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Published by Matt Bernoi, 2020-02-04 11:31:50

2020 Rose Catalog

2020 Rose Catalog

Rose Catalog

Hybrid Tea’s-White..…..Page 1 Seasonal Care
Hybrid Tea’s-Pink………..Pages 2 & 3
Hybrid Tea’s– Coral…….Page 3 Velvet Touch Rose Care provides the Following:
Hybrid Tea’s-Yellow…….Page 4 • Regular Service visits every 10-14 days
Hybrid Tea’s- Red………..Page 5 • Monitoring for diseases, insects & mites
Hybrid Tea’s Lavender...Page 6 • Regular deadheading
Climbers……………………..Page 6 & 7
Shrubs…………………………Page 7 • Preventative spray with plant protectants
• Fertilization
• Pruning
• Winterizing

• Shaping, Training and Pruning of Climbers

Healthy productive roses require regular systematic care

Email: [email protected] Phone: 301-502-4398


Bolero– Floribunda Easy Spirit—Floribunda Full Sail- Hybrid Tea Honor– Hybrid Tea

Extraordinarily strong fragrance of Creamy white blooms with the Disease resistant; pure blooms with Large well formed crisp bight white
traditional rose mixed with occasional blushing pink on the beautiful form, glossy foliage and blooms. Slight tea fragrance.
tropical fruit. outer petals. Mild tea fragrance.
strong fragrance.

Iceberg– Floribunda John F. Kennedy– Hybrid Tea Margaret Merril– Floribunda Pope John Paul II– Hybrid Tea

Extremely disease resistant, vigor- Rich white double blooms and Large, ruffled, satin white blossoms. Great disease resistance; beautiful,
ous and floriferous. The bushy attractive green foliage. Strong, rich citrus and spice fragrance. high-centered blooms hold pure
rounded plant is robed in dark Moderate licorice fragrance. white color. Strong citrus fragrance.

green foliage. Great for hedges.

Secrets Out– Hybrid Tea Sugar Moon– Hybrid Tea

Pure white Hybrid Tea with a Slowly opening blooms with very
stronger, spicy fragrance. dark green foliage providing excellent
contrast. Citrus fragrance.

= Fragrant 1 Availability is subject to change


Bewitched– Hybrid Tea Chicago Peace– Hybrid Tea Color Magic– Hybrid Tea Elizabeth Taylor– Hybrid Tea

An excellent cut rose. Known for its Large copper-pink blooms that Spectrum of pink hues from blushed Shocking deep pink with smoky
long vase life, pink blossoms with a shimmer with a canary-yellow at ivory to salmon. Intense fruity edges. Slight spice fragrance.
the base of the petals. Interesting, fragrance.
tempting damask fragrance. leathery foliage. Loves hot weather.

Falling in Love– Hybrid Tea Gene Boerner– Floribunda Kordes Perfecta– Hybrid Tea Love and Peace– Hybrid Tea

Creamy buds open to a warm pastel Medium double pink blooms Pink and cream blend, with pink edges. This striking rose will stand out in
pink. Rose shape that spirals open with a slight fragrance. Strong fragrance. your garden as well as in bouquets.
slowly. Highly tolerant to mildew and black

Miss. All American Beauty– New Zealand– Hybrid Tea Peter Mayle– Hybrid Tea Perfume Delight– Hybrid Tea

Hybrid Tea Soft coral-pink with high center Large blooms of deeply colored Classic scent, lovely tapered buds,
Wonderful cut flower with strong pink. Strong old rose fragrance. and deep green foliage. Strong
Hardy and beautiful with deep pink honeysuckle fragrance. damask fragrance.
petals. Old rose fragrance.

Pink Peace– Hybrid Tea Secret– Hybrid Tea Sexy Rexy– Floribunda Tiffany– Hybrid Tea

A profuse bloomer with very full Slightly ruffled petals and strong Profuse, coral-pink clusters of Super-sweet fragrance and dark
blossoms; this rose is a true work fragrance it’s begging to be added to blooms make this a must have green foliage adorn this rose that
horse. Sweet rose fragrance. any bouquet. addition to any garden. Light performs well in the heat.

