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3rd edition style of dallas online

3rd edition style of dallas online

NADEEMConnecting Communities ED I T I ON NO. 03 SEPTEMBER 2018
APPNA 2018
A Family
Destination DALLAS
An Upscale Event


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• And More!

Abu Tariq | Murtaza Natalwalla

11135 Harry Hines Blvd.· Dallas, TX 75229 · (214) 716-4800


Editorial Contents

CEO 10 Take Care Of Your Lips
Zafar Khan
President 22 21 Day Walking Plan
AZ Qasmi
24 Creepy books to read this year
Vice President
Mohammad Abbas 42 Hybrid Vehicle
CFO & Founder
Muzaffar Khan 58 Architectural Wonders 14
GM Marketing 78 Horoscope
Mr Mujtaba Azam Dawood Nasir
Mr Owais Naseer An op�mis�c humanitarian
Ms Nadia Basheer 40 34
Fashion & Style
Ms Ruby Bhandari Decentralized system

Beauty & Health Raza Begg
Dr Ambar Arif
Contributing Journalist 46
Dr Mona Kazim
Contributing Writer Frisco Star Da-Bangg Reloaded
Ms Maheen Kazim
Tech Contributor Maheen Kazim Najuf Malik
Mr Raza Begg
Photography & Video a Family Des�na�on
Sam Media Solution [06]
Photography & Video
Next Click Studio

Media Partner
Radio Azad
Ayesha Shafi
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KRL Creatives


In conversa�on with
Dallas Palm’s Nadia bashir


Lost Heritage Connecting Communities

Sikh Legacy In Pakistan We had the opportunity to meet the very
successful entrepreneur, Nadeem Zaman. Not
Dr Mona Kazim only is he the founder of Azteca Beverages,
makers of the organic Azteca Cactus Water. In
28 addition, he has served as the President of
Pakistan Society of North Texas, where he
Nadeem Zaman assiduously worked to bridge the gap between his
community and the rest of the communities in

North Texas.

62 76 42

Kashmiri Dum Aloo Where History is fun Client Appreciation Party
by Shawkat Muhammad




Lip care is an extremely absorb the balm for five
important part of health and minutes before applying
beauty routines. Get another product to get the
your lips looking smooth and most effective hydration.
hydrated with these simple For the best moisturizing
steps! effect look for lip balms with
sunflower or almond
Step 1: If you have any base oils. These will leave
makeup on, take it off with a your lips feeling smooth,
gentle makeup removal relieve any itchiness or
wipe. This will help you get all burning, and provide your
of the product off without the lips with essential vitamins.
scrubbing and irritation of a Step 4: PROTECT YOUR LIPS.
scratchy towel. Your lips are vulnerable to
sun and wind
Step 2: EXFOLIATE. Exfoliation damage! Protect them with a
is key in getting soft, smooth, lip balm containing at least
and supple SPF 15 to avoid
lips. There are lip exfoliation harmful UV rays. Zinc is a
products out there, To natural sunblock so find a
exfoliate, take a small non-whitening zinc
amount of the lip scrub in sunscreen/lip balm for a
your finger and massage it healthy, chemical-free
onto your lips in circular formula. Your lips will thank
motions, do that until you’ve you!
exfoliated both the top and
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to avoid dryness and wear Amber Dazzle
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Lipsticks!! We have added
Step 3: Apply a moisturizing extra Vitamins E just for your
lip balm and let your lips lips.

Strength training exercises: stair step- Strength training exercises: chest press
ups Works your chest and back of upper
Works your butt, calves, and thighs arms 12 reps per set
12 reps each side • Hold dumbbells (3 to 10 pounds) and
• Stand facing the bottom step of a lie face up on the floor or an exercise
staircase or a step at the gym. bench, with arms at chest level and
• Place your right foot on the step, elbows at 90 degrees. Bend your legs
straightening your right leg, and and place your feet on the floor, about
raising hip-width apart.
yourself onto the step. As you do, bend • Raise your arms toward the ceiling,
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lower below your shoulders if you’re on a
your left foot to the floor, squatting bench) and return to starting position.
slightly, without moving your right
foot. Best Health tip: When straightening
Best Health tip: Resist leaning forward your arms, align dumbbells over
by aligning your shoulders over your shoulders
hips. and chest, not with your face.

Strength training exercises: back • Lift your right hip, balancing on your Strength training exercises: one-arm
extensions forearm and the sides of your feet to back fly
Works your lower back hold your body in a diagonal line. Hold Works the back of your shoulders and
8 to 12 reps per set for 15 seconds, working your way up to upper back
• Lie face down, with your feet 45 seconds and repeat. 8 to 12 reps per arm
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Best Health tip: Make sure to lift with 12 reps per set from your waist about 45 degrees
your torso rather than your head. • Stand with your back against a wall without rounding your back. Squeeze
and a dumbbell (3 to 10 pounds) in your
Strength training exercises: side plank each hand. Your arms should be at shoulder blades together slightly and
Works the ab muscles that wrap your sides, with your palms facing raise your right hand to the side and
around your waist forward. back,
8 to 12 reps per side • Slowly sit into a squat position, allow‐ stopping when the dumbbell is as high
• Lie on your left side, with your left hip ing your back to slide down the wall. At as your shoulder.
and forearm on the floor, and your left the same time, curl dumbbells toward • Keep your palm towards the floor,
elbow in line with your left shoulder. your shoulders. lower your arm and repeat. Complete
Rest your right hand on your top thigh. • Return to starting position as you one set
• Scissor your right leg over your left lower your arms. before switching your arm and leg.
leg, so that your left foot is about an Best Health tip: Keep your feet far
inch in front of your right foot on the enough away from the wall so your
floor. knees don’t extend past your toes when
you squat.

