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Official Magazine of the Nebraska Trucking Association

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Nebraska Trucker Issue 3 2018 -- Zeitner & Sons

Official Magazine of the Nebraska Trucking Association

Keywords: trucking,safety,politics,association,business

Volume 80 Number 2 | 2018

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The Official Magazine of the Nebraska Trucking Association

Al, Rallen,
& Leon Zeitner

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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Issue 2, 2018 - Nebraska Trucker 1




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2 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 2, 2018



VOLUME 80, NUMBER 2 • 2018


On the Cover:


Doing their jobs and making it all work






Enrique Lopez , TSL Companies
Marshall McNelley, TSL Companies
Raymond Choate, Zeitner & Sons
Ed Mischler, Fremont Contract Carriers



NTA members gather for lots of
happenings around Nebraska




Member Spotlight: 24



President’s Perpective: by Kent Grisham ............................................. 4 OF LEON ZEITNER BY THOMAS GRADY.
Chairman’s Letter: by Scott Romans ..................................................... 5
Along the Route....................................................................................... 23 Issue 2, 2018 - Nebraska Trucker 3
Calendar of events ................................................................................. 26
Advertiser Resource Index .................................................................. 26

PRESIDENT’S Nebraska Trucking Association
PERSPECTIVE Executive Committee 2017-18

The Power of Unity CHAIRMAN
When one listens to the media, or engages in social Romans Motor Freight
media these days, it’s striking how divided we seem as
Americans. Conversations turn into debates and move VICE CHAIR
quickly into ugly, name-calling arguments with just a click. CRYSTAL ANDERSON
Hysteria seems to be met with more hysteria until we are Donald D. Anderson, Jr. Trucking
all quite hysterical. But does this cyberspace hysteria really
represent the reality of life in America? I don’t think so. When I travel the state of Ne- TREASURER
braska meeting NTA members, or visit the Capitol representing the trucking industry, BRENT FALGIONE
or even when I am just enjoying church or family time, I don’t hear people speaking Greater Omaha Express LLC
hateful words. I don’t see people displaying hateful behaviors. I just see Nebraskans
living what almost all of them would describe as good lives. In the real world, I see CORPORATE SECRETARY
more unity than I do hatefulness. TIM ASCHOFF

Our industry displays and knows the power of unity. We are unified in our efforts Crete Carrier Corporation
to grow our professional driver population by making the career better; one that ca-
reer-seekers will find appealing and rewarding. We are unified in our efforts to make AT-LARGE DIRECTORS
every mile safer and more ecologically friendly. We are unified in moving Nebraska TIM MCCORMICK
and America forward.
Fremont Contract Carriers, Inc.
We know that unity pays dividends, too. In the recently adjourned session of the TERRY MCMULLEN
Nebraska Legislature, the trucking industry presented a unified argument in support
of the Department of Transportation’s efforts to standardize speed limits across our AIT Worldwide Logistics
vast state. However, we were also unified in opposition to the increasing of the speed BOB WINTER
limits on Interstate 80. We cited great safety concerns with further increasing the Distribution Inc.
speed differential between our truck traffic and the rest of the motoring public. And BOB WYNNE
we joined with our safety council partners in arguing that increased speeds on rural
interstates would only mean more serious crashes, injuries and deaths. Our Senators Wynne Transportation Services, Inc.
listened and cited our testimony as the powerful unified voice that changed the course
of the debate. In the end, the rural highways will get speed limit overhauls, and the STATE VICE PRESIDENT TO ATA
Interstate will be kept “throttled back.” ERICH HELGE

We see similar things happening in Washington, D.C. as well. With a strong, uni- Seward Motor Freight Inc.
fied voice, we are pushing back against efforts to create a hodge-podge of rules and
regulations that change from state to state, which would make it nearly impossible to ALTERNATIVE STATE VICE PRESIDENT TO ATA
engage in interstate transportation. TREVOR AIDEN

There’s nothing we can’t do when we work together. Like the beautiful sound of Brown Transfer Company LLC
a well-tuned three-tone air horn, we can make a powerful and effective noise. Each
note different, like each person’s voice and perspective is different. Each note unique PAST CHAIR
but needed to create that awesome sound. MARY DAVIE
Flatbed Express
Thanks for allowing me to continue to lead this wonderful organization as we
move forward together in unified efforts to make the trucking industry safer, profit- BOARD OF DIRECTORS
able, and always as good citizens.
Don Adams Chris Klotz *
Regards, Dean Aden * Tom Koenigs
Steve Aherns Jean Kurtenbach *
Kent Grisham George Akerson * Heidi Loop
President & CEO Crystal Anderson Mike Maloley
Nebraska Trucking Association Tim Aschoff Jamie Maus
[email protected] Blaine Batten Terry McMullen
Dennis Bauder Ron Mencl
4 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 2, 2018 David Billings Lloyd Mettenbrink *
Joanie M. Bogers Trey Mytty
Kurt Brown Scott Olson
Butch Brown * Tonn Ostergard *
Bob Clark * Dave Parker *
Eldon Dokter * Jack Peetz *
Eric Downing Dick Pierson *
Dwight Dunsworth * Tom Pirnie *
Dave Erlandson Gene Quandt
Brent Falgione Dick Reiser *
Ross Faubel Greg Reitmeier *
Corby Flagle Norm Riffel
Hugh Fugleberg * Scott Romans
Michael Galvin Ronald Romans *
Norman Geiken John Sahling
Rick Gomel Roger Schmidt
Tom Hastings Russell Stough
Mark Hauptman Danny Tompkins **
Erich Helge
Mike Herre * Nick Vuko
Dave Walde
Albert Hill Curt Werner
Phillip Holliday Jerry Wessel
Bob Winter *
Dan Hurt Brian Wood
Don Kaiser Rallen R. Zeitner
Larry Kersten
Jerry Kilthau


Nebraska Trucker is owned by Truck Services, Inc., and is CHAIRMAN’S
published bimonthly by Matthews Publishing Group. For LETTER
additional copies, to order reprints of individual articles
or to become a subscriber, contact Sheila O’Connor at Greetings from Omaha!
402.476.8504 ext. 105.
‘We rise by lifting each other.’ I don’t know who said
publisher this but I do know it to be true. I have experienced this
Jennifer Matthews-Drake first hand and have witnessed this time and time again
Matthews Published Group, LLC in the Nebraska Trucking Association by our board of
[email protected] directors, members and staff. 

