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The Upper Storyy Magazine | February 2017 Issue

Febuary 2017 • Volume 001 • Issue 001


women of

Photo Credit : Shruti Tejwani

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Letter from Editor’s desk

Dear member,
I was told that ‘you don’t choose a book, but a book chooses you’. One such book was lying in my bookshelf for a long time. I
never picked it up. One day, a friend told me about this book and the next day I felt that this book was looking at me saying,
‘pick me up’ and I did it. I think I found this book at the time when I needed it the most. Now I am not surprised to know that
this book has inspired people like Will Smith, Lady Gaga, Bill Clinton, Shah Rukh Khan, Randeep Hooda etc.
This book’s main theme is about finding one’s destiny. The core of the novel’s philosophy is encapsulated by a statement
made by one of the characters in the novel- “when you really want something to happen, the whole universe will conspire, so
that your wish comes true.” I would like to share with you few of my learnings from The Alchemist, written by Paulo Coelho,
which inspired me.

Make the decision
“When someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he has never dreamed
of when he first made the decision.”
It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the unknowns and finer details of your dreams. Actions will flow out of having confidence in
your decision; sitting on the fence will get you nowhere.
Break the monotony
“When each day is the same as the next, it’s because people fail to recognize the good things that happen in their lives every
day that the sun rises.”
Gratitude is the practice of finding the good in each day. Life can easily become stagnant and monotonous, but that changes
depending on what we choose to see. There’s always a silver lining, if you look for it.
Embrace the present
“Because I don’t live in either my past or my future. I’m interested only in the present. If you can concentrate always on the
present, you’ll be a happy man.”
There’s no point dwelling in the past and letting it define you, nor getting lost and anxious about the future. How you engage
with the present moment will direct your life.
Focus on your own journey
“If someone isn’t what others want them to be, the others become angry. Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other
people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.”
It’s easy to be influenced by others, but you’ll be miserable if you end up living someone else’s life. There’s nothing wrong with
taking advice and learning from others, but make sure it aligns with your desires and passions.
Keep getting back up
“The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times.”
Because the eighth time could be your breakthrough. Some of the greatest novels in history were published after receiving
hundreds of rejections. Thankfully, those authors never gave up.
Your success has a ripple-effect
“That’s what alchemists do. They show that, when we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes
better, too.”
Growth, change, and evolution are weaved into the fabric of reality. Becoming a better version of yourself creates a ripple
effect that benefits everything around you: your lifestyle, family, friends & community.
With best wishes

Ekta Wasan



08 10
The Connect Lifestyle Management in Tech Era
-by Naina Parekh -by Rashmi Somani

12 13

Positive Parent Child Relationship Fat to FIT
-by Mahek Uttamchandani -by Rima Kapadia

14 -by Diana
Venus & Relationship Saga Dining Etiquette 15

-by Kaartik Gor

16 18
Looking beautiful How do we care for our skin
-by Krishaa Ghanasingh -by Dr. Gitanjali Nandini




17 24

Discover Yourself TUS Member Profiles
-by Neha Oberoi

What Next TUS Mumbai Diaries 20

-by Dimple Duggar

the connect
Naina Parekh



7th October ...the doomsday... A strong through the pain we all are evolving...and very non realised confidence and strength
flashback of the howling ,commotion,mobs in these months what I have experienced which later after months makes her emerge
and fear.... The blood stained brother of umpteen times is one emotion that is strong and secured.
mine being pulled by my own hands from Unconditional love which made two SPACE a very overused word in today’s time
the car in the hospital and thereafter he women connect so strongly that come what where in every relationship we use it as if it’s
being declared no more stopped so many may just a look in the eye or just clasping the only right to be exercised is sometimes
lives that day...a half a dozen of people were each other’s hands meant the world to us a big cause for negativity and blandness
standing live but dead.. and could take on any decisions without in nurturing of a emotion.By saying this
any fear...and by these two women I meant
Days after that the impregnable silence I do not mean that we get too pushy or
felt amidst hordes of visitors at home was is me and my BHABHI ..the most unlikely interfering but at the same time we all as
so much killing.This loss was unbearable... relation considered to be the strongest.But people need to know that too much space
overnight things changed..innocence of then these are the Connects which are built is never needed between two close people
many lives killed.. out of sheer love and an unseen thread of or else what’s the emotion Closeness.
And here I was..a sister the spoilt youngest “Woman” a word synonym with empathy, In today’s time where we all are running
pampered one that unknowingly took the love, care, patience and also with fear, bottleneck to accomplish our goals on
dirty bait of life called Responsibilty...I do jealousy, small mindedness is actually a various fronts maybe we can feel physically
not know where did this emerge from and powerhouse of infinite verbs. There arises and mentally drained out to reach out to
was so lost trying just to figure out what situations and circumstances which make people or sometimes just want to be too
to do and how to do..the blankness of all us play several roles at one single time.Such practical and behave very nonchalant as
faces was so scary..Though totally broken is the courage of a woman which surfaces it really takes a lot of time and energy to
myself I carried out acting playing mother at her own wish and her own perseverance. be really be present for someone..In this
to my own mom, trying to break the modern world if you behave too emotional
built in emotions of my two dumbstruck The reason for me sharing this most life you are termed as a baggage or a boredom
innocent nephews and an emotional changing hard reality is to bring across to be connected with..not many can really
anchor to the most amazing, lovable and to a larger platform of our gender how take the reins and harness the strings of
the elegant lady I have ever known in my sometimes going overboard in our actions needs and feelings..but are we really are so
life that is my BHABHI. the person known for can actually bring so much healing to us nonchalant ?
patience, subtlety and grace.. the woman and our near ones. During a hard time of a With my experiences of these last eight
who handled so many lives thereafter be it loss of my nearest person I have understood tough months today I have the strength
family,business and society. that there should never be any time given to pen down my feelings not to showcase
for an emotional wound to heal..of course
My mother the most subdued lady after the it never heals but it should never be left my pain but to reach out to those beautiful
loss of my father,gathered all her emotions on its own to recover later. There might be people who maybe I have never seen or
and buried them after losing her only innumerable mood swings of the person in never heard from..share what a woman
son,standing like a pillar of strength for her pain making us more determined to leave goes through so many situations but
naive daughter in law was ready to take them alone but that’s the time we bury all emerges stronger not to show the world but
on anything when it came to abundance our ego and stay strong just to be present to be there for her ownself and the loved
nurturing of a ghastly wound which will and around...the more care and the more ones around her. There is a beautiful verse
take years and years or maybe never heal.. written by Barbara Bloom which I would like
application of love on that moment of
It’s been almost 8 months now and with lot vulnerability may seem totally useless but to narrate it here “When the Japanese mend
of masking,crying behind the doors,smiling it is not..It gives that sensitive individual a broken things they aggrandise the damage
8 • Febuary 2016 •

