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Published by vish.sharda, 2017-11-05 13:38:49

What's Your Playground?

What's Your Playground?

ese2av-e4rsWhat’s Your Playground?

by Tale WFor Ag

Weaving tales,
breaking stereotypes

TALETM Tale Weavers is an initiative that aims
to engage with children and the youth
weavers through stories that challenge stereotypes
and break the barriers in creating a just
weaving tales, breaking stereotypes society.

We welcome you to our world of stories
where simple conversations, colorful
illustrations, and powerful characters
help break the stereotypes and create an
inclusive learning space which is free
of bias - be it gender, religion, race,
nationality or ethnicity.

This story is part of Tale Weaver’s
Breaking the Stereotype series that
break gender stereotypes and aim at
creating a balanced narrative.

What’s Your Playground?

Story: Swetha Kannan Illustrations: Raghu Ramachandran

Edited by: Kirthi Jayakumar

Two-year-old Sanjay loves to play in the

kitchen. He doesn’t care for fancy, expensive
The kitchen, where amma makes delicious
sambar and appa fries fluffy pooris, is his

Little Sanjay can barely reach the kitchen drawers.

But he manages to get hold of one of them and starts
playing with it. Open, close, open, close, open,

As it goes creak-squeak, creak-squeak, creak-
creak-creak, he squeals in delight.

Next, his tiny fingers pull out shiny steel

spoons and ladles.
Ah! Sanjay just loves the sound of them falling
on the floor. Cling-clang, jing-jang, cling-
cling-cling. The wooden and bamboo ones
don’t make as much noise as they fall dhop
dhop dhop.
“Battttttttttttt,” screams Sanjay as he flicks
imaginary balls on the floor with spoons and
ladles. Click-clack. Flick-flack. Tuck-tuck.

Then he runs excitedly all around

the kitchen chasing light-brown baby
potatoes and big, fat onions.
He fumbles and falls on a few of them.
But he quickly gets back on his feet and
runs after them till they scurry gud-gud,
gad-gad, gud-gud out of sight.

Tired, Sanjay squats on the floor with steel

cups and copper tumblers. They make great
toys too. Especially when filled with water.

Sanjay dips his tiny fingers into them and
squirts water all over himself and on the
floor. Splish-splash. Plish-plash. Flish-flash.
Amma doesn’t mind the mess.

Then out come the steel plates. Bing-bang, ding-

dong, dum-dum, dom-dom drums away Sanjay.
Hearing the throbbing beat of spoons on
plates, Sanjay shrieks with joy. Ooooooooooo,
Yes, the kitchen is Sanjay’s playground. What is

The End

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