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Case statement for the master-planned, 720-acre World Children's Center near Atlanta, USA. Now in development, the World Children's Center is designed to support and enrich the lives of 800 children who are in the greatest of need.

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Published by World Children's Center, 2017-09-14 10:22:22

Imagine a Place...

Case statement for the master-planned, 720-acre World Children's Center near Atlanta, USA. Now in development, the World Children's Center is designed to support and enrich the lives of 800 children who are in the greatest of need.

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Imagine a Place...

...where children who have known only
fear, pain and hunger... 1

...learn to laugh, play, trust...

2 and live. 3


A place where the cycle of
hunger, abuse and neglect is broken


No one gets to choose the story they are born into.

The harsh reality is millions of children around the world will never be
given a chance for a future.


They are homeless, orphaned, trafficked, neglected and/or
abused — born into and locked inside an ineffective system that

lacks stability and fails to provide holistic solutions that will give
them the future they deserve. 7

Millions of children in the United States
alone are at risk for a bleak future, or
worse yet, no future at all.


8 9


POVERTY is the single leading risk factor that jeopardizes the
welfare of children.

children live in
POVERTY worldwide.1 children in the United
States live in poverty.2

25% 24%

of children living of children live in
in POVERTY in POVERTY in the
the southeast state of Georgia,
United States with ATLANTA
are under the having one of the
AGE of 6.3 highest rates of

in the United



Poverty is like punishment for a
crime you didn’t commit.

- Eli Khamarov

The effects of poverty are
devastating for children. 11


Neglect 4 -7 children

is the number die every day in the
one form of United States due to
child abuse.6 ABUSE and NEGLECT.8

In the Southeastern A child abuse report is
United States,
10 fsileedcevoerny ds
including Georgia,
the majority of child in the United States.7
abuse victims are

under the age of

3 years old.5



150 MILLION• There are children who are orphaned in the world,

having lost one or both of their parents.9

2,000• The state of Georgia currently has almost children seeking

adoption. Many of these children are not in stable living environments.10

100,000• Over children in the United States are waiting to be adopted.11 13

They are left without a home.

Approximately two
million children in the

United States are
homeless today. That’s

2-3% of all
children in the

United States.12

Children who are homeless are 4 TIMES
more likely to see VIOLENCE in their families
than children who are not homeless.15


50% of homeless

children in the state
of Georgia are under

of age.13

Over 70% of

these children
reported being
homeless more

than once.14 15




ONE in FIVE homeless youth is a human trafficking victim.16

Approximately Atlanta,

300,000 Georgia currently
has the HIGHEST rate
young girls and of child trafficking in
boys are trafficked
the United States.18
annually in the
United States.17

Most victims of

live an average of


after they have
been trafficked.19

The average age of children who are trafficked in 17
the United States is between

11-14 YEARS.20

This leaves children with few options
and little chance for a future.


As the opioid crisis in America continues to climb and claim more victims, it is the
children that are falling through the cracks and becoming the hidden victims.

Nearly 100 people a day are dying of opiod overdoses
in America today.21

Public health officials call it the worst drug crisis in the nation’s history. More
disturbing, is the number of children being affected by the increase of opioid
use in all 50 states. And it is now contributing to child poverty-related situations at
alarming rates. Ultimately, this epidemic creates an entire new generation of foster
youth. It is not only leaving them homeless, it is also putting these children at a
greater risk of becoming the next generation of opiate abusers—a viscious cycle.

So what happens to these children? 19

Some children will remain hidden away in harmful environments that only
perpetuate the cycle of abuse and neglect. Some will be sent to places without
parents to call their own. The majority of children will end up in a foster care
system where they will likely move 4-8 times.22
The current foster care system is costing the United States more than
$9 BILLION annually. It has an 80% FAILURE RATE and yet it is the best option for
these children.23
50% of children raised in foster homes will never complete HIGH SCHOOL.24

Our child welfare system is BROKEN.