production editor Each of us, in our unique ways, continues to work hard
Sheila O’Connor for our organization; whether as individuals or in groups, we continue to come
together collectively for the greater good of our industry. 
art director
Douglas J. Benjamin If you attended the Spring Conference and Board of Directors meeting, you
[email protected] heard the great news of your Executive Committee reinstating committees and
associate art director the work accomplished by these committees in a very short amount of time. We
have much to be proud of and much to achieve. And we can’t do this alone – we
C. Waynette Traub need every member working together to recruit and retain members, to create and
[email protected] participate in events and activities, to bring innovative and cutting-edge ideas to
the table, to speak up and to listen. We are business owners, managers, leaders and
photographers directors in our own spheres of influence. That widens our sphere of influence when
Kristian Anderson we come together to work collectively to create a stronger, larger and more engaged
Thomas Grady
Callie Tuck Knapp Look for the leaders of your association to be on the road, meeting with
members, hosting listening sessions, creating opportunities to get together to share
Kaylie Sirek knowledge and experiences and ask questions. This is a two-way street; we need
contributing writers your networks and connections, your attendance and your voice to continue to
grow the association.
Steve Brawner
Renee Miller Invite us to your businesses, your events, your civic organizations – anywhere
Jennifer Barnett Reed we can tell the good news of the trucking industry – we stand ready to share
Derek Rayment information on your Association, your industry and what it means to ‘Joe and Jane
John Schultz Public.’
Angela Thomas
Todd Traub We look forward to hearing from you, our members, with your ideas,
suggestions, comments and improvements, on how we can continue to grow and engage our members. The opportunities are truly endless and by working together,
President having open and meaningful conversations we are positioned for growth and
success f not only the Association but our individual businesses as well.
Kent Grisham
[email protected] Thank you for everything you do on behalf of our Association. If you have any
questions, please contact Kent at [email protected], 402-476-8504 ext. 103 or
Vice President myself at [email protected] or 402-301-8508.
Sheila O’Connor
[email protected] Until next time,
Business and Human Resources Manager
Scott Romans
Angela Ryba Romans Motor Freight
[email protected] Chairman, Nebraska Trucking Association

Executive Assistant Issue 2, 2018 - Nebraska Trucker 5
April Tilden

[email protected]

Nebraska Trucking Association is a statewide trade
association for commercial truck and bus operators and
affiliated businesses. It is a not-for-profit association
governed by a board of directors elected annually.
Nebraska Trucking is an affiliate of the American Trucking
Association (ATA). ATA serves and represents the trucking
industry on a national level, influencing federal and state
government actions, advancing positive trucking industry
image, providing education programs and industry
research, and promoting highway safety and security.

For more information, contact
Nebraska Trucking Association:

1701 K Street
P.O. Box 81010
Lincoln, NE 68501
Phone 402.476.8504 Fax: 402.476.8570

6 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 2, 2018

Lincoln South Beltway Project
Will Help Trucking Industry

BY DEREK RAYMENT grant. The grant was awarded through the kans already know about this transforma-
Contributing Writer United States Department of Transporta- tive project – that it will support safety and
tion’s Transportation Investment Generat- economic growth in the Lincoln, Lancaster
Congested traffic has long been an ing Economic Recovery (TIGER) program County and Southeast Nebraska region.”
issue in Lincoln, Nebraska, making travel and will help fund the initiative.
through the state’s capitol difficult for The proposed beltway project
truck drivers. The lack of an expressway “With a project of this magnitude,
for the city has forced trucks into a lot [the] announcement [of the grant] is Continues 
of stop-and-go traffic, wasting time and another exciting part of bringing this
money for drivers and the companies they project to a reality,” said Nebraska
work for. However, earlier this year Ne- Department of Transportation direc-
braska Governor Pete Ricketts announced tor Kyle Schneweis. “The selection
that the proposed Lincoln South Beltway of the South Beltway application
from a nationwide pool of
project has been selected to competitive applicants further
receive a $25 million validates what many Nebras- Issue 2, 2018 - Nebraska Trucker 7

will construct a new 11-mile east-to-west freeway located south of

Lincoln between U.S. Highway 77 to the west and Nebraska Highway

2 to the east. The purpose of the beltway is to improve the connection

for drivers traveling east-to-west, allowing for travel around Lincoln

rather than through it. Construction of the beltway is expected to last

for approximately six years, with work beginning in 2020. The new

beltway would not only ease traffic in Lincoln, but allow truckers to

travel around the city, connecting easier with Interstate 29 and beyond.

“Nebraska Highway 2 is a lifeline for truck traffic needing to con-

nect from Interstate 80 to Interstate 29, just across the Iowa border,”

said Nebraska Trucking Association President Kent Grisham. “With-

out it, all of that truck traffic has to pour into the Omaha-Council

Bluffs metro, which is usually a congested mess. For example, the traf-

fic coming up I-29 from the south, and connecting with I-80 headed

west, right now gets as far as Lincoln on Highway 2 and all too often

faces a standstill of traffic. This beltway will smooth that out and keep

them moving.”

It is no small task, however. The beltway project is one of the

largest transportation undertakings for Nebraska at an estimated cost

of $300 million. The funding for the project will come primarily from

state funds from the Build Nebraska Act, with contribution from the

City of Lincoln and Lancaster County. The Build Nebraska Act was

passed into law in 2011 after being introduced by then state legislative

Source: member and now US Senator, Deb Fischer. The act behaves as a fund-
ing mechanism that reassigned a quarter

of every cent of the existing general state

sales tax receipts to Nebraska roads. The

Nebraska Department of Transportation

states that 85 percent of money generated

goes to the Nebraska Department of Roads

for expansion and maintenance of express-

ways and federally designated corridors.

It is also designed to create new highways

and other projects, much like the proposed

Lincoln South Beltway project.