Sencha TeaBenefits Of Japanese

Vitamin C five times higher than lemon to beautify your skin.
Minerals to prevent acidification and maintain healthy body.

Catechin and Theanine to control cancer.
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Caffeine increase alertness.

promote and conduct philanthropic work APPNA’s biggest seminars. There will be
as well as promote education. It also lectures about careers, advice on careers,
provides a space for Pakistani doctors and discussion about Islamophobia. To still keep
their families based in North America to it fun there will be interactive games and
connect, build a group, a community of competitions. Pakistan Embassy is involved
sorts, interact. It was founded in 1977. in this seminar. These events will be held on
Today, we have over 18,000 members the 6th and the 7th of July.
spread all over North America busy
making healthcare and healthy lifestyle 5. What is the concept behind the Youth
accessible to millions. Convention?

DAWOOD NASIR 3. Tell us about your association with The idea behind the Youth Convention is to
AN OPTIMISTIC APPNA. keep our children, the children of the
HUMANITARIAN Pakistani community here in the US, in touch
I have been associated with APPNA for a with their roots and their heritage. We want
1. Tell us about yourself. long time. I was the Treasurer and the them to feel proud of their heritage, their
President of the Northern Texas chapter. I country, and being Pakistani American. We
I am an anesthesiologist and pain was also the president of the Quaid e want them to be aware of the opportunities
specialist at Parkland Health and Azam Medical College Alumni chapter. I they have, how they can lead successful
Hospital System. I arrived in the US have worked for several committees of careers and live here in the US. We have
30 years ago. I was in Kansas in APPNA as well. This year, I will be the invited many Pakistani artists to perform at
the beginning, then I moved to El chairman of the 41st Annual Convention the Convention. Atif Aslam, Aima Baig, and
Paso, Texas. I then moved to Los of APPNA. It is the biggest convention or- Nabeel Shaukat will be performing. Zia
Angeles to work at UCLA. After ganized by APPNA. It will start on the 4th Mohiyuddin will also be present. There will
that, I moved back to Texas, but of July, 2018 at the Anatole Hilton Hotel, in be an APPNA Bazaar as well, with 200 stalls
Dallas this time and I have been Dallas and end on the 8th of July, 2018. to shop from. The aim is to promote and
living here for the last 14 years. I kickstart small businesses. The stalls are for
am from originally from Punjab. 4. What is the convention about? entrepreneurs having their own fashion
My wife, who is a psychiatrist, is brands, jewelry and shoes. It is to help the
from Karachi and I have a daughter We are expecting to see over 5000 doctors sellers as well as the buyers who cannot go
who has just graduated from and their families at this convention. On to Pakistan to shop for all those things. It
college. 4th, at the opening ceremony, we have really facilitates them.
invited several US politicians and
2. What is APPNA? congressmen. In the daytime, there will be 6. What should we look forward to APPNA
lectures about CME i.e. Continuing 2018?
APPNA is the Association of Medical Education. The main focus of
Physicians of Pakistani Descent of APPNA is to decide on the tasks and set APPNA is the second largest non-profit
North America. Our aim is to milestones for the coming year. Last year, ethnic medical organization in the United
the convention was about launching a States. This is the 41st year of the
mobile health clinic in both the US and Convention and it is going to be the biggest
Pakistan. We have made a mobile health convention to date. It is going to be another
clinic van. It was launched in Dallas and opportunity for Pakistani doctors based in
various other cities. It was also launched the US to connect, discuss and endorse
in Pakistan in different cities and villages. education, health, advocacy, and
Last year, we had planned to open a philanthropy.
Pakistan University for the students.
Following up on that, we are conducting a
Youth Convention this year, one of



469 330 0137 Websites:
Cell: 469 682 5590
E-Fax: 1 866 224 5265

E-mail: [email protected]
Address:13151 Emily Road Suite 200 , Dallas, TX 75240

21-Day Walking Plan

Many of us believe that we need an intense workout routine in order to lose weight and stay healthy. What if we
tell you that it’s not the case? The only important thing is the persistence and you can get results by walking even.
There are a lot of benefits of walking. It maintains perfect body weight and it is not only helpful in losing fat but
also keep you fit. Every day walk enhances you mood while strengthening your bones and muscles. And the

blissful part is that you don’t need to get a membership anywhere, as it is the case with the workout.

Here is a 21-day walking plan to lose fat.

