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christmas booklet 2016 final

christmas booklet 2016 final


Cantril Iowa 397 - 2322STORE HOURS: • Weekdays , 8a.m. - 6 p.m. • Saturday 8a.m. - 5 p.m. • Sunday Closed

Greetings to all in Jesus name,
Once again we present to you our

“2016 Christmas Gift Guide”
This Booklet gives you only a tiny glimpse of what all
we have available , so come check it out for yourself.
We hope this booklet will help you find the
perfect gift for that special someone on your list.

JesusDuring this Holiday season lets all remember, - God’s perfect gift to man.

Thanks for your Business - From all of us at Dutchman’s Store

Chart of

A vintage reproduction of this famous illustrated time-line of earth

history first published in 1871. This 23ft. fold-out chart features

These detailed, full-color drawings of various stages of history, from
Adam and Eve to the late 19th century. $2999
photos of Perfect for educational settings.
will lift Manna for Mothers

your spirits Daily Inspirational
and make Standup Calendar
2017 a
“very good Beautiful Gift Item
W20a1l7l Couarleionwdaar

i $795
2 Dutchman’s Store • Division Street - Cantril, IA • (319) 397 2322 •

Magic $499regular $9.95 2 in 1G-ifStnIuteggmles

Giggles Gadget Transform
Petunia these snuggly

Plush Animals

into a useful Neck pillow!

Unzip the animal’s tummy and pull out
to create a snuggly neck pillow.

Reverse to go back to a plush animal!

Perfect Potato Feet Personalized
Stand potato upright on the feet in
the Microwave and have A Perfect PENS
75¢Baked Potato In Minutes in a beautiful
Norpro® Gift Box

$399 Tricky Dogs

wLiEtChDaSLmwigoihtcth One of the Best-selling
Novelty Items of All Time!
Ultra Brite 200 Lumens
New Technology $249
Stick anywhere. $159Colorful Glass
No wiring needed.
Great for
Storeage areas.

Customer Floating Sea World each
Favorite Aquarium Charms

Christmas Carol 3

Song Sheets


STORE HOURS: • Weekdays , 8a.m. - 6 p.m. • Saturday 8a.m. - 5 p.m. • Sunday Closed

TOYSHuge Selection of
come check it out! $18John Deere 6-piece set95

Animal Sounds Hayride Toy
- Cute animals, fun sounds,makes a great gift!
- Animals make sounds when put in their correct seats
- Plays “Old McDonald”
- Age 1+

$1495 #35865 regular
regular $27.19 $109.95

3-piece VehiEcrltel JGohinftDeSeeret 441:16 Case IH $ 95

this incredible value set includes a pickup Magnum 7250 Tractor
truck, 4WD tractor, and a row crop tractor.
Mark 50th Edition #14918
John Deere T670i Combine

$29regular95 $6495


1/16 scale New Holland
L225 Skid Steer Loader

Ages 8+ # 13816

regular $7495regular
$36.95 $99

1:32 New Holland 340 Big John Deere®
Baler21Square Pedal Tractor
$ 95 and Wagon
Gear Force Harvest Action

COMBINE #46334

IFnecaltuudreess tlwigohtfsig, suoreusn,dasbaunldl aonpdentoinngs soidf eacpcaensseolsries
Ages 3 years +


style # 46088
4 Dutchman’s Store • Division Street - Cantril, IA • (319) 397 2322 •

FARM TOYSLarge Selection of Farm Toys

Farmgre&at Rlinaenupcohf Toys

these are realistic and very durable

•Corral Panels & Hay Rings

•Bulls Cows Calves

20% OFF SALE Activbiyty Pads

Animals SALE

2$ 99



4$ 99each

8$ 50 Toysmith

32 Pieces ChildSrheonvesl,GHoaer,dReankeTsools:

Busy Barn Yard Helps young gardeners to learn skills related to
yard care. fully functional so they can actually
Shaped Floor Puzzle help with outdoor tasks and gain a feeling of
accomplishment. The wooden handles and metal
3-5yr #2923
heads are strong and sturdy.

