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My final Wp3 DONE, yay!

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Published by tarawilkinson96, 2016-05-10 13:01:27


My final Wp3 DONE, yay!

Feeling Comfortable With Who You Are

Tara Wilkinson
Professor Meredith
ENGL 1302: Sec

10 May 2016


1. Writing Project 3 Topic………………………………………………………...…….2
2. Original Image……………………………………………………………………..…3
3. Annotated Bibliography………………………………………………………..…….4
4. New Image……………………………………………………………………………5
5. Why Transgender Equality Will Still be Argued for in Ten Years…………….…6-9
7. Works Cited………………………………………………………………………....10


Issues of Transgender Equality
My projects main focus will revolve around the issues of Transgender equality. And
which bathroom society thinks Transgender should use. I will use my visual argument to
argue you that Transgender should be made feel comfortable to be who they really are,
thus supporting the new bathroom laws allowing Transgender to use whichever bathroom
they feel most comfortable in.


Original Image


Anointed Bibliography
Victoria’s Secret. Advertisement, Seventeen. Seventeen n.d Web 3 May 2016
This image is a well-known logo for a women’s clothing and undergarment store that
goes by the name Victoria’s Secret. This store’s goal is to help empower women to feel
beautiful and confident. Although not everyone may shop here, most have a general idea
of what it is. They host a fashion show once a year, full of tall, thin, and beautiful women
that people all over the world tune into watch. You can spot this image on the bag you
reactive after purchasing a product from this store, and can easily be spotted when
shopping in the mall. Although this image is only a representation of a store and doesn’t
have a huge significant meaning behind it, it can be transformed by adding a set of words
to the end, then giving it a meaningful message


Visual Argument


Transgender Equality
Transgender equality is a huge controversial issue in our society today, and though many
people have grown to accept the idea of it, there are also individuals who have not. I
personally did not notice the rise of the issue until Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation from a
man to a woman. There have been numerous amounts of support from the public that
have shown gratitude and love towards Caitlyn’s recent change, but there has also been
quite a bit of hate toward it. In my own opinion, I don’t see transgender equality ever
being fully accepted by all of society because there is always going to be individuals that
believe it is a sin that dooms you to Hell. Most recently the issue of which bathroom a
transgender should use has been a widely talked about topic. A large portion of our
society has supported the idea that a transgender should be allowed to use the restroom
that they feel most comfortable in, while the rest of the public believe everyone should be
using the bathroom of the sex they were given at birth.

A firm supporter who believes that transgender should not be using the restroom that they
feel the more comfortable in is, presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Cruz made the statement
“if the law is such that any man, if he feels like it, can go in a woman's restroom and you
can't ask him to leave that opens the door for predators."(Scott 1) I personally can say I
have been in a public restroom where a woman who choose to look and identify herself
as a man was inside at the same time and I did not at all feel like he was a threat to me. In
my opinion Transgender using our bathrooms is nothing new, and it seems as if people
are suddenly trying to make an issue out of something that hasn’t been a problem in the
past. Cruz fears the thought of a little girl being inside a restroom alone, while a grown
man is also inside. First, why would a little girl be alone in the restroom? How is the


likeliness of that happening any different now than if they do change this law? There are
not security guards standing outside of the restroom trying to determine if someone
walking in has breast or not. The restrooms have never been known to be a safe place,
and smaller children using public restrooms should always be accompanied by an adult.
Cruz supports that the bathroom you should use is the sex you were given at birth. Could
you imagine if a transgender little girl was forced to use the men’s restroom? That little
girl may have been given the identity of a boy at birth, but in her mind, she is comfortable
identifying as a female, and it would be an uncomfortable situation to make her use the
men’s restroom. Cruz expresses how sick childhood predators are, having since he has
worked with them in law enforcement before. I agree childhood predators are sick, but I
feel as if these are two separate issues and has very little correlation. Predators clearly
don’t follow laws in the first place, so why would a law about restrooms stop them?
Caitlyn and Cruz have actually had a few arguments over the fact that Cruz refuses to
accept this idea. One incident between the two happened while Caitlyn was visiting one
of Donald’s trumps hotels, Caitlyn used the women’s restroom and posted on social
media that in the process no one was molested, and directing it at Cruz. Caitlyn is not one
of the few who is against Cruz on this. If Ted could provide me with better reasoning as
to why Transgender should not be allowed in the restroom they feel more comfortable,
then maybe we would share a common opinion on it. As of now I don’t stand on the same
side, he does. Cruz is going against Transgender equality in this issue, when really the
problem he has is not with them, but with predators.

Donald Trump believes a Transgender, male or female, should use whichever bathroom
they feel the most comfortable attending. I am just as surprised as the author that I agree


with something Trump says. I am in complete agreement with Trump’s statement: “is
there an epidemic of trans agitators exploiting their adopted genders to invade women's
restrooms and do untoward stuff to young girls? If so, I missed all the paranoia over non-
trans men sneaking into women's bathrooms, and doing untoward stuff to young girls.”
(Cupp 1) What most of us are saying by being for Trans using our bathrooms is, we
accept you we want you to feel comfortable. We are not at all agreeing to grown men
using a women’s restroom. Trump mentions “There have been very few complaints the
way it is. People go, they use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate. There has been
so little trouble.” (Cupp 1) What is being proposed is basically already how we go about
things today. It almost seems odd that this is all of sudden an issue. Trump was also
asked what restroom Caitlyn Jenner should use and he responded by saying whichever
one she feels most comfortable with. He told her at any time she is at one of his
establishments, she is welcome to use the bathroom of her choice. As I mentioned earlier,
she did that very thing, and used the women’s restroom at his hotel. Most people find it
hard to have the same views on something as Donald, but the way he views this issue is
sane and logical. The women who actually wrote this article expressed her feeling about
the situation as it is “fabricated, a cultural and political invention used to stoke public
fear, pledge fealty to a cartoonish, far-right totem of morality, and stand athwart some
imagined political correctness.” (Cupp 1) I agree with how she sees views this entirely
also. We are being made to feel as if we should be fearful of something that should not
make us feel fear at all. This problem mostly lies with the close minded, who disagree
with anything they don’t personally live their life by.


Overall, it’s hard to have an accurate opinion on what should be done when most of us
have no idea what is like to live the life of a Transgender. Most of us have no idea how
difficult it to be a Transgender and live in our community. All they strive for is to feel
comfortable and happy, and our society as a whole should also want the same for
everyone in our community.


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