Said Sen. Fischer, “The Lincoln South

Beltway project will have an incredibly

positive impact on our families and com-

munities for years to come. With this new

With Joe Morten & Son, Inc. teamwork and service start, not end, with the issuance of grant, the state of Nebraska will be able
your insurance policy. Advantages you will receive when you insure with Great West to build a brand new expressway, which
Casualty Company through Joe Morten & Son, Inc. include: will alleviate traffic and increase safety for
Nebraskans, especially those in the Lincoln
• Custom Tailored Insurance Policies area. I was pleased to work closely with
• Proactive Safety Tools the state and local leaders to secure the
• Quick and Responsive Claims Service grant for this priority project.”
• Knowledgeable, Service-Minded Agency Teams that are Relationship Driven
• And many more

Corporate Office Regional Office The project comes at a time when
3311 Daniels Lane 1719 South Locust Street the country is attempting to improve its
South Sioux City, NE 68776 Grand Island, NE 68801 infrastructure, something the industry has

402.494.4251 308.382.2280

a keen interest in. Late last year, American

8 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 2, 2018

Trucking Associations CEO Chris Spear HUB International Transportation
pushed the federal government to invest Insurance Services, Inc.
in infrastructure if the industry was going
to keep pace with the economy and its Customized trucking insurance solutions, national
growing needs. coverage, local operations and dedicated people
are what set HUB International apart.
“[road] Congestion costs our indus-
try $63 billion per year. The time drivers Je Dillon, Senior Account Executive
sit idle in traffic is equivalent to 362,000 [email protected]
drivers sitting idle for a year,” said Dave (888) 365-0923
Manning, chairman of ATA. “88 percent
of all congestion is on only 18 percent
of our national highway system. Freight Technicians you trust
bottlenecks can be eliminated and must be
eliminated to improve the productivity of PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE
our drivers.”
For more than 40 years, we have built our reputation by keeping
To be considered for the grant the you on the road. Having your truck inspected by our highly trained
TIGER program, the proposed Lincoln technicians will give you the confidence your deliveries will be
South Beltway project also had to display made on schedule and you will be home on time.
significant local and state support. Letters The key to keeping you rolling is preventing problems before they
of support from Senator Fischer, Lincoln take you off the road. We do this by performing a comprehensive 21
Mayor Chris Beutler and other political point inspection of your truck. Stop by or call one of our locations
and economic leaders were even submitted to schedule your preventive maintenance today!
with the grant application.
To find your nearest location, visit
The state has nearly 100 current or
future infrastructure projects in the hopper. Parts and service open 7 days • Total parts inventory over $10,000,000 • Body shops
One of those proposed projects is the Lin- Parts delivery • Order parts online • Service for all makes and models • Fully certified technicians
coln West Beltway project. This proposed
project involves upgrading existing U.S. Issue 2, 2018 - Nebraska Trucker 9
Highway 77 to freeway standards from
Saltillo Road to south of Van Dorn Street.
The project would also include a new in-
terchange and other improvements. How-
ever, the project is not in the department’s
current five-year plan and is dependent
upon future funds with an estimated cost
north of $15 million.

“We are excited about the south
beltway project because it will really open
up travel for drivers who are already
stretched for time,” said Sheila O’Connor,
vice president of the Nebraska Trucking
Association. “Drivers spend way too much
time in traffic in and around Lincoln and
it is our hope the new beltway will ease

To learn more about other Nebraska
Department of Transportation projects,
studies, reports and publications, visit dot.

Legislation Opens Nebraska’s
Roads to Autonomous Vehicles

BY STEVE BRAWNER literally, the law moves with technology. … To pass the legislation, lawmakers
Contributing Writer It has very, very few restrictions, and low worked with the Alliance of Automobile
definitions, and that way it can adapt and Manufacturers, an association of 12 lead-
As researchers continue to refine the it’s not restrictive.” ing car manufacturers representing 70 per-
technology allowing cars and trucks to cent of domestic car and light truck sales,
drive themselves—or at least drive them- Until the legislation was passed, and the Self-Driving Coalition for Safer
selves more—recently passed legislation in Nebraska was behind some other states. Streets, which was started by Ford, Lyft,
Nebraska will make the state more inviting Drivers have had to be in the seat and Uber, Volvo Cars and Waymo, a division of
to test and eventually drive those vehicles. physically touching the steering wheel. Google’s parent company Alphabet.
According to the National Council of
The law, LB989 by Sen. Anna Wis- State Legislatures, 22 states as of March Nebraska Trucking Association Presi-
hart, Lincoln, gives autonomous vehicle 26 had passed autonomous vehicle-related dent Kent Grisham said the organization
manufacturers broad legal authority legislation, the first being Nevada in 2011. was neutral because the legislation did
anywhere in Nebraska. An executive order by Arizona Gov. Doug not have a direct trucking component.
Ducey in 2015 directed state agencies to Instead, the NTA focused its efforts during
The bill originally would have allowed “undertake any necessary steps to support the session on other legislation, including
testing only in Lincoln but was broadened the testing and operation of self-driving a Department of Transportation bill that
through an amendment by Sen. Tyson vehicles on public roads within Arizona.” would revamp and standardize how speed
Larson, O’Neill. Moreover, the terms were limits are developed for the state’s highway
written so that as the technology chang- Larson said the legislation will enable systems. The NTA supported the bill but
es, so does the manufacturers’ freedom. Nebraska to be a leader in the growing successfully opposed one component that
Ultimately, the bill would allow vehicles technological movement. would increase interstate speed limits. The
without a steering wheel. NTA also successfully opposed a bill that
“We want to be at the forefront of all would have limited sales tax exemptions
“We left it as wide open as possible so technology,” he said. “We’re tired of being for motor carriers’ rolling stock.
the concept of testing and allowing auto- at the back and being reactionary, and we
mated vehicles on Nebraska roads would want to lead the country in as many things However, the NTA did monitor
be very easy,” Larson said. “It wouldn’t as possible, and this is one issue that we the legislation and applauds efforts to
take a change in the law in the future. It are leading the country now.”

10 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 2, 2018

responsibly expand the availability of that go through Nebraska,” he said. is in the cab. An Embark truck recently
autonomous technology, Grisham said. As When it comes to automated trucks, traveled from Los Angeles to Jacksonville,
the process continues, it will stay involved. Florida. Major manufacturers including
the future in some ways is already here.
“We know that autonomous vehicles
are coming,” he said. “We know that “We want to be at the forefront of all
they’re going to become an important technology. We’re tired of being at the back
part of the transportation system. But we and being reactionary, and we want to lead
feel pretty strongly that we all need to be the country in as many things as possible,
engaged and involved in it to make sure and this is one issue that we are leading
that the testing is done correctly, that reg- the country now.”
ulations are properly drawn up. We don’t
want to swing the pendulum too far in ei- - Senator Tyson Larson
ther direction without all being involved.”
As reported by Wired magazine, autono- Volvo, Daimler and Tesla are working on
Grisham pointed out that Nebraska mous trucks built by the startup company models. A model built by Uber has hauled
offers many testing opportunities with Embark are already hauling refrigerators beer in Colorado.
its straight, flat, open roads, relative lack on Interstate 10 from El Paso, Texas, to
of congestion, and recent infrastructure Palm Springs, California. A human driver Continues 
improvements. While no one knows where
the technology will lead, at least the state is
being positioned to take part in the testing

“Sooner or later, there’s going to be a
test run of an automated truck that’s going
to be coming down on Interstate 80, and
there are hundreds of miles of Interstate 80

We know Northland has insured trucking businesses since 1948.
truck. Based upon 70 years of experience, we know what it
takes to keep trucks on the road, safely and profitably.