the connect
Naina Parekh

by filling the cracks with gold they believe not just be stagnant..As still as water,as firm
that when somethings been damaged and as the rocks and as vulnerable as a child is a
has a history it becomes more beautiful”... woman on whole..let us not draw lines for
this verse in itself speaks so much...if all our our ownselves when it comes to reaching
so called wounds are just filled up with the out and connecting and building bridges
immortal gold that is love and care I am sure to build up a better fraternity of successful
it’s going to create positive ripples in our women in relationships and in pursuing
too much negatively analysed situations. our dreams..all that is needed is one simple
bond of building a Connect.
It’s too easy to get boggled down to the
untold emptiness of life but then, Is that life When I say connect I totally mean that “Give
all about ? back “in abundance because that is the only
treasure which will come in multiplication
Maybe a failure in life in terms of loss of
our loved ones, unhealthy relationships,job once spent..Fortunate are we who can be
dissatisfaction or even handling the carriers of empathy and have a ear for
menopausal situations can lead to very emotional burst outs as compared to men
disastrous can lead to major setbacks who are most of the time less patient and
which can destroy our total persona or the non expressive about their feelings as it was
love to live.... rightly a title of a book “men are from Mars
and women from Venus”...By saying this I
This is the time we need our own selves and do not intend to demean the men,it’s just
our people who we can connect to,share that we are two different genders with our
with and regenerate our confidence to own strengths and weaknesses..there are
relive and re-emerge..when I say we need physical and mental attributes where we
our ownselves means that if our resources differ invariably.
of time and energy permit then each one Today when I think of myself I am
of us break some barriers to pursue our somewhere blessed that God has opened
creativity even if that can mean just making many doors for me to let myself out of a
people smile or help to take care of which cocoon..there have been uncalled events in
will indirectly move you to come out of your life but I am sure” He” has his ways of laying
own cocoon...when in society we talk about down the platter for us ..He has in bits and
being happy we only refer to the parties we parts gifted me the knowings that keeps
attend or the number of kitties we are part me happy..I now look forward for new
of...and believe me these too are very very episodes that will add colours to my soul...
important as it satiates that part of a woman the colours of compassion,fulfilment and
where we just want to be talked about or success..Each one of you who is reading
even gossip about...nothing wrong and this I appreciate your time and urge you to
right about it ladies...but after that and to come forward and build up some strong
go beyond that pull up your socks and feed connects which makes life worth living and
the hunger of your heart...because that’s reminiscing about..Short be the drama but
one part where only you will be needed to strong be the characters..less be the agony
make yourself happy..
more be the hopes.Let love rule your heart
Once you connect with your ownself and guide your mind when it comes to
you will not stop there...the pleasure ,the soulful help.
satisfaction and the happiness you gained To sum it up all in one statement
you would want to spread...Spread in terms and the driving force of my renewed
of showering all what you havein you around energies are these three magical words
your own people...Wings which were never “REKINDLE,RESTART & RELIVE”
known to you would force you to fly and • Febuary 2016 • 9

fitness & wellness
rashmi somani


Management In

Tech Era

In today’s era where technology is making our day to day work easier, better and quicker, Couch and office chairs are taking our more time,
life style modification with nutritional management has become a need for all age group

y experience as well metabolism) where body performs all breath ...and we generally take all these
as many researches to recovery of day to day physical as well as symptoms very casually and gulp antacid
support have confirmed , metabolic activity , but if we were physically and laxative to ease out , we do feel better
the increased sedentary inactive throughout the day coupled up temporary after taking them but these
Mlifestyle and lack of physical with poor nutrition, mental exertion (stress) further damages the system.
activity are the root cause of maximum our basal metabolism slows down and we This is a viscous cycle and body gets stuck
disease conditions like Type2 Diabetes wake up next morning with tiredness , up until and unless you make certain
Mellitus , hyperlipidemia , hypertension, muscle stiffness and lethargy , which further lifestyle modifications, to start with you can
insulin resistance, PCOD, thyroid disorders results in slower bowel evacuation -- which make some simple changes in your daily
, obesity , arthritis , cancer etc. produces toxic gasses in our colon and routine
create a imbalance in our GUT-FLORA which
Are we living, the way our body is • Drink 1-2 glass water as soon as you
designed to be? Are we in complete sync is the station of good and bad bacteria’s wake up ,this has to be done before
with our body’s BIOLOGICAL CLOCK? ---this is the start of poor digestion which morning brushing ( temperature of
This is the primitive cause for all doshas means slowing down our ‘Agni ‘- the the water can be decided according
and imbalances in the body; let’s try to digestive fire --which in turn leads to slow to present climatic conditions ,like in
understand it more deeply. and poor absorption as well as metabolism.
The common symptoms of poor digestion winters/ rainy season prefer warm or
Averagely all of us sleep anywhere between are bloating, gases, acidity , constipation hot water whereas in summers room
5-8 hrs. , sleep is our resting phase (resting , white thick layer on the tongue and bad temperature or lukewarm )

10 • Febuary 2016 •

fitness & wellness
• Water should be drank 30-40 minutes • Once a week try to detoxify your rashmi somani
before breakfast, lunch, and dinner and body with fasting and eating only
60-75 minutes post meals, this is very fruits, vegetables /fruit smoothies or
important as this helps to maintain the juices, coconut water, kokum, lemon
flow of digestive acids and enzymes water, fruit or vegetable infused water,
and thus improves our digestion and this will maintain alkalinity in body
increases metabolic rate. ,because body performs at its best in
alkaline state
• Bedtime brushing teeth and gargling is
the most important step as these helps • Limit three whites Salt, Sugar, Maida,
to secrete good bacteria’s which in turn as we easily cross the normal limits of
Are we in complete sync with our body’s


produces powerful salivary enzymes these because of easy availability and
,which is the crucial requirement for regular consumption of processed and
digesting food ,as the first step of our junk foods.
digestion take place in the mouth and • Have some physical activity for 45-60
thereby morning brushing should be min at least 4-5 times a week ( walk ,
secondary to drinking water.
jog , gym , aerobics, sport, yoga )
• Post waking up and after drinking Lifestyle and nutrition management is
water start your day with a fruit (any of no longer limited to weight loss, disease
your choice and according to seasonal conditions or age groups but should be
availability) or veg juice or smoothie adopted as part of our daily routin for
preferably without sugar.
healthier body and mind

& the world, hasn’t let success go to her

head. Sanya is living her dreams, her
achievements have been long but she
stays grounded through her strong
Christian faith ..Many young people think
science contradicts their faith. This view
can have devastating effect on their
beleif in GOD . In reality, the genuine
discoveries of science have been friendly
Faith and Fear cannot exist together. tool to develop a strong faith ….. I know to faith not hostile to it . when someone
Faith is described as seeing light with of a close friend who was detected with opens up their crisis of faith We need to
your heart while your eyes see darkness. malignant tumour. After the diagnosis it be “quick to listen and slow to speak .”.
whereas fear is simply unbeleif or weak was difficult for her and her family....She was Someone who thinks they might have
belief. As unbeleif gains the upperhand going through great fear and anxiety and lost their faith might mean that they are
in our thoughts, fear takes hold of our was in melancholy…..So all we could do is currently wrestling with summating they
emotions. Our deliverance from our to ask them to stay in Faith and not Fear.. cant resolve. Prayers can help to restore
fear and worry is based on faith, which after few months she had to go under the faith as common sense will tell you not
contradicts unbeleif. Faith is described knife and the surgery was successful and to do. Never let a bad situatuon bring out
as a fruit which is produced in our lives got back alive …..So this is where we need the worst in you ,Be strong and choose
by our “SOVEREIGN LORD “ the more we to strenghten our faith where anxiety and to be positive …He who has overcome
learn about GOD ,the more we can see fear try to dominate us. This also reminds fears will truly be free…so fear not, stay
HIM working in our lives and stronger us of Sanya Richards-a christian athelete in Faith’
our faith grows. Adversity is the strongest who may be the fastest female runner in by Rinku Tandon • Febuary 2016 • 11


