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Tennessee Trucking News Q2 Summer 2019 -- Patrick Mendenhall & TTA's YPC

The Official Magazine of the Tennessee Trucking Association

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Q2 SUMMER 2019

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Trucking Economics


TTA’s 1st Convention Expo

Tennessee Trucking Association’s
New Young Professional Council is
paving the way for future leadership.

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Q2 SUMMER 2019






11 Trucking Economics

State of the U.S. economy
according to ATA’s Bob Costello


16 FMCSA’s Drug & Alcohol



See some of the highlights
of TTA’s Road Team’s latest
activities and events


29 Member Spotlight:
Showcasing TTA’s Allied

Tennessee Trucking Association
hosts its first-ever business expo
at its upcoming convention in

30 New: Buyers’ Guide of

TTA’s Allied Members


7 Chairman’s Message


9 From the President


38 New TTA Members

38 Calendar of Events

38 Advertiser Resource Index


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truckingTENNESSEE Chairman’s Message
Official Magazine of the Tennessee Trucking Association
Tennessee Trucking News is owned by the Tennessee Trucking Summer is in full swing and I know that means you have plans to
Association and is published quarterly by Matthews Publishing spend quality time with family and friends. I love summer time with
water! The pool, the lake and of course, the ocean.
Group. For additional copies, to order reprints of individual
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And by the way – the ocean front location
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Executive Editor Dave Huneryager
of TTA membership.”
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As your finalizing your summer plans, I hope you are including reservations for the TTA
Creative Director Fran Sherman Annual Convention in Destin, Fla. TTA’s conventions just get better and better. The new
[email protected] online reservation form is just one example on how the TTA staff constantly looks for ways to
improve the convention experience.
Graphic Designer Barbara Negron
Photographers If you’d prefer to register the old-fashioned way, you’ll find TTA’s convention brochure and
Clay Cook a registration form enclosed with this edition of Tennessee Trucking News.
Larry Kuzniewski
Contributing Writers Caleb Shane Lollar The agenda is shaping up and will cover topics important to all motor carriers.  We have a
John David Pittman lot of new members and trust you will take advantage of the discounted rate to attend. And by
Ad Production Catherine Stuart the way – the ocean front location makes a terrific family hang out while you are networking
and learning about the advantages of TTA membership.
Steve Brawner
Jim Harris Thanks to our outstanding allied members and convention sponsors. I’m looking forward
to the first ever TTA Convention Expo! Carriers, you will want to be sure to build in some
Renee Miller time to visit each booth. In this relaxed setting, it will be possible to visit and talk with
Derek Rayment industry leaders about emerging technologies, recruitment, and risk management.
Jennifer Barnett Reed
I hope to see you there!
John Schulz
Todd Traub

Doug Benjamin
Tennessee Trucking Association Staff

President & CEO
Dave Huneryager
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Membership Coordinator
Donna England

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Foundation Coordinator
Catherine Stuart

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Administrative Coordinator
Carol Foster

CF[email protected]

An affiliate of the American Trucking Associations

Tennessee Trucking Association (TTA) has served as the voice for Tennessee’s Sincerely,
trucking industry since 1930.TTA is a trade association dedicated to the furtherance Connie Vaughan, Governmental Affairs, McKee Foods
of the trucking industry’s goals and interests in Tennessee and the United States. TTA Chairman
Our membership is a diverse group comprised of motor carriers, both public and [email protected]
private, and companies providing products and services to the industry.TTA serves
these companies as a governmental affairs representative before legislative, Q2 SUMMER 2019 TENNESSEE TRUCKING NEWS • 7
regulatory and executive branches of government on issues that affect the trucking
industry.The organization also provides public relations services, operation services
and serves as a forum for industry meetings and membership relations.

For more information, contact TTA at:
Tennessee Trucking Association

4531 Trousdale Drive, Nashville, TN 37204
Telephone 615-777-2882
Facsimile 615-777-2024



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From The President

Tennessee Trucking Association
Executive Committee
CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD 89 and counting!

CONNIE VAUGHAN As many of you who have attended and enjoyed our Annual
McKee Foods Transportation, LLC
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEJEISFMeircsMrtBeOtaaSnrBkyJA5Yo7Rn1Ke2AsCbNooSmroAm,SAeiCbsRreocaaenu7pvSt2eei4qrfnuf0uetl1aicobrtenegaeactthatwehseaoyHfftiohltroeSnGepSutalefnmCdeboseatrsi.nt,Nrthoesweotriestritrnhifeitchtisemhpoeapstptoicnsatgna,radttiptnelaisnnt,gnthainnegdteonattetretnaidnomuern8t9; tthhealnoncuatailon
SCOTTTreSaCsHuUreMr(P8E0R0T) 264-01e4v8ent. It will be held September 15-17 and the date is just around the corner!
President & CEO Carr, Riggs & Ingram CPSs
Tennessee Trucking

ATA State Vice President
East Tenn. Vice ChMaiIrSmSanISSIPPI
aFgoarinthbeeefleeavteunrtinhgyeaanraiuncatiroonwt,owbeewneilflitotnhceeTTrruuccD5J(kkTA8PPo7EVAA0RTn1ECCCR0e2MYWCC)sAMCoo,2bNI--InCC6ooNNchh4mrO.IaaoN-Riim0rr,Gmm1Aeaa4Rnnr8ce7S24q0u1areSkMyMVliinIidKcJedeEETlFeMCrFahTCnReasFEnipArEnmoRDe2(BrLat8sa4IneNst0ie4lod08ne) Mn8,4cM4C-Su3l2lo36u82g8h26
Cumberland International M & W Transportation Co., Inc.
Southeast TenMneIsSseSOURI
tTheenenfefsosretseoTfruthcekiTnegnFnoeusnsedeatRioonadanTedaimn pCaarptitcauilnasr.for Sales, Parts & Service2401
Square MTISruSckIsS, InScI.PPI ViJcOe EChSMairITmH3a7n92 Highway 67 North
TTF President Kenco TransportatioPnoSeprlvaicresBluff, MO 63901

TO2M44M8Y HMOcDCGuElSlough West Tenne(s5se73) 785 0193
TBitaenlTdreanns,feMr, InSc. 38826
AlliT(e8RdO0VY0icD)eI8CC4KhaE4iNr-m3Sa2n62 Vice Chairman
Rush Truck Center, Nashville JASON MHIoGtGorINLiBn3Oes0T,H7InAcLM. ynual
Ozark Included in the mailing of this edition of Tennessee Trucking News is the registration brochure
ImmeMdiaISteSPaOstUCRhaIirman NoNrtohn-DoNmICicKilDed’AVNicDeRS(5CEiAhk7ae3irs)mt4oan7n1, M71Ofs0ou0rp6t3ph8oe0rt1evfoernto.uIrnsaindneutahleebvreoncthtuhrreouyoghu
26 WAY3LFA7leN9eD2tFTiHrHstOi,gInMhcPw. SaOyN 67 will see the member companies who have committed their
their generous sponsorships. It is no wonder we are the
GPeoneprlaal rCoBulnusfefl, MO 63901 UPS

vice ADdIMMRaC1SJ((3(SBEVm555uuTa.E40eCBillEttDkT777snRiiTVc77--HTTtAOAeaE333uaak8DnFrssLRFLs)))eskkRd5ERSAtyEASSo743AoALARxooNnSNLpnT837ellnLEKuuKurLeLt,e591ttNL,LiiAasEIooasINMBsNeMRnnNt071lOssGeLO118OELAH909PR300Di66g3TO3h7E8wF50DNa51IyNROE1EcCcA7uSTds7OuvSarEeRnEDcWKSJDeBiECnIodMIILEOgrLEkBWR&erTgRYrIABsRoI’LGYaRnCIlLLGIolLooEAmLSmwNFJ(1(2icpD55as48ea,77nIc78rns33mcak80.t))iso5iHnno73Sgn34wtt,97yoaMnt106eO,817etfCiMH99nohnS00hi6rOigvFoosa3thyouuiha7wr6rtrno5ihm3sayfhn56yeamaiu4sasn1ats0rao7losCnr,e7cyyoovi,aneuowtnntriohteiaeneflwrrl!Vioiealamdlsusdmgosohoceijaummantsi,batoinetsnhrystsaoobth!faaaMossvkeueydryaromoseuknqeetumtdohebeuscteosttrrntoseos!mioTpduerhernoravdmnbiorkdouientysoogsrapiunncaadgacgreacradfoiioendnrrisftmaioisnorteenEamnalXltlbyPspeouerOupso,.ppdaFolsooerortfforutwohrtemleoinrufeiyerrcdosseuttbiavtryifemf faoenrd