The total of this knowledge and experience makes
up the Northland AdvantageSM. We can make it an
advantage for you.

To learn more, call your agent or broker, or visit us at

© 2018 The Travelers Indemnity Company. All rights reserved. BNLAD.0000-D Rev. 1-18 Northland is a proud member and supporter of the Nebraska Trucking Association. Issue 2, 2018 - Nebraska Trucker 11

Some in the trucking industry see Grisham doubted that automated more than 40,000 people suffered vehi-
autonomous vehicles as one of the solu- trucks will solve the driver shortage in the cle-related deaths in 2017, all involving
tions for the driver shortage. Earlier this short term. While its foreseeable that they human drivers. But Americans are accus-
year, American Trucking Associations chief could function well on the open road, tomed to those.
economist Bob Costello said the industry the first and last miles likely will require
had a deficit of 51,000 drivers in 2017, a driver. Also, how would autonomous Testing by definition involves find-
but with drivers leaving the industry, many trucks pull into a fuel station, pump their ing what works – and what doesn’t. But
through retirements, that number could own gas, and then negotiate their way neither Sen. Larson nor the NTA’s Grish-
climb to 170,000 by 2026. back onto the interstate? As long as a am sees the inevitable accidents involving
driver is still required to sit in the seat, autonomous vehicles as a hindrance. As
For its part, the ATA is embracing then autonomous trucks won’t affect the Larson pointed out, we’ll never know the
automated technology but stopping short shortage much. names of people saved because of the elim-
of calling for driverless vehicles. In its ination of human error, but they’ll still be
first-ever comprehensive policy approved “I don’t think automation is going alive. Grisham said the trucking industry
by the board of directors last October, the to come so fast and furious that it will can increase public acceptance even when
ATA said the technology will improve driv- address the driver shortage in the next 20 those occasional accidents happen.
er safety and productivity and will come years at all because there’s just too many
“in many levels that will assist the driver variables, too much infrastructure, too “If we’re smart as an industry, we will
and in some cases, handle the driving task.” many questions about how we make it all make sure that we are talking about it in
However, the policy stated, “The applica- fit together,” he said. the right ways and saying the right things
tion of automated and connected vehicle about it long before those things ever take
technology in the trucking industry will As with any new technology, testing to the road,” he said.
center on solutions in which there remains is not without risks. In March, an auton-
a role for drivers, recognizing the duties omous car test-driven by Uber killed a
and requirements drivers have beyond pedestrian in Arizona – an accident that
operating the vehicle.” made headlines. True, the National Safety
Council estimated earlier this year that

12 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 2, 2018


March 2018 - Enrique Lopez

TSL Companies

Enrique is a 13-year driver with TSL and has more than 25 years of commercial driving experience. He has more than one and one-
half million career miles. Nominator Larry Miles said, ‘Enrique is great! He will do anything to help others. As a local driver, he will
jump in a sleeper and run out to the coast if needed. He is also a back-up trainer who helps new drivers as needed and also takes new
office personnel on ride-alongs throughout Omaha to help them learn the ins and outs of the intermodal industry.’ He is a member of
the President’s Safe Driving Club and a multi-year recipient of the TSL Safe Driver Awards. Photo not available.

April 2018 - Marshall McNelley

TSL Companies

Marshall has been a commercial driver for more than 40 years and has spent the last six
and one-half years with TSL. He has logged nearly four million miles in his career and is
a three-year member of the Presidents’ Safe Driving Club as well as a six-year member of
the TSL Safety Award. Larry Miles, Manager of Driver Development and Support for TSL
said, ‘Marshall is a good runner…helpful when TSL needs special products or runs, is very
knowledgeable about equipment and customers and is a hard worker. with a great professional
attitude that our customers love.”

May 2018: Raymond Choate

Zeitner & Sons

Raymond has 28 years of commercial driving experience with six of those at Zeitner
and Sons. He’s had more than two and one-half million career miles with no preventable
accidents as a commercial driver! Nominated by Jolene Jankowski, she said, ‘Raymond is an
all-around good guy and great driver. He is east to work with because he plans ahead, had
a good head on his shoulders and delivers on time.’ He has received numerous safety awards
from Zeitner and is a one-year member of the President’s Safe Driving Club.

June 2018 - Ed Mischler

Fremont Contract Carriers

Ed has more than 16 years of commercial driving with nearly four years at FCC. He has
nearly two million career miles. Nominated by Ann Dostal, she said, ‘Ed’s safety record is
a testament to his dedication to safety, customer service and professionalism. Ed is always
willing to help out and does a great job.’ He is a member of the President’s Safe Driver Club
and has received the Safe Driver Award for three years. Issue 2, 2018 - Nebraska Trucker 13


The Zeitner Team: Corey, Al, Rallen, Leon and Justin
14 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 2, 2018