= Fragrant fragrance. Availability is subject to change



World War II Memorial Rose–

Hybrid Tea
High-centered, light pink blooms.
Strong sweet fragrance.


Apricot Candy– Hybrid Tea Fragrant Cloud– Hybrid Tea Mother of Pearl—Hybrid Tea Octoberfest– Hybrid Tea

The ruffled edged petals contrast Fragrant rose features an abundance Very full luminescent coral-pink blooms. Striking orange and yellow buds.
nicely with the soft green foliage. of bright coral-red blooms with a Unique, bright color combination
honey sweet fragrance. with long straight stems.
Mild fragrance.

Marmalade Skies– Floribunda Sedona– Hybrid Tea Sonia– Grandiflora Sunset Celebration– Hybrid Tea

Large clusters of red-orange Large, double bloom of layered red, Perfect formed flowers are a gorgeous Blend of apricot, amber, and rich
blooms. Light fragrance. orange, and coral. Strong pear blend of salmon pink and rose. Fruity pink. Moderate fruity fragrance.
fragrance. fragrance.

Touch of Class– Hybrid Tea Tropicana– Hybrid Tea Voodoo– Hybrid Tea

Glowing coral pink. Mild fresh apple Clear coral-orange. Color holds true on Unique, multi-colored, large blooms of
fragrance. this vigorous plant with strong stems yellow, peach, salmon, apricot and red.
and memorable fragrance. Rich fruity fragrance.
= Fragrant
3 Availability is subject to change


About Face—Grandiflora Dream Come True– Grandiflora Kings Ransom-Hybrid Tea Julia Child-Floribunda

Old-fashioned with golden yellow This beautiful bi-colored Grandiflora Bright yellow buds with sweet fruity Old-fashion butter gold blooms.
interior and a bronzy orange has mild fragrance. fragrance above glossy green Strong licorice candy and spice
reverse. Mild fresh apple fragrance. foliage. fragrance.

Elina-Hybrid Tea Good As Gold– Hybrid Tea Gold Medal-Grandiflora Hotel California - Hybrid Tea

Large, soft yellow blooms. Long Golden orange blooms. Disease High-centered buds of golden yellow Even, clear yellow formal blossoms.
stems for cutting, frequent bloomer, resistant; sweet fragrance and long tinged with orange. Rich fruity and Moderate fruity fragrance.
excellent disease resistance. stems make this an excellent cut spice fragrance.

Mellow Yellow– Hybrid Tea Midas Touch– Hybrid Tea Oregold– Hybrid Tea Peace– Hybrid Tea

Yellow blooms. Disease resistant with Strong, hardy plant in all climates The gold standard for yellow Hybrid Ivory yellow with pink edges; large,
long-lasting pure color until petals. with dazzling color and dark foliage. Teas. Unrivaled for its deep color very full blooms with formal shape.
Moderately fruity fragrance. Moderate fruity fragrance. that never seems to fade. With its Moderately fragrant.
perfect, high-centered form.

Radiant Perfume– Grandiflora 4 Availability is subject to change

Bright blooms of deep, golden
yellow. Strong citrus fragrance.

= Fragrant


American Dream– Hybrid Tea Chrysler Imperial—Hybrid Tea Crimson Bouquet– Hybrid Tea Double Delight– Hybrid Tea

Velvety red with large and spiraling A high centered, velvety, strongly Long stems great for cutting, paired Perfectly shaped, perfectly scented
blooms. Slight fragrance. scented rose. Is a great repeat with dark glossy leaves and good Hybrid Tea. A perennial favorite.
bloomer. disease resistance. Slight fragrance. Strong spice fragrance.