Fleetco, Inc. companies that might be interested in speaking to the exhibitors about their products on display.
Our allied members unfailingly sponsor our event, this is our opportunity to thank them through
a17w0c250ak5E)ys.o41Ln27.,37TM-2No5r9g39a8n3J(F2WSE05DP8HRaeJ5i7RnEOs8rrYtnI3imLeE0avHAr)cnSeAliSHeHEn7MHAxBgO4PpwRaTrnPUt7eOyokNssNn06,17M9S0OoM4(u846et05h3m006)p4A2h0m6USisO.4Se,U.-XTrT0pHiMcr3NeELAasA3IsSXSnA6ET3FnPUTWt8AeLETrL1NpEEarN1RisyEe8Ss,SInEcE. support of the EXPO. We have created some unique registration pricing for those of you who are

Shoun Trucking Co. U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc. able to bring those folks with you.
For the eleventh year in a row, we will once again be featuring an auction to benefit the
Best One Tire & Service Tennessee Trucking Foundation and in particular the efforts of the Tennessee Road Team
06A36m4e0rican Way FirstFleet, Inc.
mphis, TN 38118FedEx Freight Premier Truck Group of Chattanooga

) 264-0336 WAYNE WEAVER JEFF TANNER Captains. This event will be held in the main lobby outside the registration area.
Rapid Ways Leasing Kenco Management Services

R.E. West, Inc.
BILLY WHITE WEST TENNESSEE Occusure Workers Compensation has once again generously sponsored the auction closing
MARK GEORGE party to be held on Tuesday evening prior to the Chairman’s Banquet. This will include a drawing
for a prize of $1,000 awarded to one winner among those who bid full price on any auction item.
Clarke Power Services Intermodal Cartage Co., Inc.


Milan Supply Chain Solutions

RUBY MCBRIDE TIM GATLIN The numerous generous donations we have already received are greatly appreciated. Mark
Colonial Freight Systems Empire Express, Inc. BILLREED,III CATHY PHILLIPS COATS the date on your calendar and make plans to attend this great event, and if you are interested in
Skyline Logistics, Inc. H.B. Phillips, Inc. making an auction item donation, please contact Catherine Stuart at [email protected]!

Great West Casualty Company Reeves Brothers Trucking, Inc.

CRAIG KENDALL JEFF EARLE Our hope is that you will consider joining us! We look forward to having you with us
The Peterbilt Store,-Knoxville Thompson Power Corp.

TAG Truck Center 89 and counting!
FirstExpress, Inc. DICK SWEEBE
Summit Truck Group, Memphis

Portland Express, inc. YRC Worldwide, Inc.

Sharp Transport, Inc. HELP, Inc., Provider of PrePass President, Tennessee Trucking Association
[email protected]
Averitt Express, Inc. Vertical Alliance Group

R.E. West, Inc. Old Dominion, Inc.



(706) 937-3700 (865) 824-2400







Continuing uncertainties over
American trade policy are one
factor slowing the economy,
and while the American
Trucking Associations’ chief
economist won’t yet say a
recession is imminent, he does
believe some fleets will go out
of business.

Bob Costello, the ATA’s chief economist
and senior vice president, said in an
interview June 26 that businesses are
starting to consider if they really need
to expand and invest because of those
uncertainties, even if they aren’t directly
involved in international trade.

“I think everybody at least knows that
trade impacts them in all ways, right?” he
said. “So even those that are saying, ‘Well,
I’m not an importer from China and so
forth,’ they still know it has an impact on
the economy.”

Coming on the heels of the Great
Recession, the decade-long expansion
is now the longest in modern history.
Costello said the risks of another
recession have increased, and though he
stopped short of predicting it will happen,
he added, “My concern is that we’re going
to end up causing a recession by accident.”

A freight recession, like the one that
occurred in 2016, seems more likely than



a full recession in the short term. That numbers were OK, later data has not been Photo- Bob Costello. John Sommers II for
year, the economy slowed but didn’t fall as encouraging. May was particularly Transport Topics
into a recession. However, the United soft, and the first half of June wasn’t
States was not engaged in a trade dispute great either. The numbers might show prior to the interview had reached the
at the time. Costello doesn’t think a a surge at the end of the quarter, which previous 12-month average.
recession is right around the corner, commonly occurs, but he expects them to
“but certainly it’s something we’re weaken again after July 1. Demand has slowed somewhat,
watching closely.” while trucking capacity has increased.
“Freight fundamentals are not as good Meanwhile, shippers want to get their
In a speech to the Arkansas Trucking as last year,” he said. “The spot market money back after last year paying higher
Association May 16, Costello was is particularly weak, but even contract trucking rates, much of which went to
moderately optimistic, saying the freight now is softening significantly.” drivers. Over the last 18-24 months, fleets
economy is “slowing, but we’re still have raised driver pay, which Costello
growing.” He said then that the economy Among the major economic indicators, said they should have done, and also
was returning to an average growth rate of housing continues to be weaker than
2% – slower than 2018’s unusually strong in the past. More homes were built last
gains, but still good. year than in any year since 2007, but the
numbers were nowhere near the 2 million
By the time of the interview June 26, homes built that year. Factory output is
however, his worries had increased. Asked slipping, and Costello said he may have to
about that earlier statement, Costello lower an earlier forecast of 1.5% growth.
said, “I think the growing part is getting Unemployment is at a 50-year low and the
smaller and smaller.” The global economy economy is close to full employment, but
isn’t growing as fast as the United States’, he believes job creation is already slowing
China is slowing down, and trade from more than 200,000 per month to
disputes continue. While the first quarter’s 150,000. Only one of the four months

FREE!FIRST MONTH • 866-228-1424

Offer good for first time PrePass customers for the
weigh station bypass service. Service contingent upon
application approval. Qualified applicants will receive one
month of service at no up-front cost. At the end of the
trial period, service will automatically renew at regular
PrePass rates. Customers may cancel service at any time.


offered guaranteed minimum weekly pay. The Trump administration is considering and services to China as that country levies
Walking back driver pay is very difficult, a 25% tariff on all imported autos, and its own retaliatory tariffs. Half of all U.S.
so in an environment where rates are the trade dispute with China continues. manufactured products are for export.
stagnant or falling, some fleets won’t be According to the Office of the United
able to make payroll – particularly States Trade Representative, the trade “You start doing this trade war stuff,
smaller companies. deficit with China in 2018 was $378.6 those people get hurt,” Costello said.
billion. The Trump administration has
“You could start to see a lot of trucking imposed 25% tariffs on more than $250 Moreover, tariffs directly increase the
companies go out of business,” Costello billion in Chinese goods under Section trucking industry’s costs. A 25% tariff has
said. He later added, “I think what 301 of the Trade Act of 1974, alleging already been levied on trailer and container
you will see is, you will see some unfair trading practices. China responded chassis. While trucks driven in the United
carnage in the industry in a falling with tariffs of 5-25% on $110 billion of States are built here or in Mexico, some
rate environment.” U.S. goods. Trump has threatened tariffs parts come from China. Meanwhile, the
on another $300 billion, covering most next round of tariffs could affect 53-foot
Costello noted that while fleets are Chinese exports. However, after meeting domestic containers – all of whom, to
still purchasing trucks, cancellations are with Chinese President Xi Jinping June Costello’s knowledge, come from China.
increasing. Fleets should add trucks only 29, he said those additional tariffs would
to meet their own demand. not move forward – for now. But the Costello said China is a problem that
uncertainty remains. needs to be addressed – just not through
“There’s no reason to expand at the a trade war. He said the benefits of trade
moment unless you’ve got a bunch of Tariffs disrupt the supply chain of goods outweigh the costs.
business coming in, but for the industry, coming from China that are shipped by
not individual trucking companies, there’s trucks. If goods become more expensive, “Yes, there are people that lose their
no reason to expand,” he said. “There’s still the economy slows, consumption is jobs when some stuff goes overseas, but
a lot of replacement activity going on, and reduced and truck volumes fall. At the same we have a good blue collar trade story in
that’s ultimately not a bad thing at all.” time, the United States exports fewer goods trucking,” he said in an earlier interview
June 5. “It has added jobs in trucking.
If a recession happens, the trade war There are more port jobs. But on top of
will be a contributing factor, Costello said.