We 1

Y cA dI dE tH mI tE iN
mO iN aN eV iN sE iO

Day 1: 10 minutes of slow and
consistent tempo walk.

Day 2: 12 minutes of slow and
consistent tempo walk.

Day 3: 15 minutes of slow and
consistent tempo walk.

Day 4: 18 minutes of slow and
consistent tempo walk. You can now
divide 9 minutes in the morning and
9 minutes in the evening.

Day 5: 20 minutes of slow and
consistent tempo walk. 10 minutes in
the morning and 10 minutes in the

Day 6: 22 minutes of slow and
consistent tempo walk. Divide the
duration equally in morning and

Day 7: 25 minutes of slow and
consistent tempo walk. 13 minutes in
the morning and 12 minutes in the

We 2

T rE iS nO lO eR tH oP oN oF
dI dI tH rE iR mI tE ; yO

wI nO nE tO fI tH tI nG .

Day 8: 14 minutes of walk. Walk slowly We 3
for the first 2 minutes, then fast for next 10
minutes, and again slow for last 2 minutes. Day 15: go up and down the stairs or
increase elevation for 15 minutes while
Day 9: 16 minutes of moderate tempo. walking. Add 2 minutes of a slow walk at
the end.
Day 10: 18 minutes of walk. Walk slowly
for the first 3 minutes, then fast for next 12 Day 16: 25 minutes of moderate tempo
minutes, and again slow for last 3 minutes. walk.

Day 11: 20 minutes of moderate tempo. Day 17: go up and down the stairs or
increase elevation for 27 minutes while
Day 12: 22 minutes of walk. Walk slowly walking. Add 2 minutes of a fast walk at
for the first 4 minutes, then fast for next 14 the end.
minutes, and again slow for last 4 minutes.
Day 18: go up and down the stairs for 27
Day 13: 24 minutes of moderate tempo. minutes or just 27 minutes of moderate
tempo walk.
Day 14: 26 minutes of walk. Walk slowly
for the first 5 minutes, then fast for next 16 Day 19: go up and down the stairs or
minutes, and again slow for last 5 minutes. increase elevation for 27 minutes while
walking. Add 3 minutes of a slow walk at
the end.

Day 20: 30 minutes of moderate tempo

Day 21: 25 minutes of fast walk and finish
off with 8 minutes of slow walk.

C eP B kS T
R dT sY r

A S tranger In The

Shari Lapena

Karen Krupp suffers a bad concussion after crashing her car
into a pole while running from an abandoned restaurant in a
town in upstate New York. Her husband, Tom comes home to
find her missing. Upon inquiring the police escorts him to the
hospital where Karen is being treated; only, she has no
memory of what happened.
The police link the possibility of the accident to a dead man
found at the empty restaurant. Tom struggles with what to
believe, which eventually leads him to the question: how well
did he know Karen? She left the house without purse on the
night of the accident, which was very unlike of the calm and
organized woman she was. She had never spoken about her
past, and her only friend was Brigid, who lived across the
street and was insanely jealous of the Krupps.The plot keeps
twisting, with every new turn stepping the thrill up a notch.
The author’s skillful writing eventually leads to an
unanticipated twist, leaving the reader shellshocked.

The Grip Of It

Jac Jemc

A young couple, Julie and James, settle into a new house,
effortlessly sold to them by their real estate agent. James’
inability to control his impulse leads to the purchase of a
house that was living in the walls, plotting a trap for the
couple. As much as the couple tries, their attempts at starting
afresh are ruined by the strange things happening around
them. The claustrophobic walls and rooms hidden within
rooms make the house unrecognizable. The stains on the
wall that seemed so harmless soon start mapping themselves
onto Julie’s body. It is only a matter of time before the walls
of the house close in on the couple. Would they be able to
slip out of the grip of it?

Friend Request

Laura Marshall

On a seemingly normal day in 2016, Louise receives an
email that changes her world: Maria Weston wants to be
friends on Facebook. Buried memories resurface as
Louise thinks back to 1989 when she and Maria actually
became friends; the initial days of close friendship, the
unspeakable acts committed and the dark secrets hid; the
events of the night that changed everything forever.
Louise’s paranoia kicks in and she is forced to get in touch
with all the people she severed ties with to escape the
past. And all these years later, everything was at stake
again; her freedom, her job, her son, her life. But as she
tries to solve the puzzle of the past, she uncovers truths
that leave her shocked. To keep her secret, she needs to
find out the whole truth, before Maria, or whoever is
pretending to be her, speaks it out to the world. This
novel will force its reader to the edge of their seat,
gripping onto the book for dear life.


Krysten Ritter

Abby Williams is a strong headed lady who has left
behind her small town identity. She is a promising lawyer
who is forced to go back to her hometown Barrens,
Indiana for a case related to town’s most high profile
company, Optimal Plastics. When she starts her
investigations, she uncovers the scandals connections to
her closest friends and the popular Kaycee Mitchells, just
before Kaycee’s disappearance. Troubling memories
from her past resurface and she begins to find herself
getting consumed into the darkness as she doubts her
observations. She unearths a ritual called “The Game”,
which puts the whole community’s reputation at stake.
The burning suspense of the book will make the reader
pray their past never collides with their present.