True Essence Of

Positive Parent

Child Relationships

ositive parent child relationships 3. How you treat children is how they learn within the child right from early infancy.
provide the foundation for to treat themselves: you are your child’s 9. Avoid “Helicoptering” and encourage
children’s learning of fundamental inner voice; always speak with love, independence. This fosters a sense of
skills for survival and interaction compassion and kindness even when increasing self worth and confidence
Pwith different environments. they are being difficult to deal with.
With the parents’ sensitive, responsive 4. Redirect: give attention to the behavior 10. Create a safe space to let the child
and predictable care, young children you like not the behavior you don’t. So express his emotions. Never shame or
develop the skills they need throughout instead of telling the child what not to humiliate the child for expressing anger,
their lifespan; namely social, emotional , do focus on redirecting them towards frustration or guilt. Acknowledge the
cognitive and motivational skills. feelings and provide emotional and
the desired behavior.
Positive parent child relationships have 5. Strive towards positive honesty: avoid rational support. Overly controlling and
oppressive environments can lead to
positive effects on children’s emotional well creeping out of difficult situations with low self esteem, passive aggression and
being, their basic coping and problem solving a lie. Instead offer your child a rational poor decision making skills.
abilities and future capacity for relationships. explanation and then set appropriate limits.
Children also learn to manage emotions and by Mahek Uttamchandani
behaviors and establish healthy relationships 6. Teach Empathy and Kindness: model
with adults and peers. They learn how to adjust empath and kindness. Kids gain a sense
to new situations and to resolve conflicts. of self worth by volunteering in the
community for instance.
How to use mindful parenting to build
positive parent child relationships: 7. Celebrate your child for what she or he
is: Avoid comparisons and love them
1. Peaceful parenting starts with ones own unconditionally
ability to emotionally regulate: stay calm
even in times of crisis; never do anything 8. Shower your kid with your full presence:
in front of the child you do not want Make your child feel heard and seen. Put
them to do including yelling!! Be the role down those mobile phones! turn down
model for your child. the TVs and radios when your children
are trying to engage with you. Avoid
2. Set limits but with empathy: when kids replacing your quality time with material
feel understood they are better able to things and gifts. Attunement and
accept limits.
attachment establish a sense of security

12 • Febuary 2016 •

inspiring story
Rima Kaoadia

My inspiring story of


was always a happy go lucky chubby toddler, cute
teenager & then a cuter wife & a mom. When I married
I weighed 58 kilos, then due to hormonal imbalance my
weight shot up to 90 kilos in a span of 15 years. I was so
I fed up as I was extremely active but my knees, back &
ankles kept getting injured one after the other. My friends &
family were really supportive & they never let me felt I was
over-weight, I’m grateful to god for that. I kept trying many
diets, would lose 20 pounds but gain back 10 pounds back
& forth.
One fine day had a terrible slip outside one of my stores and
had a bad tail bone fracture which had already happened
couple of years back while having a normal delivery with my
child, so it was doubly injured. It was so painful as knees &
ankles were also in a bad shape due to a lot of Zumba, dance
& running on the treadmill desperately trying to lose weight.
Finally, I decided to lose extra 30 kilos in one go at any cost.
I stopped going out, eating out, drinking, no more kitties till
I touch my target. I even left a few kitties which offended
people but I was fine with that as I knew all will understand
me soon.
I went on a complete high protein low carb diet 4 times a
week for year and a half to two years. And then never ever
looked back, lost 25 kilos & now 5 kilos more to go. I’m
struggling to be in shape but not losing hope. I corrected
my lifestyle, ate small portions every 2 hours. I religiously
carry my cute little multicolored tiffin basket in my car every
day with small portions of various healthy but yummy foods
like chaat masala sprouts, skimmed milk paneer tikis, bajri
roti stuffed with dudhi, protein shakes, salted lassi, coconut
water, protein bars etc. Being a veggie I do not have much
choice but I manage pretty well. I now feel really good about
myself and I get compliments wherever I go.

by Rima Kapadia.

 • January 2016 • 13

Kaartik Gor


ith divorce of Malaika good or makes the matter worse? This shall 3. Stop talking bad about your X, let’s not
Arora and Arbaaz Khan depend on the individual chart, and we make Saturn activated which will take
confirmed I recollected my encourage you to download free PDF from you to depression, rather let’s move on
thoughts on the famous the link below understand Why generic star and activate Moon and start meeting
Wprediction I had made in sign predictions don’t work! new friends again!
October 2015 that January 2016 – March The after effects of breakup are standard I will end it with my favorite line from Jagjit
2017 is going to be “The Breakup Season.” and we tend to get recluse and become Singh’s Marasim “ Koi Rishta Nahi Raha Phir Bhi,
The logic was very simple and based on the person that we are not. Loneliness is Ek Tasleem (hello) Lazmi Hai.” So let’s start 2017
transits, with Saturn and Mars transiting a common after effect, and we tend to do with lots of love and love will find love!
sign Scorpio I was sure that compassion in emotional eating too some things you can
a relationship would dry out (Saturn and do after breakup
Mars hate emotions, non-sexual), and even by Kaartik Gor
the most stable couples will call it quits. 1. Venus rules relationship and gets
Relationships and seen from 7th and 4th exalted in a sign called Pieces, and
house of a horoscope, 7th house is your Oceans are ruled by Pieces hence a
intimacy, and sexual preference, however, walk on the beach is the best remedy
4th house is most important for a fling or to come out of a feeling of being
one night stand to turn to be termed as cheated or hurt. Love is beautiful, and
“Relationship” and later “Marriage” if there is a feeling of being in love is even more
bridge between 4’th and 7th house. The 4th beautiful, Venus teaches us that!
house rules your home hence the concept 2. Start learning, reading or do cardio (Yoga)
“If I like you I will take you home” which specifically between 4:30 to 6 time (AM or
means a transition from 7th house (Like, PM). The logic is simple; this time is ruled
Sexual Interaction) to 4th house (home)! So by planet Mercury and planet Mercury
with such a terrible transit happening I was rules the spirit in your horoscope and
sure compassion and financial stress would we need to get that going. This is one
break many relationships. In 2017 luckily remedy that will not fail.
Saturn leaves the sign Scorpio but is it

14 • Febuary 2016 •

dining etiquette
Diana Mather


uests should wait to be seated by the host or hostess, but
if told to sit anywhere, it is usual to separate husbands and
wives or partners, and alternate man, woman etc. Women
sit first and it is correct etiquette for the man to pull back
Gthe chair of the woman on his right. Don’t start eating
until the hostess starts or until you are invited to do so. At a formal
dinner the most important man sits on his hostess’s right, and the
next most important on her left.
The correct way to hold a knife is to tuck the handle into the heel of
the right hand, with the index finger on top of it, pointing towards
the blade. Hold the fork in a similar fashion, prongs always
pointing downwards towards the plate. The soup
and pudding spoons are held like a pen, but
across the body and parallel to the table. When
you are not eating, put the utensils on the plate
in a slight V shape, (to show that you have not
finished). The handles should never rest on the
table. Keep your elbows close to your sides and
hands low. Lift food up to the mouth, rather than
dipping the head to meet it.
When confronted by a frightening array of silver, a
good rule of thumb is to start at the outside and
work your way in.
The classic way to set the table is for a three course
meal is as follows:

On the right:
1. Soup spoon on the outside
2. Then the knife for the main course
3. Next to it, the pudding spoon

On the left:
1. The main course fork on the outside
2. The pudding fork next to it
3. On the side or bread plate, the breadknife
Napkins should be laid across the knee and not used as a
 • Febuary 2016 • 15



is more important than



hile diamonds and solid
gold will still remain as
wedding favorites, Krishaa
and Gautam predict
Wthat bejeweled pieces
flaunting shoulder grazing dangler earrings
encrusted with exquisite gemstones will
make for covetable creations. Another
rare variation that is likely to stand out are
tasseled earrings.
Further, feisty jewel studded pinky finger
rings in the form of new age aesthetics and
patterns will be a trendsetter in the season
to come. The rings that range from animal
inspired to rare variations in multi colored
gemstones are expected to rule over