Partner Partner Partner
Nashville Nashville Nashville

Transportation and Logistics

Government Affairs Partner Special Counsel
Advisor (non-lawyer) Nashville Nashville

Our Adams and Reese Transportation and Logistics Team advises clients on issues CANNON ALLEN BEN FOX JEFF BROOKS
relating to the entire supply chain and all modes of transportation: highway, water, Partner Partner Partner
air, rail, and pipeline. We understand the particular demands and complexities of Memphis Memphis Washington, DC
the industry, and therefore, maintain real-time knowledge of statutory, regulatory,
and legal decisions that impact your business. Through our governmental relations
team and our membership and leadership in several transportation industry
organizations, we stay up-to-date on relevant legal developments on a regional, ALABAMA | FLORIDA | GEORGIA | LOUISIANA | MISSISSIPPI
national and international level. SOUTH CAROLINA | TENNESSEE | TEXAS | WASHINGTON, DC


it, as consumers we all benefit because Robert Lighthizer has met often with ‘Our warehouses are plumb full,’” he said. “Go
goods are generally cheaper because they go to Democrats. If the agreement doesn’t pass, talk to warehousing companies. They’ll tell you
places that specialize in making certain things.” then NAFTA stays in place, but Trump they’re killing it right now because they are full.”
could threaten to pull out of that agreement
There has been some good news in what Costello described in his speech The inventory-to-sales ratio fell from 1992
in recent months. The Trump administration before the Arkansas Trucking Association until the Great Recession as the supply chain
had threatened to impose tariffs on Mexico as a “high-stakes game of chicken.” Doing so became more efficient. It peaked in 2016,
unless that country addressed the flow of could lead to a court case. which led to the freight recession, and has
illegal immigrants across the border. That since fallen as the supply chain worked off
threat ended in June after Mexico agreed to Cross border trade generates just under some of the excess.
take steps to limit immigration. $13 billion annually for trucking and employs
about 90,000 full-time equivalent employees But inventories are still higher than they
Costello had worried that the tariff in the U.S. trucking industry, 60,000 of whom were during that long decline, and Costello
dispute was jeopardizing the United States- are drivers. Mexico is the second largest U.S. does not expect them to fall that low again.
Mexico-Canada Agreement, President import source, while Mexico and Canada are The supply chain needs larger inventories
Trump’s replacement of the North the two largest export markets. Meanwhile, to provide the quick deliveries consumers
American Free Trade Agreement. Leaders according to Reuters, more than 75% of both expect for e-commerce purchases.
of the three countries approved the new Mexican and Canadian exports go to the
agreement last year. Mexico has ratified the United States. E-commerce is having an effect on haul
USMCA, and prospects seem good of it length as well. The average dryvan truckload
being passed by the Canadian Parliament. “We need a good, solid North American haul has fallen from 796 miles in 2000 to 507
trade zone,” Costello said June 5, “so that this miles in 2018, a drop of 36%. There were
It still must be ratified by Congress. Had stuff doesn’t go to southeast Asia or China or four months in 2018 when the average was
the tariff dispute continued, it would have India or Africa or places like that. … Relative below 500 miles, which has never happened
been a “deal-breaker,” Costello said. to the United States and Canada, Mexico is previously. That reduction will affect driver
a cheaper alternative in many cases, but it’s pay, truck purchasing cycles, and profitability.
Costello said he’s been spending a lot of not the cheapest in the world by far. There
time lobbying Congress on behalf of the are many cheaper places to produce. So we If the economy heads toward a recession,
USMCA, which he said is a better deal for have to work as a trading bloc so that we can the Federal Reserve can’t cut interest rates
the United States. While “90% of it is the compete with the Europeans, the Asians, much to stimulate the economy because
same as NAFTA,” it reflects macroeconomic and keep production in the U.S. Because that rates are already low. The Fed had been
changes since NAFTA was signed into law benefits trucking, so it’s more of an indirect increasing them, but it stopped because the
in 1993, such as e-commerce. The other impact on us.” economy is slowing.
10% doesn’t directly effect trucking.
The economy grew at an annual rate of The other option would be a
But political considerations could scuttle 3.2% in the first quarter, but those numbers stimulus package.
the agreement, and the window is closing. were skewed by bloated inventories caused by
Democrats know passage would be a big companies stocking up on imported goods “We just did a huge tax cut,” Costello said.
win for President Trump in a year before a as a hedge against tariffs. Otherwise, actual “I don’t know what more they can do there.
presidential election. They have appointed growth was about 1.9%. That’s another reason why I’d love to see
a group to try to move the process along, them move on an infrastructure bill. That
but Costello said they need to find a win “I’m hearing a lot of companies saying, would be a stimulus, and that’s something
politically, too. U.S. Trade Representative that pays dividends for a long time – not just
a temporary shot in the arm.” TTN


The New Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse:

A Push and Pull System

Starting Jan. 6, 2020, all fleets can establish a Clearinghouse account query, or pull information out of the
500,000 of the country’s before the new system goes into effect. Clearinghouse at certain times defined in
motor carriers, including the rules. They must perform a “full” query
owner-operators, will be The Clearinghouse’s purpose is to each time they want to hire a CDL driver,
required to use FMCSA’s promote highway safety. It applies to but they’ll have to obtain the driver’s
new Drug and Alcohol truck drivers and also school bus drivers, consent first. Drivers will have to log in to
Clearinghouse. Carriers construction equipment operators, federal the Clearinghouse and check an electronic
will be required to pull employee drivers who have CDLs, and box allowing the carrier to view
information out of it and others. It also applies to Canadian and their records.
push information into it. Mexican drivers who are required to
And at first, there won’t comply with the agency’s drug and This approach to driver consent is
be much information in alcohol requirements. unique. Other motor carrier industry
the system. background checks such as those for
It will be especially valuable in helping motor vehicle records, past employment,
Government often moves slowly, carriers identify prospective drivers who and a criminal record allow drivers
have had a DOT drug and alcohol program simply to sign their name on the bottom
and the Clearinghouse is no exception. violation working for an ex-employer, but of an employment application containing
conveniently left out that detail during the certain consent-related information. One
Congress in 2012 directed the Secretary application process. With some limited obvious and foreseeable problem with
exceptions, the Clearinghouse will contain the Clearinghouse’s full query consent
of Transportation to create it as part of a violations reaching back five years, or approach is this: What happens if a driver
until the driver has successfully completed cannot remember his or her username or
highway reauthorization bill called Moving the return-to-duty process, whichever password when logging in to the system?
occurs later. Who among us hasn’t forgotten a bank
Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century
Motor carriers will be required to
Act (MAP-21). It would take another four

years before FMCSA published the final

rule designed to implement the program on

Dec. 5, 2016. Starting this fall, drivers and


account or credit card password? If a
driver is unable to access the system to
provide consent, then the carrier won’t be
able to check the Clearinghouse at that
time during the hiring process.

Full queries must occur each time
a carrier hires a CDL driver. Carriers
must also perform an annual “limited”
query of each of their drivers, where they
will check the system to see if any data
appears. On a limited query, the system
will merely confirm that information is
available on that driver; if so, fleets then
will be required to perform a full query
to learn exactly what happened, when it
happened, and if the driver has completed
the necessary return to duty steps in order
to operate a CMV.

For limited queries, drivers can provide
their consent when hired and will not be
required to provide it for each individual,
subsequent limited query. Carriers will
be able to batch the limited queries for
all their drivers, and many probably will.
Regardless of how it is performed,
carriers will have to perform this action
at least annually.

While fleets will be required to pull data
from the system, they’ll also be required
to push data into it. Any time a CDL
driver has a qualifying violation, it must
be entered into the system within three
days. Those violations include a blood
alcohol test of at least .04% concentration,
a refusal to test for alcohol or drugs, or a
fleet’s actual knowledge of a DOT testing
program violation. Actual knowledge
would include a carrier’s direct observation
of use on duty and a driver’s admission of
use on duty, among others. When a driver
completes the return to duty process, that
also will be entered into the Clearinghouse.
Drivers will be able, under FMCSA’s rules,
to challenge their report’s accuracy but not
the accuracy of test results or their own
refusals to test.

Many fleets hire third party service
agents to handle many portions of their
DOT drug and alcohol testing program.



In fact, an entire cottage industry has history with previous employers during Finally, there’s a yet-to-be-completed C
developed around the DOT testing the first three years of the Clearinghouse component for state CDL licensing M
requirements. For Clearinghouse implementation, or until Jan. 6, 2023. agencies. When drivers obtain their Y
compliance, service agents can be CDL, or renew, transfer or upgrade it, CM
authorized by motor carriers to perform FMCSA’s Clearinghouse rules also state licensing agencies will be required MY
the queries and report information to the contemplate what could happen if a fleet to check the Clearinghouse to determine CY
system on their behalf. submits inaccurate information about the eligibility of the driver to operate a CMY
a driver, perhaps as a retaliation tactic commercial motor vehicle. Government K
The new Clearinghouse-related after the driver has left the company. If enforcement agencies will also have
requirements will be time-consuming. that happens, the carrier’s Clearinghouse limited access to driver records in order
They will add burdens on carriers, as registration can be revoked. While the to enforce the regulations while also
well as costs. In fact, there will be a cost carrier can remain in business, it will maintaining some level of driver privacy.
involved each time a carrier queries the have to use an alternative method to
system, though the transaction costs for determine if a driver applicant, or an On the heels of the ELD mandate, the
the full and limited queries has not yet existing driver within the fleet, is qualified. Clearinghouse will be the next major
been determined by FMCSA. That method could involve contacting change in an industry that often faces
FMCSA and requesting the agency major changes and compliance challenges.
Interestingly, fleets won’t be getting much perform the check. In order for carriers to learn the details of
for that money at first. When the new Clearinghouse, FMCSA recently
the system goes into effect Jan. 6, 2020, As you might expect, there are special created an informational website for the
the Clearinghouse will be empty, and it rules for owner-operators. They will industry. This site can be found at https://
will take a while for information to be be subject to all the requirements for Fleets are
entered. Only violations that occur after companies as well as all the requirements encouraged to check it out, and subscribe
that date will be included. Meanwhile, fleets for drivers, and they will have to designate for updates from FMCSA as the January
will continue to be required to inquire a third party administrator to assist them 2020 compliance dates nears. TTN
about a driver’s drug and alcohol violation in complying with the rules.




