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PGT-A Brochure - Genomic Prediction


Preimplantation Genetic Testing
for Aneuploidies (PGT-A) is a genetic test performed on the embryo biopsies to determine if the correct number of chromosomes is in the embryo.

Screening embryos for extra or missing genetic material may help you and your doctor decide which embryos should be prioritized for transfer because most embryos with a chromosome abnormality will not result in a pregnancy. Determining which embryos have normal chromosomes also .

• Decreases the chance of miscarriage
• Increases the chance that a healthy baby is born
• Decreases the number of IVF cycles needed,
saving time and money
• Increases likelihood of a single embryo transfer (SET),
which decreases the chance of a multiple pregnancy

Is PGT-A accurate?
Yes, diagnostic accuracy is greater than 98%.
What other kinds of PGT studies are offered through
Genomic Prediction Clinical Laboratory (GPCL)?
We are the only laboratory that currently offers PGT for polygenic disorders, LifeViewTM — which tests for conditions influenced by genetic variants
in more than one gene. For individuals with a history of a chromosome rearrangement, PGT-SR (structural rearrangement screening, also known as chromosomal PGD), is available. PGT-M studies are available for individuals with a personal or family history of monogenic (single-gene) disorders.
I have questions about this testing. Who can I talk to?
GPCL provides free pre-test genetic counseling about PGT-A. To schedule an appointment, please have your clinic make a referral and we will contact you shortly thereafter
to schedule your genetic counseling appointment.

The odds of having an
aneuploid embryo increase with maternal age.
Age Risk Age
30 23.2% 38
31 31% 39
32 31.1% 40
33 31% 41
34 31.3% 42
35 34.5% 43
36 35.5% 44
37 42.6% 45
PMID: 24355045
Genomic Prediction Clinical Laboratory
47.9% 52.9% 58.2% 68.9% 75.1% 83.4% 88.2% 84.3%
GPCL’s advances in genetic testing provide couples undergoing IVF a cost-effective means to “look into the future” of their unborn child’s health. We can accurately predict his or her risk for many genetic conditions — due to chromosomal abnormality; monogenic disorders; and polygenic diseases such as
Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, Breast Cancer and Coronary Artery Disease.

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