Doing their jobs and making it all work

Contributing Writer


It was 1990, and Leon Zeitner was glad to get his risks. Soon he had five trucks, and the family moved
cast off his arm – the one broken while racing dirt to Minneapolis in search of more business. When
track late model stock cars – and return to the shop. there wasn’t enough meat to haul there, they moved
to Omaha in 1980. The family leased trucks to sever-
His dad, Rallen, had other ideas. al companies until American Freight System declared
“I came to work that morning and put that was a conflict of interest and terminated the
leases. That was fine – American later went bankrupt,
my uniform on, walked out the door to the and Rallen just hauled for other fleets. In 1989, he
shop, and my dad was standing there,” decided to create Zeitner and Sons.
Leon said. “And he looked at me and did
Three of the four “Sons” have been involved
the old turnaround, and he said, ‘You go long-term in the company. Al, the oldest, dispatches
back in there.’ to the East Coast. Melvin, a shop foreman, retired
“And I told him, I said, ’I don’t want in November. Dale worked for the company about a
to go back in there.’ year-and-a-half and then worked elsewhere finishing
“Well, I lost that battle. So I ended paint jobs on cars and pickups. Leon, the youngest,
up back there at dispatch and have handles dispatching for hauls to the Midwest.
been doing operations ever since, and I
“I’m not a title guy,” he said. “If anybody asks,
thoroughly enjoy that. It’s crazy about how I’ve said ‘operations.’ That’s about it. I’m not big on
much I just enjoy working with the drivers all titles. Do your job.”
day long.”
That story illustrates why Zeitner and Sons Leon has worked for the company since shortly
remains a successful company – Rallen Zeitner’s after high school. Rallen moved the operations to
vision and leadership, and he and his son’s love Omaha in 1980, the same year Leon graduated high
for trucking. school, but he stayed in Minneapolis and went to
The Omaha-based refrigerated carrier was work for a sod farm. It was a pretty good setup –
created in 1989, but the family’s trucking expe- work hard during the growing season, and get laid
rience began years earlier. Rallen had been a com- off in November and collect unemployment benefits
pany driver making runs into the Midwest for the until the spring. But in July 1981, Rallen came to see
now-defunct American Freight System. He bought him and told him he wanted him to work for him. So
his first truck, a Kenworth cabover, and became an he moved to Omaha and worked in the shop until he
owner-operator in 1976 while the family was living broke his arm.
in Brookings, South Dakota. Leon remembers the
day Rallen brought the payment book home and Until the past few years, Rallen was still respon-
tossed it in front of his wife, Phyllis, who asked how sible for truck purchases. Dick Hauptman, who re-
he planned to make the payments.
The answer: By hard work and taking a few Continues  Issue 2, 2018 - Nebraska Trucker 15

cently retired after almost 59 years in sales ership is being turned over to Leon. But er generations were a lot more reliable.”
at Kenworth of Omaha, didn’t sell Rallen they’re still visible. Phyllis still stops by The company now employs a third
his first truck, but he has sold him hundreds for the company-wide lunch every Friday.
since. The two developed such a trusting re- Rallen comes to the office every day for a generation of Zeitners. Leon’s son, Justin,
lationship that Rallen didn’t even ask about few hours. works next to him in dispatch and is being
the price of a new truck because he knew trained to do his job. Melvin’s son, Corey,
Hauptman would give him a good one. “I will be the same way because I’m works in the shop.
just not good at doing nothing,” Leon said.
“He’s just one of those kind of guys “You’ve got to have a reason to get out of The company has grown to about 90
that’s just always honest and straight,” bed in the morning. … You’ve got to come trucks, all refrigerated. Its biggest custom-
Hauptman said. “Integrity beyond, that’s down. You’ve got to at least have coffee, ers are major meat packers in Nebraska
all I’ve got to tell you. … Integrity, integrity, see what’s going on. He doesn’t get around and Iowa. The majority of its hauls are in
integrity. That’s old Rallie.” good, he’s got a bad knee, and he’s had one the Midwest, while some travel west to
replaced. He won’t do the other one. But he Denver and some as far as Seattle. About
Rallen, 82, is still president, while Phyllis gets on a scooter and checks everything out, 10-12 trucks travel to the East Coast. All
is vice president. For many years, she han- and if something isn’t right, he’ll let you but about three of the trucks are company
dled billing and payroll. The two, known know.” owned. The company employs about 80
by employees as “Papa Z” and “Mama Z,” drivers along with about 10 in the office
offer not just leadership but a presence. As His dad, he said, “gets his point across. and eight in the shop.
explained by Dena Toovey, who headed the You know, he’s old school. … He’s one of
safety department for eight years before the, I say, last of the old-timers. I’ll be 56 on Leon would like to grow the company,
moving to Lincoln-based Schulz Transpor- the 20th of May, and doing it from when but as with other motor carriers, finding
tation Services, “Mama Z comes in, and everybody said I was a punk kid at 22, 23 drivers is a challenge. Twice the company
everybody’s on their best behavior. She is a doing this, and then to where I’m at now. has acquired other fleets – first Sunshine
great woman.” And seeing all the generations and seeing Freight Systems and then Mainliner Motor
the guys retire, and all the people that I Express. The two purchases added 35-40
Rallen and Phyllis are less active in the worked with over there, you know, the old- trucks. But at the moment, the company has
company than they once were, and lead- no plans to acquire other fleets.


Built for
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2547 W 23rd Dr 3334 W Cougar Dr 2810 Heartland Dr
402-753-2979 308-324-4881

7800 N 56 2200 S Highway 81 7728 F St
402-379-4494 402-331-1999

16 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 2, 2018

“It’s like I tell everybody, if I could find “If you had all your drivers like Ed they’re family. Regional drivers are home
drivers, I’d probably have 200 (trucks), but Wright, I’d probably come in at 8 a.m. and weekly. During Driver Appreciation Week,
it’s finding people that qualify, people that work ‘til 10 p.m.,” Leon said. “You give him the company serves New York strip steaks
can do the job,” he said. “It’s hard to grow. something to do, it was done. If there was and baked potatoes all week long. The com-
It seems about the only way you see a com-
pany growing anymore is if they go out and “It’s like I tell everybody that works for me:
buy somebody and do it that way.” There’s only one problem I can’t solve, and
that’s the one I don’t know about. It might
One solution for the lack of available not be the best solution, but if I don’t know
drivers is to lower the company’s standards, about it, I can’t fix it.”
but according to Leon, that’s “not going to
happen. I’ve still got my customers that I’ve - Leon Zeitner
got to service, and I’ve got to sleep at night,
and then with my trucks going up and a problem, he knew how to take care of pany serves lunch every Friday, and drivers
down the road, I have my standards for a it and was just a professional truck driver are open to share their perspectives. On
reason. If they don’t match the criteria, I’m through and through.” the menu are brats, burgers, pork chops or
not going to take that chance.”
Once those drivers meet those standards, Continues 
The company hires drivers with a year the company tries to take care of them like
of experience and a safe driving record. It
does hire some student drivers but trains
them with four or five senior drivers for at
least six months so they benefit from the
diverse perspectives. It’s looking for drivers
like Ed Wright, who has recently retired
from the company after more than 20 years
of service.

Michelin Retread Technologies

Re-manufactured Custom Mold:
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Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic Technology

Delivers up to 34% better wear performance on average compared to
the previous API CI-4 PLUS 5W-40 formulation.

Omaha, NE Des Moines, IA Sioux City, IA
402.344.4343 515.262.9381 712.258.7200 Family owned and operated Shell distributor – serving the Midwest since 1958!

