s John Kennedy.
“Over the long-term, cash-only investments will cent.” This probably explains why retail investors are “When you live by default, the days run into days,
not outperform inflation. You need to include growth currently turning to more risk-averse products with better weeks into weeks, and next thing you’re retired and
assets such as shares in your portfolio in order to yields, Coetzee continues. But that is not a reason to asking ‘where on earth did the time go?’ Financial
outperform inflation in the long run,” says Verso planning allows you to push the pause button, assess
Wealth financial planner Katlego Mei. “jump ship” to cash, cautions Mei, especially if where you are today, where you want to be in future,
your retirement age is already in sight. and how you want to live.”
But in recent years, even shares “It is important to remember that
haven’t delivered the way most retirement is potentially a long Kennedy says that at its most basic level, a financial
investors hope. “Over the past 12 period of time. If you retire at 65 plan should create a road map to being financially
months, typical balanced funds and live to 95, your capital or independent — where you are not reliant on the
have underperformed,” explains assets need to sustain you for state or family to support you. “At the same time, [a
Meyer Coetzee, head of retail at good financial plan] should also deal with liquidity
Prescient Investment Management. Katlego 30 years. It is not a good idea to requirements. You may be asset rich, but liquidity poor.
“That is because SA equities were Mei switch all your investments to A financial plan should address both.”
cash now, just because of the recent



GET HELP “Usually when someone retires or annuity. This will result in you paying
less tax because you are taking a
Unless you’re particularly adept, it’s highly sells their business, they go from lower income from your annuity.”
recommended to turn to professionals when
drawing up a wealth plan or strategy. Investment cash positive to cash negative, DIVERSIFY,
management and wealth management are sometimes DIVERSIFY,
used as synonyms despite being quite different in where there is no income, only DIVERSIFY
practice. The latter is usually done by your financial
planner, who may call themselves a wealth manager, expenses and they have to Headline-making corporate
explains Mei. collapses, like Steinhoff and
now live off their investment African Bank, can cause panic.
“A financial planner builds a trusted relationship And those who bought heavily
with the client to gain an understanding of the client’s portfolio,” says Kennedy. “For into these companies definitely got
circumstances and needs in order to give them advice. hurt in the process, but it does provide
The financial planner’s role is to assist clients with an an investor in their 50s, our a timely reminder of one of the fundamental
investment strategy that is best suited for them,” he says. principles of investing: diversification.
guidance to them is usually
And this should reflect stage of life too, Kennedy “It is important to
says. “There are some general principles that one adopts to start thinking about the John remember that retirement
at certain phases of life, and what will be applicable to end of their income days, and Kennedy is potentially a long
[an investor in their 50s] will be different to the advice period of time ... Do not
you’d give to someone in their 20s or 30s.” put the plan in place now on how make long-term decisions
based on short-term
“When you have a plan in place, you strip out the to consolidate and simplify financial performance.” — Katlego Mei
emotion, and quite logically you can understand what
money you need and when you need it. So if you are affairs, such as how they are going to monetise “The key to hedging against those is diversification,”
an individual who has a R10m asset base, you don’t explains Coetzee. “It is incredibly important to
need all of that money tomorrow. You’ll need some assets, how they are going to exit businesses or an understand how your portfolio manager picks
money tomorrow, some in a year, some in five years or individual stocks and how they manage risk. That’s
more. The utility of your money differs according to illiquid investment property.  something an advisor can assist with. It’s instrumental
your timeline.” to understanding and avoiding concentration risk in
“In the same vein, we need to relook at the whole your portfolio, which would be a problem if you have
FABULOUS FIFTIES significant exposure to a failure like Steinhoff.
range of investments that you accumulate in your
On the runway to retirement, hopefully your finances
are looking healthy, and consolidating the gains is 20s, 30s, and 40s, it’s an opportune time to reassess
what you’re looking to do. If you’re not quite where you
should be, this is the time to make changes and give it and consolidate. It might mean reducing from five
“one last big push”.
lanes to one or two.”
Start with a retirement savings target (usually your
30 or just 10 years to reach that target will affect the
savings rate you need to achieve. Having a retirement annuity (RA) is a good start,
but it shouldn’t be the only quiver in your retirement
planning bow, says Mei.