Delight And Benefits All In One

The anti-inflammatory properties help our body to
fight infections and repair tissue damage.
It reduces cholesterol levels.
It has anti-diabetic effect.

It fights against bad breath and tooth decay.
It has antifungal and antibacterial effects.

We had the opportunity to meet the very successful
entrepreneur, Nadeem Zaman. Not only is he the founder
of Azteca Beverages, makers of the organic Azteca Cactus
Water. In addition, he has served as the President of
Pakistan Society of North Texas, where he assiduously
worked to bridge the gap between his community and the

rest of the communities in North Texas.

How did you get involved in community

I came to Dallas as a student somewhere
around 1990, and then I just settled
Connecting Communities here. I worked in the corporate sector
for almost 20 years, but I always
yearned to do something where I could
unleash my own ideas. I had been
working for a technology manufacturer,
who specialized in designing and
building application-speci c so ware
when I felt the need to move to
something more ful lling; nothing is
more ful lling than community work. Up I needed
until 2009, I was predominantly So, I
involved in mainstream community
service. I was surrounded by the local
people and the local culture, watching
local shows and sports. With a
German-American wife and
parents-in-law, most of my time was
spent volunteering for United Way and
for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of
North Texas. It wasn’t up until 2010
that I started volunteering for
organizations that mattered most to me.
I rst got involved in Shaukat Khanum
Cancer Hospital fundraisers, moving
onto joining the Pakistan Society of
North Texas on the invitation from
then-president, Dr. Rabia Khan. Soon
enough, I became the society’s General

What were some of the challenges that
you faced while serving Pakistan Society
of North Texas?

Pakistan Society is a 30-year-old
non-pro t organization. We have
always made a conscious e ort to make
the society more entrenched. The initial
challenge was helping the diaspora in
Texas to stay in touch with their roots.
Unlike Chicago, New York, and New
Jersey, the diaspora in Texas did not
have their own newspapers, local TV
stations, etc. This was because of our
sparse population in this state. We
initially made e orts to bring people
together, organized family picnics,
celebrated national holidays like 23rd
March and 14th August. We tried to
expose our children who were born and
raised here, to the heritage and the

culture of our motherland.
People refer to your time as
president as the golden time of
Pakistan Society. Share some
of the achievements of PSNT
during your tenure.
I have been the only president
who was elected uncontested
during the election era or
Pakistan Society’s 30 years.
Keeping that aside, during the
last ve to ten years, the
number of Pakistani
Americans has grown
exponentially in this area.

to do something more fulfilling,
got involved in community work.

With a bigger community come
bigger challenges. A larger
number of people are now
dealing with the local
administrators; there are
more people who need access
to lawmakers, etc. In short,
things have become more
mainstream now. From our
e orts to our events,
everything has upgraded on a
grand scale. We encourage our
friends to run for local and
state o ces. Some of us have
already started taking this
initiative. But as a
community, we made that
conscious e ort. We have now
reached a point where the
Pakistan side of the
organization has become more
relevant to the other
community leaders. We
started getting noticed and
being recognized and that was
the key. That was the
di erence maker. That is what
I was able to achieve.
We wanted our American
friends to know our culture as
well. So we started inviting
them to our events and made
sure we had access to the
administrators, local,

statewide and national politicians. At my rst
event as a president, we had our congresswoman
here, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States,
The Counsel General of Pakistan, a couple of
mayors, about a dozen judges and other local
o cials.

How supportive was your late wife in all your

Julia was a staple in my journey, a key to my
success. Her unwavering support made sure I never
lost sight of my vision. With her being an
American, blending in amongst the society came
naturally. She had visited Pakistan with me, all
the way from rural to urban areas. We went to
Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and she fell in love
with every place she saw. And every place fell back
in love with her.
Julia and I got married in 1994. We initially lived
in North Dallas, until we moved to Frisco, Texas
in 1997. Here we had our daughter Natasha, who is
now 17 years old. Julia is the epitome of sel ess
dedication to family and to the surroundings. She
always insisted on giving back. Even in the
hardest of days, she would always nd ways to help
and give. This is how she lived, and this is how she
passed away. A woman was hurt in a road accident
and Julia got out of her car to help her. Just then,
a completely out-of-control car hit Julia and
killed her. Her funeral was one of the grandest
funerals the locals had seen. She was extremely
loved and all the people who admired her were
present as to say goodbye to her.

You have launched the rst organic cactus water. Tell
us a little about Azteca.

My late wife, Julia and I moved towards a
healthier and organic lifestyle. We were on the
hunt for natural and organically made products to
use on daily basis. Around the same time, I
happened to meet a well-known dietitian, who
specialized in making supplements from
superfoods. He was busy working on a supplement
for Type 2 Diabetes from Cactus. This led to the
idea of making organic cactus water. It took some
time to hit the shelves, I learned about di erent
aspects of this process, but nally, it all worked
out. Cactus water was one of its kind. No one else
had thought of it and people were surprised to
know that we had dived into the market no one
knew existed.