STORE HOURS: • Weekdays , 8a.m. - 6 p.m. • Saturday 8a.m. - 5 p.m. • Sunday Closed 5

65Toddler Time® 20”weighted Dolls

with adorable hand sewn outfits, realistic hand painted faces
$Beautiful Handmade
now only

com$p1a1r9e at


Perfect for mom or dad’s
“little kitchen helper” Mini Musical Tin Tea Set
Magic BottlePainted handles - Size: 11”in length Wind up the tea pot and tip to hear
Ages 5 and up “Im a Little Tea Pot”
15 piece set includes: 4 plates, 4 cups & saucers,
1 tea pot with lid and 1 serving tray.

$1599Tray measures 9.5 x 6.25.
Ages 3+.
Item# MTTS


Easy to assemble castle

style#98301 generously sized to fit 2 or more

My Sweet Baby little princesses. Flap front door,
12” $895
2 mesh windows, sturdy material
Soft body to withstand hours of play.
Village Doll
Carry case included.

19$Age: 3+ years 95

6 Dutchman’s Store • Division Street - Cantril, IA • (319) 397 2322 •

3862 Sit N Walk Baby



The Musical

Accordion Dog

Pull Toys

#E72098 $495

$995 #72200

Push ‘n’ Chase
or Push N Go Truck

Classic #36875
99Pull String ¢
TRAIN TOY Bumble Ball

$1099 Classic $599




Soft Bab3y0xB4l0a”n$k6e99t 7

STORE HOURS: • Weekdays , 8a.m. - 6 p.m. • Saturday 8a.m. - 5 p.m. • Sunday Closed

Rolling Delight Wagons While Supplies Last

→ Features $19999regular
Flat Free Tires $249.95

Poly Bottom

Wooden Stake Side



Available in:
Green, Blue and Red

Size 40” by 22”

by local Amish Craftsmen

Bent Hickory


Quoit SetsPolished Solid Brass Child size rocker
4 (4 lb) Brass metal quoits
A & B molded indentation $74.95
Special Offer - $115
ALSO AVAILABLE: Adult size Rocker
•3lb. pain$te5d9S.t9e5el Quoit Set
• Pegs & Carrying Bags $128.95

XL Adult Rocker


Immergood Ice Cream Freezer

Cranking out Ice Cream . . . and memories


• Polished stainless steel canister
•Super insulated tub stays cold for longer
•All Stainless steel gears won't rust or strip
•Clear plastic lid lets you to see the mix
•USA made in Pennsylvania

SS Model 6 Quart SS Model
6 Quart Electric 8 Quart

Hand Crank w/ White Mountain Motor Hand Crank

$279 $309 $325

8 Dutchman’s Store • Division Street - Cantril, IA • (319) 397 2322 •

SEYDEL® Top rated Gift Items
Richter-tuned Octave

Made in Germany Sleigh Bell
10 holes 40 reeds Leather Strap
Door Hanger
stainless steel covers

79$regular price 95


HCuogerkasBsoartcmkeendt Handmade by
local Amish Crafstmen
3¾” square, Wipe Clean
Heat & water resistant, 22” strap with 6 bells
Light weight and durable

99¢ each $2995
16” strap with 4 bells


Easily transform your
mason jar into lanterns for
outdoor or indoor accent lighting

Qmt Hand Tuned S1OA0FL%FE Transform your
LED Lighted Lid Insert Kit
fits regular and
wide mouth $429

iceTcurrenam •Sassafras
•Red Cedar
with this Walking
old time Sticks
Comes with a rubber tip and
6qt. Electric adjustable leather wrist strap.