Issue 2, 2018 - Nebraska Trucker 17

pulled pork. Apple pie is always for dessert, because “there’s noth- and three or four regional championships in Nebraska, Iowa and
ing more American than apple pie,” Leon said. The result of those South Dakota.
lunches has been valuable information about traffic and congestion
problems, dispatch issues, and other concerns. The racetrack, in fact, is where he met his wife, Sherrell, who
was there as a friend of Melvin’s wife. They’ve been married 31
“It’s like I tell everybody that works for me: There’s only one years, and she does the company’s billing.
problem I can’t solve, and that’s the one I don’t know about,” he
said. “It might not be the best solution, but if I don’t know about it, He estimates he’s had four or five concussions and has been up-
I can’t fix it.” side down three or four times, but the only bone he ever broke was
in his arm. But the hobby “kept us out of trouble,” he said. “You
Toovey, the former safety director, said Leon runs a safety-first, know, we’d work on trucks all day, cars all night, race all weekend,
family-oriented operation, and he listens to drivers. If high winds pray for Monday to come so you could take a break, and work on
are a threat, he’ll shut down routes. And if drivers want to talk, trucks and go home and do it all over again.”
he’ll leave his out-in-the-open office for a private conference room
and give them the time they need. He’s not racing now and may be done. But his son, Justin, races,
and Leon enjoys going to the track and watching him.
“Leon’s the greatest,” she said. “Leon’s a really good guy to
work for. He’s a straight shooter. He doesn’t mince words. He “There’s something about hitting a corner at 100 miles an hour,”
listens. He’s open for discussion, debate, however you want to say he said, “turning it sideways and heading down the other end. …
it. He listens to the drivers. … One thing I really like about Leon It’s a legal drug. It’s hard to get it out of your system. It’s a lot of
is he works just as hard as he expects everybody else to work. He’s fun. You meet a lot of great people.”
not one of those owners that is only going to be in the office 50
percent of the time. He’s there, and he expects the same out of his Leon has met a lot of great people in trucking too. Just as racing
… employees.” has, the business has brought him much joy. At 82, Rallen still
comes to the office every day. And like father, like son, Leon doesn’t
Her daughter, Bailey, now runs the safety department. plan to do anything else.
Along with trucking, another activity shared by family members
is dirt track stock car racing. All the brothers raced. Leon raced “I thoroughly enjoy what I do,” he said. “I don’t know what
more than 30 years three nights a week, winning numerous races else I would do. I’m not really good at doing nothing. I’m a terrible

ELD Users are Required to Carry Backup Logs

Carriers using ELDs are required to give their drivers enough blank paper logs to last at least 8 days and instructions for
dealing with ELD malfunctions. Comply now using J. J. Keller’s new ELD Backup Logs & Inspection Reports.

• Provides instructions for ELD malfunction reporting and recordkeeping procedures

• Helps satisfy the recordkeeping requirements of Section 395.34

• Features 10 sets of 2-ply, carbonless logs and DVIR forms per book

• Includes directions for completing paper logs, and an area for fleet
contact information and hours of service summary

• Comes in stock and personalized versions

J. J. Keller and your State Trucking ORDER TODAY! TM
Association are partners in compliance. To order, call NTA at 402-476-8504
or email [email protected] PC 121014

18 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 2, 2018

NTA 2018 Spring Conference, Board of Directors
Meeting & Foundation Golf Fundraiser

BY SHEILA O’CONNOR utive Committee: At-large member Bob employees in building and preserving the
NTA Vice President Wynne of Wynne Transport Service, Inc. Nebraska transportation system. Schneweis
and Alternate State Vice-President to ATA: brought his extensive experience from both
PHOTOS COURTESY OF NTA Trevor Aiden with Brown Transfer Compa- the public and private sector to NDOT,
ny, LLC. and has promoted customer focused and
‘Golf-perfect,’ weather set the stage for data-driven approaches to preparing to
this year’s Spring Conference, Board of Kyle Schneweis, Director of the Ne- meet the transportation needs of Nebras-
Directors meeting and Golf Tournament at braska Department of Transportation was kans in the 21st century.
Iron Horse Golf Course in Ashland. The our keynote. Schneweis has served as the
Board of Directors approved the addition Director of the Nebraska Department of Our thanks to everyone who attended,
of two members to the Board, Jamie Maus Transportation (NDOT) since May of participated, sponsored and donated! We
and Eric Downing of Werner Enterprises, 2015 after being appointed by Governor could not have these events without your
Omaha and two members to the Exec- Pete Ricketts. Since that time, Schneweis support—you are appreciated!
has lead the agency’s more than 2,100

 Doug Donscheski, NTA’s
Director of Training,
Safety and Membership
Development was recog-
nized for his years of ser-
vice in the industry. Doug
retired May 31 from
the Nebraska Trucking
Association. Barb Aude
has been hired as the
Director of Training and
Safety Services.

 NTA Chair-elect Crystal Anderson,
Donald D. Anderson, Jr. Trucking and Chairman
Scott Romans, Romans Motor Freight

Golf Tournament Winners

Winners of the four-person golf scramble included:

First Place: Marty Mullins, Second Place: Mike Stanley, Third Place: Chad Hotz,
Josh Schmidt, Curt Morehouse Kevin Olson, Bob Danielson Brent Falgione, John Brennan
and Chris Rogers
and Ryan Peterson and Kyle Bugge

Flag Prize Winners:

1. Closest to the Pin with second shot: Scott Robinson 10. Closest to the pin with third shot: Eldon Doctor
2. Closes to the pin with first shot: Cath Galvin 11. Closest to the pin with first shot: Gary Mutts
3. Longest putt made from on the green: Ed Shada 12. Longest drive in the fairway: Curt Morehouse
4. Closest to the pin with second shot: Heath Richards 13. Closest to the pin with second shot: Brian Romans
5. Closest to the pin with first shot: Kevin Olson 14. Closest to the pin with second shot: Lee Olson
6. Closest to the pin with second shot: Terry Novotny 15. Closest to the pin with first shot: Tom Berg
7. Closest to the pin with second shot: Scott Romans 16. Longest putt made from on the green: Bob Clark
8. Closest to the pin with third shot: Jason Lunde 17. Closest to the aiming pole with first shot: Bazzy Mahogines
9. Longest putt made from on the green: Raul Soria 18. Longest drive in the fairway: Junior Danielson (Rube) Issue 2, 2018 - Nebraska Trucker 19

2018 Golf Tournament Photos

 Tom Koenigs, Joe Morton & Son;  Scott Romans, Romans Motor Freight
Alan Roberts, Wynne Transport;
Josh Besco and Shandy Hand, BMC
Guest Speaker Kyle Schneweis; 
Al Hill, Hill Brothers and
Dwight Dunsworth, Bernard
Pavelka Trucking




