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The October 2018 edition of The Courier Online, a segment of Olentangy Orange High School's Courier newsmagazine.

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The Courier Online - October 2018

The October 2018 edition of The Courier Online, a segment of Olentangy Orange High School's Courier newsmagazine.


volume 2
issue 2

taking out the trash

local residents work to limit personal waste

olentangy orange high school 2840 east orange road lewis center, ohio 43045

october 2018 | table of contents

table of contents

designer jacob fulton

staff editorial: straw bans | 3

news: changing school security | 4-5

broader scope: zero waste | 6-7

sports: swim team tryouts | 8

culture: irrelevant memes | 9

opinion: ads on social media | 10

off the cuff with jacob fulton: global warming | 11

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courier writing editor-in-chief: sam amonette jacob fulton
livie mauger abby fulton anna godoy
jacob fulton brooke little
courier design editor-in-chief: caroline schattschnieder
brooke little shannan johnson
jessa nelson
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jacob fulton cole patterson
abby robinson
catherine wu

2 | the courier online

editorial | october 2018


reducing plastic waste, person by

person, can make a difference

writer the editorial board when it harms helpless animals. amount.
designer jacob fulton There are many non-profit -Bring reusable tupperware to

Take a second and think about all organizations around the world school
the household items that are made that are dedicated to maintaining -Carry a refillable water bottle
of plastic, all the restaurants that use clean oceans and beaches but one
plastic silverware and plastic cups in particular, the Plastic Oceans instead of buying a new one each
and all the packaging that is simply Foundation, focuses strictly on time
thrown away after purchasing items reducing the amount of non-
at a store. Around the world, plastic is compostable plastics floating in -Reuse binders for classes year-
used in many different ways but it all oceans. In 2017, at least eight different after-year
ends up in the same place- landfills newspapers, including The Los
and oceans. Angeles Times and Voice of America, -Use a reusable lunch box (like a
composed articles based primarily on soft-side cooler) for a packed lunch
Plastic straws are typically handed the Plastic Oceans Foundation, and
out like candy at most restaurants the organization is still recognized -Eat with reusable silverware (if
around town and if not given, they daily for its main mission of your lunch box has to make it home
are usually asked for. We are not all stopping plastic from hitting oceans eventually, then a fork and knife
“go green, save the planet every everywhere. would too… don’t use plastic utensils
chance you get” here at the Courier, daily!)
but we are bothered by the amount We are strong believers that
of plastic that winds up in the oceans “no matter how little, it can move -Avoid fruits, vegetables and side
and eventually washes up to shore. mountains.” This is one of our favorite dishes that are single serving because
According to National Geographic, sayings because whatever “it” may be, of the amount of packaging that it
a 2015 video involving a sea turtle even the smallest action or change involves
suffering from a straw stuck in its can make a difference. The school,
nose inspired many hotels, resorts the students and the staff themselves These small adjustments to a daily
and cruise lines to ban the use could reduce the amount of plastic lifestyle can make a difference little-
of plastic straws. That video has that is coming and going in the by-little. The Courier Staff strongly
disgusted thousands of its viewers by community. suggests students start getting
the human-caused waste- especially involved in environment-friendly
Here are a few things students clubs at school. The school and student
can do to reduce their plastic waste body do a fair job of designating
places for plastic disposal, but there is
a fine line between recycling to reuse
and using so much plastic in the first

editorial statement:

The Courier is an official student-produced medium of news and information published by the Advanced Newspaper Journalism
students of Olentangy Orange High School. The Courier has been established as a designated public forum for student journalists to
inform, educate and entertain readers as well as for the discussion of issues of concern to their audience. It will not be reviewed or
restrained by school officials, adults or sources prior to publication.

The content of The Courier is determined by and reflects only the views of the student staff and not school officials or the school
itself. The Publication will not publish any material, determined by the staff or adviser, that is libelous, obscene or disruptive to the
school day.

The adviser is Kari Phillips. Readers may respond to The Courier through Letters to the Editor. Letters may be mailed, e-mailed
to [email protected] or dropped off to room 2223. The staff asks that submissions be 300 words or less and contain the
author’s name and signature. Editors reserve the right to edit or withhold publication of letters.