Ice Cream $940.i9nc5h
$1500 i.n9ch5

6qt hand crank $199

STORE HOURS: • Weekdays , 8a.m. - 6 p.m. • Saturday 8a.m. - 5 p.m. • Sunday Closed 9


$2295 $899

12" Pre-seasoned Heavy Antique Bronze

Cast Iron Skillet LED Lantern

Extends from 10" to 33" 15 high-power LEDs
output 25 lumens
Metal construction with
wire-guarded glass globe
uses 2 x D Batteries

( not included)

394CCQAatmSSTepaIsDRonOuetNdc$h 95 15$ 95$24.95
Oven Blue Enamel
All other Dutch Ovens also on SALE!
Ca8 CmuppPfeirrc e

Coffee Maker

99¢ $2 Exte n d a b l e $74.575

Mens Camping Fork
Colorful $5995Little Buddy

Hankerchiefs Portable Propane Heater
Buddy Heater

Color Your Campfire

Check out the Shoe Department 95

$48Shoes & Boots for Men, Women, Children

Wfionr ttheerwCholleoftahmiilny g TeMtahrteinrbSpaolrltsS®et
Nylon wound rubber ball
•Hats •Gloves •Coats •Jeans •Jackets Heavy 3pc. Steel Post, w/ Ground Sleeve

10 Dutchman’s Store • Division Street - Cantril, IA • (319) 397 2322 •


Bow 14$ 75 Toysmith®
Hoot N Holler
11$ 95Arrow Animal Caller Toy
$350 Blow into the 9” horn to make it
roar, bellow and howl!
durable, kid-friendly nostalgic
Select from nine different
Toy Bow & Arrow critter calls - duck, eagle,
owl, turkey, coyote, bear, elk,
for the beginning archer in your life. bobcat and wolf.

Rubb9”elroBngaWndooGdeunn Farkle Dice Game

Become a Farkle fanatic with this Classic

Dice-Rolling, Risk-Taking Game™.

#RBRG For 2 or More Players. $599
Ages 8 & Up
Deer Dart Board Set
Made with Firwood featuring Beautiful deer art by Larry Zach.
includes 6 brass darts, chalk, eraser and mounting screws.
Size 21” x 23.5” #949



Large Selection of

Jigsaw Puzzles bySunsout®

→500 pc. $7.95 →1000 pc $9.95

1CUGaNarOmd e WOW $1695was
$ 49
4$ 99 “moo”ving

Rook action
Card combines
Game with real farm
mishaps for


Life on the Farm
Board Game

STORE HOURS: • Weekdays , 8a.m. - 6 p.m. • Saturday 8a.m. - 5 p.m. • Sunday Closed 11

Light Up The Night

Six LED Fishing Lure The New 250 Lumen DUO Headlamp is an
all-powerful, hands-free lighting solution.
3Flashlight-#D1635 $ 29 Tough, reliable, lightweight and completely shock-proof.

• High-power 250 lumen LED spot light $1995
• 80 lumen C•O•B flood light
• Red 10 lumen C•O•B flood light
• Red beacon light

$399 $1399
Regular $5.99
NEW! LiL Larry - The Power Pocket Light
Winchester® This miniture version of our very popular Big Larry has a Super Bright 250 lumen C•O•B
work light and has 3 light modes: high, low and emergency red flash.
Great Looking! 6”length • Powerful magnetic base
Aluminum LED


Looks like a real
shotgun shell.

3.5" length
Item# W1301

SLYDE Flas$h2li2gh99t
Black #6156 & Camo 6383
9 LED Deer or Horses Flashlights
$2.99Operates on 3 AAA batteries (included). #1183 & 891 250 lumen LED flashlight;
190 lumen COB work light

$1895Introducing the most versatile light you’ll ever hold. 8 LED
Introducing the most versatile light yMoui’nll ieavteur rheolLdE. D


The Work Light & Spot LightStreamlight’s new This flashlightprovides bright, efficient LED
light for a variety of activities. Great for use
ultra-small, super bright around the house, cabin, shop, or campsite. Keep
personal light one in your car, truck, or boat. style# 1184

with 9 Position Swivel HeadThe Work Light & Spot LightIntroducing the most •vSeurpsear-tbilreighlitg3h5tluymouen’lsl oeuvtepruthold.
with 9 Position Swivel Head• Push button tail switch • Unbreakable pocket clip
• In•cl9u0dºe/s9(1p)o“sAitAioAn” sawlkiavleinl ehebaadttery "Larry C" Flashlight
• Power memory setting