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20 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 2, 2018

NTA Holiday Party ‘Mad for Plaid’

BY SHEILA O’CONNOR Golf Course, Omaha, this event celebrates support of our charities with the ‘Raise the
NTA Vice President the Association’s membership, accomplish- Paddle,’ fundraiser. Auction items included
ments for the year and more than $12,500 destination packages, autographed Husker
PHOTOS COURTESY OF NTA will be divided among five designated char- memorabilia, tools, sports packages, wine,
ities – Omaha World Herald Good Fellows, pet gift baskets, and more! Our thanks to
The Nebraska Trucking Association Food Bank of Greater Nebraska, Habitat all the sponsors who support this event,
continued their annual evening of fun, for Humanity Chapters of Grand Island, those who attended and supported this
fellowship, fundraising and philanthropy Kearney and Hastings. Attendees enjoyed event. Special thanks to Taylor and Martin,
at this year’s Annual Holiday Party, ‘Mad lively and competitive bidding on both Inc., for providing auctioneers and ring
for Plaid.’ Held February 16 at Tiburon silent and live auctions and continued their men for our live auction.

 ‘Mad for Plaid,’ this year’s theme, was
carried throughout the evening.
Dan Michalski with Fremont Contract
MHC Kenworth – Omaha were ‘all in,’
for this year’s theme.
Ann Dostal, Fremont Contract Carriers, SILVER SILVER
Inc., was the silent auction winner of the
‘NTA mystery box.’ The box was filled
with items a Safety Director needs!   BJ Reynolds with Taylor and
Martin, Inc. opens the bidding on a live auction item.

Issue 2, 2018 - Nebraska Trucker 21

NTA Safety & Training
Programs Still Going Strong

After more than four decades of service also spent more than 30 years with the to benefit Doug Donscheski
to the Nebraska trucking industry, Doug Nebraska State patrol as a Trooper and the carriers and Barb Aude
Donscheski has retired. Doug spent the last Investigator in the Carrier Enforcement
three years as NTA’s Director of Safety and Division. She provided decades of training and drivers. “It has
Training Services. But before that, Don- and education not only for other troopers,
scheski pioneered carrier-related services but also for drivers and fleet managers always been my goal to
and enforcement at the Nebrasksa State throughout the state. NTA President Kent
Patrol for more than 40 years. Grisham said, “We couldn’t have asked for communicate valuable information into
a better replacement to Doug than Barb.
Donscheski has officially “passed the It’s hard to believe there was someone with an understandable and workable plan
torch” to Barb Aude who was introduced comparable experience and expertise, who
to NTA members and leaders at the Spring could just take the ball and keep on run- for each carrier,” Aude said. “With easy
Conference. Aude brings an incredible ning with it, but she certainly has!”
level of expertise and experience to the to understand information, drivers and
mock audits, ELD issues, testing programs, Aude’s goals include growing the train-
compliance reviews and other services as ing and safety services offered by the NTA, carriers can apply it to their operations.
previously provided by Donscheski. She not just to benefit the Association, but also
That reduces accidents, injuries and saves

money by avoiding breakdowns, lawsuits

and penalties.”

Barb Aude may be reached at

[email protected] or by calling

(402) 476-8504 ext. 113.

Fleets Have Asked and We’ve Delivered

Our complete range of ELD solutions will help you get started,
comply with the mandate, and make sense of your data.


No matter the challenge, we have a solution!

855-693-5338 | PC 122633

J. J. Keller and your State Trucking Association are partners in compliance.

22 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 2, 2018

Along the Route

Recent events and news from Nebraska Trucker advertisers

SPRING TIRE MAINTENANCE Checking air pressure levels regularly is NINE KEYS TO CHOOSING SAFE
TIPS FROM TA TRUCK SERVICE another important part of driving safely in DRIVERS FOR YOUR FLEET
the rain. Improperly inflated tires can result
Is your rig ready for the wet roads in premature tread wear, reduced traction Before you hire your next new driv-
ahead? Spring showers often create haz- and less control, which is the last thing you er, make sure you do your research first.
ardous and unsafe conditions on the road. want during severe weather. Selecting a driver can have major conse-
Taking preventive measures will not only quences for your business. Screening poten-
help keep you safe during rainy weather, While you can’t control the weath- tial drivers can help ensure you choose
but it can also save you money and time. er, you can control the preventive safer drivers who will also provide quality
steps you take toward increasing customer service.
Maintaining adequate tread depth is your safety on wet roads. Remember
essential to safe driving in wet weather to check your tread depths and in- “The driver screening and selection
conditions. Proper tread depth helps the flation levels before every trip! process is no place to cut corners when the
tire cut through standing water and subse- decision can have such a significant impact
quently prevents hydroplaning accidents. on the company,” said Nicole Lawrence,
It’s important to inspect your tires before Northland Insurance Regional Vice Pres-
you head out for your next route to ensure ident. “Establishing a hiring process with
they meet or exceed the DOT tread depth formal criteria can help you attract and
standards. The DOT standard is 4/32 for select safer drivers.”
steer tires, 2/32 for drive tires and 2/32 for
trailer wheel positions. Here are nine ways to make the hiring
process more effective.

1. Keep your standards high.
2. Require employment applications.
3. Review motor vehicle records (MVRs).
4. Contact previous employers.
5. Review DOT safety performance.
6. Conduct an interview.
7. Complete pre-employment drug

8. Conduct a road test.
9. Document the hiring and screening

Remember that anyone who drives a
vehicle for your company, whether it is
owned by the company, rented, or is a
personal vehicle, should be considered a
driver. Choosing the right employees to
drive for your company is the most basic
element in your company’s fleet safety
program. Your business depends on the
decisions they make on the road every day.
For more information including a
comprehensive description of each of
the nine items listed here, please go to Issue 2, 2018 - Nebraska Trucker 23


Taylor & Martin, Inc.