The Courier strives to uphold the Canons of Professional Journalism, which includes accuracy, impartiality, etc. Therefore, major
errors will be corrected in the next issue. Distinction will be marked between news and opinion stories.

the courier online | 3

school onoctober 2018 | news
understanding the impact

writer abby fulton we immediately involve law works this year. Just because it worked
designer jacob fulton enforcement. If there is ever a threat, last week, doesn’t mean it works this
real or rumor, we’re going to involve week so we’re constantly looking for
Going to school is starting to make law enforcement,” Smith said. “We just ways to improve and getting feedback
students feel more nervous by the try to follow up with communication from all parties involved.”
day. Not because of their upcoming and make sure that people know that
test or their scary English teacher, the building is safe.” Some students find themselves
but because of the fear they face as being concerned about how secure
they walk through the doors every Other incidents helped open the the school is during the school day.
morning, not knowing if they’ll ever eyes of students and parents that
walk back out. threats in the school are legitimate “I think that having a sturdier set
relevant issues. of rules and regulations put in place
With all of the issues recently would make the students feel safer,”
with safety within schools, the topic Junior Kaleigh Farrell said that Farrell said. “Any student can come
of security in schools has grown after Parkland, she was more nervous in from the patio by knocking on the
in popularity and became a more to come to an area with such a big doors, but what if it wasn’t an Orange
pressing issue in both the media and population. This was a wakeup call student?”
school settings. Both parents and because this kind of thing happens so
students are concerned if schools are frequently. In the spring of last school year,
really safe environments for students the high school started to lock the
and staff members. The safety procedures at the high athletic wing doors at the beginning
school are continually changing and of first period to make sure that only
The school takes all threats improving to guarantee that there are people who are supposed to be in the
seriously to ensure that every student no serious threats at OOHS. school are in the building.
and staff member is safe.
“We’re constantly looking for “We are trying to limit points of
“The first thing we always do what’s the new thing, what can we access to come into the building
is anytime we get information, change,”Battistone said. “Just because during certain times of the day
it worked last year doesn’t mean it because unfortunately, somebody

keeping schools safe

42% 57%
of schools had some sort of schools had some sort
of security staff in 2006 of security staff in 2016

4 | the courier online

lockdownnews | october 2018

of increased school security

could just walk in. I know that makes coming in and out of the building have conversations about serious
it harder for those who park in the during the day. issues to prepare students for
junior lot. It’s a little bit farther walk, whatever may happen.
but overall, we have over 2,100 kids so “I think the school is safe in the
our goal is safety,” Battistone said. sense that I have teachers I trust, and “School, to me, is a place to learn.
friends I can rely on. However, I do It is a place that should be secured,
Being aware is one of the key find it a recurring trend where I feel a place where problems are taken
parts of keeping all of the students at unusually on edge, and not very safe, seriously. I understand that it’s a
OOHS. in more open areas of the school,” scary thing to think about, but I think
Farrell said. we need to have more in-depth
“You have to always be aware of conversations about dangers in
anything that could spiral or lead to The district is taking further schools; whether it be from natural
something bigger. If you look at a lot precautions to keep the schools forces or other people,” Farrell said.
of the situations of school shootings safe by starting a new district safety
that have happened in the past, I think position and helping teachers To keep the school safe, everyone
there were signs, there were pretty practice how to handle a threatening must be alert and keep their eyes
visible signs that were either ignored situation. open for possible threats or things
or just not handled appropriately,” that could put students in danger.
Principal Trond Smith said. “Anything “We’re willing to spend some
that you see or hear that makes you money to make sure that it continues “We all have to do it together, it’s
feel uncomfortable. Whether you to be safe,” Smith said. “We had a not just the administrators or staff, it’s
think someone is joking or not, the training for our emergency response kids too,” Smith said. “Not propping
first step is always to make an adult team before the building opened this doors, being aware, saying things
aware.” year with law enforcement. We ran a when they see something, it takes
stimulated active threat here in the everybody and I think everybody’s
While students trust the people building, so we have an idea of what committed to it.”
in the school, they find themselves should happen.”
unsure if they can trust the people
Farrell said that it is important to

incidents in 2018

82 51
occurences of school deaths as a result of
violence with a firearm those incidents