• 90º•/D9irpeocsti-ttioon-reswdivfeeal thueraed
• PIontwr•oeFdruucmlilnyegmdthioemrmymossatebvtetliernsagtile light you’ll ever hold.
wThitehW9 oProksLitiigohntS&wSivpeoltHLeigahdt $19959 p9ospitoiosnitisownivsewlihveealdhead Now, equipped with new C•O•B LED technology, the $699
• Dire•cAt-ntoo-dreizdefdeaatiurcreraft-grade aluminum Larry™C outputs 170 lumens of intense light. The
9 position swivel head• Full•yWdiamtemraabnled impact-resistant
• Ano•dSizteedelabirecrlta/pft-ogcrkaedtecalilpuminum rotating magnetic clip gives you convenient hands-free
The Work Light & Spot Light• Wat•ePr oanwdeirmfupl amcta-grenseistitcanbtase lighting by attaching to virtually anything.

with 9 Position Swivel Head•


• Steel bLeEltD/poscpkoet tlicglhipt
• Powerful maHgingehti-cpboaLHwEsigDeeh-sprpoowt2leig4rh2t050 lluummen en
• RubbeHrizigehd-Cnpoo•Onw-•seBlrip2flg4oHir0ogihpd-lpuolwmigerhe24nt0 lumen
• PowereCd•Ob•yB4flAoAodA lbigaCht•Ote•Brfiloeosd lig(hint cluded)

High-poHwigeh-prow1e5r 15lluummenen
High-Cpo•Ow•eBr 1re5Cd•Olu•lBimgredhelitgnht
C•O•HBigrehd-ploigwhter 250 lumen Camo Red Gray Yellow Blue
LED spot lightA new innovation in LED Pink

technology. C•O•B features
smaller, easier clustered
Dutchman’s Store • Division Street - Cantril, IA • (319) 397 2322 • www.DutchmansStore.comLED chips that are mounted COST..................$14.00
12 ITEM # 6437 - CRYKET

ICTOESMT#...6..4..3..7...-..C...R.$Y1K4E.0T0tAdsLemEircneDaheclAtsdLnwlcetemEiolhrycrne,ilDianohpetecolngnwslcateoyoltshyt.rhvh,liiieonCaeptaerotng•stiaOcocoyatsit.l•nrhvuBrhiceeCaesiaunrftt•mtieiOectocLaariobl•nreEtuBrTmtocuuohedhuDsoeiuentrandpfslteimuegitereetlrhesdefLLoat.rEodbr.oBemEDtueuuostdccpDhatnuraruiaptesdtrspeiesdetwioCIroofdT.cnrtdeakhOnilerEtletoiigccmgohStMeletmytitnhetpTgeorarobct#ah.ftysHCHe.ldiugo.cep6hni.sii•rteitc.gggosO4u.lnuii5gt.,rhh30hfCb.a•tot.•ciOni7B--ame.g•®RAPrSe.eesSCdRa$inYlErrePf.o1s.l,$16e462m45eP.39i9ene97cne9(ws38w00w09) 100516-US


Nose Hair 1 pair per package
Trimmer in carry pouch.