Nebraska company goes big,

but doesn’t forget where they came from

BY DEREK RAYMENT across Nebraska. The Fremont-based com- become a recognized leader in bringing the
Contributing Writer pany extends its service nationally, with sale to the customer.”
recommendation proposals and remarket-
PHOTOS COURTESY TAYLOR & MARTIN ing options for used trucks, trailers and Can’t make it to one in-person? Taylor
other equipment. The company operates as & Martin makes it easy by offering the
When shopping for a major purchase, a subsidiary of Taylor & Martin Enterpris- online experience, where buyers can attend
you want to feel comfortable in your final es, Inc. online through
decision. You also want the experience
to be a good one, hassle-free and feel like “Our primary service is auctioning “We conduct an absolute public
you were treated fairly. For those in the transportation equipment, both trailers auction consisting of hundreds of pieces
and tractors. We are not distracted by of equipment nearly every week of the
market for tractors, trailers other market types of equipment such as year throughout the country,” he says.
or trucking equipment, the agriculture or construction,” says Stacy “Sellers receive accurate assessments on
hunt begins and ends with Tracy, President of Taylor & Martin, Inc. value of their equipment and a guarantee
Taylor & Martin, Inc. “We have been dedicated specifically to the of payment just 10 bank days after a sale.
Founded in 1935, trucking industry for more than 53 years. Buyers have the confidence of an auction
Taylor & Martin, We accumulate equipment from various that offers volume, value and a variety all
Inc. provides auction cosignors, advertise and offer a location to in one location with equipment from late
services for the sale present that equipment for inspection and model trucks to pre-emission and trailers
of trucking sale.” of all types.”
When buyers in Nebraska and across Their customer base is as diverse as
the country want to attend a truck auction, any company, offering services to small
there are no options greater than Taylor & carriers all the way to Walmart, who sold
Martin. more than 1,500 units alone with Taylor &
Martin last year, Tracy says.
“We do conduct sales nationally.
We currently operate and have regular- “Our customers consist of both own-
ly scheduled auctions at nine locations er-operators and fleets of all sizes,” Tracy
across the country. Those locations are in explains. “We have been privileged to be
or around Las Vegas, Denver, Ft. Worth, trusted with the responsibility of conduct-
Sioux City, Peoria, Tunica, Pittsburgh, At- ing some of the largest complete dispersals
in our country, [with some] fleets exceeding
lanta and Charlotte,” says Tracy, who has 5,000 titled vehicles sold in one campaign.”
been with the company for more than 20
years. “The routine of these auctions of- That’s just a small portion of their busi-
ness, however. A vast majority of equip-
fers a familiarity that brings buyers and ment comes from individuals of smaller
sellers together. Due to our reputation companies who appreciate and understand
and our ability to be mobile, we have the dedication Taylor & Martin has for
every customer, no matter what size fleet
Taylor & Martin's President Stacy Tracy in action they manage.

“Taylor & Martin is a wonderful

24 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 2, 2018

industry partner to have in Nebraska,” know those opportunities to prove our understanding of what your customers are
says Sheila O’Connor, vice president of the success came from the customers who dealing with is important says Tracy.
Nebraska Trucking Association. “They are trusted in us, yet large enough and more
a great representative of our state and will than capable of getting [the job] done.” “With experience comes knowledge
work tirelessly for their customers. We are [and] understanding the complexity of the
proud to have them as a member of the The proof is in the pudding. Taylor & market within the trucking industry is vi-
association.” Martin sold more than 11,000 pieces of tal,” explains Tracy. “Being in the business
equipment at 38 auctions last year, with 29 of selling trucks and trailers but not oper-
Four years ago, Taylor & Martin be- percent of that coming through their online ating them, you still need to maintain the
come an employee owned company, which platform. They even exceeded expecta- knowledge of the obstacles our customers
has brought a new approach to business tions with gross proceeds more than $200 deal with. Working at an auction company
and revitalized how the company conducts million, with 106 percent of expected or that isn’t imbedded in the industry can be
its business Tracy says. appraised value. detrimental.”

“We have a greater sense of customer Taylor & Martin isn’t without its The company recognizes its custom-
service. We want to make sure the expe- challenges. With a low unemployment rate ers’ fears and trepidation. While auctions
rience of attending an auction will be the in Nebraska, it’s not easy finding talent to provide the fastest, most efficient and
best for our customers. Our goal is always replace retirees or expand. Tracy says find- cost-effective method of buying and selling
to make sure attending one of our auctions ing the right fit is about culture more than equipment, Tracy says the unknown is
is a welcoming experience, with friendly qualifications or skills. what customers are afraid of.
and knowledgeable staff,” says Tracy.
“It’s not necessarily the qualifications “The greatest obstacle we recognize is
Tracy says the company has a unified that are as concerning but the culture peoples’ fears in what they consider as an
direction and a team mentality. The com- you want and the values you need from unknown outcome,” he says. “Since we sell
pany is focused on building relationships the people who will be dealing with your thousands of pieces of equipment, we have
and becoming friends with the people they customers,” states Tracy. “Being employee the data to know the value. We can miti-
serve. In terms of size, Taylor & Martin owned carries a greater responsibility in an gate any risk perceptions a customer may
employs nearly 100 people, with many of employee to view their actions and provide have by understanding those fears.”
them being knowledgeable sales experts a service that is consistent with the funda-
and inspectors. Tracy says the company mentals of our company and the brand.” To learn more about Taylor & Martin’s
has steadily grown over the years, allowing types of services, equipment and auction
them to preserve values and principles of Like many companies, Taylor & Martin locations and times, visit taylorandmartin.
honesty and professionalism. must know and understand the factors that com. The website even has a section where
impact the trucking and transportation in- you can view auction results, register for
“We understand that growth and size dustry. Things such as cost of fuel, technol- email updates and discover your sales rep-
are important and we plan to grow, but ogy, regulations, taxes and trade cycles are resentative.
fortunately we are able to do so natural- major factors in determining the health of
ly,” says Tracy. “[We are] small enough to an industry and how a company may react
to a shift in one of the factors. Having an Issue 2, 2018 - Nebraska Trucker 25


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Sept. 4 - 6 Call on Washington, Washington, D.C. HUB International Insurance........................9
Sept. 9 - 15 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week
Sept. 14-15 World’s Largest Truck Convoy for Special Olympics Interstate PowerSystems............................12
Sept 24-25 NTA Fall Management Conference, York, NE
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in the digital magazine are “live.” So, ATA’s FUTURE PLANS Taylor & Martin..............................................23
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purchasing decisions. Thank you!


Sometimes People
Must Come Together
for a Mission


Since 1954, the American Transportation Research Institute and its
predecessor have been the trucking industry’s source for scientific data and
analysis on the many high priority issues facing freight transportation today.
The people and companies listed here are our core contributors, annual
donors who have come together in this mission to help the industry as a
whole. If you or your company has not contributed in the past, now is the
time to step up and do your part.
Step up and leave your footprint for the good of the industry.
Visit to explore your giving opportunities. Issue 2, 2018 - Nebraska Trucker 27

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28 Nebraska Trucker - Issue 2, 2018

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