the courier online | 5

taking out the trashoctober 2018 | broader scope
local residents work to limit personal waste

writers shannan johnson, cole to recycle everything”, said Orange Orange High School Science Teacher
patterson High School parent Kerry Renner. Jessica Timmons.
designer jacob fulton
There are a lot of Americans Another positive of Zero Waste
Earth is a place that needs to who do recycle, as about 34 Percent is it reduces our climate Impact. The
preserved. It is our only home, and of all waste in america is recycled, U.S. EPA has estimated that about 42
lots of people have found ways to according to Percent of greenhouse gas emissions
take action to help keep the earth in are in fact caused by the use and
its most natural form possible. If Zero Waste were to become production of foods, products,
a full reality, it would have a lot of and goods. Reducing, Reusing,
the zero waste lifestyle benefits. Earth’s resources would be and Recycling will significantly
much cleaner, and more pure, Which reduce our carbon emissions.
Zero Waste is a philosophy that would certainly improve the overall
encourages a new resource“life cycle”. quality of human life.
The goal of ZeroWaste is for no trash to One of the most obvious benefits
be sent to landfills, incinerators, or the “Zero waste requires us as of recycling and Zero Waste is the
oceans, according to goingzerowaste. consumers to demand that dramatic reduction in pollution, and
com companies redesign their materials increased conservation of natural
so that they do not become obsolete resources.
Zero Waste has grown in popularity and can be reused, therefore avoiding
in recent years. This is both because a landfill.” Says Orange High School Time has shown that our
of rising global warming concerns, Science Teacher Jessica Timmons. current culture of consumption is
and heavy pollution on earth. Zero unsustainable. This is because of the
Waste is all about finding alternative Zero Waste is good for the local harmful things humans do to get raw
ways to recycle waste, finding a way community too. Unwanted food can materials to produce goods, such as
to repurpose all waste. go to homeless shelters and food logging a forest, or drilling for oil, only
pantries, instead of getting thrown for these goods to end up in a landfill
The Zero Waste movement has out and wasted. This ensures that all when they are used, According to
also featured some criticism. It is food is being eaten, which keeps less
commonly referred to as “radical” in people hungry, and more garbage
a way. This is because the philosophy out of landfills. A Zero Waste approach to this
is all about how everything should be problem would of course conserve
recycled and reused. “Having a zero waste community natural resources, and reduce
reduces the cost of having to haul pollution from extraction.
“The whole idea of absolutely garbage to a landfill, will reduce
nothing being wasted and everything the need to construct or create new the composte solution
being reused is a little extreme. I think landfills and therefore improve water
recycling and reusing items is a great quality of the community because A huge part of the zero-waste
thing to do, but it would be very hard less runoff from the landfills would movement is composting, but
make it to our water supply.” Says some people don’t even know what
switch to LED unplug electronics
lightbulbs when not in use