60%More than of children in the foster care system age out at 18 years with


33% HOMELESSof children who leave foster care at 18 will end up .26

10%Less than of children who exit foster care go to COLLEGE.27

50% GO TO JAILof children will within two years of leaving the foster

care system at the age of 18.28


This is a rescue mission.
We must take action.
When we fail our CHILDREN,
we fail our FUTURE.



Because these children are our future.

They will become the doctors, lawyers, Congressmen, farmers,
leaders, activists, educators, humanitarians . . .

. . . the doers and the leaders that will shape our
states, our country, our world.


They each deserve an opportunity -
a safe place to call home. 25

That place is the World Children’s Center.

26 27

There is a solution.

The World Children’s Center is a direct response to the poverty, neglect,
abuse and abandonment that billions of children face in Georgia, the
United States and the World.

It is a master-planned, sustainable community that makes it possible for children to escape an
unjust life of adversity. A place to receive the care and love every child deserves.
The ultimate mission of the World Children’s Center is to help orphaned and at-risk children
reach their God-given potential by offering and building a better life.


The World Children’s Center will serve as a year-round neighborhood-based community
that enables children to escape the negative consequences of poverty, abuse and
neglect, fostering the emergence of hope, the development of life skills and self-confidence
and the promotion of a life of opportunity.

The resident children will be protected, sheltered, clothed, fed, educated, exercised,
nurtured and loved in order to become productive and healthy citizens and leaders in the
State of Georgia, around the United States and throughout the world. Children will grow
up as living examples of hope with a passion to serve as advocates of promise for future
generations. The complete wrap-around measurable service model to be used at the
World Children’s Center has been specifically designed as a collaborative and integrated
management system that provides community-based support in an effort to help children
and youth attain their potential. 29

The Project Master Plan

The Center is being developed on 720 contiguous
breathtaking acres of rolling hills, open fields and a 25-acre
lake in West Georgia.


Residential Neighborhoods of Children’s Homes
One hundred student homes will be built in seven unique and
beautifully planned neighborhoods to provide a supportive
environment for up to 800 children. Each home will have two,
full-time loving surrogate house parents.

World Children’s Center Academy
Education is a priority. The World Children’s Center Academy
is the onsite K-12 school and library that will be developed
offering the best educational opportunities available to
children living in the community.

International Humanitarian Development & Training Center
Dedicated to advocacy for children’s welfare issues globally,
a world-class Humanitarian Center will be built to engage,
train and equip organizations dedicated to the welfare of
children, focusing on best practices and solutions to improve
the livelihoods of children globally.

Community Outreach Programs and Amenities
Medical, recreational, spiritual, artistic and vocational
amenities will be developed to serve and support children
residing in the community as well as children in need in the
surrounding community.

30 31


The Center will be centrally located less than an hour from metropolitan
The World Children’s Center is in a strategic geographic location, which

• A global corporate business destination
• The busiest international airport in the World;
• Access to highly qualified professionals;
• Centrally located between Atlanta, Birmingham and Chattanooga
The project itself is in a region where some of the worst poverty in
America exists. This location will help make it possible to meet the great
needs of children situated here while leveraging the great strengths of
the area.

The ABC Triangle
Atlanta - Birmingham - Chattanooga
40 Minutes outside Atlanta, GA
1.5 Hours from Birmingham, AL
2 Hours from Chattanooga, TN

32 33

The Residential Neighborhoods

The World Children’s Center master plan calls for the building of 100 specially planned children’s homes to
serve up to 10 children per home under the care and supervision of trained and committed full-time surrogate
house parents. Each home will be a place for children to learn, to love, to develop a sense of belonging, to feel
compassion, to be secure and to be kept safe. The homes will be built in seven specific neighborhoods giving
every child a sense of community. Each of the neighborhoods will have playgrounds and recreational areas
for the children to play. The homes being built will be “EarthCraft” certified which serves as a blueprint for more


• Serving 80 Children • 6 Relief House Parents •6
• 20 House Parents • 1 Neighborhood Director •1


sustainable and energy efficient construction resulting in healthier, more comfortable homes that reduce
utility bills and protect the environment.