What could be a better gift $750
item for the outdoorsy guy
$899Heavy duty, 20in long,
than a camouflage nose
and ear hair trimmer? Deer Antler
→ Back Scratcher
6$ 99#1008
30.06 Rifle Bullet
comfy 80/20 cotton/poly blend • fit shoe sizes 10-13
Pocket Knife
13 Pairs
Red or Green
in a pack
Shot Shell
ONnolwy! Pocket Knife

$1250 $175Style # 705

TStaapnleeyM30efat.sSutereel $ 95 Selected Styles

$895 17 SlippersMens or Womens

The Original™ Irwin by

Vise Grip® New! PocketMonkey®
5” Curved Jaw Locking Pliers 12-Function
$ 99 Fits in Wallet
6# 5WR Utility Tool
Also Available :
Headgehog Wild

STORE HOURS: • Weekdays , 8a.m. - 6 p.m. • Saturday 8a.m. - 5 p.m. • Sunday Closed 13

3 Tea Cup$ 99
& Saucer Set

in a beautiful round Gift Box

6 patterns to
& Useful choose from

9$SALE 99
makes a great gift

12” long with wooden handle

Large Selection to choose from

Handy Conversion Table→on the Back

Shopping List Lorann Oils $2395

Magnetic Soap Making Kit
Nowt/empinai ds
Great kit for making aromatic soaps in different shapes and colors.
Silicone Spatula. Includes glycerin soap base, liquid colors, molds, fragrances, cocoa butter

$3Very Nice99 The
Naked Bee
Practical Hand & Body

Gift! Lotion

New Line of 2.25 oz. $3.50
6.7 oz. $7.50

Essential Oils

18 oz. Jar wGETitAhLUBSTeReOUsSwSHaINxE

Candles »» For wood, leather, iron, glass

7 scents »» No sticky residue
»» 17-oz aerosol can
regular $9.95
Bee’s Wax Furniture Polish
14 Dutchman’s Store • Division Street - Cantril, IA • (319) 397 2322 •

10% OFF Gifts for Women

All - & $19995
regular $365
Musical Save 45%
Wall Clocks

Musical Wall Clock

with motion

Style # Qxm362Brh

On the hour, the clock plays one of
18 Hi-Fi melodies. Two sets of melodies are
available for selection on the control panel

Cottage Garden® BUY THREE

Music Boxes GET ONE
Beautiful Selection of Musical Boxes with a FREE!
large assortment to choose from including: Locally Hand Poured
100% Soy Candles
Mother, Friend, Sister, and many more.

$13.95 - $25.98

→ in a Glass Pint Jar

Over 25 choices Regular Price $8.95

BAARustSraOliAanPFrench Milled Andreas - Silicone

Non Slip
Jar Openers

loosen the most
stubborn jar lids
by giving the most
lluigshctiolyusscfernatgerdanwcieths leverage possible
because they fit

1$ 99 comfortably
each into your hand.

MFeaFnvanomoriinltyeitse 56” round $ 99 HWSeoaAotLtNfhrUionTmg
over 600 pages
of recipes Not wanting to be wasteful,
a thrifty craftsman grinds left-
from mennonite
cooks in over blackwalnut shells and

NE missouri. transforms them into a
Treasured Treats soothing hot pack. It’s natu-
ral, eco-friendly and retains
heat just as well as corn.

Just heat up in the microwave

to relieve aches and pains.

About 18”long - 11⁄2 lb.
$1898 $699STORE HOURS: • Weekdays , 8a.m. - 6 p.m. • Saturday 8a.m. - 5 p.m. • Sunday Closed

9 inch Deep

29Stainless Steel 95

Pie Pan S1t8a”ixn2le2”ss Steel $
Drainer Board

20% OFF

Rada Knifes - Made in Iowa

$2295 regular price $30.99

Stainless Steel Milk Can - 1 Gallon

Our milk can is for more than dairy. It makes a beautiful piece of country décor for
your home. Fill it with flowers, branches and greenery, store coffee and pasta, or
use it as a unique utensil holder for your kitchen. 8-3/4”H x 6-1/4”OD

2 Gallon size also available $3295

Aluminum Baker’s Stainless Steel Salad Cutter

Half Sheet Pan Three suction feet.
95 Shreds, strings,
12$w/ Storage Lid #43103 crinkle cuts.

Five heavy stainless
steel cones.