easy ways to limit
personal waste

6 | the courier online

broader scope | october 2018

composting is. that goes into composting according consumers don’t want anything
Jen Host, mom and Powell to Host. contaminated with other products or
disease,” Nancy said.
resident, is an at-home composter “Composting requires the
determined to limit the amount of following three main components: Even though companies won’t
trash that goes to her landfill and by human work, aerobic conditions and take high school compost, that
using her compost as fertilizer for her of internal biological heat. There are doesn’t mean schools can’t compost.
garden. four equally important ingredients
needed to compost: nitrogen, oxygen, “If schools could do it themselves
“Composting is an aerobic and water needed to compost,” Host and be self-policing it can be done. If
process that needs air to decompose said. they are willing to put in the effort,
solid organic waste. Composting is it is something that could be very
the process where organic matter When composting at home , beneficial to our environment as
decomposes; materials that normally these components and materials schools are such big organizations,”
would be a waste, products such as are very much controllable because Nancy said.
food scraps, leaves, or grass are used as the only people involved are the
to compost.” Host said. “The organic inhabitants, but at a school it is not Composting is a topic that
material turns into a hummus-like so easy with the big numbers, Sandra branches from the ideals of zero
material, known as compost which is Tuthill, owner of Tuthill Farms and waste, and families who compost are
an excellent fertilizer for plants, soil, Composting INC said. part of the trend.
and gardens.”
Schools could easily compost “While our family is not zero
Composting is a science and can grass clipping and leaves but the waste, we try to minimize trash to the
be broken down to a fairly simple “other side of composting that is food landfill. We typically have one regular
concept, according to Nancy from scraps is harder considering you have size garbage bag for the entire week
Price Farm Organics. to segregate your food because some and over a large garbage bin full of
food is not compostable,”Tuthill said. recycling material,” Host said.
“Composting is a method of
hurrying along what is going to Foods that would not be Host said she is still having
happen naturally in the forest, if compostable, include dairy products, a substantial impact on our
you put natural materials in a pile, bread and meat. That only leaves environment.
the microbes will heat it up and it fruits and vegetables for composting.
will break down, then it becomes a “I compost because I want to
fertilizer,” Nancy said. There would also have to be reduce the amount of trash that goes
patrolling food clean up for plastic to the landfill. In addition, I want to use
To make that fertilizer, it all starts and other non- compostables, Nancy the soil to help organically fertilize our
with a compost bin. When it comes said. “You would have to also look out garden. If we have salad or something
to starting up a compost bin at home for kids who are sick as they can affect else that goes bad, I prefer to reuse it
only one item other than your food a lot of people, the sickness could in a positive manner,” Host said.
scraps is needed: your container. potentially ruin the pile that becomes
fertilizer that could contaminate the Although Zero Waste can be
“You can either compost from plants it helps grow.” considered extreme and radical by
open air bins outside in your yard,” some, it can certainly do a lot of good
Host said “or compost in a small In fact, Price Farm Organics won’t for the planet. After all, it is our only
container in your home if you live in a even consider taking school compost home, and we need to preserve it and
city that compost.” in fear of contamination. take good care of it. With everyone’s
help, that goal is in reach.
Other than your bin and “We turn our product into
compostables, there is a little bit more something consumers will buy and

use a reusable water can your own use bar soap instead
bottle fruits of liquid

the courier online | 7

diving right inoctober 2018 | sports
swim team adds tryouts to 2018 season

writer catherine wu seniors, though he may take pity on will be composed of requirements
designer anna godoy the younger swimmers. I am pretty that are not necessarily difficult. In-
nervous because I am an [inferior] stead, in his words, they will be “fairly
Soon enough, the waters will be swimmer compared to the older kids. medium.”
flooded with stress. Each arm that However, I also feel confident because
breaks the surface of the pool, gliding I have been working hard and practic- “Students will need to swim a
by with every stroke, is tainted with ing for tryouts,” Gaddam said. timed 500-yard swim with flip turns,
pressure and tension. After all, there’s and then we will film them swimming
something new swimmers should ex- Head coach J.R. Fourqurean made a 200 IM and evaluate their strokes.
pect for this upcoming season. the decision to hold tryouts at the We will see how this format works for
beginning of the previous season. He this season and then re-evaluate for
This year, tryouts for the swim had two major reasons why he made the [next] season,” Fourqurean said.
team are being held for the first time. this decision.
Previously, anyone who wished to join As for students looking to join
would be granted a spot on the swim “The first major component be- the swim team, Fourqurean has a
team. Now, to show that they are se- hind this decision is safety. It is not few words for them. He said it is OK
rious about getting the position, they safe to pack [a large number of ] peo- if some people are just starting to
must show their dedication to earn- ple into a confined space. The second swim.
ing that placement by participating in reason behind the decision is our
tryouts, which take place on Oct. 20, desire to improve our team; the only “If you are a beginning compet-
26 and 27 at various locations. way to do that is to work in the off itive swimmer, there is no shame in
season, [which]will show in these try- taking swim lessons. Once you feel
30 outs,” Fourqurean said. comfortable, reach out to a swimmer
For freshman Nandita Gaddam, on the team and they will be more
who has been swimming since she Some people say that they expect than happy to come watch and offer
was 8, it’s her first time trying out competitive tryouts. Sophomore Sam suggestions,” Fourqurean said.
for the swim team. She feels a bit of Evers is welcoming it.
stress. When tryouts are first mentioned,
“Tryouts do make things harder, “I’m hoping that the season will be they’re associated with stress and
but they also encourage kids to try competitive with tryouts. Too many worries about not performing well.
harder and make the team. I suspect people don’t take the high school However, they may be necessary in
the coach will choose the juniors and practices seriously. I believe that try- the long run. After all, they’re used to
outs will make the season better,” determine who’s serious about swim-
Evers said. ming in those lanes.