“Remember that when you retire from your
retirement annuity, you are able to take one-third in
cash, of which up to R500 000 may be tax-free. The
tax-free portion will depend on whether you have
previously cashed in your retirement savings. The
remaining two-thirds must be used to purchase an
annuity income. It is important to remember that the
income from this annuity will be taxable.”

He continues: “If you have other investments such
as a tax-free savings account (TFSA) and flexible unit
trust investment account, you can draw some of your
required income from these, drawing less from your


Another one of those core principles is keeping fees
as low as possible. The magic of compound interest
becomes a nightmare when applied to debt and the
effect of fees. Coetzee recalls a well-known quote: “John
Bogel, the founder of Vanguard, said ‘the miracle of
compounding returns is overwhelmed by the tyranny
of fees’. We often fall for fancy marketing stories from
asset managers trying to justify why they charge
high fees. We have a balanced fund — the Prescient
Balanced Fund — and our total investment charge is
about 50 basis points. Typical balanced funds charge
150 basis points and north of that.

“The impact of the difference of fees of just one per
cent is, for example, the difference between drawing
four per cent per annum in a living annuity or drawing
five per cent. In other words, that’s a 25 per cent
increase in your available income, just by investing in a
fund that charges lower fees.”



When age is no longer the enemy, the latest in natural,
non-invasive aesthetic medicine is your new friend, writes


IMAGES: ROBERTODAVID/ISTOCKPHOTO.COM, SUPPLIED F rozen foreheads, overfilled faces says less invasive does not mean less effective. “In Aging Medicine World Congress that took place in
and trout lips have gone the way facial thread lifting, using a material called PDO Monte Carlo this year.”
of disco balls. They’re only cool if (polydioxanone), dissolvable sutures with barbs and
you’re throwing a ’90s party. That’s hooks that lift areas are used with excellent results, It includes a dream scenario: building muscle and
as consumers are also increasingly increasing volume in the face and removing sagging. burning fat in no time with no exertion. Instead, a
eschewing time-consuming, expensive, invasive high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy triggers
surgery options. Opting for a more natural look means “The procedure is not painless — a local anaesthetic supramaximal contractions. Says Reddy: “Known as
non-invasive procedures have come into their own. is applied — but it’s an effective way of tackling laxity Emsculpt, it’s intended for the treatment of obesity
in the face, where fat pads migrate downwards. It’s also by fat reduction through neuromuscular stimulation
Dr Maureen Allem, founder and medical director low-risk, affordable with no downtime.” and increase of blood flow. Current non-invasive body
at Skin Renewal, confirms this trend was emphasised shaping therapies address fat and skin, but this is the
at the recent Face London, a scientific conference That’s as Reddy says help is at hand for those only procedure available that simultaneously builds
featuring the latest clinical information in the field of unhappy with their jawline: “A new product called muscle and burns fat. It’s the world’s first non-invasive
aesthetic treatments. Juvéderm Volux was launched this year.” While buttock lifting procedure.”
non-invasive procedures for the lower face have been
She says age is no longer the enemy. “The key limited up to now, Reddy says this facial filler product One of the main reasons people ask for aesthetic
message this year was that aesthetic treatments are “allows practitioners to achieve a wonderful sharpness treatments is to improve their image and feel
moving away from trying to make patients look along the jawline bringing the chin into proportion, comfortable in their own skin, says Reddy. “Social
“younger”. Instead they’re focusing on enhancing what balancing the face overall”. Lasting from about situations and professional success are often influenced
is already there. It’s about authentically celebrating 18 months to two years, this “structural gel” will restore by image and a refreshed look helps patients increase
every life stage with confidence. and create volume in the jaw area so it’s more defined. their self-esteem and confidence.”