We know that you are very popular with your
community. Who would you like to thank for
supporting you at Pakistan Society?

There were many amazing personalities that I
came across in my journey. Mr. Hafeez Khan and
Mr. Waqar Khan really supported me, especially in

nancial terms. The made sure that any money we
needed for big events were covered. They really
encouraged me and were always there to help me
out when I had society activities coming up. I also
want to mention the mentorship I had from Dr.
Hassan Hashmi, and Mr. Aslam Khan. They really
took me under their wings; they were like big
brothers to me and always motivated me to keep
going in the face of all challenges. Dr. Hashmi
always had good things to say and that really
pushed me forward. These were the key gures who
propelled me forward in whatever endeavor I
indulged in. Another name I want to mention here
is my Vice President, Salman Tabani. He was
always there to help in the time of need. He made
work really easy. If it was not for him, I am sure I
would have faced many more di culties.

Many people in the community say that you should
run for a Public O ce. Where do you see yourself in
the near future?

Most elders of the community tell me that I'm the
person who propelled forward and pushed my
community to become mainstream. They credit me
of having enough impact that others take notice of
Pakistani Americans. Pakistani Americans in
North Texas are now recognized as a vibrant part
of our population. I see myself continuing to serve
my community, bringing Pakistani-American and
local American communities together, while
keeping our culture and heritage alive and
distinct. I do not want to rule out the possibility of
running for a public o ce in the future, but that is
dependent on many factors. Still, however, I would
like to believe that running for an o ce and
running an o ce is in the cards for me in the times
to come.


Hydration + Energy


$1.99 ea.

To order call 469 888 9429
Or send email to

[email protected]

Da-Bangg dancing and was actively trying to hype up the
Reloaded crowd. However, Zaveri was at a disadvantage
since he did not have background dancers and the
By Najuf Malik audio was problematic. The first dancing act of the
night was an exciting routine performed by the
Da-Bangg Reloaded, a dancing and singing concert host, Maniesh Paul, and other background dancers.
starring multiple Bollywood stars such as Salman Although the choreography was not as complex as
Khan and Katrina Kaif, took North America by storm other performances that came after it, the dancers
with their multiple shows in the United States including put all of their energy into the dance and managed
the magazine's home-base, Dallas, Texas. Although to make simple choreography very entertaining.
the performances at each show were practically After this performance, Maniesh Paul came to the
identical, there were a few differences. The main mic and introduced himself as the host. Honestly,
difference being that in Dallas, the performers took everytime Maniesh Paul came onto the stage my
advantage of the machinery at the venue meanwhile interest peeked; Paul was an engaging and
at other shows, such as the Chicago show, they didn't. hilarious host. Paul managed to be more
For example, in Dallas, Salman Khan was seen being entertaining than most of the dancers just by his
lowered from a platform from the ceiling meanwhile in personality and I always found myself waiting for
Chicago, Salman Khan just walked on the stage and him to come back on stage. The acts prior to
began performing. Besides these minor differences, Salman Khan's and Katrina Kaif's that stood out
all of the shows were very similar in regards to the were Jacqueline Fernandez' and Prabhudeva's.
performances. The opening act was a singing Prabhudeva lived up to his nickname as the dance
performance by Ujval Zaveri. Personally, I felt as king of Bollywood; even without background
though that the opening act was lackluster in dancers for majority of his performance,
comparison to the other acts. Although Zaveri sang Prabhudeva managed to entertain the crowd. Plus,
very well, his performance was not engaging in the his choreography was the most complicated out of
slightest. To make matters worse, the audio was a bit all of the performances, making his act even more
too loud and it was hard to hear Zaveri's voice. My tip exciting. As for Jacqueline Fernandez, although her
to Zaveri is to take advantage of the stage rather than choreography wasn't as complex as Prabhudeva's,
remaining static in one spot. For example, Guru her stage presence was phenomenal. There was a
Randhawa, who performed later in the show, was great amount of character in her performance; she
had a lot of attitude and it was obvious by the way
she danced that she was confident. Also her outfit
during her solo act was the best of the night. The
gold really helped Fernandez stand out during the
dance. Katrina Kaif's solo performance was my
favorite act of the night by a landslide. All of the
positive aspects from Prabhudeva's and Jacqueline
Fernandez' performances were seen in Kaif's solo
act. The choreography was complex, superb, and

synchronized, Kaif's outfit was beautiful, and Kaif's
energy on the stage hyped up the crowd. Two of my
favorite parts of Katrina Kaif's performance was
when she danced on a chair and when a few of her
background dancers had an acrobatic dance break.
To add on to this, I wish that they had more dance
breaks with the background dancers. They were all
so talented and it's sad that they were outshined by
all of the Bollywood celebrities. Finally, after 2 hours
of watching numerous people perform, Salman
Khan arrived to the stage on a platform from the
ceiling. His first performance, although not as
impressive as Katrina Kaif's, Jacqueline
Fernandez's, or Prabhudeva's, was very well done.
The dance was extremely synchronized. Salman
Khan put power and energy into every movement;
his presence alone managed to excite the crowd to
the point where almost everyone was dancing along
with him. Salman Khan's second performance
revolves around Khan romancing the female
Bollywood stars. Although the concept of the
performance was a bit tacky, the actual dance itself
was entertaining and the props they used were cute
and interesting. The finale piece combined all of
things I loved from the other performances and
confirmed my initial thoughts regarding the concert
as a whole: the women were the stars of the show.
Although the men danced well and were
entertaining, the women's