The first neighborhood currently under development will consist of 10 homes serving up to 80 children. The first
model home has been built and upon the completion of two additional homes and a temporary modular
school, the World Children’s Center will officially open. A playground, sports court and park area will also be
included in this inaugural neighborhood.

Neighborhood Rendering


Elementary School Teachers • Security
Headmaster • Endowment / 5 Years
• Housing, Food, Clothing, Medical 35

The First Home

The first model children’s home has been built. The construction of the home was fully funded by Publix and
PepsiCo as part of their corporate social responsibility community outreach. The home was built at cost by John
Wieland Homes & Neighborhoods and fully furnished by Haverty Furniture, with all furnishings donated by the
company. This represents an effective development model for engaging the community-at-large to help serve
children in need and to build future homes at the World Children’s Center.




The Academy

The leadership of the World Children’s Center believes that all children—when provided with the opportunity
to learn—possess both the desire and ability to achieve. Our obligation is to inspire a love for learning by
providing the children the highest quality education available.
The World Children’s Center Academy will be a K-12 innovative, technology-driven educational facility led by
a resident headmaster and a talented faculty. The Academy will serve the educational needs of every child
residing in the community.
A temporary modular school will be initially built to provide an educational venue for the first children enrolled
at the World Children’s Center, to be followed by a larger, more permanent state-of-the-art educational
facility, once the population of resident children increases. Tools and resources will be made available for the
students to pursue individual interests that will lead to discovering what they want to do with their lives and to
best prepare them for post-secondary school education.
It is a goal of the World Children’s Center Academy to have a 100% high school graduation rate so the
resident children can go on to college, pursue fulfilling careers, and lead productive lives.

School Rendering


International Humanitarian
Development & Training Center

Along with providing residential and educational care, we also believe in advocating for at-risk children by
educating the community, the country, and the world on their needs.

The International Humanitarian Development & Training Center will serve as a world-class facility built to
advance the awareness of and opportunities for child welfare globally. It will be a global spotlight, illuminating
the plight of children in need.

Regular trainings, symposiums and conferences focused on children and best practice solutions to promote
their well-being will provide an anchor for child-focused organizations worldwide. Non-profits, churches and
denominations, colleges and universities, governments and all others who have a mission to reach and serve
the most at-risk children in the United States and around the world most effectively will be invited to help lead
and participate in the activities slated for this center.

The International Humanitarian Training and Conference Center will create awareness, share best practices,
spawn new programmatic innovations, and advance effective advocacy initiatives and funding efforts
centered on the protection and care for children across the world. Humanitarian Center Rendering


Community Amenities

To enrich the lives of the residents and the surrounding community, The World Children’s Center will offer a
variety of holistic programs and amenities including:


A 3,500 seat public venue that
expresses family based values
through music, entertainers,
speakers, and leading artists from
around the world. Concerts will
be scheduled to help support the
children and on-going operational



A center of artistic and musical
expression that inspires and allows
each child the opportunity to
develop an inner God-given talent
that they might possess within and
share with others.



A stunning mountainside sanctuary
with a prayer tower overlooking all 41
of West Georgia, Tennessee and
Alabama will be built on the highest
elevation point at the Center. Based
on Judeo/Christian principles, this
non-denominational worship center
will serve the World Children Center’s
faculty and students as well as the
local and regional communities at

• Pediatric Health and Wellness
• Food and Clothing Distribution
• Sports Complex/Athletic Fields
• Equestrian Therapy Complex
• Agricultural and Organic Training
• Prayer and Children’s Gardens
• Staff Residences
• 24/7 Security Gate House

Program Goals

• Provide a state-of-the-art community which offers a long-term home to children who are homeless,
orphaned, neglected, and/or abused.