Most importantly, the highlight of this
season will be new age necklace forms that
range from body chains and asymmetrical
wraps around the neck to multi-chain and
reversible options that flaunt two alternate
variations. Moreover, wearing coordinated
jewelry sets are more likely to take a halt in
favor of statement stand-alone pieces that
stand out in contrast to couture.
Lastly, limited edition is a buzzword that’s
certainly going to flank jewelry outlets as
eccentricity and artistry replace traditional
pieces as the need of the hour.
Says Krisha Ghanasingh, “We are a pioneer
jewelry brand who loves keeping up
with the times. We take pride in crafting
truly stylish, distinctive collections that
commemorate a legacy of undying
passion in the arena of jewelry design.
Each piece is crafted and customized as
per every individual’s requirements. Our
latest collection is purely runway inspired
and bound to add panache and élan to
fashionable Indian women of today.

by Krisha Ghanasingh
16 • January 2016 •


f you look in the mirror you will see how • Practical knowledge Don’t ever feel being pushed into following
the natural tones of your hair , your skin • Finish required beauty trends , enjoy every bit of it to feel
and your eyes all works in harmony , confident and fabulous.
the key is to use the correct cosmetic • Shades / colors most suitable to skin tone
Iproducts and shades that flatter your One must try different looks and techniques by Neha Oberoi
personality , or else you could end up of make up . neutral or glamorous
looking artificial and your features wont depending on personal preference .This
look enhanced .
helps you understand your own features
Cleansing –Toning –Moisturizing and a good better and for regular make up you could
sunscreen are a must for you and should be choose a look that works the best for you .
incorporated in your daily regime . all the Neutral make up looks are best suited for
good brands and their retail counter staff the afternoons whereas a glamour make up
help you pick up the right products for your look is best for evening events .
skin type , weather or climate conditions you
live in and any specific skin conditions Ladies who prefer neutral make up can
“up” the look for evenings by adding a bit
Factors that one must keep in mind while more color and coverage to create a neutral
picking up make up products are :
glam look .Having said that appropriate
• Skin Type knowledge of application and balancing
is am must to achieve the desired look
• Features ( which make up must compliment)
without much effort .
• Brand suitability / availability
Following trends is fine but one must always
• Climate conditions keep in mind your personal preference and
style and not imitate others blindly , it may
• Coverage required
not suit you .

Fashion Trends

We look to the stars for fashion guidance whenever we can, letting them light the way and
point us in the direction of chic, on-point looks that work for every kind of occasion. One
such occasion? Valentine’s Day, the holiday that places a high level of importance on a great
date, and with it, a great date night outfit. With that”dress to impress” mindset, we rounded
up four celebrity looks that are as effortless as they are put-together.
Style your go-to slip dress with a darling pair of black stiletto heels, or pull off a fitted bodysuit
by layering it under a sleek black blazer. In either case, each is maxed out on chicness with
minimal effort (aka the best kindof fashion situation).
Develop an out of the box approach.. Style is eternal ...
Carriage is the key, unlock and unleash your own personality and use it to oomph
your own self
Dress out of the box ... unconventional silhouettes with a differential style
statement.... hues edging towards pastels ....silver limping to make a
comeback.. power statements are a big yes yes (garments with power
shoulders).... lot of fur is making a comeback...on the traditional side the
classic zardosi is simply timeless and priceless

by Sanya Bajwa • Febuary 2016 • 17

skin care

care for


Our skin and hair are usually affected during any weather transition. As we are now heading for a transition from winter to summer, a good
skin care regime and a few other precautionary tips can be practised to prevent this chaos.
The commonest problems seen during this period are SUDDEN PIMPLE BREAKOUTS, WORSENING OF PIGMENTARY PATCHES ( BLACK OR
These are some tips to help with transition period:

01 02 keep skin moist and hydrated.

Drinking of water and juices

Avoid excessive caffeine and
carbonated drinks as it causes

A healthy well balanced diet with
enough carbs, protein, good fat
(omega 3 Fatty Acid), salads , fruits and
berries (those especially rich in vit c) 03 A non soap based face wash would
give good lustre to the skin. be preferred during this dry season
to prevent excessive removal of
facial oil which can lead to a dull
skin and pimple breakouts.

05 06

Although it may not be too sunny
in this season, many neglect the
need for a sunscreen, hence white Face washing should always be followed
by toning and moisturising and it
and dark patches can worsen in this removes remaining dirt, balances the PH Application of hydrating serums which
period. A good sunscreen would be and moisturises the skin. This way the contain hyaluronic acid and vitamins
recommended to be applied on a skin is able to deal with weather changes combat the adverse effects of weather
regular basis. change and give a glow to the face.
without reacting too much.

18 • Febuary 2016 •

skin care
07 08

Over usage of makeup should be Good cardio workout helps with good
minimised and water based makeup is blood circulation to the skin and hair
preferred to prevent pimple breakouts. and it keeps the skin looking radiant and


Good vitamin
supplementation with
ample vitamin A,C,E and anti
oxidants keep the skin and
hair healthy .

by Dr. Gitanjali Nandini
Suman Manik

What inspired you to be part of the Upper Storyy?
Ekta is a very dear friend..its her vision that inspired me to be a part of the upper storyy.
What difference will the Upper Storyy bring to your life?
It has already brought a difference.. women are recognising the upper storyy and think its a great
initiative for women.
Why do you think other like minded women should be part of the Upper Storyy?
Women should be a part of the upper storyy because it gives them a learning experience plus a
networking platform with 200 women which is not easy to get. Also a women can make new friends.
So a lot in just by joining tus.
How will you describe journey of your life?
Journey of life is as you take it. If you want it to be easy and fun it will be so but if you want it to be
sad and depressing it will be so.. life is the energies you attract.. so positivity is a must.. and the ups
and downs are the adventures or roller coasters of life which get over soon.
How would you like to make a difference in the society?
Every women can make a difference in the society by influencing other women to do
better in life and motivating their friends and people around them towards a positive
outlook.. This is what tus also aims to do.
If given an opportunity, would you be a mentor in area of your expertise?
Yes. And would be towards staying healthy so that you can take care of yourself and
your family and stay happy.
What is your life motto?
My motto is to learn everyday in life and you never know u may become a leader. And staying
healthy is the key to happiness so stay healthy stay happy and love yourself. • Febuary 2016 • 19

TUS Event
mumbai diaries nov’16

d i a r i e s

20 • Febuary 2016 •

TUS Event
mumbai diaries nov’16

 • Febuary 2016 • 21

TUS Members

Krishaa & Gautam Ghanasingh at Be True Sangeeta Assomull, Sangeeta Singh, Gautam and Krishaa
Ghanasingh Monica Shahand

Alia Bhatt with Archana Kochhar at the Esha Gupta walked the ramp as showstopper Shah Rukh Khan looked suave in a black
Archana Kochhar show supporting her social for designer Archana Kochhar bandh gala designed by Archana Kochhar at
cause of 100 pediatric heart surgeries Discon 2017 curated by Rotary Mumbai Divas
to support 100 pediatric heart surgeries

One of my favourite piece and colour The Modern Mughal collection

22 • Febuary 2016 •

TUS Members

Unveiling our christmas party collection

Our event honoured by Mrs Ekta Wasan.. and successfully curated Bulbeer Gandhi & Ekta Wasan at Times Shagun
by Mrs Reshma Ajbani--Precious moments

When friends come to encourage you. Theme : Royal Casino | Client : Mohit Surekha | Date : February 2016 • Febuary 2016 • 23

TUS Profiles
Krishya Rohra

K rishya Rohra is a woman who believes in making a difference and touching lives with

her work. She is the Creative Director of HAIRPLAY, a brand of bespoke real human
Hair Extensions and Wigs. It is an established brand in the United Arab Emirates and is
upcoming in India. What drives Krishya the most is not just the monetary gains from
running the business but the happiness and confidence HAIRPLAY offers women
wearing the hair extensions; may it be a professional, a homemaker, our lovely bride or even a cancer

Krisha Ghanasingh

B eing born and brought up in a business family in Mumbai, and holding a Master’s