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For TTA’s young

proiss, tnheofwuture




Patrick Mendenhall Mendenhall had the idea to start the YPC about
believed the Tennessee a year-and-a-half ago. Employed by the industry
Trucking Association had an since 2010, he recruited industry friends, peers and
opportunity: There wasn’t a competitors, then drafted a mission statement about
clear path for young people to what the group might accomplish.
become involved and he had an
idea to create a solution. Today, that mission statement is, “To empower
and build camaraderie through the professional
The 31-year-old fleet sales manager at Cumberland development of its young industry leaders through
International Trucks in Nashville formed the Young education, mentorship and leadership opportunities
Professionals Council last year along with about a while continuing to grow and strengthen the
dozen other young people in the industry. Tennessee Trucking Association.”


Mendenhall, now the chairman, said and talked about what they wanted the Cumberland International Trucks’
the group is helping form the TTA’s next YPC to accomplish. Mendenhall said President Terry Minor, TCW’s CEO
generation of leaders. everyone agreed the TTA needed more Scott George, Rush Enterprises’ General
opportunities for involvement by young Manager Troy Dickens, Titan Transfer’s
“I see a lot of us climbing the ranks of people. Everyone wanted to network, Chairman Tommy Hodges, and Mike
the Tennessee Trucking Association as learn more about the organization and McFarlin with M&W Transportation Co.
we grow older and mature,” he said. “I strengthen it. The vibe was upbeat.
think the Young Professionals Council Among the participants were Donna All of its members are active. In fact,
is a steppingstone into leadership of the England, TTA’s membership coordinator. the group has no interest in attracting
Tennessee Trucking Association.” members who will be otherwise. As
The YPC has grown from about 12 Coble, 36, the vice chair, explained,
Mendenhall found a ready and willing early members to 20-25 today. While “We don’t look at this as something
audience in the TTA’s leadership. He the first word in its name is “Young,” to be a resume builder for people. We
said when he pitched the idea to TTA there is no age limit for participation. certainly want people who are going
President and CEO Dave Huneryager, he Mendenhall said the group has decided to get engaged and try and help us to
hadn’t completed two sentences before it doesn’t want to turn anyone away and make a difference and really add some
Huneryager said, “Oh, you’re trying to to focus on inclusivity. The YPC is an value to the things that we’re trying to
get a young professional’s group together. avenue for those who are young and do.” Joe Fisher, 39, a territory and service
Absolutely!” Huneryager then made a young at heart. Among Mendenhall’s manager with Eaton Corporation and
pitch to the TTA’s executive committee future goals is to increase participation 14-year industry veteran, agreed, saying,
and Board of Director, all of whom were among members living outside of “We’re looking to add members who will
also supportive. Nashville. Meanwhile, legacy TTA be active and engaged and really help
members have served in mentorship spread the TTA’s agenda.”
About a dozen young trucking roles and attended the group’s quarterly
professionals met Aug. 23, 2018, for their meetings. Those have included Coble, the great-grandson of his truck
inaugural meeting. After a networking dealership’s founder, said the group’s
session then moved to a private area

with Nacarato Truck Centers as your business partner,
you’ve got all the support you need.

For 43 years, Nacarato has been serving Nashville and surrounding areas as a Nacarato Truck Centers
full line Volvo truck dealer. We offer comprehensive customer support through
our dedicated parts, service and body shop operations. We stock quality 519 New Paul Road
pre-owned trucks, many backed by Volvo’s exclusive generation2 program, LaVergne, TN 37086
for all applications, giving customers the best selection in the Southeast. 615-280-2800
No one beats Nacarato Truck Centers in any area of truck dealership support.


Czuba Mendenhall Coble

diverse members hail from many types special events center owned by Minor. frequent after-hours get-togethers.
of trucking-related companies. The event attracted nearly 50 people, At the YPC’s last meeting, members
including about a dozen YPC members.
“I think that’s where our strength As of July 6, the group had already sold heard from George and Dickens about
will come from is to approach some of more than 150 tickets for a fellowship the Tennessee Trucking Foundation, the
our challenges from a lot of different event at a Nashville Sounds minor TTA’s charitable arm, and Truck PAC, its
perspectives, and I think we’re certainly league baseball game taking place on political action committee. Mendenhall
off to a good start there,” he said. July 30. Some upcoming events include said the 20 young professionals in
donating time and service to those in attendance were very interested in what
Since that first meeting, the YPC need at the Nashville Rescue Mission strategies are used in allocating PAC
has hit the ground running. Members on Aug. 10 and planning a Topgolf funds and how candidates are selected as
helped deliver more than 30,000 bottles fundraising event in October. YPC also recipients. By the time the meeting was
of water after Hurricane Florence hosts quarterly lunchtime meetings and over, the young leaders had a much more
struck North Carolina. In January, it
hosted a TTA/YPC Legacy Event at a CONTINUED 


comprehensive understanding of these Edward Coble, Holly Czuba, Patrick Mendenhall TTA YPC Board Members and
two very important groups within inaugural members
the TTA. Transportation Co., Inc.
Heffington said there has been a lot of YPC Officers
“Everyone learned something new Chairman – Patrick Mendenhall,
there, and that is exactly what we were excitement among members from the Cumberland International Trucks
trying to accomplish,” he said. beginning. Without a perceived pathway, Vice Chairman – Edward Coble
these members didn’t know how they – Neely Coble Company, Inc.
Fisher said seven YPC members would fit into the TTA and therefore Communications – Holly Czuba
attended the TTA’s Call on Washington generally wouldn’t become active until Cumberland International Trucks
Apr. 29 – May 1, and roughly 15 they reached their 40s. Treasurer – Greg Maniscalco – BMO
attended the Call on Nashville on Apr. 3. Transportation Finance Transportation
In both cases, young people were actively “We’re excited,” she said. “We’re Finance At-Large
pushing trucking’s agenda. Without the excited for the future. I think it’s getting Sarah Heffington – M & W Transportation
YPC, those events mainly would have us involved earlier and pushing us to Co., Inc.
attracted older members. be involved and share ideas when we Aaron Ray – MHC Kenworth – Knoxville
normally might be quiet.” Rob Marsh – JOST International
“The younger professionals wouldn’t
have been there at all hardly if it wasn’t TTA’s Huneryager bought into the YPC Founding Members
for the YPC,” he said. group’s vision from the beginning and Jeff Angst – Western Express
remains a strong supporter. He told Edward Coble – Neely Coble Company, Inc.
One of the Council’s objectives is to Tennessee Trucking News, “I could not Holly Czuba – Cumberland International
attract young people to the industry and be more impressed with the progress this Trucks
to TTA. Connie Vaughan, government council has made. Since inception, the Joe Fischer – Eaton Corporation
relations director of McKee Foods and enthusiasm and involvement the members Sarah Heffington – M & W Transportation
TTA’s chairman, has asked some of the have shown has been tremendous. I thank Co., Inc.
members to participate in a task force each and every YPC member for their Greg Maniscalco – BMO Transportation
to consider changing the way the TTA effort and engagement. I would encourage Finance Transportation Finance
markets itself. all members, carrier and allied alike, to Rob Marsh – JOST International
participate. I look forward to this group’s Patrick Mendenhall – Cumberland
Mendenhall said the Tennessee impact on our association’s future.” TTN International Trucks
Trucking Association “has a great story” Taylor Minor – Cumberland International
that isn’t always told the right way. He Trucks
said he felt that it just needed “a little jolt Aaron Ray – MHC Kenworth – Knoxville
of energy.” Darcie Thompson – Fleet Resources, LLC

“If we’re trying to enhance the industry
to make it appealing to younger people,
we’ve got to make it unique, and we’re
going to have fun doing it, he said.

A dozen or so YPC members along
with two Tennessee’s Road Team
captains brought a truck to the year-
end career day at Nashville’s McGavock
High School, which has an Academy
of Aviation & Transportation. Next
year, YPC members will participate
in additional career day events to
communicate directly with students
about the trucking industry’s
many opportunities.

“I think having some younger faces,
under 40, reaching out to the younger
kids, I think was very beneficial,” said
Sarah Heffington, 26, who works in
business development with M&W


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PC 203784

Road TeamTennessee Trucking Association’s

Road Team Captains Vernon Brewer - UPS (L to R) America’s Road Team Captain Tim Chelette Perry Wilson, (3rd from L) and Road Team Captain
Freight and Eddie Threlkeld - HUB Group at Yellow - Big G, Catherine Stuart - TTA, TN Road Team Captains Carl Johnson (2nd from R), both with McKee Foods
Dot Presentation for Greater Middle Baptist Devin Rackley - Averitt Express and Carl Johnson - Transportation, participate in PIE (Partnership in Industry
McKee Foods at Athens Safety Break & Education) at Bradley County.