“Now aesthetic medicine is about softening lines, not And more good news for those with double chins. But Allem says aesthetic procedures are no substitute
making them disappear. It’s about restoring structure Allem says a new technique called MD Codes is the for what Granny knew: “No treatments or products
and gentle contouring, rather than overfilling areas.” perfect approach to the philosophy of enhancement. can compensate for good nutrition, balancing stress,
“It’s a method of injecting which is designed to regular exercise or deep sleep.”
Dr Anushka Reddy, owner of Medi-Sculpt Clinic, strengthen the foundation of the structure by placing
agrees. “The trend right now is all about subtle fillers in strategic injection sites,” she says.
changes. People no longer want to completely change
their appearance. Now they want a prettier, more “In the past, for example, deducting fat was often
refreshed version of themselves.” She says this is the method applied to reducing the appearance
the main reason why non-invasive procedures have of a double chin. With this method, restoring the
gained in popularity. foundation of the jawline would be first priority,
which would directly impact the appearance of the
Even in this category, “when it comes to nonsurgical double chin.”
procedures such as dermal filler or Botox injections,
these days, less is more”. But there’s more on the horizon, says Reddy.
“The latest trends and technologies in the aesthetics
Co-founder of Johannesburg-based medical industry were presented during the Aesthetic & Anti-
aesthetics clinic, Beauty & Curves, Dr Zaheda Bhabha,

“ e trend right now is all about subtle changes. People Dr Maureen
no longer want to completely change their appearance. Allem
Now they want a prettier, more refreshed version of
themselves.” — Anushka Reddy

P R I M E 11





ere’s been a revolution recently in what we perceive as beauty and it’s all about looking natural and

refreshed. e unnatural look we’ve got used to seeing for the past 20 years is now being replaced by a

Tmore so and natural one lines, it proves to be the perfect treatment for all youthful appearance with the help of volume
he trend right now is all about kinds of medical conditions such as square jawline enhancing dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are injected
subtle changes. Patients no longer or sweating. into the dermis to moisturise the skin from within,
want to change their appearance, plump it up and give it a more youthful appearance.
they want a brighter and more Some patients have very active jaw muscles that give
refreshed version of themselves. their face a very square shape. Injecting Botox into these CelluErase
This is the main reason why noninvasive procedures muscles can reduce their size and give the square face
have gained in popularity in the last few years. Botox a far more tapered or oval appearance resulting in a CelluErase is a new treatment that is most
and filler injections help enhance your natural beauty slimmer, more feminine jaw. effective in the permanent removal of cellulite
and highlight your best features while leaving your after just one session.
appearance refreshed and rejuvenated. Botox can also be used to successfully treat
patients for underarm sweating. This medical How does it work? A special microblade separates
The number of nonsurgical procedures condition is termed axillary hyperhidrosis and the bands of fibrous connective tissue within the
performed in South Africa is growing it is estimated to affect about one per cent of the cellulite, allowing the skin to spring back. This results
exponentially. Here are the most popular trends population. in a smoother appearance. To further help reduce
and procedures of 2019: Tiny amounts of a Botulinum toxin are injected in the the appearance of cellulite and uneven skin texture,
armpit every centimetre or so to help reduce the effect of a second step is required — injecting a mesotherapy
Fine lines, deep folds and wrinkle local nerves stimulating the sweat glands. This results in cocktail containing active ingredients specifically
the production of less sweat. formulated to help eliminate cellulite.
removal treatment CelluErase can be used to treat cellulite on the hips,
Oxygen facials thighs and buttocks as well as the abdomen, breasts
The Venus Viva treatment works to improve the and upper arms.
overall texture of your skin by addressing a wide Oxygen facials are the perfect way to bring back the
range of common concerns, including wrinkles, glow to your skin. How do they work? A stream of high- Nonsurgical treatments are on the rise, new
discolouration, acne scarring, and stretch marks. pressurised oxygen infused with vitamins and nutrients procedures and new technologies are registering an
Venus Viva treatments combine NanoFractional extracts is applied to the face and neck. The oxygen increased interest from patients looking for a refreshed
Radio Frequency with our one-of-a-kind SmartScan promotes the absorption of the moisturising agents into appearance. Which treatment would you like to try
technology to safely deliver reparative heat to deeper the skin providing a smooth, healthy glow. this year?
layers of your skin without causing harm to any of the
surrounding tissue. This process activates the body’s Dermal fillers for tired eyes CONTACT DETAILS
ability to naturally rebuild and regenerate collagen. 0861 003 007
As a result, imperfections like wrinkles and scars are Puffiness, bags and dark circles can change the look [email protected]
smoothed out while discolouration is corrected for a of your whole face, making you look tired and drawn. Vivari Hotel & Spa
more even skin tone. To rejuvenate the area around the eyes and ensure the Corner of Riviera and Eagle road
Featherbrooke ext 7
Botox results are both effective and natural, a dermal Krugersdorp
filler can be placed in the hollows beneath 1746
Botulinum toxin (Botox) the eyes in the tear trough region.
continues to take the lead Consulting hours:
in noninvasive cosmetic Dermal fillers for youthful Mon – Fri 08h00 to 15h00
treatments and besides hands
helping with the reduction Dr. Anushka
of facial wrinkles and fine Reddy The hand rejuvenation procedure
helps restore the hands to a more