• Provide children with a nurturing and healing environment consisting of the finest and most highly
competent staff.

• Provide an environment where the highest ideals of Judeo/Christian values can be explored and
experienced on an individual basis.

• Give each child an opportunity to develop a sense of personal faith to gain inner strength and strong
spiritual leadership in times of crisis.


• Develop an educational program that prepares the children for productive living in a multi-cultural
international society.

• Offer both the children and the staff unique opportunities for leadership training that will lead to having
a positive impact on world conditions.

• Create a sustainable community that helps build healthier lives and protects the environment.

• Create research and development opportunities to enhance our programs and services, as well as
impact the welfare of children worldwide. 43

Guiding Principles

We believe a loving home is one that unconditionally loves and values each child’s uniqueness.
We believe creating a loving home with strong relationships will provide our children with a sense of safety,
security and personal worth so the value of family is lived out every day in such a way that it is later
modeled in the families of our children.

We believe children who have experienced only fear, pain and hunger bring with them a unique set of
development needs.
We believe providing our children with a full array of programs and services to meet their needs will create
a healing environment in which they can thrive.

We believe all children, when provided with the opportunities to learn, possess both the desire and ability
to achieve.
We believe it is our obligation to inspire a love for learning by providing our children with the highest quality
education available.

We believe each child comes to us with a unique set of experiences, beliefs and values that help to create
his/her individual personality and needs.
We believe the World Children’s Center has an obligation to embrace and celebrate the rich heritage and
traditions of our children.

We believe all individuals have the inherent responsibility to care for and protect the well-being of others,
and that the world has the resources to alleviate the hunger and pain that surrounds us.
We believe service above self is an important value to be modeled by both the children and adults in our

We believe a caring community provides a safe haven for its children, and offers programs and services
to allow a child to live a well-rounded life.
We believe creating a caring community will provide our children with every opportunity to grow and
develop into productive, healthy and happy adults.


We believe that all children need to develop a personal faith in order to build inner strength.
We believe giving each child the opportunity to develop a sense of personal faith, along with a system of
values and education, will help them develop strong spiritual character and be living demonstrations of
the values which are espoused.
The Center is being built on the same Judeo/Christian principles upon which our nation, The United States
of America, was founded.

We believe all children are created in the image of God, have value and worth and are, therefore,
deserving of dignity and respect.
We believe it is our responsibility to promote and advocate for the rights and welfare of all children,
regardless of race, religion and/or national origin.

We believe the commitment of good stewardship is essential to the success and continued development
of the World Children’s Center.
We believe we have an obligation to care for all that has been entrusted to us by holding in highest regard
our commitment to our children, staff, partners and the community at large. 45

The Impact

The desired impact for the World Children’s Center will be to help each child entrusted to our care reach their
full potential with programs designed to track and achieve the following measurable results:


• Children will be productive, secure, educated, loved and involved in their community.

• Children will aspire to leadership and have a planned path to get there through higher education, vocational
training, work and/or service opportunities.

• Children will understand and be proud of the culture from which they came, and respect the diversity and
uniqueness of all people.

• Children will develop a spiritual foundation from which they can draw upon and grow with throughout their life.

• Children will have the ability, desire and skills to develop meaningful relationships throughout their life. 47

We need you.

At-risk children in Georgia, the United States, and around the world should not be sentenced to a life of pain and
lack of opportunity simply because of the story that they were born into.
The World Children’s Center presents a new kind of story—one that can alter the courses of entire lives in powerful
ways. It is your support that can make this incredible new life that these children desperately need, a true reality.
By supporting the mission of the World Children’s Center, you will contribute to a long-term solution to childhood
poverty and make a significant difference in the lives of children around the world. In the process of transforming
the lives of these children, you just might discover that your own heart and life have been transformed as well.

We are asking you to trust in the leadership and vision of this world-changing
project and respond.


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