Degree in Commerce and Finance, Krishaa Ghanasingh started her career as a financial
advisor at JP Morgan, followed by Goldman Sachs. With an experience of over a decade
as an investment banker, she moved from finance to the jewelry industry after marrying
Gautam Ghanasingh Krishaa. Krishaa along with Gautam Ghanasingh launched their
first store- Ghanasingh BE TRUE in Bandra, with a 112 years old legacy in the jewelry industry. BE TRUE
takes the brand from Heirloom to Haute Couture retaining their heritage, culture and values. Keeping
with the global trend circuit, the label offers new collections every quarter, many of which are limited
edition items, bought as collectors’ pieces. The fine jewelry label also has its discerning clientele of the
nawaabi city of Hyderabad and has recently marked its entry in the E-Commerce arena by introducing
a special curated line for

Sunita Gupta

S unita is a woman who believes in following her heart. Twenty years back, she started

her brand Sunita Gupta Jewelry with the passion of creating beautiful pieces which
are an extension of her. Her handcrafted jewels ensure exquisite and uniqueness.
She wishes to bring a most customers dream come into reality by offering maximum
customization. She has also been nominated in the best leading designer category
in the retail jewelry awards. She supports Ashmika Gupta’s NGO Mireaki where underprivileged kids are
taught various art, dance and Science activities.

Sonal Sureka

A musician (Sitarist) by passion and having performed across various countries

including USA, Canada and United Kingdom, music is what drives Sonal each
day. Through music she looks forward to touch souls and create an essence of
peace and harmony. She has completed her education in Finance from UK and
thereafter ventured on her own to assist students who are pursuing their studies in
economics, business and finance and this indeed gives her immense satisfaction.
Recently, she opened an indoor play area for kids in Juhu, known as Kidztown, a place where she loves
to spend time. If she is not at work, she would be running behind her one-year-old son or enjoying a
hot cup of coffee and reading a book.

24 • Febuary 2016 •

TUS Profiles
Neeru Mehta

M rs. Neeru Manoj Mehta is one of the young & dynamic Associate Directors of MTC

Group groups of companies. She is an alumni of S.P. Jain Institute of Management
and Research where she did the Women Management programme. MTC group is
one of the largest business groups dealing in Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals and
Ferro Alloys & Mineral with 11 branches across India and international Offices in USA,
UK, Singapore & UAE.
Neeru aspires to create a perfect balance between work life and personal life and contribute her best
to everything.

Purva Mehta

P urva Mehta is a renounced graphologist and numerologist, a soul seeker in real terms.

She has done her M.COM, DBM and Diploma in ECCE. With her signature, handwriting
and number analysis, she helps people tap their subconscious mind and and gives
the necessary push to overcome limitations and challenges. Apart from one on one
consultations, she also consults via social media and holds workshops for groups or
individuals. Apart from this, Purva also gives properties on rent for corporate events, film shootings,
photoshoots and high end parties. They have palatial bungalows in Madh Island with huge gardens and
a beautiful view. For details, do visit the website

Neha Oberoi
H ailing from the hospitality and aviation segment, Neha was always keen to travel

the world and be part of the glamour world. Her first slint was with Jet Airways Pvt.
Ltd. as a Cabin Attendant and subsequently won, GLADRAS MEGA MODEL 2005 at
the age 21 and further represented India as the Miss Tourism Queen International
pageant in china. She become the face of the airline in 2006 and was the model for
all Jet Airways Campaigns and PR ambassador across the globe. She was then elevated to Corporate
Grooming Manager for Jet Airways in 2007 responsible for grooming all Jet Airways staff across all 76
destinations worldwide. She also has closed collaborations with top grooming and etiquette schools
and make up companies from across the global such as MAC, INGLOT and coordinated workshop for
staff pan India.
She always had a strong desire to take up make up professionally hence did a professional make up
course from Fat Mu academy in Mumbai and is now a professional make up artist and specializes in
bridal, fashion, editorial, TV/Film, glamour makeup.
Manjari Agarwal

M anjari Agarwal, a free spirited person and an extremely creative person who loves

to travel, listen to music, paint ,read and write poetry. She is a GIA certified (USA)
jeweler & exhibits her collection at various exhibitions. She is one of the core
committee members of the renouned Archana Trust, whose aim is to do social
service, & women empowerment where she served for a term of 5 years. Education
is one of the causes she strongly stands for and does her bit by volunteering as an
English teacher in a BMC school. She along with her partner curates kids centric exhibitions with the top
most designers. She aspires to strike that perfect balance between being an independent woman and
a devoted mother and wife while staying true to herself. • Febuary 2016 • 25

TUS Profiles

I have been identified as a wife to a successful entrepreneur, at times as the muse that inspired

his success. Later, I came to be known as a mother to a wonderful daughter who is creating
her own niche in her academic world. Now, having contributed my best to my blessed little
family, I wish to make a foray into the world of words and business, two driving forces that I
am certain will carve my identity.

Raveena Aswani

I f a diamonds are a woman’s best friends, then a diamond designer is a woman’s greatest ally.

Just like every baby is beautiful to its mother, all jewelry is precious to its creator. Darshanaa
Sanjanaa Jewelers, Mrs. Raveena Aswani deals in an array of exquisite and aesthetic jewelry
like flawless, unblemished pearls, glossy impeccable gold and diamond stunners, all
hallmarked with IGI certification. The exuberant Mrs. Raveena k Aswani has added sparkle
to many women’s personality and a glint to their smile by designing beautiful jewelry that they adorn
with love.

Nandita Malkani

A Young and talented fashion designer with an eye for design, fabric & style, Nandita is

a creator of elegance and comfort. A graduate of Business management studies, her
interest in fashion took her in the direction of fashion merchandising for a large and
eminent Haute couture house. Her ground experience and eye for detail allowed her
creativity to blossom and before long, she was designing outfits for family and friends
The positive feedback motivated her to set out on her dream and The N Stitch was born. Today Nandita
Malkani supplies to high-end multi designer stores in Mumbai and has showcased her collections in
various exhibitions. The N Stitch is known for its fusion and indo western looks, combining the elements
of the East with the elegance of the West.

Dr. Gitanjali Nandini

D r. Gitanjali is an American Board Certified Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist who

was formally practicing in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur before moving to Mumbai.
She then laid the foundation of Skin Nirvana Cosmetic Clinic in Mumbai.
Having undergone various international trainings in Kuala Lumpur, UK, Bangkok,
Hong Kong, Paris and Singapore, she has an experience of 13years in practice.

She specializes in Lunch Time Non Surgical Anti Aging Treatments, Non Surgical Hair Restoration,
Painless Hair Removal, Effective Pigmentation and Scar Treatments and treatments for various other skin
conditions. She is meticulous in her work and believes in results. She is a woman with integrity, with no
compromise on values and ethics in practice.

26 • Febuary 2016 •

TUS Profiles
Seema Prakash

B eing a fiercely independent and self-sufficient person, getting dusty was never a

choice. Post graduate in hospitality management; her options were myriad, possibilities
limited. Biding time, popped a job offer for the role of a teacher, hoorah.
Teaching came secondary, learning happened incessantly-compassion and patience-
life’s lessons learnt by a 20 something, not over her reckless teen years. Until she took
on another important role in life, that of a mother. A major turning point in life and she made a conscious
decision to be a stay at home mother. Checking for school work, packing lunch boxes, planning meals,
not to forget the infinite trips as a glorified is good!!

Neelam Raimalani

W hy can’t a lady become an entrepreneur? Well this question did stay on while growing

up. Being a woman, a lot is expected out of you and my life was no different. Hailing
from a rooted yet contemporary family background, I was told to be myself and I
became myself. Knowing business is one thing and running it is another trait all
together. Building relationship is the core and especially in my life of work where on
a day-to-day basis interaction with esteem clients is a norm. Positioning MK JEWELS as one of the most
trusted brands in a competitive market is a skill that I learnt over time. The next time whenever this
question pops up in your mind “why a woman can’t be an entrepreneur” just say, why not?