12 P R I M E


In praise of places that are o -piste, NICCI COLLIER unearths the joy of destinations with a di erence

O f course, Paris has its prettiness, the Kruger Park its kicks and Koh Lanta,
Phuket its picturesque exoticism. But who enjoys being elbow- Thailand.
jabbed for a glimpse of a pint-sized painting or sneered at by the
local boulanger for incorrectly pronouncing “croissant”?
Bickering busloads of inconsiderate, lion-hogging foreigners
are no fun, and nor are beach bans thanks to the ravaging effects of over-tourism
on coral reefs (thank you, litter, boats and sunscreen).

Fortunately, the most joyous travel is often in venturing off-piste, as it were,
beyond the bounds of well-worn paths. Unless you’re competing with a global army
of countless copy-paste Instagram influencers, who needs to snap a selfie with the
Colosseum (and about 152 372 other visitors in the background).

Roman Roman amphitheatre with OFF THE
amphitheatre circular wall in Pula, Croatia. BEATEN TRACK
in Nîmes,
France. PULA, CROATIA So, when in Bali, avoid the Aussie-thronged Kuta in
favour of Bingin. Sure, it’s a hike down to the water, but
Alternately, head to Pula. Never heard of it? Exactly. it’s not only surfers with life yet in those legs.
Once a maritime stronghold of the Empire, Pula
boasts the only remaining Roman amphitheatre with a I will never regret staying on the lesser-known, but
complete circle wall. Shockingly, Croatia’s magnificent no less lovely, Koh Lanta, rather than the teeming
historical treasure is not listed on UNESCO’s world Thai islands of Phi Phi and Phuket. Or camping in
heritage list, but it’s worth tearing yourself away from exquisite countryside in Romania, rather than visiting
the glistening Adriatic water to visit it. the nearby Hungarian capital of Budapest. And I loved
racing around Belgrade’s hippest new neighbourhoods;
through Istanbul’s fragrant side streets; and catching
local buses to who-knows-where in the Seychelles — all
on layovers of less than 24 hours.

The joy of choosing destinations with a difference is
that it’s not about the journey. It’s about the adventure:
you may not know the route, what to expect, or even the
endpoint, but you know the one(s) you’re doing it with.

Cheetah walks.
If you’re after a Roman amphitheatre, try Nîmes, Mount Camdeboo: This privately-owned game reserve
(incidentally, the birthplace of denim — de Nîmes). now has lions and elephants. What makes it unique? Cheetah
The “Rome of France”, Nîmes’ impressively preserved walks; the site of the Anglo-Boer Battle of Paardefontein; and
amphitheatre hosts bullfighting twice a year, plus the peacefulness of the Great Karoo.
there’s the Maison Carrée — one of the former Roman Emily Moon River Lodge: A restful, exclusive boutique
Empire’s best-preserved temples anywhere — and hotel, Emily Moon is a unique lodge that overlooks the
quiet riverside picnics at the impressive Pont du winding Bitou River.
Gard aqueduct 20km away. In 50 minutes, you’re at Amanzi Travel: Voluntourism allows you to give back while
the seaside Grau-de-Roi, with the Camargue’s lovely travelling. From Habitat for Humanity to SANCCOB, many
flamingos in the étangs nearby. Or hop on a train to projects offer tourists and locals alike the opportunity to do
Arles or Avignon, Aigues-Mortes (a walled medieval so. At Namibia’s Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary, for example,
town) or adorable Agde. you can stay in a luxury lodge while helping as a wildlife
volunteer. Visit for more voluntourism
options worldwide.