routines all had this attitude and swag which the
men's routines lacked. Plus, their outfits were much
better (not that this has anything to do with their
performance. I just like pretty clothes). I wish the
women had more time to shine since I felt as though
they were outshined by Salman Khan. With this being
said, Salman Khan did an amazing job with his three
dances. It was impressive to see him pull off three long
performances without missing a beat. Salman Khan
gave the Dallas crowd a show to remember. Overall,
the concert was entertaining, well-done, and showed
off the stars' talents. Seeing the Bollywood stars
perform multiple hit songs without rest was
astounding. Although the male stars had amazing
performances, the female stars impressed me the most
since they performed difficult routines with an
abundance of energy while wearing gorgeous outfits
that looked very uncomfortable to dance in. I applaud
the women for their sacrifices and I applaud the
women who danced in heels. Heels and a fast pace
dance routine? Sounds impossible but they still
managed to do it. All together, I applaud the
organizers for putting together a brilliant show. Kudos
to them for actually starting the show on time which
almost never happens at Desi concerts.

Banquet Hall

State of the art sound system, crystal chandeliers, big screen
all over for better viewing, impressive lobby and entrance.

Address: 809 SW Green Oaks Blvd Arlington, TX 76017
Contact: (817) 466-2014

Decentralized System.

A decentralized system means the network is powered by its users without
having any third party, central authority or middleman controlling it. Not the

central bank or the government has power over this system.

The problem with a centralized network in technology functions in managing and
a payment system is the so called “double maintaining a growing set of data blocks,
spending”. Double spending happens and this is by using the decentralized or
when one entity spends the same amount known as the P2P (Peer to Peer) network. In
twice. For instance, when you purchase blockchain, once a piece of data is recorded
things online, you have to incur for it cannot be edited or changed.
unnecessary and expensive transaction To put it in simpler terms, it enables you to
fees. Usually, this is done by a central send a gold coin via email. The P2P network
server that keeps track of your balances. is a consensus network, which allows a new
This is most commonly known as the payment system and the transactions of
Blockchain Technology. new digital money. Let’s illustrate an
example. Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin
Cryptocurrency is derived from the word consists of its own network of peers. Every
“Cryptography”, which refers to the peer has a record of the complete history of
consensus-keeping process secured by all transactions as well as the balance of
strong cryptography. Blockchain every account. By the end of every

transaction and upon confirmation, the What Are Miners Doing?
transaction is known almost immediately by First and foremost, principally anyone can be a
the whole network. A transaction includes a miner. Miners are needed because of the nature
process where A gives X amount of Bitcoins of the decentralized network where they have no
to B, and is signed by A’s private key. After authority to delegate tasks and the
signed, a transaction is broadcasted in the cryptocurrency needs some kind of system to
network. The information is sent from one prevent any form of network abuse. For
peer to every other peer on the network. instance, a person may create thousands of
Confirmation is a critical stage in the peers and spread forged transactions. It will
cryptocurrency system. Confirmation is disrupt the system immediately. In order for you
everything. When the transaction is not to be a miner, you would need to solve a
confirmed, it has the possibility of being cryptologic puzzle which is a set of very
hacked and forged. When a transaction is complex mathematical questions set by Satoshi
confirmed, it is set in stone. It can’t be Nakamato himself. If you successfully solved
reversed, it is impossible to be hacked, it is the puzzle, as a miner you. The miner is also
not forgeable as it is part of a permanent given permission to add a crypocurrency
record of the historical transaction transaction to the system which automatically
grants him a specific number of bitcoins. This is
The Blockchain. the only way to create valid bitcoins. Bitcoins
can only be generated if a miner can solve a
The blockchain can be likened to an online cryptographic puzzle. The level of difficulty
ledger, where all transactions are recorded increases with the amount of computer power
and made visible to the whole network. This the miners invest.

comes to show that cryptocurrencies are not Crypto Guru
secured by people or trust, but by complex Raza Begg
mathematical equations. It is very secure and Co-Founder & President at Bitcare
it’s highly unlikely that the address of a Crypto Advisor,
currency is compromised. Only miners are Speaker & An Author
able to confirm a transaction. This is their role
in the cryptocurrency network. They record
transactions, verify them and disperse the
transactional information in the network. For
every completed transaction monitored and
facilitated by the miners, they are rewarded
with a token of cryptocurrency, for instance
with Bitcoins. Since miners play a major role in
the cryptocurrency system, let’s look at their
role in more detail.