Priyanka Agarwal

A mother of 2, Priyanka Agarwal is someone who values life and believes in the little

things that make difference. She is a founding partner of the iParty Events, which
has till date curated 700 successful events. Born in Vijayawada, she came to Mumbai
at the age of15 to pursue textile designing at Sophiya College. She is a dreamer, a
doer, a person who has learnt it the hard way. She believes this is her second life
after a tragic incident that happened with her in childhood. She had an electric shock, so intense that
the doctors also had given an answer. Thus she is someone who cherishes even the smallest moments
and lives life to the fullest.

Mrs. Pinky Kandhari

M rs. Pinky Kandhari being a teacher with 8 years’ experience, ensures discipline and

transparency in all dealings. She has played an important role towards the growth
of B. Kandhari Properties.
Being a mother of four kids she contributes significantly to organizational efficiency
with her day to day management.

She is an integral part of the planning team and helps formulate strategies for future expansion of the
group. • Febuary 2016 • 27

TUS Profiles
Bulbeer Gandhi

B ulbeer Gandhi, a mod¬ern age entrepreneur and the Event Directo¬r of ABEC

Exhibitions¬ and Conferences Pvt.¬ Ltd. is one of the v¬ery few women to have¬
made it so big in th¬e Exhibition Industry¬. She is the driving ¬force behind the
inva¬riable success of Ind¬ia’s leading exhibiti¬ons, Times Glamour, T¬imes Shagun
and Times¬ Glitter. Known for h¬er compassion she con¬tributes towards the
¬betterment of society¬ through- offering sc¬holarships to underpr¬ivileged students and¬ providing
medical ca¬re and facilities to ¬the underprivileged s¬ection of society.

Samaira Tolani

I read this 5 years back and gave it a thought and realized that I have Passion for Creative things

so why not just Begin So started with S-chocolat- A huge variety of Chocolates with lovely
flavors and Personalized Fancy Packaging....
While doing that I loved dressing up and designing my own clothes... I would always buy all fabrics
& design the way I would want my dress to look and then give to my Designer to make it for me....

She would always see my designing and say wow... All would love the clothes I wore... So started
designing clothes and loved it... I would always Create things that soon Became Fashion... Started my
own Label ST Now have my own BOUTIQUE too...

Ritu Seth

R itu Seth is the owner and curator of Surat’s first ever luxury flagship store- Belisma –

A multiple award winning handcrafted Jewelry designer.
She has flourished as a titleholder of multiple awards and recognitions in India as
well as abroad. She was bestowed with the ‘Boutique store of the year’ at Burj Khalifa,
Dubai and the ‘Young achiever of the year’ award at Singapore. She has acquired
various certificates and degrees like - Manual Jewelry Design Certificate, Diploma in Diamond Valuation,
and Certificate in International Techniques for Diamond Grading, etc. She even holds the National &
International Recognition from 2011 to 2015 by attaining the Certificate of Excellence, with the Retail
Jeweler India. Ritu seth has also received national award for the young achiever of the year category
2015 also winner at Retail Jeweler India Awards – 2016.

Rima Kapadia

I ’m a vital part of the NOBLE CHAIN OF PHARMACY STORES where I Rima Kapadia looks into

merchandising bringing & introducing new brands of cosmetic & skin hair care plus looking
into the HR. It’s full on family run business but I work from home at times & otherwise visit
the office 3-4 times a week. I’m a lethal combo of beauty with brains, vibrant & absolutely
fun loving, positive adventurous & awesomely confident. I am an Artist by profession a
super creative person. I know I Have all the qualities of a great LEADER & would love to make
a difference in the field I am very good at which is FASHION Styling / personal celebrity Shopper is
something what am looking & studying & researching into. Everyone wants to know the secret of my
Vitamin for energy & bubbly nature which is “ Love URSELF & The World will follow you”!

28 • Febuary 2016 •

Sonalli Guptaa TUS Profiles

S onalli is of immense contribution as a person in everything she does. A mother to 3

children, a role she never ceases to play. She is also a poet and writer and blogger,
written over 50 poems and currently writing a book. She is a transformation and
empowerment facilitator. She is also an auto writer and medium. She connects to
higher realm for writing and helps people with guidance. She has helped people
heal their body issues and diseases. |

Rebecca Dewan

R ebecca Dewan is a style icon and fashion entrepreneur. She created and launched

the Rebecca Dewan Brand because she realized the lack of options in experimental
clothing the modern Indian woman has today.
Rebecca Dewan comes from a very affluent family, born in London and settled in
Mumbai. Her collection is the reflection of a modern woman’s unpredictable moods.
Rebecca Dewan promises to add just the right amount of flair to any outfit with her
sheer luxurious choice of Swarovski embellishment.

Sonal Jain
A brief background about Sonal Jain, she has graduated from Sydenham college of

Commerce and Economics.
For over a decade she has been teaching and conducting work shops on “identify and
meet your perfect match”, “the art of predictions through tarot”, “mystical crystal healing”
“theory of karma”, “the magic of numerology” “phenominal dynamics of vastu” all over the world, through
astrology, tarot, crystal healing, numerology, and vastu.

Preetika Tulsiani

W ith a keen interest in design, stylish fashion and travel, Preetika heads the concept

and digital design wing – (media and marketing) of Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewellers.
Always in close tandem with the directors and the team at DC, she aims to achieve
excellence in the field of functional couture and bridal jewelry and creating integral
awareness to the necessary audiences via the medium of social and print media.

Payal Bhasin
C oming from a traditional business family and being a woman makes it hard to carve a niche

for your self in today’s world. However sure formula to success is to do what you have passion
for and what you are good at and eventually things will always work out.

Pioneer honey is an effort of a young woman entrepreneur, mother, wife and a daughter who
wanted to make sure that her family was always healthy and safe • Febuary 2016 • 29

cover story
dimple duggar

What Next?

Dimple Duggar

30 • Febuary 2016 •

cover story
dimple duggar

“I was the ‘go to person’ for most of the orientation comes naturally to Dimple, which the monetary gain but the outcome and
people who crossed paths in my life and she realised during her childhood days itself. impact it leaves on the society.
one day I decided to be one for myself! Not to mention her love for art, sports and Her vision is to leave a mark wherever she
poetry also spurted at a very young age and
That’s the only step I had to take to realise goes and mainly through cinema, which
my dreams and bring them to reality she thanks her mother for that. allows her to be the brilliant manager she is
Dimple’s father, a businessman played an along with the streak of her creativity.
That is the only Step you can take too!”
instrumental role in shaping her life and
A dreamer, an achiever, ambitious, thoughtful, imparting life lessons and discipline by She is seen asking herself and others
question which help them get direction i.e.
simple yet classy all together a passionate taking her to exhibitions as a sales personnel will it be worth the effort you will put in and
person, that’s Dimple Duggar for you! and she managed all the activities and what then?
learnt the art of business inside out.
Dimple’s life has been eventful and full of
learning, from her schooling days to college, Her life lessons have helped her be the Dimple Dugar is the Founder and CEO of
her MBA in the US to getting married to the woman of substance she is today. She JVD films and The Pixellence Studios. JVD
love of her life, her erratic working hours for thanks her husband a billion times who films is into television shows production
organisations she worked for to spending supported her throughout and still does. and The Pixellence Studios creates visual
quality time with her 3 year old, from managing effects, animation and post production.
her business to managing self, she has Dimple’s quest for fulfilment, satisfaction Dimple is a passionate film makers who
managed to balance every role well in her life. and happiness also lies in imparting her are brilliant story teller. Deeply rooted with
life learning to others in every way. Her offices in Delhi, Kolkata , Mumbai & New
From the surface it would look like an easy approachability, energy, and astuteness York. Dimple’s aim is to be recognised in
task to do, but it takes a lot of perseverance, are contagious which is quite evident as film industry as writer, director and her
dedication, introspection and most important, both sides of her family gives tremendous organisations to be the one stop destination
passion, which she certainly exuberates! support to her. for Films, Television show production,
Animation and TV commercials.
Leadership, Managerial skills and goal Her key to being successful has never been • Febuary 2016 • 31

cover story
dimple duggar

Up close


My day starts with….
Thanking God for a new day !
My life journey…
In search of Excellence & harmony.
My daily musings…
Writing my poetry after hours and easy
My focus…
My fight with self to im prove and excel.
Happiness to me is…
My goal and family.
My failures and learnings…
Have failed innumerably but never seized to
collect my self and restart again.