P R I M E 15


DIVINE What distinguishes a good wine from a great

wine? ANTHONY SHARPE sni s, swirls and
spits his way from grape to glass
W e all know a good wine when
certainly know what we like.
But what makes a good wine? When we think of great wine-producing regions of the This brings us to the issue of sealing. Let’s put it plainly:
How do you measure the world, names like Burgundy, Champagne, Bordeaux, opening a screw-cap bottle of wine is simply not as
objective quality of something that appeals to subjective Napa and Tuscany spring to mind. But where are the evocative an experience as uncorking it. But does the
senses like taste and smell? Is it the price on the bottle? best South African wines made? Ehlers believes the way a wine is sealed affect the quality? Should the
The reputation of the winemaker? What distinguishes “Golden Triangle”, an area of land at the foot of the world’s finest wines be plugged with an au natural cork?
good wine from great? And how do you draw the Helderberg mountains along Annandale Road in The answer is … indeterminate. According to Andrew
ineffable line between science and art in winemaking? Stellenbosch, is the place. Waterhouse, Professor of Enology at the University of
California, natural corks allow through a small amount
STOMP THE YARD “The wind from the sea circulates perfectly through of oxygen, about a milligram per year, which interacts
that area and it’s much cooler than further inland, with those tannins we talked about. Many consider
You’ve surely heard the old mantra, “good wine is made there’s good acidity to the soil, and that’s where they them the best way to seal up the good stuff for ageing.
in the vineyard”. This cliché exists for a reason. You can make very well-known wines.” He also cites the area But not the Australians. Almost all wine from Down
certainly screw it up along the line, creating bad wine heading up Polkadraai Road towards Jordan Estate as Under, including the pricey stuff, comes sealed with a
from great grapes, but you can’t make great wine from prime territory for superb vino. “Up there you’ll find screw cap. That’s because screw caps have come a long
bad grapes. estates like DeMorgenzon, which made the world’s best way since their humble beginnings, with liners that
Chardonnay a few years ago.” allow through variable rates of oxygen that make for
“At least 80 per cent of winemaking happens in the very consistent results. The same goes for synthetic
vineyard,” says Terence Ehlers of wine tour company DRINKING AGE corks, which can be tweaked to allow for variable
Wine Flies. “That’s where your preparation is: your transmission. Waterhouse also points out that around
soil type, which cultivars you grow in different areas, Most (we’re talking 95 per cent) wines are made to be one per cent of all wines sealed with natural corks will
aspects of the yield, which direction the sun comes consumed immediately and do not, in fact, benefit become “corked”. This is not when you have little bits of
from. Only 20 per cent is actually winemaking.” from being left about in the cellar for years on end, as cork floating in the wine, but rather when the good stuff
notes online wine guide This includes becomes tainted by 2,4,6-trichloroanisole, a chemical
Where you grow a particular varietal will also have most white wines, although finer Chenin Blancs, formed when natural fungi in the cork interact with
great influence on its character. Riesling, Chardonnay Chardonnays and Rieslings can be aged a few years. chlorides found in some bleaching and sterilisation
and Sauvignon Blanc, for example, are more suited to Reds typically benefit more from ageing, as they contain products. This, obviously, doesn’t happen with
cooler climes, while Viognier, Shiraz and Cabernet more tannins, which come from the skins and seeds. synthetic seals.
Sauvignon prefer warmer average temperatures. Ageing wines polymerise these tannins, which softens
them. Fine wines tend to have higher tannin counts, GOOD TASTE
Ehlers says that South Africa is less restrictive about which makes them taste a little acidic or bitter if drunk
what can be planted where than more traditional too soon. Ultimately, the production and appreciation of fine
winemaking countries like France. wine depends a lot on taste, quite literally. Great
A study by the Australian Wine Research Institute winemakers have great palates. Similarly, to appreciate
“In Bordeaux, you can only make Bordeaux-style found that aged tannins tend to associate less with their products fully, you need a great palate too. But if
wines. Here, you can plant the Rhône blends with your saliva-like proteins, softening their flavour. “Tannins you don’t have one, you’re in luck! Because 95 per cent of
Bordeaux blends, but ultimately the ground will you tell are a natural preservative,” points out Ehlers. “They’re the world’s wine is aimed at you.
you what can grow properly. We’re lucky to be what enable wine to keep longer in the barrel and in
so flexible.” the bottle.”