Fourqurean said tryouts this year

8 | the courier online photos natalie johnson

culture | october 2018

meme relevance
the relevancy of memes in OOHS

writer samantha amonette they die out? existence; they include, Willy Wonka,
designer caroline “Because people make more Rick Roll’d, vine memes, James Charles
schattschneider and SpongeBob.
funny ones and then we forget about
In today’s society, with the the old ones,” sophomore Lyndsey Out of 50 people, the lowest vote
advancement of social media Griffin said. with zero votes was the Rick Roll’d
platforms, such as Twitter and vine which was based off Rick Astley’s
Instagram, more people have started The advancement of social media song; Never Gonna Give You Up. The
a trend called memes. They range and kids having more times on their next two were tied with three votes.
from joking about the current political hands gives them more time to The memes tied were the Willy Wonka
scene to youtubers. As time goes by, express themselves and trying to top and SpongeBob memes. The next
some get overused worn out, or even one another. As people make more, meme with 12 votes were the vine
forgotten. Of course, people have the cycle goes on and on; once a new based memes. The winner was James
opinions of their favorites and when one gets created another one will die Charles slogan of “sister” memes with
they’re truly irrelevant. out. But why are there so many? 32 votes.

As relevant as memes are, as time “Some people can’t deal with the But why is saying sister so
goes by they slip out of the minds of world so we use humor as a defense popular? “because it’s funny and
the teens. “I mean most memes until mechanism,” sophomore Erin Kelly people start saying it to be ironic but
like 10 days of me seeing them I don’t said in response of why we make then the more you say it the more
like” sophomore, Doren Johansen, memes and why they are popular. it just becomes part of your daily
gives his a opinion on when memes vocabulary” Lyndsey Griffin said.
are irrelevant to him. The range of memes goes from
innocent to problematic being based In the end, one never really
The meme culture is very relevant on current events, celebrities and knows which trends are going to be
among the youth and like most politics figures and topics. big or die really quickly but it does
things, memes die out. But why do help if its short or has a connection
In an unscientific survey 50 to the people. It is short and easy
students were interviewed about the
most popular memes since their first to remember makes a meme
more relevant but as time goes
by trends die out. Memes and
trends become irrelevant and
people will end up forgetting
about them and that’s very
sad but people have to keep
creating new ones.

infographic by: caroline schattschneider the courier online | 9

october 2018 | opinion

social media advertisements

are social media advertisements a good thing?

writer abby robinson and more jobs have become available through the social media outlets.
designer caroline schattschneider within it. Over 50 million businesses Social media and it’s
use Facebook business pages
A teenager opens up her according to Word Stream. Many advertisements work together to
Instagram hoping to find pictures of companies profit off of businesses make the easiest and most beneficial
her friends and family, but instead, she like these, and the positive results are results for both the company and
is bombarded by advertisements for a endless. their customers. I believe, that even
hair salon and new Italian restaurant. though they are using information
93 percent of Pinterest users use from users’ past searches, it is mainly
Advertisements are slowly the app to plan or make purchases for the benefit of the customers, but,
starting to grow in social media, and according to Word Stream. Not only they should be more aware of how
it is making a positive impact on the do businesses thrive off of social this makes customers feel.
online world. media advertising, but it has become
more efficient and easy for online infographic by: caroline schattschneider
Recently, the co-founders of shoppers. information by: PewResearcah
Instagram left the company and
brought up many questions about On multiple occasions, I have seen
social media. They claim to have a product being advertised and had
left so that they could, “explore interest in it and sometimes, buy it.
their curiosity and creativity again,” For shoppers, it can make it easier to
said Kevin Systrom, according to buy what you want, when you want it.
Metro. Even though, they did not
give an exact reason, Tech Crunch There are over a billion diverse
said, “tension had mounted this year Instagram users, which gives
between Instagram and Facebook’s an endless marketing potential.
leadership”. Both Krieger and Systrom According to The Verge, Instagram
saw their ideas for the business being gains roughly 200 million users a
too commercialized. This could be a year. This growth gives a much larger
large reason for there departure from platform to companies than a poster
the company. on a nearby building.