Captains at Teen Institute Camp at UT Martin

Teen Institute Camp at UT Martin

L to R, TN Road Team Captains Lamar Ball-Hub Group Trucking and Paula
Harper-FedEx Freight with students from EO Coffman Middle School

 Nice Selfie of TN Road Team Captains Eddie Lindsey-Big G Express, Eddie  Road Team Captains Josh Dopp and Vernon Brewer -both UPS Freight
LeSueur-Skyline Transportation and David Brady-Old Dominion Freight Lines as (standing back) and Eddie LeSueur - Skyline Transportation (standing,
they help at ETN Big Rigs for Kids back left) with camp students at Law Enforcement Against Drugs Camp 


Road Team Captains Josh Dopp, UPS Freight (standing, end left) and Front row – L to R, Road Team Captains in grey, Donna Wheeler-Old Dominion
Eddie LeSueur, Skyline Transportation (standing, end right) at Jacksboro Freight Line, Jennifer Coulter and Rose Boyd – THSO, Catherine Stuart-TTF  Back
Elementary School row- L-R, Team Eddie Lindsey-Big G Express, Kevin Hill-THSO, Kenneth Wheeler-
Old Dominion Freight Line, Cleve McCord-Sharp Transport, Rick Tetreault-Averitt
Express, David Gooch-Sharp Transport, Juan Morel, FedEx Freight and Robert
Moxley-Titan Transfer at CarFit Event at St. Clair Senior Citizen Center.

Road Team Captains Ken and Donna Wheeler and Mike Mosier - Old Dominion TN Road Team Captains Scott Lambert -FedEx Freight (Far Left standing),
Freight Line (L end and R end) and Eddie LeSueur - Skyline Transportation2nd from Charles Jordan-Walmart Transportation (far left kneeling) and Jeff Stinson - FedEx
R end) with travelers on National Tourism Day Freight (far left kneeling on end) at Sullivan HS


Member Spotlight
Showcasing TTA Members

Tennessee Trucking Associations
hosts its first-ever business expo at its

upcoming convention in September


Tennessee Trucking EXPO EXHIBITORS
Association Convention
will feature TTA’s very Comdata MidWestern Insurance Alliance
first Expo, a valuable Corporate Medical Services Mutual of America – Your Retirement Co.
part of the convention
that will allow exhibitors Eco-Flaps ORBCOMM
to promote their FLX Systems Parman Energy Group
products and services Havco Wood Products PrePass Safety Alliance
while networking with
convention attendees.  Idelic Shell Lubricants
Insurance Information Exchange SmartDrive Systems
“This is our 89th annual K&L Trailer Sales and Leasing, Inc. Snider Fleet Solutions
convention,» said Donna England, Vertical Alliance Group
Tennessee Trucking Association KeepTruckin Washington National Insurance
(TTA) membership coordinator. «The Lytx
convention is where our members come
together to learn and network.»  “Our vendors will get great exposure go in a drawing for a prize.  
from this,” said England.  “The vendor showcase is for TTA
“Over the years, TTA Allied
Members have asked about being able All of these companies will be carrier members. It gives them the
to exhibit at our annual convention,” included in the on-site program book opportunity to see first-hand the
said England. “We added that given to all registered attendees, products that our vendors offer and
opportunity for our endorsed partners featuring a description of their to ask questions about the products,”
first, and then for those who donate for organization along with contact said England. 
our silent auction.” The silent auction information. Vendor companies will
held each year at the convention helps also be listed on the Tennessee Trucking Some of the products on display
raise money to promote safe driving in Association website as an exhibitor. will include dashboard cameras,
the state of Tennessee.  Additionally, there will be networking ELDs, safety software, MRO and
events in the exhibit hall, such as a drug screening solutions, trailer
Says England, “I am super excited walk around lunch on Tuesday. Each flooring, lubricants, insurance benefits,
to offer this vendor showcase in our registrant will receive a bingo card that retirement plans, tires, online training,
first expo. I think that it helps our will be stamped by all vendors. Once the new mobile technologies, aerodynamic
wonderful members to see firsthand bingo card has been completed, they will splash guards, weigh station bypass and
what some of our vendors offer.” financial solutions. TTN

This year’s expo will feature 20
vendors, who were selected on a first
come, first service basis. All slots have
been filled.


Showcasing Allied Members B2&1a1BkCeerork,mDomwoenirtcezel,sSPot..C,nS,.u,BiSteceoa8tr0tm0Caarne,yCaldwell WBloilloPmarbteenrhgeimCoernsulting, Inc. ,
Nashville, TN 37201 (615) 726-7379 2695 Watermill Road
Tennessee Trucking Association’s Cookeville, TN 38501 (804) 334-8571
Bank of America Merrill Lynch, BMO Transportation Finance,
522S2t2anrdCAovme. pSoliuatnh,cSeuoitef 1U7S0A0,, Liz Dysert Marshall Meier Dennis Volchoff
Nashville, TN 37201 (800) 818-4599 414 Union Street 1590 Adamson Parkway #350 Nashville, TN 37219 (615) 749-3031 Morrow, GA 30260 (770) 960-6307
2A8c0u0iStyouInthsTuaryalnorceD,rJivoeh n B ell B90e0l7leOnvfearnloto, kPBLLlvCd,. John Bellenfant industry-expertise/us-trucking
Sheboygan, WI 53081 (502) 558-4348 Brentwood, TN 37027 (615) 370-8700 BDoenrgnyWBaerssneerr Thermal Systems,
37 Heritage Way
DAdalaemAlsleann, 4d24RCeehuserchLLSPtreet, Suite 2700 B1L6Le5Cn4,dCMioxinkCsetoeGlmlraatmcioeynerCcoiaulrVt e h icle Systems, Oxford, AL 36203 (256) 453-0565
Nashville, TN 37219 (615) 259-1450 Murfreesboro, TN 37129 (980) 275-9133
AJimdvBarnigcges,d40E5rgProivnaotemDircisv,eInc. JBorsihdMgeusrptohyne Commercial Solutions,
Hendersonville, TN 37075 (615) 594-4070 BAendnytoNnew&soPnarker Insurance Services, 337 Leconte Ct. 321 Greenway Ave. Murfreesboro, TN 37128 (615) 289-7711
A64F1LOAlCd,HCichkuocrkyFBalrvmde#r60 Nashville, TN 37205 (615) 815-6963
Brentwood, TN 37027
(615) 417-0611 5B4e0s7tMOinddeleTbirroeo-kKPnikoex vi lle, Danny Jenkins LBarnodwonn L&ucBarsown of TN, Inc.,
A42i6rMNoerdthCMaraeinNSetrtewetork, Devona Wright Knoxville, TN 37921 (865) 588-5165 6 Cadillac Drive, Suite 200
Burkesville, KY 42717 (606) 371-3692 Brentwood, TN 37027 (615) 385-8337 PB.eOs.tBOoxn1e0T0i4r2e6& Service, Steve Holden
ATrlulecky-CCeanstesre, tPtOy,BTooxm1m01y5W03oodliff Nashville, TN 37224 (615) 244-9611 C14.7H0.1RCohbairnlssoonnR,dRyan Erhard
Nashville, TN 37224-1503 (615) 244-6191 Eden Prairie, MN 55347 (952) 683-2998 B23e4s8tROonsseviTlleirBelv&d Service, Tommy Thaxton
A33l3trNia. PColiinetnCttSr.eEravsitc, eStse,. I6n0c0., Sean Collins Chattanooga, TN 37408 (423) 266-8147
Alpharetta, GA 30022 (678) 297-9365 DCaebpraacBirtaykSeoutheast Agency, BP.eOs.tB-Woxa5d6e6 Petroleum, Lin Thompson 330 Mallory Station Road, Suite F19
5A9m10eTroipollae nDrBiveenefit Corp, Mark Love Ripley, TN 38063 Franklin, TN 37067 (615) 526-9004
Knoxville, TN 37919 (865) 548-9553 (888) 888-6457
AP.MO.EBToCxO85,0Inc., Catherine Metler 5C4a5rgWoaNsheintg, tSoanl Marino
Louisville, TN 37777-0850 (865) 323-4246 Boulevard Jersey City, NJ 07310 (201) 699-9243

5HF5iun5daMnsoacrenri,oBItnitbcDb.,r.yM#T2ar4ra0ynA snpno rtation C30a1r1r,ARrigmgosry&DIrnigver,aSmte.C1P9A0 s , Scott Schumpert
Nashville, TN 37214 (615) 574-7506 Nashville, TN 37204 (615) 665-1811