16 P R I M E


It’s not only retirees who favour living in residential estates. According to local
developers, demand far exceeds supply in many areas as the trend for communal

living continues to gain ground, writes KATHERINE GRAHAM

FAST FACT An artist’s impression of
the entrance of Oasis Life
According to a 2016 study
by the University of Queensland, Clara Anna Fontein
Australia, the major life transition from
working to retirement can be mitigated
by community involvement. Researchers
found that retirees who had two group
memberships prior to retirement had a
2 per cent risk of death in the first six
years of retirement, a 5 per cent risk

if they lost one group and a
12 per cent risk if they
lost both.

18 P R I M E


Diep River,
Western Cape

S ince the 1990s, estate living has become Arabella Country Estate, “A safe and secure
increasingly attractive to those who Western Cape environment for the family
can afford it. Given its high levels of is unquestionably the
crime, Gauteng was the first province to the market has also been growing as estates start to offer strongest recommendation
introduce homeowners to the benefits smaller homes and are becoming more affordable,” states for estate living, along
of gated communities. Since then, the phenomenon John Chapman, director of Rabie Property Group. with access to communal
has spread to other areas, notably the Western Cape, facilities.” – Arthur Case
Garden Route and KwaZulu-Natal (KZN). He explains that estates are increasingly
incorporating elements that enhance convenience worries are loneliness, health concerns and anxieties
“Although estates are gaining popularity in the and offer an enjoyable lifestyle, rather than just a over having sufficient funds to cover one’s lifespan,”
Western Cape and KZN, the major demand originates living arrangement. For single professionals who concedes Chapman.
in Gauteng,” says Giuseppe Plumari, CEO of Steyn City want a secure lock-up-and-go lifestyle with space for
Properties. “This isn’t surprising, given the province’s exercising and socialising after hours, this is ideal. However, he believes that in choosing the right
high crime levels.” estate, these worries can be taken care of. “With a
“At Steyn City, it’s very much about lifestyle,” insists life-rights model like we have adopted at Oasis Life,”
While Gauteng may have the lion’s share of Plumari. He says the 2 000 acres of parkland have been says Chapman, “the costs of living are smoothed
residential and retirement estates, other provinces are designed to encourage an active lifestyle, as well as the over and with the estate remaining the property and
catching up, argues Arthur Case, brand marketing estate offering the convenience of on-site eateries. responsibility of the developer, the estate is looked after,
director of Evergreen Lifestyle. “The Western Cape ensuring continued quality of living.”
has a growing residential estate community and is “This means there’s no need to leave the parkland
well endowed with retirement estates,” he says, “while residence, which is great when you’re trying to pack For David Welsh, founder and owner of Exact Cape,
KZN’s North Coast is a retirement estate location with a lot into a single day. We’re also looking forward to the main focus of retirees looking to buy into an estate
pent-up demand for retirement stock.” the launch of our city centre, which will offer a host of is the healthcare support. “Good primary healthcare
restaurants and bars, creating an exciting nightlife.” facilities combined with a clubhouse and regularly
BENEFITS OF COMMUNAL LIVING served meals is a huge advantage,” he says.
Security tops the list when it comes to the benefits of FOR YOUNG FAMILIES TYPES OF ESTATES
living in an estate. “A safe and secure environment
for the family is unquestionably the strongest “Estates have cross-generational appeal,” explains While golf estates were all the rage a decade ago, newer
recommendation for estate living, along with access to Chapman, “with many families preferring to be part estates focus on communal lifestyle living. “At Steyn
communal facilities,” says Case. of a gated community, where children can play safely City, we have a mix of freehold homes, clusters and
outside and where communal facilities are enjoyed by apartments, so there really is something for everyone,”
Plumari agrees, saying a normal household could the whole family. says Plumari. He adds that themed estates are a new
never compete with an estate in terms of security. “It’s trend, including equestrian and country-living estates.
not unusual for an estate’s security to include access “In many residential estates, families can enjoy
control, on-the-ground patrols, CCTV monitoring and safe and secure communal play areas, schools that are Case believes that there are only really three types of
perimeter security, which far exceeds any household located on the estate and retail or dining components. estates in SA: secure residential estates, older retirement
security system,” he says. In addition, sports activities such as gyms, tennis and estates (otherwise known as old-age homes, with a
squash courts and swimming pools are great elements nursing culture) and lifestyle retirement estates, which
But a desire for recreational freedom and communal to enjoy as part of an estate.” offer a hospitality culture.
facilities is also a top consideration. “Estate living
attracts people from all life stages — from single, young Plumari maintains that Steyn City is perfect for “Old-age homes may become obsolete as they
professionals to small families, retirees and empty young families. “The estate favours pedestrians, which will battle to attract new investment,” he says, “but
nesters,” comments Plumari. He adds that individuals means that children can roam the parkland residence this is not the case with lifestyle retirement estates,
will be looking for different things depending on their without fear of encountering a car,” he says. A huge plus which are growing in popularity, with demand
life stage. for parents is the Steyn City School on the estate. “This exceeding supply.”
is an enormous timesaver for parents,” he adds.
PROFESSIONALS For those who play golf, many estates offer
preferential rates for residents on their golf courses, as
“Traditionally, an estate was not really where you would well as function facilities in their clubhouses.
find young unmarried professionals, but that portion of