Success is measured by….
What positive impact you could make and
not how high you have bounced.
Managing work life balance…
The key to good heath and happy family.
so early hours to start with, cardio for an
hour , disciplined work hours, and diner and
family time.

Risk taker or a micro planner...
I have always been an aggressive risk taker
& the drive is incomparable , but off course
after a thorough thought and direction in
mind & it has always reaped well for me.
I don’t leave my house without…
My abundance self faith and optimism.
My aspirations…
To be remembered as a legend who
inspired generations to come as a story
teller in cinema.
My de stress mantra…
Cinema or a bar of chocolate has always
worked for me !

32 • Febuary 2016 •


Dimple Duggar

When there’s no light at the end of the tunnel,
When there’s not many lamps you could lit up
When the hopes start to fade..
And the darkness starts to take over..

When the light hurts your gloomy eyes..
and your hopes fragmented..
Your beliefs torn apart and your world too..
When the world collapses...and you beneath..

When the heart cries out & no one to reachout
When despair wins over joy..
And when the stars fade out And dark clouds creep in..

When the rainbow is black and white
When the heart is frozen and mind stand still
When the soul Is ripped..
And the body like carcass..

When the night is dark and windy..
And you have no where to go..
Street lamps have gone dead..
And the city’s mourning..
You are inside the tunnel..
But you can see no more..
You..are.. | are ..Not..
Living.. | ..or Dead..
No one cares. | Nor Will..
This is when you introspect..
This is when you look within..
The flickering light of your soul..
With faith that never dies, reignite it ..
Let your aura light up the tunnel,
Let your substance within, break the darkness,
Witness the sun rise within you..
And the green lush lawns of hope,
This is when you rise,
This where you walk and leave the clutter behind..
This is where the world sees you,
As you who doesn’t succumb
As you who rises from the debris
And make her own legend... • Febuary 2016 • 33

Shruti Tejwani

What inspired you to be part of the Upper Storyy?
The whole idea is to be in an all women forum striving to do something different got
me excited to be a part of it.
What difference will the Upper Storyy bring to your life?
I am looking forward to learning new things in life which we ignore during our growing
up years.
Why do you think other like minded women should be part of the Upper Storyy?
It’s a great platform to network , make new friends and also the team is coming up with
ideas which will benefit all , so I feel it’s a great opportunity.
How will you describe journey of your life?
My life journey has been quiet a roller coaster , as a kid and a teenager I was quiet a
rebel and grew up only to take my life decisions on my own and stand by it .Today I am
a mother of two beautiful kids and with immense support from my husband and family
I have a successful career as well , so I am in a very happy space right now.
How would you like to make a difference in the society?
I personally feel women should empower each other that’s what I ll be doing in upper
story as well.
If given an opportunity, would you be a mentor in area of your expertise?
I would love to.

What is your life motto?
My motto in life is it doesn’t matter how many times you fall down its how many times
u get up , dust off wear those high heels and kick off is what matters. So you get one life
live it your way!

Reshma Ajbani

What inspired you to be part of the Upper Storyy?
I joined the Upper Story because I wanted to be a part of a community of vibrant and
dynamic women.
What difference will the Upper Storyy bring to your life?
No matter how successful a woman is, she is never tired of learning from or meeting
other successful women. I am proud to be one of the curators for The Upper Story
because I believe in supporting and serving this community of vibrant , dynamic
Why do you think other like minded women should be part of the Upper Storyy?
Other like minded women should definitely be a part of The Upper Story to encourage
the flow of knowledge and strategies between members.
How will you describe journey of your life?
I discovered my way in finding my true passion which got converted into a business
which I started almost 4 years ago.
How would you like to make a difference in the society?
By empowering and encouraging every woman to follow their passion or dreams,
helping them achieve their success.

If given an opportunity, would you be a mentor in area of your expertise?
Yes, I definitely would like to be a mentor in the area of my expertise.
What is your life motto?
If you manifest it, you will achieve it is what I strongly believe in.

34 • Febuary 2016 •

Sanya Bajwa

What inspired you to be part of the Upper Storyy?
Saw it as a forum to make a difference by reaching out to more people.
What difference will the Upper Storyy bring to your life?
It is helping me to develop a new perspective on things.
Why do you think other like minded women should be part of the Upper Storyy?
It will bring together people here hence a great forum for value adding.
How will you describe journey of your life?
It’s been of building character.
How would you like to make a difference in the society?
By contributing to the education system.
If given an opportunity, would you be a mentor in area of your expertise?
Yes, I would love to.
What is your life motto?
To reach out and heal wherever I can.

Sheetal Vijan

What inspired you to be part of the Upper Storyy?
Finding our niches in our daily lives and using it productively to help people was my
biggest motivation for joining the upper story. Learning is really important for mental
growth and this is platform that helps me, if not everyone else too.
What difference will the Upper Storyy bring to your life?
It will increase our understanding of the technicalities and talents that are behind
some of the most successful people in different industries. We’ll be able to learn
directly from them.
Why do you think other like minded women should be part of the Upper Storyy?
Because it helps us grow out of our comfort zone, our domain. It can make us more
adept and eclectic in different aspects of life.
How will you describe journey of your life?
My life .... I’m blessed with beautiful journey with a loving family specially my husband
who always supported me all walks of life and 3 lovely children who are always my
strength ... And lovely friends and family who are my great support system ... Earlier
it was just time for family but now would love to explore something new to have a
fruitfull future where I can help women and society for a betterment
How would you like to make a difference in the society?
I would like to help people realise their true potential and help them discover talents
and interests they didn’t even know they had. Which upper story is great for.
If given an opportunity, would you be a mentor in area of your expertise?
Of course, it’s great to share with people and help them grow and in the process, you
grow too!. • Febuary 2016 • 35


What inspired you to be part of the Upper Storyy?
The upper storyy is about the journey of each one of’s about the journey of like
minded women and gives one an opportunity to learn from experiences of so many
women successful in their own space. This thought of meeting so many people from
different walks of life with so many different experiences and being able to share them
and learn with them to grow together inspired me.
What difference will the Upper Storyy bring to your life?
I look forward to these fun afternoons spent learning from all the wonderful speakers
and the members themselves and meet all these beautiful people out there.
Why do you think other like minded women should be part of the Upper Storyy?
Every woman should spend some time for herself to grow as an individual learning new
things, having some fun time and gaining experiences that she will benefit from and
fondly cherish.
How will you describe journey of your life?
It has been a fulfilling life with a lovely family, beautiful children, fantastic and satisfying
career and I would now like to add more value to it through the upper storyy.
How would you like to make a difference in the society?
I would like to give back to the society in the healthcare domain by using my education
and experience internationally to improve the healthcare system here in India to be
able to provide better healthcare

If given an opportunity, would you be a mentor in area of your expertise?
Yes without a doubt!
What is your life motto?
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do
than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. Learn. Grow.