8SAeCrtrahvduiiclrleaJcs.,DGInraicvl.el,a,BSgurhyiteaenr2KR00eis nkn eMy anagement 3B1K0D2 ,WLeLsPt,EKnrdisAtivFeiSreuliitnee1050 CP.aOr.rBieorxS1e8r2v9ices of TN, Inc., Sue Spero
Brentwood, TN 37027 (615) 244-8484 Mt. Juliet, TN 37121 (615) 758-9757

Nashville, TN 37203 (615) 988-3600 C50a0rrDiearnTierlaPnasyinceoDldriSvoe uth , Bruce MacDonald
Birmingham, AL 35214 (404) 968-3130

1A5v5aFnrta,nDklainn Janek 3B7l8acBkraBdeyrPrylacReadar, Scott Swank CDeanniterlaKliatnyabBruosskini,e1s1s44T0eBchlunegorlaosgs Pieasrk, way
Rd Alpharetta, GA 30009 Louisville, KY 40299 (502) 292-8075
Brentwood, TN 37027 (678) 490-5503


JCehffaStwtaarntoouotga Truck Center, Inc. GCorardpyoPrhaitlleipMs edical Services, D40o6uEb. HleuCntoiningtTonireD/rC., MSuAite, 2L0L0C , To m Rozuk
1716 Church Road 5490 Dayton Blvd. Monrovia, CA 91016 (888) 226-5250
Chattanooga, TN 37421 (423) 499-8791 Chattanooga, TN 37415 (800) 501-0129
CChortitsinVgogheal m & Butler, Inc., D84r4i0veWroRoedafciehld, Jeremy Reymer
BCillalyrkWehPitoe wer Services, Inc., 800 Main Street Crossing Blvd, Suite 500
115 Haywood Lane Dubuque, IA 52001 (800) 793-5235 5521 Indianapolis, IN 46240 (317) 610-0080 102
Nashville , TN 37013 (615) 262-4141 HCreeatshtmHoalrdkb,raoodkisvision of Metabank
800 Crescent Centre, Ste. 620 6D7r0i9veNr.sCLlaesgseanl BPllvadn. , Brad Klepper
C12l5e7mEe. Wnsal&nuAt sSst.o ciates, Travis Cockburn Franklin, TN 37067 (615) 620-8258 Oklahoma City, OK 73116 (405) 948-6576
Carbondale, IL 62903 (618) 529-1888 5C5r0o0wD’savTirdusocnkRSoeardvice, Inc., Shawn Allen
Memphis, TN 38118 (901) 366-6611 216 6D3r2i5veGwatyewzeay, Doug Johnson
DLirfieve,,BSluakitee Rogers Blvd., Suite 170
6CoClaodnilliaacl 190 TCeurrmybMeirnloarnd International Trucks, Inc., Edmonton, AB T6H 5H6 (780) 461-3355 254
P. O. Box 100266
Brentwood, TN 37027 (615) 696-6672 Nashville, TN 37224 (615) 256-4633 1E5a9t8oAnnCdoerrspoonrRaotiaodn, Joe Fischer
C51u2m5 Hmiginhsw,aIyn8c5., Kelly Matheny Hendersonville, TN 37075 (615) 618-2198
C41o4m3 CdhaitcakaCsaowrpRodr. ation, Chase Black Atlanta, GA 30349 (404) 765-5199
Memphis, TN 38117 (615) 376-6824 CBruesotnaFrdordInsurance Adjusters, Inc., 5E2c1o0-FMlaarpysla,nAdsaWHaya,zSeulwitoeo1d00
4875 Avalon Ridge Parkway Brentwood, TN 37027 (866) 543-5277
JCuoliemMmuerprchiyal Credit Group, Inc., Norcross, GA 30071 (706) 207-2939
227 West Trade St., Suite 1450
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10900 Corporate Centre Drive, Ste. 250
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Knoxville, TN 37918 (803) 487-0260 1D0M50C0 CInrsoussrpaonincteB,lIvndc.., Vikas Shah Jessalyn Schuhknecht Indianapolis, IN 46256 (317) 436-4900 7E6R1O8 ASoDu,thInwce.s,t Mohawk St. Tualatin, OR 97062 (503) 305-2255
Conversion Interactive Agency,
Kelley Walkup
5210 Maryland Way, #301 E13x3p1eUdniitoenrASveervSuicitees1,0L2L2C . , Paul Williams
Brentwood, TN 37027 (800) 264-2690 Memphis, TN 38104 (877) 349-9303

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3250 Players Club Parkway Vancouver, WA 98684 (800) 670-7807
Memphis, TN 38125 (901) 842-0660
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Decatur, AL 35602 942 S. Shady Grove Rd.
(877) 584-3600 Memphis, TN 38120 (901) 818-7159


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PO Box 40996 Thompson Station, TN 37179 Green Bay, WI 54301 (920) 490-6707
Memphis, TN 38174-0996 (615) 752-6883 (404) 386-9743
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Red Bank, NJ 07701 (732) 383-8916 1973 E. Brooks Road 6801 Power Line Drive Florence, KY 41042 (704) 902-0883
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Brentwood, TN 37027 (615) 661-7466 Nashville, TN 37210 (615) 882-0001 I6n5sPuinraenGcreovAeuCthouArcuhcRtoioand , Jay Burgess Culloden , GA 31016 (478) 319-8574
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Nashville, TN 37201 (615) 732-7652 10100 Global Way, Suite 100 Knoxville, TN 37932 (800) 998-9288 ICnosruyrKaonsclienInformation Exchange, 1716 Briarcrest Dr Suite 200
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Nashville, TN 37219 (615) 489-2999
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P O Box 328 Dr., Suite
Madison, SD 57042 (877) 609-6717 Oakridge, TN 37830 (865) 300-7844

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Memphis, TN 38118 (901) 332-3381 1033 Sunset Road PO Box 368 Brentwood, TN 37027 (615) 604-6579 Neenah, WI 54957-0368 (920) 722-2848 2263
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Nashville, TN 37207 (615) 256-0600 Franklin, TN 37069 (615) 585-2331 Johnson City, TN 37601 (423) 282-3111

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Pkwy Suite 400 LaVergne, TN 37086 (615) 471-9300 Club Road
Norcross, GA 30092 (470) 655-2747 Shelbyville, TN 37160 (615) 394-3097
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Fultondale, AL 35068 (205) 529-5111 Chattanooga, TN 37402 (423) 756-7771 KKr&isLFTerllahioleelrteSrales and Leasing, Inc., 7828 Rutledge Blvd.
Knoxville, TN 37924
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Louisville, KY 40241 (502) 419-3179 Charlotte, NC 28210 (704) 408-5540 8K0a0tzE,aSsta9p6ptheSrtr&eeMt iller, LLP, Tim Almack,
Indianapolis, IN 46240
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Cookeville, TN 38501 (931) 526-3660 St, Pittsburgh, PA (985) 438-2497 1K5e9ethp4TtrhuAckveinN, T7othnyFaloSoimr p son
Nashville, TN 37219
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Memphis, TN 38117 (901) 302-6156 Way Westfield , IN 46074 (317) 867-8408


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Nashville, TN 37212 (615) 419-5864 (620) 663-2161 Athens, TN 37303 (423) 507-8929
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Kincaid Insurance, Jeremy Kincaid 900 Knoxville, TN 37917 (615) 218-6758
Group, Inc. Nashville, TN 37203 (615) 742-9308
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Rockport, IN 47635 (812) 649-5739 Nashville, TN 37210 (615) 259-2050 7M08arManyagttoDnriiTveread N.A., Inc., Ron Elliott
Madison, TN 37115 (615) 868-4050 227 MSteivdeWTreasytloerrn Insurance Alliance,
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Nashville, TN 37201-1401 (615) 726-5430 Louisville, KY 40253-6909 (502) 429-9990 M119a2x1oSnlaLuisfotnCAovrep ., Ben Buchanan
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 (615) 579-5755 MMailreysAtonnneDEolqlauripment Holdings, LLC,
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101 Memphis, TN 38118 (901) 360-9732
Knoxville, TN 37918 (865) 888-6920 McAngus Goudelock & Courie, TMecilhlenric-aMl Coottlele,gAe ngie Gamble
Chuck Mangelsdorf, 6397 Lee Highway
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Brentwood, TN 37024-1869 (615) 309-2303 Nashville, TN 37205 (615) 279-8486 M412o0rgUaSnHTwruyc4k11B ody, Brett Stephens
Rydal, GA 30171 (404) 925-7204
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Memphis, TN 38103 (901) 525-8721 651 East 4 th Street Suite 100 P O Box 460 Chattanooga, TN 37403 (423) 648-9809 Springfield , TN 37172 (615) 589-8668
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2670 Union Ave. Extended, Ste. 100 M100cLCeoorpdoSraoteftPwkawrye. , Rick Halbrooks
Memphis, TN 38112 (901) 321-1000 Birmingham, AL 35242 (205) 823-5100
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Oklahoma City, OK 73126-6210 (405) 302-6690 Memphis, TN 38103 (901) 624-0640