Systrom and Mike Krieger are Social media is constantly gaining
only two of many people who work users and makes it much easier for
for a social media company, these businesses to sell their products and
people’s careers revolve around services through active users. In April
other’s interactions online. There 2018, Sky Word said that every second
has been much controversy over 11 people use social media for the
advertisements on Instagram, and first time. This gives companies more
many believe that social media is only chances to gain customers, through a
to interact with their peers. However, variety of social medias.
it has much larger importance.
Advertisements make it easier
Businesses need advertisements than ever to online shop, and because
on social media because it benefits they target the most effective
them. These advertisements allow audience based on many factors,
them to gain customers and have it is beneficial to both sides. But,
made it easier than ever to online there is also a negative side to this.
shop. Without them, many people According to Pew Research, only 9
will not have jobs, and it is obvious, percent of social media users were
there are more benefits than there are confident their data was protected. If
negative consequences. so few people trust their social media
providers, then users probably are
As social media has evolved, more not trusting businesses that advertise

10 | the courier online

OFF THE CUFFeditorial | october 2018

with jacob fulton

recent study shows need for international

action to prevent global warming

writer jacob fulton irreversible damage to the planet, such as the Paris Agreement to hold
designer brooke little and cannot be allowed to happen. themselves and others accountable
for their actions. And this is important
The world is ending. Or, at least, it’s Since the release of this report, for the United States to remember.
in the process of doing so. And global there has been an outpouring on
warming is to blame. social media of activists encouraging When it comes to the
those around them to do their part to aforementioned Paris Agreement,
Global warming, also known as make the world cleaner and minimize the United States is a member, but
climate change, is the warming of the emissions. To make a difference, many not for long. The country is required
Earth’s surface due to consumption are suggesting eliminating meat from to be a member until Nov. 4, 2020, at
of fossil fuels, which include coal, oil one’s diet, joining the zero waste which point it can leave whenever it
and natural gas. The usage of these movement and purchasing organic wants. And President Donald Trump
energy sources creates greenhouse foods. The problem is that this logic is has made it very clear that he intends
gases such as carbon dioxide, which completely flawed. to do so. This decision is completely
increase the temperature of the planet counterintuitive, seeing as America
as they are added to the atmosphere. No one person is going to save is regarded as a global leader. If the
the world. It’s important to be aware country still wants to be respected, it
Since the beginning of the of how one is contributing to global must remain a part of the Agreement
Industrial Revolution, the global warming, but corporations need to and lead the way when it comes to
surface temperature has risen by 1 be the ones making major changes. minimizing environmental impact.
degree Celsius. And according to a According to the Carbon Disclosure
report released by the United Nations Project, 100 companies have been The main concern of many
(UN) on Oct. 8, it is predicted to pass responsible for 71 percent of global opponents of the Agreement is the
1.5 degrees by 2040—indicating emissions since 1988—and some effect it will have on businesses. While
exponential growth in the past of the highest emission rates come this is a valid concern, as alternative
century. The UN, however, is calling for from countries such as China, who is sources of energy are more expensive
all countries to work toward capping responsible for 14.32 percent of the than fossil fuels, it is important to
all global warming permanently at world’s emissions during that time remember that if global warming
that 1.5 degree mark. period. Responsible decisions to continues at the rate it has been, there
reduce a person’s carbon footprint may not be any businesses to protect.
At the current pace the world is may help, but any difference they
warming, it is predicted that global make pales in comparison to the In order to save the planet, major
warming will hover somewhere impact of these corporations. corporate and political leaders need to
around 3 degrees by the end of the step up and follow through with their
century—twice the proposed figure Because of this, it is essential that promises. It’s easy to point to citizens
from the UN. If the world continues countries do everything in their power and ask them to make changes in
at this rate, there will be catastrophic to minimize their environmental their lives, but the real impact will
consequences, such as rising sea impact. This includes putting limits come from people in power working
levels, increased amounts of tropical on emissions for businesses within to solve this problem. There’s only
storms, flood and drought, according their borders, working to decrease one Earth, so it is imperative that
to USA Today. This would cause their own effects and joining groups everybody works to save it.

the courier online | 11

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