TUS Directory

Sr. No. Name Profession E-mails
1 Aakriti Khetan Advocate [email protected]

2 Aarti Virwani Active Web designer [email protected]
3 Aksha Kamboj Home-maker [email protected]
4 Aminder Madan Home-maker [email protected]
5 Amrita Arora Dentist/Home-maker/clothes [email protected]
6 Anchal Poddar Home-maker [email protected]
7 Anu Agarwal (Vinita) home-maker [email protected]
8 Bina Anand Home-maker [email protected]
9 Bulbeer Gandhi Business [email protected]
10 Chaitali Barot Business N/A
11 Deepa Jagwani Jeweller [email protected]

12 Deepa Rathod JYO Designer [email protected]

36 • Febuary 2016 •

Sr. No. Name Profession E-mails

13 Dimple [email protected]
14 Dimple Duggar Business [email protected]
15 Dimple Marwah Home-maker [email protected]
16 Dimple Zaveri Home-maker [email protected]
17 Dipika Topiwala Professional [email protected]
18 Dr. Anjali Shere Hair Transplant Surgeon [email protected]

19 Dr. Gitanjali Nandini Abhinandan Cosmetic dermatologist [email protected]
20 Ekta Anand Home-maker [email protected]
21 Farhad Dadi Interior Designor [email protected]
22 Hiral Himanshu Kanakia Director Head employee relations [email protected]
23 Jassu(Jasmeet Kohli) Home-maker [email protected]
24 Jharna Ranglani Home-maker [email protected]
25 Juveria home-maker [email protected]
26 Kiran Purswani Home-maker [email protected]
27 Krishya Ghanasingh/ Rohra Jeweller/ Hair Extensions [email protected]
28 Lavina Khanna Fitness expert N/A
29 Leena Prabhoo Counsellor/Life coach [email protected]
30 Lydia Matta Fashion Designer/ Home-Maker [email protected]
31 Manjari Agarwal Jewellery Designer/Event planner [email protected]

32 Meenu Sujan Home-maker [email protected]
33 Mehak Jagwani Home-maker/Jeweller [email protected]
34 Mona Patel [email protected]
35 Naazi Kohli Home-maker [email protected]
36 Naina Parekh Fashion Designer & Industrialist [email protected]
37 Namrata Puri Home Décor [email protected]
38 Namrata Talreja Designer/ Noght wear [email protected]
39 Nandata Virwani Designer [email protected]
40 Neelam Raimalani Jeweller [email protected]
41 Neeru Mehta [email protected]

42 Neha Jain Home-maker [email protected]
43 Neha Oberoi Make-up Artist [email protected]
44 Nidarshna Gowani Home-maker N/A
45 Nikita Kaur Sahani Make-up Artist [email protected]
46 Nitesha Golecha Imitation Jewellery [email protected]
47 Paridhi Jain Home-maker [email protected]
48 Parmeet Chaddha Home-maker [email protected]
49 Parveen Sethi Home-maker [email protected]
50 Payal bhasien Hints honey give aways [email protected]
51 Pinky Kandhari Real Estate [email protected] • Febuary 2016 • 37

Sr. No. Name Profession E-mails
52 Pooja Dhandha Home-maker/ Fashion blogger [email protected]
53 Pooja Jain Home-maker [email protected]
54 Pooja Jain Home-maker [email protected]
55 Pooja Mehta Home-maker [email protected]
56 Preeti Chaddha Home-maker [email protected]

57 Preeti Tibb Home-maker [email protected]
58 Pretika Tulsiani Jeweller [email protected]
59 Priti Doshi Home-maker N/A
60 Priti Punit Surana Business [email protected]
61 Priya Saberwal ( Parmeet Kaur Jeweller [email protected]
62 Priyanka Agarwal Event Organiser [email protected]
63 Priyanka Kalra Jewellery Designer [email protected]
64 Priyanka Mosaria Events National Décor [email protected]

65 Purva Mehta Dealer Real Estate [email protected]
66 Purvi Malani Chartered Accountant [email protected]
67 Radhika (Meenakshi Seth) Home-maker [email protected]
68 Rakhee Vaswani Celebrity Chef [email protected]
69 Rashi Aggrawal Home-Maker [email protected]
70 Rashi Maniar Director Noble Pharmacy [email protected]
71 Raveena Aswani Jeweller [email protected]

72 Rebecca Dewan Fashion Designer [email protected]
73 Reema Bajaj Interior Designing [email protected]
74 Reena Gandhi Fashion Designer [email protected]
75 Rehanumaa Contraactor Home-maker [email protected]
76 Reshma Ajbani Event Designer [email protected]
77 Rima Kapadia Entrepreneur [email protected]
78 Rinku Tandon Blogger/Writer/American School [email protected]
79 Rinky Poddar Home-maker [email protected]
80 Rippi Sethi Fashion Designer [email protected]
81 Rishika Agarwal Home-maker [email protected]
82 Ritu Chaddha Tarot reader N/A
83 Ritu Ruia Home-maker [email protected]

84 Rohini Chagti Home-maker [email protected]
85 Roshini Saraf Business of commodities [email protected]
86 Rupa Chandan Energy Tranformer, Numerologist [email protected]
87 Safina Anand Home-maker [email protected]
88 Sakshi Manchanda Home-maker [email protected]
89 Salome Sathaye Events [email protected]

38 • Febuary 2016 •

Sr. No. Name Profession E-mails
90 Saloni Rupani Self Employed [email protected]
91 Samaira Shekhar Tolani Fashion Designer [email protected]
92 Samriddhi Agarwal Home-maker [email protected]
93 Sanya Bajwa Fashion Designer [email protected]
94 Seema Prakash Home-maker [email protected]

95 Seema Singh Home-maker [email protected]
96 Shailey Arya Home-maker [email protected]
97 Sheetal Vijan Home-maker [email protected]
98 Sherry Anand Home-maker [email protected]
99 Shikha Arora Home-maker [email protected]
100 Shikha Chaudhary Customised Trunks [email protected]
101 Shilpa Changlani Home-maker [email protected]
102 Shilpa Khurana Fashion Designer [email protected]
103 Shilpy Bansal Home-maker [email protected]
104 Shipra Shetty Home-maker [email protected]
105 Shivali Sharma Home-maker [email protected]
106 Shivika Agarwal Professional [email protected]
107 Shreya Mansokhani Home-maker [email protected]

108 Shruti Tejwani Photographer [email protected]
109 Shweta Aditya Rasiwasia Home-maker [email protected]
110 Shwetal Gupta Home-maker [email protected]
111 Smriti Agarwal Home-maker [email protected]
112 Sona Bhasin Home-maker [email protected]
113 Sonal Jain Tarot reader [email protected]
114 Sonal Mohit Surek Business [email protected]
115 Sonalli Gupta Transformation, Empowerment [email protected]
116 Sonu Ahuja MD Pal fashions/Real-estate [email protected]
117 Suman Manik Entrepreneur [email protected]
118 Sunita Gupta Jewellery Designer/Finance classes [email protected]
119 Tammanna Angel Card Reader [email protected]
120 Tanaya Gupta Home-maker [email protected]
121 Tanuska Kochhar Home-maker [email protected]
122 Tarang Jain Home-maker [email protected]
123 Usha Mirchandani Fashion Designer [email protected]
124 Varsha Jain Jeweller [email protected]

125 Vimi Chhabra Home-maker [email protected]
126 Vinisha Tulsiani Home-maker/Jeweller N/A
127 Yoma Mathrawla Image Consultant [email protected] • Febuary 2016 • 39

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ABC to success | A- Appearance | B- Body Language | C- Communication


Soft Skills, Behavioural and Management Development Skills


First Impressions, Dress for Success, A Veneer of Etiquette


Business Etiquette, Dining Etiquette, Debonair Man, Styling for Women, Fitness etc


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