- When Starting the Car: When a hybrid car - During Normal Cruising: When cruising,
goes into motion, it relies only on electric only the engine works and this is where a
battery until it reaches the speed of around hybrid vehicle is most efficient. Moreover, it
25 km/h. This is one of the reasons why also powers the generator, which in turns
hybrid vehicles are more fuel efficient in cities charges the battery.
as compared to on highways.
- When Reaching a Complete Stop: When we
- During Heavy Acceleration: Hybrid vehicles try to stop a hybrid vehicle, both the electric
have power split transmission, due to which motor and the engine stops, The vehicle uses
the power requirement is higher, and energy energy to run all auxiliary devices such as
is derived from both, ICE engine and electric AC, radio, etc.
motor. ICE engine provides energy to the
generator and motor uses energy from - During Braking and Cruising: When brakes
generator and battery as per requirement. are applied and the accelerator pedal is left,
no energy is required. So the motion of the
wheel is used to move the generator. This
energy produced by the generator is used to
charge the battery.

Where Your Voice Matters By Hiba Tanvir
My Life, My Responsibility

The word "responsible" and helping out, for being in charge of their is a need in the community for help, we
emotions. A lot of mothers in our society don't walk away thinking it's not our
"responsibility" are thrown around very define responsibility by how much they problem. We take responsibility for
can take off the plates of those around everyone's problem and do what we can
often in our lives. It's considered a them. So, by having their spouses and to help. The more we seek to do this, the
children do the very least, they feel that closer we become to God. God takes
worthy and admirable quality, measure they are being responsible. This is a very responsibility for everything.
serious mistake with long-term So, listen to the language we use. Is it
of maturity and success in life. consequences. These young children always about shifting blame, making
grow into adults that expect someone excuses, and justifying why we are not
Conversely, it's lack or absence is used else to always do the same for them. responsible for things or is it empowered,
They are never capable of taking and responsible where we realize that it
abundantly in parent-child, responsibility because they were never all starts and ends with you? The first step
shown that taking responsibility includes is to have the courage to admit when you
husband-wife, boss-employee, older planning, thinking, decision making and have made a mistake. Take responsibility
being goal oriented. Especially for men, for what you did and did not do. Resist
sibling-younger sibling conversations. this means a huge cultural shock when the urge to make excuses, to justify your
they come to Western societies. What actions. Just say "you're right I should
Those conversations are not pleasant may seem like innocent pampering and have done that" Next Time make a
indulgence is in fact making them in conscious effort to do what you said.
but rather mostly had after something adequate and ill equipped for the life Be responsible with your words. Don't say
that lies ahead. The goal should be to things you don't mean and when you say
not so great or pleasing has occurred. raise an independent, self-sufficient and something mean it.
responsible adult. So many conflicts, arguments and
What does it mean to " be responsible"? misunderstandings happen because we
Responsibility earns you authority. In any are running away from responsibility or
Being that this word carries so much sphere of life, be it professional or making excuses for why we did not
personal, those who exhibit the ability to behave responsibly. You cannot expect to
importance and weight in our lives, it is be responsible and to take responsibility be respected, trusted, and taken seriously
are the ones that will be taken seriously if you do not prove to be responsible.
important to make sure we have a and will be trusted to lead. Taking
responsibility means that you believe that How much responsibility are you willing
common definition for this. Most you are in control and in charge of to take to be responsible?
everything happening around you.There
problems arise because each person's is no blame giving, there are no excuses,
there is only responsibility for the success
definition of being responsible varies and failure for whatever is happening
around you and to you. Emotionally, this
greatly from the other. means that you take charge of your life
and believe that you are responsible for
Dictionary definitions include: everything that you are feeling. You are
re·spon·si·ble [ri-spon-suh-buhl] not seeking outs, excuses, and others to
adjective blame for what is happening to you. You
realize that you are the cause and not the
1.answerable or accountable, as for effect. This learning truly empowers you.
something within one's power, control, So rather than blaming your spouse,
or management (often followed by to or your parent, your boss, your dog for
for ): He is responsible to the president whether your day goes well or not; you
for his decisions. realize that by being in charge of your
attitude you are able to influence
2.involving accountability or everything else around you.
Spiritually, we must be responsible for
responsibility: a responsible position. everything and everyone. That doesn't
mean we must walk around with a stick
3.chargeable with being the author, to correct and convert people to our
cause, or occasion of something (usually ideology. Instead it means that we realize
followed by for ): Termites were that we are all connected. We realize that
responsible for the damage. if our neighbors child is hurting, or there

4.having a capacity for moral decisions
and therefore accountable; capable of
rational thought or action: The
defendant is not responsible for his
actions. to discharge obligations or pay

As a society, we don't do a very effective
task of raising responsible adults. We
either get so caught up in taking all
responsibility for everything that we don't
make children feel responsible for
anything. Responsibility starts with very
little things. For example, we must teach
our children to be responsible for
making their bed, for cleaning up, for

Wedding Coordination:

The Perfect Match
By Ruby Bhandari

When it comes to a special occasion, no matter the culture, it’s likely you’ll find that any
planning, matching, and coordinating traces back to the ladies. In other words, in the line of

matching decor and design, it all starts with the bride.


In the process of coordinating outfits, the
b2 ride first orders hers, and the groom
follows, as he must wear something
accordingly, even though the bride doesn’t
show her outfit to the groom.