Financial security, freedom and a stress-free lifestyle
are important considerations for retirees in choosing
a residential or retirement estate. “Some of the biggest

P R I M E 19


Port Elizabeth

Steyn City, Gauteng

“Make sure you inquire about all costs involved, such — there are always rules to adhere to and sometimes
as levies, special levies, levy stabilisation funds and the quite stringent guidelines,” Chapman comments. “It
strength and involvement of a homeowners’ association is a common frustration for owners when they have to
or body corporate.” — Janine Köster adhere to certain rules, which are just ways to protect the
estate’s identity and character.”
Janine Köster of Knysna Lifestyle Estate says that require,” he urges. As an additional precaution, he
the Garden Route is well-known for its plethora of advises speaking to existing residents to find out whether Levies are another factor to approach with caution.
estate options. “Knysna has various estates, from the managing agent has a positive track record. “Interrogate what the levies cover and how they will
retirement villages to golfing and eco-estates,” escalate over time,” Case recommends. “Your main
she says. Chapman cautions that buyers should be wary concern should be the structuring of the levy and the
of inexperienced developers. “One of the most costs of running the estate,” argues Welsh.
“With the appeal of estates growing, many varieties important considerations should be who the
can be found,” argues Chapman, “from plot-and- developer of the estate is and if you are dealing with Köster agrees that money matters should top your
plan golf estates to estates set among vineyards with someone who has experience and expertise in the agenda of concerns. “Make sure you inquire about
award-winning restaurants and even polo fields.” He residential property market.” all costs involved, such as levies, special levies, levy
says some estates are like mini-cities, with shopping stabilisation funds and the strength and involvement of a
centres, schools and hospitals. “Our Clara Anna Fontein He says that potential buyers often fall in love homeowners’ association or body corporate,” she advises.
Lifestyle Estate in Durbanville offers three home with an estate’s pristinely managed common areas
types: plot-and-plan erven, lock-up-and-go homes and the consistency of its design aesthetic, but then Welsh also warns about high security costs. “There
and a retirement estate component,” he explains. “The find the controlled environment irksome when they are many ways to carry out security and having physical
estate has an independent school and state-of-the-art become homeowners. guarding is not always the best way,” he says.
communal facilities.”
“Even though there might be some variations in “The modern trend, especially in smaller villages,
design — for example, in the case of a plot-and-plan is to use cameras and remote monitoring with
armed response available only in an emergency.
Guarding is very expensive and not worth the money
required unless the estate is big enough to justify
the cost.”

PITFALLS Knysna Lifestyle Estate IMAGE: SUPPLIED

But as with most things in life, the devil’s in the detail.
Plumari cautions about buying off-plan when choosing
an estate. “Often developers make promises about
the kind of amenities that will be launched in years to
come, but they fail to follow through on these promises,”
he warns. Case agrees: “If you are purchasing off-plan,
look closely at the estate’s property development
partners to make sure they are financially secure and
have a good track record.”

Similarly, if you’re buying into a life-rights
development, Case suggests checking that the business is
financially secure with strong shareholders. “Whatever
the nature of the purchase agreement, make sure that
the estate has all of the lifestyle and care facilities you

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