$2995 (Bowl not included)

Traditional Style



16 Dutchman’s Store • Division Street - Cantril, IA • (319) 397 2322 •

M4i-xPiiencegPrBepoNwSlerSveet Kitchen Helps & Gadgets

7-quart, 5-quart, 3.5-quart and 2-quart bowl $1395 HELP SUPPORT
Perfect for serving or preparing foods A BLIND PERSON

by purchasing
this handy little

watermelon shaped


2for only $ 49

Stoneware Shoulder Bowls

6” 8” 10” 12” $11.95 - $29.95

$299 $599

Set of 5 Brightly colored Set of 4 Brightly colored
Measuring Spoon Set
1/4, 1/2 & 1 tsp and 1/2 & 1 tbsp Measuring Cup Set

Durable and lightweight 1/4 , 1/3 , 1/2 cup and 1 cup.

Durable and lightweight

1$ 50 Aluminum 23-Quart
1 oz.
Mini Pressure Canner and Cooker

White Porcelain 89.95CANNER HOLDS • 7 quart Mason jars,

Pitcher • 20 pint jars • 24-half pint jars. $

We Stock a Full Line of

Home Butchering Supplies

Double Layer $4999
Striped Dishcloths

Classic High Speed
#3501 Restaurant Quality
Grain Mill
by NutriMill French Fry
Grind 5 Cups Per Minute
Cast iron with Stainless steel blades
Quietest mill in the market Includes Suction Cup feet


STORE HOURS: • Weekdays , 8a.m. - 6 p.m. • Saturday 8a.m. - 5 p.m. • Sunday Closed 17

Bulk Candyhundreds of choices ifnJorutistmht ee
Customer Mast Homemade
Favorite! FTreshefroxm as!
Peanut $ 99
Brittle 315oz.
Old Fashioned and Grapefruit
Ribbon Candy
Creme Filled 3$ 49
Peanut Clusters pint
old fashioned
Sanded Lemonade Jam
Hard Candy Mix
2 5½pint /$
Red or Black 8 flavors - Dutchman’s
Australian Style Licorice
Homemade Jams

→ 2/$5 Huge Assortment $499 regular
per lb. $9.99
Bachman® Wisconsin
•Sweet Potato • Black Bean Butter Toffee
Tortilla Chips Pecans

16 oz.$359John F. Martin

Ring Bologna 99¢
4 pack - 3.25oz.
Snack Sticks

Premium 249Premium $ per lb.
Whole Smoked
HAMShankless Turkeys Deli Fresh!
259$ 25 Virginia Ham
per lb. 3$ per lb. & Honey Ham

18 Dutchman’s Store • Division Street - Cantril, IA • (319) 397 2322 •


Baking Supplies

99¢ 12$ 99
11 oz.
2 lb. pack

Brown Sugar Baking

Powdered Sugar Vanilla

59¢ CoatingLandmark Milk Chocolate
Christmas per lb.


Larger sizes - 99 ¢


9” X-Deep GET ONE

Pie Pans FREE! 1-Dram Size

Food Grade Oils & Flavors

A little goes a long way with these concentrated flavors.

5$ 99 2 iSALE $ 25
14 oz. per lb.
Pella •Fine •Medium •Wide
Dutch Country
Canned Homemade

Bulk Loose TEA 799 21 choices - Bulk $ per lb.
for the Holiday Specialty Arabica
Nutcracker Sweet
Peppermint Bark Grind Your own

Sleigh Bells

STORE HOURS: • Weekdays , 8a.m. - 6 p.m. • Saturday 8a.m. - 5 p.m. • Sunday Closed 19

DUTCHMAN’S STORE Dutchman’s Store • Division Street - Cantril, IA • (319) 397 2322 •
PO BOX D - Division Street


(319) 397 2322

Prices and product availability are subject to change without notice.
Dutchman’s Store reserves the right to limit quantities.

Not responsible for typographic errors. ©2015 by Dutchman’s Store LLC


A Gift Card is the perfect gift.

Purchase In Store or

and we will mail it to you.

Late Night
Gladness SALE!

Friday December 4

OPEN till 10pm

Watch upcoming Ads for more Details!

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