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Nashville, TN 37214 (615) 415-0189 2925 Polo Club Rd Nashville, TN 37210 (615) 679-3818 Nashville, TN 37221 615-647-7897
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LaVergne, TN 37086 (615) 280-2800 P42a0n5cHoiallsstboBreonPeikfeit,sS,uAitele1x2D0 ampf PThreommaies rStTerwaairlet r Leasing, Nashville, TN 37215 (615) 292-3400 184 Charter Place
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Smyrna, GA 30080 (678) 777-0188 Ringgold, GA 30736 (706) 937-3700
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Brentwood, TN 37027 (615) 944-5873 P21e4nHskeremTirtuagcekALveenausieng, Shaun Newman Nashville, TN 37210 (615) 254-5526 PKraerePnaRssasSmaufsesteynAlliance,
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Chicago, IL 60631 (239) 234-2171 Phoenix, AZ 85003 (602) 601-4779 PReogoeprlAel’lscoCranp, 5it4a8l3&SoLmeearssbinygPaCrkowrpay.,
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St. Paul, MN 55164-0816 (651) 310-8248 DPruebsSshuerpeaSrdystems International, P21e0oWpLinegaosWe,aTyo, SmuiMteo4r0t0on P. O. Box 424
N27o81vaAMirweadysicBallvdC.e nters, Kris Hunt Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 (800) 948-4453 Roberta, GA 31078 (210) 241-6890
Memphis, TN 38132 (615) 939-1480
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Brentwood, TN 37027 (615) 221-5403 Nashville, TN 37214 (615) 208-1800 3294 Ashley Phosphate Rd Suite 2-A
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Sewanee, TN 37375 (931) 409-9681
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Nashville ,TN 37203 (615) 915-7449 Memphis, TN 38118 (901) 494-5663 Pike, STE N Nashville, TN 37214 (615) 883-3242
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Germantown, TN 38139 (901) 355-5272 1P9h2i4llCiplisftInElddurisdtgreieRsd, Gerry Mead Quality Incentive Company,
Soddy Daisy, TN 37379 (562) 273-8584 Scott Newman 3962 Willow Lake Blvd.
Memphis, TN 38118-7042 (901) 367-8200
PPOiloBtoFxly10in14g6J, Jordan Spradling
Knoxville, TN 37939-0146 (865) 474-3892 Q73u2oMvealrnots,eSAhvaennnuoen Tho mpson Nashville , TN 37211 (615) 610-4963

1P5in0nTahcirldeABvaennuke, Jerry Hampton WRaapynide WWeaayvesr,T4r3u7ckEnLoesaRseinedgD, rive
South, Suite 800 Nashville , TN 37210 (615) 254-6688
Nashville, TN 37201 (615) 744-3732

P10ivPoetaachl tLrNeeGP,laIcnecN.,ETim Delay RRoCbTbrRaailmereySales & Service,
Atlanta, GA 30309 (404) 584-3622 1110 Polk Avenue Nashville, TN 37210 (615) 584-8425


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Nashville , TN 37219 (615) 748-2791 110 Transit Avenue Nashville , TN 37203 (615) 921-3529 Nashville, TN 37210 (615) 244-9720 8S0h8ePllanLutebrari cants, John Johnson
RAendliraenwcLeaPdaebrtanucehres, LLC., Murfreesboro, TN 37128 (615) 481-9908
325 Market St., Ste. 205 NRuasshhviTllreu 9c0k0CExepnoteDrr,iTveroy Dickens,
Chattanooga, TN 37402-1226 Smyrna, TN 37167 (615) 220-7601
(877) 668-1704 SDiagvneaStimurpesoFninancial LLC, 2357 Hedgewood Lane
2S5&6ESeParboodarudcLtiaonne,sS,uDitaevAid1E0d2 ward s Allen, TX 75013 (972) 998-7049
1R6e6n1aAsaarnont BBarennkn,eRr oDsremary Cianciolo Franklin, TN 37067 (615) 771-9203
Memphis, TN 38120 (630) 699-5962
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1R9e9s0cMuecC1u8lWlochheBelvledr.,,DL.-P2.0, R enee Miller Drive, Suite 275 Line Road 
Lenexa, KS
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 (831) 917-8196 Birmingham, AL 35209 (800) 245-1150 66214 (479) 287-1654

RP.eOv.HBDox, Brian Beathard SCEhuDrcahvSistre&etASstastoiocnia, PteOs,BSotexp3h4e7n4D avis 4S7m90arEtaDstrgiavtee MSyasllt,eSmuitse,2J0ef0f Zola
32 New York, NY 10008 404-444-2714 San Diego, CA 92121 (858) 225-5551
Columbia, TN 38402 (844) 738-7325
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2R7o2c0kNlaonrtdh FSelorvoicreinDgr,ivCehris Wolford Mount Pleasant, TN 38474 3801 Logistics Way
Red Wing, MN 55066 (865) 982-8377 (931) 379-0309 Antioch, TN 37013 (615) 641-7600

YOUR DISTRIBUTOR FOR 8015 Piedmont Triad Parkway
(336) 292-9240
PARTS, SERVICE 1815 Starita Road
(704) 596-8000
engines 103 Austin Bradley Lane
New Bern, NC 28562
Please visit our website for details on additional branch locations in other states. (252) 638-3161
6725 Netherlands Drive
(910) 392-7220
1429 Ault Road
Knoxville, TN 37914
(865) 689-3722

I-181 & Rock Springs Road
Kingsport, TN 37633
(423) 349-6141
115 Haywood Lane
Antioch, TN 37013
(615) 262-4141
124 Gateway Drive
Ringgold, GA 30736
(706) 965-7000
3070 Sandbrook Road
Memphis TN 38116
(800) 897-8901


DSpanencyiaJlonInevs estigation Services, Inc., GSuromupm, Mit eTmrupchkis, Richard Sweebe TAadyalmorT&aylMorartin, Inc. - Auctioneers,
4031 Gumwood Lane 1940 E. Brooks Rd P. O. Box 349
Knoxville, TN 37921 (865) 235-0780 Memphis, TN 38116 (901) 348-1401 Fremont, NE 68026-0349 (800) 654-8280
9S1pFeecsisalelrizseLdanTeruck Repair, Jason Watts T78e3nOcoldSHeircvkiocreysB,lIvndc. .S,uSiatem26H3u fstedler
Nashville, TN 37210 (615) 256-6145 4S5u9nVTircutosrtiBanaPnakr,kSCcoirtctlPeohlman Brentwood, TN 37027 (615) 292-0098 Franklin, TN 37067 (615) 748-5501
S41p4icUenrioRnuSdtrseterto, mSu,itPeL1L7C00, Gary Kellar 3T2e0nMneayinGStrroeuetp, S,uSipteen2c0e0r Tenney
Nashville, TN 37219 (615) 425-7365 Franklin, TN 37064 (877) 533-9891 1S2u0reSCCaemntr,aBl eSnuiHtei1ll0m0a0n
S25ta0rWLeeaaksleiny gLaCneo mpany, Chuck Ray St Louis, MO 63105 (952) 225-0779 5T1e2n1sStr.eWeht,eeLlLinCg,AMvaer,iSlyuniteSu2r0b0e r
Smyrna, TN 37167 (615) 594-2232 Tulsa, OK 74105 (918) 361-8647
T20A4/SPaemtrDo,aKviastDhyriPveer ry
AStmobuegrhMtoagnnuRse, ntal & Leasing, Springfield, TN 37172 (615) 382-3005 The Hyatt Company of TN, LLC.,
289 Hwy. 113 Larry Hyatt, CPA, CFE,
White Pine, TN 37890 (865) 397-0790 5214 Maryland Way Suite 209 4T4A5G0 ATrmuecrkicCaneWntaeyr, Tommy Earl Brentwood, TN 37027 (615) 645-5702
1S9tu00rdInyd-Luistteri,alPBhlivl dB.ays Memphis, TN 38118 (901) 345-5633
Bristol, TN 37625 (423) 968-7021 TLahreryMMcaPnhne, 5r0s5o1nCCaordminpalaSnt.i es,
TJaayxas2ud2h9a0N.ceopomle/oTnhinktrade, Inc., Trussville, AL 35173 (205) 661-4511
233 Wilson Pike Cir, Ste 2B
Brentwood, TN 37027 (615) 942-6219 PTahtee SPuemtemrebrislt Store – Knoxville,
5218 Rutledge Pike
James R. Embrey, Jr. has more than Knoxville, TN 37924 (865) 546-9553 4720
20 years of experience representing
Fortune 500 commercial clients and T12h0e8rPaopiyntDe Cireencttr,eKDrrisStyuiWtea2k3e0f ield
individual professionals in a variety of Chattanooga, TN 37421 (615) 202-0632
transportation claims.