The bride herself knows what she’s wearing,
and the designer knows as well; that’s all
that’s needed. From there, the groom visits
the studio and takes a look around, while
the designer observes, understanding the
groom’s likes and dislikes. See? He isn’t
totally left out! Essentially, the formula
merges the bride’s outfit with the groom’s
taste, creating the groom’s final outfit.

Once the groom’s taste is pretty clearly
established, the designer introduces color
options in his style that will go with what his
bride is wearing. Consider if the bride wears
a hot pink and peach combination with
splashes of gold; the groom should then
wear something in ivory or gold. Another
factor that plays into the final groom
decision is how conservative or flamboyant
they are. Depending, the designer might add
a stole or colored embroidery to their outfit
a necessary (and worth-it) consideration.

Then, the designer must consider the
family’s traditions, as there are many
different cultures and subgroups. In one
culture, they wear red and white, while in
the other, they wear all red. In some
cultures, they wear the bogarde, and in 15
other cultures, they don’t have to wear it. If
they do incorporate the bogarde, then the
colors, textures and design will all depend
back on the original coordination with the
bride and the taste of the groom.

Let’s talk wedding theme! The two most popular follow the groom. It’s crucial that we do not
themes I’ve seen in my design experience have mistake “coordinate” with “match.” Bridesmaids
been a garden floral wedding theme and a are not to match the bride, nor are they to clash
peacock wedding theme. The reasons? The with the bride. It’s a light, delicate balance that
colors. Florals present a scenic, natural, and goes into coordinating partly with the theme,
elegant combination of colors, while something partly with the bride. The men might wear a
more specific, like a peacock theme, presents a certain coordinating color of vest, while the
vibrant, bold, and committed color scheme. ladies might wear something simple with the
These just make sense for weddings of any kind, same coordinated color as well.
in any culture.
As for the family of the bride and groom, there
The decor of, say, a peacock wedding, from the may be male family members who coordinate
table cloths to the flowers to the backdrop stage, with a matching stole, while the female cousins
will be purple, teal, royal blue, green, and gold. all plan on a particular style or color of outfit.
How does this play into what the bride, groom,
and wedding party wear? It does, but only For example, they may all decide on the
partially. traditional full-length anarkali dress, and they all
attend wearing that. Perhaps they’ll decide to
The bride doesn’t necessary (although she can if each wear a flower garland on their hand or
she wants) have to be a part of the wedding wrist. These small, simple outfit gestures show
decor; she can be totally different. Rather, she unification and highlight the family on such a
can coordinate with the decor without blending special day. I mean, it looks good too.
in with it. The wedding party, meaning the
bridesmaids and groomsmen, however, do act By following these wedding dos and don’ts, you’ll
as part of the theme. be ready for the best family photo that will last a
lifetime--in full vibrant (coordinated) color.
If you have a garden wedding, it’s likely you’ll see
a flood of florals. Whether it’s a ranch wedding or
at the botanical gardens, it’s all floral all the way.
That might mean the bride will want floral
embroidery or physical flowers in her
embroidery. Even if it is a ranch, that doesn’t
mean the theme is “cowboy.” It’ll still be full of
flowers on and off the wedding party.

Let’s trace the wedding party outfits back to the
bride, as the bride rules all, and bridesmaids
follow in coordination. From there, the groom
coordinates with the bride, and the groomsmen

Frisco Star

a Family Destination

By Maheen Kazim

The Star in Frisco is a must see for those visiting
North Texas, or locals looking for a good
destination for a family outing. The Star, also
known as The Ford Center, is a lot more than just
a practice facility for The Dallas Cowboys. The
main facility is also home to football games of
Frisco Independent School District and seats about
12,000 fans. But it’s the outside restaurants, gift
shops, and the Omni Hotel that really make it a
unique experience for the visitors. Foodies will
drool over the amazing lineup of restaurants that
include top steakhouses like Dee Lincoln Prime,
Tex-Mex favorites like Mi Cocina, trendy and
casual places like the East Hampton Sandwich
Company and Cane Rosso, delicious Greek food
at Ziziki’s, other amazing choices like Da Mario’s,
Zaytinya’s There are paid tours of The Star that
cost about $32.00 per person but there is enough
around The Star that a local can navigate through
and enjoy.

Incredible Plants That
Don’t Need Sunshine

Spider Plant Snake Plant
Thrives best in the low or minimal light. Very easy to keep.
Needs bi-weekly watering only. Improves indoor air quality.

Neoregelia Madagascar Dragon Tree
The largest and most splendidly colored A very common houseplant.
Bromeliads. It is evergreen.
Strong and easy to maintain.

Peacock Plant Burning Hearts
Its original name is Calathea. It is a shade-��owering plant.
It is also known as Zebra plant or It doesn’t require a lot of attention.
Rattlesnake plant because of the
markings on its leaves.

Peace Lilly Umbrella Papyrus
Some of them can even thrive in the An ornamental plant in vivid colors.
rooms without window. Best grown indoors.
Wait for it to droop slightly then water it.


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