Dolly Parton– Hybrid Tea Firefighter– Hybrid Tea Ingrid Bergman– Hybrid Tea Kardinal 85– Hybrid Tea

This southern beauty is drop dead Dusky velvet red with high centers. Dark red, velvety blooms with deep Medium to large, double, cupped
gorgeous. Cheerful, extravagantly Intense old rose fragrance. green foliage. Light, lovely blooms. Blooms throughout the
fragrant, with vibrant lipstick red. fragrance. season. Moderate fragrance.

Let Freedom Ring– Hybrid Tea Mister Lincoln - Hybrid Tea Opening Night– Hybrid Tea Oklahoma– Hybrid Tea

Bright, strawberry red blooms with Deep, velvety purple-red full blooms. A unique, blushing bicolor addition; Black-red buds open to large, dusky
high centers and classic form. Slight Intense damask fragrance. hardy with good disease resistance. red blooms. Strong rose fragrance.
tea fragrance. Mild fragrance.

Olympiad - Hybrid Tea Red Masterpiece– Hybrid Tea Ring of Fire - Hybrid Tea

Bright, true red blooms with a light Beautiful double blooms with Deep coral orange blooms with
fruity fragrance. exceptional fragrance. large petals. Slight fragrance.

= Fragrant 5 Availability is subject to change


Barbara Streisand– Hybrid Tea Baroone De Rothschild - Heirloom– Floribunda Fragrant Plum-Grandiflora

Sensuous lavender blooms edged Hybrid Tea Magenta buds open to deep lilac Vigorous, productive, tall plant with
with deep magenta. Glossy, deep Pink & purple blooms. purple blooms that have a sweet long cutting stems; color brightens
green foliage. Strong fragrance. fragrance. with some heat.

Memorial Day– Hybrid Tea Nicole Carol Miller– Grandiflora Twilight Zone– Hybrid Tea Wild Blue Yonder– Grandiflora

Clear pink with a lavender wash. This rose was named in honor of a Full and ruffled velvety Deep reddish-purple with a
Strong damask rose fragrance. victim on 9/11 Flight 93. Pale purple blossoms. Strong spice lavender 'eyezone'. Sweet citrus
lavender mix with intense mauve fragrance. fragrance.

color and strong citrus fragrance.



A white, reblooming climber. Black spot Elegant, classic rose with strong Large pastel pink, cream, and yellow flow-
resistant and has dark green foliage. fragrance; ideal for trellis or arbor. ers flush first in spring then bloom lightly all
Strong rose fragrance. season.

Josephs Coat– CLIMBING ROSE Lavender Crush– Climbing Rose New Dawn—CLIMBING ROSE

Ever-changing blooms of red, pink, orange, Grape to lavender colors blend with a white Large pale pink flowers with a wonderful
and yellow. Popular, proven performer that reverse. Intense sweet fragrance. sweet fragrance.
blooms on old and new wood.
6 Availability is subject to change
= Fragrant


Lady in Red –CLIMBING ROSE Pretty Pink In Eden—CLIMBING ROSE Skys the Limit– CLIMBING ROSE

Large, ruffled old-fashioned blooms of true Vibrant Pink Blooms. Very showy and disease Buttery yellow, clustered blooms.
classic red. Great repeat bloomer on this resistant. Floriferous repeat-bloomer, hardy, and

vigorously growing climber with a slight tea

Pearly Gates– CLIMBING ROSE Double Pink Knock Out Yellow Knock Out

Pearl pink and formal tea blossoms. Repeat, Fluorescent pink double blooms. Hardy and Great disease resistance. Soft yellow blooms.
free-flowering bloomer that is well-suited to reliable repeat bloomer with excellent
cutting. disease resistance. Light fragrance.

Double Knock Out White Knock Out

Deep red-pink roses with great disease Bright white petals, disease resistant leaves.
resistance. Does well with the heat. Great Great repeat bloomer.
repeat bloomer.

= Fragrant 7 Availability is subject to change

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