Formerly an in-house General Counsel TWheeslremy BoraKnisnogn of Knoxville, Inc.,
for major insurance corporations, Embrey P. O. Box 14189
is a seasoned trial lawyer who defends Knoxville, TN 37914
clients through trial, verdict and appeal. (865) 522-4154 www.
He also counsels clients on best practices
and risk mitigation, and is an active
Decades of Trucking member of the Tennessee Trucking TAhlloanmWpasionsncoTtrtuck Centers, LLC,
and Transportation Association and the Defense Research 1255 Bridgestone Blvd.
Litigation Expertise Institute’s Trucking Law Committee. LaVergne, TN 37086 615) 259-5865
Embrey is part of Hall Booth Smith’s 6T0M85WPaSryklsatnedmBslv,dIn. c., Tim Miller
Rapid Response team, which arrives on Mayfield Heights, OH 44124 (440) 721-2169
the scene of accidents and incidents
at a moment’s notice to ensure crucial
evidence is preserved and first-hand 1TT9rSa0RiSl,epLreLnSCcee.,rLvBaiinclleeB &eckRneenr tal Co., Inc. and
information is obtained to provide the Nashville, TN 37210 (615) 889-8430
best defense possible.


[email protected]
T: 615.313.9911

NASHVILLE 424 Church Street
Suite 2950

Nashville, TN 37219


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Chickmauga, GA 30707 (423) 667-3994 (336) 210-9357 (256) 739-0312 V96e2r3izDoenerCTorancnkeCctt.,,BLraeinnatwSomoidth, TN 37027 SWtoaksehs,i3n6g0t0oMnoNuanttaioinnVailsItnasRudrance, Judy
Tax-Services-Llc-627404800666439 (615) 594-7565 Knoxville, TN 37931 (865) 368-1095
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Chattanooga, TN 37419 (423) 463-3390 W321a7bAalstohnTPraarikleBrlvSda.,leCsh,aBtteacnkoyogRau,dTeNwi3c7z410 7W15orCkhHeroruy nStdS,uMiteax30F9arrell
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TRroib-Setrat CtearItnwtreigrnhta,t9i2o0nWal.,MInacin.,Street 1 Macarthur Place, Ste. 800
Union City, TN 38261 (731) 885-9302 Santa Ana, CA 92707 (770) 899-3174 TTN
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Memphis,TN 38101-0405 (901) 947-5000

TBrairardy MFroenirgohe,tl8i4n1eEraostfeTrnenStnaer sRsoeaed, L LC, Protection You Need With Service You Expect
Kingsport, TN 37663 (423) 349-3000 With Joe Morten & Son, Inc. teamwork and service start, not end, with the issuance of
T12ri5mMbalreciTerRaunsshpLoarntea,tGiornee,rB, SeCth2T9a6t5te1rshall your insurance policy. Serving over 40 states with seven office locations, Joe Morten &
(866) 913-2511 Son has a national presence. Advantages you will receive when you insure with Great
T20ru5ePLoiwfeelCl Palraec,e,LSLuCit,eK1a2y2P, Bferiefnfetrw ood, TN West Casualty Company through Joe Morten & Son include:
37027 (615) 369-0707
UPaPrkSw, Nayi,cLkoDu’iAsvnidllree, aK,Y1440002N23Hurstbourne • Custom-tailored insurance policies
(502) 329-6760 • Proactive safety tools
7U2r0g0eSntrtaCwabreerTryraPvlaeiln,sDPeibkeorah Mitchell • Quick and responsive claims service
Knoxville, TN 37914 (865) 329-9492 • Knowledgeable, service-minded agency teams that are relationship driven • And many more
USetainlitDyaTrrnaeilll,ePrOSaBloexs4o0f0Tennessee, Inc.,
Lebanon, TN 37088-0400 (615) 444-7050 Corporate Office Regional Office 3311 Daniels Lane 10100 Global Way, Suite 200
trailer-sales-of-tennessee-inc South Sioux City, NE 68776
Knoxville, TN 37932
402.494.4251 865.392.3800


Calendar of Events Tennessee Trucking News

July 24-25 NATMI - Safety & DOT Compliance* Location: Chattanooga, TN RESOURCE INDEX
July 30 Sounds Baseball Game Presented by the YPC
Adams and Reese LLP 13
August 2 Roadside Inspection, Greenville Scales I-81 American Trucking Associations’
August 7-9 NATMI-Maintenance Supervisor & Maintenance Director Certification
August 10 HOLBROOK TNG: Defensive Driving Course for Professional MC&E 2019 25
Truck Drivers
August 10 YPC Gives Back Day Clarke Power Services 35
August 14-17 National TDC Competition in Pittsburg, PA
August 21 Roadside Inspection, Manchester Scales I-24 Drivers Legal Plan 23

SEPTEMBER Fleetco, Inc. 17

September 14-17 TSC Super-Tech Competition, Raleigh, NC Great West Casualty Co. Inside front cover
September 15-17 TTA 89th Annual Convention at Sandestin Beach Hilton,
Destin, FL Hall & Booth PLLC 36
September 15-21 Driver Appreciation Week
September 27 Roadside Inspection, Brownsville Scales – I-40 PrePass Safety Alliance 12
September 30 WTN Big Rigs for Little Kids Golf Tournament
International/Navistar Inside back cover
J.J. Keller & Associates 26
October 2 Southeast TN Big Rigs for Little Kids Golf Tournament – Ringgold, GA
Joe Morten & Son Insurance 37
October 4 Roadside Inspection, Knoxville Scales I-40
MHC Kenworth 4
October 5-9 ATA MC&E – San Diego, CA
Nacarato Truck Center 22
October 7 Top Golf Presented by the YPC
Neely Coble Company, Inc. 6
October 7-11 NATMI - Safety Supervisor (CSS) & Director of Safety
(CDS) Certification Premier Truck Group of Chattanooga 10

October 16 Roadside Inspection, I-65 Giles County Rush Truck Center Back cover

October 18 Roadside Inspection, Portland Scales I-65 North Snider Fleet Solutions 3
October 24-25 Fall Conference
Southern Tire Mart 19
New TTA Members
TA/Petro 14
• Ezlogz TAG Truck Center 8
• FLX Systems
• Hana Transportation Finance Tennessee Trucking News 37
• Konexial
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• Morgan Truck Body was made possible with the support of these
• One Source Logistics corporate advertisers, all TTA members. They
support the trucking industry by enabling
CARRIER Tennessee Trucking Association to provide
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members, elected officials and the business
38 • TENNESSEE TRUCKING NEWS Q2 SUMMER 2019 community at large. They deserve your
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“Our business deals with refrigerated deliveries, so it’s imperative we’re on time – breaking down isn’t
“Our business deals with refrigerated deliveries, so it’s imperative we’re on time – breaking down isn’t
aann ooppttiioonn.. BBeeiinngg tthhee lliigghhtteesstt eennggiinnee iinn iittss ccllaassss,, tthhee IInntteerrnnaattiioonnaall®® AA2266 EEnnggiinnee aalllloowwss uuss ttoo hhaauull mmoorree
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we have in our fleet. Reliability is key, and our uptime depends on the International® LT® and RH™ Series
we have iIInnnttoeeurrnnr aafltteiiooennt.aaRll®®eAAlia22b66ilEEitnnyggiiisnnkeee..””y––, aJJniimmd oPPuiinnrddueeprrtime depends on the International® LT® and RH™ Series
with the
with the

www.cumberlandtrucIkNsT.cEoRmNATIONALwLwTwW.laITnHdmTHarEktIrNuTcEksR.cNoAmTIONAL A26 wENwGwI.NsuEmAmTiItNtrTuEckRgNrAoTupIO.cNoAmLTRUCKSw.CwOwM./

Nashville TN (615) 256-4633 Knoxville TN (865) 637-4881 Memphis TN (901) 527-5654 Union City TN (731) 885-9302

Murfreesboro TN (615) 427-4600 Cookeville TN (931) 738-0480 Memphis TN (901) 345-6275 Murray KY (270) 753-1372

VOLUNTEER INTERNATIONAL Morristown TN (423) 586-8558 LEE-SMITH Bowling Green KY (270) 843-9031 Oak Grove KY (270) 605-5301

Jackson TN (731) 422-3411 Chattanooga TN (423) 622-4161

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Wnhoenonitecoofmferessytooutrmucokrien. g,


Rush Truck Center – Nashville is part of North America’s largest network of heavy- and
medium-duty truck dealerships, representing industry-leading brands including Peterbilt. We offer
an extensive inventory of parts and accessories and are staffed by ASE-certified service professionals

who provide skilled maintenance and repair for all makes and models.

Contact us today to see why no one offers you more.

Rush Truck Center – Nashville
900 Expo Drive l Smyrna, Tennessee 37167

800-489-7403 toll free l 615-220-7777 direct l 615-220-7625 fax

2019 Rush Enterprises, Inc. 0266-0619 RTC Nashville Truck News Ad

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